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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60448

Chapter 60448 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ramos-Hryb, A.B.; Cunha, M.P.; Pazini, F.L.; Lieberknecht, V.; Prediger, R.D.S.; Kaster, M.P.; Rodrigues, A.Lúcia.S., 2017:
Ursolic acid affords antidepressant-like effects in mice through the activation of PKA, PKC, CAMK-II and MEK1/2

Wang, X-Tao.; Gong, Y.; Zhou, B.; Yang, J-Jie.; Cheng, Y.; Zhao, J-Guo.; Qi, M-You., 2017:
Ursolic acid ameliorates oxidative stress, inflammation and fibrosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy rats

Ma, X.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Z.; Shen, Y.; Zhang, M.; Nie, Q.; Hou, Y.; Bai, G., 2017:
Ursolic Acid, a Natural Nutraceutical Agent, Targets Caspase3 and Alleviates Inflammation-Associated Downstream Signal Transduction

Jee, B.; Kumar, S.; Yadav, R.; Singh, Y.; Kumar, A.; Sharma, N., 2017:
Ursolic acid and carvacrol may be potential inhibitors of dormancy protein small heat shock protein16.3 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Katashima, C.K.; Silva, V.R.; Gomes, T.L.; Pichard, C.; Pimentel, G.D., 2017:
Ursolic acid and mechanisms of actions on adipose and muscle tissue: a systematic review

Prasad, S.; Yadav, V.R.; Kannappan, R.; Aggarwal, B.B., 2011:
Ursolic acid, a pentacyclin triterpene, potentiates TRAIL-induced apoptosis through p53-independent up-regulation of death receptors: evidence for the role of reactive oxygen species and JNK

Lin, L.; Yin, Y.; Hou, G.; Han, D.; Kang, J.; Wang, Q., 2017:
Ursolic acid attenuates cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in rats by regulating PERK and Nrf2 pathways

Ruan, J.Shan.; Zhou, H.; Yang, L.; Wang, L.; Jiang, Z.Sheng.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.Ming., 2017:
Ursolic Acid Attenuates TGF-β1 Induced Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in NSCLC by Targeting Integrin αVβ5/MMPs Signaling

Li, W.; Zhang, H.; Nie, M.; Tian, Y.; Chen, X.; Chen, C.; Chen, H.; Liu, R., 2017:
Ursolic acid derivative FZU-03,010 inhibits STAT3 and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in renal and breast cancer cells

Hussain, H.; Green, I.R.; Ali, I.; Khan, I.A.; Ali, Z.; Al-Sadi, A.M.; Ahmed, I., 2017:
Ursolic acid derivatives for pharmaceutical use: a patent review (2012-2016)

Zhang, Y.; Huang, L.; Shi, H.; Chen, H.; Tao, J.; Shen, R.; Wang, T., 2017:
Ursolic acid enhances the therapeutic effects of oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer by inhibition of drug resistance

Zhou, W.; Lin, L.; Cheng, Y.; Liu, Y., 2017:
Ursolic Acid Improves Liver Transplantation and Inhibits Apoptosis in Miniature Pigs Using Donation After Cardiac Death

Chen, J.; Wong, H.Shan.; Leong, P.Kuan.; Leung, H.Yan.; Chan, W.Man.; Ko, K.Ming., 2017:
Ursolic acid induces mitochondrial biogenesis through the activation of AMPK and PGC-1 in C2C12 myotubes: a possible mechanism underlying its beneficial effect on exercise endurance

Wang, M.; Zhao, T.; Liu, Y.; Wang, Q.; Xing, S.; Li, L.; Wang, L.; Liu, L.; Gao, D., 2017:
Ursolic acid liposomes with chitosan modification: Promising antitumor drug delivery and efficacy

Lewinska, A.; Adamczyk-Grochala, J.; Kwasniewicz, E.; Deregowska, A.; Wnuk, M., 2017:
Ursolic acid-mediated changes in glycolytic pathway promote cytotoxic autophagy and apoptosis in phenotypically different breast cancer cells

Gharibi, S.; Bakhtiari, N.; Elham-Moslemee-Jalalvand; Bakhtiari, F., 2017 :
Ursolic Acid Mediates Hepatic Protection through Enhancing of anti-aging Biomarkers

Wang, S.; Meng, X.; Dong, Y., 2017:
Ursolic acid nanoparticles inhibit cervical cancer growth in vitro and in vivo via apoptosis induction

Lee, Y-Hao.; Sun, Y.; Glickman, R.D., 2014:
Ursolic Acid-Regulated Energy Metabolism-Reliever or Propeller of Ultraviolet-Induced Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage?

Song, B.; Zhang, Q.; Yu, M.; Qi, X.; Wang, G.; Xiao, L.; Yi, Q.; Jin, W., 2017:
Ursolic acid sensitizes radioresistant NSCLC cells expressing HIF-1α through reducing endogenous GSH and inhibiting HIF-1α

Yu, Y-Mei.; Tsai, C-Chin.; Tzeng, Y-Wen.; Chang, W-Cheng.; Chiang, S-Yin.; Lee, M-Fen., 2017:
Ursolic acid suppresses leptin-induced cell proliferation in rat vascular smooth muscle cells

Yu, S-Shan.; Chen, B.; Huang, C-Kai.; Zhou, J-Juan.; Huang, X.; Wang, A-Jiang.; Li, B-Min.; He, W-Hua.; Zhu, X., 2017:
Ursolic acid suppresses TGF-β1-induced quiescent HSC activation and transformation by inhibiting NADPH oxidase expression and Hedgehog signaling

Zemmouri, H.; Sekiou, O.; Ammar, S.; El Feki, A.; Bouaziz, M.; Messarah, M.; Boumendjel, A., 2017:
Urtica dioica attenuates ovalbumin-induced inflammation and lipid peroxidation of lung tissues in rat asthma model

Mohammadi, A.; Mansoori, B.; Baradaran, P.Chokhachi.; Khaze, V.; Aghapour, M.; Farhadi, M.; Baradaran, B., 2017:
Urtica dioica Extract Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis and Related Gene Expression of Breast Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo

Mansoori, B.; Mohammadi, A.; Hashemzadeh, S.; Shirjang, S.; Baradaran, A.; Asadi, M.; Doustvandi, M.Amin.; Baradaran, B., 2017:
Urtica dioica extract suppresses miR-21 and metastasis-related genes in breast cancer

Sussman, G.L., 2001:

Radonjic-Hoesli, S.; Hofmeier, K.Scherer.; Micaletto, S.; Schmid-Grendelmeier, P.; Bircher, A.; Simon, D., 2017:
Urticaria and Angioedema: an Update on Classification and Pathogenesis

Tuman, T.Can.; Tuman, Bü.; Polat, M.; Çakır, Uğur., 2017:
Urticaria and Angioedema Associated with Fluoxetine

Balai, M.; Ansari, F.; Gupta, L.Kumar.; Khare, A.Kumar.; Mittal, A.Kumar., 2017:
Urticaria and Angioedema Associated with Haloperidol

McKechnie, W.E., 1910:
Urticaria and Malaria

Wüthrich, B., 1989:
Urticaria and Quincke's edema

Illig, L., 1973:
Urticaria and Quincke's edema. 1

Sayag, J., 1993:
Urticaria and Quincke's edema. Etiology, diagnosis, treatment

Pasricha, J.S.; Gupta, R., 1981:
Urticaria and Urinary Infection

Rodríguez-Fernández, A.; Sánchez-Domínguez, M.; Noguerado-Mellado, B.; Rojas-Pérez-Ezquerra, P., 2017:
Urticaria by thiamine (vitamin B1)

Misra, R.S.; Singh, R.; Pandhi, R.K., 1977:
Urticaria Calorica

Acton, H.W.; Rao, S.Sundar., 1930:
Urticaria Due to Filarial Toxin

Gupta, P.C.Sen., 1942:
Urticaria Due to Malarial Infection

Reshef, A., 2019:
Urticaria: Enigmatic but Manageable Illness

Nardacci, A.W., 1986:
Urticaria: evaluation and treatment

Desai, R.H., 1939:
Urticaria Following Liver Extract

Chandra, H., 1939:
Urticaria Following Prontosil Rubrum Tablets

Rudd, T., 1881:
Urticaria Following the Administration of Quinine

Wells, N.S., 1910:
Urticaria in Connection with Malaria

Singh, M.; Bhate, S.M.; Seth, P.; Pasricha, J.S.; Sehgal, V.N., 1980:
Urticaria in Malaria Followed by Herpes Simplex

Rastogi, S., 2017:
Urticarial rashes following guggulu intake: A case report

Sinha, K.R.; Duckwiler, G.; Rootman, D.B., 2017:
Urticarial reaction following endovascular embolization of an orbital arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with n-butyl cyanoacrylate (nBCA) glue

Chu, C.H.; Davis, C., 2017:
Urticarial Reaction to Ustekinumab During the Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis in a Hepatitis C-Positive Patient

Velasco-Tamariz, V.; Prieto-Barrios, M.; Tous-Romero, Fátima.; Palencia-Pérez, S.Isabel.; Postigo-Llorente, Cón., 2017:
Urticarial vasculitis after meningococcal serogroup B vaccine in a 6-year-old girl

Mehregan, D.R.; Hall, M.J.; Gibson, L.E., 1992:
Urticarial vasculitis: a histopathologic and clinical review of 72 cases

Hamad, A.; Jithpratuck, W.; Krishnaswamy, G., 2017:
Urticarial vasculitis and associated disorders

Dermitsu, T.; Sasaki, K.; Iida, E.; Azuma, R.; Umemoto, N.; Kakurai, M.; Yoneda, K., 2008:
Urticarial vasculitis presenting as erythema gyratum repens-like eruption

Emer, J.J.; Bernardo, S.G.; Kovalerchik, O.; Ahmad, M., 2013:
Urticaria multiforme

Berk, R.N.; Millman, S.J., 1971:
Urticaria of the colon

Kirk, R., 1935:
Urticaria Pigmentosa (Nodular Type)

Banerjee, H.P., 1976:
Urticaria pigmentosa

Girgla, H.S.; Singh, G., 1973:
Urticaria Pigmentosa and Diarrhoea (A case report)

Little, E.G., 1911:
Urticaria Pigmentosa in an Adult

Degos, R., 1977:
Urticaria pigmentosa. Mastocytosis

Suh, J.Hyuk.; Park, K.Young.; Seo, S.Jun., 2019:
Urticaria Pigmentosa Mimicking Multiple Lentigine-like Brownish Macules in a 22-Month-Old Boy

Perianes, J.; Calderín, F.M.; Peláez, J.L.; Asensio, M.A., 1968:
Urticaria pigmentosa with bone involvement

Calnan, C.D., 1953:
Urticaria pigmentosa with bone lesions; two cases

Guevara, B.E.K.; Guillano, V.P.; Dayrit, J.F., 2017:
Urticaria pigmentosa with concomitant polycythaemia vera in a 3-year-old boy

Imbernón-Moya, Aán.; Vargas-Laguna, E.; Burgos, F.; Fernández-Cogolludo, E.; Aguilar-Martínez, A.; Gallego-Valdés, M.Ángel., 2017:
Urticaria vasculitis in a child: a case report and literature review

Carvalho, A.Rita.; Costa, G.; Figueirinha, A.; Liberal, J.; Prior, Jão.A.V.; Lopes, M.Celeste.; Cruz, M.Teresa.; Batista, M.Teresa., 2017:
Urtica spp.: Phenolic composition, safety, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities

Peterson, E.; Harrell, M.; Springer, A.; Medina, Jé.; Martinez, Lía.; Perry, C.; Estol, D., 2017:
Uruguayan secondary school students speak up about tobacco: results from focus group discussions in and around Montevideo

Cerdá, M.; Kilmer, B., 2017:
Uruguay's middle-ground approach to cannabis legalization

Lv, H.; Dong, W.; Qian, G.; Wang, J.; Li, X.; Cao, Z.; Lv, Q.; Wang, C.; Guo, K.; Zhang, Y., 2017:
uS10, a novel Npro-interacting protein, inhibits classical swine fever virus replication

Furlow, B., 2016:
US 21st Century Cures Act secures health-care research funding

Lee, S.; Chung, Y.Hee.; Lee, C., 2016:
US28, a Virally-Encoded GPCR as an Antiviral Target for Human Cytomegalovirus Infection

Zhao, J.; Poelaert, K.C.K.; Steukers, L.; Favoreel, H.W.; Li, Y.; Chowdhury, S.I.; van Drunen Littel-van den Hurk, S.; Caij, B.; Nauwynck, H.J., 2017:
Us3 and Us9 proteins contribute to the stromal invasion of bovine herpesvirus 1 in the respiratory mucosa

Kaïret, K.; Ho, E.; Van Kerkhoven, D.; Boes, J.; Van Calenbergh, S.; Pattyn, L.; Lemay, P., 2017:
USA300, A strain of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, crossing Belgium's borders: outbreak of skin and soft tissue infections in a hospital in Belgium

Lauritsen, L.; Andersen, L.; Olsson, E.; Søndergaard, S.Rauff.; Nørregaard, L.Benn.; Løventoft, P.Kaare.; Svendsen, S.Dunker.; Frøkjær, E.; Jensen, H.Mørch.; Hageman, I.; Kessing, L.Vedel.; Martiny, K., 2017:
Usability, Acceptability, and Adherence to an Electronic Self-Monitoring System in Patients With Major Depression Discharged From Inpatient Wards

Fiks, A.G.; Fleisher, L.; Berrigan, L.; Sykes, E.; Mayne, S.L.; Gruver, R.; Halkyard, K.; Jew, O.S.; FitzGerald, P.; Winston, F.; McMahon, P., 2017:
Usability, Acceptability, and Impact of a Pediatric Teledermatology Mobile Health Application

Eicher, C.; Haesner, M.; Spranger, M.; Kuzmicheva, O.; Gräser, A.; Steinhagen-Thiessen, E., 2017:
Usability and acceptability by a younger and older user group regarding a mobile robot-supported gait rehabilitation system

Sullivan, P.S.; Driggers, R.; Stekler, J.D.; Siegler, A.; Goldenberg, T.; McDougal, S.J.; Caucutt, J.; Jones, J.; Stephenson, R., 2017:
Usability and Acceptability of a Mobile Comprehensive HIV Prevention App for Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Pilot Study

Fu, H.; McMahon, S.K.; Gross, C.R.; Adam, T.J.; Wyman, J.F., 2017:
Usability and clinical efficacy of diabetes mobile applications for adults with type 2 diabetes: A systematic review

Griffith, J.; Monkman, H., 2017:
Usability and eHealth Literacy Evaluation of a Mobile Health Application Prototype to Track Diagnostic Imaging Examinations

Fu, M.R.; Axelrod, D.; Guth, A.A.; Wang, Y.; Scagliola, J.; Hiotis, K.; Rampertaap, K.; El-Shammaa, N., 2017:
Usability and feasibility of health IT interventions to enhance Self-Care for Lymphedema Symptom Management in breast cancer survivors

Imamura, H.; Tabuchi, H.; Nakakura, S.; Nagasato, D.; Baba, H.; Kiuchi, Y., 2017:
Usability and reproducibility of tear meniscus values generated via swept-source optical coherence tomography and the slit lamp with a graticule method

Lee, Y.Kong.; Lee, P.Yein.; Ng, C.Jenn.; Teo, C.Hai.; Abu Bakar, A.Ihsan.; Abdullah, K.Lim.; Khoo, E.Ming.; Hanafi, N.Sherina.; Low, W.Yun.; Chiew, T.Kian., 2017:
Usability and utility evaluation of the web-based "Should I Start Insulin?" patient decision aid for patients with type 2 diabetes among older people

Ben Ramadan, A.Ahmed.; Jackson-Thompson, J.; Schmaltz, C.Lee., 2017:
Usability Assessment of the Missouri Cancer Registry's Published Interactive Mapping Reports: Round One

Hassett, M.J., 2017:
Usability Considerations in Oncology Electronic Medical Records

Schall, M.Christopher.; Cullen, L.; Pennathur, P.; Chen, H.; Burrell, K.; Matthews, G., 2016 :
Usability Evaluation and Implementation of a Health Information Technology Dashboard of Evidence-Based Quality Indicators

Burt, A.; Morgan, L.; Petrinic, T.; Young, D.; Watkinson, P., 2018:
Usability evaluation methods employed to assess information visualisations of electronically stored patient data for clinical use: a protocol for a systematic review

Clark, L.N.; Benda, N.C.; Hegde, S.; McGeorge, N.M.; Guarrera-Schick, T.K.; Hettinger, A.Zachary.; LaVergne, D.T.; Perry, S.J.; Wears, R.L.; Fairbanks, R.J.; Bisantz, A.M., 2017:
Usability evaluation of an emergency department information system prototype designed using cognitive systems engineering techniques

Toribio-Guzmán, Jé.Miguel.; García-Holgado, A.; Soto Pérez, F.; García-Peñalvo, F.J.; Franco Martín, M., 2018:
Usability Evaluation of a Private Social Network on Mental Health for Relatives

Held, J.P.; Klaassen, B.; van Beijnum, B-Jan.F.; Luft, A.R.; Veltink, P.H., 2017:
Usability Evaluation of a VibroTactile Feedback System in Stroke Subjects

Mathews, A.; Marc, D., 2017:
Usability Evaluation of Laboratory Information Systems

Klaassen, B.; van Beijnum, B-Jan.F.; Held, J.P.; Reenalda, J.; van Meulen, F.B.; Veltink, P.H.; Hermens, H.J., 2017:
Usability Evaluations of a Wearable Inertial Sensing System and Quality of Movement Metrics for Stroke Survivors by Care Professionals

Mugisha, A.; Babic, A.; Wakholi, P.; Nankabirwa, V.; Tylleskar, T., 2018:
Usability in Mobile Electronic Data Collection Tools: Form Developers' Views

Marzano, G.; Lubkina, V., 2017:
Usability in social telerehabilitation systems for elderly users

Fleming, J.B.; Hill, Y.N.; Burns, M.Nicole., 2017:
Usability of a Culturally Informed mHealth Intervention for Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: Feedback From Young Sexual Minority Men

Mayrovitz, H.N.; Ryan, S.; Hartman, J.M., 2017:
Usability of advanced pneumatic compression to treat cancer-related head and neck lymphedema: A feasibility study

Bello, C.; Roseth, A.; Guardiola, J.; Reenaers, C.; Ruiz-Cerulla, A.; Van Kemseke, C.; Arajol, C.; Reinhard, C.; Seidel, L.; Louis, E., 2017:
Usability of a home-based test for the measurement of fecal calprotectin in asymptomatic IBD patients

Liu, X.; Blaschke, T.; Thomas, B.; De Geest, S.; Jiang, S.; Gao, Y.; Li, X.; Buono, E.Whalley.; Buchanan, S.; Zhang, Z.; Huan, S., 2017:
Usability of a Medication Event Reminder Monitor System (MERM) by Providers and Patients to Improve Adherence in the Management of Tuberculosis

Miller, D.P.; Weaver, K.E.; Case, L.Doug.; Babcock, D.; Lawler, D.; Denizard-Thompson, N.; Pignone, M.P.; Spangler, J.G., 2017:
Usability of a Novel Mobile Health iPad App by Vulnerable Populations

Stoll, R.; Pina, A.; Gary, K.; Amresh, A., 2017:
Usability of a Smartphone Application to Support the Prevention and Early Intervention of Anxiety in Youth

Machado, A.; Oliveira, A.; Jácome, C.; Pereira, M.; Moreira, Jé.; Rodrigues, Jão.; Aparício, Jé.; Jesus, L.M.T.; Marques, A., 2017:
Usability of Computerized Lung Auscultation-Sound Software (CLASS) for learning pulmonary auscultation

Lin, Y.Ling.; Guerguerian, A-Marie.; Tomasi, J.; Laussen, P.; Trbovich, P., 2017:
"Usability of data integration and visualization software for multidisciplinary pediatric intensive care: a human factors approach to assessing technology"

Linse, K.; Rüger, W.; Joos, M.; Schmitz-Peiffer, H.; Storch, A.; Hermann, A., 2017:
Usability of eyetracking computer systems and impact on psychological wellbeing in patients with advanced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Getzin, T.; May, M.; Schmidbauer, M.; Gutberlet, M.; Martirosian, P.; Oertel, R.; Wacker, F.; Schindler, C.; Hueper, K., 2017:
Usability of Functional MRI in Clinical Studies for Fast and Reliable Assessment of Renal Perfusion and Quantification of Hemodynamic Effects on the Kidney

Van Velzen, J.M.; Houdijk, H.; Polomski, W.; Van Bennekom, C.A.M., 2006:
Usability of gait analysis in the alignment of trans-tibial prostheses: a clinical study

Needhamsen, M.; Ewing, E.; Lund, H.; Gomez-Cabrero, D.; Harris, R.Adam.; Kular, L.; Jagodic, M., 2017:
Usability of human Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip for mouse DNA methylation studies

Sauzin, D.; Vigouroux, N.; Vella, Fédéric., 2018:
Usability of JACO Arm Interfaces Designed with a User-Centred Design Method

Booka, M.; Oku, H.; Scheller, A.; Yamaoka, S., 2017:
Usability of Optical Mark Reader Sheet as an Answering Tool in Testing

Janssen, S.; Bolte, B.; Nonnekes, J.; Bittner, M.; Bloem, B.R.; Heida, T.; Zhao, Y.; van Wezel, R.J.A., 2017:
Usability of Three-dimensional Augmented Visual Cues Delivered by Smart Glasses on (Freezing of) Gait in Parkinson's Disease

Quezada, A.; Juárez-Ramírez, R.; Jiménez, S.; Noriega, A.Ramírez.; Inzunza, S.; Garza, A.Alanis., 2017:
Usability Operations on Touch Mobile Devices for Users with Autism

Jafari, N.; Adams, K.; Tavakoli, M.; Wiebe, S.; Janz, H., 2017:
Usability testing of a developed assistive robotic system with virtual assistance for individuals with cerebral palsy: a case study

Coe, A.M.; Ueng, W.; Vargas, J.M.; David, R.; Vanegas, A.; Infante, K.; Trivedi, M.; Yi, H.; Dimond, J.; Crew, K.D.; Kukafka, R., 2017:
Usability Testing of a Web-Based Decision Aid for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Among Multi-Ethnic Women

Milward, J.; Deluca, P.; Drummond, C.; Watson, R.; Dunne, J.; Kimergård, A., 2017:
Usability Testing of the BRANCH Smartphone App Designed to Reduce Harmful Drinking in Young Adults

Docking, R.E.; Lane, M.; Schofield, P.A., 2017:
Usability Testing of the iPhone App to Improve Pain Assessment for Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment (Prehospital Setting): A Qualitative Study

Ling, Y.; Ter Meer, L.P.; Yumak, Z.; Veltkamp, R.C., 2017:
Usability Test of Exercise Games Designed for Rehabilitation of Elderly Patients After Hip Replacement Surgery: Pilot Study

Gonser, P.; Fuchsberger, T.; Matern, U., 2017:
Usability Tests in Medicine: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Hospitals Before Acquiring Medical Devices for Theatre

Schiro, J.; Pelayo, S.; Weinhold, T.; Del Zotto, M.; Marcilly, R., 2018:
Usability Validation of Medical Devices: Issues in Identifying Potential Use Errors

Park, H.Oh.; Kim, J.Woo.; Kim, S.Hwan.; Moon, S.Ho.; Byun, J.Hun.; Kim, K.Nyun.; Yang, J.Ho.; Lee, C.Eun.; Jang, I.Seok.; Kang, D.Hun.; Kim, S.Chun.; Kang, C.; Choi, J.Young., 2017:
Usability verification of the Emergency Trauma Score (EMTRAS) and Rapid Emergency Medicine Score (REMS) in patients with trauma: A retrospective cohort study

Wilkes, M., 2017:
US activists from both sides of abortion debate rally in Washington

Corey, C.G.; Holder-Hayes, E.; Nguyen, A.B.; Delnevo, C.D.; Rostron, B.L.; Bansal-Travers, M.; Kimmel, H.L.; Koblitz, A.; Lambert, E.; Pearson, J.L.; Sharma, E.; Tworek, C.; Hyland, A.J.; Conway, K.P.; Ambrose, B.K.; Borek, N., 2017:
U.S. adult cigar smoking patterns, purchasing behaviors, and reasons for use according to cigar type: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, 2013-14

Hasin, D.S.; Sarvet, A.L.; Cerdá, M.; Keyes, K.M.; Stohl, M.; Galea, S.; Wall, M.M., 2017:
US Adult Illicit Cannabis Use, Cannabis Use Disorder, and Medical Marijuana Laws: 1991-1992 to 2012-2013

O'Brien, E.Keely.; Persoskie, A.; Parascandola, M.; Hoffman, A.C., 2017:
U.S. Adult Interest in Less Harmful and Less Addictive Hypothetical Modified Risk Tobacco Products

O'Brien, E.Keely.; Nguyen, A.B.; Persoskie, A.; Hoffman, A.C., 2016:
U.S. adults' addiction and harm beliefs about nicotine and low nicotine cigarettes

Nguyen, K.H.; Tong, V.T.; Marynak, K.L.; King, B.A., 2017:
US Adults' Perceptions of the Harmful Effects During Pregnancy of Using Electronic Vapor Products Versus Smoking Cigarettes, Styles Survey, 2015

Bernat, J.K.; Ferrer, R.A.; Margolis, K.A.; Blake, K.D., 2017:
US adult tobacco users' absolute harm perceptions of traditional and alternative tobacco products, information-seeking behaviors, and (mis)beliefs about chemicals in tobacco products

Wu, Q.; Shi, Q.; Long, J.; Li, J.; Guo, Y.; Lei, S., 2017:
Usage and efficacy of timolol maleate eye drops in treatment of superficial infantile hemangioma

Hayasbi, T.; Yamawaki, S.; Nisbikawa, T.; Jeste, D.V., 1995:
Usage and Side Effects of Neuroleptics in Elderly Japanese Patients

Loke, Y-Hin.; Harahsheh, A.S.; Krieger, A.; Olivieri, L.J., 2017:
Usage of 3D models of tetralogy of Fallot for medical education: impact on learning congenital heart disease

Roche, D.B.; Villain, E.; Kajava, A.V. , 2017:
Usage of a dataset of NMR resolved protein structures to test aggregation versus solubility prediction algorithms

Ma, J.; Wang, J.; Zheng, W.; Zheng, J.; Wang, H.; Wang, G.; Zhang, H.; Xu, F.; Chen, Y., 2018:
Usage of ambulance transport and influencing factors in acute coronary syndrome: a cross-sectional study at a tertiary centre in China

Small, J.E.; Semine, L.; Therrien, J.; Doyle, P.; Kelly, L.; Marquis, R.; Bakal, C.W., 2017:
Usage of an Electronic Database and Checklist System for Improvement in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition

El-Sabbagh, A.Hassan., 2017:
Usage of a rotational flap for coverage of a large central forehead defect

Chan, C.Yin.Wei.; Chiu, C.Kidd.; Lee, C.Kean.; Gani, S.Mariam.Abd.; Mohamad, S.Mariam.; Hasan, M.Shahnaz.; Kwan, M.Keong., 2017:
Usage of Chewing Gum in Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Suganya, M.; Vikneshan, M.; Swathy, U., 2017:
Usage of complementary and alternative medicine: A survey among Indian dental professionals

Mölsä, M.; Tiilikainen, M.; Punamäki, R-Leena., 2017:
Usage of healthcare services and preference for mental healthcare among older Somali immigrants in Finland

Kim, H.Jung.; Park, J-Soo., 2017:
Usage of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cell-based Therapy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nie, W-Juan.; Che, N-Ying.; Cai, B-Yun.; Chu, N-Hui., 2018:
Usage of Molecular Pathology in a Rare Oral Tuberculosis Diagnosis

Yang, H.; Yu, X.; Hu, J.; Peng, E.; Li, C.; Cui, L.; Zhao, C.; Wang, S.; Wei, C.; Mei, W.; Wang, S.; Ye, Z., 2017 :
Usage of Multilevel Paravertebral Block as the Main Anesthesia for Mini-Invasive PCNL: Retrospective Review of 45 Cases with Large Stones

Fehlings, M.; Drobbe, L.; Beigier-Bompadre, M.; Viveros, P.Renner.; Moos, V.; Schneider, T.; Meyer, T.F.; Aebischer, T.; Ignatius, R., 2016:
Usage of Murine T-cell Hybridoma Cells as Responder Cells Reveals Interference of iHelicobacter Pylori with Human Dendritic Cell-mediated Antigen Presentation

Pulido, J.N.; Rihal, C.S., 2013:
Usage of Percutaneous Left Ventricular Assist Devices in Clinical Practice and High-risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Trystuła, M.; Półrola, Pł.; Kropotov, J., 2017:
Usage of perioperative anxiety neuromarker for improving the quality of life of a patient operated on for critical stenosis of the internal carotid artery

Jurek, O.; Wójtowicz, P.; Krzeski, A., 2017:
Usage of piezoelectric instruments in larynx surgery

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U.S. blocks Iran from fusion megaproject

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USB Storage Device Forensics for Windows 10

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USDA's Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services Helps Bring Regional and Local Foods to Consumers

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U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

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US doctors are charged with female genital mutilation for first time

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US doctors' groups call for parties to work together on healthcare reform

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US drug maker sues to force Ireland to offer expensive Duchenne's treatment

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US drug marketing: how does promotion correspond with health value?

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Use and Adaptation of Open Source Software for Capacity Building to Strengthen Health Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

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Use and Communication of Probabilistic Forecasts

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Use and ornament: expanding validity evidence in admissions

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Use and relevance of bibliometrics for nursing

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Use and Timing of Tracheostomy After Severe Stroke

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Use Caution When Working Around Ultraviolet Light

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Use/disuse paradigms are ubiquitous concepts in characterizing the process of inheritance

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Useful access to enantiomerically pure protected inositols from carbohydrates: the aldohexos-5-uloses route

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Useful addresses

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Useful advice

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Useful alternative technique for tying a knot with one hand

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Useful Applications of Enantioselective (4 + 2)-Cycloaddition Reactions to the Synthesis of Chiral 1,2-Amino Alcohols, 1,2-Diamines, and β-Amino Acids

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Useful information, but still more open questions than answers

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Useful Knowledge, Improvement, and the Logic of Capital in Richard Ligon's <i>True and Exact History of Barbados</i>

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Useful laboratory markers for the diagnosis of bone marrow involvement by malignant lymphoma

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Usefulness and accuracy of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a supplementary tool to identify mosquito vector species and to invest in development of international database

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Usefulness and Importance of Informatics Solution in Evaluating Disability - Starting Point for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Draft Application

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Usefulness and prognostic value of biomarkers in patients with community-acquired pneumonia in the emergency department

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Usefulness and Safety of a Novel Modification of the Retrograde Approach for the Long Tortuous Chronic Total Occlusion of Coronary Arteries

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Usefulness and Validity of Continuous Performance Tests in the Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children

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Usefulness for Predicting Cardiac Events After Orthotopic Liver Transplantation of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging and Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography Preoperatively

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Usefulness of 18F-FDG PET Associated With a High-Fat, Low-Carbohydrate Preparation for the Detection of a Myocardial-Embedded Metastasis

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Usefulness of 2 centrifugal ventricular assist devices in a total artificial heart configuration: A preliminary report

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Usefulness of 2D fusion of postmortem CT and antemortem chest radiography studies for human identification

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Usefulness of 3D balanced turbo-field-echo MR sequence evaluating the branching pattern of the intrahepatic bile ducts: comparison with drip infusion CT cholangiography

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Usefulness of 3D echocardiographic parameters of tricuspid valve morphology to predict residual tricuspid regurgitation after tricuspid annuloplasty

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Usefulness of 3D Printing to Manage Complex Tracheal Stenosis

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Usefulness of a biomarker to identify placental dysfunction in the context of malaria

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Usefulness of a CT-guided hookwire marking in laparoscopic partial hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma invisible on ultrasonography

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Usefulness of acute phase reactants in the diagnosis of acute infections in HIV-infected children

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Usefulness of a decision tree model for the analysis of adverse drug reactions: Evaluation of a risk prediction model of vancomycin-associated nephrotoxicity constructed using a data mining procedure

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Usefulness of a direct immunofluorescence in the diagnosis of plaque type oral lichen planus

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Usefulness of a Gentle and Short Hemostasis Using the Transradial Band Device after Transradial Access for Percutaneous Coronary Angiography and Interventions to Reduce the Radial Artery Occlusion Rate (from the Prospective and Randomized CRASOC I, II, and III Studies)

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Usefulness of Bolus Administration Using the FLEX Mode(Bolus Infusion Mode)for Baclofen Tolerance

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Usefulness of cardiometabolic index for the estimation of ischemic stroke risk among general population in rural China

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Usefulness of Chinese Herbal Medicines as Host-Directed Therapeutics against Mycobacterial Infections: A Review

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Usefulness of Clinical Prediction Rules, D-dimer, and Arterial Blood Gas Analysis to Predict Pulmonary Embolism in Cancer Patients

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Usefulness of Color Coding Resected Samples from a Pancreaticoduodenectomy with Tissue Marking Dyes for a Detailed Examination of Surgical Margin Surrounding the Uncinate Process of the Pancreas

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Usefulness of Crosslinked Human Acellular Dermal Matrix as an Implant for Dorsal Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

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Usefulness of Cross-Linked Human Acellular Dermal Matrix as an Implant for Dorsal Augmentation in Rhinoplasty

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Usefulness of D-Dimer Testing in Predicting Recurrence in Elderly Patients with Unprovoked Venous Thromboembolism

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Usefulness of dermoscopy in the diagnosis and monitoring treatment of demodicidosis

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Usefulness of detection of clarithromycin-resistant Helicobacter pylori from fecal specimens for young adults treated with eradication therapy

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Usefulness of diffusion-tensor MRI in the diagnosis of Parkinson variant of multiple system atrophy and Parkinson's disease: a valuable tool to differentiate between them?

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Usefulness of discrete wavelet transform in the analysis of oximetry signals to assist in childhood sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome diagnosis

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Usefulness of DNA Methylation Levels in COASY and SPINT1 Gene Promoter Regions as Biomarkers in Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment

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Usefulness of Doppler waveform analysis before performing a complex procedure using femoral venous access

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Usefulness of dual-energy computed tomography for the evaluation of early-stage psoriatic arthritis only accompanied by nail psoriasis

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Usefulness of four commonly used neuropathic pain screening questionnaires in patients with chronic low back pain: a cross-sectional study

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Usefulness of lung ultrasound in the management of patients with heart failure

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Usefulness of Mapping Biopsy in the Treatment of Penoscrotal Extramammary Paget's Disease

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Usefulness of Medical Thoracoscopy in the Management of Pleural Effusion Caused by Chronic Renal Failure

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Usefulness of neuromonitoring in thyroid surgery

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Usefulness of night-time blood pressure measurement

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Usefulness of organoid technology and kidney transplantation

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Usefulness of Oxidization-regenerated Cellulose Sheets in Preventing Postoperative Adhesion Confirmed at Second Surgery for Lung Cancer

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Usefulness of PA32540 in Protecting the Gastric Layer While Providing Secondary Prevention for Coronary Artery Disease

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Usefulness of parametric renal clearance images in the assessment of basic risk factors for renalnal clearance images in the assessment of basic risk factors for renal scarring in children with recurrent urinary tract infections

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Usefulness of patient education in antihypertensive treatment compliance in black Africans

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Usefulness of PBPK Modeling in Incorporation of Clinical Conditions in Personalized Medicine

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Usefulness of Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminoplasty for Lumbar Disc Herniation

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Usefulness of PET in recognizing and managing vasculitides

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Usefulness of piperacillin/tazobactam resistance as a predictor of OXA-48 carbapenemase in Enterobacteriaceae

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Usefulness of PIVKA-II After Living-donor Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Usefulness of plant sterols in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia

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Usefulness of platelet to lymphocyte and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratios in predicting the presence of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and in-hospital major adverse cerebral events

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Usefulness of procalcitonin for the diagnosis of infection in cardiac surgical patients

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Usefulness of pulsatile bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt in high-risk Fontan patients

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Usefulness of Pulse Oximeter That Can Measure SpO 2 to One Digit After Decimal Point

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Usefulness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in the treatment of bipolar depression

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Usefulness of Sacral Sublaminar Wire for Low Transverse Sacral Fractures: Two Cases' Report

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Usefulness of self-made gasbag double-cannula stool drainage device for prevention of anastomotic leakage following anterior resection

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Usefulness of self-report questionnaires for psychological assessment of patients with tinnitus and hyperacusis and patients' views of the questionnaires

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Usefulness of SPECT/CT in Parathyroid Lesion Detection in Patients with Thyroid Parenchymal 99mTc-Sestamibi Retention

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Usefulness of spectral tissue Doppler (E/e' ratio) in the management of patients with atrial fibrillation

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Usefulness of StereoEEG-based tailored surgery for medial temporal lobe epilepsy. Preliminary results in 11 patients

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Usefulness of 11C-methionine-PET for predicting the efficacy of carbon ion radiation therapy for head and neck mucosal malignant melanoma

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Usefulness of 99mTc-DTPA galactosyl human serum albumin liver scintigraphy for evaluating hepatic functional reserve after Kasai procedure

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Usefulness of susceptibility-weighted imaging in subacute cerebral fat embolism

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Usefulness of techniques based on real time PCR for the identification of onychomycosis-causing species

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Usefulness of telomere length in DNA from human teeth for age estimation

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Usefulness of the σ-Aromaticity and σ-Antiaromaticity Concepts for Clusters and Solid-State Compounds

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Usefulness of the CAPE-P15 for detecting people at ultra-high risk for psychosis: Psychometric properties and cut-off values

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Usefulness of the CHA2DS2-VASc Score in Predicting In-Stent Restenosis Among Patients Undergoing Revascularization With Bare-Metal Stents

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Usefulness of the Continuous-Wave Doppler-Derived Pulmonary Arterial-Right Ventricular Pressure Gradient Just before Atrial Contraction for the Estimation of Pulmonary Arterial Diastolic and Wedge Pressures

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Usefulness of the CRAFFT to Diagnose Alcohol or Cannabis Use Disorders in a Sample of Emerging Adults with Past-Month Alcohol or Cannabis Use

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Effects of Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Ability of Solvents on Molecular Self-Assembly of Sulfadiazine Solvates

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Usefulness of the Hook knife in flexible endoscopic myotomy for Zenker's diverticulum

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Usefulness of the Infant Driven Scale in the early identification of preterm infants at risk for delayed oral feeding independency

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Usefulness of the Jailed-Balloon Technique in Percutaneous Intervention for Severe Coronary Perforation Involving Left Main Bifurcation

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Usefulness of the MESH score in a European hepatocellular carcinoma cohort

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Effects of hydrogen bonding on the gas-phase reactivity of didehydroisoquinolinium cation isomers

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Usefulness of the Pipeline Embolic Device for Large and Giant Carotid Cavernous Aneurysms

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Usefulness of the platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio in predicting long-term cardiovascular mortality in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease

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Usefulness of the Prenatal Echocardiogram in Fetuses With Isolated Transposition of the Great Arteries to Predict the Need for Balloon Atrial Septostomy

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Usefulness of the R-Wave Sign as a Predictor for Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia in Patients With Brugada Syndrome

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Usefulness of the S-O clip for gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection (with video)

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Usefulness of the superior cerebellar peduncle for differential diagnosis of progressive supranuclear palsy: A meta-analysis

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Usefulness of the Transoral Anvil Delivery System for Esophagojejunostomy After Laparoscopic Total Gastrectomy: A Single-institution Comparative Study of Transoral Anvil Delivery System and the Overlap Method

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Usefulness of the University of California San Diego Performance-Based Skills Assessment for the evaluation of cognitive function and activities of daily living function in patients with cognitive impairment

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Usefulness of the Valsalva maneuver without a mouthpiece to observe the hypopharynx using transoral endoscopy

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Usefulness of the Versajet Hydrosurgery System for the Removal of Foreign Body Granuloma

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Usefulness of the WHO C-Model to optimize the cesarean delivery rate in a tertiary hospital setting

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Usefulness of Total 12-Lead QRS Voltage as a Clue to Diagnosis of Patients With Cardiac Sarcoidosis Severe Enough to Warrant Orthotopic Heart Transplant

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Usefulness of Transnasal Decompression Tubes in Patients with Right-Sided Obstructive Colorectal Cancer

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Usefulness of Transumbilical Laparoscopic-Assisted Appendectomy for a Suspected Case of Hydrops Processus Vermiformis

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Usefulness of Two-Compartment Model-Assisted and Static Overall Inhibitory-Activity Method for Prediction of Drug-Drug Interaction

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Usefulness of Ultrasonography and Cortical Transit Time to Differentiate Nonobstructive From Obstructive Dilatation in the Management of Prenatally Detected Pelvic Ureteric Junction Like Obstruction

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Usefulness of Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Neonatal Dacryocystocele

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Usefulness of Ultrasound to Help Solve Severe Sepsis

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Usefulness of Ultrasound View of Larynx in Pre-Anesthetic Airway Assessment: A Comparison With Cormack-Lehane Classification During Direct Laryngoscopy

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Useful parasites: the evolutionary biology and biotechnology applications of transposable elements

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Useful Pointers

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"Useful Sciences"?: Ursula Klein, <i>Nützliches Wissen</i>

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Useful strategies for the emerging of Zika pandemic and its silent cardiovascular complications

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Useful tips, widely used techniques, and quantifying cell metabolic behavior

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Useful to have X-ray service at nursing homes

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Useful Trick for Discovering Granuloma in Gastric Crohn's Disease

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Useful ultrasonographic evaluation of the medial meniscus as a feature predicting the onset of radiographic knee osteoarthritis

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Useful Web Resources

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Use, history, and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry chemical analysis of Aconitum

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Use-inspired basic research in medical image perception

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Use it or lose it

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Use it responsibly

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Useless drugs

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'Use local knowledge and trends data to inform future plans', say market experts

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Use Measures, Metrics To Tell Your Story Before Someone Else Tells It for You

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Use MyPlate, MyWins-A Small-Steps Approach-To Set Realistic Solutions for the New Year

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Use 'nursing intuition' in assessments, say senior care home staff

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Use of 3D models of vascular rings and slings to improve resident education

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Use of a 72-cm-long extended bilateral deep inferior epigastric artery perforator free flap for reconstruction of a lower leg with no suitable recipient vessel around the injury zone: A case report

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Use of a 90-Minute Admission Window and Front-Fill System to Reduce Work Compression on a General Medicine Inpatient Teaching Service

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Use of AAScatterPlot tool for monitoring the evolution of the hemagglutinin cleavage site in H9 avian influenza viruses

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Use of abdominal ultrasound in the diagnosis of hepatic sinusoidal obstruction syndrome (SOS) in a patient receiving a hematopoietic-cell transplant

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Use of a CAD-CAM poly(methyl methacrylate) interim prosthesis for direct intraoral splinting

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Use of Accelerometers in the Control of Practical Prosthetic Arms

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Use of Acellular Dermal Matrix in Craniosynostosis

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Use of a cognitive computing system for treatment of cervical cancer

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Use of a Composite Metric to Assess Hospital Performance after Hip Fracture

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Use of a composite symptom score during challenge in patients with suspected aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease

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Use of a computerized arthroplasty registry to generate operative reports decreases transcription errors

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Use of a Connected Glucose Meter and Certified Diabetes Educator Coaching to Decrease the Likelihood of Abnormal Blood Glucose Excursions: The Livongo for Diabetes Program

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Use of a counterfactual approach to evaluate the effect of area closures on fishing location in a tropical tuna fishery

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Use of acoustic reflector to make a compact photoacoustic tomography system

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Use of a Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complex Containing a N∧C∧N-Coordinating Terdentate Ligand as a Catalyst for the α-Alkylation of Ketones and N-Alkylation of Amines with Alcohols

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Use of a Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor Does Not Inhibit Platelet Activation or Growth Factor Release From Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Use of a Defined Surgical Approach for the Debridement of Open Tibia Fractures

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Use of a Dehydrated Amniotic Membrane Allograft in the Treatment of Lower Extremity Wounds: A Retrospective Cohort Study

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Use of adenosine to shorten the post ablation waiting period for cavotricuspid isthmus-dependent atrial flutter

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Use of a Diagonal Approach to Health System Strengthening and Measles Elimination after a Large Nationwide Outbreak in Mongolia

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Use of adjunctive prednisolone in the management of a cat with bilateral quadriceps contracture following trauma

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Use of Adjuvant Chemotherapy After Surgery in Patients With Colon Cancer

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Use of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Bladder Cancer after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

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Use of adjuvants for immunotherapy

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Use of administrative data for comparative effectiveness research in the treatment of non-prostate genitourinary malignancies

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Use of ADMS during sedation for dental treatment of an intellectually disabled patient: a case report

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Use of a Dog Visitation Program to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Trauma Patients

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Use of a Dual-Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test to Screen Children for Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in a High-Transmission, Resource-Limited Setting

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Use of Adult Patient Focus Groups to Develop the Initial Item Bank for a Cochlear Implant Quality-of-Life Instrument

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Use of Adult Sensory Panel to Study Individual Differences in the Palatability of a Pediatric HIV Treatment Drug

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Use of Advanced Visual Cue Sources in Volleyball

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Use of a dynamic gait trainer for a child with thoracic level spinal cord injury

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Use of a fluoride channel as a new selection marker for fission yeast plasmids and application to fast genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9

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Use of Anesthesiology Services in Radiology

Hansen, T.G., 2017:
Use of anesthetics in young children Consensus statement of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), the European Society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology (ESPA), the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology (EACTA), and the European Safe Tots Anaesthesia Research Initiative (EuroSTAR)

Aslam, T.M.; Zaki, H.R.; Mahmood, S.; Ali, Z.C.; Ahmad, N.A.; Thorell, M.R.; Balaskas, K., 2017:
Use of a Neural Net to Model the Impact of Optical Coherence Tomography Abnormalities on Vision in Age-related Macular Degeneration

Chilaka, C.; Carr, S.; Shalaby, N.; Banzhaf, W., 2017:
Use of a neural network to predict normalized signal strengths from a DNA-sequencing microarray

Kroh, H.K.; Chandrasekaran, R.; Rosenthal, K.; Woods, R.; Jin, X.; Ohi, M.D.; Nyborg, A.C.; Rainey, G.Jonah.; Warrener, P.; Spiller, B.W.; Lacy, D.Borden., 2017:
Use of a neutralizing antibody helps identify structural features critical for binding of Clostridium difficile toxin TcdA to the host cell surface

Dennis, B.M.; Gondek, S.P.; Guyer, R.A.; Hamblin, S.E.; Gunter, O.L.; Guillamondegui, O.D., 2017:
Use of an evidence-based algorithm for patients with traumatic hemothorax reduces need for additional interventions

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