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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 60459

Chapter 60459 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

John, C.C., 1999:
Vancomycin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Ahmed, M.O.; Baptiste, K.E., 2017:
Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci: A Review of Antimicrobial Resistance Mechanisms and Perspectives of Human and Animal Health

Flokas, M.Eleni.; Karageorgos, S.A.; Detsis, M.; Alevizakos, M.; Mylonakis, E., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci colonisation, risk factors and risk for infection among hospitalised paediatric patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Heisel, R.W.; Sutton, R.R.; Mascara, G.P.; Winger, D.G.; Weber, D.R.; Lim, S.H.; Oleksiuk, L-Marie., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome patients undergoing induction chemotherapy with idarubicin and cytarabine

f1ossley, K., 1998:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci in long-term-care facilities

Marchi, A.P.; Neto, L.V.P.; Martins, R.C.R.; Rizek, C.F.; Camargo, C.H.; Moreno, L.Z.; Moreno, A.M.; Batista, M.V.; Basqueira, M.S.; Rossi, F.; Amigo, U.; Guimaraes, T.; Levin, A.S.S.; Costa, S.F., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci isolates colonizing and infecting haematology patients: clonality and virulence and resistance profile

Oravcova, V.; Svec, P.; Literak, I., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci with vanA and vanB genes in Australian gulls

Oravcova, V.; Mihalcin, M.; Zakova, J.; Pospisilova, L.; Masarikova, M.; Literak, I., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant enterococci with vanA gene in treated municipal wastewater and their association with human hospital strains

Bensoussan, R.; Weiss, K.; Laverdiere, M., 1999:
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus

Dietrich, J.N.; Faine, B.A.; Mohr, N.M., 2016:
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus colonization does not accurately predict resistant Enterococcus infections

López-Urrutia, L.; de Frutos, Mónica.; Oteo, Jús.; Eiros, Jé.María., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium ST17 outbreak in a Neonatal Unit

Chang, W-Hsin.; Yu, J-Ching.; Yang, S-Yi.; Lin, Y-Cheng.; Wang, C-Hung.; You, H-Ling.; Wu, J-Jong.; Lee, M.S.; Lee, G-Bin., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant gene identification from live bacteria on an integrated microfluidic system by using low temperature lysis and loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Cerrud-Rodriguez, R.Christian.; Alcaraz-Alvarez, D.; Chiong, B.Bobby.; Ahmed, A., 2017:
Vancomycin-resistant iEnterococcus faecium bacteraemia as a complication of Kayexalate (sodium polystyrene sulfonate, SPS) in sorbitol-induced ischaemic colitis

Louvet, J.N.; Carrion, C.; Stalder, T.; Alrhmoun, M.; Casellas, M.; Potier, O.; Pons, M.N.; Dagot, C., 2017:
Vancomycin sorption on activated sludge Gram + bacteria rather than on EPS; 3D Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy time-lapse imaging

Sirbu, B.D.; Soriano, M.M.; Manzo, C.; Lum, J.; Gerding, D.N.; Johnson, S., 2017:
Vancomycin Taper and Pulse Regimen With Careful Follow-up for Patients With Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection

Patron, R.L.; Hartmann, C.A.; Allen, S.; Griesbach, C.L.; Kosiorek, H.E.; DiBaise, J.K.; Orenstein, R., 2017:
Vancomycin Taper and Risk of Failure of Fecal Microbiota Transplant in Patients With Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection

Rawson, T.M.; Charani, E.; Moore, L.S.P.; Herrero, P.; Baik, J.Soo.; Philip, A.; Gilchrist, M.; Brannigan, E.T.; Georgiou, P.; Hope, W.; Holmes, A.H., 2017:
Vancomycin therapy in secondary care; investigating factors that impact therapeutic target attainment

Butin, M.; Rasigade, J-P.; Subtil, F.; Martins-Simões, P.; Pralong, C.; Freydière, A-M.; Vandenesch, F.; Tigaud, S.; Picaud, J-C.; Laurent, F., 2017:
Vancomycin treatment is a risk factor for vancomycin-nonsusceptible Staphylococcus capitis sepsis in preterm neonates

Seabury, R.W.; Stoessel, A.M.; Steele, J.M., 2017:
Vancomycin Trough Concentration Poorly Characterizes AUC: Is It Time to Transition to AUC-Based Vancomycin Monitoring?

Rajon, K.; Vaillancourt, R.; Varughese, N.; Villarreal, G., 2017:
Vancomycin use, dosing and serum trough concentrations in the pediatric population: a retrospective institutional review

Wu, M.Alessandra.; Leidi, F., 2017:
Vancomycin vs Metronidazole for Clostridium difficile infection: focus on recurrence and mortality

Anderson, C.W.; Cazares, K.S.; Lustik, M.B.; Patel, S.M.; Denunzio, T.M., 2017:
Vancomycin vs. Vancomycin/Piperacillin-Tazobactam-Associated Acute Kidney Injury in Noncritically Ill Patients at a Tertiary Care Military Treatment Facility

Masuda, J.R.; Chan, S., 2017:
Vancouver Coastal Health's Second Generation Health Strategy: A need for a reboot?

Lee, S.Jae.; Castro, E.R.; Guijt, R.M.; Tarn, M.D.; Manz, A., 2017:
Van de Graaff generator for capillary electrophoresis

Park, H-Young.; Lim, K., 2017:
Effects of Hypoxic Training versus Normoxic Training on Exercise Performance in Competitive Swimmers

Kalmykov, I.F., 1975:
Van der Hoeve's syndrome

Avsar, A.; Tan, J.Y.; Luo, X.; Khoo, K.Hong.; Yeo, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Quek, S.Ying.; Özyilmaz, B., 2017:
van der Waals Bonded Co/h-BN Contacts to Ultrathin Black Phosphorus Devices

Ducher, M.; Pietrucci, F.; Balan, E.; Ferlat, G.; Paulatto, L.; Blanchard, M., 2017:
van der Waals Contribution to the Relative Stability of Aqueous Zn(2+) Coordination States

Reilly, A.M.; Tkatchenko, A., 2015:
van der Waals dispersion interactions in molecular materials: beyond pairwise additivity

Zhong, D.; Seyler, K.L.; Linpeng, X.; Cheng, R.; Sivadas, N.; Huang, B.; Schmidgall, E.; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; McGuire, M.A.; Yao, W.; Xiao, D.; Fu, K-Mei.C.; Xu, X., 2017:
Van der Waals engineering of ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructures for spin and valleytronics

Zhang, Z.; Niu, J.; Yang, P.; Gong, Y.; Ji, Q.; Shi, J.; Fang, Q.; Jiang, S.; Li, H.; Zhou, X.; Gu, L.; Wu, X.; Zhang, Y., 2017:
Van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of 2D Metallic Vanadium Diselenide Single Crystals and their Extra-High Electrical Conductivity

Fu, L.; Wang, F.; Wu, B.; Wu, N.; Huang, W.; Wang, H.; Jin, C.; Zhuang, L.; He, J.; Fu, L.; Liu, Y., 2017:
Van der Waals Epitaxial Growth of Atomic Layered HfS 2 Crystals for Ultrasensitive Near-Infrared Phototransistors

Xia, J.; Zhao, Y-Xuan.; Wang, L.; Li, X-Ze.; Gu, Y-Yi.; Cheng, H-Qiu.; Meng, X-Min., 2017:
van der Waals epitaxial two-dimensional CdS x Se (1-x) semiconductor alloys with tunable-composition and application to flexible optoelectronics

Yuan, K.; Zhao, R-Sheng.; Zheng, J-Jia.; Zheng, H.; Nagase, S.; Zhao, S-Dun.; Liu, Y-Zhi.; Zhao, X., 2017:
Van Der Waals heterogeneous layer-layer carbon nanostructures involving H-C-C-HH-C-C-H stacking based on graphene and graphane sheets

Kaur, S.; Kumar, A.; Srivastava, S.; Tankeshwar, K., 2017:
van der Waals heterostructures based on allotropes of phosphorene and MoSe 2

Ledesma-Alonso, Ré.; Raphaël, E.; Salez, T.; Tordjeman, P.; Legendre, D., 2017:
van der Waals interaction between a moving nano-cylinder and a liquid thin film

Kantsadi, A.L.; Stravodimos, G.A.; Kyriakis, E.; Chatzileontiadou, D.S.M.; Solovou, T.G.A.; Kun, Sándor.; Bokor, Éva.; Somsák, László.; Leonidas, D.D., 2017:
van der Waals interactions govern C-β-d-glucopyranosyl triazoles' nM inhibitory potency in human liver glycogen phosphorylase

Vovchenko, V.; Gorenstein, M.I.; Stoecker, H., 2017:
van der Waals Interactions in Hadron Resonance Gas: From Nuclear Matter to Lattice QCD

Milichko, V.A.; Makarov, S.V.; Yulin, A.V.; Vinogradov, A.V.; Krasilin, A.A.; Ushakova, E.; Dzyuba, V.P.; Hey-Hawkins, E.; Pidko, E.A.; Belov, P.A., 2017:
van der Waals Metal-Organic Framework as an Excitonic Material for Advanced Photonics

Dunn, N.J.H.; Foley, T.T.; Noid, W.G., 2016:
Van der Waals Perspective on Coarse-Graining: Progress toward Solving Representability and Transferability Problems

VanderWeele, T.J.; Koenig, H.G., 2017:
VanderWeele and Koenig Respond

VanderWeele, T.J.; Palmer, J.R.; Shields, A.E., 2017:
VanderWeele et al. Respond to "Church Attendance and Mortality"

Ergen, C.; Sayan, N.B., 1985:
Van der Woude syndrome (report of a case)

Richardson, S.; Khandeparker, R.Vijay., 2017:
Van der Woude syndrome presenting as a single median lower lip pit with associated dental, orofacial and limb deformities: a rare case report

Kim, D.; Ko, H-Suk.; Park, G.Bin.; Hur, D.Young.; Kim, Y.Seok.; Yang, J.Wook., 2017:
Vandetanib and ADAM inhibitors synergistically attenuate the pathological migration of EBV-infected retinal pigment epithelial cells by regulating the VEGF-mediated MAPK pathway

Starenki, D.; Hong, S-Keun.; Wu, P-Kei.; Park, J-In., 2017:
Vandetanib and cabozantinib potentiate mitochondria-targeted agents to suppress medullary thyroid carcinoma cells

Denys, A.; Czuczman, P.; Grey, D.; Bascal, Z.; Whomsley, R.; Kilpatrick, H.; Lewis, A.L., 2017:
Vandetanib-eluting Radiopaque Beads: iIn vivo Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Toxicity Evaluation following Swine Liver Embolization

Middleton, G.; Palmer, D.H.; Greenhalf, W.; Ghaneh, P.; Jackson, R.; Cox, T.; Evans, A.; Shaw, V.E.; Wadsley, J.; Valle, J.W.; Propper, D.; Wasan, H.; Falk, S.; Cunningham, D.; Coxon, F.; Ross, P.; Madhusudan, S.; Wadd, N.; Corrie, P.; Hickish, T.; Costello, E.; Campbell, F.; Rawcliffe, C.; Neoptolemos, J.P., 2017:
Vandetanib plus gemcitabine versus placebo plus gemcitabine in locally advanced or metastatic pancreatic carcinoma (ViP): a prospective, randomised, double-blind, multicentre phase 2 trial

Gravito-Soares, E.; Gravito-Soares, M.; Sofia, C., 2016:
Vanek's tumor: A rare gastric polyp

Jessen, T.N.; Jessen, J.R., 2017:
VANGL2 interacts with integrin αv to regulate matrix metalloproteinase activity and cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix

Dennison, D.; Van Gogh, V.; Dennison, D., 2000:
Van Gogh and lithium. Creativity and bipolar disorder: perspective of a writer/photographer

Hariga, J.; VAN GOGH, V., 1959:
Van Gogh psychology

Steensma, D.P.; Kyle, R.A., 2017:
Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr Gachet

O'Dowd, A., 2017:
Vanguards start to change practice but will lessons be applied nationwide?

Donaldson, I.M.; van Helmont, J.Baptisa., 2017:
van Helmont's proposal for a randomised comparison of treating fevers with or without bloodletting and purging

Ramírez-Mosqueda, M.A.; Iglesias-Andreu, L.G., 2017:
Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Jacks.) cell suspension cultures: establishment, characterization, and applications

Khoshnam, S.Esmaeil.; Sarkaki, A.; Khorsandi, L.; Winlow, W.; Badavi, M.; Moghaddam, H.Fathi.; Farbood, Y., 2017:
Vanillic acid attenuates effects of transient bilateral common carotid occlusion and reperfusion in rats

Jung, Y.; Park, J.; Kim, H-Lin.; Sim, J-Eun.; Youn, D-Hyun.; Kang, J.; Lim, S.; Jeong, M-Young.; Yang, W.Mo.; Lee, S-Geun.; Ahn, K.Seok.; Um, J-Young., 2017:
Vanillic acid attenuates obesity ivia activation of the AMPK pathway and thermogenic factors iin vivo and iin vitro

Jung, Y.; Park, J.; Kim, H-Lin.; Youn, D-Hyun.; Kang, J.; Lim, S.; Jeong, M-Young.; Sethi, G.; Park, S-Joo.; Ahn, K.Seok.; Um, J-Young., 2017:
Vanillic acid attenuates testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in rats and inhibits proliferation of prostatic epithelial cells

Al Asmari, A.; Al Shahrani, H.; Al Masri, N.; Al Faraidi, A.; Elfaki, I.; Arshaduddin, M., 2015:
Vanillin abrogates ethanol induced gastric injury in rats via modulation of gastric secretion, oxidative stress and inflammation

Kim, Y.Hee.; Park, J.Ha., 2017:
Vanillin and 4-hydroxybenzyl alcohol attenuate cognitive impairment and the reduction of cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation in the dentate gyrus in a mouse model of scopolamine-induced amnesia

Elseweidy, M.M.; Askar, M.E.; Elswefy, S.E.; Shawky, M., 2017:
Vanillin as a new modulator candidate for renal injury induced by cisplatin in experimental rats

Kundu, A., 2017:
Vanillin biosynthetic pathways in plants

Lu, Z-Ming.; Zhu, Q.; Li, H-Xiang.; Geng, Y.; Shi, J-Song.; Xu, Z-Hong., 2017:
Vanillin Promotes the Germination of iAntrodia camphorata Arthroconidia through PKA and MAPK Signaling Pathways

Yan, X.; Liu, D-Feng.; Zhang, X-Yang.; Liu, D.; Xu, S-Yao.; Chen, G-Xin.; Huang, B-Xu.; Ren, W-Zhi.; Wang, W.; Fu, S-Peng.; Liu, J-Xiong., 2017:
Vanillin Protects Dopaminergic Neurons against Inflammation-Mediated Cell Death by Inhibiting ERK1/2, P38 and the NF-B Signaling Pathway

Bezerra, C.Fonseca.; Camilo, C.Janaine.; do Nascimento Silva, M.Karollyna.; de Freitas, T.Sampaio.; Ribeiro-Filho, J.; Coutinho, H.Douglas.Melo., 2017:
Vanillin selectively modulates the action of antibiotics against resistant bacteria

Park, E-Ji.; Lee, Y-Mi.; Oh, T-In.; Kim, B.Mo.; Lim, B-Ou.; Lim, J-Hong., 2017:
Vanillin Suppresses Cell Motility by Inhibiting STAT3-Mediated HIF-1α mRNA Expression in Malignant Melanoma Cells

Enoki, S.; Hattori, T.; Ishiai, S.; Tanaka, S.; Mikami, M.; Arita, K.; Nagasaka, S.; Suzuki, S., 2017:
Vanillylacetone up-regulates anthocyanin accumulation and expression of anthocyanin biosynthetic genes by inducing endogenous abscisic acid in grapevine tissues

Izzi, V.; Lakkala, J.; Devarajan, R.; Savolainen, E-Riitta.; Koistinen, P.; Heljasvaara, R.; Pihlajaniemi, T., 2017 :
Vanin 1 (VNN1) levels predict poor outcome in acute myeloid leukemia

Peragallo, J.H.; Soares, B.P., 2017:
Vanishing Act: Gorham-Stout Disease Leading to Dynamic Cerebrospinal Fluid Abnormalities

Luigetti, M.; Turk, A.; Cianfoni, A., 2014:
Vanishing aneurysm

Burra, P.; Elias, E., 1992:
Vanishing bile duct syndrome

Aldeen, T.; Davies, S., 2007:
Vanishing bile duct syndrome in a patient with advanced AIDS. HIV Med 2007; 8: 70-72

Bakhit, M.; McCarty, T.R.; Park, S.; Njei, B.; Cho, M.; Karagozian, R.; Liapakis, A., 2017:
Vanishing bile duct syndrome in Hodgkin's lymphoma: A case report and literature review

Srivastava, S.Kumar.; Aggarwal, R.Anil.; Nemade, P.Sharad.; Bhoale, S.Krishna., 2017:
Vanishing bone disease of chest wall and spine with kyphoscoliosis and neurological deficit: A case report and review of literature

Alraiyes, A.Hamid.; Inaty, H.; Machuzak, M.S., 2017:
Vanishing Bronchus After Lung Transplantation: The Role of Sequential Airway Dilatations

Liapounova, N.; Azar, K.H.; Findlay, J.Max.; Lu, J-Qiang., 2017:
Vanishing cerebral vasculitis in a patient with Lewy pathology

Adsera, A., 2017:
Vanishing Children: From High Unemployment to Low Fertility in Developed Countries

Kimble, R.M.; Blakelock, R.; Cass, D., 1999:
Vanishing gut in infants with gastroschisis

Moris, D.; Zavvos, V.; Zavos, G., 2017:
Vanishing leg ulcers

Thordardottir, T.Halldora.; Geirsson, A.Jon.; Hansdottir, S., 2017:
Vanishing lungs - a case report

Darlong, L.M.; Hajong, R.; Das, R.; Topno, N., 2010:
Vanishing lung syndrome

Hadidi, S.Al.; Shastri, R., 2017:
Vanishing Lung Syndrome

Wiesel, S.; Siddiqui, F.; Khan, T.; Hossri, S.; El-Sayegh, D., 2017:
Vanishing Lung Syndrome: Compound Effect of Tobacco and Marijuana Use on the Development of Bullous Lung Disease - A Joint Effort

Davies, P.; Bradley, C., 2017:
Vanishing lung syndrome: giant bullous emphysema

Fila, L.; Suchanek, V.; Marel, M., 2017:
Vanishing Lung Syndrome in a Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Saeed, S.; Gray, S., 2017:
Vanishing lung syndrome in a patient with HIV infection and recurrent pneumothorax

Shekhawat, V.Singh.; Bhansali, A., 2017:
Vanishing metatarsal: a rare manifestation of primary hyperparathyroidism

Luenser, A.; Schurkus, H.F.; Ochsenfeld, C., 2017:
Vanishing-Overhead Linear-Scaling Random Phase Approximation by Cholesky Decomposition and an Attenuated Coulomb-Metric

Raut, M.S.; Maheshwari, A., 2017:
Vanishing Part of an Anterior Mitral Leaflet

Sepúlveda, Mía.; Almeida, J.; Berenguer, J.; Solá-Valls, N.; Saura, J.; Blanco, Y.; Llufriu, S.; Graus, F.; Saiz, A., 2017:
Vanishing spinal cord after varicella-zoster virus myelitis

Fuchino, M.; Tajiri, K.; Minemura, M.; Sugiyama, T., 2017:
Vanishing Tumor in a Liver Graft from a Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen-Positive Donor

Matsukuma, A.; Mori, M.; Ooiwa, T.; Sugimachi, K., 1987:
Vanishing tumor of the stomach

Magnus, M.C.; Ghaderi, S.; Morken, N-Halvdan.; Magnus, P.; Bente Romundstad, L.; Skjærven, R.; Wilcox, A.J.; Eldevik Håberg, S., 2017:
Vanishing twin syndrome among ART singletons and pregnancy outcomes

Ghias, A.Asif.Parvez.; Brine, P., 2017:
Vanishing vasculitis: a case of acute necrotic skin findings without pathologic features of vasculitis from adulterated cocaine

Khan, A.; Humayun, M.; Ayub, M.; Haider, I.; Ajmal, F.; Shah, S.Saad., 2017:
Vanishing White Matter (VWM) Disease Presenting As Neuro-Ovarian Failure

Chaudhari, A.Prakash.; Shah, G.; Patil, S.Sanjeev.; Ghodke, A.Babanrao.; Kelkar, S.B., 2017:
Van Neck-Odelberg Disease: A Rare Case Report

Maciver, S.K.; De Obeso Fernandez Del Valle, A.; Koutsogiannis, Z., 2017:
Vannella pentlandii n. sp., (Amoebozoa, Discosea, Vannellida) a small, cyst-forming soil amoeba

Sumida, S., 1978:
Vantage point

Hartmann, A.; Jozefowicz, A.Maria., 2017:
VANTED: A Tool for Integrative Visualization and Analysis of -Omics Data

Freiburger, L.A.; Auclair, K.; Mittermaier, A.K., 2012:
Van't Hoff global analyses of variable temperature isothermal titration calorimetry data

Rodenburg, J.; Dijkstra, M.; van Roij, Ré., 2017:
Van't Hoff's law for active suspensions: the role of the solvent chemical potential

Chanda, P.K.; Kamrul-Hasan, M.; Abu-Bakar, M.; Rahman, M.; Kader, M.A.; Hossain, M.A.; Siddiqui, N.I., 2017:
Van Wyk and Grumbach Syndrome: An Unusual Presentation of Hypothyroism

Blizzard, R.M., 2008:
Van Wyk Award acceptance speech--May 6, 2007

Jin, P.; Zhang, Q.; Mo, Z.; Yang, F.; Xie, Y., 2017:
Van Wyk-Grumbach syndrome: A case report and literature review

Zhang, S.; Yang, J.; Zheng, R.; Jiang, L.; Wei, Y.; Liu, G., 2017:
VanWyk-Grumbach syndrome in a male pediatric patient: A rare case report and literature review

Razi, S.Mohd.; Gupta, A.Kumar.; Gupta, D.Chand.; Gutch, M.; Gupta, K.Kumar.; Usman, S.Iqra., 2017:
Van Wyk-Grumbach Syndrome with Kocher-Debr-Smlaigne Syndrome: Case Report of a Rare Association

Guerra, F.; De Martino, F.; Capocci, M.; Rinaldo, F.; Mannocci, A.; De Biase, A.; Ottolenghi, L.; La Torre, G., 2017:
VAP and oral hygiene.A systematic review

Mukherjee, A.; Wheaton, G.H.; Counts, J.A.; Ijeomah, B.; Desai, J.; Kelly, R.M., 2017:
VapC toxins drive cellular dormancy under uranium stress for the extreme thermoacidophile Metallosphaera prunae

Allem, J-Patrick.; Escobedo, P.; Cruz, T.Boley.; Unger, J.B., 2017:
Vape pen product placement in popular music videos

Dai, H.; Hao, J.; Catley, D., 2017:
Vape Shop Density and Socio-Demographic Disparities: A US Census Tract Analysis

Hart, J.L.; Walker, K.L.; Sears, C.G.; Lee, A.S.; Smith, C.; Siu, A.; Keith, R.; Ridner, S.Lee., 2016:
Vape Shop Employees: Public Health Advocates?

Tsai, J.Y.; Bluthenthal, R.; Allem, J-Patrick.; Garcia, R.; Garcia, J.; Unger, J.; Baezconde-Garbanati, L.; Sussman, S.Y., 2016:
Vape shop retailers' perceptions of their customers, products and services: A content analysis

Traynor, K., 2017:
VA pharmacy goes mobile in Houston

Jacot Sadowski, I.; Humair, J-Paul.; Cornuz, J., 2017:
Vaping (electronic cigarette): how to advise smokers in 2017 ?

Lippmann, S.; Singh, D., 2017:
Vaping marijuana?

Lefever, T.W.; Marusich, J.A.; Thomas, B.F.; Barrus, D.G.; Peiper, N.C.; Kevin, R.C.; Wiley, J.L., 2017:
Vaping Synthetic Cannabinoids: A Novel Preclinical Model of E-Cigarette Use in Mice

Minei, P.; Ahmad, M.; Barone, V.; Brancato, G.; Passaglia, E.; Bottari, G.; Pucci, A., 2016:
Vapochromic Behaviour of Polycarbonate Films Doped with a Luminescent Molecular Rotor

Farahmand, S.; Mirfazaelian, H.; Sedaghat, M.; Arashpour, A.; Saeedi, M.; Bagheri-Hariri, S., 2017:
Vapocoolant Spray Effectiveness on Arterial Puncture Pain: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Zhang, L.; Naumov, Pˇe.; Du, X.; Hu, Z.; Wang, J., 2017:
Vapomechanically Responsive Motion of Microchannel-Programmed Actuators

Wang, Y.; Zaytsev, M.E.; The, H.Le.; Eijkel, J.C.T.; Zandvliet, H.J.W.; Zhang, X.; Lohse, D., 2017:
Vapor and Gas-Bubble Growth Dynamics around Laser-Irradiated, Water-Immersed Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Ji, H.; Shi, Z.; Sun, X.; Li, Y.; Li, S.; Lei, L.; Wu, D.; Xu, T.; Li, X.; Du, G., 2017:
Vapor-Assisted Solution Approach for High-Quality Perovskite CH3NH3PbBr3 Thin Films for High-Performance Green Light-Emitting Diodes Applications

Koenig, M.; Lahann, J., 2017:
Vapor-based polymers: from films to nanostructures

Liu, Y.; Zhang, X., 2017:
Vapor bridges between solid substrates in the presence of the contact line pinning effect: Stability and capillary force

Moni, P.; Al-Obeidi, A.; Gleason, K.K., 2017:
Vapor deposition routes to conformal polymer thin films

Meng, F.; Hao, W.; Yu, S.; Feng, R.; Liu, Y.; Yu, F.; Tao, P.; Shang, W.; Wu, J.; Song, C.; Deng, T., 2017:
Vapor-Enabled Propulsion for Plasmonic Photothermal Motor at the Liquid/Air Interface

Benyamin, M.S.; Jahnke, J.P.; Mackie, D.M., 2017:
Vapor-fed bio-hybrid fuel cell

Zhou, H.; Yuan, S.; Wang, X.; Xu, T.; Wang, X.; Li, H.; Zheng, W.; Fan, P.; Li, Y.; Sun, L.; Pan, A., 2016:
Vapor Growth and Tunable Lasing of Band Gap Engineered Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Micro/Nanorods with Triangular Cross Section

Ma, J.; Xiong, D.; Li, H.; Ding, Y.; Xia, X.; Yang, Y., 2017:
Vapor intrusion risk of fuel ether oxygenates methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), tert-amyl methyl ether (TAME) and ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE): A modeling study

Bell, S.K.; Mena, G.; Dean, J.; Boyd, M.; Gilks, C.; Gartner, C., 2017:
Vaporised nicotine and tobacco harm reduction for addressing smoking among people living with HIV: A cross-sectional survey of Australian HIV health practitioners' attitudes

Jiao, F.; Iwata, N.; Kinoshita, N.; Kawaguchi, M.; Asada, M.; Honda, M.; Sueki, K.; Ninomiya, Y., 2017:
Vaporization Mechanisms of Water-Insoluble Cs in Ash During Thermal Treatment with Calcium Chloride Addition

Ribeiro, F.M.S.; Lima, C.F.R.A.C.; Vaz, Iês.C.M.; Rodrigues, A.S.M.C.; Sapei, E.; Melo, Aé.; Silva, A.M.S.; Santos, Lís.M.N.B.F., 2017:
Vaporization of protic ionic liquids derived from organic superbases and short carboxylic acids

Cindolo, L.; Ruggera, L.; Destefanis, P.; Dadone, C.; Ferrari, G., 2017:
Vaporize, anatomically vaporize or enucleate the prostate? The flexible use of the GreenLight laser

Rainwater, J.C.; Ingham, H.; Lynch, J.J., 1990:
Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Carbon Dioxide With Isobutane and n-Butane: Modified Leung-Griffiths Correlation and Data Evaluation

Su, X.; Li, H.; Lai, X.; Zhang, L.; Wang, J.; Liao, X.; Zeng, X., 2017:
Vapor-Liquid Sol-Gel Approach to Fabricating Highly Durable and Robust Superhydrophobic Polydimethylsiloxane@Silica Surface on Polyester Textile for Oil-Water Separation

Anonymous, 1912:
'Vaporole' Pituitary Extract 05 C.C

Chen, J.; Fu, Y.; Samad, L.; Dang, L.; Zhao, Y.; Shen, S.; Guo, L.; Jin, S., 2016:
Vapor-Phase Epitaxial Growth of Aligned Nanowire Networks of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskites (CsPbX 3 , X = Cl, Br, I)

Kankate, L.; Aguf, A.; Großmann, H.; Schnietz, M.; Tampé, R.; Turchanin, A.; Gölzhäuser, A., 2017:
Vapor Phase Exchange of Self-Assembled Monolayers for Engineering of Biofunctional Surfaces

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Variable mechanical ventilation

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Variable MIBG Activity in the Same Renal Cyst

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Variable-number tandem repeat markers for Mycobacterium intracellulare genotyping: comparison to the 16S rRNA gene sequencing

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Variable Operative Experience in Hand Surgery for Plastic Surgery Residents

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varian aeroGraPH

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Variances in the Measurement of Ceramic Powder Properties

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Variant Abductor Pollicis Longus Muscle: a Case Report

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Variant Amino Acid Residues Alter the Enzyme Activity of Peanut Type 2 Diacylglycerol Acyltransferases

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Variant Post-acute Care Needs Measuring To Be Managed

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Variants in the non-coding region of the TLR2 gene associated with infectious subphenotypes in pediatric sickle cell anemia

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Variants in the SMARCA4 gene was associated with coronary heart disease susceptibility in Chinese han population

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Variants m.13276G>A in the MT-ND5 and m.8241T>G in the MT-CO2 gene are not responsible for maternally inherited diabetes and deafness

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Variant SNPs at the microRNA complementary site in the B7H1 3'untranslated region increase the risk of nonsmall cell lung cancer

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Variant snRNPs: New players within the spliceosome system

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