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Vocal Behavior in Environmental Noise: Comparisons Between Work and Leisure Conditions in Women with Work-related Voice Disorders and Matched Controls

Szabo Portela, A.; Granqvist, S.; Ternström, S.; Södersten, M.

Journal of Voice Official Journal of the Voice Foundation 32(1): 126.E23-126.E38


ISSN/ISBN: 1873-4588
PMID: 28551331
DOI: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2017.04.010
Accession: 060467471

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This study aimed to assess vocal behavior in women with voice-intensive occupations to investigate differences between patients and controls and between work and leisure conditions with environmental noise level as an experimental factor. Patients with work-related voice disorders, 10 with phonasthenia and 10 with vocal nodules, were matched regarding age, profession, and workplace with 20 vocally healthy colleagues. The sound pressure level of environmental noise and the speakers' voice, fundamental frequency, and phonation ratio were registered from morning to night during 1 week with a voice accumulator. Voice data were assessed in low (≤55 dBA), moderate, and high (>70 dBA) environmental noise levels. The average environmental noise level was significantly higher during the work condition for patients with vocal nodules (73.9 dBA) and their controls (73.0 dBA) compared with patients with phonasthenia (68.3 dBA) and their controls (67.1 dBA). The average voice level and the fundamental frequency were also significantly higher during work for the patients with vocal nodules and their controls. During the leisure condition, there were no significant differences in average noise and voice level nor fundamental frequency between the groups. The patients with vocal nodules and their controls spent significantly more time and used their voices significantly more in high-environmental noise levels. High noise levels during work and demands from the occupation impact vocal behavior. Thus, assessment of voice ergonomics should be part of the work environmental management. To reduce environmental noise levels is important to improve voice ergonomic conditions in communication-intensive and vocally demanding workplaces.

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