Effect of Vitamin C Diet on Blood Formation in Experimental Scurvy of Guinea Pigs

Mettier, S. R.; Chew, W. B.

Experimental Biology and Medicine 29(1): 11-12


ISSN/ISBN: 1535-3702
DOI: 10.3181/00379727-29-5699
Accession: 060721347

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guineapigs between 300 and 500 g. in weight received a diet devoid of vitamin C; when signs of scurvy appeared an anaemia also developed, the number of red cells and amount of haemoglobin being approximately halved. The number of reticulocytes was increased, rising terminally to 5-10 per cent, in comparison with the normal 1 per cent.; there were also changes in the bone marrow. When 3 such animals with scurvy and anaemia received a daily dose of 3 c. c. of orange juice, the reticulocytes rose to 12-20 per cent, and the scurvy and anaemia were cured. E. M. Hume.