Section 61
Chapter 60,823

High Frequency Conductivity and Dielectric Effect of Fresh Fertile and Infertile Hens'Eggs

Romanoff, A. L.; Frank, K.

Experimental Biology and Medicine 47(2): 527-530


ISSN/ISBN: 1535-3702
DOI: 10.3181/00379727-47-13196
Accession: 060822498

With the special vacuum tube oscillators for the precise measurements of small differences in the high frequency conductivity and dielectric constant observations were made on the intact fresh fertile and infertile eggs (Gallus domesticus) and on samples of the component parts. At frequencies of 14.2, 27.3 and 54.6 megacycles the intact infertile eggs had a definitely higher relative conductivity and a tendency towards lower dielectric constant than fertile eggs.

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