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Combinations of Asian Influenza Virus and Adenovirus Vaccine in the Prophylaxis of Respiratory Illness of Navy Recruits (Part II)

Stille, W. T.; Schultz, I; Gundelfinger, B. F.; Miller, L F.

American Journal of Public Health and the Nations Health 52(2): 275-289


DOI: 10.2105/ajph.52.2.275
Accession: 061037676

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Both vaccines and placebo controls were studied in 12,500 men in the 6 months after the Asian influenza pandemic of 1957. Infections by both viruses were demonstrable throughout most of this period. Influenza vaccine, sub-cutaneously, was as efficacious as vaccine given intracutaneously (in 2 sites), in preventing the reporting febrile respiratory illness to sick call.

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