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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61205

Chapter 61205 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rychlak, J F., 1969:
Lockean vs. Kantian theoretical models and the "cause" of therapeutic change

Brock, W. H., 1969:
Lockyer and the Chemists: The First Dissociation Hypothesis

Sten Andreasson, 1969:
Locomotory Activity Patterns of Cottus poecilopus Heckel and C. gobio L. (Pisces)

James, L F.; Keeler, R F.; Binns, W; Van Kampen, K R., 1969:
Locoweed Disease

&na;,, 1969:
Logan Turners DISEASES OF THE NOSE, THROAT, AND AND EAR, 7th edition

Holas, E, 1969:
Logique Et Psychologie De L'apprentissage Des Concepts

K. Meng, 1969:
Lokalisation der renalen Wirkung von Diuretica durch intraluminale Infusion in die Henlesche Schleife

Buhler, C., 1969:
Loneliness in Maturity

Judith Calcutt, 1969:
Long Handled Sock Aid

Walter, T L.; Mikulas, W L., 1969:
Long Term Discriminative Operant Behavior and Food-Storing in Rats

R. Geick; J. Hassler, 1969:
Long Wavelength Optical Lattice Vibration of SeleniumTellurium Mixed Crystals

Chernosky, E J., 1969:
Long and Short Period Changes in Magnetic Activity at Huancayo During the Solar Cycle

G. Springthorpe, 1969:
Long haired Fallow deer at Mortimer Forest

Herbert, S. Strean; Arthur Blatt, 1969:
Long or short term therapy: Some selected issues

P.E Hansen; J Feeney; G.C.K Roberts, 1969:
Long range 13C1H spin-spin coupling constants in amino acids. Conformational applications

S. Mimoto; K. Kurita; K. Tsunashima; H. Arae; J. Yamada; Y. Sato; G. Ichinose; Y. Ichii; M. Onuma; K. Sato; A. Ikeda, 1969:
Long term gastric mass survey

Wonwoo Nam; Michael Soltis; Chester Gordon; Sharon Lee; Thomas Onak, 1969:
Long- and short-range NMR coupling parameters in closo-2,4-C2B5H7 and a number of its derivatives

G. de. Q. Robin, 1969:
Long-Range Radio Echo Flights over the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Maruyama, T, 1969:
Long-Term Behaviour of Kelvin Waves and Mixed Rassby.Gravity Waves

Vaughan, T R.; Jennelle, L F.; Lewis, T R., 1969:
Long-Term Exposure to Low Levels of Air Pollutants

Robert, A. Altemeyer, D Fulton and Kent, M. Berney, 1969:
Long-Term Memory Improvement: Confirmation of a Finding by Piaget

Lloyd, J William; Ciocco, A, 1969:
Long-Term Mortality Study of Steelworkers

Claudine Aron; Stanley, D. Glick; M.E. Jarvik, 1969:
Long-lasting proactive effects of a single ECS

P Granger; M Maugras, 1969:
Long-range 13CH coupling constants in mono- and diacetoxynaphthalenes

G.E Ryschkewitsch; W.J Rademaker, 1969:
Long-range B-H coupling and quadrupole relaxation

Harry D Visser; John P Oliver, 1969:
Long-range across metal 1H-1H coupling in organometallic derivatives

Christopher Bauer; Ray Freeman; Stephen Wimperis, 1969:
Long-range carbon-proton coupling constants

James L Marshall; Ruth Seiwell, 1969:
Long-range carbon-proton spin-spin coupling in carboxyl-labeled crotonic and isocrotonic acids

James L Marshall; Arthur M Ihrig; Denis E Miiller, 1969:
Long-range carbon-Carbon coupling constants of 9-labeled anthracene derivatives

Dieter J Meyerhoff, 1969:
Long-range heteronuclear chemical-shift correlation spectroscopy with broadband homonuclear decoupling

Maritherese Tokles; Gerard S Hatvany; Peter L Rinaldi, 1969:
Long-range heteronuclear spin locking (HSL) and its application to peptide sequencing

Ilana Tamir, 1969:
Long-range spin-spin coupling between N-methyl and ring protons in some purines and pteridines

Kaschak, G R., 1969:
Long-range supersonic propagation of infrasonic noise generated by missiles

Levy, M J.; Vidne, B; Salomon, J; Eshkol, D, 1969:
Long-term Follow-up (One to Four Years) of Heart Valve Prostheses (102 Consecutive Patients)

Tudor, M A; Kendall, V, 1969:
Long-term care

J. D. Mahlman, 1969:
Long-term dependence of surface fallout fluctuations upon tropopause-level cyclogenesis

Y Lin; N.S Sullivan, 1969:
Long-time relaxation behavior in orientational glasses

de Dombal, F. T., 1969:
Longer Space Voyages

Keiser, I.; Schneider, E. L., 1969:
Longevity, Resistance to Deprivation of Food and Water, and Susceptibility to Malathion and DDT of Oriental Fruit Flies, Melon Flies, and Mediterranean Fruit Flies Sexually Sterilized with Tepa or Radiation

H Pfister; A Schwenk; D Zeller, 1969:
Longitudinal and transverse 109Ag relaxation of the silver ion in aqueous solution

W.M.M.J Bovée, 1969:
Longitudinal and transverse NMR relaxation in a proton AB system

B. Glenne; R.E. Selleck, 1969:
Longitudinal estuarine diffusion in San Francisco Bay, California

H.G Hertz; M Holz, 1969:
Longitudinal proton relaxation rates in aqueous Ni2+ solutions as a function of the temperature, frequency, and pH Value

H Nery; D Canet, 1969:
Longitudinal relaxation in a homonuclear coupled two-spin system. The case of (13C,2H) glycine

Kazuyuki Akasaka, 1969:
Longitudinal relaxation of protons under cross saturation and spin diffusion

Hartmut Oschkinat; Dominique Limat; Lyndon Emsley; Geoffrey Bodenhausen, 1969:
Longitudinal relaxation pathways in scalar-coupled systems

J Brondeau; B Diter; D Canet, 1969:
Longitudinal relaxation time of a weak signal in the presence of an intense peak

G Bodenhausen; G Wagner; M Rance; O.W Sørensen; K Wüthrich; R.R Ernst, 1969:
Longitudinal two-spin order in 2D exchange spectroscopy (NOESY)

Weiguo Zhang; Donald S Williams; Chien Ho, 1969:
Longitudinal-spin-order filtered STEAM for the detection of X nuclei by volume-localized 1H nmr spectroscopy

Calogero Pinzino, 1969:
Longitudinally modulated ENDOR spectroscopy. II. Variable frequency measurements

Calogero Pinzino, 1969:
Longitudinally modulated ENDOR spectroscopy. Lineshape and signal dependence on relaxation times

J. Pelhâte, 1969:
Longvit des Espces et Maintien de la Mycoflore des Grains

Graham, T S., 1969:
LongWavelength Acoustic Holography

A. Raventos, 1969:
Looking at cancer

Yin, R K., 1969:
Looking at upside-down faces

Carolyn Gustafson; Winifred Steiner, 1969:
Looking for the answers

A.B.P Lever; H.B Gray, 1969:
Loss of hyperfine structure in the liquid helium EPR spectra of some cobalt oxygen adducts

Witkamp, M; Frank, M L., 1969:
Loss of weight, cobalt-60, and cesium-137 from tree litter in three subsystems of a watershed

Price, G. Richard, 1969:
Losses in CochlearMicrophonic Sensitivity as a Function of Lumped or Spaced Exposure to a 5.0kHz Tone

Kehar Singh, 1969:
Love waves due to a point source in an axially symmetric heterogeneous layer between two homogeneous halfspaces

Culpin, C., 1969:
Low Cost Housing- Planning For Better Value

Williams, P, 1969:
Low Fares and the Urban Transport Problem

Bullen, R.S., 1969:
Low Fluid Residual Fracturing

Bernard Atkinson; M. P. Brocklebank; C. C. H. Card; J. M. Smith, 1969:
Low Reynolds number developing flows

A. S. Emodi; R. V. Lechowich, 1969:
Low Temperature Growth of Type E Clostridium botulinum Spores. 2. Effects of Solutes and Incubation Temperature

I. Holwech; V. Sollien, 1969:
Low Temperature Thermopower of Aluminium

Slade, D H., 1969:
Low Turbulence Flow in the Planetary Boundary Layer and Its Relation to Certain Air Pollution Problems

B. Tomkins; W. D. Biggs, 1969:
Low endurance fatigue in metals and polymers

J.R. Ferraro; K.C. Davis, 1969:
Low frequency infrared studies of metal halide complexes of 4,4-bipyridine

A Colligiani; C Pinzino; M Bertolini, 1969:
Low impedance ENDOR spectrometer

D. Ondercin; T. Sandreczki; R.W. Kreilick, 1969:
Low temperature NMR studies of polycrystalline nitroxide radicals

L. F. Ovechkina; V. I. Gunar; S. I. Zav'yalov, 1969:
Low temperature hydrolysis of some chloro derivatives of the aromatic and heterocyclic series

Robinson, W R.; Vernesoni, P, 1969:
Low-Cost Circular Concrete Ponds

de Mendonça, F.; Kantor, I. J.; Clemesha, B. R., 1969:
Low-Latitude Ionospheric Electron Content Measurements During Half a Solar Cycle

Scott, K. R., 1969:
Low-Temperature Fish Storage Facility with Precise Temperature Control

M. F. Amateau; T. E. Mitchell; R. Gibala, 1969:
Low-Temperature Internal Friction in Deformed Single Crystals of Niobium and Niobium-Molybdenum Alloys

O. Bostanjoglo; W. Vieweger, 1969:
Low-Temperature Lorentz Microscopy on Weak Ferromagnetics

Heckman, H H.; Nakano, G H., 1969:
Low-altitude trapped protons during Solar Minimum Period, 1962-1966

Bettelheim, F A.; Vinciguerra, M J., 1969:
Low-angle laser scattering of bovine cornea

M. B. Shapiro; G. L. Shvarts; L. V. Zlotnitskaya; S. A. Glazkova, 1969:
Low-carbon austenitic corrosion-resisting steel

Hoffman, R. A., 1969:
Low-energy electron precipitation at high latitudes

Lanzerotti, L. J., 1969:
Low-energy solar protons and alphas as probes of the interplanetary medium: The May 28, 1967, solar event

David J Lurie; Ian Nicholson; John R Mallard, 1969:
Low-field EPR measurements by field-cycled dynamic nuclear polarization

Deborah J Kerwood; Philip H Bolton, 1969:
Low-field NMR

James L Engle, 1969:
Low-noise broadband transmit/receive circuit for NMR

H Kogler; O.W Sørensen; G Bodenhausen; R.R Ernst, 1969:
Low-pass J filters. Suppression of neighbor peaks in heteronuclear relayed correlation spectra

Colin Mailer; Duncan A Haas; Eric J Hustedt; James G Gladden; Bruce H Robinson, 1969:
Low-power electron paramagnetic resonance spin-echo spectroscopy

D.P Burum; M Linder; R.R Ernst, 1969:
Low-power multipulse line narrowing in solid-state NMR

E Brosio; F Conti; M Paci; S Sykora, 1969:
Low-resolution, pulsed NMR studies of water binding and of exchangeable hydrogen content in solids

A Kuimaraswamy; J Sobhanadri, 1969:
Low-symmetry effects in the EPR of Gd3+ in two double sulfates

Peter Stilbs, 1969:
Low-temperature dynamic NMR spectroscopy of meso-tetraphenylporphine in solution

N. R. Bursian; N. K. Volnukhina; G. V. Stavrova; E. I. Zhemchugova, 1969:
Low-temperature isomerization of n-butane to isobutane

M.F. Farona; G.R. Camp, 1969:
Low-temperature studies on dihalogenopentacarbonyliron(II)

Mechtly, E. A.; Seino, K.; Smith, L. G., 1969:
Lower Ionosphere Electron Densities Measured During the Solar Eclipse of November 12, 1966

Murphy, J A.; Trivisonno, J., 1969:
LowTemperature UltrasonicAttenuation Measurements in Cs

David Lewis, 1969:
Lucas against Mechanism

G. Clauß, 1969:
Luce, R. D., R. R. Bush und E. Galanter, Handbook of Mathematical Psychology, Vol. III, Chapters 1521. John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York 1965

&na;,, 1969:
Ludlam is Correct

H. Heimpel, 1969:
Ludwig Heilmeyer 70 Jahre

Gabriel Nuchelmans, 1969:
Ludwig Wittgenstein. His place in the development of semantics: T. de Mauro, Foundations of Language, Supplementary Series, 3, Dordrecht, D. Reidel, 1967, 62 pp., f 18,-

H. Grimm, 1969:
Luigi Cavalli-Sforza, Grundzüge biologisch-medizinischer Statistik (2. Auflage). 211 S., 48 Abb., 54 Tab., 11 Taf. Stuttgart 1969: Gustav Fischer Verlag DM 9,80

Birkahan, H. J.; Heifetz, M., 1969:
Lumbar Puncture Headache

U. Gümbel; H. W. Pia; H. Vogelsang, 1969:
Lumbosacrale Gefäßanomalien als Ursache von Ischialgien

J. Apperson; G. F. J. Garlick; W. E. Lamb; B. Lunn, 1969:
Luminescence Properties of Rare Earth Activated Cadmium Sulphide in the Range 4000 to 15000 cm1

Latz, H. W.; Hurtubise, R. J., 1969:
Luminescence analysis of food antioxidants; determination of propyl gallate in lard

J. P. Noblanmc; J. Loudette; G. Duraffourg, 1969:
Luminescence de cristaux de tellurure de cadmium

G. Steffen; B. Cercek, 1969:
Lumineszenz wÄ iger Lösungen von TlI-Salzen nach Bestrahlung mit 10 MeV-Elektronenpulsen

L.A McLachlan, 1969:
Lumped circuit duplexer for a pulsed NMR spectrometer

Worth, G.; Muysers, K.; Smidt, U., 1969:
Lung Function in Iron-workers

Otto, H.; Zeilhofer, R., 1969:
Lungenfunktion und Strukturbefund unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der obstruktiven Ventilationsstörung und des Lungenemphysems

G. Thews; H. R. Vogel, 1969:
Lungenkreislauf und Austausch der Atemgase

Kurt Simon, 1969:
Lungenszintigraphie bei den verschiedenen Formen der Lungentuberkulose

Ravn, JØRgen, 1969:
Luvatren und Thiaxanthenderivate

Ahlfors, U, 1969:
Luvatren ved autisme

K. Bellmann, 1969:
Lwoff, A.: Biological Order (Kart. Tayler Compton Lectures). M. I. T. Press, Massachusetts 1965. 101 S., 32 Abb

J.G. Rosenkrantz, 1969:
Lye injuries of the esophagus: Analysis of ninety cases of lye ingestion : A. R. Borja, H. T. Ransdell, Jr., T. V. Thomas, and W. Johnson. J. Thor. Cardiov. Surg. 57:533538 (April), 1969

Comparini, L., 1969:
Lymph Vessels of the Liver in Man

Michael Howett, 1969:
Lymphangiography as an adjunct to gynecologic roentgenology

K. E. Schenk; U. Gross, 1969:
Lymphatisches Gewebe und Antikörperbildung im Langzeitversuch

Siegelman, S S.; Heckman, B H.; Hasson, J, 1969:
Lymphedema, Pleural Effusions and Yellow Nails

M. Hundeiker, 1969:
Lymphgefäße im Parenchym des menschlichen Hodens

G. Brittinger; E. König, 1969:
Lymphocytenstimulierung durch Pokeweed-Mitogen (PWM)

F. Lehmann-Grube, 1969:
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis in the mouse

A. Gregl; J. Kienle; Dooyol Yu; Ute Krack; F. Grabner; Pavle Stankovic, 1969:
Lymphographie beim Rectumcarcinom

A. Y. Friedenstein; K. S. Lalykina, 1969:
Lymphoid cell populations are competent systems for induced osteogenesis

M. Rupec; S. Uhlarik, 1969:
Lymphoide Zellen im Epithel der normalen menschlichen Vaginalschleimhaut

Hertzberg, L H., 1969:
Lyngdal. Forskyvninger i bosetningen og flyttinger

Juul, P, 1969:
Lgemiddelbivirkningsregistrering i Danmark

T. Winkler; W. von Philipsborn, 1969:
Lösungsmitteleffekte in Kernresonanzspektren gesättigter Kohlenwasserstoffe (III). Unterscheidung unpolarer und polarer Effekte bei Steroiden

M. Kuhnert-Brandstätter; H. Grimm, 1969:
Lösungsmitteleinsehlüsse in Kristallen von p-substituierten Benzoesäurederivaten

van Michel, C.; Raskin, L., 1969:
LElectroglottomtre Mark 4, son principe, ses possibilits

Goumaz, C.-F.; Grigoriu, D.; Maillard, G.-F., 1969:
Lactinomycose cervico-faciale

Charamis, J.; Théodossiadis, G., 1969:
Langiographie fluorescente dans lembolie et la thrombose des vaisseaux rtiniens

Streiff, E.B., 1969:
Lexamen des fonctions oculaires jusqu Page de 6 ans

Moutinho, H., 1969:
Lextraction des corps trangers magntiques du cristallin transparent

Babel, J., 1969:
Lintert pratique de la fluoro-rtinographie

Toufic, N., 1969:
Lonchocercose oculaire en Afrique de lOuest dexpression franaise

Nordmann, J., 1969:
Lophtalmologie, sa position dans la mdecine, au pass, au prsent et lavenir

King, C G., 1969:
MALNUTRITION, LEARNING, AND BEHAVIOR (Proceedings of an International Conference, March 1-3, 1967)

Firey, W., 1969:
MAN AND HIS HABITATION : A STUDY IN SOCIAL ECOLOGY. By Radhakamal Mukerjee. 2d ed. Bombay: Popular Prakashan, 1968. 195 pp. Rs. 24.00

Loveland, M., 1969:
MAN'S ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY AND HEALTH. By Nancy Roper. London: E. & S. Livingstone Ltd., 1969. Pp. 509. Price 35s

Brandan A Borgias; Thomas L James, 1969:
MARDIGRAS-A procedure for matrix analysis of relaxation for discerning geometry of an aqueous structure

Philip, R. Kavanaugh, 1969:
MARRIAGE : One of the Ways to do Your Own Thing

Cairns, J. G., 1969:
MARRIAGE GUIDANCE. By J. H. Wallis. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968. Pp. 256. Price 32s

Alexander J Vega, 1969:
MAS NMR spin locking of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei

Dodgen, J C.; Brickman, J Brand, 1969:
MENTAL HEALTH, The Psychotherapy of Maladjusted Marine Recruits

Belcher, J. C., 1969:
METHODS OF SOCIOLOGICAL ENQUIRY. By Peter H. Mann. Oxford: Blackwell, 1968. 195 pp. 30s

Goodey, B. M., 1969:
MICROBIOLOGY IN MODERN NURS ING. By H. I. Winner. London: English Universities Press, 1969. Pp. 182. Price 20s. (unibook edition) and 35s. (library edition)

Ad Bax; Donald G Davis, 1969:
MLEV-17-based two-dimensional homonuclear magnetization transfer spectroscopy

Smith, W H.; Coyle, F. A., 1969:
MMPI and Rorschach form Level Scores in a Student Population

G. De Alti; V. Galasso; A. Bigotto, 1969:
MO studies for transition metal complexes with polydentate ligands. I. Investigation of parameter variations in the case of diammine-FeII -bisdimethylglyoximato complex

G. De Alti; V. Galasso; A. Bigotto; G. Costa, 1969:
MO studies for transition metal complexes with polydentate ligands. II. Electronic structure and related properties of FeII(Dmg)2L2 and CoIII(Dmg)2L2 complexes

J. Fabian; St. Scheithauer; R. Mayer, 1969:
MO-LCAO-Berechnungen an schwefelhaltigen π-Systemen, 8. UV-S-Absorptionen von Aryldithiocarbonsäureestern

Jean-Claude Garnier, 1969:
MOROCCO: Training and Utilization of Family Planning Field Workers

Seacome, M., 1969:
MOTHERHOOD AND PERSONALITY. By Leon Chertok. London: Tavistock Publications Ltd., 1961. Pp. 283. Price 55s

G.J Bowden; W.D Hutchison; F Separovic, 1969:
MQ NMR hard and soft pulses for I = 1 spin systems. Raman multiple-quantum NMR

MacDonald Wallace, J., 1969:
MUSCLES, MOLECULES AND MOVE MENT. By J. R. Bendall. London: Heinemann Educa tional Books Ltd., 1969. Pp. 219. Price 35s

B. Hood; G. Tibblin; G. Welin; G. Örndahl; K. Korsan-Bengtsen, 1969:
MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION IN EARLY AGE : III. Coronary Risk Factors and Their Deficient Control

Teare, R. D., 1969:
Macabre bedtime stories

Epstein, G F., 1969:
Machiavelli and the devil's advocate

V. S. Smirnov; O. F. Danilevskii; A. A. Aleksandrov; É. S. Kagan; V. I. Stol'nyi; E. F. Zor'kin; V. A. Lunev, 1969:
Machinability of steel + titanium bimetal sandwich plates

N. P. Ryabets; V. N. Barilenko, 1969:
Machine for cleaning and coiling welding wire

V. D. Zorin, 1969:
Machine for noiseless peening of shells

V. I. Kryukov; A. A. Timokhov, 1969:
Machine-tool line for manufacture of frames for diaphragm cells

A.R. Reece, 1969:
Machines and soil

V. N. Makhaev; V. E. Shchanov, 1969:
Machines for spinning and polishing centrifuge separator plates

I. A. Revis; A. M. Levinson; E. P. Morozik; B. F. Kuz'min, 1969:
Machining of white iron calender rollers using electric contact heating

E. W. Gilbert and W. H. Parker, 1969:
Mackinder's Democratic Ideals and Reality after Fifty Years

T. S. Usakovskaya; P. I. Tseitlin, 1969:
Macromolecular organization of DNA in regenerating rat liver after partial hepatectomy

Tizard, I.R., 1969:
Macrophage Cytophilic Antibody in Mice

S Emid, 1969:
Magic angle pulse. An efficient and rapid method of destroying unwanted dipolar order

H Pivcová; D Doskočilová; Z Veksli; B Schneider, 1969 :
Magic angle rotation nmr spectra and internal motions in simple crystalline amides

Nikolaus M Szeverenyi; Ad Bax; Gary E Maciel, 1969:
Magic-angle hopping as an alternative to magic-angle spinning for solid state NMR

David H Burton; Robin K Harris; Lawrence H Merwin, 1969:
Magic-angle rotation using a conventional Fourier transform NMR spectrometer

A.N Garroway, 1969:
Magic-angle sample spinning of liquids

A Hackmann; H Seidel; R.D Kendrick; P.C Myhre; C.S Yannoni, 1969:
Magic-angle spinning NMR at near-liquid-helium temperatures

Hans J Jakobsen; Jørgen Skibsted; Henrik Bildsøe; Niels Chr Nielsen, 1969:
Magic-angle spinning NMR spectra of satellite transitions for quadrupolar nuclei in solids

E.O Stejskal; Jacob Schaefer; J.S Waugh, 1969:
Magic-angle spinning and polarization transfer in proton-enhanced NMR

M Munowitz, 1969:
Magic-angle spinning and the transition to the static limit

Robin K Harris, 1969:
Magic-angle spinning spectra involving coupling between spin-12 and quadrupolar nuclei. The tin/chlorine case

H.J.M de Groot; V Copié; S.O Smith; P.J Allen; C Winkel; J Lugtenburg; J Herzfeld; R.G Griffin, 1969:
Magic-angle-sample-spinning NMR difference spectroscopy

M.A Hemminga; P.A de Jager; J Krüse; R.M.J.N Lamerichs, 1969:
Magic-angle-spinning NMR on solid biological systems. Analysis Of the origin of the spectral linewidths

David M Ginter; Alexis T Bell; Clayton J Radke, 1969:
Magic-angle-spinning NMR spectroscopy of gels

Hanan, J. Kisch, 1969:
Magnesiocummingtonite-P21/m: A Ca- and Mn-Poor Clino-Amphibole from New South Wales

J. McD. Blair, 1969:
Magnesium and the Aconitase Equilibrium: Determination of Apparent Stability Constants of Magnesium Substrate Complexes from Equilibrium Data

L. B. Vaganova, 1969:
Magnesium metabolism in various models of experimental rickets

Greenblatt, D J.; DiMascio, A; Messier, M; Stotsky, B, 1969:
Magnesium pemoline and iob performance in mentally handicapped workers

Robert G Bryant, 1969:
Magnesium-25 nuclear magnetic resonance in aqueous phosphate solutions

Yukio Hiyama; Peter M Woyciesjes; Theodore L Brown; Dennis A Torchia, 1969:
Magnesium-25 nuclear quadrupole resonance

E. Krätzig; W. Staude, 1969:
Magnetic Circular Dichroism of the K-Band in Alkali Halides

O. Bostanjoglo; H. Fichtner, 1969:
Magnetic Domain Wall Motion at Low Temperatures

P Bucci; M Martinelli; S Santucci; A.M Serra, 1969 :
Magnetic Double Resonance of a System of Two Spin-12 nuclei

M. E. Levinshtein; D. N. Nasledov; M. S. Shur, 1969:
Magnetic Field Influence on the Gunn Effect

L. A. Hoel, 1969:
Magnetic Moment Measurements on Caesium and Rubidium Manganese Chloride

P. Gibart; J.-L. Dormann; Y. Pellerin, 1969:
Magnetic Properties of FeCr2S4 and CoCr2S4

G. Airoldi; M. Asdente; M. Drosi, 1969:
Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of Mixed Transition Metal Germanides

A. S. Borukhovich; L. B. Dubrovskaya; I. I. Matveenko; P. V. Geld, 1969:
Magnetic Susceptibility and Energy Band Structure of Zirconium Monocarbide

Ranjan Das; B.S Prabhananda, 1969:
Magnetic anisotropy of copper(II) complxes from ESR studies in solution. Use of mixed ligand complexes

James A Balschi; Susan J Kohler; John A Bittl; Charles S Springer Jr.; Joanne S Ingwall, 1969:
Magnetic field dependence of 23Na NMR spectra of rat skeletal muscle infused with shift reagent in Vivo

D.G Cory; W.S Veeman, 1969:
Magnetic field gradient imperfections in NMR imaging of rotating solids

Uman, M A.; McLain, D. Kenneth, 1969:
Magnetic field of lightning return stroke

S. Kasthuri Rengan; Vinod, R. Bhagat; V.S. Suryanarayana Sastry; Balu Venkataraman, 1969 :
Magnetic field-pulsed ELDOR spectroscopy

Ken-ichi Hara; Motomichi Inoue; Shuji Emori; Masaji Kubo, 1969:
Magnetic interaction between binuclear clusters in potassium trihalocuprates(II) and dimethylammonium trihalocuprates(II)

B Ashworth; B.C Gilbert; P Smith; R.D Stevens; R.A Kaba, 1969:
Magnetic nonequivalence in radicals from acrylic derivatives

Tetsuo Asaji; Jun Ishikawa; Ryuichi Ikeda; Motomichi Inoue; Daiyu Nakamura, 1969:
Magnetic phase transition in dichloro(4H-1,2,4-triazole)copper(II) as studied by 14N quadrupole resonance and magnetic susceptibility measurements

Ludwig, B.M.; Voitländer, J., 1969:
Magnetic properties of diamagnetic molecules: the induced current density, susceptibility and shielding

Ya. V. Vasil'ev; A. A. Opalovskii; K. A. Khaldoyanidi, 1969:
Magnetic properties of molybdenum pentafluoride

R.H. Prince; R.C. Spencer, 1969:
Magnetic properties of some complexes of nickel with aromatic diazo compounds

Pier Luigi Nordio; Ulderico Segre, 1969:
Magnetic relaxation from first-rank interactions

B.M Fung; Tim W McGaughy, 1969:
Magnetic relaxation in heterogeneous systems

Hiroshi Monoi; Hisashi Uedaira, 1969:
Magnetic relaxation of 23Na in heterogeneous systems

Manfred Holz; Hermann Weingärtner , 1969:
Magnetic relaxation of chloride ions in aqueous solutions

S.L Carr; W.G Moulton, 1969:
Magnetic resonance and susceptibility of rare earth trifluorides

Susan J Kohler; Nancy H Kolodny; Donald J D'Amico; Swarna Balasubramaniam; Paolo Mainardi; Evangelos S Gragoudas, 1969:
Magnetic resonance imaging determination of 23Na visibility and T2 in the vitreous body

Deborah Burstein; Mark Mattingly, 1969:
Magnetic resonance imaging of intracellular sodium

Philip H Bolton, 1969:
Magnetic resonance imaging using flip angle gradients

S Haraldson; L Björn; O Beckman; U Smith, 1969:
Magnetic resonance in cubic FeGe

M.A Hemminga; H.J.C Berendsen, 1969:
Magnetic resonance in ordered lecithin-cholesterol multilayers

M.R Smith; H.A Buckmaster; R Chatterjee, 1969:
Magnetic resonance lineshape distortion in weak magnetic fields in the presence of a zero-field splitting

B Rakvin; J.N Herak, 1969:
Magnetic resonance linewidth of the adsorbed species on the surface

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Magnetic-field-induced transitions in magnetite observed by EPR

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Magnetically driven yagi-uda array

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Magnetization transfer in the rotating frame: A new simple kinetic tool for the determination of rate constants in the slow chemical exchange range

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Magnetization-transfer NMR determination of rates of exchange of solvent in and out of gel polymer beads

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Magnetization-transfer measurements of individual rate constants in the presence of multiple reactions

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Magnetohydrodynamic disturbances in the earth's core, III

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Magnetohydrodynamic disturbances in the earth's core, IV

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Magnetoionic mode coupling in satellite transmissions near the transverse region

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MagnetoAcoustic Interaction in Mercury

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Magnitude Scaling of Foods

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Maintenance of thyroid activity with some steroids in hypophysectomized and gonadectomized catfish,Mystus vittatus(Bloch)

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Major Challange in Setting SO2 Standards is Avoiding the Simplistic Approach

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Major carotenoids of Shepherdia canadensis. Isolation and synthesis of methyl apo-6-lycopenoate

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Majority Carrier Sweep-out after Pulse Injection into Semiconductors

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Mallet finger

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Man's Two Environments

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Manufacturing Assembly Instructions; A Summary

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Marc Amsler (18911968)

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Marriage and Family Among Negroes

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Maternity services

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Max René Francillon am l. März 1969 70 Jahre

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Maximilian Ehrenstein. 18991968

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Meanings, impressions, and attitudes: A model of the evaluation process

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Means Elektrovibration for Induction of Ejaculation an Enrichment in the Field of Andrology?. : A review of a 3 years experience

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Measles in the Tropics

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Measured Radiation Characteristics of Hexagonal Transducer Arrays

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Measurement and Analysis of the Annual Heat Budget for the Sediments in Two Wisconsin Lakes

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Measurement and Evaluation of Outdoor Community Noise

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Measurement and correction for magnetic susceptibility with solenoidal magnet NMR spectrometers

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Measurement and interpretation of power spectrums of ionospheric scintillation at a sub-auroral location

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Measurement in Medicine. The Interpretation of Numerical Data

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Measurement in junior high mathematics

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Measurement of 13C chemical shifts in solids

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Measurement of 13C spin-spin relaxation times by two-dimensional heteronuclear 1H13C correlation spectroscopy

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Measurement of 13C15N coupling by dipolar-rotational spin-echo NMR

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Measurement of 1H-1H coupling constants in DNA fragments by 2D NMR

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Measurement of Columbia River flow time from Hanford Reactors to Astoria, Oregon-Summer 1966

Grahame-Smith, D. G.; Everest, M. S., 1969:
Measurement of Digoxin in Plasma and its use in Diagnosis of Digoxin Intoxication

Stevens, J B., 1969:
Measurement of Economic Values in Sport Fishing: An Economist's Views on Validity, Usefulness, and Propriety

Tranter, F W, 1969:
Measurement of Grenz rays

&na;,, 1969:
Measurement of Left Ventricular Diameter in the Dog by Cardiac Catheterization

Kaimal, J. C., 1969:
Measurement of Momentum and Heat Flux Variations in the Surface Boundary Layer

David, J. Ludwig and Thomas Blank, 1969:
Measurement of Religion as Perceptual Set

G. Juška; A. Matulionis; J. Viščakas, 1969:
Measurement of Thermal Release and Transit Time in Case of Multiple Trapping

Hinchcliffe, R., 1969:
Measurement of Vestibular Function

O. K. Babaev; V. Kh. Sarkisov; V. A. Engibarov, 1969:
Measurement of bit deformation during welding

M. Reiner; A. Nadarajah; B. Leese; G. F. Joplin, 1969:
Measurement of calcium absorption by a double isotope method in patients with disorders of calcium metabolism

J. R. Bullamore; D. H. Marshall; B. E. Nordin; W. A. Oldefield; R. Wilkinson, 1969:
Measurement of calcium balance and bone turnover by new techniques

VladimÍR Sklenář; Dennis Torchia; Ad Bax, 1969:
Measurement of carbon-13 longitudinal relaxation using 1H detection

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Measurement of charge carrier drifting rates in modified polyphenylacetylene films

Takehiko Terao; Tsuneo Hashi, 1969:
Measurement of chemical shift in solid KH2PO4

M Goldman, 1969:
Measurement of dipolar energy in nuclear spin systems

M.Robin Bendall; David M Doddrell, 1969:
Measurement of field-dependent chemical shifts

H Van As; T.J Schaafsma, 1969:
Measurement of flow by the NMR repetitive pulse method

K. V. Chachava; P. D. Vashakidze; R. A. Kacharava; S. S. Sarkisian; N. N. Chkhatarashvili, 1969:
Measurement of forces during application of obstetric forceps

David Neuhaus; Carlo, P.M van Mierlo, 1969:
Measurement of heteronuclear NOE enhancements in biological macromolecules. A convenient pulse sequence for use with aqueous solutions

Laurance D Hall; Timothy J Norwood, 1969:
Measurement of high resolution single-quantum J resolved proton spectra in inhomogeneous magnetic fields via zero-quantum coherences

Jeremy J Titman; James Keeler, 1969:
Measurement of homonuclear coupling constants from NMR correlation spectra

Teck S Pang; Soon Ng, 1969:
Measurement of hydrogen bonding to pyridine and its alkyl derivatives by NMR spectrometry

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Measurement of hydrogen exchange rates using 2D NMR spectroscopy

H Barkhuijsen; R de Beer; E.L de Wild; D van Ormondt, 1969:
Measurement of hyperfine interactions with electron spin-echo spectroscopy. Application to F centers in KCl

Martin J Blackledge; Rolf D Oberhaensli; Peter Styles; George K Radda, 1969:
Measurement of in Vivo 31P relaxation rates and spectral editing in human organs using rotating-frame depth selection

M Fury; S.G Huang; J Jonas, 1969:
Measurement of kinetics of solid-solid phase transformation by pulse NMR

Martin J Lizak; Terry Gullion; Mark S Conradi, 1969:
Measurement of like-spin dipole couplings

Martin J Blackledge; Peter Styles, 1969:
Measurement of localized 31P spin-lattice relaxation rates in Vivo using PMRFI-IR

Jeremy J Titman; David Neuhaus; James Keeler, 1969:
Measurement of long-range heteronuclear coupling constants

Gerald B Matson; Thomas Schleich; Christian Serdahl; Galo Acosta; James A Willis, 1969:
Measurement of longitudinal relaxation times using surface coils

Phillip, L. Emerson, 1969:
Measurement of low-signal suppression and other parameters of the forced-choice psychometric function

James S Murday, 1969:
Measurement of magnetic field gradient by its effect on the NMR free induction decay

Sandip K Sur, 1969:
Measurement of magnetic susceptibility and magnetic moment of paramagnetic molecules in solution by high-field fourier transform NMR spectroscopy

Soo, S L.; Stukel, J J.; Hughes, J. Martin, 1969:
Measurement of mass flow and density of aerosols in transport

Jan Andrasko, 1969:
Measurement of membrane permeability to slowly penetrating molecules by a pulse gradient NMR method

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Measurement of microwave field strength in ESR by a pulsed modulation technique

Qiuhong He; Denise P Hinton; Charles S Johnson Jr., 1969:
Measurement of mobility distributions for vesicles by electrophoretic NMR

Anita Findlay; Robin K Harris, 1969:
Measurement of nuclear overhauser enhancements in polymeric films

Gunnar Jansson; Sverker Runeson, 1969:
Measurement of perceived oscillation

J.B. Sprague, 1969:
Measurement of pollutant toxicity to fish I. Bioassay methods for acute toxicity

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Measurement of proton spin-lattice relaxation rates of model phantoms in chemical imaging

Venceslav Rutar; Tuck C Wong, 1969:
Measurement of proton-proton geminal coupling constants via two-dimensional indirect J spectroscopy with selective spin flip

P.P Man, 1969:
Measurement of quadrupolar spin population by solid-state NMR

J.A Stanley; H Peemoeller, 1969:
Measurement of rapid magnetization transfer across a polymer-water interface

Robert D Guy; M Tahir Razi; Dallas L Rabenstein, 1969:
Measurement of rates of transport across erythrocyte membranes by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Measurement of relative transition probabilities in Ar II

James W Neely; Thomas R Krugh, 1969:
Measurement of relaxation times by the adiabatic half passage (T1) technique

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Measurement of short dipolar relaxation times by the saturation method

K.V.R Chary; G Otting; K Wüthrich, 1969:
Measurement of small heteronuclear 1H15N coupling constants in 15N-labeled proteins by 3D HNNHAB-COSY

J.-P. Marchal; J. Brondeau; D. Canet, 1969:
Measurement of small signals in the presence of intense peaks by fourier transform NMR

Barry J Kimber; Robin K Harris, 1969:
Measurement of spin-lattice relaxation times in the null-signal case

Donald W Alderman; Jens J Led; E.Jonas Pedersen; Niels F Andersen, 1969:
Measurement of spin-lattice relaxation times on a high resolution CW NMR spectrometer using audio modulation pulses

J.-P. Korb; J. Maruani, 1969:
Measurement of spin-spin and spin-lattice relaxation rates for inhomogeneously broadened lines. I. Rapid spectral diffusion case

J.-P Korb; J Maruani, 1969:
Measurement of spin-spin and spin-lattice relaxation rates for inhomogeneously broadened lines. II. Slow spectral diffusion case

S.R Rabbani; D.T Edmonds; P Gosling; M.H Palmer, 1969:
Measurement of the 14N quadrupole coupling constants in glycine, diglycine, triglycine, and tetraglycine and a comparison with calculation

Kenneth J Franklin; James D Halliday; Llynne M Plante; E.Allan Symons, 1969:
Measurement of the 6Li/7Li isotope ratio for lithium salts by FT NMR spectroscopy

Higgs, R. W.; Eriksson, L. J., 1969:
Measurement of the HighPressure Propagation Constants in Various Materials

Jan Pelnař, 1969:
Measurement of the distribution of B1 field in the presence of linear magnetic field gradient

E. I. Merkulov; A. V. Vannikov; M. G. Chauser; A. N. Chigir'; M. I. Cherkashin; N. A. Bakh; A. A. Berlin, 1969:
Measurement of the drift mobility of the charge carriers in polymers with a system of conjugation

P.P Man, 1969:
Measurement of the quadrupolar coupling with two pulses of opposite phase

Thomas L James; George G McDonald, 1969:
Measurement of the self-diffusion coefficient of each component in a complex system using pulsed-gradient fourier transform NMR

Patrick Bertrand; Guy Roger; Jean-Pierre Gayda, 1969:
Measurement of the spin -lattice relaxation time from the broadening of the EPR spectrum of a randomly oriented system with S =12: Application to iron-sulfur proteins

N. Sunitha Bai; Narsimha Reddy; V. Balasri; R. Ramachandran, 1969:
Measurement of the tensor-asymmetry parameter of the electric-field gradient for spin-3/2 nuclei in polycrystalline specimens via Zeeman FT NQR spectroscopy

Alan C McLaughlin; George G McDonald; John S Leigh Jr., 1969:
Measurement of transverse relaxation rates for individual protons in first-order spin-coupled NMR spectra

Yangmee Kim; J.H Prestegard, 1969:
Measurement of vicinal couplings from cross peaks in COSY spectra

Kenneth, F. Jerkins, 1969:
Measurement of understanding science and scientists in selected collegiate academic groups

Kenneth, F. Jerkins, 1969:
Measurement of understanding science and scientists in selected junior high school classes

Mossop, S. C.; Ono, A., 1969:
Measurements of Ice Crystal Concentration in Clouds

Yokoyama, O, 1969:
Measurements of Wind Fluctuations by a Vane Mounted on the Captive Balloon Cable

D. R. Pick; J. T. Houghton, 1969 :
Measurements of atmospheric infra-red emission with a balloon-borne multifilter radiometer

Brace, L. H.; Mayr, H. G.; Carignan, G. R., 1969:
Measurements of electron cooling rates in the midlatitude and auroral-zone thermosphere

Derbyshire, W.; Stuart, J.P.; Warner, D., 1969:
Measurements of fluorine and phosphorus chemical shift anisotropies

U Wollborn; D Leibfritz, 1969:
Measurements of heteronuclear long-range coupling constants from inverse homonuclear 2D NMR spectra

Zaneveld, J. Ronald, V.; Andrade, M; Beardsley, G F., 1969:
Measurements of optical properties at an oceanic front observed near the Galapagos Islands

Bernstein, W.; Inouye, G. T.; Sanders, N. L.; Wax, R. L., 1969:
Measurements of precipitated 1-20 kev protons and electrons during a breakup aurora

J Aesse; G Wilkening, 1969:
Measurements of relaxation rates in Cu(Fe) above the Kondo temperature

Morgan, R.E.; Strange, J.H., 1969:
Measurements of scalar spin-spin coupling in liquid HCl and HBr by N.M.R. relaxation in the rotating frame

R Stannarius; H Schmiedel, 1969:
Measurements of self-diffusion in the cholesteric liquid-crystalline phase by means of 13C NMR

T Terao; H Miura; A Saika, 1969:
Measurements of the 13C1H coupling constants in solid adamantane: Resolution enhancement by multiple-pulse decoupling

Abel, W. G.; Newell, R. E., 1969:
Measurements of the afternoon radio aurora at 1295 MHz

Campbell, D. B.; Muhleman, D. O., 1969:
Measurements of the electron content of the interplanetary medium between Earth and Venus

Woodrum, A; Justus, C. G.; Roper, R. G., 1969:
Measurements of tidal-period winds in the 95- to 135-kilometer region

R.L Vold; R.R Vold; H.E Simon, 1969:
Measurements of transverse relaxation in homonuclear coupled spin systems

Scotti, R. S.; Corcos, G. M., 1969:
Measurements on the Growth of Small Disturbances in a Stratified Shear Layer

Mehrabian, A., 1969:
Measures of Achieving Tendency

Murphy, A H., 1969:
Measures of the Utility of Probabilistic Predictions in Cost-Loss Ratio Decision Situations in which Knowledge of the Cost-Loss Ratios is Incomplete

Vincent Bork; Jacob Schaefer, 1969:
Measuring 13C-13C connectivity in spinning solids by selective excitation

Gordon, W. Perkin, 1969:
Measuring Clinic Performance

Gochman, D S., 1969:
Measuring Health-Relevant Expectancies

Henry, J B.; Arras, M J., 1969:
Measuring Ionized Calcium

Zeev Pearl; Mordeckai Magaritz; Peter Bendel, 1969:
Measuring diffusion coefficients of solutes in porous media by NMR imaging

Xiaole Hong; W Thomas Dixon, 1969:
Measuring diffusion in inhomogeneous systems in imaging mode using antisymmetric sensitizing gradients

David, D. McFarland, 1969:
Measuring the Permeability of Occupational Structures: An Information-Theoretic Approach

Morton, B. King and Richard, A. Hunt, 1969:
Measuring the Religious Variable: Amended Findings

T Jue; Y Chung; R.G Shulman, 1969:
Measuring the redox potential in perfused liver with 1H NMR

Zaika, L L., 1969:
Meat flavor. Rapid preparation of the water-soluble low-molecular-weight fraction of meat tissue extracts

Patricia, A. Forbes; Keith, N. Drummond; M. Bernadette Nogrady, 1969:
Meatotomy in girls with meatal stenosis and urinary tract infections

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Mechanical Behavior of the Diaphragm during Speech

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Mechanical Behaviour of Crystals with Twinned Structure

M. A. Ali; F. J. Grimer, 1969:
Mechanical properties of glass fibre-reinforced gypsum

N. P. Chernykh; P. N. Zelentsov; A. M. Fershter; B. I. Vagaitsev, 1969:
Mechanical properties of steel and welded joints after prolonged operation under pressure in hydrogen-containing media

P. W. McMillan; B. P. Hodgson; R. E. Booth, 1969:
Mechanical strength and surface microstructure of partially crystallised glasses

T.H. Lin; Y.M. Ito, 1969:
Mechanics of a fatigue crack nucleation mechanism

I. BjöRKHEM, 1969:
Mechanism and Stereochemistry of the Enzymatic Conversion of a Δ4-3-Oxosteroid into a 3-Oxo-5α-Steroid

Donald, E. Woodmansee; Thomas, J. Hanratty, 1969:
Mechanism for the removal of droplets from a liquid surface by a parallel air flow

O Gonen; P.L Kuhns; C Zuo; J.S Waugh, 1969:
Mechanism of 3He-mediated nuclear spin-lattice relaxation at surfaces

Uritani, I; Yamaki, S, 1969:
Mechanism of Chilling Injury in Sweet Potatoes

Nishio, H; Yamamoto, I; Kariya, K; Hano, K, 1969:
Mechanism of Potentiation of the Carcinostatic Activity of 8-Aza-guanine by 4 (or 5)-Aminoimidazole-5 (or 4)-carboxamide Analogs

Faiman, C.; Ryan, R. J., 1969:
Mechanism of Specificity in Radioimmunoassay for Human FSH after HGG Adsorption of Antisera

Wilson, A. G.; Brooke, O. G.; Lloyd, H. J.; Robinson, B. F., 1969 :
Mechanism of action of adrenergic receptor blocking agents in angina pectoris: Comparison of action of propranolol with dexpropranolol and practolol

A. A. Dzizinskii; G. V. Danilevich; T. K. Kochergina; A. I. Zenin, 1969:
Mechanism of action of -aminocaproic acid on capillary permeability

V. D. Romanenko, 1969:
Mechanism of active transport of Ca++from blood into bile

K. T. Shanmugam; Leslie, R. Berger, 1969:
Mechanism of catalase induction inRhodopseudomonas spheroides:The effects of acridine, acriflavin, and diphenylamine

M. I. Rozengart; V. L. Polinin; B. A. Kazanskii, 1969:
Mechanism of dehydrocyclization of paraffinic hydrocarbons on chromium oxide catalysts

N. K. Savel'ev; Yu. M. Smirnov, 1969:
Mechanism of dilatation of the limb vessels in the posthypoxic period

Marsh, P B.; Simpson, M E.; Ferretti, R J.; Merola, G V.; Donoso, J; Craig, G O.; Trucksess, M W.; Work, P S., 1969:
Mechanism of formation of a fluorescence in cotton fiber associated with aflatoxins in the seeds at harvest

G. Costa; G. Tauzher; A. Puxeddu, 1969:
Mechanism of formation of trans-chloro-bisdimethylglyoximato-tertiary phosphine cobalt(III) complexes and their isomers 1:1 electrolytes

A. Ya. Koldovkin, 1969:
Mechanism of grease oxidation

P.R., 1969:
Mechanism of local anesthetic action of crystalline tetrodotoxin and its derivatives: Ogura, Y. and Mori, Y. (Dept. of Toxicol. and Pharmacol., Inst. of Food Microbiology, Chiba Univ., Narashino Chiba, Japan). J. Pharmac.3, 58, 1968

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Mechanism of mutagenic action of hydroxylamine

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Mechanism of photo-induced and antimycin A-induced carotenoid synthesis in mycobacterium marinum. Requirements for carotenogenesis and further evidence for protein synthesis following induction

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Mechanism of spin transfer to next neighbors 11C and 31P

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Mechanism of spin transfer to b protons in radicals. Analysis of anisotropic hyperfine couplings

L. S. Geidysh; G. A. Nikiforov; V. V. Ershov, 1969:
Mechanism of the AZO-coup ling of 2,6-dialkylphenols in nonaqueous medium

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Mechanism of the Millon Reaction. II. The Crystal Structure of Pigment 1

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Mechanism of the action of a synergistic mixture of metal salt and phosphite in the thermal decomposition of polyvinyl chloride

I. S. Golod, 1969:
Mechanism of the antiglobulin test

P. I. Valov; É. A. Blyumberg; N. M. Émanuél', 1969:
Mechanism of the conjugated oxidation of propylene and acetaldehyde

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Mechanism of the electrooxidation of methanol on a smooth platinum electrode in alkaline solution

S. S. Sedova; Yu. B. Vasil'ev; V. S. Bagotskii, 1969:
Mechanism of the electrooxidation of methanol on an iridium electrode

E. T. Denisov, 1969:
Mechanism of the inhibiting effect of quinone in the chain reaction of oxidation of isopropyl alcohol

A. V. Kotov; V. A. Zarinskii; V. M. Bokina, 1969:
Mechanism of the interaction of concentrated sulfuric acid and glacial acetic acid

B. E. Ivanov; A. B. Ageeva; A. G. Abul'khanov; T. A. Zyablikova, 1969:
Mechanism of the interaction of o-hydroxybenzyl alcohol with trialkyl phosphites

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Mechanism of the oxidation of aldehydes by oxygen

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Mechanism of the polycondensation of chlorides of aromatic dicarboxylic acids with dihydric phenols

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Mechanism of the reaction of alkylphosphonic acid esters with water

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Mechanism of the reaction of divinylmercury with triphenylmethyl bromide

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Mechanism of the reaction of fluorotrinitromethan e with nucleophilic agents

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Mechanism of the reduction in DNA content in sperm cells preserved in vitro

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Mechanism of the synergistic effect of phosphites

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Mechanism, methodology, and biological theory

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Mechanismen der krankheitserregenden Immunphänomene des Menschen

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Mechanismen zur Regulierung der Nahrungsaufnahme und deren Beeinflussung durch endogene und exogene Faktoren

Charlton, M. H., 1969:
Mechanismes Cerebraux du Language

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Mechanisms Governing the Emission Processes in Nickel-Doped Zinc Oxide

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Mechanisms for interactions between organic molecules and paramagnetic relaxation reagents

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Mechanisms for the longitudinal and transverse relaxation of iron-57

Ushakova, T. N., 1969:
Mechanisms of Attention

R. W. Balluffi, 1969:
Mechanisms of Dislocation Climb

Bruce Dennis Sales; Ralph Norman Haber; Ronald, A. Cole, 1969:
Mechanisms of aural encoding: IV. Hear-see, say-write interactions for vowels

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Mechanisms of discrimination between elementary and complex components in form recognition byCyprinus carpio

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Mechanisms of drug photosensitivity reactions

Austin, D. Potenza, 1969:
Mechanisms of healing of digital flexor tendons

É. V. Gerasimovich, 1969:
Mechanisms of hypothalamo-reticular influences on the content of sulfhydryl groups in the cerebral cortex

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Mechanismus der Bildung und des Zerfalls von Amidkomplexen, I Kupfer (II) und N, N-Diglycylpropylendiamin

Prof. Dr. H. Oelschläger; H. Hoffmann; U. Matthiesen, 1969:
Mechanismus der Nitrierung des Phenacetins

S. Leodolter; B. Peskar; G. Hellmann; G. Hertting, 1969:
Mechanismus der durch Hydrazinophthalazine verursachten Noradrenalinfreisetzung aus dem Rattenherzen

Prof. Dr. H. Oelschläger; J. Volke; G. T. Lim, 1969:
Mechanismus der polarographischen Reduktion des Nitrazepams. 8. Mitt.: Arzneimittelanalysen mittels Polarographie oder Oszillopolarographie

G. F. Dohlman, 1969:
Mechanismus des Ionenaustausches, der Sekretion und der Exkretion der Endolymphe bei der Taube

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Mechanization of casting and packing paraffin wax

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Mechanization of manufacturing processes and introduction of advanced technology at medical instrument plants

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Mechanization of the cultivation of ergot

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Mechanization of the movement of plates and frames of filter presses

Yu. Ya. Fel'dman, 1969:
Mechanization of the process of grinding shells for chemical apparatus

L. G. Gil'debrand; Yu. A. Sezonenko, 1969:
Mechanization of the removal of fins and burrs on stamped sheet articles

Yu. D. Myshko; G. F. Gusachenko, 1969:
Mechanized KS-12A ceramic submerged wear-resistant surfacing

M. A. Nevryuzin; M. L. Bystritskii, 1969:
Mechanized lapping of large gate valves

Gritzner, C F., 1969:
Media Review

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Mediastinal minutiae

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Mediating processes in choice reaction tasks

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Mediation of Radiation Erythema

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Mediational Performance as Affected by Overt Verbalization during Training and Testing

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Medical Administration

McRobert, G. R., 1969:
Medical Anecdotes

Roberts, N. W., 1969:
Medical Assistant and S.H.M.O

Vaughan, J, 1969:

Clarke, E., 1969:
Medical History Illustrated

Akhtar, A. J., 1969:
Medical Immigration

Whitby, L. G., 1969:
Medical Implications of Quality Control in Clinical Biochemistry

McRobert, G. R., 1969:
Medical Lessons of the Second World War

Stickler, G. B., 1969:
Medical Myths

Fishbein, M, 1969:
Medical Progress in 1968

Meredith, W.J., 1969:
Medical Radiation Physics

P. V. Gusenkov, 1969:
Medical Workers' Day

Hershberg, P I, 1969:
Medical diagnosis

Christie, R V, 1969:
Medical education and the state

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Medical education in France

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Medical engineering at the 1969 Leipzig Spring Fair

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Medical schools and medical students

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Medical students and family planning. C. The role of the medical student in community education

Kausch, K F, 1969:
Medical students attitudes toward the mental health field

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Medical treatment of peptic ulcer with special reference to antipeptic agent

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Medicare Part B Roll Open

Robin Elliott, R Ross and Frank van Dyke, 1969:
Medicare and the Hospital-Based Specialist: Pathologists' and Radiologists' Arrangements with Hospitals, 1965-1968

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Emergency departments and minor illness: some behavioural insights

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Medicine in Politics

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Medico-legal Guide Book

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Medieval Colonization in Northern Ryedale, Yorkshire

Edward Grant, 1969:
Medieval and Seventeenth-Century Conceptions of an Infinite Void Space beyond the Cosmos

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Medium effects in chlorine magnetic resonance

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Medium effects on ESR spectra in studies of hydrogen-bonded transient solvent-solute complexes

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Medium effects on proton-proton coupling constants: Specific association effects

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Medium effects on the proton chemical shifts of non-polar molecules in liquids

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Medizinisch-technische Neuheiten aus Großbritannien

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Meeresbotanische Untersuchungen in der westlichen Ostsee als Beitrag zu einer marinen Vegetationskunde

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Emergency departments at the crossroads of intersecting epidemics (HIV, HCV, injection drug use and opioid overdose)-Estimating HCV incidence in an urban emergency department population

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Emergency department screening and interventions for substance use disorders

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Meetings of the International Cartographic Association

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Megacolon in adults

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Method Effects in Judging the Desirability of Traits

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Method and apparatus for systemic investigation of filling materials

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Method for Measuring the Surface Impedance Presented by a Smooth Surface to a Sliding Indenter

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Method of Computing Elements of DiaphragmType Transducers

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Method of Direct Determination of Subglottal Pressure

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Method of determining the number (names of type-sizes) of original parts

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Method of determining the ratio of the rate constants of the elementary steps of the radical interaction of inhibitors in reactions of oxidation according to the kinetics of chemiluminescence

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Method of making steel blanks plated with silver and with alloys of high silver content

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Method of preparing absolute ethyl alcohol

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Method of selective solvent resonance suppression which combines FIDs obtained from 11 pulses

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Method of substantiating forced regimes for accelerated reliability tests of medical gas apparatus

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Methode de determination graphique des directions de raccourcissement, d'allongement et intermediaire d'une population de failles

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Methodische aspekte in der experimentellen ophthalmologie

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Methodological Problems in Biology || 'Fitness' and Some Explanatory Patterns in Biology

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Methodological Problems in Biology || On the Reduction of Biology to Physical Science

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Methodological Problems in Biology || Polanyi on Structure and Reduction

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Methodological Problems in Biology || The Experimental Method in Biology: T. H. Morgan and the Theory of the Gene

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Methodological Problems in Biology || Theoretical Biology: A Statement and Defense

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Methodological Problems in Biology || What Philosophy of Biology Is Not

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Methodological study of the relationship between associative fluency and intelligence

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Methods for Calculating the Cost of Developing Ground-Water Resources in Appalachia

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Methods for Determining the Primary Productivity of Epipelic and Epipsammic Algal Associations

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Methods for determining axial g tensors

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Methods for improving the measurement and control of temperature in the variable temperature system of the varian E-3 EPR spectrometer

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Methods in Developmental Reflexology

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Methods of Continuous Particle Sampling by Aircraft

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Methods of Generating Random Normal Numbers

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Methods of Quality Control

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Methods of Training

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Methods of decreasing the volatiles content of coke obtained by the delayed coking process

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Methods of improving the accuracy of fuel knock rating determination

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Methods of measuring moisture content applicable to building materials

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Methods of technical reclamation of peat soils

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Methoxyflurane and Nitrous Oxide as Obstetric Analgesics. II.--A Comparison by Self-administered Intermittent Inhalation

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Methyl proton NMR shifts of coordinated methanol in a series of Co(CH3OH)5X2+ compounds

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Methyl rotation in 1,2,4,5-tetramethylbenzene and tetramethylpyrazine in the solid state. Tunneling spectra by proton NMR

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Methyl substituent effects on 1H1H intraring coupling constants in some dimethylnaphthalenes

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Metropolitan Interpersonal Income Inequality

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Metropolitanism: Its Challenge to Education

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Mexican-American Teenagers' Judgment of Illness: A Case Study of the Use of the Semantic Differential

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Miami Ophthalmological Society

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