Cardiac pharmacology of the freshwater crab Paratelphusa masoniana (Henderson)

Tyagi, A.P.

Proceedings Plant Sciences 73(5): 236-240


DOI: 10.1007/bf03045318
Accession: 061254054

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The crab Paratelphusa masoniana (Henderson) is commonly found in the local waters. It has a slightly advanced type of vascular system as compared to other crustaceans. The heart of the animal has been subjected to the effect of common drugs and antibiotics. The observations indicate that the drugs like adrenalin, camphor and digitalin stimulate the heart, while aspirin, atropine, caffein, chloroform, ether, strychnin and arsenite inhibited the heart-beats. Similarly, except the combiotic all other antibiotics affected the heart of the crab adversely.