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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61324

Chapter 61324 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Raymond, J. Greenwood and Alan, B. Sargeant, 1973:
Influence of Radio Packs on Captive Mallards and Blue-Winged Teal

Opstvedt, J, 1973:
Influence of Residual Lipids on Nutritive Value of Fish Meal

Opstvedt, J, 1973:
Influence of Residual Lipids on the Nutritive Value of Fish Meal

Yamauchi, K, 1973:
Influence of Salinity on the Growth of Sporelings of Laver

L. E. Gurevich; R. G. Tarkhanian, 1973:
Influence of Spatial Dispersion on the Properties of the High-Frequency Waves in Uniaxial Polar Semiconductors

White, I H.; Jeffery, J, 1973:
Influence of Substituents at the 11-Position on the Utilization of 20-Oxo Steroid Substrates by Cortisone Reductase

S. D. Razumovskii; G. E. Zaikov, 1973:
Influence of a large excess of one of the reagents on the kinetics of the reaction of ozone with hydrocarbons

A. Iwainsky; Th. Richter, 1973:
Influence of a strong electric field on the microwave conductivity of semiconductors

G. Bastard; Nguyen Hy Hau; C. Rigaux; J. P. Vieren, 1973 :
Influence of acceptor concentration on the hall effect in tellurium

N. S. Nikolaenko; B. I. Dashevskaya; M. Kh. Gluzman, 1973:
Influence of addition of surface-active compounds on the uniformity of distribution of medicinal agents in a suppository mass

Janina, H. Rogozińska; Cornelis Kroon; Cornelis, A. Salemink, 1973:
Influence of alterations in the purine ring on biological activity of cytokinins

Gene, C. Palmer, 1973:
Influence of amphetamines, protriptyline and pargyline on the time course of the norepinephrine-induced accumulation of cyclic AMP in the rat brain

W. K. Hofker; H. W. Werner; D. P. Oosthoek; H. A. M. de Grefte, 1973:
Influence of annealing on the concentration profiles of boron implantations in silicon

R. Bäck; T. J. Linna, 1973:
Influence of antigenic stimulation on lymphoid cell traffic in the chicken

W. E. Kollmer; R. Märkl, 1973:
Influence of antigenicity on85Sr retention of growing tibia transplants of the mouse

E. G. Gal'pern; E. A. Luk'yanets; M. G. Gal'pern, 1973:
Influence of azasubstitution on the electronic absorption spectra of phthalocyanins

Heriberto Fernandez; William McKinney; James, F. Toole; Ralph Barnes; David Meyer, 1973:
Influence of body position on intracranial pulsations and blood pressure

S. E. Kaye; S. L. Rosen, 1973:
Influence of conical entry regions on laminar entrance losses for Newtonian fluids

Klaus, H. Domsch; Malcolm, E. Corden, 1973:
Influence of copper and zinc ions on toxicity of sodium N-methyldithiocarbamate toFusarium oxysporumf. sp.lycopersici

Turner, L.V.; Manchester, K.L., 1973:
Influence of denervation of the free amino acids of the rat diaphragm

D. B. Morgan; A. Monod; R. G. G. Russell; H. Fleisch, 1973:
Influence of dichloromethylene diphosphonate (Cl2MDP) and calcitonin on bone resorption, lactate production and phosphatase and pyrophosphatase content of mouse calvaria treated with parathyroid hormonein vitro

Jan Hedman; Yves Baer; Anders Berndtsson; Martin Klasson; Gunter Leonhardt; Roy Nilsson; Carl Nordling, 1973:
Influence of doping on the electron spectrum of silicon

V. K. Jain; W. Pohlit; S. C. Purohit, 1973:
Influence of energy metabolism on the repair of X-ray damage in living cells

King, D J., 1973:
Influence of exposure interval and interitem interval on the learning of connected discourse

I. Takeda; G. Miura; K. Sato; H. Aotsu, 1973:
Influence of field time constant and mutual inductance between direct-axis armature and field windings on the pull-in phenomena of synchronous motors

G. Dörner; C. Seidler, 1973:
Influence of high-dosage perinatal androgen on the sexual behavior, gonadotropin secretion, and sexual organs of the rat

J.L. Sommerdijk, 1973:
Influence of host lattice on the infrared-excited visible luminescence in Yb3+, Er3+-doped fluorides

Nandkumar, S. Shah; Alexander, G. Donald; Joe, E. Freed, 1973:
Influence of imipramine, phenothiazines, cations and ATP on accumulation of radiolabeled 5-hydroxytryptamine and tryptamine by rat brain particulate fraction

M. N. Aliev; G. A. Gaidina, 1973:
Influence of inhibitory and facilitatory structures of the medulla on segmental reflexes in experimental thyrotoxicosis

Hansen, J-Pierre; Schiff, D, 1973:
Influence of interatomic repulsion on the structure of liquids at melting

H. G. B. Vullings, 1973:
Influence of light and darkness on the hypothalamo-hypophysial system ofRana esculentaand the involvement of the pineal complex

S.G. Larsson†; A.J. Carlsson, 1973:
Influence of non-singular stress terms and specimen geometry on small-scale yielding at crack tips in elastic-plastic materials

Cohen, S R., 1973:
Influence of organizing strategies and instructions on short-term retention

Ly, B.; Arnesen, H., 1973:
Influence of pH on the Incorporation of Fibrinogen Degradation Products into Fibrin Clots as Studied by Tracer Technique

M. Bernhard; F. Möller; A. Nassogne; A. Zattera, 1973:
Influence of pore size of plankton nets and towing speed on the sampling performance of two high-speed samplers (Delfino I and II) and its consequences for the assessment of plankton populations

S. K. Shakhova; B. S. Él'yanov, 1973:
Influence of pressure and temperature on the direction of the diene condensation of trans-piperylene with methyl acrylate

A.R. Ward; P. Mason, 1973:
Influence of proline hydroxylation upon the thermal stability of collagen fragment α1CB2

Philip, J. Medon; Jerry, L. Leeling; Barrie, M. Phillips, 1973:
Influence of quipazine, a potential anti-parkinsonian agent on the uptake of 3H-dopamine and 3H-serotonin into rat striatal tissue in vitro

Satya, P. Moulik; Asoka, K. Mitra, 1973:
Influence of reducing and nonreducing carbohydrates on the conductance of aqueous solutions of electrolytes

G. P. Soardo, 1973:
Influence of sample surface on thermomagnetic effects in Fe40-Ni60

Orgel, H; Bazaral, M; Hamburger, R, 1973:
Influence of serum IgE levels of selected recipients on the apparent P-K titer of a reaginic serum

W. Otto; R. Streicher; K. Schügerl, 1973:
Influence of surface active agents on the mass transfer across liquidliquid interfacesI. Dioxanetoluenewater-system

Fagot, B I., 1973:
Influence of teacher behavior in the preschool

Hall, J.A.; Schwartz, R., 2018:
Empathy present and future

I. V. Stankevich; O. B. Tomilin, 1973:
Influence of terminal effects on length distribution of C-C bonds in C4, C4H2, C4H4, C6, C6H2and C6H4molecules

Per-Olow Sjödén; Torbjörn U.C. Järbe; Bengt, G. Henriksson, 1973:
Influence of tetrahydrocannabinols (Δ8-THC and Δ9-THC) on body weight, food, and water intake in rats

Dawson, K.B., 1973:
Influence of the Size of the Admixture of Irradiated Cells on the Rvsz Effect

M. Fayet-Bonnel, 1973:
Influence of the Size of the Precipitates in NaCl:Pb2+ Crystals on Rayleigh Scattering and UV Absorption

A. I. Prokof'ev; S. P. Solodovnikov; A. A. Volod'kin, 1973:
Influence of the cation and the solvent on the structure of 2,6-di-tert-butyl-1,4-benzosemiquinone

Em. Lucatu; M. Vasilache, 1973:
Influence of the degree if dispersion of uranine in solutions on the fluorescence light intensity

J.L. Sommerdijk, 1973:
Influence of the host lattice on the infrared-excited blue luminescence of Yb3+, Tm3+-doped compounds

K. I. Slovetskaya; É. G. Aleshin; A. M. Rubinshtein, 1973:
Influence of the methods of preparation, chemical and phase composition on the content of divalent chromium in chromium oxide catalysts

M. Ya. Meskina; G. V. Karpukhina; Z. K. Maizus, 1973:
Influence of the rate constants of certain elementary oxidation reactions on the value of the synergistic effect in the action of mixtures of inhibitors

Reginald, E. Newell; George, J. Boer; Thomas, G. Dopplick, 1973:
Influence of the vertical motion field on ozone concentration in the stratosphere

Nidich, S; Seeman, W; Dreskin, T, 1973:
Influence of transcendental meditation: A replication

U. Karsten; A. Kössler; E. Janiszewski; A. Wollenberger, 1973:
Influence of variations in pericellular oxygen tension on individual cell growth, muscle-characteristic proteins, and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern in cultures of beating rat heart cells

P. Bhatt, 1973:
Influence of vertical joints on the behaviour of precast shear walls

M. Z. Zgierski, 1973:
Influence of vibronic coupling on the dissociation of Frenkel excitons

G.W. Turnage, 1973:
Influence of viscous-type and inertial forces on the penetration resistance of saturated, fine-grained soils

M. Sakata; H. Andachi; M. Takenaka; S. Koga, 1973:
Influences of hemigastrectomy and vagotomy on the function of parietal cells of the stomach

Roberto Squerzanti; Bruno Bagni; Alberto Farinelli, 1973:
Influenza del pH sul radioimmunodosaggio dellangiotensina I

H. K. Narang; E. J. Field, 1973:
Influenzal encephalitis in mice

Sidney Greenbaum, 1973:
Informant elicitation of data on syntactic variation

George, W. Nace, C M. Richards and Gretchen, M. Hazen, 1973:
Information Control in the Amphibian Facility: The Use of R. pipiens Disruptive Patterning for Individual Identification and Genetic Studies

Spooner, R L.; Nitsche, J R., 1973:
Information Derivable from the Doppler Polar Profile Spectrum

Kugelmass, S.; Lieblich, I.; Ben-Shakhar, G., 1973:
Information Detection through Differential GSRs in Bedouins of the Israeli Desert

Keith, E. Nelson and Nancy Earl, 1973:
Information Search by Preschool Children: Induced Use of Categories and Category Hierarchies

Long, N, 1973:
Information and Referral Services: A Short History and Some Recommendations

Kaplan, M F.; Anderson, N H., 1973:
Information integration theory and reinforcement theory as approaches to interpersonal attraction

Anderson, N H., 1973:
Information integration theory applied to attitudes about U.S. presidents

Scott, 1973:
Information on the situation in Canada

Shiffrin, R M., 1973:
Information persistence in short-term memory

Baumgarte, R; DeRosa, D V., 1973:
Information processing in a two-item classification task: Relationships among items in a memorized set

Levine, J M., 1973:
Information seeking with conflicting and irrelevant inputs

Y. F. Le Coadic, 1973:
Information systems and the spread of scientific ideas

Bartoloni, C.; Guidi, L.; Baroni, R.; Tricerri, A.; Garufi, C.; Grieco, A.; Gambassi, G., 1973:
Informations d'pidmiologie virale

Dr. D. Leuschner; R. Heine, 1973:
Informationstheoretische Kriterien in der numerischen Taxonomie

Toole, J. F., 1973:
Informed Consent

V.D. Ramamurthy, 1973:
Infra red spectral analysis of antibacterial substance isolated fromTrichodesmium erythraeum(Marine blue green alga)

E. F. Riebling; V. Kotian, 1973:
Infra-red detection of depolymerization in Tl2O-GeO2-SiO2glasses

S. K. Cox, 1973:
Infra-red heating calculations with a water vapour pressure broadened continuum

Hussain, M H.; Lien, E J., 1973:
Infrared Absorption Study of Some Cyclic Ureas, Cyclic Thioureas and Their N,N-Dialkyl Derivatives

Pilkerton, A.R., 1973:
Infrared Choroidal Absorption Curves in Humans

J. L. Servoin; B. Piriou, 1973:
Infrared Reflectivity and Raman Scattering of Mg2SiO4 Single Crystal

Low, M. J.D.; Yang, R. T., 1973:
Infrared Spectra of Water in Aqueous Solutions Using Internal Reflection Spectroscopy

Ghersetti, S.; Giorgianni, S.; Minari, M.; Spunta, G., 1973:
Infrared Spectral Studies of Quinoline-N-Oxides and Isoquinoline-N-Oxides

Surana, S. S.L.; Mehta, P. C.; Tandon, S. P., 1973:
Infrared Spectrum of Dihydridobis(ethylenediamine) Osmium Tetrachloro Zincate

Deb, K. K., 1973:
Infrared Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Sterically Hindered Hydroxy Compounds

Shigeo Kondo; Shinnoske Saëki, 1973:
Infrared absorption intensities of ethane and propane

Yoshie Inomata; Tadaaki Inomata; Takao Moriwaki; Joseph, L. Walter, 1973:
Infrared absorption spectra and normal coordinate analysis of metal-dl-β-phenylalanine chelates

A.N. Sergeyeva; L.I. Pavlenko; L.N. Kohut; J.I. Tkachenko, 1973:
Infrared absorption spectra of cyanide complexes of group VIII metals with nitrogen- and sulphur-containing ligands

N. Kirov; P. Simova, 1973:
Infrared absorption spectra of liquid crystalsI. Determination of the preorientation potential barriers of the molecules in crystal, nematic crystal, and isotropie phases

Osuoji, C I.; Rowles, S L., 1973:
Infrared and Chemical Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans in Oral Calculus

Kee, H. Rhee; A.Monroe Snider Jr.; Foil, A. Miller, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra and structure of P2F4

T.J. Leedham; D.B. Powell; J.G.V. Scott, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of 1,5-cyclooctadiene complexes of copper(I), silver(I), gold(I) and gold(III) and the nature of the gold compounds

G.A. Crowder, 1973 :
Infrared and Raman spectra of 3-butyne-2-one

Douglas, A. Coe; Joseph, W. Nibler, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of aluminum borohydride, Al(BH4)3

Vladimir, E. Bondybey; Joseph, W. Nibler, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of formaldazine

Hossein Khoshkhoo; Eugene, R. Nixon, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of formaldehyde in argon and nitrogen matrices

B.C. Stace; C. Oralratmanee, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of gaseous oxalic acid

Hanousek, F.; Haruda, F., 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of hydrazine-bis(trihydroborane)

D. Hadži; B. Orel; A. Novak, 1973:
Infrared and Raman spectra of some acid salts containing crystallographically symmetric hydrogen bonds

Wolf, W. Berg; Kjeld Rasmussen, 1973:
Infrared and far infrared spectra of bis(ethylenediamine)palladium(II) and platinum(II) tetrahalometallates(II)

Rolf, W. Berg; Kjeld Rasmussen, 1973:
Infrared and far infrared spectra of dihalo(ethylenediamine) palladium(II) and platinum(II)

S. Ya. Khorshev; A. I. Burov; A. N. Egorochkin; V. A. Umilin; I. N. Tyutyaev, 1973:
Infrared and nmr spectra of some arene -complexes of molybdenum

A. Arcoria; E. Maccarone; G. Musumarra; G. Romano, 1973:
Infrared and ultraviolet spectra of 2-thienyl-phenyl-ketone nitro-derivatives

B. Galabov; W.J. Orville-Thomas, 1973:
Infrared band intensities and bond polarities: Part 4. The bond-bending vibration of acetylene

Yoshihiro Kuroda; Yutaka Saito; Katsunosuke Machida; Toyozo Uno, 1973:
Infrared dichroism and out-of-plane vibrations of trans-cis diacetamide and its C- and N-deuterated derivatives

A.G. Fischer, 1973:
Infrared imaging devices

L. Deady; A.R. Katritzky; R.A. Shanks; R.D. Topsom, 1973:
Infrared intensities as a quantitative measure of intramolecular interactionsXXI. Substituted benzonitriles

K.R.K. Rao; C.I. Jose, 1973:
Infrared spectra and molecular structure: Part II. N-methyl- and N, N-dimethylaminobenzoic acids

H. Dodzitik; R.A. Kolinski; B. Koeybut-Daszkiewicz, 1973:
Infrared spectra and structure of 1,4,8,11-tetra-azacycotetradecanes

A. Poletti; R. Cataliotti; G. Paliani, 1973:
Infrared spectra in polarized light of crystalline C5H5NiNO and C5D5NiNO

L. I. Lafer; E. Z. Golosman; V. I. Yakerson, 1973:
Infrared spectra of catalysts and adsorbed molecules

J.E. Bennett; S.C. Graham; B. Mile, 1973:
Infrared spectra of free radicals prepared in a rotating cryostat: the spectra of CO2, Cl3 and CH3O

D. D, 1973:
Infrared spectra of inorganic compounds (3800-45 cm1)

G.S. Shephard; D.A. Thornton, 1973:
Infrared spectra of metal anthranilates

N. G. Zhitomirskaya; D. A. Nesterenko; L. T. Eremenko, 1973:
Infrared spectra of monofluoropolynitroalkylnitramines

Hiroatsu Matsuura; Tatsuo Miyazawa; Katsunosuke Machida, 1973:
Infrared spectra of poly(ethylene glycol) dimethyl ethers in the crystalline state

A.C. Jeannotte II; Dwight Legleb; John Overend, 1973:
Infrared spectra of simple molecules in liquid-argon solutionI. CF4

Douglas Millington; D.B. Sowerby, 1973:
Infrared spectra of some chlorodimethylamino-tetraphosphonitriles

M.A. Slifkin, 1973:
Infrared spectra of some organic charge-transfer complexes

A.A. Tsyganenko; V.N. Filimonov, 1973:
Infrared spectra of surface hydroxyl groups and crystalline structure of oxides

D.J. Gardiner; E. Mayer, 1973:
Infrared spectra, vibrational assignment, normal coordinate analysis and thermodynamic functions of tetracyanomethane

R.A. Nyqutst, 1973:
Infrared spectra-structure correlations of carbamic acid: aryl-, alkyl esters

Arabinda Ray; D.N. Sathyanarayana; G.Durga Prasad; C.C. Patel, 1973:
Infrared spectral assignments of methyl and ethyl xanthato complexes of nickel(II)

B. Moszynska; J. Lipkowski; A. Janowski, 1973:
Infrared spectrophotometric investigations in polarized light of the clathrate formed by Ni(-picoline)4(NCS)2 and a-methylnaphthalene

M. Spoliti; G. Marini; S.Nunziante Cesaro; G. De Maria, 1973:
Infrared spectroscopic evidence of the Mg3O3 molecule formed by reaction of magnesium and oxygen atoms in inert gas matrices at 20.4K

B. I. Shikunov; L. I. Lafer; V. I. Yakerson; A. M. Rubinshtein, 1973:
Infrared spectroscopic study of hydroxyl coating of dealuminized mordenites

M.O. Bulanin, 1973:
Infrared spectroscopy in liquefied gases

B. Jeźowska-Trzebiatowska; J. Hanuza, 1973:
Infrared spectroscopy of oxygen bond systems

G.A. Crowder, 1973:
Infrared spectrum and rotational isomerism of trifluoroacrylyl fluoride

Kazuo Konya; Kazuo Nakamoto, 1973:
Infrared studies of coordination compounds containing high oxidation-state metalsI: Diarsine complexes

P. Tarte; J. Preudhomme, 1973:
Infrared studies of spinelsV. Lithium spinels of the type LiXY4O8

L.M. Kleiss; H.A. Strobell; M.C.R. Symons, 1973:
Infrared studies on the presence of monomeric water molecules in liquid water

M.P. Mcdonald; L.D.R. Wilford, 1973:
Infrared study of pinacol and its two hydrates

Dr. rer. nat. habil K. H. Brauer; J. Feuerstake; Doz. Dr. rer. nat. habil. F. Fröhlich; U. Mohr, 1973:
Infrarotspannungsoptische Untersuchungen an Halbleitereinkristallen

S. S. Misra, 1973:
Infrarotspektroskopische Untersuchungen an einigen heterocyclischen analogen des Chalkons: Zuordnung verschiedener Banden (Teil XVII)

R. Riemschneider; D. Groß, 1973:
Infrarotspektroskopische Untersuchungen von phenylsubstituierten Dialkyläthern

Ivan Tolstoy, 1973:
Infrasonic Fluctuation Spectra in the Atmosphere

Dessler, A. J., 1973:
Infrasonic thunder

Richard, L. Merritt, 1973:
Infrastructural Changes in Berlin

J. Dépêche, 1973:
Infrastructure superficielle de la vsicule vitelline et du sac pricardique de l'embryon dePoecilia reticulata(Poisson Tlosten)

Arnold Kahn and Douglas, L. Young, 1973:
Ingratiation in a Free Social Situation

Kawai, M, 1973:
Inhalation Toxicity of Phosgene and Trichloronitromethane (Chloropicrin)

Adamson, I Y. R., 1973:
Inhaled Irradiated Terphenyls

Siegler, R S.; Liebert, D E.; Liebert, R M., 1973:
Inhelder and Piaget's pendulum problem: Teaching preadolescents to act as scientists

Kay, H. E. M., 1973:
Inherited Blood Clotting Disorders

Ben-Bassat, I.; Beutler, E., 1973:
Inhibition by ATP of Erythrocyte Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Variants

Wolfson, R; Lehrer, S; Tan, E; Vaughan, J, 1973:
Inhibition by Bordetella pertussis extract (Bpe) of tritiated thymidine uptake (TTU) in stimulated human lymphocytes

G.B. Singh; R.C. Srimal; B.N. Dhawan, 1973:
Inhibition by alpha-methylnoradrenaline of central vasomotor loci in cat

H. Grobecker; B. Lemmer; D. Hellenbrecht; G. Wiethold, 1973:
Inhibition by antiarrhythmic and β-sympatholytic drugs of serotonin uptake by human platelets: Experimentsin vitroandin vivo

Charles, E. Day; James, R. Powell, 1973:
Inhibition by nonionic surfactants of the interaction of low-density lipoproteins with sulphated polysaccharides, collagen, elastin, and rabbit aorta in vitro

Satoi, S; Murao, S, 1973:
Inhibition of Acid Proteases by a Pepsin Inhibitor (S-PI)

Land, J M.; Clark, J B., 1973:
Inhibition of Fatty Acid Synthesis in Central Nervous Tissue in Phenylketonuria

Gaffney, E V.; Picciano, P T.; Grant, C A., 1973:
Inhibition of Growth and Transformation of Human Cells by Interferon 2

Sandor, R, 1973:
Inhibition of Human Rhabdomyosarcoma-Cell Growth in Agar by Dibutyryl Cyclic AMP2

Dent, P. B., 1973:
Inhibition of Mortality and Induction of Immunity to Friend Disease by Lectin-Treated Virus2

W. J. P. Neish; Jennifer, A. Smith, 1973:
Inhibition of Rd/3 rat sarcoma byl-asparaginase alone and in combination with sodium para-amino-salicylate

Siaga, T J.; Scribner, J D., 1973:
Inhibition of Tumor Initiation and Promotion by Anti-Inflammatory Agents 2

Okazaki, T; Okazaki, A; Arbesman, C, 1973:
Inhibition of anaphylactic histamine release by glucose-6-phosphate product of glycogenolysis mediated by cyclic AMP

D. W. Cushman; J. Pluščec; N. J. Williams; E. R. Weaver; E. F. Sabo; O. Kocy; H. S. Cheung; M. A. Ondetti, 1973:
Inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme by analogs of peptides fromBothrops jararacavenom

Anders Edström; Hans-Arne Hansson; Anders Norström, 1973:
Inhibition of axonal transportin vitroin frog sciatic nerves by chlorpromazine and lidocaine

Ozaki, M; Valentine, R C., 1973:
Inhibition of bacterial cell wall mucopeptide synthesis: A new function of RNA bacteriophage Qβ

Jon, M. Stolk; David, P. Hanlon, 1973:
Inhibition of brain dopamine-β-hydroxylase activity by methimazole

Boyd, R. Switzer; George, K. Summer, 1973 :
Inhibition of collagen synthesis by a, a-dipyridyl in human skin fibroblasts in culture

R. E. A. Gadd; S. Clayman; D. Hébert, 1973:
Inhibition of cyclic 3, 5-nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity by diuretics and other agents

L. Muszbek; B. Csaba, 1973:
Inhibition of epinephrine-induced glycogen phosphorylase activation byBordetella pertussisvaccine in rats

V. M. Bresler; Yu. V. Natochkin, 1973:
Inhibition of fluorescein secretion in the proximal renal tubule of the frog by diuretics (intravital investigation by contact microscopy)

H. Diderholm; B. Hyllseth; Z. Dinter, 1973:
Inhibition of hog cholera virus by acriflavine

A. Bertelli; G. Amato; F. Caciagli, 1973:
Inhibition of kinins formation by cyclic 3,5-AMP in anaphylactic shock in the guinea-pig

A. G. Artemova, 1973:
Inhibition of migration of the blood leukocytes in guinea pigs with hypersensitivity of delayed type to foreign tissue antigen

Louis, M. Roth, 1973:
Inhibition of oöcyte development during pregnancy in the cockroach Eublaberus posticus

Cedric Minkin, 1973:
Inhibition of parathyroid hormone stimulated bone resorptionin vitroby the antibiotic mithramycin

P. Iwangoff; A. Enz, 1973:
Inhibition of phosphodiesteras by dihydroergotamine and hydergine in various organs of the cat in vitro

Y. Ghendon; L. Babushkina; O. Blagoveshienskaya, 1973:
Inhibition of poliovirus RNA synthesis in an in vitro system by antiserum against 14S virus- specific structures

M. A. Marcialis; M. L. Schivo; P. Uccheddu; A. Garzia; B. Loddo, 1973:
Inhibition of poliovirus growth by 2-amino-4,6-dichloropyrimidine

H.A. Kordan; M. Huss, 1973:
Inhibition of root growth in rice seedlings germinating in tap water

O. A. Goncharevskaya; Yu. V. Natochin, 1973:
Inhibition of sulfate reabsorption in the kidney after injection of sodium sulfate solution into rats

Nakamura, S; Shimizu, M, 1973:
Inhibition of the Synthesis of Macromolecules in Escherichia coli by Nitrofuran Derivatives. 11. Various Nitrofuran Derivatives

Nakamura, S; Shimizu, M, 1973:
Inhibition of the Synthesis of Macromolecules in Escherichia coli by Nitrofuran Derivatives. I.(5-Nitro-2-furyl) vinylpyridines

Takase, Y; Nakamura, S; Ishiyama, M; Shimizu, M, 1973:
Inhibition of the Synthesis of Macromolecules in Escherichia coli by Nitrofuran Derivatives. III. Nifurpirinol

L. B. Romanovich; V. V. Azatyan, 1973:
Inhibition of the combustion of hydrogen by acetone

Lavigne, J-Guy; Marchand, C, 1973:
Inhibition of the gastrointestinal absorption of p- aminosalicylate (PAS) in rats and humans by diphenhydramine

E. I. Karakozova; Ya. M. Paushkin; L. V. Karmilova; N. S. Enikolopyan, 1973 :
Inhibition of the thermal decomposition of polyethylene terephthalate by additions of borate polyesters and alkalis

V. P. Dixit; N. K. Lohiya, 1973:
Inhibition of thyroid function following the administration of metopiron (SU-4885)

Lundgren, D; Ogur, M, 1973:
Inhibition of yeast Δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase by common amino acids and the regulation of proline catabolism

Celis, Mía Ester; Macagno, R; Taleisnik, S., 1973:
Inhibitory Effect of L-Prolyl-L-leucylglycinamide on the Secretion of Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone in Rats with Median Eminence Lesions

Richard, J. Orts; Bryant Benson, 1973:
Inhibitory effects on serum and pituitary LH by a melatonin-free extract of bovine pineal glands

T. M. Savege; C. E. Blogg; B. R. Simpson, 1973:
Initial experience with AH 8165D, a new rapidly acting muscle relaxant

Evan, R. Powell; Patricia, T. Ashton; Martha, E. Heaton, 1973:
Initial observations of dyadic interaction in crisis intervention centers

Fritz, T. A.; Williams, D. J., 1973:
Initial observations of geomagnetically trapped alpha particles at the equator

G. A. Kovtun; A. L. Aleksandrov, 1973:
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Initiation and structure of axisymmetric eddies in a rotating stream

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Initiation of Eukaryotic Protein Synthesis: Native 40S Subunits Bind Initiator Transfer Ribonucleic Acid before Associating with Messenger Ribonucleic Acid

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Injection de glucose dans le territoire porte chez l'homme, absence d'allisthesie ngative en rponse des stimulus sucrs

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Injuries and Fractures of the Knee Joint

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Inland waterwaystheir role and significance in European transport

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Inner Ear Barotrauma

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Innervation of the bladder

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Innovation and Power Struggles: an Experiential Deadlock

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Innovation in American Textile Technology during the Early 19th Century

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Innovation on Four Tower West / How?

Gwen, D. Marram, 1973:
Innovation on Four Tower West / What Happened?

Aileen Atwood Knecht, 1973 :
Innovation on Four Tower West / Why?

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Innovation through new ventures: new venture concept in BOC

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Innovations in Programs of Care for the Elderly

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Innovative Teaching in Fisheries Science

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Innovative ideas and practical solutions

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Inorganic cations inAllium ceparoots intracellular localizations

S. S, 1973:
Inorganic infrared and raman spectra

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Inorganic pyrophosphatase in mineralizing hamster molars

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Input and Output Variables in the Recall of Categorized and Uncategorized Lists

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Input order and output interference in organized recall

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Inquadramento fitosociologico delle leccete dei dintorni di Siena

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Inquiry Roles in College

Jill Prykryl, 1973:
Inschool Program Aids Pregnant Teenagers

Scott, T. M.; Brown, R M., 1973:
Insecticidal Control of the Pine Looper Moth in Great Britain

Quezada, J. R., 1973:
Insecticide Applications Disrupt Pupal Parasitism of Rothschildia aroma Populations in Ei Salvador

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Insekten als Schädlinge an Drogen in Apotheken und Drogerien

Marcel, L. Halberstadt; John Crump, 1973:
Insertion of methylene into the carbon-hydrogen bonds of the C1 to C4 alkanes

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Insertion of microelectrodes by a simplified scheme of step-motor control

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Insoluble phosphate salts as cytoplasmic inclusions inAllium ceparoots

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Instabilities in buoyancy-driven boundary-layer flows in a stably stratified medium

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Instabilities in charge sheets and current sheets and their possible occurrence in the aurora

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Instabilities in the equatorial electrojet

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Instability of therapeutic conditions in psychotherapy

Yu. A. Shirinkin; R. A. Ramazanov; G. V. Neklyudov, 1973:
Installation for determining the reliability of oil well shutoff plug valves

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Instantaneous photochemical rates in the global stratosphere

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Empathy score among medical students in Mashhad, Iran: study of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy

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Institutional roles in technology transfer: a diagnosis of the situation in one small country

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Institutionalised Obsessional Behaviour in Bengali Culture by a. Chakraborty. Typescript. 11 pp

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Institutionally sanctioned violence

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Instruction-following behavior of a retarded child and its controlling stimuli1

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Instructional Materials

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Empathy, social media, and directed altruistic living organ donation

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Instrument for measuring friction force in seal assemblies of hydraulic machinery

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Instrumental conditioning of diastolic blood pressure in essential hypertensive patients1

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Instrumentality Theory Predictions of Academic Behavior

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Instrumentality theory and equity theory as complementary approaches in predicting the relationship of leadership and turnover among managers

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Instrumentation Around a Warm Oil Pipeline Buried in Permafrost

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Instrumentation for Dykes on Permafrost, Kettle Generating Station

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Instrumentation for Health Care

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Insulin degradation VIII. Protein thiols as co-substrates for glutathione- insulin transhydrogenase

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Insulin-stimulated gastric acid secretion after vagotomy in man

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Insulinsekretion und Glucosetoleranz in der normalen Schwangerschaft und bei potentiellem Diabetes mellitus

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Insurance and Family Therapy

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Intact canal wall tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy

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Integral and Differential Equations of the Dynamical Theory of Electron Diffraction within a Distribution Formalism

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Integral intensity of C-H stretching vibration band in IR spectra of o-carboranes as a function of the substituent site and nature

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Integral representations for a nonhomogeneous region in couple stress theory of elasticity

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Integrated Child Health Service

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Integrated Control Strategy in the United States and its Practical Implementation1)

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Integrated intensity changes of X-ray diffraction lines for crystalline powders by grinding and compression. Relations between effective Debye parameter and lattice strain

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Integration and Acculturation of Cooperative Behavior among Blackfoot Indian and Non-Indian Canadian Children

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Integration of Psychosomatic Medicine in a Teaching Hospital

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Integration of written text

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Integration, interruption and processing rate in visual backward masking

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Integrity house: The addict as a total institution

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Integrodifferential equations for systems of leaky aquifers and applications: 1. The nature of approximate theories

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Integumental distribution of tyrosinase activity in the slow loris,Nycticebus coucang, and the presence of integumental tyrosinase inhibitor(s)

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Intellectual Functioning in Adults: Psychological and Biological Influences

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Intellectualism and Religious Attendance of Metropolitan Residents

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Intelligence about Intelligence

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Intelligence and achievement test results of kindergarten-age children in England, Ireland and the United States

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Intelligence and school phobia

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Intelligence contra IQ

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Intelligence scales for the blind: A review with implications for research

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Intelligibility of Alternated Speech

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Intelligibility of Temporally Interrupted Speech with and without Intervening Noise

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Intensities and correlations in two-mode lasers near threshold

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Intensity discrimination and cardiac reaction in young infants

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Intensity of a Raman Overtone Band

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Intensity of characteristic bands in spectra of metal dialkyldithiophosphates

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Intensity stabilization of dye laser radiation by saturated amplification

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Intensitätsmessungen an Röntgen-Bremsstrahlung im Energiebereich von 200 bis 10 eV

Rowland, J. R., 1973:
Intensive Probing of a Clear Air Convective Field by Radar and Instrumented Drone Aircraft

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Intensive nuclear selection in tryptophan limited cultures ofEscherichia coliB/r/l,trp

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Intensive swimming training for the young

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Intensive training of the young in sport and recreation--medical aspects

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Intentional and incidental learning in children and the von Restorff effect

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Intentionality in the use of hand illustrators in face-to-face communication situations

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Inter- vs. intrasensory deficit in paired associate learning in poor and normal readers

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Inter-American Paediatric Investigation

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Inter-Hierarchical Commissions in a Bornean Plural Society

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Inter-Related Effects of Experimental Set and External Reinforcement on Self-Reinforcement

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Inter-impurity recombinations in semiconductors

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Inter-station rainfall correlation under tropical conditions

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Interacitons of the Autoxidized Products of Linoleic Acid with Enzyme Proteins

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Interaction Between Two Factors that Influence Vowel Duration

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Interaction Between the Deaf and Hearing Population

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Interaction between acid glucosaminoglucans and the red cell surface

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Interaction between high-frequency turbulence and magnetospheric micropulsations

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Interaction between management and R & D: chemical industry in Europe

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Interaction between paraventricular nucleus extracts and median eminence extracts on the formation of melanocyte stimulating hormone-release-inhibiting factor

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Interaction between phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol in benzene

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Interaction between thyroglubulin liposome and thyroidal lysosome

G. R. Rozenvasser, 1973:
Interaction between traffic tunnel constructed by the open-cut method and the soil conditions

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Interaction between whistlers and quasi-periodic VLF emissions

Irwin Pollack, 1973:
Interaction effects in successive visual displays: An extension of the Eriksen-Collins paradigm

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Interaction of 1,N6-ethenoadenosine 3',5' monohydrate (E-C-AMP) with solvents and biological receptors

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Interaction of 4-vinylcyclohex-1-ene with o-cresol

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Interaction of 5'-nucleotides with gelatin. Model system for flavor potentiation

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Empathy Study in Rodent Model of Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Interaction of Exciton-Polaritons with Charged Impurities in Semiconductors

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Interaction of Fc in Coombs Test with Tanned Red Cells

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Interaction of Fluorescent Whitening Agents and Ultraviolet Radiation

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Interaction of Hageman factor, prekallikrein activator and plasmin

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Interaction of Prostaglandin E1 and Angiotensin II on Centrally Mediated Pressor Activities in the Cat

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Interaction of Relit with fused metal during induction hard facing

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Interaction of Yellow Organic Acids with Calcium Carbonate in Freshwater

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Interaction of certainα-dicarbonyl compounds with ethanedithiol and steric structure of the products formed

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Interaction of chloramphenicol and 181-1181-1181-1in barbital-anesthetized mice

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Interaction of fixation point and stimulus orientation the appearance of rectilinearity

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Interaction of malonaldehyde with collagen

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Interaction of methylal and methylal-d6 with electron acceptors

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Interaction of plasma and lattice waves in piezoelectric semiconductors

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Interaction of singly charged interstellar helium ions with the solar wind

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Interaction of tantalum halides with lithium aluminum hydride in ether

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Interaction plante - fongicide systmique

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Interactions IntramolculairesXV. Spectres de vibration et isomrie de rotation d'une srie de trichloro-1,1,1 halogno-3 alcanes

Guy Pouzard; Michel Rajzmann; Hubert Bodot; Louis Pujol, 1973:
Interactions IntramolculariesXVII Calcul des constantes de couplage en RMN du cyclohexane et de cyclohexanes substitus. Comparaison des mthodes de Pople et Santry et des perturbations finies

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Interactions between 5,5-Dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic Acid) and Cholinesterases Complicating the Coupled Assay

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Interactions between internal gravity waves and their traumatic effect on a continuous stratification

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Interactions between ions and the axon plasma membrane: Effects of cations and anions on the axonal cholinergic binding macromolecule of lobster nerves

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Interactions intramolculairesXVI: Calculs des frquences de vibration du trichloro-1,1,1 propane et des isomres de rotation des trichloro-1,1,1 halogno-3-propanesf

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Interactions of Corticosteroids with some Hepatic Microsomal Enzymes in the Rat

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Interactions of platinum(II) with adenosine and its acetyl derivatives

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Interactive effects of new valence and attraction on communicator behavior

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Interactive on-line perception of line patterns

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Interaktion mellan psykofarmaka och alkohol

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Interaktion zwischen Proteinen und Kunststoffoberflächen

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Interallelic complementation in hydrid cells derived from Chinese hamster diploid clones deficient in hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl-transferase activity

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Interatomic dispersion dipole

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Interband Magnetoreflection of ZnO

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Interband and Exciton Effects on Faraday Rotation near the Absorption Edge of CuCl

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Interband faraday rotation in silicon

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Interbreeding in the Arid-Land Foxes, Vulpes Velox and V. Macrotis

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Interbreeding in the Arid-Land Foxes, Vulpes velox and V. macrotis

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Intercellular Bridges and Mammalian Germ Cell Differentiation

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Intercensal Urban growth in Papua New Guinea, 196671

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Intercisternal substances of the Golgi apparatus

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Interconversion of Units in Studies of the Respiration of Aquatic Organisms

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Interconversion of chloroneb and 2,5-dichloro-4-methoxyphenol by soil microorganisms

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Interconversion of gibberellin A5 to gibberellin 3 in seedlings of dwarf Pisum sativum

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Interdisciplinarity and higher education

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Interdisziplinäre Diagnostik und Therapie bei psychogenen Stimm- und Sprachstörungen Erwachsener

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Interethnic Comparisons of Educational Attainment: An Analysis Based on Census Data for New York City

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Interface and surface polaritons of semiinfinite biaxial crystals

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Interface refraction at the boundary between two porous media

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Interfacial Tension of Normal Heptane

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Interfacial areas of liquid-liquid dispersions from light transmission measurements

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Interfacial energies and chemical compound formation

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Interfacial stability of binary liquidliquid systemsI. Stability analysis

E. Susana Pérez de Ortiz; H. Sawistowski, 1973:
Interfacial stability of binary liquidliquid systemsII. Stability behaviour of selected systems

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Interfacial turbulence at the surface of a drop in a liquid-liquid reaction system

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Interference by 3-Methylcholanthrene and Phenobarbital on the Development of Liver Damage Caused by Carbon Tetrachloride and White Phosphorus Poisoning

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Interference effects in sequential decay

McLeod, P. D., 1973:
Interference of "attend to and learn" tasks with tracking

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Interference of Rossby waves by reflection from Bahama Banks and Blake-Bahama Outer Ridge

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Interference of oil spill emulsifiers with gas chromatography

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Interference patterns of a horizontal electric dipole over layered dielectric media

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Interference produced by phonetic similarities: Stimulus recognition, associative retrieval, or both?

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Interferences in the Determination of Metallic Elements in Human Hair

Alberto Farinelli; Roberto Squerzanti; Bruno Bagni; Giancarlo Candini, 1973:
Interferenza dellEparina nel dosaggio dellAngiotensina i in vitro

Dr. rer. nat. Christine Seeber; H. Beyer; H. J. Körting, 1973:
Interferenzmikroskopische Trockenmassebestimmungen an primären Strumazellen in Gewebekultur. III. Effekt der Infektion mit Adeno-Virus Typ 5

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Interferometrische Bestimmung des Feuchtigkeitsgehaltes einiger organischer Lösungsmittel

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Interferometrische dichtemessungen zur frage der alterung der basilar- und tectorialmembran des meerschweinchens

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Interferon Production by 6 Pseudomonas Phaseolicola Phage and Its Double-Stranded RNA

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Interferon induction by rice dwarf virus RNA

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Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and Alienation

David Knoke, 1973:
Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and the Political Party Preferences of American Men

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Interionic potentials in liquid metals including liquid noble and transition metals

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Interior radiances in optically deep absorbing mediaI Exact solutions for one-dimensional model

Gilbert, N. Plass; George, W. Kattawar; Judith Binstock, 1973 :
Interior radiances in optically deep absorbing mediaII Rayleigh scattering

John, N. Tinker, 1973:
Intermarriage and Ethnic Boundaries: The Japanese American Case

Jacques Barrau; Jacques Satgé; Michel Massol, 1973:
Intermediaires organiques du germanium divalent: III obtention de germylenes -hydroxyles partir de 3-chlorohydrogermyl-1-propanols et de 3-methoxyhydrogermyl-1-propanols

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Intermediates and activated complexes in the chromyl chloride oxidation of organic compounds

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Intermediates in electrocrystallisation

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Intermediates of denitrification in the chemoautotrophThiobacillus denitrificans

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Intermetropolitan Migration in High and Low Opportunity Areas: Indirect Tests of the Distance and Intervening Opportunities Hypotheses

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Intermittency of the small-scale structure of atmospheric turbulence

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Intermodulation Distortion Produced by Center Clipping

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Intermolecular Electronic Energy Transfer in the Gas Phase

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Intermolecular interaction in solutionIII. Dimer-trimer formation in N-ethyl butyramide solutions

Spatz, K. C.; Johnston, J. O., 1973:
Internal Consistency of the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory

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Internal Strain in Zincblende and Wurtzite Crystals

V.V. Chavan; J. Ulbrecht, 1973:
Internal circulation in vessels agitated by screw impellers

Bryant, W M, 1973:
Internal stent for securing large skin grafts on small animals

Robert, S. Kirk, 1973:
Internal structure of insulating and semiconducting synthetic diamonds

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Internal undular surges in Seneca Lake: A natural occurrence of solitons

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Internal wave breaking and microstructure (The chicken and the egg)

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Internal waves in llyn Tegid

Desaubies, Y J. F., 1973:
Internal waves near the turning point

Michael F Hoyt, 1973:
Internal-External Control and beliefs about automobile travel

Wendland, C J., 1973:
Internal-external control expectancies of institutionalized physically disabled

Bender, E K.; Brammer, A J., 1973:
InternalCombustion Engine Induction and Exhaust System Noise

&na;,, 1973:

Chebotarev, D. F., 1973:
International Association of Gerontology

Y. Gulber; H.G. Reading, 1973:
International Association of Sedimentologists Policy Announcement

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International Cartographic Association IV General Assembly, Ottawa 1972 Presidential Address

B. Sharma, 1973:
International Centre for Mechanical Science

Currie, A J.; Decker, J F.; Van der Vaart, J, 1973:
International Control of Cannabis Sativa Alternative Approaches

King, J Harry, 1973:
International Eye Foundation

Lamar Osment, 1973:
International Health Foundation

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International Histological Classification of Tumours No. 7 Histological Typing of Salivary Gland Tumours

R. D. Lama, 1973:
International Symposium on Underground Openings, Lucerne

O. Kinne, 1973:
International Symposium Man in the sea - in situ studies on life in oceans and coastal waters: Closing address

O. Kinne, 1973:
International Symposium Man in the sea- in situ studies on life in oceans and coastal waters: Opening address

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International Telecommunications Industry: Interdependence of Market Structure and Performance under Regulation

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International Workshop on the Bayoud Disease of Data Palms

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Empathy Training Through Symptom Burden Simulation

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International cooperation in meteorology

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Internship Training: Innovations in Clinical Psychology Internship Training

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Internship for Psychiatrists

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Internship versus campus: 1964 and 1971

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Interocular transfer of reversed and nonreversed discriminations via the anterior commissure in monkeys

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Interorganismic and Environmental Influences through Extremely Weak Electromagnetic Fields

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Interorganizational Coordination of Attitude Surveys

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Interpersonal Aspects of Nursing

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Interpersonal Attraction

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Interpersonal Attraction in a Role-Played Interaction

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Interpersonal attraction and the reciprocation of benefits

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Interpersonal attraction as a function of affective state and affective change

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Interpersonal compatibility and managerial work effectiveness: A test of the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation theory

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Interpersonal counsellor qualities: Their effect on client improvement

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Interpersonal referential communication experiments with a small computer

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Interplanetary radial gradients of galactic cosmic ray protons and helium nuclei: Pioneer 8 and 9 measurements from 0.75 to 1.10 AU

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Interpolation formulae for Franck-Condon factors

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Interpretation als psychopathologische Methode

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Interpretation of Clinical Acid-Base Data

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Interpretation of ESCA chemical shifts using minimal slater basis set calculations

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Interpretation of In Vivo Tests of Susceptiltility to Antibiotics

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Interpretation of Ogo 5 Lyman alpha measurements in the upper geocorona

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Interpretation of energetic heavy ion fluxes observed during the magnetic storm of 17 December 1971

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Interpretation of near-surface current meter observations

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Interpretation of the Arterial Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressures

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Interpretation of the chemical composition of bituminous coal macerals

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Interpretation of the circular dichroism spectra of complexes of nucleotides with ribonuclease A

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Interpretation of the infrared and laser-Raman spectra of cyclopentene and perfluorocyclopentene

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Interpretation of the vibrational spectra of bicyclic hydrocarbons: norbornane and norbornadiene

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Interpretation of the vibrational spectra of small ring systems: I. 1,1,2,2-Tetrachlorotetrafluorocyclobutane and 1-chloro-2,2,3,3-tetrafluorocyclobutane

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Interpretation quantitative de donnees obtenues a partir d'un systeme electromagnetique et magnetique heliporte dans la recherche de taconites magnetiques rentables

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Interpretation von Faktorenstrukturen mit Hilfe gezielter Experimente

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Interpretation von ökologischen Karten am Beispiel des Ätna (Interpretation of Ecological Maps Using Mount Etna as an Example)

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Interpretational Relationships in the Health Service

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Interpretative methods in photoelectron spectroscopy

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Interpreting Coping Styles Across Nations from Sex and Social Class Differences

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Interpreting regression toward the mean in developmental research

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Interprtation palogographique des sries msozoques du Sahara algro-tunisien

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Interracial Marriage: A Picture of the Japanese Americans

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Interracial Public Housing in a Border City: Another Look at the Contact Hypothesis

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Interregional Development and Urban Tribalism in Africa

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Interrelationship of the basic operating parameters of a piston vapor pump

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Interrelationships among warmth, genuineness, empathy, and temporal speech patterns in interpersonal interaction

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Interrogative Thought: Merleau - Ponty and the Degree Zero of Being

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Intersexualität und sport

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Interspecific Behavior and Dispersion of Two Sympatric Deer Species

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Interspecific Feeding Assemblages of Marine Birds off British Columbia

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Interspecific hybridization in the genusNicotianainvolving a new Australian speciesN. umbraticaBurbidge

G. R. Mackay, 1973:
Interspecific hybrids between forage rape (Brassica napusL.) and turnip (Brassica campestrisL. SSP.Rapifera) as alternatives to forage rape. 1. An exploratory study with single pair crosses

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Interstitial Viral Pneumonitis Complicated by Severe Respiratory Failure

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Intertrochanteric Osteotomy with A. O. in Arthrosis of the Hip

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Interurban Differences in Black Housing Quality

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Interval Prediction for a Poisson Process

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Interval representations for interval orders and semiorders

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Interview decisions as determined by competency and attitude similarity

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Interview with Claude Simon

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Intestinal Absorption of Dipeptides Containing Glycine, Phenylalanine, Proline, β-Alanine or Histidine in the Rat

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Intestinal Disaccharidase Activities in Japanese Children

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Intestinal biopsy technique

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Intestinal disaccharidase activity of non-human primatesII. Lorisidae, hapalidae, cebidae

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Intestinal malabsorption in malnourished children before and during recovery

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Intestinal water absorption in Tilapia mossambicaI. Water movement in everted sacs of intestine bathed on both surfaces by identical ringer solution

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Intestinale Cu-Absorption in vitro nach Fe- oder Zn-Depletion : Zur Dynamik der Kupferabsorption

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Intimal cushions in foetal placental veins

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Into the Communitythrough many doors

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Intolerance to Aspirin

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Intra- and Interatomic Electron Correlation in an Orbitally Nondegenerate Narrow Band

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Intra- und postoperative Zwischenfälle in der Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde und ihre juristischen Folgen

B. Minnigerode, 1973:
Intra- und postoperative Zwischenfälle in der Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde und ihre juristischen Folgen

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Intra-Urban Industrial Location Theory and Inter-Establishment Linkages

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Intra-band electron pairing in the presence of a radiation field

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Intra-oral condylectomy applied to unilateral condylar hyperplasia

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Intra-pelvic Pressure and Renal Function Studies in Experimental Chronic Partial Ureteric Obstruction1

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Intraarterial Reserpine

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Intracellular Haemolysin of Vibrio parahaemolyticusand Related Organisms

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Intracellular Radiation of HeLa Cells by Tritiated Thymidine

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Intracranial self-stimulation in rats as a function of various stimulus parameters

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Intraerythrocytärer Cyanidstoffwechsel bei chronischer Niereninsuffizienz

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Intragastrale pH-Wertmessung beim Kalb mit einem Bioradiotelemetrie-System

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Intragastric versus nasojejunal feeding of low-birth-weight infants

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Intrageneric Relatedness of Listeria Pirie

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Intragenic somatic recombination in theLozengecistron ofDrosophila

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Intragroup effects on intergroup negotiation

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Intrakondyläre Kniegelenkprothese

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Intralist cuing following retroactive inhibition of well-learned items

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Intralist organization and subsequent free recalls

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Intraluminal diverticulum of the duodenum

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Intramitochondrial transformations during lipid vitellogenesis in oöcytes of a black fly, Simulium vittatum zetterstedt (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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Intramolecular Aldol Condensations of the Reaction Products formed from 2, 4-Pentanedione and Aldehydes

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Intramolecular Electronic Interaction in Pyridinyl Diradicals Temperature Dependence and Electronic Structure

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Intramolecular Reactions of Enaminonitriles. I. A Novel Synthesis of New β-Aminopyrroles and Related Heterocycles

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Intramolecular alkylation of anions of nitramines

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Intramolecular exchange of trimethylsilyl group in trimethylsilylesters of nitronic acids

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Intramolecular hydrogen-bonding in carbohydrate crystal-structures

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Intramolecular interactions in phosphoryl compounds

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Intramuscular ketamine Repeated injections

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Intranucleäre Bakterien bei experimentellen Infektionen mit Listeria monocytogenes

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Intranucleäre Mitosen in homokaryotischen und dikaryotischen Mycelien der Basidiomyceten

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Intraocular Injuries: Their Immediate Surgical Management

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Intraocular histocompatibility and adhesive strength of butyl-2-cyanoacrylate

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Intraoral Air Pressure Correlates of Lip Occlusion for Bilabial Stop Consonants

Sister Jeanne Meurer, 1973:
Intrapartal Fetal Distress

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Intraparticle deactivation of bifunctional catalysts

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Intrapulmonary neuro-epithelial bodies: Hypoxia-sensitive neuro (chemo-) receptors

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Intrareactor heat transfer criterionI. Zero order catalytic reactions

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Intraspecific Larval Competition by the Codling Moth, Laspeyresia ponwllella

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Intraspecific interactions in aggregations ofLindenius(Hymenoptera: Sphecidae, Crabroninae)

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Intraspecific variation of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) isoenzymes in someBelone belonepopulations from the adriatic and tyrrhenian seas

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Intraspinales Neuroblastom im Kindesalter

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Intratracheal Anaesthesia

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Intraurban Sectoral Mental Maps: Further Evidence from an Extended Methodology

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Intrauterine Devices

Knoch, M.H., 1973:
Intrauterine contraceptive devices

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Intrauterine effect of 6-mercaptopurine on behavior of rats after birth

Parry, T. E., 1973 :
Intravascular coagulation in meningococcal septicaemia

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Intravenous Catheter Placement for Fluid Therapy and for Central Venous Pressure Measurement in Small Animals

Birch, C. A., 1973:
Intravenous Cordon Bleu

Seftel, A D., 1973:
Intravenous Feeding

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Empathy Variation in General Practice: A Survey among General Practitioners in Denmark

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Intravenously Administered Lidocaine as Cough Depressant during General Anesthesia for Bronchography

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Intravitale Trypanblau-Speicherung in den Epithelzellen des proximalen Nierentubulus nach Sublimat-Intoxikation und anschließender L-Thyroxin-Behandlung

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Intrazisternale Tubuluskomplexe in Zellen menschlicher Keimlinge mit Röteln-Embryopathie

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Intrinsic kinetics of trickle bed reactors

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Introducing psychological consultation to a university community

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Introducing the child

William, C. Phinney, 1973:
Introduction of Paul W. Gast for the V. M. Goldschmidt medal of the Geochemical Society

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Introduction of flow line production methods into individual and small-series manufacture of chemical equipment

V. M. Pronin, 1973:
Introduction of new techniques Pledge of success in socialist emulation

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Introduction of substituents into the benzene ring of indole. 6-N-derivatives of 6-amino-5-nitroindole

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Introduction of time variance to linear conceptual catchment models

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Emperipolesis and S100 expression may be seen in cutaneous xanthogranulomas: A multi-institutional observation

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Emphasis of FAS/FASL gene polymorphism in patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

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Emphasis on expert consensus guidance for constantly promoting the levels of diagnosis and treatment of hypopharyngeal cancer in China

Qi, S.T.; Wu, X.Y., 2018:
Emphasis on perioperative and long-term treatment is the key to improve the prognosis of patients with craniopharyngiom

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Emphasis on standardization of follow-up after gastrectomy

Zhang, K.C.; Chen, L., 2018:
Emphasis on standardization of minimally invasive surgery for gastric cancer

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Emphasis on Systemic Therapy in Women With Pelvic Bone Metastasis at Time of Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

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Introduction, Background and Methods

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Introduction, Seventh Annual ASCP Research Symposium: Molecular Mechanisms in Viral Neoplasia of Animals and Their Implications in the Origin of Cancer in Man

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Introduction: Management of Pain

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Introductory Atlas of Perimetry

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Emphasis on the importance of chemical drug treatment for spinal tuberculosis

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Emphasized Mechanistic Antimicrobial Study of Biofunctionalized Silver Nanoparticles on Model Proteus mirabilis

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Introductory statement

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Introgressive Hybridization between Gila orcutti and Hesperoleucus symmetricus (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in the Cuyama River Basin, California: II. Ecological Aspects

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Intuitive cascaded inferences

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Emphasizing the "positive" in positive reinforcement: using nonbinary rewarding for training monkeys on cognitive tasks

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Intrt de la laparoscopie dans les urgences abdominales mdico-chirurgicales

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Intrts des confrontations de documents

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Inulinbestimmung in fluorocarbonhaltigen Emulsionen

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Inversions Beneath the thermocline in the north-western Mediterranean

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Invertase Development in Root Slices of Sweet Potato

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Investigating the Effect of Size upon the Metabolic Rate of Mammals

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Investigation into the long-term strength of parent metal welds of a sheet made from VT1-0 and OT4-0

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Investigation of Electron Penetration and X-Ray Production in Solid Targets

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Investigation of Nucleotide Ribonuclease-A Complexes with High-Resolution 31P-Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Spectroscopy

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Investigation of Urinary Glycosaminoglycans in the Mucopolysaccharidoses

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Investigation of a BDK-1 free-piston expander-compressor

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Investigation of an automatic tension control system

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Investigation of antiknock properties of liquefied petroleum gas in a ZIL-375 engine

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Investigation of dialkyldithiocarbamates of copper (II), nickel (II), and zinc by the method of anodic polarography

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Investigation of exciton complexes in 6H-SiC by isotope substitution

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Investigation of field electron microscope tips bombarded with microparticles at limited field emission currents

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Investigation of gear transmission dynamics of a UDV-602-K2 centrifugal separator

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Investigation of hydrobiological effects due to cooling water discharges of electric power plants

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Investigation of interaction of zinc dithiophosphates with tetraethylenepentamine by NMR method

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Investigation of k = 0 phonons in Bi, Cd, Mg, and Zn by Raman scattering

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Investigation of lactams

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Investigation of material reliabilities under gaseous abrasive wearing conditions

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Investigation of monoamine oxidase activity in the tissues of rabbits exposed to acute stress

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Investigation of multiple layer heterojunction structures by means of an electron-beam microprobe-analyzer

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Investigation of neuronal connections in the dorsocaudal tegmentum of the cat by a microstimulation method

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Investigation of petroleum asphaltenes using thermal breakdown reaction

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Investigation of regenerators filled with 60 corrugation angle disc packing

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Investigation of short range ordering in polymers by means of radial distribution functions derived from X-ray diffraction

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Investigation of some oxygen-containing chromium (III) complexes by epr and optical spectroscopy

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Investigation of strength of VT1-0 titanium alloy vessels

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Investigation of structural transformations in Cu2Se

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Investigation of tangential forces of frost heave

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Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Molybdenum Single Crystal Surfaces by Means of the Positron Annihilation Method

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Investigation of the ammonium form of mordenite by methods of differential thermal analysis and IR spectroscopy

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Investigation of the butyl rubber-toluene system by the paramagnetic probe method

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Investigation of the catalytic activity of certain azaporphin compounds in the oxidation of cumene

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Investigation of the complex formation of cerimolybdates with potassium tantalate

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Investigation of the conditions for decolorizing kanamycin eluates with anion-exchange resins

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Investigation of the conformations of methyl-di(chloromethyl)phosphine oxide in the crystalline phase and in solutions

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Investigation of the consolidation of a peat base

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Investigation of the crystallization of liquids by the paramagnetic probe method

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Investigation of the crystallization of the system KAl(Cr)(SO4)212 H2O under various conditions

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Investigation of the dipole-dipole interaction of phosphoryl compounds with the medium by the method of ir spectroscopy

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Investigation of the dynamics of adsorption in a broad range of breakthrough concentrations

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Investigation of the electron energy spectrum in some phases of CsCl-type

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Investigation of the electronic structure of macromolecules as a function of the number of elementary fragments

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Investigation of the extraction of flavonoids in a semiindustrial installation

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Investigation of the homogeneity of Cu-Ni sintered materials using microprobe

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Investigation of the interaction in the systems C2H2-HCl and C2H2-Cl2at low temperatures by the method of IR spectroscopy

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Investigation of the interaction of CO with O2on the surface of zeolites containing cations of the transition metals by the method of ir spectroscopy

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Investigation of the intermolecular interaction of nitrogen heterocycles of the purine and pyrimidine groups in aqueous solutions by the NMR method

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Investigation of the kinetics of the isomerization of n-pentane on the hydrogen form of mordenite at low partial pressures of hydrogen

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Investigation of the pressure distribution in the soil around piles with spherical enlarged bases

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Investigation of the rate of corrosion of alloys of the titanium tantalum molybdenum system in a 50% sulfuric acid solution AT 20

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Investigation of the rates of interaction between adrenolytics and α-adrenergic receptors of smooth muscles

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Investigation of the reaction of D()-threo-1-(p-nitrophenyl)-2-amino-1,3-propanediol with methyl dichloroacetate

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Investigation of the stability of a clayey foundation bed by means of screens

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Investigation of the stability of platyphilline and seneciphilline in chlorine-containing organic solvents

B. V. Bakholdin; N. M. Bol'shakov, 1973:
Investigation of the state of stress of clays during pile driving

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Investigation of the stereochemistry and electronic structure in a series of dipyridyls

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Investigation of the stereochemistry of the radical telomerization of propylene by polyhalomethanes by the method of conformational PMR analysis

B. A. Énglin; N. A. Grigor'ev; V. I. Dostovalova; I. K. Shmyrev; R. Kh. Freidlina, 1973:
Investigation of the stereochemistry of the radical telomerization of propylene with 1,1,1,3-tetrachlorobutane by the method of conformational PMR analysis

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Investigation of the strength of loams by dynamic tests on piles

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Investigation of the structure of diethylthallium salts of polynitroalkanes

A. Müller; N. Mohan; P. Cristophliemk; I. Tossidis; M. Dräger, 1973:
Investigation of the vibrational spectra of PS43, CS32, CS2Se2, CSSe22, CSe32, BCl2Br and BClBr2

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Investigation of thermal stability of VNII NP-300A grease by thermogravimetric analysis

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Investigation on plasmin-proteolysis of abnormal fibrinogen (Fibrinogen Giessen)

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Investigations belated to the synthesis of vitamin A

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Investigations in the area of the synthesis ofβ-carotene

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Investigations of Atmospheric Extinction Using Direct Solar Radiation Measurements Made with a Multiple Wavelength Radiometer

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Investigations of carotenoids in some fauna of the Adriatic Sea. III.Leander (Palaemon) serratusandNephrops norvegicus(Crustacea: Decapoda)

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Investigations of the 500mb level in relation to the general circulation

W. Dijk; H. M. Dool, 1973:
Investigations of the 500mb level in relation to the general circulation I

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Investigations of the Capacity of Synthesizing 3b-Sterols in Mollusca: X. Biosynthesis and Composition of 3b-sterols in Cephalopoda

P.A. Voogt, 1973:
Investigations of the capacity of synthesizing 3ß-sterols in mollusca. XI. Biosynthesis and composition of 3ß-sterols in some acoela (opisthobranchia)

Shirai, K; Okamura, H, 1973:
Investigations on Initial Process of Oil Tanning in the Sight o_??_Solubilized Nitrogen Quantity Method

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Investigations on Protein Amino Acids in the Larvae of Chironomus Annularius Meig (Diptera - Chironomidae)

Wieneke, J., 1973:
Investigations on Secondary Translocation of Root Absorbed45 Ca in Bean Plants

Investigations on fungicides: XV. The fungitoxicity and systemic antifungal activity of N-(2, 2, 2-trichloro-1-methoxyethyl) formamide and related compounds

Kaspari, H, 1973:
Investigations on production and activity of Streptomyces antibiotics in soil

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Investigations on the Catecholamine Release in Anaphylactic, Anaphylatoxin, and Histamine Shock of Guinea Pigs

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Investigations on the Possible Relationship between Hepatic Endoplasmic-Reticulum Enzymes and Bile Secretion in the Rat

Klaus, H. Domsch; Malcolm, E. Corden, 1973:
Investigations on the mode of action of sodium N-methyldithiocarbamate inFusarium oxysporumf. sp.lycopersici

W. L. van Veen; D. van der Kooij; E. C. W. A. Geuze; A. W. van der Vlies, 1973:
Investigations on the sheathed bacteriumHaliscomenobacter hydrossisgen.n., sp.n., isolated from activated sludge

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Investigations on the time dependance of platelet functions I. General methodical investigations

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Involvement of angiotensin-mediated renal vasoconstriction in renal hypertension

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Involvement of inguinal lymph nodes in carcinoma of the vulva: A comparison of clinical assessment with histological examination

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Inwieweit stellt die unerwünschte Schwangerschaft heute noch ein Problem dar?

Reiter, W F.; Harper, L J.; Eberhardt, A C., 1973:
InService Tire Vibration Investigation

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Iodipamide Kinetics in die Dog: A Multicompartmental Analysis

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Ion Selective Electrodes Based on Brilliant Green Tetrathiocyanatezincate(II)

Williams, R J. P., 1973:
Ion Selectivity and Ligand Design

Edit, A. Zylber; Catalina, A. Rotunno; Marcelino Cereijido, 1973:
Ion and water balance in isolated epithelial cells of the abdominal skin of the frogLeptodactylus ocellatus

Catalina, A. Rotunno; Edit, A. Zylber; Marcelino Cereijido, 1973:
Ion and water balance in the epithelium of the abdominal skin of the frogLeptodactylus ocellatus

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Ion cyclotron waves observed in the polar cusp

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Ion diffusion and momentum correlation functions in dilute electrolytes

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Ion exchange in sulfonate additives

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Ion exchange. Present and future use

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Ion heating in thermal plasma flows

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Ion ratio variations with particle size in Puerto Rican aerosols

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Ion-impact-produced secondary electron emission and its effect on space instrumentation

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Ion-mediated water flow

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Ionen-VI: Das Tetraphenyloborat-Ion als Kernresonanz-Verschiebungsreagens bei Anilinium-Kationen

G.P. Schiemenz, 1973:
Ionen. VII. Das tetraphenyloborat-ion als kernresonanzverschiebungsreagens bei pyridinium-kationen

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Ionic Relationships of Soil and Plant

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Ionic association in hydrogen-bonding solvents

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Ionic control of renal gluconeogenesis III. The effects of changes in pH, pCO2, and bicarbonate concentration

Kurokawa, K; Rasmussen, H, 1973 :
Ionic control of renal gluconeogenesis: I. The interrelated effect of calcium and hydrogen ions

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Ionic solvation by water in dimethylsulfoxide

T. Ada Chi, 1973:
Ionic wind in the electrostatic precipitatorexperimental treatment by schlieren method

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Ionization constants of some analgesics with narcotic action and their pain-relieving activity

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Ionization of 5-Nitro-8-hydroxyquinoline in aqueous solutions

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Ionization potentials of phenothiazine derivatives and their correlation with the pharmacological effect

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Ionization wave as an Instability Evolution and Nonlinear Effect

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Ionization, recombination, and population of excited levels in hydrogen plasmas

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Ionized impurity scattering in degenerate In2O3

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Ionospheric dispersion of electromagnetic pulses

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Ionospheric slab thickness: Its relation to temperature and dynamics

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Ionospheric structure from oblique-backscatter soundings

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Ionospheric structure near the dayside boundary of closed field lines

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Iontophoretic study of the effects of norepinephrine and 2-phenylethylamine on single cortical neurons

Phelps, C D., 1973:
Iowa Eye Association Meeting

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Iproniazid interaction with the H3norepinephrine uptake and retention, on isolated left atrium of guinea-pig

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Irish Dermatological Society : 30 September 1972, Belfast

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Irish holidays abroad : The growth and destinations of chartered inclusive tours

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Irma injection flops

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Iron Deficiency Anemia among High School Students

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Iron deficiency anemia and scholasticachievement in young adolescents

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Iron-phosphate compound identification in sewage sludge residue

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Iron-wollastonite from skarns and its stability relation in the CaSiO3-CaFeSi2O6 join

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Irradiation and Viral Lymphomagenesis in Thymic Grafts 2

Harry Grabstald, 1973:
Irradiation and radical cystectomy for bladder cancer

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Irreducible tensors in the octahedral spinor group

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Irregularity motions in the polar ionosphere

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Irrigation investigations in Otago, New Zealand

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Irrotational, progressive surface gravity waves near the limiting height

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Is American science education at the crossroads?

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Is Feeling More Real Than Thinking?: an Analysis of an Imagined Encounter

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Is Lecturing Really Necessary?

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Is Pornography a Problem?

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Is Schizophrenia Universal? An Open Question

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Is This Culture Necesasry?

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Is annular pancreas the true cause of duodenal obstruction in the Newborn? : G. Verga. Ann. Chir. Infant. 13:275276 (July/August), 1972

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Is psychology relevant to new priorities?

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Is the PGM1locus subject to selection?

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Is the acquired-pleasantness effect in paired-associate learning free from confounding by meaningfulness and similarity?

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Is the Psychomotor Variant Rhythmic Mid-Temporal Discharge an Ictal Pattern?

Dobzhansky, T, 1973:
Is there Gene Exchange between Drosophila pseudoobsura and Drosophila persimilis in Their Natural Habitats?

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Is there enough solar extreme ultraviolet radiation to maintain the global mean thermospheric temperature?

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Ischemic Bowel Disease

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Isoamyl alcohol as a raw material for the production of certain drug preparations

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Isobornyloxycarbonyl Function, a New Convenient Amino-Protecting Group in Peptide Synthesis. IV. Synthesis of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (Gn-RH or LH-RII/FSH-RH)

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Isocitrate Lyase and Adenosine Triphosphate Malate Lyase as Key Enzymes for the Methylotrophic Growth of Bacterium 5H2

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Isoelectronic Broadening of the Yellow Exciton Quadrupole Absorption Line of Cuprous Oxide

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Isoelectronic Impurity States in Tellurium

P.J. Dean, 1973:
Isoelectronic traps in semiconductors (experimental)

Helena Windemann; Urs Müller; Erich Baumgartner, 1973:
Isoelektrische Fokussierung und zweidimensionale Auftrennung einer wasserlöslichen Proteinfraktion von Hart- und Weichweizen aus Teigwarenprodukten

G. Nahler; H. Ruis, 1973:
Isoenzyme der Aspartat-Aminotransferase aus dem Endosperm von keimenden Rizinussamen

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Isoenzymes of Enolase in Rat Tissues

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Isoenzymes of Serum Leucine Aminopeptidase (LAP)Pattern in Hepatic Cirrhosis

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Isoenzymes of uridine-cytidine kinase of rat sarcoma M-1

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Isolated Massive Chylopericardium

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Isolation and Biological Activity of Cyl-2, a Metabolite of Cylindrocladium scoparium

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Isolation and Characterization of Fructans from Polygonatum odoratum var.japonicum Rhizomes

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Isolation and Crystallization of Extracellular 3β-Hydroxysteroid Oxidase of Brevibacterium sterolicum nov. sp

Sato, S; Murao, S, 1973:
Isolation and Crystallization of Microbial Alkaline Protease Inhibitor, S-SI

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Isolation and Identification of 2, 3-Dimethyl-4-hydroxy-2-nonenoic Acid Lactone from Shubi

Tsuchida, H; Komoto, M; Kato, H; Fujimaki, M, 1973:
Isolation and Identification of Two β-Hydroxy-pyridine Derivatives from the Nondialyzable Melanoidin-hydrolyzate

Murao, S; Oda, K; Matsushita, Y, 1973:
Isolation and Identification of a Microorganism which Produces Non Streptomyces Pepsin Inhibitor and N-Diazoacetyl-DL-norleucine Methylester Sensitive Acid Proteases

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Isolation and Identification of l-Deoxy-l-(L-asparagino)-D-fructose Formed in the Autoclaved Culture Medium

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Isolation and Purification of Apoprotein from Chicken and Quail Egg Yolk

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Isolation and Purification of Polyglutamic Acid Produced by Bacillus subtilis No. 5 E, and Studies on its Chemical Properties (Polyglutamic Acid Fermentation PartIV)

Araki, K; Tachibana, S; Uchiyama, M; Nakajima, T; Yasuhara, T, 1973:
Isolation and Structure of a New Active Peptide "Xenopsin"on the Smooth Muscle, especially on a Strip of Fundus from a Rat Stomach, from the Skin of Xenopus laevis

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Isolation and characterization of a plaque-formingLac-transducing phage 80placwith special reference to its integration and excision

Peter Kindler; Till Uwe Keil; Peter Hans Hofschneider, 1973:
Isolation and characterization of a ribonuclease III deficient mutant ofEscherichia coli

Toshio Nagata; Takashi Horiuchi, 1973:
Isolation and characterization of a temperature-sensitive amber suppressor mutant ofEscherichia coliK12

R. Bachofer; O. Oltmanns; F. Lingens, 1973:
Isolation and characterization of aNocardia-like soil-bacterium, growing on carboxanilide fungicides

Jürgen Weckesser; Gerhart Drews; Inge Fromme; Hubert Mayer, 1973:
Isolation and chemical composition of the lipopolysaccharides ofRhodopseudomonas palustrisstrains

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Isolation and gas chromatographic analysis of free fatty acids from salmon flesh

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Isolation and structure of amplexoside A. A new glycoside fromAsclepias amplexicaulis

Isogai, A; Murakoshi, S; Suzuki, A; Tamura, S, 1973:
Isolation from Astragali Radix of L-Canavanine as an Inhibitory Substance to Metamorphosis of Silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Francine Casse; Marc Chippaux; Marie-Claire Pascal, 1973:
Isolation fromSalmonella typhimuriumLT2 of mutants lacking specifically nitrate reductase activity and mapping of thechl-C gene

Hendrickse, R. G., 1973:
Isolation in the Control of Dysentry

Yoshimitsu Ueno; Masuo Kitahara, 1973:
Isolation of 3-O-β-gentiobiosyl-D-glucose from the sclerotia of Sclerotinia libertiana

Eduardo, A. Forlano; Jorge, O. Deferrari; Raúl A. Cadenas, 1973:
Isolation of 6-(D-glycero-2,3-dihydroxypropyl) 2-(d-threo-trihydroxypropyl)pyrazine

Yoshinaka, T; Yano, K; Yamaguchi, H, 1973:
Isolation of Highly Radioresistant Bacterium, Arthrobacter radiotolerans nov. sp

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Isolation of L-chain polypeptide of autoprothrombin III (Factor X): Homology with prothrombin indicated

Kimura, Y; Tamura, S, 1973:
Isolation of L-β-Phenyllactic Acid and Tyrosol as Plant Growth Regulators from Gloeosporium laeticolor

Tomoyeda, M; Horitsu, H; Kuchimaru, K, 1973:
Isolation of Mercuric Chloride-tolerant Microorganism and the Incorporation of Mercuric Chloride into the Cells of the Microorganism

Marcello, G. Cacace; Roberto Nucci, 1973:
Isolation of Multiple Forms of DNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase from Calf-Liver Nuclei

Seto, H, 1973:
Isolation of Pentopyranines A, B, C and D

Tomoyeda, M; Horitsu, H; Azuma, T, 1973:
Isolation of Phenyl Mercuric-, and Mercuric Acetate-tolerant Microorganism and the Incorporation of Their Compounds into Cells of the Microorganism

Sassa, T; Tomizuka, K; Ikeda, M; Miura, Y, 1973:
Isolation of a New Root Growthstimulating Substance from a Fungus

Kazutoshi Imuta; Koji Ouchi, 1973:
Isolation of adamantane from coal extract

S. V. Sturchak; N. D. Fanchenko, 1973:
Isolation of an estradiol-binding system from the guinea pig uterus

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Isolation of an inhibitor of ß-glucuronidase from porcine sublingual gland

A. N. Maisurian; E. A. Buyanovskaya, 1973:
Isolation of anEscherichia colistrain restricting bacteriophage suppressor

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Isolation of different thermophilic enzymes fromBacillus stearothermophilus

Ching-Yung Wang; A.Mahir Pamukcu; George, T. Bryan, 1973:
Isolation of fumaric acid, succinic acid, astragalin isoquercitrin and tiliroside from Pteridium aquilinum

M. Ohsawa; M. Kimura, 1973:
Isolation ofβ2-microglobulin from the urine of patients with itai-itai (Ouch-ouch) disease

J.P. Chapelle, 1973:
Isolement de derives seco-iridoides d'Anthocleista zambesiaca

Alain Rabaron; Michel Plat; Pierre Potier, 1973:
Isolement de la dehydro-14 Isoeburnamine de Melodinus celastroides

N. Peube-Locou; M. Plat; M. Koch, 1973:
Isolement de la descarbomthoxydihydrogambirtannine des feuilles d'Ochrosia lifuana et d'o. miana

Isabelle Loriaux; Pierre Boiteau; Henri-Philippe Husson, 1973:
Isolement des grayanotoxines des feuilles dAgauria polyphylla

A. Miehlke; H. Ri; W. Schätzle; G. Schmidt, 1973:
Isolierte reinnervation der abduktionsmuskulatur des stimmbandes

Cecilia Ambrus; Ulrich Klages, 1973:
Isolierte traumatische Ruptur der Arteria iliaca interna

Miroslav Bauer, 1973:
Isolierung der Luft aus der Lunge der Leiche für die toxikologisch-chemische Analyse

H. Bohn, 1973:
Isolierung des Placenta-Proteins PP2und seine Identifizierung als Ferritin

Rolf Otto Studer; Arnold Trzeciak; William Lergier, 1973:
Isolierung und Aminosäuresequenz von Substanz P aus Pferdedarm

Senkpiel, K.; Barth, A.; Richter, I., 1973:
Isolierung und Charakterisierung einer L-Leucin-aminopeptidase (LAP) und einer L-Alaninaminopeptidase (AAP) aus Euglena gracilis

Diethard Dauber, 1973:
Isolierung und Charakterisierung zweier Nucleasen aus Backhefe (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

I Putu Gde Wirotama; Karl Heinz Ney, 1973:
Isolierung und Identifizierung aliphatischer Amide in Cheddar-, Emmentaler-, Manchego- und Edelpilzkase

J. R. Regnard; J. Pelzl, 1973:
Isomer Shift of Multiple Charge States of Iron in CaO and CaF2

Nambara, T; Honma, S; Asama, M; Akiyama, S; Nokubo, M, 1973:
Isomeric 2, 16α-Dihydroxyestrone Methyl Ethers: New Metabolites in Rat Bile

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Isomeric methylene-bis(1-aza-2-cycloheptanones) and their infrared spectroscopy

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Isomeric transformations of nitrocinnamic ester

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Isomeriefälle bei CrIII- und CoIII-1:2-Komplexen aus 8-(2′-Carboxyphenyl)-amino-chinolinen: Zur Frage der pyramidalen Struktur des koordinierten, dreibindigen Stickstoffatoms von Metallchelaten

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Isomerisation of nitroolefines. II. Isomerisation reaction of nitroethylene

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Isomerization and hydrogenation of isopentenes in the presence of a chloromethyl methyl sulfoxide complex of palladium

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Isomerization of 4-O-methyl-D-glucuronic acid in neutral, aqueous solution

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Isomerization of N,N,N-trifluoroalkylamidines

K. V. Topchieva; V. A. Dorogochinskaya, 1973:
Isomerization of n-hexane on platinized Type Y zeolite binder-free bead catalyst

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Isomerization of triphenylmelamines

Dozent. Dr. Chr. Balarew; V. Karaivanova; Dr. S. Aslanian, 1973:
Isomorphiebeziehungen bei den Heptahydratsulfaten von einigen zweiwertigen Metallen (Mg2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Fe2+, Co2+)

Jean Cadet; Robert Teoule, 1973:
Isomrisation des 5-bromo-5,6-dihydro-6-hydroxythymidines. Prparation des formes anomres de la thymidine et de la 1-(2-dsoxy-D-rythro-pentofuranosyl)thymine

Jean, M.J. Tronchet; Jean-Marc Bourgeois, 1973:
Isomrisations en chimie des sucres : Partie IV. Action d'agents nuclophiles sur des 3-C-cyanomthylne-3-dsoxy-1,2:5,6-DI-O-isopropylidnefuranoses. Comparaison avec les furanos-3-uloses-correspondants

Maharaj, K. Bhan; Som Raj; Mangalathu, N.S. Nayar; Kashmiri, L. Handa, 1973:
Isoprenylcoumarins from Boenninghausenia albiflora

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Isopropyl Alcohol by Direct Hydration of Propylene

Akira Hasegawa; Minoru Nakajima, 1973:
Isopropylidenation with 2,2-dimethoxypropane-N,N-dimethylformamide-p-toluenesulfonic acid selective substitution in certain aminocyclitols

Onda, M; Sugama, Y; Yokoyama, H; Tada, F, 1973:
Isoquinolines. I. Preparation and Stereochemistry of 9, 10-Epoxy-1-(p-methoxybenzyl)-2-methyldecahydroisoquinolines

Eloy Rodríguez; Chin Shen Mann; Tom, J. Mabry; Xorge, A. Domínguez, 1973:
Isorhamnetin 3-O-glucoside 7-O-arabinoside from Eschscholzia mexicana

M. Jay; F. Gonnet, 1973:
Isoscutellarine isole de Pinguicula vulgaris

Cholette, C.; Gagnon, A., 1973:
Isosmotic adaptation in Myxine glutinosa L.II. Variations of the free amino acids, trimethylamine oxide and potassium of the blood and muscle cells

Hawkes, C. M.; Janata, J., 1973:
Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

E.B. Christiansen; S.J. Kelsey, 1973:
Isothermal and nonisothermal, laminar, inelastic, non-Newtonian tube-entrance flow following a contraction

Hyoungman Kim; Gundega Reinfelds, 1973:
Isothermal diffusion studies of the H2O-sucrose-KCl system at 25C

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Isotope separation factor of carbon dioxide-water system and isotopic composition of atmospheric oxygen

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Isotopic Determination and Optimum Reaction Conditions of Pantothenic Acid Synthetase

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Isotopic hydrogen exchange in -bonded ligand of -C6H5CH2MO(CO)3C5H5- and -C6H5CH2W(CO)3C5H5- complexes

C. C. Lee, 1973:
Isotopic scrambling studies on the norbornyl cation

W. Brent Aitken; Donald, J. Niederpruem, 1973:
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