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Dependence of cytogenetic action of TEPA on its concentration in human lymphocyte cultures

Selezneva, T.G.; Chebotarev, A.N.

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 82(4): 1581-1584


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-4888
DOI: 10.1007/bf00799819
Accession: 061419665

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The cytogenetic action of Tepa (tris (2-methyl-1-aziridinyl)-phosphine oxide; mol. wt. 173.154) on cultures of human lymphocytes was investigated. With an increase in concentration of the mutagen from 0.125 to 16.0 μg/ml the cytogenetic effect increased: the proportion of aberrant metaphases rose from 6.0 to 61.0% and the total number of breaks from 7.96 to 116.3. A method of finding the smallest effective concentration of a test substance compared with a control is suggested, and for Tepa its value is 0.120 μg/ml. The fraction of chromatid breaks remained constant at 51.72% when different Tepa concentrations were used.

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