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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61423

Chapter 61423 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

David, E. Campbell; Toni, A. Campbell, 1976:
Effects of live and recorded story telling on retelling performance of preschool children from low socioeconomic backgrounds

Coomes, E. N.; Darlington, L. G., 1976:
Effects of local steroid injection for supraspinatus tears. Controlled study

Bigoness, W J., 1976:
Effects of locus of control and style of third party intervention upon bargaining behavior

Allan, W. Wicker; Sandra, L. Kirmeyer; Lois Hanson; Dean Alexander, 1976:
Effects of manning levels on subjective experiences, performance, and verbal interaction in groups

Hayashi, M.; Bond, T.P.; Wells, C.H.; Guest, M.M., 1976:
Effects of mannitol and nicotinic acid on renal papillary blood flow in burned hamsters

Kanakis, C, 1976:
Effects of marijuana in coronary disease

Weber, D L., 1976:
Effects of masker intensity on the bandwidth of the auditory filter

Benowitz, M L.; Busse, T V., 1976:
Effects of material incentives on classroom learning over a four-week period

Braver, S L.; Barnett, B, 1976 :
Effects of modeling on cooperation in a Prisoner's Dilemma game

Lazarowitz, R; Stephan, W G.; Friedman, S. Thomas, 1976:
Effects of moral justifications and moral reasoning on altruism

Michael, F. Holland, 1976:
Effects of moral maturity and essay structure on moral persuasion

Yu. V. Burov; S. A. Borisenko, 1976:
Effects of neurotropic drugs on hypothalamic self-stimulation

Wells, C.H.; Hilton, J.G.; Larson, D.L.; Sloan, D.F., 1976:
Effects of nicotinic acid upon post-burn oedema: a preliminary report of clinical trials

Peter, C. Senkowski, V A. Vogel, 1976:
Effects of number of CS-US pairings on the strength of conditioned frustration in rats

John, P. Cullinane; Padraig, M. Whelan, 1976:
Effects of oil on beaches in West Cork, Ireland

John E Davis; Sheila S Anderson, 1976:
Effects of oil pollution on breeding Grey Seals

Thomas, L. Ruble, 1976:
Effects of one's locus of control and the opportunity to participate in planning

Rose, R J.; Rowe, E J., 1976:
Effects of orienting task and spacing of repetitions on frequency judgments

Arkes, H R.; Schumacher, G M.; Gardner, E T., 1976:
Effects of orienting tasks on the retention of prose material

Dalezman, J J., 1976:
Effects of output order on immediate, delayed, and final recall performance

Jamin, E.; Kennel, C. F., 1976:
Effects of parallel propagation on equatorial electrojet irregularities

Arthur, C. Bohart; Barbara Hewitt; Audrey Heilmann; Dianne Threlkeld, 1976:
Effects of paraprofessional training on one aspect of generalized interpersonal effectiveness

Loy, W. Frazier, 1976:
Effects of parathyroid hormone on H+and NH4+excretion in toad urinary bladder

U. J. G. M. van Haelst; R. C. A. Sengers, 1976:
Effects of parenteral nutrition with lipids on the human liver

Tanya Grieger; James, M. Kauffman; Russell, M. Grieger, 1976:
Effects of peer reporting on cooperative play and aggression of kindergarten children

U. Seeber; K. Kuschinsky, 1976:
Effects of penfluridol on dopamine-sensitive adenylate cyclase in corpus striatum and substantia nigra of rats

Hugh, J. Arnold, 1976:
Effects of performance feedback and extrinsic reward upon high intrinsic motivation

Victor, L. de Vlaming; Mary Jo Vodicnik, 1976:
Effects of photoperiod-temperature regimes on pituitary gonadotrophs, pituitary gonadotropin potency and hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing acitivity in the teleost notemigonus crysoleucas

H. Takeuchi; I. Yokoi; A. Mori, 1976 :
Effects of physalaemin, a vase-active peptide from amphibian skin, on the excitability of an identifiable molluscan giant neurone ofAchatina fulicaFrussac

B.J. Kudchodkar; L. Horlick; H.S. Sodhi, 1976:
Effects of plant sterols oncholesterol metabolism in man

L. N. Badaeva, 1976:
Effects of polychlorocamphene on some organs and their nervous structures in pregnant animals

Mitchell, L. Berk; James Edward Heath, 1976:
Effects of preoptic, hypothalamic, and telencephalic lesions on thermoregulation in the lizard, Dipsosaurus dorsalis

J. J. Childress, 1976:
Effects of pressure, temperature and oxygen on the oxygen consumption rate of the Midwater copepodGaussia princeps

Wyer, R S., 1976:
Effects of previously formed beliefs on syllogistic inference processes

Neal, P.; Baker, T. G.; McNatty, K. P., 1976:
Effects of prostaglandin F-2 and E-2 on the production of progesterone by mouse ovaries in vitro

Mayhan, J., 1976:
Effects of random phase errors at K<inf>a</inf>band resulting from a composite material radome

Y. W. Mai; A. G. Atkins, 1976:
Effects of rate, temperature and absorption of organic solvents on the fracture of plain and glass-filled polystyrene

H.F. Nelson, 1976:
Effects of reduction of the ionization potential on solutions of the Rankine-Hugoniot equations for Jovian entry

Brockner, J; Swap, W C., 1976:
Effects of repeated exposure and attitudinal similarity on self-disclosure and interpersonal attraction

Yoshikazu Nakamura; Takashi Yura, 1976:
Effects of rifampicin on synthesis and functional activity of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase inEscherichia coli

Chaikin, A L.; Derlega, V J.; Miller, S J., 1976:
Effects of room environment on self-disclosure in a counseling analogue

Daniel, E. Furst; Nirmal, C. Kar; Edmund, S. Sarkissian; Niroo Gupta; Harold, E. Paulus, 1976:
Effects of salicylate on liver enzymes in normal young adults

Reich, A R., 1976:
Effects of selected vocal disguises upon spectrographic speaker identification

Edward Diener; Mark Wallbom, 1976:
Effects of self-awareness on antinormative behavior

Greiner, J M.; Karoly, P, 1976:
Effects of self-control training on study activity and academic performance: An analysis of self-monitoring, self-reward, and systematic-planning components

Masters, J C.; Gordon, F. Robert; Clark, L V., 1976:
Effects of self-dispensed and externally dispensed model consequences on acquisition, spontaneous and oppositional imitation, and long-term retention

Charles, C. Larson, 1976:
Effects of self-reinforcement on the demanding behaviors of a paranoid personality: A case report

R. A. Burns, 1976:
Effects of sequences of sucrose reward magnitudes with short ITIs in rats

McCauley, C; Kellas, G; Dugas, J; DeVellis, R F., 1976:
Effects of serial rehearsal training on memory search

Wall, J A., 1976:
Effects of sex and opposing representative's bargaining orientation on intergroup bargaining

Harris, M B.; Seibel, C E., 1976:
Effects of sex, occupation, and confidence of model and sex and grade of subject on imitation of language behaviors

William, W. Finley, 1976:
Effects of sham feedback following successful SMR training in an epileptic

Pirkko Niemelä, 1976:
Effects of short-term preparation on unexpected film stress

Baron, R M.; Mandel, D R.; Adams, C A.; Griffen, L M., 1976:
Effects of social density in university residential environments

Neil, C. Kalt; Sheldon, S. Zalkind, 1976:
Effects of some publicly financed housing programs for the urban poor

I. Sóvágó; A. Gergely, 1976:
Effects of steric factors on the equilibrium and thermodynamic conditions of mixed ligand complexes of the copper(II) ion with diamines

Lamb, M E., 1976:
Effects of stress and cohort on mother- and father-infant interaction

Tjosvold, D; Kastelic, T, 1976:
Effects of student motivation and the principal's values on teacher directiveness

Houston, J P.; Ziff, T, 1976:
Effects of success and failure on cheating behavior

R. G. D'Andrea; C. B. Weinberger, 1976:
Effects of surface tension and gravity forces in determining the stability of isothermal fiber spinning

Horowitz, A B.; Horowitz, V A., 1976:
Effects of task-specific instructions on the picture memory of children in recall and recognition tasks

Murphy, M J.; Goldner, R P., 1976:
Effects of teaching orientation on social interaction in nursery school

Robert, L. Wong; Gary, L. Hubbard; Vernon, E. Denny, 1976:
Effects of temperature and pressure gradients on catalyst pellet effectiveness factorsI

Patterson, C J.; Mischel, W, 1976:
Effects of temptation-inhibiting and task-facilitating plans on self-control

Rabinowitz, W. M., 1976:
Effects of the acoustic reflex on middleear transmission and eardrum admittance in man

Atsuo Tanaka; Takeshige Hagihara; Yoshiki Nishikawa; Masayoshi Mishina; Saburo Fukui, 1976:
Effects of the anti-lipogenic antibiotic cerulenin on growth and fatty acid composition of n-alkane-utilizingCandida lipolytica

V. M. Faktor; A. S. Sokolova; I. V. Uryvaeva; V. A. Chernov; V. Ya. Brodskii, 1976:
Effects of the antineoplastic preparations dipin and prospidin on the cell cycle of hepatocytes of the regenerating mouse liver

Richard, J. Katz, 1976:
Effects of the cholinomimetic drug arecoline upon aggression: Intra- vs. inter-specific allocation of attack

Bentley, P.J.; Yorio, T, 1976:
Effects of the group IIB metals (Cd, Zn and Hg) on the permeability of the crystalline lens of the toad (Bufo marinus)

Nummedal, S G.; Bass, S C., 1976:
Effects of the salience of intention and consequence on children's moral judgments

Zener, T B.; Schnuelle, L, 1976:
Effects of the self-directed search on high school students

Katsuhiko Inouy; Shumpei Sakakibara; Darwin, J. Prockop, 1976:
Effects of the stereo-configuration of the hydroxyl group in 4-hydroxyproline on the triple-helical structures formed by homogeneous peptides resembling collagen

P. Tamir, 1976:
Effects of the teacher's background on teaching and students' achievement in botany and zoology

H. Takeuchi; A. Sakai; A. Mori, 1976:
Effects of three synthetic peptides analogous to neurohypophyseal hormones on the excitability of giant neurones ofAchatina fulicaFrussac

V. M. Diewert, 1976:
Effects of three teratogens on development of arteries in the secondary palate in rats

Lars Molander; Axel Randrup, 1976:
Effects of thymoleptics on behaviour associated with changes in brain dopamine

F. Dessì-Fulgheri; C. Lupo di Prisco; P. Verdarelli, 1976:
Effects of two kinds of social deprivation on testosterone and estradiol-17βplasma levels in the male rat

Carnine, D W., 1976:
Effects of two teacher-presentation rates on off-task behavior, answering correctly, and participation1

E. Lopez; J. Peignoux-Deville; F. Lallier; E. Martelly-Bagot; C. Milet, 1976:
Effects of ultimobranchialectomy (UBX) upon the bone catabolism and anabolism and on some aspects of the calcium metabolism regulation inAnguilla anguillaL

Charles, A. Lowe; Frederic, J. Medway, 1976:
Effects of valence, severity, arid relevance on responsibility and dispositional attribution

Kratochwill, T R.; Brody, G H., 1976:
Effects of verbal and self-monitoring feedback on Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale performance in normal adults

E. S. Gilfillan, 1976:
Effects of water-body characteristics other than temperature and salinity on respiration inEuphausia pacifica

Edwards, E. M.; Dacheux, J.-L.; Waites, G. M. H., 1976:
Effects of -chlorohydrin on the metabolism of testicular and epididymal spermatozoa of rams

Jaak Panksepp; Patrick Reilly; Paul Bishop; Rick, B. Meeker; Thomas, R. Vilberg; Abba, J. Kastin, 1976:
Effects of α-MSH on motivation, vigilance and brain respiration

Professor, M. J. Rand,M. Law,D. F. Story,M. W. McCulloch, 1976:
Effects of β-Adrenoreceptor Blocking Drugs on Adrenergic Transmission

Dr, R. D. Gordon, 1976:
Effects of β-Adrenoreceptor Blocking Drugs on Plasma Volume, Renin and Aldosterone as Components of Their Antihypertensive Action

Katsura Sugiura; Shigeki Sato; Miki Goto, 1976:
Effects of β-BHC on aquatic microcosm

Lipski, S., 1976:
Effects of β-adrenergic Stimulation on Bone-marrow Function in Normal and Sublethally Irradiated Mice

Walter, A. Müller; Thomas, T. Aoki; Jean-Pierre Flatt; George, L. Blackburn; Richard, H. Egdahl; George, F. Cahill Jr., 1976:
Effects of β-hydroxybutyrate, glycerol, and free fatty acid infusions on glucagon and epinephrine secretion in dogs during acute hypoglycemia

C. A. Mautalen; C. Ferraro; M. Cabrejas; E. Landi; D. Gotlieb, 1976:
Effects ofSolanum malacoxylonon calcium metabolism in patients with chronic renal failure

Chihal, H. J. W.; Stone, S. C.; Peppler, R. D., 1976:
Effects of`extra' ovarian tissue on ovulation number and ovarian steroids in rats

W. B. Stickle; G. J. Denoux, 1976:
Effects ofin situtidal salinity fluctuations on osmotic and lonic composition of body fluid in Southeastern Alaska Rocky intertidal fauna

C. T. M. Davies; J. R. Brotherhood; J. D. Few; E. ZeidiFard, 1976:
Effects ofblockade and atropinisation on plasma catecholamine concentration during exercise

Call, J. D.; Wolfenstein, M., 1976:
Effects on Adults of Object Loss in the First Five Years

Herrmann-Erlee, M. P. M.; Heersche, J. N. M.; Hekkelman, J. W.; Gaillard, P. J.; Tregear, G. W.; Parsons, J. A.; Potts, J. T., 1976:
Effects on Bone In Vitro of Bovine Parathyroid Hormone and Synthetic Fragments Representing Residues 134, 234 and 334

Modigliani, V, 1976:
Effects on a later recall by delaying initial recall

Akihiro Narimatsu; Norio Taira, 1976:
Effects on atrio-ventricular conduction of calcium-antagonistic coronary vasodilators, local anaesthetics and quinidine injected into the posterior and the anterior septal artery of the atrio-ventricular node preparation of the dog

Robert, C. MacCallum, 1976:
Effects on indscal of non-orthogonal perceptions of object space dimensions

Feinberg, I; Jones, R; Walker, J; Cavness, C; Floyd, T, 1976:
Effeets of marijuana extract and tetrahydrocannabinol on electroencephalographic sleep patterns

Götestam, K Gunnar; Melin, L; Sjödén, P-Olow, 1976:
Effekt av auditiv stimulering p epileptogen aktivitet

Cambier, E., 1976:
Effet De La Curarisation Sur La Sensibilite Au Courant lectrique Du Latissimus Dorsi Du Poulet

De Maré, G R., 1976:
Effet de L'irradiation a 253. 7 NM De La Vapeur du Mercure

Hachey, R., 1976:
Effet de differentes methodes d'apprentissage d'une tache non-familiere executee par des schizophrenes chroniques

Dr. René le Cohu, 1976:
Effet de l'enrichissement continu en nitrates sur les populations de Diatomes isoles l'aide d'enceintes exprimentales places dans un tang oligotrophe

Frade, R; Guenan-Siberil, M-Thérèse, 1976:
Effet du pH du milieu de culture sur la teneur en phospholipides des membranes de Bacillus coagulans

Barme, M.; Beck, H.; Aquino, J.P.; Thibon, M.; Reynaud, R., 1976:
Effet protecteur d'une vaccination antigrippale chez des sujets gs exposs une pidmie

Troquet, J.; Halleux, J.; Christiaens, G., 1976:
Effets D'Une Alimentation Decentree Sur La Repartition Des Potentiels Dans Un Reseau De Rijlant

Brihaye, C.; Chavez, G.; Woussen-Colle, M. C.; Limbosch, J. M., 1976:
Effets De L'Actate De Cortisone Sur La Scrtion Acide Provoque Par L'Histamine, la Pentagastrine, La Gastrine Et Le Repas Chez Le Chien

Anne-Marie Duprat; Jean-Claude Beetschen; Colette Mathieu; Jean-Pierre Zalta, 1976:
Effets Inhibiteurs de Protines Chromatiniennes non Histoniques Homospcifiques, sur la Morphogense d'Embryons d'Amphibiens Urodles

D'Aoust, Aé L., 1976:
Effets d'un engrais chimique sur la croissance de semis d'pinette noire en godets

J. -P. Lamon; Anne-Marie Duprat, 1976:
Effets de la concanavaline A sur la morphologie et le comportement de cellules embryonnaires d'Urodles en diffrenciation in vitro

Robert Jaffard; Claude Destrade; Bernard Cardo, 1976:
Effets de la stimulation de l'hippocampe sur l'evitement passif chez deux lignes de souris

Claude Destrade; Robert Jaffard; Jean-Marie Deminiere; Bernard Cardo, 1976:
Effets de la stimulation de l'hippocampe sur la rminiscence chez deux lignes de souris

Pejoan, C.; Desbals, B.; Desbals, P., 1976:
Effets de la surrenalectomie et de l'administration d'hydrocortisone sur l'activite de l'adenylate cyclase de cellules adipeuses du lapin

Decleire, M.; van Roey et, G.; Bastin, R., 1976:
Effets de traitements herbicides base de triazine sur la rduction in vivo des nitrites dans des plantules de froment (Triticum aestivum)

D. Chevallier, 1976:
Effets dune carence en manganse sur la structuration et le fonctionnement de lappareil photosynthtique des spores deFunaria hygrometrica

D. Durand; M. Prélot; Y. Raoul, 1976:
Effets prcoces de l'hormone de croissance sur les phosphates sriques et urinaires du rat

Penaud, A.; Nourrit, J.; Timon-David, P.; Jacquet-Francillon, M.; Autran, P.; Charpin, J., 1976:
Effets sur les acariens pyroglyphides des poussires domestiques du Paragerm AK applique au domicile des malades allergiques

David, D. Franks and Joseph Marolla, 1976:
Efficacious Action and Social Approval as Interacting Dimensions of Self-Esteem: A Tentative Formulation Through Construct Validation

R. L. Griffith; G. A. Hide, 1976:
Efficacy of Benomyl and Thiabendazole in Controling Potato Gangrene Relative to the Time of Tuber Injury

N. Huang; L. Laray-Cuasay; N. Yasmin; H. Keith; T. Krefczyk, 1976:
Efficacy of sisomicin in patients with cystic fibrosis

H.G. Danielmeyer, 1976:
Efficiency and fluorescence quenching of stoichiometric rare earth laser materials

Jörg W. STUCKI, 1976:
Efficiency of Oxidative Phosphorylation and Energy Dissipation by H+ Ion Recycling in Rat-Liver Mitochondria Metabolizing Pyruvate

Liu, B Y. H.; Lee, K. W., 1976:
Efficiency of membrane and nuclepore filters for submicrometer aerosols

A. Z. Volynchik; K. A. Kozlov; I. A. Vyatkin; S. A. Khmelev, 1976:
Efficiency of the flat seal of exhaust valves

K. Fueki, 1976:
Efficiency of thermochemical production of hydrogen

I. V. Basawa and D. J. Scott, 1976:
Efficient Tests for Branching Processes

R. Kh. Valeev; V. F. Bogdanov, 1976:
Efficient application of pile foundations to residental building construction (for purposes of discussion)

D. Frölich; L. Stein; H. W. Schröder; H. Welling, 1976:
Efficient frequency doubling of cw dye laser radiation

Jo Tashiro; Isao Takakuwa; Shinya Yokoyama, 1976:
Efficient gasification of carbon by catalysts

Wilton, D.; Butler, C., 1976:
Efficient numerical techniques for solving Pocklington's equation and their relationships to other methods

Brennan, L.; Mallett, J., 1976:
Efficient simulation of external noise incident on arrays

Ferguson, T.; Lehman, T.; Balestri, R., 1976:
Efficient solution of large moments problems: Theory and small problem results

Marlene Belfort; Amos, B. Oppenheim, 1976:
Efficient suppression of the requirement for N function of bacteriophage by arho-defectiveE. coli suAmutant

V. Novotny; A.J. Englande Jr.; P. Mojgani, 1976:
Effluent variability estimation for complete-mix activated sludge treatment systems

Kristenson, H, 1976:
Efterundersökning av astenier: Delundersökning II — social situation

Meenakshi Srivastava; S. P. Gupta, 1976:
Egg-shell formation inIsoparorchis hypselobagri

Miller, D T., 1976:
Ego involvement and attributions for success and failure

Stephan, W G.; Rosenfield, D; Stephan, C, 1976:
Egotism in males and females

C. Leusmann, 1976:
Egänzendes über die konnektivitätsmatrix von ungerichteten netzen

F. Nüsslein, 1976:
Ehrung für Dr. Erhard Ueckermann

Brier, G W.; Meltesen, G T., 1976:
Eigenvector Analysis for Prediction of Time Series

Roger, W. Melvold; Henry, I. Kohn, 1976:
Eight new histocompatibility mutations associated with theH-2complex

Rudolf Hänsel; Anneliese Leuschke, 1976 :
Ein Aporphinalkaloid aus Piper sanctum

H. Enzmann, 1976:
Ein Beitrag aus der Atemmechanik zur Entscheidung: Tracheotomie oder Intubation

J. Sennekamp; E. Genth; I. Flenker; K. H. Hermanutz; J. Wagner; L. Beltz; H. G. Rohner, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zum Pseudo-LE-Syndrom

H. Huckauf; L. Misselwitz, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Bedeutung der forciert ausgeatmeten Vitalkapazität-Kurve für die Früherkennung von Funktionsstörungen in den Atemwegen

M. Nowicki, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Bestimmung universeller Diffusionskoeffizienten

Wolf Dieter Schäfer; Alfred Kellermann, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Erfassung strabologischer Befunde

Dr. R. Von Siepmann, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Infektionsbiologie des durch Scleroderris lagerbergii verursachten Schwarzkieferntriebsterbens

Stipic, A.; Wey, W., 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Klinik der Leishmaniose

Klein, S.; Koza, K.-D.; Marré, E., 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Pathogenese der spontanen epiretinalen Fibroplasie

Dr. M. J. Schmid, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Phosphatidbestimmung in Kakaoerzeugnissen

M. Kux; D. Depisch; R. Roka; W. Wayand, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur Pseudoperitonitis diabetica

Geissler, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Hiokel, B., 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur gaschromatographischen Bestimmung flüchtiger Fettsäuren

P. Altmeyer, 1976:
Ein Beitrag zur südamerikanischen Blastomykose, Blastomyces brasiliensis

C. Walzel; H. Winkler; A. Mostbeck, 1976:
Ein Fall von primärem Milzsarkom

M. Smerling, 1976:
Ein Fall von überlebter Giftbeibringung (E 605 forte)

Türkay, M, 1976:
Ein Fund Von Paragalene Longicrura (Nardo, 1868) in Der Ägäis (Decapoda Brachyura)

Schoknecht, G.; Barduhn, B., 1976:
Ein Gerät zur Qualitätskontrolle bei automatischen Blutdruckmessungen - An Apparatus for Quality Control of Automatic Blood Pressure Measurements

E. D. Ammar, 1976:
Ein Klemmkäfig zur Haltung von Zikaden und Blattflöhen an der lebenden Pflanze

P. Sitte, 1976:
Ein Leben für die Zukunft. Erinnerungen. Autobiographie von Julian Huxley. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von W. Höck. 496 Seiten. Paul List Verlag, München 1974; DM 36,–

Wolfgang Frisch, 1976:
Ein Modell zur alpidischen Evolution und Orogenese des Tauernfensters

Suzanne Bloch, 1976:
Ein Progesteron-abhängiges Pheromon der weiblichen Maus

Walter Fink, 1976:
Ein Tricarbonyleisen--Komplex mit einem Silacyclohexadienyl-Liganden

Becher, H. H.; Wilke, B.-M., 1976:
Ein Verfahren zur Bestimmung der Lagerungsdichte skelettreicher oder geringmächtiger Bodenhorizonte

Prof. Dr. R. Engst; Diplomlebensmittelchemiker, R. M. Macholz; Dr. M. Kujawa, 1976:
Ein auf experimentellen Befunden basierendes Abbauschema für Lindan

Heinz Berner; Hellmuth Reinshagen, 1976:
Ein biologischer Vergleich zwischen Benzol und Thiophen in kondensierten Ringsystemen

S. Rauscher; H. Arn, 1976:
Ein einfacher Biotest für das Sexualpheromon des Einbindigen Traubenwicklers Eupoecilia ambiguella Hb

N. Kmoch; G. Reznik, 1976:
Ein experimentelles Modell zur chemischen Induktion von Carcinomen der Nasenhöhle

Dipl.-Phys. H. Ackermann, 1976:
Ein halbautomatisches Labormeßgerät zur Bestimmung des Trübungspunktes

H. Hölder, 1976:
Ein halbes Hundert Bände

B. Stanković; M. Dugandžić; M. Jelikić, 1976:
Ein neuer Indikator zur komplexometrischen Eisen(III)-Bestimmung

R. Sobhian, 1976:
Ein neuer Obstschädling in Nordost-Iran

B. Kopp, 1976:
Ein neues Verfahren zur Cluster-Analyse

H. Schumacher, 1976:
Ein neues Verfahren zur Entsäuerung und Desodorierung von Ölen und Fetten

R. Reiter, 1976:
Ein seltener Röntgenbefund am Säuglingsbecken

F.-C. von Berg; G. Hauser, 1976:
Ein telemetrisches System für Rehwild und seine Anwendung in Raum-/Zeit-Studien

J. Brglez; Z. Železnik, 1976:
Ein Übersicht über die Parasiten der Wildkatze (Felis silvestris Schreber) in Slowenien

Friedrich Drawert; Johannes Beier, 1976:
Einbau von 14C-mevalonsäurelacton in hopfenbitterstoffe

A. Weizel, 1976:
Einbau von 4-14C-markiertem Cholesterol in die Cholesterol-Ester-Fraktion der Plasma-Lipoproteine bei Lebercirrhotikern

H. Rufeger, 1976:
Eine Analyse des Stickstoff-Stoffwechsels monogastrischer Organismen, zugleich eine biologische Wertbestimmung der Nahrungsproteine

Klaus, J. MÜller Bonn; Dietmar Andres Berlin, 1976:
Eine Conodontengruppe von Prooneotodus tenuis (MÜller, 1959) in natürlichem Zusammenhang aus dem Oberen Kambrium von schweden

Beese, F.; Heuer, C.; Rodewald, W., 1976:
Eine Einrichtung zur Beregnung von Bodensäulen

Dr. E. Seidowski; Dipl.- Ing. V. L. Laska; Doz. Dr. V. P. Ledovskoj; Dipl.- Ing. H. M. Leont'eva; Doz. Dr. M. Tierok, 1976:
Eine Elektronenstrahltechnologie zur Herstellung dünner Schichten hoher Reinheit

V. Potthast, 1976:
Eine Methode zum Messen von Freß- und Wiederkauzeiten bei Michkühen

J. Wittmann, 1976:
Eine Methode zur Bestimmung der α-Ketoglutarat-Dehydrogenase-Aktivität in Gewebshomogenaten

R. Arndt, 1976:
Eine Methode zur Elektrodenfallbestimmung in Ar-Hg-Wechselspannungsentladungen vom Leuchtstofflampentyp

Seidel, D; Hererra, L, 1976:
Eine Methode zur Isolierung von Konidien aus dem Boden

B. Wolf, 1976:
Eine Methode zur drahtlosen Messung der Atemfrequenz and Säuglingen A Method for Wireless Telemetry of Breath-Frequency of Babies

Dr. W. Löschau, 1976:
Eine Methode zur genauen Messung des Massenschwächungskoeffizienten für Röntgenstrahlung

Schneider, H.; Velitzelos, E., 1976:
Eine Neogenflora im Becken von Vegora (NW-Makedonien)

Dr. Christian Bischoff, 1976:
Eine Ungewöhnliche Peroxidreaktion an einem Octahydrochinazolinon

Von, B. Kauer, 1976:
Eine Untersuchung der Frühentwicklung der heterozygoten Kurzschwanzmaus (T/+)

H. Weisz; S. Pantel; I. Vereno, 1976:
Eine Variante zur Ringofen-Methode

Dr. G. Von Braun, 1976:
Eine einfache Methode zur SO2-Begasung von Fichtenpfropflingen im Labor

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Eine neueThomsonia-Art (Araceae) aus Thailand

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Einfluß einer Stickstoff-Spätdüngung auf das Korneiweiß einer lysinreichen Maishybride

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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Gd3+ in PrCl37H2O

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Electron Spin Resonance of the Triplet State of Pure and Doped NaNO2 Single Crystals

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Electron Transfer Chains and Oxidative Phosphorylation

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Electron and Phonon Spectra of Calcium

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Electron and hole traps in N-GaAs crystals

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Electron angular distributions above the day side auroral oval

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Electron diffraction and CNDO/2 investigation on the molecular structure of tetrafluoro-1,3-diselenetane (F2CSe)2

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Electron diffraction determination of the vapour phase molecular structure of azetidine, (CH2)3NH

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Electron diffraction investigation of the molecular structure of chloromethyl phosphonic dichloride CH2ClPOCl2

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Electron diffraction study of tetranitromethane

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Electron diffraction study on the molecular structure of benzyl chloride and benzyl bromide in the vapour phase

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Electron donor-acceptor properties of the carotenoids I. The electrochemical behavior of the carotenes

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Electron energy loss processes in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

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Electron energy loss spectra and efficiencies of cathode-ray phosphors

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Electron exchange between aromatic nitro compounds and their anion radicals

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Electron fluxes over the polar cap, 1. Intense keV fluxes during poststorm quieting

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Electron impact excitation coefficients for laboratory and astrophysical plasmas

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Electron interactions and the spin-wave stiffness constant in ferromagnetic two-component alloys

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Electron microprobe analysis of niobiumbased superconducting materials

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Electron microscope studies of experimentalEntamoeba histolyticainfection in the guinea pig

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Electron microscopic autoradiography of35SO4-labelled material closely associated with collagen fibrils in mammalian synovium and ear cartilage

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Electron microscopic study of zinc oxide crystals microstructure crystallizing in a double hexagonal close-packed lattice

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Electron microscopy and electron diffraction study of ordering in Ni4W

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Electron microscopy and electron probe analysis of the Ca-binding sites in the cilia ofParamecium caudatum

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Electron microscopy and optical properties of small gold and silver particles in glass

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Electron paramagnetic resonance of Hb St Louis b28 (B10) LeuaGln

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Electron parameter correlations in high-speed streams and heat flux instabilities

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Electron precipitation and VLF emissions associated with cyclotron resonance interactions near the plasmapause

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Electron precipitation in the morning sector of the auroral zone

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Electron precipitation in the postmidnight sector of the auroral zones

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Electron probe microanalyses of muscovites from low grade metamorphic rocks of Tennant Creek area, Central Australia

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Electron spectroscopy using excited atoms and photons V. Penning ionization of water, alcohols and ethers

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Electron spectroscopy using excited atoms and photons VI. Penning ionization of HCN and some related compounds

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Electron spectroscopy using excited atoms and photons VII. Penning ionization of some carbonyl-containing compounds

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Electron spin resonance of irradiated single crystals of uracil

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Electron spin resonance of symmetrical three-spin systems in nematic liquid crystals

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Electron spin resonance study of .GAMMA.-irradiated H2SO4-SiO2 system

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Electron temperatures in the Jovian ionosphere

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Electron transfer Chains and oxidative phosphorylation

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Electron transport phenomena in narrow- and zero-gap semiconductors containing magnetic impurities

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Electron-cytochemical investigation of the brain mitochondria at various times after death

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Electron-diffraction study of hydrogen isotope effects in cyclohexane

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Electron-microscopic autoradiography of DNA-synthesizing cells of growing smooth muscle tissue in rats

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Electron-microscopic investigation of satellite cell formation in skeletal muscle during physical exertion

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Electron-photoejection in solutions of radical-anions and dianions

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Electron-spin-resonance spectra of irradiated frozen aqueous solutions

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Electronic Absorption Spectra of Some Fluoroaminotoluenes

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Electronic Biology and Cancer

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Electronic Biology and Cancer: a New Theory of Cancer

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Electronic Control Unit

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Electronic Density of States of Amorphous CuGaS2 and ZnGeAs2

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Electronic Properties and Relaxation Processes of Fe2+ in Iron Bisacetylacetonate Dihydrate from Mössbauer Spectroscopy

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Electronic Structure of Aluminium Oxide as Determined by X-Ray Photoemission

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Electronic Structure of TiC and VC from the Iterative Extended Hückel Theory

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Electronic Structure, Molecular Conformation and Reactivity of Benzonorbornadiene Systems

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Electronic and solvent effects on the bonding mode of the selenocyanate ion in trans-selenocyanatobis(dimethylglyoximato)(substituted pyridine)cobalt(III) complexes

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Electronic computer solution for the MPN equation used in the determination of bacterial populations

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Electronic effects in a series of stereoisomeric 2-hydro-2-oxo-1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinanes

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Electronic excited triplet states of electron donor-acceptor complexes

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Electronic interactions displayed in the spectra of substituted alkoxytrimethylsilanes

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Electronic relaxation processes in benzene and related molecules

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Electronic spectra and structure of aromatic derivatives of the group IVB and group VB elements

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Electronic spectroscopy of highly-polar aromatics. XIII. absorption and luminescence of nitroanilines

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Electronic structure and dynamical behavior of some intramolecular exciplexes

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Electronic structure and photoluminescence processes in Bi4Ge3O12 single crystal

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Electronic structure of BiI3

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Electronic structures and configurational transformations of some protonated compounds

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Electronic structures of molecules of various nitro compounds

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Electronic transition-moment variation in the A1-X1 system of the GeO molecule

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Electronic windows: A follow-up note

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Electrons in finite one-dimensional crystals in a uniform electric field

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ElectronHole Droplet Formation Kinetics in Pure Germanium

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Electrophilic condensation of perfluorocyclobutene with fluoroolefins in presence of antimony pentafluoride

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Electrophoretic analysis of pigment protein complexes from Porphyridium (Rhodophyta) and Spirulina (Cyanophyta) thylakods*

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Electrophoretic identification of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.), rudd (Scardinim erythrophthalmus L.), bream (Abramis brama L.) and their natural hybrids

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Electrophysiological Actions of a New Antiarrhythmic Agent on Isolated Preparations of the Canine Purkinje Fiber and Ventricular Muscle

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Electrophysiological analysis of the effect of cortisone on the neuromuscular apparatus in rats

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Electrophysiological analysis of the functional organization of cortico-cerebellar connections

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Electrophysiological correlates of basilar membrane motion in the turtle

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Electrophysiological investigation of cortico-hypothalamic relations in cats

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Electrophysiological investigation of the conduction of excitation in the pterygopalatine ganglion of the cat

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Electropolarization chromatography

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Electroreduction of biologically important pyrimidine photoadducts

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Electroreflectance and Wavelength Modulation Study of the Direct and Indirect Fundamental Transition Region of In1xGaxP

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Electrostatic Field Changes Produced by Florida Lightning

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Electrostatic Precipitator Maintenance Survey

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Electrostatic molecular potential analysis of H2AlOH and H2AlCl lewis acidities

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Electrotonic interaction between secondary neurons of the carp olfactory bulb

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Electrooptic hydrophone

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Elektrete Ein überblick über den heutigen stand

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Elektrochemisch initiierte Pfropfung von Vinylmonomeren auf Viskosefasern

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Elektrochemische Untersuchungen des Systems Ozon/Sauerstoff an verschiedenen Elektrodensubstraten

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Elektrochemisches Verhalten harnstofflöslicher Komponenten von Weizenkleberproteinen

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Elektrochemisches Verhalten von N-Aryl-Δ2-pyrazolinen. VIII. Zusammenhänge zwischen dem anodischen und kathodischen Verhalten und den Absorptions- und Fluoreszenz-eigenschaften von N-Aryl-Δ2-pyrazolinen

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Elektrodenuntersuchungen an Ar-Hg-Wechselspannungsentladungen vom Leuchtstofflampentyp. II. Die Ströme im Elektrodensystem

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Elektrogustometrie bei Gehörlosen und Blinden

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Elektrolyttransport in Speicheldrüsen unter der Einwirkung von Diuretica

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Elektrolytverhalten bei verschiedenen Therapieformen der Adipositas

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Elektromagnetische Bestrahlungsverletzungen der Netzhaut

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Elektronenmikroskopisch-cytochemische Untersuchungen an glycerinierter Flugmuskulatur vonLocusta migratoriaL. Die Eisencolloidreaktion und Alcianblaubindung

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Elektronenmikroskopische Darstellung von Immunreaktionen an Candida-Zellen: I. In-Vitro-lnkubation von Candida albicans mit Anti-Candida-Humanserum

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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an den Entwicklungsstadien des Trophozoiten vonDidymophyes gigantea(Sporozoa, Gregarinida)

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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen an den Tentakeln vonLanice conchilega(Polychaeta, Sedentaria)

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Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur funktionellen Morphologie der borstenführenden Hautsinnesorgane beiTarentola mauritanicaL. (Reptilia, Gekkonidae)

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Elektronenmikroskopische und immunhistochemische Untersuchungen an menschlichen Lymphozyten

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Elektronenmikroskopische untersuchungen der leishmaniasis cutanea

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Elektronenmikroskopischer Direktnachweis von Viruspartikeln bei Gastroenteritis im Säuglings- und Kleinkindesalter

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Elektronische Zählung von Thrombozyten aus dem Vollblut

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Elektrooculographische Untersuchungen nach Oculopression

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Elektrophoretische und immunelektrophoretische Befunde des menschlichen Parotissekretes bei verschiedenen Ohrspeicheldrüsenerkrankungen

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Elektroretinograpbie bei Morbus Behet

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Elektrostimulation in der Cervix uteri beim Pferd Beitrag zur Behandlung von Funktionsstorungen der Ovarien

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Elektrosynthese von O,O-Dialkyl-vinylphosphonaten

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Elemental abundance variation with particle size in north Florida aerosols

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Elemental constituents of Miami aerosol as function of particle size

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Elemental distribution of Na, P, Cl and K in different structures of myelinated nerve ofRana esculenta

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Elementary processes in luminescence

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Elementary school children's views on solving selected environmental problems

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Elements de morphogense des algues rouges I. Les Laurencia: Une construction origin ale des cladothalles parenchymateux*

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Elements of Radiation Protection

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Elements of the mechanics of the process of the milling of damaged metals in a borehole

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Elements radio-opaques dans un coup d'arme a feu dans un cadavre recent ou ancien

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Elementselektive Verwitterung und Verlagerung in Böden auf Bärhaldegranit und ihre Bilanzierung

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Elevage larvaire du Loup (Dicentrarchus labrax (L.); Pisces, Serranidae) a l'aide d'aliment sec compose

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Eleventh Postgraduate Program The Society of Thoracic Surgeons

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Elimination by aspects as a decision rule for risky choice

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Elimination of X-ray induced chromosome aberrations in embryogenesis of mice

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Elimination of double strand nuclease activity from S1 nuclease prepared from crude amylase

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Elimination of settlement of loessal soil under its own weight by reinforcement of the loessal mass

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Elimination par la chaleur des fausses ractions positives lors de la dtection de l'antigne Australie par les tests d'hmagglutination passive

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Elites and peasants: Two views of African political history

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Elites, Pluralists and Policy Arenas in London: Toward a Comparative Theory of City Policy Formation

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Elkind updates Piaget

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Elongation of fatty acids by microsomal fractions from the brain of the developing rat

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Embolisation d'une artre hmorrodale

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Embryonic and postnatal growth of rat and mouse

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Embryonic development in rabbits after insemination with spermatozoa stored at 37, 5 or -196 C for various periods

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Emendation of Bacteroidaceae and Butyrivibrio and Descriptions of Desulfomonas gen. nov. and Ten New Species in the Genera Desulfomonas, Butyrivibrio, Eubacterium, Clostridium, and Ruminococcus

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Emended Description of the Foraminiferal Genus Pannellaina Subst. Name, Formerly Fastigiella Seiglie & Bermdez, 1965 Not Reeve, 1848

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Emergencies in Child Psychiatry: Emotional Crises of Children, Youth and Their Families

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Emergencies in Paediatric Neurology

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Emergency Care: Assessment and Intervention

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Emergency department techniques

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Emerging Directions in Alcohol Treatment:

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Emerging Trends in Treating Relationships

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Emericid, a new polyether antibiotic fromStreptomyces hygroscopicus(DS 24 367)

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Emesis, charcoal and cathartics

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Emission Spectrum of Al Br

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Emission of light from cavities within liquids

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Emission of metastable excitons in PbI2

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Emissivity of half-space random media

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Empathic distress in the newborn

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Empathy in Human Relationships: Significance, Nature and Measurement1

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Empire over the dam

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Empirical Social Research in Israel: A Review Essay

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Empirical approaches to understanding technology transfer

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Empirical identification of key sectors: some further evidence

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Employee Freedom of Speech

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Employee Participation in Capital Growth

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Employing electric shock with autistic children

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Employment Opportunities Committee

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Employment Structure and the Stability of Urban Growth during the Urbanisation Process

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Employment, Induced In-Migration, and Labor Market Equilibrium

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Employment, Land Values and the Residential Choice of Low-Income Households: The Case of Bogot, Colombia

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En Kontrollerad Dubbel-Blind Studie Av Vivalan (Viloxazin Hydroklorid) Och Imipramin Vid Behandling Av Depression Hos Sjukhuspatienter

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Enaminosucres et sucres halognoactylniques. Communication prliminaire

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Encoding and decoding of spontaneous and posed facial expressions

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Encoding and retrieval in ascending and random lists of numbers

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Encoding and retrieval processes in retroactive inhibition

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Encounter groups: A return to the fundamental

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End-of-day moods on work and leisure days in relation to extraversion, neuroticism, and amount of change in daily activities

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Endocrine Factors and the Growth and Spread of 816 Melanoma2

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Endogenic Aureoles of Gold Deposits

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Endogenous rhythm of population changeAn hypothesis

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Endolaryngeal microsurgery

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Endometrial Carcinoma and strogen Therapy for Breast Cancer

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Endoscopic diagnosis of the papillary carcinoma

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Endoscopy of renal cysts

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Energetic electrons in the Jovian magnetosphere

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Energie- und Wasserhaushalt eines alpinen Zwergstrauchbestandes während einer Föhnperiode

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Energy news

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Energy prospects for Eastern Europe

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Energy source and mechanisms for accelerating the electrons and driving the field-aligned currents of the discrete auroral arc

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Energy strategies

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Energy transfer and spin alignment in the triplet manifold of p-chloroaniline single crystal by optical detection of zero-field magnetic resonance

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Energy use in UK industry

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Energy: Master Metering

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Energy: Self-Sufficiency?

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Enjoyment of perspective transformations induced by movement

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Enqute sro-pidemiologique sur la frquence des anticorps antittaniques dans la rgion de Poitiers

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Enregistrements d'activites unitaires et multi-unitaires chez le rat chronique

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Entrance flow of a yield-power law fluid

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Entropy in Spatial Aggregation

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Entropy, theory construction and spatial analysis

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Equalizing the counseling relationship

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Equipment for the Disabled--Communication

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Equitable payment in the R & D function

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Equity and Efficiency in Public Facility Location

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Equity and the use of overreward to motivate performance

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Equity versus equality as factors in children's moral judgments of thefts, charity, and third-party transfers

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