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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61430

Chapter 61430 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Howard, B. Baumel, 1976:
Lysozyme, Pencillin, and Chance Discovery

Jerremalm, A; Ellis, A; Harper, R A, 1976:
Lär Dig Leva Vettigt!

Weber, K., 1976:
Läßt sich die Indizierung eines Pulverdiagrammes als zahlentheoretisches Problem behandeln?

Gottfries, C Gerhard, 1976:
Lgtidsbehandling med neuroleptika

L. Claes; P. Hutzschenreuter; O. Pohler; V. Lechner; R. Strutz, 1976:
Lösemomente von Corticaliszugschrauben in Abhängigkeit von Implantationszeit und Oberflächenbeschaffenheit

Gerhard Gritzner, 1976:
Lösungsmitteleinfluß auf das Redoxverhalten des Hexakismethylisonitrilmangan (I) ions

G. Gritzner; P. Rechberger; Viktor Gutmann, 1976:
Lösungsmitteleinfluß auf das Redoxverhalten von Bistriphenylphosphinquecksilber(II)-perchlorat

Dipl.-Chem. M. Wähnert; Dr. habil. S. Dähne, 1976:
Lösungsmittelinduzierte Elektronenstrukturänderungen bei negativ solvatochromen Farbstoffen

R.C. Rahn, 1976:
Lüscher color theory: Civilians and criminals

Le Colonel, M. Girod; Le Lt Colonel; G. Allaume, 1976:
Lvolution du niveau intellectuel de la population franaise pendant le dernier quart de siecle

Sunay, T.; John, F.; Montandon, A., 1976:
Lhabituation vestibulaire pendulaire et rotatoire

A. Gaca, 1976:
Limage endoscopique de lurtrite postrieure

H. Bulow; D. W. Meinhardt; F. W. Schroder; H. Frohmuller, 1976:
Linfection urinaire aprs oprations endoscopiques de la prostate

Faulkner, J. E., 1976:

C. Dennis Carroll, 1976:
MAV: A FORTRAN program for multivariate analysis of variance, profile analysis, and multiple comparisons

Kielman-Van Luijt, E.C.M.; Dekkers, H.P.J.M.; Canters, G.W., 1976:
MCD of transitions to Jahn-Teller unstable states in the metalloporphins of Mg, Zn, Cu, Pd and Pt

Showery, C C., 1976:
MD vs. MT: An Attitude Survey

Rod Ballard, 1976:
MENTAL HANDICAP - plea for a generic view

K. D. Towers, 1976:

Kavvas, M. L.; Delleur, J. W., 1976:
METHODOLOGY FOR THE SELECTION AND APPLICATION OF PROBABILITY MODELS FOR THE SIMULATION OF DAILY RAINFALL AND RUNOFF / Mthode pour le choix et l'application des modles probabilistes pour la simulation des pluies journalires et de l'coulement

Bond, M. R., 1976:

Neher, J, 1976:
MEXICAN CULTURE AND THE HEALING ARTS (25 minutes, color, 16 mm., 1976). Produced by Harry A. Wilmer, M.D., Ph.D., director of the therapeutic community at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Administration Hospital in San Antonio. Available on loan to other mental health facilities from the Learning Resources Center, University of Texas Health Science Center, 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78224

Dryer, M; Steinolfson, R S., 1976:
MHD solution of interplanetary disturbances generated by simulated velocity perturbations

Barrit MacDonald, 1976:

Kazuo Kyuma; Kazuo Koide; Toyosaka Moriizumi; Tsutomu Yasuda, 1976:
MIS and SAW-propagation characteristics of ZnO/Si structures

Endo, A; Kuroda, M; Tsujita, Y, 1976:
ML-236A, ML-236B, and ML-236C, new inhibitors of cholesterogensis produced by Penicillium citrinum

F.E. Würgler; U. Graf; B. Cotton-Menzl; Th. Skripsky, 1976:
MMS sensitive mutants in Drosophila

Dr. F.-D. Höppner; Dr. E. Kleinpeter; Doz. Dr. C. Weiss; Dr. H.-J. Hofmann; Dr. W. Schindler, 1976:
MO-Berechnungen zur photographischen Farbentwicklung. IX. Experimentelle und quantenchemische Untersuchungen zur Acidität von Pyrazolonen-(5)

De Marsily, G.; Hubert, P.; Paschini, L.; Ramain, P., 1976:
MODELE D'AMENAGEMENT ET DE GESTION D'UN GRAND BASSIN HYDROGRAPHIQUE / A model for the design and management of a large hydrographie basin

D. E. Greenland, 1976:

Adam, V. Reed, 1976:
MODPAC: A modular package of programs for fitting model parameters to data and plotting fitted curves

Andre Gächter; Jorge Galante; William Rostoker, 1976:
MP35N: A corrosion-resistant, high-strength alloy for orthopedic or surgical implants: Two-year bioassay results

Schofield, C. B. S., 1976:
MSSVD: Annual Report based on the Secretary's Report to the Annual General Meeting on October 31, 1975

Lowe, A. G., 1976:
MTP International Review of Science, Biochemistry Series One, Volume 12: Physiological and Pharmacological Biochemistry

Sturgeon, R., 1976:
MTP International Review of Science, Biochemistry Series One, Volume 5: Biochemistry of Carbohydrates

Debra, S. Judge; Peter, S. Rodman, 1976:
Macaca radiata: Intragroup relations and reproductive status of females

Efraim Racker, 1976:
Macfarlane burnett

Prince, J R., 1976:
Mach Bands: A Psychophysical Artifact Observed with the Hine Phantom

Stone, W F.; Russ, R C., 1976:
Machiavellianism as Tough-Mindedness

G. I. Lidman, 1976:
Machine for automatic loading of bulk materials in containers

A. A. Shabanov; V. E. Kutukov; N. N. Eremina; N. P. Khramtsova, 1976:
Machine for profile cutting of rubber and ebonite stock

B. N. Kononenko; N. P. Kudryavskii, 1976:
Machining the blanks for high-strength iron rotors of screw compressors

Kambiĉ, V., 1976:
Macro-microscopical Findings and Prognosis of Hyperplastic Aberrations of the Laryngeal Mucous Membrane

Miller, R. W., 1976:
Macroconidia to Chlamydospores

J. F. Holt; L. R. Kuhns, 1976:
Macrocranium and macrencephaly in neurofibromatosis

Shungo Murakami; Seishi Murakami; Kazuo Yamaguchi; Hiroshi Yoshikawa, 1976:
Macromolecular synthesis after a nutritional shift-up ofBacillus subtilis

Casimir Lipinski; A. J. Ferro; Dallice Mills, 1976:
Macromolecule synthesis in a mutant ofSaccharomyces cerevisiaeinhibited by S-adenosylmethionine

H. L. Jenssen; H. Köhler; J. Günther; B. Klausch; W. Straube; R. Hofmann; H. H. Büttner, 1976:
Macrophage electrophoretic mobility(MEM)test in malignant gynaecological diseases

Wintrobe, M. M., 1976:

T. Soma; T. Umenai, 1976:
Madelung energies of tetragonal and orthorhombic systems

Robert David Sack, 1976:
Magic and Space

P. Narasimha Rao, 1976:
Magnesio-hastingsite from the anorthosites of Oddanchatram, Palni-Dindigul area, Tamil Nadu

H. Martens; J. Harmeyer; G. Breves; H. Scholz, 1976:
Magnesiumabsorption in vitro durch die Pansenschleimhaut von Schafen

W. Dander; H. Kronmüller; H. E. Schaefer, 1976:
Magnetic Aftereffect Phenomena in Cobalt between 4.2 and 20 K after Low-Temperature Electron Irradiation

Dixon, J. Scott; Linder, R E.; Barth, Günter; Bunnenberg, E; Djerassi, C; Seamans, L; Moscowitz, A, 1976:
Magnetic Circular Dichroism Studies XLVII. Cyclobutanones and Acyclic Ketones

I. N. Douglas, 1976:
Magnetic Circular Dichroism of Coe2+ -Doped Cubic Crystals

D. Scheerlinck; S. Hautecler, 1976:
Magnetic Interactions in Co3O4

Milan Melnik; Jerzy Mrozinsky, 1976:
Magnetic and spectral characterisation of some copper(II) chloropropionates with 1-phenyl-2,3-dimethyl-5-pyrazolone

Battaglia, M.R.; Ritchie, G.L.D., 1976:
Magnetic anisotropies of s-triazine and 2,4,6-trichloro-s-triazine

J. Donecker; J. Kluge, 1976:
Magnetic circular dichroism of indirect excitonic transitions in GaP and In1-xGaxP

Dekkers, H.P.J.M.; Kielman-Van Luyt, M.E.C.M., 1976:
Magnetic circular dichroism of the triphenylcarbenium ion and some symmetrically para-substituted derivatives

Kimisuke Shirae; Hisao Furukawa, 1976:
Magnetic domain wall motions in 50% Ni-Fe tape core in AC fields

W.A. Runciman; N.B. Manson; M. Marshall, 1976:
Magnetic effect on the emission of bismuth-doped calcium oxide

K.E. Hyde; P.L. Bocko; M. Lynch; R. Adams; G. Kokoszka, 1976:
Magnetic exchange in Cis-bis(glycinato)aquocopper(II), Bis-(hydrogen-o-phthalato)aquocopper(II), (o-phthalato) aquocopper(II) and the corresponding dehydrated complexes. A possible correlation between copper(II)Water bond lengths and the ability of hydrated copper(II) carboxylates to form magnetically-subnormal anhydrous complexes

Hideao Takezoe; Ryumyo Onaka, 1976:
Magnetic field effects on the luminescence of KBr : (Ag-)2

Toshiaki Mochizuki; Kosuke Harada, 1976:
Magnetic load cell with oriented silicon-iron steel laminations

F. Sacchetti; P. De Gasperis; F. Menzwger, 1976:
Magnetic moment distribution in Cu-Ni alloys

A. Matsuzaki; S. Nagakura, 1976 :
Magnetic quenching of fluorescence observed with carbon disulfide and glyoxal

Reiff, P H., 1976:
Magnetic shadowing of charged particles by an extended surface

E. Ose; L. Rothhardt, 1976:
Magnetisch erregte ‚Seilwellen’ auf der kontrahierten Säule einer Argon-Mitteldruckentladung

Peter Terzieff, 1976:
Magnetische Eigenschaften der ternären Phase (FexNi1-x)11Se8

Merz, L.; Haase, W.; Keller, G., 1976:
Magnetische Eigenschaften tetramerer Halogeno(2-dialkylaminoäthanolato)kupfer(II)-Komplexe vom Kubantyp

Rudolf Sobczak, 1976:
Magnetische Messungen anHeusler-Phasen Co2XY

Rudolf Sobczak, 1976:
Magnetische Messungen in den Mischphasen Fe13(Ge, Si)3, Fe3(Ge, Si), (Fe, Co)3Ge0,6Si0,4und (Fe, Co)3Ge0,2Si0,8

J. Sivardiére, 1976:
Magnetism in S = 3/2 Models Magnetization Jumps and Reorientations, Heat Magnetization, and Trieritical Points

G. Debnath; P. Rudra, 1976:
Magnetization and Susceptibility in the Truncated Anderson Model

H. Arend; H. Von Känel; P. Wachter, 1976:
Magneto-Optical Measurements on Two-Dimensional Magnetic Model Systems

G. Dietz; G. Wielpütz, 1976:
Magnetoelastic coupling between sound waves in ferromagnetic crystals

T.Z. Fahidy, 1976:
Magnetoelectrolysis in steady hartmann-flow cells

V. U. K. Sastry; C. V. V. Bhadram, 1976:
Magnetogasdynamic flow past an infinite porous flat plate in slip flow regime

K. Betzler; B.G. Zhurkin; A.L. Karuzskii; B.M. Balter, 1976:
Magnetooscillations of the electron-hole drop luminescence in germanium

B. Schwarz; H. Hinsch, 1976:
Magnetoplasma waves in anisotropic semiconductors and semimetals

Foster, J. C.; Rosenberg, T. J.; Lanzerotti, L. J., 1976:
Magnetospheric conditions at the time of enhanced wave-particle interactions near the plasmapause

Straus, J M.; Schulz, M, 1976:
Magnetospheric convection and upper atmospheric dynamics

J. A. Gleeson, 1976:
Magnification radiography. S. Takahashi and S. Sakuma, 270 195 mm. Pp. 110, with 59 illustrations. 1975. Berlin: Springer. DM.78

Larson, C R.; Folkins, J W.; McClean, M; Muller, E M., 1976:
Magnitude of perioral reflexes as a function of stimulus velocity and isometric lip force

N. I. Fetisova; V. M. Tsetlin, 1976:
Main group of parameters for evaluating film-forming properties in aerosol packages for the treatment of an operation field and for the sealing of wounds

Teresa Hayden; Walter Mischel, 1976:
Maintaining trait consistency in the resolution of behavioral inconsistency: The wolf in sheep's clothing?

Lab, M.; Koehren, F., 1976:
Maintenance and Recovery of the Interferon-lnduced Antiviral State

John, T. Hulley, 1976:
Maintenance and breeding of captive jaguarundis at Chester Zoo and Toronto : Felis yagouaroundi

A. Garcia-Bellido; R. Nöthiger, 1976:
Maintenance of determination by cells of imaginal discs ofDrosophilaafter dissociation and culture in vivo

Walther, N. Spjeldvik; Richard, M. Thorne, 1976:
Maintenance of the middle-latitude nocturnal D-layer by energetic electron precipitation

Parvery, F.; Kouyoumdjian, S.; Cottin, J.; Carbonnelle, B.; Deshaies, P., 1976:
Maintien de la qualit des antibiogrammes dans les grandes sries

Walter, E. Dean and Eville Gorham, 1976:
Major Chemical and Mineral Components of Profundal Surface Sediments in Minnesota Lakes

Rigby, M, 1976:
Major Sources of Historical: Meteorological Information

R.J. Van Zee; A.U. Khan, 1976:
Major emitting species in phosphorus chemiluminescence

Andre Simmons, 1976:
Major issues in regional economic cooperation in Africa

Zaleska, M, 1976:
Majority Influence on Group Choices Among Bets

Wilhelm, G, 1976:
Make me a map of the valley: The Civil War journal of Stonewall Jackson's topographer

D. Ya. Andreev; V. V. Arenbrister; I. M. Broide; V. V. Timofeev; N. I. Khodeeva, 1976:
Makeup of West Siberian mixed crude oil streams supplied to refineries

Fuhrer, L Mishkin; Bernstein, R, 1976:
Making Patient Education a Rart of Patient Care

Robert, L. Bernstein, 1976:
Making dtente real

Douglas, N. Jones, 1976:
Making refineries public utilities: An incision into vertical integration in the oil industry

J. Perterer; K. Thaler, 1976:
Makroarthropoden im Grünland des Innsbrucker Mittelgebirges (Nordtirol, Österreich)

Jayne Greenberg, 1976:
Male Nurses

Dell Smith, A; Kilpatrick, D G.; Sutker, P B.; Marcotte, D B., 1976:
Male Student Professionals: Their Attitudes toward Women, Sex, and Change

Michael Van Horn, 1976:
Male madness

Brief, A P.; Oliver, R L., 1976:
Male-female differences in work attitudes among retail sales managers

Jane, C. S. Perrin, 1976:
Malformation syndromes. Daniel Bergsma, M.D., ed. The National FoundationMarch of Dimes and American Elsevier, New York. 489 pp. 1975

Benchimol, A; Browne, P J.; Desser, K B., 1976:
Malfunction of Beall Valve Heralded by Diastolic Murmur

Fanta, H., 1976:
Malignant Melanoma in the Orbit

Scheffer, C.H.; Binkhort, P.G.; Hamburg, A., 1976:
Malignant Melanoma of the Choroid in a Two-Year-Old Girl

J. W. Alexander; R. Dueland; G. O. Appel, 1976:
Malignant Melanoma with Skeletal Metastasis in a Dog

Tanaka, R; Koprowski, H; Iwasaki, Y, 1976:
Malignant Transformation of Hamster Brain Cells in Vitro by Human Papovavirus BK 2

John, O. Vieta; Rodrico Blanco; George, R. Valentini, 1976:
Malignant duodenocolic fistula: Report of two cases, each with one or more other synchronous gastrointestinal cancers

Akira Kashimura; Tadashige Murakami, 1976:
Malignant lymphoma of large intestine

Si-Chun Ming, 1976:
Malignant potential of gastric polyps

Rice, D H; Gill, G, 1976:
Malignant: Abnormal microorganism and cell-mediated immunity in patients with intraoral cancer

Helm, F; Klein, E, 1976:
Malignant: Cutaneous clues to malignant disease

K. Dahm; A. Knipper; H. Mitschke, 1976:
Maligne Entartung der Colitis ulcerosa im Experiment

E. -W. Schwarze; T. Radaszkiewicz; G. Pülhorn; M. Goos; K. Lennert, 1976:
Maligne und benigne Lymphome des Auges, der Lid- und Orbitalregion

H. J. Leu; H. Sulser, 1976:
Maligner endothelialer Tumor der Arteria femoralis mit distaler Embolisation

Robert, O. Bailey, 1976:
Mallard Mortality in Manitoba's Extended Spring Muskrat-Trapping Season

Leontin Stefan Péterfi; Laura Momeu, 1976:
Mallomonas transsylvanica,spec. nova (Chrysophyceae), light and electron microscopical studies

Medina, D; Warner, M. R., 1976:
Mammary Tumorigenesis in Chemical Carcinogen-Treated Mice. IV. Induction of Mammary Ductal Hyperplasias2

R. L. J. Lyster, 1976:
Mammary gland secretion

Rita Farren Frantz, M.A., 1976:
Man Extends Further His Potential for Directing the Environment

Charles, M. Harris and Sue, W. Smith, 1976:
Man Teacher-Woman Teacher: Does It Matter?

Jan, G. Waldenström, 1976:
Man and Medicine

Andersson, F, 1976:
Man and the Boreal Forest. Proceedings of a regional meeting within project 2 of MAB (UNESCO's man and the biosphere programme), held in Stockholm, Sweden, 1316 October 1975

Breitner, J.C.S.; Galasko, D., 2015:
Encouraging trends toward reduced risk of Alzheimer disease: What's good for the heart is good for the brain

Count, E W., 1976:
Man in search of his image

Lewis, R. Goldberg, 1976:
Man versus model of man: just how conflicting is that evidence?

Robert Libby, 1976:
Man versus model of man: some conflicting evidence

Robert Libby, 1976:
Man versus model of man: the need for a nonlinear model

H. Tinsley, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Cultural Influences on Pennine Vegetation with Particular Reference to North Yorkshire

L. F. Curtis and I. G. Simmons, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Introduction

P. R. Cundill, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Late Flandrian Vegetation and Soils in Carlingill Valley, Howgill Fells

Donald, A. Davidson, R L. Jones and Colin Renfrew, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction and Evaluation: A Case Study from Orkney

Sheila Hicks, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Pollen Analysis and Archaeology in Kuusamo, North-East Finland, an Area of Marginal Human Interference

M. F. Walker and J. A. Taylor, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Post-Neolithic Vegetation Changes in the Western Rhinogau, Gwynedd, North-West Wales

E. Maltby and K. Crabtree, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || Soil Organic Matter and Peat Accumulation on Exmoor: A Contemporary and Palaeoenvironmental Evaluation

M. A. Atherden, 1976:
Man's Impact on Past Environments || The Impact of Late Prehistoric Cultures on the Vegetation of the North York Moors

Semple, A. B, 1976:
Man, Environment and Disease in Britain

Gersmehl, P., 1976:
Man-induced soil erosion of the Southern Piedmont

Nicholson, N., 1976:
Management Sanctions and Absence Control

Gabor, P., 1976:
Management Theory and Rational Decision Making

Smith, R P.; Kruszyna, R; Kruszyna, H, 1976:
Management of Acute Sulfide Poisoning

A. Powis; J.L. Bonus, 1976:
Management of Canadian mineral resources: An industry viewpoint

Dugan, D J., 1976:
Management of Surgical Complications

Lahey, F H., 1976:
Management of Toxic Goiter

Russell, E.A., 1976:
Management of a mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the palate

Richard, H. Ellis; Charles, J. Hinds; Lawrence, T. Gadd, 1976:
Management of anaesthesia during tracheal resection

Clifford, R. Wheeless, 1976:
Management of gastrointestinal injuries related to laparoscopy sterilization

Sculco, C D.; Sculco, T P., 1976:
Management of the Patient With An Infected Total Hip Arthroplasty

J. Byron Gathright; F. William Blaisdell; Ward, O. Griffen; John Alexander-Williams; Robert, E. Condon, 1976:
Management of the acute complications of diverticular disease

Zilnyk, A., 2018:
Encouraging vaccination for older adults

John, B. Miner; Mary Green Miner, 1976:
Managerial Characteristics of Personnel Managers

Waters, L. K.; Roach, D, 1976:
Managerial Role-Job Attitude Relationships: Comparison of Two Multiscale Measures of Satisfaction

Barbara Karmel; Douglas, M. Egan, 1976:
Managerial performance: A new look at underlying dimensionality

John Purcell, 1976:
Managers and union membership

L. E. Addison; J.W. Litchfield; J. V. Hansen, 1976:
Managing growth and change in an R & D organization: the role of dynamic modeling

Magnuson, J J., 1976:
Managing with ExoticsA Game of Chance

Albright, J; Terry, B; Baker, R; McCafree, M Ann; Huttula, C, 1976:
Mandibular juvenile fibrous histiocytoma with ossification

Abrams, R; Taylor, M Alan, 1976:
Mania and Schizo-Affective Disorder, Manic Type: A Comparison

I. G. Bikchantaev; I. V. Ovchinnikov, 1976:
Manifestation of orientational vibrations in the ESR spectrum of vanadyl acetylacetonate

Cornillon, J.; Touraine, J.-L.; Bernard, J.-P.; Lesterlin, P.; Touraine, R.; Touraine, F.; Grimaud, D.; de Bouteiller, O., 1976:
Manifestations asthmatiques chez des ouvriers prparant des protines alimentaires drives du ptrole

Cornillon, J.; Touraine, J.-L.; Touraine, R., 1976:
Manifestations asthmatiques probablement lies a une allergie par inhalation de poudre de Candida tropicalis

Modai, J.; Ghanassia, J.P.; Auffret, M N.; Durand, C., 1976:
Manifestations pancratiques au cours d'une brucellose

Dyck, W.; Plancke-Schuyten, G., 1976:
Manipulations With Multiple Choice Tests: a Probability Function of a Total Testscore V

Bruno, P. Kremer, 1976:
Mannitol in the rhodophyceaea reappraisal

Anonymous, 2018:
Encouraging young children to pursue veterinary careers

Kneale, G. W.; Stewart, A. M., 1976:
Mantel-Haenszel Analysis of Oxford Data. I. Independent Effects of Several Birth Factors Including Fetal Irradiation2

Kneale, G. W.; Stewart, A. M., 1976:
Mantel-Haenszel Analysis of Oxford Data. II. Independent Effects of Fetal Irradiation Subfactors23

Beutler, S M., 1976:
Manual for Eye Examinations and Diagnosis

Arndt, K A., 1976:
Manual of Contact Dermatitis (Book)

K.F. Moos, 1976:
Manual of minor oral surgery

Stephenson, S.K., 1976:
Manual on Radiation Protection in Hospitals and General Practice

Mascia, A V.; Bailit, I W.; Cushing, R T.; Falliers, C J.; Ghory, J; Handelman, N L.; Kornfield, M; Strick, L; Swarts, C L.; Wanderer, A A., 1976:
Manual on the Standardization of Care of the Severely Asthmatic Child

William, G. Tyler, 1976:
Manufactured Exports and Employment Creation in Developing Countries: Some Empirical Evidence

Morrison, T K., 1976:
Manufactured Exports and Protection in Developing Countries: A Cross-Country Analysis

Barbour-Bourne, D. J., 1976:
Manufacturing Processes Drop Forging

Ervin Epstein, 1976:
Manuscript Review

&na;,, 1976:
Many Nurses Active in Politics

Hume, C. A., 1976:
Many Skid Row Homeless Produced No Sign of Psychiatric Illness

Chiamulera, D Norton, 1976:
Many expectant parents experience frustration

D. S. Puri; V. K. Garg; M. P. Verma, 1976:
Many-body effects on the third-order elastic constants and pressure derivatives of the second-order elastic constants of CsCl structure solids

Sas, A; Jones, J E., 1976:
Mapping The Action!

Preece, P. E., 1976:
Mapping cognitive structure: A comparison of methods

M. Lieb, 1976:
Mapping missense and nonsense mutations in genecI of bacteriophage lambda: Marker effects

R. J. Schweyen; U. Steyrer; F. Kaudewitz; B. Dujon; P. P. Slonimski, 1976 :
Mapping of mitochondrial genes inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Michel Steinmetz; Frank Kunst; Raymond Dedonder, 1976:
Mapping of mutations affecting synthesis of exocellular enzymes inBacillus subtilis

William, S. Kelley; Nigel, D. F. Grindley, 1976:
Mapping of thepolAlocus ofEscherichia coliK12: Orientation of the amino- and carboxy-termini of the cistron

A Miczák; I. Berek; G. Ivanovics, 1976:
Mapping the uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase, coproporphyrinogen oxidase and ferrochelatase loci inBacillus subtilis

McWilliams, J C., 1976:
Maps from the Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment: Part I. Geostrophic Streamfunction

Y.T. Shah; A.Z. Szeri, 1976:
Marangoni instability in a reacting system

Amos, D; Tilzer, L, 1976:
Marchesani Syndrome

Smith, K. W., 1976:
Marginal Standardization and Table Shrinking: Aids in the Traditional Analysis of Contingency Tables

Muroi, M; Izawa, M; Kishi, T, 1976:
Maridomycin, a new mecrolide antibiotic. X. The structure of maridomycin II

Muroi, M; Izawa, M; Kishi, T, 1976:
Maridomycin, a new nacrolide antibiotic. XI. The structures of maridomycin components

Farnsworth, D L., 1976:
Marijuana and Health Hazards: Methodological Issues in Current Research

Cushman, P.; Khurana, R., 1976:
Marijuana and T Iymphocyte rosettes

Ware, D. M., 1976:
Marine Ecology and Fisheries

Milliman, J D., 1976:
Marine Geotechnology. An international journal of seafloor science and engineering

Waldichuk, M., 1976:
Marine Science Communications Basic and Applied

Evans,, E B., 1976:
Marine Scientific and Technological Assistance to Developing Countries: Science for Development or Technology for Malintegrated Growth?

Stefan Hastenrath, 1976:
Marine climatology of the tropical Americas

Dennis, A. Watkins, 1976:
Marine resource development: An application of the community development process at the state level

Mary Jo Bane, 1976:
Marital Disruption and the Lives of Children

Oliver, C. Moles, 1976:
Marital Dissolution and Public Assistance Payments: Variations among American States

Arthur, J. Norton; Paul, C. Glick, 1976:
Marital Instability: Past, Present, and Future

David, R. Mace, 1976:
Marital Intimacy and the Deadly Love-Anger Cycle

Kemper, T D.; Reichler, M L., 1976:
Marital Satisfaction and Conjugal Power as Determinants of Intensity and Frequency of Rewards and Punishments Administered by Parents

Joan Overturf, 1976:
Marital Therapy: Toleration of Differentness

D.L.J. Opdyke, 1976:
Marjoram oil sweet

Goldman, S; Tselos, S; Cohn, K, 1976:
Marked Depth of ST-Segment Depression During Treadmill Exercise Testing

Fred, B. Power; John, P. Cooke, 1976:
Market and Use Value Florida's New Tax Assessment Law

D. A. Hensher, 1976:
Market segmentation as a mechanism in allowing for variability of traveller behaviour

Bruce, A. Schick, T A. More, R M. Degraaf and David, E. Samuel, 1976:
Marketing Wildlife Management

Studdert-Kennedy, G, 1976:
Marketing social science in hard times

Rothwell, R, 1976:
MarketingA Success Factor in Industrial Innovation

Smith, C A., 1976:
Markets in Oaxaca: Are they really unique?

Allen, A. P., 1976:
Marking of Lateral Chest Films

Yu. A. Feduleev; E. I. Kiselev, 1976:
Marking of column shells by means of an optical method for the fitting of plates

John Whitelegg, 1976:
Markov Chains: caveat emptor

B. J. T. Morgan, 1976:
Markov Properties of Sequences of Behaviours

David, E. Harrison; John, W. Doubleday, 1976:
Marrow allograft success inW/Wvanemic mice: Relation to skin graft survival times

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Mars lively but inconclusive

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Marshalljohnstonia, a New Genus (Asteraceae) with a Rosette-Shrub Growth Habit from Mexico

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Martensitic transformation cubic rhombohedral in rubidium nitrate

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Martha Teach Gnudi (1908-76)

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Martian atmospheric water vapor observations: 19721974 apparition

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Marxist and Functionalist Theories in the Study of Stratification: Common Elements that Lead to a Test

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Mary douglas and the new anthropology

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Masculinization in male rats is inhibited by neonatal injections of dihydrotestosterone

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Masking effects at cubic intermodulation product frequencies

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Maslow reconsidered: A review of research on the need hierarchy theory

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Mass Constraints on Political Realignments: Perceptions of Anti-System Parties in Italy

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Mass Media Systems, Economic Development, and the Public-Private Continuum

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Mass Spectrometric Decomposition Processes in Labelled 1-Heptenes

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Mass Spectrometry of Steroids

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Mass effects and transport properties in classical fluids: A molecular dynamics experiment on fused NaCl

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Mass exchange of some antibiotics from model solutions on ion-exchange resins in single-section and multisection apparatuses

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Mass fragmentographic determination of d- and l-chlorpheniramine with aid of the stable isotope technique

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Mass fragmentographic determination of indole-3-acetic acid in callus tissues of Panax ginseng and Nicotiana tabacum

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Mass media values

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Mass specteometey of negative ions of some organophosphorus and -boron compounds

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Mass spectra of cyclopentadienylgermatrane and cyclopentadienylstannatrane

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Mass spectra of functional derivatives of sterically hindered olefins

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Mass spectra of metal tropolonates

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Mass spectra of some cyclic dipeptides (2,5-diketopiperazines)

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Mass spectra of tetranitromethane and some of its alpha halide derivatives

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Mass spectra of the acetals of aldehydes of the cyclopropane series

C. Glidewell, 1976:
Mass spectral fragmentation patterns of trichloroimidophosphoranes, Cl3PNX, and of Hexachlorodiazadiphosphetidines, (Cl3PNX)2

G. Innorta; A. Foffani; S. Torroni, 1976:
Mass spectrometric study of -C5H5Fe(CO)2 EMe3 complexes (E = Si, Ge, Sn and Pb)

Lawrence Burkhart; P. W. Weathers; P. C. Sharer, 1976:
Mass transfer and internal circulation in forming drops

J. Bulička; J. Procházka, 1976:
Mass transfer between two turbulent liquid phases

K. Koide; T. Hayashi; K. Sumino; S. Iwamoto, 1976:
Mass transfer from single bubbles in aqueous solutions of surfactants

Vi-Duong Dang; Meyer Steinberg, 1976:
Mass transfer from swarms of bubbles or drops with chemical reactions in continuous phase

Thomas, E. Tang; Sun-Tak Hwang, 1976:
Mass transfer of dissolved gases through tubular membrane

Robert, M. Wellek; Türker Gürkan, 1976:
Mass transfer to drops moving through power law fluids in the intermediate reynolds number region

Kambiz Javdani, 1976:
Mass transfer with buoyancy driven convective cells

Ryszard Pohorecki, 1976:
Mass transfer with chemical reaction during gas absorption on a sieve plate

Peter Marcuse, 1976:
Mass transit for the few

Edward Weiner, 1976:
Mass transportation needs and financing in the United States

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Mass-spectrometric analysis of group composition of saturated petroleum hydrocarbons in crude oil

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Mass-spectrometric behavior of some C-glycopyranoside acetates

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Mass-spectrometric determination of the 4-center configuration in trans-linked 1,4-dialkyldecahydroquinolol-4s

A. Sh. Sultanov; U. M. Dzhemilev; M. S. Miftakhov; V. I. Khvostenko; G. A. Tolstikov, 1976:
Mass-spectrometric study of negative ion formation in the series of ,-complexes of titanium

V. F. Donyagina; V. F. Traven'; V. G. Zaikin; B. I. Stepanov, 1976:
Mass-spectrometric study of permethyl compounds of group IVB elements

C. Walzel, 1976:
Massive Melaena durch tryptische Arrosion der Arteria lienalis

Samad Mesry, 1976:
Massive epidural spread of local analgesics

Glenn, K. Blackburn, 1976:
Massive fetomaternal hemorrhage due to choriocarcinoma of the uterus

K. Karkola, 1976:
Massive haemorrhage of the anterior part of the neck

Aharon Lurie, 1976:
Massive prostatic hypertrophy

Strömquist, L, 1976:
Massrörelser initierade av extremnederbörd Ett exempel från Andøya i Nordnorge

K. Wŀodarski, 1976:
Mast cells in the pinna of Balb/c nude (nu/nu) and heterozygotes (nu/+) mice

R. Wenzel, 1976:
Mastikationseffekt bei unterschiedlichen Gebißformen

T.M. Edmunds; J.R. Willis, 1976:
Matched asymptotic expansions in nonlinear fracture mechanicsI. longitudinal shear of an elastic perfectly-plastic specimen

T.M. Edmunds; J.R. Willis, 1976:
Matched asymptotic expansions in nonlinear fracture mechanicsII. Longitudinal shear of an elastic work-hardening plastic specimen

Hal Malehorn, 1976:
Material things

Heal, J. E.; Brocks, B. E., 1976:
Materials and Equipment Chosen at Oldchurch Hospital

V. Yu. Babkina; I. K. Vasil'eva; O. V. Gapunina; E. G. Chub, 1976 :
Materials of construction for plate heat exchangers in soda ash production

C. R. Sutton, 1976:
Materials of the Science Teacher Education Project (STEP)

Kimati, V. P., 1976:
Maternal and Child Health Organization in Tanzania -- Urgency of Implementation

Brudenell, M, 1976:
Maternal and neonatal health--a priority

Casler, L, 1976:
Maternal intelligence and institutionalized children's developmental quotients: A correlational study

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Maternal language in infancy

Reva Rubin, 1976:
Maternal tasks in pregnancy

Weisman, Y; Sapir, R; Harell, A; Edelstein, S, 1976:
Maternal-perinatal interrelationships of vitamins D metabolism in rats

Giambra, L M., 1976:
Mathematical Background and Grade-point Average as Predictors of Course Grade in an Undergraduate Behavioral Statistics Course: A Replication

Spalding, D. B., 1976:
Mathematical Models of Turbulent Flames; A Review

Charles, W. Mcmonnies, 1976:
Mathematical Prescribing of Soft Contact Lenses

Jan Blaha, 1976:
Mathematical analysis of the chemical system cyanide-heavy metals in waterdetermination of components and toxicity of the systemI. The theoretical solution

Jan Blaha, 1976:
Mathematical analysis of the chemical system cyanide-heavy metals in waterdetermination of components and toxicity of the systemII. Solution by computer

Akira Takami, 1976:
Mathematical analysis of the pressure distribution in powder in equilibrium in a conical vessel

A. M. Mayyasi; P. E. Pulley; R. N. Coulson; D. W. DeMichele; J. L. Foltz, 1976:
Mathematical description of within-tree distributions of the various developmental stages ofDendroctonus frontalisZimm. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

M. Gunzburger; C. H. Liu; L. Maestrello; L. Ting, 1976:
Mathematical formulation for the propagation of sound through a turbulent jet

Jack, N. Shuman, 1976:
Mathematical model building and public policy: The games some bureaucrats play

D.G. Christoulas; T.H.Y. Tebbutt, 1976:
Mathematical model of a complete-mix activated-sludge plant

Malcolm, J. McIntosh, 1976:
Mathematical model of drying in a brown coal mill system. 1. Formulation of model

Malcolm, J. McIntos, 1976:
Mathematical model of drying in a brown coal mill system. 2. Testing of model

David, E. Clough; W. Fred Ramirez, 1976:
Mathematical modeling and optimization of the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to form styrene

Roland, H. Heck; James Wei; James, R. Katzer, 1976:
Mathematical modeling of monolithic catalysts

L.S. Caretto, 1976:
Mathematical modeling of pollutant formation

Masataka Watanabe; Jerome, J. Connor, 1976:
Mathematical modelling of a stratified cooling pond

A.K. Majumdar; D. Bhaduri, 1976:
Mathematical modelling of flows in recessed wall flame holder

R.D. Holton; D.L. Trimm, 1976:
Mathematical modelling of heterogeneoushomogeneous reactions

Phillip, L. Gould; Altay Cataloglu; Richard, E. Clark, 1976:
Mathematical modelling of human aortic valve leaflets

Larry, C. Young; Bruce, A. Finlayson, 1976:
Mathematical models of the monolith catalytic converter: Part I. Development of model and application of orthogonal collocation

Larry, C. Young; Bruce, A. Finlayson, 1976:
Mathematical models of the monolith catalytic converter: Part II. Application to automobile exhaust

Neely, W. Brock.; Blau, G E.; Alfrey, T., 1976:
Mathematical models predict concentration-time profiles resulting from chemical spill in a river

Haywood, J. K.; Bomford, C. K., 1976:
Mathematical representation of megavoltage teletherapy beams

V.V. Serov; M.E. Elyashberg; L.A. Gribov, 1976:
Mathematical synthesis and analysis of molecular structures

Helmut Baumert, 1976:
Mathematisches Modell zur Deutung der durch intermittierende Belichtung von Phytoplanktern hervorgerufenen Mehrleistung der Photosynthese

Edward, M. Barrows, 1976:
Mating Behavior in Halictine Bees (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) : II. Microterritorial and Patrolling Behavior in of Lasioglossum rohweri

Eviatar Nevo; Hans Schneider, 1976:
Mating call pattern of Green toads in Isreal and its ecological corelate

Mark, G. Pfeiffer; Harriet, C. Herman; Rosemary, C. Schwoerer, 1976:
Mating of teachers and jobs: A relationship previously ignored in the diagnosis and evaluation of classroom teaching

L. M. Joll, 1976:
Mating, egg-laying and hatching ofOctopus tetricus(Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in the laboratory

Matti Perttilä, 1976:
Matrix i.r. spectrum and normal coordinate analysis of trifluoromethanethiol

T. Kristiansen, 1976:
Matrix-Bound Antigens and Antibodies

M. Schwarzbach, 1976:
Max Pfannenstiel 19021976

James, H. Goodnight, 1976:
Maximally-Invariant Quadratic Unbiased Estimators

Lee, D., 1976:
Maximization of reverberation gain

J. Haworth and P. Vincent, 1976:
Maximizing the Nearest-Neighbour Statistic

Cohen, E. S., 1976:
Maximum Feasible Participation -- It Help

Wigley, T. M. L., 1976:
Maximum Rise of Cooling Tower Plumes

K. C. Cheng; Ray-shing Wu, 1976:
Maximum density effects on thermal instability of horizontal laminar boundary layers

Takao Hirasa; Sadao Ishikawa, 1976:
Maximum energy efficiency and driving force of linear induction motor in accelerating period

C. Steinberg, 1976:
Maximum likelihood estimate of the mean of a truncated Poisson distribution

A. P. Turovskii; É. D. Malyutina, 1976:
Maximum loadings of no-volume centrifugal separators

Katsuyuki Kaiho, 1976:
Maximum persistent current of superconductors in AC magnetic field

G.D. Suciu; H.G. Zengel, 1976:
Maximum yield of a liquid product resulting from a gas-phase reaction

&na;,, 1976:
May Hornback, Educator, Dies in Wisconsin

Csanady, G. T., 1976:
Mean circulation in shallow seas

J. Kurittu; M. Merisalo, 1976:
Mean-Square Displacements for NH4Cl and ND4Cl Crystals

Nelson, D L.; Wheeler, J W.; Brooks, D H., 1976:
Meaning and the elimination of sensory interference

Myron, C. Madden, 1976:
Meaningful pastoral intimacy

Steinar Kvale, 1976:
Meanings as data and human technology

V. V. Afenbrister, 1976:
Means of curtailing losses of crude oil and petroleum products

V. E. Koval'; N. N. Gorulya; V. L. Opershtein, 1976:
Means of increasing the economy of pile foundations

P. M. Ermoshkin; T. V. Saikina, 1976:
Means of increasing the effectiveness and quality of foundations constructed of cast-in-place piles

Mitchell, W. J.; Midgett, M. R., 1976:
Means to evaluate the performance of stationary source test methods

Shen, L.; King, R.W.; Sorbello, R., 1976:
Measured field of a directional antenna submerged in a lake

Martin, N. C.; Leehey, P., 1976 :
Measured spatial filtering characteristics of membranes and plates

Massa, D. J., 1976:
Measurement and control of internal damping in polymers

Ozkan, T.Alp.; Yalcin, M.Savas.; Dillioglugil, O.; Cevik, I., 2018:
Encrusted cystitis caused by corynebacterium urealyticum: a case report with novel treatment strategy of intravesical dimethyl sulfoxide

Albernhe, F.; Vedrenne, G., 1976:
Measurement in the atmosphere of a gamma ray line at 6129 keV

H. Nubbemeyer, 1976:
Measurement of Ar(I) and Ar(II) transition probabilities in LTE ARC plasmas

Buchholz, R. A., 1976:
Measurement of Beliefs

R. Lindsey, 1976:
Measurement of Mössbauer Diffusion Broadening in α-Iron Stabilized with Vanadium

Thackray, R., 1976:
Measurement of Perception of Tonality

Jansen, D. G.; Knapp, R. R.; Knapp, L., 1976:
Measurement of Personality Change in an Alcoholic Treatment Program: Further Validation of the Personal Orientation Dimensions

Chester, C. Cotton, 1976:
Measurement of Power-Balancing Styles and Some of Their Correlates

Mary Otten; John, M. Szabocsik, 1976:
Measurement of Preservative Binding with SOFLENS (polymacon) Contact Lens

Ewan, P W.; Jones, H A.; Rhodes, C. G.; Hughes, J. M. B., 1976:
Measurement of Pulmonary Haemorrhage in Goodpasture's Syndrome

Cogan, J L.; Willand, J H., 1976:
Measurement of Sea Surface Temperature by the NOAA 2 Satellite

Gilman, B, 1976:
Measurement of Soflens Posterior Curvature with Moir Fringes

Grantham, D. W.; Wightman, F. L., 1976:
Measurement of a binaural temporal transfer function

J. Hanika; K. Sporka; V. Ru̇žička; J. Hrstka, 1976:
Measurement of axial temperature profiles in an adiabatic trickle bed reactor

Tracey, B M, 1976:
Measurement of blood pressure

Plunkett, R, 1976:
Measurement of damping in polymer materials

Smith, K. A.; Duncan, M. D.; Geis, M. W.; Rundel, R. D., 1976:
Measurement of electron loss cross sections for 0.25- to 5-keV hydrogen atoms in atmospheric gases

J.S. Margolis; Sunil Sarangi, 1976:
Measurement of hydrogen- and self-broadened half-widths of ammonia at 200 and 300K

J. Lemaire; F. Herlemont; J. Thibault, 1976:
Measurement of infrared transition of NH3 from a microwave line shift due to a non-resonance infrared field

V. G. Kusanov; M. A. Alekseeva; B. Kh. Avrushchenko, 1976:
Measurement of leaks of highly volatile liquids in vacuum

J. Kestin; H. E. Khalifa, 1976:
Measurement of logarithmic decrements through the measurement of time

Heilbrun, A B., 1976:
Measurement of masculine and feminine sex role identities as independent dimensions

Vance, F. Mitchell; Pravin Moudgill, 1976:
Measurement of maslow's need hierarchy

W.G. Thilly, 1976:
Measurement of mutation at the HGPRT locus in diploid human lymphoblasts

U. Breyer; K. Villumsen, 1976:
Measurement of plasma levels of tricyclic psychoactive drugs and their metabolites by UV reflectance photometry of thin layer chromatograms

P. G. Coleman; T. C. Griffith; G. R. Heyland; T. R. Twomey, 1976:
Measurement of positron-rare gas total cross-sections at intermediate energies

Goodstein, L D.; Goldstein, J J.; D'Orta, C V.; Goodman, M A., 1976:
Measurement of self-disclosure in encounter groups: A methodological study

R. Wootton; J. Reeve; N. Veall, 1976:
Measurement of skeletal blood flow in normal man and in patients with Pagets disese of bone

Wolman, A, 1976:
Measurement of the Health Benefits of Investments in Water Supply

Leitch, A. G.; Clancy, L. J.; Flenley, D. C., 1976:
Measurement of the Hypoxicdrivetobreathing at Rest and on Exercise Using Transient, Progressive and Steady State Hypoxic Methods in Normal Subjects

F. L. Herr; G. R. Helz, 1976:
Measurement of the activity coefficient of aqueous NaHS to 80C and 0.2min the system NaHSH2SH2O

K. Behringer; P. Thoma, 1976:
Measurement of the argon continuum radiation in the near vacuum ultraviolet

Ivor Moulson; Geoffrey Sullivan; Herbert, C. Wilkinson, 1976:
Measurement of the breeze content of coal-breeze blends

Goran Pichler, 1976:
Measurement of the oscillator strengths of principal-series lines of cesium

Silverberg, R F., 1976:
Measurement of the primary cosmic electron spectrum from 10 to about 250 GeV

Nobuo Takeuchi, 1976:
Measurement of the relaxation time in LaF3 : Pr3+ by photon echo

B.V. Derjaguin; D.V. Fedoseev; S.P. Vnukov, 1976:
Measurement of the specific surface of powders by the method of filtering rarefield gas

J. Herbertz, 1976:
Measurement of ultrasonic power of cylindrical horns

K. Behringer; P. Thoma, 1976:
Measurement of ultraviolet Argon(II) transition probabilities

D. R. Mosher; R. Raj; R. Kossowsky, 1976:
Measurement of viscosity of the grain-boundary phase in hot-pressed silicon nitride

H. B. So; L. A. G. Aylmore; J. P. Quirk, 1976:
Measurement of water fluxes and potentials in a single root-soil system

Gerald, J. Bierman, 1976:
Measurement updating using the U-D factorization

Lamb, D.; Nielsen, K. W.; Klieforth, H. E.; Hallett, J., 1976:
Measurements of Liquid Water Content in Winter Cloud Systems over the Sierra Nevada

Berman, E Ann, 1976:
Measurements of Temperature and Downwind Spectra in the Buoyant Subrange

Clarke, R. A., 1976:
Measurements of a Small Near-Bottom Cyclonic Circulation Near the Gulf Stream Axis

R. K. Kapoor; S. K. Paul; A. S. Ramachandra Murty; K. Krishna; S. K. Sharma; Bh. V. Ramana Murty, 1976:
Measurements of cloud droplet size distributions in seeded warm cumulus clouds

André M. Lambert; Kerry, R. Kelts; Neil, F. Marshall, 1976:
Measurements of density underflows from Walensee, Switzerland

Woo, R; Yang, F-Chou, 1976:
Measurements of electron density irregularities in the ionosphere of Jupiter by Pioneer 10

K. P. Hofmann; R. Uhl; W. Hoffmann; W. Kreutz, 1976:
Measurements of fast light-induced light-scattering and -absorption changes in outer segments of vertebrate light sensitive rod cells

Sesiano, J.; Cloutier, P. A., 1976:
Measurements of field-aligned currents in a multiple auroral arc system

Leshowitz, B.; Lindstrom, R.; Zurek, P., 1976:
Measurements of frequency selectivity in listeners with sensorineural hearing loss

Madsen, M. Møhl; Iversen, I. B.; D'Angelo, N., 1976:
Measurements of high-latitude ionospheric electric fields by means of balloon-borne sensors

N. Wakao; K. Tanaka; H. Nagai, 1976:
Measurements of particle-to-gas mass transfer coefficients from chromatographic adsorption experiments

Bostian, C. W.; Stutzman, W. L.; Wiley, P. H.; Marshall, R. E., 1976:
Measurements of rain effects on an 18-GHz dual-polarized propagation link

Davies, K.; Fritz, R. B.; Gray, T. B., 1976:
Measurements of the Columnar Electron Contents of the Ionosphere and Plasmasphere

McPhee, M G.; Smith, J. Dungan, 1976:
Measurements of the Turbulent Boundary Layer under Pack Ice

Mathews, J D., 1976:
Measurements of the diurnal tides in the 80- to 100-km altitude range at Arecibo

Arun, K. Patel; George, T. Tsao, 1976:
Measurements of the effect of suspended small particles on turbulent mixing in pipe flow

R.B. Minton, 1976:
Measures of Jupiter photographs1972 apparition

R.B. Minton, 1976:
Measures of Jupiter photographs1973 apparition

Nicholas, F, 1976:
Measuring And Interpreting The Urban Heat Island: A Student Field Project

Merceret, F J., 1976:
Measuring Atmospheric Turbulence with Airborne Hot-Film Anemometers

Albaum, G., 1976:
Measuring Attitudes of School-Age Children: a Note On Effects of Place of Measurement On Validity of Outcomes

Ruth, B. Dixon, 1976:
Measuring Equality Between the Sexes

Patricia, A. Lane, M J. Klug and Louise Louden, 1976:
Measuring Invertebrate Predation in situ on Zooplankton Assemblages

Lindgren, H Clay, 1976:
Measuring Need to Achieve by n Ach-n Aff ScaleA Forced-Choice Questionnaire

Lindeman, C, 1976:
Measuring Quality of Nursing Care

Hogstedt, C. R., 1976:
Measuring atmospheric temperature and humidity for aircraft flyover noise testing

Tittler, B I.; Anchor, K N.; Weitz, L J., 1976:
Measuring change in openness: Behavioral assessment techniques and the problem of the examiner

R. V. Ambartzumian; N. P. Furzikov; V. S. Letokhov; A. A. Puretsky, 1976:
Measuring photoionization cross-sections of excited atomic states

Baugh, I D. H.; Boreham, J R., 1976:
Measuring the Coastline from Maps: A Study of the Scottish Mainland

Strassmann, W. Paul, 1976:
Measuring the Employment Effects of Housing Policies in Developing Countries

Brainerd, C J., 1976:
Measuring the OrdinationCardination Sequence

Hans, W. Wendt; Paul, C. Light, 1976:
Measuring greatness in American presidents: Model case for international research on political leadership?

G. Waller; H. -J. Pesch; M. Weidenbecher; M. Niqué, 1976:
Meatoplastik mit allogenem, konserviertem Knorpel. Histomorphologische Modellstudie im Tierexperiment

Henry, J-Pierre; Paquet, J, 1976:
Mecanique de la rupture de roches calcitiques

Houpert, R; Homand-Etienne, F; Tisot, J-Paul, 1976:
Mecanismes de propagation de la rupture en compression dans les roches cristallines

Clare, E. Barkalow, 1976:
Mechanical CPR and organ donors

Maerker, J.M., 1976:
Mechanical Degradation of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Solutions in Unconsolidated Porous Media

Stein, N., 1976:
Mechanical Properties of Friable Sands From Conventional Log Data (includes associated papers 6426 and 6427 )

S. Takayama; R. Maddin, 1976:
Mechanical behaviour of partially crystallized amorphous alloys

M. Sahoo; R. A. Porter; R. W. Smith, 1976:
Mechanical behaviour of the Cd-Zn eutectic composite

Cobbold, P., 1976:
Mechanical effects of anisotropy during large finite deformations

J. C. Swearengen; R. J. Eagan, 1976:
Mechanical properties of molybdenum-sealing glass-ceramics

Miksch, U; Beiderbeck, R, 1976:
Mechanische Isolierung von Einzelzellen aus Blättern höherer Pflanzen

Nievel, J G.; Anderson, J, 1976:
Mechanism and Significance of Drug Induced Hepatomegaly: A Molecular Approach

D.R. Eaton; K. Zaw, 1976:
Mechanism and kinetics of ligand exchange in Co(II) complexes of thiourea

G. G. Lazarev; Ya. S. Lebedev; M. V. Serdobov, 1976:
Mechanism for destruction of the radical paris that are formed in the irradiation of glassy solutions of sterically hindered quinones and phenols

Gerhard KRAUSS; Detlev RIESNER; Guenter MAASS, 1976:
Mechanism of Discrimination between Cognate and Non-cognate tRNs by Phenylalanyl-tRNA:Synthetase from Yeast

Mollin, J.; Kučerová, T., 1976:
Mechanism of acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of hydroxamic acids

É. N. Shtpulina; V. D. Reznikov; N. G. Puchkov; M. S. Borovaya, 1976:
Mechanism of action and efficiency of certain typical Ca-containing detergents

Foreman, J C; Garland, L G, 1976:
Mechanism of action of antiallergic drugs

Yu. N. Shekhter; E. A. Konstantinov; T. I. Bogdanova; A. I. Kozlova, 1976:
Mechanism of action of lubricants used in outdoor protection of metal articles

Bernardo, L. Wajchenberg; Alfredo Halpern; Carlos, E. Leme; Antonio, C. Lerário; Augusto, A. Silveira; Pedro, A.L. Fioratti; Fernando, P. Cesar, 1976:
Mechanism of action of phenethylbiguanide (phenformin) in man. III. Interrelationship between ethanol and phenethylbiguanide (PBG) in normal and diabetic subjects

Mollin, J.; Veverka, F.; Kašpárek, F., 1976:
Mechanism of alkali-catalyzed hydrolysis of diphenyl amidophosphates

A. I. D'yachenko; A. I. Ioffe, 1976:
Mechanism of aromatic nucleophilic substitution

Ya. B. Chertkov; V. A. Gladkikh; E. P. Seregin; V. I. Treshchalov; A. V. Chulyukina; R. M. Berezina; T. I. Kirsanova; L. N. Kozinova, 1976:
Mechanism of breakdown and stabilization of nitrile rubbers in jet fuels

A. E. Gurvich; A. A. Korukova; O. S. Grigor'eva, 1976:
Mechanism of depression of antibody formation in high-density suspension cultures

Y. Takizawa; R. Kurayama; I. Nakamura, 1976:
Mechanism of fetal poisoning by mercury. Distribution of mercury-binding protein in the placenta and fetus of pregnant mice

E. Rotondo; R. Pietropaolo; G. Tresoldi; F. Faraone; F. Cusmano, 1976:
Mechanism of formation of Schiff base complexes. Part. I. Reaction of Ni(bis-salicylaldehyde) with primary amines

Ryoichi Yoshida; Yousuke Maekawa; Tadao Ishii; Gen Takeya, 1976:
Mechanism of high-pressure hydrogenolysis of Hokkaido coals (Japan). 1. Simulation of product distributions

Ryoichi Yoshida; Yousuke Maekawa; Tadao Ishii; Gen Takeya, 1976:
Mechanism of high-pressure hydrogenolysis of Hokkaido coals (Japan). 2. Chemical structure of products

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Mechanism of the pain-relieving action of narcotic analgesics

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Mechanisms of Bacterial Susceptibility and Resistance to Antibiotics

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Mechanisms of Cardiac Arrhythmias

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Mechanisms of brain-stem activation of the neocortex and motor reflexes in chronic premesencephalic cats

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Mechanisms of energy transfer between rare earth ions

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Mechanismus der Variation des Verhältnisses Acetat/Lactat béi der Vergärung von Glucose durch Bifidobakterien

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Mechanismus der Wirkung von Antioxydantien auf die Autoxydation der Fette. 2. Mitt. Regeneration der Antioxydantien

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Mechanismus der traumata bei arbeitsunfallen. gerichtsmedizinische analyse

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Mechanistic Analogy and Smith on Exchange

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Mechanization and automation of the production of injection solutions in ampuls

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Mechanized line for galvanizing of large parts

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Mechanized section for assembly and welding of turbine rotors

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Media Review

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Medical Aid at Accidents

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Meetina thenedas of teens regarding their sexuality

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Membership of Royal Commission

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Mental Health Systems Analysis: Promise and Practice || INTRODUCTION

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Mental Health Systems Analysis: Promise and Practice || MENTAL HEALTH: SYSTEMS AND NONSYSTEMS

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Mental Health Systems Analysis: Promise and Practice || PROCESS AND OUTCOME EVALUATION IN MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS

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Menthone racemic

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Messin' wif Language

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Messung der maximalen Bewegungsstrecken der Bulbi

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Metabolism, thermal conductance, and body temperature in one of the largest species of Peromyscus, P. Pirrensis

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Metal Detector to Recover Instruments

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Metal cans in aerosol packings

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Microbiology Laboratories and the Use of a Bacteria Bank

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Micromethod for phosphorus determination in research laboratories

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Micromodification of the Phadebasr` Amylase Test

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Micronutrient availability to cereals from calcareous soils

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Microporous glasses for reverse osmosis

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Microscale Alfvn waves in the solar wind at 1 AU

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Microscopic reversibility and probability matrices for molecular collisions

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Microscopic theory of spin-wave resonance in ferromagnetic films with surface-region hihomogeneities

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Microstructural inhomogeneity in carbon fibres

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Microstructure and brittle behaviour of fine grain calcite (micrite)

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Microstructure of glass fibre-reinforced cement composites

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