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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61517

Chapter 61517 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A. Duda; W. Maciejewski, 1978:
Spin-Wave Resonance Spectrum in Thin Films with Internal Isotropically Coupled Impurity Layer

Jamison, E; Fee, F., 1978:
Spina Bifida and the Wppsi

Ribeiro, J., 1978:
Spinal Cord Stimulation in the Treatment of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

G.A. Lawrence; I. Rosenberg; L. Cohen; F. Hendrickson, 1978:
Spinal cord tolerance to fast neutron therapy

William Martel, 1978:
Spinal pseudoarthrosis

Giulio, J. Dangio; R. Beverly Raney Jr., 1978:
Spindle-cell carcinoma of the palate

Brignoli, P Marcello, 1978:
Spinnen aus Brasilien, II. Vier neue Ochyroceratidae aus Amazonas nebst Bemerkungen über andere Amerikanische Arten (Arachnida: Araneae)

Guttorm Fløistad, 1978:
Spinoza in Modern Dress || Mind and Body in Spinoza's "Ethics"

Stanley, C. Martens, 1978:
Spinoza in Modern Dress || Spinoza on Attributes

Charles Jarrett, 1978:
Spinoza in Modern Dress || The Logical Structure of Spinoza's "Ethics", Part I

B. Dowgiałło-Plenkiewicz; P. Plenkiewicz, 1978:
SpinOrbit and Crystal Field Splittings of the Valence Band in II3V2 Semiconducting Compounds

Ulrich Wannagat; Reinhard Seifert, 1978:
Spirane mit Germanium im spiralen Zentrum und mit Silicium, Kohlenstoff und Stickstoff als Gerüstatomen Beiträge zur Chemie der Silicium-Stickstoff-Verbindungen, 145. Mitt

Ina May Gaskin, 1978:
Spiritual Midwifery on the Farm in Summertown, Tennessee

Gibbs, H W.; Achterberg-Lawlis, J, 1978:
Spiritual values and death anxiety: Implications for counseling with terminal cancer patients

Francis, P. Bailey, 1978:
Spirometry in office practice

I. R. Sare; R. W. K. Honeycombe, 1978:
Splat cooling of iron-molybdenum-carbon alloys

Solomon, S. Adler; Frank, E. Trobaugh Jr., 1978:
Splenectomy and immunoprotective treatment in RFM mouse myelogenous leukemia

Emberger, J-Marie; Navarro, M; Rizkalla, N; Izarn, P, 1978:
Splenic Pseudosinuses, Hepatic Angiomatous Lesions and Hairy Cell Leukemia

George Holcomb, 1978:
SplenoportographyA valuable diagnostic technic, revisited: M. S. Kogutt and H. P. Jander. South Med J 70:12101212 (October), 1977

Niethammer, D; Bienzle, U; Dieterle, U; Flad, H-D; Goldman, S; Haas, J; Kleihauer, E; Belohradsky, B H, 1978:
Split chimerism in severe combined immunodeficiency

Victor, A. Marcial; James Hanley; Marvin Rotman, 1978:
Split-course radiation therapy of carcinoma of the tonsillar fossa: Results of a prospective national collaborative clinical trial of the radiation therapy oncology group

Keiichi Hasunuma; Kozo Yoshida, 1978:
Splitting of the subtropical gyre in the western North Pacific

Yasuo Sugiura; Yoji Terashima; Takemitsu Furukawa; Minoru Yoneda, 1978:
Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita

Oliver, P. Charlton; John, A. Gehweiler; Carlisle, L. Morgan; Salutario Martinez; Richard, H. Daffner, 1978:
Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis of the cervical spine

Levin, A C.; Massey, R J.; Deinhardt, F, 1978:
Spontaneous Human Mononuclear Cell Cytotoxicity to Cultured Tumor Cells: Reproducibility of Serial Measurements With the Use of a Chromium-51-Release Microcytotoxicity Assay 2 3

Hallgrímsson, Jón G., 1978:
Spontaneous Pneumothorax in Iceland with special reference to the Idiopathic Type

V. N. Dumenko; V. V. Sachenko, 1978:
Spontaneous activity of auditory cortical neurons of waking cats at rest and during defensive conditioning

V. I. Zalkind; I. M. Gorbunova, 1978:
Spontaneous activity of passive muscle spindles of the cat triceps surae muscle

Haran-Ghera, N, 1978:
Spontaneous and Induced Preleukemia Cells in C57BL/6 Mice: Brief Communication2

Bernd Kramer, 1978:
Spontaneous discharge rhythms and social signalling in the weakly electric fishPollimyrus isidori(cuvier et valenciennes) (Mormyridae, Teleostei)

Thomsen, M., 1978:
Spontaneous human combustion

Simon Bar-Meir; Mario Chojkier; Roberto, J. Groszmann; Colin, E. Atterbury; Harold, O. Conn, 1978:
Spontaneous meningococcal peritonitis

M.R.Q. Davies, 1978:
Spontaneous neonatal and fetal intestinal perforation: J. M. Wynne. S Afr Med J 52:351353 (August), 1977

G. M. Georgiev; J. S. Nikolov, 1978:
Spontaneous parametric scattering of light in ammonium bioxalate monohydrate

Donley, A J; Kemple, T J, 1978:
Spontaneous pneumomediastinum complicating anorexia nervosa

R. Zawydiwski; G. R. Duncan, 1978:
Spontaneous51Cr release by isolated rat hepatocytes: An indicator of membrane damage

H. Fischer; H. Masel, 1978:
Spontanpneumothorax und Spannungspneumothorax als plötzliche Todesursache

B. Dod; G. Balassa; E. Raulet; V. Jeannoda, 1978:
Spore control (Sco) mutations inBacillus subtilis

Maurice Streel; Alfred Traverse, 1978:
Spores from the Devonian/Mississippian transition near the horseshoe curve section, Altoona, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Peter, J. Stein; Steven Hoffman, 1978:
Sports and Male Role Strain

R N Swamy; K Mani, 1978:
Sporulation ofPestalotia palmarumCooke in culture

Clifford, S. F.; Wang, T-i; Priestley, J. T., 1978:
Spot size of the radar return from a radar-acoustic sounding system (RASS) due to atmospheric refractive turbulence

Nancy, A. Eiswirth-Neems; Paul, J. Handal, 1978:
Spouse's attitudes toward maternal occupational status and effects on family climate

H. Hécaen, 1978:
Sprache und gehirn. Eine bibliographie zur neurolinguistic: G. Peuser. Wilhelm Fink, München, 1977, 260 pp. DM38

G. Kastellis; R.-D. Battmer, 1978:
Sprachtest für Griechen in Deutschland

Black, D., 1978:
Spring Books: Containing antisocial behaviour

Barker, D J P, 1978:
Spring Books: Destruction of the Amazon Indians

Hampton, J R, 1978:
Spring Books: Four hundred years on

Richards, R L, 1978:
Spring Books: Medical explorer

Knight, B., 1978:
Spring Books: Medicoforensic mammoth

Eysenck, H J, 1978:
Spring Books: To give, to want, to be undone

Walton, J. N, 1978:
Spring Books: Wars rather than warts

Richards, B, 1978:
Spring Meeting of the British Society for Cell Biology Cambridge, 29th31st March 1978 Membranes and cell function

Liu, D.; Zhou, Y.; Peng, Y.; Su, P.; Li, Z.; Xu, Q.; Tu, Y.; Tian, X.; Yang, H.; Wu, Z.; Mei, W.; Gao, F., 2018:
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Spinal Cord Contributes to the Development of Morphine Tolerance

Boice, J; Prodanovich, M; Howell, J; Ogard, J; Wolf, P L., 1978:
Spurious Decrease in Lactate Dehydrogenase Due to Hyperlipidemia

Masatoshi Ikeuchi; Kazuo Inoue; Hideo Sawami; Hiroshi Niki, 1978:
Spurious solutions in the finite-element analysis of microstrip lines

Simon, C.; Clasen, I., 1978:
Sputum levels of erythromycin after single and repeated oral administration in adult patients with bronchitis

Fr. Piza; O. Wagner, 1978:
Spätkomplikationen am Gefäßsystem und am Ureter von homologen Nierentransplantaten

S. Caccamese; K. L. Rinehart, 1978:
Squalene and other unsaturated hydrocarbons, inBryocladia cuspidata

Olivia, A. Campbell; John, D. Weete, 1978:
Squalene biosynthesis by a cell-free extract of Rhizopus arrhizus

Cairns, S A; Mallick, N P; Lawler, W; Williams, G, 1978:
Squamous cell carcinoma of bronchus presenting with Henoch-Schonlein purpura

Wright, B M, 1978:
Squares, cubes, and power

Paul Buksmann and Gwyn Rowley, 1978:
Squatter Settlements in Medelln, Colombia: A Rejoinder

Roger, J. Grimm, 1978:
Squeezing flows of polymeric liquids

G. Mieth, 1978:
St. Friberg: Food Emulsions. 480 Seiten, zahlreiche Abb. Verlag Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York and Basel 1976. Preis: 165, sfrs

J. Müller-Färber; K. -H. Müller, 1978:
Stabile und instabile Beckenringfrakturen

L.I. Elding, 1978:
Stabilities of platinum(II) chloro and bromo complexes and kinetics for anation of the tetraaquaplatinum(II) ion by halides and thiocyanate

Sun, W-Yih, 1978:
Stability Analysis of Deep Cloud Streets

Chiba, O, 1978:
Stability Dependence of the Vertical Wind Velocity Skewness in the Atmospheric Surface Layer

S.P. So, 1978 :
Stability and geometry of HeNO2

Shigeru Okuma; Yoshifumi Amemiya, 1978:
Stability and its improvement of combined propulsion and guidance system for high-speed trains

Monte, D. Smith, 1978:
Stability of WISC-R subtest profiles for learning disabled children

Tuovinen, O H., 1978:
Stability of adenosine 5'triphosphate standards for the luciferinluciferase bioluminescence assay

Nobuyuki Matsui; Tomihiko Sugimoto; Hiromi Maenaka, 1978:
Stability of chopper-controlled DC series motor under regenerative braking

Muneaki Ishida; Minoru Ueda, 1978:
Stability of current-source induction-motor drive system

L. N. Kuznetsova; V. S. Azev, 1978:
Stability of gasolines during storage in salt caverns

A. L. Barry; R. E. Badal, 1978:
Stability of minocycline, doxycycline, and tetracycline stored in agar plates and microdilution trays

Rosalyn, A. Rubin, 1978:
Stability of self-esteem ratings and their relation to academic achievement: A longitudinal study

Yoshioka, S; Ogata, H; Shibazaki, T; Ejima, A, 1978:
Stability of sulpyrine. III. Copper(II) ion catalyzed oxidation by molecular oxygen

Bornstein, M; Carone, S M.; Thomas, P N.; Coleman, D L., 1978:
Stability of the Mokohydrate Crystal form of Cefazolin Sodium as a Function of Moisture

V. V. Chugunov; É. I. Kozlov, 1978:
Stability of water-soluble vitamins and coenzymes

Winfried Lampert, 1978:
Stabilität Elastizität und Regeneration aquatischer Ökosysteme

N. T. Kartel'; N. N. Tsyba; V. V. Strelko; K. M. Nikolaev; N. S. Polyakov; M. M. Dubinin, 1978:
Stabilization of free radicals through irradiation of molecules adsorbed by zeolites

Helmut Knözinger; Erich Rumpf, 1978:
Stabilization of hexarhodiumhexadecacarbonyl by attachment to chemically modified silica surfaces

K.N. Bhaskar; C.L. Gilbert; R.A. Perlman, 1978:
Stabilization of the international copper market: A simulation study

Hunter, R.H.F.; Holtz, W.; Herrmann, H., 1978:
Stabilizing rle of epididymal plasma in relation to the capacitation time of boar spermatozoa

Mcwilliams, J C., 1978:
Stable Jet Modes: A Special Case of Eddy and Mean Flow Interaction

Leon Glass; Joel, S. Pasternack, 1978:
Stable oscillations in mathematical models of biological control systems

Pojasek, R, 1978:
Stablilization, solidification of hazardous wastes

H. Sapper; W. Lohmann, 1978:
Stacking interaction of nucleobases: NMR investigations

Pavitt, L., 1978:
Staff representation in the NHS

Bowers, D M, 1978:
Staffing of accident and emergency departments

James, E. Bruckman; William, D. Bloomer; Abraham Marck; Robert, L. Ehrmann; Robert, C. Knapp, 1978:
Stage III endometrial carcinoma: Results of treatment with combined surgery and irradiation

Davison, M L.; Robbins, S; Swanson, D B., 1978:
Stage structure in objective moral judgments

Lavoie, D., 1978:
Stages of Organization and Development

Gerald Foley; E.A. van Buren, 1978:
Staging the nuclear debate

A. I. Fal'kov; V. N. Turygin; V. V. Krivov; V. L. Mel'nikov; A. F. Ilyushin; F. P. Nakoryakov, 1978:
Stainless steel buildup on armature sealing faces

Sinnott, G., 1978:
Stairlifts: A Report on the Findings of a Survey Made in Co-Operation with the Department of Health and Social Security on the Use of Stair Lifts in the Home

Ahlskog, G R., 1978:
Stalking the missing link between moral development stages

V. P. Luk'yanov; E. D. Gorokhov; G. Ya. Bogolyubov, 1978:
Stamping of covers of air-cooling apparatus from sheet billets

Reimnitz, E; Toimil, L.J.; Barnes, P.W., 1978:
Stamukhi Zone Processes: Implications for Developing the Arctic Offshore Area

Pokorny, J; Smith-Pokorny, V, 1978:
Standard Pseudoisochromatic Plates

Kuhl, J, 1978:
Standard setting and risk preference: An elaboration of the theory of achievement motivation and an empirical test

Prokoph, J., 1978:
Standardisierte Befundung des Belastungs-EKG

V. I. Arabei, 1978:
Standardization of methods of testing the resistance of medical equipment to mechanical action

McGaghie, W. C.; Engel, J. D.; Risley, M. E., 1978:
Standardized Testing in Health Professions Education : Problems and Prospects

V. A. Ezhov; V. N. Bakhirev, 1978:
Standardized production processes for welding parts of vulcanized molds

Rainer Scheck; Wilhelm Gaus, 1978:
Standardmethoden für die Bestimmung der Thrombozytenlebenszeit mit Radioisotopen

Peter, G. Brown; Pamela Bateman, 1978:
Standards For Materials And Devices Report on ASTM Committee F-4 Meeting

Nikesitch, N.; Lee, J.M.; Ling, S.; Roberts, T.Laurine., 2018:
Endoplasmic reticulum stress in the development of multiple myeloma and drug resistance

Hoehne, W. E., 1978:
Standards for Meteorology

Graziano, W G., 1978:
Standards of fair play in same-age and mixed-age groups of children

M. B. Shrivastava; R. Riebeling; B. Ulrich, 1978:
Standörtliche Faktorenkomplexe am Beispiel des hessischen Berglands

Irwin, A. Ginsberg; Sanford, R. Hoffman; Gerald, D. Stinziano; Thomas, P. White, 1978:
Stapedectomy in depth analysis of 2405 cases

E. Cullmann; F. Labuhn, 1978:
Stark broadening of nitrogen (I) vacuum-u.v. lines using a wall-stabilized arc

John, D. Hey; M. Blaha, 1978:
Stark broadening of nitrogen ion lines from states of high orbital angular momentum

Truong Bach, 1978:
Stark broadening of the Al resonance lines

J. A. Novitsky; R. Y. Morita, 1978:
Starvation-induced barotolerance as a survival mechanism of a psychrophilic marine vibrio in the waters of the Antarctic convergence

Jerome, S. Osteryoung; Dallas, R. Blevins, 1978:
State General Obligation Bond Credit Ratings

Lowe, J F.; Fildes, M; Atkins, M, 1978:
State Intervention and Market Opportunity: The Case of Environmental Control

Meryl, A. Miasek, 1978:
State and Local Fern Floras of the United States, Supplement II

S. Aborhey; D. Williamson, 1978:
State and parameter estimation of microbial growth processes

Robert Henley Woody, 1978:
State departments of education and behavior modification

Koliais, S; Bjursell, G; Adams, A; Lindahl, T; Klein, G, 1978:
State of Epstein-Barr Virus DNA in an American Burkitt's Lymphoma Line: Brief Communication 2

G. I. Podoprigora, 1978:
State of nonspecific resistance in germfree and Escherichia coli contaminated miniature piglets

A. L. Lapidus; S. D. Pirozhkov; A. R. Sharipova; A. N. Detyuk; R. V. Dmitriev; Kh. M. Minachev, 1978:
State of palladium in deposited Pd/SiO2catalysts for carbonylation of ethylene

J.D. Campbell; M.H. Yu; M. Mangir; C. Wittig, 1978:
State selective time of flight spectroscopy

Scaief, A. Lee; Wood, S A., 1978:
Static Fracture Resistance of Schott S-1005 Lenses as a Function of Thickness

A. Benninghoven; O. Ganschow; P. Steffens; L. Wiedmann, 1978:
Static aes-the adequate mode of aes for surface reaction and submonolayer adsorption studies

Th. Nattermann, 1978:
Static and dynamic critical behaviour of uniaxial ferroelectrics and the phase transition in TGS

E. O. Schulz-DuBois; P. Wolf, 1978:
Static characteristics of Josephson interferometers

Green, T H., 1978:
Static cystourethrograms in strees urinary incontinence

Josef Kedzia, 1978:
Static polarization as indicator of polyester foil heat ageing

P.A. Sullivan; M.J. Hinchey; R.G. Delaney, 1978:
Static roll stiffness characteristics of two multicell type air cushion systems

Sullivan von P.A.; M.J. Hinchey; U.R. Delaney, 1978:
Statische charakteristiken der rollstabilität von zwei mehrzellen-luftkissen systemen

Dougherty, E L.; Lohrenz, J, 1978:
Statistical Analyses of Solo and Joint Bids for Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Leases

Feder, P I.; Zapotosky, J E., 1978:
Statistical Analysis of the 1975 Intercomparison Study on Lake Erie

Dolan, D M.; Bierman, V J.; Dipert, M H.; Geist, R D., 1978:
Statistical Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Variability of the Ratio Chlorophyll A to Phytoplankton Cell Volume in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron

Neil Wrigley, 1978:
Statistical Applications in the Spatial Sciences

Cırrık, S.; Hacioglu, G.; Abidin, İsmail.; Aydın-Abidin, S.; Noyan, T., 2018:
Endoplasmic reticulum stress in the livers of BDNF heterozygous knockout mice

Aron, R H.; Aron, l-Ming, 1978:
Statistical Forecasting Models:I. Carbon Monoxide Concentrations in the Los Angeles Basin

M. E. Foglio, 1978:
Statistical Mechanics of Impurity States. II. Applications

Sakakibara, H, 1978:
Statistical Relations between Precipitation Formation and Quantities of Synoptic Field

R. Richter; F. Goedsche; G. Vojta, 1978:
Statistical Theory of Electrical Resistivity of Magnetic Ternary Alloys with Partial Long-Range Order

V. V. Avidon; V. S. Arolovich; S. P. Kozlova; L. A. Piruzyan, 1978:
Statistical analysis of data file on biologically active compounds II. Prediction of biological activity by substructure analysis method

N. P. Drenchev; I. Kolitsov, 1978:
Statistical approach to correlation of experience in motor oil use

Hideo Nakamura; Toshihiko Hirano; Hirotsugu Akaike, 1978:
Statistical approach to the optimal control of a thermal power plant

P. M. Bentler; Sik-Yum Lee, 1978:
Statistical aspects of a three-mode factor analysis model

Meyers, R E.; Ziegler, E N., 1978:
Statistical correlation between ambient sulfate concentration and sulfur dioxide concentration, total suspended particulates, and relative humidity for 13 eastern states

Barbara Hennemuth, 1978:
Statistical description of anisotropic and inhomogeneous turbulence

R. G. Bowers, 1978:
Statistical dynamic models of social systems: Discontinuity and conflict

R. G. Bowers, 1978:
Statistical dynamic models of social systems: The general theory

W.O. Williford; G.R. Murdock, 1978:
Statistical estimation of individual motor vehicle driver's accident liability based on an analysis of the mean time intervals between accidents of Georgia drivers

Kazuo, U; Tadashi, H; Machiko, T; Yoichi, K; Shozo, T, 1978:
Statistical evaluation of Pienta's in vitro carcinogenesis assay

K. Takahashi, 1978:
Statistical evaluation of mutagenicity of a citrus fungicide orthophenylphenol (OPP)

Balestri, L.; Cecchi, R.; Marseguerra, M.; Morelli, S.; Rivasi, M. R.; Santangelo, R., 1978:
Statistical forecasting of daily temperatures using short records of previous temperatures

Milligan, S. D., 1978:
Statistical grouping of acoustic reflection profiles

Thomas, P. Hettmansperger; Joseph, W. McKean, 1978:
Statistical inference based on ranks

V. V. Avidon; V. S. Arolovich; S. P. Kozlova; L. A. Piruzyan, 1978:
Statistical investigation of large volumes of data with respect to the biological activity of compounds III. Selection of a determinant for predicting biological activity

M. E. Foglio, 1978:
Statistical mechanics of impurity states I. General treatment

Tiao, G C.; Hillmer, S C., 1978:
Statistical models for ambient concentrations of carbon monoxide, lead, and sulfate based on the LACS data

Vít Jelínek; V. Kropáček, 1978:
Statistical processing of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility measured on groups of specimens

C. Freytag, 1978:
Statistical properties of energy dissipation

R. A. Antonia; A. J. Chambers; C. A. Friehe, 1978:
Statistical properties of optical refractive index fluctuations in the marine boundary layer

J. Ohtsubo; T. Asakura, 1978:
Statistical properties of the sum of partially-developed, correlated speckle patterns

Professor. Gordon, M. Harrington, 1978:
Statistics and experimental design for behavioral and biological researchers: An introduction, Victor H. Denenberg, Hemisphere, Washington, 1976, viii + 344 pp

Judith Innes deNeufville, 1978:
Statistics and knowledge

Thomson, D M, 1978:
Statistics and the ratemeter

H. Pabst, 1978:
Statistische Auswertungsmöglichkeiten der Biotopkartierung

G. Berghaus, 1978:
Statistische Differenzierung zwischen Alkoholikern und Nichtalkoholikern anhand der Verfettung, des Fettsäuremusters und der Enzymaktivitäten der menschlichen Leber

N. Tschierske, 1978:
Statistische Untersuchung der Hangformen im Opalinuston der Fränkischen Alb

Willibald Undt; Ernst Schuster, 1978:
Statistische Untersuchungen über die tägliche Geburtenfrequenz in Wien

Robert, P. Gephart, J., 1978:
Status Degradation and Organizational Succession: An Ethnomethodological Approach

Turner, M MacDonald, 1978:
Status Evaluation in a Philippine Town: Some Preliminary Observations

Abramo, J. L., 1978:
Status Threat and Group Dogmatism

S. G. Sokolov, 1978:
Status and development of compressor construction

O'Neil, J M.; Magoon, T M.; Tracey, T J., 1978:
Status of Holland's Investigative personality types and their consistency levels seven years later

Tarafdar, J. C.; Chhonkar, P. K., 1978:
Status of phophatases in the root-soil interface of leguminous and non-leguminous crops

I. Yu. Chernyakhovskaya; V. G. Nesterenko; L. N. Filitis; L. N. Fontalin; T. K. Novikova, 1978:
Status of the T- and b-lymphocytes in long-living CBA F1(CBAC57BL/6) chimeras

Nico Schneider, 1978:
Staubläuse — unscheinbare Hausgenossen des Menschen

Hein van Gils and Enny Keysers, 1978:
Staudengesellschaften mit Geranium sanguineum und Trifolium medium in der (sub)montanen Stufe des Walliser Rhnetals (Schweiz)

Hein van Gils; Enny Keysers, 1978:
Staudengesellschaften mitGeranium sanguineumundTrifolium mediumin der (sub)montanen Stufe des Walliser Rhnetals (Schweiz)

H. Kraus; E. Schaller, 1978:
Steady-state characteristics of inversions capping a well-mixed planetary boundary layer

Shigenori Ohkubo; Syoichi Takeda; Katsuhiko Uemura, 1978:
Steady-state stability of interconnected power system taking into account the loading condition

Myhill, N.A.; Stegemeier, G.L., 1978:
Steam-Drive Correlation and Prediction

I. Iglisch, 1978:
Stechmücken (Culicidae)—Erkennen und Bekämpfen—

Michael, R. Szymczak, 1978:
Steel Shot Use on a Goose Hunting Area in Colorado

Robert, S. Barnes, 1978:
Steelmaking and its future

Romolo Francesconi; Carlo Trevissoi, 1978:
Stefan flow in binary mixtures of gases

W.B. Hubbard; J.R. Jokipii; B.A. Wilking, 1978:
Stellar Occultations by turbulent planetary atmospheres: A wave-optical theory including a finite scale height

W. Stephan; W. Saatz, 1978:
Stellungnahme zur Arbeit C. H. Wirsing, H. Finger, P. Jansen und H. Trobisch: Gehalt an spezifischen Antikörpern in handelsüblichen, intravenös applizierbaren Gammaglobulinpräparaten

L. Papangelou; G. Yannoulis, 1978:
Stenosen des Larynx und der Trachea und ihre geeignete Therapie

Stern, P Noerager, 1978:
Stepfather families: integration around child discipline

Hubert Vance, 1978:
Stephens, T. Teaching skills to children with learning and behavior disorders. Columbus, OH: Charles Merrill, 1977, 250 pp., no price listed

I. G. Ratishvili, 1978:
Stepped Ordering in Binary Solid Solutions

Powell, N. K., 1978:
Steps Towards a Definition of Operations Management

Hurlich, M G., 1978:
Steps towards determining a biosocial anthropology

Maruo, B; Yamane, K; Yoneua, Y; Hitotsuyanagi, K, 1978:
Stepwise Genetic Transformation of Bacillus subtilis with Enhancement of Productivity of a-Amylase

Prof. Dr. R. S. Saxena; Dr. G. L. Khandelwal, 1978:
Stepwise Stability Constants of Trivalent La, Ce, Pr, and Sm Complexes of Isopropylmercaptan

K. J. Probst; A. Herp; W. Leidel, 1978:
Stereo-radiologische Lokalisationsdiagnostik von Schalen- und Totalendoprothesen des Hüftgelenkes

Murakami, Y; Koga, K; Yamada, S, 1978:
Stereochemical Studies. LI. Stereochemical Courses of Deaminative Bromination of L-Aspartic Acid and Its Esters

Dirk Tavernier; Marc, J. O. Anteunis, 1978:
Stereochemical aspects of proton chemical shifts. VII. The effects of hydroxyl, methoxyl and methyl substituents

Ross Beier, 1978:
Stereochemical assignment at the C-13 carbon of pimaradienes by 13C NMR. A reassessment

Koga, K; Juang, T; Yamada, S, 1978:
Stereochemical studies. LII. Studies on the stereochemical courses in deaminative bromination of 3,5-dichloro-L-tyrosine and in amination of the corresponding .ALPHA.-bromo acid. Existence of strong neighboring "phenoxide" group participation

Okamura, K; Yamada, S, 1978:
Stereochemical studies. LIII. An asymmetric synthesis of (3S 15S 20R)-yohimbone from L-tryptophan by 1,3-transfer of asymmetry

Shimizu, K; Tomioka, K; Yamada, S; Koga, K, 1978:
Stereochemical studies. LIV. A biogenetic-type asymmetric synthesis of optically active galanthamine from L-tyrosine

Karl Schlögl; Richard Schölm, 1978:
Stereochemie von Metallocenen, 42. Mitt.: Optisch aktives -Fluorenon-tricarbonylchrom Darstellung, enantiomere REinheit, absolute Konfiguration und Versuche zur Racemisierung

B. A. Arbuzov; Z. G. Isaeva; G. Sh. Bikbulatova; O. B. Skripnik; I. P. Povodyreva, 1978:
Stereochemistry of the addition of CH3MgI to cis- and trans-4-caranones

B. Vizi; A. Sebestyén, 1978:
Stereochemistry on the basis of data of non-rigid molecule model

Robert, D. Pechman Jr., 1978:
Stereoradiography of the Dog and Horse Skull

András Lipták, 1978:
Stereoselective hydrogenolysis of dioxolane-type benzylidene derivatives: Synthesis of some benzyl ethers of benzyl β-d-arabinopyranoside

Sugihara, H; Ukawa, K; Miyake, A; Sanno, Y, 1978:
Stereoselective syntheses of cis- and trans-2-alkylamino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-naphthalenols by acid-catalyzed ring opening of 1,2-N-alkylimino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalenes

Kobayashi, A; Sugawara, F; Yamashita, K, 1978:
Stereoselective synthesis of (Z)-11- and (E)-11-eicosenyl acetate

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Stereostructure of α-Dihydrograyanotoxin-II

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Steric structure of isomeric bis-2,2-dichlorocyclopropyl ethers

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Sterically Controlled Synthesis of cis-1-Benzyl-2-methoxycarbonyl-3-phenylaziridine

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Sterilization of culture media by pressure filtration through microporous unglazed porcelain filters

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Sterine in Weidegräsern

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Sternberg-Reed cells with intracytoplasmic lymphocytes

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Steroid Hormone Action in the Uterus: A Need for Re-Evaluation

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Steroid hormone receptors in the brain

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Steroids receipt and delivery

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Sterol content and enzyme defects of nystatin-resistant mutants ofNeurospora crassa

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Sterols and triterpenoids from the fruit of Cydonia oblonga miller

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Sterotaxic exploration in 200 supratentorial brain tumors

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Steuermechanismen der Ribonucleotid-Reduktion in Säugetiergewebe

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Steuerung des Ergrünungsprozesses in den Kotyledonen nachgereifter Agrostemma-Embryonen durch Phytohormone

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Stifling professional opinion

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Stimmklangveränderungen bei Jugendlichen

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Stimulated Emission, Absorption Spectra, and Recombination in Epitaxial PbTe

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Stimulated Intrinsic Recombination Processes in IIVI Compounds

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Stimulated Raman scattering in an aqueous solution of a structure enhancing solute

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Stimulation induced depletion of the synaptic vesicles in excitatory motor nerve terminals of the locust,Locusta migratoriaL

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Stimulation of ‘Regulatory’ Dopamine Receptors by Bromocriptine (CB-154)

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Stimulation of Aldosterone by Angiotensin III in the Dog

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Stimulation of Ventilation by Exercise-Released Humoral Agents

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Stimulation of mucus and nonparietal cell secretion by the E2prostaglandins

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Stimulation of nonspecific resistance of mice by high- and low-molecular-weight fractions of endotoxin in two models ofShigellainfection

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Stimulation of product quality improvement in petroleum refining and petrochemical production

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Stimulation of the Clonal Growth and Differentiation of Feeder Layer Dependent Mouse Embryonal Carcinoma Cells by β-Mercaptoethanol

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Stimulatory Effect of 5-Azacytidine on 7S Antibody Production in Rats

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Stimulatory Effect of Immunization on Tumor Induction by Moloney Murine Sarcoma Virus2

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Stimulus Size and the Measurement of Imprinting

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Stimulus classification strategies in an information reduction task

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Stimulus complexity and choice inconsistency among gambles

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Stimulus control in multiple variable-ratio schedules of reinforcement

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Stimulus-coupled 3H-serotonin release from identified neurosecretory fibers in the spiny lobster, panulirusinterruptus

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Stinging sensation from elhoxyethyl methoxy cinnamate

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Stipules inRhodoleia (Hamamelidaceae)

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Stocastic Measurement of Signals in Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

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Stochastic Form of the Growth of Wind Waves in a Single-Parameter Representation with Physical Implications

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Stochastic Models for Monthly Rainfall Forecasting and Synthetic Generation

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Stochastic catastrophe models and multimodal distributions

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Stochastic direct and inverse radiation problem on two ring random sources

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Stochastic model of strong hydrogen bonds and the temperature effect on IR spectra

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Stochastic modelling of dynamic properties of nonlinear water waves

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Stochastic mortality theory and the mortality potential: A biophysical model for certain competing risks

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Stocks: Credibility?

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Stockstütze mit integrierter Belastungsanzeige

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Stoffwechselergebnisse von Kälbern bei partiellem Austausch von Milchprotein durch Bakterienmasse

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Stoffwechseluntersuchungen unter Einnahme oraler Kontrazeptiva

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Stoichiometry and Flameholder Effects on a One-Dimensional Flame

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Stoichiometry of sulfur dioxide insertion of rhodium(I) carbonyl complexes by the method of continuous variation

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Stoichiometry of the Ribulose-1, 5-Bisphosphate Oxygenase Reaction

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Stokes flow due to a Stokeslet in a pipe

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Stokes flow past a smooth cylinder

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Stomatal chloroplast number in diploids and polyploids ofGossypium

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Stop, Look, Listen

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Stopped-flow studies of the mechanisms of ozonealkene reactions in the gas phase propene and isobutene

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Stopped-flow study of the gas-phase reaction of ozone with organic sulfides: Dimethyl sulfide

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Stopping power of solids in planar channelling

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Storage and cooking of poultry

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Storage batteries for electric vehicles

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Storage in Children's Word Recognition as a Function of Incentives

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Storage stability of solid rocket fuels. 2. Effect of oxidizer loadings

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Strahlentherapie: Radiologische onkologie

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Straightening out the supercoil

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Strain Susceptibility and Resistance to 1,2-DimethyIhydrazine-Induced Enteric Tumors in Germfree Rats

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Strain aging in rock salt single crystals

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Strain rate effects on the ratio of recoverable to non-recoverable strain in linear polyethylene

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Strain-induced continuous recrystallization in Zr-bearing aluminium alloys

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Strategies for Communicating

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Strategies for Studying Client Satisfaction

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Strategies of Change Leading to Equity Between Men and Women with Specific Implications for the Military Organization

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Stratification in the filling phase of the man-made lake Brokopondo in Surinam (S. America)

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Strength improvement of cemented carbides by hot isostatic pressing (HIP)

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Strengthening affective components of creativity in a college course

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Strengthening machine foundations

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Streptomyces cavourensis sp. nov. (nom. rev.) and Streptomyces cavourensis subsp. washingtonensis subsp. nov., a Chromomycin-Producing Subspecies

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Stress and Coping (Book)

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Stress and CopingAn Anthology

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Stress and the Art of Biofeedback

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Stress fractures: Current concepts

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Stress rupture of aluminium-coated carbon fibres

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Stress-cracking of nylons induced by zinc chloride solutions

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Stressful Situations for Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses

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Striated inclusions and defective mitochondria in the restricted form of the amycelial mutant ofNeurospora crassa

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Strip antennas in a dielectric slab

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Strobg coupling phonon model of the aha symmetric H-Bond and the IR band shape of the A-H stretching vibration

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Strong coupling of electrons to black body radiation at high temperatures

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Strongly stratified flow past three-dimensional obstacles

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Structural Changes in the Cochlea Following Overstimulation by Noise

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Structural Studies of 1,8-Disubstituted Naphthalenes as Probes for nucleophile-electrophile interactions

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Structural Studies of Crystalline Enamines

Structural Studies of Iron and Cobalt Tetrasulfonated Phthaslcyanine-Globin Complexes

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Structural Studies on Yeast 3-Phosphoglycerate Kinase : Isolation by Affinity Chromatography and Characterization of the Peptides Produced by Cyanogen Bromide Clevage. Location of the Single Cysteinyl Residue in the Primary Structure

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Structural Tightness and Cross-Cultural Research

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Structural analysis and ensymic solubilization of barley endosperm cell-walls

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Structural analysis of covariance and correlation matrices

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Structural analysis of denaturant-protein interactions: Comparison between the effects of bromoethanol and SDS on denaturation and renaturation of triclinic lysozyme

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Structural and developmental aspects during the greening process ofEuglena gracilistreated with myomycin

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Structural and stochastic analysis of a zero-dimensional climate system

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Structural changes at the phase transition of TGS investigated by high-resolution 13C-NMR

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Structural changes in enterocyte membranes in acholia with special reference to microtopographically different carbohydrases

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Structural changes in the course of bone conservation measured by pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance techniques

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Structural determination of C-glycosylflavones by mass spectrometry of their permethyl ethers: O-glycosyl-6-C-glycosylflavones

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Structural differences of cone oil-droplets in the light and dark adapted retina ofPoecilia reticulataP

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Structural effects on intramolecular exciplexes of 1-amino-3-anthryl-(9)-propanes

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Structural establishment of arnocoumarin and arnottiacoumarin due to chemical modification of marmesin and rutaretin methyl ether

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Structural explanation for d (a**) from a*vs. *in alkali feldspar

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Structural features of high-purity naphthenic/paraffinic hydrocarbons recovered from various crude oils

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Structural form of vibronic intensities in vibronic induced transitions

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Structural interpretation of the Timmins mining area: Discussion

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Structural investigation of coal-tar pitches and coal extracts by 13C n.m.r. spectroscopy

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Structural investigation of the capsular polysaccharide of Klebsiella serotype 55

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Structural investigation of the capsular polysaccharide of Klebsiella serotype k23

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Structural investigations of nickel(II) complexes. Part I. Crystal structure of bisaquotetrakisquinolinedithiocyanatenickel(II) complex

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Structural models for the analysis of traveler attitude-behavior relationships

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Structural parameter sensitivity of the limits to growth world model

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Structural phase transitions of antiferroelectric and displacive modulated types caused by electron-phonon interaction

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Structural position of tin-bearing zones in Northeast USSR

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Structural rearrangements in cortexolone crystals

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Structural relationship between W4/W6 antigens and other surface markers on cultured human lymphoid cells as determined by the lysostrip method

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Structural relaxation in amorphous Fe40Ni40P14B6studied by energy dispersive X-ray diffraction

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Structural requirements for mutagenic activities of N-heterocyclic bases in the salmonella test system

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Structural roles of water in potassium nitrilosulphonate dihydrate, K3N(SO3)3.2H2O

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Structural studies of a carbohydrate-containing polymer present in the mucilage tubes of the diatom Berkeleya rutilans (trent.) grun

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Structural studies of compounds in the series GaSxSe1x(0x1) grown by iodine vapour transport

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Structural studies of extracellular glucans of Streptococcus mutans by proton magnetic resonance

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Structural studies of the capsular polysaccharide of Diplococcus pneumoniae type 31

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Structural studies of the extracellular polysaccharides of Rhizobium japonicum strains 71A, CC708, and CB1795

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Structural studies on Klebsiella type 61 capsular polysaccharide

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Structural studies on the β-d-glucan of the Avena coleoptile cell-wall

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Structural study of cobaloxime derivatives. The molecular structure of the sodium salt oftrans-dinitro(dimethylglyoximato)(ditmethylglyoxime)cobaltate(III) dihydrate and trans-nitrobis(dimethylglyoximato)(triphenylphosphine)cobalt(III)

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Structural transitions induced by electric fields in biopolymers

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Structural variation of the rate constants for the isomerization of short-lived photoisomers of asymmetrical polymethine dyes

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Structuralism and dialectics

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Structuralism and the Writing of Intellectual History

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Structure Determination of 3-Hydroxy-1,2-(2',3'-nafhtoxy)-naphtalene

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Structure and Biological Function of Human IgD

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Structure and Tectonics of the Galapagos Inner Rift, 8610'W

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Structure and bonding in metal-rich compounds: Pnictides, chalcides and halides

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Structure and bonding in proteins: Part 1. The electron organisation in the amide unit

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Structure and crystal chemistry of perovskite-type MgSiO3

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Structure and crystallization behaviour of Li2O-Fe2O3-SiO2glasses

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Structure and molecular dynamics in liquid crystals: an E.S.R. study using triradicals as spin probes

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Structure and reactions of L-rhamnose benzoylhydrazone tetra-acetates

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Structure and stereochemistry of attenuol, a new lignan fromKnema attenuata(Wall.) Warb

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Structure and thermal stability of vapour-deposited Fe-Cu alloys

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Structure de dithia-1,6a SIV AZA-6 pentalnes

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Structure determination of six fungal metabolites, tryptoquivaline E,F,G,H,I and J from Aspergillus fumigatus

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Structure electronique du thiazole et de l'isothiazole

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Structure elucidation with lanthanide-induced shifts. 4Bound shifts vs relative shifts

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Structure et rle physiologique des protine-kinases cytoplasmiques dpendant des nuclotides cycliques

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Structure of 2α,3α-dihydroxy- and 2α,3β-dihydroxy-1(15),8(19)-trinervitadines from Nasututermes costalis (HOLMGREN)

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Structure of Antigenic Determinants in the Amino-Terminal Region of Bovine Fibrinogen Aα Chain

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Struktur der Zellmembran

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Studies of the energy requirement for intracellular protein degradation in Escherichia coli

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Studies of the interaction of psychological and pharmacological determinants of smoking: Some Replies to Schnur

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Studies on 3-substituted 1,2-benzisoxazole derivatives. IV. Rearrangement of N-substituted 2H-1,2-benzisoxazolin-3-one to 2-substituted 2H-1,3-benzoxazin-4-one

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Studies on 6-C-substituted purine nucleosides. Reaction of 6-chloropurine ribonucleosides with active methylene compounds

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Studies on Bile Acid Metabolism in Infancy and Childhood: Part 1. Bile Acid Metabolism in Rats

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Studies on Bile Acid Metabolism in Infancy and Childhood: Part 2. Bile Acid Metabolism in Neonatal hepatitis and Congenital Biliary Atresia

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Studies on Breast Milk Protease: Part 1. Purification of the Protease from Breast Milk: Part 2. Studies on Some Enzymatic Properties of The Breast Milk Protease

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Studies on Distribution of Inorganic Forms of Phosphorus and Their Relationships with the Extent of Weathering in Some Soil Profiles in Tanzania

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Studies on Estimation of von Willebrand Factor (VIII R: WF) by Macfarlane's Method

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Studies on Factors Governing Testicular Decent in the Rat Particularly the Role of Gubernaculum Testis

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Studies on H-Y antigen in different cell fractions of the testis during pubescence

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Studies on Human Preleukaemia : Clinical and Prognostic Significance of Sideroblasts in Aregenerative Anaemia with Hypercellular Bone Marrow

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Studies on Lipid Metabolism in Children with Chronic Renal Insufficiency

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Studies on Maturation and Differentiation without Cleavage in Chaetopterus variopedatus: Effects of Ions, Ionophores, Sulfhydril Reagents, Colchicine and Cytochalasin B

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Studies on Miltenberger class III, V, Mvand Mkred cells

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Studies on Platelet Volume of Various Diseases in Children

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Studies on Preventing Children with Acute Leukemia and Other malignancies from Measles Virus Infection

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Studies on Prevention of Rubella: Part 1. Sero-Epidemiological Study on Rubella in a Districi in Saitama Prefecture: Part 2. Clinical Evaluation of Live Rubella Vaccine KRT in Closed Population of Children and Adult Women: Part 3. The Efficacy in Prevention of Clinical Rubella after Five Years Inoculated Live Rubella Vaccine KRT

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Studies on Synthesis, Chemical and Spectroscopic Properties of 4-Ketotetrahydroindole Derivatives

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Studies on a purified diet for prawn. XIII. Effect of dietary carbohydrate source on the growth and feed efficiency of prawn

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Studies on a volcanic ash soil at Ohnobaru, Tarumizu City, Kagoshima prefecture

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Studies on abscisic acid. XII. Synthesis of aromatic analogs of abscisic acid

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Studies on acylase activity and micro-organisms. XXVI. Purification and properties of D-acylase (N-acyl-D-amino-acid amidohydrolase) from AAA 6029 (Pseudomonas sp.)

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Studies on adenosine deaminase (ADA) polymorphism in Danish cattle1

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Studies on age-related changes in the metabolism of eosin in the rat

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Studies on back-bonding in Si-S bonds in alkyl thiotrimethylsilanes from magneto-chemical data

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Studies on beta-oxidation in the plerocercoids ofLigula intestinalis(Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea)

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Studies on biologically active nucleosides and nucleotides. IV. Synthesis of 1-.BETA.-D-arabinofuranosyl-2-aralkylamino-1,4-dihydro-4-iminopyrimidine hydrochlorides

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Studies on carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy. IX. Carbon-13 pulse Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shifts of 1-substituted-3,4-dimethoxy- and -3,4-methylenedioxybenzene derivatives

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Studies on carcinogenesis of human prostate

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Studies on catalytic hydrogenation of the exocyclic double bond in reducing disaccharides

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Studies on cathode fall theory for design of laser tube

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Studies on cell surface conformation following injury

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Studies on cellulase preparations produced by Irpex lacteus Fr. I. Effect of some different culture conditions on production of cellulolytic and plant tissue macerating enzymes by Irpex lacteus Fr

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Studies on cellulose cigarette smoke. IV. Carbonyl compound composition of cellulose cigarette smoke condensate

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Studies on cellulose cigarette smoke. V. Low boiling compounds in cellulose cigarette smoke

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Studies on chloride permeability of the skin ofLeptodactylus ocellatus: II. Na+and Cleffect of inward movements of Cl

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Studies on chrysanthemate derivatives. IV. Synthesis and insecticidal activity of 4-substituted 1-indanyl chrysanthemates

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Studies on contraction rhythm of the plasmodial strand II. Effect of externally applied forces

Y. Yoshimoto; N. Kamiya, 1978:
Studies on contraction rhythm of the plasmodial strand III. Role of endoplasmic streaming in synchronization of local rhythms

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Studies on controlled potassium fertilizers

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Studies on d-erythrose and its acetates

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Studies on detoxin complex, the selective antagonists of blasticidin S. IV. The assignment of 13C-NMR spectum of detoxin D1

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Studies on diazepines. IV. 3H-1,2-benzodiazepines

Tsuchiya, T; Kurita, J, 1978:
Studies on diazepines. V. Syntheses of 3-substituted 1H-1,2-benzodiazepines

Tsuchiya, T; Arai, H; Hasegawa, H; Igeta, H, 1978:
Studies on diazepines. VI. Photolysis of 1H-1,2-diazepine and azepine epidioxides

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Studies on dimethoxyphenylaminoalcohols. III. The enantiomers of 1-(2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-3-diethylamino-n-butanol

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Studies on dopamine turnover in ovariectomized or hypo-physectomized female rats. effects of 17β-estradiol benzoate, ethynodioldiacetate and ovine prolactin

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Studies on drug nonequivalence. VI. Physico-chemical studies on polymorphism of acetohexamide

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Studies on ecarazine hydrochloride(Apiracohl). II. Spectrofluorometric determination of ecarazine hydrochloride and its metabolite in plasma

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Studies on environmental safety of di-isopropylnaphthalene (DIPN) part-I bioconcentration of 14C-DIPN in carp

Tamao Yoshida; Harumi Kojima, 1978:
Studies on environmental safety of di-isopropylnaphthalene (DIPN) part-II biodegradation of 14C-DIPN with activated sludge

Günter Matheis; Hans-Dieter Belitz, 1978:
Studies on enzymic browning of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

A. Askar; A.S. Cakmak, 1978:
Studies on finite amplitude waves in bounded water bodies

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Studies on follicular growth in the immature rat and hamster: Effect of a single injection of gonadotropin or estrogen on the rate of3H-thymidine incorporation into ovarian DNAin vitro

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Studies on furan derivatives. III. Synthesis of 4-substituted 5-(5-nitro-2-furyl)thiazol-2-ones and some of their derivatives

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Studies on heat. XVII. Effects of frog heart inotropic substances on beating of rat myocardial cells in culture

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Studies on heterocycles carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy. XI. Nitrogen heterocycles. 1. 6-Substituted quinoline and quinoxaline derivatives

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Studies on heterosugars. II. Synthesis of 2,4-diamino-2,4-dideoxy-L-arabinose derivatives (prumycin derivatives)

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Studies on influence of copper on microorganisms. I. Effect of copper on growth of yeast

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Studies on ketene and its derivatives. LXXXVII. Photoreaction of diketene with 3-acetoxy-5,5-dimethyl-2-cyclohexenone

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Studies on ketene and its derivatives. XCII. Reaction of diketene with benzaldehyde, cinnamaldehyde, and .BETA.-phenylcinnamaldehyde

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Studies on lactams. VII. 6-Isothiocyanatopenicillanate and 7-isothiocyanatodeacetoxycephalosporanate and their reactions

A. Krajhanzl; V. Hořejší; J. Kocourek, 1978:
Studies on lectins: XLI. Isolation and characterization of a blood group B specific lectin from the roe of the powan (Coregonus lavaretus maraena)

Horoejsi, V; Chaloupecka, O; Kocourek, J, 1978:
Studies on lectinsXLIII. Isolation and characterization of the lectin from restharrow boots (Ononis hircina Jacq.)

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Studies on lectinsXXXIX. S-glycosyl polyacrylamide gels for affinity chromatography of lectins

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Studies on metal ions-DNA interactions: Specific behaviour of reiterative DNA sequences

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Studies on microbial .BETA.-amylases. VI. Effects of metal ions on determination of .BETA.-amylase activity with 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid

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Studies on mutagenicity testing for chemicals using reverse mutations in cultured human diploid cells

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Studies on new acid proteases from Scytalidium ligmicolum. VI. Partial structure of glycopeptide obtained from Scytalidium lignicolum acid protease A

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Studies on nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds. XXXIV. Chemical reactivity of 1(or 2)-cyano-1,2-dihydro(iso)-quinolines and 1(or 2)-cyano-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro(iso)quinolines

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Studies on nucleosides and nucleotides. LXXXI. Carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectra of 8-substituted purine nucleotides. Effects of various phosphate groups on the chemical shifts and conformation of nucleotides

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Studies on organophosphorus pesticides. V. Synthesis of some triazole derivatives as potential fungicides

Shin-ichi Yoshizawa, 1978:
Studies on pancreatic duct system

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Studies on peptides. LXXIV. Convenient procedure for the preparation of methionine sulphoxide derivatives

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Studies on peptides. LXXIX. By-products derived from N.ALPHA.-protected tryptophan by acids

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Studies on peptides. LXXX. NG-mesitylene-2-sulfonylarginine

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Studies on plant growth-regulating substances

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Studies on plant growth-regulating substances : LII-Growth retardation by 3,5-dichlorophenoxyethylamine and 3,5 - dichlorophenoxybutyric acid arising from their conversion to 3,5-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in tomato plants

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Studies on plant growth-regulating substances LV. The Plant growth-promoting properties of some β-aryl-propionic acids

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Studies on plant growth-regulating substances. L. The cytokinin activity of some substituted benzyloxypurines

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Studies on platelet function during different modes of administration of PgF2αin obstetrics and gynecology

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Studies on pore size and reactivity of cokes

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Studies on protein composition and synthesis in the ovary ofRhynchosciara americana(Diptera, Sciaridae)

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Studies on pyrimidine derivatives and their related compounds. XCI. On the oxidation products of 2-substituted-1,4-thiazin-3-one derivatives

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Studies on pyrimidine derivatives. IX. Coupling reaction of monosubstituted acetylenes with iodopyrimidines

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Studies on pyrimidine derivatives. VI. On the reactivity of the 2-methyl group of 1,2,4-trimethyl-6-oxo-1,6-dihydropyrimidine

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Studies on pyrimidine derivatives. VII. Nickel-phosphine complex-catalyzed Grignard coupling of chloropyrimidines

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Studies on pyrimidine derivatives. VIII. Ring-cleavage reaction of 4,6-dimethylpyrimidine 1-oxide

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Studies on quinoline and isoquinoline derivatives. I. Condensation of quinoline and isoquinoline N-oxides with isoxazoles

M. Krishnamurthy, 1978:
Studies on reactions of imidazole with a Cr(llI)-Porphyrin

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Studies on ribonuclease L from Aspergillus sp. II. Chemical components of ribonuclease L from Aspergillus sp

Eto, Y; Nishioka, S; Horitsu, H; Tomoyeda, M, 1978:
Studies on ribonuclease L from Aspergillus sp. III. Inhibitory study of ribonuclease L from Aspergillus sp. with ferric ion

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Studies on ribonucleotides having 'cap' structure: an investigation of the protecting group of 5'-terminal guanosine of polyribonucleotides

Jin Hamada, 1978:
Studies on several environmental factors for zygote formation and germination inClosterium ehrenbergii

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Studies on some 2,4,6-triphenylpyridinium betaines and related species

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Studies on sorbitol dehydrogenase from the parasitic nematode larvae ofPhocanema decipiens

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Studies on steroids. LI. Stereoselective introduction of 22- and 24-hydroxyl function in the steroidal side chain

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Studies on sterol metabolisms by microorganisms. VI. On kinetics of cholesterol oxidase from Brevibacterium sterolicum in the presence of detergents

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Studies on substrate specificity of X-prolyl dipeptidyl-aminopeptidase using new chromogenic substrates, X-Y-p-nitroanilides

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Studies on sulfenamides. I. Cyclic voltammetry and controlled potential electrolysis of 4'-substituted bezenesulfenanilides

Yamakawa, K; Satoh, T, 1978:
Studies on terpenoids and related alicyclic compounds. XVI. Total syntheses of furanosesquiterpenes; (.+-.)-furanoeremophilane, (.+-.)-furanoligularane, (.+-.)-9,10-dehydrofuranoeremophilane, (.+-.)-3.BETA.-hydroxyfuranoeremophilane, and (.+-.)-3.BETA.-furanoligularanol

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Studies on tertiary amine oxides. LXII. A novel formation of quinolinium methylides by the reaction of quinoline 1-oxides with active methylene compounds in the presence of an acylating agent

Hamana, M; Kumadaki, S, 1978 :
Studies on tertiary amine oxides. LXIV. Reaction of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide and related compounds with potassium cyanide

Hasegawa, M; Matsubara, I, 1978:
Studies on the .GAMMA.-glutamylpeptides in L-glutamic acid fermentation broths. II. .GAMMA.-Glutamylpeptide formative activity of Corynebacterium glutamicum by the reverse reaction of the .GAMMA.-glutamylpeptide hydrolytic enzyme

Hasegawa, M; Matsubara, I, 1978:
Studies on the .GAMMA.-glutamylpeptides in L-glutamic acid fermentation broths. III. The mechanism of the formation of .GAMMA.-glutamylpeptides during L-glutamic acid fermentation contributed solely by .GAMMA.-glutamyltranspeptidase

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Studies on the Anemia of Fish-IX

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Studies on the Conformation of the 3Terminus of 18-S rRNA

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Studies on the F-actin tropomyosin troponin complex II. Partial reconstitution of thin filament by F-actin, tropomyosin and the tropomyosin binding component of troponin (TN-T)

Shin'ichi Ishiwata, 1978:
Studies on the F-actin tropomyosin troponin complex III. Effects of troponin components and calcium ion on the binding affinity between tropomyosin and F-actin

Keiichi Takahashi, 1978:
Studies on the Free Amino Acid Patterns in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children: Part 1. The Individuality of the Free Amino Acid Patterns in Cerebrospinal Fluid

Keiichi Takahashi, 1978:
Studies on the Free Amino Acid Patterns in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children: Part 2. The Free Amino Acid Patterns in Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children wit Diseases of the Central Nervous System

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Studies on the Growth in Culture of Plant Cells

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Studies on the Hydrophysiological Rhythms of Citrus Trees

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Studies on the Induction of Sister Chromatid Exchange in Human Fibroblasts by Diethylstilbestrol

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Studies on the Media for Orchid Seed Germination

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Studies on the Mouth Size of Fish Larvae-II

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Studies on the Nature of Violet Tongue

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Studies on the Purification and Properties of a 6.8-S DNA Polymerase Activity Found in Calf-Thymus DNA Polymerase-α Fraction

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Studies on the Regulation of Calcium Metabolism in Neonatal: Period: Plasma 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Calcium

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Studies on the Transmission of Floral Effects of Photoperiod and Gibberellin from One Branch to the Other inImpatiens balsamina

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Studies on the Underwater Sound-VII

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Studies on the Use of Differential Polarization in Experimental Amyloidosis in Aging Mice

G. Cerny, 1978:
Studies on the aminopeptidase test for the distinction of gram-negative from gram-positive bacteria

A. Eberhagen, 1978:
Studies on the applicability of slit metal vessels in fast theta-pinch discharges

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Studies on the balancing, the minimal balancing, and the minimum balancing processes for social groups with planar and nonplanar graph structures

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Studies on the binding of adenylyl-3,5-cytidine to ribonuclease

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Studies on the biology of fish boneI. Bone resorption after scale removal

Weiss, R E; Watabe, N, 1978:
Studies on the biology of fish boneII bone matrix changes during resorption

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Studies on the bryoflora of Macquarie Island

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Studies on the cellular toxicity of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Studies on the chemical constituents of genus Mentha. II. Mentha candicans, a new chemical strain of section Spicatae, containing trans-sabinene hydrate as the principal component of essential oil

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Studies on the chlorinated .ALPHA.-santonins. II. The crystal and molecular structure of 14-chlorosantonin

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Studies on the constituents of Aloe saponaria Haw. IV. The structures of bianthraquinoid pigments

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Studies on the constituents of Marsdenia formosana Masamune. II. Structures of marsformoxide A and marsformoxide B

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Studies on the constituents of Sophora species. XII. Constituents of the aerial parts of Sophora tomentosa L. 1

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Studies on the constituents of Zizyphi fructus. I. Structure of three new p-coumaroylates of alphitolic acid

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Studies on the constituents of Zizyphi fructus. II. Structure of new p-coumaroylates of maslinic acid

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Studies on the constituents of asclepiadaceae plants. 44. Components of Cynanchum caudatum Max. Structure of 20-O-cinnamoyl-sarcostin, 12-O-cinnamoylikemagenol and 20-O-cinnamoylikemagenol

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Studies on the constituents of bezoar. Characterization of fatty acids and their cholesteryl esters

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Studies on the constituents of medicinal plants. XX. The constituent of the vines of Menispermum dauricum DC

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Studies on the constituents of the genus Petasites. I. Three chemovars of Petasites japonicus maxim

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Studies on the constituents of the higher fungi of Korea(XI)

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Studies on the constituents of the medicinal plants. XXI. Constituents of the leaves of Clethra barbinervis Sieb. et Zucc. (2) and the 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of 19.ALPHA.-hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic acid type of triterpenoids

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Studies on the constituents of useful plants. VI. Constituents of the calyx of Diospyros kaki (2), and carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of flavonol glycosides

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Studies on the constiuents of Desmodium caudatum DC

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Studies on the control region of the bipolarargECBHoperon ofEscherichia coli

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Studies on the cytodifferentiation of the neuroblasts and visual cells in the chick embryo retina, using the electron-microscopic autoradiography of3H-thymidine

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Studies on the ecology of the vegetation at Mawson Statio Antarctica

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Studies on the effect of clonidine on histamine H2-receptors in the uterus, heart and gastric mucosa

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Studies on the effects of phthalate esters on the biological system (Part 2)in vitrometabolism and biliary excretion of phthalate esters in rats

Hiroyasu Kaneshima; Tomohiro Yamaguchi; Kazunori Itoh, 1978:
Studies on the effects of phthalate esters on the biological system: (Part 3). TheIn vitrometabolism of dibutyl phthalate in the small intestines of rats

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Studies on the excystation of different species ofEimeriain vitro

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Studies on the function of reductones. 30. Intranuclear incorporation and binding to chromosomal DNA of epinephrine

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Studies on the functional role of tintinnids in the Southern California Bight. I. Grazing and growth rates in laboratory cultures

J. F. Heinbokel, 1978:
Studies on the functional role of tintinnids in the Southern California Bight. II. Grazing rates of field populations

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Studies on the gatrointestinal absorption of N-nitrosamines: Effect of dietary constituents

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Studies on the generative nuclear division. I. Comparative analysis of somatic chromosomes in Allium fistulosum by means of C- and Q-banding patterns

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Studies on the humus forms of forest soils

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Studies on the inhibitors of gibberellin biosynthesis. II. New gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitors, 1-n-decyl- and 1-geranylimidazole: Inhibitors of (-)-kaurene 19-oxidation

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Studies on the intraosseous blood circulation and the bone marrow pressure in human lumbar vertebrae

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Studies on the lupin alkaloids. VII. Isolation and structure of (-)-.DELTA.7-dehydrosophoramine

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Studies on the metabolism of pantothenic acid in microorganisms. XII. A microbial synthesis of pantothenylalcohol 4'-phosphate

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Studies on the midgut ofCentropages typicus(Copepod, Calanoid)

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Studies on the organic fluorine compounds. XXIV. Photochemical trifluoromethylation of aromatic compounds

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Studies on the pathogenesis of ischemic cell injury

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Studies on the pathways and effects of cadmium in controlled ecosystem encolosures

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Studies on the persistence of differentiated functions in rat hepatocytes set into primary tissue culture

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Studies on the photoreaction of heterocyclic N-dioxides: photochromism of phenazine N-dioxides in organic solvents

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Studies on the preparations of cellulase produced by Irpex lacteus Fr. II. Properties of partially purified cellulolytic and plant tissue macerating enzymes of Irpex lacteus Fr. in special reference to their application

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Studies on the properties of organic matfer in buried humic horizon derived from volcanic ash

Yoshida, M; Kumada, K, 1978:
Studies on the properties of organic matter in buried humic horizon derived from volcanic ash

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Studies on the proton magnetic resonance spectra of aliphatic systems. IX. Complex shift and equilibrium constant of association between excess amount of aliphatic alcohol and tris(dipivalomethanato)europium

Sasaki, Y; Fujiwara, H; Kawaki, H; Okazaki, Y, 1978:
Studies on the proton magnetic resonance spectra of aliphatic systems. VIII. Complex shift and equilibrium constant of aliphatic alcohol-tris(dipivalomethanato)europium complex in solution

Martin Davanger, 1978:
Studies on the pseudo-exfoliation material

Joachim Thiem; Jürgen Elvers, 1978:
Studies on the reaction with N-bromosuccinimide of fixed 2-phenyl-1,3-dioxolane systems in methyl di-O-benzylidene-α-D-hexopyranosides

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Studies on the relationship between SCEs and chromatid aberrations in endo-reduplicated cells

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Studies on the role of the infrabuccal pocket of the leaf-cutting antAcromyrmex octospinosus(Reich) (Hym., Formicidae)

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Studies on the saponins of ginseng. III. Structures of ginsenoside-Rb3 and 20-glucoginsenoside-Rf

S. Nishikida; S. Ikeda, 1978:
Studies on the shake-up satellites of auger spectra for potassium and calcium compounds

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Studies on the single-stranded diseontinuities of the cauliflower mosaic virus genome

Takaya Ikemoto, 1978:
Studies on the spatial distribution pattern of larvae of the mosquito,Anopheles sinensis, in rice fields

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Studies on the structure-activity relationship of adrenergic .BETA.-mimetic benzylamine derivatives. IV. Aryl-substituted 1-aminotetralins and 1-aminoindans

Hagen, C, 1978:
Studies on the subunits of the human glycoprotein hormones in relation to reproduction

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Studies on the syntheses of spiro-dienone compounds. VI. A new synthesis of dl-pronuciferine

Kametani, T; Takeshita, M; Nemoto, H; Fukumoto, K, 1978:
Studies on the syntheses of tetracycline derivatives. II. Thermolytic cycloaddition of o-quinodimethanes with tetrahydronaphthoquinone and naphthoquinone

Kametani, T; Chihiro, M; Takeshita, M; Takahashi, K; Fukumoto, K; Takano, S, 1978:
Studies on the syntheses of tetracycline derivatives. III. Synthetic approach to adriamycin-synthesis of the linear tetracyclic skeleton having the same BC ring system with adriamycin

A. K. Kaz'mina; I. N. Rymoreva, 1978:
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