Section 62
Chapter 61,592

Plasmid-mediated transfer of nitrogen-fixing capability to bacteria from the rhizosphere of grasses

Kleeberger, A.; Klingmuller, W.

Molecular Genetics and Genomics 180(3): 621-627


ISSN/ISBN: 1617-4615
DOI: 10.1007/bf00268070
Accession: 061591911

Cells of a non-nitrogen fixing, drug-sensitive Enterobacter cloacae strain, isolated from the rhizosphere of Festuca heterophylla, were mated to Escherichia coli cells harboring plasmid pRD1. This plasmid carries the nitrogen-fixation (nif+) genes and 3 markers of drug resistance. After mating, triple-resistant Enterobacter transferants could be selected. These were screened for plasmids, acetylene reduction and stability of the transferred markers. Transferants contained plasmid pRD1.

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