Hydrogen and sulfur from hydrogen sulfideII. Ambient temperature electrolysis using oxidation of hydrogen sulfide by air as the prime energy source

Edward, A. Fletcher

Energy 8(11): 835-837


ISSN/ISBN: 0360-5442
DOI: 10.1016/0360-5442(83)90056-7
Accession: 061721224

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Hydrogen sulfide recovered from the sweetening of fossil fuels or sought as a mineral for its intrinsic value might be converted, in an electrolytic process which uses atmospheric oxygen, into pipeline pressure hydrogen and sulfur. Such a process may be an alternative to the Claus Process, which recovers only sulfur and uses the hydrogen wastefully. It is also suggested that electrolysis provides a mechanism by which other gaseous products, as well as hydrogen, may be brought to pipeline pressures easily.