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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61754

Chapter 61754 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

P. Le Neindre; D. Levieux; G. Cabello, 1984:
Activity and physiological parameters of new-born calves

Dr. H. Kühne, 1984:
Activity coefficient and incorporation of Phosphorus into epitaxial CVD Silicon

Robert, A. Noulty; Derek, G. Leaist, 1984:
Activity coefficients and diffusion coefficients of dilute aqueous solutions of lithium, sodium, and potassium hydroxides

N. Mein; M.-J. Martres; G. Simon; P. Mein; I. Soru-Escaut, 1984:
Activity in the homologous flare site

I. A. Alekseeva; V. B. Spirichev; N. V. Blazheevich; S. V. Sokolova; N. A. Bogoslovskii; T. A. Kisel'nikova, 1984:
Activity of 5,6-trans- and 22-dehydro-analogs of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3

Judy Levitt; J. V. Lovett, 1984:
Activity of allelochemicals ofDatura stramoniumL. (Thorn-apple) in contrasting soil types

L. Verbist, 1984:
Activity of betalactam antibiotics and aminoglycosides againstPseudomonas

C. Ponte; F. Soriano; M. Santamaria, 1984:
Activity of imipenem against high inocula ofBacteroidesspecies andEscherichia colialone and in mixed culture

J. C. Tanguy; G. Patané, 1984:
Activity of mount Etna, 19771983: Volcanic phenomena and accompanying seismic tremor

L. V. Van'ko; N. N. Bakuradze; G. T. Sukhikh, 1984:
Activity of normal killer cells and their sensitivity to interferon in old mice

Achterberg, P; Dejong, J, 1984:
Activity of the adenosine cycle in the normoxic rat heart

Mark, S. Ghiorso, 1984:
Activity/composition relations in the ternary feldspars

Radzikhovskii, L. A., 1984:
Activity: Structure, Genesis, and Units of Analysis

Dei-Cas, E.; Fruit, J.; Poulain, D.; Poirriez, J.; Vernes, A.; Françoise, C., 1984:
Actin de la 5-fluorocytosine in vitro sur les levures pathognes

Amélie Mummendey; Volker Linneweber; Gabi Löschper, 1984:
Actor or victim of aggression: Divergent perspectivesdivergent evaluations

Hughes, R., 1984:
Actual Problems in Multiple Sclerosis Research

Stanley Feldstein; Barbara Sloan, 1984:
Actual and stereotyped speech tempos of extraverts and introverts

Shinar, D, 1984:
Actual versus estimated night-time pedestrian visibility

Bugnon, P.; Portier, H.; Cudey, B.; Collin, P.; Kapelli, J.P.; d'Athis, R., 1984:
Actualit de la distomatose

Vandenbroek, M.-D.; Bordes, B., 1984:
Actualits sur la rgulation de la fibrinolyse physiologique Perspectives thrapeutiques du lys-plasminogne

Mendelson, G, 1984:

Macdonald, A., 1984:
Acupuncture and migraine

Filshie, J, 1984:
Acupuncture for malignant pain

Marcus, P., 1984:
Acupuncture in medicine

Schjelderup, V., 1984:
Acupuncture to induce hypnosis

Streicher, S L., 1984:
Acute Coronary Care

Khilanani, U; Khatib, R, 1984:
Acute Epiglottitis in Adults

Sørensen, B; Fisker, N P.; Steensen, J P.; Kalaja, E, 1984:
Acute Excision or Exposure Treatment?

Quigley, C.; Struthers, A.D.; Maseri, A.; Brown, M.J., 1984:
Acute Falls of Plasma Potassium in Squash Players

Bowen, AʼDelbert, 1984:
Acute Gallbladder Dilatation in a Neonate

Calverley, P M A; Juan, J; Talamo, C; Schnader, J Y; Roussos, C H, 1984:
Acute Hypercapnoea and Diaphragmatic Performance in Normal Man

Kaplan, H. L.; Grand, A. F.; Switzer, W. G.; Gad, S. C., 1984:
Acute Inhalation Toxicity of the Smoke Produced By Five Halogenated Polymers

Bounous, G, 1984:
Acute Ischemic Enteropathy

Catanzarite, V A.; Ferguson, J E., 1984:
Acute Leukemia and Pregnancy

Truong, L D.; Saleem, A; Schwartz, M R., 1984:
Acute Myelofibrosis

Hancock, E. William, 1984:
Acute Myocardial InfarctionWhat Location?

Robert, F. Spetzler; Joseph, M. Zabramski; Benjamin Kaufman; Hong, N. Yeung, 1984:
Acute NMR changes during MCA occlusion: A preliminary study in primates

Harris, B A., 1984:
Acute Puerperal Inversion of the Uterus

Kurtz, S B., 1984:
Acute Renal Failure

Anderson, C F., 1984:
Acute Renal Failure: Correlations Between Morphology and Function

Hayreh, S S., 1984:
Acute Retinal Necrosis

Kunz, Jürg; Macciocchi, A, 1984:
Acute Salpingitis and Thiamphenicol

Jaeger, R. J.; Cote, I. L.; Rogers, A. E.; Silver, E. H.; Szabo, S., 1984:
Acute Toxicity of Acrylonitrile: Effect of Diet on Tissue Nonprotein Sulfhydryl Content and Distribution of 1-:C-Acrylonitrile or Its Metabolites

Angelo, N P., 1984:
Acute Transverse Myelitis

Evan T Wythe, 1984:
Acute abdominal pain caused by spontaneous perforation of the urinary bladder: Schraut WH, Huffman J, Bagley DH Surg Gynecol Obstet 156:589592 May 1983

Ann, R. Lima; Carolanne Curtis; Dean, E. Hammermeister; Thomas, P. Markee; C. E. Northcott; L. T. Brooke, 1984:
Acute and chronic toxicities of arsenic(III) to fathead minnows, flagfish, daphnids, and an amphipod

F. M. Gersich; C. G. Mendoza; D. L. Hopkins; K. M. Bodner, 1984:
Acute and chronic toxicity of triclopyr triethylamine salt toDaphnia magnaStraus

Hanefeld, F; Harten, G; Langermann, H-Joachim; Riehm, Hörg; Stephani, U, 1984:
Acute and long-term side effects of antineoplastic treatment in children

S. J. Cawthorn, 1984:
Acute appendicitis: White cell count and histological appearance

James E Gruber, 1984:
Acute carbamazepine intoxication: Clinical spectrum and management: May DC South Med J 77:2426 Jan 1984

Martin E Ogle, 1984:
Acute cystitis: A prospective study of laboratory tests and duration of therapy: Schulta HJ, McCaffrey LA, Keys TF, et al Mayo Clin Proc 59:391397 Jun 4, 1984

Zack, B G., 1984:
Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis

C. Grassa; E. Montanari; A. Scaglioni; S. Passeri; M. Saginario, 1984:
Acute heroin myelopathy Case report

O. Gøtzsche, 1984:
Acute insulin treatment normalizes the resistance to the cardiotoxic effect of isoproterenol in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Å. Öst; P. Lindström; B. Christensson; H. Gyllenhammar; L. Engstedt, 1984:
Acute leukaemia in a defined geographic area Incidence, clinical history and prognosis

Eric Simrod, 1984:
Acute management of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia verapamil, adenosine triphosphate or adenosine?: Belhassen B, Pelleg A Am J Cardiol 54:225227 Jul 1984

Love, T, 1984:
Acute orthopaedic therapeutics

Lo Chien An, 1984:
Acute renal failure due to crush syndrome

Elwood, F. Hill; Michael, B. Camardese; Gary, H. Heinz; James, W. Spann; Antonia, B. Debevec, 1984:
Acute toxicity of diazinon is similar for eight stocks of bobwhite

Szymanski, T, 1984:
Acute treatment of hypertension with slow infusion of diazoxide

Mounir, H. Shamma'a, 1984:
Acute viral hepatitis in Lebanon: evidence for an HAV-like non-A non-B hepatitis

Sebastiano Bruno Solerte; Sara Adamo; Cristina Viola; Gian Piero Carnevale Schianca; Alda Crippa; Ettore Ferrari, 1984:
Acute-phase protein reactants pattern and α2-macroglobulin in diabetes mellitus. Pathophysiological aspects in diabetic microangiopathy

É. Rónai; L. Mészáros; Gy. Benkő; I. Horváth, 1984:
Acute60Co-gamma irradiation of rats decreases the inhibitory effect of succinate on the lipid peroxidation of liver mitochondria

McGarvey, G J.; Kimura, M; Oh, T; Williams, J. Michael, 1984:
Acyclic Stereoselective Synthesis of Carbohydrates

David, E. Fenton; Umberto Casellato; P.Alessandro Vigato; M. Vidali, 1984:
Acyclic and macrocyclic schiff base complexes of lanthanides and actinides

B.V. Venkataram Prasad; H. Balaram; P. Balaram, 1984:
Acyclic peptides as conformational models : Crystal structure of Boc-Aib-Leu-Pro-NHMe 2H2O

Juan, A. Galbis Perez; Juan, C. Palacios Albarran; Jose, L. Jimenez Requejo; Martin Avalos Gonzalez, 1984:
Acyclic-sugar pyrrole C-nucleoside-analogs derived from 2-(alkylamino)-2-deoxyaldoses

N. A. Nesmeyanov; V. G. Kharitonov; S. T. Berman; O. A. Reutov, 1984:
Acylation of arsenic β-ketoylides by trifluoroacetic anhydride

G. S. Mikaelyan; V. A. Smit; A. S. Batsanov; Yu. T. Struchkov, 1984:
Acylation of dicobalthexacarbonyl complexes of 1-ethynylcyclohexene and 1-ethynylcyclopentene by acylium salts

Dr. Hans-Horst Glatt; Prof. Dr. Radu Bacaloglu; Dr. Carol Csunderlik; Doina Muntean; Prof. Dr. Dieter Martin, 1984:
Acylierung von Heterocyclen mit Kohlensäurederivaten. IV. Umsetzung von Benzoxazolin 2-thion mit Arylcyanaten. Kinetik und Mechanismus

V. P. Litvinov; V. S. Dermugin; V. I. Shvedov; V. S. Bogdanov, 1984:
Adamantyl-containing heterocycles Communication 1. 3-(1-adamantyl)-3-chloropropenal in the synthesis of 2-(1-adamantyl)thiophene and 5-(1-adamantyl)isoxazole

Elghouzzi, M; Sabolic, V; Cavalier, J, 1984:
Adaptation de la technique de conglation avec faible concentration en glycrol des concentrs globulaires resuspendus en SAG

James, A. Russell; Ulrich, F. Lanius, 1984:
Adaptation level and the affective appraisal of environments

M. Bounias; M.R.J. Morgan, 1984:
Adaptation of honeybee haemolymph α-glucosidase to changing physiological requirements by transitions in the hill coefficient

Breeman, A. M.; ten Hoopen, A., 1984:
Adaptation of photosynthesis to irradiance and daylength in the red alga Acrosymphyton purpuriferum (J. Ag.) Sjöst. (Rhodophyceae, Cryptonemiales), a species from the deep sublittoral region

Fowler, C G.; Wilson, R H., 1984:
Adaptation of the Acoustic Reflex

Van Wilgen, B. W., 1984:
Adaptation of the United States Fire Danger Rating System to Fynbos Conditions

van Wilgen, B. W.; Burgan, R. E., 1984:
Adaptation of the United States Fire Danger Rating System to Fynbos Conditions

K Radhakrishnaiah, 1984:
Adaptation to thermal stress in the freshwater eurythermal teleostSarotherodon mossambicus: Lactate dehydrogenase activity

Curtis, P. Langlotz, 1984:
Adapting a consultation system to critique user plans

Craig, D. Walrath, 1984:
Adaptive bearing friction compensation based on recent knowledge of dynamic friction

A. L. Chernyaev; V. V. Zelinskaya, 1984:
Adaptive changes in rat myocardium during periodic cooling

Lennart Ljung; Brian, D.O. Anderson, 1984:
Adaptive control, where are we?

Siegel, M A.; Misselt, A. Lynn, 1984:
Adaptive feedback and review paradigm for computer-based drills

D. Dochain; G. Bastin, 1984:
Adaptive identification and control algorithms for nonlinear bacterial growth systems

Kaneda, Y; Ohga, J, 1984:
Adaptive microphonearray system for noise reduction

J. Van Amerongen, 1984:
Adaptive steering of shipsA model reference approach

V. M. Koltun; Yu. S. Trusov, 1984:
Adaptive time selector for the informative elements of ECG signals

Karl-Heinz, A. Winkler; Michael, L. Norman; Dimitri Mihalas, 1984:
Adaptive-mesh radiation hydrodynamicsI. The radiation transport equation in a completely adaptive coordinate system

Dimitri Mihalas; Karl-Heinz, A. Winkler; Michael, L. Norman, 1984:
Adaptive-mesh radiation hydrodynamicsII. The radiation and fluid equations in relativistic flows

D.V. Evans; P. McIver, 1984:
Added mass and damping of a sphere section in heave

Anonymous, 2018:
English Isolation Hospitals

Haman, E., 2018:
English language acquisition is delayed in bilingual homes

Betsy Todd, 1984:
Addicted or physically dependent?

Milkman, H; Weiner, S E.; Sunderwirth, S, 1984:
Addiction Relapse

Rosenberg, H, 1984:
Addictive drinking: The road to recovery for problem drinkers and those who love them

G. R. Dunstan, 1984:
Adding Life to Years

Nasirullah; Dr. F. Ahmad; Prof. Dr. S. M. Osman, 1984:
Addition of N,N-Dibromobenzenesulfonamide to Methyl Oleate, Elaidate and trans-2-Hexadecenoate II

R. A. Amriev; O. P. Baibuz; F. K. Velichko; R. P. Rilo, 1984:
Addition of iodoform to vinyl chloride in the presence of iron pentacarbonyl

G. K. Airapetyan; R. É. Markaryan; É. M. Arzanunts; I. S. Sarkisyan; R. R. Safrazbekyan; É. A. Markaryan, 1984:
Addition of isoquinolines to activated C=C double bonds, and the biological properties of the products

I. S. Alfer'ev; N. V. Mikhalin; I. L. Kotlyarevskii, 1984:
Addition of nucleophilic agents to vinylidenediphosphonic acid

Sakamoto, M; Akimoto, T; Fukutomi, K; Ishii, K, 1984:
Addition reactions of diketene. IV. Reaction of diketene with thioureas, thioamide, and aminothiol

Heinz Stadler; Max Rey; André S. Dreiding, 1984:
Addition von Dimethylketen an 6-heterosubstituierte Fulvene. Synthese von ()-Filifolon

Hewlett, J. D.; Fortson, J. C.; Cunningham, G. B., 1984:
Additional Tests on the Effect of Rainfall Intensity on Storm Flow and Peak Flow From Wild-Land Basins

Slavík, Jří; Slavíková, L; Dolejš, L, 1984:
Additional alkaloids from Glaucium squamigerum KAR. et KIR

S. N. Sotnikov, 1984:
Additional combined deformations of buildings and foundations during construction in highly urbanized areas (from construction experience in Leningrad)

Cheung, K-Sing; Wasserman, S; Dudek, E; Lerner, A; Johnston, M, 1984:
Additions and Corrections- Chloroalanyl and Propargylglycyl Dipeptides. Suicide Substrate Containing Antibacterials

Horstmann, K, 1984:
Additions and corrections to M. G. Fitton's "A catalogue and reclassification of the Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) described by C. G. Thomson"

Lawrence, C. Matten; William, R. Tanner; William, S. Lacey, 1984:
Additions to the silicified upper devonian/lower carboniferous flora from ballyheigue, Ireland

Harold, M. Bell; Linda, K. Berry; Elizabeth, A. Madigan, 1984:
Additive chemical shift parameters for methylene protons. Shoolery's constants reinvestigated

Adriana Grama; Z. K. Gerechter-Amitai; C. H. Silfhout, 1984:
Additive gene action for resistance toPuccinia striiformisF.SP.TriticiinTriticum dicoccoides

Geert Soete, 1984:
Additive-tree representations of incomplete dissimilarity data

Robert A Rosen, 1984:
Addressing patients by their first names

Guido Crisponi; Paola Deplano; Valeria Nurchi; Emanuele, F. Trogu, 1984:
Adduct formation of some tris(N,N dialkyldithiocarbamato)Cr(III) complexes with iodine

Chester, M. Mikulski; Linda Mattucci; Lynne Weiss; Nicholas, M. Karayannis, 1984:
Adducts of guanine with chromium(III), iron(III) and oxovanadium(IV) chlorides

H. Kleinig, 1984:
Adelbert von Chamisso, … und lassen gelten, was ich beobachtet habe. Naturwissenschaftliche Schriften mit Zeichnungen des Autors, herausgegeben von Ruth Schneebeli-Graf. 324 Seiten mit 4 farbigen und 11 schwarz-weiß Abb.; Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin 1983. Leinen DM 48,– (Subskr. bis 31. 3. 1984, danach DM 58,–)

Tom Pettersson; Kaarina Ojala; Theodor, H. Weber, 1984:
Adenosine Deaminase in the Diagnosis of Pleural Effusions

Dalal, J.J.; Newby, A.C.; Lewis, M.J.; Weston, R.; Henderson, A.H., 1984:
Adenosine May Mediate the Anti-Platelet Aggregatory Effect of Myocardial Ischaemia

Newby, A C., 1984:
Adenosine and the concept of retaliatory metabolites

Elkaim, R.; Thomassin, H.; Niedergang, C.; Egly, J.M.; Kempf, J.; Mandel, P., 1984:
Adenosine diphosphate ribosyltransferase and protein acceptors associated with cytoplasmic free messenger ribonucleoprotein particles

Blagg, C R., 1984:
Adequacy of Dialysis

Philip L Henneman, 1984:
Adequacy of antitetanus prophylaxis in six hospital emergency rooms: Brand DA, Acampora D, Gottlieb LD, et al N Engl J Med 309:636640 Sep 1983

Varni, J W.; Wallander, J L., 1984:
Adherence to health-related regimens in pediatric chronic disorders

Brady, J Paul, 1984:
Adherence, Compliance and Generalization in Behavioral Medicine

J. D. Venables, 1984:
Adhesion and durability of metal-polymer bonds

Laux, D C.; McSweegan, E F.; Cohen, P S., 1984:
Adhesion of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli to immobolized intestinal mucosal preparations: a model for adhesion to mucosal surface components

E. H. Andrews; H. A. Majid; N. A. Lockington, 1984:
Adhesion of ice to a flexible substrate

Elliott, C.; Goren, H. Joseph, 1984:
Adipocyte insulin-binding species: the 40 Stoke's radius protein

Duchastel, P C.; Nungester, R J., 1984:
Adjunct question effects with review

Smith, D., 1984:
Adjustable Armrest for Wheelchairs

Paton, R R., 1984:
Adjusting the hypertension regimen

Andrew MacKillop, 1984:
Adjustment and energy: Dangers of a demand-side obsession

Tolu, S.; Yurdakul, O.Volkan.; Basaran, B.; Rezvani, A., 2018:
English-language videos on YouTube as a source of information on self-administer subcutaneous anti-tumour necrosis factor agent injections

Russell, A H.; Tong, D Y.; Figge, D C.; Tamimi, H K.; Greer, B E.; Elder, S J., 1984:
Adjuvant Postoperative Pelvic Radiation for Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix

H. Vorherr, 1984:
Adjuvant chemotherapy of breast cancer: Hope Reality Hazard?

Thomas, G. Hardy; Pedro, S. Aguilar; Gustavo Plasencia; Marwan, S. Rusan; Rene, F. Hartmann; William, R. C. Stewart, 1984:
Adjuvant intrahepatic cytotoxic liver infusion for colon cancer

Anthony, H. Russell; Daphne, Y. Tong; David, C. Figge; Hisham, K. Tamimi; Benjamin, E. Greer; Stephen, J. Elder, 1984:
Adjuvant postoperative pelvic radiation for carcinoma of the uterine cervix: Pattern of cancer recurrence in patients undergoing elective radiation following radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy

Jakesz, R.; Lippman, M.E., 1984:
Adjuvant tamoxifen in breast cancer

Wagih, M. Shehata; Richard, L. Meyer; Thomas, W. Panke; Charles, A. Cook, 1984:
Adjuvant therapy for soft tissue sarcoma

Baum, M.; A'Hern, R., 1984:
Adjuvant treatment with polyadenylic-polyuridylic acid in operable breast cancer

G. A. Nagel, 1984:
Adjuvante Chemotherapie des Mammacarcinoms: Anhaltende Kontroverse

Myers, K M.; Croake, J W., 1984:
Adlerian and analytic theory: A case presentation

S.G. Sturmey, 1984:
Administering the code of conduct

Ryan, J. J.; Rosenberg, S. J., 1984:
Administration Time Estimates For WAIS-R Subtests and Short Forms in a Clinical Sample

Josiah, N. Wilcox; Sharon, R. Barclay; Harvey, H. Feder, 1984:
Administration of estradiol-17β in pulses to female guinea pigs: Self-priming effects of estrogen on brain tissues mediating lordosis

Courtney, A. S.; Hayes, F. B.; Couch, K. W.; Frick, M., 1984:
Administration of the WISC-R Performance Scale to Hearing-Impaired Children Using Pantomimed Instructions

Cooper, J A, 1984:
Administrations VA budget request

Gill, T., 1984:
Administrative Competencies in Occupational Therapy: A Follow-up Study

Douglas, A. Spencer, 1984:
Admission of people to mental handicap hospitals

Murray, R. M, 1984:
Admission to medical school

Jaquish, G. A.; Ripple, R. E., 1984:
Adolescent Divergent Thinking: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Glynn, T J., 1984:
Adolescent Drug Use and the Family Environment: A Review

Fawzy, F I.; Wellisch, D K.; Coombs, R R., 1984:
Adolescent Drug Use: An Introduction

Stephanie Sanford and Donna Eder, 1984:
Adolescent Humor During Peer Interaction

Billy, J. O. G.; Udry, J. R.; Rodgers, J. L., 1984:
Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Friendship Choice

Kaufman, E; Borders, L, 1984:
Adolescent Substance Abuse in Anglo-American Families

Norman Paul, 1984:
Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: A Family Systems Model

Slater, E J.; Haber, J D., 1984:
Adolescent adjustment following divorce as a function of familial conflict

Hampson, R B., 1984:
Adolescent prosocial behavior: Peer-group and situational factors associated with helping

Hyttinen, R, 1984:
Adolescenter i miljöterapeutisk vård

Orr, D P.; Hoffmans, M Ann; Bennetts, G, 1984:
Adolescents with Cancer Report Their Psychosocial Needs

Owuamanam, D Ojiakudiniro, 1984:
Adolescents' Perception of Polygamous Family and Its Relationship to Self-Concept

Schwartz, L Linzer, 1984:
Adoption custody and family therapy

Pereira, M Pérez; Singer, D, 1984:
Adquisicin de morfemas del espaol

Carmona, M Belinchón, 1984:
Adquisicin y evaluacin de las funciones pragmticas del lenguaje: un estudio evolutivo

Hughes, I A, 1984:
Adrenal Diseases in Childhood

Kimura, N; Sasano, N; Miura, Y; Kobayashi, K, 1984:
Adrenal and Extra-Adrenal Pheochromocytomas: An Ultrastructural and Formaldehyde- Induced Fluorescence Study with Catecholamine Content

Voutilainen, R; Riikonen, R; Perheentupa, J, 1984:
Adrenal androgens are highly stimulated during ACTH therapy for infantile spasms

Andrea Kirk; Robert Spillane, 1984:
Adrenal hormone excretion and irrational thinking

J.M.B. Burn; L. Langdon, 1984:
Adrenal suppression following extradural steroids

T. F. Shklyar; L. V. Rozenshtraukh; V. S. Markhasin; M. S. Savichevskii, 1984:
Adrenalin-induced pacemaker activity in the isolated atrial myocardium of mitral stenosis patients and its inhibition by ethmozine and ethacizine

Struthers, A.D.; Davies, D.L.; Harland, D.; Quicley, C.; Brown, M.J., 1984:
Adrenaline Causes Potassium Influx in Skeletal Muscle but Potassium Efflux from Cardiac Muscle

Ewa, L. Rydell; Krister, L. Axelsson, 1984:
Adrenaline Toxicity in Mice: Sensitization of α1 Adrenoreceptors by Nitroglycerin

N. Maltbék; M. Rehling; M. Tangø; J. Trap-Jensen; T. Lysbo Svendsen, 1984:
Adrenergic beta-receptorblockade: Haemodynamic relevance of beta-1-selectivity and ISA during adrenaline infusion

S. F. Perry; P. Payan; J. P. Girard, 1984:
Adrenergic control of branchial chloride transport in the isolated perfused head of the freshwater trout (Salmo gairdneri)

N. A. Kulikova; V. G. Kassil', 1984:
Adrenocortical function during passive avoidance learning in prepubertal rats

Klandorf, H; Harvey, S, 1984:
Adrenocortical function in fasted-refed birds

N. H. Gopal Dutt; N. A. Madhyastha, 1984:
Adrenocorticotrophin secreting cells in the hypophysis of the brown spiny mouseMus platythrix(Bennett)

Pitkänen, J.; Asko-Seljavaara, S.; Gröhn, P.; Sundell, B.; Heinoen, E.; Appelqvist, P., 1984 :
Adriamycin Extravasation: Surgical Treatment and Possible Prevention of Skin and Soft-Tissue Injuries

McLoughlin, P.M.; Sun, I.L.; Crane, F.L., 1984:
Adriamycin effects of transplasma membrane redox functions in porcine neutrophils

F. N. Dulout, 1984:
Adriamycin-induced centric fusions in mouse chromosomes:in vivoandin vitroanalysis

Giam, C. S.; Itoh, J-Ichi; Leonard, J E., 1984:
Adsorbents for the Specific Retention of Basic Organic Nitrogen Compounds

Yu. V. Pokonova; M. S. Oleinik; D. F. Varfolomeev; F. Kh. Malikov, 1984:
Adsorbents from high-molecular-weight compounds of petroleum

K. Brown; J. Gentry, 1984:
Adsorption and condensation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on ultrafine soot aerosols

R.G. Carbonell; S. Whitaker, 1984:
Adsorption and reaction at a catalytic surface: The quasi-steady condition

Miguel, A. Galán, 1984:
Adsorption characteristics of nitric oxide on various adsorbents determined by gassolid chromatography

G. O. Glonti; A. L. Klyachko, 1984:
Adsorption criteria in structural characterization of zeolites

Mieczyslaw Jaroniec; Adam, W. Marczewski, 1984:
Adsorption from solutions of nonelectrolytes on heterogeneous solid surfaces: A four-parameter equation for the excess adsorption isotherm

L.S. Kershenbaum; M.A. Kohler, 1984:
Adsorption in non-isobaric fixed bedsII. Measurements of rates of adsorption

E. V. Vagin; S. S. Petukhov, 1984:
Adsorption methods for the purification of air and its fractionation products

V. V. Khabalov; A. A. Pershko; N. K. Gorchakova; V. Yu. Glushchenko, 1984:
Adsorption of aqueous solutions of organic substances Due to induced polarization of graphitized carbon materials. Communication 1. Adsorption and desorption of n-hexanol, cyclohexanol, and nitrobenzene on graphite

A. Ritz; A. Spitzer; H. Lüth, 1984:
Adsorption of ethylene on clean and oxygen precovered Cu(110) surfaces

M. M. Dubinin; O. Kadlets, 1984:
Adsorption of gases by microporous adsorbents. Communication 1. The nitrogen-microporous carbon adsorbent system

M. M. Dubinin; O. Kadlets; V. V. Serpinskii, 1984:
Adsorption of gases by microporous adsorbents. Communication 2. Isosteres of adsorption of nitrogen by a microporous carbon adsorbent

T. Kada; M. Kato; S. Kiriyama, 1984:
Adsorption of pyrolysate mutagens by vegetable fibres

M. M. Dubinin; K. M. Nikolaev; G. A. Petukhova; N. S. Polyakov, 1984:
Adsorption of water and microporous structures of carbon adsorbents. Communication 8. Correlation between the parameters of the microporous structure of activated carbons and the constants of the water adsorption isotherm equation

R. Sh. Vartapetyan; A. M. Voloshchuk; M. M. Dubinin, 1984:
Adsorption of water vapors and the micropore structure of carbon adsorbents. Communication 9. The nature of the primary adsorption sites

Y.M. Temerk; M.E. Ahmed; M.M. Kamal, 1984 :
Adsorption stages and association of 1-methylguanosine and 7-methylguanosine in solutions of varying pH at charged interfaces

Paul, E. Kennedy, 1984:
Adsorption systems for air pollution control

A. M. Arkharov; Yu. V. Nikiforov; V. I. Rodionov, 1984:
Adsorption unit for air separation

Beňadiková, H.; Kalvoda, R., 1984:
Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry of Some Triazine- and Nitro Group-Containing Pesticides

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Adult Physical Assessment

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Advanced Atrioventricular Block with Long Pauses following Ventricular Extrasystoles

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Advanced Imaging Techniques

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Advanced Placement Biology as a Beginning Course

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Advanced converters and reactors

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Advancement and synchronisation of spawning in Salmo gairdneri and S. trutta following administration of LRH-A combined or not with pimozide

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Advances in the Techniques of Localisation of Adrenal Tumours and Their influence on the Surgical Approach to the Tumour

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Advances in the development of thin-film cells for high temperature electrolysis

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Therapy

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Advantages and disadvantages of the urban heat island an evaluation according to the hygro-thennic Effects

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Advantages of latent trait measurement in language testing

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Adverse Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs

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Adverse Photosensitive Growth Behaviour of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

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Adverse Reactions to N-Acetylcysteine

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Advertising decisions in oligopoly: An industry equilibrium analysis

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Advertising sounds as cultural discourse

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Adnome tubulaire apocrine: propos dun cas

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Aerial Oxidation of 4-Pyridyldithiocarbamic Acid

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Aeribactin synthesis in a cell-free system of Aerobacter Aerogenes 62-1

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Aeroallergens Some Current Views

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Aerobic Capacity of Selected Young Air Force Officers and Officer Candidates

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Aerobic Dance Program Improves Cardiovascular Fitness in Men

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Aerobic asporogenous gram-positive bacilli

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Aerobic fitness and psychophysiological reactivity

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Aerodynamic drag: Measured at a nearshore platform on lake of Geneva

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Aeromagnetic surveys in the seas around Japan in 1980

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Aeronomical processes in cometary atmospheres: The carbon compounds' puzzle

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Aerosol Capture in Granular Beds in the Sedimentation and Diffusion Dominated Regimes

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Aerosol Deposition in the Human Lung at Variable Tidal Volumes: Calculation of Fractional Deposition

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Aerosol Particle Formation from Ozone-Terminal Olefin Reactions

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Aerosol Science and Technology in Service to Society

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Aerotolerant growth inAzospirillum brasilenseinduced by dihydroxyphenyl iron-binding compound

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Aesthetic Breast Surgery

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Aesthetic Vaginal Labioplasty

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Aesthetic and functional reconstruction after nose trauma by septum replantation

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Aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery

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Aesthetics of Change

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Aetiological evaluation of foreign bodies in the ear and nose (A clinical study)

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Aetiological factors in AIDS-preliminary results of a prospective study of homo-sexual men

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Aetiology and detection of congenital nasal deformities

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Aetiology of Reye's syndrome

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Affect and cognition in the context of home: The quest for intangibles

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Affect and psychological magnification: Derivations from Tomkins' script theory

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Affect and the overjustification effect

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Affective Assessment and Dialectical Oppositionality in the Cognitive Processing of Social Descriptors

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Affective Consequences of Variation in Behavior Perception: When Liking is in the Level of Analysis

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Affective Disorders Reassessed: 1983

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Affective Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence: An Update

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Affective Variables and Mathematics Education

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Affective and Schizophrenic Disorders: New Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment

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Affective consequences of ability versus effort ascriptions: Controversies, resolutions, and quandaries

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Affectively Oriented Clinical Training: A Pilot Study

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Afferent C-fibres: physiological and biochemical correlations

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Afferent brainstem projections to the hypothalmic locomotor region of the cat brain

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Affinity electrophoresis: Principles and applications

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Affinity labelling of 5-aminolevulinic acid dehyratase with 2-bromo-3-(5-imidazolyl)propionic acid

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Affinity separations utilising immobilised monoclonal antibodiesa new tool for the biochemical engineer

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Affirmative action, negative reaction? Some moderating conditions

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Afflicting the Comfortable: Student Motivation through Conceptual Confrontation

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African bilharziases and their treatment (French)

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African mean wind changes between sahelian wet and dry periods

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African serum interference in the determination of chloroquine sensitivity inPlasmodium falciparum

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Afro-American Women and Their Families

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After Nuclear War--a Nuclear Winter

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After UNCLOS: the future of international marine research

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After the eclipse

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Afterburning CO by the use of Tseokar-4 catalyst in a commercial unit

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Aftercare and readmission

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Aftereffects of short-term exposures to heat or cold on monoamine oxidase activity

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Afterloading interstitial irradiation for CNS tumors

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Against Couples

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Age Differences and Age Changes in the Division of Labor by Sex: Reanalysis of White and Brinkerhoff

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Age Migrations of Anorogenic Ring Complexes in Northern Nigeria

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Age Trend of Cognitive Style among Nigerian Preschool Children

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Age Trends in the Development of Aggression, Sex Typing, and Related Television Habits: Correction

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Age and Sequencing Norms in the Transition to Adulthood

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Age and Social Insight in a College Sample

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Age and regional tectonic and metallogenetic implications of igneous activity and mineralization in the Andahuaylas-Yauri belt of southern Peru

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Age as a Variable in Achievement Attributions: The Weiner Model and Beyond

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Age changes in ovarian structure corresponding to changes in function

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Age constraints on basement of the Midland Valley of Scotland

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Age differences in poststress repair of myocardial DNA

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Age grading: The implicit organizational timetable

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Age hardening of aluminum alloy

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Age of Capital and Regional Business Cycles

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Age of Transition from Novelty to Logical Seriation in the Direction of Children's Choices

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Age of rocks, structures, and metamorphism in the Nagssugtoqidian mobile belt, West Greenlandfield and Pb-isotope evidence

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Age related changes in nerve membrane structure

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Age, Tenure, and Work Perceptions as Predictors of Reactions to Performance Feedback

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Age, budget and dynamics of an active salt extrusion in Iran

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Age, gender, and spatial knowledge influences on preschoolers computer programming ability

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Age-Dependent Changes of the Fc-Receptor-Mediated Functions of Human Monocytes

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Age-dependent tolerance toBaculovirusin last larval instars of the codling moth,Cydia pomonella, L., induced either for pupation or for diapause

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Age-related change of distribution of immunoglobulin containing cells in human bone marrow

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Age-related differential suppression of mitogenic responsiveness in murine splenocytes exposed invitro to theophylline

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Age-related increase in the migration of aortic smooth muscle cells induced by 12-l-hydroxy-5,8,10,14-eicosatetraenoic acid

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Ageing of (Pb, La)(Zr, Ti)O3ferroelectric ceramics and the space charge arising on hot poling

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Ageism, Death Anxiety and the Caseworker

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Agenda for Action on Issues in Euro-Japanese Relations

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Agent-specific filling devices

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Agglomeration and competition

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Agglomeration kinetics of monodisperse systems computer simulation of agglomeration by a two-dimensional random walk model

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Aggradation and dissection sequences on Spanish alluvial fans: Influence on morphological development

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Aggradation and dissection sequences on spanish alluvial fans: Influence on morphological development

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Aggregate and concrete microfracture

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Aggregate characteristics for the balbina dam in the Amazon region, Brazil

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Aggregate planning in health care foodservice systems with varying technologies

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Aggregates for an uncommon use: Cemented fills in mining

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Aggregates for bituminous concrete mixtures

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Aggregates for the Attica Basin (Greece). Utilization of wastes from bauxite mines of Parnassus-Giona-Elikon-region

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Aggregates of amphiphilic molecules in lyotropic liquid crystals

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Aggregating Scores: To Standardize or Not to Standardize?

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Aggregation and equilibrium with multinomial logit models

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Aggregation and solvation of a lithium aryloxide

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Aggregative effects for a reaction-advection equation

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Aggressive behaviour of the demselfishEupomacentrus altus(Teleostei: Pomacentridae) toward the MulletMugil cephalus

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Aging Among America's Minorities

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Aging and Counseling:

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Aging and Milieu

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Aging and changes in cerebral energy metabolism

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Aging and serotoninergic function: Causes or consequences?

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Aging and the family: Intergenerational psychodynamics

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Aging in Canada: The Challenge to Political Science

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Aging in PLace: Strategies to Help the Elderly Stay in Revitalizing Neighborhoods

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Aging lids: A review

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Aging of metal of reaction vessels of slow coking equipment

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Aging of the Brain

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Agonist og antagonist binding til beta-adrenerge receptorer efter antidepressiv behandling

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Agoraphobia: Phenomenological aspects, associated characteristics, and theoretical considerations

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Agranulocytosis associated with semisynthetic penicillins and cephalosporines

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Agreement among 2 x 2 Agreement Indices

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Agreement and disagreement on an international satellite monitoring agency

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Agressivite deConidiobolus obscurusvia-a-vis du puceron du pois III. Activites enzymatiques exocellulaires

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Agressivit deConidiobolus obscurusvis

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Agricultural Prices and Markets - the Domino Effect

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Agricultural Research Policy

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Agricultural collections in a regional museum Schleswig-Holstein

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Agricultural galleries planned for the Libyan National Museum

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Agricultural innovation in the early islamic world: The diffusion of crops and farming techniques, 7001100

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Agricultural land in the Eastern Caribbean

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Agricultural land-cover discrimination using thematic mapper spectral bands

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Agricultural museums the story and propagation of an idea

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Agriculture in museums

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Agriculture tracked vehivle-soil interaction under uneven contact pressure conditions

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Agriscope: L'Exploitation agricole une approche globale

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Agrobacterium tumefaciensT-DNA in the yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae

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Agrobacterium tumefaciensTR-DNA encodes a pathway for agropine biosynthesis

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Agnsie segmentaire de la carotide interne. Aspects angiographiques, discussion embryologique

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Ahp Delegation to the Soviet Union

Bellefeuille-Reid, D., 1984:
Aid to Independence -- Hand Splint for Cerebral Palsied Children

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Aide Mmoire de Transfusion

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Aide au diagnostic des troubles du rythme cardiaque en anesthsie-ranimation

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Aids to Obstetrics and Gynaecology for MRCOG Part 2

Morgan, R. F., 1984:
Aids to Postgraduate Medicine

Mayer, R E., 1984:
Aids to text comprehension

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Aims and Activities

Ottar Sjaastad, 1984:
Aims and scope

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Air Flows Induced by Sparse Clouds of Droplets

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Air Ions: their Possible Biological Significance and Effects

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Air Pollution and Depressive Symptomatology: Exploratory Analyses of Intervening Psychosocial Factors

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Air Pollution in the Republic of Korea

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Air Quality Technical Information Exchange To the Peoples Republic of China

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Air embolism during liver transplantation

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Air embolus and hip replacement

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Air pollution control policy in the Federal Republic of Germany as a strategy for dealing with environmental risks

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Air pollution patterns in two cities of Colombia, S. A. According to trace substances content of an epiphyte (Tillandsia recurvataL.)

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Air quality and coal: The US experience

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Air-to-vegetation transfer rates of natural submicron aerosols

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Airborne remote sensing for freshwater and estuarine monitoring

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Aircraft measurements of CO2exchange over various ecosystems

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Aircraft measurements of the humidity in the lower stratosphere from 1977 to 1980 between 45N and 65N

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Airport noise modelling and aircraft scheduling so as to minimize community annoyance

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Alternative to the Conradson carbon residue test

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American Society Of Photogrammetry

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American board of prosthodontics

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American dermatological association

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American rheumatism association membership survey

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American voting and nonvoting

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American-International Conference on Clinical Dermatology

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Americas international space activities

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Aminoglycoside toxicity

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Amnesie Retrograde Post Traumatique

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Amniotic Fluid Alkaline Phosphatase lsoenzymes in Early Prenatal Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

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Amniotic fluid embolism

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Amorphous forms of thiazide diuretics prepared by spray-drying

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Amorphous semiconductors

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Amphotericin B and liposomes

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Amphotricine B en 1984

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Amplification des proprits immunognes de la glycoprotine rabique par ancrage sur des liposomes prforms

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Amplification of Forced Rossby Waves in the Presence of a Nonlinear Critical Layer

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Amplification of Ion-Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Vlasov-Plasma. I. A Higher Order Nonlinear Evolution Equation of KdV-Type

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Amplification of Ion-Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Vlasov-Plasma. II. Existence of a Maximum Potential and Numerical Experiments

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Amplification of ground motion and waveform complexity in fault zones: examples from the San Andreas and Calaveras Faults

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Amplitude distribution of composite terrain radar clutter and the κ-Distribution

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Amputation stump closureA reconstructive procedure, not a failure

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Amrinone Therapy in Patients with Heart Failure

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Amtsenthebung und Emigration Klassischer Phiologen

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Amyloid deposits in aortic and mitral valves

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An APL Procedure for Computing the Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues of a Real Symmetric Matrix

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An Absorbable Anastomotic Device for Microvascular Surgery

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An Adaptive Coping Model of Intervention with the Severely Burn-Injured

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An Adlerian understanding of Hillel's maxim

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An Advising System for a Large Psychology Department

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An Alnoite in the Sierras Subandinas, Northern Argentina

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An Alternative Parameter for Tm(e) in DNA:rRNA Hybridization Studies

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An Alternative Synthesis of Dialkylpyridylboranes

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An Analysis of Conjunctive Choice: Theory and Experiments

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An Analysis of Student Perceptions of the Supervisory Conference and Student Developed Agendas for that Conference

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An Analysis of a Boundary Layer Diffusion Flame Over a Porous Flat Plate in a Confined Flow

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An Analysis of the Construct Validity of two Measures of Adaptive Behavior

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An Analysis of the Effect of CO2 Injection on the Recovery of In-Situ Methane From Bituminous Coal: An Experimental Simulation

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An Analysis of the Influence of Fracture Geometry on Mass Transport in Fractured Media

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An Analysis of the Influence of the Quantitative Concepts Subtest in the Woodcock-Johnson Scholastic Aptitude Clusters

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An Analysis of the Organization of Looking and Speech-Pause Behaviour of Depressive Patients

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An Analysis of the Relevance of Topographical Similarity on Positive Practice of Spelling Errors

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An Analytical Extension of the Dykstra-Parsons Vertical Stratification Discrete Solution to a Continuous, Real-Time Basis (includes associated papers 13753 and 13830 and 14873 and 14695 )

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An Analytical Model for One-Dimensional, Three-Component Condensing and Vaporizing Gas Drives

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An Analytical Theory of FMR in Bulk Metals (Parallel Configuration) III. Surface Impedance

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An Animal Model of Oedema in Cor Pulmonale

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Engraftment, neuroglial transdifferentiation and behavioral recovery after complete spinal cord transection in rats

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An Annotated List of Readings and Related Resources on Geriatric Health Services in Great Britain

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An Annular Solar Eclipse

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An Apparent Hybrid Black-Billed Yellow-Billed Cuckoo

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An Apple II-based slide-projector laboratory

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An Appreciation of Dr. Harold P. Blum

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An Approximation of Carnap's Optimum Estimation Method

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An Archean volcanicExhalative system adjacent to a trondhjemite stock near Wawa, Ontario

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An Assessment of Strain-Aging Effect on Weldable Offshore Structural Steel

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An Assessment of the Novel Antihistamine BW 825C in the Treatment of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

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An Australian's impression of biochemistry education in North American Medical Schools

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An Automated Dual-Wavelength Spectrophotometer Optimized for Phytochrome Assay

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An Automated Tool-Joint Inspection Device for the Drillstring

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An E-Field solution for a conducting surface small or comparable to the wavelength

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An EPR study of bis(organodithiocarbonato) copper(II) complexes

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An EPT Interpretation Procedure and Application in Freshwater, Shaly Oil Sands

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An ESCA investigation of some dithiooxalato complexes

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An ESR study of various anthrasemiquinone radical anions obtained by in situ electrochemical method

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An Econometric Analysis of Minimum Wage Noncompliance

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An Econometric Model of Electricity Distribution Systems in Urban Areas

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An Economic Typology of Small-Scale Rural Enterprises in Central Province, Kenya

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An Economical Large Scale Preparation of (2S,3S)-4,5-Dimethyl-2-Phenyl-L,3-Dioxolan

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An Efficient Approach to Spirosesquiterrenes. Synthesis of ()b-Vetivone

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An Efficient Preparation and the Intramolecular Cyclopropanation of a-Diazo-3-Ketophosphonates and a-Diazophosphonoacetates

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An Efficient Synthesis of 1-Triacontanol

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An Efficient Synthesis of Alkylchlorosilanes from Alkenylchlorosianes

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An Efficient Technique for Determining the Compensation of Lost Earnings

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An Efficient, Minimal-Storage Procedure for Calculating the Mann-Whitney U, Generalized U and Similar Distributions

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An Eight Year Review of Perinatal Deaths with Pulmonary Hypoplasia

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An Electroencephalographic Analysis of the Functional Development of the Cortical Regions of the Brain in Children during the First Month of Life

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An Electrolyte Abnormality in a Case of Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia

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An Electromagnetic Survey Method for Directionally Drilling a Relief Well Into a Blown Out Oil or Gas Well

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An Electronic Hess Screen System

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An Empirical Evaluation of a Behavioral Self-Management Course in a College Setting

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An English-free version of BLADES

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An Enlightened Dialogue on Nuclear War

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An Epidemic Study of Molluscum contagiosum

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An Epidemiologic Investigation of Dermatological Fungus Infections in the Northernmost County of Sweden (Norrbotten) 1977–1981 : Eine epidemiologische Untersuchung der dermatologischen Pilzinfektionen im nördlichsten schwedischen Bezirk (Norrbotten) 1977–1981

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An Epidemiologic Survey of Burn Injuries in Arkansas: A Focus for Prevention

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An Equity Theory Explanation of Bystanders' Reactions to Shoplifting

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An Estimate of Global Absolute Dynamic Topography

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An Ethological Study of Peaceful Associative Outcomes to Conflict in Preschool Children

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An Evaluation of Chair Bases for Use On Carpet By Children With Cerebral Palsy

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An Evaluation of Handwriting Performance

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An Evaluation of Methods for Calculating the Concentration of Suspended Bed Material in Rivers

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An Evaluation of Occupational Therapy Helpers as Behaviour Therapists

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An Evaluation of Smoke Toxicity and Toxic Hazard of Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing Combustion Products

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An Evaluation of a Parent Training Program

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An Evaluation of an EDY Course in Behavioural Techniques for Classroom Assistants in a School for Children with Severe Learning Difficulties

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An Evaluation of the EMITst Assay for the Detection of Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs in Plasma or Serum

Editorial Submission, H, 1984:
An Evaluation of the Nutrition Services for the Elderly

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An Evaluation of the Usefulness of Objectives in Fieldwork Experiences

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An Everyday Atlas

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An Evolutionary Model Applied to Teaching

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An Examination of Consumer Decision Making for a Common Repeat Purchase Product

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An Examination of Organizational Commitment in Six Workers' Cooperatives in Scotland

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An Examination of Selected Consequences of Revitalization in Six US Cities

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An Examination of the Effect of Human α-Interferons on the Infection and Multiplication of Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Tobacco

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An Example of Head-to-Head Dimerization of β4.4-Helices

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An Experiment in Developing Voluntary Attention in Children with Motor Alalia

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An Experimental Fish Ethology Unit

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An Experimental Study of the Effect of Humidity and Temperature Variations on the Granular Disintegration of Argillaceous Carbonate Rocks in Cold Climates

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An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Barotropic Instability

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An Exploration of Exchange in Three Social Relationships: Kinship, Friendship and the Marketplace

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An Exploratory Analysis of Performance on the SAT

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An Exploratory Study of Sex Role Differentiation Among Young Children

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An Exploratory Study of the Effects of a Self-Instructional Programme Utilising the Pitch Master on Pitch Discrimination and Pitch Accuracy in Performance of Young Trombonists

Cullen, M. J. P.; Purser, R. J., 1984:
An Extended Lagrangian Theory of Semi-Geostrophic Frontogenesis