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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61774

Chapter 61774 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Neeta Agnihotri; R. K. Singh; S. P. Sanyal, 1984:
Interionic Forces and Elastic Properties of Na2S

C.T. Tan, 1984:
Interior point solutions for boundary integral equation axisymmetric stress analysis

Deutsch, J; Hakim, S; Weinblatt, J., 1984:
Interjurisdictional Criminal Mobility: A Theoretical Perspective

D. Brocco; A. Cavallaro; A. Gorni; A. Liberti, 1984:
Interlaboratory sampling and analysis of PCDDS and PCDFS in emissions from urban incinerators

Michael Ornstein, 1984:
Interlocking Directorates in Canada: Intercorporate or Class Alliance?

L. Cossel, 1984:
Intermediate cells in the adult human pancreas

B. Dwolatzky, 1984:
Intermediate domain system identification using walsh transforms

Moe, P; Seip, M; Finne, P; Kolmannskog, S, 1984:
Intermediate dose methotrexate in childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia

van Kooten, O, 1984:
Intermembrane space and the mechanism of biological free energy transduction

Block, A. Jay, 1984:
Intermittent Flow Oxygen Devices

H. Neus; E. Gogolin; W. Langewitz; A. W. von Eiff, 1984:
Intermittent ambulatory blood pressure recordings in children

P. A. Ruell; E. S. Imperial; F. J. Bonar; P. F. Thursby; G. C. Gass, 1984:
Intermittent claudication

Fabian Gerson; Walter Huber; Wiliam, B. Martin Jr.; Paul Caluwe; Tim Pepper; Michael Szwarc, 1984:
Intermolecular Electron Spin Transfer between Naphthalene -Systems Separated by a Variable Number of Spirobonded Cyclobutane Rings, An. ESR and ENDOR Study

J. Bukowska, 1984:
Intermolecular coupling of the NH stretching and bending vibrations in the amide - electrolyte solutions

W.A.P. Luck, 1984:
Intermolecular effects on OH-vibration bands

Hwang, L-Pin, 1984:
Intermolecular nuclear relaxation and RISM pair-correlation function in liquids

Hayes, I.C.; Hurst, G.J.B.; Stone, A.J., 1984:
Intermolecular perturbation theory : Applications to HeBe, ArHF, ArHCl and NeH

Rowlinson, J.S., 1984:
Intermolecular potentials that are functions of thermodynamic variables

Kent, P B., 1984:
Internal Clinical Audits of Computerized Data for NDA Submissions

Maekawa, Y; Fukao, S; Sato, T; Kato, S; Woodman, R F., 1984:
Internal InertiaGravity Waves in the Tropical Lower Stratosphere Observed by the Arecibo Radar

Karl-Heinz Narjes, 1984:
Internal Market Problems of the European Community

Anzai, Y; Yokoyama, T, 1984:
Internal Models in Physics Problem Solving

Settlage, C. F., 1984:
Internal World and External Reality: Object Relations Theory Applied. By Otto Kernberg

D. Anfossi; P. Bacci; G. Carboni; S. Viarengo, 1984:
Internal boundary layer at coastal sites

Wüthrich, K; Wagner, G, 1984:
Internal dynamics of proteins

Ed, N. Argulewicz; R.Robert Abel, 1984:
Internal evidence of bias in the PPVT-R for Anglo-American and Mexican-American children

Kuniaki Okuda, 1984:
Internal flow structure of short wind waves

S. A. Mahmoud; A. Elwy, 1984:
Internal friction peaks of cold worked Al-Mg alloys

Mark, J. Hoffman; Ira, J. Kodner; Robert, D. Fry, 1984:
Internal intussusception of the rectum

Jun Takada; Ken Kashiwagi; Masao Adachi, 1984 :
Internal oxidation of Fe-Si alloys in-phase region

Beardall, J; Entwisle, L, 1984:
Internal pH of the obligate acidophile Cyanidium caldarium Geitler (Rhodophyta?)

Sonne, O; Simpson, I A., 1984:
Internalization of insulin and its receptor in the isolated rat adipose cell

Jon, M. Skovlin, 1984:
International Affairs: A Viewpoint from Abroad

Marvin, A. Rich; Philip Furmanski, 1984:
International Association for Breast Cancer Research, March 1983

Bret Wallach, 1984:
International Commission On Irrigation And Drainage

Stallman, N. D., 1984:
International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Leptospira: Minutes of the Meeting, 6 to 10 August 1982, Boston, Massachusetts

Jonathan, D. Sime, 1984:
International Conference On Environment And Human Action

James, P. Smith, 1984:
International Conference on Focus on the Elderly

Richard, H. Walker, 1984:
International Conference on Inclusion Probabilities in Parentage Testing

&na;,, 1984:
International Congresses on Education of the Deaf

H. RØNde Kristensen, 1984:
International Cooperation in Plant Protection1

Moira Williams (Consultant Haematologist), 1984:
International Cooperation in Supplying Vel-Negative Blood

Lard Lever of Manchester, 1984:
International Deficits Pragmatism and Strategy

John, R. Freeman and Raymond, D. Duvall, 1984:
International Economic Relations and the Entrepreneurial State

Winston, S, 1984:
International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy

O. Kinne, 1984:
International Helgoland Symposium diseases of marine organisms: Opening address

Wrightstone, R N., 1984:
International Hemoglobin Information Center Policies - IHIC

Otmar Emminger, 1984:
International Monetary System under Scrutiny

Shirley Ann Gibbs, 1984:
International RoundupFrom The Journals

Barbara, E. Brown, 1984:
International Society for Reef Studies

Perry, S., 1984:
International Society for Technology Assessment in Health Care

Robinson, K, 1984:
International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID)

Nathan Reingold and Ann Hibner Koblitz, 1984:
International Symposia

C. Schindler, 1984:
International Symposium on Engineering Geology and Underground Construction

H. H. Einstein, 1984:
International Symposium on Rock Bolting

Siegel, S, 1984:
International Symposium on Special Problems of Allergic Athletes

Erdilek, A, 1984:
International Technology Transfer in the Middle East and North Africa

Markson, E.; Lowy, L., 1984:
International Views

Purkyne, J.E., 1984:
International Working Conference On Computer-Aided Medical Decision Making

&na;,, 1984:
International bibliographical documentation Internationale bibliographische Dokumentation Documentation bibliographique international

&na;,, 1984:
International bibliographical documentation Internationale bibliographische Dokumentation Documentation bibliographique internationale

Khan, K-Ur-Rahman, 1984 :
International commodity agreements and food commodities: Recent trends

Rosa, R; Dicken, U; Tanny, J, 1984:
International conference on anorexia nervosa and related disorders

Godwin, S, 1984:
International experience with speed limits during and prior to the energy crisis of 19734

Michael, G. Webb, 1984:
International gas trade in Europe: The policies of exporting and importing countries: by Jonathan P. Stern Heinemann Educational Books, 1984, 214 pp

Nonna Slavinska-Holy, 1984:
International group psychotherapy news

Pust, R E; Moher, S P; Moher, L M; Newman, J, 1984:
International health

Shusterich, K M., 1984:
International jurisdictional issues in the ARCTIC OCEAN

Redmond, A. D., 1984:
International meeting on `The scientific basis of the care of the critically ill'

van Amersfoort, H; Muus, P; Penninx, R, 1984:
International migration, the economic crisis and the state: An analysis of Mediterranean migration to Western Europe

H Niehoff, 1984:
International news

A. Berlin; M. Draper; K. Hemminki; H. Vainio, 1984:
International seminar on methods of monitoring human exposure to carcinogenic and mutagenic agents, 1215 December 1983, Espoo, Finland

T. Axell; P. Holmstrup; I. R. H. Kramer; J. J. Pindborg; M. Shear, 1984:
International seminar on oral leukoplakia and associated lesions related to tobacco habits

Carnio, B.N.; Elezzabi, A.Y., 2018:
Enhanced broadband terahertz radiation generation near the reststrahlen band in sub-wavelength leaky-mode LiNbO 3 waveguides

Jill Korbin, 1984:
International society for prevention of child abuse and neglect: Guidelines for regional conferences cosponsored by ISPCAN

R.S.V. Pullin, 1984:
International symposium on Tilapia in aquaculture: Nazareth, 813 May 1983

Sandberg, F, 1984:
International symposium on chinese medicinal materials research

Falanga, V; Pirozzi, D J., 1984:
International symposium on pediatric dermatology

J. Legendziewicz, 1984:
International symposium on rare earths spectroscopy 1015 September 1984, Wrocaw, Poland

Friedman, H, 1984:
International symposium on viruses, immunity, and immunodeficiency April 2325, 1984, Tampa, Florida

Nathan Reingold, 1984:
International symposium Problems of documentation in the history of science, 16-19 September 1983

P.J. Dean, 1984:
International workshop on electroluminescence: Bad Stuer, GDR, 1620 October 1983

H. Caspers, 1984:
Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung der Societas Internationalis Limnologiae ber die Jahresfolge der Arbeitstagungen liegt eine Serie von Publikationen vor

Prof. Dr. Peter Dilog, 1984:
Internationaler Kongreß Für Geschichte der Pharmazie vom 21. bis 25. September 1983 in Washington, D.C

Miyakawa, Y, 1984:
Internationalization of the Japanese Automobile Industry and International Industrial System of the Japanese Automobile Industry in the World

Schonard, G.; Dickgießer, A.; Bermayer, H. P.; Just, I.; Horsch, E.; Ringelmann, R., 1984:
Interne Qualitätskontrolle bei der Mykobakterien-Diagnostik

Goldberg, A L.; McNamara, K M., 1984:
Internship training in clinical neuropsychology

DiStefano, T., 1984:
Interorganizational Conflict: A Review of an Emerging Field

J.Th.G. Overbeek, 1984:
Interparticle forces in colloid science

Hokanson, J. E.; Meyer, B. E.B., 1984:
Interpersonal Expectancies and Preferences for Various Types of Social Behaviours of Depressed Outpatients

Paul Weirich, 1984:
Interpersonal Utility in Principles of Social Choice

James, G. Kelly, 1984:
Interpersonal and organizational resources for the continued development of community psychology

Patricia, E. Natale, 1984:
Interpersonal communication: A handbook for health professionals: George M. Gazda, William C. Childers, and Richard P. Walters, Aspen Systems Corporation, Rockville, Maryland, 1982

Rosenthal, R, 1984:
Interpersonal expectancy effects and PSI: Some communalities and differences

Joseph, A. Getz; Jane, A. Goldman; David, A. Corsini, 1984:
Interpersonal problem solving in preschool children: A comparison of assessment procedures using two-dimensional versus three-dimensional stimuli

Sharon, R. Vaughn; Carl, A. Ridley; Deborah Dungan Bullock, 1984:
Interpersonal problem-solving skills training with aggressive young children

I. É. Yudina; K. N. Federova, 1984:
Interphase chromatin of peripheral blood cells in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph+)

C. J. Davidson; I. O. Smith, 1984:
Interphase orientation relationships in directionally solidified silver-copper eutectic alloy

N. Iucci; M. Parisi; M. Storini; G. Villoresi, 1984:
Interplanetary disturbances during Forbush decreases

M.R. Arghavani; C.T. Russell; J.G. Luhmann, 1984:
Interplanetary field enhancements in the solar wind: Evidence for cometesimals at 0.72 and 1.0 AU?

C.T. Russell; M.R. Arghavani; J.G. Luhmann, 1984:
Interplanetary field enhancements in the solar wind: Statistical properties at 0.72 AU

A.D. Kulkarni; K. Sivaraman, 1984 :
Interpolation of digital imagery using hypersurface approximation

Liaw, K-L, 1984:
Interpolation of transition matrices by the variable power method

M Howard; C Carrubba; M Guiness; F Foss; B Hogan, 1984:
Interposed abdominal compression CPR: Its effects on coronary perfusion pressure in human subjects

S. Ali Khan; Kang-Ning Hu, 1984:
Interposition of the prepuce into the external urethral meatus

Kurfürst, Aín; Trška, P; Goljer, I, 1984:
Interpretation of 13C NMR chemical shifts of Hantzsch's pyridines and 1,4-dihydropyridines

B.B. McMahon, 1984:
Interpretation of NO2 absorption in twilight sky spectra

Dobbins, R. A.; Mulholland, G. W., 1984:
Interpretation of Optical Measurements of Flame Generated Particles

Orr, F.M.; Jensen, C.M., 1984:
Interpretation of Pressure-Composition Phase Diagrams for CO2/Crude-Oil Systems

Thomas, H M.; Garrett, R C., 1984:
Interpretation of Spirometry

P. Streubel; R. Fellenberg; A. Reif, 1984:
Interpretation of auger energy shifts of silicon in solid silicon compounds

Dave Willcox; H. H. Kung, 1984:
Interpretation of equilibrium exchange rates for nonelementary reactions

Marcos, E. Machado; Gustavo Lerner, 1984:
Interpretation of hard X-ray images during the impulsive phase of a limb flare

Metcalf, J I., 1984:
Interpretation of simulated polarization diversity radar spectral functions

Constance, L. Hollinger; Patricia, A. Sarvis, 1984:
Interpretation of the PPVT-R: A pure measure of verbal comprehension?

D.E. Berry; D. Curie; F. Williams, 1984:
Interpretation of the hydrostatic pressure dependence of the ruby R-lines

Neisser, U, 1984:
Interpreting Harry Bahrick's discovery: What confers immunity against forgetting?

Taylor, M, 1984:
Interpreting The Safety Standard: A Collaborative Model

Piotrowski, R. J.; Siegel, D. J., 1984:
Interpreting WISC-R Profiles: Reliability of Subtest Composites

Dan Davis, 1984:
Interpreting natural history at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Norbert Hornstein, 1984:
Interpreting quantification in natural language

Pritchard, R D.; Maxwell, S E.; Jordon, W. Carl, 1984:
Interpreting relationships between age and promotion in age-discrimination cases

Hill, I. D., 1984:
Interpreting Crazy Estimates

Gupta, S.K.; Stadelmann, F.X.; Häni, H.; Rudaz, A., 1984:
Interrelation of Cdlon concentrations and the growth and activities of microorganisms in two growth media

Sabatino, M.; La Grutta, V.; Gravante, G.; La Grutta, G., 1984:
Interrelations between globus pallidus and hippocampal epilepsy in the cat (1)

Frank, F. Tao; Rustom Billimoria, 1984:
Interrelationship of chemical characterization and rheological behaviour of coal liquefaction bottoms

Wavering, M J., 1984:
Interrelationships Among Piaget's Formal Operational Schemata: Proportions, Probability, and Correlation

Payne, B. D., 1984:
Interrelationships among College Supervisor, Supervising Teacher, and Elementary Pupil Ratings of Student Teaching Performance

Singh, K K.; Gudjonsson, G H., 1984:
Interrogative suggestibility, delayed memory and self-concept

Debra Bendell; Jan, L. Culbertson, 1984:
Interrupted infantile apnea: Neurobehavioral, temperament and parenting stress variables

Härting, F., 1984:
Interrupted single sutures versus intracutaneous sutures in T-shaped skin lesions

Harting, F., 1984:
Interrupted single sutures versus intracutaneous sutures in irregularly shaped skin lesions: A comparative animal study

Blau, P. M.; Beeker, C.; Fitzpatrick, K. M., 1984:
Intersecting Social Affiliations and Intermarriage

Lucia Stoicovici, 1984:
Interspecific Relationships of the Glacial Relics Swertia perennis L. and Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum L. in a Rumanian Fen

Joshua, J. Schwartz; Kentwood, D. Wells, 1984:
Interspecific acoustic interactions of the neotropical treefrogHyla ebraccata

Ichizo Nishiyama, 1984:
Interspecific cross-incompatibility system in the genusAvena

Lucia Stoicovici, 1984:
Interspecific relationships of the glacial relicsSwertia perennisL. andPedicularis sceptrum-carolinumL. in a Rumanian fen

N. N. Roy, 1984:
Interspecific transfer ofBrassica juncea-type high blackleg resistance toBrassica napus

C. Collet; M. Westerman, 1984:
Interspersed distribution patterns of C-bands and satellite DNA in the holocentric chromosomes ofLuzula flaccida(Juncaceae)

Prof. Dr. Manfred Winnewisser, 1984:
Interstellare Moleküle und Mikrowellenspektroskopie I

Manfred Winnewisser, 1984:
Interstellare Moleküle und Mikrowellenspektroskopie II

Wilfred Sewchand; Pradip, P. Amin; Robert, E. Drzymala; Omar, M. Salazar, 1984:
Interstitial brain irradiation by removable high-intensity iridium-192: Pre-clinical evaluation, dosimetric planning and bedside shielding

Steven, A. Leibel; Philip, H. Gutin; Theodore, L. Phillips; William, M. Wara; Keith, A. Weaver; Sharon Lamb, 1984:
Interstitial implantation of high-activity iodine-125 sources for the treatment of recurrent malignant brain tumors

B. Snaith; P.W. O'Callaghan; S.D. Probert, 1984:
Interstitial materials for controlling thermal conductances across pressed metallic contacts

Robert, F. Conrad and R. Bryce Hool, 1984:
Intertemporal Extraction of Mineral Resources under Variable Rate Taxes

David Nickerson; Todd Sandler, 1984:
Intertemporal incentive allocation in simple hierarchies

Dianne Fahselt, 1984:
Interthalline Variability in Levels of Lichen Products within Stands of Cladina stellaris

Marick, F. Masters; John Thomas Delaney, 1984:
Interunion Variation in Congressional Campaign Support

Huesmann, L. Rowell; Lagerspetz, K; Eron, L D., 1984:
Intervening variables in the TV violence-aggression relation: Evidence from two countries

Andersson, L., 1984:
Intervention Against Loneliness in a Group of Elderly Women: A Process Evaluation

Ronald, R. Rindfuss, M K. Salemi, J Shelton Reed and Craig St. John, 1984:
Intervention Analysis: The Supreme Court and Hogan

And, R Chester; Hooper, D, 1984:
Intervention in MarriageSuccess or Failure?

Corcoran, K J.; Bryce, A K., 1984:
Intervention in the Experience of Burnout

Clifford, J. Helander, 1984:
Intervention strategies for accident-involved drivers: An experimental evaluation of current California policy and alternatives

Cooklin, A. I., 1984:
Interventions in Family Influences on Sex and Reproduction

Barry, L. Helfmann, 1984:
Interview with Jay Fidler, M.D

Brenda, S. Engel and Michael Armstrong, 1984:
Interview with Michael Armstrong

Glenn, M L., 1984:
Interview with William Manahan, M.D

Glenn, M, 1984:
Interview: Glen Aukerman, M.D

Parsons, C K.; Liden, R C., 1984:
Interviewer perceptions of applicant qualifications: A multivariate field study of demographic characteristics and nonverbal cues

Lorraine, M. Milligan, 1984:
Interviewing: Its principles and methods: Annette Garrett, Margaret M. Mangold and Elinor P. Zaki, eds., Family Service Association of America, New York, 1983 (third edition)

BD Davis, 1984:
Interviews with student nurses about their training

Taylor, R H.; Barker, H M.; Bowey, E A.; Canfield, J E., 1984:
Intestinal Monosaccharide Transport is Unimpaired by Deoxynojirimycin-Derived Glycosidase Inhibitors

Patel, E.; Bjarnason, I.; Smethurst, P.; Peters, T.J., 1984:
Intestinal Permeability and Transglutaminase Alterations in Methotrexate-Induced Enteropathy in the Rat

Bjarnason, I.; Smethurst, P.; Peters, T.J., 1984:
Intestinal Permeability to 51Cr Edta in Rats with Experimentally-Induced Enteropathy

Lange, S; Lönnroth, I; Nygren, Håkan, 1984:
Intestinal Resistance to Cholera Toxin in Mouse

S. H. Quak; A. Wee; H. K. Yap; J. S. H Tay; T. C. Quah; W. C. L. Yip, 1984:
Intestinal lymphangiectasia a report in two Chinese children

Day, T K, 1984:
Intestinal perforation associated with osmotic slow release indomethacin capsules

MR Prof. Dr. sc. med. W. Meng; E. Partala; H. Bernhardt; M. Knoke, 1984:
Intestinalflora unter Streßbedingungen

Racle, J.P.; Maman, G.; Beligon, C.; Curabet, D., 1984:
Intoxication volontaire aigu par la carpipramine avec tachycardie ventriculaire

James, K. Oliver, 1984:
Intra-colony variation in the growth ofAcropora formosa: extension rates and skeletal structure of white (zooxanthellae-free) and brown-tipped branches

Skjaeraasen, J; Moe, N, 1984:
Intra-uterine Transfusions to the Rhesus-Immunized Fetus in the Department of Obstetrics, National Hospital, Oslo 19681979. The Fetal Prognosis by Intra-uterine Transfusions in Relation to Amniotic Fluid Blood Pigment Index

Freed, J S.; Reiner, M A., 1984:
Intraabdominal Infections in the Elderly

N. V. Karsanov; M. M. Khananashvili; Z. G. Khugashvili; R. G. Kartvelishvili; L. D. Mamulashvili, 1984:
Intracellular Ca++transport in the myocardium of dogs with experimental informational neurosis

Goldman, M E.; Peng Loh, Y., 1984:
Intracellular acetylation of desacetyl αMSH in the xenopus laevis neurointermediate lobe

P. Lopez; M. Espinosa; M. Piechowska; D. Shugar; R. A. J. Warren, 1984:
Intracellular effects of phage W-14 DNA on transformation ofBacillus subtilis

V. B. Ritov; O. M. Vekshina; N. B. Budina, 1984:
Intracellular localization of the caffeinesensitive form of Ca++-dependent ATPase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum

Collandre, H.; Guétard, D.; Montagnier, L., 1984:
Intracellular location of the two small RNA coded by Epstein-Barr virus genome and their variations according to viral expression

C. De Ridder; M. Jangoux, 1984:
Intracoelomic parasitic Sporozoa in the burrowing spatangoid echinoidEchinocardium cordatum: coelomocyte reaction and formation of brown bodies

Biagio Ravo; Ralph Ger, 1984:
Intracolonic bypass by an intraluminal tube

S. Huant; L. Dmowski; M. Baj; L. C. Brunel, 1984:
Intraconduction Band Magneto-Optical Study of InSb under Hydrostatic Pressure

Richard Grazer, 1984:
Intracoronary fibrinolytic therapy in acute myocardial infarction report of a prospective randomized trial: Khaja F, Walton JA, Brymer JF, et al N Engl J Med 308:13051311 June 2, 1983

Thomas, J. Maatman; Drogo, K. Montague, 1984:
Intracorporeal drainage after removal of infected penile prostheses

Marianne Thoresen; Lars Walloe, 1984:
Intracranial haemorrhage in the preterm sheep fetus

K. J. S. Ahluwalia; E. V. Raman; B. N. Borgohain; V. S. Madan, 1984:
Intracranial olfactory neuroblastoma

Kurt Zangerle, 1984:
Intracranial pressure monitoring as a guide to prognosis in the nearly drowned, severely comatose child: Nussbaum E, Galant SP J Pediatr 102:215218 Feb 1983

Hans Herlitz; Olof Jonsson; Dag Elmfeldt; Jacob Nauclér; Göran Berglund, 1984:
Intraerythrocyte sodium content and transmembrane sodium flux in hypertensive patients treated with diuretics or β-adrenoceptorblockers

C. Roger Rees and Mady Wechsler Segal, 1984:
Intragroup Competition, Equity, and Interpersonal Attraction

A. G. Sutcliffe; T. B. Poole, 1984:
Intragroup agonistic behavior in captive groups of the common marmosetCallithrix jacchus jacchus

Maurice Mercadier, 1984:
Intrahepatic biliary diseasesIntroduction

D. J. Gouma; S. Singh Mutum; I. S. Benjamin; Professor, L. H. Blumgart, 1984:
Intrahepatic biliary papillomatosis

Brambilla, L.; Boneschi, V.; Beretta, G.; Finzi, A.F., 1984:
Intralesional Chemotherapy for Kaposi’s Sarcoma

Murakoshi, M; Osamura, Y; Yoshimura, S; Watanabe, K, 1984:
Intramitochondrial localization of glutathione-peroxidase (GSH-PO) in the rat adrenocortical cells

Bogumil Brzezinski; Georg Zundel, 1984:
Intramolecular hydrogen bonds with large proton polarizability in semisalts of mono- and di-N-oxides of N,N-tetraalkyl-o-xylyldiamines

Ikeda, M; Takahashi, M; Uchino, T; Tamura, Y, 1984:
Intramolecular photo(2+2)cycloaddition of 2-alkenoyloxycyclohex-2-enones

A. A. Koridze; O. A. Kizas; N. E. Kolobova; P. V. Petrovskii, 1984:
Intramolecular rearrangement of the , -acetylide ligand in the Os3H(CO)10(CCC6H5) complex

É. E. Korshin; F. S. Mukhametov, 1984:
Intramolecular rearrangement of vinyl phosphites to vinyl phosphonates

Andrzej Mordziński; Anna Grabowska, 1984:
Intramolecular single and double proton transfer in excited benzoxazoles. Distinction between concerted and stepwise reaction mechanisms

Hiroshi Inouye; Seiichi Era; Shigeki Sakata; Kazuo Kuwata; Masaru Sogami, 1984:
Intramolecular sulfhydryl-catalyzed structural alteration of bovine plasma albuminN-A isomerization

Á. Kucsman; I. Kapovits; L. Párkányi; Gy. Argay; A. Kálmán, 1984:
Intramolecular sulphur(II)oxygen interaction in sulphides and disulphides with 2-methoxycarbonylphenyl and 2-nitrophenyl groups: an X-ray study

Paul, W. Harris; David, H. Morison; Geoffrey, L. Dunn; Angelica, M. Fargas-Babjak; Girish, C. Moudgil; Kari, G. Smedstad; Joseph Woo, 1984:
Intramuscular cimetidine and ranitidine as prophylaxis against gastric aspiration syndrome - a randomized double-blind study

Groth, S; Dirksen, H; Mygind, N, 1984:
Intranasal fenoterol in asthmatic subjets: An alternative route of administration

Bradbury, H; Shewfelt, L; Gjerek, R, 1984:
Intransitivity of Preferences of Four-Year-Old Children

Stamper, R L.; Colenbrander, A; Haugen, J-Petter, 1984:
Intraocular Lens Data

Potts, A M., 1984:
Intraocular Light Scattering. Theory and Application

C.P. Wilkinson, 1984:
Intraocular foreign body. Principles and problems in the management of complicated cases by pars plana vitrectomy: by K. Heimann, H. Paulmann, and U. Tavakolian. Int Ophthalmol 6:235242, 1983

Robert, D. Stone, 1984:
Intraocular lens power calculation for planned ametropia: A clinical study: by J.S. Hillman. Br J Ophthalmol 67:255258, 1983

Richard, H. Keates; Richard, G. Lembach, 1984:
Intraocular lenses versus extended wear contact lenses in aphakic rehabilitation. A controlled clinical study: by P. Bernth-Petersen and T. Srensen. Acta Ophthalmol (Kbh) 61: 382391, 1983

Singh Hans, S.; Mittal, V. K., 1984:
Intraoperative Arteriography Following Arterial Reconstruction with Saphenous Vein (A Simplified Technique)

John, M. Lamberty; Jerrold Lerman, 1984:
Intraoperative failure of a Fluotec Mark II vapourizer

S. Ali Khan; Kang-Ning Hu; Noel Smith, 1984:
Intraoperative preparation of rectum with povidone-iodine -saturated gauze in transrectal biopsy of prostate

Rosenquist, J; Åstrand, P; Nordin, T; Nyström, E, 1984:
Intraoral or extraoral approach in oblique sliding osteotomy of the mandibular ramus

Boki, K.; Tanada, S.; Kita, T.; Tsutsui, S.; Nakamura, T.; Onishi, H.; Hanasaki, T., 1984:
Intraparticle diffusivity of methylene blue into pores of pyrolysis ashes derived from sewage sludge

A. N. Mayanskii; E. A. Pazyuk; M. E. Viksman, 1984:
Intrapopulational heterogeneity of human neutrophils for chemokinesis and respiratory burst reactions

Anders Löfqvist; Hirohide Yoshioka, 1984:
Intrasegmental timing: Laryngeal-oral coordination in voiceless consonant production

Marshal Kendziorek; Michael, S. Stekoll, 1984:
Intraspecific competition and the management of the Bristol Bay herrring-roe-on-kelp fishery

K. T. Awadallah; M. F. S. Tawfik; M. M. H. Abdella, 1984:
Intraspezifische Konkurrenz in der Populationsdynamik vonBracon hebetorSay (Hym., Braconidae)

Deba, P. Sarma; Claremont, F. Carter; Thomas, C. Weilbaecher, 1984:
Intraspinal epidermoid cyst

Hans Döge; Reiner Hliscs, 1984:
Intrathecal therapy with198Au-colloid for meningosis prophylaxis

Tsubura, E, 1984:
Intratumoral injections of nocardia rubra-cell wall skeleton for hilar type lung cancer in humans and lewis lung carcinoma in mice

John O'Loughlin and Gunther Glebe, 1984:
Intraurban Migration in West German Cities

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Intrinsic cholinergic components in cholinergic innervation of the cat auditory cortex (area AI)

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Intrinsic intellectuality: Its relations to social class, intelligence, and achievement

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Intrinsic neuromuscular defects in the neurogenic bladder. 1. Short-term ultrastructural changes in muscular innervation of the decentralized feline bladder base following unilateral sacral ventral rhizotomy

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Intrinsic surface binding energy shifts in Yb metal

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Introducing Psychoanalytic Theory

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Introducing a method of encouraging skill usage among residents of a mental handicap hospital

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Introducing advances in atmospheric sciences

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Introducing micro-computers to micro-learners through play

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Introducing the Concept of Occupational Therapy to Patients in an Acute Psychiatric Unit

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Introduction Changing Conceptions of Intelligence and Intellectual Functioning: Current Theory and Research

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Introduction Ir gene control: An overview

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Introduction of 3,4-Unsaturation in 2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-glucopyranosides

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Introduction of Dietrich H. Welte for the Alfred E. Treibs award 1983

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Introduction of Purified Genes Into Mammalian Cell

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Introduction of Samuel S. Goldich for the V. M. Goldschmidt medal 1983

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Introduction of a 3-alkoxycarbonyl-2-propenyl group at the ortho position of phenol and naphthol via .ALPHA.-aryloxy-.GAMMA.-butyrolactone. Application to syntheses of (.+-.)-nanaomycin A and a 1-anthracenone

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Introduction of ethylene oxide into the phosphorus-sulfur bond

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Introduction of the mercury transposon Tn501 into Rhizobium japonicum strains 31 and 110

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Enhanced care pathways have multiple benefits

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Investigation of Percussion Drills for Geothermal Applications

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Investigation of the luminescence spectrum of UO2MoO4

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Investigation of the movements of flexible endoscopes

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Investigation of the sealing ability of solid lubricants in separable joints of the plane-plane type

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Investigation of the solvation's processes of the ions in non-aqueous solutions by IR spectroscopy

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Investigation of the sorption of biologically active substances by activated carbon fibers

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Investigation of the stability of triethylenethiophosphoramide in aqueous and aqueous salt solutions

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Investigation of the strength of welded joints of pipes with grids

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Investigation of the surface morphology of ion-bombarded biocompatible materials with a SEM and profilograph

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Investigation of the temporal and spectral characteristics of certain artifact signals and background bioelectric activity

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Investigation of the β-lactamase activity of Prototheca zopfii

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Investigation of thermal transformations of propylene and its role in the formation of benzene by pyrolysis of n-hexane

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Investigation of time-dependent semiclassical methods for scattering calculations

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Investigation of trace metals by stripping voltammetry in the effluent of Bathinda thermal power station

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Investigation of transient ischaemic attacks

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Investigation of transport processes of actinides by use of an analytical ultracentrifuge for optimizing the purex-process

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Investigation of zinc-deprived bovine superoxide dismutase

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Investigation on low temperature thermoluminescence centres in Quartz

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Investigation on the role of nodule cytokinins in regulation of nitrate reductase activity ofPhaseolus mungo(L.)

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Investigations Concerning the Correlation Between Liver Cell Proliferation, Production of α-Fetoprotein, and DNA-Synthesis of Lymphocytes in the Spleen of NMRI-Mice

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Investigations Into the Clearance Geometry of End Mills

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Investigations about influence of the content of plant crude protein in the ration on the utilization of urea in dairy cattle

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Investigations employing high sensitivity spectrometers with particular emphasis on the infrared spectrum of solid hydrogen

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Investigations in Array Sizing Part I. Accuracy of the Sizing Process

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Investigations in the field of 2,4,5-triarylimidazoles

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Investigations into the antitumour activity of organotin compounds. 2. Diorganotin dihalide and dipseudohalide complexes

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Investigations into the formal teaching of attitude awareness and development

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Investigations of the enthalpy of nitrogen-refrigerant mixtures

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Investigations of the influence of the content of plant crude protein in the ration on the utilisation of urea in dairy cattle

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Investigations of the luminescence of N-alkenylcarbazoles and their charge-transfer complexes with 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluore-none and 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane

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Investigations of the process of crystal growth from a liquid zone by Seebeck measurements

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Investigations on kinetics of decomposition of chromium complex dyes of 1:2 and 1:1 types

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Investigations on the Stability and Extinction of a Laminar Diffusion Flame Over a Porous Flat Plate

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Investigations on the Three Commercial Species of Rosaceae

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Investigations on the homogeneity of single crystals of materials with variable composition grown by chemical transport reactions

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Investigations on the Δ23-, Δ24(28)- and Δ25-Sterols of zea mays

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Investigations to determine the optimum conditions for radiolabelling human platelets with 99Tcm-hexamethyl propylene amine oxime (99Tcm-HM-PAO)

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Investment incentives and the demand for labor in U.S. regions

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Investor Protection Why Gower is Wrong

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Invisible Lives: Social Worlds of the Aged

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Invisible lives - Social Worlds of the Aged (Book)

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Invited Original Contribution:Factors Affecting Patient Recovery Following Pacemaker Implantation

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Invitro culture and maintenance of ovine embryos transported in Dulbecco's enriched phosphate-buffered saline

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Invitro evidence for the requirement of filopodial elongation for the progress of phagocytosis by phagocytic granular cells of the silkworm, Bombyxmori

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Invivo estimation of liver attenuation by measurement of the frequency shift of backscattered echoes: Preliminary results using a prototype clinical unit

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Involvement of 16S ribosomal RNA in resistance of the aminoglycoside-producersStreptomyces tenjimariensis, Streptomyces tenebrariusandMicromonospora purpurea

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Involvement of capsaicin-sensitive afferent neurones in a vagal-dependent interaction between leukotriene D4and histamine on bronchomotor tone

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Involvement of circadian system in photoperiodic control of pubertal development in female deer mice,Peromyscus maniculatus

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Involvement of imidazole-imidazole and imidazole-sulfhydryl interactions in photodynamic crosslinking of proteins

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Involvement of leukotrienes and PAF-acether in the increased microvascular permeability of the rabbit retina

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Involvement of meso-.ALPHA.,.EPSILON.-diaminopimelate D-dehydrogenase in lysine biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum

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Involvement of peripheral noradrenaline and 5-hydroxytryptamine in carrageenin-induced pedal oedema in rats

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Involvement of single-strand breaks in complex formation between single-stranded DNA and nucleoids ofBacillus subtilis

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Involvement of a1, and a2-adrenergic receptors in the hypothalamo-pituitary-ovarian axis of the domestic fowl, Gallus domesticus

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Involvement ofkilandkorgenes in the phenotype of a host-range mutant of RP4

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InService Courses in Political Education: principles and practices

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Insitu heat transfer experiment (Ishte)

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Iodination of pseudodiosgenin

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Iodine trichloride An iodochlorination reagent of unsaturated compounds

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Iodine-125 implants for carcinoma of the prostate

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Iodine-125 re-implant in recurrent prostatic cancer

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Iodineacetophenone charge-transfer complexes

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IodineX(O, N, S) intermolecular contacts: models of thyroid hormoneprotein binding interactions using information from the cambridge crystallographic data files

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Ion Cyclotron Waves as a Possible Source of Resonant Auroral Radar Echoes

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Ion Cyclotron Waves: Direct Comparison between Ground-Based Measurements and Observations in the Source Region

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Ion Extraction of Cl Containing Plasmas Problems and Possibilities of the Investigations of Plasma Processes

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Ion channel reconstitution into lipid bilayer membranes on glass patch pipettes

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Ion composition behaviour in low and mid-latitudes during high solar activity

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Ion implantation in IVVI semiconductors

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Ion milling of materials science specimens for electron microscopy: A review

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Ion mixing in Al, Si, and their oxides

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Ion plated indium oxide : infrared and optical study

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Ion-Pair High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Chlorpheniramine Maleate in Cough-Cold Mixtures

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Ion-Specific Electrodes

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Ion-beam mixing kinetics of Fe-Al multilayers studied by in situ electrical resistivity measurements

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Ion-exchanges chromatography of flurogenic derivatives of maltooligosaccharided for preparation of α-amylase substrates

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Ion-pair chromatography of selected nucleosides, bases and other low-molecular-weight ultraviolet absorbing compounds

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Ion-size effects in the primitive model double layer

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Ionic Strength Correction for Extent of Ammonia Ionization in Freshwater

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Ionic charge states of N, Ne, Mg, Si and S in solar energetic particle events

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Ionic dependence of GABA-potentiating effects of benzodiazepine tranquilizers and harman

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Ionic hydrogenation in the presence of surface-active substances

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Ionic interactions and self-absorption in solid and molten KNO3

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Ionic mobility and dielectric relaxation in supercooled liquid KCl-glycerol solutions

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Ionic mobility of the middle atmosphere

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Ionic selectivity of proteic phases studied by transference numbers of Na+, K+ and Ca2+

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Ionisation und Dissoziation von Triphenylmethylhalogeniden in Methylenchlorid

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Ionisers in the management of bronchial asthma

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Ionization volumes by means of direct dilatometry

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Ionometric determination of lead in leaded gasolines

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Ionospheric Variations Affecting Altimeter Measurements: A Brief Synopsis

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Ionospheric and stratospheric effects of a proton flare during unusual solar activity 22 November 1977

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Ionospheric electron density irregularities observed by satellite-to-satellite, dual-frequency, low-low doppler tracking link

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Ionospheric heater beam scanning: A new technique for ELF studies of the auroral ionosphere

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Iontophoresis to Aid in Releasing Tendon Adhesions

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Iontophoretical application of endogenous pyrogen onto temperature-responsive neurons in the medulla oblongata of rabbits

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Iopamidol: Intravascular and Intrathecal Applications

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Iowa anatomical position system

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Ir genes of the major histocompatibility complex

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Ir spectra of catalysts and adsorbed molecules. Communication 35. Exchange of protons between different types of oh groups of acidic component of platinized alumina catalyst

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Iran: Development, Revolution and the Problem of Analysis

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Iridoid and Phenypropanoid Glycosides from New Sources

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Iron (II) Complex of Benzylpenicillin, Synthesis and Infrared Structural Characterisation

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Iron Status and Sports Performance

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Iron and copper binding by fungal phenolic polymers: an electron spin resonance study

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Iron distribution in the clay fraction of Cambisols as determined by Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffractometry and selective dissolution

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Iron overload and lysosomal stability in b-thalassaemia intermedia and trait: Correlation between serum ferritin and serum N-acetyl-b-D-glucosaminidase levels : Preliminary report

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Iron reduction by bacteria: range of organisms involved and metals reduced

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Iron reduction by juvenileMacrocystis pyrifera(L.) C. Agardh

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Iron(III) complexes of sodium 2-pyridinecarboxaldehyde dithiocarbazonate, a possible chelating agent for the treatment of iron overload

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Iron-Sulphur Proteins

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Iron-boron reaction products depending on the base alloy composition

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Irradiated mangoes

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Irradiation alone versus irradiation and surgery in bulky stage IB and IIA-B carcinomas of the intact uterine cervix

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Irradiation of the inorganic conducting polymer (SN)x

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Irradiation with UV-light as a method to reduce bacterial growth in the basin water of cut flowers

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Irradiation-induced change of valence of Cr3+ ions doped in alkali sulphates

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Irratancy of anthralin in patients with psoriasis and widespread vitiligo

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Irrational beliefs and the arousal of emotional distress

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Irrational beliefs, anger, and anxiety

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Irrational versus Rational Bases of Political Preference: Elite and Mass Perspectives

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Irreducible tensorial method for magnetic crystals. Full set of tables

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Irregular frequencies and iterative methods in the solution of steady surface-wave problems in hydrodynamics

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Irregularity: a fundamental property of the atmosphere

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Irreversible active site modification of human erythrocyte (Ca2++Mg2+)-ATPase by phenylglyoxalation

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Irrigation horticulture in highland Guatemala: The tabln system of Panajachel

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Irritable aggression induced by Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol in rats pretreated with 6-hydroxydopamine

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Irritant and allergic epicutaneous patch test reactions. A comparative study of their cellular infiltrates using monoclonal antibody labelling

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Irritant resiniferonol derivatives from EgyptianThymelaea hirsutaL

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Irvine, L. M. 1983. Seaweeds of the British Isles. Vol. 1. Rhodophyta. Part 2 A. Cryptonemiales (sensu stricto), Palmariales, Rhodymeniales

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Is Big Beautiful?

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Is Biology Teaching Becoming Fossilized?

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Is Economics a Science?

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Is European Integration now Due to Inertia or Conviction?

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Is Everyone a Mentalit Case? Transference and the "Culture" Concept

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Is GTPase involved in the stimulation by human choriogonadotropin of luteal adenylate cyclase?

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Is It True What They Say about Adler's Individual Psychology?

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Is Language-Learning Disability a Life-Span Phenomenon?: Kindergarten Screening-A Positive Step

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Is Lawson's Classroom Test of Formal Reasoning Valid?

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Is Public Construction Countercyclical?

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Is Student Counselling a Profession?

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Is Suburbanization Slowing Down? Recent Trends in Population Deconcentration in U.S. Metropolitan Areas

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Is There a Method to Our Madness or a Madness to Our Methods?

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Is There a Need for Barrier Isolators with Laminar Air Flow in Managing Adult Patients with Major Burns?

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Is There a Place for β-Carotene/Canthaxanthin in Photochemotherapy for Psoriasis?

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Is coagulase-negative staphylococcal bacteraemia in neonates a consequence of mechanical ventilation?

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Is dicyclohexylcarbodiimide a probe for proton-translocating enzymes?

Ribeiro, C.; Gray, S.; Price, T., 1984:
Is enrichment culture necessary for the isolation of Campylobacter jejuni from faeces?

Thurman, R, 1984:
Is hypoxia involved in the mechanism of alcohol-induced liver injury?*1

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Is immunology a science and do we need a textbook of immunology?

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Is interlace refresh a practical method for reducing VDU flicker?

Leif Hertz; J. Steven Richardson, 1984:
Is neuropharmacology merely the pharmacology of neurons or are astrocytes important too?

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Is phosphofructokinase the rate-limiting step of glycolysis?

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Is proton imaging more useful than x-ray CT in the diagnosis of intra cranial pathology? Review of 500 cases

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Is routine antenatal practice effective for detecting intra-uterine growth retardation?

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Is sodium thiosulfate a suitable neutralizer for chlorine in microbiological determinations?

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Is the Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio Outdated?

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Is the Measurement of Dlno A True Measure of Membrane Diffusing Capacity?

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Is the S2S0 internal conversion an important pathway for radiationless decay of the S2 state of azulene?

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Is the antihypertensive function of the kidney, elicited by renomedullary depressor substances, partly conveyed via the central nervous system?

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Is the clean-catch midstream void procedure necessary for obtaining urine culture specimens for men: Lipsky BA, Inui TS, Plorde JJ, et al Am J Med 76:257262 Feb 1984

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Is the enthorhinal area (EA) involved in processing of olfactory information?

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Is the estimation of GABA turnover rate in vivo a tool to differentiate between various types of drugs interfering with the GABA/benzodiazepine/ionophore receptor complex?

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Is the orcadian clock of gonyaulax held stationary after a strong pulse of anisomycin?

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Is the relative99mTc-DMSA clearance a useful marker of proximal tubular dysfunction?

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Is the right hemisphere literate?

Vasile Popovici, 1984:
Is the stage-audience relationship a form of dialogue?

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Is the unified-interaction approach to cognitive-behavior modification a reinvention of the wheel?

Guy, J. Collin; Hélène Deslauriers, 1984:
Is the vibrationally excited ground state involved in the gaseous photoisomerization of tetramethylethylene?

Ian Moore, 1984:
Is there a symbiotic relationship between staff and people who are mentally handicapped?

Lars-Håkan Johansson; Henry Persson; Evald Rosengren, 1984:
Is there any Evidence of β1-Adrenoceptors Mediating Relaxation of Guinea-pig Lung Parenchyma?

Harmon, L. Smith, 1984:
Is there any defense against national defense?

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Is total parenteral nutrition necessary after total cystectomy? a pilot study

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Is schizophrenia, schizo-affective type a useful diagnosis?

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Ischaemic Heart Disease

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Ischmie myocardique peropratoire. Physiopathologie et prvention

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Isclation of Lecithin and Sphingomyelin from Lipid Mixtures for Quantitation by Infrared Spectroscopy

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Isentropic compressibilities of univalent electrolytes in methanol at 25C

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Island sheltering of surface gravity waves: model and experiment

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Islet cell interactons with pancreatic B-cells

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Iso-intense gallium uptake in hepatocellular carcinoma

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Isoelectric focusing in immobilized pH gradientsAnalytical and preparative aspects and applications to the analysis of some blood proteins

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Isoenzyme als biochemische markerfaktoren für roggenchromosomen

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Isoenzyme characterization of Leishmama isolates from human cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Urfa, south-east Turkey

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Isoenzymes of glutamate-oxalacetate transaminase in the larvae of silkwormsBombyx moriinfected with nuclear polyhedrosis virus

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Isoenzymes, isoproteins and introns

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Isolable rotamers of N-(9-fluorenyl)-pyridinium salts owing to restricted rotation around the C(sp3) N(sp2) single bond

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Isolated CH stretching frequencies, bond lengths and dissociation energies in some haloalkanes and alkenes

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Isolated Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Fibula

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Isolated CH stretching, methyl group orientation and CH bond length in methylnitrate

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Isolated Radial Nerve Lesion in the Newborn

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Isolated SiH and GeH stretching frequencies and bond strength differences in cyclopropyl and cyclopentyl silanes and germanes

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Isolated Waves and Eddies in a Shallow Water Model

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Isolated inferior rectus paresis

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Isolation and EPR studies in dibromobis(-cyclopentadienyl)vanadum

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Isolation and assay of the toxic component from the crystals ofBacillus thuringiensisvar.israelensis

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Isolation and characterisation of 6-α-d-glucosylcyclomaltoheptaose

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Isolation and characterisation of a new caldoactive filamentous bacterium

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Isolation and characterization of Desuljobulbus elongatus sp. nov. from a mesophilic industrial digester

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Isolation and characterization of R-phycocyanin fromPolysiphonia urceolata

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Isolation and characterization of a new coccoid methanogen,Methanogenium tatiispec. nov. from a solfataric field on Mount Tatio

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Isolation and characterization of a new subspecies ofMycobacterium cheloneiinfectious for salmonid fish

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Isolation and characterization of a reciprocal translocation strain T(I;II) KH 5-9, inseparable from morphological mutations near mating type

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Isolation and characterization of a thermophilic, acetate-utilizing methanogenic bacterium

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Isolation and characterization of an asparagine-linked keratan sulfate from the skin of a marine teleost, Scomber japobicus

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Isolation and characterization of an extracellular heat stable lipase produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens MC50

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Isolation and characterization of glycosphingolipids with J blood group activity from bovine spleen1,2

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Isolation and characterization of low hydrogen sulphide producing wine yeast

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Isolation and characterization of plasminogen activators from hyperlastic and malignant prostate tissue

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Isolation and characterization of regulatory mutations affecting the expression of theguaBA operon ofEscherichia coliK-12

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Isolation and characterization of serum-resistant strains ofPseudomonas aeruginosaderived from serum-sensitive parental strains

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Isolation and characterization of spontaneoussrl-recAdeletion mutants inEscherichia coliK-12

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Isolation and characterization of temperature-sensitivelethal (2) giant larvaalleles

William, P. Hanratty, 1984:
Isolation and characterization of temperature-sensitivelethal(2)giant larvaalleles

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Isolation and characterization of transferrin receptor from embryonic chicken red cell

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Isolation and characterization oflacfusions to two nitrogen-regulated promoters

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Isolation and characterization ofrhomutants ofEscherichia coliwith increased transcription termination activities

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Isolation and crystal structure of alcohol inclusion complexes

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Isolation and crystal structures of triethylenediamine-hydroquinone (1/1) and triethylenediamine-phenol (1/2)

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Isolation and genetic characterization of a thymineless death-resistant mutant ofEscherichia coliK12: Identification of a new mutation (recQ1) that blocks the RecF recombination pathway

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Isolation and identification of 5,10-methenyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydromethanopterin, a coenzyme involved in methanogenesis

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Isolation and identification of a naturally occurring 7, 8-didemethyl-8-hydroxy-5-deazariboflavin derivative from Mycobacterium avium

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Isolation and identification of the sesquiterpenoid (+)-torreyol fromXylobolus frustulatus

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Isolation and identification of thymosin α-1 from calf spleen using high performance liquid chromatography

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Isolation and partial characterisation of α-amylase components evolved during early wheat germination

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Isolation and partial characterization of a phytotoxic glycoprotein from culture filtrates ofRhynchosporium secalis

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Isolation and partial characterization of cuticular collagen from the parasitic nematodeGaigeria pachyscelis

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Isolation and physical mapping of temperature-sensitive mutants defective in heat-shock induction of proteins inEscherichia coli

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Isolation and some properties of bacteriophage α3 gene J mutant

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Isolation and structure determination of an α-d-galactosyl-α-d-galactosyl-α-d-galactosyl-d-pinitol from the chick pea

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Isolation and structure of cyclonervilasterol, 24-epicyclonervilasterol, dihydrocyclonervilasterol, and 24-epidihydrocyclonervilasterol. Novel methylsterols from Nervilia purpurea Schlechter

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Isolation and subunit composition of membrane inoragnic pyrophosphatase from rat-liver mitochondria

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Isolation and transmission ofCowdriaruminantium(causal agent of heartwater disease) in Blue Nile Province, Sudan

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Isolation of Bacille Calmette-Guerin after Immunotherapy for Cancer

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Isolation of Gas Vesicles from Methanosarcina barken

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Isolation of Intestinal Mononuclear Cells: Factors Released Which Affect Lymphocyte Viability and Function

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Isolation of Lanosta-8,25-dien-3β-ol from the fungus Fomes Fastuosus

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Isolation of a neurotensin-degrading enzyme from rat brain

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Isolation of a peptide initiating bursting activity in an identifiedHelix pomatianeuron

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Isolation of a previously undescribedVibrionaceae

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Isolation of a serovar-specific antigenically active oligosaccharide from leptospira interrogans serovar canicola an investigation using monoclonal antibodies

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Isolation of a type VI collagen precursor from bovine elastic tissues

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Isolation of aSerratia marcescensmutant which is an efficient recipient for theE. coliepisome

Jumpei Enami; Sonoko Enami; Mutuyosi Koga, 1984:
Isolation of an Insulin-Responsive Preadipose Cell Line and a Mammary Tumor Virus-Producing, Dome-Forming Epithelial Cell Line from a Mouse Mammary Tumor : (mouse mammary tumor/mammary tumor virus/dome/preadipocyte)

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Isolation of an unusualCedeceaspecies from a cutaneous ulcer

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Isolation of anucleated yeast protoplasts by means of density gradient centrifugation

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Isolation of biologically active mRNA

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Isolation of corticotropin-β-lipotropin common precursor from ovine pituitary glands

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Isolation of gonadotrops from the pituitary of the African catfish,Clarias lazera

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Isolation of high-mobility-group proteins HMG1 and HMG2 in non-denaturing conditions and comparison of their properties with those of acid-extracted proteins

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Isolation of monomeric (CH3)3Al IN Ar matrices

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Isolation of postsynaptic densities from chick brain: morphology and protein/glycoprotein composition

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Isolation of theCandida albicansgene for orotidine-5-phosphate decarboxylase by complementation ofS. cerevisiae ura3andE. coli pyrFmutations

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Isolation of tissue-type plasminogen activator-inhibitor complexes from human plasmaEvidence for a rapid plasminogen activator inhibitor

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Isolation of water-soluble alginate from brown algae

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Isolation of β-N-acetyl-d-hexosaminidases from lupin seed

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Isolation ofMobiluncusin four cases of extragenital infections in adult women

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Isolation ofRobillardasp. producing high β-1,4-glucan glucanohydrolase

Carl, A. Boswell; Christopher, J. Bayne, 1984:
Isolation, characterization and functional assessment of a hemagglutinin from the plasma of Biomphalariaglabrata, intermediate host of Schistosomamansoni

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Isolation, characterization and primary structure of two - variants from ostrich pituitary glands

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Isolation, culture, and preliminary characterization of ellipsoids (sheathed capillaries of Schweigger-Seidel) of the pig spleen

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Isolation, fractionation and analysis of intact, translatable RNA from walled algal cells

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Isolation, physicochemical properties, and amino acid composition of a cadmium- binding protein from cadmium- treated chlorellaellipsoidea

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Isolement d' un Paecilomyces (P.Lilacinus) partir d' un panchement pleural

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Isolement d' un campylobacter fetus s.sp fetus d' une hmoculture chez un cirrhotique

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Isolement de bacteries pathogenes contaminant une eau a l'aide d'immunoadsorbants

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Isolierung und Identifizierung von Farbstoffen in Nagellacken

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. G. Lehmann; Barbara Binkle; Heike Faller, 1984:
Isolierung und Identifizierung von Farbstoffen in Seifen

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Isomeric oxatricyclodecanones with non-planar lactone groups: Synthesis, absolute configuration, NMR and X-ray study

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Isomerie autour de la liaison PN. Tentative de rponse la question: Le groupe comporte-t-il une liaison hydrogne intramolculaire

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Isomerization of a perfluoro α-lactam to a substituted carbamoyl fluoride

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Isomerization of allyl alcohol in solid argon by infrared irradiation: evidence for RRKM behaviour

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Isomerization of linoleic acid hydroperoxides under argon and under degassed conditions

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Isomerization of mixed xylenes and ethylbenzene on IK-78 catalyst

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Isomorphism: Setting the record straight

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Isopiestic study of the interactions between calcium chloride and methyl glycofuranosides in aqueous solution

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Isosorbide dinitrate tolerance: the cause - the solution?

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Isothermal compression of low-cordierite to 30 kbar (25 C)

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Isothermal decomposition of the ß′ phase in a Cu-Zn-Al alloy

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Isotope Diffusion in Cadmium Telluride

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Isotope exchange kinetics at heterogeneous solid surfaces (solid-liquid interfaces)

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Isotope exchange of hydrogen and protonation of complexes 6-ArCr (CO)2(2-C4H2O3)

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Isotopendiskriminierung nach langzeitigem SO2-Streß bei Picea abies

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Isotopes stables, paleoenvironnements et correlations stratigraphiques

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Isotopic anomalies in cosmic rays and winds from Wolf-Rayet stars: A new model

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Isotopic assessment of calf pump function

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Isotopic dilution study of the solid hydrate K4Fe(CN)6.3D2O in the near infrared region

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Isotopic exchange between molecular oxygen and MOSiO2

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Isotopic investigations of the Nordingr rapakivi massif, north-central Sweden

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Isotropic Raman study of rotation-vibration coupling for a system of free asymmetric top molecules

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Isoxazolidin-Verbindungen, 10. Mitt. Reduktive Reaktionen mit 5-Isoxazolidinonen

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Israel into Palestine

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Issue 42 || Landscape, Consumption, Redemption: Thomas Moran's "Mountain of the Holy Cross" and the Signifying of Representation

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Issue 42 || Poe and the Mystery of Things: A Remembrance

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Issue 42 || Riffaterra Cognita: A Late Contribution to the Formalism Debate

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Issue 42 || The Alcatraz Effect: Belief and Postmodernity

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Issue 42 || The Signs of Consciousness

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Issue 42 || Translation As (Sub) Version: On Translating Infante's Inferno

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Issue 43 || "Grammar" from Diderot's "Encyclopdie"

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Issue 43 || A Poetics of Psychoanalysis: "The Lost Object: Me"

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Issue 43 || Inside "The Masque of the Red Death"

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Issue 43 || Nodality or Plot Displaced: The Dynamics of Sollers's H

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Issue 43 || Post/Card/Match/Book/"Envois"/Derrida

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Issue 44-45: Gilles Deleuze || Conceptual Politics and the War-Machine in "Mille Plateaux"

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Enhanced cell uptake of fluorescent drug-loaded nanoparticles via an implantable photothermal fibrous patch for more effective cancer cell killing

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Issue 44-45: Gilles Deleuze || Fluidentity

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Issues and concerns confronting disabled assault victims: Strategies for treatment and prevention

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Issues in Liver Transplantation

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Issues in Practice

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Issues in Promoting Adult Foster Care as an Option to Institutionalization

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Issues in evaluating vocational rehabilitation programs

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Issues in generalization: Implications for special education

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Issues in genetic counseling

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Issues in public policy evaluation: the case of regional policy

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Issues in the delivery of psychological services in rural school settings

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Issues in the testing of English for specific purposes

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Issues in the use and interpretation of discriminant analysis

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Issues in using quantitative rating scales in developmental research

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Ist der Einsatz von Teststreifen in der Labordiagnostik von Blutbestandteilen nur ein Weg zur Vereinfachung der Analytik oder auch ein Weg zur Optimierung?

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Ist die Thorax-und kardiovaskuläre Chirurgie eine chirurgische Spezialdisziplin?

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It tolls for thee

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It's the only dream I know

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Italian Society of Dermatology and Venereology

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Item Bias on the 1981 Revision of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test Using a New Method of Detecting Bias

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Item Format and the Structure of the Personal Orientation Inventory

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Item Location Effects and Their Implications for IRT Equating and Adaptive Testing

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Iterative approach to the frequency-domain solution of the inverse-scattering problem for an inhomogeneous lossless dielectric slab

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Iterative computational techniques in scattering based upon the integrated square error criterion

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Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares for Models with a Linear Part

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Itinerants, Iterations and Something In-Between

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Ito cells in lysosomal storage disorders

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Its neat to be an old fogey at 45

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JACOPIS Assessment Procedures

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JANUARY: Caribbean "Love Boat" Cruise

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JULY: Independence Day

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JUNE: Kamehameha Day

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Jack Tizard Memorial Lecture

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Jack Wilmore: He Can't Say No

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Jack bean meal as biocatalyst for urea biosensors

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Japan display '83: Kobe, Japan, 35 October 1983

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Japan's changing oil and trade regimes vis--vis the U.S

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