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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61786

Chapter 61786 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rembold, B., 1984:
Radar cross section of long wires

J. R. Probert-Jones, 1984:
Radarmtorologie: Tldtection active de l'atmosphre. By H. Sauvageot. Eyrolles, Paris, 1982, Pp. 296. (In French)

Williams, T; Honig, C, 1984:
Radial Artery Puncture and the Allen Test

Harstein, J., 1984:
Radial Keratotomy

M. Martini; G. Spinolo; A. Vedda, 1984:
Radial energy distribution around ionizing-particle tracks in SiO2

A. Solan; R. Gebert, 1984:
Radial jet in rotating outer flow

Cowan, E. C., 1984:
Radial keratotomy

M. Ammassari-Teule; C. Maho, 1984:
Radial maze acquisition and spatial mapping in fornix-damaged rats

Crawford, G P., 1984:
Radial tunnel syndrome

S. Mobilio; L. Incoccia, 1984:
Radial-distribution function by EXAFS: Asymmetry in metallic glasses

M. H. Unsworth, V. M. Lesser and A. S. Heagle, 1984:
Radiation Inteception and the Growth of Soybeans Exposed to Ozone in Open- Top Field Chambers

Greene, D., 1984:
Radiation Protection and Measurement for Low-Voltage Neutron Generators. NCRP Report No. 72

Singh, B.B., 1984:
Radiation Research

Carrier, R, 1984:
Radiation Risks in Medical Imaging

Goepfert, H., 1984:
Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Neoplasms

Essex, C, 1984:
Radiation and the Irreversible Thermodynamics of Climate

Richard, J. Lind; Kristina, B. Katsaros; Marianne Gube, 1984:
Radiation budget components and their parametrization in JASIN

Kildal, P.-S., 1984:
Radiation characteristics of the EISCAT VHF parabolic cylindrical reflector antenna

N.C. Johnson; C. Gotzmer, 1984:
Radiation cure of detonation transfer explosive

S. P. Speakman; R. A. Collins; G. Dearnaley, 1984:
Radiation damage and annealing studies of ion bombarded cobalt

R. T. Read; R. J. Young, 1984:
Radiation damage and high resolution electron microscopy of polydiacetylene crystals

S. Ertl; H. Deckart; M. Tautz, 1984:
Radiation dose and risk of patients through nuclear medical procedures in the GDR

R.B. Sharma; S.P. Mishra, 1984:
Radiation effect on periodate salts in solution phase

G.A. Royce; V.K. Mathur; R.J. Abbundi; M.D. Brown; J.J. Fontanella; M.C. Wintersgill, 1984:
Radiation effects in samarium-doped calcium fluoride

Barbosa, A. M.; dos Santos, A. F.; Figanier, J., 1984:
Radiation field of a periodic strip grating excited by an aperiodic line source

Nakagawa, K., 1984:
Radiation from a magnetic ring source encircling a drifting plasma column

Harker, K. J.; Banks, P. M., 1984:
Radiation from pulsed electron beams in space plasmas

de Ruiter, H. M., 1984:
Radiation from the junction of two open waveguide sections

Akira Udagawa; Shunichi Kawanishi; Shigenori Egusa; Miyuki Hagiwara, 1984:
Radiation induced debonding of matrix-filler interface in organic composite materials

P.I. Kolykhalov; R.A. Sunyaev, 1984:
Radiation of accretion disks in quasars and galactic nuclei

Ohnuki, S; Adachi, S, 1984:
Radiation of electromagnetic waves from an electron beam antenna in an ionosphere

Malingre, M., 1984:
Radiation of ion acoustic waves from a solid spherical probe in a warm isotropic plasma

T.D. Craig; F.P. Incropera, 1984:
Radiation transfer in absorbing-scattering liquidsI. Radiance and flux measurements

F.P. Incropera; T.D. Craig; W.G. Houf, 1984:
Radiation transfer in absorbing-scattering liquidsII. Comparisons of measurements with predictions

S. Aiello; A. Rosolia; B. Barsella; F. Ferrini; D. Iorio, 1984:
Radiation transfer in dense interstellar clouds

Bataini, J. P.; Brugere, J.; Jaulerry, C. H.; Brunin, F.; Bernier, J.; Ghossein, N. A., 1984:
Radiation treatment of lateral epilaryngeal cancer

Savage, J R.K., 1984:
Radiation-Induced Chromosome Damage in Man

Dr. S. Bhushan; F. S. Chandra, 1984:
Radiation-controlled enhancement of electroluminescence in Calcium Sulphide Electroluminors

A. Torikai; T. Murata; K. Fueki, 1984:
Radiation-induced degradation of polycarbonate: Electron spin resonance and molecular weight measurements

J. Schmidt; V. Erfle; F.S. Pedersen; B. Lutzenberger; I.-D. Adler, 1984:
Radiation-mutated proviral genomes induce neoplastic cell transformation with distinct changes in karyotype

S. Mochizuki, 1984:
Radiative Optical Modes of Vibration in NiO Thin Film

F. T. M. Nieuwstadt; J. A. Businger, 1984:
Radiative cooling near the top of a cloudy mixed layer

G. Mark Doherty; Reginald, E. Newell, 1984:
Radiative effects of changing atmospheric water vapour

J. D. Haigh, 1984:
Radiative heating in the lower stratosphere and the distribution of ozone in a two-dimensional model

B. Monemar; P.O. Holtz; H.P. Gislason; N. Magnea; Ch. Uihlein; P.L. Liu, 1984:
Radiative recombination of bound excitons with site transfer final state excitations in Cu-Doped ZnTe

Carlos Gay, 1984:
Radiative temperature dissipation in a finite atmosphereII. The inhomogeneous case

S.A. Weisrose; G. Shadmon, 1984:
Radiative transfer calculations through an aerosol cloud

A.L. Crosbie; R.G. Schrenker, 1984:
Radiative transfer in a two-dimensional rectangular medium exposed to diffuse radiation

L. Lemus; C. Gay, 1984:
Radiative transfer in a water-body: Reflectance computations

Tsang, L.; Kong, J. A.; Shin, R. T., 1984:
Radiative transfer theory for active remote sensing of a layer of nonspherical particles

Ross, D. Rosenwald; Henry, A. Hill; Jerry, D. Logan, 1984:
Radiative transfer: Gaussian quadrature formulas for integrals with the weight functions exp(-|xt|) and En(|xt|)

John, F. Appleby; Joseph, S. Hogan, 1984:
Radiative-convective equilibrium models of Jupiter and Saturn

John Soussan, 1984:
Radical Geography

Fabin Gerson; Jürgen Knöbel; André Metzger; Ichiro Murata; Kazhior Nakasuji, 1984:
Radical Ions of Conjugated Polycyclic Hydrocarbons Containing Two Phenalenyl -Systems

T. T. Vasil'eva; V. I. Dostovalova; L. F. Germanova; B. V. Nelyubin, 1984:
Radical addition of polyhalomethanes to olefins and dienes

I. I. Kandror; I. O. Bragina; R. Kn. Freidlina, 1984:
Radical arylation of thiobenzanilides by aryldiazonium salts in the presence of ferrocene

R. G. Bulgakov; S. K. Minsker; G. A. Tolstikov; U. M. Dzhemilev; V. P. Kazakov, 1984:
Radical nature of chemiluminescence in the process of oxidation of ethylaluminum diethoxide by oxygen

I. I. Khatuntsev; E. V. Pastushenko; A. B. Terent'ev, 1984:
Radical reactions of ethyl orthoformate with 1-hexene

I. I. Khatuntsev; E. V. Pastushenko; A. B. Terent'ev, 1984:
Radical telomerization of ethylene by diethyl carbonate

A. B. Terent'ev; M. A. Moskalenko; R. Kh. Fredilina, 1984:
Radical telomerization of ethylene by triethylsilane initiated by Mn2(CO)10or butyl peroxide

Roy, A. Carr-Hill, 1984:
Radicalising survey methodology

Prof. Dr. Manfred Schulz; Dr. Michael Reinhardt; Dr. Barbara Bach, 1984:
Radikalabfang. I. ESR-spektroskopische Untersuchungen von Radikalreaktionen einiger 3-Nitrono-6-oxo-cyclohexadiene

M.K. Bird; H. Volland; P. Edenhofer; H. Porsche, 1984:
Radio occultation experiments with Comet Halley

D. Bensussan; J. F. Huguet, 1984:
Radio-anatomie de la veine spermatique

Takashi Watanabe; Takakiyo Kakinuma, 1984:
Radio-scintillation observations of interplanetary disturbances

Rodríguez-Delgado, M.; Ornelas-Soto, N.; Martínez-Lorán, E.; Hernandez-Luna, C.; García-García, A.; Contreras-Torres, F.F., 2018:
Enhanced Enzymatic Activity of Laccase (from Pycnoporus sanguineus CS43) Immobilized on Sputtered Nanostructured Gold Thin Films

S. S. Iyer; A. Choudhuri; M. B. A. Vasconcellos; U. G. Cordani, 1984:
Radioactive element distribution in the Archean granulite terrane of Jequi Bahia, Brazil

Luther, W. Brady; Arnold, M. Markoe; Jerry Shields; James Augsburger; John Day, 1984:
Radioactive eyeplaque therapy for choroidal malignant melanomas

K.G.W. Inn; P.A. Mullen; J.M.R. Hutchinson, 1984:
Radioactivity standards for environmental monitoring. II

W.M. Irvine; Z. Abraham; M. A'Hearn; W. Altenhoff; Ch. Andersson; J. Bally; W. Batrla; A. Baudry; D. Bockelée-Morvan; G. Chin; J. Crovisier; I. de Pater; D. Despois; L. Ekelund; E. Gerard; T. Hasegawa; C. Heiles; J.M. Hollis; W. Huchtmeier; N. Kaifu; R. Levreault; C.R. Masson; P. Palmer; M. Perault; L.J. Rickard; A.I. Sargent; E. Scalise; F.P. Schloerb; J. Schmidt; A.A. Stark; M. Stevens; P. Stumpff; E.C. Sutton; D. Swade; M. Sykes; B. Turner; C. Wade; M. Walmsley; J. Webber; A. Winnberg;, 1984:
Radioastronomical observations of comets IRAS-Araki-Alcock (1983d) and Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa (1983e)

Sambrook, P.N.; Ansell, B. M.; Foster, S.; Gumpel, J.M.; Reeve, J., 1984:
Radiocalcium Absorption in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ross Hanna; Terry Braun; Alex Levendel; Fred Lomas, 1984:
Radiochemistry and biostability of autologous leucocytes labelled with99mTc-stannous colloid in whole blood

Saraste, H.; Brostrom, L.- A.; Aparisi, T., 1984:
Radiographic Assessment of Anatomic Deviatoins in Lumbar Spondylolysis

Masayasu, H; Ono, K; Takegoshi, T, 1984:
Radioimmunoassay for N.ALPHA.-(N-acetylmuramyl-alanyl-D-isoglutaminyl)-N.EPSILON.-stearyl-lysine

F. W. Bach; N. Blegvad; J. Fahrenkrug; K. Jensen; R. Jordal; J. Olesen, 1984:
Radioimmunoassay of Beta-endorphin. Methodological Aspects and Plasma Beta-endorfin in Migraine

Klaus Lange; Bernhard, A. Peskar, 1984:
Radioimmunological determination of prostaglandin D2after conversion to a stable degradation product

Sorek, H; Anderson, J E.; Siegl, W O.; Otto, K, 1984:
Radioisotopic Study of Methanol-to-Soot Conversion in Methanol-Hydrocarbon Diffusion Flames

Barkas, T; Fulpius, B W., 1984:
Radiolabelling of α-bungarotoxin to high specific radioactivity with complete retention of biological activity

Ernst Bürgisser, 1984:
Radioligandreceptor binding studies: what's wrong with the scatchard analysis?

Schabel, S I., 1984:
Radiologic Interpretation of ERCP: A Clinical Atlas

Bywaters, E. G. L., 1984:
Radiological Investigations in Rheumatology

Charles, H. Nauman, 1984:
Radiological assessment: Predicting the transport, bioaccumulation, and uptake by man of radionuclides released to the environment: NCRP Report No. 76 (1984) National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, Bethesda, Maryland (300 pp.)

R. C. Deka; S. K. Kacker; S. Roy, 1984:
Radiology and whole organ sections of larynx and laryngopharynx in cancer cases

Skucas, J, 1984:
Radiology in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Allison, D J, 1984:
Radiology in inflammatory bowel disease

Reinus, W R.; Gilula, L A., 1984:
Radiology of Ewing's sarcoma: Intergroup Ewing's Sarcoma Study (IESS)

MacCarty, R L., 1984:
Radiology of the Stomach

J. Kopoldová; V. Vlasáková, 1984:
Radiolysis of aqueous and aqueous-ethanolic solutions of histamine

Komiya, T; Yamada, T; Nara, S; Kawakishi, S; Namiki, M, 1984:
Radiolytic chain reaction of m-iodophenyl .BETA.-D-glucoside with radical anion of carbon dioxide produced from formate

Resch, G M.; Hogg, D E.; Napier, P J., 1984:
Radiometric correction of atmospheric path length fluctuations in interferometric experiments

Åberg, Göran; Persson, L, 1984:
Radiometric dating of Precambrian rocks in Smland, southeastern Sweden

Åberg, Göran; Fredrikson, Göran, 1984:
Radiometric dating of the postorogenic Järna granite, south central Sweden

Kenny, P J., 1984:
Radionuclide Techniques in Clinical Investigation

Mclean, R. G.; Murray, I. P. C., 1984:
Radionuclide scanning and chondrosarcoma

K. Piskin; E. Arca; E. Piskin, 1984:
Radiopolymerized mixture of acrylic acid, methyl methacrylate, and polyethylene glycol as an enzyme support system

J.F. Fowler, 1984:
Radioresponsiveness of maglignant melanoma to fractionated irradiation

Christopher Willett; Herman, D. Suit; John Biaglow, 1984:
Radiosensitization by inhibition of utilization of oxygen by N-ethylmaleate and 2-deoxyglucose

H. Schorn; U. Bertsche; O. Vos, 1984:
Radiosensitization of hypoxic cells by glutathione depletion with BSO

S. M. Moerlein; G. Stöcklin, 1984:
Radiosynthesis of no-carrier-added 75,77Br-brombenperidol

Robert, Y. Kim; Robert, E. Roth, 1984:
Radiotherapeutic experience in the treatment of orbital pseudotumor: Five year follow-up

Daniel Fass; Arthur Tessler; Jordan Brown; Alan Steinfeld, 1984:
Radiotherapeutic prophylaxis of hormone induced gynecomastia: A study of late sequela

M. Tefft; M. Wharam; F. Ruyman; M. Foulkes; E. Gehan, 1984:
Radiotherapy (RT) for rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) in children: A report from the intergroup rhabdomyosarcoma study #2 (IRS-2) (Funding # CA 24507)

Stiller, M.; Chung, Y. C., 1984:
Radium in the Dead Sea: A possible tracer tor the duratton of meromixis

Swedgemark, G.A.; Mjönes, L., 1984:
Radon and Radon Daughter Concentrations in Swedish Homes

D.N. Ghosh Roy, 1984:
Radon inversion of spectral intensities emitted by an asymmetric and absorbing plasma

Johannes Mehl, 1984:
Radula und Fangarme beiMichelinocerassp. aus dem Silur von Bolivien

C. A. Nash, 1984:
Rail policy in Britain What next?

Freeman, M, 1984:
Railways and the economic development of western Europe, 18301914

Walsh, E J.; Monaldo, F M.; Goldhirsh, J, 1984:
Rain and cloud effects on a satellite dual-frequency radar altimeter system operating at 13.5 and 35 GHz

Sun, W-Yih, 1984:
Rainbands and Symmetric Instability

Barry, G. Oliver; Arthur, J. Niimi, 1984:
Rainbow trout bioconcentration of some halogenated aromatics from water at environmental concentrations

Hauser, D.; Amayenc, P., 1984:
Raindrop size distributions and vertical air motions as inferred from zenith-pointing Doppler radar with the RONSARD system

R. Suppiah; M. M. Yoshino, 1984:
Rainfall Variations of Sri Lanka, Part 2: regional gluctuations

O. N. Dhar; M. K. Soman; S. S. Mulye, 1984:
Rainfall over the southern slopes of the Himalayas and the adjoining plains during breaks in the monsoon

R. Suppiah; M. M. Yoshino, 1984:
Rainfall variations of Sri Lanka Part 1: Spatial and temporal patterns

D'souza, S. W.; Freeborn, S. F.; Cadman, J.; Richards, B., 1984:
Raised pethidine concentrations with acidosis in newborn babies

Amrito, S. D., 1984:
Rajneesh Therapy

M. H. Ben Ghozlen; Y. Mlik; A. Daoud, 1984:
Raman Study of Mono-, Di-, and Trimethyl Ammonium Hexachlorostannates

R.A. Beaman; J. Baran; A. Grofcsik; M. Kubinyi; A.J. Langley; W. Jeremy Jones, 1984:
Raman amplification spectroscopy using pulsed dye lasers

R. Sudharsanan; T. K. K. Srinivasan; S. Radhakrishna, 1984:
Raman and Infrared Studies on Ag2HgI4 and Cu2HgI4 Superionic Compounds

H.F. Shurvell; R.D. Gordon; R.E. Hester; R.B. Girling, 1984:
Raman and i.r. spectra of tetramethylcyclobutanedione and the fully deuterated derivative

P. Muthusubramanian; P.S. Santos; O. Sala, 1984:
Raman and infrared spectra of lithium sulphamate

M.R. Mohammad; W.F. Sherman, 1984:
Raman and infrared study of external and internal vibrational modes of the NO3 ion isolated in rubidium halides

R. Shunmugam; D.N. Sathyanarayana, 1984:
Raman and polarized infrared spectra of pyridine-2-thione

MR Mohammad; WF Sherman, 1984:
Raman and resonance-Raman spectra of CsI/I3

M.H. Brooker, 1984:
Raman investigation of the structure of solid sulfur dioxide

Kazutoshi Tanabe, 1984:
Raman linewidth study of hydration structure of t-butanol in aqueous solution

J. Hanuza, 1984:
Raman scattering and infra-red spectra of tungstates KLn(WO4)2 family (Ln = LaLu)

F. Bogani; M. Colocci; M. Neri; R. Querzoli, 1984:
Raman scattering by hot and thermal polaritons in crystal quartz

P.P. Lottici; C. Razzetti, 1984:
Raman scattering in mixed defect chalcopyrite crystals

R. Tubino; L. Piseri; L. Degli Antoni; G. Dellepiane; P. Piaggio, 1984:
Raman scattering in resonance with broad and structureless absorption bands

J.E. Zucker, 1984:
Raman scattering resonant with two-dimensional excitons in semiconductor heterostructures

M. Van De Ven; H. Van Langen; W. Verwer; Y.K. Levine, 1984:
Raman spectra and conformations of n-hexadecynoic fatty acids and their potassium salts

Anshu Agarwal; M.B. Patel; Mahendra Pal; H.D. Bist, 1984:
Raman spectra and phase transitions in single crystal (NH4)2ZnCl4

B.A. Kolesov; I.K. Igumenov, 1984:
Raman spectra of crystals of some β-diketonates Al(III), Ga(III) and In(III)

N. B. Librovich; B. V. Rassadin; I. M. Medvetskaya; L. R. Andreeva; M. I. Vinnik, 1984:
Raman spectra of nitric acid in aqueous sulfuric acid solutions

P. Hencsei; M. Gál; L. Bihátsi, 1984:
Raman spectra of some silatranes in melted phase

H. Yurtseven; W.F. Sherman, 1984:
Raman spectra, Pippard relations and critical exponents for NH4Cl

Beamson, G.; Yarwood, J., 1984:
Raman spectroscopic studies on the molecular reorientation and vibrational relaxation in liquid ethylene

Kazutoshi Tanabe, 1984:
Raman spectroscopic study of hydrophobic hydration of organic molecules in aqueous solution

A. Takase; E. Tani, 1984:
Raman spectroscopic study of β-sialons in the system Si3N4-Al2O3-AIN

Raman spectroscopy and normal vibrations of peptides : Characteristic normal modes of a type-II β turn

C. Razzetti; P.P. Lottici; L. Zanotti, 1984:
Raman spectroscopy in AB2X4 pseudoternary layered compounds

C. Madic; G.M. Begun; D.E. Hobart; R.L. Hahn, 1984:
Raman spectroscopy of neptunyl and plutonyl in aqueous solutions: hydrolysis of Np(VI) and Pu(VI) and disproportionation of Pu(V)

I.K. Korobeinicheva; G.G. Furin; G.G. Yakobson, 1984:
Raman studies of conjugation in polyfluoroaromatic compounds

M. Bradley; T.W. Zerda; J. Jonas, 1984:
Raman study of the temperature and pressure effects on the Fermi resonance and hydrogen bonding in liquid ammonia

Abouseif, G. E.; Keklak, J. A.; Toong, T. Y., 1984:
Ramjet Rumble: The Low-Frequency Instability Mechanism in Coaxial Dump Combustors

Francke, U., 1984:
Random X inactivation resulting in mosaic nullisomy of region Xp21.1→p21.3 associated with heterozygosity for ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency and for chronic granulomatous disease

B.R. Griffin, 1984:
Random and directed migration of trout (Salmogairdneri) leukocytes: Activation by antibody, complement, and normal serum components

Eeva Therman; Carter Denniston, 1984:
Random arrangement of chromosomes inUvularia(Liliaceae)

Rosen, P, 1984:
Random feedings

Ransom, D C., 1984:
Random notes: The family and family medicineanother round

Ransom, D C., 1984:
Random notes: The patient is not a dirty window

P. Schuster; K. Sigmund, 1984:
Random selectionA simple model based on linear birth and death processes

Giorgio Leonardi; Roberto Tadei, 1984:
Random utility demand models and service location

D. J. Thomson, 1984:
Random walk modelling of diffusion in inhomogeneous turbulence

Fidler, J; Smith, V; Fayers, P; Swiet, M De, 1984:
Randomised Controlled Comparative Study of Methyldopa and Oxprenolol in Treatment of Hypertension in Pregnancy

Peter, A. Lachenbruch; Robert, F. Woolson, 1984:
Randomized Blocks Analysis for the Exponential Distribution

Kanninen, A; Hellsten, S; Hämäläinen, H, 1984:
Randomized comparative trial of a sequential oestradiol/progestogen combination and oestradiol alone in the treatment of climacteric complaints

C.A. Perez; L.W. Brady; J. Cox; G. Hanks; B. Emami; S. Asbell; T. Pajak, 1984:
Randomized study to evaluate efficacy of levamisole in patients with unresectable non-oat cell carcinoma of the lung treated with radiation therapy

Dr. D. Stoyan; Dr. J. Ohser, 1984:
Randomness and Order in a Forest with Trees in Rows-a Case Study

G. K. Hartmann; R. Leitinger, 1984:
Range errors due to ionospheric and tropospheric effects for signal frequencies above 100 MHz

Drews, J E.; Vraciu, J K.; Pellino, G, 1984:
Range of Motion of the Joints of the Lower Extremities of Newborns

H. O. Barth; P. Berg; G. Brunner; H. G. Dammann; W. Friedl; F. H. Franken; L. Greiner; J. Groitl; W. Möckel; P. Müller; E. Mühe; Th. Pfleiderer; G. Pröpper; W. Rösch; B. Simon; I. Staib, 1984:
Ranitidin und Cimetidin in der Prophylaxe der Streßulcus-Blutung: Eine prospektive Multicenter-Vergleichsstudie

R. Haux; M. Schumacher; G. Weckesser, 1984:
Rank Tests for Complete Block Designs

Ching-Yuan Chiang; Madan, L. Puri, 1984:
Rank-order tests for the parallelism of several regression surfaces

Alfred, L. Brophy, 1984:
Ranking programs for matched groups and combined distributions

Alan Hopkins, K. L. Lee, F. E. Harrell, H. D. Tolley and R. A. Rosati, 1984:
Rao's Statistic for Variable Selection in Cox's Survival Model

Gary, L. Bertrand; Claude Treiner, 1984:
Raoult's law as applied to binary solvent mixtures

J. Pellet; M. Weiss, 1984:
Raphe involvement in the harmaline-induced depression of the acoustic startle

M. Weiss; J. Pellet, 1984:
Raphe modulation of the olivo-cerebellar motor control

Smull, L L.; Nosanchuk, J S., 1984:
Rapid Automated Identification of Enterobacteriaceae Directly from Positive Blood Cultures Using the Abbott MS-2

Harumi Kuno-Sakai; Mitsuhisa Isozaki; Mikio Kimuara, 1984:
Rapid Serological Diagnosis of Mumops Virus Infection by an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay of Mumps IgG and IgM Antibodies

Reddy, K. Hussain; Reddy, D. Venkata, 1984:
Rapid Spectrophotometric Determination Of Osmium With Cyclohezane 1,3-Dione Bisthiosemicarbazone Monohydrochloride: Simultaneous Determination of Osmium and Platinum

John Whitelegg, 1984:
Rapid Transit Systems

H. Lingeman; H.B.P. Haan; A. Hulshoff, 1984:
Rapid and selective derivatizatin method for the nitrogen-sensitive detection of carboxylic acids in biological fluids prior to gas chromatographic analysis

Peter, M. Fredericks; Paul, R. Osborn; Dom, A.J. Swinkels, 1984:
Rapid coal characterization by FT-i.r. spectroscopy

D.R. Oliver, 1984:
Rapid conical flows of viscoelastic solutions

M. C. Steinhoff; Sosamma John; G. Koshi; M. Jadhav; S. M. Pereira, 1984:
Rapid diagnosis of hemophilus influenzae meningitis by a latex agglutination technique

Diane Hensel; David, F. Welch, 1984:
Rapid diagnosis of meningococcemia: A case report

M. C. Steinhoff, 1984:
Rapid diagnosis ofHemophilus influenzaemeningitis by a latex agglutination technique

W. I. Baggerman, 1984:
Rapid estimation of the microbioal load of quick-frozen vegetables with the Bactometer 32

S.B. Gholse; R.B. Kharat, 1984:
Rapid extraction and spectrophotometric determination of vanadium(V) with 2-hydroxy-4-methoxy-5-methyl chalkone oxime (HMMCO)

Maria-Fiora Wendt-Gallitelli; Hartwig Wolburg, 1984:
Rapid freezing, cryosectioning, and x-ray microanalysis on cardiac muscle preparations in defined functional states

J. E. Kristiansen; A. Bremmelgaard; H. E. Busk; O. Heltberg; W. Frederiksen; T. Justesen, 1984:
Rapid identification ofCapnocytophagaisolated from septicemic patients

Lorin, R. DeBonte; Benjamin, F. Matthews, 1984:
Rapid isolation and purification of plastid and mitochondrial DNA from carrot cell suspensions

Tournier, J-François; Bayard, F; Tauber, J-Pierre, 1984:
Rapid purification and activity of apolipoprotein CI on the proliferation of bovine vascular endothelial cells in vitro

Tasaka, K; Kobayashi, M; Tanaka, T; Inagaki, C, 1984:
Rapid purification of monoclonal antibody in ascites by high performance ion exchange column chromatography for diminishing non-specific staining

Heng-rui Nieh; Shu-cai Guo; Shu-chang Zhao; Qi Lin; Zhi-dong Chui, 1984:
Rapid pyrolysis of brown coal and oil shale

M. van der Klis; J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, 1984:
Rapid short-term pulse-period variations in Vela X-1 (4U 0900-40)

J. A. Munoz Leyva; M. Callejón Mochón; N. Moreno Diaz; A. Sánchez Misiego, 1984:
Rapid spectrophotometric determination of chlorate with dimedone bisthiosemicarbazone monohydrochloride

R. Fastow; J. Gyulai; M. Nastasi; P. G. Zielinski, 1984:
Rapid surface melting of CU60Zr40metallic glass

Wegner, D L.; Schrantz, R D., 1984:
Rapid, Inexpensive, Presumptive Identification of Commonly Encountered Aerobic Gram-Negative Bacilli

Masahiro Tatsumisago; Tsutomu Minami; Masami Tanaka, 1984:
Rapidly quenched sodium tungsten bronzes

van Mourik, P.; van Rooijen, M.; van der Pers, N. M.; de Keijser, T. H.; Mittemeijer, E. J., 1984:
Rapidly solidified (melt-spun) aluminium alloys: morphology, texture and excess vacancies

Reznak Laszlo, 1984:
Rapport General

M. Louis, 1984:
Rapport du Secretaire General

Arozenius, S, 1984:
Rapport frn en studieresa till England februari 1982

Moraldi Giorgio, 1984:
Rapport general

M. Cassé, 1984:
Rapporteur paper on nucleosynthesis and cosmic rays

Sam, Z. Toma, 1984:
Rare earth intensifying screens An overview of an advancement in radiography

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Reaction of hot H atoms with CD3Br

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Reaction of α-Pinene and β-Pinene with Diethyl Hydrogen Phosphite Under Free Radical Conditions

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Reaction path hamiltonian study of the isomerization of the methoxy radical

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Reaction pattern of xenografted human salivary glands in nude mice

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Reaction-rate approach to some low temperature processes in alkali halides

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Reaction: In defense of the "artificial."

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Reactions of Trimethylsilyl Cyanide with α-Keto Esters: Selective Preparation of Either Methyl 4-(Trimethyl-silyl) oxy-4-cyano-2-oxopentanoate or Methyl 2-(Trimethylsilyl) Oxy-2-cyano-4-oxopentanoate

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Reactions of oxidation intermediates of sulphite species with some cellular components of plants

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Reactions of triosmium clusters with organic compounds

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Reactions originating from upper excited singlet states Sn (n 3): the photochemical cycloreversion of several endoperoxides of the tetracene series

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Reactions to an Incident Involving a Child in School: A Comparison of Japanese and American Mothers and Teachers' Reactions

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Reactions to uncertainty: A comparison of three motivational theories

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Reactive arthritis due to yersinia enterocolitica

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Reactive hepatopathy

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Reactive intermediate in the alkali-carbonate-catalysed gasification of coal char

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Reactive intermediates in the interconversions of C3H4hydrocarbons

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Reactive processing of titanium carbide with titanium

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Reactive state selectivity in photodimerization through micellar counter-ion effects: photodimerization of acenaphthylenes

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Reactively steered adaptive array using microstrip patch elements at 4 GHz

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Reactivities of chars obtained as residues in selected coal conversion processes

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Reactivity and kinetic properties of the NH2radical in the gas phase

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Reactivity and mechanism of the antitumor effect of triazines

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Reactivity assessment of coals via a weighted mean activation energy

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Reactivity comparison of iron(II) reductant with type 1 copper(II) in native and type 2 copper-depleted Rhus vernicifera laccase

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Reactivity of Cu2(lonazolac)4, a lipophilic copper acetate derivative

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Reactivity of allylic hydrogen in cyclohexadiene towards OH radicals

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Reactivity of coals in hydrogenation

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Reactivity of cycloalkanes during the solvent extraction of coal

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Reactivity of mesenteric microvessels in rats with mesenteric shock

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Reactivity of metal chelates of sulphur-containing ligands towards lewis bases. Part I. reaction of chloro-, bromo-, iodo- and thiocyanato(S-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)-methylenehydrazinecarbodithioate)nickel(II) chelates with pyridines

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Reactivity of pyrrole pigments. Part 5: Electrophilic substitutionNitration and brominationOf some pyrromethenones and 5-arylmethylene-3,4-dimethyl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones

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Reactivity of Δ8(14)- and 8,14-epoxy derivatives of cholanoic acids

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Read your baby: A follow-up intervention program for parents with NICU infants

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Readability and Science Worksheets in Secondary Schools

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Readability of Introductory Psychology Textbooks: Flesch versus Student Ratings

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Readability of the Personality Inventory for Children

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Readability, Human Interest, and Coverage of Ten Textbooks on Special Education Assessment

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Readers' acquisition of the components of the text-lookback strategy

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Reading Epilepsy

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Reading Miscues and Teacher Verbal Feedback

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Reading ability and text difficulty as influences on second graders' oral reading errors

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Reading achievement and diminishing returns to time

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Reading disability: A problem in rule learning and word decoding

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Reading is fundamental

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Reading performance

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Reading skill and language skill

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Reagents and Synthetic Methods 38. 4-(Dimethylamino)pyridinium Bromide Perbromide as a New Brominating Agent for Organic Compounds

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Reaktion von primären Alkylhydroperoxiden mit Amidoschwefelsäurechlorid: Alkyl(amidosulfonyl)peroxide

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Reaktionen des 2,6-Di-tert.-butyl-4-(N-tert.-butylnitrono)-phenoxyradikals

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Reaktionen einer technischen Butenfraktion mit Trichloracetaldehyd

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Reaktionen mit 3-Chlorochinoxalin-2-carbaldehyd

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Reaktionen mit der Chromon-3-sulfinsäure

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Reaktionen von 2-Cyan-3-methoxy-maleinimid mit methylenaktiven Verbindungen und Enaminen

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Reaktionen von Cyclanyl-Radikalen in der Gasphase. II. Cyclohexyl-Radikale aus Azomethan-Cyclohexan-Gemischen

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Reaktionen von elektronenreichen Heterocyclen mit Orthocarbonsäure-Derivaten, 2. Mitt. Säurekatalysierte Reaktionen von 3-substituierten Indolen mit Orthoameisensäuretriethylester

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Reaktionen von unterschiedlich akklimatisierten laktierenden Kühen auf eine Wärmebelastung, : 1. Mitteilung Leistung und Thermoregulation

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Real Gas Pseudopressures For CO2 Reservoirs

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Real motion cells in visual area 17 of behaving monkeys

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Real time rotation of space-filled molecular models

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Real-time movie images by nuclear magnetic resonance

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Real-time optical imaging of neuronal activity

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Realisierbare Forderungen bei der Regelung von Destillationsanlagen für Fettsäuren

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Realism in computer-generated images: London, UK, 7 March 1984

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Realism of occupational choice among high school seniors: Implications for quality of work life

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Realities Confronting China's Foreign Investment Policy

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Reality Orientation for the Elderly (Book)

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Reality Orientation in a Geriatric Day Treatment Facility

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Reality Orientation with Psychogeriatric Patients: An Initial Two-Month Programme

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Reality, Reality

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Realization and first exploitation of a three dimensional analysis system

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Reamenagement agricole des carrieres alluvionnaires

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Reappraisal of mutation induction at low survival levels using Escherichia coli and bleomycin

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Reappraisal of the Refractory Period after Hyperventilation-Induced Asthma

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Reappraisal of the Lectin Hypothesis in the Aetiopathogenesis of Coeliac Disease

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Rearrangement of N-(1-methyl-2-butenyl)-2-methyl-6-ethylaniline to 2-methyl-6-ethyl-4-(1-methyl-2-butenyl) aniline

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Rearrangement of perfluoroazidoazomethines as a method for the preparation of perfluorodialkylcarbodiimides

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Rearrangement on protonation of the 7,9-dimethyl-8-benzyl-7,9-dicarbanido-undecaborate anion into 2,7-dimethyl 11-benzyl-2,7-dicarba-nido-undecaborane(13)

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Rearrangement phenomenon developed inside powder compacts: theoretical model expressing the associated shrinkage

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Rearthroplasty after conventional total hip prosthesis and double-cup prosthesis

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Reason, Passion and the Will

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Reasoning about hidden obstacles: Object permance in the six-month-old infant

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Reasoning patterns of preservice elementary and middle school science teachers

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Reasons for Comprehensive Examinations: A Re-evaluation

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Reassignment of the Genus Ectothiorhodospira Pelsh 1936 to a New Family, Ectothiorhodospiraceae fam. nov., and Emended Description of the Chromatiaceae Bavendamm 1924

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Rebreathing and the bain circuit

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Rebuilding family relationship bridges

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Rebuttal to vitamin E content of feedstuffs determined by high-performance liquid chromatographic fluorescence

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RecA protein and exonuclease V are involved in the progressive inactivation of the integrated prophage after UV exposure

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RecA protein promoted repressor cleavage: complementation between RecA441 and RecA430 proteins in vitro

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Recall of Key Words as a Function of Bloom's Cognitive Level

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Recasting and related conversational techniques for triggering syntactic advances by young children

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Receipt of Child Support by Single-Parent Families

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Recency and End-of-Sequence Suffix Effects Are Not Always Linked

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Recent Books

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Recent Developments Using Phosphorlts-Containing Diol as a Reactive Combustion Modifier for Rigid Polyltrethane Foams-Part Iii

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Recent Developments and Trends in Fire Testing for Fire Growth in Buildings

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Recent Developments in the Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making

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Recent Invasions of Australia and New Zealand by Pathogenic Fungi and Counter Measures1

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Recent reflections on tumor markers

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Recent taxonomic changes in the genus Campylobacter

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Recherche et valuation d'antibiotiques nouveaux

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Rechnergestützte Führung von fermentationsprozessen teil III

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Rechnergestützte Spectral-Analyse nach Fourier zur Charakterisierung der Pendelbewegungen der Längsmuskulatur im Dünndarm der Ratte - Computer Aided Fourier Spectral Analysis for Characterization of the Pendular Movements of the Longitudinal Musculature in the Rat lleum

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Rechtsmedizin und klinische Forschung

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Recidivism as a Process

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Reciprocal Interaction and Similarity of Personality Attributes

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Reciprocal Teaching of Comprehension-Fostering and Comprehension-Monitoring Activities

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Reciprocating plate extraction column as a cocurrent mixer

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Reciprocity, Trust, and Vulnerability in Neglected and Rejected Children

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Recognition memory impaired after mammillary body lesions in monkeys

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Recognition of Disoriented Maps: the Cognitive Process

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Recognition of Own and Others' Utterances in a Natural Conversation

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Recognition of Pictorial Material as a Function of Experiential Deprivation and Age

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Recombination-dependent recircularization of linearized pBR322 plasmid DNA following transformation ofEscherichia coli

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Recommandations aux auteurs

The Institute of Cancer Research,, 1984:

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Recommendations for Handling Specimens from Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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Recommendations from Session 2

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Recommendations from Session 3

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Recommendations from Session 4

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Recommendations from Session 5

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Recommendations from Session 6

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Recommendations from a workshop on interpreting ocean in situ structures from satellite and aircraft infrared-derived sea surface temperatures

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Recommended Library for Occupational Physicians

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Recommended Radium-226 Values for Four CCRMP Uranium Reference Materials

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Reconaissance Geographical Study on Natural Environmental Change in the SE Region in Zaire

Turbin, C., 1984:
Reconceptualizing Family, Work and Labor Organizing: Working Women in Troy, 1869-1890

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Reconceptualizing perceptual development: The identification of some dimensions of spatial competence in young children

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Reconnaissance in the blank areas of religious history

Winterhaider, B, 1984:
Reconsidering the ecosystem concept

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Reconstitution of channel proteins from Torpedo electroplax into virtually solvent-free lipid bilayers

Ching-Ming Lai, 1984:
Reconstructing NMR images under magnetic fields in the large inhomogeneities

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Reconstruction of Large Defects in the Oropharynx with a Revascularized Intestinal Graft

C. Eftimiu; P. Huddleston, 1984:
Reconstruction of a spherical scatterer from its natural frequencies

Rose, E H., 1984:
Reconstruction of central metacarpal ray defects of the hand with a free vascularized double metatarsal and metatarsophalangeal joint transfer

J. C. McGregot, 1984:
Reconstruction of distal nasal deficiency using the bilobed flap

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Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled band-limited signals and jitter error reduction

S. Y. Wang; Seyda Ayral; F. S. Castellana; Carl, C. Gryte, 1984:
Reconstruction of oil saturation distribution histories during immiscible liquid-liquid displacement by computer-assisted tomography

Ikuta, Y; Murakami, T; Yoshioka, K; Tsuge, K, 1984:
Reconstruction of the Heel Pad by Flexor Digitorum Brevis Musculocutanous Flap Transfer

Bosch, G; Ramirez, M, 1984:
Reconstruction of the Nipple

M. Ameil; J. F. Delattre; B. Cordobes; J. B. Flament, 1984:
Reconstruction sur ordinateur d'une structure anatomique

Sermeus, S MacPherson, 1984:
Reconstructive Microsurgery High Tech, High Touch Nursing

Wang, W.; Zhang, C.; Tong, S.; Cui, Z.; Liu, P., 2018:
Enhanced Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Structural Features of Corn Stover by NaOH and Ozone Combined Pretreatment

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Recording Oceanic collections in Australia: problems and questions

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Recording and Reconstructing Three-Dimensional Trajectories: A Versatile Method for the Field Biologist

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Records of the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, Pelamis platurus, from the Galpagos Islands

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Recovery by the coralAcropora cervicornisafter drilling mud exposure. The free amino acid pool

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Recovery of Cold-Inhibited Phloem Translocation in Sugar Beet

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Recovery of polymorphonuclear leucocytes from complement attack

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Recovery process for complexed copper-bearing rinse waters

Ana, M. Mastral; Begoña Rubio, 1984:
Recovery, fractionation and study of oils from a lignite

Mings, R, 1984:
Recreational Nomads in the Southwestern Sunbelt

Steven, W. Carothers; Robert, A. Johnson; Robert Dolan, 1984:
Recreational impacts on Colorado River beaches in Glen Canyon, Arizona

Breaugh, J A.; Mann, R B., 1984:
Recruiting source effects: A test of two alternative explanations

Surawicz, C M., 1984:
Rectal Biopsy Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Cottrell, B Hansen; Anderson, G Cranston, 1984:
Rectal or Axillary Temperature Measurement

Kris, A. Gopal; Albert, L. Amshel; Irving, L. Shonberg; Mohamed Eftaiha, 1984:
Rectal procidentia in elderly and debilitated patients

Moolenaar, F; Pronk, J; Visser, J; Meijer, D K.F., 1984:
Rectal versus oral absorption of diflunisal in man

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Recto-Vaginal Fistula

S. Fataar; G. S. Jacob; H. Bassiony; E. El Saghir; W. El Mahdy; B. Al Nakib; H. Shaikh, 1984:
Rectocolonic calcification due to schistosomiasis

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Recurrence in endometrial carcinoma as a function of extended surgical staging data

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Recurrence, with intracranial extension, of an intraorbital hydatid cyst: A clinical follow-up case report

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Recurrent 'periorbital' dermoids

Dorsey, J H., 1984:
Recurrent Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) and the Endocervical Button

Seeds, J W.; Herbert, W N. P.; Bowes, W A.; Cefalo, R C., 1984:
Recurrent Idiopathic Fetal Hydrops

Hermesh, H; Huberman, M; Radvan, H; Kott, E, 1984:
Recurrent Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Due to Tiapride and Haloperidol

K. L. Narasimharao; A. Purohit; K. Yadav; I. C. Pathak, 1984:
Recurrent abdominal pseudocyst after ventriculoperitonoal shunt

Weinrauch, L; El-On, J, 1984:
Recurrent cutaneous leishmaniasis

B. Schmieder; G. Simon; M.-J. Martres; P. Mein; N. Mein; E. Tandberg-Hanssen, 1984:
Recurrent mass ejections observed in Hα and CIV

McCracken, G H., 1984:
Recurrent urinary tract infections in children

C.J. Cunningham, 1984:
Recurring natural fire hazards : a case study of the Blue Mountains, Wew South Wales, Australia

U. Brüstel; K. Unger, 1984:
Recursion Method with Plane Wave Basis for Band Structure Calculations

Warren Thorngate, 1984:
Recursive Adaptation, Stopping Rules, and Ironies of Computing

A.J. Rubio-Ayuso, 1984:
Recursive computation of the walsh transform for delta-modulated functions

Marlene, J. Colbourn; Charles, J. Colbourn, 1984:
Recursive constructions for cyclic block designs

G. Dattoli; M. Richetta; I. Pinto, 1984:
Recursive differential equations of the raman-nath type: A general review

E.V. Bohn, 1984:
Recursive evaluation of walsh coefficients for multiple integrals of walsh series

Graham Bird, 1984:
Recycling and OPEC The need for new instruments

J. B. Stephenson; J. C. Hogan; R. S. Kaplan, 1984:
Recycling and metal recovery technology for stainless steel pickling liquors

Gertman, R, 1984:
Recycling in Davis, California

Larry, W. Keith; Dennis, L. Stack, 1984 :
Recycling industrial wastes by land application

Albert Bandura, 1984:
Recycling misconceptions of perceived self-efficacy

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Recycling of NADH pyrophosphatase in rat hepatoma cells

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Recycling of crate material: Weatherability of stabilised recycled high density polyethylene

P.J. Howell; P.A. Rankin, 1984:
Red Core of Strawberry: Certification in Scotland

Havas, M; Hutchinson, T C.; Likens, G E., 1984:
Red herrings in acid rain research

Edward Weiner, 1984:
Redefinition of roles and responsibilities in U.S. transportation

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Redefinition of the Feline Urologic Syndrome:

Emilio, A. Maury, 1984:
Redescripcion de Bothriurus bocki Kraepelin 1911 (Scorpiones, Bothriuridae)

Negrea, S, 1984:
Redescription De Moina Salina Daday, 1888 (Cladocera, Moinidae) D'Aprs Des Exemplaires Trouvs En Terra Typica

Hirokazu Kishimoto, 1984:
Redescription and Lectotype Designation of the Stargazer, Uranoscopus kaianus günther

William, E. Adams, 1984:
Rediscovering trust: Towards an alternative psychotherapy

Shelley, F M.; Archer, J. Clark; White, E R., 1984:
Rednecks and Quiche Eaters: A Cartographic Analysis of Recent Third-Party Electoral Campaigns

Jayant, N. Karbhase; Marvin, F. Sturridge, 1984:
Redo aortic valve replacement

Gade, D, 1984:
Redolence and Land Use on Nosy Be, Madagascar

Charles, A. Pressler, 1984:
Redoubled: The Bridging of Derrida and Heidegger

Charles, A. Pressler, 1984:
Redoubled: The bridging of Derrida and Heidegger

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Redox poteftials of the aquo, cyano and EDTA complexes of some transition metal ions by CNDO calculations

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Redox potentials of normal and SH(β93)-modified human hemoglobin: Effect of pH and d-glycerate 2,3-bisphosphate

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Redox properties of cobalt(III) mixed ligand complexes. II. Redox titration of some organic and inorganic substances potentiometrically

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Redox reactions in micellar systems Communication 1. Reduction of methyl viologen by ketyl radical

E. M. Burbo; L. V. Gasanova; T. S. Dzhabiev, 1984:
Redox reactions in micellar systems Communication 2. Influence of salts on rate of reduction of methyl viologen

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Redox reactions of hydrogen selenide ion

V. V. Bashilov; É. V. Maskaeva; A. A. Musaev; V. I. Sokolov; O. A. Reutov, 1984:
Redox reactions of mercury derivatives of 8-alkylquinolines with Pd(0) and Pt(0) complexes

V. A. Nikanorov; G. V. Gavrilova; V. I. Rozenberg; O. A. Reutov, 1984:
Redox troponization of trichloromethylated cyclohexadienone by the action of zero-valence palladium A new method for the synthesis of 2,4,6-cycloheptatrien-1-ones

Boucher, B.J.; Temple, R.; Toms, G.; Mogenson, K. E., 1984:
Reduced Alpha Interferon Binding to Lymphocytes in Insulin Dependant Diabetics

Ede, R.J.; Gove, C.D.; Williams, R, 1984:
Reduced Brain Na+,K+-Atpase Activity during Acute Hepatic Failure in the Rat: A Possible Cause of Encephalopathy and Cerebral Oedema

H. L. Reid; G. O. Obi; J. M. Oli, 1984:
Reduced erythrocyte deformability and hyperfibrinogenemia in Nigerian diabetics with hemolgobin genotype HbAA

E. Mittelholzer; R. Muggli, 1984:
Reduced increase and accelerated decrease of cytosolic free Ca2+ in thrombin stimulated human platelets after treatment with the phosphodiesterase inhibitor Ro 15-2041

Violet, B. Haas, 1984:
Reduced order state estimation for linear systems with exact measurements

Preedy, V R.; Garlick, P J., 1984:
Reduced rates of muscle protein synthesis during tail-vein infusion of rats

Maria, F. Ebel; M. Schmid; H. Ebel; A. Vogel, 1984:
Reduced thickness of contamination layers determined from C 1s- and CKVV-lines

Judson Mills; Faye, Z. Belgrave; Kathy, M. Boyer, 1984:
Reducing Avoidance of Social Interaction with a Physically Disabled Person by Mentioning the Disability Following a Request for Aid

Markowski, G R., 1984:
Reducing Blowoff in Cascade Impactor Measurements

Jason, L; Rooney-Rebeck, P, 1984:
Reducing Excessive Television Viewing

Robert, A. Reber; Jerry, A. Wallin; Jagdeep, S. Chhokar, 1984:
Reducing Industrial Accidents: A Behavioral Experiment

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Reducing Student Attrition: A Practical Approach

Reese, R.Matthew; Sherman, J A.; Sheldon, J, 1984:
Reducing agitatedDisruptive behavior of mentally retarded residents of community group homes: The role of self-recording and peer-prompted self-recording

Paul, H. Mehne, 1984:
Reducing risks in exploratory chemical research at high pressures and temperatures

Gary, J. Gaeth; James Shanteau, 1984:
Reducing the influence of irrelevant information on experienced decision makers

O'Neil, A.G.B., 1984:
Reducing the risks and workload associated with urinary catheterization

M. Faith Mitchell, 1984:
Reducing the risks of teenage pregnancy

Riley, M W, 1984:
Reducing information overload in the teaching of pharmacology

O. Korkala; J. Kytömaa, 1984:
Reduction and fixation of late diagnosed lower cervical spine dislocations using the daab plate

Swinburn, C. R.; Wakefield, J. M.; Newman, S. P.; Jones, P. W., 1984:
Reduction in Depression Scores Are Appropriate to Objective Improvement in Patients with C.O.A.D. Treated with Oral Corticosteroids. No Evidence for Steroid Euphoria

N. V. Kruglova; R. Kh. Freidlina, 1984:
Reduction of 1,1,1-trichloroethane and its addition to 1-heptene initiated by tert-butyl peroxide or Fe(CO)5in the presence of triethylsilane

Ohnishi, K; Nakayama, T; Nomura, F; Koen, H; Okuda, K, 1984:
Reduction of Portal Vein Pressure with the Enlargement of Portal-Systemic Shunts

O. V. Gazeeva; É. Sh. Telyakov; M. G. Ibragimov; A. A. Lebedeva, 1984:
Reduction of energy costs in distillation of close-boiling mixtures

Klouda, K; Pošta, Aín; Dědek, Václav, 1984:
Reduction of fluorographite with lithium tetrahydridoaluminate

Nose, A; Kudo, T, 1984:
Reduction of heterocyclic compounds. II. Reduction of heterocyclic compounds with sodium borohydride-transition metal salt systems

P.J. Mayne, 1984:
Reduction of iridium in solution

Y.K. Rao; S.K. El-Rahaiby, 1984:
Reduction of lead sulfide with COCO2N2 gas mixtures in the presence of lime

T. I. Davidenko; I. I. Kotlyar; G. I. Bondarenko; V. M. Kabanov; A. S. Yavorskii, 1984:
Reduction of nitro derivatives of 1,2-dihydro-3H-1,4-benzdiazepin-2-ones by immobilized cells ofE. coli

E. Ts. Chukovskaya; N. A. Kuz'mina; N. V. Blinova; R. Kh. Freidlina, 1984:
Reduction of polychloroalkanes and polychloroalkenes with a CCl3group by silicon hydrides in the presence of metal carbonyls

J. Konstantatos; E. Vrachnou-Astra; D. Katakis, 1984:
Reduction of pyruvate by titanium(III)

I. M. Zaks; E. V. Polunin; A. M. Moiseenkov, 1984:
Reduction of several thiolene 1,1-dioxides by lithium in liquid ammonia

V. G. Tazetdinov; E. I. Yankin; A. A. Ivanyushin, 1984:
Reduction of steepness-of-head characteristics of a multistage centrifugal pump

Yu. V. Plastinin; A. S. Terekhin; Kh. Ya. Step; I. M. Bazhanov, 1984:
Reduction of the noise of air distributors

E. G. Klimchuk; B. N. Shelimov; V. B. Kazanskii, 1984:
Reduction of vanadium silicate catalysts by monohydrogen

V.M. Fernández; R. Aguirre; E.C. Hatchikian, 1984:
Reductive activation and redox properties of hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio gigas

Sakamoto, T; Nagata, H; Kondo, Y; Sato, K; Yamanaka, H, 1984:
Reductive amination of ethynylpyridines with sodium cyanoborohydride

G.M. Klečka; S.J. Gonsior, 1984:
Reductive dechlorination of chlorinated methanes and ethanes by reduced iron (II) porphyrins

Jane, M. Abbott; Oktay Erbatur; Alec, F. Gaines, 1984:
Reductive ethylation in ethereal solvents

Mary Midgley, 1984:
Reductivism, Fatalism and Sociobiology

Abby, Z. Israels, 1984:
Redundancy analysis for qualitative variables

Rider, C., 1984:
Reevaluating Economic Education: Principles of Economics Texts

Hans, G. Bolander; Göran Wahlström; Lennart Norberg, 1984:
Reevaluation of Potency and Pharmacokinetic Properties of some Lipid-soluble Barbiturates with an EEG-threshoJd Method

John Wilbanks; Peter Scardino; James Easley; Robert McLaurin Jr., 1984:
Reexamination of the role of turp in disseminating prostatic CA

Ford, D H., 1984:
Reexamining guiding assumptions: Theoretical and methodological implications

Hartmann, W H., 1984:
Reference Citation Accuracy

Sabban, Y., 1984:
Reference Group in the Analysis of Nonparallel Regression Lines

Shedlock, J, 1984:
Reference Specializations

Rana, N.S. Sodhi; C.E. Brion, 1984:
Reference energies for inner shell electron energy-loss spectroscopy

Santica Marcovina; Michelangelo Murone; Francesco Dati; Hugo Pfeil, 1984:
Reference values for α-amylase activity in serum and urine by a new chromogenic amylase method

Rod Bertolet, 1984:
Reference, Fiction, and Fictions

R. Louis, 1984:
References and reviews in brief

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Referencing and bias in social interaction

Auer, J.C.P., 1984:
Referential problems in conversation

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Referenzbereiche für Serum-Konzentrationen des humanen plazentaren Lactogens und des Östriols von Frauen mit Zwillingsschwangerschaften

Henkel, E.; Lorentz, K., 1984:
Referenzwerte für α-Amylasebestimmungen im Urin

B. P. Moon, 1984:
Refinement of a technique for determining rock mass strength for geomorphological purposes

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Refinements in the application of modified Burlin-Horowitz general cavity theory to cobalt-60 thermoluminescence dosimetry

Philipson, W. R.; Duggin, M. J., 1984:
Reflectance calculations with a pocket computer

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Reflectance characteristics of uniform Earth and cloud surfaces derived from NIMBUS-7 ERB

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Reflecting interactions among personality items: Meehl's paradox revisited

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Reflection and scatter formula for anisotropically turbulent air

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Reflection of a weak shock wave from a perforated plug

Cane, M A.; Gent, P R., 1984:
Reflection of low-frequency equatorial waves at arbitrary western boundaries

John Grue; Enok Palm, 1984:
Reflection of surface waves by submerged cylinders

Nobuyuki Ichida; Takuso Sato; Hirohide Miwa; Yutaka Igarashi, 1984:
Reflection-type imaging of two new parameters of nonlinear interaction

Lear, T. E., 1984:
Reflections A Group-Analytic Experience in Mexico

David, J. Rose; Hiroaki Wakabayashi, 1984:
Reflections about nuclear power for the Asia-Pacific region

Meherji, P. Mehta, 1984:
Reflections in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

Enid Martus Snidman, 1984:
Reflections of a Humorist Therapist

Anne Murcott, 1984:
Reflections of a Woman Anthropologist: No Hiding Place (Book)

Schlotter, P., 1984:
Reflections on European Security 2000

Philo, C, 1984:
Reflections on Gunnar Olsson's Contribution to the Discourse of Contemporary Human Geography

Purdue, G F., 1984:
Reflections on Modern Burn Care

Lemkau, J Parr, 1984:
Reflections on Selflessness in the Lives of Women

O'hara, M. M., 1984:
Reflections on Sheldrake, Wilber, and "New Scienc"

Linke, R.D., 1984:
Reflections on environmental education: past development and future concepts

Strong, S R., 1984:
Reflections on human nature, science, and progress in counseling psychology

Pacht, A R., 1984:
Reflections on perfection

Erwin Singer, 1984:
Reflections on sexual differences in creative productivity

D.J. Morris, 1984:
Reflections on the Byatt Report

Williams, D. I., 1984:
Reflections on the Universities and the National Health Service

Peter Sjøholt, 1984:
Reflections on the Warsaw-Grzegorzewice Conference Regional dynamics of socio-economic change: Experiences and prospects in Europe and Latin-America

Sue, L. Josse; Bruce, A. Finlayson, 1984:
Reflections on the numerical viscoelastic flow problem

Watkins, C. Edward, 1984:
Reflections on the roles and functions of counseling psychologists

Henry, I. Miller, 1984:
Reflections on the troglodyte frieze

Schorlemer, V, 1984:
Reflections: A Mother's and Son's Struggle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Sandison, R, 1984:
Reflections: Thoughts on Working with Priests and Religious in Groups

Grotjahn, M, 1984:
Reflections: Don't Treat!

Amanda Stroud, 1984:
Reflective groups: their value to parents of children with handicaps

Contini, D.; Marchand, D.; Thierry, J., 1984:
Reflexions sur la notion de genre et de sous-genre chez les Ammonites; exemples pris essentiellement dans le Jurassique moyen

Richard, L. Gordon, 1984:
Reforming regulation of electric utilities in the USA Priorities for the 1980s

M. P. Lisitsa; A. V. Stolyarenko; S. F. Terekhova; N. A. Onishchenko, 1984:
Refraction Index Variation in the Exciton Resonance of CdS and TlInS2 Single Crystals under Laser Excitation

S.W. Smith; G.E. Trahey; O.T. von Ramm, 1984:
Refraction correction for ultrasonic imaging through tissue layers

J. Locke; C.A. Hayes, 1984:
Refractive index variations across glass objects and the influence of annealing

M. T. Bannikov; R. N. Fridman, 1984:
Refrigerating equipment for the Scientific and Production Association PENZKhIMMASh

L. L. Genin; N. S. Berseneva; I. Ya. Kletsel', 1984:
Refrigerating machines for drying compressed air

I. K. Savitskii; V. V. Katerukhin; I. A. Smoilovskaya, 1984:
Refrigerating plants for ships in the fishing industry

I. M. Kalnin'; A. E. Popov; D. L. Slavutskii; B. L. Tsirlin, 1984:
Refrigeration compressors based on housing TP5

S. Nowotny, 1984:
Refrigeration of perishable products for distant markets. Herausgegeben vom International Institute of Refrigeration. Tagungsbericht der Kommissionen C2, D1, D2 und D3 vom 26. bis 29. 1. 1982 in Hamilton, Neuseeland. 461 Seiten. International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris 1983. Preis: 160 FF

Lewis, A. Coser, 1984:
Refugee intellectuals

David Green, 1984:
Refundable Health Vouchers and Taxation

Tuchel, R.; Weithmann, H.; Pfeiffer, U.; Eichmeier, J.; Blümel, G., 1984:
Regelung physiologischer Parameter durch rechnergesteuerte Infusion

Bergeler, J.; Hutten, H.; Beyer, J.; Hohleweg, F., 1984:
Regelungstechnische Aspekte der mikrorechnergesteuerten Diabeteseinstellung

Mamoru Kanzaki, 1984:
Regeneration in subalpine coniferous forests

Tadashi Umehara; J. M. Smith, 1984:
Regeneration of carbon containing sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonatecyclic regeneration with steam in fluidized beds

Z. Lodin; J. Faltin; V. Fleischmannová; J. Hartman; H. Ueberberg, 1984:
Regeneration of cellular membranes and binding of lectins on sugar components during reaggregation of brain cellsin vitro

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Regeneration of cleaning units of medium- and high-pressure air separators without heating

D. M. Jones, 1984:
Regent's Park

Zupančič, Nša; Zupan, M; Šket, B, 1984:
Regio and stereospecifity of solvent photoaddition to 5-fluorouracil and 1,3-dimethyl-5-fluorouracil

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Region of Durham Experiences in Pricing and Water Conservation

Philip Cooke, 1984:
Region, class and gender: A European comparison

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Regional Cerebral Blood Flow, Blood Volume and Oxygen Utilisation in Occlusive Carotid Artery Disease: Evaluation of Perfusion Reserve

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Regional Coal-Mining Employment in the United States from 1985 to 2000

Kurihara, H, 1984:
Regional Development Policy under FRANCO Regime in Spain

Lever, W.F., 1984:
Regional Economies and Industrial Systems

Peter, A. Wood, 1984:
Regional Industrial Development

Carolyn Hall, 1984:
Regional Inequalities in Well-Being in Costa Rica

Roger, W. Stump, 1984:
Regional Migration and Religious Commitment in the United States

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Regional O-, Sr-, and Pb-isotope relationships in late Cenozoic calc-alkaline lavas of the Andean Cordillera

J H McEnery, 1984:
Regional Policy: Only Half-way Towards Sanity

Brudin, L.; Valind, S. O.; Rhodes, C. G.; Suzuki, T.; Barnes, P.J.; Hughes, J.M.B.; Buckingham, P.D., 1984:
Regional Ventilation Perfusion Ratio and Specific Ventilation in Asthmatics Using Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

Gordon, L. Clark; Takatoshi Tabuchi, 1984:
Regional Wage and Price Dynamics

Koichi Mori; Seiichiro Fujita; Kenji Kawaguchi; Daisuke Furutsuka; Sakae Yamagami; Yukio Kawakita, 1984:
Regional and Developmental Heterogeneities of Central Muscarinic Receptor and Its Deviated Maturation in El Mouse

G. Mathys; I.M. Smith, 1984:
Regional and Global Plant Quarantine Strategies with Special References to Developments within EPPO

Edward, D. O'Donnell, 1984:
Regional clinical microbiology associations

Gary, V. Doern, 1984:
Regional clinical microbiology societies

T.R. Lakshmanan; W. Anderson; M. Jourabchi, 1984:
Regional dimensions of factor and fuel substitution in U.S. manufacturing

Kanazawa, I; Ogawa, T; Kimura, S; Munekata, E, 1984:
Regional distribution of substance P, neurokinin α and neurokinin β in rat central nervous system

Zimmermann, K, 1984:
Regional effects of the pollution control industry in the Federal Republic of Germany

Oscar Fisch, 1984:
Regional income inequality and economic development

Marsh, J G.; Cheney, R E.; McCarthy, J J.; Martin, T V., 1984:
Regional mean sea surfaces based on GEOS3 and SEASAT altimeter data

Lodve Stangeland; Ketil Grong; Jon Lekven, 1984:
Regional myocardial tissue blood flow during β-adrenergic blockade in cat hearts with acute ischaemia

Alan Wearing, 1984:
Regional news

Steven, M. Drance, 1984:
Regional optic nerve blood flow and its autoregulation: by J.M., Weinstein, R.B. Duckrow, D. Beard and R.W. Brennan. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 24:15591565, 1983

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Regional planning in the U.S.S.R.: Methodological principles and practice

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Regional policy and management jobs: the locational behaviour of corporate headquarters in West Germany

Walter, E. Hecox, 1984:
Regional resource management techniques: The case of Colorado oil shale development

J. Qian, 1984:
Regional study of the anomalous change in apparent resistivity before the Tangshan earthquake (M=7.8, 1976) in China

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