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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 61857

Chapter 61857 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yahya, M. Abolkhair, 1986:
An Evaluation of the Multivariate Structural Geomorphic Build-up System of the Alluvial Fans in Death Valley, USA

Schilit, W. K., 1986:
An Examination of Individual Differences as Moderators of Upward Influence Activity in Strategic Decisions

Mather, N.; Burch, M., 1986:
An Examination of Woodcock-Johnson Suppressor Effects With Learning-Disabled and Gifted Subjects

William, H. Angoff and William, R. Cowell, 1986:
An Examination of the Assumption That the Equating of Parallel Forms Is Population-Independent

Jones, D. M.; Rowland, S. J.; Douglas, A. G.; Howells, S., 1986:
An Examination of the Fate of Nigerian Crude Oil in Surface Sediments of the Humber Estuary by Gas Chromatography and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Jones, M, 1986:
An Examination of the Lifestyle of Residents of a Group Home

Scarrow, J. A.; Gosling, R. C., 1986:
An Example of Rotary Core Drilling in Soils

Angermeier, W. F.; McLean, J.; Minvielle, D.; Grue, C., 1986:
An Experimental Analysis of Operant Learning in the Parakeet

Peter Tarian; Birinder Boveja; Donald Cohen; Thomas Joubert; Eileen Zalewski, 1986:
An Experimental Device for Low-Energy, Precise Ablation of AV Conduction : Appareil Exprimental Basse nergie pour la Fulguration Prcise du Faisceau de Conduction A-V

Li, G-Qing; Kung, R; Pfeffer, R L., 1986:
An Experimental Study of Baroclinic Flows with and without Two-Wave Bottom Topography

Evans, K. A.; Payne, D. A., 1986:
An Experimental Study of the Relationship between Hemispheric Dominance and the Effectiveness of Instructional Processes

Skaggs, G.; Lissitz, R. W., 1986:
An Exploration of the Robustness of Four Test Equating Models

Van Deusen, J; Kiernat, J M., 1986:
An Exploration of the Rocking Chair as a Means of Relaxation

James, W. Fredrickson, 1986:
An Exploratory Approach to Measuring Perceptions of Strategic Decision Process Constructs

H. Niki; P. D. Maker; C. M. Savage; L. P. Breitenbach; M. D. Hurley, 1986:
An FTIR spectroscopic study of the kinetics and mechanism for the NO2-initiated oxidation of tetramethyl ethylene at 298 K

N.F. Kirkby; N.K.H. Slater; K.H. Weisenberger; F. Addo-Yobo; D. Doulia, 1986:
An HPLC technique for parameter estimation for reversed-phase chromatography: a case study on cephalosporin C

Pawson, M, 1986:
An Holistic Approach to Infertility

R. Klauser; W. Spieß; A.M. Bradshaw; B.E. Hayden, 1986 :
An IR reflection-absorption study of the CO/Ni(100) adsorption system

Johnson, K W.; Holsapple, M P.; Munson, A E., 1986:
An Immunotoxicological Evaluation of -Chlordane

Stern, E, 1986:
An Implementation-Scheduling Model for Urban Development Projects

Dave, P; Byun, H-Sup; Engel, R, 1986:
An Improved Direct Oxidation of Alkyl Halides to Aldehydes

Costello, A T.; Milner, D J., 1986:
An Improved Method Forthe Conversion Ofcertain Aromatic Carboxylic Acids into Benzylic Chlorides

Wuts, P G. M.; Callen, G R., 1986:
An Improved Procedure for the Cr(II) Mediated Homoallylic Alcohol Synthesis

Gow, I F; Corrie, J E T; Williams, B C; Edwards, C R W, 1986:
An Improved Radioimmunoassay for Serotonin

Kraus, G A.; Man, T On, 1986:
An Improved Reductive Methylation Procedure for Quinones

Padmapriya, A A.; Wang, Z-Yuan; Just, G, 1986:
An Improved Synthesis of 4-Hydroxypropranolol

Boudjouk, P; Ohrbom, W H.; Woell, J B., 1986:
An Improved Synthesis of Hexamethylphenalene

Brouwer, A C.; Van Leusen, A M., 1986:
An Improved Synthesis of Trimethylsilylmethyl Isocyanide

Ritz, L; Kruskall, M S., 1986:
An Improved Urine Hemosiderin Procedure Using Cytocentrifugation

Smith, M B., 1986:
An Improved, Preparative Route to Phenyl Vinyl Sulfide Via Phase Transfer Catalysis

Yokoyama, H; Segami, A, 1986:
An Improvement of the Vertical Interpolation Method for the Initial Field of a Regional Model

England, W. A., 1986:
An In Situ X-Ray Small Angle Scattering Study of Soot Morphology in Flames

Donald Weeden, A Bennett, D Lauro and Mechai Viravaidya, 1986:
An Incentives Program to Increase Contraceptive Prevalence in Rural Thailand

Gerald, R. Salancik, 1986:
An Index of Subgroup Influence in Dependency Networks

Wilczak, J M.; Phillips, M Sue, 1986:
An Indirect Estimation of Convective Boundary Layer Structure for Use in Pollution Dispersion Models

Nelson, G; Patonay, G; Warner, I, 1986:
An Inexpensive Intelligent Interface for Coupling a Pra Fluorescence Lifetime Instrument to a Microvax II

Keaney, N.P.; Allan, W.; Wright, F.H.; Williams, E.D., 1986:
An Inexpensive Triggered Nebuliser for Testing Bronchial Hypersensitivity

Nevin, E. Longenecker and Steve Longenecker, 1986:
An Inexpensive Variable Speed Treadmill to Measure Physiological Effects of Exercise on Laboratory Mice

Avasthy, N.; Dandona, P., 1986:
An Inhibitor of Insulin in Human Serum

Sutton, P M., 1986:
An Insider's Comparison of a Major Family Therapy Doctoral Program and a Leading Nondegree Family Therapy Training Center

P. C. Chu, 1986:
An Instability Theory of Ice-Air Interaction For the Migration of the Marginal Ice Zone

Adelman, H. S.; Smith, D. C.; Nelson, P.; Taylor, L.; Phares, V., 1986:
An Instrument to Assess Students' Perceived Control at School

Taigbenu, A; Liggett, J A., 1986:
An Integral Solution for the Diffusion-Advection Equation

Prastacos, P, 1986:
An Integrated Land-Use-Transportation Model for the San Francisco Region: 2. Empirical Estimation and Results

Masuda, Y; Ohnishi, H, 1986:
An Integration Scheme of the Primitive Equation Model with an Icosahedral-Hexagonal Grid System and its Application to the Shallow Water Equations

Dalal, A K.; Singh, R, 1986:
An Integration Theoretical Analysis of Expected Job Attractiveness and Satisfaction

Tripoli, G J.; Cotton, W R., 1986:
An Intense, Quasi-Steady Thunderstorm over Mountainous Terrain. Part IV: Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation

Kaslow, F, 1986:
An Intensive Training Experience

Jae Wan Chung and Dookyung Kim, 1986:
An Interactive Causal Analysis of Price Dynamics: A Case Study of Korea

Hiraki, T, 1986:
An Intercomparison Study of Global Forecasts with JMA and BMRC Models

Seibold, E, 1986:
An International Network for the Universities

Kroger, J. Stephen, 1986:
An Internist's View of the Physician's Office Laboratory: New Opportunities, New Challenges, and New Responsibilities

T.R. Young, 1986:
An Interpretive Review

Seife, M, 1986:
An Introduction and Then Some: Presentation

Gentry, D L., 1986:
An Introduction to Brief Strategic Therapy Supervision

M.E. Popescu, 1986:
An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering

Fensom, A. H., 1986:
An Introduction to Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Young, I D, 1986:
An Introduction to Recombinant DNA

Cameron, R. J., 1986:
An Introduction to a series of papers on Curriculum Management

Mellett, P.G., 1986:
An Introduction to the Psychotherapies

K. E. Bullen; B. A. Bolt, 1986:
An Introduction to the Theory of Seismology, 4th Edn

Lovatt, H.; Buckton, G., 1986:
An Introductory Assessment of Homoeopathy

Guoqiang Wei; Mianhong Wu; Chiping Chen; G.F. Micheletti, 1986:
An Investigation Into the Ability of Correcting Error in ECH

Howden, C W; Beastall, G H; Reid, J L, 1986:
An Investigation into the Effects of Omeprazole on Renal Tubular Function and Endocrine Function in Man

Wibberley, L. J.; Wall, T. F., 1986:
An Investigation of Factors Affecting the Physical Characteristics of Flyash Formed in a Laboratory Scale Combustor

N. Ueda; T. Matsuo; T. Hoshi, 1986:
An Investigation of some Shear Angle Theories

Diebold, M.; Simpson, R., 1986:
An Investigation of the Effect of Due Process Hearing Officer Occupation on Placement Decisions

Dunn, T., 1986:
An Investigation of the Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of the Stillwater Complex

Gerald, S. Vigee; Charles, L. Watkins, 1986:
An Investigation of the Stereochemistry of some Nickel(II) Tetraamines in Acetonitrile Solution

Vasiloff, S V.; Brandes, E A.; Davies-Jones, R P.; Ray, P S., 1986:
An Investigation of the Transition from Multicell to Supercell Storms

Ramasarma, T., 1986:
An Iron-Messenger System - A Hypothesis

Cramer, D., 1986:
An Item Factor Analysis of the Original Relationship Inventory

Cramer, D, 1986:
An Item Factor Analysis of the Revised Barrett-Lennard Relationship Inventory

M. Cummings; D.L. Mayer; R.M. Hansen; A.B. Fulton, 1986:
An LED perimetric method to study peripheral vision of infants and children

McDonald, P.J.; Barker, G.J.; Clough, S.; Green, R.M.; Horsewill, A.J., 1986:
An N.M.R. investigation of tunnelling sidebands in dimethyl sulphide, 2-pentanone, 2-hexanone and 2-heptanone using double sideband irradiation

J. Kevin Nugent; Joel Hoffman; T. Berry Brazelton, 1986:
An NBAS-based intervention with full term LBW infants

Mcwilliams, J C.; Owens, W. Brechner; Hua, B. Lien, 1986:
An Objective Analysis of the POLYMODE Local Dynamics Experiment. Part I: General Formalism and Statistical Model Selection

Rodrigues, E.A.; Kohli, R.S.; Lahiri, A.; Raftery, E.B., 1986:
An Objective Evaluation of Carvedilol, a New Vasodilating Beta Blocker, in Angina Pectoris

Kanaya, T, 1986:
An Observational Analysis of Wave Activities in Different General Circulation Regimes for 1982 Summer

Kazadi, S-Ngoie, 1986:
An Observational Study of Tropical Large-Scale Fields: Part I: Statistical Analyses of the Wind Components, Geopotential Height and Temperature

Marilyn Di Stefano, 1986:
An Occupational Therapy Pre-Dialysis Functional Assessment

Seleen, D. R., 1986:
An Older Woman's Health Guide

Bader, J-P; Modigliani, R; Soule, J C; Delchier, J C; Morin, T; Pariente, E A; Bitoun, A; Rotenberg, A; Blanchi, A, 1986:
An Open Trial of Omeprazole in Short-Term Treatment of Duodenal Ulcer

Greenberg, J. B.; Alibagli, D.; Tambour, Y., 1986:
An Opposed Jet Quasi-Monodisperse Spray Diffusion Flame

Pozzi, M; Peck, N, 1986:
An Option for the Patient with Chronic Osteomyelitis

Szczurek, A.; Lorenz, K., 1986:
An Organic Semiconductor as Gas Detector

Cocchetto, D M., 1986:
An Orientation Program for New Clinical Trial Monitors

Chatterjee, D. S., 1986:
An Outbreak of Shipyard Eye in a Car FactoryA Diagnostic Dilemma

Lambert, B. W., 1986:
An Outline of Ophthalmology

Campbell, R J., 1986:
An Overdose of Peer Review?

Dr, D. Ian Smith, 1986:
An Overview of Australian Screening Research

Lifshitz, M S., 1986:
An Overview of Equipment for the Physician's Office Laboratory

Krueger, R F., 1986:
An Overview of Formation Damage and Well Productivity in Oilfield Operations

Lee, C. C.; Huffman, G L.; Oberacker, D A., 1986:
An Overview of Hazardous/Toxic Waste Incineration

Brucki, H L., 1986:
An Overview of Incest with Suggestions for Occupational Therapy Treatment

R. Hocken; G. Morris, 1986:
An Overview of Off-Line Robot Programming Systems

Nagel, S, 1986:
An Overview of the Policy Studies Literature:

Bowcock, A.M.; Kavathas, P.; Margolskee, R. F.; Herzenberg, L.; Cavalli-Sforza, L. L., 1986:
An RFLP associated with pcDLen214, a human T-cell differentiation antigen CD8 (Leu2) cDNA mapped to 2p12

C. Canali; F. Fantini; M. Giannini; A. Senin; M. Vanzi; E. Zanoni, 1986:
An SEM based system for a complete characterization of latch-up in CMOS integrated circuits

C. Weber; E. Sigmund; M. Wagner, 1986:
An Unconventional Jahn-Teller Phenomenon in a Valency-Mixing Surrounding

Taff, M L.; Wolodzko, A A.; Taff, M L.; Ratanaproeska, O; Spitz, W U., 1986:
An Unusual Case of Compression Asphyxia and Somethering

Barlas, C.; Kalayci, G.; Onursal, E.; Bedirhan, M. A., 1986:
An Unusual Foreign Body in Pulmonary Artery A Case Report

Naujokat, B, 1986:
An Update of the Observed Quasi-Biennial Oscillation of the Stratospheric Winds over the Tropics

Wang, C; Sun, N-Zheng; Yeh, W W-G., 1986:
An Upstream Weight Multiple-Cell Balance Finite-Element Method for Solving Three-Dimensional Convection-Dispersion Equations

David Foot, 1986:
An Urban Miscellany

Dr. F. Pechar; G. Mattern, 1986:
An X-ray Diffraction Refinement of the Crystal Structure of Natural Stellerite, Ca(Al8Si28)O72 28 H2O

Mohanlal, S. K.; Padiyan, D. Pathinettam, 1986:
An X-ray analysis of anomalous dispersion effects, anharmonicity and thermal vibrations in gallium phosphide

M. Bowker, 1986:
An XPS investigation of the chloridation of Ag(110)

Michael Falk; Henryk, T. Flakus; Russell, J. Boyd, 1986:
An ab initio SCF calculation of the effect of water-anion and water-cation interactions on the vibrational frequencies of water

Almon, G. Turner, 1986:
An ab initio study of valence isomerization in the HOCl-HClO system

D. A. Timoshenko; O. Ya. Bokser, 1986:
An accessory for the dynamometer to evaluate and record the muscular endurance index

J.A.R. Keus, 1986:
An accidental human trial of recombinant vaccinia virus: A step towards acceptance of live recombinant vaccines?

V. M. Koval'zon; V. N. Kalikhevich; S. I. Churkina, 1986:
An active analog of inactive sleep peptide

Prabir, K. Chaudhuri; Raghunath, S. Thakur, 1986:
An acylated flavone apigenin 7-O-b-D-(4-cis-p-coumaroyl)glucoside from Echinops echinatus

Hodgkiss, W.; Alexandrou, D., 1986:
An adaptive algorithm for array processing

Jerome R Busemeyer; Kenneth N Swenson; Alejandro Lazarte, 1986:
An adaptive approach to resource allocation

V. G. Gourishankar; L. Trybus; R. E. Rink, 1986:
An adaptive filter for dynamic positioning

Shibuya, K; Kaminuma, K, 1986:
An aeromagnetic survey around Syowa station, East Antarctica

A.J. Mortimer, 1986:
An airtight seal between facemask and beard

Alfred, L. Brophy, 1986:
An algorithm and program for calculation of Kendalls rank correlation coefficient

John Haselgrove; Manfred Prammer, 1986:
An algorithm for compensation of surface-coil images for sensitivity of the surface coil

Hiroumi Saito; Jun-Ichi Toyoda, 1986:
An algorithm for detecting the line containing a specified swing mode

Leonard, F. M. Scinto, B. Diane Barnette, 1986:
An algorithm for determining clusters, pairs or singletons in eye-movement scan-path records

Suzuki, Y.; Chiba, T., 1986:
An algorithm for pattern synthesis improvement

Campbell, E S.; Mezei, M, 1986:
An algorithm for the calculation of the net induction energy and induced multipole tensors in a set of charge distributions with non-linear contributions of all potentials of external fields and both permanent and induced multipoles

Tassan, S.; Sturm, R., 1986:
An algorithm for the retrieval of sediment content in turbid coastal waters from CZCS data

Anna Nagurney, 1986:
An algorithm for the single commodity spatial price equilibrium problem

Tadayoshi Nakayama; Shigeki Yokoi; Jun-ichiro Toriwaki, 1986:
An algorithm to perform the rank filter and its applications

J Moult; M N G James, 1986:
An algorithm which predicts the conformation of short lengths of chain in proteins

David, D. Devore; Eric, A. Maatta; Fusao Takusagawa, 1986:
An alkyne derivative of an organoimido molybdenum(IV) complex: molecular structure of the acetone hemi-solvate of bis(diethyldithiocarbamato)-dimethylacetylenedicarboxylate(p-tolylimido)molybdenum(IV), Mo(Ntol)(DMAC)-(S2CNEt2)2 1/2Me2CO

Flor Herrera; Francois Franceschi; Reina Zambrano; Magnolia Alvarado, 1986:
An altered ribosomal protein in an edeine-resistant mutant ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Hanumara, R., 1986:
An alternate derivation of the distribution of the conditioned signal-to-noise ratio

Nelson, J. Bradley, 1986:
An alternate derivation of the threedimensional Hilbert transform relations from first principles

Yat Keung Chu; Ching Y Suen, 1986:
An alternate smoothing and stripping algorithm for thinning digital binary patterns

B. Singh; P.K. Agarwal, 1986:
An alternating direction implicit method for magnetohydrodynamic heat transfer in cylindrical geometry with discontinuity in wall temperature

Edward, J. Opatken, 1986:
An alternative RBC design-second order kinetics

Vesa Perhoniemi; Hannu Salo; Stig Sundberg, 1986:
An alternative method for calculating changes in arterial calf blood flow at rest

D'Souza, M; Venkataramanan, R; D'Mello, A; Niphadkar, P, 1986:
An alternative prodrug approach for reducing presystemic metabolism of drugs

P. Fritsch, 1986:
An alternative view

Elton, M. Squyres, 1986:
An alternative view of the spouse of the therapist

Shanahan, T; Lomax, R G., 1986:
An analysis and comparison of theoretical models of the readingwriting relationship

Humphreys, L G., 1986:
An analysis and evaluation of test and item bias in the prediction context

M. Ceschia; R. Garfagnini; A. Lavenia; E. Toppano, 1986:
An analysis by ARMA stochastic processes of the daily average temperatures collected during 1984 in Udine and Lignano Sabbiadoro

Bartolomeo Lercari; Francesco Sodi; Massimo Biagioni, 1986:
An analysis of UV-A effects of phytochrome-mediated induction of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in the cotyledons of Lycopersicon esculentum mill

Richards, B., 1986:
An analysis of YES/NO questions in input and their relationship with rate of auxiliary verb development in young children

M.H. Johnson; G. Horn, 1986:
An analysis of a predisposition in the domestic chick

Donna, L. Gresh; Paul, A. Rosen; G. Leonard Tyler; Jack, J. Lissauer, 1986:
An analysis of bending waves in Saturn's rings using voyager radio occultation data

Lederhaus, M Ann; Paulson, S K., 1986:
An analysis of dyadic dominance in family decisionmaking among older adults

Albert Mehrabian; Shan L Friedman, 1986:
An analysis of fidgeting and associated individual differences

Howard, A. Garcia, 1986:
An analysis of flare properties by observed temperature and emission measure profiles

Chase, D Anne, 1986:
An analysis of human figure and kinetic family drawings of sexually abused children an adolescents

Mahdjoubi, K.; Terret, C., 1986:
An analysis of piecewise homogeneous dielectric rod antennas

Frederick, S. Elett; David, P. Ericson, 1986:
An analysis of probabilistic causation in dichotomous structures

J. Lemonds; A. Needleman, 1986:
An analysis of shear band development incorporating heat conduction

H. W. Haynes Jr., 1986:
An analysis of sorption heat effects in the pulse gas chromatography diffusion experiment

Jincai Ding; Xinzhang Tang, 1986:
An analysis of the causes of meandering tracks of typhoons

I.N. Ibeh; Y.S. Izuagbe, 1986:
An analysis of the microflora of broken eggs used in confectionery products in Negeria and the occurrence of enterotoxigenic Gram-negative bacteria

Franklyn Morgan; Peter, C. Kratcoski, 1986:
An analysis of the victim-offender relationship in homicide cases

J.S. Kaastra, 1986:
An analytic model for solar flare development

B. G. Sanderson; A. Okubo, 1986:
An analytical calculation of two-dimensional dispersion

Stephen, L.M. Hockaday; Alypios Chatziioanou, 1986:
An analytical method for aircraft collision risk estimation

Farrell, J E., 1986:
An analytical method for predicting perceived flicker

N. Sarafianos, 1986:
An analytical method of calculating variable diffusion coefficients

V. C. Boffi; G. Spiga, 1986:
An analytical study of space-dependent evolution problems in particle transport theory

Park, M Chul, 1986:
An anatomic study of the radial collateral branch of deep brachial artery

Lee Ki-baik, 1986:
An ancient and distinctive culture

Brian, J. Curtin, 1986:
An animal model of myopia: by E. Raviola, and T.N. Wiesel, N Engl J Med 312:16091615, 1985

Manning, R., 1986:
An anisotropic turbulence model for wave propagation near the surface of the Earth

Mark Noel, 1986:
An anomalous detrital sediment magnetization

É. A. Mistryukov; I. K. Korshevets, 1986:
An anomalous reaction of tert-butylvinyl and neopentylvinyl halides with lithium

Ferdinand, E. Banks, 1986:
An answer to a question posed by Professor Walter Goldstein

M. Otwinowski; R. Paul; J. Tuszynski, 1986:
An answer to the question: Is the arterial pulse a soliton?

Blair, O. Rogers, 1986:
An anthology of plastic surgery

Richard Hawkes, 1986:
An antigenic map of cerebellar topography

A. S. Breeze, 1986:
An antimicrobial removal device as an alternative to membrane filtration in the sterility testing of antibiotics

G. M. Andrei; J. S. Lampuri; C. E. Coto; R. A. de Torres, 1986:
An antiviral factor fromMelia azedarachL. prevents Tacaribe virus encephalitis in mice

M. A. Levin; V. V. Serpinskii; T. S. Yakubov; M. B. Gorbunov, 1986:
An apparatus for measuring the equilibrium adsorption of pure H2and D2

Lenell Dukes, 1986:
An apple for the learner

Steven, E. Kaplan; Philip, M.J. Reckers; Kim, D. Reynolds, 1986:
An application of attribution and equity theories to tax evasion behavior

James, R. Carr; Robert, A. Prezbindowski, 1986:
An application of coconditional simulation for petroleum exploration

M. Hayashi; T. Sofuni; M. Sawada; M. Ishidate Jr., 1986:
An application of flow cytometry to the micronucleus test, I. Technical aspects

Agustin Maravall, 1986:
An application of model-based estimation of unobserved components

Jaromír Fessl, 1986:
An application of multivariable self-tuning regulators to drum boiler control

Baker, W.E., 1986:
An application of soil humic substances to geochemical exploration

Anne, F. De Baas; Han Van Dop; Frans, T. M. Nieuwstadt, 1986:
An application of the Langevin equation for inhomogeneous conditions to dispersion in a convective boundary layer

J. Shields; G. Silcock, 1986:
An application of the hierarchical to fire safety

V. F. Cormier, 1986:
An application of the propagator matrix of dynamic ray tracing: The focusing and defocusing of body waves by three-dimensional velocity structure in the source region

Shi Jiuen; Zhou Qinfang; Xiang Jingtian, 1986:
An application of the threshold autoregression procedure to climate analysis and forecasting

Essery, C. I.; Wilcock, D. N., 1986:
An appraisal of SPOT imagery to investigate landuse in the River Main drainage basin, N. Ireland

Nelson, G. S., 1986:
An appreciation of the late G. R. Barnley, M.B.E

Mohan, S., 1986:
An approach for the relative calibration of radar imagery

Wayne, A. Hershberger, 1986:
An approach through the looking-glass

Kiyoshi Ohishi; Takeshi Myooi; Kouhei Ohnishi; Kunio Miyaji, 1986:
An approach to speed control of DC motor with two inertias

Milan Radovanović; Goran Jankes, 1986:
An approach to the use of fixed carbon-volatile matter graph

Vanda Vitali; Ursula, M. Franklin, 1986:
An approach to the use of packaged statistical programs for cluster, classification, and discriminant analysis of trace element data

Ru-Ye, W, 1986:
An approach to tree-classifier design based on a splitting algorithm

Ru-Ye, W, 1986:
An approach to tree-classifier design based on hierarchical clustering

Arie Kapteyn; Heinz Neudecker; Tom Wansbeek, 1986:
An approach ton-mode components analysis

Qiu Jinhuan, 1986:
An approximate expression of the sky radiance in almucantar and its application

Nilima Banerji; Kalyan, K. Sarkar; Asit, K. Das, 1986:
An arabinoxylan from the mucilage of the leaves of Litsea polyantha

C.R.E. de Oliveira, 1986:
An arbitrary geometry finite element method for multigroup neutron transport with anisotropic scattering

Melanie Wallendorf; Daniel Nelson, 1986:
An archaeological examination of ethnic differences in body care rituals

Jo Watson, P, 1986:
An archaeological odyssey

Brookman, J.; O'Riordan, J.; Hendy, G., 1986:
An assay for parathyroid hormone messenger RNA

Charles, W. Gamble; Arthur, G. Hamblin, 1986:
An assessment instrument for identifying counseling needs of elementary-aged students: The multimodal sentence completion form for children (MSCF-C)

Mergenthaler, J L.; Kumer, J B., 1986:
An assessment of OH airglow interference on the remote sensing of stratospheric HC1 via limb sounding in the near-I.R

Saleh, N.; Martlew, V J.; Dawson, D. W., 1986:
An assessment of antenatal iron requirements

Dennis, D. Powell, 1986:
An assessment of attitudes toward police education needs

Mackenzie, W. E.; Ashford, S. M.; McNamara, A.; Elliott, V.; Millar, D.; Innes, M.; Wild, S. R., 1986:
An assessment of combined symphysialfundal height measurements and qualitative amniotic fluid volume for the antenatal detection of intra-uterine growth retardation

Jonathan, F. Bard, 1986:
An assessment of industrial robots: Capabilities, economics, and impacts

Benchimol, N.; Hay, J.E., 1986:
An assessment of the ability of a geostationary satellitebased model to characterize the mesoscale variability of solar irradiance over the lower Fraser Valley

James, H. Peck; Miles, M. Smart, 1986:
An assessment of the aquatic and wetland vegetation of the Upper Mississippi River

Tobin, R. C., 1986:
An assessment of the lithostratigraphic and interpretive value of the traditional "biostratigraphy" of the type Upper Ordovician of North America

R.Scott Tindale; Dennis H Nagao, 1986:
An assessment of the potential utility of scientific jury selection: A thought experiment approach

A. Nakayama; H. Koyama, 1986:
An asymptotic expression for forced convection in non-Newtonian power-law fluids

Jackson, D.; Alexopoulos, N., 1986:
An asymptotic extraction technique for evaluating Sommerfeld-type integrals

Chuang, C., 1986:
An asymptotic result for the diffraction of plane waves propagating along a cylindrically truncated flat surface

Chuang, C., 1986:
An asymptotic solution for currents in the penumbra region with discontinuity in curvature

S.H. Mansouri Ghiassi; Z. Govindarajulu, 1986:
An asymptotically distribution-free test for ordered alternatives in two-way layouts

A. I. Alikov; V. N. Ovcharenko; A. V. Zhulidov; A. A. Rabets, 1986 :
An attachment for grinding the neck journals of large crankshafts

J. Oerlemans, 1986:
An attempt to simulate historic front variations of Nigardsbreen, Norway

Riley, D, 1986:
An audit of obstetric liaison psychiatry in 1984

J. Overbeck; P. Saraga; D. Gardiol, 1986:
An autofluorescence method for the diagnosis of early ischaemic myocardial lesions

Macheras, P.; Koupparis, M.; Tsaprounis, C., 1986:
An automated flow injection-serial dynamic dialysis technique for drug-protein binding studies

S. Cook; R.V. Latham, 1986:
An automated microanalysis technique for measuring variations in microhardness over extended surfaces

Saunders, R. W., 1986:
An automated scheme for the removal of cloud contamination from AVHRR radiances over western Europe

Lowe, A. G.; Walmsley, A. R., 1986:
An automated syringe system for measurements at short reaction times

Antonietti, R; Ferrini, C, 1986:
An automatic method for the measurement of the effect of short stresses on the microbial ATP pool

D.H. Ryan; J.M.D. Coey, 1986:
An automatic thermomanometer for hydrogen absorption and desorption studies on milligram samples

Yoshihiro Shima; Seiji Kashioka; Kanji Kato; Masakazu Ejiri, 1986 :
An automatic visual inspection method for a plastic surface based on image partitioning and gray-level histograms

An autopsied case of 45-year-old man with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

Kanoh, T; Tomita, T; Ohno, T; Uchino, H, 1986:
An autopsy case of multiple myeloma, in which overt symptomatic amyloidosis represented a major problem

Nakano, T; Futagami, Y; Konishi, T; Takezawa, H, 1986:
An autopsy case of primary amyloidosis with huge thrombi in both right and left atrium

Taniguchi, S; Nagasawa, K; Hachimine, K; Ishibashi, H; Nagano, M; Kusaba, T, 1986:
An autopsy case of systemic lupus erytomatosus with the complication of Budd-Chiari syndrome caused by inferior vena cava obstruction

Tony, E. Smith, 1986:
An axiomatic foundation for poisson frequency analyses of weakly interacting populations

R. L. Torres-Roldan; G. Poli; A. Peccerillo, 1986:
An early Miocene arc-tholeiitic magmatic dike event from the Alboran Sea Evidence for precollisional subduction and back-arc crustal extension in the westernmost Mediterranean

Stephen, P. Safran; Joan, S. Safran, 1986:
An ecological analysis of cognitions of behavioral deviancy

Walter, C. Labys, 1986:
An economic analysis of the stability of East-West mineral trade patterns

Richard, R. Barnett, 1986:
An economic appraisal of local energy conservation schemes

J. Davis; J. Goodman; R. Gahbauer; B. Mullin; C. Kanellitsas; R. Fairchild, 1986:
An economical three dimensional computer modeling system for stereotactic surgery and brachytherapy planning

Branko Gačić, 1986:
An ecosystemic approach to alcoholism: Theory and practice

Haiduven-Griffiths, D, 1986:
An educational program on acquired immunodeficiency syndrome for hospital personnel

J.F. Wendelken, 1986:
An eels study of hydrogen-induced reconstruction on stepped W(001) surfaces

T.E. Pierce, 1986:
An efficient algorithm for determining non-overlapping running averages

Goro Koda; Kensuke Shimizu, 1986:
An efficient algorithm for the dot generation of arbitrary ellipses

Michael, J. Greenacre; Michael, W. Browne, 1986:
An efficient alternating least-squares algorithm to perform multidimensional unfolding

Ryoichi Sasaki; Yoshiki Kitamura, 1986:
An efficient approximate algorithm for solving system reliability optimization problems

D.H. Youn; V.J. Mathews; S.H. Cho, 1986:
An efficient lattice predictor algorithm for instantaneous frequency estimation

G. Vandeplassche; L. Wouters; M. Borgers; W. Flameng, 1986:
An efficient method evaluating infarct reducing drugs

D.R.A McMahon; R.F Barrett, 1986:
An efficient method for the estimation of the frequency of a single tone in noise from the phases of discrete fourier transforms

A. G. Telin; R. N. Fakhretdinov; U. M. Dzhemilev, 1986:
An efficient method for the synthesis of unsaturated substituted hydrazines using palladium complex catalyst

Nan-Jing Ko; J. R. Edwardson; F. W. Zettler, 1986:
An efficient procedure for staining electron microscope grids

Carter, S.; Handy, N.C., 1986:
An efficient procedure for the calculation of the vibrational energy levels of any triatomic molecule

Patrick, J. Calie; Karen Woodbury Hughes, 1986:
An efficient protocol for the isolation and purification of chloroplast DNA from moss gametophyte tissues

Naito, T; Kojima, N; Miyata, O; Ninomiya, I, 1986:
An efficient synthesis of (.+-.)-emetine using .ALPHA.,.BETA.-unsaturated lactam as a Michael acceptor

R. Ramírez; M. C. Böhm, 1986:
An efficient technique for the evaluation of lattice sums in crystal orbital (CO) calculations

Takahata, H; Yamabe, K; Suzuki, T; Yamazaki, T, 1986:
An efficient total synthesis of (.+-.)-epilupinine and (.+-.)-lupinine from a common quinolizidine intermediate

Payne, C M.; Ray, C.George; Borduin, V; Minnich, L L.; Lebowitz, M D., 1986:
An eight-year study of the viral agents of acute gastroenteritis in humans: Ultrastructural observations and seasonal distribution with a major emphasis on coronavirus-like particles

A. K. Datta; S. Bhattacherjee, 1986:
An electrical study of chrysotile asbestos

Pierre Bianco; Jean Haladjian; Mireille Bruschi, 1986:
An electrochemical study of the stability of cytochrome c3 from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans Norway strain

J.R. Durig; J.F. Sullivan; Stephen Cradock, 1986:
An electron diffraction investigation of the molecular structure of ethyldimethylphosphine in the gas phase

G. A. Jones; P. Bonnett; S. F. H. Parker, 1986:
An electron microscope study of the amorphous magnetic material 2605 CO (Fe67Co18B14Si1)

R. Arce; G. Rodríguez, 1986:
An electron paramagnetic resonance study of the excited triplet states of adenine and some of its derivatives in aqueous glasses at 77 K

Stuart, W. Oliver; Thomas, D. Smith; John, R. Pilbrow, 1986:
An electron spin resonance study of the formation of a molecular oxygen adduct of the manganese(II) chelate of tetrasodium 3,10,17,24-tetrasulphonato-phthalocyanine

Lewis, F. Carter; Ladd Macaulay; Catherine, M. Coffey, 1986:
An elegant application of appropriate technology: the Sheep Creek Hatchery

Myrick, C C., 1986:
An emerging consensus on school psychology's future

Hugh, D. Burrows; Sebastião J. Formosinho; M. Arminda Pedrosa, 1986:
An emission spectral study of uranyl ion binding to α-alumina

Antonio Caselles-Moncho, 1986:
An empirical comparison of cross-impact models for forecasting sales

Burke, M J.; Raju, N S.; Pearlman, K, 1986:
An empirical comparison of the results of five validity generalization procedures

S. Bartolucci Luyckx, 1986:
An empirical correlation between bulk toughness and Palmqvist crack length in WCCo

Alessandro Vetere, 1986:
An empirical correlation for the calculation of vapour pressures of pure compounds

Weiss, D S.; Mendelsohn, G A., 1986:
An empirical demonstration of the implausibility of the semantic similarity explanation of how trait ratings are made and what they mean

P. S. Mukherjee; K. G. Satyanarayana, 1986:
An empirical evaluation of structure-property relationships in natural fibres and their fracture behaviour

Weber, H-J., 1986:
An empirical model of optical susceptibilities of crystals I. Refractivity in alkali halides

Weber, H-J., 1986:
An empirical model of optical susceptibilities of crystals II. Elasto-optical effect in alkali halides

Mahrer, K D., 1986:
An empirical study of instability and improvement of absorbing boundary conditions for the elastic wave equation

Thomas, J. Hatton; Alan, T. Carpenter, 1986:
An empirical test of the mass effect determinant of species richness

Christine Smith, 1986 :
An empirically implementable integrated multiregional model for Australia

Suzuki, T; Sato, E; Unno, K; Kametani, T, 1986:
An enantioselective total synthesis of (-)-dihydrocorynantheol

Veerappa, B. Jigajinni; Richard, H. Wightman, 1986:
An enantiospecific synthesis of (+)-disparlure from carbohydrate precursors

Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, 1986:
An end to radioactive waste disposal at sea?

K.C. Valanis; H.E. Read, 1986:
An endochronic plasticity theory for concrete

Christopher, J. Lynch; Gwenn, E. Sobo; John, H. Exton, 1986:
An endogenous Ca2+-sensitive proteinase converts the hepatic α1-adrenergic receptor to guanine nucleotide-insensitive forms

John Chesshire, 1986:
An energy-efficient future: A strategy for the UK

Carol, A. Fineman; Deborah, T. Carran, 1986:
An epidemiologic approach to screening gifted students utilizing WISC-R subtests

Kazuo Hasegawa; Akira Homma; Yukimichi Imai, 1986:
An epidemiological study of age-related dementia in the community

Hollis, J H.; Fulton, R T.; Larson, A D., 1986:
An equivalence model for vocabulary acquisition in profoundly hearing-impaired children

Xiong-Jian Wu; W.G. Price, 1986:
An equivalent box approximation to predict irregular frequencies in arbitrarily-shaped three-dimensional marine structures

D.T. Clark; W.J. Brennan, 1986:
An esca investigation of low energy electron beam interactions with polymers. I. PTFE

Werner Burkart, 1986:
An estimation of radiation exposure and risk from airtightening of homes in an alpine area with elevated radon source strength

Matsuoka, Y; Goda, T; Naito, M, 1986:
An eutrophication model of Lake Kasumigaura

Hong Yan; John Gore, 1986:
An evaluation and comparison of methods for localized in vivo high resolution spectroscopy

Calvo, J C., 1986:
An evaluation of Thornthwaite's water balance technique in predicting stream runoff in Costa Rica

Carter, R E., 1986:
An evaluation of a partial training program in psychiatric residency on the later practice of marital and family therapy

Ware, C; Mikaelian, H H., 1986:
An evaluation of an eye tracker as a device for computer input2

Craig Loehle; Paul Bertsch; Gary Mills, 1986:
An evaluation of chemical speciation in the MEXAMS metal transport model

N.K. Nag; A. Lahiri, 1986:
An evaluation of distribution of pellets due to shotgun discharge

F.O. Ödberg, 1986:
An evaluation of ethological and biochemical research on stereotypies and future research

Rickard, H C.; Clements, C B., 1986:
An evaluation of interviewed versus noninterviewed clinical psychology students

Don, B. Chaffin; Leslie, S. Gallay; Charles, B. Woolley; Stephen, R. Kuciemba, 1986:
An evaluation of the effect of a training program on worker lifting postures

Sakellariou, P.; Rowe, R.C.; White, E.F.T., 1986:
An evaluation of the interaction and plasticizing efficiency of the polyethylene glycols in ethyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose films using the torsional braid pendulum

C. S. Lee; J. J. Ou; S. H. Chen, 1986:
An evaluation of the lamellar stretch description of mixing with diffusion and chemical reaction

Yahya, M. Abolkhair, 1986:
An evaluation of the multivariate structural geomorphic build-up system of the alluvial fans in Death Valley, USA

Pamela Brunswick; C. F. Cresswell, 1986:
An evaluation of the stoichiometry ofin vitronitrate assimilation inZea mays

M.A.E. Mol; J. Van Genderen; O.L. Wolthuis, 1986:
An evaluation of two approaches for dermatotoxicity testing

Gregoire, J-Marie; Zeyen, R, 1986:
An evaluation of ultralight aircraft capability for remote sensing applications in West Africa

Schau, H. C.; Luker, L. Dwight; Petrie, S.; Van Buren, A. L., 1986:
An evanescent wave array for wavenumber calibration

J.F. Lewry; K.D. Collerson; M.E. Bickford; W.R. van Schmus, 1986:
An evolutionary model of the western Churchill province and western margin of the superior province in canada and the north-central United Statesdiscussion

Dale Whittington; William Drummond, 1986:
An examination of EPA's regulatory impact analysis of environmental standards for uranium mill tailings

Davies, E., 1986:
An examination of health education in teenage magazines

Henderson, R. E.; Leark, R. A., 1986:
An examination of the WISC-R coding-B subtest: Implications for neuropsychological assessment

Eric, I. Pas; Frank, S. Koppelman, 1986:
An examination of the determinants of day-to-day variability in individuals' urban travel behavior

Alibhai, K.R.K.; Forster, C.F., 1986:
An examination of the granulation process in UASB reactors

G. J. Sandilands; J. Bowman, 1986:
An examination of the role of flaw size and material toughness in the brittle fracture of polyethylene pipes

Graham, W. Pooler; Edward, G. Steward, 1986:
An examination of the solution conformations of bicuculline using NMR and theoretical methods

Vittoria Scotto; Giorgio Alabiso; Giuseppe Marcenaro, 1986:
An example of microbiologically influenced corrosion: The behaviour of stainless steels in natural seawater

L. B. Krivdin; V. V. Shcherbakov; V. M. Dem'yanovich; M. V. Sigalov, 1986 :
An example of nonadditivity of the substituent effect on direct13C-13C spin-spin coupling constants in the benzene ring

Mark, S. Drummond; Paul, C. Ragland; David Wesolowski, 1986:
An example of trondhjemite genesis by means of alkali metasomatism: Rockford Granite, Alabama Appalachians

Ashbaugh, M S, 1986:
An example showing the non-uniqueness of a wavefunction given its position and momentum distributions

Joseph, P. Otruba; Gregory, A. Neyhart; Walter, J. Dressick; Janet, L. Marshall; B.Patrick Sullivan; Penny, A. Watkins; Thomas, J. Meyer, 1986:
An excited state photoelectrochemical cell for the production of H2O2 and Br2

Southall, H.; McGrath, D., 1986:
An experimental completely overlapped subarray antenna

A. M. Arkharov; V. L. Bondarenko; A. D. Gutorov; N. V. Filin, 1986:
An experimental gas-dynamic cryogenerator

Chamberlain, J. A.; Carrigan, C. R., 1986:
An experimental investigation of convection in a rotating sphere subject to time varying thermal boundary conditions

Esin Chang, ; Long, S.; Richards, W., 1986:
An experimental investigation of electrically thick rectangular microstrip antennas

L. Jones; L.R. Glicksman, 1986:
An experimental investigation of gas flow in a scale model of a fluidized-bed combustor

Ye-Mon Chen; Shan-Won Doo, 1986:
An experimental investigation of particle size analysis by a modified andreasen pipet

Leonard Adelman; Paul J Sticha; Michael L Donnell, 1986:
An experimental investigation of the relative effectiveness of two techniques for structuring multiattributed hierarchies

E. Yu. El'kind; A. I. Kangun; Ya. Ya. Popov, 1986:
An experimental multidetector computerized gamma tomograph for brain examination

A.D. Gosman; R. Simitovic, 1986:
An experimental study of confined jet mixing

B. B. Hicks; M. L. Wesely; R. L. Coulter; R. L. Hart; J. L. Durham; R. Speer; D. H. Stedman, 1986:
An experimental study of sulfur and NOxfluxes over grassland

S. C. Elphick; P. F. Dennis; C. M. Graham, 1986:
An experimental study of the diffusion of oxygen in quartz and albite using an overgrowth technique

P. Filis; D. Poulikakos, 1986:
An experimental study of the effect of wall temperature nonuniformity on natural convection in an enclosure heated from the side

Rose, W R.; Rokhlin, S. I.; Adler, L, 1986:
An experimental study of the polar characteristics of the group and phase velocities of Lamb waves in graphite/epoxy composite plates

A. C. L. Lee, 1986:
An experimental study of the remote location of lightning flashes using a VLF arrival time difference technique

Matsuzaki, H., 1986:
An experimental study on indirect injuries of the intracanalicular portion of the optic nerve

Assor, A; Aronoff, J; Messé, L A., 1986:
An experimental test of defensive processes in impression formation

Steen Andreassen; Stig Kjaer Andersen; Marianne Woldbye, 1986:
An expert system for electromyography

J. A. Rial; V. Pereyra; G. L. Wojcik, 1986:
An explanation for USGS Station 6 record, 1979 Imperial Valley earthquake: a caustic induced by a sedimentary wedge

Gastaldo, R. A., 1986:
An explanation for lycopod configuration, 'Fossil Grove' Victoria Park, Glasgow

Henry, W. Haynes Jr., 1986:
An explicit approximation for the effectiveness factor in porous heterogeneous catalysts

Lalit, K. Aggarwal, 1986:
An exploratory procedure for identifying influential subgroups in linear regression

Ian Gilmore, 1986:
An exposition and development of the debate on the nature of the distinction between appropriate and inappropriate beliefs in rational-emotive therapy

David, A. Marlow, 1986:
An exposure matrix for the NIOSH dioxin registry

Adelman, E; Castricone, L, 1986:
An expressive arts model for substance abuse group training and treatment

Roberto Nova, 1986:
An extended Cam Clay model for soft anisotropic rocks

Steve Lalley, 1986:
An extension of Kesten's renewal theorem for random walk in a random environment

Nosé, Sūichi, 1986:
An extension of the canonical ensemble molecular dynamics method

Serbest, A., 1986:
An extension to GTD for an edge on a curved perfectly conducting surface

Appelbaum, S A., 1986:
An idea whose time is already here

E. Cutz; L. Goniakowska-Witalinska; W. Chan, 1986:
An immimohistochemical study of regulatory peptides in lungs of amphibians

Stott, D I.; Mclearie, J; Marsden, H S., 1986:
An immunoblotting apparatus with uniform electric field

A. Hagenbeek; A.C.M. Martens, 1986:
An immunological approach to analyse the kinetics of minimal residual disease in acute leukemia

Phimister, G M.; Caird, M R.; Marshall, R. Derek, 1986:
An immunologically active fragment of Tamm-Horsfall glycoprotein, derived by trypsinization

K. Z. Karam; K. Warwick; M. Farsi, 1986:
An implicit pole-assignment self-tuning regulator

Man Mohan Rai, 1986:
An implicit, conservative, zonal-boundary scheme for Euler equation calculations

Maria Cristina Facchini; Giuseppe Chiavari; Sandro Fuzzi, 1986:
An improved HPLC method for carbonyl compound speciation in the atmospheric liquid phase

C. B. Ching; C. Ho; D. M. Ruthven, 1986:
An improved adsorption process for the production of high-fructose syrup

Huntley, D. J.; Nissen, M. K.; Thomson, J.; Calvert, S. E., 1986:
An improved alpha scintillation counting method for determination of Th, U, Ra-226, Th-230 excess, and Pa-231 excess in marine sediments

D. Shulz; D. Chernichovsky; C. Allweis, 1986:
An improved analysis of passive-avoidance data

Hunter, J., 1986:
An improved closed-form approximation to the inverse black body radiation problem at microwave frequencies

Young Koo, J; Kim, M, 1986:
An improved hybrid classifier

Dr. Jeffrey Boldt; Don, P. Wolf, 1986:
An improved method for isolation of fertile zona-free mouse eggs

Brannen, P C.; Beswick, P H., 1986:
An improved method for measurement of oxidative reactions of ovine and bovine granulocytes

M. Saljoughian; M. T. Sadeghi, 1986:
An improved procedure for the synthesis ofp-(dichlorosulfamoyl)benzoic acid (Halazone)

L.G. Austin; C.A. Barahona; N.P. Weymont; K. Suryanarayanan, 1986:
An improved simulation model for semi-autogenous grinding

Kristine, H. Templeman; Charles, R. Wira, 1986:
An improved specimen carrier for large-scale embedment with lowicryl

Avraham Liav; Mayer, B. Goren, 1986:
An improved synthesis of 6-O--mycoloyl- and 6-O-corynomycoloyl-α,α-trehalose with observations on the permethylation analysis of trehalose glycolipids

Ronald, A. Krause; Carol Violette, 1986:
An improved synthesis of potassium hexacyanoruthenate(II)

Lalor, B.; Freemont, T.; Carlile, S., 1986:
An improved transilial bone drill

A. Rodney Wellens, D Ergener, 1986:
An improved video multiplexer for behavioral research

G.J Daniell, 1986:
An improvement in the evaluation of convolutions of real symmetric signals using the fast Fourier transform

Stuart John Freeman; Nigel Andrew Brown, 1986:
An in vitro study of teratogenicity in the rat due to antibody-induced yolk sac dysfunction

Takeshi Agui; Minoru Saito; Masayuki Nakajima, 1986:
An in-betweening method of gray-valued images using density contour lines

F.J.M. Rietmeijer; L.S. Schramm; R.A. Barrett; D.S. McKay; H.A. Zook, 1986:
An inadvertent capture cell for orbital debris and micrometeorites; The main electronics box thermal blanket of the solar maximum satellite

Stefan Berger; Bernd, W. K. Diehl, 1986:
An increment system for deuterium isotope effects on 13C chemical shifts of methylated benzenes

F. T. K. Sefe, 1986:
An index method for analysing precipitation surplus or deficit: Preliminary developments

Buckie, J. William; Cook, G M. W., 1986:
An indirect affinity chromatography procedure for the specific isolation of surface glycoconjugates

K. N. Jalan; Tusher Maitra; Rita Das, 1986:
An indirect haemagglutination test to detect serum antibodies toGiardia lamblia

A.R. Hawthorne; R.B. Gammage; C.S. Dudney, 1986:
An indoor air quality study of 40 east Tennessee homes

David, A. Evans, 1986:
An inexpensive easily available replacement for foetal calf serum in media for the in vitro cultivation ofLeishmaniaspp

Tapas Kumar Mallik, 1986:
An inexpensive hand-operated device for cutting core liners

Roger Ratcliff, W. Todd Burns…, 1986:
An inexpensive real-time microcomputer-based cognitive laboratory system

Shen, S. S.; Badhwar, G. D., 1986:
An information measure for class discrimination

Sevim Akyüz, 1986:
An infrared and raman spectroscopic investigation of copper(II) tetracyanonickelate complexes ofa-,b- and-picoline

S. Yurdakul; S. Akyüz; J.E.D. Davies, 1986:
An infrared and raman spectroscopic study on transition metal diquinoline tetracyanonickelate complexes

A. C. F. Trevitt, 1986:
An infrared hygrometer witH on-line temperature compensation

M. Ovaska; A. Kivinen, 1986:
An infrared linear dichroism study of carboxylic acids oriented in stretched polyethylene

K. Volka; J. Plachá; Z. Vymazal, 1986:
An infrared spectroscopic study of the complex formation between Ba and Zn stearates

Webb, J D.; Neidlinger, H H.; Connolly, J S., 1986:
An infrared study of azobenzene photoisomerization in a polymer matrix

D. K. Kanchan; R. G. Mendiratta; R. K. Puri, 1986:
An infrared study of the Na2O-V2O5-Fe2O3glass system

Ian, R. Dunkin; Gordon, A. Bell; Fiona, G. McCleod; Adam McCluskey, 1986:
An infrared study of the formation and photochemical decomposition of tetrachlorocyclopentadienone O-oxide in low temperature matrices

Shaw, M., 1986:
An input-output model of interactive systems

R.W. Sternberg; R.V. Johnson II; D.A. Cacchione; D.E. Drake, 1986:
An instrument system for monitoring and sampling suspended sediment in the benthic boundary layer

Jackson, A, 1986:
An integral approach to town planning: lessons from personal construct theory, part 1

Klemer, D.; Sharpe, C., 1986:
An integral equation associated with the inverse problem for nonuniform transmission lines with terminal discontinuities

Z.P. Duan; R. Kienzler; G. Herrmann, 1986:
An integral equation method and its application to defect mechanics

G. Marleau; A. Hébert, 1986:
An integral transport method for treating Candu and GCR clusters

Evans, V.; Lee, J., 1986:
An integrated approach to drug education

Moccia, A.; Vetrella, S., 1986:
An integrated approach to geometric precision processing of spaceborne high-resolution sensors

Thomas, M. DeDonno; Raymond, E. Gangarosa; Edward, A. Patrick; Andrew, S. Green, 1986:
An integrated expert system architecture for MRI scan setup and optimization

Prastacos, P, 1986:
An integrated land-use - transportation model for the San Francisco Region: 1. Design and mathematical structure

Jamieson, D. G., 1986:
An integrated, multi-functional approach to water resources management

Pelle, D, 1986:
An integrative approach to quality assurance

Robert A Emmons; Ed Diener, 1986:
An interactional approach to the study of personality and emotion

Nishida, N.; Hiratsuka, S.; Tanaka, T.; Okino, T., 1986:
An interactive algorithm for the parameter estimation of complex systems and its application to an ecological modelling of an actual Japanese lake

James Kao; Loraine Watt, 1986:
An interactive computer program to draw Newman projections

Hix, D. H.; Hartson, H. R., 1986:
An interactive environment for dialogue development: its design, use and evaluation; or, is aide useful?

Hiroshi Nagahashi; Mikio Nakatsuyama; Norio Nishizuka, 1986:
An interactive image processing system for microcomputers

Tupper, D. E., 1986:
An interactive, clinical model to understand client behavior following brain injury

Peter, D. Thorne, 1986:
An intercomparison between visual and acoustic detection of seabed gravel movement

McBean, G.A.; Phillips, D.J.; Mathieson, J.R., 1986:
An intercomparison of two rawinsonde systems

Elisabeth Gülich; UtaM. Quasthoff, 1986:
An interdisciplinary dialogue

William, L. Goodfellow Jr.; Raymond, P. Morgan II; Jay, R. Stauffer Jr.; Charles, H. Hocutt, 1986:
An intergeneric hybrid, Campostoma anomalum Rhinichthys atratulus, from the Youghiogheny River drainage, West Virginia

Allan, P. Layton; Lorraine, V. Defris; Ben Zehnwirth, 1986:
An international comparison of economic leading indicators of telecommunications traffic

Thomas, C. Moore; Khalid Nur, 1986:
An international survey of gastroschisis and omphalocele (490 cases)

J. Albornoz; J. Rubio, 1986:
An interpretation of some bristle pattern modifications caused by directional selection inDrosophila melanogaster

Paul Hick, 1986:
An interruption of the cooling of the coronal arch of 6/7 November 1980

Nancy, R. Zenoff, 1986:
An interview with Joan chodorow

Stanton, W.R., 1986:
An introduction to human ecology research on agricultural systems in Southeast Asia

E.Nick Larsen, 1986:
An introduction to structural analysis: The network approach to social research: S.D. Berkowitz, Toronto: Butterworth, 1982

D.A Galson; St Mueller, 1986:
An introduction to the European Geotraverse Project: First results and present plans

A.J. Smith, 1986:
An introduction to the geology of the Japanese Islands and an account of the Geologists' Association visit to Japan in November 1985

Michael, R. Berren; Jose, M. Santiago, 1986:
An introduction to the special issue on systems aspects of chronic mental illness

Francis, S S; Christie, G, 1986:
An introductory out-patient group for patients on the Cassel Hospital in-patient waiting-list

Thomas†, I. L.; Minnett, P. J., 1986:
An introductory review of the measurement of ocean surface wind vectors with a satellite radar scatterometer

Willis, C, 1986:
An inverse method using toroidal mode data

I. Lerche; William Menke, 1986:
An inversion method for separating apparent and intrinsic attenuation in layered media

D. Raybould; A. C. Diebold, 1986:
An investigation by Auger and laser acoustic microscopy of the bond between layers of consolidated amorphous ribbon (Powercore)

Lishman, J W., 1986:
An investigation into the effects of training programmes upon movement leading to dance with E.S.N.(S) children

Christine Stone, 1986:
An investigation into the morphology and biology ofTetranychus linteariusDufour (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Alan Paul Davison, 1986:
An investigation into the relationship between salt weathering debris production and temperature

Brian Campbell; Bradley, J. Wilson, 1986:
An investigation of Kaufman's method for determining scatter on the WISC-R

D. E. Jesson; W. N. Cottingham, 1986:
An investigation of beam theory using the Airy stress function coupled with analytic function theory

Zh. S. Stefanov; Zh. A. Tasev, 1986:
An investigation of mass transfer in the liquid phase on a co-current valve tray with baffle elements

Nasralla, M. M., 1986:
An investigation of some motor vehicle exhaust pollutants in Jeddah streets

Zins, J E.; Fairchild, T N., 1986:
An investigation of the accountability practices of school psychologists

J.H. Hills, 1986:
An investigation of the linear driving force approximation to diffusion in spherical particles

S. Sircar; K. Narasimhan; K. Mukherjee, 1986:
An investigation of the ordered DO19phase formation in the Ti-Al system

Kazuyuki Murakami; Tetsuro Yokono; Yuzo Sanada, 1986:
An investigation of the role of hydrogen sulphide in coal liquefaction catalysis by high-temperature and high-pressure e.s.r

Nigel Evans; Terry, M. Haley; Michael, J. Mulligan; K.Mark Thomas, 1986:
An investigation of the use of size exclusion chromatography for the determination of molar mass distributions and fractionation of coal tars

L.A. Salami, 1986:
An investigation of turbulent developing flow at the entrance to a smooth pipe

Paule Biaudet; Francis Haraux, 1986:
An investigation of dH+ activation of chloroplast ATPase

Andrzej Dąbrowski, 1986:
An isotherm equation for adsorption from binary liquid mixtures on solids involving surface heterogeneity and differences in molecular sizes of components and its numerical verification

Satpal Singh; S.N. Tandon; H.M. Gupta, 1986:
An iterative restoration technique

West, G., 1986:
An observation on Mohs' Scale of Hardness

Gellatly, A F.; Whalley, W. Brian; Gordon, J E.; Ferguson, R I., 1986:
An observation on trampling effects in North Norway: thresholds for damage

Claude Estournel; Raoul Vehil; Daniel Guedalia, 1986:
An observational study of radiative and turbulent cooling in the nocturnal boundary layer (ECLATS experiment)

S. Nicholls; J. Leighton, 1986:
An observational study of the structure of stratiform cloud sheets: Part I. Structure

S. Nicholls; J. D. Turton, 1986:
An observational study of the structure of stratiform cloud sheets: Part II. Entrainment

Young, B.; Fortey, N. J.; Nancarrow, P. H. A., 1986:
An occurrence of tungsten mineralisation in the Eskdale Intrusion, west Cumbria

G. G. Avtandilov; V. G. Aleksandrov, 1986:
An ocular stereometric grid for investigation of the liver

W. Minas; W. Gunkel; G. Tadday, 1986:
An open flow-through chamber systemA new tool for experimental ecological investigations in the marine sublittoral

Iizuka, T; Kanazawa, N; Takeuchi, H; Kitamura, S, 1986:
An operated case of thymolipoma acconpanied by myasthenia gravis

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An opiate component in realization of the vascular effects of clonidine

McKelvie, S J., 1986:
An opinion survey and longitudinal study of driver behaviour at stop signs

Masaki Sato, 1986:
An optimal design method for incompressible EFD electric power generation duct

J.S. Thorp; M. Ilic-Spong; M. Varghese, 1986:
An optimal secondary voltage-VAR control technique

F. Demichelis; E. Mezzetti; A. Tagliaferro; E. Tresso, 1986:
An optimization model for amorphous solar cells in which optical, electrical and recombination properties are specified

Takaaki Nonaka; Takuso Sato; Yoshiki Yamakoshi; Shan Shinan; Atsuo Iida; Keiichi Murakami; Hajime Hayashi; Takaki Shimura; Hirohide Miwa, 1986:
An optimum pumping wave for nonlinear parameter tomography

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An ordered metastable phase in rapidly quenched Al-Nb alloys

E. Mark Cummings; David, B. Daniel; Mona, M. El-Sheikh, 1986:
An organizational scheme for attachment classification

K. Palmö; B. Mannfors; L.-O. Pietilä, 1986:
An out-of-plane force field for some benzene derivatives having unsaturated substituents

Wang Yanlong; Huang Maohuan, 1986:
An outline of avalanches in China

Yaghjian, A., 1986:
An overview of near-field antenna measurements

Nakano, K K., 1986:
An overview of stroke

Enfield, D. B.; Allen, J. S.; Chelton, D. B., 1986:
An overview of subinertial sea-level variability along the eastern Pacific boundary

Preston, R.C., 1986:
An overview of the AIUM/NEMA standard and the draft IEC standard for ultrasound exposure measurements

Las Heras, J.; Ponce, C.; Rubio, R.; Haust, M.D., 1986:
An ultrastructural study of the human placenta in maternal malnutrition

R.K. Pipe; M.N. Moore, 1986:
An ultrastructural study on the effects of phenanthrene on lysosomal membranes and distribution of the lysosomal enzyme β-glucuronidase in digestive cells of the periwinkle Littorina littorea

François Bonnet; Jean-Pierre Périn; Frédéric Lorenzo; Jacqueline Jollès; Pierre Jollès, 1986:
An unexpected sequence homology between link proteins of the proteoglycan complex and immunoglobulin-line proteins

Peter, J. D. Carnevale, 1986:
An unnecessary neologism in two systems of mediation

S.M. Mostafa, 1986:
An unusual epidural needle

Ashley, P. M., 1986:
An unusual manganese silicate occurrence at the Hoskins mine, Grenfell district, New South Wales

O. A. Rakitin; T. I. Godovikova; Yu. A. Strelenko; L. I. Khmel'nitskii, 1986:
An unusual reaction of nitrochlorofuroxane with ammonia

V. E. Platonov; O. I. Osina; D. Prescher; G. Engler, 1986:
An unusual transformation of 2-pentafluorophenoxyethyl-N,N-diethylamine with alkyl bromides and alkyl iodides to form piperazinium salts and alkyl pentafluorophenyl ethers

Kay, E. Davies, 1986:
An up-to-date human gene map

R.W. Schunk, 1986:
An updated theory of the polar wind

Jan de Leeuw; Bert Bettonvil, 1986:
An upper bound for sstress

Eric, U. Selker; Ewa Morzycka-Wroblewska; Judith, N. Stevens; Robert, L. Metzenberg, 1986:
An upstream signal is required for in vitro transcription ofNeurospora5S RNA genes

A. E. Gusev; V. I. Pelipenko, 1986:
An x-ray image analyzer

Wharton, R P.; Ptashne, M, 1986:
An α-helix determines the DNA-binding specificity of a repressor

Esther Cohen; Zahava Osterweil, 1986:
An issue-focused model for mental health consultation with groups of teachers

E. De Grave; R. M. Persoons; D. G. Chambaere; R. E. Vandenberghe; L. H. Bowen, 1986:
An57Fe Mössbauer effect study of poorly crystalline γ-FeOOH

V. Andreoni; M. Nali; B. Rindone; St. Tollari; V. Treccani; M. Villa, 1986:
Anaerobic biodegradation of m-, o-, p-hydroxycinnamic acid by an adapted microbial consortium

F. Cecchi; P.G. Traverso; P. Cescon, 1986:
Anaerobic digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid wastes digester performance

Callander (deceased), I.J.; Clark, T.A.; McFarlane, P.N.; Mackie, K.L., 1986:
Anaerobic digestion of stillage from a pilot scale woodtoethanol process I. Stillage characterisation

Callander (deceased), I.J.; Clark, T.A.; McFarlane, P.N., 1986:
Anaerobic digestion of stillage from a pilot scale woodtoethanol process II. Laboratoryscale digestion studies

Grbic-Galic, D, 1986:
Anaerobic production and transformation of aromatic hydrocarbons and substituted phenols by ferulic acid-degrading BESA-inhibited methanogenic consortia

McCarty, P L.; Smith, D P., 1986:
Anaerobic wastewater treatment

Jean -Guy Maillé; Marcel Boulanger; Ihor Dyrda; Normand Tremblay, 1986:
Anaesthesia and myocardial infarction

B.M. Bray, 1986:
Anaesthesia and plasma cholinesterase dificiency

A. Gilston, 1986:
Anaesthesia and the public

Fletcher, I.R., 1986:
Anaesthesia for Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

RT Paasuke; JM Davies, 1986:
Anaesthesia for daycare patients: controversies and concerns

Bray, R. J.; Inkster, J. S., 1986:
Anaesthesia in babies with congenital dystrophia myotonica

B. Beilin; D. Shulman; Y. Schiffman, 1986:
Anaesthesia in myopathy of cnrnitine deficiency

Norman, J., 1986:
Anaesthesia: Review 3

Langhoff-Roos, J; Lindmark, G, 1986:
Analgesia and Maternal Side Effects of Pudendal Block at Delivery

Barbara Przewlocka; Marta Dziedzicka; Jerzy Silberring; Wladyslaw Lason, 1986:
Analgesis and convulsant effects of guanidinoethylmercaptosuccinic acid (GEMSA) A potent enkephalin convertase inhibitor

Milon, D.; Lavenac, G.; Noury, D.; Allain, H.; van den Driessche, J.; Saint-Marc, C., 1986:
Analgsie pridurale au cours du travail : comparaison de trois associations fentanyl-bupivacane et de la bupivacane seule

Joyau, M.; Deybach, J.C.; Durand, M.; Parmentier, G.; Nordmann, Y., 1986:
Analgsie pridurale par procane et fentanyl chez une parturiente atteinte de porphyrie aigu intermittente

Olsson, R, 1986:
Analogies between electricity and mechanics with geophysical applications

Arnoldi, A; Farina, G; Galli, R; Merlini, L; Parrino, M Grazia, 1986:
Analogs of phytoalexins. Synthesis of some 3-phenylcoumarins and their fungicidal activity

P. H. Houcke; J. S. Delmotte; P. H. Desurmont; V. Augem, 1986:
Analyse comparative de diffrents dilatateurs (cardia - biliaire - pylorique)

J. -S. Delmotte; P. H. Houcke; P. H. Desurmont; V. Augem, 1986:
Analyse comparative des principaux sphincterotomes et extracteurs de calculs sur le march franais

Odile Husain; France Moutinot; Daniele Speierer; Anne Spira; Anik de Ribaupierre; Laurence Rieben, 1986:
Analyse d'une Sepreuve d'image mentale chez des adolescents presentant des difficultis d'apprentissage scolaire1

A. Körber; O. Distl; H. Kräußlich; P. Hocke; R. Hahn, 1986:
Analyse der Besamungsergebnisse aus drei Technikergebieten des Besamungsvereins Neustadt a.d. Aisch mit Hilfe des Progesterontests

D. Eismann, 1986:
Analyse des Bedürfnisses nach kieferorthopädischer Behandlung

Prof. Dr. J. Buchvald; Mária Šimaljaková, 1986:
Analyse des Dermatophytenvorkommens und der von Dermatophyten hervorgerufenen Hautinfektionen in der Slowakischen Sozialistischen Republik (SSR) im Zeitraum von 15 Jahren (1969 -1983)/Analysis of the Incidence of Dermatophytes and Dermatomycoses in the Slovak Socialist Republic (SSR) During a Period of 15 Years (19691983)

J. M. Bruel; J. L. Lamarque, 1986:
Analyse et Evaluation Diagnostique et Therapeutique par Image le Scanner X

Steinmetz, M.; Aymerich, S., 1986:
Analyse gntique de sacR, rgulateur en cis de la synthse de la lvane-saccharase de Bacillus subtilis

J.Y. Wong, 1986:
Analyse informatise des effects des paramtres de conception sur le rendment des vhicules chenille

Nietert, M.; Hüttner, W., 1986:
Analyse statischer Spannungszustände von Hüftgelenksschäften in der Frontal- und Sagittalebene unter Berücksichtigung verschiedener Lockerungsraten und Einbettneigungen - Analysis of Static Stresses on THP Sterns in the Frontal and Sagittal Planes at Various Loosening Rates and Inclinations of Embedding

U. Wobus; H. Bäumlein; R. Bassüner; R. Jung; K. Müntz; G. Saalbach; W. Weschke, 1986:
Analyse von zwei Legumin-Genfamilien der Ackerbohne (Vicia faba L.)

C. Lecomte; E. Thibout, 1986:
Analyse, dans deux types d'olfactomtres, du comportement de qute des femelles deDiadromus pulchellusen prsence d'odeurs du phytophage-hte et du vgtal attaqu ou non

G. Dongowski, 1986:
Analysenmethoden Nr. 4, 21, 22, 30, 33, 54, 55, 56 der Internationalen Fruchtsaft-Union, Zug/Schweiz. 34 Seiten, 1984/85. Preis: je Analysenmethode (mehrsprachig) 2, SFr.; komplette Analysenmethoden-Sammlung 114, SFr

Xuexin Niu, 1986:
Analyses and calculation facts of the baroclinic term in synoptic-scale motion over tropics

Wolfgang Müller; Paul, S. Bagus, 1986:
Analyses for the C-O stretch frequency shifts of CO chemisorbed on Cu(100) in the absence and presence of an electric field

HAYASE, F; KIM, S Bong; KATO, H, 1986:
Analyses of the chemical structures of melanoidins by 13C NMR, 13C and 15N CP-MAS NMR spectrometry

Bruce, R. Julian, 1986:
Analysing seismic-source mechanisms by linear-programming methods

Berthou, F.; Vignier, V., 1986:
Analysis and Fate of Dibenzothiophene Derivatives in the Marine Environment

Sueishi, T; Morioka, T; Rouviere, C, 1986:
Analysis and cartographical approach to the regional water utilization system in the Yodo River basin

J.M. Larrañaga; Ma.I. Ortiz; J.A. Irabien, 1986:
Analysis and modelling of segregative reactions. 1-Butyl alcohol esterification with hydrobromic acid

A. C. Lorenc, 1986:
Analysis methods for numerical weather prediction

Dr. M. Asif; A. Mannan; T. Itoh; T. Matsumoto, 1986:
Analysis of Albizzia lebbeck Flower Oil

Soliman, M.Y., 1986:
Analysis of Buildup Tests With Short Producing Time

J. Wocjan; M. Roszkowski; S. Sliwka; L. Batorski; G. Pawlowski, 1986:
Analysis of CSF dynamics by computerized pressure-elastance resorption test in hydrocephalic children

Lewellen, W. S.; Sykes, R. I., 1986:
Analysis of Concentration Fluctuations from Lidar Observations of Atmospheric Plumes

Bennett, C O.; Raghavan, R; Reynolds, A C., 1986:
Analysis of Finite-Conductivity Fractures Intercepting Multilayer Commingled Reservoirs

J. Ott. Baltimore, 1986:
Analysis of Human Genetic Linkage

P.D. Anz-Meador; D.M. Oró; D.J. Kessler; D.E. Pitts, 1986:
Analysis of IRAS data for orbital debris

Gounon, J.; Milhau, A., 1986:
Analysis of Inorganic Pollutants Emitted By the City of Paris Garbage Incineration Plants

Benson, S.M.; Lai, C.H., 1986:
Analysis of Interference Data in a Highly Heterogeneous Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoir

Richter, R; Lehmann, F; Haydn, R; Volk, P, 1986:
Analysis of LANDSAT TM images of Chernobyl

yang, v; culick, f E.C, 1986:
Analysis of Low Frequency Combustion Instabilities in a Laboratory Ramjet Combustor

Pereira-Rosario, R.; El-Gizawy, S.; Perrin, J. H.; Riley, C. M., 1986:
Analysis of Nasal Solutions Containing Phenylephrine Hydrochloride and Pheniramine Maleate by High Performance Liquid Chromatography on a Cyclodextrin Bonded Stationary Phase and Diode Array Spectrophotometry

C. Rubenstein; P.K. Venuvinod; W.S. Lau, 1986:
Analysis of Oblique Cutting with Controlled Contact Tools

Hagenmaier, H.; Kaut, H.; Krauss, P., 1986:
Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sediments, Sewage Sludges and Composts from Municipal Refuse by H PLC

Thompson, L G.; Jones, J R.; Reynolds, A C., 1986:
Analysis of Pressure Buildup Data Influenced by Wellbore Phase Redistribution

G. Huyot; Kim Chiu; John Higginson; Nazira Gait, 1986:
Analysis of Revisions in the Seasonal Adjustment of Data Using X-11-Arima Model-Based filters

Parker, L; Welch, R. M.; Musil, D. J., 1986:
Analysis of Spatial Inhomogeneities in Cumulus Clouds Using High Spatial Resolution Landsat Data

Dr. A. Fischer; G. Bloch, 1986:
Analysis of Stress Distribution in Semiconductor Substrates with Film Patterns

Dowd, R M., 1986:
Analysis of The New SDWA

Tamotu Sato; Kazumasa Ishiguro; Minoru Kubo; Naoki Wada, 1986:
Analysis of Thyrotropin-Thyroxine Secretory Dynamics in Infantile Hyperthyrotropinemia: An Aid for Early Differential Diagnosis

Brondi, M.; Dall'aglio, M.; Ghiara, E.; Gragnani, R., 1986:
Analysis of Trace Elements in Natural Waters

Dr. M. Nurminen, 1986:
Analysis of Trends in Proportions with an Ordinally Scaled Determinant

Cagigal, M. P.; González, F., 1986:
Analysis of Two Spectral Lines with Gaussian Profile by Using Photon Statistics. Comparison with Other Profile Shapes

Thompson, L.G.; Reynolds, A.C., 1986:
Analysis of Variable-Rate Well-Test Pressure Data Using Duhamel's Principle

Vilker, V L.; Parnas, R S., 1986:
Analysis of Volatile Hydrocarbon Losses From Quiescent Water Solutions

Yoshio Takamura, 1986:
Analysis of a Cockcroft-Walton circuit by a newly developed graphical method

Yeh Ho-Ming; Chen Lie-Chaing, 1986:
Analysis of a built-in storage type of solar water heater

Krishna Mohan; Rakesh Govind, 1986:
Analysis of a cocurrent membrane reactor

Kalhor, H.; Mallahzadeh, A., 1986:
Analysis of a folded dipole antenna mounted on a cylindrical metallic mast

JoséLuis Simón Gómez, 1986:
Analysis of a gradual change in stress regime (example from the Eastern Iberian Chain, Spain)

Dubost, G.; Rabbaa, A., 1986:
Analysis of a slot microstrip antenna

M.J. Fernández-Figueroa; E. de Castro; B. Montesinos; F.J. Barreiro; A. Giménez; V. Reglero, 1986:
Analysis of activity indicators in two RS CVn systems

S. Vuillet; H. E. Spinnler; H. Blachere, 1986:
Analysis of amino acid requirements ofClostridium thermocellum

Sullivan, P.; Schaubert, D., 1986:
Analysis of an aperture coupled microstrip antenna

Tadanori Tsukamoto; Kiyoshi Shimazu; Tsunemoto Matsuura, 1986:
Analysis of and programs for linear active networks containing switches

Cottingham, I R.; Cox, H M., 1986:
Analysis of angiotensin II binding sites in rat renal cortex on non-dissociating polyacrylamide gels

F.J. Bot; H.R. Delwel; B. Löwenberg, 1986:
Analysis of antigenic determinants on human hematopoietic progenitor cells with respect to future purging studies

Palanisamy, V.; Garg, R., 1986:
Analysis of arbitrarily shaped microstrip patch antennas using segmentation technique and cavity model

Niknazar, S; Nahavandi, A; Najafi, R; Danialy, S; Zare Mehrjerdi, F; Karimi, M, 1986:
Analysis of cell cultures obtained from skin GVHD lesions. A.E. Negus, N.L. reinsmoen, P.M. Anderson, D.J. Kittleson, and F.H. Bach; University of Minnesota, Minnesota, MN

L. V. Van'ko; I. V. Bogdashin; G. T. Sukhikh; N. V. Totibadze; B. B. Fuks, 1986:
Analysis of changes in natural cytostatic and cytotoxic activity of mouse spleen cells after administration of cyclophosphamide and α-interferon

Palanisamy, V.; Garg, R., 1986:
Analysis of circularly polarized square ring and crossed-strip microstrip antennas

Aranjuelo, I; Cabrerizo, P M.; Aparicio-Tejo, P M.; Arrese-Igor, C, 1986:
Analysis of class II genes from a DR5, DQw1 haplotype: Implications for haplotype evolution

G. I. Absava; M. Ya. Avrutskii; I. A. Vaisberg; V. A. Vishnevskii; L. A. Goryachkina; I. O. Kolobaeva; M. I. Titova, 1986:
Analysis of clinical tests of domestic parenteral preparations of prednisolone hemisuccinate

Oi, K; Miyamoto, S; Abe, O; Katsuya, A; Nakayama, K, 1986:
Analysis of cognitive structures of environment of local residents through word association methods

Akira Nakayama; Hitoshi Koyama, 1986:
Analysis of combined free and forced convection film boiling. Part I: Forced and free convection regions

Akira Nakayama; Hitoshi Koyama, 1986:
Analysis of combined free and forced convection film boiling. Part II: Combined free and forced convection region

A. Michi-ue; S. Arimoto; H. Kobayashi; H. Hayatsu, 1986:
Analysis of complex formation between mutagens and blue cotton

Godara, L.; Cantoni, A., 1986:
Analysis of constrained LMS algorithm with application to adaptive beamforming using perturbation sequences

P. Gisquet-verrier; T. Alexinsky, 1986:
Analysis of contextual change effect on retention performance; comparison with spontaneous forgetting by means of a pretest cueing procedure

Royer, L.; Hamblin, P.F.; Boyce, F.M., 1986:
Analysis of continuous vertical current profiles in Lake Erie

J. G. Morley; I. R. McColl, 1986:
Analysis of cracking in fibre composites using strain field models

B. Dickens; J.W. Martin; D. Waksman, 1986:
Analysis of damage profiles in poly(methyl methacrylate) in terms of oxygen diffusion and consumption

J.R. Dryden; A.S. Deakin; D.M. Shinozaki, 1986:
Analysis of deformation within anisotropic polymer spherulites

H. H. Klein, 1986:
Analysis of diers venting tests: Validation of a tool for sizing emergency relief systems for runaway chemical reactions

A. Bódalo; J.L. Gómez; E. Gómez; J. Bastida; J.L. Iborra; A. Manjón, 1986:
Analysis of diffusion effects on immobilized enzymes on porous supports with reversible Michaelis-Menten kinetics

A. G. Guy, 1986:
Analysis of diffusion in metals based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Kazuhiko Iwasaki; Noboru Yamaguchi; Yoshimune Hagiwara, 1986:
Analysis of error-detecting probability of signature circuit for lsi self-testing and proprosal of new signature circuit

S.J. Buskirk; L.L. Gunderson; D.M. Nagorney; J.A. Martenson Jr.; C.E. Bender; G.R. May; H.J. Williams Jr.; M.A. Adson; D.C. McIlrath; J.K. Martin; W.J. Tremaine, 1986:
Analysis of failure following curative irradiation of extrahepatic bile duct carcinoma

S.J. Buskirk; M.F. Schray; K.C. Podratz; C.R. Stanhope; R.A. Lee; T.J. Williams; J.A. Martenson Jr.; J.D. Earle; F.C. Weber; J.M. Naessens; P.C. O'Brien; T.A. Gaffey; G.D. Malkasian, 1986:
Analysis of failure following curative treatment of ovarian dysgerminoma

Colombi, M; Barlati, S; Kornblihtt, A; Baralle, F; Vaheri, A, 1986:
Analysis of fibronectin mRNAs in human normal and transformed cells

Ng, R M. C.; Lo, K. Y.; Rowe, R. K., 1986:
Analysis of field performancethe Thunder Bay tunnel

W. F. Ames; M. C. Nucci, 1986:
Analysis of fluid equations by group methods

Klaus Hasemann, 1986:
Analysis of fraction errors by a model of cognitive science

Marco Castro-Delgado; Ismail Celik, 1986:
Analysis of free-surface flows past overflow gates using finite element method

Amy, J. Nelson; Michael, L. Evans, 1986:
Analysis of growth patterns during gravitropic curvature in roots ofZea maysby use of a computer-based video digitizer

Katsumi Murata; Y. Yokoyama, 1986:
Analysis of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin by high-performance liquid chromatography of the constituent disaccharide units

Yoshihito Shirai; Kazuyuki Sakai; Kazuhiro Nakanishi; Ryuichi Matsuno, 1986:
Analysis of ice crystallization in continuous crystallizers based on a particle size-dependent growth rate model

Novelli, G; Catizone, F; Dallapiccola, B, 1986:
Analysis of isoenzymes in trophoblast cells

A. Mouras; C. Wildenstein; G. Salesses, 1986:
Analysis of karyotype and C-banding pattern ofNicotiana plumbaginifoliausing two techniques

Daiki Ebihara; Kazuhiko Imagawa; Mitsuru Watanabe, 1986:
Analysis of levitating and lateral forces of magnetic levitating system of permanent magnet repulsion type

Takayoshi Nakata; Yoshihiro Kawase, 1986:
Analysis of magnetic characteristics of laminated cores for establishing an accuracy standard of joint dimension

Gorini, G; Garavini, M; D'agostaro, G; Down, J, 1986:
Analysis of membrane glycoproteins binding to immunocomplexes

P. A. Wiel; T. A. Box; D. Evenberg; E. C. Beuvery, 1986:
Analysis of meningococcal lipopolysaccharide and core oligosaccharide by HPLC gel permeation and ELISA inhibition technique

P. A. Molian; H. S. Rajasekhara, 1986:
Analysis of microstructures of laser surface-melted tool steels

Patrick, L. Mills, 1986:
Analysis of multiphase polycarbonate polymerization in a semibatch reactor

R. Jones; A.L. Ritter, 1986:
Analysis of multiple scattering for (e, 2e) experiments on thin films

Thompson, S C.; Johnson, M P., 1986:
Analysis of multiply coupled, multimode sonar transducer arrays

Wolfram Siede; Friederike Eckardt, 1986:
Analysis of mutagenic DNA repair in a thermoconditional mutant ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Lado, R., 1986:
Analysis of native speaker performance on a cloze test

S. Sivakumar; M. Chidambaram; H.S. Shankar, 1986:
Analysis of non-catalytic gas-solid reactions in a vertical transport reactor

S. V. Singh; R. H. Kripalani, 1986:
Analysis of persistence in daily monsoon rainfall over India

I. I. Dozorova; L. M. Karina; L. A. Kolchanova; A. P. Krymov; B. I. Demchenko, 1986:
Analysis of pharmacopoeia-grade triamcinolone

Jackson, D.; Alexopoulos, N., 1986:
Analysis of planar strip geometries in a substrate-superstrate configuration

Dr. Hans Bloemendal; Kees Jansen, 1986:
Analysis of polymeric proteins by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis on one slab in the presence and absence of sodium dodecyl sulfate

Metzler, D E.; Metzler, C M.; Mitra, J, 1986:
Analysis of protein structure: a method of choice?

G. G. Kholostova; V. N. Bakunin; G. S. Shimonaev, 1986:
Analysis of quality of aviation lubricating oils by means of liquid and gas-liquid chromatography

R.C.A. Zandbergen; K.F. Wakker; B.A.C. Ambrosius, 1986:
Analysis of radial orbit errors of ERS-1, and the development of super-tailored gravity models

Mary, A. Densmore; Duane, C. Kraemer, 1986:
Analysis of reproductive data on the Addax: in captivity

Salafia, C.; Belanger, K.; Silberman, L.; Herrera, N., 1986:
Analysis of risk factors for intrauterine growth retardation in a low-risk population: Role of chronic villitis and haemorrhagic endovasculitis

Srdjan, S. Stanković; Branko, D. Kovačević, 1986:
Analysis of robust stochastic approximation algorithms for process identification

Isao Hirano, 1986:
Analysis of saturated absorption spectra of the Cs-D2 line

J. S. Crompton; R. W. Hertzberg, 1986:
Analysis of second phase particles in a powder metallurgy HIP nickel-base superalloy

Lichtenberg, J W.; Heck, E J., 1986:
Analysis of sequence and pattern in process research

Paula Gregory; Nancy Wang; Patricia, N. Howard-Peebles; John, M. Opitz; James, F. Reynolds, 1986:
Analysis of sister chromatid exchanges in fra(X) individuals

P. Lemaire; G. Simon; A. Mangeney; O. Clary; F. Praderie; Z. Mouradian, 1986:
Analysis of solar and stellar chromospheric calcium and magnesium lines

Masao Endo; Kazuyuki Hayamizu, 1986:
Analysis of standard deviation obtained by up and down method

V. E. Kuz'min; S. V. Krutius, 1986:
Analysis of structure-activity relationships based on the principle of structural conformity within the framework of a lattice model of receptors

S.S. Agarwal; C. Kleinstreuer, 1986:
Analysis of styrene polymerization in a continuous flow tubular reactor

Kohshi Okumura; Akira Kijima; Shigeru Tani, 1986:
Analysis of surge characteristics of ground wire and tower system by electromagnetic field theory

Jerome Landry; Joel, E. Tepper; William, C. Wood; Erica Orlow Moulton, 1986:
Analysis of survival and local control following surgery for gastric cancer

A. Miotello, 1986:
Analysis of temperature and enhanced diffusion effects in sputtering of CrSi2

Jacques Reuben, 1986:
Analysis of the 13C-n.m.r. spectra of hydrolyzed and methanolyze O-methylcelluloses: monomer compositions and models for their description

Dr. G. A. Satunkin; S. N. Rossolenko, 1986:
Analysis of the Dynamics of the Controlled Crystallization Process Using the Czochralski Method

P. K. Gupta; M. C. Pant, 1986:
Analysis of the Inshore Macrozoobenthic Community in Lake Naini Tal, U. P., India

Istok, M J.; Doviak, R J., 1986:
Analysis of the Relation Between Doppler Spectral Width and Thunderstorm Turbulence

Dr, E. E. Stobberingh,H. J. van Eck,A. W. Houben,C. P. A. van Boven, 1986:
Analysis of the Relationship between Ampicillin Resistance and β-Lactamase Production inBranhamella catarrhalis

Miyako, S. Hamaguchi; Yukio Hiramoto, 1986:
Analysis of the Role of Astral Rays in Pronuclear Migration in Sand Dollar Eggs by the Colcemid-UV Method : (sperm aster/pronuclear migration/sand dollar/colcemid-UV method)

S. Barbaro; C. Giaconia; A. Orioli, 1986:
Analysis of the accuracy in modelling of transient heat conduction in plane slabs

L. Rosenshtraukh; E. Anyukhovsky; S. Javadov; V. Saks, 1986:
Analysis of the antiarrhythmic action of phosphocreatine in acute myocardial ischemia in the dog

Kominami, G; Austen, B; Thorpe, R, 1986:
Analysis of the antigenic determinants of β-lipotropin with monoclonal antibodies

Bouton, M E.; Swartzentruber, D, 1986:
Analysis of the associative and occasion-setting properties of contexts participating in a Pavlovian discrimination

Yu. L. Fedoseev; Yu. A. Blednov; S. B. Seredenin, 1986:
Analysis of the brain ACTH-immunoreactive peptide spectrum in inbred mice

R.C. Cohen; W.C. Pringle, 1986:
Analysis of the collision induced far infrared spectrum of ethane

Madry, W; Piotrowski, W, 1986:
Analysis of the combining ability of two parental groups in incomplete diallel crosses

Townshend, J. R. G.; Justice, C. O., 1986 :
Analysis of the dynamics of African vegetation using the normalized difference vegetation index

A. Sambanis; S. Pavlou; A.G. Fredrickson, 1986:
Analysis of the dynamics of ciliate-bacterial interactions in a CSTR

Tai Hyun Park; In Ho Kim, 1986:
Analysis of the hollow-fibre fermenter using ultrafiltration

C. Pavelescu; C. Cobianu, 1986:
Analysis of the linear regime of thermal oxidation of silicon in dry oxygen at atmospheric pressure and correlation with film properties

Horák, J; Bělohlav, Zěk; Rosol, P; Madron, Fšek, 1986:
Analysis of the oscillatory behaviour of an industrial reactor for oxonation of propene: The CSTR model

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Analysis of the pharmacological properties of clozapine analogues using molecular electrostatic potential surfaces

U. T. Usmankhodzhaev; U. M. Azizov; S. I. Iskandarov, 1986:
Analysis of the products of catalytic oxidation of 2,4-dichlorotoluene to 2,4-dichlorobenzoic acid

P.H. Beckwith; J.J. Orlando; J. Reid; D.R. Smith, 1986:
Analysis of the products of photochemistry using tunable diode lasers, with application to the multiphoton dissociation of chloroform

Masanobu Kumano; Noboru Tomioka; Kazuo Shinozaki; Masahiro Sugiura, 1986:
Analysis of the promoter region in therrnAoperon from a blue-green alga,Anacystis nidulans6301

V. A. Shilyaev; G. G. Solodovnikov; R. G. Vikhman; V. A. Koshelev; G. S. Zhitina; N. I. Chirkova, 1986:
Analysis of the reliability of submersible centrifugal electric pumping systems

D. Apelian; J. -J. A. Cheng, 1986:
Analysis of the solidified structure of rheocast and VADER processed nickel-base superalloy

M. Feissel, 1986:
Analysis of the ties between earth orientation determinations and the related reference frames

Wootton, R, 1986:
Analysis of the transport of glycyl-l-proline into brush-border membrane vesicles from rabbit small intestine

Janaswamy, R; Schaubert, D H.; Pozar, D M., 1986:
Analysis of the transverse electromagnetic mode linearly tapered slot antenna

V. P. Novikov; A. V. Yarkov; V. K. Brel'; L. V. Uvarova; O. A. Raevskii; I. V. Martynov, 1986:
Analysis of the vibrational spectra of bromochlorofluoronitromethane

Sherman, J A.; Saunders, R R., 1986:
Analysis of the discrimination-failure-hypothesis in generalized matching and mismatching behavior

Miyoshi Takahashi; Masatoshi Watanabe; Noriyoshi Takahashi; Kouji Tanaka, 1986:
Analysis of three-dimensional asynchronous field and rotor damper characteristics of superconducting generator

C.R. Kennedy; S.B. Jaffe, 1986:
Analysis of tracer experiments from commercial-scale trickle-bed reactors

Christoph Taschke; Richard Herrmann, 1986:
Analysis of transcription and processing signals of the 16S23S rRNA operon ofMycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Ono, M; Hashimoto, H; Yoshioka, M; Harada, H; Uchimiya, H, 1986 :
Analysis of transcripts of aminoglycoside phosphotransferase II and nopaline synthease in Nicotiana glauca transformants mediated by recombinant Ti plasmid

Harrison, D.; Kanji, G. K.; Gadsden, R. J., 1986:
Analysis of variance for circular data

B. Namysłowska-Wilczyńska, 1986:
Analysis of variance in investigations on anisotropy of Cu ore deposits

Hanspaul Hagenmaier; Axel Berchtold, 1986:
Analysis of waste from production of Na-pentachlorophenolate for polychlorinated dibenzodioxins (PCDD) and dibenzofurans (PCDF)

Tomowo Watanabe; Kimio Hanawa; Yoshiaki Toba, 1986:
Analysis of year-to-year variation of water temperature along the coast of the Japan sea

Parra, P.; Martinez, E.; Suñol, C.; Artigas, F.; Tusell, J.M.; Gelpl, E.; Albaigés, J., 1986:
Analysis, accumulation and central effects of trihalomethanes. I. bromoform

Rimmer, E.F.; Pringle, J.A.S.; Chambers, T.J.; Horton, M.A., 1986:
Analysis, isolation and in vitro culture of osteoclasts and their presumed precursors by osteoclast-specific monoclonal antibodies and fluorescent-activated cell sorting

Martin Vetterli, 1986:
Analysis, synthesis and computational complexity of digital filter banks: (Original French title: Analyse, synthse et complexit de calcul de bancs de filtres numriques)

Fels, S B., 1986:
Analytic Representations of Standard Atmosphere Temperature Profiles

Shackford, S. R., 1986:
Analytic Review: Blunt Chest Trauma: The Intensivist's Perspective

Curley, F. J.; Irwin, R. S., 1986:
Analytic Review: Disorders of Temperature Control: Part I. Hyperthermia

Tegeler, C.; Sherman, D., 1986:
Analytic Review: Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease: Diagnosis and Management

Dell'Italia, L. J., 1986:
Analytic Review: Right Ventricular Infarction

Zwerner, P. L.; Gore, J. M., 1986:
Analytic Review: Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Conti, C. R.; Hill, J. A.; Feldman, R. L.; Mehta, J. L.; Pepine, C. J., 1986:
Analytic Review: Treatment of Coronary Artery Spasm and Variant Angina

Richard A Missler, 1986:
Analytic and synthetic cognitive functioning: A critical review of evidence bearing on field dependence

G.D. Buchan, 1986:
Analytic modelling of solar radiation: driven temperature variations of outdoor surfaces

P. L. Cen; R. T. Yang, 1986:
Analytic solution for adsorber breakthrough curves with bidisperse sorbents (zeolites)

A.M. Soward; S. Childress, 1986:
Analytic theory of dynamos

Wyatt, D. M., 1986:
Analytical Analysis of Tastes and Odors Imparted to Foods By Packaging Materials

Donald Koch, 1986:
Analytical Modeling of Ground-Water Impacts by Mining

D.Y. Yang; T. Altan, 1986:
Analytical and Experimental Investigation Into Lubricated Three-Dimensional Extrusion of General Helical Sections

K.L. Peddicord; R.W. Stratton; J.K. Thomas, 1986:
Analytical and experimental performance of sphere-pac nuclear fuels

Reddy, M. Rami; O'Shea, S F.; Cardini, G, 1986:
Analytical approximations to virial coefficients for pure and mixed systems

V. E. Shcherba; V. E. Shubaev; A. P. Bolshtyanskii; E. A. Ivashnev, 1986:
Analytical calculation of the exhaust process in a general-purpose piston-drive compressor

Hanns Malissa, 1986:
Analytical chemistryseen in perspective

Rosa, L. Ong; John, A. Stryker, 1986:
Analytical comparison of radiation-induced complications in patients with stage I endometrial carcinoma treated with surgery and radiotherapy

Frans, J.M. Rietmeijer; Joseph, A. Nuth; Ian, D.R. Mackinnon, 1986:
Analytical electron microscopy of MgSiO smokes: A comparison with infrared and XRD studies

P. Skjerpe; J. Gjønnes; E. Sørbrøden; H. Herø, 1986:
Analytical electron microscopy of cast Au-Ag-Cu alloys

M. Bedda; S. Messaadi; C. R. Pichard; A. J. Tosser, 1986:
Analytical expression for the total electrical conductivity of unannealed and annealed metal films

Mishra, B.; Mookherjee, A., 1986:
Analytical formulation of phase equilibria in two observed sulfide-sulfosalt assemblages in the Rajpura-Dariba polymetallic deposit, India

Peter, N. Keliher, 1986:
Analytical microchemistry in China

A. Neckel, 1986:
Analytical model for the swelling of sintered iron oxide pellets during the haematite-magnetite transformation

C. Cuiu; R. Halman; K. Li; R.S. Thomas; R.C. Lao, 1986:
Analytical procedures to assay environmental samples for PCDD/PCDF, PHA, PCB, chlorobenzenes (CB) and chlorophenols (CP)

F. Borrull; J. Guasch; E. Casassas; V. Cerdá, 1986:
Analytical properties of the amidoxime groupxii. Spectrophotometric study of several metal-amidoxime complexes

Giorgio Carta; Robert, L. Pigford, 1986:
Analytical solution for cycling zone adsorption

Ikenishi, R; Kitagawa, T; Hirai, E, 1986:
Analytical studies on 1-(2-o-chlorobenzoyl-4-chlorophenyl)-5-glycylaminomethyl-3-dimethylaminocarbonyl-1H-1,2,4-triazole hydrochloride dihydrate. II. A fluorometric method applicable to animal feed

Appel, W., 1986:
Analytik mit trägergebundenen Reagenzien im Kliniklaboratorium: Kalium-Bestimmungen am Ektachem® DT 60 und am Seralyzer®

Gerlinde Schneider; Eugen Hieke; Werner Baltes, 1986:
Analytik nichtionogener Emulgatoren in kosmetischen Emulsionen

Reed, W J., 1986 :
Analyzing CatchEffort Data Allowing for Randomness in the Catching Process

Bernard Fingleton, 1986:
Analyzing Cross-classified Data with Inherent Spatial Dependence

Highlen, P S., 1986:
Analyzing patterns and sequence in counseling: Reactions of a counseling process researcher

Bruce Dorval, 1986:
Analyzing runs of an event occurring in a series with other kinds of events

Valdés, G, 1986:
Analyzing the demands that courtroom interaction makes upon speakers of ordinary English: Toward the development of a coherent descriptive framework

John, E. Tetzlaff; Michael, D. Gellman, 1986:
Anaphylactoid reac tion to atracurium

Js,, 1986:
Anaphylactoid reactions associated with parenteral cyclosporine use: Possible role of Cremophor ELHowrie DL, Ptachcinski RJ, Griffith BP, Hardesty RJ, Rosenthal JT, Burckart GJ, Venkataramanan R: Drug Intell Clin Pharm 19:425, 1985

Derald, G. Smith, 1986:
Anastomosing river deposits, sedimentation rates and basin subsidence, Magdalena River, northwestern Colombia, South America

Keiichi Hojo, 1986:
Anastomotic recurrence after sphincter-saving resection for rectal cancer

Jean-Paul Chevrel, 1986:
Anatomia Clinica broadens its scope

Liu, D; Hsu, W Ming, 1986 :
Anatomic Difference and Surgical Consideration

Cox, M; Rogers, P H.; Popper, A N.; Saidel, W M., 1986:
Anatomical effects of intense tone stimulation in the ear of bony fishes

Warwick, R, 1986:
Anatomy – Analysis and Synthesis

Roberts, J R., 1986:
Anatomy as a basis for clinical medicine

Henderson, J V., 1986:
Anatomy of a Terrorist Attack: The Cu Chi Mess Hall Incident

William, C. Dawson; Albert, V. Carozzi, 1986:
Anatomy of a phylloid algal buildup, Raytown Limestone, Iola Formation, Pennsylvanian, Southeast Kansas, U.S.A

Wilder, G J., 1986:
Anatomy of first-order roots in the Cyclanthaceae (Monocotyledoneae). II. Stele (excluding pericycle)

Wood, B P., 1986:
Anatomy of the Infant Head

James, F. Bosma; Martin, W. Donner; Eichi Tanaka; Diane Robertson, 1986:
Anatomy of the pharynx, pertinent to swallowing

H. Weisgerber, 1986:
Anbau schnellwachsender Baumarten im Kurzumtrieb Voraussetzungen, Leistungen, Perspektiven)

Dr. E. A. Thompson, 1986:
Ancestry of alleles and extinction of genes in populations with defined pedigrees

J. Šesták; R. Žitný; M. Houška, 1986:
Anchor-agitated systems: Power input correlation for pseudoplastic and thixotropic fluids in equilibrium

Cervone, D; Peake, P K., 1986:
Anchoring, efficacy, and action: The influence of judgmental heuristics on self-efficacy judgments and behavior

Gramlich-Meier, R., 1986:
Ancient oriental pattern and related zeolite type networks

Sven-Axel Bengtson, H Källander and Sören Svensson, 1986:
Anders Enemar 60 Years

Ryckaert, J-P.; Ciccotti, G., 1986:
Andersen's canonical-ensemble molecular dynamics for molecules with constraints

N. Zekri; A. Brezini, 1986:
Anderson localization on a disordered series-parallel lattice

G. M. Cronin; P. R. Wiepkema; J. M. van Ree, 1986:
Andorphins implicated in stereotypies of tethred sows

Hurst, J.Willis, 1986:
Andreas Gruentzig as viewed by a clinical cardiologist

Casarella, W J., 1986:
Andreas Gruentzig as viewed by a radiologist

Smith, R B., 1986:
Andreas Gruentzig as viewed by a vascular surgeon

Moltz, L.; Hollmann, K.-J.; Hammerstein, J.; Schwartz, U., 1986:
Androgen levels during pregnancy in healthy and hirsute women

Professor Yves Najean; French cooperative group for the study of aplastic; refractory anaemias, 1986:
Androgen therapy in aplastic anaemia: A comparative study of high and low-doses and of 4 different androgens

Baldwin, A C.; Critelli, J W.; Stevens, L C.; Russell, S, 1986:
Androgyny and sex role measurement: A personal construct approach

Maurice LE LANNOU, 1986:
Andr Gibert (1893-1985)

Edward, O. Osagie, 1986:
Anelasticity of the Crust and Upper Mantle of South America From the Inversion of Observed Surface Wave Attenuation

Hans Möhrle; Barbara Grimm, 1986:
Anellierte Imidazole

Hans Möhrle; Peter Schillings, 1986:
Anellierungsreaktionen von α-(Dihydro-β-carbolinium)-keton-Derivaten. Annellation Reactions of α-(Dihydro-β-carbolinium)-ketone-Derivatives

Fox, R.; Paterson, M. E. L., 1986:
Anencephaly associated with reduced folate level secondary to maternal psoriasis

Borland, L M., 1986:
Anesthesia Considerations for Pediatric Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Lell, W A.; Wright, A.J., 1986:
Anesthesia and Coronary Artery Surgery

Brett, C M.; Wara, W M.; Hamilton, W K., 1986 :
Anesthesia for Infants during Radiotherapy

Mitchell, M M., 1986:
Anesthesia for Laser Surgery: General Considerations

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Anesthesia for Noncardiac Surgery in the Pediatric Patient with Congenital Heart Disease

Palmer, S K., 1986:
Anesthesia for Obstetric Emergencies

Finster, M, 1986:
Anesthetic Considerations in Preeclampsia-Eclampsia

Gibson, J Ray, 1986:
Anesthetic Implications of Sickle Cell Disease and Other Hemoglobinopathies

Weintraub, H D., 1986:
Anesthetic Management of the Geriatric Outpatient

Goldfarb, G., 1986:
Anesthsie et dfenses immunitaires

Marcillon, M.; Blin, F.; Marcotte, C.; Dupont, M.C., 1986:
Anesthsie gnrale pour sismothrapie. Intrt du moniteur de fonction crbrale

Steib, A.; Freys, G.; Beller, J.P.; Lantz, J.M.; Jaeck, D., 1986:
Anesthsie pour insulinome

A. Daniel; D. Roane, 1986:
Aneuploidy induced by ethanol during spermatogenesis in the Chinese hamster

Chung, J. J.; Watkins, J. E.; Nguyen, D. D.; Kim, J., 1986:
Aneurysm of Saphenous Vein Graft of the Common Carotid Artery: A Case Report and Review of Literature

S. Weimann; P. Sandbichler; G. Flora, 1986:
Aneurysma der Vena poplitea als Quelle einer Lungenembolie

Zachariades, N; Vairaktaris, E; Mezitis, M; Triantafyllou, D; Papavassiliou, D; Economopoulou, P, 1986:
Aneurysmal bone cyst of the jaws

Tavasoli, T.; Arjmand, S.; Ranaei Siadat, S.Omid.; Shojaosadati, S.Abbas.; Sahebghadam Lotfi, A., 2018:
Enhancement of Alpha 1-antitrypsin Production in Pichia pastoris by Designing and Optimizing Medium Using Elemental Analysis

A. L. Blower; J. F. Clegg, 1986:
Angelchik prosthesis: A modification of surgical technique

Stermac, L. E., 1986:
Anger Control Treatment for Forensic Patients

Kay Arnold, 1986:
Anger over DRGs

Molnos, A., 1986:
Anger that Destroys and Anger that Heals: Handling Hostility in Group Analysis and in Dynamic Brief Psychotherapy

Goldschlager, N, 1986:
Angina pectoris

Salamah, M M.; Mallouh, A.A.; Rizk, F.; Sadi, A.R.; Hamdan, J. A., 1986:
Angio immunoblastic lymphadenopathy (AIBL): a case report from Saudi Arabia

Jaques, P, 1986:
Angiography of vascular disease

Ikemoto, F; Tanaka, M; Itoh, S; Song, G-Bu; Tominaga, M; Hiruma, M; Takada, T; Nakamura, N; Yamamoto, K, 1986:
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) in the Kidney

P. Bruneval; N. Hinglais; F. Alhenc-Gelas; V. Tricottet; P. Corvol; J. Menard; J. P. Camilleri; J. Bariety, 1986:
Angiotensin I converting enzyme in human intestine and kidney

Chau Ting Huang; Robert, R. Brooks; Schwe Fang Pong; James, R. Skuster; Ralph, L. White Jr.; Alan, F. Moore, 1986:
Angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition and antihypertensive effects of EU-5476, a new, potent, and long-acting ACE inhibitor

Phippard, A. F.; Horvath, J. S.; Fletcher, P. J.; Garner, M. G.; Duggin, G. G.; Tiller, D. J., 1986:
Angiotensin II Vascular Reactivity and Angiotensin II Metabolism in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Baboons (Papio Hamadryas)

Sorokanich, S.; Wand, M.; Nix, H. R., 1986:
Angle Closure Glaucoma and Acute Hyperglycemia

Mapstone, R, 1986:
Angle Closure Mechanisms in Glaucoma

Hisashi Miyoshi, 1986:
Angle of energy flux at the origin of two major tsunamis

Sven Holmberg; Robert Moberg; Zhong Cai Yuan; Hans Siegbahn, 1986:
Angle resolved electron spectroscopy for measurement of surface segregation phenomena in liquids and solutions

Howarth, J, 1986:
Anglican Perspectives on Gender: some reflections on the centenary of St Hugh's College, Oxford

Vanggaard, T, 1986:
Angsttilstande og deres behandling

C.M. Sayers; G.G. Proudfoot, 1986:
Angular dependence of the ultrasonic SH wave velocity in rolled metal sheets

C.M. Sayers, 1986:
Angular dependent ultrasonic wave velocities in aggregates of hexagonal crystals

C. Trigilio; S. Catalano; E. Marilli, 1986:
Angular momentum evolution of lower main sequence stars

U. Berg; T. Chassé, 1986:
Angular-resolved X-ray photoelectron spectra and electronic structure of SnS2

Tijhuis, A., 1986:
Angularly propagating waves in a radially inhomogeneous, lossy dielectric cylinder and their connection with the natural modes

Dry, J.; Pradalier, A.; Artigou, C.; Guittard, M.; Carnot, F.; Laroche, L., 1986:
Angite granulomateuse allergique de churg et strauss et pseudotumeur inflammatoire de l'orbite

N. V. K. Prabhakar; S. P. Sanyal, 1986:
Anharmonic Properties of the Ternary Semiconductor CuGe2P3

A. Dana Johnston, 1986:
Anhydrous P-T phase relations of near-primary high-alumina basalt from the South Sandwich Islands

R. Cea-Olivares; A. Gutiérrez F., 1986:
Anhydrous and hydrated lanthanide(III) b,-triketonates

Chen Zhongxin; Shen Zhiquan, 1986:
Anhydrous lanthanide chlorides doped rare-earth polyacetylene

Willmer, P, 1986:
Animal Models for Psychiatry

Rollin, B E., 1986:
Animal consciousness and scientific change

Dawson, J., 1986:
Animal experiments

R. M. Edelsten, 1986:
Animal health in Australia

Noble, M, 1986:
Animal models in cardiovascular research

Dr. Carl, E. Jones; Patricia, A. Gwirtz, 1986:
Animal models to investigate drug effects on coronary physiology

John Archer, 1986:
Animal sociobiology and comparative psychology: A review

Duisberg, R. A., 1986:
Animated graphical interfaces using temporal constraints

Choudat, D.; Le Goff, C.; Paul, G.; Choudat, L.; Poggi, D.; Nevot, P.; Perreau, P., 1986:
Animaux familiers et prvalence des anticorps antiPasteurella multocida dans une population urbaine

Mir Wais Hosseini; Jean-Marie Lehn, 1986:
Anion Coreceptor Molecules. Linear Molecular Recognition in the Selective Binding of Dicarboxylate Substrates by Ditopic Polyammonium Macrocycles

Urs Wuthier; Hung-Viêt Pham; Bruno Rusterholz; Wilhelm Simon, 1986:
Anion Selectivities of Triorganyltin Acetates and Halides in Solvent Polymeric Membranes

Robert, J. Lang, 1986:
Anion effects in alkali-catalysed steam gasification

Comerford, J G.; Dawson, A P.; Selwyn, M J., 1986:
Anion transport in sub-mitochondrial particles prepared from rat liver mitochondria

K Venkataraman; S Krishnaswamy, 1986:
Anisops bouvieripredation and advantages of cephalic expansion inDaphnia cephalataKing and the impact of predation onDaphnia similisClaus under laboratory conditions

Vasilis, P. Tritakis, 1986:
Anisotropic distribution of the solar activity and consequences in the IMF configuration

Goodarzi, F, 1986:
Anisotropic fragments in strongly folded and faulted coals from the Rocky Mountain area of southeast British Columbia

S. Fujita; K. Maeda; S. Hyodo, 1986:
Anisotropy of high-temperature hardness in 6H silicon carbide

H. Maxeiner; W. Dietz, 1986:
Anleitung für eine vollständige Kehlkopfpräparation

&na;,, 1986:
Annals Welcomes New Board Members

J. Keinonen; J. Räisänen, 1986:
Annealing behaviour of C-implanted α-Hf

D. T. Gawne; G. M. H. Lewis, 1986:
Annealing kinetics of cold-rolled plain carbon steels

Juh-Tzeng Lue; Ming-Shyong Lin, 1986:
Annealing of ion-implanted GaAs by an intense short-pulse flash-tube

A. Sen Gupta; S. V. Naidu; P. Sen, 1986:
Annealing study of defects in alpha-irradiated n-type GaAs by positron-annihilation technique

Lambertz, J.; Stainier, A.; Feyaerts, A.; Machiels, J.-P.; Lecouvet, F.; Tombal, B., 1986:
Annonces de Congrs

Laccourreye, O.; Malinvaud, D.; Ménard, M.; Consoli, S.; Giraud, P.; Bonfils, P., 1986:
Annonces de congrs, de runions de formation continue et d'enseignements en mdecine du sport

Lu, Y-Qing.; Xu, Y.; Dong, B.; Dai, X-Hu., 2018:
Enhancement of Anaerobic Methane Production by Removal of Organic-bonding Metals from Sewage Sludge

Cui, J.; Deng, Q.; Zhou, Q.; Cao, S.; Jiang, N.; Wang, Y.; Chen, J.; Hu, B.; Tan, T., 2018:
Enhancement of Angiogenesis by Ultrasound-Targeted Microbubble Destruction Combined with Nuclear Localization Signaling Peptides in Canine Myocardial Infarction

F. Shann, 1986:
Annotation In praise of handwashing

I. J. Hopkins, 1986:
Annotation The Lennox Gastaut Syndrome

S. Menahem, 1986:
Annotation Undergraduate teaching in hospitals

David Harnden, 1986:

Myren, J, 1986:
Announcement of the activities of OMGE Education Committee

Donald Blough, 1986:
Announcements and Notices

Blair, O. Rogers, 1986:
Announcements and video reviews

Levitus, S, 1986:
Annual Cycle of Salinity and Salt Storage in the World Ocean

Kraus, E B.; Levitus, S, 1986:
Annual Heat Flux Variations across the Tropic Circles

Jantrawut, P.; Boonsermsukcharoen, K.; Thipnan, K.; Chaiwarit, T.; Hwang, K-Mok.; Park, E-Seok., 2018:
Enhancement of Antibacterial Activity of Orange Oil in Pectin Thin Film by Microemulsion

Albert Van Helden and Audrey, B. Davis, 1986:
Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society, 31 October-3 November 1985

Sarah, B. Laughlin, 1986:
Annual Meeting of the Membership of the Northeastern Bird-Banding Association at the Broadmoor Sanctuary of the Massachusetts Audubon Society South Natick, Massachusetts. Saturday 3 May 1986

Plum, F.; Cohen, B., 1986:
Annual Meeting, Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Diseases Inc: Language, Communication, and the Brain

Matthews, N, 1986:
Annual Review of Immunology

Ochoa, M.Carmen.; Minute, L.; López, Aón.; Pérez-Ruiz, E.; Gomar, C.; Vasquez, M.; Inoges, S.; Etxeberria, Iñaki.; Rodriguez, I.; Garasa, S.; Mayer, J-Peter.Andreas.; Wirtz, P.; Melero, I.; Berraondo, P., 2018:
Enhancement of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity of cetuximab by a chimeric protein encompassing interleukin-15

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Annual Review of Nutrition. Vol. 5, 1985

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Annual and interannual variability of the North Pacific oceantoatmosphere total heat transfer

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Annual changes of chemistry ofmonthly precipitation in Iceland

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Annual review of plant physiology. Volume 36

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Annual variation in the oxygen utilisation dynamics of the garden lizard,Calotes versicolor

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Annuloaortic Ectasia and Adult Polycystic Kidney

S.M. Abd El Haleem; S.S. Abd El Rehim; M.Sh. Shalaby, 1986:
Anodic behaviour and pitting corrosion of plain carbon steel in NaOH solutions containing Cl- ions

L. Peraldo Bicelli; P. Pedeferri; G. Razzini, 1986:
Anodically oxidized titanium films to be used as electrodes in photoelectrolysis solar cells

H.L.Ten Haven; J.W.De Leeuw; T.M. Peakman; J.R. Maxwell, 1986:
Anomalies in steroid and hopanoid maturity indices

Kissner, D G.; Sorkin, R P., 1986:
Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection

Shu-yi Zhang; Zhong-nan Lu; Jun Yu; Wen-bo Yuan, 1986:
Anomalous SAW velocity changes on Ti-diffused ZY-LiNbO3

H. J. Juretschke, 1986:
Anomalous asymmetries in X-ray -modes near n-beam interactions

Harold, S. Freeman; Wilson, M. Whaley; Michelle, K. Esancy; James, F. Esancy, 1986:
Anomalous behavior of aminohydroxynaphthalenesulfonic acids during diazo coupling

J.L.Saint Romain; Jacques Lahaye; Pierre Ehrburger; Pierre Couderc, 1986:
Anomalous capillary flow of coal tar pitches

P. Enders; R. Schuchardt, 1986:
Anomalous composition dependence of the dielectric constant in bismuth-antimony alloys due to disorder-induced indirect interband polarization processes

Milan Burša; M. Pick, 1986:
Anomalous curvature of equipotential surfaces due to variations in the Earth's rotation

Hunkins, K, 1986:
Anomalous diurnal tidal currents on the Yermak Plateau

Klaus Meyer; Risto Pirjola, 1986:
Anomalous electrotelluric residuals prior to a large imminent earthquake in Greece

Simon Baumberg; Margo Roberts, 1986:
Anomalous expression of theE. coli lacoperon inProteus mirabilis

Fouad, A. Hasan; Bradly, D. Keck; Christopher Hartmetz; Derek, W.G. Sears, 1986:
Anomalous fading of thermoluminescence in meteorites

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Anomalous fluctuation of solute concentration during decomposition of supersaturated Al-1.14at %Si under the influence of electric current

Kuroda, P. K.; Bakhtiar, S. N., 1986:
Anomalous magnesium isotopes in meteorites