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Field and Laboratory Studies on Nile Phytoplankton in Egypt. I. Some Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Ahmed, M. Ahmed; Medhat, M. Haikal; Ahmed, A. Mohammed; Mohammed, A. Zidan

International Review of Hydrobiology 71(1): 127-138


ISSN/ISBN: 1434-2944
DOI: 10.1002/iroh.19860710118
Accession: 061871220

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Monthly variations of some physical and chemical characteristics of Nile waters at Assiut (375 km south from Cairo, Egypt) during the period from September 1980 to September 1982 were followed and discussed. As expected, the maximum temperature was recorded in summer and the minimum in winter. The p H values of Nile waters were recorded to be in the vicinity of 8.0. The highest oxygen concentrations were recorded in the summer months, mainly due to the relatively high photosynthetic activity.

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