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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 61876

Chapter 61876 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Juong, G. Rhee; Chung, K.K. Lee; Seymour, H. Levitt; Chang, W. Song, 1986:
Improved deep heating with capacitive applications of 8 Mhz radiofrequency

Nicholas Bodor; Abdelalim, M. Abdelim, 1986:
Improved delivery through biological membranes XX1: Nicotinamide dihydronicotinamide based ester-linked redox carrier systems

William, F. Heath; James, P. Tam; R.B. Merrifield, 1986:
Improved deprotection of cysteine-containing peptides in HF

Prof. Dr. Volker Neuhoff; Kyong-Sun Cheong-Kim; Klaus Altland, 1986:
Improved design of one-dimensional vertical polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis avoids lateral streaking

C Lee; WH Peters; YJ Chao; MA Sutton, 1986:
Improved digital image processing technique to investigate plastic zone formation in steel

Bernhard Ehle; Horst Lemoine; Alberto, J. Kaumann, 1986:
Improved evaluation of binding of ligands to membranes containing several receptor-subtypes

Bernier, R H., 1986:
Improved inactivated poliovirus vaccine

Karoly Racz; Otto Kuchel; Waldemar Debinski; Nguyen, T. Buu, 1986:
Improved liquid chromatographic determination of dopamine-β-hydroxylase activity in tissues and plasma

Morley, J J.; Robinson, S W., 1986:
Improved method for correlating late Pleistocene/Holocene records from the Bering Sea: application of a biosiliceous/geochemical stratigraphy

V. Dose; Th. Fauster; R. Schneider, 1986:
Improved resolution in VUV isochromat spectroscopy

S. Hippe; M. Hermanns, 1986:
Improved structural preservation in freeze-substituted sporidia ofUstilago avenaea comparison with low-temperature embedding

S. Leibel; P. Gutin; T. Phillips; W. Wara; A. Choucair; K. Weaver; S. Lamb; P. Silver; C. Barnett, 1986:
Improved survival following interstitial implantation of removable high-activity iodine-125 sources for malignant recurrent gliomas

Maniaat Chadhal; Brenda Shankl; Subhash Gulati; Bayard, D. Qlarkson; Zvi Fuksl; Clare Gnecco, 1986:
Improved survival of poor prognosis Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma managed with sequential induction chemotherapy, boost radiation therapy and autologous bone marrow transplantation

R.J. Dry; O.E. Potter, 1986:
Improved throughput and gas-solids contact in a fluidised bed: The concept of a bubble collector

Mohammad Fahim; Berton, C. Pressman, 1986:
Improvemen of cardiac performance by carboxylic ionophore monensin in greyhound and mongrel dogs

Shoji Noda; Haruo Doi; Nobuyuki Yamamoto; Tatsumi Hioki; Jun'ichi Kawamoto; Osami Kamigaito, 1986:
Improvement for adhesion of thin metal films on ceramics by ion bombardment and the application to metalceramic joining

Rodrigues, E.A.; Lahiri, A.; Raftery, E.B., 1986:
Improvement in Diastolic Dysfunction in Ischaemic Heart Disease after Treatment with Calcium Antagonists

R. E. Smith; Chuanpit Osothsilp; Paul Bicho; K. F. Gregory, 1986:
Improvement in the protein content of cassava bySporotrichumpulverulentumin solid state culture

V. I. Sokolov; N. V. Sokolov, 1986:
Improvement in the separation of liquids of heterogenous systems

S. G. Arabyan; V. V. Kulagin; V. L. Lashkhi; S. P. Ostapenko; I. A. Kholomonov, 1986:
Improvement of antifriction properties of motor oils

H. -A. Horst; K. Bäuning; A. Friedl; A. Müller; R. -D. Kanitz; D. Weisner, 1986:
Improvement of cancer patients post-clinical care by cancer registries

J. L. Farvacque, 1986:
Improvement of debye-hückel evaluation of free carrier screening effects in semiconductors

Satoshi Nishikawa; Hidechika Takahashi; Masayuki Kobayashi, 1986:
Improvement of efficiency of captioning video pictures for the deaf by use of a japanese word processor

J.H. Lichtenbelt, 1986:
Improvement of flight hardware and isothermal Marangoni convection under micro-gravity conditions

A. A. Kalinin, 1986:
Improvement of lubricity of water-containing fluid based on proxamine 385

Ya. B. Mirskii; A. P. Kosolapova; N. F. Meged', 1986:
Improvement of miceobead cracking catalyst manufacture

V. F. Klaptsov; S. A. Surin; G. D. Chukin; B. K. Nefedov, 1986:
Improvement of process for obtaining activated aluminum oxide

L. A. Tsitilovskaya, 1986:
Improvement of retrieval in a system of conditioned reflexes elaborated in rats placed under the action of ACTH47during ontogeny

Casagrande, D. R.; Casagrande, L.; Castro, G., 1986:
Improvement of sensitive silty clay by electroosmosis: Discussion

Boyd, M. R.; Cole, M.; Harnden, M. R.; Luk, K.; Rush, M. A.; Sutton, D.; Vere Hodge, R. A., 1986:
Improvement of the bioavailability of the anti-herpes virus agent BVDU by use of 5-0-alkoxycarbonyl derivatives with increased metabolic stability

V. A. Bubnov, 1986:
Improvement of the design and the manufacturing technology of rotors of pendulum centrifuges

R. F. Gasanov; Sh. R. Ruvinov; L. M. Al'bert, 1986:
Improvement of the design of hones for the treatment of the entire cylinders of oil-well pumps

A. I. Echin; G. T. Novosartov; T. B. Kondrat'eva, 1986:
Improvement of the hydrolytic stability of synthetic lubricating oils

N. A. Artamonov; M. S. Bakirov, 1986:
Improvement of the operating efficiency of hydrocyclones

West, A.W., 1986:
Improvement of the selective respiratory inhibition technique to measure eukaryote:prokaryote ratios in soils

Yu. L. Smertyak; E. V. Lukashenko; A. S. Belous; V. N. Stabredov, 1986:
Improvement of the service properties of compressor oils

Mizukami, T; Yagisawa, M; Oka, T; Furuya, A, 1986 :
Improvement of the stability of recombinant plasmids carrying the threonine operon in an L-threonine-hyperproducing strain of Escherichia coli W

Tsugio Sato; Shiro Ohtaki; Tadashi Endo; Masahiko Shimada, 1986:
Improvement of thermal stability of yttria-doped tetragonal zirconia polycrystals by doping CeO2on the surface

Li Jing-ding; Lu Ying-qing; Du Tian-shen, 1986:
Improvement on the combustion of a hydrogen fueled engine

A. Kh. Mirkhodzhaev; Yu. N. Shvetsov, 1986:
Improvements in radionuclide imaging of the adrenals

Robert, E. Tatina, 1986:
Improvements to the Steucek and Hill Assay of Photosynthesis

Felix, L G.; Merritt, R L.; Duncan, K, 1986:
Improving Baghouse Performance at the Monticello Generating Station

Barnes, K. J., 1986:
Improving Prehension Skills of Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Clinical Study

Sheldon, C.A.; Elick, B.; Najarian, J.S.; Mauer, S.M., 1986:
Improving Survival in the Very Young Renal Transplant Recipient

Charles Brandon; Jeffrey Jarrett, 1986:
Improving accuracy of forecasts by a cost-effective method

Redman, C. W. E.; McFarlane, T.; Cottrell, D; Kincey, J., 1986:
Improving communication between doctors and patients having a hysterectomy

Delclos, V R.; Kulewicz, S J., 1986 :
Improving computer-based problem solving training: The role of the teacher as mediator

L. G. Mariupol'skii; A. V. Rostovtsev; Yu. G. Trofimenkov; G. M. Leshin, 1986:
Improving methods of determining the bearing capacity of driven piles using a standard pile and static penetration

Jerold, W. Apps; Steven Weiland, 1986:
Improving practice in continuing education

Scott, N. Ralston; Steven, E. Hastings; Sharon, M. Brucker, 1986:
Improving regional I-O models: Evidence against uniform regional purchase coefficients across rows

G. Zhang; R. Hocken, 1986:
Improving the Accuracy of Angle Measurement in Machine Calibration

Allen, S.; Willett, N., 1986:
Improving the Communication Skills of Mentally Handicapped Adults

Maher, C A., 1986:
Improving the instructional supervisory behavior of public school principals by means of time management: Experimental evaluation and social validation

I. V. Abramov; Yu. V. Turygin, 1986:
Improving the method of calculating tubular shafts

Yu. G. Khmelev, 1986:
Improving the method of preparation of ceramic molds and cores for precision castings

Sherwood, D E., 1986:
Impulse Characteristics in Rapid Movement

M.R. Kundu, 1986:
Impulsive energy release in solar flares: A summary

Richard, C. Canfield, 1986:
Impulsive phase explosive dynamics

Z. A. Matysina; A. O. Mekhrabov; A. Z. Menshikov; Z. M. Babaev; S. Yu. Zaginaichenko, 1986:
Impurities in Ni3Fe Magnetic Alloys

Milan, M. Jakšić, 1986:
Impurity effects on the macromorphology of electrodeposited zinc II. Causes, appearances and consequences of spongy zinc growth

Milan, M. Jaks̆ić, 1986:
Impurity effects on the macromorphology of electrodeposited zinc III: Potential sweep analysis

Lerman, D; Lerman, R, 1986:
Imputed Income from Owner-Occupied Housing and Income Inequality

H. Caspers, 1986:
Imrich Daubner: Mikrobiologie des Wassers. 2. Auflage. Übersetzung aus dem Slowakischen. Herausgegeben von H. Grahneis und H.-D. Münch. —Mit 60 Abb., 70 Tab. 354 S. Berlin: Akademie—Verlag 1984. Bestellnr. 7623 168. 88,—M

Park, H.; Jung, S.Yong.; Park, J.Hong.; Kim, J.Ho.; Lee, S.Joon., 2018:
Enhancement of measurement accuracy of X-ray PIV in comparison with the micro-PIV technique

Siegel, L I., 1986:
In Defence of a Modern Medical Model: Purism and Eclecticism in Family Therapy*

Kenneth, L. Cole, 1986:
In Defense of Inertia

Marshall, S. E., 1986:
In Defense of Separate Spheres: Class and Status Politics in the Antisuffrage Movement

Yunker, J A., 1986:
In Defense of Utilitarianism: An Economist's Viewpoint

Sbporowski, J J., 1986:
In Full Sail and On Course

Johanson, B, 1986:
In Memoriam

P. A. M. Hopmans, 1986:
In Memoriam Frits Bierhuizen, 19261984

D. P. N. Satchell, 1986:
In Memoriam Professor Victor Gold

Michael, L. Greenberg, 1986:
In Memoriam. Lewis M. Schiffer, Md 1930-1985

Masellis, M, 1986:
In Memoriam:

Daan, S.; Rusak, B., 1986:
In Memoriam: GERARD ADRIAAN GROOS (4 July 1951-25 March 1985)

Dow, R S., 1986:
In Memoriam: Giuseppe Moruzzi (1910???1986)

R. S. Patterson, 1986:
In Memoriam: John Andrew Mulrennan, Sr. 1906-1985

Leonhard, S. Wolfe, 1986:
In Memoriam: Kenneth Allan Caldwell Elliott 19031986

David, M. Moss III, 1986:
In Memoriam: Professor Carroll A. Wise, Th.D

Maura, C. Flannery, 1986:
In Praise of the Liver

Stewart, E P, 1986:
In Recognition of.

Barrett, C Erickson, 1986:
In Search of Brain-Behavior Relationships in Dementia and the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychology Battery

Richard, B. Freeman, 1986:
In Search of Union Wage Concessions in Standard Data Sets

Moschella, A. L., 1986:
In Search of the Mentally Retarded Offender: The Massachusetts Bar Association's Specialized Training and Advocacy Program (1974 - 1978)

Holve, D. J., 1986:
In Situ Measurements of Flyash Formation from Pulverized Coal

Kramer, S G.; Schwartz, A, 1986:
In Support of Clearer Public Speaking

Foster, C, 1986:
In The Literature

May, L.M.; Kosek, P.; Zeidan, F.; Berkman, E.T., 2018:
Enhancement of Meditation Analgesia by Opioid Antagonist in Experienced Meditators

Cheong, K-Ho.; Yoon, J-Woong.; Park, S.; Hwang, T.; Kang, S-Kwon.; Koo, T.; Han, T.Jin.; Kim, H.; Lee, M.Yeon.; Kim, K.Ju.; Bae, H., 2018:
Enhancement of megavoltage electronic portal images for markerless tumor tracking

McCarthy, S.; Ai, C.; Blum, P., 2018:
Enhancement of Metallosphaera sedula Bioleaching by Targeted Recombination and Adaptive Laboratory Evolution

Helms, R A., 1986:
In Vitro Drug Interference with Home Blood-Glucose-Measurement Systems G. K. RICE AND K. A. GALT Am J Hosp Pharm 42: 2202-2207, 1985

Wexler, H. M.; Harris, B.; Carter, W. T.; Finegold, S. M., 1986:
In Vitro Efficacy of Sulbactam Combined with Ampicillin against Anaerobic Bacteria

Braude, P., 1986:
In Vitro Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer

Quigley, M M., 1986:
In Vitro Fertilization 1986

Chau, P. Y.; Ng, W. S.; Leung, Y. K.; Lolekha, S., 1986:
In Vitro Susceptibility of Strains of Pseudomonas pseudomallei Isolated in Thailand and Hong Kong to Some Newer -Lactam Antibiotics and Quinolone Derivatives

P. Y. Chau, W. S. Ng, Y. K. Leung and S. Lolekha, 1986:
In Vitro Susceptibility of Strains of Pseudomonas pseudomallei Isolated in Thailand and Hong Kong to Some Newer β-Lactam Antibiotics and Quinolone Derivatives

Desoize, B.; Nahas, G. G.; Latour, C.; Vistelle, R., 1986:
In Vivo Inhibition of Enterocyte Metabolism by 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol

Pfeffer, P. E.; Tu, S.-I; Gerasimowicz, W. V.; Cavanaugh, J. R., 1986:
In Vivo31P NMR Studies of Corn Root Tissue and Its Uptake of Toxic Metals

F. Anjum; Syed, S. H. Qadri, 1986:
In Vivometabolism of fenitrothion (0,0-dimethyl-0-(4-nitro-m-tolyl) phosphorothioate) in fresh water teleost (Tilapia mossambica)

Yoder, D, 1986:
In appreciation

Garrett, K.Richard; Graham, G, 1986:
In defense of naturalistic psychology

D. Wheatley, 1986:
In memoriam

Kühnel, R.A., 1986:
In memoriam Dr. H.W. van der Marel 19041986

A. Wackenheim, 1986:
In memoriam Elisabeth Babin-Sigwalt (19381985)

W. Stich, 1986:
In memoriam Erik Undritz

T. B. Massalski, 1986:
In memoriam Frederic Nims Rhines, 19081986

Dr. Arnold Oestrich, 1986:
In memoriam Peter Boeker

H. C. Powell, 1986:
In memoriam Peter W. Lampert

J. Lobo Antunes, 1986:
In memoriam Professor Pedro Almeida Lima

Erik, L. Greve, 1986:
In memoriam: Charles Phelps

Robert, B. Shira, 1986:
In memoriam: Dr. Lester R. Cahn

C. Thorpe RAY, 1986:
In memoriam: George Burch, 19101986

David, M. Moss, 1986:
In memoriam: Professor Carroll A. Wise, Th.D

Howard, M. Shapiro, 1986:
In memoriam: Tomas Hirschfeld (19391986)

DanielD. Eley, 1986:
In memorium

Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, 1986:
In memorium; Ammy Van Heusden 19201986

Václav Pokorný, 1986:
In memory of RNDr. Miloslav Sosna, PhD

Robert, M. Kliegman; Mary, B. Mahowald; stuart J. Youngner, 1986:
In our best interests: Experience and workings of an ethics review committee

Lisa, V. Rubenstein; Nancy, C. Ward; Sheldon Greenfield, 1986:
In pursuit of the abnormal serum alkaline phosphatase

Marquardt, W H., 1986:
In search of Louisiana's past

Walter, C. Patterson, 1986:
In search of the peaceful atom

Creanor, S.L.; Strung, R.; Telfer, S.; MacDonald, I.; Smith, M.J.; Stephen, K.W., 1986:
In situ Appliance for the Investigation of Enamel De- and Remineralisation

E. Ła̧giewka; A. Budniok, 1986:
In situ X-ray study of the structure of electrolytic coatings

Y. Kudoh; H. Takeda; H. Arashi, 1986:
In situ determination of crystal structure for high pressure phase of ZrO2using a diamond anvil and single crystal X-ray diffraction method

Thomas Löning; Karin Milde; Hans-Dieter Foss, 1986:
In situ hybridization for the detection of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection

R.G. Buckley; M.P. Staines; W.H. Robinson, 1986:
In situ measurements of the resistivity of Antarctic sea ice

Petersen, R C., 1986:
In situ particle generation in a southern Swedish stream1

W. J. Groot; K. Ch. A. M. Luyben, 1986:
In situ product recovery by adsorption in the butanol/isopropanol batch fermentation

Francis, Y.M. Choy; Mary Woo; Michel Potier, 1986:
In situ radiation-inactivation size of fibroblast membrane-bound acid β-glucosidase in Gaucher type 1, type 2 and type 3 disease

A. K. Prahalad; G. Seenayya, 1986:
In situcompartmentation and biomagnification of copper and cadmium in industrially polluted Husainsagar Lake, Hyderabad, India

Kenneth, F. Reardon; Thomas Scheper; James, E. Bailey, 1986:
In situfluorescence monitoring of immobilizedClostridium acetobutylicum

Heinz Hoefler; Henry Childers; Marc, R. Montminy; Ronald, M. Lechan; Richard, H. Goodman; Hubert, J. Wolfe, 1986:
In situhybridization methods for the detection of somatostatin mRNA in tissue sections using antisense RNA probes

Ingram, L. C., 1986:
In the Crawlspace of the Organization

William Shaffir, 1986:
In the Field: An Introduction to Field Research/Ethnographic Research: A Guide to General Conduct (Book)

A. Tubaro; P. Dri; M. Melato; G. Mulas; P. Bianchi; P. Del Negro; R. Della Loggia, 1986:
In the croton oil ear test the effects of non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are dependent on the dose of the irritant

Sosnovsky, G; Lukszo, J; Rao, N. Uma, 1986:
In the search for new anticancer drugs. 17. Linear and cyclic polyether analogs of N,N:N',N':N",N"-tri-1,2-ethanediylphosphoric triamide and N,N:N',N':N",N"-tri-1,2-ethanediylphosphorothioic triamide

Sosnovsky, G; Rao, N. Uma Maheswara; Li, S Wen, 1986:
In the search for new anticancer drugs. 19. A predictive design of N,N:N',N':N",N"-tri-1,2-ethanediylphosphoric triamide (TEPA) analogues

Ted, L. McDorman, 1986:
In the wake of the Polar Sea: Canadian jurisdiction and the northwest passage

Murray, M.D., 1986:
In vestigation into the wettability of poly(methylmethacrylate) in vivo

B. Olsson Liljequist; L. Gezelius, 1986:
In vitro activity of amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid againstHaemophilus influenzaeandBranhamella catarrhalis

U. Vurma-Rapp; F. -H. Kayser, 1986:
In vitro activity of carumonam (RO 17-2301) and twelve other antimicrobials against clinical isolates ofPseudomonas aeruginosa

K. H. Tjiam; J. H. T. Wagenvoort; B. van Klingeren; P. Piot; E. Stolz; M. F. Michel, 1986:
In vitro activity of the two new 4-quinolones A56619 and A56620 againstNeisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis, Mycoplasma hominis, Ureaplasma urealyticumandGardnerella vaginalis

K. G. Naber; B. Bartosik-Wich; F. Sörgel; F. Gutzler, 1986:
In vitro activity, pharmacokinetics, clinical safety and therapeutic efficacy of enoxacin in the treatment of patients with complicated urinary tract infections

K. Veluthambi and B. W. Poovaiah, 1986:
In vitro and in vivo Protein Phosphorylation in Avena sativa L. Coleoptiles: Effects of Ca, Calmodulin Antagonists, and Auxin

J. E. Shaffer; A. Vuong; R. J. Gorczynski; W. L. Matier, 1986:
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of two ultrashort-acting beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists: ACC-9129 and ACC-9369

A. A. Mahmoud; A. Al-Tuwaijri; I. Al-Mofleh; S. A. Al-Khuwaitir, 1986:
In vitro and in vivo isolation ofLeishmania tropicafrom Saudi Arabia

Brophy, M.Regina; Deasy, P.B., 1986:
In vitro and in vivo studies on biodegradable polyester microparticles containing sulphamethizole

A. -R. Hanauske; F. A. Dorr; D. D. von Hoff; J. G. Kuhn; R. Schwartz; G. M. Clark; D. L. Kisner, 1986:
In vitro and phase I clinical studies with 7-con-O-methylnogaril (menogaril)

A. Tsuji; F. Ikeda; Y. Kaneko; S. Goto, 1986:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of penicillinase-producingNeisseria gonorrhoeaein Japan

Al-Dujaili, H.; Florence, A.T.; Salole, E.G., 1986:
In vitro assessment of the adhesiveness of film-coated tablets

Naggar, V F.B.; Boraie, N A.; Shams-Eldeen, M.A., 1986:
In vitro availability of promethazine-HCl in the presence of some commercial antacids

R. Egger; G. Lebek, 1986:
In vitro beta-lactamase induction inE. coliby ceftriaxon

Debora, J. Van Os-corby; J. Donald Chapman, 1986:
In vitro binding of 14c-misonidazole to hepatocytes and hepatoma cells debora

Lund, J.; Andersson, O.; Poellinger, L.; Gustafsson, J.-Å., 1986:
In vitro characterization of possible mechanisms underlying the selective In vivo accumulation of the PCB metabolite 4,4-bis(methylsulphonyl)-2,2,5,5-tetrachlorobiphenyl

Klaus Geissler; Wolfgang Hinterberger; Peter Bettelheim; Erich Neumann; Eva, R. Grümayer; Thaddäus Radaszkiewicz; Walter Knapp; Klaus Lechner, 1986:
In vitro culture studies of granulocyte/macrophage and erythroid progenitor cells in lymphoproliferative disorders

Leeuwenkamp, O.K.; Chin, N.L.J.; van der Mark, E.J.; van Bennekom, W.P.; Bult, A., 1986:
In vitro degradation of nitroprusside in relation to in vivo decomposition and mechanism of action

Ivo Touw; Ruud Delwel; Bob Löwenberg, 1986:
In vitro detection of clonogenic lymphoid leukemia/lymphoma cells

Veldhuijzen, J.P.; Klein-Nulend, J.; Burger, E.H., 1986:
In vitro differentiation of growth plate chondrocytes of long-bone rudiments is enhanced by compressive force

J.P. Marie; C. Choquet; J.Y. Perrot; D. Thevenin; R. Zittoun, 1986:
In vitro effect of anti-calla and anti-ba1 monoclonal antibodies on clonogenic leukemic cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Mario, U. Mondelli; Alfredo Alberti; Giuseppe Realdi; E.Guido Rondanelli, 1986:
In vitro effect of lymphoblastoid α-interferon on subpopulations of effector cells mediating cytotoxicity for autologous hepatocytes in hepatitis B and non-A, non-B

Cristina Rinaldi-Garaci; Anna Maria Baldassarre; Antonella Pesce; Luigi Frati; Janis, K. Lazdins, 1986:
In vitro effect of thymosin α1 on the expression of peanut agglutinin binding by murine thymocytes

M. Sekhavat; A.M. Ravoet; Y. Humblet; A. Neirynck; A.M. Lebacq; M. Symann, 1986:
In vitro elimination of leukaemic cells with cocktails of rat monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) and complement (c)

P. Conti; M.G. Cifone; E. Alesse; M. Reale; C. Fieschi; C.A. Dinarello, 1986:
In vitro enhanced throboxane B2 release by polymorhonuclear leukocytes and macrophages after treatment with human recombinant interleukin 1

Pfohl-Leszkowicz, A.; Hebert, E.; Saint-Ruf, G.; Leng, M.; Dirheimer, G., 1986:
In vitro enzymatic methylation of DNA modified with the mutagenic amine: 3-N,N-acetoxyacetylamino-4,6-dimethyldipyrido(1,2-a:3,2-d)imidazole

Jones, R N.; Fuchs, P C.; Barry, A L.; Thornsberry, C; Ayers, L W.; Gavan, T L.; Gerlach, E.Hugh, 1986:
In vitro evaluation of cefixime (FK027, FR17027, CL284635): Spectrum against recent clinical isolates, comparative antimicrobial activity, β-lactamase stability, and preliminary susceptibility testing criteria

Ho, J L.; Klempner, M S., 1986:
In vitro evaluation of clindamycin in combination with oxacillin, rifampin, or vancomycin againstStaphylococcus aureus

Liau, Y H.; Murty, V L.N.; Gwozdzinski, K; Slomiany, A; Slomiany, B L., 1986:
In vitro fatty acid acylatin of mucus glycoprotein from sublingual salivary glands

Lejeune, B; Degueldre, M; Camus, M; Vekemans, M; Opsomer, L; Leroy, F, 1986:
In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer as related to endogenous luteinizing hormone rise or human chorionic gonadotropin administration**Supported by the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique and the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique Mdicale (Belgium)

P.A. Bernabei; R. Saccardi; R. Bezzini; F.C. Agostino; M. Casini; A. Pecoraro; W. Gattei; G. Rombolà; P.Rossi Ferrini, 1986:
In vitro growth of two leukaemic lines from a patient affected by AML before therapy and during complete remission

Horwitz, J P.; Iyer, V K.; Vardhan, H B.; Corombos, J; Brooks, S C., 1986:
In vitro inhibition of estrogen sulfoconjugation by some 2- and 4-substituted estra-1,3,5(10)-trien-17.beta.-ols

Barbara Plytycz; Anja Pedersen; Jarl Bogwald; Rolf Seljelid, 1986:
In vitro interactions of murine peritoneal macrophages and sarcoma cells

Borrello, M; Pierotti, M; Donghi, R; Bongarzone, I; Mondellini, P; Porta, G, 1986:
In vitro methylation of the human Ha-ras oncogene (T24) affects its transforming activity on NIH/3T3 cells

Lechago, J, 1986:
In vitro models for cancer research. Volume 1. Carcinomas of the esophagus and colon

Jones, C.A.; Brown, C.G.; Smith, K.; Atterwill, C.K., 1986:
In vitro models of the hypothalamic-pituitary system for studying drug toxicity

Shashkanth, K. N.; Hosono, A, 1986:
In vitro mutagenicity of tropical spices to streptomycindependent strains of Salmonella typhimurium TA 98

E. Sumereau; P. Peulve; J. P. Vannier; P. Jean; C. Ropartz, 1986:
In vitro proliferation of pluripotent hematopoietic progenitors

R. Kerler; H. M. Rabes, 1986:
In vitro propagation of preneoplastic hepatocytes initiated in vivo by diethylnitrosamine

Jalkanen, J; Huhtaniemi, I; Koskimies, A; Stenman, U-Håkan; Tenhunen, A; Ranta, T, 1986:
In vitro recovery of human chorionic gonadotropin-stimulated cyclic adenosine 3,5-monophosphate production in desensitized human granulosa-luteal cells**Supported by Clinical Chemistry, Sigrid Juselius and Paulo Foundations

M.P. Embrey; N.B. Graham; M.E. McNeill; K. Hillier, 1986:
In vitro release characteristics and long term stability of poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogel vaginal pessaries containing prostaglandin E2

Naito, K; Takahashi, M; Homma, K, 1986:
In vitro secretion of progestins by rat luteal cells and their 20.ALPHA.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity

Jeffrey, C. Smith; Jack, L. Feldman, 1986:
In vitro studies of mammalian respiration and locomotion

Saida Adjeroud; Marie-Christine Tonon; Laurence Gouteux; Estelle Leneveu; Marek Lamacz; Lionel Cazin; Hubert Vaudry, 1986:
In vitro study of frog (Rana ridibunda Pallas) neurointermediate lobe secretion by use of a simplified perifusion system: IV. Interaction between dopamine and thyrotropin-releasing hormone on α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone secretion

F. Leboulenger; I. Lihrmann; P. Netchitailo; C. Delarue; I. Perroteau; N. Ling; H. Vaudry, 1986:
In vitro study of frog (Rana ridibunda pallas) interrenal function by use of a simplified perifusion system VIII. Structure-activity relationship of synthetic ACTH fragments and -MSH

Zhang, H; Hu, J; Tan, X, 1986:
In vitro study on the inhibition of dental resin polymerization by atmospheric oxygen

N. Casado; F. Rodriguez-Caabeiro; S. Hernandez, 1986:
In vitro survival ofEchinococcus granulosusprotoscolices in several media, at+4C and +37C

Bejar, V.; Calvo, C.; Ramos Cormenzana, A., 1986:
In vitro susceptibility of Yersinia kristensenii strains to β-lactam antibiotics

S. Steuber; U. Frevert; J. S. Ahmed; S. Hauschild; E. Schein, 1986:
In vitro susceptibility of different mammalian lymphocytes to sporozoites ofTheileria annulata

M. Casal; F. Rodriguez; M. Benavente; M. Luna, 1986:
In vitro susceptibility ofMycobacterium tuberculosis,Mycobacterium fortuitumandMycobacterium cheloneito augmentin

M. Crouzet; N. Bataille, 1986:
In vitro translation more efficient with additional tRNA

M. Kirchgessner; Anna, M. Reichlmayr-Lais, 1986:
In vitro-Absorption von Eisen bei Nachkommen von an Blei depletierten Ratten

K. G. Naber; B. Bartosik-Wich; D. Adam; R. Wittenberger, 1986:
In vitro-Aktivität, Serum-, Urin- und Prostataadenom-Gewebekonzentrationen von Ofloxacin bei urologischen Patienten mit komplizierten Harnwegsinfektionen

Patsch, R; Koester, G; Sandow, D; Bretschneider, M, 1986:
In vitro-Modell zur Untersuchung der Konzentrationsverläufe von Antibiotikakombinationen und deren antibakterieller Aktivität

W. Niczyporuk; E. Małyszko; Prof. Dr. H. Szarmach; J. Roszkiewicz, 1986:
In vitro-Untersuchungen zur proteolytischen und lipolytischen Aktivität hefeähnlicher Pilze sowie deren Vindenz gegenüber Mäusen/In vitro Investigations on the Proteolytic and Lipolytic Activity of Yeast-like Fungi and their Virulence against Mice

B. R. Das; M. S. Kanungo, 1986:
In vitroADP-ribosylation of chromosomal proteins of the brain of developing rats

Dien Pham Huy; Monique Roch-Arveiller; Monique Lenoir; Olivier Muntaner; Alain Thuret; Jean-Paul Giroud, 1986:
In vitroandin vivoeffects of piroxicam on rat polymorphonuclear responsiveness after induction of two acute non-specific inflammatory reactions

A. V. Maksimenko; O. Yu. Konovalova; V. P. Berdichevskii; O. G. Arkhipova; V. P. Torchilin, 1986:
In vitroandin vivostudies of native and dextran-modified hyaluronidase

T. J. Rosol; C. C. Capen; C. Minkin, 1986:
In vitrobone resorption activity produced by a hypercalcemic adenocarcinoma tumor line (CAC-8) in nude mice

A. Cavallini; R. Cremonini; M. C. Lupi; A. Bennici, 1986:
In vitroculture ofBellevalia romana(L.) Rchb

M. Yamada; F. Uno; S. Nii, 1986:
In vitrocytopathology and pathogenicity to inbred mice shown by five variants of a laboratory strain of type 1 herpes simplex virus

H. Babich; J. A. Puerner; E. Borenfreund, 1986:
In vitrocytotoxicity of metals to bluegill (BF-2) cells

O. R. Krylov; Zh. I. Avdeeva; I. I. Podoplelov; N. V. Medunitsyn, 1986:
In vitroinduction of MIF-producing cells

A. M. L. Kafy; C. G. Haigh; D. A. Lewis, 1986:
In vitrointeractions between endogenous polyamines and superoxide anion

Eric von Hofe; Harold, W. Puffer, 1986:
In vitrometabolism andin vivobinding of benzo(a)pyrene in the California killifish (Fundulus parvipinnis) and speckled sanddab (Citharicthys stigmaeous)

A. P. Kokhlov; K. N. Yarygin; A. G. Shitin, 1986:
In vitromodulation of stimulus-induced cyclic AMP formation by a synthetic antioxidant

Jianhua Xiang; Arthur, K. Kimuraf, 1986:
In vitromodulation of the metastatic phenotype. I. Analysis of differentiation forms of the B16 melanoma expressing Met-72 determinants and metastatic activity

W. C. Wong, 1986:
In vitropropagation of banana (Musaspp.): initiation, proliferation and development of shoot-tip cultures on defined media

Michel, G. Malaise; Paul Franchimont; Camille Houssier; Jean Closset; Georges Hennen; Philippe, R. Mahieu, 1986:
In vitrostudies on the Fc-receptor function of mononuclear phagocytes in rheumatoid arthritis: Relation between the Fc-receptor blockade and the concanavalin A-binding capacity of autologous immunoglobulin G

T. J. Birdi; P. R. Salgama; H. Bharucha; N. H. Antia, 1986:
In vitrotests for screening of immuno-modulating mycobacterial strains in leprosy

Wanda, M. Krajewska; Warren, N. Schmidt; Lubomir, S. Hnilica, 1986:
In vitrotranslation of rat liver and Novikoff hepatoma cytokeratin mRNAs

D. D. Hanle; E. C. Harrison; A. P. Yoganathan; W. H. Corcoran, 1986:
In vitrovelocity measurements down strem from the lonescu-Shiley aortic bioprosthesis in steady and pulsatile flow

G. Uretzky; T. Kushnir; H. Schwalb; E. Yaroslavski; J.B. Borman; G. Navon; J. Lunenfeld's, 1986:
In vivo 31P-NMR studies of branched chain amino acids metabolism during myocardial ischemia and reperfusion

E. Puri; D. Müller, 1986:
In vivo DNA-repair test on male germinal epithelia of the rabbit

Person, D R.; Elliott, J. Richard, 1986:
In vivo Nitrate and Nitrite Reduction in Leaf Tissue of Atrazine-Sensitive and Resistant Biotypes of Chenopodium album

Dijkman, A.G.; Schuthof, J.; Arends, J., 1986:
In vivo Remineralization of Plaque-Induced Initial Enamel Lesions A Microradiographic Investigation

M. Michéa-Hamzehpour; J. C. Pechère, 1986:
In vivo acquired resistance to beta-lactam compounds and fluoroquinolones: an experimental model

Florianne Monnet-Tschudi; Alex, N. Eberle; Paul Honegger, 1986:
In vivo and in vitro development of α-MSH and ACTH in the embryonic and postnatal rat brain

Gersonde, K.; Felsberg, L.; Tolxdorff, T.; Staemmler, M., 1986:
In vivo characterization of tissues by parameter-selective proton imaging Visualization of relaxation and dynamic processes - Posterbeitrag -

Minna Pirhonen; Hannu, T. Saarilahti; Sirpa Kurkela; E. Tapio Palva, 1986:
In vivo cloning ad characterization of mutations of the regulatory locusompRofEscherichia coliK12

Emilio Fernández; René F. Matagne, 1986:
In vivo complementation analysis of nitrate reductase-deficient mutants inChlamydomonas reinhardtii

William, M. Brooks; James Field; Michael, G. Irving; David, M. Doddrell, 1986:
In vivo determination of 31P spin relaxation times (T1, T2, T1) in rat leg muscle. Use of an off-axis solenoid coil

R.E. Rodriguez; G. Leighton; R.G. Hill; J. Hughes, 1986:
In vivo evidence for spinal delta-opiate receptor-operated antinociception

L. N. Shishkina; N. G. Kolosova; D. N. Mayanskii, 1986:
In vivo fluorescent probe study of zymosan-stimulated alveolar macrophages

M. Delaforge; P. Battioni; J.P. Mahy; D. Mansuy, 1986:
In vivo formation of -methyl- and -phenyl-ferric complexes of hemoglobin and liver-cytochrome P-450 upon treatment of rats with methyl- and phenylhydrazine

Botana, L.M.; Orallo, F.; Espinosa, J.; Calleja, J.M., 1986:
In vivo inhibition of polymyxin B-induced hypotension: Evidence of β-adrenergic inhibitory activity on rat mast cells

Bernstein, P S.; Rando, R R., 1986:
In vivo isomerization of all-trans- to 11-cis-retinoids in the eye occurs at the alcohol oxidation-state

Reuter, B.W.; Egeler, T.; Schneckenburger, H.; Schoberth, S.M., 1986:
In vivo measurement of F420 fluorescence in cultures of Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Ferenc Herman; Pál Hadhazy; Kálman Magyar, 1986:
In vivo measurement of the disaggregatory action of prostacyclin. A methological study

Francis, C. Colpaert; Leen Raeymaekers, 1986:
In vivo pharmacological activity of r 47 243 in rat: A comparison with putative α2-adrenoceptor antagonists

Chéramy, A.; Romo, R.; Godeheu, G.; Baruch, P.; Glowinski, J., 1986:
In vivo presynaptic control of dopamine release in the cat caudate nucleusII. Facilitatory or inhibitory influence ofl-glutamate

Omata, M; Hirota, K; Yokosuka, O, 1986:
In vivo study of the mechanism of action of antiviral agents against hepadna virus replication in the liver

Rafael, P. Mellado; Isabel Barthelemy; Margarita Salas, 1986:
In vivo transcription of bacteriophage 29 DNA early and late promoter sequences

G. Berger; P. Laugier; M. Fink; J. Perrin, 1986:
In vivo variance of the attenuation in muscle with respect to theory, simulation and pathological studies (DMD)

P. A. M. Claassen; C. Dijkema; J. Visser; A. J. B. Zehnder, 1986:
In vivo13C NMR analysis of acetate metabolism inThiobacillus versutusunder denitrifying conditions

F. Quagliata; S. Ferrone; A. Taranta, 1986:
In vivoandin vitroantiinflammatory and immunoregulating properties of streptococcal mitogen: Effects on adjuvant disease in the rat, on homograft rejection in the mouse, and on the appearance of Ia antigens on human T lymphocytes

James, E. Kanz; Michael, D. Duvall; William, D. Quast, 1986:
In vivoeffects of drilling fluid on a stereotyped neuronal burst in the gastropod mollusc,Aplysia

J. Clopton; John, H. Gordon, 1986:
In vivoeffects of estrogen and 2-hydroxyestradiol on D-2 dopamine receptor agonist affinity states in rat striatum

E. Pileblad; A. Carlsson, 1986:
In vivoeffects of the Ca2+-antagonist nimodipine on dopamine metabolism in mouse brain

E. S. Kan; A. V. Chervonskii; V. R. Isakova; B. D. Brondz; Z. K. Blandova, 1986:
In vivoinduction of specific suppressor T cells in H-2Kbmmutant mice

A. Etienne; F. Hecquet; C. Soulard; B. Spinnewyn; F. Clostre; P. Braquet, 1986:
In vivoinhibition of plasma protein leakage andSalmonella enteritidisinduced mortality in the rat by a specific paf-acether antagonist: BN 52021

J. B. P. Gramsbergen; J. B. Sebens; J. Korf, 1986:
In vivolabelling and axonal transport of monoamine oxidase in the rat basal ganglia using radioactive pargyline

M Srinivasulu Reddy; K V Ramana Rao, 1986:
In vivosub-acute physiological stress induced by phosphamidon on carbohydrate metabolism in phasic and tonic muscles of penaeid prawn,Penaeus indicus(H Milne Edwards) during acute and chronic exposure

Heath, R. A., 1986:
In which direction is the mean flow through Cook Strait, New Zealand evidence of 1 to 4 week variability?

Van Geert, P., 1986:
In, on, under: an essay on the modularity of infant spatial competence

Kristine Bettin; Melody O'Connor Allen; Dale, N. Gerding; Lee Forstrom; Rex Shafer, 1986:
In-111Pseudomonas aeruginosa: A simple method of labeling live bacteria with a gamma-emitting radioisotope

Wabrek, A J., 1986:
In-Hospital Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) Monitoring and Penile-Rigidity Determination in the Differential Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

Keller, H. R., 1986:
In-School Adaptive Behavior: Assessment Domains of Behavior Rating Scales and Child Characteristics

Wooster, A. D.; Hall, E.; Woodhouse, D. A., 1986:
In-Service Courses in Human Relations: One Teacher's Learning

Connell, G M.; Russell, L A., 1986:
In-Therapy consultation: A Supervision and therapy technique of symbolic-experiential family therapy

Delbruck, A; Dresow, B; Gurr, E; Reale, E; Schröder, H, 1986:
In-Vitro Culture of Human Chondrocytes From Adult Subjectsm

Gadalla, M. A. P.; Abd El-Hameed, M. H.; Ismail, A. A., 1986:
In-Vivo Evaluation of Commercial and Formulated Conventional Aspirin Tablets

G W Adamson; J M Bird; G Palmer; W A Warr, 1986:
In-house chemical databases at Imperial Chemical Industries

U. Gradmann; J. Korecki; G. Waller, 1986:
In-plane magnetic surface anisotropies in Fe(110)

Barrow, M.; Lancaster, J., 1986:
In-service training for health visitors: The development of their health education role

W. ScottYoung III, 1986:
In-situ hybridization histochemistry and the study of the nervous system

Vivien, J. Cambridge; W.David Constant; M.Amine Dahmani; Charles, A. Whitehurst; Joanne, M. Wolcott, 1986:
In-situ oxidation of crude oils for enhanced recovery by alkaline flooding

Verbist, L, 1986:
In-vitro activity of BRL-36650, a novel β-lactamase-stable penicillin, against multiply resistant Gram-negative organisms

Verbist, L., 1986:
In-vitro activity of pefloxacin against micro-organisms multiply resistant to -lactam antibiotics and aminoglycosides

Santos-Ferreira, M. Odete; Vital, J. O., 1986:
In-vitro antibacterial activity of imipenem compared with four other ß-lactam antibiotics (ceftazidime, cefotaxime, piperacillin and azlocillin) against 828 separate clinical isolates from a Portuguese hospital

A. Bauernfeind, 1986:
In-vitro-Aktivität und Resistenz bei 4-Chinolonen

H. Grimm, 1986:
In-vitro-Aktivität von neueren Chinolonen bei Nonfermentern und Hinweise zur Empfindlichkeitsprüfung

de Riese, W.; Aeikens, B.; Lenis, G.; Schindler, E., 1986:
In-vitro-Sensibilitätstestung von menschlichen Nierentumoren gegenüber Zytostatika mit einem In-vitro-Kurzzeittest

Toni Lindl; Robert Pellkofe; Klaus Englert, 1986:
In-vitro-Toxizitätsuntersuchungen von Diethylenglykol mittels Zellkulturen und einem automatisierten Bakterientestsystem

Bernd Clement, 1986:
In-vitro-Untersuchungen zur mikrosomalen N-Oxidation einiger Guanidine

Alan Cowan; Debra, E. Gmerek, 1986:
In-vivo studies on kappa opioid receptors

Steinmann, J.; Böck, J.; Hoeft, A.; Korb, H.; Wolpers, H. G.; Hellige, G., 1986:
In-vivo-Messung der Sauerstoffsättigung des Blutes mit Quarzlichtleitern und einem optischen Vielkanalanalysator - In Vivo Measurement of the Oxygen Saturation of Blood Using Quartz Fibre Optics and an Optical Multichannel Analyzer

Joseph, W. Lamb; Hauke Hennecke, 1986:
InBradyrhizobium japonicumthe common nodulation genes,nodABC, are linked tonifAandfixA

Schwartz, R., 1986:
Inaccuracies Cited in Cost-Benefit Article

Ana Sola; Silvia Rodríguez; A. García Gancedo; Pilar Vilas; Carmen Gil-Fernández, 1986:
Inactivation and inhibition of African swine fever virus by monoolein, monolinolein, and -linolenyl alcohol

J-C Joret; A Hassen; M.M Bourbigot; F Agbalika; P Hartemann; J.M Foliguet, 1986:
Inactivation des virus dans l'eau sur une filiere de production a ozonation etagee

OʼConnor, C J.; Longbottom, J R.; Walde, P, 1986:
Inactivation of Bile-Salt-Stimulated Human Milk Esterase

Morgan, G.R.; Roberts, C.J.; Mill, A.J.; Holt, P.D., 1986:
Inactivation of Chinese Hamster V79/4(AH1) and HeLa Cells by 24keV Neutrons

Nara, Y.; Morioka, T., 1986:
Inactivation of Glucosyltransf erase by a Protease Derived from Streptomyces globisporus

Covey, D F.; McMullan, P C.; Weaver, A J.; Chien, W W., 1986:
Inactivation of Streptomyces hydrogenans 20.beta.-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase by an enzyme-generated ethoxyacetylenic ketone in the presence of a thiol scavenger

T. M. Kitson, 1986:
Inactivation of aldehyde dehydrogenase by a putative metabolite of cefamandole re:K. J. Freundtet al. Infection 13 (1985) 91

Helen, W. Davies; Steven, G. Britt; Lance, R. Pohl, 1986 :
Inactivation of cytochrome p-450 by 2-isopropyl-4- pentenamide and other xenobiotics leads to heme-derived protein adducts

Jiang Shu de; David Pye; John, C. Cox, 1986:
Inactivation of poliovirus with β-propiolactone

W. Tuszynski; B. Schaarschmidt; I. Lamprecht, 1986:
Inactivation ofSaccharomycescells by 8-methoxypsoralen plus pulsed laser irradiation in the wavelength range 308 nm-380 nm

Endre Egyházi; Johan Thyberg; Andrew Pigon; Olle Johansson, 1986:
Inactive chromatin in polytene chromosomes ofChironomus tentanspartially shows a non-nucleosomal organization

Snook, R, 1986:
Inadequate emergency care

Y. Halevi; Z. J. Palmor, 1986:
Inadmissibility of siso singular observation lqg design

Steven, P. Reidbord, 1986:
Inappropriate objectivity in psychiatry

Holmer, L E., 1986:
Inarticulate brachiopods around the Middle-Upper Ordovician boundary in Västergötland

Krickstein, H, 1986:
Inaugural Address

Organizers, i meeting of the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society and satellite workshop on Transduction Mechanisms of Drug Stimuli, 1986:
Inaugural meeting of the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society and satellite workshop on Transduction Mechanisms of Drug Stimuli

Christina Gianoulakis; Alca Gupta, 1986 :
Inbred strains of mice with variable sensitivity to ethanol exhibit differences in the content and processing of β-endorphin

Nitschke, K, 1986:
Incapacitation and treatment of rats exposed to a lethal dose of sulfuryl fluoride*1

D. Neil Granger; Dale, A. Parks, 1986:
Incarcerate free radicals

Culbertson, R, 1986:
Incarcerated Women:

Richard, A.H. White, 1986:
Incest and ethics: Confidentiality's severest test: Denver Law Journal61:4 (1984). Thurman, R. F

Kovach, J A., 1986:
Incest as a Treatment Issue for Alcoholic Women

Abernethy, V, 1986:
Incest: A Biosocial View

Robert, H. Stretch, 1986:
Incidence and Etiology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Active Duty Army Personnel

Rantakallio, P; Leskinen, M; von Wendt, L, 1986:
Incidence and Prognosis of Central Nervous System Infections in a Birth Cohort of 12 000 Children

Barsoum-Homsy, M; Chevrette, L, 1986:
Incidence and Prognosis of Childhood Glaucoma

Luc, A. Pierard; Adelin Albert; Luc Henrard; Philippe Lempereur; Muriel Sprynger; Jean Carlier; Henri, E. Kulbertus, 1986:
Incidence and significance of pericardial effusion in acute myocardial infarction as determined by two-dimensional echocardiography

F. Mégraud, 1986:
Incidence and virulence ofAeromonasspecies in feces of children with diarrhea

Gayet, S; Aymard, J; Janot, C; Guillemin, C; Briquel, M; Gaucher, P; Streiff, F, 1986:
Incidence de l'hpatite non-A, non-B post-transfusionnelle en chirurgie cardiaqueEtude prospective de l'intrt du dosage de l'alanine aminotransfrase srique et de la recherche d'anticorps anti-HBc chez les donneurs de sang

de Muynck, A.; Schillemans, L., 1986:
Incidence de la pathologie d'importation vue par le mdecin de famille belge

Boudaoud, S.; Eurin, B.; Drouet, L.; Alhomme, P.; Dreyfus, R.; Serfaty, D., 1986:
Incidence des coagulations intravasculaires biologiques au cours des interruptions volontaires de grossesse

Gaitzsch, G.; Chamay, A., 1986:
Incidence neurologique du syndrome de Parsonage-Turner au niveau de la main

VanSant, A F.; Williams, K, 1986:
Incidence of Associated Reaction in Young Boys and Reliability of Observations

Bracken, B A., 1986:
Incidence of Basic Concepts in the Directions of Five Commonly Used American Tests of Intelligence

Hoogkamp-Korstanje, J. A. A.; De Koning, J.; Samsom, J. P., 1986:
Incidence of Human Infection with Yersinia enterocolitica Serotypes 03, 08, and 09 and the Use of Indirect Immunofluorescence in Diagnosis

J. Anagnou; H. -J. Schmoll; H. Poliwoda, 1986:
Incidence of drug extravasation: A three year experience with IV chemotherapy administration by nurse practicioners in an outpatient clinic

Mr, R. W. Griffiths; J. C. Briggs, 1986:
Incidence of locally metastatic(recurrent) cutaneous malignant melanoma following conventional wide margin excisional surgery for invasive clinical stage I tumours: Importance of maximal primary tumour thickness

E. Paul; M. Rauh, 1986:
Incidence of malignant melanoma in central hesse

I. Özalp; T. Coşkun; M. Ceyhan; S. Tokol; O. Oran; G. Erdem; G. Tekinalp; Z. Durmuş; Y. Tarikahya, 1986:
Incidence of phenylketonuria and hyperphenylalaninaemia in a sample of the Turkish newborn population

R. Downing, 1986:
Incidence of rectal duplications

J. Andrew Pollard,Dr Richard, J. Wallace Jr,Donald, R. Nash,J. Ileice Luman…, 1986:
Incidence ofBranhamella catarrhalisin the Sputa of Patients with Chronic Lung Disease

Dellinger, B; Rubey, W A.; Hall, D L.; Graham, J L., 1986:
Incinerability of Hazardous Wastes

Jovanovic, R, 1986:
Incisions of the Pregnant Uterus and Delivery of Low-Birth Weight Infants

Lafaurie, P.; Dabos, N.; Vilain, R., 1986:
Incisions scalaires

F.J. Alonso; A. Heredia; J.C. Marquez, 1986:
Inclusion complexes phenanthrene-β-cyclodextrin and their interactions with aliphatic amines

Nigel Tomes, 1986:
Income distribution, happiness and satisfaction: A direct test of the interdependent preferences model

Slater, J.R., 1986:
Income, Location and Housing in Greater London

David Pearce, 1986:
Incommensurability and Reduction Reconsidered

David Pearce, 1986:
Incommensurability and reduction reconsidered

Chambers, W, 1986:
Inconsistencies in death threat theory still stand: A rejoinder

Chambers, W V., 1986:
Inconsistencies in the theory of death threat

G. Hausdorf; L. Grävinghoff; E. W. Keck, 1986:
Incoordinate contraction and relaxation in d-transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum Analyses of pressure-dimension relations

Swenson, R G., 1986:
Incorporating International Business: Suggestions for College Instruction

Kari Punnonen; Tapio Puustinen; Christer, T. Jansén, 1986:
Incorporation and distribution of dihomo--linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid in cultured human keratinocytes

Moses Agbanyo; Norman, F. Taylor, 1986:
Incorporation of 3-deoxy-3-fluoro-D-glucose into glycogen and trehalose in fat body and flight muscle inLocusta migratoria

Makoto Naoi; Toshiharu Nagatsu, 1986:
Incorporation of Glycosylated β-Galactosidase into Bovine Brain Synaptosomes

G. Hajós, 1986:
Incorporation of essential amino acids into protein by enzymatic peptide modification (EPM)

Usuki, S.; Shioda, M., 1986:
Increase in DNA polymerase activity associated with DNA synthesis due to FSH or oestrogen in ovaries of immature rats

T. Majima; T. Hamasaki; T. Arai, 1986:
Increase in cellular cyclic GMP level by potassium stimulation and its relation to ciliary orientation inParamecium

Melvik, J Egil; Pettersen, E O.; Gordon, P B.; Seglen, P O., 1986:
Increase in cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum(II) cytotoxicity upon reversible electropermeabilization of the plasma membrane in cultured human NHIK 3025 cells

Y. Mizushima; R. Igarashi; K. Hoshi; M. Muramatsu; A. Fujita, 1986:
Increase in incorporation into lymphocytesin vitroof esterified anti-inflammatory corticosteroids

Chang, W. Song; Intae Lee; Takeo Hasegawa; Juong, G. Rhee; Seymour, H. Levitt, 1986:
Increase in pO2 and radiosensitivity of tumors by Fluosol-DA (20%) and carbogen

D. F. Malley; P. S. S. Chang, 1986:
Increase in the abundance of cladocera at pH 5.1 in experimentally-acidified lake 223, Experimental Lakes Area, Ontario

W. V. R. Vieweg; G. R. Yank; W. T. Rowe; L. S. Hovermale; A. H. Clayton, 1986:
Increase in white blood cell count and serum sodium level following the addition of lithium to carbamazephine treatment among three chronically psychotic male patients with disturbed affective states

E. Mogilnicka, 1986:
Increase in β- and α1-adrenoceptor binding sites in the rat brain and in the α1-adrenoceptor functional sensitivity after the DSP-4-induced noradrenergic denervation

N. Shibata; H. Akagami; M. Asada; H. Samma, 1986:
Increase of 12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid (12-hete) in experimental ischemic myocardium and its role in the ischemia

C.L.S. Leen; P.L. Yap; D.B.L. McClelland, 1986:
Increase of Serum Immunoglobulin Level into the Normal Range in Primary Hypogammaglobulinaemia by Dosage Individualisation of Intravenous Immunoglobulin

Toxin Pardaxin; Hoau Yan Wang; Eitan Friedman, 1986:
Increased 5-Hydroxytryptamine and Norepinephrine Release from Rat Brain Slices by the Red Sea Flatfish

Courtney, M.G.; McPartlin, J.M.; McNulty, Hélène M.; Scott, J.M.; Weir, D.G., 1986:
Increased Catabolism is the Cause of Folate Deficiency in Pregnancy

Robinson, G. A.; Kupsh, C. C.; Wasnidge, D. C.; Floto, F.; Robinson, B. L., 1986:
Increased Deposition of Uranium in the Bones of Vitellogenic Male Japanese Quail. Effect of Estradiol-17 on the Distribution of Uranium (VI), Thorium (IV), Gadolinium (III), and Calcium (II)

Mahapatra, D.N.; Stevens, F.M.; McCarthy, C.F., 1986:
Increased Mitotic Proliferation and Blast Transformation among the Intra Epithelial Lymphocytes in the Jejunal Mucosa: Is it Confined to Cceliac Disease?

Thomson, B.J.; Been, M.; Smith, M.A.; Ridgeway, J.P.; Muir, A.L., 1986:
Increased Myocardial Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Parameter (T1) in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Turaihi, K.; Dandona, P.; Baron, D.N., 1986:
Increased Na-K Atpase in Leukocytes of Obese Patients: Effect of Weight Loss

Arden, J R.; Holley, F O.; Stanski, D R., 1986:
Increased Sensitivity to Etomidate in the Elderly

Nukada, H., 1986:
Increased Susceptibility to Ischemic Damage in Steptozocin-Diabetic Nerve

Toshihiro Hidaka; Ryohei Ogura; Hiroaki Furuno; Chihei Tanaka; Fumio Yamashita, 1986:
Increased Synthesis of Thromboxane A2 by Platelets from a Patient with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Ambika Mathur; Soichiro Maekawa; Zoltan Ovary; Richard, G. Lynch, 1986:
Increased T cells in BALB/c mice with an IgE-secreting hybridoma

Brian McKeon, 1986:
Increased accuracy from a three-dimensional movement-tracking system

Bo Holmström; Göran Brodén; Anders Dolk; Björn Frenckner, 1986:
Increased anal resting pressure following the Ripstein operation

Mats Block; Peter Pärt, 1986:
Increased availability of cadmium to perfused rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri, Rich.) gills in the presence of the complexing agents diethyl dithiocarbamate, ethyl xanthate and isopropyl xanthate

David, J. Nutt, 1986:
Increased central alpha2-adrenoceptor sensitivity in panic disorder

Isohisa, I; Shima, K; Koyama, T; Yamashita, K; Namba, K; Hosaka, T; Maezawa, H, 1986:
Increased creatine phosphokinase (CPK) level and muscle symptom during .BETA.-blocker therapy

V. A. Sletkov; V. N. Kovalev; A. F. Samardak; V. V. Dotsenko, 1986:
Increased effectiveness of boring with a tool tipped with superhard material

Messing, R B.; Sparber, S B., 1986 :
Increased forebrain β-adrenergic ligand binding induced by trimethyltin

Gross, K M.; Matsumoto, A M.; Berger, R E.; Bremner, W J., 1986:
Increased frequency of pulsatile luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone administration selectively decreases follicle-stimulating hormone levels in men with idiopathic azoospermia**Supported by Veterans Administration Medical Research Funds; by the National Institutes of Health grants P50-HD-12629; and Clinical Research Center grant RR-37.Presented in part at the Third International Congress of Andrology, April 29 to May 2, 1985, Boston, Massachusetts

Laurence Mosbach-Ozmen; Sylvie Humez; Paul Fonteneau; Francis Loor, 1986:
Increased membrane immunoglobulin capping of B cells from C57BI/6 lpr/lpr and C57BI/6 nu/nu mice

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Increased myocardial Alpha-1-adrenoceptor density in rats treated with propranolol via osmotic minipumps

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Increased number of repeated nucleotide sequences in transcriptionally active DNA and poly A+-mRNA from rat liver and induction of its increased translation activity

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Increased plasma ANF levels and cardiac filling pressure after acute β-blockade in conscious hypertensive rats

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Increased resistance of triploid rainbow trout coho salmon hybrids to infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus

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Increased resorption of embryos in o.o.5-trimethyl phosphorothioate-treated rats

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Increased sensitivity in peroxidase immunocytochemistry

H.E. Cingolani; G.J. Rinaldi; E. Amado Cattaneo; A. Mattiazzi, 1986:
Increased sensitivity to nifedipine of smooth muscle from hypertensive rats cannot beexplained by calcium influx blockage

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Increased sensitivity to α-adrenoceptor stimulation but intact purinergic and muscarinergic effects in prehypertensive cardiac hypertrophy of spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Increased solubilization of antiwear additives in lubricating-cooling fluids

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Increased survival in bacteremic sheep treated with ibuprofen

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Increased susceptibility of gentamincin-resistantPseudomonas aeruginosato human sera

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Increased voltage-gated potassium conductance during interleukin 2- stimulated proliferation of a mouse helper T lymphocyte clone

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Increased , but not , opiate receptor binding in the medulla oblongata of Long-Evans rats following 5-day water deprivation

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Increases in Intracranial Pressure from Succinylcholine

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Increases in the concentration of brain α-bungarotoxin binding sites induced by dietary choline are age-dependent

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Increasing Absorption Bistability of CdS at Room Temperature

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Increasing Community Recycling with Persuasive Communication and Public Commitment

Smith, D M.; Norton, J A.; Weinberger, M; McDonald, C J.; Katz, B P., 1986:
Increasing Prescribed Office Visits

Bock, B. R., 1986:
Increasing cereal yields with higher ammonium/nitrate ratios: Review of potentials and limitations

Burger, J M., 1986:
Increasing compliance by improving the deal: The that's-not-all technique

Mendoza, F S, 1986:
Increasing minorities in academia

Coulton, C J., 1986:
Increasing the Emphasis on Health Care and the Environment in Geriatric Mental Health Training

I. M. Saidakhmedov; O. F. Glagoleva; A. É. Grushevenko, 1986:
Increasing the distillate yields in atmospheric distillation of crude oil by means of activating additives

M. R. Gokhman; Yu. O. Targulyan; D. P. Vysotskii, 1986:
Increasing the drill rate of holes and shortening the time required to freeze-in piles using a vibratory steam leader

A. S. Nuzhdin, 1986:
Increasing the energy efficiency of centrifugal compressors for refrigerating machines

S. P. Kosogor; N. A. Fedotov, 1986:
Increasing the life of cutting tools by the CIB method

E. L. Lobanov; Yu. A. Skipin, 1986:
Increasing the operating efficiency of radial reactors in reforming

A. A. Yakovlev; Yu. A. Skipin, 1986:
Increasing the output of aromatic hydrocarbons in catalytic reforming units

Abramczuk, J W.; Lopata, A, 1986:
Incubator performance in the clinical in vitro fertilization program: importance of temperature conditions for the fertilization and cleavage of human oocytes**Presented in part at the Third Scientific Meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia, November 28 to December 1, 1984, Brisbane, Australia

Beck, J. R., 1986:
Independent Development of Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis

Burke, S Ogden; Laschinger, S; Jerrett, M, 1986:
Independent Learning Modules: Are They Effective In the Long Run?

Brisenden, S, 1986:
Independent Living and the Medical Model of Disability

Ruth, M. Walters, 1986:
Independent community living for people with mental handicaps

Jaime Mas-Oliva, 1986:
Independent conformational changes caused by calmodulin and calcium in the cardiac microsomal (Ca2+, Mg2+-ATPase during its ATP hydrolysis-ATP synthesis cycle

C. J. Wawrzyniak; R. A. Popp, 1986:
Independent expression of the two mouse adult β-globin genes

Ferenc Uher; Howard, B. Dickler, 1986:
Independent ligand occupancy and cross-linking of surface Ig and Fc receptors downregulates B-lymphocyte function. evaluation in various B-lymphocyte populations

Gale, W F., 1986:
Indeterminate Fecundity and Spawning Behavior of Captive Red ShinersFractional, Crevice Spawners

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Index Filicum. Supplementum quintum pro annis 19611975

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Index Volume 14, Numbers 16, FebruaryDecember 1986

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Index des articles publis

&na;,, 1986:
Index of Papers Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Association of University Radiologists, Hartford, Connecticut, May 49, 1986

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Enhancement of metal-metal interactions inside a large-cavity synthetic host in water

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Enhancement of methane production from 1-hexadecene by additional electron donors

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Enhancement of methane production in anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge by thermal hydrolysis pretreatment

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Enhancement of methanogenesis by electric syntrophy with biogenic iron-sulfide minerals

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Enhancement of microalga Haematococcus pluvialis growth and astaxanthin production by electrical treatment

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India, Africa, and the Second World War

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Indian remote sensing programme

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Indication and technique of ovarian transposition to perserve ovarian function in patients undergoing irradiation

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Indication of doxorubicin cardiotoxicity by impairment of131I-pIPPA utilization

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Indications chirurgicales dans le traitement de la main spastique

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Indications for caesarean section: experience in a district general hospital

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Indications for interstitial and intracavitary brachytherapy: New techniques and systems

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Indications for single-dose antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery and gynaecology

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Indications for the use of litonit in combination treatment of coligenic nephritis in alcoholism

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Indications of a quasi-20-year cycle of middle atmosphere temperatures

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Indicative evidence for a conformational transition in -carrageenan from studies of viscosity-shear rate dependence

Sofija Vujanac-Borovnica, 1986:
Indicators for planning protection and improvement of the environment as integral part of socio-economic development

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Indicators of quality in nursing care an alternative approach

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Indicators of technical intensity and international competitiveness: a case for supplementing quantitative data with qualitative studies in research

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Indices of normal language development and some characteristics of specific language impairment

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Indikationen zur Akrosin-Bestimmung

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Indirect Voltammetric Determination of Iron at Parts-Per-Million Levels Using Either Ferron or BPDS

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Indirect atomic absorption determination of aluminum by flow injection analysis

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Indirect forbidden fundamental absorption edge in germanium selenide single crystals

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Indirect haemagglutination test for the detection of thermolabile (LT) enterotoxin fromEscherichia coli

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Indirect intergenic suppression of a radiosensitive mutant ofSordaria macrosporadefective in sister-chromatid cohesiveness

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Indirect measurement of stroke volume by an intra-aortic balloon pump

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Indirect microdetermination of some metals by sulfide precipitation and starch-iodine photometry of released hydrogen ion

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Indirect phase height measurements of the lower ionosphere compared with rocket measurements of D-region electron density

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Indirect spectrophotometric microdetermination of sulfur in organic compounds using 1,5-diphenylcarbazide

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Indium 111-granulocyte scanning in the assessment of disease extent and disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease

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Indium 111-labeled platelet kinetic studies and platelet- associated igg in hairy cell leukemia

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Individual Behavioural Programme Planning with Long-Stay Schizophrenic Patients Part 1: Programmes Planned and Followed in an Occupational Therapy Department

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Individual Development and Social Change: Explanatory Analysis

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Individual Differences in Risk Taking

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Individual Differences: An Underdeveloped Opportunity for Military Psychology

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Individual Film Wrapping of Fresh Florida Cucumbers, Eggplant, Peppers, and Tomatoes for Extending Shelf Life

Alan, S. Gurman; David, P. Kniskern, 1986:
Individual Marital Therapy Have Reports of your Death been Somewhat Exaggerated?

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Individual Responsibility and Holistic Medicine

Greene, L R.; Laor, N, 1986:
Individual and Group Therapy: Combining Psychoanalytic Treatments

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Individual and combined toxicity of manganese and molybdenum to mussel,Mytilus edulis, larvae

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Individual and family therapy in the treatment of children

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Individual and joint kinetic fluorometric determination of imidazole and 4-methylimidazole

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Individual difference factors in the efficacy of Covert Modeling and Self-Instructional Training for fear reduction

Snow, R E., 1986:
Individual differences and the design of educational programs

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Individual differences in comprehending and producing words in context

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Individual differences in facial expressivity among singleton, monozygotic and dizygotic twin new-borns

Ingrid Harsman, 1986:
Individual differences in the adjustment of infants to day care centers

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Individual differences in thinking-aloud performance

Walter Miller, 1986:
Individual outpatient treatment of pathological gambling

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Individual processing in classroom settings

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Individual specific trails in the antLeptothorax affinis(Formicidae: Myrmicinae)

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Individual versus group use of base-rate and individuating information

Maxeen Biben, 1986:
Individual- and Sex-related Strategies of Wrestling Play in Captive Squirrel Monkeys

Weeks, G R., 1986:
Individual-System dialectic

Le Minor, L.; Popoff, M.Y.; Laurent, B.; Hermant, D., 1986:
Individualisation d'une septime sods-espce de salmonella: s. choleraesuis subsp. indica subsp. nov

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Individualisation of the elements of cytoskeleton in function of physiological conditions of female gametes of Marsilea vestita (Marsileaceae)

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Individualism-Collectivism: A Study of Cross-Cultural Researchers

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Individuality in Planning: Meaning Patterns of Planning Styles

Morton, J.; Hughes, D.; Evans, E., 1986:
Individualizing Justice for Offenders with Developmental Disabilities: A Descriptive Account of Nebraska's IJP Model

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Individuation as a life process*

Grotevant, H D.; Cooper, C R., 1986:
Individuation in Family Relationships

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Individuelle Wurzelkonkurrenz und Ausnutzung der immobilen Makronährstoffe im Wurzelraum von Mais

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Indole fluorescence in mixed solvent solutions

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Indole spectroscopy: The location of the 1La and 1Lb electronic states and the absorption spectrum

Gertrud Wiese; Hans, J. Grambow, 1986:
Indole-3-methanol-β-D-glucoside and indole-3-carboxylic acid-β-D-glucoside are products of indole-3-acetic acid degradation in wheat leaf segments

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Indole-phenol-bioisosterism. Synthesis and antihypertensive activity of a pyrrolo analog of labetalol

M. Lcunasmaa; V. Saano; M.M. Airaksinen; R. Jokela; A. Huhtikangas, 1986:
Indolquinolizidikes, formal derivatives of tetrahybbo-β-carbolines, show selective affinity for' benzodiazepine, tryptamine and serotonin binding sites in rat brain

Eugene Millen, J.; Glauser, F L., 1986:
Indomethacin and Ketanserin Block Ethchlorvynol-lnduced Hypoxemia in Dogs

Yetunde, O. Taiwo; Jon, D. Levine, 1986:
Indomethacin blocks central nociceptive effects of PGF2α

O. Hoffmann; K. Klaushofer; K. Koller; M. Peterlik; T. Mavreas; P. Stern, 1986:
Indomethacin inhibits thrombin-, but not thyroxin- stimulated resorption of fetal rat limb bones

Nobuhiro Inatomi; Nobuhiro Sato; Hiroshi Satoh; Yoshitaka Maki; Nobuto Nakamura; Takenobu Kamada, 1986:
Indomethacin-induced changes in canine gastric mucosal haemodynamics and haemoglobin oxygenation, and the effects of topical anti-ulcer agents

Wijarso, 1986:
Indonesia's new refining capacity

I.F. Goldstein; D. Hartel; L.R. Andrews; A.L. Weinstein, 1986:
Indoor air pollution exposures of low-income inner-city residents

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Indoor-outdoor relationships for respirable particles, total suspended particulate matter and smoke concentrations in modern office buildings

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Indooroutdoor suspended particulate matter concentrations at four sites in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Indoramin in the Hypertensive Patient with Concomitant Disease

Klaus Görlitzer; Michael Noack, 1986:
Indoxyl-δ-aminosäuren aus Hydromorphon und Hydrocodon

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Induced Magnetic Form Factors for 3d Transition Metals and 3d-3d Alloys III. Diamagnetie Form Factors

J. Pabst; H. Röll, 1986:
Induced Magnetic Form Factors for 3d Transition Metals and 3d-3d Alloys. II. Induced Spin Form Factors

Tran Thoai Duy Bao, 1986:
Induced field at a dipole near the metal surface in the hydrodynamic approximation

O. Linhart; P. Kvasnička; V. Šlechtová; J. Pokorný, 1986:
Induced gynogenesis by retention of the second polar body in the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L., and heterozygosity of gynogenetic progeny in transferrin and Ldh-B1 loci

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Induced magnetic form factors for 3d transition metals and 3d3d alloys

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Induced maturation and spawning of milkfish, Chanos chanos Forssakal, by hormone implantation

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Induced meiotic reductions in root-tips. I Effect of purine derivatives

Mehra, P. N.; Dhiman, N, 1986:
Induced meiotic reductions in root-tips. II Effect of purine derivatives (contd.) and DNA

Sen, R; Baltimore, D, 1986:
Inducibility of immunoglobulin enhancer-binding protein NF-B by a posttranslational mechanism

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Inducible Type I βlactamases of Gram-negative bacteria and resistance to βlactam antibiotics

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Inducible error-free repair systems in human cells following X-irradiation

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Inducible sustained ventricular tachycardia and ventricuar fibrillation in conscious dogs with isolated right ventricular infarction: Relation to infarct structure

Oded Stark, 1986:
Inducing fertility change

Tom, H. Peake; Andrew, J. Billups; Karen, L. Trott, 1986:
Inducing psychotherapy: Hypnotic analogue for brief psychotherapy

W.G. Peters; R. Willemze; L.P. Colly, 1986:
Induction and consolidation treatment with intermediate (IDARAC) and high-dose Ara-C (HDARAC) and m-AMSA in patients (pts) with primarily failed or relapsed acute leukaemia and high-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL)

Gurbachan S Miglani; Vindhya Mohindra, 1986:
Induction and genotypic verification of recombinants in males ofDrosophila melanogaster

T. D. Leathers; R. W. Detroy; R. J. Bothast, 1986:
Induction and glucose repression of xylanase from a color variant strain ofAureobasidumpullulans

Mikio Kawamori; Yasushi Morikawa; Seigo Takasawa, 1986:
Induction and production of cellulases byl-sorbose inTrichoderma reesei

W. Tosch; E. Sigarlakie, 1986:
Induction and reversion of methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus(MRSA) by antibiotics

M. Sondossi; H. W. Rossmoore; J. W. Wireman, 1986:
Induction and selection of formaldehyde-based resistance inPseudomonas aeruginosa

Mattoo, A K.; Baker, J E.; Moline, H E., 1986:
Induction by Copper Ions of Ethylene Production in Spirodela oligorrhiza: Evidence for a Pathway Independent of 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic Acid

R. Cramer-Herold; G. Lysek; B. Varchmin-Fuchs, 1986 :
Induction by sodium dodecylsulfate of the circadian rhythm of conidiation inNeurospora crassa

Ronald, J. Kolata, 1986:
Induction of Anesthesia Using Diazepam/Ketamine in Dogs with Complete Heart Block A Preliminary Report

Sh. S. Azimova; K. Normatov; M. Yu. Men'shikov, 1986:
Induction of Ca++transport in human platelets by thyroid hormone receptor of malignant cells

A. A. Brayman; M. W. Miller, 1986:
Induction of ELF transmembrane potentials in relation to power-frequency electric field bioeffects in a plant root model system

Leung, D. Y., 1986:
Induction of IgE synthesis in normal human B cells. Sequential requirements for activation by an alloreactive T cell clone and IgE- potentiating factors

Parsonnet, J.; Gillis, Z. A.; Pier, G. B., 1986:
Induction of Interleukin-l by Strains of Staphylococcus aureus from Patients with Nonmenstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome

Aseema Chatterjee and A. K. Bhattacharya, 1986:
Induction of L-Arabinose Isomerase in -Irradiated Escherichia coli

Euamil, A.S.; Fahelboum, I.M.; Tritschler, C.; Harrington, M.G., 1986:
Induction of Platelet Aggregation by Adp and the effects of Inhibitors

Bischof, P.; Bilat, M.; Meisser, A.; Geinoz, A., 1986:
Induction of acrosomal reaction by pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A)

R.H. Jago, 1986:
Induction of anaesthesia in childrea

W.R. Hain, 1986:
Induction of anaesthesia in children

Alina Dzwonkowska; Henryk Hübner, 1986:
Induction of chromosmal aberrations in the syrian hamster by insecticides tested in vivo

M. Sawada; T. Sofuni; M. Hatanaka; M. Ishidate Jr., 1986:
Induction of chromosomal aberrations in active oxygen-generating systems, III. Studies with hydrogen peroxide-resistant cells in culture

Lindberg, F; Lindquist, S; Normark, S, 1986:
Induction of chromosomal β-lactamase expression in enterobacteria

L. E. Panin; I. F. Usynin, 1986:
Induction of cytochromes P-450 and b5in hepatocyte subpopulations by phenobarbital

P. Allavena; M. Introna; A. Rambaldi; F. Zanaboni; S. Rossini; A. Villa; R. Bassan; T. Barbui; A. Mantovani, 1986:
Induction of cytotoxicity by interleukin-2 in t-lymphoproliferative disorders

Takeuchi, K; Furukawa, O; Okabe, S, 1986:
Induction of duodenal ulcers in rats under water-immersion stress conditions

M.S. Saini; M.M. Galhotra; M.L. Kaker; M.N. Razdan, 1986:
Induction of estrus and ovulation in non-cyclic buffalo (Bubalusbubalis) heifers with progesterone-releasing intravaginal device and pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin and their gonadotrophin profile

Kamlesh Kanwar; K. K. Nanda, 1986:
Induction of flowering ofImpatiens balsaminatreated with gibberellic acid and resorcinol

E. L. Kadyrova; B. P. Kopnin, 1986 :
Induction of gene amplification in dzhungarian hamster cells by some chemical carcinogens

G. Folkerts; F. P. Nijkamp, 1986:
Induction of guinea pig respiratory airway hyperreactivity byHaemophilus influenzae: Role of the histaminergic and cholinergic receptor systems

Hirayama, M; Yokochi, T; Shimokata, K; Iida, M; Fujiki, N, 1986:
Induction of human leukocyte antigen-A,B,C and -DR on cultured human oligodendrocytes and astrocytes by human -interferon

Gerald, E. Adams; David, W.H. Barnes; Clair Du Boulay; John, F. Loutit; Shirley Cole; Peter, W. Sheldon; Ian, J. Stratford; Gerald, J.M.J. Van Den Aardweg; John, W. Hopewell; Ralph, D. White; Geoffrey Kneen; Anthony, B.W. Nethersell; J.Colin Edwards, 1986:
Induction of hypoxia in normal and malignant tissues by changing the oxygen affinity of hemoglobinImplications for theraphy

H. J. Seidel, 1986:
Induction of leukemiasIndicator of total body irradiation

D.B. Lew; C.C. Leslie; D.W.H. Riches; P.M. Henson, 1986:
Induction of macrophage lysosomal hydrolase synthesis and secretion by β-1,3-glucan

G. P. Polyakova; N. V. Chudinovskaya; L. I. Kondakova, 1986:
Induction of microfilament bundles in interphase nuclei of rat neurinoma cells by dimethyl sulfoxide

Antonio De Marco; Michele Romanelli; M.Antonietta Stazi; Eleonora Vitagliano, 1986:
Induction of micronucleated cells in Vicia faba and Allium cepa root tips treated with nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA)

Shiro Fujita; Chikara Kitajima; Gosuke Hayashida, 1986:
Induction of ovarian maturation and development of eggs, larvae and juveniles of the tonguefish,Cynoglossus abbreviates, reared in the laboratory

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Induction of rat muscle carbonic anhydrase III by denervation, measured by radioimmunoassay and a cDNA probe

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Induction of renal and hepatic mixed function oxiases in the hamster and guinea pig

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Induction of sporulation inBlastocladiella emersonii: Influence of nutritional variables

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Induction of superoxide production in polymorphonuclear leucocytes by Ricinus lectins and its dependency on lectin valency

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Induction of the Acrosome Reaction in Starfish : (acrosome reaction/starfish sperm/egg jelly/Ca-channel/ionophore)

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Induction of the action potential in innervated slow muscle fibers of the frog. Effects of tetrodoxin, vincristine and colchicine

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Induction of the c-myc protooncogene after antigen binding to hapten- specific B cells

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Induction of the hepatic cytochrome P-450 dependent monooxygenase system by cis- and tranas-5,10-dihydrogen mirex

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Induction of thymic lymphosarcomas in C57BL/6 mice after inoculation of weakly oncgenic viruses associated with a sub-leukemogenic radiation exposure (1.75 GY 2)

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Induction of tumorigenesis and chromosomal abnormalities in human amniocytes infected with simian virus 40 and kirstein sarcoma virus

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Induction of β2-interferon by tumor necrosis factor: A homeostatic mechanism in the control of cell proliferation

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Induction, trance, and ritual in family mythologizing

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Induction/Inhibition of Chromosomal -Lactamases by -Lactamase Inhibitors

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Inductively Coupled, Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry - A New Element/Isotope Specific Mass Spectrometry Detector for Chromatography

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Induktion von Anfälligkeit für avirulente durch virulente und von Resistenz gegen virulente durch avirulente Mehltaupathotypen

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Industrial Decentralisation and Regional Policy in South Africa

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Industrial Decentralization Policy in South Africa: Rhetoric and Practice

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Industrial Development Policy and the Restructuring of the Northern Ireland Economy

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Industrial Location Models 1: A Review and an Integrating Framework

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Industrial MoO3-promoter oxide--Al2O3 hydrotreating catalysts: genesis and architecture description

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Industrial Organization and Location: Division of Labor, the Firm, and Spatial Process

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Industrial Policy And The States: How Will They Pay?

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Industrial Restructuring and Labor Relations: Introduction

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Industrial Structure and Sex Differences in Earnings

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Industrial Waste Management At the Swedish Facility in Norrtorp

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Industrial decentralisation in South Africa: tool of Apartheid or spontaneous restructuring?

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Industrial democracy and the worker

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Industrial democracy in the Canadian potash industry

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Industrial development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Achievements and potential critical success factors

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Industrial diversity and economic performance in U.S. areas

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Industrial hygiene implications of the static electrification of workplace aerosols

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Industrial lasers

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Industrial location in turbulent times: Austria through Anschluss and occupation

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Industrial location models 2: Weber, Palander, Hotelling, and extensions within a new framework

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Industrialisation in the Global Periphery: The Significance of the Newly Industrialising Countries of East and Southeast Asia

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Industrialization and Urbanization: A Geographical Agenda

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Industrielle Abwasserbehandlung und Abluftreinigung

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Industry Structure and Gender Segregation in Blue-Collar Occupations

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Indwelling catheters

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Inefficient translation initiation causes premature transcription termination in the IacZ gene

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Inelastic deformation of (Ti, V)C alloys

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Inelastic electron scattering from ultrathin metallic films on Si(111)

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Inelastic incoherent neutron scattering and Raman scattering of 2,3-dimethylnaphthalene

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Inelastic scattering of electrons at the InP-SiO2 interface

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Inequalities in IBG Conference Attendance

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Inequities in access to and use of shared resources in social dilemmas

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Inertia and Interception in the Deposition of Particles from Boundary Layers

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Inertia defects of urea

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Inertia-Gravity Waves in the Troposphere and Stratosphere Observed by the MU Radar

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Inertia-gravity waves trapped against a vertical barrier

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Inertial Instability of Horizontally Sheared Flow away from the Equator

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Inertial gravimetryA comparison of Kalman filtering-smoothing and post-mission adjustment techniques

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Inertial modelling a survey of some open problems

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Inertial-dissipation methods and turbulent fluxes at the air-ocean interface

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Inerting for safety

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Inevitabilities of prejudice

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Inexpensive Microcomputer Control of Instrumentation Using the Commodore-64

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Inexpensive in situ time-integrating seawater nutrient sampler

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Infant Crying: Theoretical and Research Perspectives

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Infant Intervention Programs. Truths and Untruths (Book)

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Infant Neuromotor Assessment Instruments:

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Infant affective behavior, temperament and autonomic patterning

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Infant and parent emotions: A longitudinal study

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Infant auditory discrimination and 8-year intelligence

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Infant awareness of animate-inanimate distinctions

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Infant behaviour, development and interactions: Relevance and provision of metaphors

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Infant botulismA toxicoinfection

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Infant communicational acts and patterns of exploration-play

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Infant coping with interpersonal stress: Specificity, developmental changes and stability

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Infant detection of moving surfaces

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Infant discrimination of dynamic emotional expressions

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Infant frequency discrimination: Level and age effects

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Infant intervention beginning during pregnancy with women at social risk

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Infant mortality rates, 1984

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Infant precursors of later affective disorder: An organizational, developmental psychopathology approach

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Infant preferences for attractive faces

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Infant smiling during social interaction: Arousal modulation or activation indicator?

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Infant temperament as a predictor of preschool behavior problems

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Infant timing: Anticipations of proximal events and the filled duration effect

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Infant visual fixation: A comparison of event-related potential (ERP) and habituation procedures

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Infant's exploration and play -properties of transitions-

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Infant's time-locked and anticipatory responding to temporally predictable events

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Infant-adult security of attachment on israelt kibbutzim in the first year of life and its relation to social-emotional development four years later

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Infanticide and parental behavior in wild female house mice: Effects of ovariectomy, adrenalectomy and administration of oxytocin and prostaglandin F2α

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Infanticide: Comparative and Evolutionary Perspectives

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Infantile Refsum disease: deficiency of catalase-containing particles (peroxisomes), alkyldihydroxyacetone phosphate synthase and peroxisomal β-oxidation enzyme proteins

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Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis

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Infantile choriocarcinoma with cutaneous tumors

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Infants are not distractable during physiologically defined periods of sustained attention

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Infants categorize rising and falling pitch

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Infants vs a stranger and a novel object

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Infants with medical problems and breast feeding

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Infants' attachment hierarchies

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Infants' discrimination of vocal expressions: Differentiation or recognition of meaning?

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Infants' instrumental social interaction with adults

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Infants' localization of sounds in the horizontal plane

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Infants' memory for sets of frequencies

Bennett Bertenthal; Sarah Dunn; Dina Bai, 1986:
Infants' sensitivity to optical flow for specifying self-motion

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Infants' visual anticipation of complex patterns

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Infants' visual fields along eight meridia

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Infection as a background to safety: sourcecmaterial for teaching

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Infection by the Retrovirus Associated With the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: Clinical, Biological, and Molecular Features

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Infection control and the laboratory: The struggle with AIDS

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Infection control guidelines for Optometrists and Contact Lens Practitioners

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Infection du pigeon biset par Chlamydia psittaci

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Infection nosocomiale, comit de lutte contre l'infection et conomie de la sant

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Infection of Australian and New Zealand Rubus subgenera Dalibarda and Lampohatus by the European blackberry rust fungus Phragmidium violaceum

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Infection with human T-lymphotropic viras type III and leukocyte interferon production in homosexual men

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Infection virus HB et surinfection delta en Afrique Sahlienne

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Infections Following Orthopaedic Injury

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Infections among cruise passengers

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Infections et cholangio-pancreatographie rtrograde endoscopique (C.P.R.E.)

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Infections in AIDS

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Infections oculaires Chlamydia de l'adulte et de l'enfant

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Infections osto-articulaires

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Infections post-operatoires en chirurgie abdomino-pelvienne

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Infections parvovirus B 19

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Infectious Disease Units: Will aquired immune deficiency syndrome necessitate a renaissance?

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Infectious Diseases in Child Day Care: Management and Prevention. Introduction

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Infectious Diseases of the Eye

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Infectious Retinitis

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Infectious diseases in child day care facilities

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Infectious diseases in persons of leadership: Berger AB, Edberg SC. Rev Infect Dis 1984; 6: 802813

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Infective endocarditis

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Infectivity and development of the gamma-irradiated first stage larvae ofAngiostrongylus cantonensis

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Infektionen durch mykoplasmatales

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Infektionsversuche mit Ascocalyx abietina und Ascocalyx laricina

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Inference Based on Ranks with Tied Failure Time or Grouped Survival Data

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Inference about comparative precision in linear structural relationships

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Inferences in the Classroom and Everyday Life

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Infereni on full or partial parameters based on the standardized signed log likelihood ratio

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Inferring a child's level of self-esteem from a knowledge of other personality factors

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Inferring an origindestination matrix directly from network flow sampling

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Inferring causality in life event research

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Inferring students' cognitive structures and their development using the "ordered tree technique."

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Infertility as a marital crisis

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Infertility: Medical, Emotional, and Social Considerations

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Infestation potential of Callosobruchus maculatos (Fab.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on cowpea cultivars stored under subtropical conditions

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Infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast

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Infiltration of Aqueous Fluid and High Fluid: Rock Ratios During Greenschist Facies Metamorphism: A Discussion

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Infinite dilution fugacity coefficients and the general behavior of dilute binary systems

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Infinite gain margin problem in multivariable feedback systems

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Infinite-dilution activity coefficients by comparative ebulliometry: A model of ebulliometer and the experimental equipment and procedure

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Inflamed Eye in Marians Syndrome with Posteriorly Luxated Lens

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Inflammatory bowel disease and leukemia

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Inflammatory bowel disease: A personal view

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Inflammatory bowel disease: experience and controversy

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Inflation and the real rate of interest

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Inflation in Latin America, 19701980

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Inflation-induced adaptive behavior

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Influence d'une eau thermale sulfate calcique magnsienne sur le mtabolisme des lipoprotines chez le rat

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Influence de diffrents paramtres agronomiques et climatiques sur l'efficacit de quelques pyrthrinodes de synthse

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Influence de l'exposition au froid sur le seuil anarobie

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Influence de pH acides sur la viabilit d'isolats deFrankia

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Influence des conditions climatiques saisonnires sur quelques paramtres physiologiques ds boucs Croles aliments avec de l'ensilage de banane

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Influence des pluies estivales sur la qualite des reserves de l'aquifere karstique; role du sol et de l'epikarst dans la concentration des chlorures

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Influence des substances organiques dissoutes sur le dosage du plomb en milieu marin par redissolution anodique

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Influence du glucose sur la conversion du galactose en galactitol chez ľadulte jeune

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Influence du nombre de viscosit sur le transfert de matire entre une particule fluide isole et une phase liquide continue

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Influence du pH du sol colonise sur l'activite des peroxydases des vegetaux, utilisee comme indicateur biochimique de la pollution atmospherique

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Influence immdiate du brossage des bacs sur certains paramtres sanguins du loup d'elevage, Dicentrarchus labrax L.: Effet de stress

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Influence in parent-toddler play

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Influence of 20α-Dihydroprogesterone on Progesterone Output by Human Chorion Explants

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Influence of Autonomic Blockade on Cardiovascular effects of Infused Adenosine in Man

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Influence of Ca2+ binding on the structure and stability of bovine α-lactalbumin studied by circular dichroism and nuclear magnetic resonance spectra

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Influence of Certain Additives on the Diffusion Rate of Aspirin, Salicylamide and Phenacetin Through the Rat's Ileum

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Influence of Complete Enclosure on Liquid Pool Fires

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Influence of Fluoridating Varnishes on Dentine in vitro (Short Communication)

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Influence of Free Fatty Acids, Lysophosphatidylcholine, Platelet-Activating Factor, Acylcarnitine, and Echinocandin B on 1,3- -D-Glucan Synthase and Callose Synthesis

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Influence of Inhalation Anaesthetics on the Pharmacodynamics of Atracurium and Vecuronium in Children

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Influence of Macroscopic Inclusions on Excitonic Luminescence of InSe Crystals

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Influence of MoSiO2 catalyst preparation on molybdenum coordination and catalytic properties

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Influence of Myriophyllum spicatum L. on the species composition, biomass and primary productivity of phytoplankton

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Influence of N,N-Substituents on the FeCl3-Catalyzed Photo-oxidation of 2,5-Dibenzylpiperazine-3,6-Diones

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Influence of Nonparabolicity on the Superlattice Band Structure

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Influence of Normal Mode Rossby Waves on the Mean Field: Interference with Quasi-Stationary Waves

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Influence of Obesity on ECG Diagnosis of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Hypertension

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Influence of Open Season and Weather on the Harvest of Muskrats

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Influence of Potato Persistence, Foliar Biomass, and Foliar Nitrogen on Abundance of Leptinotarsa decemlinteata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

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Influence of Predeposition on the Properties of GaN

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Influence of RNA polymerase II upon vaccinia virus-related translation examined by means of α-amanitin

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Influence of Riparian Vegetation on Posteruption Survival of Coho Salmon Fingerlings on the West-Side Streams of Mount St. Helens, Washington

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Influence of Sampling Design on Lichen Size-Frequency Distributions and Its Effect on Derived Lichenometric Indices

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Influence of Simple Computerized Feedback on Prescription Charges in an Ambulatory Clinic

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Influence of Stimulus Frequency and Probe Size on Vibration-Induced Alleviation of Acute Orof acial Pain

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Influence of Striped Skunk Removal on Upland Duck Nest Success in North Dakota

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Influence of Sucrose and Hormones on the Activity of Sucrose Synthase and Invertase in Detached Leaves and Leaf Sections of Eggplants (Solatium melongena)

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Influence of Taylor vortices on the morphology during stirred solidification

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Influence of V1and V3isomyosins on the mechanical behaviour of rat papillary muscle as studied by pseudo-random binary noise modulated length perturbations

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Influence of a Surface on Lifetime Spectra of Positrons

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Influence of a protein synthesis inhibitor from barley seeds upon different steps of animal cell-free protein synthesis

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Influence of a substituent at the 2 position on the stability of fluorine-containing allyl cations according to19F NMR spectroscopy data

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Influence of added calcium compounds on swelling, plastic, and pyrolysis behaviour of coal devolatilized at elevated pressures

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Influence of added cations on the detection of estrogen receptors in the 10,000 g sediment from rat liver: dependence on ionic radius

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Influence of admixtures on the crystallization and morphology of AlPO4crystals

K. Byrappa; S. Srikantaswamy; G. S. Gopalakrishna; V. Venkatachalapathy, 1986 :
Influence of admixtures on theabberlinite transition

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Influence of ambient oxygen and random swimming activity on metabolic rates and quotients in the freshwater mulletRhinomugil corsula(Hamilton)

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Influence of anisotropic thermal expansion on internal stresses in WC hardmetals

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Influence of antibiotic prophylaxis on vaginal microflora

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Influence of antichaotropic electrolytes on the ferricyanide reduction of two immobilized systems: yeast-l-lactate dehydrogenase and chloroplast membranes

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Influence of aquatic humus on the biavailability of chlorinated micropollutants in Atlantic salmon

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Influence of arginine-vasopressin and/or hippocampal lesions on retrieval processes in BALB/c mice

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Influence of austempering temperature on fracture toughness in bainitic nodular cast iron

R.F. Babus'Haq; S.D. Probert; M.J. Shilston; S. Chakrabarti, 1986:
Influence of baffles upon natural-convective steady-state heat transfers inwards across horizontal eccentric annuli

Hugh Lawford; Judy Keenan; Kim Phillips; William Orts, 1986:
Influence of bioreactor design on the rate and amount of curdlan-type exopolysaccharide production byAlcaligenes faecalis

M. Chavko; J. Burda; J. Maršala, 1986:
Influence of blood sera from dogs subjected to ischemia and recirculation on incorporation of14C-amino acids in vitro

Ostrea, E M.; Balun, J E.; Winkler, R; Porter, T, 1986:
Influence of breast-feeding on the restoration of the low serum concentration of vitamin E and β-carotene in the newborn infant

D.K. Saxena; R.C. Murthy; V.K. Jain; S.V. Chandra, 1986:
Influence of cadmium on the distribution of Cu, Zn and Fe in different regions of central and peripheral nervous system of rats

T. Mergner; G. Rottler; D. Anastasopoulos; W. Becker, 1986:
Influence of canal and neck inputs on visual perception of object motion in space

Kuniaki Honjo; Akio Shindo, 1986:
Influence of carbide formation on the strength of carbon fibres on which silicon and titanium have been deposited

A. G. Panosyan; A. G. Aivazyan; M. L. Barikyan; G. A. Gevorkyan; G. G. Zapesochnaya; V. A. Mnatsakanyan; É. S. Gabrielyan, 1986:
Influence of certain compounds of plant origin on platelet aggregation and arachidonic acid metabolism in human platelets

P S Sasikumar; Prema Suryanarayanan; Cheriyan Thomas; K Kalyanaraman; R S Prasad, 1986:
Influence of certain physico-chemical factors upon the larval population ofMansoniamosquitoes (Culicidae: Diptera) in Trivandrum city, India

A. Lodder; I. Mertig; R. Zeller; E. Mrosan; P. H. Dederichs, 1986:
Influence of charge transfer on ab initio calculated impurity resistivities in noble metals

Mohan, C. Rukadikar; G. P. Reddy, 1986:
Influence of chemical composition and microstructure on thermal conductivity of alloyed pearlitic flake graphite cast irons

D. Yova; G. Boudouris; V. Karnavezoy, 1986:
Influence of cholesterol on tetraphenylborate transport through rat brain lipid artificial membranes

Bonner, B L.; Everett, F L., 1986:
Influence of client preparation and problem severity on attitudes and expectations in child psychotherapy

Holzer, C.; Maier, P., 1986:
Influence of co-cultures and partial oxygen pressure on DNA and protein content in cultured hepatocytes

Cheng-Tung Chou; Warren, E. Stewart, 1986:
Influence of coating geometry on the effectiveness of monolithic catalysts

A -K. Tjernlund; L. Hermansson; R. Carlsson; K -O. Axelsson, 1986:
Influence of combustion atmospheres on the phase transformation of zirconia

L. D'Orazio; C. Mancarella; E. Martuscelli; A. Casale; A. Filippi; F. Speroni, 1986:
Influence of composition and processing conditions on the morphology and properties of polyamide 6/ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer blends

Yu. L. Ishchuk; L. N. Dugina; M. E. Krasnokutskaya; B. A. Godun, 1986:
Influence of composition of technical 12-hydroxystearic acid on properties of anhydrous calcium greases

W. J. Lucas; D. W. Keifer; T. C. Pesacreta, 1986:
Influence of culture medium pH on charasome development and chloride transport inChara corallina

Shimizu, Y; Kaguri, A, 1986:
Influence of death condition and freshness on the gel-forming property of fish

V. S. Kirichenko; V. A. Borisenko; L. V. Zaitseva; L. A. Kiseleva; V. I. Romaniv; N. S. Mashchenko, 1986:
Influence of deformation on the tendency of AMg3 and AMg5 alloys toward exfoliation corrosion

H. Tashiro; Y. Tomita, 1986:
Influence of diameter ratio on a sudden expansion of a circular pipe in gassolid two-phase flow

Thambirajah Balendra; Arthur, C. Heidebrecht, 1986:
Influence of different sites on seismic base shear of buildings

I. N. Zhadanovskii; A. Ya. Botnikov; L. N. Osipov; I. G. Salakhutdinov; N. V. Gavrilov; L. V. Syresina, 1986:
Influence of distillation range on quality of hydrotreated feed for n-paraffin production

Mrityunjoy Chakrabortty; Debiprasad Kushari, 1986:
Influence of domestic sewage on growth and nitrogen fixation of Azolla pinnata R. Br

Włodzimierz Kordylewski; Wiesław Rybak, 1986:
Influence of endothermic effect on the rate of pyrolysis of porous materials

Avarmaa, R.; Jaaniso, R.; Mauring, K.; Renge, I.; Tamkivi, R., 1986:
Influence of energy transfer on the structure of site-selection spectra of molecules

Bodén, H, 1986:
Influence of errors on the two-microphone method for measuring acoustic properties in ducts

Charles, W. Wilkinson; John, C. Crabbe; L. Donald Keith; John, W. Kendall; Daniel, M. Dorsa, 1986:
Influence of ethanol dependence on regional brain content of β-endorphin in the mouse

Brits, G.J., 1986 :
Influence of fluctuating temperatures and H2O2 treatment on germination of Leucospermum cordifolium and Serruina florida (Proteaceae) seeds

G.P. Starley; B.J. Overmoe; D.W. Pershing; G.B. Martin, 1986:
Influence of fuel composition on nitric oxide formation in mass-burning stokers

Corriveau, J L.; Beale, S I., 1986:
Influence of gabaculine on growth, chlorophyll synthesis, and -aminolevulinic acid synthase activity in Euglena gracilis

A. Lasalmonie; J. L. Strudel, 1986:
Influence of grain size on the mechanical behaviour of some high strength materials

A. R. Blokh; I. B. Popova; V. A. Kozak; N. V. Granovskaya, 1986:
Influence of group composition of dispersion medium on volatility of lithium greases

Craighton, S. Mauk; Michael, G. Bausher; George Yelenosky, 1986:
Influence of growth regulator treatments on dry matter production, fruit abscission, and14C-assimilate partitioning in citrus

Becker, B E.; Cardy, R L., 1986:
Influence of halo error on appraisal effectiveness: A conceptual and empirical reconsideration

Alfonso, J. Chirinos Padrón; Felipe, A. Suarez; Hector Berroterán, 1986:
Influence of hindered piperidines on the thermal oxidation of low density polyethylene

D. T. Mel'nik; O. I. Umanskaya; A. A. Yaniv; R. N. Abadzheva, 1986:
Influence of homogenization conditions on properties of bentonite greases

C. Arnault; C. Loevenbruck, 1986:
Influence of host plant and larval diet on ovarian productivity inAcrolepiopsis assectellaZ. (Lepidoptera: Acrolepiidae)

M. A. Mkhchiyan; É. F. Kaminskii; A. A. Polyakova; Z. V. Driatskaya; G. I. Titkina, 1986:
Influence of hydrocarbon composition and geologic conditions of occurrence of West Siberian crudes on quality of products

S. I. Kalyavina; O. N. Stepanova; L. P. Kazakova; V. I. Vershinin, 1986:
Influence of hydrocarbon composition on lubricating properties of oils

Emmons, R A.; Diener, E, 1986:
Influence of impulsivity and sociability on subjective well-being

A. Koziejowska; K. Sangwal, 1986:
Influence of impurity on the etching of caesium iodide crystals

A. C. Dick; S. S. Malhi; P. A. O'Sullivan; D. R. Walker, 1986:
Influence of interactions of barley cultivars with soil and fertilizer K, and soil pH on grain yield and quality

Barton, R., 1986:
Influence of intrinsic sympathomimetic activity on respiratory function during chronic blockade

J.Benjamin Davoren; Aaron, J.W. Hsueh, 1986:
Influence of invitro plating density on rat granulosa cell responsiveness to follicle-stimulating hormone

Graham Bradley; Christine, C. Gaylarde, 1986:
Influence of iron on outer membrane components ofDesulfovibrio vulgaris

Williams, P, 1986:
Influence of iron restriction on growth and the expression of outer membrane proteins by Haemophilus influenzae and H. parainfluenzae

Jorge Correia Jesuino, 1986 :
Influence of leadership processes on group polarization

D. Hollander; V. Dadufalza; R. Weindruch; R. L. Walford, 1986:
Influence of life-prolonging dietary restriction on intestinal vitamin A absorption in mice

M. Koman; E. Jóna; E. Ďurčanská, 1986:
Influence of ligand properties on stoichiometry and stereochemistry of solid thiocyanate nickel(II) complexes with piperidine derivatives

I. Barcina; I. Arana; J. Iriberri; L. Egea, 1986:
Influence of light and natural microbiota of the Butrn river onE. colisurvival

J. Lamon; A. Thorel; D. Broussaud, 1986:
Influence of long-term ageing upon the mechanical properties of partially stabilized zirconia (Mg-PSZ) for heat-engine applications

Engelhardt, D.; Suttmann, H.; Jacob, K.; Dorr, H.G., 1986:
Influence of low-dose etomidate on adrenal and gonadal steroid hormone secretion in normal men

H. Köstering; C. Ohl-Bertram; H. -E. Wander; J. -H. Beyer, 1986:
Influence of mastectomy and high-dose gestagen therapy on the blood coagulation system of patients with metastatic breast cancer

A. Schaefer; K. -H. Munter, 1986:
Influence of medium amino acids on the ouabain sensitive and insensitive86Rb+-fluxes in Hela cells

T. Wagner; G. Bohlmann, 1986:
Influence of mesna on the toxicity and therapeutic efficacy of cisplatin

K Venkataraman; S Krishnaswamy, 1986:
Influence of modified Bantas medium and pond water on the longevity, egg production and body size ofDaphnia similisClaus andDaphnia cephalataKing (Crustacea: Cladocera) under laboratory conditions

A. Seetharama Acharya, 1986:
Influence of native disulfide bonds of globular proteins on their retention behavior on reverse phase supports

G. N. Pirogova; N. M. Prokhorets; R. I. Korosteleva; Yu. V. Voronin, 1986:
Influence of nature of support on properties of technetium catalysts

G. Peslerbe; B. Nguyen; D. Verilhac, 1986:
Influence of nickel underplate bath additives on electrodeposited gold properties

Ulla-Maija Ettala-Ylitalo; Helena Markkanen; Antti Yli-Urpo, 1986:
Influence of occlusal interferences on the periodontium in patients treated fixed prosthesis

De Simone, C.; Baldinelli, L.; Ferrazzi, M.; De Santis, S.; Pugnaloni, L.; Sorice, F., 1986:
Influence of ofloxacin, norfloxacin, nalidixic acid, pyromidic acid and pipemidic acid on human -interferon production and blastogenesis

G. P. Kicha, 1986:
Influence of oil cleaning on oil consumption in diesel engines

Woollett, A., 1986:
Influence of older siblings on the language environment of young children

Tytgat, G.N.J.; Offerhaus, G.J.A.; Van Minnen, A.J.; Everts, V.; Hensen-Logmans, S.C.; Samson, G., 1986:
Influence of oral 15(R)-15-methyl prostaglandin E2 on human gastric mucosa

H. John; H. Hausner, 1986:
Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the wetting behaviour in the system Al/Al2O3

N. J. Nanson; M. L. Fields, 1986 :
Influence of pH on Available Amino Acid Concentrations in Fermented Cornheal

V. A. Kuz'min; P. P. Levin, 1986:
Influence of paramagnetic additives on the magnetic effect in the recombination of phenoxyl and semiquinone radicals in micelles

F. J. Baltá Calleja; D. R. Rueda; J. Garcia Peña; F. P. Wolf; V. H. Karl, 1986:
Influence of pressure and crystallization rate on the surface microhardness of high-density polyethylene

V. I. Shtein; A. M. Gol'bin; V. M. Kurganov; T. P. Podobaeva, 1986:
Influence of pressure on efficiency of two-stage hydrocracking

Heinz-Jürgen Mühlen; Karl, H. van Heek; Harald Jüntgen, 1986:
Influence of pretreatment temperature and pressure on the char reactivity during hydrogasification

Yu. T. Gordash; N. L. Voloshin; A. G. Prusak; G. G. Tambiev; A. S. Samolysov, 1986:
Influence of process conditions on carboxylation of higher alkylphenols by Kolbe-Schmidt reaction

I. R. Kuzeev; L. G. Galiev; I. G. Ibragimov, 1986:
Influence of process parameters on physicomechanical properties of petroleum coke

Francesco, P. La Mantia, 1986:
Influence of processing conditions on the photo-oxidation of polypropylene films

Harkes, P.A.A.; De Jong, P.J.; Wijnsma, R.; Verpoorte, R.; Van der Leer, T., 1986:
Influence of production media on Cinchona cell cultures; spontaneous formation of β-carbolines from L-tryptophan

Peter Petzold, 1986:
Influence of profession on impression formation: Polarization and contrast

Marjorie Davis; James, P. Ryan, 1986:
Influence of progesterone on guinea pig gallbladder motilityin vitro

Michael Beyer; Hans, G. Ebner; Jürgen Klein, 1986:
Influence of pulp density and bioreactor design on microbial desulphurization of coal

M. A. Kovler; A. A. Pavlenko; B. I. Kurganov; V. M. Avakumov, 1986:
Influence of pyridoxal phosphate on the aspartate aminotransferase activity in the blood serum of rabbits in toxic hepatitis

V. L. Baiburskii; O. L. Knizhnikova; I. M. Gerzeliev; S. N. Khadzhiev, 1986:
Influence of reaction products on stability and activity of catalyst for alkylation of benzene by propylene

D. Böllert; H. H. Bartsch; H. Köstering; K. Pfizenmaier; G. A. Nagel, 1986:
Influence of recombinant human interferon-gamma on platelet function and coagulation factors in vitro and in patients treated for hematolocig malignancies

Z. Zámorský; J. Muras, 1986:
Influence of repeated processing on the change in properties of polypropylene

Chandrashekhar, V. Murumkar; Prakash, D. Chavan, 1986:
Influence of salt stress on biochemical processes in chickpea,Cicer arietinumL

Ernesto, L. Rodriguez, 1986:
Influence of sample size on the thermoelastic effect in polymethylmethacrylate at high hydrostatic pressures

P. Udén; H. Jiborn; K. Jonsson, 1986:
Influence of selective mesenteric arteriography on the outcome of emergency surgery for massive, lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage

B. V. Grayaznov; V. B. Krylov; T. V. Chernyaeva, 1986:
Influence of severity of selective solvent treatment on viscosity-temperature properties of distillate lubes

V. V. Galkina; B. V. Gryaznov; E. E. Dovgopolyi; S. P. Rogov, 1986:
Influence of severity of treating on stability of transformer oils

H. Voss; K. Friedrich, 1986:
Influence of short-fibre reinforcement on the fracture behaviour of a bulk liquid crystal polymer

Yu. B. Pisarskii; V. B. Kazimirovskaya; M. G. Voronkov; V. M. Gukasov; E. Ya. Kaplan, 1986:
Influence of silatranes on the kinetics of lipid peroxidation

V. F. Klaptsov; B. K. Nefedsv; A. A. Maslova; M. A. Khlebnikova, 1986:
Influence of silicon-containing component on properties of cracking catalysts

S. A. S. El-Hemaly; A. S. Taha; H. El-Didamony, 1986:
Influence of slag substitution on some properties of sand-lime aerated concrete

Mohamed, A. Taha, 1986:
Influence of solidification parameters on dendrite arm spacings in low carbon steels

John, A. McNaney; Franz, M. Zimmerman; Howard, K. Zimmerman, 1986:
Influence of solvent polarity upon salt solubilities, III: Solubilities of KCl in water/tetrahydrofuran at 25C

Domenico Rinaldi; Gian Lorenzo Valenti, 1986:
Influence of some mineralizers on synthesis and hydration ofβ-dicalcium silicate

A. S. Fouda, 1986:
Influence of some thiophene derivatives on the corrosion of iron in nitric acid solution

T. L. Archer; E. D. Bynum; G. C. Peterson, 1986:
Influence of sorghum maturity on abundance and damage potential of Banks grass mite,Oligonychus pratensis(Banks)

F. A. Hoare; T. Hunter; V. W. L. Jordan, 1986:
Influence of spray programmes on development of fungicide resistance in the eyespot pathogen of wheat, Pseudocercospovella herpotrichoides

Sh. B. Battalova; A. A. Likerova, 1986:
Influence of strength of acid centers of adsorbents on degree of finishing of lubricating oils

A. V. Fokin; M. V. Pospelov; E. S. Churshukov; L. P. Maiko; A. Ya. Sergeikin; Yu. N. Shekhter; T. I. Belova, 1986:
Influence of structure of hydrophobic fragments of oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors on their protective properties

A. V. Fokin; M. V. Pospelov; A. N. Levichev; Yu. N. Shekhter; A. Ya. Sergeikin, 1986:
Influence of structure of polar fragments of oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors on their protective properties

Toshimi Yamane; Kohei Suzuki, 1986:
Influence of substitution of cobalt for iron in 25Cr20Ni austenitic stainless steels on high-temperature creep

B. M. Teslya; I. E. Chupareva; V. V. Burlov, 1986:
Influence of sulfate-reducing bacteria and thiogenic bacteria on corrosion of carbon steel in refinery recirculating water systems

V. L. Medzhinskii; B. B. Zharkov; L. F. Butochnikova; A. N. Krasil'nikov, 1986:
Influence of sulfiding method on properties of platinized and platinized-iridized alumina reforming catalysts

J. Dryzek; A. Czapla, 1986:
Influence of surface scattering of electrons on the optical and electrical properties of gold-sputtered films

Oscar Hauptman, 1986:
Influence of task type on the relationship between communication and performance: the case of software development

B. A. MacDonald; R. J. Thompson, 1986:
Influence of temperature and food availability on the ecological energetics of the giant scallopPlacopecten magellanicus

Reebs, S. G., 1986:
Influence of temperature and other factors on the daily roosting times ofblack-billed magpies

A. Muga; J.M. Valpuesta; J.L.R. Arrondo; F.M. Goñi, 1986:
Influence of temperature on the conformation of membrane proteins as seen by FT-IR

Vidal, B.; Dupret, C.; Darry-henaut, A., 1986:
Influence of the Broadening of Vibrational Bands on the Relative Order of Their Molar Extinction Coefficients

van Herpen, B.P.J.M.; Arends, J., 1986:
Influence of the Consumption Frequency of Filled Chocolate Products on the Demineralization of Human Enamel in vivo

Bataillard, A; Touraine, J L; Vincent, M; Sassard, J, 1986:
Influence of the Thymus in the Development of Genetic Hypertension in the Rats of the Lyon Strain

T. Uusikartano; R. Backman; M. Hupa, 1986:
Influence of the amount of sample on the porosities obtained with loose particle beds

R. S. de Biasi; A. A. R. Fernandes, 1986:
Influence of the annealing atmosphere on the crystallization behaviour of the Metglas 2826 amorphous alloy

V. M. Leibzon; A. A. Pavlov; E. Kh. Pavlova, 1986:
Influence of the area of the sections of an unremelted production joint on the properties of weld joints of a bimetal

N. Frank; R. Caesar; H. R. Scherf; M. Wiessler, 1986:
Influence of the carboxylesterase inhibitor bis-p-nitrophenylphosphate on the rates of hydrolysis of various α-esters of 1-(N-methyl-N-nitrosamino)-methanol in vitro and in vivo and on the acute toxicity and carcinogenicity of 1-(N-methyl-N-nitrosamino)-methylacetate

Klaus, J. Hüttinger; Roland Minges, 1986:
Influence of the catalyst precursor anion in catalysis of water vapour gasification of carbon by potassium: 1. Activation of the catalyst precursors

A. Cohen; D. Richon; P. Chiche; J. Schiber, 1986:
Influence of the coal nature on the rheological behavior of coal pastes up to 673 K

S. N. Zagrebel'nyi; V. I. Masycheva; I. G. Nadolinnaya; O. V. Galkina; A. N. Kostomakha; N. V. Baginskaya, 1986:
Influence of the composition of endonuclease preparations from Serratia marcescens on their biological activity

L. V. Ivanov; N. A. Lyapunov; L. V. Tsymbal; R. I. Zhdanov; A. P. Krasnoperova; A. V. Kamernitskii, 1986:
Influence of the composition of two-component solvents on biological membranes

J.M. Pastor; J.C. Merino; M.A. Gomez; A. Bello, 1986:
Influence of the crystallinity on the Raman spectra of poly(3,3- dipropyl oxetane)

R. A. Ansorg; F. I. Zarifoglu, 1986:
Influence of the cultivation, devitalization and preservation ofStaphylococcus aureusATCC 12598 on the activity of cell-bound protein A

V. F. Pavlenko; O. I. Gurov; O. S. Chekhov; V. M. Dolinskii; T. I. Dronvaeva, 1986:
Influence of the geometrical characteristics of packings on the leak-tightness of plate-type heat exchangers

L. Strawiński; Z. M. Wawrzyniak, 1986:
Influence of the head core machining upon the fringing field

B. Bruyneel; W. Verstraete, 1986:
Influence of the inoculum size ofLactobacillusplantarumon the competition withEnterobactercloacae

G. M. Sorokin; I. N. Kopchenova, 1986:
Influence of the mechanical characteristics of steels on their fatigue wear resistance

Leszek Wachowski, 1986:
Influence of the method of preparation on the porous structure of perovskite oxides

Vrijhoef, M.M.A.; Hendriks, F.H.J.; Letzel, H.; Lambrechts, P.; Vanherle, G., 1986:
Influence of the patient and type of articulation on the loss of substance from possterior composites: preliminary results

Eriksson, I; Almgren, B, 1986:
Influence of the profunda femoris vein on venous hemodynamics of the limb

Yu. I. Arshavskii; I. M. Gel'fand; T. G. Delyagina; G. N. Orlovskii; G. A. Pavlova; Yu. V. Panchin; L. B. Popova, 1986:
Influence of the pteropod mollusk pedal ganglia locomoter system on anatomically isolated neurons

E. N. Gagarin; V. I. Perevoznikov; V. A. Zemskov; M. B. Magidov, 1986:
Influence of the rigidity of springs on the reliability of face seals

S. Sicardi; G. Rovero; A. Gianetto; R. Conti, 1986:
Influence of the solids R.T.D.F. on the conversion in three phase fluidized bed reactors

Marie, L. Caillet-Boudin; Dr. Pierre Lemay, 1986:
Influence of the state of denaturation on the migration of adenovirus type 2 structural proteins in sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gels

Neuzil, E.; Lacoste, A. M.; Denois, F., 1986:
Influence of the structure of enantiomeric amino acids on their thin-layer chromatographic resolution

R.V. Bacur, 1986:
Influence of the subsurface layer on the measurements of the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen in polycrystalline palladium

K. Osamura; S. Ochiai; S. Kondo; M. Namatame; M. Nosaki, 1986:
Influence of third elements on growth of Nb3Sn compounds and on global pinning force

John, F. Bertram; Robert, P. Bolender; Paul, D. Sampson, 1986:
Influence of tissue composition on the final volume of rat liver blocks prepared for electron microscopy

W. Keith Berg, 1986:
Influence of transient and sustained aspects of auditory stimuli on neonate attention

K. Kayser; W. Ebert; H. Bülzebruck, 1986:
Influence of tumor defence of host tissue on survival of resected lung carcinoma patients

K Venkataraman; M Kesary; S Krishnaswamy, 1986:
Influence of various concentrations of rice bran with tap water and pond water on the longevity, egg production and body size ofDaphnia similisClaus (Crustacea: Cladocera)

V. Velinov; E. BeŁtowska-Lehman; A. Riesenkampf, 1986:
Influence of various inhibition conditions on the structure of zinc electrodeposited on a rotating disc electrode from a sulphate bath

Bolla‐Wilson, K; Bleecker, M L., 1986:
Influence of verbal intelligence, sex, age, and education on the rey auditory verbal learning test

Musacchio, S.; Cencini, M.; Plan, E.L.C.Vi.M.; Vincenzi, D., 2018:
Enhancement of mixing by rodlike polymers

Kergonou, J.F.; Thiriot, C.; Braquet, M.; Ducousso, R.; Rocquet, G., 1986:
Influence of whole-body -irradiation upon rat erythrocyte: lipid peroxidation and osmotic fragility

M. N. Das, 1986:
Influence of width/height ratio on post-failure behaviour of coal

C. Larsson-Backström; E. Arrhenius; K. Sagge; L. Lindmark; L. Svensson, 1986:
Influence of a-linolenic and -linolenic acid enriched and fat free diets on fatty acid profile and prostaglandin biosynthesis and on the outcome of rat intraperitoneal sepsis

Lavoinne, A, 1986:
Influence of b,-methyleneadenosine 5-triphosphate and 2-phosphoglycerate on rat liver phosphoglycerate kinase

Vanhees, L; Aubert, Aé; Fagard, R; Hespel, P; Amery, A, 1986:
Influence of β1- Versus β2-Adrenoceptor Blockade on Left Ventricular Function in Humans

Dr. M. Suszynska; H. Opyrchal; K. D. Nierzewski; B. Macalik; A. Gubanski, 1986:
Influence of -Irradiation on Some Properties of NaCl: Eu++ Crystals (I). Optical and Dielectrical Characteristics of the Dopant Ions

Dr. M. Suszyńska; H. Opyrchal; K. D. Nierzewski; B. Macalik; A. Gubański, 1986:
Influence of -Irradiation on Some Properties of NaCl:Eu++ Crystals (II). Colourability

Dr. M. Suszyńska; M. Czapelski, 1986:
Influence of -Irradiation on Some Properties of NaCl:Eu++ Crystals (III). Strengthening Effects

Oaknin, S; Troiani, M E.; Webb, S M.; Reiter, R J., 1986:
Influence of -sleep inducing peptide on melatonin synthesis in the rat pineal gland

Margaret, E. Hamilton; Robert, M. Zacharko; Hymie Anisman, 1986:
Influence ofp-chloroamphetamine and methysergide on the escape deficits provoked by inescapable shock

Hayes, M. Anthony; Roberts, E; Safe, S H.; Farber, E; Cameron, R G., 1986:
Influences of Different Polychlorinated Biphenyls on Cytocidal, Mitoinhibitory, and Nodule-Selecting Activities of N-2-Fluorenylacetamide in Rat Liver23

Young Woo Chun; Richard, B. Hall; Loren, C. Stephens, 1986:
Influences of medium consistency and shoot density on in vitro shoot proliferation ofPopulus alba P. grandidentata

Eizo Sada; Hidehiro Kumazawa; C. H. Lee, 1986:
Influences of suspended fine particles on gas holdup and mass transfer characteristics in a slurry bubble column

O. Badr; S.D. Probert; P.W. O'Callaghan, 1986:
Influences of vane design and lubricant on a multi-vane expander's performance

Cashmore, J. A.; Goodnow, J. J., 1986:
Influences on Australian Parents' Values: Ethnicity Versus Socioeconomic Status

Tom Luster, 1986:
Influences on maternal behavior: Child-rearing beliefs, social support and infant temperament

David MacPhee; Janette, B. Benson, 1986:
Influences on maternal self-perceptions

Ellin Kofsky Scholnick, 1986:
Influences on plasticity: Problems of definition

D.Jit, S. Arora; Dominic, M. Justewicz, 1986:
Influenza viral glycoproteins induce cell-mediated cytotoxicity by an interferon-independent mechanism

W. E. P. Beyer; R. W. H. Ruigrok; H. van Driel; N. Masurel, 1986:
Influenza virus strains with a fusion threshold of pH5.5 or lower are inhibited by amantadine

Mohammad, J. Sarhan; Harry Roels; Robert Lauwerys; Hubert Reyners; Elva Gianfelici De Reyners, 1986:
Influnce of manganese on the gastrointestinal absorption of cadmium in rats

Voss, J F.; Blais, J; Means, M L.; Greene, T R.; Ahwesh, E, 1986:
Informal Reasoning and Subject Matter Knowledge in the Solving of Economics Problems by Naive and Novice Individuals

Per Magnus Wijkman, 1986:
Informal Systemic Change in the GATT

Victor, J. Danilov, 1986:
Informal science education in Chicago

Federico Frischknecht, 1986:
Informatic philosophy of behavioral sciences

Shitima, M. Ndhlovu, 1986:
Informatics in the republic of Zambia

Chan, C Kong, 1986:
Informatics technology in Mauritius

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Information Processes in Movement Learning

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