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Enhancement of the performance of a fiber-based frequency comb by referencing to an acetylene-stabilized fiber laser

Talvard, T.; Westergaard, P.G.; DePalatis, M.V.; Mortensen, N.F.; Drewsen, M.; Gøth, B.; Hald, J.

Optics Express 25(3): 2259-2269


ISSN/ISBN: 1094-4087
PMID: 29519074
DOI: 10.1364/oe.25.002259
Accession: 061882680

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We demonstrate a significant improvement in the performance of a fiber-based frequency comb when a GPS-disciplined Rb clock is replaced with an acetylene-stabilized laser as the frequency reference. We have developed a compact, maintenance-free acetylene-stabilized fiber laser with a sub-kHz short-term linewidth and an Allan deviation below 3×10<sup>-13</sup> for integration times above 1 s. Switching the comb reference from the Rb clock to the acetylene-stabilized laser improves both comb tooth linewidth and Allan deviation by about two orders of magnitude. Furthermore, long-term measurements of the acetylene-stabilized laser frequency with reference to the GPS-disciplined clock indicate a potential relative frequency uncertainty of 2 × 10<sup>-12</sup>.

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