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The concentrations and particle size relationships of selected trace elements in fly ashes from U.K. coal-fired power plants and a refuse incinerator

Wadge, A.; Hutton, M.; Peterson, P.J.

Science of Total Environment 54: 13-27


DOI: 10.1016/0048-9697(86)90253-6
Accession: 061899146

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Fly ash samples from 11 coal-fired power plants and a refuse incinerator in the U. K. were analyzed for total arsenic, cadmium, lead and selenium. Enrichment factor (EF) values calculated with respect to crustal abundance (EFcrust) were highest for cadmium and lead in refuse fly ash, with EFs of 2500 and 740, respectively. Enrichment factors for selenium were similar in both fly ash types; only arsenic was more enriched in coal fly ash compared with refuse fly ash.

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