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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 63

Section 63 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Iizuka, T; Ide, H; Kakegawa, T; Sasaki, K; Takagi, I; Ando, N; Mori, S; Arimori, M; Tsugane, S, 1988:
Preoperative Radioactive Therapy for Esophageal Carcinoma

Vihko, P., 1988:
Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP)

B. V. Golomolzin; É. A. Tarakhtii; I. P. Tregubenko; G. A. Ryazanova; F. P. Sidel'kovskaya; V. A. Ponomarenko; M. M. Vlasova, 1988:
Radioprotective properties of pyrrolidone-containing heterocyclic analogs of s-aminoalkylisothioureas

Dowd, R M., 1988:
Regulatory Focus: Ten recommendations for research

Haslett, S., 1988:
Reviews : Positively for women: The Positive Smear. Susan Quilliam. Penguin. 3.99. A Woman's Guide to Breast Health. Cath Cirket. Gra pevine. E4.99

Wilmeth, D.T.; Johnson, H.A.; Stamps, B.W.; Berelson, W.M.; Stevenson, B.S.; Nunn, H.S.; Grim, S.L.; Dillon, M.L.; Paradis, O.; Corsetti, F.A.; Spear, J.R., 2018:
Environmental and Biological Influences on Carbonate Precipitation Within Hot Spring Microbial Mats in Little Hot Creek, CA

Texter, F L.; Radford, S E.; Laue, E D.; Perham, R N.; Miles, J S.; Guest, J R., 1988:
Site-directed mutagenesis and proton NMR spectroscopy of an interdomain segment in the pyruvate dehydrogenase multienzyme complex of Escherichia coli

R.Guillén Sans; M.Guzmán Chozas, 1988:
Spectrophotometric evaluation of ionization constants of some arylidene thiobarbituric acids

S. K. Srivastava, 1988:
Structure, properties and morphological studies of indium intercalation compounds of tungsten disulphide, InxWS2(0 x 1)

David Graham, 1988:
Surprises at Necropsy

Fulero, S M., 1988:
Tarasoff: 10 years later

Abraham, B., 1988:
The Dilemmas of Helping Someone towards Independence: An Experiential Account

Hayne, C R, 1988:
The Preventive Role of Physiotherapy in the National Health Service and Industry

Alcina, A; Hargreaves, A; Avila, J; Hesketh, J; Fresno, M, 1988:
The detection of a spectrin-like protein in with a polyclonal antibody

Gabriel Chuchani; Ignacio Martin, 1988:
The kinetics and mechanism of the pyrolysis elimination of methyl 4-bromocrotonate

T. D. A. Fairlie; A. O'Neill, 1988:
The stratospheric major warming of winter 1984/85: observations and dynamical inferences

S. V. Stukalov, 1988:
Time course of frequencies of sister chromatid exchange and chromosomal aberrations in vivo

Jeanne Altmann; Mark Warneke; Jan Ramer, 1988:
Twinning amongCallimico goeldii

Webster, R. E., 1988:
Variability in Reading Achievement Test Scores as Related to Reading Curriculum

Colin A Ronan, 1988:
William Herschel

Witkin, G B.; Miettinen, M; Rosai, J, 1989:
A Biphasic Tumor of the Mediastinum with Features of Synovial Sarcoma

Kusalik, P.G., 1989:
A comparison between computer simulation and theoretical results for fluids of dipolar soft spheres

D. Winkler; R. Schmitt; M. Brunner; B. Lischke, 1989:
A phase-shift technique for high-speed e-beam testing with picosecond time resolution

Guidotti, T.L., 2018:
Environmental health sciences and empowering people to use science

C.F. Shaw III; A.A. Isab; M.T. Coffer; J. Locke, 1989:
Albumin and thiol stimulated oxidation of phosphines from the metallodrug auranofin and analogues

Hori, M.; Koretsune, Y.; Kagiya, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Iwakura, K.; Iwai, K.; Kitabatake, A.; Yoshida, H.; Inoue, M.; Kamada, T., 1989:
An increase in myocardial -adrenoceptors to compensate for postischaemic dysfunction following coronary micro-embolisation in dogs

Gomes, Jão.; Matos, A.; Quinta-Ferreira, R.M.; Martins, R.C., 2018:
Environmentally applications of invasive bivalves for water and wastewater decontamination

K. Strijckmans; J. Sambre; F. De Guchteneire, 1989:
Automated production and quality control of 15O2 and C15O2

W. Fabig; Kerstin Hund; Dr. K.-J. Groß, 1989:
Biotische Abbaubarkeit von Rapsölen

Thomas Killip, 1989:
Cardiogenic shock complicating myocardial infarction

Taku Takahashi; Yoshibumi Komeda, 1989:
Characterization of two genes encoding small heat-shock proteins inArabidopsis thaliana

I. Driver; J. W. Feather; P. R. King; J. B. Dawson, 1989:
Coagulation of blood at the tip of optical fibres used for light delivery in photodynamic therapy

Keith, R. Karasek; Steven, A. Bradley; Jeffry, T. Donner; Michael, R. Martin; Kevin, L. Haynes; Harry, C. Yeh, 1989:
Composition and microstructure of silicon carbide whiskers

Peyman, G A.; Badaro, R M.; Khoobehi, B, 1989:
Corneal Ablation in Rabbits Using an Infrared (2.9-m) Erbium:YAG Laser

Walter, W. Owen; Peter, R. Gilbert, 1989:
Data editing and updating under centralized and distributed systems

Changnon, S A.; Changnon, J M., 1989:
Developing Rainfall Insurance Rates for the Contiguous United States

Hirschfeld, L A., 1989:
Discovering Linguistic Differences: Domain Specificity and the Young Childs Awareness of Multiple Languages

Vassar, M. J.; Moore, J.; Perry, C. A.; Spisso, J.; Holcroft, J. W., 1989:
Early Fluid Requirements in Trauma Patients

Susan Marks and Boyd, R. Strain, 1989:
Effects of Drought and CO2Enrichment on Competition between Two Old- Field Perennials

A. Lipowski; Z. Onyszkiewicz, 1989:
Elementary Excitations in Two-Sublattice Spin Model with Three-Ion Interaction

Carolyn, A. Shaw; John, T. Sullivan; Karen, E. Kadlec; Howard, L. Kaplan; Claudio, A. Naranjo; Edward, M. Sellers, 1989:
Ethanol interactions with serotonin uptake selective and non-selective antidepressants: Fluoxetine and amitriptyline

Murtiasih, S; Sucherly, ; Siringoringo, H, 1989:
Extrascorporeal membrane oxygenation for respiratory and cardiac failure in infants and children

L. Hove-Madsen; H. Gesser, 1989:
Force frequency relation in the myocardium of rainbow trout

Robert Olby, 1989:
Genetics, Eugenics and Evolution: A Special Issue in Commemoration of Bernard Norton (1945-1984) || The Dimensions of Scientific Controversy: The Biometric-Mendelian Debate

Hayashi, A; Takazawa, H; Saika, M, 1989:
Heat-induced gelation of a human serum albumin solution containing 2M guanidine hydrochloride

A. Kimou; J. J. Drevon, 1989:
Hydrogen metabolism and nitrogen fixation of soybean (Glycine max.L.) inoculated with different strains ofRhizobiumspp

Tony Binns and Rob Potter, 1989:
Improving the Effectiveness of Postgraduate Supervision

P. Migchels; G. Maes; Th. Zeegers-Huyskens; M. Rospenk, 1989:
Infrared and ultraviolet investigation of the conformation and proton acceptor ability of 2,2-pyridil

Hartmann, D L.; Michelsen, M L., 1989:
Intraseasonal Periodicities in Indian Rainfall

Kaválek, Jír; Macháček, Vír; Svobodová, G; Štěrba, V, 1989:
Kinetics and mechanism of reversible, base-catalyzed ring closure of 3-(methoxycarbonyl)propionanilide and O-(methoxycarbonylmethyl)-N-phenylcarbamate

Youn, W. Han, 1989:
Levan production byBacillus polymyxa

Lee, M W., 1989:
Making child development relevant for all children: Implications for teacher education

Shore, J H., 1989:
Mental Heath Research: The Need for Collaboration

Tae-Ju Cho, C S. Davies, R L. Fischer, N E. Turner, R B. Goldberg and Niels, C. Nielsen, 1989:
Molecular Characterization of an Aberrant Allele for the Gy Glycinin Gene: A Chromosomal Rearrangement

Carlos, S. Alvarado; Harry, W. Findley; Wing, C. Chan; Robert, S. Hnath; Aly Abdel-Mageed; Ray, C. Pais; Michael, H. Kutner; Abdelsalam, H. Ragab, 1989:
Natural killer cells in children with malignant solid tumors. Effect of recombinant interferon-α and interleukin-2 on natural killer cell function against tumor cell lines

A.A. McLean; N. Kemp, 1989:
Notes on High tech survival kit: managing your stress

G.P.V. Reddy; P.T. Taylor, 1989:
On the mode of action of VP-16, m-AMSA and cis-DDP

Winter, S., 1989:
Paired Reading Projects in Hong Kong: Second and Chinese Language Applications

Lançon, J.P.; Pechinot, A.; D'Athis, P.; Pechinot, M.; Pointaire, P.; Obadia, J.F.; Caillard, B., 1989:
Pharmacocintique du dextromoramide chez l'opr

H.-J. Timpe, 1989:
Polymer photophysics. Hrsg. Phillips, D, 437 S., 150 Abb., 23 Tab., London, New York: Chapman and Hall 1985. Hartband

Graham, D Y., 1989:
Prevention of Gastroduodenal Injury Induced by Chromic Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug Therapy

R. C. Baldwin and E. J. Byrne, 1989:
Psychiatric Aspects Of Parkinson's Disease: Dementia, Depression, And Rarely Psychosis

Spitzer, W S.; Jenkins, W J., 1989:
Rates of vertical mixing, gas exchange and new production: Estimates from seasonal gas cycles in the upper ocean near Bermuda

Summers, C. G.; Newton, A. S., 1989:
Relationship of Herhivore- Imposed Stress to Weeds in Alfalfa

Wriedt, T.; Wolff, K.-H.; Arndt, F.; Tucholke, U., 1989:
Rigorous hybrid field theoretic design of stepped rectangular waveguide mode converters including the horn transitions into half-space

Meynadier, A.; Zened, A.; Farizon, Y.; Chemit, M-Luce.; Enjalbert, F., 2018:
Enzymatic Study of Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acids Biohydrogenation by Chloramphenicol-Treated Mixed Rumen Bacterial Species

G. Braichotte; G. Cizeron, 1989:
Sintering of (alumina + titanium) powder mixtures and elaboration of the corresponding cermets

I. V. Gar'kavtsev; T. G. Tsvetkova; S. M. Terekhov; I. A. Aleksandrov; S. P. Mitkevich, 1989:
Specificity of arrangement of human chromosomes in the nucleus of a moving cell

I. Gutzow; E. Zlateva; S. Angelov; S. Levy, 1989:
Structure and properties of thermoluminescent calcium fluoride glass-ceramic materials

D. M. Kolb; C. Franke, 1989:
Surface states at the metal-electrolyte interface

M. Gielen; R. Willem; A. Meriem; D. de Vos, 1989:
Synthesis, characterization, in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity of organotin(IV) compounds

Alan Prout, 1989:
The Child's World of Illness: the Development of Health and Illness Behaviour (Book)

Baumeister, R F., 1989:
The Optimal Margin of Illusion

Thomson, C; Wilkie, J, 1989:
The conformations and electrostatic potential maps of phorbolesters, teleocidins and ingenols

Dr. I. P. Krainov; Dr. N. Z. Galunov; S. V. Budakovsky, 1989:
The influence of controlled electron-seeking addition agents of the melt on stilbene single crystal structure and radioluminescence properties

D. C. Arne; S. A. Kissin, 1989:
The significance of diagenetic crystallization rhythmites at the Nanisivik Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, Baffin Island, Canada

Shuzo Murakami; Akashi Mochida, 1989:
Three-dimensional numerical simulation of turbulent flow around buildings using the k turbulence model

James, W. Mcallister, 1989:
Truth and beauty in scientific reason

S. M. Gorbunov; Sh. M. Yakubov, 1989:
Use of molecular connectivity descriptors for finding the structure-antimicrobial activity relationship for ortho-aminomethylphenols

O'shaughnessy, E, 1989:
Ways of seeing: 3. Seeing with meaning and emotion

L. M. Strigun; É. N. Chirkova; G. G. Grigor'eva; L. A. Gromova; M. A. Yakunina; A. N. Ivanova; M. I. Barsov; G. F. Suslova, 1989:
α-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase activity biorhythms in peripheral lymphocytes of rats with Walker carcinosarcoma

P. E. Brandham and S. Carter, 1990:
A Revision of the Aloe tidmarshii/A. ciliaris Complex in South Africa

David, H. Hutchinson; Campbell, W. Robinson, 1990:
A microbial regeneration process for granular activated carbonI. process modelling

R. Fritsch; A. Kohler; M. Nygård-Ferguson; J.-L. Scartezzini, 1990:
A stochastic model of user behaviour regarding ventilation

Bahgat, M; El Din Abdel Wahab, K Saad, 1990:
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis

Mitchell, J. Gitkind; Stephen, C. Wright, 1990:
Amyloidosis complicating inflammatory bowel disease

Zhang Diguang; Xu Dexuan, 1990:
Analysis of the current for a negative point-to-plane corona discharge in air

Bell, J F.; Daniels, S, 1990:
Are Summerborn Children Disadvantaged? The Birthdate Effect in Education

J. Méndez; J. J. Pasantes; M. J. Martínez-Expósito, 1990:
Banding pattern of mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) chromosomes induced by 2 SSC/Giemsa-stain treatment

Carl Frederick; Eric, L. Schwartz, 1990:
Brain peeling: viewing the inside of a laminar three-dimensional solid

Burkhard Klopries; Werner Hodek; Friedhelm Bandermann, 1990:
Catalytic hydroliquefaction of biomass with red mud and CoOMoO3 catalysts

Ackerman, B P.; Spiker, K; Glickman, I, 1990:
Children's sensitivity to topical discontinuity in judging story adequacy

P. Armienti; G. Macedonio; M.T. Pareschi, 1990:
Combined effects of wind and column mass distribution on tephra fall deposits

Steven, I. Miller, 1990:
Confirmation and qualitative evidence-instances: justifying the use of qualitative research methods

U. Sengupta; Sudhir Sinha; V. Chaturvedi; R. B. Narayanan; Sreevatsa; C. M. Gupta, 1990:
Coupling of proteins to liposomes and their role in understanding delayed type of hypersensitivity in human and mice

R.M. Grummitt, 1990:
Declaration of Helsinki

Kobak, K A.; Reynolds, W M.; Rosenfeld, R; Greist, J H., 1990:
Development and validation of a computer-administered version of the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale

Stephen, K.W., 1990:
Discussion of Session V: Rational Use of Fluorides in Prevention and Therapy

Robert, E. Machol, 1990:
Early mushroom books: Part 2. Pre-Linnaean works; The great icones

Wayne, D. Hoyer and Steven, P. Brown, 1990:
Effects of Brand Awareness on Choice for a Common, Repeat-Purchase Product

Sivalingam, P. M.; Billet, R., 1990:
Electron microscopy documenting the cellular metabolic fate of Zn IONS

Neri, F; Patane, S; Saitta, G, 1990:
Error-affected experimental data analysis: application to fitting procedures

Bernhard, R. Kämmerer; Wolfgang, A. Küpper, 1990:
Experiments for isolated-word recognition with single- and two-layer perceptrons

Chan Yiu Wing, 1990:
Finite-element simulation of solidification

Walter, J. Curran Jr.; Philip, J. Moldofsky; Lawrence, J. Solin, 1990:
Further observations on the predictive value of perfusion lung scans on post-irradiation pulmonary function among patients with bronchogenic carcinoma

Gary, A. Bernfeld; Chuck, H. Jung, 1990:
Group therapy with dual-diagnosed adolescents

Vijay, G. Panchang; Bryan, R. Pearce; K.K. Puri, 1990:
Hindcast estimates of extreme wave conditions in the Gulf of Maine

Bismuth, G; Gouy, Hélène; Karr, R W.; Debré, P, 1990:
Identification of cross-reactive T cell restriction epitopes located on the DR7β1 and DRβ4 molecules

Wang, Q.; Tang, Y.; Wang, T.; Yang, H-Li.; Wang, X.; Ma, H.; Zhang, P., 2018:
EPCR promotes MGC803 human gastric cancer cell tumor angiogenesis in vitro through activating ERK1/2 and AKT in a PAR1-dependent manner

Woolfolk, R L., 1990:
Intentional Explanation and Its Limits

Yu. E. D'yachenko, 1990:
Involvement of bulbar respiratory and non-respiratory neurons in onset of expiration reflex

P.O,, 1990:
L'obsit de l'enfant013

Eriksen, T Hylland, 1990:
Linguistic diversity and the quest for national identity: The case of Mauritius

Hendry, A.; Dagg, J.H., 1990:
Management of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the Elderly

D. Etling, 1990:
Mesoscale vortex shedding from large islands: A comparison with laboratory experiments of rotating stratified flows

Chiara D'Onofrio; Caterina, D. Pesce; Tecla Fontana; Fabrizio Ciprani; Enzo Bonmassar; Raffaele Calio, 1990:
Modulation of the cell-mediated immune function by interferon a, b or can partially reverse the immunosuppression induced by human T-cell leukemia virus I in human cord blood cultures

D. L. Hawksworth, 1990:
Name changes in fungi of economic importance

F. Bloisi; L. Vicari; F. Simoni, 1990:
Nonlinear liquid-crystal interfaces: Determination of the local director orientation

Apostolidou, C; Stamatoudis, M, 1990:
On particle size distribution in suspension polymerization of styrene

K. Spanel-Borowski; S. Weis, 1990:
Ovarian Extract have an Effect on Chemotaxis of Blood Granulocytes. A Study Conducted in Superovulated Golden Hamsters

Kohler, F W.; Strain, P S., 1990:
Peer-assisted interventions: Early promises, notable achievements, and future aspirations

ElShaboury, M.H., 1990:
Physical properties and dissolution profiles of tablets directly compressed with β-cyclodextrin

A. N. Ibrahim; F. H. Ahmed; M. M. K. Ibrahim; M. A. I. Arafa, 1990:
Precepitation and purification of amylase enzyme produced byStreptomyces aureofaciens 77

Hartmut, W. Kern, 1990:
Production and stability of lignin peroxidases ofPhanerochaete chrysosporiumcultivated on glycerol in the presence of solid manganese(IV)oxide

L. Michelle Arnold; David, T. Lin; T. Wayne Schultz, 1990:
QSAR for methyl- and/or chloro-substituted anilines and the polar narcosis mechanism of toxicity

Hunter, J M, 1990:
Recent advances in the management of renal disease: their relevance to the anaesthetist

W. Sato-Okoshi; Y. Sugawara; T. Nomura, 1990:
Reproduction of the boring polychaetePolydora variegatainhabiting scallops in Abashiri Bay, North Japan

Kunkel, G.R.; Graham, J.B.; Fowlkes, D.M.; Lord, S.T., 1990:
Rsal polymorphism in von Willebrand factor (vWF) at codon 789

James, N. Huckins; Mark, W. Tubergen; Gamini, K. Manuweera, 1990:
Semipermeable membrane devices containing model lipid: A new approach to monitoring the bioavaiiability of lipophilic contaminants and estimating their bioconcentration potential

Loewy, E H., 1990:
Social Contract, Communities and Guardians

Ross, G. Webster; Cummings, J L.; Benson, D. Frank, 1990:
Speech and language alterations in dementia syndromes: Characteristics and treatment

Tymms, M J.; McInnes, B; Ålin, P; Linnane, A W.; Cheetham, B F., 1990:
Structure-function studies of interferon-α based on random mutagenesis and expression in vitro

Hans-Olov, A; Reinhold, Böm; Brith, K Ulla; Robert, H; Ingemar, P, 1990:
Survival in women receiving hormone replacement therapy

Torikai, K, 1990:
Systemic lupus erythematosus : an advance of diagnosis and medical treatment.Complication auompanying medical treatment and measures

Michel Loreau, 1990:
The Colwell - Futuyma Method for Measuring Niche Breadth and Overlap: A Critique

Diepstraten, A F. M., 1990:
The Netherlands Orthopedic Society: Soest, May 12, 1990

Evans, D M., 1990:
The changing social structure

Alison Stewart, 1990:
The functional organizaton of chromosomes and the nucleos: ~ a special issue ~

Artashes Terzyan, 1990:
The problem of choice decomposition

Peng Wenshi; Liu Gaokui, 1990:
Theoretical analyses of the infrared spectrum of baiyuneboite (Ce)

May, R. Berenbaum; Keywan Lee, 1990:
Toxicity of nonhost phototoxins to parsnip webworms(Lepidoptera: Oecophoridae)

Yu. A. Lysikov; I. A. Morozov, 1990:
Ultrastructure of the juxtamural mucosal layer of the small intestine

Street, P, 1990:
Vascular wilt diseases of plants. Basic studies and control NATO ASI series Vol. H.28

Craig, R J., 1990:
Willpower's not enough: Understanding and recovering from addictions of every kind

Boland, C, 1990:
Walking my baby back home - Policy and Practice in Health Services and Single Parent Families

Sh. N. Gifeisman; V. P. Koropchanu; O. F. Pasechnik, 1991:
A Weakly-Bonded Polaron in Semiconductors with a Degenerate Valence Band Edge

Hsiao-Lan Liu; Masahisa Fujita, 1991:
A monopolistic competition model of spatial agglomeration with variable density

Kamens, R; Lee, C-te; Wiener, R; Leith, D, 1991:
A study of characterize indoor particles in three non-smoking homes

Lightman, S, 1991:
Acute retinal necrosis

Günter Kegel; Barbara Reichwein; Cornelis, P. Tensen; Rainer Keller, 1991 :
Amino acid sequence of crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) from the crayfish, Orconectes limousus: Emergence of a novel neuropeptide family

Bammi, R. K.; Nayak, V. G.; Bhate, V. R.; Dhumal, S. N.; Purandare, S. M.; Dikshit, P. M.; Gaitonde, C. D., 1991:
Analysis of Nifedipine and Related Compounds in Soft Geletin Capsules by Liquid Chromatography

Makiko Sugiura; Torei Sai; Momoyo Ichimaru; Atsushi Kato; Narao Takao, 1991:
Applications of 1H NMR selective and biselective relaxation times to elucidate the configurations and conformations of guinesines in solution

Mark, T. Stanback, 1991:
Autumnal Breeding in the Scrub Jay (Reproduccin durante el otoo de Aphelocoma coerulescens)

W.J. Enright, 1991:
Biotechnology in meat production: meeting report

Minoru Uzaki, H Mizutani and Eitaro Wada, 1991:
Carbon Isotope Composition of CH4from Rice Paddies in Japan

E.B.D. Bourdon; W.W. Duley; A.P. Jones; R.H. Prince, 1991:
Characterization of diamond-like films prepared by laser ablation of graphite

S. Szucs; H. Zitzelsberger; G. Kovacs, 1991:
Clonal chromosome aberrations in normal kidney cells: Analysis in vivo and in vitro

G.I. Eneva; S.L. Spassov; M. Haimova, 1991:
Complete 1H and 13C NMR assignments for kanamycin A, kanamycin B and penta-N-acetyl-kanamycin B

Hiromoto, B M.; Dungan, J, 1991:
Contract learning for self-care activities

Steinberg, S, 1991 :
Cultural Undertones in Therapeutic Work with a Psychotic Jewish Patient

R. Marks, 1991:
Dermatology and the environment

Klein, E., 1991:
Die Genetik urologischer Tumoren Teil 2: Klassische und zytogenetische Konzepte der Karzinogenese und chromosomale Aberrationen bei speziellen urologischen Tumoren

Morris, S B.; Alexander, J F.; Turner, C W., 1991:
Do reattributions of delinquent behavior reduce blame?

Têtu, B; Srigley, J R.; Boivin, J-Claude; Dupont, Aé; Monfette, Gérard; Pinault, S; Labrie, F, 1991:
Effect of Combination Endocrine Therapy (LHRH Agonist and Flutamide) on Normal Prostate and Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

Michel, M C.; Mindermann, G; Daul, A; Brodde, O-Erich, 1991:
Effects of antihypertensive therapy on human ??- and ??-adrenoceptors

William, E. Jones, 1991:
Eleven years

Allen, K, 1991:
Establishing Reliability of the Community Oriented Program Environment Scale on Chemically-Dependent Black Females

R.J. Kind; J.M. Jenkins; F. Seddigh, 1991:
Experimental investigation of heat transfer through wind-permeable clothing

Parker, F. D.; Welch, J. B., 1991:
Field Comparisons of Attractants for the Screw worm Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in a Tropical Dry Forest in Costa Rica

Meyer, J. S., 1991:
From the President: Let There Be Peace on Earth

Charles, W. F. Baden-Fuller; John, M. Stopford, 1991:
Globalization frustrated: The case of white goods

A. C. Rana; Y. Avadhoot, 1991:
Hepatoprotective effects ofAndrographis paniculataagainst carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage

Manzini, M.; de S. Bulhöes, L. O., 1991:
Hydrolysis of Stannous Ion in Non-Aqueous Solutions

Franklin, A. J.; Guthrie, R. V., 1991:
In Memoriam: Charles William Thomas, II 1926-1990

Boucher, B; Doescher, S, 1991:
Influencing preschool children's motor development: A comparison of two groups

Walzman, M.; Wade, A. A. H.; Sant-Cassia, L. J., 1991:
Intradermal Interferon α-2b Treatment for Vulvar Vestibulitis Due to Occult Human Papillomavirus Infection

Ward Casscells, S., 1991:
John J. Joyce, M.D

Jouvet, M, 1991:
Le sommeil paradoxal: Est-il le gardien de l'individuation psychologique?

R. P. Kane, 1991:
Long-term variation of solar UVB (290330 nm) observed at the earth's surface

Steve Goodwin, E Giraldo-Gomez, B Mobarry and Michael, S. Switzenbaum, 1991:
Mathematical Aspects of Microbial Ecology || Comparison of Diffusion and Reaction Rates in Anaerobic Microbial Aggregates

Andrei Blaskó; Clifford, A. Bunton; Young, S. Hong; Marutirao, M. Mhala; John, R. Moffatt; Sallyanne Wright, 1991:
Micellar rate effects on reactions of hydroxide ion with phosphinate and thiophosphinate esters

W. H. Qiao; Q. Wang; X. P. Zhong; H. L. Luo, 1991:
Molecular-Field Theory Analysis of Rare-Earth Ternary Carbides Derived from R2Fe17 Compounds

Larichev, O, 1991:
Natural science, social science and optimality

Peter, C. Fishburn; Irving, H. Lavalle, 1991:
Nonstandard nontransitive utility on mixture sets

Baker, B A., 1991:
On the Nucleation of Ice in Highly Supersaturated Regions of Clouds

P. Y. Milliez; H. Kinh Kha; Y. Allieu; J. M. Thomine, 1991:
Ostoncrose aseptique essentielle du grand os

Schaller, J G., 1991:
Pediatric and heritable disorders

G.M.J.Beyersbergen van Henegouwen, 1991:
Phototoxicity of xenobiotics

King, D, 1991:
Practical Charging Policies for Local Government

Shaw, G S.; Hodges, R S.; Sykes, B D., 1991:
Probing the relationship between .alpha.-helix formation and calcium affinity in troponin C: proton NMR studies of calcium binding to synthetic and variant site III helix-loop-helix peptides

M. Treisman, 1991:
Psychophysics in action : G. Ljunggren and S. Dornic (eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1989

Yoshioka, T; Hamai, M; Konno, K; Arai, K-ichi, 1991:
Re-examination of protective effect of ATP on thermal inactivation of myosin Ca-ATPase

Esme Towse, 1991:
Relationships in Music Therapy: Do Music Therapy Techniques Discourage the Emergence of Transference?

Yoshiaki Kawashimà; Tomoaki Hino; Hirofumi Takeuchi; Toshiyuki Niwa; Katsuhiko Horibe, 1991:
Rheological study of w/o/w emulsion by a cone-and-plate viscometer: Negative thixotropy and shear-induced phase inversion

J. A. Miller; T. H. Smith, 1991:
Seatbelt induced chance fracture in an infant

W. J. Tomlinson; J. R. Patel, 1991:
Silicon steels hot-dip galvanized with zinc-nickel alloys

D. P. Gosain; T. Shimizu; M. Ohmura; M. Suzuki; T. Bando; S. Okano, 1991:
Some properties of Sb2Te3xSexfor nonvolatile memory based on phase transition

Withers, C W.J.; Watson, A J., 1991:
Stepwise migration and Highland migration to Glasgow, 18521898

A. A. Shvedova; K. M. L'vov; N. B. Polyanskii; B. M. Bekmurzaev, 1991:
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It's off to work we go

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Analgesia in Children

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Applications of Health Status Assessment Measures in Clinical Practice

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Biomechanics and plantar ulcers in diabetes

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Developments in Russia's Far East and their implications for the Pacific Basin

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Elaborating Selected Statistical Concepts With Common Experience

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Everyone needs Kizhi!

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Learning Difficulties: Neuropsychological Interpretations and Interventions

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Negation, concession and refutation in counter-argumentative composition by pupils from 8 to 12 years old and adults

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Normative expectations for medical talk

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On the Distinctions between Diagnosis, Description, Measurement of Schizophrenia

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Pecularities of methylotrophs concerning overflow metabolism, especially the synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates

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Photographic evidence of rate of development of plant cover on the emergent island Anak Krakatau from 1971 to 1991 and implications for the effect of volcanism

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Post-operative Respiratory Physiotherapy: Indications for treatment

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Reflections ontamazai, a Tuareg idiom of suffering

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Social and behavioural science at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences

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Spectrophotometric determination of enzyme activity: alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH)

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Test facility for resonance transducers of cryogenic gravitational wave antennas

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The Generation and Management of Wastes and Secondary Materials in the Petroleum Refining Industry: 1987-1988

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Vergleich von Spektralschätzern zur Analyse der "Heart Rate Variability"

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Will Reduced Fertility Lead to Greater Isolation in Old Age for Tomorrow's Elderly?

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-Irradiated DNA Activates Histone Hl-specific Proteinase of Rat Liver Nuclei

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A Regional Specialty Policy for Pressure Sores

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A laboratory exercise designed to introduce medical students to restriction enzymes

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Accuracy of self-reporting of sexually transmissible disease in injecting drug users

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Aging trends: The Baltic nations

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Aspects of river eutrophication in Ireland

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Basic concepts of treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependence and how they are conteracted by the legalizing debate

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Born seismograms using coupled free oscillations: the effects of strong coupling and anisotropy

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Cardiac electrophysiological effects of histamine, H1and H2agonists

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Clinical application of needle electromyography to evaluate lesions involving nerves of the brachial plexus

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Construction and testing of a homologous recombination vector for mutating mouse CUZN superoxide dismutase gene (Sod-1)

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Crisis in the oil industry: Certificates of Financial Responsibility and the Oil Pollution Act of 1990

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Defibrillation Thresholds and Perioperative Mortality Associated with Endocardial and Epicardial Defihrillation Lead Systems

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Development and application of pulsed-air-arc deposition

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Direct IR spectroscopic study of the cyclopentadienyl radical

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Duality theory of robust disturbance attenuation

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Effect of gel parameters on monolithicity and density of silica aerogels

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Ethacizine proarrythmic effect

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Explanatory style and coping with controllable events by student-athletes

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Fiber-optic sensor based on surface plasmon interrogation

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Freiberg's disease (Koehler II): Revision of 52 patients at a late stage submitted to Gauthier's operation

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Geography in the New Romania

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Headaches.Advance in diagnosis and treatment.7.Neck diseases and headaches

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How Much Cancer Is Occupationally Derived

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Immigrants' adaptation in Canada: Assimilation, acculturation, and orthogonal cultural identification

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Indications du traitement chirurgical dans lendobrachysophage

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Integrated Caries Prevention Effect of a Needs-Related Preventive Program on Dental Caries in Children

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Epitope identification of specific naturally occurring human anti-avidin antibodies

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Keynote address

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Learning effect of reusing stations in an objective structured clinical examination

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Epitranscriptomes in the Adult Mammalian Brain: Dynamic Changes Regulate Behavior

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Maternal serum CA 125 levels in pregnancies with chromosomally-normal and -abnormal fetuses

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Metastatic non-small cell lung cancer

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Modification to the Sprotte spinal needle

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My Mexican Friend Marta Who Lost Her Womb on This Side of the Border

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New medications for schizophrenia: Therapeutic impact and side effects

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Pancreatic secretion in chronic alcoholics

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Persistente chlorierte Kohlenwasserstoffe in Serum und Plazenta von Müttern aus dem Industriegebiet Merseburg-Halle-Bitterfeld

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Planning language, planning inequality

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Predicting Release of PCBs at Point of Dredging

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Epstein-Barr Virus Nuclear Antigen 3C Inhibits Expression of COBLL1 and the ADAM28-ADAMDEC1 Locus via Interaction with the Histone Lysine Demethylase KDM2B

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Public sector banking, efficiency and economic growth in India

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Raret de la sensibilisation cutane au latex aprs l'accouchement

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Rehabilitation of the Coronary Patient

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Reversibility of a Phase Transition in KDP under Uniaxial Stress

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Same Admission Colostomy Closure (SACC)

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Sequelae of haemolytic uraemic syndrome

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Small sample properties of the logit maximum likelihood estimator:a simulation study

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Strategy for design of clinical trials of chemopreventive agents

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Successful Indoor Ventilation Strategies

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Switching Close to Home: Volatility or Coherence in Protestant Affiliation Patterns?

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Tariff effects in a spatial oligopoly with land markets and mobile consumers

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The Council on Medical Education and Career Development

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The Mg-Zn-Zr system (magnesium-zinc-zirconium)

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The Young Investigator Competition

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The effect of treatment time on local control following radiacal radiotherapy of esophageal cancer

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The meaning of money: Extension and exploration of the money ethic scale in a sample of university students in Taiwan

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The significance of human resource management: a reconsideration of the evidence

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Thia crown ether complexes as catalyst precursors for direct liquefaction

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Translation between Irish and English by mapping between monolingual machine readable dictionaries using distributed representations

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Underlying Cultural issues That Effect Sound Consultant/School Collaboratives in Developing Multicultural Programs

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Variations on incremental interpretation

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When is a control group not a control?

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Über α,ω-übergangsmetallsubstituierte Oligosilane

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A New Procedure for the Analysis of Chlorophenols in Preservative Treated Utility Poles

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A dynamic analysis of Japanese energy policies: Their impact on fuel switching and conservation

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Abnormalities of Serum Magnesium in Critically III Dogs: Incidence and Implications

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After central planning: The restructuring of state industry in Bulgaria's Bourgas region

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An airborne sensor for primary productivity and related parameters of coastal waters and large water bodies

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Anguivine and isoanguivine steroid alkaloid glycosides fromSolanum anguivi

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Arsenic as long distance tracer of air pollution

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Back to the Future

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Black/Jewish splits

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Capillaroscopie priunguale et spondylarthrite ankylosante : frquence des anomalies, mais absence de valeur diagnostique ou pronostique

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Characteristics of LDL particles in patients with hypertriglyceridemia

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Classification of MOS-1 VTIR images in the Antarctic, a case study

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Community pharmacists' role in public health

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Conference report: First international healthy cities conference, San Francisco, Dec 811,1993

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Correlation energy of diatomic molecules versus number of electrons

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Cytotoxicity mediated by conditional expression of a carboxyl-terminal derivative of the β-amyloid precursor protein

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Detection of dominant points on an object boundary: a discontinuity approach

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Differential Effects of Floods on the Aquatic Vegetation of Braided Channels of the Rhne River

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Dose distribution in polyethylene irradiated with A 10-MeV electron beam

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Effect of Proximity Between Intercropped Maize and Beans on Growth and Yield of Maize Under Varying Nitrogen Levels

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Effects of elastic and inelastic electron scattering on quantitative surface analyses by AES and XPS

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Eloge: Desiderio Papp, 21 May 1895-31 January 1993

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Eric Wittkower and the foundation of Montréal's Transcultural Psychiatry Research Unit after World War II

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Exercise Testing in Heart Failure

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Fast-Acting Antidepressants

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Formation of mesophase spherules in low-Ql coal tar pitches and development of monolithic carbons therefrom

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General assembly and 14th symposium of the European association of remote sensing laboratories (EARSel) — “Sensors and environmental applications”: 6–8 June, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

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Guillain-Barr syndrome associated with hantavirus infection

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Highly controllable fabrication of fiber probe for photon scanning tunneling microscope

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ICI/pira international plastics for food packaging seventh international symposium

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Improving back propagation with a new error function

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Influence of electron donor substituents on the luminescence behavior of a 2-aminoazine

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Interindividual variation in serum zuclopenthixol and perphenazine concentrations in orally treated patients

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Is H2O Present on Io? The Detection of a New Strong Band Near 3590 cm-1 (2.79 m)

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LO-Phonon Instability in Semiconductors in the Presence of Two Laser Fields Plus DC Strong Magnetic Field

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Life with Turners SyndromeA Psychosocial Report From 22 Middle-Aged Women

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Measuring similarity in couples

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Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration and intracytoplasmic sperm injection: a new effective approach to infertility as a result of congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens**Supported by grants by the Belgian Fund for Medical Research, Brussels, Belgium

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Money, saving and growth in an international economy with perfect capital mobility

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Nanocoated particles: A special type of ceramic powder

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Nitric oxide comes of age as a neurohormone

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Occurence of antibodies against chlamydial lipopolysaccharide in human sera as measured by ELISA using an artificial glycoconjugate antigen

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Optimal input control for job-shop type production systems using inverse queueing network analysis

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Parental perceptions of child well-being: Relations to family structure, parental depression, and marital satisfaction

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Platelet-Activating Factor Acetylhydrolase in Term and Preterm Human Milk

Preferences for Life Saving Programs: How the Public Discounts Time and Age

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Culture As a Source of Order in Social Motivation

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Role of Endotoxin in Tumor Necrosis Factor a Expression from Alveolar Macrophages Treated with Urban Air Particles

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Secondary Electron Detection Efficiency for Magnetic Lenses with a Retarding Electrostatic Field

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Tanzania Registers Declines in Levels of Impaired Fertility

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Investing in Social Marketing

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Restrictions on the availability of insurance coverage for abortion was associated with a reduction in the pregnancy rate in all social classes

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Boom? Did I hear someone say Boom?

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Europe supports UK Government in putting quality at the heart of health care

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Methods of computer-assisted voice training

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Overview and patient selection for carotid endarterectomy

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Pathophysiologic considerations in the management of arrhythmias in the adult with congenital heart disease

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Regulation of GM-CSF-Induced Dendritic Cell Development by TGF-β1 and Co-Developing Macrophages

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School Segregation: The Case of Amsterdam

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Single High-Dose Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Treatment of Pediatric Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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Some research possibilities in diagnostic radiography

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Suplatast Tosilate affects the Initial Increase in Specific IgE and Interleukin-4 during Immunotherapy for Perennial Allergic Rhinitis

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Teaching analysis

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The Relationship Between Courtship Violence and Sexual Aggression in College Students

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The biology of depression in Arab culture

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The spiritual and pastoral dimensions of care in interprofessional contexts

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Trace metals in fine grained sediments of the katela bay, adriatic sea

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Träume erzählen und die Übertragung

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Western Spatializations: The Indian Village as Tourist Object

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Aims in the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease: a gastroenterologists viewpoint

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An Investigation of the Dynamics of the East Greenland Current in Fram Strait Based on a Simple Analytical Model

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Analysis of the clinical state of patients with occupational asthma following cessation of exposure to allergens

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Clinical interventions and prevention for Asian American children and families: Current status and needed research

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Conditional Entropy and Information in Quantum Systems

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