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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62029

Chapter 62029 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

W. Fabig; Kerstin Hund; Dr. K.-J. Groß, 1989:
Biotische Abbaubarkeit von Rapsölen

A. Long; O. P. Ward, 1989:
Biotransformation of aromatic aldehydes bySaccharomyces cerevisiae: Investigation of reaction rates

Laurentius, A.P. Hoogenboom; Marcel, C.J. Berghmans; Wim, A. Traag, 1989:
Biotransformation of β-nortestosterone by cultured porcine hepatocytes

Sijm, D T. H. M.; Opperhuizen, A, 1989:
Biotransformation rates of xenobiotic compounds in relation to enzymes activities: A critical review

A. J. Harrop; M. D. Hocknull; M. D. Lilly, 1989:
Biotransformations in organic solvents: A difference between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria

Ralph, J. Portier; John, A. Nelson; John, C. Christianson; J. Mark Wilkerson; Richard, C. Bost; Brian, P. Flynn, 1989:
Biotreatment of dilute contaminated ground water using an immobilized microbe packed bed reactor

J. Reina; P. Alomar, 1989:
Biotypes ofCampylobacter pyloriisolated in gastroduodenal biopsies

S. V. Litvinova; V. V. Aristova; Yu. N. Aristov; V. V. Shul'govskii; L. V. Kalyuzhnyi, 1989:
Biphasic selective effect of antiserum to β-endorphin on nociceptive sensitivity in rats

Adachi, M; Okuyama, K; Kozuru, H; Kousaka, Y; Pui, D Y. H., 1989:
Bipolar Diffusion Charging of Aerosol Particles Under High Particle/Ion Concentration Ratios

Alan, M. Beck and Aaron, H. Katcher, 1989:
Bird-Human Interaction

E. Lautsch, 1989:
Birmes, William J. (Ed.): Personal Computer Programmierung Encyclopedia Languages and Operating Systems, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York Hamburg 1985, 696 S., DM 242,30

Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd, 1989:
Birmingham airport acquires approach control system

Huttunen, J. K., 1989:
Birth of a New Journal

William, H. James, 1989:
Birth order in multiple sclerosis

Defen Wang; Xiaoqiang Sun; Hongwen Hu; Yuming Liu; Benming Chen; Zhongyuan Zhou; Kaibei Yu, 1989:
Bis crown ethersVI. The first single crystal structure of the complex of schiff base type bis benzo-15-crown-5 and potassium picrate

Theodoros, F. Zafiropoulos; Spyros, P. Perlepes; John Plakatouras, 1989:
Bis(1-methylbenzotriazole)dinitratocobalt(II): A pseudo-octahedral complex with pseudo-tetrahedral magnetochemical and ligand field characteristics

Stephan, D. Stamatov, 1989:
Bis(N,N-diethylamido)-thio- and -selenophosphates of some sterols

Eric, S. Raper; James, R. Creighton; John, D. Wilson; William Clegg; Alex Milne, 1989:
Bis(imidazolidine-2-thione)(thiocyanato-N)copper(I): preparation, thermal analysis and crystal structure

M. D. Bargamova; L. S. German; E. I. Mysov, 1989:

Y. Dang; H.J. Geise; R. Dommisse; E. Esmans; H.O. Desseyn, 1989:
Bis(substituted benzoato) complexes of bis(-cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV). Synthesis, mass, 1H, 13C NMR and IR spectroscopy

F. Geoffrey; N. Cloke; Kerry, A.E. Courtney; Ausama, A. Sameh; Anthony, C. Swain, 1989:
Bis(-arene) complexes of the early transition metals derived from the 1,3,5-tri-t-butylbenzene ligand

Peter Weinberg; Christian Csongár; Ulrich-Walter Grummt, 1989:
Bis-2H-tetrazoles VII: Quantum yields of bis-2H-tetrazoles and studies of thermal consecutive reactions of bis-nitrile imines by time-resolved spectroscopy

Morrow, G. D., 1989:
Bisexuality: An Exploratory Review

Gregory, D. Morrow, 1989:
Bisexuality: An exploratory review

Gerhard Buchbauer; Helmut Spreitzer; Friederike Zechmeister-Machhart; Martha Pleßl, 1989:
Bishomocamphenilon, Bishomocamphen und Bishomocamphenilansäure: Synthesen in der Isocamphanreihe, 32. Mitt

N. Bertazzi; G. Alonzo; M. Consiglio, 1989:
Bismuth(III) thiocyanate adducts with tridentate nitrogen donors

Hinich, M J.; Marandino, D; Sullivan, E J., 1989:
Bispectrum of shipradiated noise

A. M. Kuliev; Ch. A. Yusifov; M. A. Kulieva; F. Yu. Aliev; A. A. Amirova, 1989:
Bisxanthogenates and bisdithiocarbamates as additives to lubricating oil

Coppeto, J R.; Monteiro, M L.R., 1989:
Bitemporal hemianopic scotomas from intraventricular catheter: the pinched-chiasm syndrome?

Shu-Hsien Chou; Jeffrey Zimmerman, 1989:
Bivariate conditional sampling of buoyancy flux during an intense cold-air outbreak

David, L. Epperson; Jerry, M. Davis; Gerald, F. Watson; John, F. Monahan, 1989:
Bivariate normal classification of North American air masses using the normix program

N. T. Arndt; N. A. Teixeira; W. M. White, 1989:
Bizarre geochemistry of komatiites from the Crixs greenstone belt, Brazil

Rees, M J., 1989:
Black Holes, Galactic Evolution and Cosmic Coincidence

Tolnay, S. E.; Beck, E. M.; Massey, J. L., 1989:
Black Lynchings: The Power Threat Hypothesis Revisited

Malissa, H.; Pell, E.; Biebl, P., 1989:
Black Snow Episodes in Austria

E. Alcini; F. Grassetti; A. D'addessi; D. Di Noia; D. Vacilotto; M. Pescatori; M. Vincenzoni, 1989:
Bladder Replacement by lleocaeco-urethrostomy or lleo-urethrostomy with a Reservoir after Cystoprostato-vesiculectomy for Bladder Cancer : A Functional Evaluation

P Hilton, 1989:
Bladder drainage: A survey of practices among gynaecologists in the British Isles

Ch. Schubring; E. Werner, 1989:
Blasenentleerung unmittelbar nach Sectio

W. Fischer; A. Klick, 1989:
Blasenentleerungsstörungen nach Inkontinenz-Operationen—ein präexistentes Problem?

P. Kristen; D. Kranzfelder, 1989:
Blasenfunktionsstörungen nach Inkontinenzoperationen

Crown, A, 1989:
Blasphemy and Freedom of Speech

Purnell, H F., 1989:
Blasphemy Freedom of Speech

Stenhouse, P, 1989:
Blasphemy/Freedom of Speech in Islamic Law

John, A. Franklin; Jose, T. Ibarra; Norbert, H. Maerz, 1989:
Blast overbreak measurement by light sectioning

Keiichi Honma; Keiichi Nemoto; Yoshihisa Ohnishi; Kakuhei Kimura, 1989:
Blastic Transformation of Essential Thrombocythemia

David, J M.; Schwartz, K A., 1989:
Bleeding Time

L. G. Korkina; Z. P. Cheremisina; T. B. Suslova; A. D. Durnev; S. B. Seredinin; B. T. Velichkovskii, 1989:
Bleomycin and oxygen-free radicals

F. Baquero; M. A. Saldña; J. Blazquez; R. G. Palacios; J. M. Aguiar; J. L. Martinez; M. F. Vicente; C. Rubio; R. Gómez-Lus, 1989 :
Bleomycin-kanamycin resistance as a marker of the presence of transposon Tn5in clinical strains ofEscherichia coli

Smith, R. J H, 1989:
Blindness in two worlds

H. N. Nazareno; J. C. Gallardo, 1989:
Bloch Oscillations of an Electron in a Crystal under the Action of an Electric Field

Tirén, S A.; Beckholmen, M, 1989:
Block faulting in southeastern Sweden interpreted from digital terrain models

Dr. M. E. Goldman; D. J. Pettibone; J. E. Reagan; B. V. Clineschmidt; J. J. Baldwin; J. R. Huff, 1989:
Blockade of peripheral α2-adrenoceptors by L-659,066 enhances glucose tolerance and insulin release in mice

E. G. Vornovitskii; E. M. Kobrinskii; M. Gollasch; V. B. Ignat'eva; N. I. Kukushkin; A. K. Filippov; V. I. Porotikov, 1989:
Blocking action of platelet activating factor (PAF) on atrial fiber calcium currents in frogs and guinea pigs

Hayashi, T; Kanetoshi, A; Ikura, M; Shirahama, H, 1989:
Bloegrevilol, a new lipid peroxidation inhibitor from the edible mushroom Suillus grevillei

T. V. Goryacheva; M. N. Karpova; R. N. Glebov; I. O. Mikhal'skaya; M. E. Kislova; S. Yu. Titov, 1989:
Blood ACTH and cortisol levels in experimental focal epilepsy

Har-El, --G., 1989:
Blood Conservation in Head and Neck Surgery

Frackowiak, R, 1989:
Blood Flow in the Brain

Cordon-Cardo, C.; Reuter, V.E.; Lloyd, K.O.; Sheinfeld, J.; Fair, W.R.; Old, L.J.; Melamed, M.R., 1989:
Blood Group-Related Antigens in Human Urothelium: Enhanced Expression of Precursor, Le x , and Le Y Determinants in Urothelial Carcinoma

Arnold Schecter; John, J. Ryan, 1989:
Blood and adipose tissue levels of PCDDs/PCDFs over three years in a patient after exposure to polychlorinated dioxins and dibenzofurans

Lowbury, E., 1989:
Blood and roses

Pimm, M. V.; Andrew, S. M.; Baldwin, R. W., 1989:
Blood and tissue kinetics of radiolabeled anti-CEA monoclonal antibody and F(ab)2 and Fab fragments in nude mice with human tumour xenografts

E. Yu. Kostromina; V. S. Shinkarenko; I. M. Rodinov, 1989:
Blood flow velocity distribution in terminal microvascular bed of rat mesentery

M. Rieu; J. Miladi; A. Ferry; A. Duvallet, 1989:
Blood lactate during submaximal exercises

Priestley, G. C.; Heyworth, R.; Buxton, P. K., 1989:
Blood levels of para-aminobenzoic acid during oral therapy

Oreland, L; Hallman, J, 1989:
Blood platelets as a peripheral marker for the central serotonin system

Renu Bajpai; G.P. Dutta; R.A. Vishwakarma, 1989:
Blood schizontocidal activity of a new antimalarial drug, arteether (αβ), against Plasmodium knowlesi in rhesus monkeys

Corden, F L.; Alexiou, N G.; Martin, D F., 1989:
Blood selenium in select midincome Florida employees

H. Helmers; J. Sopaheluwakan; E.Surya Nila; S. Tjokrosapoetro, 1989:
Blueschist evolution is Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Liou, J. G.; Wang, X; Coleman, R. G.; Zhang, Z. M.; Maruyama, S., 1989:
Blueschists in major suture zones of China

Coleman, G M.; Fischer, R; Fuentes, F, 1989:
Blunt Chest Trauma

P. S. Theocaris; V. Kytopoulos; C. Stassinakis, 1989:
Blunting of cracks of intermediate states of stress by scanning electron microscopy

Gail Yariv, 1989:
Blurred Edges: Some Difficulties and Paradoxes about Forming Boundaries

R. C. Briel; A. E. Schindler; R. v. Hugo; C. Hermann; M. Zwirner, 1989:
Blutgerinnung und Fibrinolyse unter Oviol

H. Baumann; J. W. Dudenhausen; A. Huch; R. Huch, 1989:
Blutzuckerverlauf nach oralem GTT mit 75 g bei Schwangeren

Burdon, R.H.; Smellie, R.M.S., 1989:
Board and branch news

Haisch, A.; Capriel, P.; Stärk, H., 1989:
Boden-Pflanzen-Transfer des Jod

Liu, J-Chen; Trüby, P, 1989:
Bodenanalytische Diagnose von K- und Mg-Mangel in Fichtenbeständen (Picea abies Karst.)

Dr. W. R. Schäufele; Prof. Dr. C. Winner, 1989:
Bodenbewohnende Schädlinge und Seitenwurzelfäule der Zuckerrübe in Abhängigkeit von der Rotation – Ergebnisse eines Fruchtfolgeversuches

Simons, R C., 1989:
Bodies Under Siege: Self-Mutilation in Culture and Psychiatry

Rubenstein, R, 1989:
Bodily Harm: Paranoid Vision in Contemporary Fiction by Women

Van Deusen, J.; Harlowe, D.; Baker, L., 1989:
Body Image Perceptions of the Community-Based Elderly

Harold Kadin; Harry, G. Brittain; Eugene Ivashkiv; Allen, I. Cohen, 1989:
Body fluid analysis of a phosphonic acid angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor using high-performance liquid chromatography and post-column derivatization with o-phthaldehyde

Timothy, J. Dunkerton, 1989:
Body force circulations in a compressible atmosphere: Key concepts

John, D.A. Abeysekera; Houshang Shahnavaz, 1989:
Body size variability between people in developed and developing countries and its impact on the use of imported goods

S.S. Moorthy, 1989:
Body temperatpre during cardiopulmonary bypass

Thomas, V G., 1989:
Body-Image Satisfaction Among Black Women

C. J. Davis; Donald, A. Williamson; Anthony, J. Goreczny; Sandra, M. Bennett, 1989:
Body-image disturbances and bulimia nervosa: An empirical analysis of recent revisions of the DSM-III

Wojciech Daniel, 1989:
Bohr, Einstein and Realism

Harold Brookfield, 1989:
Boldness and Caution in the Face of Global Change

Yuan -Lin Xie; Hua Li; Yue -Liang Zhou; Zheng -Hao Chen; Guo -Zhen Yang; Shi -Jie Gu, 1989:
Bolometric observation of nonradiative decay of surface plasmons in silver

L. Vandewalle, 1989:
Bond between a reinforcement bar and concrete at normal and cryogenic temperatures

James, H. Long; Stanley, L. Paul; Richard, G. Lampo, 1989:
Bond strength between geotextiles and concrete

G. Leroy; M. Sana; C. Wilante; R.M. Nemba, 1989:
Bond-dissociation energies of organic compounds. A tentative rationalization based on the concept of stabilization energy

Zhang Qianer; Li Xiangzhu, 1989:
Bonded tableau method for many-electron systems

F. Hong; D. Holland, 1989:
Bonding glass ceramics to high temperature alloys

S. Kamota; M. Sakai; K. Tagashira, 1989:
Bonding of sintered alumina and mild steel using thermal spray coatings

Russell, N., 1989:
Bone Marrow Transplantation. Current Controversies

Hoory, S, 1989:
Bone Mineral Measurements by Photon Absorptiometry: Methodological Problems

Reikerås, O.; Due, J.; Sundsfjord, J.A., 1989:
Bone Scintigraphy, Radiographic Survey and Prostatic Acid Phosphatase in Patients With Prostatic Carcinoma. A Comparison of Sensitivity

Koshino, T; Konno, T; Ohzeki, T, 1989:
Bone and Joint Manifestations of Riegers Syndrome

Norden, C. W., 1989:
Bone and joint infection

J.M. Slade, 1989:
Bone cement

S.I. White; R.M. MacKie, 1989:
Bone changes associated with oral retinoid theraphy

K.W.L. Vig; R.J. Fonesca, 1989:
Bone grafting in the cleft maxilla

Jemec, G B.E.; Rasmussen, I, 1989:
Bone lesions of acne fulminans

Børge Thing Mortensen; Søren Knudtzon; Doris Hovgaard; Asbjørn Nymark Jensen, 1989:
Bone marrow culture and haemopoietic growth factors: Recent developments and current status

MacKinnon, S.; Hows, J.M.; Goldman, J.M., 1989:
Bone marrow transplantation using donors other than HLA genotypically identical siblings

Makoto Fukae; Takako Tanabe; Marie Yamada, 1989 :
Bone phosphoprotein of newborn rat calvaria detected histochemically with the cationic carbocyanine dye Stains-all

Haruhiko Yamasaki; Kanji Fukuda; Seisuke Tanaka, 1989:
Bone resorption by experimentally induced osteogenic tumor

I.D.M. Macgregor; J.E. Hawkesford, 1989:
Bone resorption in acute traumatic periodotitis

Tsuyoshi Sato; Kazunori Kawano; Shigeaki Suenaga; Akito Tomomura; Takenori Noikura; Sukehide Yamashita; Ichiro Semba, 1989:
Bone scintigraphy and pathological basis of the mucoepidermoid tumor of the mandible: Report of a case

E. A. Luriya; S. A. Kuznetsov; E. N. Genkina; A. Ya. Fridenshtein, 1989:
Bone tissue formation in human bone marrow organ cultures

Paley, D, 1989:
Bone transport: The Ilizarov treatment for bone defects

M. Petrak, 1989:
Bonner Jägertage 1989

Kwon, P H., 1989:
Bony changes of the condyle following discectomy in the rabbit temporomandibular joint

Alton, L. Biggs, 1989:
Booby Ecology as a Classroom Example of Evolution

J. C. von Vaupel Klein and L. B. Holthuis, 1989:
Book Announcements

Michael, A. Gerber, 1989:
Book received for review

Spiro, H, 1989:
Books Briefly Reviewed

Slovenko, R, 1989:
Books and Articles on Consent

Hannah Nuba, 1989:
Books and babies

Nederhof, A J., 1989:
Books and chapters are not to be neglected in measuring research productivity

Opravilova, E, 1989:
Books as educational media for small children in Czechoslovakia

Peter Suedfeld; Bernice Rothman Hasin; Ellen Frankel Paul; Drew Hyman, 1989:
Books in review

Higginson, J; McCracken, J; Lockwood, M; Moodie, T. Dunbar; Everatt, D; Williams, D; Henderson, I; Guelke, A; Wright, J, 1989:
Books reviewed

Terry, R. Shepherd; Janice Koberstein, 1989:
Books, puppets, and sharing: Teaching preschool children to share

Arthur Conway, 1989:
Bookwatch Backs to the wall

Charles, C. Taylor, 1989:
Bootstrap Choice of the Smoothing Parameter in Kernel Density Estimation

Zucchini, W.; Adamson, P. T., 1989:
Bootstrap confidence intervals for design storms from exceedance series

Colin, F. Bell; Roger, D. Beauchamp; Eric, L. Short, 1989:
Borate complexation with pentitols: A study by 11B-n.m.r. spectroscopy and MNDO semi-empirical LCAO-MO calculations

Zoltán Kovács, 1989:
Border changes and their effect on the structure of Hungarian society

Margolis, M., 1989:
Borderline Psychopathology and Its Treatment

Moss, J H., 1989:
Borderline personality disorder

Pines, M, 1989:
Borderline personality disorders and its treatment

Armelius, B-Åke, 1989:
Borderlineprojektet I Umeå: En Lägebeskrivning Efter 5 år

Parton, R., 1989:
Bordetella pertussis toxins and the human host

Chang Hsi-Tien, 1989:
Borehole directional radar system for geological mapping4

Nekut, A. G., 1989:
Borehole gravity gradiometry

O. Olsson; L. Falk; B. Niva; E. Sandberg, 1989:
Borehole radar applied to characterization of fracture zones

Worthington, M.H., 1989:
Borehole seismology

Pike, T.W.; Ramsey, M.; Wilkinson, A., 2018:
Environmentally induced changes to brain morphology predict cognitive performance

Wendland, M; Salzmann, S; Heinbuch, U; Fischer, J, 1989:
Born-Green-Yvon results for adsorption of a simple fluid on plane walls

Martin, R. Palmer; John, F. Slack, 1989:
Boron isotopic composition of tourmaline from massive sulfide deposits and tourmalinites

Takao Oi; Masao Nomura; Masaaki Musashi; Tomoko Ossaka; Makoto Okamoto; Hidetake Kakihana, 1989:
Boron isotopic compositions of some boron minerals

T. Zundel; A. Mesli; J. C. Muller; P. Siffert, 1989:
Boron neutralization and hydrogen diffusion in silicon subjected to low-energy hydrogen implantation

Mangal Singh, 1989:
Bortnick miller apparatus as reliable as pump-manometer portion of impedance bridge for testing ventilatory function of eustachian tube in chronic suppurative otitis media

G. Franz, 1989:
Botanik: Ein grundlegendes Lehrbuch von U. Lüttge, M. Kluge, G. Bauer, 577 Seiten, 375 Abbildungen, 16 Tabellen, gebunden, DM 68,-, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim 1988

Browne, J, 1989:
Botany for Gentlemen: Erasmus Darwin and "The Loves of the Plants"

Jenter, H L.; Madsen, O Secher, 1989:
Bottom Stress in Wind-Driven Depth-Averaged Coastal Flows

Gründlingh, M.L.; Hunter, I.T.; Potgieter, E., 1989:
Bottom currents at the entrance to False Bay, South Africa

Crumley, R. L., 1989:
Botulinum Toxin Therapy for Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Section Failure for Adduction Laryngeal Dystonia

Blitzer, A., 1989:
Botulinum Toxin Therapy for Spasmodic Dysphonia Recurring After Nerve Resection

A. H. C. Hochstetter, 1989:
Boucle pelvienne infrieure de l'artre iliaque externe

Gilotti, J A., 1989:
Boudin, augen, horse? A lesson from the Svarttjrna-Turtbakktjrna Lens, Trndelag, Norway

Nibir Mandal; Subrata Karmakar, 1989:
Boudinage in homogeneous foliated rocks

Eremets, M I; Krasnovskij, O A; Struzhkin, V V; Shirokov, A M, 1989:
Bound excitons in GaP under pressures up to 10 GPa

Oren Yiftachel, 1989:
Boundary Change and Institutional Conflict in the Planning of Central Perth

Harrington, R F., 1989:
Boundary Integral Formulations for Homogeneous Material Bodies

J.S. Vrentas; C.M. Vrentas, 1989:
Boundary conditions for chemically reactive surfaces

E. Alarcon; J. J. Cano; J. Dominguez, 1989:
Boundary element approach to the dynamic stiffness functions of circular foundations

Alfonso Nappi, 1989:
Boundary element elastic analysis on the basis of a consistent formulation

V. Pasheva; R. Lazarov, 1989:
Boundary element method for 2D problems of ideal fluid flows with free boundaries

Y. Huh; G. Schmid, 1989:
Boundary element method for dynamic soil-structure interaction

M. Ettouney; H. Benaroya; J. Wright, 1989:
Boundary element methods in probabilistic structural analysis (PBEM)

J. M. Sloss; S. Adali; I. S. Sadek; J. C. Bruch, 1989:
Boundary feedback control of a vibrating beam subject to a displacement constraint

H.M. Park; Daniel, E. Rosner, 1989:
Boundary layer coagulation effects on the size distribution of thermophoretically deposited particles

Wang Chaoyang; Tu Chuanjing, 1989:
Boundary-layer flow and heat transfer of non-Newtonian fluids in porous media

Derek Robbins, 1989:
Bourdieu in England, 19641977

Ph. Richard, 1989:
Bourse C.R.E.G.G. au Cours europen dEndoscopie digestive

R. Businaro; E. Fioretti; L. Fumagalli; G. Renzis; L. Fiorucci; F. Ascoli, 1989:
Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor and related isoinhibitors in bovine liver

Beattie, G. J; Leonard, R. C.; Smyth, J. F, 1989:
Bowel obstruction in ovarian carcinoma: a retrospective study and review of the literature

Tommaso Lombardi; Mario Castellucci, 1989:
Bowes human melanoma cell line

Walter, G.M.; Wilkinson, M.J.; Aguirre, J.David.; Blows, M.W.; Ortiz-Barrientos, D., 2018:
Environmentally induced development costs underlie fitness tradeoffs

Beck, J S., 1989:
Boyd's Introduction to the Study of Disease

S. I. Zav'yalov; G. I. Ezhova; I. V. Sltkareva; O. V. Dorofeeva; A. G. Zavozin; E. E. Rumyantseva, 1989:
Br2-CO(NH2)2-AcOH system for the highly selective α-monobromination of ketones

Liprie, S. F., 1989:
Brachytherapy: A Pharmacist's Perspective

J. Eldor, 1989:
Bradycardia after neostigmine in a patient receiving atenolol

G. J. Hale; J. P. Chambers, 1989:
Bradycardia and asystole following attempted arterial cannulation in a horse under general anaesthesia

Yanagisawa, N; Fujimoto, S; Tamaru, F, 1989:
Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Disease: Disorders of Onset and Execution of Fast Movement

Cullen, M.J.; Webb, D.J., 1989:
Bradykinin does not Attenuate Sympathetic Vasoconstriction in Forearm Resistance vessels in Man

J. E. Taylor; F. V. DeFeudis; J. P. Moreau, 1989:
Bradykinin-antagonists: Therapeutic perspectives

Dirck, E. Wuellner; W.C. James, 1989:
Braided and meandering submarine fan channel deposits, Tesnus Formation, Marathon basin, West Texas

William, T. Chance; Lequn Cao; Josef, E. Fischer, 1989:
Brain 3-methoxytyramine varies inversely with blood glucose in decapitated rats

F. Bengtsson; M. Bugge; H. Hall; A. Nobin, 1989:
Brain 5-HT1and 5-HT2binding sites following portacaval shunt in the rat

Jenner, P, 1989:
Brain Iron: Neurochemical and Behavioural Aspects. (Topics in Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology Vol 2)

Ichinose, Y; Hara, N; Ohta, M; Motohiro, A; Hata, K; Yagawa, K, 1989:
Brain Metastases in Patients with Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer Achieving Complete Remission

J. Delacour, 1989:
Brain and behavior: Paradigms for research in neural mechanisms: By J. Bures, O. Buresova and J. Krivanek. Wiley, 1988, 304 pp

Harper, C, 1989:
Brain damage and alcohol misuse

Surri, R; Vandevelde, M; Matthieu, J M; Lazeyras, F; Herschkowitz, M, 1989:
Brain damage and recovery in hyperohenylalaninecia

Ribas, B.; Brenes, M. A.; De Pascual, F. J., 1989:
Brain metallothionein labelled with 109cd and 59fe and its involvement in iron homeostasis

Myron Rosenthal; Thomas, J. Sick, 1989:
Brain oxygenation: monitoring techniques and insights into brain function and survival

Warner, D. S.; Todd, M. M., 1989:
Brain protection and resuscitation

Peltonen, L M.; Arieli, Y; Marder, J, 1989:
Brain temperature regulation of panting and non-panting pigeons exposed to extreme thermal conditions

D Locatelli; A L Messina; N Bonfanti; S Pezzotta, 1989:
Brain tumors of the first year of life: Clinical and surgical management

Pfurtscheller, G.; Schwarz, G.; Moik, H.; Haase, V., 1989:
Braindex - Ein Expertensystem für die Hirntoddiagnostik - Braindex - An Expert System for the Diagnosis of Brain Death

Yusaku Nakamura; Mitsuo Takahashi; Masataka Kitaguchi; Hiroyuki Imaoka; Seiichiro Tarui, 1989:
Brainstem Auditory and Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Neuro-Behqet's Syndrome

M. Bortolotti; S. Mattioli; G. Alampi; G. Giangaspero; L. Barbara, 1989:
Brainstem Viral-like Encephalitis as a Possible Cause of a Gastroduodenal Motility Disorder: A Case Report

Bitarafan, M; Hossainzadeh, Y; Yaghmayi, S, 1989:
Branch Boundaries

Basu, D; Constantinou, M C.; Whittaker, A S., 1989:
Branch news

B. L. Tumanskii; L. L. Gervits; S. P. Solodovnikov; K. N. Makarov; L. T. Lantseva; N. N. Bubnov, 1989:
Branched fluorinated allyl radicals

Jacques Defaye; Andrée Gadelle; Alain Guiller; Raphael Darcy; Thomas O'Sullivan, 1989:
Branched thiocyclomalto-oligosaccharides: Synthesis and properties of 6-S-α- and 6-S-β-d-glucopyranosyl-6- thiocyclomaltoheptaose

Holý, Aín, 1989:
Branched-chain derivatives of acyclic adenosine analogs: Alkyl and hydroxymethyl derivatives of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteinase inhibitors substituted at the 2- and 3-position of the side chain

Yin Shuxin; Tan Xinzhen, 1989:
Branches of the summer Asian lower-level jet stream and its influence on the rain belt in china

M. Thomas, 1989:
Branchial cysts in the parotid gland

J.Z. Klose; W.L. Wiese, 1989:
Branching ratio technique for vacuum UV radiance calibrations: Extensions and a comprehensive data set

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Brand choice and deep price discounts

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Brasilia: Modern Day Stonehenge

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Brassinolide analogues without side chain

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Bratislava: from the Stone Age to computerization

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Brazil-Malvinas Confluence1984

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Brazilian Party Left Opinion: A Q-Methodology Profile

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Breadth-depth or state-trait curiosity? a factor analysis of state-trait curiosity and state anxiety scales

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Breakdown of Vertically Propagating Two-Dimensional Gravity Waves Forced by Orography

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Breaking Waves on a Macrotidal Barred Beach: A Test of McCowan's Criteria

J. William Breslin, 1989:
Breaking away from subtle biases

Margret Buchmann, 1989:
Breaking from Experience in Teacher Education: When Is It Necessary? How Is It Possible?

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Breaking through walls of isolation: A model for churches in helping victims of violence

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Breakup of Antarctic fast ice

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Breast Cancer – Which Patients?

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Breast Cancer – Which Treatment?

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Breast Cancer Clinicoal Alert--The Public's Reaction

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Breast Cancer Screening

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Breast Cancer Studies Finally Published in New England Journal of Medicine

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Breast Diseases

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Breast Reconstruction and Prosthesis Use as Forms of Symbolic Completion of the Physical Self

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Breast Reduction by the Inferior Pedicle Technique: An Ideal Cosmetic and Functional Choice

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Breast cancer arisingde novoin recipients of kidney allograft

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Breast cancer control: Less talk, more action

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Environmentally induced epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of disease

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Breast cancer screening and early diagnosis

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Breast cancer: scientific and clinical progress

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Breast conservation therapy: 417 breast cancers with a minimum follow-up period of five years

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Breast reconstruction following mastectomy

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Breast reconstruction: A psychological survey

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Breast self-examination practices and attitudes among breast cancer, benign breast disease and general practice patients

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Breast-Milk Fatty Acids of Rural Gambian Mothers

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Breat canceran international challenge

Scheibner, E, 1989:
Breccias and coarse fragmentites: Petrology, environments, associations, ores

Peter Laznicka, 1989:
Breccias and ores. Part 1: History, organization and petrography of breccias

Noritaka Ichikawa, 1989:
Breeding strategy of the male brooding water bug,Diplonychus majoresaki (Heteroptera: Belostomatidae): Is male back space limiting?

Kazushi Kuwabara; Nobuyoshi Suzuki; Fuminori Wakabayashi; Hidekazu Ashikaga; Takashi Inoue; Jiro Kobara, 1989:
Breeding the Japanese giant salamander Andrias japonicus at Asa Zoological Park

V. A. Igolkina, 1989:
Breeding the Lebetine viper ssp Vipera lebetina turanica and Vipera I. obtuse at Leningrad Zoo

Gerard, J. Visser; Henk, A. Zwartepoorte, 1989:
Breeding the Leopard tortoise Geochelone partialis babcocki at Rotterdam Zoo

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Bretylium intoxication resembling clinical brain death

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Brian Gilmore Maegraith, 19071989

Labík, S; Malijevský, A, 1989:
Bridge function for hard spheres in high density and overlap regions

Oliver, M, 1989:
Bridging the Gap: Case Management and Advocacy for People with Physical Handicaps

Jane Milton, 1989:
Brief Psychotherapy with Poorly Controlled Diabetics

Binstock, R. H.; Adelman, R. C., 1989:
Brief Review

Saunders, B. E.; Kilpatrick, D. G.; Resnick, H. S.; Tidwell, R. P., 1989:
Brief Screening for Lifetime History of Criminal Victimization at Mental Health Intake: A Preliminary Study

David, C. Southgate, 1989:
Brief communication: Optometric referrals, diabetic patients and prescribing patterns. Results of a survey conducted in the period August September 1988,

Gibson, D R.; Wermuth, L; Lovelle-drache, J; Ham, J; Sorensen, J L., 1989:
Brief counseling to reduce AIDS risk in intravenous drug users and their sexual partners: Preliminary results

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Brief field observations on the foraging behavior of the Japanese striped snakeelaphe quadrivirgata

John, T. Salvendy, 1989:
Brief group psychotherapy at retirement

Lee, D N.; Daniel, B M., 1989:
Brief research reports Kurzdarstellungen von Forschungsarbeiten Courts descriptions de recherches

Hakstian, A. Ralph; McLean, P D., 1989:
Brief screen for depression

Crandell, J S., 1989:
Brief treatment for adult children of alcoholics: Accessing resources for self-care

H. Kopera; R. Ziegler, 1989:
Briefe an die Redaktion

Lubben, J. E., 1989:
Briefly Noted

Morowitz, H J., 1989:
Brighten the Corner Where You Are

B. Hillebrands; P. Baumgart; G. Güntherodt, 1989:
Brillouin light scattering from spin waves in magnetic layers and multilayers

Alan, C. Kendall, 1989 :
Brine mixing in the Middle Devonian of western Canada and its possible significance to regional dolomitization

Prigatano, G P., 1989:
Bring it up in milieu: Toward effective traumatic brain injury rehabilitation interaction

Decoker, G, 1989:
Bringing Foreign Languages into the Social Studies Classroom

Paul Cammack, 1989:
Bringing the State Back in?

Dehont, Fédéric R.; Hervieu, P M.; Jerome, E.; Delacourte, A.; Guyot, J. C., 1989:
Briquetting and Granulation by Compaction New Granulator-Compactor for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Huseyin Akgun; Orhan Kural; Ekrem Ekinci, 1989:
Briquetting of Konya-Ermenek lignite of Turkey

Wes Gibbons, 1989:
Britain and Ireland sutured

President Dr, R.H. Champion, 1989:
British Association of Dermatologists Sixty-Ninth Annual Meeting, 1989, Cambridge

Mosonik, B.C.; Kibet, J.K.; Ngari, S.M.; Nyamori, V.O., 2018:
Environmentally persistent free radicals and particulate emissions from the thermal degradation of Croton megalocarpus biodiesel

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British Evidence on The Employment Effects of Profit Sharing

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British Feminist Film Theory's Female Spectators: Presence and Absence

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British Geomorphological Research Group Workshop on Soil Erosion on Agricultural Land

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British Medical Association: 1988, Philosophy & Practice of Medical Ethics, B.M. A., London, 94 pp. plus appendices, etc., 9.50 (paper)

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Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals: Insights on a New Class of Pollutants

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British Parties in the Balance: A Time-Series Analysis of Long-Term Trends in Labour and Conservative Support

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British Planning Policy and Access to Housing: Some Empirical Estimates

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British and American Attitudes toward Family Relationships

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British artisan unions in the New World

Stephen Harris, 1989:
British mammals: past, present and future

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British-Italian Seminar in Transport Geography

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Brittle Fracture of Cutting Tools

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Brittle and ductile deformation in a zone of rapid uplift: Central Southern Alps, New Zealand

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Brittle deformations in the Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Crotone Peninsula, Calabria, southern Italy

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Brittle fracture of low molecular weight polymers

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Brittle-ductile transition: semi-brittle behavior

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Brittleness of liquid-quenched high-TcBiSrCaCu2Ox

R.J. Roberts; R.C. Rowe; K. Kendall, 1989:
Brittleductile trasitions in die compaction of sodium chloride

Rucker, S P.; Shaka, A.J., 1989:
Broadband homonuclear cross polarization in 2D N.M.R. using DIPSI-2

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Broadening research in the NHS

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Bromide: from neurology to English

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Bromiert/chlorierte Dioxine und Furane bei der Verbrennung von Hausmüll

Fiedler, H, 1989:
Bromierte Gase bedrohen Atmosphäre

J. Hosseinpour; K.H. Schwind; H. Thoma, 1989:
Brominated/chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans: Synthesis of standards and detection in fly ash from a municipal waste incinerator

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Bromination of Anilines by Benzyltriphenylphosphonium Tribromide

Dr. A. D. Dunn; A. Currie; L. E. Hayes, 1989:
Bromination of pyridines. II. Bromination of Aminopicolines

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Bromopalladates(II) of xanthine derivatives. Crystal structure of 1,3,8-trimethylxanthinium tribromopalladate(II) monohydrate

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Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness in Asthmatic Children

Walsh, T E., 1989:
Bronchial Infusion Therapy (BIT)

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Bronchial Sensitization in Ginea Pigs following Ingestion of Ovalbumin

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Broncho-Vaxominhibits histamine release from rat mast cells induced by compound 48/80 and ionophore A23187

Fleury-Feith, J; Nhieu, J Tran Van; Picard, C; Escudier, E; Bernaudin, J-François, 1989:
Bronchoalveolar Lavage Eosinophilia Associated with Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonitis in AIDS Patients

De Vuyst, P; Dumortier, P; Leophonte, P, 1989:
Bronchoalveolar lavage in talc induced lung disease

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Bronchopulmonale Penetration von Enoxacin

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Bronchoscopy in Chest

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Brookings dialogues on public policy. Toward a national policy on drug and aids testing

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Brother cases with serologically diagnosed visceral larva migrans

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Brown Melanoderma: Biology and Disease of Epidermal Pigmentation (Book)

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Brownian dynamics simulation of a bead-spring chain model with configuration-dependent anisotropic mobility

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Browning and crisping theory: Could microwaves brown food?

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Bruce Wilfred Sparks, 1923-1988

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Brucella Endocarditis Cured by Medical Treatment

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Brucellosis: A Range Livestock Problem

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Bruges or Brussels?

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Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Conditions on Upper and Lower Probabilities to Imply Probabilities

Brian Skyrms, 1989:
Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Correlated Equilibria and the Dynamics of Rational Deliberation

Domenico Costantini, 1989:
Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Objectivism and Subjectivism in the Foundations of Statistics

Isaac Levi, 1989:
Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Possibility and Probability

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Environmentally persistent free radicals mediated removal of Cr(VI) from highly saline water by corn straw biochars

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Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Probabilism: A Critical Essay on the Theory of Probability and on the Value of Science

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Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || Reading "Probabilismo"

Sandy, L. Zabell, 1989:
Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || The Rule of Succession

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Bruno de Finetti's Philosophy of Probability || de Finetti's Earliest Works on the Foundations of Probability

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Brusterhaltende Karzinomchirurgie und anschließende Bestrahlung: Therapiefolgen, Komplikationen

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Brusterhaltende Krebschirurgie unter plastisch-rekonstruktiven Gesichtspunkten

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Brusterhaltende Therapie beim kleinen Mammacarcinom

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Bryan Wooleston Langlands

David, N. McMaster, 1989:
Bryan Wooleston Langlands, 1928-1989, O.B.E., B.A

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Brüdenöl aus Soja- und Rapsöl als Tocopherolen-Quelle

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Bubble breakage due to particle collision in a liquid medium: particle wettability effects

Ye-Mon Chen; Fan Liang-Shin, 1989:
Bubble breakage mechanisms due to collision with a particle in liquid medium

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Bubble clouds as sources and scatterers of underwater sound

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Bubble formation from a sparger in polymer solutionsI. Stagnant liquid

Anup, K. Ghosh; J.J. Ulbrecht, 1989:
Bubble formation from a sparger in polymer solutionsII. Moving liquid

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Bubble sources of the Knudsen spectra of ocean noise

G. F. Blümel, 1989:

Barbara Donner; W. Heyser, 1989:
Buchenmykorrhizen: Möglichkeiten der Elementselektion unter besonderer Berücksichtigung einiger Schwermetalle

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Buckets NJ, Willetts RG, Roberts KD, ,Left heart bypass in surgery of aortic coarctation in children Thorax 43 (1988) 1003 1006

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Budgets for general practitioners

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Buffer function of hemoglobin

Haberlandt, K; Graesser, A C., 1989:
Buffering new information during reading

Doka, K J.; Smith-Fraser, D, 1989:
Building Coalitions with Private Industry:

Kintrea, K, 1989:
Building Communities the Co-operative Way

Rupesinghe, K., 1989:
Building Peace After Military Withdrawal

Gudmundsen, A M., 1989:
Building an infrastructure for international health promotion and disease prevention

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Building composite facial images: Effects of feature saliency and delay of construction

Dunn, R, 1989:
Building regression models: the importance of graphics

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Built-in temperature monitoring and control systems for polymer equipment

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Bulimia nervosa: Pharmacologic and psychologic approaches to treatment

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Bulimia nervosa: models, assessment, and treatment

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Bulimia: Prevalence Estimates in Female Junior High and High School Students

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BulimiaIts dynamics and treatment: The case of an adolescent male

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Bulk arrival queues with server vacations

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Bulk flow phenomenon in Czochralski configuration caused by low frequency vibrations

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Bulk moduli and high-pressure phases of the uranium rocksalt structure compounds-I. The monochalcogenides

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Bulk moduli and high-pressure phases of the uranium rocksalt structure compounds: II. The monopnictides

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Bulk moduli of GaInAsP and GaInAs by photoluminescence up to 100 kbar

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Bulletin de la S.F.E.D

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Bulletin of Bryology XXVII

Lane, D. A., 1989:
Bullying in School: The Need for an Integrated Approach

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Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG) wird novelliert

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Buoyant river plumes and mud deposition in a rapidly extending tropical delta

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Bureaucratic Rules, Supervisor Behavior, and the Effect on Salaries in the Federal Government

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Burgers equation on the semiline

PATRICIA Wells, 1989:
Burial history of Late Neogene sedimentary basins on part of the New Zealand convergent plate margin

Shiro Tsuyuzaki, 1989:
Buried seed populations on the volcano Mt. Usu, northern Japan, ten years after the 197778 eruptions

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Burn Excision with Contact Neodymium:YAG Laser

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Burn Nurse Retention

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BurnWare Computer Applications in the Burn Unit: Report from the 1989 Computer SIG American Burn Association

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Burning Voltage in Atmospheric and Vacuum Short Arcs of Vanishing Length

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Burning-out and Drifting Away amongst School Psychologists:-Are There Antidotes?

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Burnout and professional decision making: An analogue study

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Burnout in Children's Agencies

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Burnout in Social Work Field Instructors

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Burnout syndrome of human services professionals-doctors, nurses, caregivers, teachers and clerks. (1). Maslach burnout inventory: Factor structures for samples of human services professionals, and its relation with Zung's Self-rating depression scale(SDS)

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Burnout: The effect of psychological type on research findings*

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Burns and Associated Nonthermal Trauma

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Bursatella lechii (Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia) in the Adriatic Sea

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Burst discharges of a single neuron induced by metrazol and penicillin

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Business Strategy, Market Structure and Risk-Return Relationships: A Structural Approach

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Business forecasting methods: Jeffrey Jarrett

Marger, M N., 1989:
Business strategies among East Indian entrepreneurs in Toronto: The role of group resources and opportunity structure

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Buspirone-Induced Mania

Doris Freier-Schröder; Jürgen Wiegel; Gerhard Gottschalk, 1989:
Butanol formation byClostridium thermosaccharolyticumat neutral pH

V. S. Gusarov, 1989:
Butt-joining of haulage car components

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Butylation of 2-Methylnaphthalene-1,4-dione (Menadione) by Solvent Sulpholane During Radical Methylation and Ethylation

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Butyltin speciation in sediments and biological samples by hydride generation gas chromatography quartz furnace atomic absorption spectrometry; a study of acid leaching procedures and hydride generation

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Butyltins in california river and lake marina waters

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Butyrate production from carbon monoxide byButyribacterium methylotrophicum

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Buyer Uncertainty and Information Search

Fred Selnes; Sigurd Villads Troye, 1989:
Buying expertise, information search, and problem solving

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ByDioscorea deltoideafree and immobilized plant cells

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Byssal threads ofMytilopsis sallei(Recluz) and their adhesive strength

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Bystander BereavementBeyond Burnout

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Böttcher, H.; Epperlein, J.: Moderne photographische Systeme. 2. Aufl., 328 S., 210 Abb., 34 Tab., Format 15 × 22 cm. Leipzig: VEB Deutscher Verlag f. Grundstoffindustrie 1988. Leinen, Preis 72,–M

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Bdouble operations and economics

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C-5 Substituted Pyrimidine Nucleosides, Synthesis of 5-Alkylglycoside Deoxyuridine and Uridine Analogs VIA Organopalladium Intermediates

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C-Isotope stratigraphy, a monitor of paleoenvironmental change: A case study from the early cretaceous

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C-O-H ratios of silicate melt inclusions in basalts from the Galapagos Spreading Center near 95W: A laser decrepitation mass spectrometry study

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C-hydroxyalkylation of N-adamantylanilines by hexafluoroacetone and methyl trifluoropyruvate

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C-reaktives Protein (CRP) beim Amnioninfektionssyndrom

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CA 125 Anstieg als Hinweis auf ein Rezidiv beim Ovarialkarzinom

Thirlby, R.C., 1989:
CA 19-9 and pancreatic cancer: Another flash in the pan?

Ferranti Computer Systems Ltd, 1989:
CAA commissions study into man-machine interface for air-traffic controllers

Manabu Kiuchi, 1989:
CAD System for Cold Roll-Forming

L.G. Cser; J. Prohaszka, 1989:
CAD/CAM Integration in Prefabrication and Prefab Design

Klaus-Peter Adlassng; Mohammad Akhavan-Heidari, 1989:
CADIAG-2/GALL: An experimental expert system for the diagnosis of gallbladder and biliary tract diseases

David Shelley, 1989:
CALCSTRESS: a program that calculates compression and tension directions from calcite u-stage data

Cajo, J. F. Braak, 1989:
CANOCO an extension of DECORANA to analyze species-environment relationships

Gill, T., 1989:
CAOT'S Strategic Plan: Is it a Tortoise or a Hare?

James, D. MacLowry, 1989:
CAP inspection and the microbiology laboratory

Raymond, C. Bartlett, 1989:
CAP workload recording

Heinz, U. Lemke, 1989:
CAR 89Computer-assisted radiology third international symposium and exhibition Berlin, June 2528, 1989

K. Schneider, 1989:
CAROLINE I. A new DDC-system for biotechnical process control

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CARS Diagnostics of Solid Propellant Combustion at Elevated Pressure

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CCN concentration in troposphere over China

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CD and 51V NMR spectroscopic evidence for spontaneous formation of cyclic vanadate nucleotides

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CD4 Expression and Function in HLA Class Il-Specific T Cells

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CD8+Cell-dominant Alveolitis in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

John Vanderlaan, 1989:
CDC group DF-2 septicemia

Bates, M; Kneer, K; Logan, C, 1989:
CE Feature: Medicinal Leech Therapy: An Overview

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CE UpdateQuality Assurance I: Appropriateness of Blood Product Ordering: Quality Assurance Techniques

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CE activity patterns among Kentucky pharmacists: 19851987

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CEA und CA 15-3 als Parameter für Therapieentscheidungen beim metastasierten Mammakarzinom

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CEC/AECL Workshop on Methods for Determining Differential Radiosensitivity in Humans, 79 September, 1988, Brighton, UK

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CERCLA Natural Resource Damages: Uses and Misuses of Economic Theory

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CGS 9896 blocks the pentylenetetrazol-like effect of withdrawal from chronic ethanol

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CH bond dissociation energies, isolated stretching frequencies, and radical stabilization energy

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Eric Emerson; Richard Cummings; Heather Hughes; Sandy Toogood; Christine McCool; Sheila Barrett, 1989:

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CME: Continuing mutual education

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CO2 laser treatment system of tinea pedis

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CO2 production rates for geothermal energy and fossil fuels

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COSHHThe time has come

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COTF Cardwell Scholarship Winner a True Pioneer

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COTF Scholar Sets Sights on Management Career

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CPR Training by Computer; Cardiac Arrest Simulation Program

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CRH and α-helical-CRH modulate behavioral measures of arousal in monkeys

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Ca2+ channels in Nitellopsis obtusa (characeae) cell plasmalemma and regulation of their activity

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Cadastral and Marine Boundary Challenges in Trinidad

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Cadaver talk: Medical students' accounts of their year-long experience

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Calcaneal Gait in spastic Diplegia After Heel Cord Lemgthening

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Calcified Plaque in the Superior Portion of the Major Fissure

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Calcination and sintering of Ba2Ti9O20alkoxide-derived powder

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Calcite fabrics in the hinge zones of experimentally folded single layers of marble and limestone

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Calcite rafts, peloids, and micrite in cave deposits from Cayman Brae, British West Indies

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Calcite solubility and speciation in supercritical NaCl-HCl aqueous fluids

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Calcite veins of the Stripa granite (Sweden) as records of the origin of the groundwaters and their interactions with the granitic body

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Calcitonin-gene-related-peptide in the treatment of severe Raynaud's phenomenon

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Calcium Antagonists in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension

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Calcium antagonistic effects of brovincamine in a snail neurone

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Calcium channel activation and inactivation inParameciumbiochemically measured by cyclic GMP production

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Calcium channel antagonists part III: Use and comparative efficacy in hypertension and supraventricular arrhythmias. Minor indications

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Calcium channel antagonists part IV: Side effects and contraindications drug interactions and combinations

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Calcium channel antagonists, part I: Fundamental properties: Mechanisms, classification, sites of action

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Calcium dependent ATPases and nucleotide phosphatases of the human placental basal plasma membrane

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Calcium et mucilage dans les feuilles de Adansonia digitata(Baobab)

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Calcium in the Vacuoles and Cell Walls of Plant Tissue1)1Dedicated to Prof. Dr. H. Meusel on The occasion of his 80th birthday

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Calcium in the pig placenta

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Calcium is required for the increase of dark respiration during diurnal nitrogen fixation by Synechococcus RF-1

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Calcium movements associated with peptide induced phagocytosis inAmoeba proteus

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Calcium-channel antagonists, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, and serotonin antagonists

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Calcul d'une colonne de rectification multiples alimentations et soutirages latraux

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Calculated Particle Deposition at the Alveolar Duct

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Calculated compositions of fluids released from a crystallizing granitic melt: Importance of pressure on the genesis of ore forming fluid

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Calculating Effective Absolute Permeability in Sandstone/Shale Sequences

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Calculating sunken shafts for loads developed during embedment

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Calculating the beta function from three common particle size distributions

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Calculating the geometrical parameters of iminoxy radicals using the unrestricted Hartree-Fock-Roothaan method. 2. The radicals Z-HFC=NO.and E-HFC=NO

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Calculating the theoretical change in the mode of a rock by simple and ideal water-rock interaction

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Calculation and design of thread-rolling roller for conical threads

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Calculation for the elastic element of the vibration damper of drilling columns

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Calculation of Interband Tunneling in Inhomogeneous Fields

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Calculation of Internal Radiation Exposures at a High Energy Electron Accelerator

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Calculation of Phase Diagrams in the Lattice-Gas Model by Modified Cluster Field Method Application to High-Temperature Superconductors

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Calculation of Polycrystal Elastic Constants from Single-Crystal Data

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Calculation of Surface-Induced Core-Level Shifts for Covalent Semiconductors C, Si, Ge, and a-Sn I. (111) 2 1 Surfaces

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Calculation of absorption in the microwindows of the 4.3 m CO2 band from an ECS scaling analysis

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Calculation of complication probability factors for non-uniform normal tissue irradiation: The effective volume method gerald

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Calculation of deep rigid rectangular anchor slabs

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Calculation of dynamic measuring errors for the main parameters of forced expiration

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Calculation of heat adsorption of certain halomethanes on graphitized thermal black

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Calculation of magmatic fluid contributions to porphyry-type ore systems: Predicting fluid inclusion chemistries

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Calculation of multilayered shells subjected to nonsteady effects

A. N. Kozlov, 1989:
Calculation of optimal peripheral velocity of impeller of liquid-ring machines

Yu. A. Korotaev; A. V. Tsepkov; A. M. Kochnev, 1989:
Calculation of principal geometric parameters for multithread helicoidal rotor mechanism of screw-type downhole motor

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Calculation of quantum efficiency of field-assisted transmission-mode GaAs photocathodes

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Calculation of resistivity and IP anomalies of a plate model with an integral equation

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Calculation of shear viscosity piezocoefficient for liquid lubricants

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Calculation of simultaneous chemical and phase equilibria in nonideal systems

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Calculation of storm surges and tsunamis via boundaryfitted coordinates

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Calculation of the Auger Spectra of Clusters Modelling Solid Hydrogen Fluoride

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Calculation of the adsorption equilibrium parameters of inert gases and their binary mixtures on zeolite NaX

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Calculation of the adsorption of interacting molecules on a stepped surface

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Calculation of the capacity of a continuously-acting centrifuge allowing for the rate of feed of the suspension

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Calculation of the chemical potential in the Gibbs ensemble

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Calculation of the conditions for the pulse regeneration of filter membranes

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Calculation of the effect of shock and temperature on hydrogen bonding in water

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Calculation of the effects of substituents in 1,4-benzodiazepines on their psychotropic activity

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Calculation of the ionization constant of H2O to 2,273 K and 500 MPa

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Calculation of the parameters of the cladding of elements of pressure vessels

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Calculation of the spectral absorption curves for nitrogen-bearing compounds based on a computer library

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Calculation of the surface albedo of Bahrain from solar energy data

B. T. Marinyuk, 1989:
Calculation of the thermal resistance of cryoscopic deposits from water ice

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Calculation of the thermodynamic and transport properties of aqueous species at high pressures and temperatures: Standard partial molal properties of inorganic neutral species

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Calculation of the transport properties of aqueous species at pressures to 5 KB and temperatures to 1000C

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Calculation of the triple differential cross sections for high energy electron impact ionisation of helium

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Calculation of the vibrational force field for 4-nitropyridine N-oxide by the AM1 and MNDO semi-empirical methods

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Calculation of transport coefficients using a modified Mori formalism

Andrzej Anderko, 1989:
Calculation of vaporliquid equilibria at elevated pressures by means of an equation of state incorporating association

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Calculations for CH4 in a tetrahedral site in an Xe matrix

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Calculations of droplet dynamics in high temperature environments

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Calculations of induced dipole moments: adamantane derivatives

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Calculations of inlet distortion induced compressor flow field instability

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Calculations of steady-state viscoelastic flow in an undulating tube

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Calculations of structures of styrenes and stilbenes by molecular mechanics

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Calculations of viscoelastic flow through an axisymmetric corrugated tube using the explicitly elliptic momentum equation formulation (EEME)

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Caledonian ages in Variscan rocks: Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic variations in dioritic intrusives from the northwestern Bohemian Massif, West Germany

&na;,, 1989:
Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings in the U.S. and Aborad

&na;,, 1989:
Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings in the U.S. and Abroad

Elliott, S.M.; Brigham, M.E.; Kiesling, R.L.; Schoenfuss, H.L.; Jorgenson, Z.G., 2018:
Environmentally relevant chemical mixtures of concern in waters of United States tributaries to the Great Lakes

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Calf deep vein thrombosisA wolf in sheep's clothing?

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Calibration and check of vacuum leaks by the accumulation method

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Calibration of a small infrared sensor for measuring leaf temperature in the field: nonsteady state conditions

Thompson, I M G, 1989:
Calibration of protection-level instruments, conversion coefficients (Sv/Gy) for the ISO reference photon radiations

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Calibration of simple methods of calculating the fire safety of flexural reinforced concrete members

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Calibration of the ion microprobe for quantitative trace precious metal analyses of ore minerals

Yan, S.; Wang, M.; Zha, J.; Zhu, L.; Li, W.; Luo, Q.; Sun, J.; Wang, Z., 2017:
Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Carbamazepine Caused Endocrine-Disrupting Effects on Nontarget Organisms, Chinese Rare Minnows (Gobiocypris rarus)

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Call it lentectomy

Callahan, J. J., 1989:
Callahan Replies

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Calmodulin-Gehalt in Milchdrüse, Leber und Gehirn von laktierenden Ratten nach Depletion an Blei

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Calorie-based conditioning of food preferences

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Calorimetric determination of H+/M+(M = Li, Cs) ion exchange in-titanium hydrogen phosphate

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Calorimetric determination of the enthalpies of complexation of thorium(IV) with amine-N-polycarboxylic acids

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Calorimetric evaluation of the effects of SiC concentration on precipitation processes in SiC particulate-reinforced 7091 aluminium

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Calorimetric studies of the interaction of 4-biphenylacetic acid and its β-cyclodextrin inclusion compound with lipid model membrane

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Calorimetric study of binary systems of tetraethyleneglycol octylether and polyethyleneglycol with water

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Calorimetric study on the solubilization of some primary alcohols by reversed AOT micelles

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Calorimetric techniques for the evaluation of thermal efficiencies of shape memory alloys

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Calorimetry of Cu-Zn-Al single crystals during pseudoelastic transformation

Alexandra Navrotsky; David Ziegler; Richard Oestrike; Papu Maniar, 1989:
Calorimetry of silicate melts at 1773 K: measurement of enthalpies of fusion and of mixing in the systems diopside-anorthite-albite and anorthite-forsterite

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Cambrian stratigraphy of the När 1 deep well, Gotland

Camelliin B and nobotanin I, macrocyclic ellagitannin dimers and kelated dimers, and their antitumor activity

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Camp Century hole reopened

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Campoletis chlorideaeUchida (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) as a parasite ofHelicoverpa armigera(Hub.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in southwest India

Knapp, H Dieter, 1989:
Camptosorus sibiricus (L.) Rupp. (Aspleniaceae) Relikt einer nordmongolischen Laubwaldzone?1)1)Meinem verehrten Lehrer Hermann Meusel zu seinem 80. Geburtstag in Dankbarkeit gewidmet

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Campylobacter mustelae, a New Species Resulting from the Elevation of Campylobacter pylori subsp. mustelae to Species Status

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Campylobacter pylori A Role in Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia?

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Can Carnival fit in a museum?

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Can Deception by Salespersons and Customers Be Detected Through Nonverbal Behavioral Cues?

Han, S-Yun; Kim, T John, 1989:
Can Expert Systems Help with Planning?

Michael Bleaney, 1989:
Can Gorbachev's Reforms Improve Soviet Economic Performance?

Christopher Grandy, 1989:
Can Government Be Trusted to Keep Its Part of a Social Contract?: New Jersey and the Railroads, 1825-1888

John Wilson, 1989:
Can One Promise to Love Another?

Conviser, R; Rutledge, J H., 1989:
Can Public Policies Limit the Spread of HIV among IV Drug Users?

Joseph, F. DiMento, 1989:
Can Social Science Explain Organizational Noncompliance with Environmental Law?

Leora, N. Rosen; Linda, Z. Moghadam, 1989:
Can Social Supports Be Engineered? An Example from the Army's Unit Manning System

Philip Hugly; Charles Sayward, 1989:
Can There Be A Proof That Some Unprovable Arithmetic Sentence Is True?

Guthrie, H A., 1989:
Can Total Blood Cholesterol Predict Risk of Coronary Heart Disease?

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Can Ultrasound Reliably Diagnose Ectopic Pregnancy?

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Can Various Classes of Atomic Configurations (Delaunay Simplices) be Distinguished in Random Dense Packings of Spherical Particles?

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Can You Hear the Clapping of One Hand? Learning to Live With a Stroke

Furlong, M, 1989:
Can a Family Therapist do Statutory Work?

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Can a mechanistic rationale be provided for non-genotoxic carcinogens identified in rodent bioassays?

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Can we scale reinforcing efficacy of drugs and does it tell us anything about abuse liability?

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Cancer pain

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Cannabis and human social behaviour

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Canned peas or frozen?

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Cannibal Creek Granite: Post-Tectonic "Ballooning" Pluton or Pre-Tectonic Piercement Diapir?: A Discussion

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Canonical molecular dynamics simulation

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Canopy dynamics of lianes and trees in subtropical rainforest

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Capacity control of air-conditioning systems by power inverters

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Capillary zone electrophoresis of fuel materials

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CapillaryGravity Waves on a Slow Current

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Capital Flows and Rates of Profit

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Capital Gains as Economic Rent

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Capital Switching and the Role of Ground Rent: 1 Theoretical Problems

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Capital Switching and the Role of Ground Rent: 2 Switching between Circuits and Switching between Submarkets

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Capital Switching and the Role of Ground Rent: 3 Switching between Circuits, Switching between Submarkets, and Social Change

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Capital and Labour Efficiencies: A Regional Analysis

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Capital, the State, and Regional Development

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Capitalism is richer, democracy is safer

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Capitalism, Freedom and Rhetorical Argumentation

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Capnography Is Not as Sensitive as Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring in Detecting Marrow Microembolism

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Capsaicin Applied to Cranial Vessels in the Cat Excites Thalamic Neurones

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Capsular Contraction following Augmentation Mammoplasty: Etiology, Management, and Prevention

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Caractres gochimiques des formations birrimiennesdu supergroupe de Mako (Sabodala et ses environs)

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Caractrisation de l'tat limite de l'argile de Pornic

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Caractrisation des relations trophiques htrotypiques antagonistes

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Caractristiques des changements du paysage urbain dans la ville de Montral

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Carbamazepine Toxicity and Poisoning

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Carbohydrate chemistry

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Carbon Distribution in the Stiliwater Complex and Evolution of Vapor During Crystallization of Stillwater and Bushveld Magmas

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Carbon Fiber Articulated AFO ??? An Alternative Design

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Carbon dioxide and oxygen cycles a vital combination

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Carbon dioxide responeses of the lateral line organ in the Carp Cyprinus carpio

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Carbon distributions of bituminous coals studied by dipolar dephasing n.m.r. and FT-i.r

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Carbon fibres coated with titanium carbide using the liquid metal transfer agent technique

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Carbon-proton and proton-proton spin-spin coupling surfaces for the methane molecule

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Carbon-thermal reduction and nitridation of mixtures of SiO2and Al2O3 2H2O

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Carbonaceous Aerosol Sources in Rio de Janeiro

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Carbonaceous Particles and Regional Haze in the Western United States

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Carbonic anhydrase activity in peripheral T-lymphocytes and appearance of the activity during their maturation in the thymus

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Carboniferous Fossil Plant Localities

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Carbonization of wood: Product analysis and energy assessment

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Carboplatin in lung cancer

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Carbothermal reduction process of precursors derived from alkoxides for synthesis of boron-doped SiC powder

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Carboxylate symmetric stretching infrared absorbances of chemically modified heparins

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Carboxylesterases of high molecular weight in the hemolymph ofLocusta migratoria

Carboxylic acids and carbonyl compounds in southern California clouds and fogs

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Carboxymethyl cellulase, β-glucosidase and xylanase production by Bacillus isolates from soil

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Carcinogenic risk assessment criteria associated with inhalation of airborne particulates containing chromium(VI/III)

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Carcinoma Cuniculatum of the Buttock

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Carcinoma at the esophago-gastric junction Its biological behaviour toward the squamous epithelium

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Carcinoma in Situ of the Testis

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Carcinoma of the esophagus

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Carcinoma of the gall bladder--can we do anything?

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Carcinoma of the head, neck, and esophagus in India

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Carcinoma of the neovagina following a Baldwin-Mori operation for congenital absence of the vagina

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Carcinoma of the uterine cervix stage III and early stage II. Prognostic value of the histological tumor regression after initial brachytherapy

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Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder

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Cardiac 3, 4-dihydroxyphenylethylene glycol (DHPG) and catecholamine levels during perindopril therapy of chronic left ventricular failure in rats

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Cardiac Amyloidosis Causing Ventricular Tachycardia

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Cardiac Arrhythmias: The Role of Triggered Activity and Other Mechanisms

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Cardiac Critters

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Cardiac Lesions in HIV Infection

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Cardiac and hemodynamic monitoring

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Cardiac calendar 1989 and 1990

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Cardiac calendar1989 and 1990

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Cardiac failure

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Cardiac functional analysis by laser speckle interferometry

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Cardiac infections

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Cardiac pacing dilemmas

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Cardiac physiology of the infant with congenital heart disease

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Cardinal errors in bone radiology

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Cardiodepressor action of platelet activating factor