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Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in aqueous solutions at elevated temperatures

Lin, C.C.; Smith, F.R.; Ichikawa, N.; Baba, T.; Itow, M.

International Journal of Chemical Kinetics 23(11): 971-987


ISSN/ISBN: 0538-8066
DOI: 10.1002/kin.550231103
Accession: 062159583

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Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in high-purity water has been measured at temperatures ranging 100 to 280°C in a laboratory test loop A first-order decomposition kinetics has been observed in all cases, but the decomposition rates were found to vary widely, depending on the material used in the reaction chamber In a 4 mm Id stainless steel tubing, the decomposition rate constant is determined to be k = 2 × 105 exp (−14800/RT)This decomposition rate is approximately 100 times faster than that observed in a Teflon tubing. The variation of decomposition rate in different reaction chambers is attributed to the heterogeneous catalytic effects There is no evidence of reaction between H2 and H2O2 in the highpurity water at temperatures up to 280°C.

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