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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62242

Chapter 62242 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Boris, E. Chechik; Bernard Fernandes, 1992:
Increased expression of highly branchedN-linked oligosaccharides terminating inN-acetylglucosamine residues in neoplastic and sclerodermal chicken fibroblasts

A. Lynch; E. Tartour; J. L. Teillaud; B. Asselain; W. H. Fridman; C. Sautés, 1992:
Increased levels of soluble low-affinity Fe receptors (IgG-binding factors) in the sera of tumour-bearing mice

Pangerl, A.M.; Stuedle, A.; Jaroni, H.W.; Gattaz, W.F., 1992:
Increased lysophosphatidylcholine content in platelet membrane of schizophrenics

Mebust, W K., 1992:
Increased mortality after transurethral prostatectomy for benign prostatic hyperplasia

F. Gillardon; S. Gillessen; U. Otten; M. Zimmermann, 1992:
Increased nerve growth factor (NGF) levels in inflammatory skin exudate and sensory ganglia following cutaneous ultraviolet (UV) irradiation are not linked to neuropeptide gene expression in rats

Arizono, T; Oga, M; Sugioka, Y, 1992:
Increased resistance of bacteria after adherence to polymethyl methacrylate

Alexander, K.T. Chan; Charles, E. Chaffey, 1992:
Increased sedimentation rate and viscosity in suspensions of humidified glass beads

Michael, G. Weller; Ludwig Weil; Reinhard Niessner, 1992:
Increased sensitivity of an enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the determination of triazine herbicides by variation of tracer incubation time

J. Corral; J. M. Miralles; I. J. García-Pascual; J. J. Corrales; A. Garcia-Sastre; E. Villar, 1992:
Increased serumN-acetyl-β-d-glucosaminidase and α-ddd-mannosidase activities in obese subjects

Ilkka Linnankoski; Mari Grönroos; Synnöve Carlson; Antti Pertovaara, 1992:
Increased sexual behavior in male Macaca arctoides monkeys produced by atipamezole, a selective α2-adrenoceptor antagonist

Annoni, G; Weiner, F R.; Zern, M A., 1992:
Increased transforming growth factor-β1 gene expression in human liver disease

G. Penno; O. Giampietro; M. Nannipieri; L. Rizzo; A. Rapuano; R. Miccoli; A. Bertolotto; M. Cecere; A. Lucchetti; R. Navalesi, 1992:
Increased urinary albumin excretion aggregates with atherosclerotic risk factors in type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus

Bowness, J.Michael; Sewell, S; Tarr, A H., 1992:
Increased (-glytamyl)lysine crosslinking associated with increased protein synthesis in the inner layers of healing rat skin wounds

Williams, N J; Twine, F E, 1992:
Increasing Access or Widening Choice: The Role of Resold Public-Sector Dwellings in the Housing Market

Williamson, D. A.; Williamson, S. H.; Watkins, P. C.; Hughes, H. H., 1992:
Increasing Cooperation among Children Using Dependent Group-Oriented Reinforcement Contingencies

Collins, E G., 1992:
Increasing Practice-Based Research

Alderman, N; Shepherd, J; Youngson, H, 1992:
Increasing Standing Tolerance and Posture Quality following Severe Brain Injury Using a Behaviour Modification Approach

Jakob, H. Scheiffarth; Brian, J. Wagner; Karl Brennfleck; Wolf Huettner, 1992:
Increasing high temperature oxidation and corrosion resistance of graphite and carbon-fiber-reinforced carbon by deposition of a low pressure chemically vapor-deposited silicon carbide coating

Fuselier, S.; Dusenberry, P., 1992:
Increasing involvement in local schools

Newell, A. F.; Booth, L.; Arnott, J.; Beattie, W., 1992:
Increasing literacy levels by the use of linguistic prediction

A. Cigada; M. Cabrini; P. Pedeferri, 1992:
Increasing of the corrosion resistance of the Ti6Al4V alloy by high thickness anodic oxidation

Novello, A C; Braslow, J B, 1992:
Increasing organ donations

Suzanne, H. Rodgers, 1992:
Increasing productivity and profit through health and safety. Case studies in successful occupational health and safety practice

Dumka, L E., 1992:
Increasing the Pleasure Bond

Zimmerman, D W.; Zumbo, B D., 1992:
Increasing the Power of Tests of Location and Correlation by Transforming Scores to Ranks and Indicators

M. F. Sokolovskii; M. I. Chernovol; V. Ya. Chabannyi; V. N. Nalivaiko; V. A. Pavlyuk-Moroz, 1992:
Increasing the life of chemical apparatus paets by contact surfacing

I. N. Buneev; M. I. Fal'kovich; A. A. Gureev; V. T. Solodovnikova, 1992:
Increasing the lifetime of vacuum oils

Steven, H. Neau; Lester Chafetz; Michelle, Y. Chow, 1992:
Increasing the optical rotation of l-carbidopa by reaction with dicarbonyl compounds

Tothfalusi, L; Magyar, K, 1992:
Increasing the reliability of computer assisted binding parameter estimation

Kurt Lange; Arndt Hettig; Markus Knoerr, 1992:
Increasing tool life in cold forging through advanced design and tool manufacturing techniques

J. H. M. Scholten, 1992:
Increasing urea-N efficiency for transplanted lowland rice by pneumatic injection: Yield and economics at the farm level

Higgins, E T., 1992:
Increasingly Complex but Less Interesting Articles: Scientific Progress or Regulatory Problem?

Shore, R.A.; Yaghjian, A.D., 1992:
Incremental Diffraction Coefficients for Plane Conformal Strips with Application to Bistatic Scattering from the Disk

Greenberg, G. D., 1992:
Incremental Health System Reform: Will The Pattern Persist?

M. J. Beasley; W. A. B. Brown; A. J. Legge, 1992:
Incremental banding in dental cementum: Methods of preparation for teeth from archaeological sites and for modern comparative specimens

Cengiz Yilmaz, 1992:
Incremental order quantity for the case of very lumpy demand

Hiroyuki Morikawa; Hiroshi Harashima, 1992:
Incremental recovery of 3-D rigid and nonrigid structure from image sequences: An approach based on smoothness of motion

Seta, C. E.; Seta, J. J., 1992:
Increments and Decrements in Mean Arterial Pressure as a Function of Audience Composition: An Averaging and Summation Analysis

Ogata, E, 1992:
Incretion, metabolism and diabetes mellitus.1.Calcium metabolism abnormality and disease.Especially, blood calcium abnormality

J. Merino; M. L. Subirá; S. Martín Algarra, 1992:
Incubation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) with rIL2+rGMCSF increases the rate of CD34+ and lak cells in vitro. Preliminary observations

S. Preuß; H.-C. Langowski; T. Damm; M. Stuke, 1992:
Incubation/ablation patterning of polymer surfaces with sub-m edge definition for optical storage devices

A.J. Kaumann; F.D. King; R.C. Young, 1992:
Indazole as an indole bioisostere: 5-HT4 receptor antagonism

J. T. Czernuszka; T. F. Page, 1992:
Indentation behaviour of alloyed zirconia ceramics

T. S. Sheu; S. C. Chang, 1992:
Indentation hardness anisotropy of Al-Li single crystals

J. D. Stanescu; H. M. Chan, 1992:
Indentation study of fracture toughness anisotropy in cubic zirconium oxide single crystals

T. R. G. Kutty; C. Ganguly, 1992:
Indentation technique for evaluation of hot hardness and creep of SS 316 end-plug welds of nuclear, fuel pins

Priscilla Ebersole, 1992:
Independence day musings of the elders

Kerr, R; Normand, R, 1992:
Independent Living and Psychomotor Performance

Zuofu Xie; Shiren Shen, 1992:
Independent and synergic inhibition of dipyridamole and radiation on K562-and K562/ADM cell linesin vitro

Basnett, I, 1992:
Independent living: A personal view

Sleeckx, N.; Van Brantegem, L.; Van den Eynden, G.; Fransen, E.; Casteleyn, C.; Van Cruchten, S.; Veldhuis Kroeze, E.; Van Ginneken, C., 1992:
Index Des Auteurs

Taha, D; Gunther, L; Bao, J; Sakamoto, T, 1992:
Index des auteurs

Duong Quy, S.; Perez, T.; Orlikowski, D.; Decavèle, M., 1992:
Index des sujets

Navarrete-Meneses, Mía.Del.Pilar.; Pérez-Vera, P., 2018:
Epigenetic alterations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

M. R. Crosby; R. E. Magill; C. R. Bauer, 1992:
Index of Mosses 19631989

Wojciech Blajer, 1992:
Index of differential-algebraic equations governing the dynamics of constrained mechanical systems

Hohenadl, C.; Klingel, K.; Mertsching, J.; Hofschneider, P.H.; Kandolf, R., 1992:
Index of subjects, volume 4

Wu, Z.; Zhao, P., 2018:
Epigenetic Alterations in Anesthesia-Induced Neurotoxicity in the Developing Brain

Kubota, T., 2016:
Epigenetic alterations induced by environmental stress associated with metabolic and neurodevelopmental disorders

Ushijima, T.; Maeda, M.; Kawachi, A., 2018:
Epigenetic Alterations in Gastrointestinal Cancers: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Xie, K.; Ryan, D.P.; Pearson, B.L.; Henzel, K.S.; Neff, F.; Vidal, R.O.; Hennion, M.; Lehmann, I.; Schleif, M.; Schröder, S.; Adler, T.; Rathkolb, B.; Rozman, J.; Schütz, A-Lena.; Prehn, C.; Mickael, M.E.; Weiergräber, M.; Adamski, J.; Busch, D.H.; Ehninger, G.; Matynia, A.; Jackson, W.S.; Wolf, E.; Fuchs, H.; Gailus-Durner, V.; Bonn, S.; Hrabě de Angelis, M.; Ehninger, D., 2018:
Epigenetic alterations in longevity regulators, reduced life span, and exacerbated aging-related pathology in old father offspring mice

Imgenberg-Kreuz, J.; Sandling, J.K.; Nordmark, G., 2018:
Epigenetic alterations in primary Sjögren's syndrome - an overview

Susanne, M. Humphrey, 1992:
Indexing biomedical documents: From thesaural to knowledge-based retrieval systems

Krishna, S, 1992:
India and Sri Lanka: A fatal convergence

Kapur, A, 1992:
India's evolving defense postures and policies

Omvedt, G, 1992:
India's reds and greens at Loggerheads

Sekhar, C, 1992:
India's security environment: An Indian view

Prakash, P, 1992:
India: Advertising of infant foods to be restricted

Allahbadia, G.; Shah, N, 1992:
India: Begging eunuchs of Bombay

Srinivasa Murthy, R., 1992:
India: Raising awareness of human rights

Peter, B. Evans, 1992:
Indian informatics in the 1980s: The changing character of state involvement

A.V. Shekdar; K.N. Krishnaswamy; V.G. Tikekar; A.D. Bhide, 1992:
Indian urban solid waste management systemsJaded systems in need of resource augmentation

Henk Smeijsters, 1992:
Indicatie en analogie: kan muziektherapie beschouwd worden als een vorm van psychotherapie?

Mauguière, F., 1992:
Indications de l'EEG dans les 24 heures qui suivent une hospitalisation pour crise convulsive au service d'urgence

B. Andreoni; A. Marini, 1992:
Indications de la chirurgie durgence

G. Gacon, 1992:
Indications du ligament artificiel dans la chirurgie du pivot central du genou

Richard K Dalberg, 1992 :
Indications for radiography in patients with acute ankle injuries: Role of the physical examination: Auletta AG, Conway WF, Hayes CW, et al AJR 157:789791 Oct 1991

G. Åkerström; S. Ljunghall; J. Rastad; C. Juhlin, 1992:
Indications for surgery still exist in asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism

Cosico, J N.; Rothlauf, E B., 1992:
Indications, Management, and Patient Education: Anticoagulation Therapy

R. Widhalm; J. Krugluger; G. Hofer; G. Wingemayr, 1992:
Indications, limits and results of arthroplasty and procedures that preserve the metatarsophalangeal joint for the treatment of hallux valgus

Adrahi, W.; Neves, C. Costa; de Azevedo, L. Brito, 1992:
Indicators to Improve Decision-Making and Resource Allocation in the Azores Region

Valerio Facchinelli; Mario Gaeta, 1992:
Indicazioni petrogenetiche dai granati birifrangenti dei proietti sialici nelle vulcaniti alcalino potassiche dei Monti Sabatini (Lazio)

Lo, N. Chyan-huei; Jacobson, L D.; Squire, J L., 1992:
Indices of Relative Abundance from Fish Spotter Data based on Delta-Lognornial Models

Krzysztof Jaworek, 1992:
Indicies of human movement during walking and running

Eric Pawson, 1992:
Indigenous land rights: report of a workshop sponsored by the Commonwealth Geographical Bureau, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand, 28 February 1992

G. Richard,C. Berzas,K. Neimeyer, 1992:
Indikation, Technik und Ergebnisse der operativen Behandlung bei akuter Retinanekrose

Volkers, N., 1992:
Indirect Cost Problems Branded "Systemic"

Inokuchi, T; Kusumoto, M; Sugimoto, T; Tanaka, H; Torii, S, 1992:
Indirect Electroreduction of α,β-Epoxy Carbonyl Compounds and Their Analogues by Use of A (PhSe)2/Sacrificial Anode System

David Silken, 1992:
Indirect Evaluation of the Marginal Fit of Dental Castings

Tubbs, M. E.; James-Valutis, M., 1992:
Indirect Measures of Causal Dimensions: Estimating the Reliability of a Composite of Separate Constructs

Park, K Ha; Lee, J Bum, 1992:
Indirect Oxidative Deamination of Benzylamines to Benzaldehydes

Wittman, I; Past, T; Tapsonyi, Z; Belagyi, T; Javor, T, 1992:
Indirect and direct evidences for three type effect of the phenazine methosulphate on erytrocytes

Le Contel, C; Parant, F; Parant, M, 1992:
Indirect and selective down-regulation of serum tumor necrosis factor-α release by interleukin-1β

Shih-Haur Shen; Cheng-Ching Yu, 1992:
Indirect feedforward control: multivariable systems

Gydrky, J; Mikus, E; Kormoczy, P, 1992:
Indirect sympathomimetic and indirect sympathomimetic inhibitory effect of (-)-deprenyl

Rundquist, S, 1992:
Indirectness: A gender study of flouting Grice's maxims

Azy Barak; William, A. Fisher; Sandra Houston, 1992:
Individual Difference Correlates of the Experience of Sexual Harassment Among Female University Students

Singer, M, 1992:
Individual Differences in Adaption-Innovation: A Clarification

Shrum, L. J.; McCarty, J. A., 1992:
Individual Differences in Differentiation in the Rating of Personal Values: The Role of Private Self-Consciousness

Mary, E. Kite, 1992:
Individual Differences in Males' Reactions to Gay Males and Lesbians

Whinnery, K W.; Stecker, P M., 1992:
Individual Progress Monitoring to Enhance Instructional Programs in Mathematics

Moghaddam, F M.; Perreault, S, 1992:
Individual and Collective Mobility Strategies among Minority Group Members

Harrison, J. Kline, 1992:
Individual and combined effects of behavior modeling and the cultural assimilator in cross-cultural management training

Robert, A. Hinde; Alison Tamplin; Jane Barrett, 1992:
Individual characteristics, child-mother and child-younger sibling interactions of 4-year-olds

David Magnusson, 1992:
Individual development: A longitudinal perspective

Fleishman, E A.; Zaccaro, S J.; Mumford, M D., 1992:
Individual differences and leadership III: An overview

Fleishman, E A.; Zaccaro, S J.; Mumford, M D., 1992:
Individual differences and leadershipII: An overview

Hdstijn, J H.; Bossers, B, 1992:
Individual differences in L2 proficiency as a function of L1 proficiency

José Antonio Ruiz Caballero; José Bermúdez Moreno, 1992:
Individual differences in depression, induced mood, and perception of emotionally toned words

Masakado Kawata; Motoharu Inaba, 1992:
Individual differences in growth and access to food in the freshwater snail,Physa acuta

Gallaher, P E., 1992:
Individual differences in nonverbal behavior: Dimensions of style

Haenggi, D; Perfetti, C A., 1992:
Individual differences in reprocessing of text

Mealey, L, 1992:
Individual differences in reproductive tactics: Cuing, assessment, and facultative strategies

Virginia Blankenship, 1992:
Individual differences in resultant achievement motivation and latency to and persistence at an achievement task

Herdman, C M.; LeFevre, J-Anne, 1992:
Individual differences in the efficiency of word recognition

Kirkcaldy, B D.; Furnham, A; Lynn, R, 1992:
Individual differences in work attitudes

R.P. Riemsma; E.R. Seydel; E. Taal; H. Brus; J.J. Rasker, 1992:
Individual education to people with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Emde, R N., 1992:
Individual meaning and increasing complexity: Contributions of Sigmund Freud and Ren Spitz to developmental psychology

Trond Petersen, 1992:
Individual, Collective, and Systems Rationality in Work Groups: Dilemmas and Market-Type Solutions

Chester, A. Insko, J Schopler, J F. Kennedy, K R. Dahl, K A. Graetz and Stephen, M. Drigotas, 1992:
Individual-Group Discontinuity from the Differing Perspectives of Campbell's Realistic Group Conflict Theory and Tajfel and Turner's Social Identity Theory

Thomas, A J., 1992:
Individualised Teaching

Myers, J; Buchanan, N; Smith, D; Neutel, J; Bowes, E; Walsh, D; Froelicher, V F., 1992:
Individualized Ramp Treadmill

Jan Reed, 1992:
Individualized nursing care: some implications

Carolyn Webster-Stratton, 1992:
Individually administered videotape parent training: who benefits?

John, H.Y. Edwards, 1992:
Indivisibility and preference for collective provision

Singer, D; Markandu, N; Inoue, J; Buckley, M; Miller, M; Sagnella, G; Wilcox, A; Shirley, D; MacGregor, G, 1992:
Indomethacin Causes Acute Sodium Retention on a High but Not on a Low Sodium Diet

Fracasso, M; Brunello, F; Leone, R, 1992:
Indomethacin action on hepatic hemoproteins

Haber, A D.; Beckett, W S., 1992:
Indomethacin and Methacholine Tolerance in Normal Subjects

Wurnig, C; Eyb, R; Auersperg, V, 1992:
Indomethacin for prevention of ectopic ossification in cementless hip arthroplasties

Indonesian Medicinal Plants. III. On the Constituents of the Bark of Fagara rhetza(Rutaceae). (1). Alkaloids, Phenylpropanoids, and Acid Amide

C.S. Dudney; A.R. Hawthorne; D.L. Wilson; R.B. Gammage, 1992:
Indoor 222Rn in Tennessee Valley Houses: Seasonal, Building, and Geological Factors

Rudolf, H. Scheffrahn; Cynthia, L. Bloomcamp; Nan-Yao Su, 1992:
Indoor Airborne Residues of Methyl Bromide and Sulfuryl Fluoride Following Aeration of Fumigated Houses

Risto Ruotsalainen; Rauno Rönnberg; Jorma Säteri; Antti Majanen; Olli Seppänen; Jouni, J. K. Jaakkola, 1992:
Indoor Climate and the Performance of Ventilation in Finnish Residences

Chris, S.K. Liang; Jed, M. Waldman, 1992:
Indoor Exposures To Acidic Aerosols At Child And Elderly Care Facilities

D. Bruce Henschel, 1992:
Indoor Radon Reduction in Crawl-space Houses: A Review of Alternative Approaches

Yu, K.N.; Young, E.C.M.; Stokes, M.J.; Luo, D.L.; Zhang, C.X., 1992 :
Indoor Radon and Environmental Gamma Radiation in Hong Kong

Walkinshaw, D S., 1992:
Indoor air '90: Characterization of indoor air

Jacek Namieśnik; Tadeusz Górecki; Bożena Kozdroń-Zabiega ła; Jerzy Łukasiak, 1992:
Indoor air quality (IAQ), pollutants, their sources and concentration levels

Weschler, C J.; Hodgson, A T.; Wooley, J D., 1992:
Indoor chemistry: ozone, volatile organic compounds, and carpets

Colome, S D; Kado, N Y; Jaques, P; Kleinman, M, 1992:
Indoor-outdoor air pollution relations: particulate matter less than 10 m in aerodynamic diameter (PM10) in homes of asthmatics

Sinclair, J.D.; Psota-Kelty, L.A.; Peins, G.A.; Ibidunni, A.O., 1992:
Indoor/outdoor relationships of airborne ionic substances: Comparison of electronic equipment room and factory environments

Z. C. Wu, E. S. Gao, X. Y. Ku, S. Y. Lu, M. J. Wang, W. C. Hong and L. P. Chow, 1992:
Induced Abortion Among Unmarried Women in Shanghai, China

Ulrich Förstermann; Harald, H.H.W. Schmidt; Kathy, L. Kohlhaas; Ferid Murad, 1992:
Induced RAW 264.7 macrophages express soluble and particulate nitric oxide synthase: inhibition by transforming growth factor-ß

V. G. Baryshevskii; K. G. Batrakov; I. Ya. Dubovskaya, 1992:
Induced Radiation from a Relativistic Electron Beam in Periodic Structures

Peter, C. Fishburn, 1992:
Induced binary probabilities and the linear ordering polytope: a status report

Miyoko Suzuki; Márton Kajtár; Jozsef Szejtli; Maria Vikmon; Eva Fenyvesi, 1992:
Induced circular-dichroism spectra of complexes of cyclomalto-oligosaccharides and azo dyes containing naphthalene nuclei

N. Sivashankar; Pramod, P. Khargonekar, 1992:
Induced norms for sampled-data systems

Éva Záhonyi-Budó; László I. Simándi, 1992:
Induced oxidation of phosphorus(III) by a short-lived manganate(V) intermediate in the permanganate oxidation of arsenite(III)

R. Viersbach; U. Kochendörfer; G. Schwanitz; C. Egen-Schwind; H.-G. Gumbinger, 1992:
Induced spindle and chromosome disturbances in cultured mammalian cells after treatment with isopropyl-N-(3-chlorophenyl)-carbamate (CIPC)

Alessandra Cesano; Daniela Santoli, 1992:
Inducible expression of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, tumor necrosis FACTOR-a, and INTERFERON- in two human cytotoxic leukemic T-cell lines

Frank TOTZKE; Dieter MARMÉ; Hubert HUG, 1992:
Inducible expression of human phospholipase C-2 and its activation by platelet-derived growth factor B-chain homodimer and platelet-derived growth factor A-chain homodimer in transfected NIH 3T3 fibroblasts

Susumu Oda; Takayuki Okada; Hayashi Tanaka; Katsunori Kusumoto; Nobuaki Morita; Yuki Satsumi; Takako Konishi; Shinji Satoh, 1992:
Inducing DSM-III-R and ICD-10 to Judgment On Forensic Psychiatry and Its Effect

Geoffrey I Webb; John, W.M Agar, 1992:
Inducing diagnostic rules for glomerular disease with the DLG machine learning algorithm

Christine, A. Birchansky; Gordon, F. Schwartz; Lydia, T. Komarnicky; Ronald, I. Cantor; William, A. Biermann; Frederick, M. Fellin; Jennifer, L. Adams; Carl, M. Mansfield, 1992:
Induction (neoadjuvant) chemotherapy and breast conserving treatment for locally advanced carcinoma of the breast

Masahiro IKEDA; Kiminori KIMURA; Tadashi SATO; Toshiya NAKAMURA; Yasuyuki YAMAMOTO; Masayuki, A. FUJINO, 1992:
Induction and Aggravation of Mid-esophageal Ulcers by Endoscopic BiopsyReport of a Case

Sayeed, Z.N.; Lunt, I., 1992:
Induction and Supervision for Newly Qualified Educational Psychologists

Netter, P.; Janke, W.; Erdmann, P., 1992:
Induction and assessment of aggression and its biological correlates

Nancy Papalopulu; Chris Kintner, 1992:
Induction and patterning of the neural plate

Pleuvry, B J., 1992:
Induction and prevention of tolerance to opioid drugs

Telang, N. T.; Suto, A.; Wong, G. Y.; Osborne, M. P.; Bradlow, H. L., 1992:
Induction by Estrogen Metabolite 16 ;-Hydroxyestrone of Genotoxic Damage and Aberrant Proliferation in Mouse Mammary Epithelial Cells

Yamaguchi, K; Kitamikado, M; Aoki, T; Araki, T, 1992:
Induction of .BETA.-1,3-Xylanase from Vibrio sp. AX-4 by Green Alga Enteromorpha linza

Mridula,Srinivasan,R. P. Sharma, 1992:
Induction of Chitinase in Resistant and Susceptible Varieties of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) following Infection withAscochyta rabiei

Koshi, T; Etoh, Y; Torii, T; Wada, Y; Hirata, M; Ohkuchi, M; Okabe, T, 1992:
Induction of Dyspnea by Aerosol of Endothelin-1/Histamine or /Methacholine in the Conscious Guinea Pig

S. F. Cabo; C. Sentís; J. Fernández-Piqueras, 1992:
Induction of G- and R-banding in human chromosomes by the demethylating agentS-adenosyl-l-homocysteine

Takeda, T; Shigeoka, S; Mitsunaga, T, 1992:
Induction of Glutathione Peroxidase by Selenite and Its Physiological Function in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

S. Arase; K. Fujita, 1992:
Induction of Inaccessibility to Pyricuhria oryzae by Pre-inoculation of P. grisea, in Rice Leaf-Sheath Cells

Zairin Jr., M; Furukawa, K; Aida, K, 1992:
Induction of Ovulation by HCG Injection in the Tropical Walking Catfish Clarias batrachus Reared under 23-25.DEG.C

V. Mauro Lenzini; Juana Magdalena; Claudine Fraipont; Bernard Joris; André Matagne; Jean Dusart, 1992:
Induction of aStreptomyces cacaoiβ-lactamase gene cloned inS. lividans

B. Vooková; A. Gajdošová, 1992:
Induction of adventitious buds on the cotyledons ofAbies concolor x Abies grandishybrid seedlings

Eva Machová, 1992:
Induction of aldose reductase and polyol dehydrogenase activities inAureobasidium pullulansbyd-xylose,l-arabinose andd-galactose

Oberhammer, F; Fritsch, G.; Pavelka, M.; Froschl, G.; Tiefenbacher, R.; Purchio, T.; Schulte-Hermann, R, 1992:
Induction of apoptosis in cultured hepatocytes and in the regressing liver by transforming growth factor-β1 occurs without activation of an endonuclease

J. Franekić; N. Bratulić; M. Alačević, 1992:
Induction of mitotic chromosome malsegregation by ethylenthiourea using Saccharomyces cerevisiae D61.M

Junji Yamada; Mitsuhiro Sakuma; Tetsuya Suga, 1992:
Induction of peroxisomal β-oxidation enzymes by dehydroepiandrosterone and its sulfate in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

I. P. Bryzgalov; T. V. Yudicheva; S. A. Galetskii; Yu. N. Solov'ev; E. S. Revazova, 1992:
Induction of stromal cell transformation in xenografts of human colonic carcinoma

Susan, E. Bryson; Philip Warburton; Helen, P. Wintersgill; G. Michael Drew; Anton, D. Michel; Stephen, G. Ball; Anthony, J. Balmforth, 1992:
Induction of the angiotensin AT2 receptor subtype expression by differentiation of the neuroblastoma glioma hybrid, NG-108-15

T. Zh. Nurmagambetov; B. B. Amirov; T. K. Kuanysheva; T. Sh. Sharmanov, 1992:
Induction of the monooxygenase system and incorporation of radioactivity from 2-14C-lysine into hepatic microsomes of phenobarbital-treated rats fed a diet deficient in lysine, methionine, threonine, and vitamins A, C, and E

Hilde Nebb SØRENSEN; Kaare, M. GAUTIK; Jon BREMER; Øystein SPYDEVOLD, 1992:
Induction of the three peroxisomal β-oxidation enzymes is synergistically regulated by dexamethasone and fatty acids, and counteracted by insulin in Morris 7800C1 hepatoma cells in culture

John, O. Nelson, 1992:
Induction: A Non-Sceptical Humean Solution

Vanhaecke, F.; Vandecasteele, C.; Dams, R., 1992:
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for the Determination of Aluminium, Calcium Chlorine, Iron, Magnesium Manganese and Sodium in Fresh Water

Williams, J G.; Jarvis, K E.; Wills, J. D., 1992:
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry: application to the analysis of wines

Leven, C, 1992:
Industrial Change and Regional Economic Transformation: The Experience of Western Europe

Begović, B, 1992:
Industrial Diversification and City Size: The Case of Yugoslavia

Ehrenfeld, J R., 1992:
Industrial Ecology: A Technological Approach to Sustainability

Michael Johns, 1992:
Industrial Geography || Industrial Capital and Economic Development in Turn of the Century Argentina

Ian MacLachlan, 1992:
Industrial Geography || Plant Closure and Market Dynamics: Competitive Strategy and Rationalization

Richard Florida and Martin Kenney, 1992:
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Inequalities for Women in the California Divorce Law

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Inequalities in nutritional choice: a baseline study from Valencia

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Inequalities of power and sexual problems

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Inertial gyres in decaying and forced geostrophic turbulence

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Inexpensive Apple Macintosh-Based Electrocardiography in Small Animals

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Infant Mortality on an Oregon Indian Reservation Is Almost Three Times Higher than the Overall U.S. Rate

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Infant, Father, and Marital Antecedents of Infant Father Attachment Security in Dual-Earner and Single-Earner Families

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Infection Control Update

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Infection in sudden unexpected death of infancy

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Infection systmique rcidivante Haemophilus influenzae de type F rvlant une hypogammaglobulinmie congnitale

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Infection, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma

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Infections of the immunocompromised host

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Infections respiratoires dues aux pneumocoques rsistants : exprience clinique et difficults thrapeutiques

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Infectious disease. 1MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)

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Infectious disease.2.Herpes virus infection disease

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Infectious disease.3.Unidentified fever

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Inference After Variable Selection in Linear Regression Models

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Inference under planned maintenance, warranties, and other retrospective data

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Inferred values and the reverse-incentive effect in induced compliance

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Inferring Act Frequencies and Traits from Behavior Observations

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Inferring a trait from a behavior has long-term, highly specific effects

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Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

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Inflation and Social Pacts in Brazil and Mexico

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Inflectional and derivational morphology in the mental lexicon: Symmetries and asymmetries in repetition priming

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Inflow Performance Relationships for Damaged or Improved Wells Producing Under Solution-Gas Drive

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Influence Strategies at Home and at Work: A Study of Sixty Dual Career Couples

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Influence Tactics in Combination: The Interactive Effects of Soft Versus Hard Tactics and Rational Exchange

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Influence and performance in simultaneous collective and individual induction

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Influence de la fertilisation azote sur la production du tabac cigarette au Qubec

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Influence de la prdation des larves d'Hyperaspis raynevaliet d'Hexochomus flaviventris (Col. Coccinellidae)sur les colonies de la cochenille du maniocPhenacoccus manihoti (Hom. Pseudococcidae). tude en conditions contrles

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Influence du froid, du vent et de la pluie sur les dpenses nergtiques et la thermorgulation de sept types gntiques de brebis

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Influence of AC-DC parallel interconnection on voltage stability of AC systems

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Influence of Al2O3support on the thermal decomposition of ammonium metavanadate

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Influence of Analytical Quality on Test Results

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Influence of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition on Sympathetic Neurotransmission

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Influence of CuO on the structure and dielectric properties of the Ba(Ti1xZrx)O3system

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Influence of Diuretics, Calcium Antagonists, and α-Blockers on Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Tolerance in Hypertensive Patients

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Influence of Electron-Phonon Interactions on the Physical Properties of an Interface Polaron

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Influence of Enhanced Gravitation on the Growth of Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystals from Aqueous Solutions

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Influence of Excited Atoms on the Plasma Refractivity

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Influence of External Tokamak Coil Imperfections on the Structure of the Boundary Layer Magnetic Field

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Influence of Extruder Conditions on Orientation Distribution in LLDPE Blown Films

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Influence of Flavonoids on Nodulation and Carbon Partitioning inPea-RhizobiumSymbiosis

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Influence of Florida Current, gyres and wind-driven circulation on transport of larvae and recruitment in the Florida Keys coral reefs

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Influence of High-pressure Flushing through the Rake Face of the Cutting Tool

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Influence of Intercalation by Metallic Atoms on the Shubnikov -de Haas Effect and the Energy Spectrum of Bi2Te3

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Influence of Interindustrial Relationships on Prices in Czechoslovakia

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Influence of K+ channel openers on opiate analgesia, in rats

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Influence of Laboratory Test Volume and Geographic Location on Maternal a-Fetoprotein Results

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Influence of Laundering on Durable Flame Retarded Cotton Fabrics -- Part 1. Effect of Oxidant Concentration and Detergent Type

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Influence of Mercury(II) and UV Light on the Reaction of Pentacyanoferrate (II) Ions with Oximes

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Influence of O6-methylguanine on DNA damage and cytotoxicity of temozoiomide in L1210 mouse leukemia sensitive and resistant to chloroethylnitrosoureas

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Influence of PGF2α on gastrointestinal activity in the conscious piglet

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Influence of Parasitism by Aphidius gifuensis ASHMEAD(Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) on the Reproductive Ability of Peach-Potato Aphid, Myzus persicae(SULZER)(Homoptera: Aphididae)

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Influence of Predation by Mallada boninensis(Okamoto) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) and Autumn Movement of Female Adults on Survival of Ceroplastes japonicus Green(Homoptera: Coccidae). A Model Experiment with Cage

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Influence of Sample Temperature on the Process of Hot Spot Formation and Degradation after Powerful Laser Pumping

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Influence of Second and Further Neighbours on the Presence of Faces in Crystal Habit

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Influence of Short-Range Order on the ElectronPhonon Interaction in Disordered Binary Alloys

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Influence of SiC reinforcement on precipitation and hardening of a metal matrix composite

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Influence of SiO2content in iron oxide on the magnetic properties of Mn-Zn ferrites

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Influence of Vinyl Groups on the UV-Visible Spectra and Self-Dimerization of Pyrromethenones

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Influence of a new chemical crosslink system on the morphology and crystallite size of nylon-12

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Influence of additives on the -to-a transformation of alumina

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Influence of adsorption-desorption kinetics on the performance of chromatographic processes using large-pore supports

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Influence of ageing on the effective coefficient of the radionuclides Cs-137 and Co-60 in the system: Bitumen-spent ion-exchange resins

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Influence of agitation rate on growth and ribonuclease production by free and immobilizedAspergillus clavatuscells

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Influence of alcoholic extract of whole fruit of trichosanthes dioica on blood sugar, serum lipids, lipoproteins and faecal sterols in normal albino rabbits

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Influence of alumina particle additions on the mechanical properties and fracture features of glass-epoxy composites

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Influence of amiridine, tacrine and piracetam on passive avoidance conditioning and biochemical indices of gonadectonomized rats

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Influence of an external electric field on the microstructure of superplastically deformed 7475 Al

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Influence of anion on the synthesis of gel-derived zircon

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Influence of annealing on lifetime of minority carriers in n-type CdS films

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Influence of annealing temperature on structural, electrical and optical properties of WSi2

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Influence of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on honeydew excretion and escape behaviors in a myrmecophile,dalbulus quinquenotatus(Homoptera: Cicadellidae), and its congeners

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Influence of aqueous solution of anti-icing additives on corrosion of materials of construction

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Influence of arginine onin vitrorooting of dwarf apple rootstock

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Influence of arginine, RNA and omega-3-fatty acid supplemented enteral nutrition on postoperative humoral immunity in cancer patients undergoing major upper gastrointestinal surgery

Bowker, D. E.; Davis, R. E., 1992:
Influence of atmospheric aerosols and desert reflectance properties on satellite radiance measurements

T. A. Popova; V. L. Trofimov, 1992:
Influence of axis offset on operating capabilities of a crank and connecting rod mechanism in a piston compressor

P. A. Gibbs; R. J. Seviour, 1992:
Influence of bioreactor design on exopolysaccharide production byAureobasidium pullulans

N. N. Karpinskaya; M. M. Akhmetov, 1992:
Influence of calcination medium on coke quality

P. Laffez; G. Desgardin; B. Raveau, 1992:
Influence of calcination, sintering and composition upon microwave properties of the Ba6xSm8+2x/3Ti18O54-type oxide

Míriam Lúcia Chiquetto; Maria Cândida Reginato Facciotti; Beatriz Vahan Kilikian; Willibaldo Schmidell, 1992:
Influence of carbon and nitrogen sources on glucoamylase production byAspergillusin batch process

Brettar, I; Rheinheimer, G, 1992:
Influence of carbon availability on dentrification in the central Baltic Sea

M. Kumar; R.C. Gupta; T. Sharma, 1992 :
Influence of carbonisation temperature on the gasification of Acacia wood chars by carbon dioxide

V. Tukač; J. Hanika, 1992:
Influence of catalyst particles orientation on the pressure drop and the liquid dispersion in the trickle bed reactor

A. Peigney; H. Andrianjatovo; R. Legros; A. Rousset, 1992:
Influence of chemical composition on sintering of bismuth-titanium-doped zinc oxide

T. N. Ananthakrishnan; R. Gopichandran; G. Gurusubramanian, 1992:
Influence of chemical profiles of host plants on the infestation diversity ofRetithrips syriacus

Jordi Arellano; Peter, G. Duynkerke, 1992:
Influence of chemistry on the flux-gradient relationships for the NO-O3-NO2system

Wild, R.; Hörig, H.; Filgueira, L.; Babst, R.; Heberer, M., 1992:
Influence of chronic low dose application of lipopolysaccharide on glutamine metabolism and immune function in rats

M. Schubnell, 1992:
Influence of circumsolar radiation on aperture, operating temperature and efficiency of a solar cavity receiver

A. Kresse; J. Donnerer; M. Eder; H. Reicher; G. Skofitsch; R. Amann, 1992:
Influence of clonidine and morphine on spinal afferent transmission

Shufen Li; Stanley Hartland, 1992:
Influence of co-solvents on solubility and selectivity in extraction of xanthines and cocoa butter from cocoa beans with supercritical CO2

S. Anand; J. Kalapoids; T. S. Srivatsan, 1992:
Influence of cold deformation on the microstructure of polycrystalline nickel aluminide intermetallic compound

M. J. Guest; L. M. Aerts; D. Quintens; G. Groeninckx, 1992:
Influence of component variation and morphology on the deformation behaviour of an immiscible polymer blend

O. S. Kachmar; L. N. Gud'; N. F. Chornyak, 1992:
Influence of composition and properties of petroleum sulfonates on microemulsion formation

Appupillai Baskaran; Ted Stathopoulos, 1992:
Influence of computational parameters on the evaluation of wind effects on the building envelope

S. Kulikov; J.P. Galaup, 1992:
Influence of concentration and energy transfer on permanent spectral hole widths

Miura, H; Takanashi, S; Shirai, H; Sunaoshi, W; Hosoda, N; Abo, K-ichi; Abo, J, 1992:
Influence of concurrent administration of sodium valproate on plasma concentrations of carbamazepine and its epoxide and diol metabolites

Dr. P. Simko; J. Knezo, 1992:
Influence of cooking on benzo(a)pyrene content in frankfurters

Verónica Bucalá; Daniel, O. Borio; José A. Romagnoli; José A. Porras, 1992:
Influence of cooling design on fixed-bed reactors dynamics

S. Saroja; M. Vijayalakshmi; V. S. Raghunathan, 1992:
Influence of cooling rates on the transformation behaviour of 9Cr-1 Mo-0.07C steel

Naba, K. Dutta; D.K. Tripathy, 1992:
Influence of curing systems on the properties of bromobutyl rubber: Part IIIEffect of different types of curing systems on the cure characteristics, physical properties and thermo-oxidative degradation characteristics

Hart, D; Chmiel, S, 1992:
Influence of defense mechanisms on moral judgment development: A longitudinal study

F. Nunes; A. G. Lamas; M. Almeida; H. M. M. Diz, 1992:
Influence of deflocculants on the characteristics of alumina bodies obtained by slip casting

G. N. Amezhnova; A. Z. Dorogochinskii; A. L. Proskurnin; V. I. Shmailova, 1992:
Influence of degree of decationation of high-silica zeolite on the conversion of ethylene

R. Kh. Mukhutdinov; N. A. Samoilov; R. A. Perlov, 1992:
Influence of design characteristics of plate-type reactor on effectiveness of catalyst coating

Navin Chand, 1992:
Influence of diammonium hydrogen phosphate-calcium chloride coating on the impact behaviour of sunhemp-polyester composites

Stephen George; James Henderson, 1992:
Influence of dietary PUFA content on cytochrome P450 and transferase activities in atlantic salmon (salmo salar)

M. P. Danilenko; É. A. Kim; O. V. Esyrev; S. A. Isaeva; M. R. Mukumov, 1992:
Influence of digoxin on the Na,K-ATPase activity, transmembrane potential, and contractile activity of ischemically damaged rat heart

R. Buse; U. Onken; G.N. Qazi; N. Sharma; R. Parshad; V. Verma, 1992:
Influence of dilution rate and dissolved oxygen concentration on continuous keto acid production by Gluconobacter oxydans subsp. melanogenum

Beam, E A; Temkin, H; Mahajan, S, 1992:
Influence of dislocation density on I-V characteristics of InP photodiodes

F. Viliesid; M.D. Lilly, 1992:
Influence of dissolved oxygen tension on the synthesis of catechol 1,2-dioxygenase by Pseudomonas putida

O. Vanhaute; H. Houbrechts; W. Buylaert; P. Calls, 1992:
Influence of educational programs on the prevalence of bystander-CPR in an urban region

Sheshakamal Jayaram; J.D. Cross, 1992:
Influence of electrode processes on transient conduction phenomena in non-polar liquids

Guerrero, A H, 1992:
Influence of electron-electron interactions on the transfer of single electrons between quantum dots

di Costanzo, J.; Berthet, B.; Arnaud, C.; Choux, R.; Ledoray, V.; Assadourian, R., 1992:
Influence of epidermal growth factor and interferon gamma on healing of oesophageal corrosive burns. An experimental study in the rat

T. N. Peryshkina; V. V. Grigor'ev, 1992:
Influence of esters on physicochemical properties of solvent-treated lube oils

P. D. L. Mercera; J. G. Van Ommen; E. B. M. Doesburg; A. J. Burggraaf; J. R. H. Ross, 1992:
Influence of ethanol washing of the hydrous precursor on the textural and structural properties of zirconia

Kirschenbaum, S S., 1992:
Influence of experience on information-gathering strategies

Bianchini, R.; Bruni, G.; Gazzaniga, A.; Vecchio, C., 1992:
Influence of extrusion-spheronization processing on the physical properties of d-Indobufen pellets containing pH adjusters

G.-P. Brüggemann; A. Knicker; Ch. Steppat, 1992 :
Influence of fatigue on the rearfoot motion and shock attenuation during normal running with different footwear

G. I. Shor; V. L. Lashkhi, 1992:
Influence of features of colloidal structure on service properties of additive oils

P. de Clercq; D. Degheele, 1992:
Influence of feeding interval on reproduction and longevity ofPodisus sagitta (Het.: Pentatomidae)

L. P. Kazakova; A. A. Gundyrev; O. A. Nepryakhina; M. L. Mukhin, 1992:
Influence of feedstock composition on effectiveness of modifier additives in dewaxing

Z. Ustrnul, 1992:
Influence of foehn winds on air temperature and humdity in the Polish Carpathians

S. H. Arshad; R. Twiselton; J. Smith; D. W. Hide, 1992:
Influence of genetic and environmental factors on the level of IgE at birth

Delafosse, B.; Viale, J.P.; Goudable, J.; Tissot, S.; Annat, G.; Bouffard, Y., 1992:
Influence of glucose: lipid ratio and type of lipids (LCT or MCTLCT) on carbon dioxide production and minute ventilation in ICU patients

Shun-Cheng Li; Charles, M. Deber, 1992:
Influence of glycine residues on peptide conformation in membran environments

L. A. Xue; R. Raj, 1992:
Influence of green state processing on the properties of diamond/zinc sulphide composites

M. Pirzer; M. Ch. Lux-Steiner; E. Bucher, 1992:
Influence of growth conditions on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of ZnSe films

K. A. Yushchenko; V. Yu. Skul'skii; A. A. Nakonechnyi; Yu. A. Tsyganov; N. A. Adugina, 1992:
Influence of heat application on the corrosion resistance of weld joints of 02Kh8N22S6 steel

V. G. Stepanov; G. P. Snytnikova; K. G. Ione, 1992:
Influence of heat/steam treatment of pentasil zeolite on zeoforming results for mixture of C6-C8hydrocarbons

A. Joarder; N.S. Cheruvu; D.S. Sarma, 1992:
Influence of high temperature low cycle fatigue deformation on the microstructure of a CrMoV rotor steel subjected to long-term service exposure at 425C and retempering at 677C

A. J. Grethlein; B. K. Soni; R. M. Worden; M. K. Jain, 1992:
Influence of hydrogen sulfide on the growth and metabolism ofbutyribacterium methylotrophicumandclostridium acetobutylicum

A.C. Testa, 1992:
Influence of hydrogen-bonded dimers on the luminescence of 2-pyridone

W. Zhang; N. Bay; T. Wanheim, 1992:
Influence of hydrostatic Pressure in Cold-Pressure Welding

Fasotti, L.; Bremer, J. J.C.B.; Eling, P. A.T.M., 1992:
Influence of improved text encoding on arithmetical word problem-solving after frontal lobe damage

M. G. Shishov; A. N. Popov; L. G. Surovtsev, 1992:
Influence of inhibiting additives on the composition of paraffinic deposits from crude oil

A. P. Kashid; R. T. Patil; N. B. Patil; S. H. Chavan, 1992:
Influence of iron-doping on the ferroelectric hysteresis behaviour of potassium vanadate

William, A. Apel; Patrick, R. Dugan; Michelle, R. Wiebe, 1992:
Influence of kaolin on methane oxidation by Methylomonas methanica in gas phase bioreactors

Kmieciakkolada, K; Stachura, Z; Herman, Z, 1992:
Influence of ketamine on the analgesic efficacy of the agonist-antagonist opioids

Atkinson, J. H.; Allman, M. A.; Böese, R. J., 1992:
Influence of laboratory sample perparation procedures on the strength and stoffness of intact Bothkennar soil recovered using the Laval sampler

Maria Fernandez; Jacques L'Haridon, 1992:
Influence of lightning conditions on toxicity and genotoxicity of various PAH in the newt in vivo

Mark Mahoney, 1992:
Influence of local steroid injections on traumatized tendon properties: McWhorter JW, Francis RS, Heckman RA Am J Sports Med 19:435439 Sep/Oct 1991

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Influence of location and extent of surgical resection on survival of patients with glioblastoma multiforme: Results of 3 consecutive radiation therapy oncology group (RTOG) trials

M. Göke; K. Ewe; K. Donner; K. -H. Meyer zum Büschenfelde, 1992:
Influence of loperamide and loperamide oxide on the anal sphincter

D. Besdo, 1992:
Influence of material laws on defect development predictions

Johan, U. Grobbelaar; Bernd, M. A. Kroon; Tineke Burger-Wiersma; Luuc, R. Mur, 1992:
Influence of medium frequency light/dark cycles of equal duration on the photosynthesis and respiration ofChlorella pyrenoidosa

A. Hafidi; M. Billy; J. P. Leompte, 1992 :
Influence of microstructural parameters on thermal diffusivity of aluminium nitride-based ceramics

J. Lankford, 1992:
Influence of microstructure and strain rate on the compressive strength of whisker-reinforced ceramic matrix composites

Ewa, T. Stępkowska; Stephan, A. Jefferis, 1992:
Influence of microstructure on firing colour of clays

E. Quadrini; P. Mengucci, 1992:
Influence of microstructure on the hydrogen embrittlement of Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Zr alloys

R. Rajendran; R. S. Prasad, 1992:
Influence of mite infestation on the longevity and fecundity of the mosquitoMansonia uniformis(Diptera: Insecta) under laboratory conditions

Andrea Menne; Werner Weppner, 1992:
Influence of moisture at solid/gas interfaces in electrochemical Cl2 sensors

S. -W. Tsui; R. A. Duckett; I. M. Ward, 1992:
Influence of molecular weight and branch content on the fracture behaviour of polyethylene

M.I. Flik; Z.M. Zhang, 1992:
Influence of nonequivalent detector responsivity on FT-IR photometric accuracy

Bernd Hönerlage, 1992:
Influence of nonlinear plasma diffusion on light induced grating spectroscopy

Wu, C-Chong; Lin, C-Jy, 1992:
Influence of nonparabolicity on hot electrons in n-type gallium arsenide

Klitzing, K von; Nieder, J; Haug, R J; Muller, G; Koch, S; Weiss, D; Ploog, K, 1992:
Influence of ohmic contacts on the amplitude of Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations

F. Thominette; J. Verdu; J.L. Millan, 1992:
Influence of orientation on the radiochemical oxidation of poly(vinyl chloride)

Sagratella, S; Zeng, Y; Scottidecarolis, A, 1992:
Influence of paired pulse inhibition on hypoxia-induced changes in hippompal CA1 field potentials

M.S. Gruschwitz; H.-P. Albrecht; J. Prokop; S. Buhler; O.P. Hornstein, 1992:
Influence of parenteral calcitonin treatment on arachidonic acid metabolism in patients with progressive systemic sclerosis

Siew-Ann Tan; Tien-Fang Fwa, 1992:
Influence of pavement materials on the thermal environment of outdoor spaces

J. Janszky; P. Adam; An.V. Vinogradov; T. Kobayashi, 1992:
Influence of phonon squeezing on the transient spectrum

Ignazio Renato Bellobono; Elena Selli; Luca Righetto, 1992:
Influence of photocatalytic systems on the photo-cross-linking of diallyl oxydiethylene dicarbonate grafted onto cellulose

J. M. Bouquegneau; W. W. C. Gieskes; G. W. Kraay; A. M. Larsson, 1992:
Influence of physical and biological processes on the concentration of O2and CO2in the ice-covered Weddell Sea in the Spring of 1988

S. Shandarov, 1992:
Influence of piezoelectric effect on photorefractive gratings in electro-optic crystals

A. Borghese; R. Merényi; J. Penelle; P. Pigeolet; Prof. Dr. H. G. Viehe, 1992:
Influence of polar substituents on the Antioxidant Properties of para-Vinyl Phenols and on the stabilization of the corresponding phenoxy radicals

Song, C; Hanaoka, K; Nomura, M, 1992:
Influence of pore structure and chemical properties of supported molybdenum catalysts on their performance in upgrading heavy coal liquids

Alessandro, R. Giona; Massimiliano Giona; Luigi Marrelli, 1992:
Influence of pore-network topology on the reaction-diffusion kinetics in porous pellets

Ching-Shiun Wu, 1992:
Influence of post-curing and temperature effects on bulk density, glass transition and stress-strain behaviour of imidazole-cured epoxy network

J.H. Eichhorn, 1992:
Influence of practice standards on anaesthesia outcome

Victor Sosa; J. A. Azamar-Barrios; J. L. Peña; L. Francisco Garfias; A. I. Oliva; P. Quintana, 1992:
Influence of preparation conditions on characteristics of the YBa2Cu3O7compound

G. P. Kurbskii; G. P. Kayukova; G. M. Usacheva; R. I. Mutalapova; E. V. Lifanova; T. N. Yusupva; G. V. Romanov, 1992:
Influence of production method on direction of processing heavy Ashal'chinsk crude

D. V. Boikov; V. N. Krasnikov; P. A. Loshchakov, 1992:
Influence of profile of side surface of piston on operating conditions and aging of motor oil

K. P. Ghatak; A. Ghoshal; B. Mitra, 1992:
Influence of quantization of band states on the effective electron mass in quaternary alloys

Stefano Banfi; Fernando Montanari; Silvio Quici; Gaguik Torossian, 1992:
Influence of quaternary onium salts, crown ethers and cryptands on olefin epoxidations promoted by HOCl/ClOin the Presence of Mn(III)-tetrakis(2,6-dichlorophenyl)porphyrin chloride

P. Esser, 1992:
Influence of rapid quenching of the melt on structure and properties of maraging steel

G. J. Marshall; E. K. Ioannidis, 1992:
Influence of rapid solidification route on microstructure and properties of a thermally stable Al-Cr-Zr alloy

Collen, A. Lawton; Susan, W. Barber-Derus; Kevin, J. Murray; Eric, P. Cohen; Robert, C. Ash; John, E. Moulder, 1992:
Influence of renal shielding on the incidence of late renal dysfunction associated with T-lymphocyte deplete bone marrow transplantation in adult patients COLLEEN

Quiroga, J. M.; Sales, D.; Gómez‐Parra, A., 1992:
Influence of sediment on the biodegradation kinetics of linear Alkylbenzene sulphonates in the marine environment

T. Seidel; C. Friedrich, 1992:
Influence of shear rate and temperature on the crystallization of spontaneous crystallizing glass-ceramic

K. A. Dicke; B. J. O'Kane-Murphy; A. Kessinger; J. Jackson, 1992:
Influence of short term incubation of hematopoietic cells with growth factors on production of progenitor cells

W. D. Roos; G. N. Van Wyk, 1992:
Influence of silicon on the oxidation of iron-based amorphous alloys

H. H. -D. Lee, 1992:
Influence of slip-casting and dry-pressing on structure evolution of alumina compacts

M.I Pudovkin; S.V Babushkina, 1992:
Influence of solar flares and disturbances of the interplanetary medium on the atmospheric circulation

Tadeusz Paździorek; Maria Ihnatowicz; Aleksandra Rusin, 1992:
Influence of solvent chemical structure on the conversion of a flame coal and properties of liquid hydrogenation products

Lee-Lin Soong; George, E. Leroi; Alexander, I. Popov, 1992:
Influence of solvent properties on cation-macrocycle complexation: Cesium cryptates

J. Singh; C. Suryanarayana, 1992:
Influence of some alloying elements on decomposition of a Co-3wt% Ti alloy

T. I. Urbancic; B. Feignier; R. P. Young, 1992:
Influence of source region properties on scaling relations forM

Jong Sun Choi; Ho Gi Kim, 1992:
Influence of stoichiometry and impurity on the sintering behaviour of barium titanate ceramics

J. Sanz; J. -L. Robert, 1992:
Influence of structural factors on29Si and27Al NMR chemical shifts of phyllosilicates 2:1

Veesler, S.; Boistelle, R.; Delacourte, A.; Guyot, J. C.; Guyot-hermann, A. M., 1992:
Influence of structure and size of crystalline aggregates on their compression ability

L. I. Bereza; B. M. Yarmolyuk; A. S. Zhurba; I. A. Chernyshev; R. D. Novoded, 1992:
Influence of structure on dispersancy of succinimide additives

A. V. Simonyan; E. N. Kupko; V. K. Vereshchagin, 1992:
Influence of substituted cinnamoylamides on the functional stability of blood circulation in the brain

A. S. Ioannou; W. C. Maskell, 1992 :
Influence of substrate composition on the sintering behaviour of zirconia thick films

Michael Bromark; Mats Larsson; Per Hedenqvist; Mikael Olsson; Sture Hogmark, 1992:
Influence of substrate surface topography on the critical normal force in scratch adhesion testing of TiN-coated steels

Soliman, M. F.; Kostandi, S. F.; van Beusichem, M. L., 1992:
Influence of sulfur and nitrogen fertilzer on the uptake of iron, manganese, and zinc by corn plants grown in calcareous soil

I. I. Romanovskaya; O. V. Sevast'yanov; T. I. Davidenko, 1992:
Influence of sulfur on the monooxygenase system of rat liver microsomes

J. A. Martinez-Menarguez; J. Ballesta; M. Aviles; J. F. Madrid; M. T. Castells, 1992:
Influence of sulphate groups in the binding of peanut agglutinin. Histochemical demonstration with ligh- and electron-microscopy

S.B. Padwal; R.C. Chaturvedi; U.S. Rao, 1992:
Influence of superimposed hydrostatic tension on void growth in the neck of a metal sheet in biaxial stress fields. Part - I - Modelling

S.B. Padwal; R.C. Chaturvedi; U.S. Rao, 1992:
Influence of superimposed hydrostatic tension on void growth in the neck of a metal sheet in biaxial stress fields. Part - II - Plastic instability

V. V. Lugovskii, 1992:
Influence of surface plastic deformation on the intergranular corrosion resistance of austenitic steel

Karl Heinz Koch; Dieter Sommer; Dieter Grunenberg, 1992:
Influence of surface structure on surface analytical statements

Josep Font; Azael Fabregat; Joan Salvadó; Angel Moros; Christophe Bengoa; Francesc Giralt, 1992 :
Influence of temperature and hydrogen partial pressure on the coprocessing of two Spanish lignites with a vacuum residue

V. I. A. Vieira; I. A. Johnston, 1992:
Influence of temperature on muscle-fibre development in larvae of the herringClupea harengus

Adela Kotočová, 1992:
Influence of tetraalkylammonium ions on structure of nonaqueous solvents

E. Chibowski; L. Hołysz, 1992:
Influence of tetradecylamine chloride on the surface free-energy components and flotability of barite

G. Sobe; H. Schreiber; G. Weise; A. Heinrich, 1992:
Influence of the Argon Pressure at dc Magnetron Sputtering on Contaminations in CrSi Thin Films

Bottiger, D.; Vrang, L.; Oberg, B., 1992:
Influence of the Infectious Dose of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus on the Acute Infection in Cynomolgus Monkeys and on the Effect of Treatment with 3'-Fluorothymidine

Malik, M; Xia, R; Odemuyiwa, O; Poloniecki, J; Farrell, T; Staunton, A; Camm, J, 1992:
Influence of the Noise and Artefact in Automatically Analysed Long Term Electrocardiograms on Different Methods for Time-Domain Measurement of Heart Rate Variability

Gray, W M.; Sheaffer, J D.; Knaff, J A., 1992:
Influence of the Stratospheric QBO on ENSO Variability

Christian Moreau; Mario Lamontagne; Paolo Cielo, 1992:
Influence of the coating thickness on the cooling rates of plasma-sprayed particles impinging on a substrate

Gwen, J. Walker; Virginia, L. Jacques; Eva Fiala-Beer; Morey, E. Slodki, 1992:
Influence of the culture medium on the synthesis of α-d-glucans by Streptococcus cricetus AHT

A. Pardo; E. Otero; J. Hernaez; F.J. Perez, 1992:
Influence of the environment on the microstructure of IN-657 alloy exposed to the action of a molten mixture of 60% V2O5-40% Na2SO4

P.H.M.R. Cramers; L.L. van Dierendonck; A.A.C.M. Beenackers, 1992:
Influence of the gas density on the gas entrainment rate and gas hold-up in loop-venturi reactors

M. Atiqullah; M.M. Hassan; S.A. Beg, 1992:
Influence of the gel effect and backmixing on the dynamics and rate parameters of bulk copolymerization in a tubular reactor theoretical analysis

V.A. Nikolov; A.I. Anastasov, 1992:
Influence of the inlet temperature on the performance of a fixed-bed reactor for oxidation of o-xylene into phthalic anhydride

María A. Rubio; Daniel, O. Mártire; Silvia, E. Braslavsky; Eduardo, A. Lissi, 1992:
Influence of the ionic strength on O2(1Δg) quenching by azide

M. Panaiotova; R. Takeva; M. Parlapanski; L. Shishkova, 1992:
Influence of the medium upon the rate of complexing of In3+and Ga3+

F. Povolo; B. J. Molinas; O. Lambri, 1992:
Influence of the moment of inertia of the pendulum on the internal friction (loss tangent) measured by free decay

E. Passalacqua; P. Staiti; L. Pino; M. Vivaldi; N. Giordano; E.J. Taylor; G. Wilemski, 1992:
Influence of the morphological-absorptive properties upon the performance of phosphoric acid fuel cell gas diffusion electrodes

Yu. E. Kovalenko; Ya. D. Lampeka; K. B. Yatsimirskii, 1992:
Influence of the nature of an organic solvent on the kinetic parameters of the thermal homolysis of five-coordinate complexes of alkylcobalt

Pascale Dutronc; Bertrand Carbonne; Francis Menil; Claude Lucat, 1992:
Influence of the nature of the screen-printed electrode metal on the transport and detection properties of thick-film semiconductor gas sensors

J. Takadoum; C. Roques-Carmes, 1992:
Influence of the oxidation activity of metals on friction and wear of ceramic-metal systems

S. Kapiński, 1992:
Influence of the punch velocity on deformation of the material in deep-drawn flange

V. A. Zaitseva; S. I. Kononovich; E. K. Naumenko, 1992:
Influence of the radiation absorption by phytoplankton on the seawater spectra of brightness

Yokoyama, H; Kurokawa, M; Seiwa, H, 1992:
Influence of the role of a partner on anxiety due to a physically threatening situation

L. Sadok; M. Packo; A. Skolyszewski; M. Ruminski, 1992:
Influence of the shape of the die on the field of strains in the drawing process

Ambrazevicius, G; Marcinkevicius, S; Lideikis, T; Naudzius, K, 1992:
Influence of the surface electric field on carrier transfer into InGaAs/GaAs single quantum wells

L. Manna; S. Sicardi; G. Baldi; L.van Dierendonck; T. Smeets; A. Stankiewicz, 1992:
Influence of the unsteady state operations on yield and selectivity of a three phase catalytic reactor

J. Schmidt; R. Nassar; A. Lübbert, 1992:
Influence of the wakes in bubble driven multiphase flow systems

Chin-Chen Chiu; E. D. Case, 1992:
Influence of thermal quench on fracture strength, elastic modulus and internal friction of glass plates

Søren Rosendahl, 1992:
Influence of three vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomaceae) on the activity of specific enzymes in the root system ofCucumis sativusL

I. W. Donald; B. L. Metcalfe; A. E. P. Morris, 1992:
Influence of transition metal oxide additions on the crystallization kinetics, microstructures and thermal expansion characteristics of a lithium zinc silicate glass

O. Heine; G. Mueller-Eckhardt; L. Stitz; W. Pabst, 1992:
Influence of treatment with mouse immunoglobulin on the rate of viable neonates in the CBA/JDBA/2 J model

J. G. H. Borkink; K. R. Westerterp, 1992:
Influence of tube and particle diameter on heat transport in packed beds

M. Schmidt; H. Köster Jr., 1992:
Influence of tunneling on trapping kinetics in thin insulating layers

Gisela Runge; H. Steinhart; F. J. Schwarz; M. Kirchgessner, 1992:
Influence of type of fats and α-tocopheryl acetate additions to the feed rations on the tocopherol and tocotrienol composition of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)

P.L.K. Mackie, 1992:
Influence of various transport media and storage temperatures on the viability of Chlamydia trachomatis

A. Skoczylas; A. Urbański, 1992:
Influence of vibrating element on heat transfer in a thin layer evaporator

Robert, W. Field, 1992:
Influence of viscosity variations upon heat transfer: further observations on cooling and condensation

David, H. Schultz; Steven Schwengels; Gunol Kocamustafaogullari, 1992:
Influence of viscous dissipation in a fluid between concentric rotating spheres

Kozłowski, R; Hejda, A; Cȩckiewicz, S; Haber, J, 1992:
Influence of water contained in porous limestone on corrosion

U. Kullnick, 1992:
Influence of weak non-thermic high-frequency electromagnetic fields on the membrane potential of nerve cells

J. G. Grohs; S. Huber; G. Fischer; G. Raberger, 1992:
Influence of α1-adrenoceptor blockade and/or 5-HT1A agonism on blood pressure and heart rate at rest and during exercise in hypertensive dogs

H. M. Dijkstra; W. L. Manson; H. J. Klasen; D. Waaij, 1992:
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Influence on Insertion of Zoospores, Germination, Survival, and Maturation of Gametophytes of Brown Algae Exerted by Sediments

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Influences on the Availability of Flexible Manufacturing Systems

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Influencing Human Behavior: Toward a Practical Approach for E&P

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Influencing forecasting practice

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Informal Empire? An Exploration in the History of Anglo-Argentine Relations, 1810-1914

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Informal admission to secure units: A paradoxical situation?

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Informal local taxation in developing countries

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Information Attributes as Related to Psychological Symptoms and Perceived Control Among Information Seekers in the Aftermath of Technological Disaster

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Information Load: A Test of an Inverted-U Hypothesis with Hourly and Salaried Employees

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Information Management in Beach Planning

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Information Needs of the Members of BRISMES: A Survey

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Information Processing in Medical Imaging

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Information Resources and Corporate Growth

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Information and Support to Parents who Lose a Baby Perinatally

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Epigenetic alterations of the Igf2 promoter and the effect of miR‑483‑5p on its target gene expression in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Information matrices for mixed effects models with applications to the optimality of repeated measurements designs

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Information obtained from the microscopic examination of cultural striations in human dentition

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Information processing and neuromodulation in the visual system of frogs and toads

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Information processing in medical imaging

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Information related to the participation of the Union of European Medical Specialists (U.E.M.S.) concerning harmonization of the profession in Europe

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Information retrieval expert system matchmaker

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Information salience and the discovery of hidden profiles by decision-making groups: A thought experiment

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Information search and choice accuracy as a function of task complexity and task structure

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Information technology and social change: An evolutionary systems analysis

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Information used by nurses to prepare patients for a stressful event

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Informations ractifis : marqueurs tumoraux 1. Antigne tumoraux oncoftaux

Wirquin, V; Guedeney, X, 1992:
Informations ractifs : marqueurs tumoraux. 3. Hormones et mtabolites. 4. Enzymes. 5. Molcules traduisant une raction de l'hte

Wirquin, V; Guedeney, X, 1992:
Informations ractifs : mtabolisme phosphocalcique

Wirquin, V; Guedeney, X, 1992:
Informations ractifs. Prinatalogie

Wirquin, V; Guedeney, X, 1992:
Informations ractifs: marqueurs tumoraux. 2. Antignes de surface des cellules tumorales 2.1 Carbohydrates

Wirquin, V; Guedeney, X, 1992:
Informations ractifs: marqueurs tumoraux. 2. Antignes de surface des cellules tumorales 2.2 MCA-PSA-SCC-TATI-TPA

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Informed Consent

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Informed Consent for All

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Informed consent

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Informed consent: Consultation as a basis for collaboration between disciplines and between professionals and their patients

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Informing people with schizophrenia about their illness: The effect of residual symptoms

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Infrared Cd in the 6 M Spectral Region: Design of a Dispersive Infrared Dichrograph

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Infrared Emission and Remote Sensing

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Infrared Emittance of Water Clouds

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Infrared Spectroscopy of Silica SolsEffects of Water Concentration, Catalyst, and Aging

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Infrared absorption-coefficient data on SF6 applicable to atmospheric remote sensing

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Infrared and Raman Spectra of Tribromoacetic Acid and Its Potassic Salt

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Infrared and Raman spectra of SnPh3X (X = F, I)

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Infrared and Raman spectra of binary tellurite glasses containing boron and indium oxides

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Infrared and electron spin resonance for the high temperature superconductor Y1Ba2Cu3O9x

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Infrared and fluorescence spectroscopy of glyphosate-humic acid complexes

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Infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopic characterization of trifluoroacetaldehyde

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Infrared band intensity variations during rotamer interconversion in simple alcohols and thiols

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Infrared band strengths and their temperature dependence of the hydrohalocarbons HFC-134a, HFC-152a, HCFC-22, HCFC-123 and HCFC-142b

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Infrared emission spectroscopy of coal

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Infrared evidence for CO2 electron donoracceptor complexes

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Infrared photoemission of holes from ultrathin (320 nm) Pt/Ir-compound silicide films into silicon

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Infrared sensing properties of positive temperature coefficient thermistors with large temperature coefficients of resistivity

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Infrared spectra of FeVMoO7and Fe4V2Mo3O20

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Infrared spectra of gaseous organics of planetological interest: Implications for ISO capabilities

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Infrared spectra of rubidium and cesium diaquatetrachloro-manganates. II. External vibrations of the water molecules

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Infrared spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction characterization of iron disulphide thin films prepared by metal-organic chemical vapour deposition

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Infrared spectroscopic and thermal analytical investigations on the polymorphism of N-arylsulphonyl isothioureas

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Infrared spectroscopic investigation of the effect of temperature on the 3 band shapes of CO2 and N2O in some liquid alkanes

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Infrared spectroscopic parameters of COF2, SF6, ClO, N2, and O2

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Infrared spectroscopic studies of the reactions between Co2(CO)8, H2 and D2

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Infrared spectroscopy of thiophene up to 30 GPa. Polymerization after a pressure! cycle to 16 GPa

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Infrared spectroscopy of vibrational excitons and phase transitions in malononitrile at 141 and 260 K

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Infrared spectroscopy-based property-reactivity correlations for predicting environmental fate of organic chemicals

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Infrared studies of conformational isomerism in some gem-chloronitrosoalkanes

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Infrared study of hydrogen bonds involving 2,2-bipyridine and 2,2-bipyrimidine. Influence of equivalent nitrogen atoms on the hydrogen bond strength

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Infrared study of the polymorphism of 4,4-di-n-butyloxyazoxy-benzene

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Infrared thermography and urban temperature patterns

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Infrared, raman, microwave and ab initio study of dimethyl disulfide: structure and force field

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Infrarotoptischer Wildsensor — eine Entwicklung zur Detektion von Wild in Wiesen und zur Wildrettung bei der Frühjahrsmahd

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Infrared Heating and Food Processing

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Infusion of high doses of LCT- and structured triglyceride-based fat emulsions does not affect the reticuloendothelial system (RES) of the rat

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Ingestion de caustiques traitement chirurgical des lsions cicatricielles

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Ingredients for effective community change: Some field observations

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Ingroup bias and the black sheep effect: Assessing the impact of social identification and perceived variability on group judgements

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Ingroup bias as a function of salience, relevance, and status: An integration

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Ingroup, Outgroup, and Global-Human Identities of Turkish-Armenians

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Inhalation Lethality and Mutagenicity Studies wiih cis/trans-1,4-Cyclohexanediamine (cis/trans DCH)

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Inhalation Methodology, Deposition. Clearance, and Toxic Effects

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Inhalation therapy

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Inhaled Beta-Agonists

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Inhbitory mechanisms and modulation of anaphylactic reaction in guinea-pig arways

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Inherently safe reactors

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Inheritance of competencies for leaf disc regeneration, anther culture, and protoplast culture inSolanum phurejaand corrleations among them

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Inherited abnormalities - the way forward

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Inhibin Concentrations Throughout the Menstrual Cycles of Normal, Infertile, and Older Women Compared With Those During Spontaneous Conception Cycles

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Inhibin and its Implications for Clinical Practice

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Inhibited Oxidation of Lipids III: On the Activity of Ascorbyl Palmitate during the Autoxidation of Two Types of Lipid Systems in the Presence of α-Tocopherol

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Inhibiting effects of reciprocation wariness on interpersonal relationships

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Inhibition by Nedocromil Sodium of Superoxide Anion Production in Human Neutrophils

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Inhibition by simendan (OR-1259) of collagen-and Ca2+-ionophore induced aggregation of human platelets

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Inhibition effect of potassium iodide on corrosion of stainless steel in hydrochloric acid solution

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Inhibition efficiency of substituted 3-anilino-1,5-diphenylpyrazoles in oxidation of low-molecular hydrocarbons: comparison of chemiluminescence and calorimetric methods

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Inhibition of CTLI-line lysis after gangliosides treatment

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Inhibition of Cell Attachment, Invasion and Metastasis of Human Carcinoma Cells by Anti-integrin β1 Subunit Antibody

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Inhibition of Human a-, b- and -Thrombin by mono-, bis-, tris- and tetra-Benzamidine Structures: Thermodynamic Study

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Inhibition of IgM antibody-mediated aggregation ofTrypanosoma gambiensein the presence of complement

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Inhibition of Interferon Gamma Production by Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Leukocytes of Patients with Sarcoidosis

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Inhibition of Interleukin-1 (Alpha and Beta), Interleukin-2 Secretion and Surface Expression of Interleukin-2 Receptor (IL-2R) by a Novel Cytokine Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-lra)

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Inhibition of Interleukin-1- -Induced Nitric Oxide Synthase in Vascular Smooth Muscle and Full Reversal of Interleukin-1- -Induced Hypotension by N -Amino-L-arginine

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Inhibition of Mouse Blastocyst Hatching by Subsite-Specific Trypsin Inhibitors, Peptidyl Argininals

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Inhibition of Sodium-Lithium Countertransport (SLC) by Nem Depends on Sodium and Cytoskeletal Spectrin: Effect of Diabetic Nephropathy

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Inhibition of a dihydropyridine, -conotoxin insensitive Ca2+ channel in rat synaptosomes by venom of the spider Hololena curta

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Inhibition of cell proliferation inSaccharomyces cerevisiaeby expression of human NAD+ADP-ribosyltransferase requires the DNA binding domain (zinc fingers)

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Inhibition of chloroplast ATPase by the K+ channel blocker α-dendrotoxin

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Inhibition of cytotoxicity of goat antibodies against mouse thymocytes by mouse serum

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Inhibition of d-3-aminoisobutyrate-pyruvate aminotransferase by 5-fluorouracil and α-fluoro-β-alanine

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Inhibition of gap-junctional intercellular communication by airborne particulate matter

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Inhibition of histamine release from human FcRI+cells by nimesulide

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Epigenetic alterations of the POMC promoter in tobacco dependence

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Inhibition of interferon-- and phorbol ester-induced HLA-DR and interleukin-1 production by the expression of a transfected poly(ADP-ribose) synthetase gene in human leukemia THP-1 cells

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Inhibition of motility ofPseudomonas aeruginosaandProteus mirabilisby subinhibitory concentrations of azithromycin

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Inhibition of reacylation of phospholipids during oxidative damage to tumor cells

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Inhibition of respiratory oxidation of elemental sulfur (S0) and thiosulfate in Thiobacillus versutus and another sulfur-oxidizing bacterium

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Inhibition of the fibrinolytic and fibrinogenolytic activity of plasminogen activators in vitro by the antidotes -aminocaproic acid, tranexamic acid and aprotinin

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Inhibition of the yeast alcoholdehydrogenase by Cu(II) - complexes of colchiceine and N-deacetylcolchiceine

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Inhibition of transcription and strand-specific DNA repair by α-amanitin in Chinese hamster ovary cells

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Inhibitors of cAMP Phosphodiesterase in Medicinal Plants. Part XVIII. Inhibitors of Adenosine 3',5'-Cyclic Monophosphate Phosphodiesterase from Schisandra chinensis and the Structure Activity Relationship of Lignans

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Inhibitors of myo-inositol monophosphatase unrelated to the enzyme substrate

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Inhibitors of platelet aggregation generated from mixtures of Allium species and/or S-alk(en)nyl-L-cysteine sulfoxides

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Inhibitors of sterol synthesis. Chemical synthesis and spectral properties of (25R)-5α-cholest-8(14)-ene-3β,15β,26-triol, a potential metabolite of 3β-hydroxy-5α-cholest-8(14)-en-15-one and its effects on 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase in CHO-K1 cells

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Inhibitors of sterol synthesis. Chemical synthesis of 7α-ethyl and 16α-ethyl derivatives of Δ8(14)-15-oxygenated sterols and their effects on 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase in CHO-K1 cells

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Inhibitors of the early stages of virus-cell interactions among derivatives of 3-ethoxycarbonyl-5-hydroxy-6-bromoindole

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Inhibitory Effect of Bis (2-aminohexyl) Disulfide and Bis (2-amino-3-phenylpropyl) Disulfide on Several Mouse Inflammations

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Inhibitory Effects of Glycyrrhetic Acid Derivatives on 11.BETA.-and 3.ALPHA.-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenases of Rat Liver

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Inhibitory Effects of Glycyrrhetic Acid and Its Related Compounds on 3.ALPHA.-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase of Rat Liver Cytosol

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Inhibitory effect of berberine on agonist-induced contraction of guinea-pig aortic strips

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Inhibitory effect of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on genotoxicities of various carcinogens in Drosophila

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Inhibitory effect of glycyrrhiza uralensis fish and chelidonium majus L on gastrocarcinogenesis induced by N-methyl-N-nitron-N-nitrosoguanidine

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Inhibitory effect of the stereoisomers of dimethindene maleate (Fenistil) on histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells

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Inhibitory effects of some phenolic compounds on enzymatic hydrolysis of sucrose

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Initial Australian experience with the Thoratec ventricular assist device

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Initial Combined Cryotherapy and Irradiation for Unresectable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

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Initial Growth Stages of Man-made Quartz Crystals and Growth Mechanism of their (0001) Face

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Initial Non-Drug Management of Two Coronary Risk Factors - Influence of Blood Pressure Level and Lipid Profile

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Initial Platelet Deposition at the Human Microvascular Anastomosis

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Initial Reactions to Unfamiliarity

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Initial Studies on theN-Glucosylation of Phenobarbital by Mouse Liver Microsomes Using a Radiochemical High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) Method

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Initial clinical experience with use of CollagraftTM as a bone graft substitute

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Initial electron-transfer events in photosynthetic bacteria

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Initial imaging strategies in spinal trauma patients

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Initial planning for the 1994 Biennial ISAAC Conference

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Initial reactions in the mineralization of 2-sulfobenzoate by Pseudomonas sp. RW611

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Initial recall, reminiscence, and hypermnesia

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Initial stage and reconstruction of GaAs/Si heterostructures

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Initial treatment of infantile spasms with high-dose vitamin B6

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Initial-size-dependent growth rate dispersion of attrition fragments and secondary nuclei

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Initial-value problems for spot disturbances in incompressible or compressible boundary layers

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Initialization of cloud water in a numerical weather prediction model

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Initiation of fire growth on fuel-soaked ground

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Initiation of hydrogen energy system in developing countries

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Initiation of the -a martensitic transformation in iron-based alloys by picosecond pulses

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Initiatives in China

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Injection Sclerotherapy for Esophageal Varices after Total Gastrectomy: Case Reports of Two Patients

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Injection analysisFrom flow-injection analysis to batch-injection analysis

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