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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62263

Chapter 62263 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yu, Q; Sui, J; Kiehl, K A.; Pearlson, G; Calhoun, V D., 1992:
Saline magnetic resonance arthrography of the shoulder

S. Mark Nelson; Stephen, A. Flickinger, 1992:
Salinity tolerance of Colorado Squawfish,Ptychocheilus lucius(Pisces: Cyprinidae)

Luis Santamaría; Jesús Balsa; Beatriz Bidondo; Angel Baltanás; Carlos Montes, 1992:
Salinity tolerance of three ostracode species (Crustacea:Ostracoda) of Iberian saline lakes

Bleck, R; Rooth, C; Hu, D; Smith, L T., 1992:
Salinity-driven Thermocline Transients in a Wind- and Thermohaline-forced Isopycnic Coordinate Model of the North Atlantic

L. D. Jones; M. Matthewson; P. A. Nuttall, 1992:
Saliva-activated transmission (SAT) of Thogoto virus: dynamics of SAT factor activity in the salivary glands ofRhipicephalus appendiculatus, Amblyomma variegatum, andBoophilus microplusticks

H. Mano; M. Akashi; H. Hayatsu, 1992:
Salmonella typhimurium (TA98) mutagenicity of human bile

S. Akiner, R. U. Cooke and R. A. French, 1992:
Salt Damage to Islamic Monuments in Uzbekistan

R. F. Cheeney, 1992:
Salt Diapirs of the Great Kavir, Central Iran

I. I. Kandror; B. D. Lavrukhin; M. A. Galkina; Yu. G. Gololobov, 1992:
Salts of α-cyanoacrylic acid with sterically hindered tertiary amines

Emma Maldonado; Jorge Ca´rdenas; Beatriz Salazar; Rube´n A. Toscano; Alfredo Ortega; Christophe, K. Jankowski; Andre´ Aumelas; Marie, R. Van Calsteren, 1992:
Salvianduline C, a 5,6-secoclerodane diterpenoid fromSalvia lavanduloides

Hunter, A., 1992:
Same Door, Different Closet: A Heterosexual Sissy's Coming-Out Party

Durcan, F. Jane; Cioffi, G. A.; Van Buskirk, E. Michael, 1992:
Same-Site Revision of Failed Filtering Blebs

Kent, K. Stewart, 1992:
Sample descriptions

János Borszéki; Günter Knapp; Pál Halmos; László Bartha, 1992:
Sample preparation procedure for the determination of sulphur and trace metals in oil products by the ICP with a minitorch using emulsions

Niels K Rathlev; Gail D'onofrio; Susan S Fish, 1992:
Sample size & selection criteria

David, R. Bristol, 1992:
Sample size determination using an interim analysis

H.T. Toivonen, 1992:
Sampled-data H optimal control of time-varying systems

H.T. Toivonen, 1992:
Sampled-data control of continuous-time systems with an H optimality criterion

&na;, &na;, 1992:
Sampling Through Drug-Administration Catheter Yields Falsely Elevated Phenytoin Levels

F. Berg; M. Leistra; A. H. Roos; L. G. M. Th. Tuinstra, 1992:
Sampling and analysis of the soil fumigants 1,3-dichloropropene and methyl isothiocyanate in the air

Battistoni, P.; Fava, G.; Passeri, D.; Ruello, M. L., 1992:
Sampling rates field estimates of a diffusive sampler for some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Reuter, P., 1992:
Sanctions, Sanctimony, And Health

Susan, B. McArdle and Anton McLachlan, 1992:
Sand Beach Ecology: Swash Features Relevant to the Macrofauna

Sandiford, P; Smith, G Davey; Coyle, E, 1992:
Sandiford and Colleagues Respond

R. L. Romer, 1992:
Sandstone-hosted lead-zinc mineral deposits and their relation to the tectonic mobilization of the baltic shield during the Caledonian orogenya reinterpretation

M. I. Rybinskaya, 1992:
Sandwich mono- and polynuclear transition metal complexes as the basis for development of concepts on inorganic benzenoid systems

Ronglong Cao; Shouhua Zhu; K. Aoki; H. Fujimaki, 1992:
Sanidine-olivine-diopside association in a metasomatized garnet lherzolite xenolith from southeastern China

Bennett, E. H. S.; Conway, F. M.; Rose, W. I., 1992:
Santa Mara, Guatemala: A decade volcano

Xiaoming Yang; Hannu Manninen; Anita Naukkarinen; Hongxiu Ji; Seppo Soimakallio, 1992:
Sapphire probe laser ablation of human arteries with CO2gas and saline perfusion: The effect of flow rate, lasing power and lasing time

Ruy, J. V. Alves, 1992:
Sarcoglottis caudata (Orchidaceae) and Vellozia kolbekii (Velloziaceae), Two New Species from Minas Gerais, Brazil

Thomas, J. Voglt; Joachim Stemmler; Peter, C. Scriba; Claudia Vogl; Josef Lissner, 1992:
Sarcoidosis of the hypothalamus and pituitary stalk

Hood, P B., 1992:
Sarcomas of Soft Tissue and Bone

T. Møller-Nielsen; H. Gesser, 1992:
Sarcoplasmic reticulum and excitation-contraction coupling at 20 and 10 C in rainbow trout myocardium

Panelatti, G.; Plumelle, Y.; Arfi, S.; Pascaline, N.; Caplanne, D.; Jean-Baptiste, G., 1992:
Sarcodose et leucmie/lymphome T de l'adulte associes au virus HTLV-1 ( propos d'une observation)

Prof. B. P. Chandra; Yuvaraj Rahangdale; Meera Ramrakhiani; M. H. Aansari; Y. K. Sharma, 1992:
Satatistical Model of Mechanoluminescence in Crtstals

Reinke, D L.; Combs, C L.; Kidder, S Q.; Vonder Haar, T H., 1992:
Satellite Cloud Composite Climatologies: A New High Resolution Tool in Atmospheric Research and Forecasting

Schwab, D J.; Leshkevich, G A.; Muhr, G C., 1992:
Satellite Measurements of Surface Water Temperature in the Great Lakes: Great Lakes Coastwatch

Diab, R.; Barsby, J.; Bodeker, G.; Scourfleld, M.; Salter, L., 1992:
Satellite Observations of Total Ozone Above South Africa

G.W. Prölss, 1992:
Satellite mass spectrometer measurements of composition changes

Anonymous,, 1992:
Satellite probes plasma processes in Earth orbit

E.C. Barrett, 1992:
Satellite remote sensing in climatology: Carleton, A.M. London: Belhaven Press, 1991. 291 pp

Franklin, S E., 1992:
Satellite remote sensing of forest type and landcover in the subalpine forest region, Kananaskis Valley, Alberta

Sousa, Fátima M.; Bricaud, A, 1992:
Satellite-Derived Phytoplankton Pigment Structures in the Portuguese Upwelling Area

Barton, I J., 1992:
Satellite-derived Sea Surface Temperatures-A Comparison between Operational, Theoretical, and Experimental Algorithms

James Bowen; Zi-lei Qiu, 1992:
Satisficing when buying information

T. G. Potemkina; Yu. I. Taras'ev; G. V. Kotylevskii; E. P. Alekseeva, 1992:
Satisfying the client's requirements with respect to the reliability of pipeline fittings

Baron, J.; Norman, M. F., 1992:
Sats, Achievement Tests, and High-School Class Rank as Predictors of College Performance

Y.-F. Wu; H.-U. Widdel, 1992 :
Saturated gravity wave spectra derived from foil chaff experiments performed during campaign DYANA at 44N (Biscarrosse, Southwest France)

Saissy, J.M.; Vitris, M.; Demazière, J.; Seck, M.; Gaye, M.; Marcoux, L.; Ndiaye, M., 1992:
Saturation artrielle en oxygne et paroxysmes tonico-cloniques ttaniques tude par oxymtrie de pouls

R. Raj; B. G. Sfez; D. Pellat; J.-L. Oudar, 1992:
Saturation of Band-Tail Absorption in Multiple Quantum Wells and Its Link with the Nonlinear Index Saturation

Erich Karkoschka; Martin, G. Tomasko, 1992:
Saturn's upper troposphere 19861989

Peter Haggett, 1992:
Sauer's 'Origins and Dispersals': Its Implications for the Geography of Disease

Lutz Brückner, 1992:
Sauerbruch-lebsche-vanghetti cineplasty: The surgical procedure

Donald, C. Reitzes and Dietrich, C. Reitzes, 1992:
Saul D. Alinsky: An Applied Urban Symbolic Interactionist

Á. Balázs; H. M. Brechtel; H. W. Führer, 1992:
Saure atmosphärische Niederschlagsdeposition und ihre Auswirkungen auf die chemische Qualität von Quellwasser im Hessischen Buntsandstein-Mittelgebirge

Richard, J. Ward, 1992:
Save the porphyries : Mining the Earth John E. Young Worldwatch Institute, July 1992, 53pp

R. Gerdol, 1992:
Saxifraga depressaandSaxifragetum depressae: an endemic species and association of the western Dolomites (Italy)

Luciano, M. Carmen; Vilchez, F; Herruzo, J, 1992:
Say-Do and Thumbsucking Behavior

Straka, B F.; Newton, G A.; Hayden, G F., 1992:
Scabies and head lice: Update for the 1990s

McDougall, T J.; Garrett, C J.R., 1992:
Scalar conservation equations in a turbulent ocean

L.D Griffin; A.C.F Colchester; G.P Robinson, 1992:
Scale and segmentation of grey-level images using maximum gradient paths

Luc, M.J Florack; Bart M ter Haar Romeny; Jan J Koenderink; Max A Viergever, 1992:
Scale and the differential structure of images

Michael H Birnbaum; Sara E Sutton, 1992:
Scale convergence and utility measurement

S. Jolly; K. Saito, 1992:
Scale modeling of fires with emphasis on room flashover phenomenon

Tony Lindeberg, 1992:
Scale-space behaviour of local extrema and blobs

Tony Lindeberg; Jan-Olof Eklundh, 1992:
Scale-space primal sketch: construction and experiments

Joachim Werther, 1992:
Scale-up modeling for fluidized bed reactors

Mark Lindert; Birgit Kochbeck; Jan Prüss; Hans-Joachim Warnecke; Dietmar Christian Hempel , 1992:
Scale-up of airlift-loop bioreactors based on modelling the oxygen mass transfer

Collin, C., 1992:
Scales and scaling techniques used in measurement in rehabilitation medicine

Ricardo Gutfraind; Moshe Sheintuch, 1992:
Scaling approach to study diffusion and reaction processes on fractal catalysts

Steve Rytina, 1992:
Scaling the Intergenerational Continuity of Occupation: Is Occupational Inheritance Ascriptive After All?

R.T. Hudspeth; R.B. Guenther; K.L. Roley; W.G. McDougal, 1992:
Scaling thermal effects in radial flow

D Pryce; J Khine; J Verbov; EA Bingham, 1992:
Scalp cyst with glital cell ectopia

Dominique, J.J. Van Neste; Marianne Dumortier; Bernadette de Brouwer; Walter De Coster, 1992:
Scalp immersion proxigraphy (SIP): an improved imaging technique for phototrichogram analysis

Schwarz, N.; Bles, H., 1992:
Scandals and the Public's Trust in Politicians: Assimilation and Contrast Effects

Editor, G Husby, 1992:
Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology

C.C. Vernon; J.W. Hand; M.V. Prior, 1992:
Scanned focused ultrasound hyperthermia using the Sonotherm 6500 system

Hovel, H J, 1992:
Scanned photoluminescence of semiconductors

Carver, G E, 1992:
Scanned photoluminescence with high spatial resolution in semi-insulating GaAs and InP:aspects of surface passivation and photodegradation

Vidic, B; Obcemea, C H., 1992:
Scanning Tunneling Microscopic (STM) Analysis of the Phospholipid Bilayer Surface Characteristics in the P.BETA. Phase. Secondary Ripples

Pozar, D.M., 1992:
Scanning characteristics of infinite arrays of printed antenna subarrays

J. Zou; A. C. Pierre, 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy observations of card-house structures in montmorillonite gels

Huaying Huai; Alec, F. Gaines; Colin, D. Flint, 1992:
Scanning electron microscopy of treated bituminous coals

John, A. Dagata, 1992:
Scanning force microscopy with applications to electric, magnetic and atomic forces by Dror Sarid Oxford University Press, 1991

T. A. Nazarova; M. V. Nazarov; E. I. Rau; G. V. Saparin, 1992:
Scanning microscopies of indented MgO crystals

L'Haridon, H; Favennec, P N; Salvi, M, 1992:
Scanning photoluminescence technique: application to defect recovery of ion-implanted InP

J. D. Pedarnig; M. Specht; W. M. Heckl; T. W. Hänsch, 1992:
Scanning plasmon near-field microscopy on dye clusters

Galindo-Israel, V.; Veruttipong, W.; Norrod, R.D.; Imbriale, W.A., 1992:
Scanning properties of large dual-shaped offset and symmetric reflector antennas

V.David, A. Sánchez, 1992:
Scanning the issue

V David Sánchez A, 1992:
Scanning the special issue on NEURONET'90 (II)

Joseph Wang; Lucio Angnes; Teddy Martinez, 1992:
Scanning tunneling microscopic probing of surface fouling during the oxidation of nicotinamide coenzymes

G.D. Bruce; P. Fortier; G. Palumbo; J.E. Guillet; G.J. Vancso, 1992:
Scanning tunneling microscopy imaging of grain boundaries and triple junctions in copper

P. D. Bianco; P. Ducheyne; D. Bonnell, 1992:
Scanning tunnelling microscopy and tunnelling spectroscopy of titanium before and afterin vitroimmersion

Warhold, L G; Lee Osterman, A, 1992:
Scaphoid fracture and nonunion: Treatment by open reduction, bone graft, and a Herbert screw

Meade, T D.; Schneider, L H., 1992:
Scaphoid nonunion: An indication for wrist arthrodesis

Zemel, N P., 1992:
Scaphoid nonunion: Treatment by open reduction, bone graft, and internal fixation with Kirschner wires

Posner, M A., 1992:
Scapholunate dissociation: Treatment by intercarpal fusion

Watson, H Kirk; Pitts, E C., 1992:
Scapholunate dissociation: Treatment by triscaphe arthrodesis

Taleisnik, J, 1992:
Scapholunate dissociation???Treatment by ligamentous repair and capsulodesis

Lynn, M, 1992:
Scarcity's Enhancement of Desirability: The Role of Naive Economic Theories

Kolawole, M.O., 1992:
Scattering From Dielectric Cylinders Having Radially Layered Permittivity

Kluskens, M.S.; Newman, E.H., 1992:
Scattering by a Chiral Cylinder of Arbitrary Cross Section in the Presence of a Half-Plane

Rulf, B., 1992:
Scattering by a class of composite bodies using generalized separation of variables

Sebak, A.R.; Sinha, B.P., 1992:
Scattering by a conducting spheroidal object with dielectric coating at axial incidence

Chatterjee, A.; Volakis, J.L.; Kent, W.J., 1992:
Scattering by a perfectly conducting and a coated thin wire using a physical basis model

Lim, R, 1992:
Scattering by an obstacle embedded in a planestratified, saturated, poroelastic medium: Application to an obstacle in ocean sediments

Siu-Chun Lee, 1992:
Scattering by closely-spaced radially-stratified parallel cylinders

P.D. Thorne; L. Hayhurst; V.F. Humphrey, 1992:
Scattering by non-metallic spheres

Hoppe, D.J.; Rahmat-Samii, Y., 1992:
Scattering by superquadric dielectric-coated cylinders using higher order impedance boundary conditions

Barkeshli, K.; Volakis, J.L., 1992:
Scattering from Narrow Grooves and Slits

Vazouras, C. N.; Cottis, P. G.; Kanellopoulos, J. D., 1992:
Scattering from a conducting cylinder above a lossy medium of sinusoidal interface

King, A.S.; Bow, W.J., 1992:
Scattering from a finite array of microstrip patches

Kishk, A.A.; Glisson, A.W.; Goggans, P.M., 1992:
Scattering from conductors coated with materials of arbitrary thickness

Sarabandi, K., 1992:
Scattering from dielectric structures above impedance surfaces and resistive sheets

McDaniel, J. Gregory; Ginsberg, J H., 1992:
Scattering from infinite coated cylindrical shells by a new shell theory

Cottis, P.G.; Kanellopoulos, J.D., 1992:
Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves From Cylindrical Inhomogeneities Embedded Inside a Lossy Medium With Sinusoidal Surface

Cooray, M.F.R.; Ciric, I.R., 1992:
Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by a Coated Dielectric Spheroid

Tsang, L.; Kong, J.A., 1992:
Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from a Dense Medium Consisting of Correlated Mie Scatterers with Size Distributions and Applications to Dry Snow

Kristensson, G.; Rikte, S., 1992:
Scattering of Transient Electromagnetic Waves in Reciprocal Bi-Isotropic Media

K. J. G. Kruscha; K. O. Kachalov; N. G. Popkov, 1992:
Scattering of a Bounded Electron Beam by Plasma Waves which are Self-Consistently Excited by the Beam

I.D. Abrahams; G.R. Wickham, 1992:
Scattering of elastic waves by a small inclined surface-breaking crack

I.D. Abrahams; G.R. Wickham, 1992:
Scattering of elastic waves by an arbitrary small imperfection in the surface of a half-space

I.D. Culverwell; J.A. Ogilvy, 1992:
Scattering of ultrasound from clusters of inclusions

N.F. Parsons; P.A. Martin, 1992:
Scattering of water waves by submerged plates using hypersingular integral equations

A. Blatter; M. Faller; M. Allmen; W. Bührer, 1992:
Scattering study of vitrifying Cr-Ti solutions

Kitagawa, S; Fujisawa, H; Sakurai, H, 1992:
Scavenging Effects of Dihydric and Polydric Phenols on Superoxide Anion Radicals, Studied by Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometry

Robak, J; Marcinkiewicz, E; Gryglewski, R; Corell, T; Petersen, S; Karup, G, 1992:
Scavenging of superoxide anions by nitric oxide donors

Hutzinger, O.; Behret, H., 1992:
Schadstoffbelastung in Innenräumen

Nȩcka, E; Rychlicka, A, 1992:
Schedule of meetings

Chandrasekharan Rajendran; Dipak Chaudhuri, 1992:
Scheduling in n-job, m-stage flowshop with parallel processors to minimize makespan

Müller-Breitenkamp, U.; Hockwin, O., 1992:
Scheimpflug Photography in Clinical Ohthalmology

Stein, D J., 1992:
Schemas in the cognitive and clinical sciences: An integrative construct

Arbib, M A., 1992:
Schemas, grasping, tensors and avoidance

G. P. Kulikova; E. A. Ivanova; É. F. Kaminskii, 1992:
Schemes for deeper processing of crude oil in Chardzhou refinery

S.C. srivastava; A.K. Shrimal; Pratima Tiwari, 1992:
Schiff base complexes derived from chromium, molybdenum and tungsten hexacarbonyls. Preparation, characterization and reaction with nitric oxide

Ahmed, M. El-Hendawy; Abd El-Ghany El-Kourashy; Mai, M. Shanab, 1992:
Schiff base complexes of ruthenium(III), molybdenum(VI) and uranium(VI), and use of the former as catalytic organic oxidants

Perry, B D., 1992:
Schizophrenia Research: Advances in Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology, Volume I

Fahy, T.A.; Jones, P.B.; Sham, P.C.; Murray, R.M., 1992:
Schizophrenia in Afro-Caribbeans in the U.K. following prenatal exposure to the 1957 A2 influenza epidemic

Crow, T.J.; Done, D.J.; Johnstone, E.C., 1992:
Schizophrenia is not due to maternal influenza in the second (or other) trimester of pregnancy

Riecher-Rössler, A; Häfner, H; Maurer, K; Stummbaum, M; Schmidt, R, 1992:
Schizophrenic symptomatology varies with serum estradiol levels during menstrual cycle

Glynn, S M.; Randolph, E T.; Eth, S; Paz, G G.; et al,, 1992:
Schizophrenic symptoms, work adjustment, and behavioral family therapy

Raine, A, 1992:
Schizotypal and borderline features in psychopathic criminals

T. Redel; J. Eberlein; R. Tkotz; W. Hartmann; M. Stetter; R. Stark; K. Frank; J. Christiansen, 1992:
Schlieren diagnostics of pulsed electron beam ablation of polymethyl-methacrylate

M.W. Fritsch, 1992:
Schlieren optical system using liquid crystal phase gratings for large screen projection

Kane, R. A., 1992:
Scholarly, Multidisciplinary and Applied: A Challenge for The Gerontologist

Appell, G N., 1992:
Scholars, true believers, and the identity crisis in American anthropology

Susan, A. Esdaile, 1992:
Scholarship or a Backyard Garden?

Duclos, J; Tinel, A, 1992:
Scholte wave generation

Quast, U.; Szy, D.; Flühs, D., 1992:
Schonung des Risiko-Organs Lunge: Physikalische und biologische Parameter der Ganzkörperbestrahlung

Thomas, H, 1992:
School Governance and the Limits of Selfinterest

Janet, E. Levy and William Shepardson, 1992:
School Linked Services || A Look at Current School-Linked Service Efforts

Carol, S. Larson, D S. Gomby, P H. Shiono, E M. Lewit and Richard, E. Behrman, 1992:
School Linked Services || Analysis

Robert, J. Chaskin and Harold, A. Richman, 1992:
School Linked Services || Concerns about School-Linked Services: Institution-Based versus Community-Based Models

Martin, H. Gerry and Nicholas, J. Certo, 1992:
School Linked Services || Current Activity at the Federal Level and the Need for Service Integration

Eugene, M. Lewit, 1992:
School Linked Services || Dropout Rates for High School Students

Deanna, S. Gomby and Carol, S. Larson, 1992:
School Linked Services || Evaluation of School-Linked Services

Frank Farrow and Tom Joe, 1992:
School Linked Services || Financing School-Linked, Integrated Services

Jeanne Jehl and Michael Kirst, 1992:
School Linked Services || Getting Ready to Provide School-Linked Services: What Schools Must Do

David Tyack, 1992:
School Linked Services || Health and Social Services in Public Schools: Historical Perspectives

Richard, E. Behrman, 1992:
School Linked Services || Introduction

Sidney, L. Gardner, 1992:
School Linked Services || Key Issues in Developing School-Linked, Integrated Services

William, A. Morrill, 1992:
School Linked Services || Overview of Service Delivery to Children

Short, P. M.; Rinehart, J. S., 1992:
School Participant Empowerment Scale: Assessment of Level of Empowerment within the School Environment

Davies, L, 1992:
School Power Cultures under Economic Constraint

Xie, Z., 1992:
School Psychology Services in China: A Country Where Demand Exceeds Supply

Nixon, M., 1992:
School Psychology Today: Directions and Constraints

Yell, M L., 1992:
School Reform and Special Education: A Legal Analysis

Oakland, T, 1992:
School dropouts: Characteristics and prevention

LeAdelle Phelps; Deborah Cox; Ellen Bajorek, 1992:
School phobia and separation anxiety: Diagnostic and treatment comparisons

Davis, J M.; Sandoval, J, 1992:
School psychologists' personalities: Award winners contrasted with a random sample

Clark, W A V; Dieleman, F M; Klerk, L de, 1992:
School segregation: managed integration or free choice?

Scott, L.; Thomson, R., 1992:
School sex education: more a patchwork than a pattern

Ronald, F. Howells, 1992:
School-age child care: Having fun while learning to think

Hackney, A, 1992:
Schooling without Labels: Parents Educators and Inclusive Education

Tienda, M.; Donato, K. M.; Cordero-Guzman, H., 1992:
Schooling, Color, and the Labor Force Activity of Women

Kim, E Kyu; Cho, H Young; Kim, H Soo; Min, S-ki; Kim, T, 1992:
Schottky diode characteristics and deep levels on hydrogenated n-type GaAs

W. Wiegrebe, 1992:
Schreiben und Publizieren in den Naturwissenschaften von H. F. Ebel und C. Bliefert, XIV, 442 Seiten, 35 Abb., 6 Tabellen, VCH-Verlagsgesellschaft Weinheim 1990, DM 48.-

Rolf Hennig, 1992:
Schriftsteller und Dichter Goede Gendrich 80 Jahre alt

D. Goorvitch; D.C. Galant, 1992:
Schrödinger's radial equation: Solution by extrapolation

Reutsch, C., 1992:
Schutz der Ozonschicht

Ana Ma. Giménez-Arnau; Adolf Pou-Serradell; José G. Camarasa, 1992:
Schwannomatosis: dermatological relevance of an unusual form of neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF-2)

Pythoud, F., 1992:
Schweizerische Störfallverordnung und biologische Sicherheit in den Betrieben

Neite, H; Kazda, M; Paulißen, D, 1992:
Schwermetallgehalte in Waldböden Nordrhein-Westfalens -Klassifizierung und kartographische Auswertung

D. Klimetzek, 1992:
Schädlingsbelastung der Waldbäume in Mitteleuropa und Nordamerika

B Mangin; P Vincourt, 1992:
Schmas de slection: de la reprsentation gnalogique au modle statistique. laboration du modle

Susan Haack, 1992:
Science 'From a Feminist Perspective'

Witternberg, C. K., 1992:
Science Meets Indiana Jones: Priceless Palms Salvaged After Hurricane Andrew

Massey, D; Wield, D, 1992:
Science Parks: A Concept in Science, Society, and Space (A Realist Tale)

Jean Shaw; Sally Blake; Mary Jo Cliatt, 1992:
Science activities for young children

Hill, C, 1992:
Science and Its History: The New Museum Boerhaave in Leiden

Charles Coulston Gillispie, 1992:
Science and Secret Weapons Development in Revolutionary France, 1792-1804: A Documentary History

Little, M, 1992:
Science and empire: East coast fever in Rhodesia and the transvaal

Maier-Leibnitz, H, 1992:
Science and the Humanities A Plea for Interdisciplinary Communication

Stewart, J; Hafner, R; Johnson, S; Finkel, E, 1992:
Science as Model Building: Computers and High-School Genetics

Grontkowski, C R., 1992:
Science as a process: An evolutionary account of the social and conceptual development of science

Dalgleish, A.G., 1992:
Science challenging AIDS, 7th International Conference on AIDS, Florence, June 1991

Vout, M, 1992:
Science in society

Jim Parr, 1992:
Science museums: facts or ideas?

Stephenson, D G., 1992:
Science needs Reservoirs not Canals

Richard, W. Counts, 1992:
Science or technology?

Paul, F. Brandwein, 1992:
Science talent: The play of exemplar and paradigm in the science education of science-prone young

John Wallace; William Louden, 1992:
Science teaching and teachers' knowledge: Prospects for reform of elementary classrooms

Arthur Stinner, 1992:
Science textbooks and science teaching: From logic to evidence

Thomas, F. Glick, 1992:
Science, Discovery, and the Colonial World: Madrid, 25-28 June 1991

David, K. van Keuren, 1992:
Science, Progressivism, and Military Preparedness: The Case of the Naval Research Laboratory, 1915-1923

William, L. Graf, 1992:
Science, Public Policy, and Western American Rivers

Jessica Wang, 1992:
Science, Security, and the Cold War: The Case of E. U. Condon

Alm, A L., 1992:
Science, Social Science, and the new Paradigm

J.U Obot, 1992:
Science, Technology and Food Problems in Nigerian Development

Glaser, K.; Hojat, M.; Veloski, J. J.; Blacklow, R. S.; Goepp, C. E., 1992:
Science, Verbal, or Quantitative Skills: Which is the Most Important Predictor of Physician Competence?

Harrington, A, 1992:
Science, animal rights, and the polemics of `clear thinking'

Young, R M., 1992:
Science, ideology and Donna Haraway

Eysenck, H.J., 1992:
Science, ideology and the media: The Cyril Burt scandal

Stanley, J, 1992:

Taber, K S., 1992:
Sciencerelatedness and Genderappropriateness of Careers: some pupil perceptions

Germing, G; Reidx, M, 1992:
Scientia Horticulturae's 50th volume

Stone, M.L.; Chiappinelli, K.B.; Li, H.; Murphy, L.M.; Travers, M.E.; Topper, M.J.; Mathios, D.; Lim, M.; Shih, I-Ming.; Wang, T-Li.; Hung, C-Fu.; Bhargava, V.; Wiehagen, K.R.; Cowley, G.S.; Bachman, K.E.; Strick, R.; Strissel, P.L.; Baylin, S.B.; Zahnow, C.A., 2017:
Epigenetic therapy activates type I interferon signaling in murine ovarian cancer to reduce immunosuppression and tumor burden

Mervis, J.S.; McGee, J.S., 2018:
Epigenetic therapy and dermatologic disease: moving beyond CTCL

Peter Stonier, 1992:
Scientific and ethical standards in pharmaceutical medicine should be self-regulated

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Scientific and professional psychology

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Scientific and technical background

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Scientific creativity: A comparative study of Henri Poincare and Albert Einstein

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Scientific discovery as problem solving

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Scientific discovery: Cold fusion of ideas?

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Scientific geniusA psychology of science

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Scientific psychology: Should we bury it or praise it?

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Scientific technology and psychobiological theory: The affordance of insight

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Scientist of empire: Sir Roderick Murchison, scientific exploration and Victorian imperialism

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Scientists in Central and Eastern Europe welcome support

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Scintigraphic Detection of Infectious Disease Meeting

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Scintillate, Scintillate Little Star

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Sclerosing agent therapy for venous malformations of the lip and perioral region

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Scolioses idiopathiques et congnitales

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Scolioses neurologiques et musculaires

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Scoring Divergent Thinking Tests Using Total Ideational Output and a Creativity Index

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Scotball: A New Game for Rehabilitation, Leisure and Integrated Recreation

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Scotia-Fundy herring purse seine fishery: Some economic considerations

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Scottish Home Improvement Policy, 194575: Coming to Terms with the Tenement

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Scratch and Dig Proposal Would Enhance Standardization

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Screening Infants for Hearing Loss: An Economic Evaluation

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Screening and treatment of screen-detected cancer

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Screening for Cognitive impairment with drug addicts: The DATOS model

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Screening for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

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Screening for Risk of HIV Exposure Using the A-I-D-S Mnemonic

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Screening for Urinary Tract Infection With the Yellow IRIS

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Screening for chromosome abnormalities

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Screening for cognitive impairment in a geriatric populationa

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Screening for fetal anomalies

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Screening for neuroblastoma in infants: more questions than answers

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Screening infants for neuroblastoma in Japan

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Screening test length for sequential testing with a standardized-patient examination

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Screening test methods for motor oils

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Screw Fastening in Flexible Automated Assembly with Computer-Integrated Process Control

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Screwdriver aspiration

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Scripts and episodes: The development of event memory

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Scripts and the structuralist analysis of dreams

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Scripts for typical crimes and their effects on memory for eyewitness testimony

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Sculpt: interactive manipulation of proteins while modeling atomic forces

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Scyllar Us Formosanus, a New Slipper Lobster (Decapoda, Scyllaridae) From Taiwan

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Sea Spray and the Turbulent Air-Sea Heat Fluxes

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Second and Third Divorces:

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Second best choices and change in risk-taking

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Secondary structure prediction

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Secondary-structure formation and stability

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Secrecy, Technology, and War: Greek Fire and the Defense of Byzantium, 678-1204

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Secretary-General's Report

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Secretary/treasurer's report

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Secretory pathway of amyloid protein precursor in familial Alzheimer's disease with Val717 to Ile mutation

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Section 1 - Ecophysiology

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Section 3 - Stress physiology

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Section 4 - Root physiology and plant structure

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Section 5 -in vitrocultures

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Section 6 - Mineral nutrition and production

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Section 7 - Molecular biology

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Section 8 - Regulation of growth and development

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Sector disaggregation and the effect of structural change on industrial energy consumption

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Secular Education and the Religious Profile of Contemporary Black and White Americans

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Secular humanism and rationalemotive therapy

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Secularization Revisited

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Secularization in a Community Context: Tensions of Religion and Politics in a New England City

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Secured Debt under Conditions of Imperfect Information

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Sedation in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care

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Sedation techniques in paediatric anaesthesia

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Sediment Parameters of Northwest Black Sea Shelf and Slope: Implications for Transport of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides

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Sediment Transfer on the Floor of the Martinelli Snowpatch, Colorado Front Range, U. S. A

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Sediment addition enhances transpiration and growth ofSpartina alterniflorain deteriorating Louisiana Gulf Coast salt marshes

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Sediment and interstitial water chemistry of the Orbeteflo lagoon (Grosseto, Italy); nutrient diffusion across the water-sediment interface

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Sediment toxicity in lakes along the river Kolbäcksån, central Sweden

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Sediment- und Makrofossilanalysen aus dem Lanser See in Tirol (Austria) : Ein Beitrag zur spätglazialen Bio- und Chronostratigraphie der Ostalpen

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Sedimentary environments and Holocene evolution of the lower Blyth estuary, Suffolk (England), and a comparison with other East Anglian coastal sequences

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Sedimentary evolution of the northwestern Alboran Sea during the Quaternary

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Sedimentation of monodisperse and bidisperse hard-sphere colloidal suspensions

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Sedimentation of river-transported particles in the re estuary, northern Sweden

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Sedimentology and palaeoenvironment of the Shenley Limestone (Albian, Lower Cretaceous): an unusual shallow-water carbonate

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Sedimentology of the Archean Dor metasediments, Arliss Lake area, southern Michipicoten greenstone belt, Superior Province

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Seduction and deception in pollen and seed dispersal

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SeeQuence 2 and medalistA new planned replacement system

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Seed coat anatomy ofCrossostylis(Rhizophoraceae): its evolutionary and systematic implications

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Seed storage protein from Pinus pinaster Ait.: homology of major components with 11S proteins from angiosperms

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Seed-coat anatomy of japanese species ofCorydalisandDicentra(Papaveraceae; Fumarioideae)

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Seeing Ahead: Developing Human Resources in Educational Psychology Services

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Seeing the Pain of the Wind

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Seeking "Truth," Finding Despair: Some Unhappy Consequences of a Negative Self-Concept

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Seesaw nystagmus and ocular tilt reaction due to adult Leigh's disease

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Seff-Discrepancies and Biographical Memory: Personality and Cognition at the Level of Psychological Situation

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Segment Composition as a Factor in the Syllabification Errors of Second-Language Speakers

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Segmental Mediolyic Arteritis: Clinicopathologic Study and Three-dimensionaI Analysis

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Segmental mean transit times of 99m technetium within central vascular space in liver cirrhosis

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Segmental patterns of rib-vertebra angles in chest radiographs of children: Changes related to rib level, age, sex, side and significance for scoliosis

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Segmental patterns of sagittal spinal curvatures in children screened for scoliosis: Kyphotic angulation at the thoracolumbar region and the mortice joint

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Segmental reflex therapy for neurogenic contractures-- a clinical study

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Segmentation and market structure when both consumer and situational characteristics are explanatory

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Segmentation and preliminary recognition of madrigals notated in white mensural notation

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Segmentation of MR images using neural nets

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Segmentation of SAR images using the wavelet transform

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Segmentation of alluvial fans in death valley, california: New insights from surface exposure dating and laboratory modelling

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Segmentation of blood cell image captured by single CCD color TV camera

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Segmentation of magnetic resonance images using mean field annealing

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Segmentation-recognition algorithm for zip code field recognition

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Seismic Anisotropy in the Earth

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Seismic analysis of the fatih sultan mehmet (second Bosporus) suspension bridge

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Seismic excitation by space shuttles

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Seismic hazard monitoring in Kamchatka and its applications to theM= 6.6 earthquake of 6 October 1987

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Seismic noise on Raratonga: Surface versus downhole

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Seismic wave dispersion and attenuation in heim dunite: an experimental study

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Seismogram synthesis for azimuthally anisotropic media with a single downess integration

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Seizure-Related Phenomena: Correlations between Local Cerebral Glucose Utilization and Electroclinical Observations in Kainic Acid-Induced Visual Cortical Seizures in the Rat

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Seizure-Related Phenomena: Serial Change of Cerebral Blood Flow and Intracranial Pressure in Status Epilepticus

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Seizure-related changes in hippocampal prodynorphin system depend on a model of epilepsy

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Sekundärrohstoffe aus Abfall-Lösungen

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Selected Economic Topics for Avian Practice

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Selected Genetic Papers of J. B. S. Haldane

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Selected Issues From an Overview on Nicorandil

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Epigenetic Therapy in a Patient With Down Syndrome and Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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Selected applications of sonochemistry in organic chemistry

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Selecting a RDBMS for a multi-disciplinary clinical research database

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Selecting a best multiattribute alternative with partial information about attribute weights

Sophie Holmes, 1992:
Selecting an Assessment Instrument for Use with Adults With a Profound Mental Handicap and Multiple Impairments

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Selecting key formulation factors in antacid suspensions

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Selecting measures for corporate environmental quality: Examples from TQEM companies

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Selecting patients and software for computer-assisted cognitive retraining: Part 1: Screening candidates for treatment

Lynch, W J., 1992:
Selecting patients and software for computer-assisted cognitive retraining: Part 2: Key patient variables to consider

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Selecting routes to minimize urban travel time

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Selection and Science: Critical notice of David Hull'sScience as a Process

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Selection and analysis of non-interactive mutants in theEscherichia colitryptophan synthase a subunit

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Selection for Action: The Role of Inhibitory Mechanisms

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Selection for class IIMhcheterozygosity by parasites in subterranean mole rats

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Selection for rape or selection for sexual opportunism?

David Navon, 1992:
Selection of Lineup Foils by Similarity to the Suspect Is Likely to Misfire

Koch, F., 1992:
Selection of Packaging Systems for the Operating Room

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Selection of PortugueseRhizobium leguminosarumbv.trifoliistrains for production of legume inoculants

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Selection of T cell receptor Vβ elements by HLA-DR determinants predisposing to Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Selection of a muramyl peptide based on its lack of activation of nuclear factor-B as a potential adjuvant for AIDS vaccines

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Selection of a powder for ceramic injection moulding

Govindaraju, K.; Subramani, K., 1992:
Selection of a tightened-normal-tightened system for given values of the acceptable quality level and limiting quality level

Schmitt, J, 1992:
Selection of an Appropriate Iron Supplement

Khauli, R B., 1992:
Selection of dialysis versus transplantation as replacement therapy for end-stage renal disease

J. Secilia; D. J. Bagyaraj, 1992:
Selection of efficient vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for wetland rice (Oryza sativaL.)

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Selection of geometric parameters of transverse wedge rolling tools

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Selection of input and output variables as a model reduction problem

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Selection of medical students: Philosophic, political, social, and educational bases

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Selection of optimal conditions for curing solid lubricant coatings

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Selection of patients for psoriasis clinical trials: a survey of the recent dermatological literature

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Selection of periodic rapping cycles for collecting electrodes of electrostatic precipitators

G. A. Bondarenko; L. A. Serovskii; I. E. Vilenskaya, 1992:
Selection of rational methods of calculating the thermodynamic properties of compressed gases

Robin, F. A. Moritz; Martina Jordan, 1992:
Selection of resistance againstVarroa jacobsoniacross caste and sex in the honeybee (Apis melliferaL., Hymenoptera: Apidae)

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Selection of the geometrical parameters of eccentric cams of chucks

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Selection of windows, attractors and self-similar patterns in a coupled map lattice

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Selective Females Affliction in the Developmental Disorders of Childhood: A Literature Review

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Selective Interaction as a Strategy for Identity Maintenance: An Affect Control Model

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Selective Mode Excitation And Detection Of Micromachined Resonators

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Selective Mono and Biscondensations of Dialdehydes with Methylacrylate

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Selective Oxidation of 6-Propionylflavonols and 6-Propionyl-2-Hetarylchromdnols Using Hypervalbnt Iodine Reagents in Methanol

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Selective Oxidation of Steroidal Homoallylic Alcohols Using Pyridinium Chlorochromate (PPC)

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Selective Regulation of Eosinophil Degranulation by Interleukin 1 

Cotelle, P; Catteau, J-Pierre, 1992:
Selective Synthesis of 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-nitrobenzaldehyde

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Selective accumulation of monoclonal antibodies in the lungs after injection of cyclophosphamide into rats

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Selective action of allylamines and its therapeutic implications

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Selective advantage of fra(X) heterozygotes compared with mothers of Down syndrome probands?

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Selective analyzers of D2-dopamine receptors modulate serotonin metabolism in the striatum and nucleus accumbens after dopaminergic neuron blockade

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Selective attention and prose learning: Theoretical and empirical research

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Selective bowel decontamination (SBD), nutritional therapy (NT) and bacterial translocation (BT) after burn injury

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Selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide by use of the Ljungstroem air heater as reactor: a case study

E. Tronconi; P. Forzatti; J.P. Gomez Martin; S. Mallogi, 1992:
Selective catalytic removal of NOx: a mathematical model for design of catalyst and reactor

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Selective deposition of Au films on GaAs by projection-patterned excimer laser doping combined with electroless plating

Rolando, N.; Wade, J.; Gimson, A.; Williams, R., 1992:
Selective digestive decontamination during acute hepatic failure

Brun-Buisson, C., 1992:
Selective digestive decontamination for control of outbreaks in the ICU

Unertl, K.E.; Lenhart, F.-P.; Hölzel, C.; Ruckdeschel, G., 1992:
Selective digestive decontamination in ICU patients clinical results in trauma and general ICU patients

Peter, J. Evans, 1992:
Selective inhibition of the synthesis of phospho enol pyruvate carykinase in freshly isolated proximal tubule cells

D. Theimer; G. Bodenhausen, 1992:
Selective inversion in inhomogeneously broadened powder spectra

Zuddas, A; Vaglini, F; Fornai, F; Corsini, G U., 1992:
Selective lesion of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway by MPTP and acetaldehydehyde or diethyldithiocarbamate

Isamu Uemasu, 1992:
Selective liquid-liquid extraction of xylene isomers and ethylbenzene through inclusion by branchedα-cyclodextrins

S. G. Kuznetsov; S. M. Ramsh; A. G. Zmyvalova, 1992:
Selective muscarinic ligands (a review)

Peter Donnelly, J.; Maschmeyer, G; Daenen, S, 1992:
Selective oral antimicrobial prophylaxis for the prevention of infection in acute leukaemiaciprofloxacin versus co-trimoxazole plus colistin

Takao Nozaki; Osamu Yamasaki; Kohji Omata; Kaoru Fujimoto, 1992:
Selective oxidative coupling of methane with membrane reactor

Mark, L. Hoefner; Ram, V. Seetharam; Paul Shu; Craig, H. Phelps, 1992:
Selective penetration of biopolymer profile-control gels: Experiment and model

Toru Sugiyama; Eiji Nagatomi; Rika Yamada; Sachiko Tanimoto; Akira Sugimori; Yoshio Sakaguchi; Junko Nakamura; Hisaharu Hayashi, 1992:
Selective photomethoxylation of 1-methyl-4- methoxycarbonylpyridinium in methanol in the presence of oxygen

Neumeyer, J L.; Baindur, N; Bakthavachalam, V; Yuan, J; Madras, B K.; Kula, N S.; Campbell, A; Baldessarini, R J., 1992:
Selective probes for characterization of dopamine D1 and D2 receptors

Moore, M A.S., 1992:
Selective protection of hematopoietic stem cells from chemotherapy

Jacques Defaye; José Manuel Garcia Fernández, 1992:
Selective protonic activation of isomeric glycosylfructoseswith pyridinium poly(hydrogen fluoride) and synthesis of spirodioxanyl oligosaccharides

Michael, J. Gidley; Gillian Eggleston; Edwin, R. Morris, 1992:
Selective removal of α-d-galactose side chains from Rhizobium capsular polysaccharide by guar α-d-galactosidase: effect on conformational stability and gelation

Eugenio Zanon; Giorgio Mallarini; Antonella Ferraiolo; Dorico Righi; Laura Lequio; Alessandra Giuliano; Paola Belforte; Giovanni Gandini, 1992:
Selective salpingography and tubaric catheterization in the diagnosis and treatment of fallopian tube obstruction

Barrault, J.; Gatineau, L.; Hassoun, N.; Bergaya, F., 1992:
Selective syngas conversion over mixed aluminum-iron pillared laponite clay

S. A. Amosova; G. K. Musorin; V. Yu. Vitkovskii, 1992:
Selective synthesis of di(propen-1-yl)sulfone and di(propen-1-yl)sulfoxide

Thomas, J. Tague Jr.; Charles, A. Wight, 1992:
Selectivity of isomeric product formation in solid state photochlorination reactions of methylcyclopentane and methylcyclohexane

J. Casey; M.D. Nicholson; S. Warnes, 1992:
Selectivity of square mesh codends of pelagic trawls for Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus L.)

A. Kuritzky; Y. Zoldan; E. Melamed, 1992:
Selegeline, a MAO B Inhibitor, is Not Effective in the Prophylaxis of Migraine Without Aura - An Open Study

Ames, D.; Wirshing, W.C.; Lee, M.A.; Cummings, J.L.; Putten, T.Van; Marder, S.R.; Bartzokis, G., 1992:
Selegiline in the treatment of akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, and negative schizophrenic symptoms

Prof. Dr. Gerd Kaupp; Anke Ulrich; Gerhard Sauer, 1992:
Selektive Addition von gasförmigem Chlorwasserstoff an kristalline Epoxide und Steroid-Epoxide

Prof. Dr. E. Bayer; L. Tang; D. Waidelich; M. Kutubuddin, 1992:
Selektive Hydrierung von ölsäurereichen Ölen in Wasser mit einem PVP-Ni-Katalysator

Prof. Dr. Leopold Horner, 1992:
Selektivitätsstudien: OH-, NH- und SH-gruppenspezifische Reagentien – ihre Anwendung in der organischen Analytik und als Schutzgruppen in der Synthese

Tamari, Y; Murakami, M; Nishimura, Y; Tsuji, H; Kusaka, Y, 1992:
Selenium Intake for Infants Immediately After Delivery

Mikkelsen, C Stephen, L.; Bottner, M Randy, K.; Paoli, C, 1992:
Selenium and Other Plasma Element Concentrations in Coronary Heart Disease

Ogawa, A; Yokoyama, H; Masawaki, T; Yokoyama, K; Sonoda, N, 1992:
Selenol-Mediated Radical Cyclization of Enynes

Geringer, M.; Sterk, H., 1992 :
Self Diffusion of Diastereomeric Complexes

Mayer, J E.; Koeningsmark, C Patrice Sayer, 1992:
Self Efficacy, Relapse and the Possibility of Posttreatment Denial as a Stage in Alcoholism

Efrat Tseëlon, 1992:
Self Presentation through Appearance: A Manipulative vs. a Dramaturgical Approach

Craig, E, 1992:
Self as spirit, self as miracle, self as other

Stephenson, T, 1992:
Self assessment

Rebecca, R. Delugach; Bruce, A. Bracken; Mary Jo Bracken; Michelle, C. Schicke, 1992:
Self concept: Multidimensional construct exploration

Wastell, C A., 1992:
Self psychology and the etiology of borderline personality disorder

Strauman, T J., 1992:
Self, Social Cognition, and Psychodynamics: Caveats and Challenges for Integration

Michael Kelly, 1992:
Self, identity and radical surgery

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Self- and foreign-gas collision shifting in the ammonia inversion spectrum

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Sem and confocal microscopy in measurement of in vivo and in vitro resorption depth and volume

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Semantic Indeterminacy and the Realist Stance

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Semantics of the map

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Semen-Conservation Theory vs. Semen-Investment Theory, Antisexualism, and the Return of Freud's Seduction Theory

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Semiconductor quantum dot resonant tunnelling spectroscopy

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Semiempirical models in theory of intensities of rotationvibration spectra of polyatomic molecules

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Semiempirical rate laws for Rice-Herzfeld pyrolysis of mixtures: capturing chemistry with reasonable computational burden

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Seminar on Artisanal Fishermen's Migrations, Cotonou, Benin, 35 December 1991

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Seminars in Ophthalmology

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Semitendinosus tendon and the Kennedy ligament augmentation device in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Senate panel approves NASA, NSF budgets

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Senate panels review NASA, NSF budgets

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Senescence of hepatocytes isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in primary culture

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Sens-A-Ray: A new system for direct digital intracral radiography

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Sense and nonsense of energy conservation

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Sense of humor when coping with life stress

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Sense of humour and enhanced quality of life

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Sensibilit in vitro la fosfomycine tromtamol des bactries isoles dans les infections urinaires communautaires en France

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Sensitive Observation and the Development of Literacy

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Sensitivity in flow injection analysis

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Sensitivity of Neurospora crassa to benzimidazoles and N-phenylcarbamates: Effect of amino acid substitutions at position 198 in β-tubulin

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Sensitivity of Remotely Sensed Effective Radius of Cloud Droplets to Changes in LOWTRAN Version

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Sensitivity of Runoff to Climate Change: A Hortonian Approach

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Sensitivity of Southern Ocean sea-ice simulations to different atmospheric forcing algorithms

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Sensitivity of early human vision to 3-D orientation in line drawings

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Sensitivity of inversion algorithms for recovering elastic constants of anisotropic solids from longitudinal wavespeed data

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Sensitivity of parameter identification on measurement noise

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Sensitivity of plume rise models in the context of decision support

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Sensitivity of protein phosphorylation in tobacco thylakolds to protein kinase C inhibitors and synthetic peptides

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Sensitivity of reserve margin to factors influencing investment behaviour in the electricity market of England and Wales

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Sensitivity of the GFDL Ocean Model to Different Diffusivities for Heat and Salt

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Sensitivity of ,-adrenoceptors in the hypothalamus of vasopressinhypertensive rats

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Sensitivity to Tea Tree Oil

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Sensitivity to murine toxin and level of macrophagal 5-nucleotidase activity

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Sensitivity to orthotactic rules in visual word recognition by below average readers

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Sensitivity to phase equilibrium data in the simulation of a hydrogen purifying column

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Sensitivity to reducing gas as a function of energy barrier in SnO2 thick-film gas sensor

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Sensitization of Edman amino acid derivatives using electron capture sensitive reagent, 1-trifluoro-2-amino-ethane

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Sensitization of dielectric surfaces by chemical grafting: application to pH ISFETs and REFETs

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Sensitization of gas-phase protein sequencer using fluorescein isothiocyanate FITC

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Sensitization to Laboratory Animals and Small-Airway Hyperreactivity

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Sensor application of SiON integrated optical waveguides on silicon

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Sensorimotor transformations for saccades in the primate posterior parietal cortex

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Sensors and Diagnostic Systems in Forming Machines

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Sensors for measuring combustibles in the absence of oxygen

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Sensors for photogrammetric mapping: review and prospects

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Sensory Characteristics of Food

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Sensory Integration Treatment for Children with Learning Disabilities: Its Status 20 Years Later

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Sensory evaluation of selected fruit juices and nectars by a panel group and by consumers

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Sensory innervation of human thoracolumbar fascia

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Sensory interactive robot trajectory control using a real-time world model

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Sensory neuropeptides in the cerebral circulation: Role in migraine and subarachnoid hemorrhage

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Sensory robotic assembly of apparel at Hull University

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Sensory stimulation: Accepted practice or expected practice?

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Sentence processing strategies in Spanish and English

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Sentenced to treatment: Treated in residential psychiatric care

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Sentencer Orientation and Case Details: An Interactive Analysis

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Sentencer and offender factors as sources of discrimination in magistrates' penalties for drinking drivers

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Sentiments of justice

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Separable and unitary stimuli in nonmetric multiple-cue probability learning

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Separated eutectic in the solidification of Fe-C alloy with electromagnetic stirring

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Separating convex sets in the plane

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Separation and Some Characteristics of Two Factors from Rat Liver Particulate Fraction Which Stimulate and Inhibit the Low-Km Adenosine 3',5' Cyclic Monophosphate(cAMP) Phosphodiesterase of Rat Fat Cells

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Separation and partial peptide characterization of b13 glucan synthase from Saprolegnia

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Separation and the Very Young

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Separation efficiency of membranes in biotechnology: an experimental and mathematical study of flux control

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Separation of Toxic Congeners from PCB Mixtures on Two Series Coupled Narrow-Bore Columns (50 m SIL-8 AND 25 m HT-5)

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Separation of arsenic species by ion-pair and ion exchange high performance liquid chromatography

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Separation of bound and free carrier contributions to the refractive index change induced in II-VI semiconductors by femtosecond pulses

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Separation of dispersed systems and washing of sediments in a column apparatus

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Separation of enantiomeric amines and acids using chiral ion-pair chromatography on porous graphitic carbon

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Separation of the Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Properties of Oral and IV Adinazolam Mesylate andN-Desmethyladinazolam Mesylate in Healthy Volunteers

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Separation of the Toxic and Glutathione-Enhancing Effects of the Naturally Occuring Nitrile, Cyanohydroxybutene

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Separation of the components of pectinolytic complex produced byPolyporus souamosusin submerged culture

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Separation regions and processes of zeotropic and azeotropic ternary distillation

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Separationndividuation and adjustment to college: A longitudinal study

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Sepiolite as a deodorant material: an ESR study of its properties

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Sepsis and Coagulation

Japari, H S.; Mccracken, G H., 1992:
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