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Histological studies on male sterility of hybrids between laboratory and wild mouse strains : (hybrid sterility/Hst-1 locus/spermatogenesis/chimera/Sertoli cell)

Atsushi Yoshiki; Kazuo Moriwaki; Teruyo Sakakura; Moriaki Kusakabe

Development, Growth and Differentiation 35(3): 271-281


DOI: 10.1111/j.1440-169x.1993.00271.x
Accession: 062309731

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In this study the cellular mechanisms of male sterility in F1 hybrids (BNF1) between BALB/c and wild-derived M. MUS-Njl (NJL) was investigated. Cell proliferation and differentiation in the sterile testis were examined by bromodeoxyuridine-labeling and use of germ cell stage-specific antibodies. In BNF1 testes, spermatogonia actively proliferated with a seminiferous epithelial cycle, and were retained in the basal layer of the tubules. However, preleptotene, leptotene and zygotene spermatocytes moved to the adluminal region. Immunohistological data with germ cell stage-specific antibodies indicated the presence of few, if any, pachytene spermatocytes in BNF1 testes. Thus, spermatogenesis seemed to be blocked at the zygotene stage. For examination of germ cell-Sertoli cell interactions, testes of aggregation chimeras between BNF1 and C3H/He N were analyzed immunohistologically with C3H-specific antibody. Results showed that spermatogenesis of C3H-germ cells was normal, even when these cells in contact with BNF1-Sertoli cells. Differentiation of BNF1-germ cells progressed from zygotene to pachytene stage spermatocytes when these cells were surrounded by C3H-Sertoli cells, but never proceeded beyond the pachytene stage. These observations suggest that at least two different cellular factors may be involved in spermatogenesis, one acting in the germ cells and the other mediated by Sertoli cells. Furthermore, mating experiments revealed that the degree of spermatogenesis varied in different F1 hybrids, and that the major sterility factor was closely linked to the T-locus on chromosome 17.

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