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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62332

Chapter 62332 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

J. Laurent; G. Pennehouat; R. Malet; P. Madelenat; D. Herman, 1993:
Raret de la sensibilisation cutane au latex aprs l'accouchement

Prof. Dr. Hans Oberleithner, 1993:
Rasterkraftmikroskopie: Sehen durch Fühlen

G. V. Fisher, 1993:
Rat lymphocyte subset analysis using the technicon H*1

Th. Bornath; Th. Ohde; V. Rietz; M. Schlanges, 1993:
Rate Coefficients for Dense Hydrogen and Alkali Plasmas

Christensen, U, 1993:
Rate Equations and Product Yields of Serine Proteinase Catalysed Transfer Reactions

T. Donaghy; I. Shanahan; M. Hande; S. Fitzpatrick, 1993:
Rate constants and atmospheric lifetimes for the reactions of OH radicals and Cl atoms with haloalkanes

S. Padmaja; Z. B. Alfassi; P. Neta; R. E. Huie, 1993:
Rate constants for reactions of SO4 radicals in acetonitrile

Carol, L. Clifton; Robert, E. Huie, 1993:
Rate constants for some hydrogen abstraction reactions of the carbonate radical

S. Padmaja; P. Neta; R. E. Huie, 1993:
Rate constants for some reactions of inorganic radicals with inorganic ions. Temperature and solvent dependence

K. Hėberger; H. Fischer, 1993:
Rate constants for the addition of the 2-cyano-2-propyl radical to alkenes in solution

K. Héberger; H. Fischer, 1993:
Rate constants for the addition of the 2-hydroxy-2-propyl radical to alkenes in solution

Daniel Grosjean; Eric Grosjean; Edwin, L. Williams II, 1993:
Rate constants for the gas-phase reactions of ozone with unsaturated alcohols, esters, and carbonyls

Tine Løgager; Knud Sehested; Jerzy Holcman, 1993:
Rate constants of the equilibrium reactions SO4 + HNO3 HSO-4 + NO.3 and SO4 + NO-3 SO2-4 + NO.3

T.S. Rantala; V. Lantto; T.T. Rantala, 1993:
Rate equation simulation of the height of Schottky barriers at the surface of oxidic semiconductors

Hwang, R-Ching; Parrott, E L., 1993:
Rate of Wear of Pharmaceutical Tablets

Ferruccio Doghieri; Giovanni Camera Roda; Giulio, C. Sarti, 1993:
Rate type equations for the diffusion in polymers: Thermodynamic constraints

Sia Nemat-Nasser, 1993:
Rate-independent finite-deformation elastoplasticity: A new explicit constitutive algorithm

Mahalik, J; Hill, C; O'Grady, K; Thompson, B, 1993:
Rater Characteristics Influencing Rating on the Checklist of Psychotherapy Transactions-Revised

Villanova, P.; Bernardin, H. J.; Dahmus, S. A.; Sims, R. L., 1993:
Rater Leniency and Performance Appraisal Discomfort

Ostroff, C, 1993:
Rater perceptions, satisfaction and performance ratings

Stamoulis, D T.; Hauenstein, N M., 1993:
Rater training and rating accuracy: Training for dimensional accuracy versus training for ratee differentiation

Alan Grainger, 1993:
Rates of Deforestation in the Humid Tropics: Estimates and Measurements

Veronica, M. Berounsky and Scott, W. Nixon, 1993:
Rates of Nitrification along an Estuarine Gradient in Narragansett Bay

G.L. Thompson, 1993:
Rates of convergence for linear rank statistics with dependent data

Henriksen, K.; Blackburn, T.H.; Lomstein, B.Aa.; McRoy, C.P., 1993:
Rates of nitrification, distribution of nitrifying bacteria and inorganic N fluxes in northern Bering-Chukchi shelf sediments

Carl, W. Turner, 1993:
Rates of particle deposition from aqueous suspensions in turbulent flow: a comparison of theory with experiment

Joseph, W. Ciarrocchi, 1993:
Rates of pathological gambling in publicly funded outpatient substance abuse treatment

Addington, D; Addington, J; Maticka-Tyndale, E, 1993:
Rating Depression in Schizophrenia

Härtel, C E., 1993 :
Rating format research revisited: Format effectiveness and acceptability depend on rater characteristics

Kenneth, L. Stewart, 1993:
Rating of Dental Schools

Hamilton, J.; Lopes, M.; McNamara, T.; Sheridan, E., 1993:
Rating scales and native speaker performance on a communicatively oriented EAP test

Christopher Slobogin and Joseph, E. Schumacher, 1993:
Rating the Intrusiveness of Law Enforcement Searches and Seizures

Sasaki, Y; Takagi, T; Kawaki, H, 1993:
Rational Estimation of the QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships) Descriptors .SIGMA.s.DEG., and Their Applications for Medicinals Now Available

Wagner, H, 1993:
Rational Integration of Radiation and Chemotherapy in Patients with Unresectable Stage IIIA or IIIB NSCLC

Johnson, J K., 1993:
Rational Recovery: An Alternative to AA

Christian Périgaud; Gilles Gosselin; Isabelle Lefebvre; Jean-Luc Girardet; Samira Benzaria; Isabelle Barber; Jean-Louis Imbach, 1993:
Rational design for cytosolic delivery of nucleoside monphosphates : SATE and DTE as enzyme-labile transient phosphate protecting groups

Carmen Herrero; Maria Carmen Marco, 1993:
Rational equal-loss solutions for bargaining problems

Roger, W. Spencer; John, H. Huston, 1993:
Rational forecasts: On confirming ambiguity as the mother of conformity

Walter, F. Baile, 1993:
Rational suicide or depression: A new dilemma for the C-L psychiatrist

Veltri, D M.; Wickiewicz, T L., 1993:
Rationale and Indications for Meniscal Repair

Oosterhof, G O.N.; Alivizatos, G; de Mulder, P H.M., 1993:
Rationale and indications for adjuvant immunotherapy in renal cell carcinoma

Evans, W K., 1993:
Rationale for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer

de Leiris, J.; Boucher, F., 1993:
Rationale for trimetazidine administration in myocardial ischaemia--reperf usion syndrome

Frederick Kroon, 1993:
Rationality and Epistemic Paradox

Nick Haslam; Jonathan Baron, 1993:
Rationality and Resoluteness. Review of Rationality and Dynamic Choice: Foundational Explorations, by Edward F. McClennen

Vandevelde, T, 1993:
Rationality and reasonableness

Legrenzi, P; Rumiati, R, 1993:
Rationality as good reasons for

Holt, D. Lynn, 1993:
Rationality is hard work: An alternative interpretation of the disruptive effects of thinking about reasons

Heinaman, R, 1993 :
Rationality, Eudaimonia and Kakodaimonia in Aristotle

PR Boden; JM Eden; M Higginbottom; DR Hill; DC Horwell; JC Hunter; K Martin; MC Pritchard; RS Richardson; E Roberts, 1993:
Rationally designed dipeptoid analogues of cholecystokinin (CCK): C-terminal structure-activity relationships of a-methyl tryptophan derivatives

JM Eden; M Higginbottom; DR Hill; DC Horwell; JC Hunter; K Martin; MC Pritchard; SS Rahman; RS Richardson; E Roberts, 1993:
Rationally designed dipeptoid analogues of cholecystokinin (CCK): N-terminal structure-affinity relationships of a-methyl-tryptophan derivatives

Strosberg, M A.; Wiener, J M.; Baker, R, 1993:
Rationing Americas Medical Care. The Oregon Plan and Beyond

Hunter, D J., 1993:
Rationing and health gain

Jennings, K, 1993:
Rationing and older people

Thomas Halper, 1993:
Rationing health care on the basis of age: Is this the future of American health care?

Pollock, A M., 1993:
Rationing Implicit, Explicit or merely complicit?

W. Karg, 1993:
Raubmilbenarten in Boden- sowie Vegetationsschichten und ihre Eignung als Indikatoren für Agrochemikalien

Con Stough; Ted Nettelbeck; Christopher Cooper, 1993:
Raven's advanced progressive matrices and increases in intelligence

Ho, J‐Meng, 1993 :
Ray acoustic modeling of the surface fields of a submerged elastic cylindrical shell with hemispherical endcaps

A.W. Smith; A. Rohatgi, 1993:
Ray tracing analysis of the inverted pyramid texturing geometry for high efficiency silicon solar cells

Tadashi Naruse; Mikio Shinya; Takafumi Saito, 1993:
Ray tracing using dynamic subtreealgorithm and speed evaluation

S.C. Roy; R.H. Pratt; Lynn Kissel, 1993:
Rayleigh scattering by energetic photons: Development of theory and current status

L.S. Aitken; S.D.R. Wilson, 1993:
Rayleigh-Taylor instability in elastic liquids

Clements, P J., 1993:
Raynauds phenomenon, scleroderma, overlap syndromes, and other fibrosing syndromes

Dueñas, C.; Fernández, M. C.; González, J. A.; Carretero, J.; Pérez, M., 1993:
Ra226 and Ra224 in waters in Spain

Freysinger, V J.; Alessio, H; Mehdizadeh, S A., 1993:
Re-Examining the Morale

C. M. Rogerson, 1993:
Re-balancing racial economic power in South Africa: The development of black small-scale enterprise

G. B. Morgan Vi; I-Ming Chou; J. D. Pasteris; S. N. Olsen, 1993:
Re-equilibration of CO2 fluid inclusions at controlled hydrogen fugacities

Kishida, E.; Kamura, A.; Tokumaru, S.; Oribe, M.; Iguchi, H.; Kojo, S., 1993 :
Re-evaluation of malondialdehyde and thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances as indexes of autoxidation based on oxygen consumption

F. Gugumus, 1993:
Re-evaluation of the stabilization mechanisms of various light stabilizer classes

D.N. Baker; A.J. Klimas; T.I. Pulkkinen; R.L. McPherron, 1993:
Re-examination of driven and unloading aspects of magnetospheric substorms

Watanabe, T, 1993:
Re-examination of the "Protalus Ramparts" in the Navajo Glacier Area, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A., and Reconstruction of the Navajo Glacier in the Late Pleistocene/Holocene Stades

del Mar Blanco, M; Avendaño, C; Cabezas, N; Carlos Menéndez, J., 1993:
Re-examination of the Synthesis of 3,5-Dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzaldehyde

Shakespeare, T, 1993:
Re-presenting disabled people

D. L. Jones; P. R. Darrah, 1993:
Re-sorption of organic compounds by roots ofZea maysL. and its consequences in the rhizosphere

J.B. Lasserre, 1993:
Reachable, controllable sets and stabilizing control of constrained linear systems

Bilides, D G., 1993:
Reaching Inner-City Children

Harry Mertens; Helena Scott, 1993:
Reaching out to Europes older minorities

Bendik, M F., 1993:
Reaching the Breaking Point:

Hellen Hornsveld, 1993:
Reactie op Bulimia nervosa en de bekoring van cue-exposure

Liesbeth Eurelings-Bontekoe, 1993:
Reactie op Cognitieve gedragstherapie bij persoonlijkheidsstoornissen

Koo, J.-K.; Kim, S.-W., 1993:
Reaction Kinetic Model for Optimal Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste Mixtures

Hoover, L K.; Moo-Young, M; Legge, R L., 1993:
Reaction Kinetics and Modelling of a Coupled Reaction System for the Production of Norlaudanosoline from Dopamine

Wehtje, E; Adlercreutz, P; Mattiasson, B, 1993:
Reaction Kinetics of Immobilized α Chymotrypsin in Organic Media 2. Effects of Substrate Partition

Wehtje, E; Adlercreutz, P; Mattiasson, B, 1993:
Reaction Kinetics of Immobilized α-Chymotrypsin in Organic Media 1. Influence at Solvent Polarity

Ondriaš, K; Mišík, VíR; Brezová, V; Staško, A, 1993:
Reaction Kinetics of α-Tocopheroxyl Radical with Biologically and Pharmacologically Active Substances

J.D. Lipscomb; S.-K. Lee; W.A. Froland; Y. Liu; J.C. Nesheim; K.K. Andersson, 1993:
Reaction cycle chemistry of soluble methane monooxygenase (MMO)

S. B. Jung; Y. Minamino; T. Yamane; S. Saji, 1993:
Reaction diffusion and formation of Al3Ni and Al3Ni2phases in the Al-Ni system

Takeo Ohsaka; Manabu Tsushima; Koichi Tokuda, 1993 :
Reaction entropies for the O2/O2 redox couple in aprotic solvents

Foord, J S; French, C L; Levoguer, C L; Davies, G J; Skevington, P J, 1993:
Reaction mechanisms governing the selected-area growth of III-V semiconductors by chemical beam epitaxy

B. Proksa, 1993:
Reaction of (Z)-narceine imide with 1,2-epoxypropane

Kohra, S; Turuya, S; Kimura, M; Ogata, K; Tominaga, Y, 1993:
Reaction of .ALPHA.-Oxoketene Dithioacetals with Arylamines in the Presence of BF3-OEt2 for the Synthesis of Ketene S,N-Acetals

Dongfeng Hou; Masaru Matsuoka, 1993:
Reaction of 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyanopyrazine with amines

V. I. Saloutin; Z. E. Skryabina; Y. V. Burgart; O. N. Chupakhin; M. Font-Altaba; X. Solans; M. Font-Bardia, 1993:
Reaction of 2-amino-4-imino-2-perfluoropentene with ethylenediamine and diethylenetriamine

M. A. Pudovik; S. A. Terent'eva; I. A. Litvinov; O. N. Kataeva; V. A. Naumov; A. N. Pudovik, 1993:
Reaction of 2-diethylamino-3-diethylaminomethyl-1,3,2-benzoxazaphospholine with hydroxyl-containing compounds

V. F. Mironov; R. A. Mavleev; L. A. Burnaeva; I. V. Konovalova; P. P. Chernov; A. N. Pudovik, 1993:
Reaction of 2-substituted 4-oxo-5, 6-benzo-1, 3, 2-dioxaphosphorinanes with ethyl pyruvate

V. A. Reznikov; L. B. Volodarskii, 1993:
Reaction of 4H- and 2H-imidazole oxides with organolithium compounds, a novel route to stable nitroxyl radicals of the 2(3)-imidazoline series

I. V. Borisova; N. N. Zemlyansky; A. K. Shestakova; Yu. A. Ustynyuk, 1993:
Reaction of 8-(dimethylamino)methyl-1-naphthyl phenyl silanethione with phosphorus ylides

A. L. Lapidus; A. Yu. Krylova; A. O. Kim; Ya. M. Paushkin, 1993:
Reaction of CO2and H2in the presence of Co and Ni catalysts

B. Li; I. Twesten; N. Schwentner, 1993:
Reaction of Cu and Cl2stimulated by synchrotron radiation

Sato, R; Onodera, A; Sato, S-Ichi; Kumagai, J, 1993:
Reaction of Cyclic Polysulfides with Alkenes in the Presence of Lewis Acid

Yoshifuji, M; Toyota, K; Yoshimura, H, 1993:
Reaction of Dichlorocarbene with Some Organo-Phosphorus Compounds in Low Coordination States

Charles, P. Casey; Ross, A. Widenhoefer; Randy, K. Hayashi, 1993:
Reaction of NO with Cp*3Co3(-H)4 preserves the tricobalt cluster and produces Cp*3Co3(3-NO)2

Gross, H.; Keitel, I.; Costisella, B., 1993:
Reaction of Phosphorylated Quinone Methides with Trivalent Phosphoryl Compounds

E. A. Petrushkina; M. V. Galakhov; L. L. Zakharkin, 1993:
Reaction of acetic anhydride with monoterpene amine oxides possessing the 2,7-dimethyloctane skeleton

Zh. A. Krasnaya; E. V. Grechkina; V. S. Bogdanov, 1993:
Reaction of aminals of conjugated unsaturated -dimethylaminoaldehydes with 1,2-, 1,3-, 1,4-, 1,5-, and 1,6-diketones

Qin, W; Smith, J B.; Smith, D L., 1993:
Reaction of aspirin with cysteinyl residues of lens -crystallins: a mechanism for the proposed anti-cataract effect of aspirin

V. A. Reznikov; L. B. Volodarskii, 1993:
Reaction of dihydropyrazine-1,4-dioxides with organolithium compounds. Synthesis of nitroxyl radicals derivatives of tetrahydropyrazine oxide

P. L. Gould; G. A. Oldershaw, 1993:
Reaction of energetic hydrogen atoms with 1-chloropropane

Yu. N. Polivin; R. A. Karakhanov; V. I. Kelarev; B. I. Ugrak; M. E. Panina, 1993:
Reaction of furfurylidene acetone with Grignard reagents

F. Stietz; V. Persch; Th. Allinger; J.A. Schaefer; G.J. Lapeyre, 1993:
Reaction of hydrogen with InP(100)42: Surface properties

Yu. N. Polivin; R. A. Karakhanov; V. I. Kelarev; T. S. Sheveleva; B. I. Ugrak, 1993:
Reaction of methylmagnesium iodide with dibutylcyanamide and dibutylnitrosamine

V. V. Grinevich; I. A. Krasnovskaya; A. L. Polenov, 1993:
Reaction of nonapeptidergic neurosecretory cells of the hypothalamic accessory groups to cold and immobilization stress in rats

Gordon, J.F. Chittenden, 1993:
Reaction of some 1,2-trans-aldose peracetates with thionyl chloride-acetic acid a convenient synthesis of some 1,2-trans-per-O-acetyl-d-glycosyl chlorides

Suzanne Jeannin; Yves Jeannin; Céline Rosenberger, 1993:
Reaction of unsymmetrical thioalkynes RCCSC2H5, RCH3, C6H5, with iron and ruthenium carbonyls. How to build a polynuclear compound using the CS cleavage

Carstensen, J. T.; Franchini, M; Pudapeddi, M; Morris, T., 1993:
Reaction orders of Decomposition of Anhydrous Amorphates

A. Kamiya; K. Nakano, 1993:
Reaction synthesis of SiC-reinforced Ti(C,N) composites from TiC and Si3N4

Simon, T M.; Jackson, D W., 1993:
Reaction to Intraarticular Allografts Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide

Taylor, J., 1993:
Reaction to Penn et al.'s "On the Desirability of Own-Group Preference"

J.M. Fernández-Romero; M.D.Luque de Castro; M. Valcárcel, 1993:
Reaction-rate measurements by use of membraneless flow-through biosensors

Goldman, L, 1993:
Reaction: A broader scientific base for professional psychology

Ljunger, G; Adlercreutz, P; Mattiasson, B, 1993:
Reactions Catalyzed by Peg-Modified α-Chymotrypsin in Organic Solvents. Influence of Water Content and Degree of Modification

M. Hartman; O. Trnka, 1993:
Reactions between calcium oxide and flue gas containing sulfur dioxide at lower temperatures

M. E. Gursky; S. B. Golovin; A. V. Ignatenko; Yu. N. Bubnov, 1993:
Reactions of (2,3-dimethylenetetramethylene)bis(dipropylborane) with carbonyl compounds

O. N. Nuretdinova; V. G. Novikova, 1993:
Reactions of 1,3,2-dioxaphospholane derivatives with thiocyanatoalcohols

Jens, R. Goerlich; Axel Fischer; Peter, G. Jones; Reinhard Schmutzler, 1993:
Reactions of 1-adamantylphosphine and bis-(1-adamantyl)phosphine with carbonyls of group 6, 8 and 10 metals. Reactivity of the PH bond in 1-adamantylphosphine complexes

Mohamed, M. El Sadek; Nemat, B. Zagzoug; Nagwa, N. El Soccary, 1993:
Reactions of 2-methyl-5-(d-arabino-tetrahydroxybutyl)-3-furoylhydrazine

Mitsuji Yamashita; Akihito Iida; Hiroyuki Mizuno; Yasushi Miyamoto; Toru Morishita; Naoaki Sata; Kenji Kiguchi; Akihiro Yabui; Tatsuo Oshikawa, 1993:
Reactions of 2-phospholene 1-oxides with bromine in some media: Facile preparation of bromohydrin derivatives of 2-phospholenes

N. Sewald; K. Burger, 1993:
Reactions of 3,3,3-trifluoropyruvates with amidines New trifluoromethyl substituted heterocyclic building blocks

V. A. Makarov; A. L. Sedov; M. P. Nemeryuk; T. S. Safonova, 1993:
Reactions of 4(6)-chloro-5-nitropyrimidines with nucleophilic agents (review)

Dostál, Jří; Potáček, M; Nechvátal, M, 1993:
Reactions of 5-Methylphenanthridinium Iodide with Nucleophiles and Reaction Products Conversion

Lee, Y Ting, 1993:
Reactions of American Minority and Nonminority Students to the Persian Gulf War

C.J. Thomas; L.K. Krannich; C.L. Watkins, 1993:
Reactions of As(NMe2)3 and Sb(NMe2)3 with aluminum and magnesium alkylating agents

Saito, K; Fushihara, H; Takahashi, K; Abe, N, 1993:
Reactions of Carbene Conjugated with 1-Azaazulene Moiety. Additions of 3-(2-Chloro-1-azaazulenyl)methylene with cis- and trans-Stilbenes and p-Sbustituted Styrenes to Form 3-Cyclopropyl-1-azaazulenes

Blazis, V; Cruz, A De La; Koeller, K; Spilling, C D., 1993:
Reactions of Chiral Phosphorous Acid Diamides

Daniel, J; Dhar, D. N., 1993:
Reactions of Chlorosulfonyl Isocyanate with Thiazolines and Oxazolines: Formation of Thiazolo and Oxazolothiadiazines

Sheradsky, T; Itzhak, N, 1993:
Reactions of Mesoionic Thiazolones with Nitroso-Dipolarophiles

Jean, L. Huhmann; Joyce, Y. Corey, 1993:
Reactions of Ph(ClCH2)SiH2 with fluoride ion sources: Formation of fluorine-terminated siloxanes

Herrmann, E; Wilhelm, H; Ohms, G, 1993:
Reactions of Phosphoryl and Thiophosphoryl Isocyanates and Isothiocyanates with Secondary Amines and Phosphines

Yoshifuji, M, 1993:
Reactions of Sulfur with Some Unusual Organophosphorus Compounds in Low Coordination States

Spoljar, M Skrijaric; Simeon, V, 1993:
Reactions of Usual and Atypical Human Serum Cholinesterase Phenotypes with Progressive and Reversible Inhibitors

A. O. Koren; P. N. Gaponik; V. A. Ostrovskii, 1993:
Reactions of azolium cations. I. Kinetics and mechanism of alkylation of 5-phenyltetrazole with isopropyl alcohol in aqueous sulfuric acid media

V. V. Il'in; E. V. Kabakchi; A. V. Ignatenko, 1993:
Reactions of benzamidoxime and its sodium salt with methyl esters of fluorinated acids

Colin, P. Hughes; Tamarapu Sridhar; Lim Soon Chuan; Peter, J. Redlich; W.Roy Jackson; Frank, P. Larkins, 1993:
Reactions of brown coals with CO/H2O in the presence of sodium aluminate

S. Abdul Samath; K. Jeyasubramanian; S. Thambidurai; S. Kamardeen; S.K. Ramalngam, 1993:
Reactions of coordinated β-ketoesters. A new route for the synthesis of 4-substituted-3-methyl/phenyl-1-phenyl pyrazol-5-ones via a metal chelated stable intermediate

Mónica A. Nazareno; Sara, M. Palacios; Roberto, A. Rossi, 1993:
Reactions of cycloalkyl chlorides and bromides with diphenylphosphide ions in liquid ammonia

S. Falicki; D.J. Carlsson; D.J. Gosciniak; J.M. Cooke, 1993:
Reactions of dimethyl sulfide with oxidized polypropylene

L. V. Rybin; S. V. Osintseva; A. S. Batsanov; Yu. T. Struchkov; P. V. Petrovskii; M. I. Rybinskaya, 1993:
Reactions of dodecacarbonyltriruthenium with α,β-unsaturated ketones. Crystal and molecular structures of two reaction products

V. I. Shcherbakov; I. K. Grigor'eva, 1993:
Reactions of hexamethylditin and trimethyltin sulfide withN-thio-derivatives of phthalimide

A. D. Malievskii; S. V. Koroteev; V. V. Kasparov, 1993:
Reactions of hydrazobenzene and tetranitromethane with nitroxyl radicals

Manfred Schubert-Zsilavecz; Dagmar Gusterhuber; Werner Likussar, 1993:
Reactions of hydroxyethylamino-1,4-benzoquinones with 2,4,6-trimethylbenzonitrile oxide, II

Andrew, W.G. Platt, 1993:
Reactions of lanthanide nitrates with dimethylbenzoylphosphonate

V. A. Reznikov; L. A. Vishnivetskaya; L. B. Volodarskii, 1993:
Reactions of metallated 1-hydroxy-2,2,4,5,5-pentamethyl-3-imidazoline with electrophiles

C. Michael Smith; Phillip, E. Savage, 1993:
Reactions of polycyclic alkylaromatics: 5. pyrolysis of methylanthracenes

Mathias Ulbricht; Peter Böhme; Udo Hartmann, 1993:
Reactions of primary amines and alcohols with 4-toluoyl azide

Pascual Lahuerta; M.Angeles Ubeda; Jorge Payá; Santiago García-Granda; Fermin Gomez-Beltrán; Adela Anillo, 1993:
Reactions of rhodium trifluoroacetate with triphenylphosphine and pyridine. Molecular structure of Rh2(O2CCF3)4(py)4

Keng-Yu Shih; Philip, E. Fanwick; Richard, A. Walton, 1993:
Reactions of the electron-rich triply bonded dirhenium(II) complexes Re2X4(-dppm)2 (X=Cl, Br) with dioxygen Part III. The isolation and structural characterization of the dirhenium(V) complex Re2(-O)2(O)2Cl2(-dppm)2

Keng-Yu Shih; Phillip, E. Fanwick; Richard, A. Walton, 1993:
Reactions of the electron-rich triply bonded dirhenium(II) complexes Re2X4(-dppm)2 (X=Cl, Br) with dioxygen. Part II. The synthesis and structural characterization of the complexes ReOCl3(dppmO) (dppmO=Ph2PCH2P(O)Ph2) and Re2(-O)Cl6(-dppm)2

Pradip, K. Bakshi; T. Stanley Cameron; M.E. Sabir Ali; M. Azad Malik; Barry, C. Smith, 1993:
Reactions of trans-2-alkoxy-1-cycloalkyltellurium(IV) trihalides with N-substituted anilines: the X-ray crystal structure of p-N-ethylanilino(trans-2-ethoxy-1-cyclohexyl)tellurium(IV) dibromide

Yuzuru Uchida; Masaaki Kawai; Haruo Masauji; Shigeru Oae, 1993:
Reactions of triarylphosphines with organolithium reagents. Formation of biaryls

T. D. Petrova; I. V. Kolesnikova; V. I. Mamatyuk; V. P. Vetchinov; V. E. Platonov; I. Yu. Bagryanskaya; Yu. V. Gatilov, 1993:
Reactions ofN-pentafluorophenylcarbonimidoyl dichloride with aromatic hydrocarbons in the presence of aluminum chloride

Lipkus, I., 1993 :
Reactions to Individuals Who Are Consistently Positive or Negative: The Impact of Differing Interaction Goals

Grant, P R., 1993:
Reactions to intergroup similarity: Examination of the similarity-differentiation and the similarity-attraction hypotheses

Albonetti, M.E.; Farabollini, F.; Dessi-Fulgheri, F., 1993:
Reactions to intruders in female European rabbits

Scharlach, A E.; Fredriksen, K I., 1993:
Reactions to the Death of a Parent During Midlife

Nabila, A. Ismail; Sanaa, M. Eldin; Rida, M. Fikry, 1993:
Reactions with coumarinohydrazidoyl halides: Synthesis of some new coumarinoyl pyrazole and 1,2,4-traizole derivativies via dipolar cycloaddition reactions

A.G. Gayubo; J.M. Arandes; A.T. Aguayo; M. Olazar; J. Bilbao, 1993:
Reactionregeneration cycles in the isomerization of cis-butene and calculation of the reactivation kinetics of a silicaalumina catalyst

Chris, G. Thomas; Michio Shibaoka; Elizabeth Gawronski; Martin, E. Gosnell; Lee, F. Brunckhorst; Dheera Phong-anant, 1993:
Reactive (fusible) inertinite in pulverized fuel combustion: 1. A laser microreactor technique

Chris, G. Thomas; Michio Shibaoka; Elizabeth Gawronski; Martin, E. Gosnell; Dheera Phong-anant, 1993:
Reactive (fusible) inertinite in pulverized fuel combustion: 2. Determination of reactive (fusible) inertinite

Tadatoshi TSUCHIGAME; Yoshiya OGATA; Yasuji ISHIMARU; Akihiko ARAKAWA; Haruhiko MIYAYAMA; Mutsumasa TAKAHASHI, 1993:
Reactive Lymphoreticular Hyperplasia of the Stomach Showing a Submucosal Tumor

Markus Lederer; Marcus Glomb; Peter Fischer; Franz Ledl, 1993 :
Reactive Maillard intermediates leading to coloured products 5-hydroxymethyl- and 5-(1,2-dihydroxyethyl)-3(2H)-furanone

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Reactive blending of polypropylene/polyamide-6 in the presence of tailor-made succinic anhydride-terminated oligopropene compatibilizers

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Reactive deposition of ultrafine cobalt powders

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Reactive diffusion between titanium and stainless steel

Gregory, H. Mumma; Juris, G. Draguns; Robert Seibel, 1993:
Reactive effects of concurrent verbalization in person perception tasks

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Reactive extraction of lignin from wood using supercritical ammonia-water mixtures

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Reactive intermediates in nonheme iron metallobiochemistry

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Reactive magnetron sputtering of zirconium carbide films using Ar-CH4 gas mixtures

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Reactive monomer tankA thermal stability analysis

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Reactive silicaa new concept of the structure of active sites

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Reactive sputtering in the ABSTM system

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Reactive unbalanced magnetron sputter deposition of polycrystalline TiN/NbN superlattice coatings

William, D. Sproul; Michael, E. Graham; Ming-Show Wong; Paul, J. Rudnik, 1993:
Reactive unbalanced magnetron sputtering of the nitrides of Ti, Zr, Hf, Cr, Mo, Ti-Al, Ti-Zr and Ti-Al-V

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Reactivity and durability of iron oxide high temperature desulfurization sorbents

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Reactivity distributions and extinction phenomena in coal char combustion

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Reactivity evolution during sulfidation of porous zinc oxide

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Reactivity of (Me3Al)2 with selected aminoarsines and secondary amines

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Reactivity of (dtc)BiCl2 (dtc = diethyldithiocarbamate) towards phenyllithium: Synthesis and characterization of novel organometallic tetradentate bismuth(III) complexes

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Reactivity of 1,2-O-cyanoalkylidene sugar derivatives in trityl-cyanoalkylidene condensation

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Reactivity of 11-Methoxy-6,11-dihydrodibenz(b,e)oxepins. I. Reaction of 11-Methoxy-6,11-dihydrodibenz(b,e)oxepins with Active Methylene Compounds

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Reactivity of Pd(II) and Pt(II) amino acid compounds with DNA and its constituents

Luciano Pandolfo; Gastone Paiaro; Paolo Ganis; Giovanni Valle; Pietro Traldi, 1993:
Reactivity of a platinum 1-formylketenyl complex synthesis of a platinum a-pyrone derivative via generation and trapping of a C3H2O2 species. 20

Mannar, R. Maurya; S. Gopinathan; C. Gopinathan; Ram, C. Maurya, 1993:
Reactivity of bis(acetylacetonato)dinitrosylmolybdenum(0) towards schiff bases derived from salicylaldehyde or o-vanillin and benzoylhydrazide, or isonicotinoylhydrazide

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Reactivity of copper metal vapours with substituted bromobenzenes. Formation and molecular structure of Cu(PMe3)3Br

Sergio Bazaes; Rafael Silva; Hughes Goldie; Emilio Cardemil; Ana María Jabalquinto, 1993:
Reactivity of cysteinyl, arginyl, and lysyl residues ofEscherichia coliphosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase against group-specific chemical reagents

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Reactivity of nitrogen in titanium nitride film formation by the reactive ion plating process

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Reactivity of oxygen-deficient Mn(II)-bearing ferrites (MnxFe3-xO4-, Ox1, >0) toward CO2decomposition to carbon

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Reactivity of pyrrole pigments, part 15: On the oxidation of bilirubins and biliverdins

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Reactivity of sugar trityl ethers in tritylcyanoalkylidene condensation

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Reactivity of the amino groups in 3,3-diamino-4,4-di(p-aminophenoxy)diphenylsuIfone

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Reactivity of the radical cation of 4-(N,N-dialkylamino)biphenyl derivatives as probed by resonance Raman spectroscopy

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Readability and Clarity

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Readability of adult psychopathology inventories

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Readers Write

Lynne Hine, 1993:
Readers' Corner

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Readership survey results

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Readers Survey Results

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Reading About AIDS and Cognitive Coping Style: Their Effects on Fear of AIDS and Homophobia

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Reading J.M. Coetzee politically

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Reading Perversion

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Reading Symposium: Introduction

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Reading aloud: Evidence for the use of a whole word nonsemantic pathway

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Reading and language processing: An introduction

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Reading for Pleasure: An Experiment Using Fiction With Psychiatric Patients

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Reading human faces: Emotion components and universal semantics

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Reading in pure alexia

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Reading into cultural studies

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Reading processes during syntactic analysis and reanalysis

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Reading the Chest Radiograph: A Physiologic Approach

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Reading the transference in adolescent psychotherapy: A comparison of novice and experienced therapists

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Reading to Locate Information: Societal and Educational Perspectives

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Reading, Dictionaries, and Vocabulary Learning

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Ready, set, let's go! Using field trips in your curriculum

K. Sohanpal; T. Watsuji; L.Q. Zhou; A.E.G. Cass, 1993:
Reagentless fluorescence sensors based upon specific binding proteins

Huang, R Xin, 1993:
Real Freshwater Flux as a Natural Boundary Condition for the Salinity Balance and Thermohaline Circulation Forced by Evaporation and Precipitation

M. Gauthier; M. Cossette; C. Rioux; R.J. Slobodrian, 1993:
Real and simulated fractal aggregates

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Real and spurious anti-correlations between short-period variations of field-parallel and field-perpendicular plasma velocities in EISCAT data

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Real evaluation of thermal comfort in the car passenger compartment

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Real structure of TiO2in samples of the TiO2-V2O5system

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Real user empowerment: monitoring the progress of a quality action group

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Real versus Reel World:

Badler, N I.; Hollick, M J.; Granieri, J P., 1993:
Real-Time Control of a Virtual Human Using Minimal Sensors

Carlson, K. H.; Wolff, R. K.; Tielking, R. L.; Franklin, P. A.; Yeager, H. K.; Dorato, M. A., 1993:
Real-Time Measurements of Cardiac Effects During Inhalation Exposures of Monkeys or Dogs

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Real-time and in situ determination of ammonia concentrations in the atmosphere by means of intermodulated stark resonant CO2 laser photoacoustic spectroscopy

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Real-time comparison of electrostatic vector fields and their use in drug design

Lee Thompson; Glenn Mertz, 1993:
Real-time expert system implementation at monsanto-krummrich

E. Janssen; A. Goldmann, 1993:
Real-time investigation of aerosol particle beams using X-ray photoemission spectroscopy

A. G. Haerle; R. A. Haber, 1993:
Real-time monitoring of cake thickness during slip casting

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Reality and psychic reality in Ernst Kris's last papers: An attempt to update his findings

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Realität der operativen endoskopischen Chirurgie in der gynäkologischen Chirurgie

Kazuo Tokito; Takakazu Kurokawa; Yoshiaki Koga, 1993:
Realization of a self-testing bus arbiter

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Realization of the Hungarian geodynamic GPS reference network

Lilian Shiao-Yen Wu, J. R. M. Hosking and Nalini Ravishanker, 1993:
Reallocation Outliers in Time Series

Hitoshi Yagi; Tadashi Sakai, 1993:
Rear-gate ISFET with a membrane locking structure using an ultrahigh concentration selective boron diffusion technique

Corbet, S A.; Danahar, G. W., 1993:
Rearing mosquitoespets or public enemies?

A. Mukhopadhyay; S. Sannigrahi, 1993:
Rearing success of a polyphagous predatorGeocoris ochropterus (Hem.: Lygaeidae)on preserved ant pupae ofOecophylla smaragdina

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Rearrangement of the BCL-2 Gene in Follicular Lymphoma

Welf von Daehne; Lene Hoffmeyer; Jens Keiding, 1993:
Rearrangement of unsymmetrical azetidinone disulfides to 2β-(heterocyclylthiomethyl)penams, a synthetic approach to new β-lactamase inhibitors

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Reasonable accommodations in the workplace for individuals with psychiatric disabilities

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Reasoning and Instruction in Medical Curricula

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Reasoning schema effects on adolescent rule acquisition and transfer

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Reasons for Decline in Duck Hunting: Insights from New York

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Reasons for Divorce:

Deborah Frisch, 1993:
Reasons for Framing Effects

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Reasons for persistent disability in Guillain-Barre syndrome

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Reassessing War Stress: Exposure and the Persian Gulf War

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Reassessing the "Freshman Effect": The Voting Bloc Alignment of New Justices on the United States Supreme Court, 1921-90

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Reassessing the Impact of Television Advertising Clutter

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Reassessment of Preoperative Laboratory Testing Has Changed the Test-Ordering Patterns of Physicians

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Rebonding to enamel with residual adhesives: Satoru Kawai, Toshiaki Sakaki, Tsunehiro Tokuda Izumi Monji, Mitsunari Matsumoto, Yusuke Inoue and Tadao FukushimaJ Jpn Orthod Soc 1992;51(4):27985

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Rebuilding Fences and Opening Gates: Vergote on the Psychology of Religion

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Rebuilding the City

Michael Koller, 1993:
Rebutting accusations: When does it work, when does it fail?

V. V. Serpinskii; A. A. Pribylov; T. S. Yakubov, 1993:
Recalculation of excess adsorption into absolute adsorption from adsorption isosteres

Daniel, B. Wright, 1993:
Recall of the Hillsborough disaster over time: Systematic biases of flashbulb memories

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Recanalization of Coronary Artery Occlusion in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction by Use of Brushing Wire--Case Reports

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Recapturing landscapes

Kraft, E., 1993:
Recasting Finance in Eastern Europe: Options and Possibilities

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Receiving and scattering characteristics of an imaged monopole beneath a lossy sheet

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Recent Advances in Paediatrics 10

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Recent Advances in Surgery

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Recent Demographic Change:

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Recent Developments in Auto Body Panel Forming Technology

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Recent Developments in Bering Sea Fisheries Conservation and Management

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Recent Developments in Chip Control Research and Applications

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Recent Developments in Detection and Biological Indicators of Alcoholism

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Recent Developments in Medical Decision Making

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Recent Developments in the Analysis of Categorical Data. Review of Categorical Data Analysis, by Alan Agresti and Multiway Contingency Tables Analysis for the Social Sciences, by Thomas D. Wickens

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Recent Developments in the Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making

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Recent Evidence on the Distribution Patterns in Chapter 11 Reorganizations

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Recent Literature

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Recent Literature on Hepatics and Anthocerotes. 131

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Recent Literature on Hepatics and Anthocerotes. 132

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Recent Literature on Hepatics and Anthocerotes. 133

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Recent Literature on Hepatics and Anthocerotes. 134

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Recent Literature on Lichens. 150

Theodore, L. Esslinger, 1993:
Recent Literature on Lichens. 151

Theodore, L. Esslinger, 1993:
Recent Literature on Lichens. 152

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Recent Literature on Mosses. 156

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Recent Literature on Mosses. 157

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Recent Literature on Mosses. 158

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Recent Public Opinion in the United States Toward Punishment and Corrections

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Recent ROSAT results in stellar X-ray astronomy

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Recent Trends in Australian Urban Development: Locational Change and the Policy Quandary

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Recent Trends of Academic Mobility and Policy in Japan

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Recent Variations of Sea Ice and Air Temperature in High Latitudes

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Recent Work in Feminist Philosophy; Feminism and Philosophy.; What Can She Know?; Feminist Ethics.; Patterns of Dissonance.;

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Recent activity in substorm research

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Recent advancement of ion-conductive polymers

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Recent advances in Stereoselective Aldol Reactions of ester and thioester enolates

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Recent advances in crisis and repair mechanism of acute renal insufficiency

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Recent advances in diagnosis and classification of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

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Recent advances in displacement measuring interferometry

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Recent advances in epidural and spinal analgesia and anaesthesia in obstetric patients

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Recent advances in gastroenterology 9

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Recent advances in immunomodulatory effects of some chemical pollutants a review

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Recent advances in musculoskeletal MRI

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Recent advances in pharmacotherapy

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Recent advances in photosensitive polyimides

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Recent advances in process control and their potential applications to food processing

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Recent advances in the chemistry and biology of β-lactams and β-lactam antibiotics

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Recent advances in the preparation of latexes

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Recent advances in the simultaneous bioreaction and product separation processes

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Recent advances in the structural crystallography and crystal chemistry of natural zeolites

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Recent advances in the synthesis of porphyrins with five-membered exocyclic rings

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Recent advances in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke

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Recent advances in the urological application of radionuclides

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Recent advances in understanding the epidemiology of enterococci

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Recent and past stress: the origins of neurotic disorders

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Recent changes in family structure in the United States: A developmental-systems perspective

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Recent contributions toward humanistic sociopolitical policy

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Recent developments in anesthesia for myocardial revascularization

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Recent developments in biotechnology regulation

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Recent developments in ceramic-materials processing and applications

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Recent developments in cleanup technologies

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Recent developments in oat molecular biology

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Recent developments in the Lagrangian stochastic theory of turbulent dispersion

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Recent developments in the South Pacific

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Recent developments in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenously administered anesthetic drugs

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Recent developments in the understanding of foam generation and stability

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Recent developments in wrist investigation

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Recent findings in the diagnosis and prevention of osteoporosis

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Recent incidence trends for breast cancer in women and the relevanceof early detection: An update

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Recent insights in the anatomy and physiology of the epidural space and some clinical consequences

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Recent literature relating to the geography of Scotland 199192

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Recent maps and atlases

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Recent maritime research projects on the Lower Loire area

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Recent perspectives on the genetics, biochemistry and functionality of wheat proteins

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Recent precipitation trends over the polar ice sheets

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Recent progress in intrinsic fiber-optic chemical sensing II

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Recent progress in product, package and process design for microwaveable foods

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Recent progress in research and development of crystalline silicon solar cells in Japan

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Recent progress in thin-film cadmium telluride solar cells

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Recent progress of geological investigations in Indonesia

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Recent references

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Recent refinements and increased capabilities in balloon vertical performance analysis

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Recent research efforts in the area of biotechnology for fuels and chemicals

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Recent research in carbon plastic composites in the former Soviet Union

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Recent research in epidemiology

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Recent status on cobalt-60 gamma ray radiation sources production and its application in China

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Recent studies of the optical counterpart of GX 1+4

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Recent studies on phosphorus-bridging carbonyl derivatives: organophosphorus analogs of aldehydes and ketones

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Recent trend and features of press stamping

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Recent trends of the French microgravity programs

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Recently uplifted Caribbean Reef

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Reception - the heart of your practice

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Reception Theory and the Interpretation of Historical Meaning

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Reception of millimeter-band electromagnetic radiation by the ampullae of Lorenzini of skates

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Receptor Binding and Biological Activity of IL-α, IL-1β, IL-1β Analogues and an IL-1 Antagonist in A375 Human Melanoma Cells

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Receptor binding (D1, D2, 5HT2, 5HT1C) affinities for typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs in cloned receptor membranes

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Receptor of the third kind

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Receptor research: a challenge for drug development

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Receptor-lipid interactions: a practical approach

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Receptors and signaling pathways of ciliary neurotrophic factor and the neurotrophins

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Recertification in gastroenterology

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Recession of Both Horizontal Recti Muscles in Duane's Retraction Syndrome with Elevation and Depression of the Adducted Eye

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Recherches sur les Encephalartos Lehm. (Zamiaceae) d'Afrique centrale 2. Apport de la morphologie foliaire dans la diffrenciation spcifique

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Rechnergestützte Meßwerterfassung und Modellparameterbestimmung während maschineller Beatmung

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Rechutes de toxoplasmose crbrale au cours du SIDA. Etude de 25 cas

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Recidivism in a Cohort of Juvenile Detainees: A 3-Year Follow-Up

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Recidivism in a helicopter emergency medical service

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Recipient Vessels in Head and Neck Microsurgery

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Reciprocal Justice and Strategies of Exchange

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Reciprocal recurrent selection applied toCoffea canephoraPierre

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Reciprocity and consistency in non-local extended thermodynamics

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Recirculating, Retrograde Heart Perfusion According to the Langendorff Method for Evaluation of MTG Methyl-2-tetradecylglycidate, McNeil 3716 Cardiomyopathy

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Recognition and Management of Anxiety in the Intensive Care Unit

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Recognition and Treatment of Complications Following Free Tissue Transfer for Lower Extremity Wounds

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Recognition and management of the high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

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Recognition and segmentation of connected characters with selective attention

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Recognition as a conceptual correlation process - an object-based approach

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Recognition memory and awareness: An experiential approach

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Recognition of DNA by transition metal complexes: Characterization by NMR

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Recognition of Sexual Abuse: Progress and Backlash

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Recognition of a Color Standard and Its Representation in the Mind

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Recognition of cisplatin-modified DNA by proteins with HMG-box domains

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Recognition of fish species by colour and shape

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Recognition of manipulated objects by motor learning with modular architecture networks

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Recognition of phoneme invariance by beginning readers

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Recognition of volcanoes on Venus using correlation methods

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Recognition-failure constraints and the average maximum

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Recognizing polyhedral objects from a single perspective view

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Recombinant DNA techniques A laboratory course

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Recombinant Vaccinia Mucin Vector

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Recombinant genotypes in backcrosses of male Atlantic salmon brown trout hybrids to female Atlantic salmon

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Recombinant lonotropic Glutamate Receptors: Functional Distinctions Imparted by Different Subunits

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Recombinant poxvirus vaccines

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Recombinant α-2b-interferon in classic Kaposi's sarcoma

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Recombination lifetime in a gold-doped p-type silicon crystal

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Recombination processes in erbium-doped MBE silicon

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Recommandations officielles l'intention des services d'urgences aux USA : matriel, personnel, organisation

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Recommandations pour la prvention de la transmission de la tuberculose dans les lieux de soins

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Recommendations and Comparisons for Selecting Artificial-Lift Methods(includes associated papers 28645 and 29092 )

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Recommendations for improving psychotherapy training based on experiences with manual-guided training and research: An introduction

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Recommendations for improving psychotherapy training based on experiences with manual-guided training and research: Epilogue

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Recommendations for the 90's

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Recommendations for training in vascular medicine

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Recommendations for training therapists based on manuals for psychotherapy research

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Recommended Guidelines for Cardiac Maintenance (Phase IV) Programs

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Reconnaissances gologiques et gophysiques du site du barrage de Kalamoti (Chios, Grce)

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Reconsideration of the generic status ofRubrivena(Polygonaceae, Persicarieae)

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Reconsidered mechanism in RuIII(hedta)-catalyzed epoxidation of stilbenes

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Reconsidering P-Prims Theory From the Viewpoint of Situated Cognition

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Reconsidering Standards and Criteria

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Reconstitution studies of ferritin iron cores

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Reconstructing Death in Postmodern Society

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Reconstructing Environmentalism: Complex Movements, Diverse Roots

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Reconstructing Social Identity

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Reconstructing South African cities: Contemporary strategies and processes in the urban core

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Reconstructing myelin-deficient environments in the CNS by glial cell transplantation

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Reconstructing random topography from preserved stratification

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Reconstructing the Image of an Industrial City

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Reconstructing the North American Urban Landscape: Fire Insurance Maps - An Indispensable Source (Feuerversicherungskarten: Unverzichtbares Hilfsmittel zur historisch-geographischen Rekonstruktion der nordamerikanischen Stadt)

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Reconstruction after tumor surgery

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Reconstruction following dehiscence of median sternotomy

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Reconstruction of Skull Defects in Children and Adolescents by the Use of Fixed Cranial Bone Grafts

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Reconstruction of Starfish Eggs by Electric Cell Fusion: A New Method of Detect the Cytoplasmic Determinant for Archenteron Formation : (starfish/cell fusion/archenteron differentiation/determinant/egg polarity)

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Reconstruction of a complex defect involving the melolabial fold

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Reconstruction of complex and unusual defects of the thoracic wall

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Reconstruction of emission tomographic images using the compound gauss-markov random field

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Reconstruction of flexor tendon with hunter tendon implant

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Reconstruction of fractures of the posterior acetabular wall

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Reconstruction of full-thickness cheek defects using platysma myocutaneous flaps

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Reconstruction of pseudarthrosis of the scaphoid bone utilizing an osteomuscular pronator quadratus transposition flap

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Reconstruction of real and analytic band-pass signals from a finite number of samples

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Reconstruction of residual alveolo-palatal bone defects in cleft patients

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Reconstruction of the chest wall following extended interscapulothoracic amputation and chest wall resection

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Reconstruction of the deficient femur with cortical strut allografts

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Reconstruction of the floor of the mouth by nasolabial flap after cancer resection (a review of 81 patients)

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Reconstruction of the forehead and scalp

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Reconstruction of the lips

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Reconstruction of the permittivity profile of an inhomogeneous medium using an equivalent network method

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Reconstructive processing of memory content for high versus low test scores and grades

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Reconstructive surgery for massive rotator cuff tear

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Reconstructive surgery of the aortofemoral segment of the iliac artery using a new vascular stapler

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Recording Accuracies in Global Land Surface Datasets

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Recording for assessment in early education: the contribution of Susan Isaacs

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Recording maximal Ca-ATPase activity in intact human erythrocytes by means of a Ca-selective electrode

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Recording, Archiving, and Using WSR-88D Data

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Recouvrance hygrothermique du bois vert. I. Influence de la temprature. Cas du jujubier (Ziziphus lotus (L) Lam)

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Recovery From Myocardial Infarction and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Women: Psychosocial Factors

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Recovery Studies on Dichloromethane/Aqueous Partitioning of Phenol and Some of its Alkyl Derivatives

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Recovery and Characteristics of Carotenoprotein from Lobster (Homarus americanus) Waste

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Recovery characteristics of three anaesthetic techniques for outpatient orthopaedic surgery

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Recovery from low back pain

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Recovery from physical disability after stroke: profiles for different levels of starting severity

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Recovery from the passage of an iron bar through the head

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Recovery of Visuospatial Neglect in Stroke Patients

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Recovery of bladder function following surgery for stress incontinence: Is it delayed in elderly patients?

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Recovery of cyanide in the extraction of gold

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Recovery of major personality dimensions from trait adjective data

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Recovery of myocardial function *1The ultimate target of coronary revascularization

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Recovery of radiation-damaged plastic light-guide materials

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Recovery of radiation-induced color centers in poly(vinyltoluene)

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Recovery of the Frank-Starling mechanism by coenzyme Q10in patients with load-induced contractility depression

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Recovery of white blood cells from dried blood spots on Guthrie cards

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Recovery of β-receptors and adenylate cyclase from desensitization induced by short term heat exposure in rat parotid glands

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Recovery oriented psychotherapy: A model for addiction treatment

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Recovery: Leaps of faith for addicts and psychologists

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Recreational Abdominal Suspension

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Recreational Therapy and Behavior Management on Inpatient Units

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Recruiting Out-of-Home Caregivers for Children with an Intellectual Disability in the Shared Family Care Program

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Recruitment of Homeless Men with Alcohol and Drug Problems into Case Management

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Recruitment of Older African American and White Women for a Longitudinal Study of Skeletal Health

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Recruitment sources and posthire outcomes for job applicants and new hires: A test of two hypotheses

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Recruitment to American Lobster Populations along an Estuarine Gradient

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Recrystallization-etch approach to study the plastic energy absorbtion at crack initiation and extension of pressure-vessel steel A533B-1

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Rectification of the wind-driven ocean circulation on the beta plane

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Rectus Femoris Surgery in Children with Cerebral Palsy. Part I

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Rectus Femoris Surgery in Children with Cerebral Palsy. Part II

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Recurrence of depressive episodes after electroconvulsive therapy A retrospective comparison of inpatients treated in 1941-50 and 1974-83

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Recurrence statistics of concentration fluctuations in plumes within a near-neutral atmospheric surface layer

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Recurrent Abdominal Pain During Childhood

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Recurrent Brief Depression and Mild Learning Disability: Successful Community Management

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Recurrent Gastrointestinal Bleeding Associated with an Abdominal Lymphangioma

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Recurrent Incontinence After Retropubic Surgery

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Recurrent abdominal pain in children in developing countries frequently has an organic basis

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Recurrent brief depression, dysthymia and melancholia

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Recurrent ceruminous adenoma of external auditory canal

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Recurrent collapse of the fire service in New York City: the failure of paramilitary systems as a phase change

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Recurrent neural networks for syllabification

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Recurrent squamous carcinoma of the vulva

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Recursive T-matrix algorithms for the solution of electromagnetic scattering from strip and patch geometries

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Recursive prediction error identification using the nonlinear wiener model

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Recycling Poverty:

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Recycling in a separation process structure

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Recycling of heterogeneous plastics wastes. IIThe role of modifier agents

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Red Cell Magnesium Concentration in Cor Pulmonale

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Red Cell Structure and Function in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

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Red Journal: The First Generation

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Red Journal: The Next Generation

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Red River Valley: geo-graphical studies in the landscape of language

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Red deer: analysis of social behaviour in a high density population

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Red-Headed Falcon Pirates Prey from Montagu's Harrier (Individuo de Falco Chicquera le Piratea Presa a Individuo de Circus pygargus)

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Redefinitions of the science-practice relationship without a framework for unity will fail

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Redeposition on a spinodal Cu-45 wt % Ni-15 wt % Cr alloy during jet electropolishing and determination of foil thickness

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Redescription ofDaphnia deserti(Gauthier, 1937) (Crustacea: Daphniiformes: Daphniidae)

J. P. Hugot, 1993:
Redescription ofEnterobius anthropopitheci(Gedoelst, 1916) (Nematoda, Oxyurida), a parasite of chimpanzees

W. Piasecki, 1993:
Redescription ofTracheliastes gigasRichiardi, 1881 from the type-specimens, and its relegation to synonymy withPseudotracheliastes stellatus(Mayor, 1824) (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida: Lernaeopodidae)

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Redesigning Care Delivery: A Videotape Review

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Redesigning Nursing Practice

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Redesigning the active site of flavocytochrome b2

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Redetermination of the cobaltocene crystal structure at 100 K and 297 K: Comparison with ferrocene and nickelocene

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Rediscovering Nagy: What happened to contextual therapy?

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Rediscovering free associations for use in psychotherapy

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Redistribution of the liquid phase during sintering of silicon nitride

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Redo Midsternotomy for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting After a Previous Placement of an Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator--A Case Report

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Redox Transformation of Some Aqueous Organic Compounds Under Static Sonolysis

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Redox activity of bimetallic molybdenum and tungsten nitrosyls containing ligands based on 4-hydroxyphenylalkanols

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Redox and ligand substitution chemistry of mutant myohemerythrins

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Redox chemistry and spectroscopy of the manganese-quinizarine-thiosalicylic acid mixed-ligand complex in aprotic medium

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Redox disproportionation cleavage of an α-pyrrolidonate-bridged mixed-valent tetranuclear platinum complex

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Redox equilibria in the In(III)-In(I)-In system in aqueous KBr solutions, I. Potentiometric and coulometric study

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Redox intercalation reaction of crystalline VOPO4 2H2O with NaI solution in acetone

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Redox kinetics of metal complexes in nonaqueous solutions: Oxidation of a series of tris(1,10-phenanthroline)iron(II) ions by hexakis(trimethylphosphate)iron(III) in acetonitrile A reactivity-selectivity relationship

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Redox poential of oligonucleotide linked to 5-deazaflavin conenzyme model. Detection of hybrid formation by cyclic voltammometry

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Redox properties of cobalt(II) and methylcobalt(III) complexes with dianionic macrocyclic polychelate ligands

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Redox properties of rhodium diene-cyclopentadienyl complexes

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Redox reaction and thermoluminescence in dysprosium-doped potassium sulphate phosphor

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Redox reactions in transition metal oxide gels

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Redox thermodynamics in metallo - protein systems

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Redoxpotentialmessungen mit dauerhaft installierten Platinelektroden unter reduzierenden Bedingungen

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Reducation in Vasomotor Symptoms From Tamoxifen Over Time

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Reduced Effect of Inhaled β2-Adrenergic Agonists on Lung Mucociliary Clearance in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis

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Reduced Fertility Among Women Employed as Dental Assistants Exposed to High Levels of Nitrous Oxide

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Reduced Free Radical Scavenging (Antioxidant) Capacity in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

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Reduced PMN β2 integrins after trauma: a possible role for colony-stimulating factors

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Reduced Turnover of Dopamine and 5-Hydroxytryptamine in Discrete Dopaminergic, Noradrenergic and Serotonergic Rat Brain Areas after Acutely Administered Medetomidine, a Selective α2-Adrenoceptor Agonist

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Reduced VIP binding in human inflammatory bowel disease

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Reduced debris hazard resulting from a stable inclined geosynchronous orbit

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Reduced expression of PLC- during the differentiation of mouse F9 teratocarcinoma cells

S. Yu. Mashina; F. Z. Meerson, 1993:
Reduced vasoconstriction and enhanced vasodilation of the isolated resistive artery during adaptation to periodic hypoxia

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Reducing Blood Exposures in the Operating Room Through Pattern Analysis

Jason, L A.; Johnson, S Z.; Jurs, A, 1993:
Reducing Children's Television Viewing with an Inexpensive Lock

Holway, J M.; Burby, R J., 1993:
Reducing Flood Losses Local Planning and Land Use Controls

Coad, B; Richardson, D, 1993:
Reducing Market Opportunities for Organised Crime: Part I

Dale, W. Jorgenson; Peter, J. Wilcoxen, 1993:
Reducing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions: an assessment of different instruments

Nimmo, A J, 1993:
Reducing a dislocation in the nineteenth century

Rick Bradstreet, 1993:
Reducing citizen complaints

Machado Carvalho, S M., 1993:
Reducing emissions of ozone-depleting substances in Brazil

Perlack, R D.; Russell, M; Shen, Z, 1993:
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in China

Gerard Pailhories, 1993:
Reducing proteins in latex gloves

Urban Kjellén; Jan Hovden, 1993:
Reducing risks by deviation controla retrospection into a research strategy

Erik van der Sluis, 1993:
Reducing system nervousness in multi-product inventory systems

Tracey, E. Wilson; James Jaccard; Robert Endias; Howard Minkoff, 1993:
Reducing the Risk of HIV Infection for Women: An Attitudinal Analysis of Condom-Carrying Behavior

Pattison, S; Heller, T; Baines, S, 1993:
Reducing the risk of cancers

Thompson, R A.; Sherman, R Trattner, 1993 :
Reducing the risk of eating disorders in athletics

Newton, R U.; Wilson, G J., 1993:
Reducing the risk of injury during plyometric training: The effect of dampeners

Marconi, F; Cavina, C, 1993:
Reduction Mammaplasty and Correction of Ptosis

Eugene, F; Langlois, B; Laurent, E, 1993:
Reduction and Sulfonylation of Olefins by Solutions of Diisopropylethylamine and Sulfur Dioxide

D.H. Wu; B.C. Sanctuary, 1993:
Reduction and Suppression of the Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction in Solids by NMR Strong Nutation Spectroscopy

Alicja Buczek, 1993:
Reduction in egg hatch ofArgas (Argas) reflexus(Fab.) (Acari, Argasidae) due to colchicine

Mark, W. Dewhirst; David Madwed; Robert, E. Meyer; Edgardo, T. Ong; Bruce Klitzman; Gary, L. Rosner; Richard Dodge, 1993:
Reduction in tumor blood flow in skin flap tumor after hydralazine is not due to a vascular steal phenomenon

Yoon, N Min; Choi, J; Shon, Y Seok, 1993:
Reduction of Azides to Amines with Borohydride Exchange Resin Nickel Acetate

Silver, M J.; Li, Y-Han; Gragg, L A.; Jubran, F; Stoller, J K., 1993:
Reduction of Blood Loss From Diagnostic Sampling in Critically III Patients Using a Blood-Conserving Arterial Line System

J. M. Docherty; S. Harding; Larry, A. Grupp, 1993:
Reduction of Ethanol Intake by Aerosol Inhalation of a b-Adrenergic Agonist: New RouteNew Treatment Approach?

Bohuslavizki, K H.; Hinck-kneip, C; Kneip, A; Koppenhöfer, E; Reimers, A, 1993:
Reduction of MS-related scotomata by a new class of potassium channel blockers from Ruta graveolens

Marek Zaidlewicz; Ireneusz, G. Uzarewicz, 1993:
Reduction of O-methyl oxime ethers of conjugated cyclohexenones with aluminum hydride

J. Paff; R. Freeman; B. Blumich, 1993:
Reduction of Systematic Noise in Stochastic-Excitation NMR by Oversampling

V. Tassone; R. Luus, 1993:
Reduction of allowable values for control in iterative dynamic programming

P.R. Gard; A. Mandy; J.M. Whiting, 1993:
Reduction of angiotensin II activity in vitro by the antidepressant drugs desipramine and fluoxetine

Diane, M. Stearns; Karen, E. Wetterhahn, 1993:
Reduction of carcinogenic chromium(VI) by dehydroascorbate and its decomposition products

V. S. Konovalov; E. L. Foteeva; V. M. Ul'yanov, 1993:
Reduction of dust entrainment in pneumatic dryers of the spiral-vortex type

Stefan Emeis; Sten Frandsen, 1993:
Reduction of horizontal wind speed in a boundary layer with obstacles

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Reduction of low concentration Cr(VI) in acid solutions

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Reduction of nitric oxide by cobalt-centered hematopophyrin monitored by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

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Reduction of nitrogen oxides from post-combustion gases utilizing molecular radical species

D. Laforgia, 1993:
Reduction of smoke emissions by compression ignition engines in high-altitude urban transportation system

H. Yang; P. G. McCormick, 1993:
Reduction of tantalum chloride by magnesium during reaction milling

Michael, J. Hynes; Kathi Wurm; Ann Moloney, 1993:
Reduction of the bis(pentane-2,4-dionato)diaquo manganese(III) complex by hydroxylamine and L-ascorbic acid in aqueous solution

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Reduction of the metal content of basic parts of piston compressors

S. B. Jonnalagadda; M. Dumba, 1993:
Reduction of toluidine blue by stannous ion at low pH: Kinetics and simulations

Christina Persson; Carlaxel Andersson, 1993:
Reduction of tungsten(VI) and molybdenum(V) by allyltrimethylsilane and cyclopentene. Simple high yield syntheses of MoCl4(OEt2)2, MoCl4(dme), WCl4(thf)2, WCl4(dme) and WOCl3(thf)2

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Reduction of Δ1-pyrroline-2-carboxylic acid to proline by an escherichia coli proline auxotroph

Mark, L. Lewis; Steve, L. Martin; Christine, J. Rowe; John, D. Sutherland; Esther, J. Wilson; Martin, C. Wright, 1993:
Reduction of Δ1-pyrroline-2-carboxylic acid to proline in escherichia coli: lack of involvement of glutamate dehydrogenase and Δ1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase

Zeng, Y, 1993:
Reductions of (1+1)-dimensional integrable systems via the periodic fixed points of Darboux transformations

Yu. N. Bubnov; S. V. Evchenko; A. V. Ignatenko, 1993:
Reductive 1-mono- and 1,3-diallylation of isoquinoline with allylboranes

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Reductive Cleavage of Se-Se and Te-Te Bond by Samarium Diiodide: Synthesis of Selenoesters, Telluroesters, Unsymmetrical Alkylphenyl Selenides and Tellurides

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Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Aromatics

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Reductive decomposition processes of Fe(II) OEP-oxygen complex to nor-heme iron species as studied by ESR and optical absorption spectroscopy

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Reductive hydrodehalogenation catalyzed by immobilized Rh and Ru complexes in air

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Reductive monoallylation andtrans-2,5-diallylation of pyrrole and indole with allylboranes

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Reenactment and Trauma

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Reevaluation of the adhesive relationship between the tire and the soil

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Reevaluation of the burnup of spent fuel pins by the activity ratio of 134Cs/137Cs

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Reexamination of composition and physico-chemical characteristics of water-soluble pectic substances from guava (Psidium guajava L.)

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Reexamination of the thermolytic rearrangement of 4-halophenyl azides to 2-aminophenols and other products

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Reference System Approach in the Electron Liquid Theory. III. Dynamic Function of Local-Field Correction

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Reference annual atmospheres for midlatitude and tropics

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Reference manager professional edition version 5.06

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Reference model of mesospheric atomic hydrogen

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Reference-point constructions

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Referential and relational meaning in interpreted discourse

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Referential communication as teaching: adults tutoring their own and other children

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Referential practice. Language and lived space among the Maya

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Referrals: Peer review as continuing medical education

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Refined Insight in Stereochemical and Directional Features of the FeI-Mediated Dehydrogenation of Tetralin

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Refined solution structure of bovine pancreatic Ribonuclease A by1H NMR methods. Sidechain dynamics

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Refinement and extension of the table of standard energies for bonds involving hydrogen and various atoms of groups IV to VII of the Periodic Table

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Refinement of the crystal structure of metatorbernite

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Refinement of the environmental priority-setting system (EPS)

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Refinement of the evaluation of the role of CO 2 in modifying estimates of the pressure of epithermal mineralization

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Refinements in Pterygomaxillary Dissociation for Total Midface Osteotomies

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Refinements in validity generalization methods: Implications for the situational specificity hypothesis

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Reflectance Spectra of the Elephant Moraine A79001 Meteorite: Implications for Remote Sensing of Planetary Bodies

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Reflectance and Mössbauer spectroscopy of ferrihydrite-montmorillonite assemblages as Mars soil analog materials

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Reflectance calibration of aerial video imagery with automatic gain compensation on and off

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Reflectanceabsorptance characteristics of natural fiber surfaces

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Reflected light examination of Marcasite and löllingite

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Reflecting on Change: Consumers' Views of the Impact of the All-Wales Strategy

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Reflection and dissipation of hydromagnetic waves in a viscous and thermally conducting isothermal atmosphere

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Reflection and transmission ofSHwaves in an initially stressed medium consisting of a sandy layer lying over a fluid-saturated porous solid

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Reflection of electrons and photons from solids bombarded by 0.1 - to 100-MeV electrons

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Reflection properties of meteor trails in a forward-scatter radar experiment

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Reflections On Summer in Bethel

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Reflections and diffractions from facetwedge constructions: Acoustic experiments and theory

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Reflections of a Talking Head

Steven Aufrecht, 1993:
Reflections on Comparative Research

Mullins, L C., 1993:
Reflections on Gerontological Education into the Twenty-First Century

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Reflections on JOSPT Content

Streib, G, 1993:
Reflections on Publishing:

Paolo Calandra, 1993:
Reflections on a Leader of Italian Dermatology Maurizio Binazzi, 19161992

J.H. Burgoyne, 1993:
Reflections on accident investigation

Eva Klein, 1993:
Reflections on human tumof immunology

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Reflections on physician vulnerability: Opening the dialogue

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Reflections on the 1992 Annual Conference: Are Courage and Excellence Enough?

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Reflections on the Earth Summit

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Reflections on using group therapy as a treatment modalityWhy, how, for whom, and when: A guide to clinicians, supervisors, and instructors

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Reflections upon the functions of food in a children's psychotherapy group

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Reflectivity of GaAs Thin Films

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Reflector antennas with superquadric aperture boundaries

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Reflex horizontal saccades in multiple sclerosis

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Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

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Reflexive algorithmic approach to clinical decision making: Breast cancer as a model

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Refolding of cytochromeb562and its structural stabilization by introducing a disulfide bond

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Refolding of subtilisim BPN' achieved almost quantitatively by covalent immobilization on an agrose gel

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Reforming education toward the global century

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Reforming urban land policies and institutions in developing countries: Catherine Farvacque and Patrick McAuslan World Bank, Washington, DC, 1992, 114 pp

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Refractive Indices, calculated orientational order Parameters, and Polarizability Anisotropies of Liquid Crystalline 3-(4-Alkyl-phenyloxy)-propane-1,2-diols

M. Goffredi; V. Turco Liveri; G. Vassallo, 1993:
Refractive index of water-AOT-n-heptane microemulsions

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Refractive-index modification of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) thin films by KrF-laser irradiation

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Refractory peptic lesions

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Refracture of Adolescent Femoral Shaft Fractures

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Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership

Webster, D C., 1993:
Reframing Women's Health: Tension and Paradox in Framing Interstitial Cystitis

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Refrigerants as working fluid in a CPC collector system for electric power generation

A. M. Arkharov; I. A. Arkharov; K. V. Lebedev, 1993:
Refrigeration by reciprocating type of magnetocaloric cryogenerator

Fuller, K Lackritz, 1993:
Refugee mental health in Aalborg, Denmark Traumatic stress and cross-cultural treatment issues

Kim Sterelny, 1993:
Refuting Eliminative Materialism on the Cheap?

Lewis, E, 1993:
Regaining Promise

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Regeltheoretische Analyse zum bertragungsverhalten des Kreislaufzentrums

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Regeneration and repair of the peripheral nervous system

M. Cristina Pedroso; Salomé Pais, 1993:
Regeneration from anthers of adultCamellia japonicaL

Yukio Kawashima; Hiroshi Tokuda, 1993:
Regeneration from callus ofUndaria pinnatifida(Harvey) Suringar (Laminariales, Phaeophyta)

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Regeneration of bulblets from twin scales ofCrinum macowanii in vitro

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Regeneration of green plants from embryogenic suspension on cultures of kentucky blue grass (Poa pratensis L.)

Xing-Hong Yan; Su-Juan Wang, 1993:
Regeneration of whole plants fromGracilaria asiaticaChang et Xia protoplasts (Gracilariaceae, Rhodophyta)

Boni, M; Ghelfi, F; Pagnoni, U M.; Pinetti, A, 1993:
Regeneration of α-Haloaldehydes from α-Halodimethylacetals

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Regenerative neunte growth modulation associated with astrocyte proteoglycans

Márquez, A.; Rodríguez, H.; Medina, J.; Cheung, K. K., 1993:
Regio and Stereospecific Synthesis of Bicyclic Pyrrolidines

Anonymous, 2018:

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Regio-and Stereoselectivity of Transition-Metal-Ion-Mediated Single and Double Dehydrogenation of Tetraline

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Regioisomerenreine Mono- und Diglyceride als Synthesebausteine

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Regional Definition in Regional Economic Impact Models: The Case of the REMI Model and Clark County, Nevada

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Regional Depiction in Contemporary Film

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Regional Development and Language Maintenance

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Regional Innovation Policies Compared

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Regional Innovation and Decentralization: High Tech Industry and Government Policy

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Regional Patterns of Small Firm Development in the Business Services: Evidence from the United Kingdom

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Regional Planning and Citizen Participation in South Korea: The Case of Chungbook Province

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Regional Poison Systems Roles and Titles

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Regional Policy in a Changing World

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Regional Trade Blocs and the GATT

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Regional anaesthesia

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Regional anaesthesia and surgical morbidity

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Regional and Intrametropolitan Differences in the Location of Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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Regional cerebral blood flow and extraversion

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Regional cerebral blood flow in patients with internal carotid artery stenosis: Effects of nifedipine and nimodipine

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Regional differences in emissions reduction opportunities: Policy implications

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Regional differentiation in trade union density

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Regional distribution of 201T1 during one-leg exercise

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Regional distribution of the alternatively spliced isoforms of βAPP RNA transcript in the brain of normal, heterozygous and homozygous weaver mutant mice as revealed by in situ hybridization histochemistry

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Regional efforts in the management of the coastal and marine environments in the asean region

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Regional environmental planning: Progress and possibilities in Western Europe

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Regional evolution of hydrothermal fluids in the Noranda District, Quebec; evidence from delta 18 O values from volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits

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Regional fine mapping of the β crystallin genes on chromosome 22 excludes these genes as physically linked markers for neurofibromatosis type 2

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Regional food security and rural infrastructure Linkages, shortcomings, needs: International symposium on regional food security and rural infrastructure, Giessen-Rauischholzhausen, Germany, 36 May 1993

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Regional ionospheric mapping

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Regional localization of the gene coding for human brain nitric oxide synthase (NOS1) to 12q24.2→24.31 by fluorescent in situ hybridization

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Regional metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration related to Miocene submarine volcanism (green tuff) in the Yurihara oil and gas field, northwest Honshu Island, Japan

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Regional policies in public opinion

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Regional policy in Russia today: The new role of the state

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Regional techniques and low-dose aspitin

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Regional variation in the surgical treatment of early breast cancer

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Regionale analyse zum rückstand der brustkrebs-bekämpfung

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Regionalism and the New Theory of International Trade: Do the Bells Toll for the GATT? A European Outlook

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Regionalism in Africa

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Regionalism in western Europe

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Regions as Social Organisms: The Lamarckian Characteristics of Vidal de la Blache's Regional Geography

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Regioselective Acylation of Benzoselenazolinone

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Regioselective Metalation of Ortho-Aminopicolines Using the Pivaloyl Group as a Directing Group: Synthesis of Naphthyridines

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Regioselective N-Alkylation of Methyl Indole-2-carboxylate

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Regioselective Synthesis of Flindersine Analogues

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Regioselective Synthesis of Methyl 2,3-Dihydro-2-aryl Benzofuran-3-Carboxylates Using Thallium(III) Nitrate

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Regioselective photodimerization of 9-methylanthracene in homogeneous and micellar solutions

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Regioselective synthesis and characterization of naphthylethylcarbamoyl-β-cyclodextrins

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Regioselectivity and Stereoselectivity in Nitrile Oxide Cycloaddition to 1, 5-Hexadien-3-ol. The Study on the Hydrogen Bonding Effect and Magnesium Chelation Effect in Nitrile Oxide Cycloaddition

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Regioselectivity of oxidation by positive holes (h+) in photocatalytic aqueous transformations

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Regiospecific Synthesis of Bikaverin

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Regiospecific enzymic acylation of butyl α-d-glucopyranoside

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Registered Mental Nurses' perceived role in health education about smoking

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Registration of dissolved glucose in vitro and in vivo by a combined microdialysis/amperometric method

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Registro de los Sucesos Adversos en un Hospital Universitario de los Paises Bajos: Relacion entre Sucesos Adversos y Caracteristicas de los Pacientes Hospitalizados

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Regression analysis of multilevel data with measurement error

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Regression analysis of visual field progression in low tension glaucoma

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Regression of Oral Leukoplakia With -Tocopherol: A Community Clinical Oncology Program Chemoprevention Study

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Regrets After Sex Reassignment Surgery

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Regularities in biological activity among derivatives of chromone and 4-oxopyrimidine

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Regularities of pyrolytic boron nitride coating formation on a graphite matrix

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Regularities of separate and combined effects of circularly polarized millimeter waves on E. coli cells at different phases of culture growth

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Epworth sleepiness scale in medical residents: quality of sleep and its relationship to quality of life

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EQ-5D-5L: Smaller steps but a major step change?

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Regulation and Competition Policy in Britain and Europe

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Regulation and resistance: The physical education lesson as speech genre

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Regulation endometrialer beta-adrenerger Rezeptoren im Zyklus der Frau

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Regulation of HEM 13 expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Regulation of Intermediary Metabolism in Insulin-Resistant States

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Regulation of Na, K-ATPase activity

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Regulation of Nutrition Professionals

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Regulation of RNA polymerase activity in liver and brain cell nuclei by a cytoplasmic thyroxine modulator in rats of various ages

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Regulation of adrenal and hepatic α-tocopherol content by androgens and estrogens

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Regulation of biosynthesis of 1-acetyl-β-carboline inStreptomyces kasugaensis

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Regulation of canine gastric mucin synthesis and phospholipid secretion by acid secretagogues

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Regulation of differentiation of gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament cells by rhlL-1β and rhTNF-α

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Regulation of divalent cations of the membrane-bound pyrophosphatase ofRhodospirillum rubrum, as shown by the hydrolysis of tripositive-pyrophosphate complexes

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Regulation of electron flux through cytochrome c oxidase: pH, ΔpH and fatty acids

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Regulation of endothelial permeability by β-adrenoceptor agonists: Contribution of β1- and β2-adrenoceptors

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Regulation of kidney organogenesis

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Regulation of locum staff

Regulation of malic-enzymes-gene expression by cAMP and retinoic acid in differentiating brown adipocytes

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Regulation of methane monooxygenase catalysis through thermodynamic coupling of redox equilibria and component complexes

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Regulation of phospholipid synthesis inMycobacterium smegmatisby cyclic adenosine monophosphate

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Regulation of proliferation and differentiation of normal and malignant breast: new factors and neu paradoxes

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Regulation of pulsatile secretion of prostaglandin F2 from the ovine uterus by ovarian steroids

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Regulation of quality and safety in the Malaysian meat and poultry sector

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Regulation of rabbit a1-acid glycoprotein gene expression in acute-phase liver : Identification of inducible and constitutive proteins like CCAAT-enhancer binding protein that interact with the 5-proximal promoter elements

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Regulation of the Genes Involved in the Biogenesis of FHA and Fimbriae

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Regulation of the frequency of myoelectric complexes in the isolated mouse colon

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Regulation of the human elastin promoter in chick embryo cells: Tissue-specific effect of TGF-β

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Regulation of the levels of three transforming growth factor β mRNAs by estrogen and their effects on the proliferation of human breast cancer cells

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Regulation of the -globin locus

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Regulation of thyroid hormone receptor β-2 mRNA levels by retinoic acid

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Regulation of white adipocyte guanine nucleotide binding proteins Gsa and Gia12 by testosterone in vivo: Influence of regional fat distribution

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Regulation of β-amyloid precursor protein isoform mRNAs by transforming growth factor-β1 and interleukin-1β in astrocytes

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Regulation of protein kinase C during rat ovarian differentiation

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Regulation theory, the local state, and the transition of urban politics

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Regulations governing the use of laser equipment

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Regulators in Japanese Conversation

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Regulatory Influence on pain management:

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Regulatory control of a chaotic nonisothermal CSTR

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Regulatory elements of rat heme oxygenases-1 and -2

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Regulatory incentive policies and abuse

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Regulatory negotiation: An assessment of its application

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Regulatory processes in the monogenean Gyrodactylus salaris MalmbergAtlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) association. I. Field studies in southeast Norway

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Regulatory processes in the monogenean Gyrodactylus salaris MalmbergAtlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) association. II. Experimental studies

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Regulatory surrogate endpoint biomarkers

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Rehabilitating Dual Diagnosis Patients in the Community; Understanding Group Therapy

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Rehabilitation After Meniscal Repair

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Rehabilitation Counselling: The Development of a New Course Specialism in British Counselling

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Rehabilitation after head injury

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Rehabilitation and Treatment Success Rate of California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) and Northern Fur Seals (Callorhinus ursinus) Stranded along the Central and Northern California Coast, 1984-1990

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Rehabilitation and biomechanics

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Rehabilitation and care of the long-term mentally ill

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Rehabilitation and management of behavioral disturbances following frontal lobe injury

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Rehabilitation for Adults with Severe Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders

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Rehabilitation of Elderly People: What Should Physiotherapy Students Learn on Clinical Placements?

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Rehabilitation of confrontation naming in aphasia: Relations between oral and written modalities