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Resolution of four large chromosomes in penicillin-producing filamentous fungi: the penicillin gene cluster is located on chromosome II (9.6 Mb) inPenicillium notatumand chromosome 1 (10.4 Mb) inPenicillium chrysogenum

Francisco Fierro; Santiago Gutiérrez; Bruno Diez; Juan, F. Martín

Molecular Genetics and Genomics 241(5-6): 573-578


ISSN/ISBN: 1617-4615
DOI: 10.1007/bf00279899
Accession: 062332749

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Four chromosomes were resolved by pulsed field gel electrophoresis in Penicillium notatum (10.8, 9.6, 6.3 and 5.4 Mb in size) and in five different strains of Penicillium chrysogenum (10.4, 9.6, 7.3 and 6.8 Mb in the wild type). Small differences in size were found between the four chromosomes of the five P. chrysogenum strains.

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