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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62382

Chapter 62382 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

R. Vaughan, 1994:
General assembly and 14th symposium of the European association of remote sensing laboratories (EARSel) — “Sensors and environmental applications”: 6–8 June, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

H. Vasey, 1994:
General conclusions

Smalley, I.; Smalley, K.S.M., 2018:
ERK Inhibition: A New Front in the War against MAPK Pathway-Driven Cancers?

Yuguo Li; Sture Holmberg, 1994:
General flow and thermal boundary conditions in indoor air flow simulation

T. Uesaka, 1994:
General formula for hygroexpansion of paper

Richard Lynn; Myung Ja Song, 1994:
General intelligence, visuospatial and verbal abilities in Korean children

L. M. J. Florack; B. M. Ter Haar Romeny; J. J. Koenderink; M. A. Viergever, 1994:
General intensity transformations and differential invariants

Julia Kydd; D.F. Antczak, 1994:
General introduction and acknowledgments

M. Hadders-Algra, 1994:
General movements in early infancy: What do they tell us about the nervous system?

Christophe Roger; Mark, J. Hampden-Smith; Dale, W. Schaefer; Greg, B. Beaucage, 1994:
General routes to porous metal oxides via inorganic and organic templates

R.J. Pazda; T.B. Jones; Y. Matsubara, 1994:
General theory for transient charge relaxation in a partially filled vessel

V. P. Osinskii, 1994:
General-Purpose drying technology

White, H Raskin; Labouvie, E W., 1994:
Generality versus Specificity of Problem Behavior: Psychological and Functional Differences

Shatzer, J H.; Wardrop, J L.; Williams, R G.; Hatch, T F., 1994:
Generalizability of performance on differentstationlength standardized patient cases

Morten, H. Christiansen; Nick Chater, 1994:
Generalization and Connectionist Language Learning

Leippe, M R.; Eisenstadt, D, 1994:
Generalization of dissonance reduction: Decreasing prejudice through induced compliance

Shixian Qian, 1994:
Generalization of least-square isotonic regression

Gresham, F M., 1994:
Generalization of social skills: Risks of choosing form over function

J. Simbrunner, 1994:
Generalization of the Partition Method for Calculating Echo Magnitudes

Krogstad, H E.; Samset, O; Vachon, P W., 1994:
Generalizations of the nonlinear oceanSAR transform and a simplified SAR inversion algorithm

Marshall, W. L.; Jones, R.; Hudson, S.M.; McDonald, E, 1994:
Generalized Empathy in Child Molesters

Rabe, S.; Mardia, K. V., 1994:
Generalized Ising models and their applications

Bani, K. Mallick and Alan, E. Gelfand, 1994:
Generalized Linear Models with Unknown Link Functions

Jonathan, W. Leland, 1994:
Generalized Similarity Judgments: An Alternative Explanation for Choice Anomalies

S. Woody; S. Rachman, 1994:
Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as an unsuccessful search for safety

Gy. Elekes, 1994:
Generalized breadths, circular Cantor sets, and the least area UCC

Forrest, B.M.; Suter, U.W., 1994:
Generalized coordinate hybrid Monte Carlo

John, M. Wichert; Carol, K. Hall, 1994:
Generalized flory equation of state for hard chainhard monomer mixtures of unequal segment diameter

Nghi, Q. Lam; Paul, R. Okamoto, 1994:
Generalized melting criterion for beam-induced amorphization

Haj-Hariri, H, 1994:
Generalized modal expansion: A WienerHopf problem

J Spaniol; MR Belmont; IR Summers; W Vennart, 1994:
Generalized multiresolution analysis of magnetic resonance images

V. Cataudella; G. Franzese; M. Nicodemi; A. Scala; A. Coniglio, 1994:
Generalized percolation models for frustrated spin systems

Olafur, P. Palsson; Henrik Madsen; Henning, T. Søgaard, 1994:
Generalized predictive control for non-stationary systems

Vinod, M. Shah; Paul, R. Bienkowski; Hank, D. Cochran, 1994:
Generalized quartic equation of state for pure nonpolar fluids

Chang-Guo Zhan; Zhen-Min Hu, 1994:
Generalized relationship for calculation of nuclear spinspin coupling constants between directly bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms

N. Sabhahit; P.K. Basudhar; Madhira, R. Madhav; N. Miura, 1994:
Generalized stability analysis of reinforced embankments on soft clay

Salmon, R, 1994:
Generalized two-layer models of ocean circulation

E. H. Rapoport, 1994:
Generalizing across Marine and Terrestrial Ecology || Remarks on Marine and Continental Biogeography: An Areographical Viewpoint

John Woods and Wolfgang Barkmann, 1994:
Generalizing across Marine and Terrestrial Ecology || Simulating Plankton Ecosystems by the Lagrangian Ensemble Method

Thomas, M. Powell and Akira Okubo, 1994:
Generalizing across Marine and Terrestrial Ecology || Turbulence, Diffusion and Patchiness in the Sea

Dunlap, W P., 1994:
Generalizing the common language effect size indicator to bivariate normal correlations

Elizabeth, W. McNulty, 1994:
Generating Common Sense Knowledge Among Police Officers

Hooper, S; Sales, G; Del Marie Rysavy, S., 1994:
Generating Summaries and Analogies Alone and in Pairs

Daniel Cohen; Arie Kaufman; Yingxing Wang, 1994:
Generating a smooth voxel-based model from an irregular polygon mesh

Jefferey, T. Brannon; Dilmus, D. James; G.William Lucker, 1994:
Generating and sustaining backward linkages between maquiladoras and local suppliers in Northern Mexico

Drake, R. Bradley; Courtney, L. Fleisher, 1994:
Generating multivariate data from nonnormal distributions: Mihal and Barrett revisited

Yan Qiu Chen; David, W. Thomas; Mark, S. Nixon, 1994:
Generating-shrinking algorithm for learning arbitrary classification

Burke, R J., 1994:
Generation X: Measures, Sex and Age Differences

Y. Huang; A. von Eckardstein; S. Wu; G. Assmann, 1994:
Generation and conversion of preβ1-LpA-I in vitro: evidence for the presence in human plasma of a factor converting preβ1-LpA-I into α-LpA-I

K. Sugioka; K. Toyoda, 1994:
Generation mechanism and thermal stability of high carrier concentrations by KrF-excimer-laser doping of Si into GaAs

Kousaka, Y; Horiuchi, T; Endo, Y; Aotani, S, 1994:
Generation of Aerosol Particles by Boiling of Suspensions

S.J.F. Vincent; C. Zwahlen; G. Bodenhausen, 1994:
Generation of Complementary Multiplets for Automated Analysis of Selective Correlation Spectra

Green, D. R.; Banuls, M. P.; Gearing, A. J. H.; Needham, L. A.; White, M. R. H.; Clements, J. M., 1994:
Generation of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cell Lines Which Maintain Their Differentiated Phenotype

Z. Zhong; V.C. Venkatesh, 1994:
Generation of Parabolic and Toroidal Surfaces on Silicon and Silicon-Based Compounds Using Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Kataoka, T; Ohe, Y; Umeda, A; Iwamura, T; Yoshimatsu, M; Shimizu, H, 1994:
Generation of Selenabenzenes Bearing an Electron-Withdrawing Group at me 2-Position

V. L. Dorofeyev; L. I. Sukhikh, 1994:
Generation of a double Kelvin wave resulting from the reflection of the Rossby wave by the jump layer

Kim, K.; Ryu, C.K., 1994:
Generation of charged liquid cluster beam of liquid-mix precursors and application to nanostructured materials

Gary Burgess, 1994:
Generation of cushion curves from one shock pulse

E. Buncel; T. K. Venkatachalam, 1994 :
Generation of germyl, stannyl, and plumbyl anions through nucleophilic cleavage of digermanes, distannanes, and diplumbanes

Howard, H.M. Hwang; Jun-Rong Huo, 1994:
Generation of hazard-consistent fragility curves

Howard, H.M. Hwang; Jun-Rong Huo, 1994:
Generation of hazard-consistent ground motion

S. F. Dotsenko; V. M. Savoskin, 1994:
Generation of internal waves by moving non-stationary disturbances in a real stratified ocean

V. F. Ivanov, 1994:
Generation of internal waves of the near-inertial period by a periodic wind

R.E Gagnon, 1994:
Generation of melt during crushing experiments on freshwater ice

Richard Petela, 1994:
Generation of oil emulsion for stirred tank processes

Masao Tamada; Yoshinobu Izumi; Hideki Omichi, 1994:
Generation of organic ion beams having an amino functional group

S.A.M. Said; H.M. Kadry, 1994:
Generation of representative weatherYear data for Saudi Arabia

Maurizio Ciofalo; Glauco Ponterini, 1994:
Generation of singlet oxygen by 2,2:5,2-terthiophene and some of its derivatives

J. C. Ciria; C. Giovannella, 1994:
Generation of subharmonic shapiro steps in ladder arrays of overdamped superconducting junctions

Eyvonne Shell, 1994:

Lawson, M J.; Chinnappan, M, 1994:
Generative Activity During Geometry Problem Solving: Comparison of the Performance of High-Achieving and Low-Achieving High School Students

Ronald, J. Fisher, 1994:
Generic Principles for Resolving Intergroup Conflict

Andrew Chetley, 1994:
Generic embarrassment

Ng, L; Barfield, W, 1994:
Generic intelligent driver support: A comprehensive report on GIDS

Gaines, S. O., 1994:
Generic, Stereotypic, and Collectivistic Models of Interpersonal Resource Exchange among African American Couples

Hansjörg Kielhöfer, 1994:
GenericS1-equivariant vector fields

Scott Hershberger, 1994:
Genes and environment in personality development

L. Lebihan; C. Mauchaussé; L. Duhamel; J. Grimblot; E. Payen, 1994:
Genesis and activity of mo-based hydrotreating catalysts prepared by a sol-gel method

Shimazaki, H; Ji, H; Hu, S, 1994:
Genesis of Gold Deposits in Shandong Peninsula, China

Sanilkumar, K.V.; Mohankumar, N.; Joseph, M.X.; Rao, R.R., 1994:
Genesis of meteorological disturbances and thermohaline variability of the upper layers in the head of the Bay of Bengal during MONsoon Trough Boundary Layer EXperiment (MONTBLEX-90)

Mcewan, P, 1994:
Genethics. The clash between the new genetics and human values

Hamilton, M P., 1994:
Genetic Engineering and Humanness: A Revolutionary Prospect, reprinted from Cathedral Papers, Volume 4, 1992, M.P. Hamilton, ed., Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

P. A. Kumar,R. P. Sharma, 1994:
Genetic Engineering of Insect-Resistant Crop Plants withBacillus thuringiensisCrystal Protein Genes

Kenneth, S. Kendler, 1994:
Genetic Research in Psychiatry

Sadler, S., 1994:
Genetic Studies in Affective Disorder: Overview of Basic Methods, Current Directions and Critical Research Issues

Stephen, R.L. Clark, 1994:
Genetic and Other Engineering

S.Y. Lim; C.R. Chatwin, 1994:
Genetic and entropy methods for laser process prediction

Tatiana, M. Maryutina, 1994:
Genetic and environmental factors in interindividual verp variability

T.S. McNellis, 1994:
Genetic and molecular analysis of an allelic series of cop1 mutants suggests functional roles for the multiple protein domains: Plant Cell 6, 487500

M. Stratford, 1994:
Genetic aspects of yeast flocculation: in particular, the role of FLO genes in the flocculation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

A. V. Osadchuk; K. V. Svechnikov, 1994:
Genetic basis of adenylatecyclase regulation of testosterone production of Leydig's cells in laboratory mice

Furukawa, T; Kimura, K; Kobayakawa, Y; Tamura, K; Kawaichi, M; Tanimura, T; Honjo, T, 1994:
Genetic characterization of Drosophila RBP-J (Suppressor of Hairless) as a neurogenic gene in adult PNS development

A. Inazu; J. Koizumi; T. Haraki; T. Higashikata; M. Kitatani; K. Yagi; N. Kamon; K. Takata; Y. Moriyama; M. Doi; X.C. Jiang; A.R. Tall; H. Mabuchi; R. Takeda, 1994:
Genetic cholesteryl ester transfer protein deficiency caused by two prevalent mutations as a major determinant of increased levels of HDL-cholesterol in a general Japanese population

Keqi, C; Matsumoto, M; Tominaga, A; Takatsu, K, 1994:
Genetic control of T cell replacing factor/interleukin-5 production

Marino, C.; Macciardi, F.; Cavallaro, R.; Cohen, S.; Smeraldi, E., 1994:
Genetic control of the metabolism of neuroleptics: implications for the management of therapeutic dosages and side effects

Olga, N. Tokarskaya; Vadim, V. Kalnin; Vladimir, G. Panchenko; Aleksei, P. Ryskov, 1994:
Genetic differentiation in a captive population of the endangered Siberian crane (Grus leucogeranusPall.)

Yasuyuki Watano; Shigeo Masuyama, 1994:
Genetic differentiation in populations of the polymorphic fernCeratopteris thalictroidesin Japan

Mazzocco, M??le M.M.; Reiss, A L, 1994:
Genetic disorders and advances

Hideki Ueno, 1994:
Genetic estimations for body size characters, development period and development rate in a coccinelid beetle,Harmonia axyridis

Lisabeth Fisher Dilalla; Jerome Kagan; J.Steven Reznick, 1994:
Genetic etiology of behavioral inhibition among 2-year-old children

J. Morasse; R.C. Green; S. Narod; T-L. Young; P. Tonin; J. Morissette; J. Weissenbach; E.W. Khandjian; F. Rousseau, 1994:
Genetic heterogeneity in hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer as detected with molecular probes

Richard, D. Arvey; Brian, P. McCall; Thomas, J. Bouchard Jr; Paul Taubman; Marcie, A. Cavanaugh, 1994:
Genetic influences on job satisfaction and work values

David Oscier; Alan Burnett; Rose Ann Padua, 1994:
Genetic lesions and clinical outcome in myelodysplasia (MDS)

Robert, G. Resta, 1994:
Genetic library

V. M. Chapman; B. T. Keitz; D. F. Bishop, 1994:
Genetic linkage of the erythroid-specific -aminolevulinate synthase gene (Alas2) to the distal region of the mouse X Chromosome

L.E. Henkes; T.A. Weimer; J.C.F. Moraes, 1994:
Genetic markers and the fertility gene (FecB) in a 34 Romney Marsh 14 Merino Booroola flock

R. L. Hodges; D. W. Hodges; K. Goggans; X. Xuei; P. Skatrud; D. McGilvray, 1994:
Genetic modification of an echinocandin B-producing strain ofAspergillus nidulansto produce mutants blocked in sterigmatocystin biosynthesis

S. C. France, 1994 :
Genetic population structure and gene flow among deep-sea amphipods,Abyssorchomenespp., from six California Continental Borderland basins

Martin, l G.; Quirke, P, 1994:
Genetic predisposition and abnormalities in gastric cancer

Michael, E. Cavanagh, 1994:
Genetic science and pastoral care

Crisp, R., 1994:
Genetic screening: ethical issues

J. Yeatman; J. A. H. Benzie, 1994:
Genetic structure and distribution ofPhotololigospp. in Australia

Khalil, A M.; Odeh, M M. T., 1994:
Genetic toxicology of benzene and its derivatives in rat bone marrow cell cultures

Sridevy Sriskandarajah; Peter, B. Goodwin; Jim Speirs, 1994:
Genetic transformation of the apple scion cultivar Delicious viaAgrobacterium tumefaciens

Myong Gi Chung, 1994:
Genetic variation and population structure in Korean endemic species: III.Hosta minor(Liliaceae)

Kees Reinink; Marcel Nes; Remmelt Groenwold, 1994:
Genetic variation for nitrate content between cultivars of endive (Cichorium endiviaeL.)

Marshall, S, 1994:
Genetically Modified Organisms and Food

Conner, E M.; Aiko, S; Grisham, M, 1994:
Genetically engineered models of inflammatory bowel disease

Clifford, J. Eastmond, 1994:
Genetics and HLA antigens

Plomin, R, 1994:
Genetics and experience

Shoulders, C C., 1994:
Genetics and molecular biology

Jacobsen, BØRn, 1994:
Genetics and positive versus negative symptoms in schizophrenia

Richard, L. Kopp; Thomas, E. Wissing; Sheldon, I. Guttman, 1994:
Genetics indicators of environmental tolerance among fish populations exposed to acid deposition

Evans, G., 1994:
Genetics of Colorectal Cancer for Clinical Practice

Keshet, l; Rachmilewitz, D, 1994:
Genetics of Crohns disease

Bergman, W; Gruis, N A.; Sandkuijl, L A.; Frants, R R., 1994:
Genetics of Seven Dutch Familial Atypcial Multiple Mole-Menaloma Syndrome Families: A Review of Linkage Results Including Chromosomes 1 and 9

Alsobrook, J P.; Pauls, D L., 1994:
Genetics of anxiety disorders

Hull, J; Thomson, A, 1994:
Genetics of cystic fibrosis

Crabtree, K, 1994:
Genetics, Natural History, Tumor Spectrum, and Pathology of Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer: An Updated Review

H. Ströhlein; F. Jäger; W. Hecht; A. Herzog; S. Herzog, 1994:
Genetische Studien an Rotwild (Cervus elaphus, L.) aus Hessen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt. Teil II: Diskussion der ermittelten Parameter der Isoenzymgenetik unter Beachtung mitochondrialer DNS-Haplotypverteilung

H. Ströhlein; S. Herzog; A. Herzog, 1994:
Genetische Studien an Rotwild (Cervus elaphusL.) aus Hessen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt. Teil I: Populationsgenetische Parameter der Isoenzymgenetik

Turner, D C., 1994:
Geneva 95Definitely Worth Attending!

Igwe, O J.; Ning, L, 1994:

John, J. Coleman III, 1994:
Genioplasty. By Bahman Guyuron, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1993, 165 pp

Nishio, K.; Miura, K.; Ohira, T.; Heike, Y.; Saijo, N., 1994:
Genistein, a Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor, Decreased the Affinity of p56lck to -Chain of Interleukin-2 Receptor in Human Natural Killer (NK)-Rich Cells and Decreased NK-Mediated Cytotoxicity

Grant, G A.; Sacks, S L., 1994:
Genital herpes and genital papilloma virus HSV and HPV

Henri Blanchier; Jean-Marie Huraux; Christiane Huraux-Rendu; Annick Sainte-Croix le Baleur, 1994:
Genital herpes and pregnancy preventive measures

G. M. Ghoniem, 1994:
Genitourinary spheroidal membrane (GSM) for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence

Devon, A. Thompson; Ciarán N. Cronin; Finian Martin, 1994:
Genomic Cloning and Sequence Analyses of the Bovine a-, bA- and bB-Inhibin/activin Genes : Identification of Transcription Factor AP-2-Binding Sites in the 5-Flanking Regions by DNase I Footprinting

Björn Salomon; Bao-Rong Lu, 1994:
Genomic relationships between species of theElymus semicostatusgroup andElymussensu lato (Poaceae)

Poncy, J. L.; Monchaux, G.; Dufour, G.; Marlasca, D.; Morin, M.; Masse, R., 1994:
Genotoxic Effect on Mammalian Cells of Direct In Vitro Exposure to Diesel Exhausts

Caspar, J; ires, A La; Rueff, J, 1994:
Genotoxic flavonoids and red wine

Hüttner, E.; Baranczewski, P., 1994:
Genotoxic risk of waste products from plasma etching processes

Weyand, E H.; Wu, Y, 1994:
Genotoxicity of Manufactured Gas Plant Residue (MGP) in Skin and Lung of Mice Following MGP Ingestion or Topical Administration

G. Hasheminejad; J. Caldwell, 1994:
Genotoxicity of the alkenylbenzenes a and b-asarone, myristicin and elemicin as determined by the UDS assay in cultured rat hepatocytes

Khalil, A.M., 1994:
Genotoxicity of two pharmacologically important selenium compounds (selenocystine and selenopuridine) in cultured human blood lymphocytes

Tisminetzky, S; Gerotto, M; Pontisso, P; Chemello, L; Ruvoletto, M; Baralle, F; Alberti, A, 1994:
Genotypes of hepatitis C virus in Italian patients with chronic hepatitis C

Wanda, J. Orlikowski and JoAnne Yates, 1994:
Genre Repertoire: The Structuring of Communicative Practices in Organizations

Malcolm Hayward, 1994:
Genre recognition of history and fiction

Yu, Y.; Wang, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhai, Y.; Lu, X.; Ma, H.; Zhu, K.; Zhao, T.; Jiao, J.; Zhao, Z-Ao.; Li, L., 2018:
ERK inhibition promotes neuroectodermal precursor commitment by blocking self-renewal and primitive streak formation of the epiblast

Hans, W. Giessen; Armin Lang, 1994:
Gentechnologie als Informationsproblem

Van Kempen, R; Van Weesep, J, 1994:
Gentrification and the Urban Poor: Urban Restructuring and Housing Policy in Utrecht

Ley, D, 1994:
Gentrification and the politics of the new middle class

van Weesep, J., 1994:
Gentrification as a research frontier

Lees, L, 1994:
Gentrification in London and New York: An Atlantic gap?

Bridge, G, 1994:
Gentrification, class, and residence: a reappraisal

Matty, J M., 1994:
Geo-Currents: A Look at Recent Geological News

Sarah Watson; Marc Spiegelman, 1994:
Geochemical Effects of Magmatic Solitary WavesI. Numerical Results

Marc Spiegelman, 1994:
Geochemical Effects of Magmatic Solitary WavesIi. Some Analysis

Qi, M.; Tian, Y.; Li, W.; Li, D.; Zhao, T.; Yang, Y.; Li, Q.; Chen, S.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Tang, L.; Liu, Z.; Su, B.; Li, F.; Feng, Y.; Fei, K.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, L., 2018:
ERK inhibition represses gefitinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer cells

Forbes, W. F.; McAiney, C. A.; Hayward, L. M.; Agwani, N., 1994:
Geochemical Risk Factors for Mental Functioning, Based on the Ontario Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSA) II. The Role of pH

Forbes, W. F.; Agwani, N., 1994:
Geochemical Risk Factors for Mental Functioning, Based on the Ontario Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSA) III. The Effects of Different Aluminum-containing Compounds

Whalen, J B.; Jenner, G A.; Hegner, E; Gariépy, Cément; Longstaffe, F J., 1994:
Geochemical and isotopic (Nd, O, and Pb) constraints on granite sources in the Humber and Dunnage zones, Gaspsie, Quebec, and New Brunswick: implications for tectonics and crustal structure

Malcolm, D. Siegel; Scott Anderholm, 1994:
Geochemical evolution of groundwater in the Culebra dolomite near the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, southeastern New Mexico, USA

Xiao Zhifeng; Yang Liqing; Quyang Ziyuan, 1994:
Geochemical kinetic simulation on wall rock alteration zoning in the Baoban gold field, South China

Sun Yong; Yu Ziaping; Alfred Kröner, 1994:
Geochemistry and single zircon geochronology of Archaean TTG gneisses in the Taihua high-grade terrain, Lushan area, central China

Ito, T; Ogawa, Y, 1994:
Geochemistry of Ferromanganese Coatings and Muddy Sediments Taken by the Research Dive 134 of Submersible "Shinkai 6500" from the Oceanward Slope of the Japan Trench

Channer, D. M. DeR.; Spooner, E. T. C., 1994:
Geochemistry of late (~1.1Ga) fluid inclusions in rocks of the Kapuskasing Archean crustal section

Gu Lianxing; Yang Hao; Gou Xiaoqin; Guo Jichun; Wang Jinzhu, 1994:
Geochemistry of the Baishitouquan amazonite- and topaz-bearing granite in the Mid Tianshan belt, Xinjiang, China

Al-Malabeh, A, 1994:
Geochemistry of two volcanic cones from the intra-continental plateau basalt of Harra El-Jabban, NE-Jordan

R. M. Dargám, 1994:
Geochemistry of waters and brines from the Salinas Grandes basin, Crdoba, Argentina. I. Geomorphology and hydrochemical characteristics

Yu. V. Amelin; L. M. Heaman; V. M. Verchogliad; V. M. Skobelev, 1994:
Geochronological constraints on the emplacement history of an anorthosite rapakivi granite suite: UPb zircon and baddeleyite study of the Korosten complex, Ukraine

E. Carrara; R. Pece; N. Roberti, 1994:
Geoelectrical and seismic prospections in hydrogeology: Model and master curves for the evaluation of porosity and water saturation

Parnell, J., 1994:
Geofluids '93

Thomas, F. Malone, 1994:
Geographers Explore the Road into the Twenty-First Century

Evelyn Stokes, 1994:
Geographic Naming in New Zealand: The Role of the New Zealand Geographic Board

Taisoo Park, 1994 :
Geographic distribution of the bathypelagic genusparaeuchaeta(Copepoda, Calanoida)

Mike, W. Ramsey; Stuart, C. Cairns; Glenda, V. Vaughton, 1994:
Geographic variation in morphological and reproductive characters of coastal and tableland populations ofBlandfordia grandiflora(Liliaceae)

Elspeth Graham and Tony Champion, 1994:
Geographical Aspects of Fertility

Haggett, P, 1994:
Geographical Aspects of the Emergence of Infectious Diseases

Chris Cocklin; Owen, J. Furuseth, 1994:
Geographical Dimensions of Environmental Restructuring in New Zealand

Michelle Lowe, J Sidaway and Louise Crewe, 1994:
Geographical Perspectives on the Midlands

Jean François Emard; Pierre Andre; Jean -Pierre Thouez; Jean Mathieu; Camil Boily; Michel Beaudry; Andree Cholette; Yves Robitaille; Remi Bouchard; Nicolas Daoud; Francine Veilleux; Denis Gauvreau, 1994:
Geographical distribution of Alzheimer's disease cases at birth and the geochemical profile of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean/Qubec, Canada (image project)

Woodroffe, N P., 1994:
Geographical economics or economic geography?

Sándor Marosi, 1994:
Geographical research in Hungary

Kraaijeveld, A R.; Alphen, J J. M. Van, 1994:
Geographical variation in resistance of the parasitoid Asobara tabids against encapsulation by Drosophila melanoqaster larvae: the mechanism explored

Halla Beloff, 1994:
Geographies and life worlds: Understanding futures

Huber, W, 1994:
Geographische und ökologische Differenzierung von Erigeron neglectus Kerner (Asteraceae) der Alpen

Wilbanks, T. J., 1994:
Geography Education in National Context

Bednarz, R S., 1994:
Geography Education is Alive and Well

Hill, A. David, 1994:
Geography Instructional Materials for Standards-Based Education

Byklum, D, 1994:
Geography and Music: Making the Connection

Smith, T, 1994:
Geography and National Education Policy

Ruth, E. Butler, 1994:
Geography and Vision-Impaired and Blind Populations

Hill, A. D., 1994:
Geography and education: North America

Binns, T., 1994:
Geography and education: UK perspective

Pratt, G; Hanson, S, 1994:
Geography and the construction of difference

Frazier, J W., 1994:
Geography in the Workplace: A Personal Assessment with a Look to the Future

Brosseau, M., 1994:
Geography's literature

Nelson, J. T., 1994:
Geography, Imagery, Literature and Visuals Can Foster Awareness of the Rain Forests

Smith, N., 1994:
Geography, empire and social theory

Chouinard, V., 1994:
Geography, law and legal struggles: which ways ahead?

Holmberg, S C, 1994:
Geoinformatics for urban and regional planning

Leaman, D. E., 1994:
Geological Note: The Tamar fracture system in Tasmania: Does it exist?

Barley, M. E.; McNaughton, N. J.; Williams, I. S.; Compston, W., 1994:
Geological note: Age of Archaean volcanism and sulphide mineralization in the whim creek belt, west Pilbara

Tarabbia, P. J., 1994:
Geological note: Authigenic SrBaCa carbonate minerals in coals of the Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Findlay, D., 1994:
Geological note: Boudinage, a reinterpretation of the structural control on the mineralization at Broken Hill

Morand, V. J., 1994 :
Geological note: Calcsilicate lenses in the early Palaeozoic mudpile of the Lachlan fold belt

Williams, P. J., 1994:
Geological note: Diverse nature of hematization ('red rock alteration') in the Cloncurry district, northwest Queensland

Simpson, C. J.; Woodfull, C. J., 1994:
Geological note: New field evidence resolving the relationship between the Grampians group and the Rocklands Rhyolite, western Victoria

Watchman, A., 1994:
Geological note: Radiocarbon dating fatty acids in Holocene siliceous rock surface accretions

Mathison, C. I.; Laeter, J. R. De, 1994:
Geological note: Strontium isotope initial ratios in the Windimurra layered gabbroid complex, Western Australia: A test for Bushveldtype magma mixing

B. Chattopadhyay; S. Chattopadhyay; V. S. Bapna, 1994:
Geology and geochemistry of the Degana plutonA proterozoic rapakivi granite in Rajasthan, India

Rye, N; Faugli, P Einar, 1994:
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Geometry of bicontinuous microemulsions as revealed by SANS and simulations

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Geomorphological and bathymetrical considerations in the identification and ranking of potential power station sites in Peninsular Malaysia

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Geomorphological processes and landforms in the southern part of the Polick vrchovina Highland (Czech Republic)

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Geomorphologische Kartierung in der Apolobamba-Kordillere (Bolivien): Anwendung des Legendenkonzepts der GMK 100 in einem randtropischen Hochgebirge (Geomorphological Mapping in the Apolobamba Cordillera (Bolivia). Application of the GMK 100 Legends Concept in High Mountains of the Marginal Tropics)

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Geomorphology and sedimentary/biosedimentary structures of the intertidal environment along the coast of Kuwait, north-western Arabian Gulf

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Geomorphology at Work

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Geophysical interpretation of the Torngat orogen along the North River Nutak transect, Labrador

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Geopolitics Revisited

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Geopolitics, Geography, and Terrorism in the Middle East

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Geotextile strain in a full scale reinforced test embankment

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Gestalt theory has been misinterpreted, but has also had some real conceptual difficulties

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Gesture Recognition Based upon Statistical Similarity

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Getting Kant Right

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Getting a grip on asthma

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Getting dressed

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Getting out of the life: Crime desistance by female street offenders

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Getting scientists to write about themselves

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Getting the right angle on aging

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Getting to the core of the matter

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Geweihasymmetrie bei einem Rothirsch-Jährling (Cervus elaphus) mit einseitiger Doppelkopfbildung

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Gewex-related asian monsoon experiment (game)

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Ghildhood and youth experiences of former political activist leaders from the 1960s

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Giant congenital diverticulum of the anterior urethra with stone in a male

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Giant-Cell Tumor of Bone

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Gianturco self-expanding stents: Clinical experience in the vena cava and large veins

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Gibson's Environment, Husserl's "Lebenswelt," the World of Physics, and the Rejection of Phenomenal Objects

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Gibt es Gemeinsamkeiten beim seltenen Hirnödem nach Karotisoperation und der Höhenkrankheit?

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Gibt es biologische Wirkungen schwacher elektromagnetischer Felder?

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Gifts of gay and lesbian ministry

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Glass formation in the TeO2-ZnO-PbCl2system

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Glass-ceramic matrix composites with high oxidation embrittlement resistance

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Glial, neuronal and vascular interactions in the mammalian retina

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Gloss and Surface Topography

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Glossary of Terms

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Glucose Meter Use in Nurseries: Error Grid Evaluates Clinical Accuracy

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Glucose Promoted Claisen Rearrangement of 1-Allyloxy Anthraquinones

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Glucose and acetate influences on the behavior of the recombinant strainEscherichia coliHB 101 (GAPDH)

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Glucose and fatty-acid metabolism in rat bone-marrow cells during accelerated hematopoiesis

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Glucose measurement using a micromachined open tubular heterogeneous enzyme reactor (MOTHER)

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Glucose- and ADPGlc-dependent starch synthesis in isolated cauliflower-bud amyloplasts. Analysis of in the interaction of various potential precursors

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Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase is enriched in oligodendrocytes of the rat spinal cord

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Glucose-induced thermogenesis in patients with small cell lung carcinoma. The effect of acute β-adrenergic inhibition

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Glutamate receptors mediate amphetamine-induced upregulation of zif/268 and preprodynorphin mRNA expression in rat striatum

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Glutamatergic modulation of dopamine functions

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Glutamine and alpha-ketoglutarate attenuate the postoperative decline in protein synthesis in skeletal muscle after total hip replacement

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Glutathione depletion in human skeletal muscle occurs after surgical trauma

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Gluten-free diet in delayed pressure urticaria

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Glycated Hemoglobin in the Assessment of Diabetes Control

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Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenases from Archaea: Objects for Studying Protein Thermoadaptation

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Glycerol production from sugars with phosphoglycerate mutasedeficientSaccharomyces cerevisiaepartially resistant to glucose repression

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Glycerol-, inositol-, and reducing end hexose-containing oligosaccharides in human urine

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Glycerol/H+symport in the halotolerant yeastPichia sorbitophila: Characterization of an electrogenic active transport system

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Glycine conjugation of para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) as a quantitative test for liver function

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Glycine site antagonists abolish dopamine D 2 but not D 1 receptor mediated catalepsy in rats

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Glycine-nitrate synthesis of a ceramic-metal composite

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Glycogen resynthesis in liver and muscle after exercise: measurement of the rate of resynthesis by13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Glycol-based sol-gel process for the fabrication of ferroelectric PZT thin films

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Glycopolymers from Synthetic Fragments (Amides of α-d-Galacturonic Acid with Amino Acids) of Proteus O-Antigens

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Glycosides of 19-formylthevetiogenin and 5α-thevetiogenin from Thevetia neriifolia

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Glycosylidene Carbenes. Part 14. Glycosidation of partially protected galactopyranose-, glucopyranose-, and mannopyranose-derived vicinal diols

Pulla Reddy Muddasani; Bruno Bernet; Andrea Vasella, 1994:
Glycosylidene Carbenes. Part 15. Synthesis of disaccharides from allopyranose-derived vicinal 1,2-diols. Evidence for the protonation by a H-bonded hydroxy group in the -plane of the intermediate carbene, followed by attack on the oxycarbenium ion in the -plane

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Glycylcyclines - Third generation tetracycline analogues

Glover, S; Burns, J; Stanley, B, 1994:
Goal Attainment Scaling as a Method of Monitoring the Progress of People with Severe Learning Disabilities

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Goal Configuration in a Global Industry Context

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Goal Specificity as a Determinant of Goal Commitment and Goal Change

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Goal attainment scaling: Continuing education evaluation tool

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Goal continuity as a mediator of early retirement adjustment: Testing a multidimensional model

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Goal setting, conditions of practice, and task performance: A resource allocation perspective

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Goal setting, responsibility training, and fixed ratio reinforcement: Ten-month application to students with emotional disturbance in a public school setting

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Goal-Directed Supervision Plans:

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Goals, drives, and consciousness

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Gobseck and Grandet: Semes, Themes, Intertext

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Goffman's Attitude and Social Analysis

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Going Blind at the Mall

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Going Metric Slowly

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Going green: Sustainable development as a model of socioeconomic development in European postcommunist countries

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Going in and out of Languages: An Example of Bilingual Flexibility

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Going in strong': Confrontive coping by staff1

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Going up the Country: Internationalization and Urbanization on Frankfurt's Northern Fringe

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Gold aus dem Meer??

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Gold in organic synthesis Part 2. Preparation of benzyl-alkyl and-arylketones via CC coupling

James, D. Cox, 1994:
Gold medal award recipient

Ghormley, N.Rex, 1994:
Gold medalist toricA new planned lens replacement soft toric lens

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Gold solubility in SiO2-HCl-H2O system at 200 C: a preliminary assessment of the implications of silicification with regard to gold mineralization

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Gold weights in facial paralysis (revisited)

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Gold, Silver, and True Treasure: Economic Imagery in Dante

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Gold-depleted zone and its metallogenic significance, Yinshan ore field, Jiangxi Province, China

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Golden Opportunities

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Goldman and the foundations of social epistemology

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Golgi apparatus, cell wall

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Gonadal development of the hairy mussel, Trichomya hirsute (Mollusca: Bivalvia) from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales

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Gonadal migration in ambiguous genitalia

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Gonadal steroid hormone regulation of the somatotropic axis during puberty in humans

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Gondwanaland origin, dispersion, and accretion of East and Southeast Asian continental terranes

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Gone But Not ForgottenReflections on the New Social Studies Movement

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Good Cheap Camera Filters

Scott Sturgeon, 1994:
Good Reasoning and Cognitive Architecture

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Good parents: Comparative studies of adolescents perceptions

Bradford, M, 1994:
Good practice

McDonagh, E L., 1994:
Good, Bad, and Captive Samaritans:

Bentley, R., 1994:
Goodbye to All That .

E. Digby Baltzell, 1994:
Goodbye to all that

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Goodbye, Love

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Goodness of fit in confirmatory factor analysis: The effects of sample size and model parsimony

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Gordon Gryspeerdt

Stephen, J. Golding, 1994:
Gordon Melville Ardran (19171994): A memorial

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Gorhams Syndrome

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Gosfilmofond: the film archive of the Russian Federation

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Gout, hyperuricemia

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Governance and adaptive management for estuarine ecosystems: The case of Chesapeake Bay

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Government Policy and the Export Performance of the Mexican Automobile Industry

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Government Programs for Commercial Redevelopment in Poor Neighborhoods: The Cases of Spitalfields in East London and Downtown Brooklyn, NY

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Government RegulationThe Way Forward

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Government policies towards small-scale mining

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Government power in British higher education

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Government pricing policy and multinational oil companies in Nigeria

Iain MacLean, 1994:
Governmental initiatives The Environmental Protection Agency and IPC licensing

Kohshiro Fujisawa, 1994:
Gracile Axonal Dystrophy in an Old (28 Years) Japanese Monkey: Species-Specificity of Ultrastructural Features and Particular Pattern of Proliferation of Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

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Gradient ion chromatography of environmentally relevant anions in scrubbers of waste incinerators

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Gradient selection of coherences in experiments with carbon detection

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Gradient-Enhanced Proton-Detected Heteronuclear NMR at Improved Resolution

D.R. Muhandiram; L.E. Kay, 1994:
Gradient-Enhanced Triple-Resonance Three-Dimensional NMR Experiments with Improved Sensitivity

K. Shamsi, 1994:
Grading of liver lesions caused by Echinococcus granulosus

Helmut Schühlen; Neal, L. Eigler; James, S. Whiting, 1994:
Grading the angiographic extent of collateral filling

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Gradual and sudden transition to chaos in a periodically forced nonlinear oscillator

Kennedy, T J, 1994:
Graduate education in the biomedical sciences

Kelly, J V; Larned, F S; Smits, H L, 1994:
Graduate medical education consortia

Roderick, J. Watts, 1994:
Graduate training for a diverse world

Richard, E. Morrissey, 1994:
Graduate/Postdoctoral Student Award Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Subsequention society of toxicology

Karl-Erik Årzén, 1994:
Grafcet for intelligent supervisory control applications

Köhler, D, 1994 :
Grafschafter Kolloquium: Aerosols and Lung IV

Petersen, M. J.; Brewster, D. C., 1994:
Graft Thrombosis Following Cervical Rib Resection and Subclavian Aneurysm Repair

Derek, W.R. Gray, 1994:
Graft renal artery stenosis in the transplanted kidney

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Grafting antioxidants VII. Grafting of antioxidants containing aminic and thiol groups to epoxidized natural rubber

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Grafting antioxidants; Part VIgrafting kinetics of 35S-Bridged aromatic diamines to rubbers

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Grafting of autologous and allogenic cultured epithelium after excision of tattoos

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Grain boundary effects in dealloyed foils

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Grain growth in the two-phase Al-Cu alloys

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Grain growth processes in a nanocrystalline Fe74.5Si13.5B9Nb3 alloy

M.D. Russell; S.P. Neal, 1994:
Grain noise power spectrum estimation for weak scattering polycrystalline materials using experimentally estimated backscatter coefficients: normal incidence

M.D. Russell; S.P. Neal, 1994:
Grain noise power spectrum estimation for weak scattering polycrystalline materials using experimentally estimated backscatter coefficients: oblique incidence

M. Tanaka, 1994:
Grain refinement by utilizing grain-boundary reaction in heat-resistant alloys

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Grain size dependence of flow stress in aluminium

K. V. R. Prasad; A. R. Raju; K. B. R. Varma, 1994:
Grain size effects on the dielectric properties of ferroelectric Bi2VO5.5ceramics

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Grain-boundary participation in high-temperature deformation: An historical review

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Gram Negative Sinusitis: An Emerging Clinical Entity?

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GramStain-Tutor: A Personal Computer Program That Teaches Gram Stain Interpretation

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Gramian Matrices in Covariance Structure Models

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Grammar and Lexicon in Traditional Grammar: The Work of Matthias Kramer and Johann Joachim Becher

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Grammar formalisms viewed as evolving algebras

Ron Smyth, 1994:
Grammatical determinants of ambiguous pronoun resolution

Rivera, S Roberto; S⊘srensen, T Smith, 1994:
Grand Canonical Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulations of Donnan Potentials, Nonelectroneutrality, Activity Coefficients and Excess Energy in Spherical Charged or Uncharged Pores with Restricted Primitive Model Electrolytes

Rivera, S Roberto; S⊘rensen, T Smith, 1994:
Grand Canonical Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulations of Ion Distribution Functions and of the Electric Double Layer in Spherical Charged or Uncharged Pores with Restricted Primitive Model 1:1 Electrolytes at Moderate Concentrations

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Grand Challenges in Medical Informatics?

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Grand alliance MPEG-2-based video decoder with parallel processing architecture

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Grandmothers and grandmothers-tobe: Effects on adolescent mothers and adolescent mothering

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Grandmothers as Caregivers: Raising Children of the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

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Grandparents as parents

Janelli, L M., 1994:
Grandparents' Depictions in Children's Literature:

Garry Hornby; Tracey Ashworth, 1994:
Grandparents' support for families who have children with disabilities

Nelson, C., 1994 :
Grants Spur Genetic Counseling Research

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Granular filter with continuous regeneration of filtering material

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Granulation of Pharmaceutical Powders by Compaction an Experimental Study

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Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) Production of Human Fibroblasts (KMST-6/RAS Line) Transformed with60Co Gamma Rays and c-Ha-ras Oncogene

K. Kawashima; M. Mori; S. Furusako; H. Usuki; N. Shimizu; M. Namba, 1994:
Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) production of human fibroblasts (KMST-6/RAS line) transformed with60Co gamma rays and C-Ha-Ras oncogene

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Granulocytic Sarcoma of the Nasal Septum

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Granulocytic sarcoma of the orbit

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Granuloma After Augmentation of the Eyelids with Liquid Silicone

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Granulomatose hpatique associe un syndrome mononuclosique secondaire une infection cytomgalovirus : propos de deux cas chez l'adulte sain

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Granulomatous Pneumonitis Following Intravesical BCG

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Granulomatous infection due toPropionibacterium acnesmimicking malignant disease

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Granulomatous lobular mastitis: report of a further two cases and a comprehensive literature review

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Granulometric Characterization and Study of Ibuprofen Lysinate by Means of an Image Processor

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Graph-Theoretic Confirmation of Restructuring during Insight

Elena Shamis, 1994:
Graph-theoretic interpretation of the generalized row sum method

Donald, R. Ploch and Donald, W. Hastings, 1994:
Graphic Presentations of Church Attendance Using General Social Survey Data

D. V. Grokhovskii, 1994:
Graphical analysis method for calculating optimal parameters for multistage centrifugal pumps

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Graptolite-Chitinozoan Reflectance and Its Relationship to Other Geochemical Maturity Indicators in the Silurian Qusaiba Shale, Saudi Arabia

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GrassmannCayley algebra and robotics

Lindon, J A., 1994:
Gratification and provision in psychoanalysis should we get rid of the rule of abstinence?

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Gravel transport and morphological change in braided sunwapta river, Alberta, Canada

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Gravimetric Determination of Dust and Antigen Exposure in Pigeon Breeders

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Gravimetrical investigation of ice-rich permafrost within the rock glacier Murtl-Corvatsch (upper Engadin, swiss alps)

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Graviresponding sites in shoots of normal andlazyrice seedlings

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Gravitational Transport of Particles in Pure Gases and Gas Mixtures

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Gravitational potential energy of terrestrial planets

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Gravity Wave Variance in LIMS Temperatures. Part I: Variability and Comparison with Background Winds

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Gravity Waves in Titan's Atmosphere

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Gravity changes at the Esashi Gravity Station observed by the absolute gravimeter with a rotating vacuum pipe

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Gravity is not the only determinant for the distribution of pulmonary blood flow

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Gravity waves in the stratosphere and troposphere observed by lidar and MST radar

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Gravity-Driven reactive coating flow down an inclined plane

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Gravity-wave activity and its relation with prevailing winds during DYANA

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Gravity-wave motions in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere observed at Mawson, Antarctica

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Grazing on green algae by the periwinkleLittorina littoreain the Wadden Sea

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Great Expectations: Using an Early Childhood Whole Language Curriculum to Teach 6- Through 11-Year-Old Students in a TMI Classroom

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Great books in psychology: Three studies in search of a consensus

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Greater Enhancement of Chemosensitivity by Caffeine in High-p 185neu-Expressing Human Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines

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Greatly enhanced oral bioavailability of propranolol using the HALOTM liver-bypass drug delivery system

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Greek Plays and Gallup Polls

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Greek experiences with integration of public health aspects into training programmes for general practitioners

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Greek teachers' perceptions of school psychologists in solving classroom problems

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Green Justice: Conceptions of Fairness and the Natural World

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Green adjustments to GDP

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Green and gold: Sustaining mineral wealth, Australians and their environment : Peter Hancock, Centre for resource and environmental studies, the Australian National University, 1994, 277 pp

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Green dyadic for a uniaxial bianisotropic medium

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Green tax reform in Denmark

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Green's Operator Approach to Multiple-Scattering Photo-electron and Auger-Electron Diffraction

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Green's function, continual weighted composition operators along trajectories, and hyperbolicity of linear extensions for dynamical systems

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Green's matrices and 2-D elasto-potentials for external boundary value problems

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Greenbelts in London and Jerusalem

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Greenhouse gas abatement in Senegal A case study of least-cost options

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Greenhouse statistics time series analysis: Part II

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Greening the Business School: Environmental Education and the Business Curriculum

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Grenzen van de WISC

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Grenzwerte für Personengefährdung in elektromagnetischen Feldern

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Greuneisen form of state equation of woods

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Grid refinement test of time-periodic flows over bluff bodies

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Grid-connected PV plants: field experiences in Germany and a pursuit of higher solar energy collection efficiency

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Grief And The Role Of The Inner Representation Of The Deceased

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Grieving The Loss Of Romantic Relationships In Young Adults: An Empirical Study Of Disenfranchised Grief

Hunton, B, 1994:
Griffin School Goes for the Get Cooking Goal

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Grinding Mode Identification by Means of Surface Characterization

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Grinding effect on kaolinite-pyrophyllite-illite natural mixtures and its influence on mullite formation

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Grinding of ceramics: The effect on their strength properties

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Grinding of transformation toughening ceria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals

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Grip and pinch strength among selected adult occupational groups

Dr. C. P. Karakousis; D. L. Driscoll, 1994:
Groin dissection in malignant melanoma

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Gross Brukkaros (Namibia)an enigmatic crater-fill reinterpreted as due to Cretaceous caldera evolution

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Gross cystic breast disease: overview and directions for future research

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Ground Beetles (Carabidae) of Fennoscandia: a Zoogeographic Study

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Ground State and Band Gap of MX complex

Wei, C-Geng; Tao, R-Bao, 1994:
Ground State of Triangular Heisenberg Antiferromagnet with a General Bose Transformation

Motojima, I, 1994:
Ground Water and Permeability of Bedrock related to Hydro Erectric Power

Jasminko Karanjac, 1994:
Ground Water for WindowsTM A New Ground-Water Information System Software

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Ground reaction forces in gait in children with clubfeet a preliminary study

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Ground rules for testing: Expectations and misunderstandings in test situations

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Ground state vibrations of citric acid and the citrate trianionan ab initio study

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Ground-Level Ozone in Eastern Canada: Seasonal Variations, Trends, and Occurrences of High Concentrations

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Ground-based measurement of surface temperature and thermal emissivity

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Ground-based mobile scanning LIDAR for remote sensing of contrails

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Ground-based visible measurements at the Jungfraujoch station since 1990

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Groundwater contamination risk assessment: initial methodology for highly developed areas. Case study in the Province of Milan (Italy)

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Groundwater quality in the major industrial area of Thessaloniki, Greece part 2: Heavy metal distributionsource identification

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Groundwater-Management Problems In The Developing World

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Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction in a Florida Augmentation Lake

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Group Ability Test versus Teachers' Ratings for Predicting Achievement

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Group Analysis and the Psychoses

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Group Approaches to the Schmidt-Hunter Global Estimation Procedure

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Group Contacts and Ethnicity in the Social Identities of Mexicanos and Chicanos

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Group Dynamics in Sport: A Personal Experience

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Group Identification and Self-Esteem of Deaf Adults

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Group Identification in Political Context

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Group size, controllability of group membership, and comparative dimension as determinants of intergroup discrimination

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Groups for poorly socialized children in the elementary school

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Groups in Israel During the Gulf War

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Grow (or; and?) die

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Grow old along with me

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Growing an environmental leadership strategy at duke power company

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Growing cell structuresA self-organizing network for unsupervised and supervised learning

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Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone

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Growth Rate Reliability in Longitudinal Measurement

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Growth and Endocrine Sequelae following the Treatment of Childhood Cancer

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Growth and reproduction of an estuarine population of the colonial hydroidCordylophora caspia(Pallas) in the northern Baltic Sea

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Growth coalitions and local economic development strategy in southern England

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Growth dynamics in a general equilibrium macroeconomic model for India

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Growth of the salt marsh periwinkleLittoraria irrorataon fungal and cordgrass diets

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Growth predicted for membrane separation materials market

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Growth-Forms of Waulsortian Banks: A Reappraisal Based on New Sections in County Galway

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Growth-promoting-Effekt von einigen fluoreszierendenPseudomonas-Isolaten auf Gurken (Cucumis sativus)

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Grumbach and Colleagues Respond

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Guardian consent for children's participation in sociometric research

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Guardians of the treasure: a moving-image archive in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

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Guess Who's Going to Medical School!

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Guidance for the medical expert in court

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Guide catheter exchange device: One small step for man

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Guide to the Seeker

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Guided waves in the plasma sheet and triggering of a substorm

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ERK is a negative feedback regulator for IFN-γ/STAT1 signaling by promoting STAT1 ubiquitination

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