Localization of type I and type III procollagen mrnas in breast scirrhous carcinoma byin situhybridization

Yuebo Gan; Shu Zheng; Hai Yu; Peter, K. Muüller

Chinese Journal of Cancer Research 6(2): 108-112


ISSN/ISBN: 1000-9604
DOI: 10.1007/bf02997244
Accession: 062390419

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Scirrhous carcinoma is characterized by remarkable amount of collagen fibrils, mainly type I and type Iii collagens. The origin of collagens is still under debate. c Dna fragments of type I and type Iii procollagens were subcloned into Gemini p Gem vectors to synthesize the35S-labeled c Rna probes. Byin situ hybridization, we have found the fibroblasts surrounding the tumor cells and cords contained abundent type I and type Iii procollagen m RNAs which decreased with the distance of fibroblasts from the tumor cells. In all freshly prepared tissues, the tumor cells also contained significant pro α1 (I) and pro al (III) m RNAs, but no or little pro α2(I) m RNA. The results indicated that type I and type Iii collagens in human scirrhous carcinoma of breast are mainly produced by fibroblasts. Tumor cells also perticipate in the disposition of collagen fibrils, probably type I trimer and type Iii collagens in accordance with what was observed in biochemical analysis and cell culture studies.