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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62458

Chapter 62458 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

B. R. Mogilevich; G. V. Ostrovskaya; I. A. Khasabova; V. A. Berezovskii; V. K. Rybal'chenko, 1995:
Graphic analysis of contraction-distension isotherms for pulmonary surfactant monolayers

Marilyn, M. Trowbridge, 1995:
Graphic indicators of sexual abuse in children's drawings: A review of the literature

Shizuhiko Nishisato, 1995:
Graphical representation of quantified categorical data: its inherent problems

Poll, L.H.D.; Waterham, R.P., 1995:
Graphical user interfaces and visually disabled users

Graphical versus character-based word processors: an analysis of user performance

P. Wright; A. Lickorish; A. Hull; N. Ummelen, 1995:
Graphics in written directions: Appreciated by readers but not writers

Judith Harr; Sally Higgins, 1995:
Gratitude for susan gortner

Alderton, D. H. M., 1995:
Gratonite from the Isle of Man

Gartner, L Ann; Poth, M, 1995:
Graves Disease in Children and Adolescents

Ness, R B.; Cosmatos, I; Flegal, K M., 1995:
Gravidity and Serum Lipids among Hispanic Women in the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

Wilk, S L.; Desmarais, L Burris; Sackett, P R., 1995:
Gravitation to jobs commensurate with ability: Longitudinal and cross-sectional tests

P. K. Bhatia; Aiyub Khan, 1995:
Gravitational Instability of a Thermally Conducting Plasma in an Oblique Magnetic Field

G. Pizzella, 1995:
Gravitational-wave research with resonant antennas

Tomomi Nakamoto, 1995:
Gravitropic reaction of primary seminal roots ofZea maysL. influenced by temperature and soil water potential

Welker, J E.; Au, A Y.; Brown, R D., 1995:
Gravity analysis over the Aral, Black, and Caspian Seas from a combined GEOS 3/Seasat/Geosat altimeter data set

Lagios, E.; Chailas, S.; Hipkin, R. G., 1995:
Gravity and isostatic anomaly maps of Greece produced

Cheinway Hwang; Barry Parsons, 1995:
Gravity anomalies derived from Seasat, Geosat, ERS-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry and ship gravity: a case study over the Reykjanes Ridge

P.N.A.M. Visser; B.A.C. Ambrosius; K.F. Wakker, 1995:
Gravity field model adjustment from ERS-1 and TOPEX altimetry and SLR tracking using an analytical orbit perturbation theory

Arvid, O. Hove; Richard, A. Dawe; Richard, N. Evans, 1995 :
Gravity segregation at the pore scale in cores under miscible and low interfacial tension conditions including in-situ tomography

R.L Collins; C.S Gardner, 1995:
Gravity wave activity in the stratosphere and mesosphere at the South Pole

Stephen, D. Eckermann; Isamu Hirota; Wayne, K. Hocking, 1995:
Gravity wave and equatorial wave morphology of the stratosphere derived from long-term rocket soundings

P. R. Fagundes; A. L. Aruliah; D. Rees; J. A. Bittencourt, 1995:
Gravity wave generation and propagation during geomagnetic storms over Kiruna (67.8N, 20.4E)

Sato, K; Hashiguchi, H; Fukao, S, 1995:
Gravity waves and turbulence associated with cumulus convection observed with the UHF/VHF clear-air Doppler radars

Kirchengast, G; Hocke, K; Schlegel, K, 1995:
Gravity waves determined by modeling of traveling ionospheric disturbances in incoherent-scatter radar measurements

Glenn Shutts, 1995:
Gravity-wave drag parametrization over complex terrain: The effect of critical-level absorption in directional wind-shear

Jirovec, R L.; Erich, J A., 1995:
Gray Power or Power Outage?

L. Marsh; D.H. Mathalon; M.J. Morrell; A. Pfefferbaum, 1995:
Gray matter deficits in epilepsy with schizophrenia-like symptoms

Gbadegesin, A.; Sadiq, S. E.‐B., 1995:
Grazing and soil deterioration in the SudanoSahelian zone of Nigeria

A. M. Kooijman and M. W. A. de Haan, 1995:
Grazing as a Measure against Grass Encroachment in Dutch Dry Dune Grassland: Effects on Vegetation and Soil

A. M. Kooijman; M. W. A. de Haan, 1995:
Grazing as a measure against grass encroachment in Dutch dry dune grassland: effects on vegetation and soil

Vivan, M. Jennings, 1995:
Grazing the Hill

W. Marjański; P. Järvelä; T. Penttinen, 1995:
Grease resistance test method for polymer coated soft packaging materials

Michael, G. Lancaster; John, E. Guest; Kari, P. Magee, 1995:
Great Lava Flow Fields on Venus

Sam, S. Kepfield, 1995:
Great Plains Legal Culture and Irrigation Development: The Minitare (Mutual) Irrigation Ditch Company, 1887-1896

Lloyd, M. Greg; Stockdale, A, 1995:
Great expectations?: Planning for new settlements in Grampian region

B. Kaplan; L. Harel; A. Neri; D. Rabinerson; G.A. Goldman; B. Chayen, 1995:
Great grand multiparity beyond the 10th delivery

Rodgers, H.; Aitken, P.; Murdy, J.; Bates, D.; James, O.F.W., 1995:
Greater Handicap and Less Activities Before First Ever Stroke: A Case Control Study

Jessie, L. Miller; James Grier Miller, 1995:
Greater than the sum of its parts III. Information processing subsystems

Paul Kupchok, 1995:
Green Chimneys: Children Healing Wildlife Healing Children

Bak, N, 1995:
Green Doesn't Always Mean Go: possible tensions in the desirability and implementation of environmental education

Mbuvi, S W.; Litchfield, J. Bruce, 1995:
Green Soybeans as a Vegetable

Takaomi Kobayashi; Eiji Ikehara; Masashi Tsukada; Nobuyuki Fujii, 1995:
Green chemiluminescence of SnBr2 vapor in nitrogen discharge flow

D. Kocaefe; A. Charette; L. Castonguay, 1995:
Green coke pyrolysis: investigation of simultaneous changes in gas and solid phases

Akpofure, E. Taigbenu; Okey, O. Onyejekwe, 1995:
Green element simulations of the transient nonlinear unsaturated flow equation

Ricky Yee-Kwong Chan; Esther Yam, 1995:
Green movement in a newly industrializing area: A survey on the attitudes and behaviour of the Hong Kong citizens

Harrison, L, 1995:
Green parties in Europe Evidence from subnational elections

Schütt, J; Böhm, M C., 1995:
Green's function quantum Monte Carlo method in the presence of topological sign problems: electronic systems

van Geert, P., 1995:
Green, Red and Happiness: Towards a Framework for Understanding Emotion Universals

Mauri, J. Palomaki and Allen, G. Noble, 1995:
Greenhouse Horticulture and Economic Transition

J. P. F. Fortuin; R. van Dorland; W. M. F. Wauben; H. Kelder, 1995:
Greenhouse effects of aircraft emissions as calculated by a radiative transfer model

P.R. Shukla, 1995:
Greenhouse gas models and abatement costs for developing nations: A critical assessment

Rainbow, S, 1995:
Greens within an alliance: The New Zealand experience

S.E. Newstead, 1995:
Gricean Implicatures and Syllogistic Reasoning

Robert, T. Bailey; C.K. Hsieh; H. Li, 1995:
Grid generation in two dimensions using the complex variable boundary element method

Trolley, B C., 1995:
Grief Issues and Positive Aspects Associated with International Adoption

Alison Lingwood, 1995:
Grieve's Modern Manual Therapy

Peer Gutenberger; Wolfgang Habel; Prof. Dr. Peter Sartori, 1995:
Grignard-Synthese sauerstofffreier Poly(borocarbosilane)

E. Westkämper, 1995:
Grinding Assisted by Nd:YAG Lasers

Cho, H; Luckie, P T., 1995 :
Grinding Behavior of Coal Blends in a Standard Ball-and-Race Mill

J.A. Webster; C. Cui; R.B. Mindek Jr.; R. Lindsay, 1995:
Grinding Fluid Application System Design

V. N. Akunov, 1995:
Grinding characteristics of the ejectors of countercurrent air-pressure mills

Grodstein, F; Goldman, M B.; Cramer, D W., 1995:
Grodstein and Colleagues Respond

M. P. Bolten, 1995:
Groepstherapien: visies vanuit een vak

B. Wòjciak; J. Crossan; A. S. G. Curtis; C. D. W. Wilkinson, 1995:
Grooved substrata facilitatein vitrohealing of completely divided flexor tendons

Freeman, M., 1995:
Groping in the Light

Carmichael, S W., 1995:
Gross Anatomy in the Practice of Medicine

Johnson, T W.; Johnson, W, 1995:
Gross anatomy in the practice of medicine

H.A von Biel, 1995:
Ground based radar investigation of the Antarctic mesosphere

Torleif Lauritsen, 1995:
Ground penetrating radar for groundwater prospecting in Eresfjord, central Norway

K.M. Singh; R.A. Singh; S.N. Thakur, 1995:
Ground state normal vibrations and force field of ethynylbenzene

Van Camp, P. E.; Van Doren, V. E., 1995:
Ground state properties of titaniumdiboride

Sergio, H. Alarcón; Alejandro, C. Olivieri; Raquel, M. Cravero; Guillermo Labadie; Manuel González-Sierra, 1995:
Ground- and excited-state prototropic tautomerism in anils of aromatic α-hydroxy aldehydes studied by electronic absorption, fluorescence and 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopies and semi-empirical calculations

Paul Hendricks, 1995:
Ground-Caching and Covering of Food by a Red-Breasted Nuthatch (Depsito y Cubierta de Comida en el Suelo por Parte de Sitta canadensis)

J Notholt; O Schrems, 1995:
Ground-based FTIR spectroscopic absorption measurements of stratospheric trace gases in the Arctic with the sun and the moon as light sources

D.Pallam Raju; R. Sridharan; R. Narayanan; N.K. Modi; R. Raghavarao; B.H. Subbaraya, 1995:
Ground-based optical observations of daytime auroral emissions from Antarctica

A.E. Potter, 1995:
Ground-based optical observations of orbital debris: A review

Thrainn Sigurdsson, 1995:
Ground-penetrating radar for exploration of industrial mineralizations

Robert, T. Craig; Karen Tracy, 1995:
Grounded Practical Theory: The Case of Intellectual Discussion

Halligan, P. W.; Marshall, J. C., 1995:
Grounding figural attention in left neglect

Nick Zangwill, 1995:
Groundrules in the Philosophy of Art

Cooper, P, 1995:
Grounds for Optimism about the Future of Special Educational Needs

R. Bruce Eldridge; Cindy, W. Simpson; David, J. Elliott, 1995:
Groundwater air stripping: Effect on water toxicity

I. S. Zekster, 1995:
Groundwater discharge into lakes: A review of recent studies with particular regard to large saline lakes in central Asia

Eirik Mauring; Oddmund Soldal, 1995:
Groundwater flow directions and hydraulics inferred from ground-penetrating radar data

Jones, P, 1995:
Groundwork a case study in landscape and amenity management

Bisno, A L., 1995:
Group A streptococcal infections

Brogan, T V.; Nizet, V; Waldhausen, J H. T.; Rubens, C E.; Clarke, W R., 1995:
Group A streptococcal necrotizing fasciitis complicating primary varicella

Janssen, P. L.; Wienen, G., 1995:
Group Analysis with Ulcerative Colitis and Regional Ileitis: The Discovery of the Scream

Dr Monica, M. Farley, 1995:
Group B Streptococcal Infection in Older Patients

Fink, A H., 1995:
Group Counseling and Psychotherapy with Adolescents

Ree, M. J.; Carretta, T. R., 1995:
Group Differences in Aptitude Factor Structure on the ASVAB

Craig, D. Parks; Rebecca Cowlin, 1995:
Group Discussion as Affected by Number of Alternatives and by a Time Limit

Karasawa, M, 1995:
Group Distinctiveness and Social Identity of a Low-Status Group

Jim Sidanius, F Pratto and Diana Brief, 1995:
Group Dominance and the Political Psychology of Gender: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

Heller, F., 1995:
Group Feedback Analysis Applied to Longitudinal Monitoring of the Decision Making Process

Welbournel, T. M., 1995:
Group Incentives and Pay Satisfaction: Understanding the Relationship Through an Identity Theory Perspective

Thompson, L, 1995:
Group Interactive Art Therapy: Its Use in Training and Treatment

Linda Argote; Chester, A. Insko; Nancy Yovetich; Anna, A. Romero, 1995:
Group Learning Curves: The Effects of Turnover and Task Complexity on Group Performance

Domingo-Perez, L.; Bakrania, J. R., 1995:
Group Process in the Care of a Child with Kidney Transplant

Katzman, M A., 1995:
Group Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Dovidio, J. F.; Gaertner, S. L.; Isen, A. M.; Lowrance, R., 1995:
Group Representations and Intergroup Bias: Positive Affect, Similarity, and Group Size

Geller, C, 1995:
Group Supervision as a Vehicle for Teaching Group Work to Students:

Fisher, M S., 1995:
Group Therapy Protocols for Persons with Personality Disorders Who Abuse Substances

Simpson, I., 1995:
Group Therapy within the NHS I. We all Know about `Good Enough' But is it `Safe Enough'?

Sepping, P., 1995:
Group Therapy within the NHS II. `Presence' Precedes `Performance'

Ezquerro, A., 1995:
Group Therapy within the NHS III. Should We Invest in Group Psychotherapy? A Personal Account

Zaidi, L. Y.; Gutierrez-Kovner, V. M., 1995:
Group Treatment of Sexually Abused Latency-Age Girls

Liang, D. W.; Moreland, R.; Argote, L., 1995:
Group Versus Individual Training and Group Performance: The Mediating Role of Transactive Memory

Brinson, J A., 1995:
Group Work for Black Adolescent Substance Users:

Ryan, D; Doubleday, E, 1995:
Group Work: A Lifeline for Isolated Elderly

Verlin, B. Hinsz, 1995:
Group and Individual Decision Making for Task Performance Goals: Processes in the Establishment of Goals:in Groups

Margaret, J. Siebert; William, I. Dorfman, 1995:
Group composition and its impact on effective group treatment of HIV and AIDS patients

Leong, F T. L.; Wagner, N S.; Kim, H H., 1995:
Group counseling expectations among Asian American students: The role of culture-specific factors

Charles, P. Chen, 1995:
Group counseling in a different cultural context: Several primary issues in dealing with Chinese clients

S.V. Narasimhan; G.R. Reddy; E.I. Plotkin; M.N.S. Swamy, 1995:
Group delay based magnitude square coherence estimation by an ARMA model

Tourish, D; Irving, P, 1995:
Group influence and the psychology of cultism within re-evaluation counselling: A critique

Knights, B, 1995:
Group processes in higher education: The uses of theory

Houston, J; Wrench, M; Hosking, N, 1995:
Group processes in the treatment of child sex offenders

Roberts, J. P., 1995:
Group psychotherapy

Island, T Kristian, 1995:
Group psychotherapy in Norway

Faith, M S.; Wong, F Y.; Carpenter, K M., 1995:
Group sensitivity training: Update, meta-analysis, and recommendations

Riva, M T.; Cornish, J A. Erickson, 1995:
Group supervision practices at psychology predoctoral internship programs: A national survey

Coropceanu, V.P.; Guerrero, M.E.; Gamurari, V.Ia., 1995:
Group theoretical classification of resonance states of mixed valence polynuclear clusters

Alana, D. Grayston; Rayleen, V. De Luca, 1995:
Group therapy for boys who have experienced sexual abuse: Is it the treatment of choice?

Gustafsson, P A.; Anlén, A-Sofie; Lanneström, G; Nilsson, M; Rolling, G, 1995:
Group therapy for children of alchoholics

Jane Fry; Alison Nicholas, 1995:
Group therapy for dysfluent children with coexisting language difficulties

Betty Gabriel, 1995:
Group treatment for adolescent girls

Woodcock, J, 1995:
Group work using task-centred methods as a potential way of helping with maternal depression

Chein-Hsiun Tu, 1995:
Group-contribution estimation of critical temperature with only chemical structure

Claudia Hentschel; Günther Seliger; Eyal Zussman; Ehud Lenz, 1995:
Grouping of Used Products for Cellular Recycling Systems

Elizabeth Hegeman, 1995:
Groups and the mediation of dissociative experience: A Western and non-Western comparison

Neck, C. P., 1995:
Groupthink Remodeled: The Importance of Leadership, Time Pressure, and Methodical Decision-Making Procedures

Scolding, N J.; Compston, D.Alastair, 1995:
Grovith factors fail to protect rat oligodendrocytes against humoral injury in vitro

Sunderland, T, 1995:
Growing Older and Wiser: Coping With Expectations, Challenges, and Changes in the Later Years

Slipp, S, 1995:
Growing Up Male: The Psychology of Masculinity

Alun, E. Joseph; A.I.(Lex) Chalmers, 1995:
Growing old in place: a view from rural New Zealand

Smet, L. De; Fabry, G., 1995:
Growth Arrest of the Distal Radial Epiphysis in a Javelin Thrower

Toogood, A.; O'Neill, P.; Shalet, S., 1995:
Growth Hormone (GH) Deficiency in the Elderly with Pituitary Disease

Dr. V. G. Shadrow; A. V. Boltushkin; T. M. Tkachenko; A. V. Semeshko; Y. D. Komarovskaya, 1995:
Growth Processes and Properties of Fe- and Co Electrodeposited Alumite Films

Prof. C. S. Fang; H. S. Zhuo; Z. H. Yang; L. Fang; J. N. Sherwood, 1995:
Growth and Character of the Transition Spectrum of Nd-doped K2La(NO3)5 2 H2O Crystals

Prof. P. Sagayaraj; S. Sivanesan; R. Gobinathan, 1995:
Growth and Characterisation of Gel-grown Lead(II)Chloride and Lead(II)Bromide Single Crystals

Heping Li; Ziliang Feng; Xiu Wang; Liangshen Wang; Zhifeng Jiao; Xiaofei Xu, 1995:
Growth and Characterization of LiNbO3: Mg + Ti Monocrystalline Fibers

Li, Q; Bras, R L.; Islam, S, 1995:
Growth and Decay of Error in a Numerical Cloud Model Due to Small Initial Perturbations and Parameter Changes

Kant, R, 1995:
Growth and Development of the Asian Flexible Packaging Industry

Dr. H. V. Alexandru; Prof. C. Berbecaru, 1995:
Growth and Kinetic Measurements of Triglycine Sulphate Crystals

Cyriak Joseph; George Varghese; Dr. M. A. Ittyachen, 1995:
Growth and characterization of mixed neodymium praseodymium oxalatze decahydrate crystals in silica gel

V. K. Sabhapathi; O. Md. Hussain; S. Uthanna; B. Srinivasulu Naidu; P. Jayarama Reddy, 1995:
Growth and characterization of molybdenum trioxide films

V. V. Prokofiev; J. F. Carvalho; J. P. Andreeta; N. J. H. Gallo; A. C. Hernandes; J. Frejlich; A. A. Freschi; P. M. Garcia; J. Maracaiba; A. A. Kamshilin; T. Jaaskelainen, 1995:
Growth and characterization of photorefractive Bi12TiO20 single crystals

Rogol, A D., 1995 :
Growth and development

Güler Özer; Bilgin Yüksel; Mustafa Kozanoǧlu; Murat Serbest; Çiǧdem Turgut, 1995:
Growth and development of 280 hypothyroids patients at diagnosis

Hindmarsh, P C., 1995:
Growth and growth hormone secretion

Helal, H. Mohamed; Ragab, M, 1995:
Growth and nitrogen yield ofLeucaena/maize mixed culture as affected by salt stress and gypsum

Streller, U; Hoffmann, N; Schutzgen, A; Griesche, J; Babucke, H; Henneberger, F; Jacobs, K, 1995:
Growth and optical properties of ZnSe/ZnMnSe quantum structures

Brian, V. Cockeram, 1995:
Growth and oxidation resistance of boron-modified and germanium-doped silicide diffusion coatings formed by the halide-activated pack cementation method

Pablo Jensen; Albert-Lásló Barabási; Hernán Larralde; Shlomo Havlin; H.E. Stanley, 1995:
Growth and percolation of thin films: A model incorporating deposition, diffusion and aggregation

Krystyna, A. Cieszka; Helene, Z. Hill; George, J. Hill; Przemyslaw, M. Plonka, 1995:
Growth and pigmentation in genetically related Cloudman S91 melanoma cell lines treated with 3-isobutyl-1-methyl-xanthine and β-melanocyte-stimulating hormone

Helena Korpelainen, 1995:
Growth and reproductive characteristics in artificially formed clonal gametophytes ofDryopteris filix-mas(Dryopteridaceae)

S. Eroglu; B. Gallois, 1995:
Growth and structure of TiC coatings chemically vapour deposited on graphite substrates

John, H. Peverly; Jan, M. Surface; Tiangen Wang, 1995:
Growth and trace metal absorption by Phragmites australis in wetlands constructed for landfill leachate treatment

A. E. W. Miles; J. S. Bulman, 1995:
Growth curves of immature bones from a Scottish island population of sixteenth to mid-nineteenth century: Shoulder girdle, ilium, pubis and ischium

Donald, G. Puro, 1995:
Growth factors and Müller cells

J.P Morgan, 1995:
Growth factors and electromagnetic fields in bone: Fitzsimmons RJ, Baylink DJ. Clin Plast Surg 21:401, 1994

Francesca Butturini; Luca Peruzzo; Raffaele Sassi; Elena Scarperi; F. P. Sassi, 1995:
Growth history of two garnet porphy rob lasts of the Cima Dura- Durreck Complex and its implication on the polymetamorphic evolution of this complex (Austrides, Eastern Alps)

A. C. S. Hokken-Koelega; T. Stijnen; M. A. J. Ridder; S. M. P. F. Muinck Keizer-Schrama; E. D. Wolff; M. C. J. W. Jong; R. A. Donckerwolcke; J. W. Groothoff; W. F. Blum; S. L. S. Drop, 1995:
Growth hormone treatment in growth-retarded adolescents after renal transplant

Ibáñez, L; Potau, N; Georgopoulos, N; Prat, N; Gussinyé, M; Carrascosa, A, 1995:
Growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-I axis, and insulin secretion in hyperandrogenic adolescents**Presented at the 76th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society. Anaheim, California, June 15 to 18, 1994.Supported in part by a grant from Lilly S.A., Madrid, Spain

Teruaki Kobayashi; Koji Hashimoto; Kunihiko Yoshikawa, 1995:
Growth inhibition of human keratinocytes by MC903 (calcipotriol) is linked to dephosphorylation of retinoblastoma gene product

Hélène Giordano; Andrea Atrei; Gianfranco Rovida; Marco Torrini; Ugo Bardi, 1995:
Growth mechanism and epitaxy of ultra-thin cobalt films on Pd(001)

B. B. Nayak, 1995:
Growth of BN film on Si substrate by carbothermic reduction of boric acid in nitrogen glow discharge plasma

M. Manimaran; P. Ramasamy, 1995:
Growth of CdGeAs2 single crystals by a microprocessor-controlled bridgman system

C. Frank; Dr.; Prof. K. Hein, 1995:
Growth of Semiinsulating GaAs Crystals by Vertical Gradient Freeze Technique

S.Di Nardo; L. Lozzi; M. Passacantando; P. Picozzi; S. Santucci, 1995:
Growth of Te thin films deposited at room temperature on the Si(100)2 1 surface

T. Fukuda; Y. Okano; N. Kodama; F. Yamada; S. Hara; D. H. Yoon, 1995:
Growth of bubble-free Ti-doped Al2O3 single crystal by the czochralski method

M. R. Mucalo; M. Toriyama; Y. Yokogawa; T. Suzuki; Y. Kawamoto; F. Nagata; K. Nishizawa, 1995:
Growth of calcium phosphate on ion-exchange resins pre-saturated with calcium or hydrogenphosphate ions: an SEM/EDX and XPS study

M. R. Mucalo; Y. Yokogawa; M. Toriyama; T. Suzuki; Y. Kawamoto; F. Nagata; K. Nishizawa, 1995:
Growth of calcium phosphate on surface-modified cotton

Koichi Watanabe, 1995:
Growth of corundum single crystals by the top-seeded solution growth technique (TSSG)

G.A. Kardomateas; A.A. Pelegri; B. Malik, 1995:
Growth of internal delaminations under cyclic compression in composite plates

Clifford, Y. Tai; Chuen-Song Cheng, 1995:
Growth of naphthalene crystals from supercritical CO2 solution

Debruijn, P; Vandegraaf, A; Jetten, M; Robertson, L; Kuenen, J, 1995:
Growth of on hydroxylamine

J. óscar Pereira; Emídio F. Gomes, 1995:
Growth of rainbow trout fed a diet supplemented with earthworms, after chemical treatment

D. H. Yoon; M. Hashimoto; T. Fukuda, 1995:
Growth of the organic nonlinear optical material mnba-Et (4-nitrobenzylidene-3-ethylcarbonylamino-4-methoxyaniline) crystals by the czochralski method

Michael, S. Freund; Chris Karp; Nathan, S. Lewis, 1995:
Growth of thin processable films of poly(pyrrole) using phosphomolybdate clusters

Guillermo Marshall; Simon Tagtachian; Lui Lam, 1995:
Growth pattern formation in copper electrodeposition: Experiments and computational modelling

Björn Walles, 1995:
Growth patterns in vascular plants

Berry, J.L.; Farquharson, C.; Whitehead, C.C.; Mawer, E.B., 1995:
Growth plate vitamin D receptors in tibial dyschondroplasia

Zechmeister, H. G., 1995:
Growth rates of five pleurocarpous moss species under various climatic conditions

C. Guillou; A. Merieau; B. Trebert; Michel, J. F. Guespin, 1995:
Growth temperature is involved in the regulation of extracellular lipase at two different levels inPseudomonas fluorescensstrain MF0

Mohammed Al-Gabbani, 1995:
Growth trends and changes in small towns in Saudi Arabia (19741993)

Rettinger, G, 1995:
Growth, metabolism, and aging of the nose and paranasal sinuses

M. Misra, 1995:
Growth, photosynthetic pigment content and oil yield ofPogostemon cablingrown under sun and shade conditions

Anna-Maj Balsberg-Påhlsson, 1995:
Growth, radicle and root hair development ofDeschampsia flexuosa(L.) Trin. seedlings in relation to soil acidity

A.C. Rastogi; K.S. Balakrishnan, 1995:
Growth, structure and composition of electrodeposited CdTe thin films for solar cells

K. Muthuchelian; C. Murugan; R. Harigovindan; N. Nedunchezhian; G. Kulandaivelu, 1995:
Growth,14CO2fixation, activites of photosystems, ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase and nitrate reductase in trees as affected by simulated acid rain

B. M. Lippert; J. A. Werner; S. Gottschlich; M. Niemann; T. Görögh; H. Rudent, 1995:
Growth-inhibition of squamous cell carcinoma cell lines of the head and neck by interleukin-2

C. D. Gerharz; P. Reinecke; U. Ramp; K. Jaquet; M. Dienst; N. Marx; U. Friebe; R. Engers; H. E. Gabbert, 1995:
Growth-inhibitory effects of TNF-alpha and alltrans retinoic acid on human renal carcinoma cell lines

Nevins, A.; Grimes, K., 1995:
Grumpy Old Men

Hoyer, D.; Schmidt, K.; Zwiener, U., 1995 :
Grundlagen und Erfahrungen zur Modellierung chaotischer Attraktoren der Herzfrequenzfluktuationen mit künstlichen neuronalen Netzen - Fundamentals and Experience with the Modelling of Chaotic Attractors of Heart Rate Fluctuations using Artificial Neural Networks

F. Kober; Agnes Heiss; R. Roka, 1995:
Grundlagen und Technik der intraperitonealen hyperthermen Chemoperfusion (IHCP)-Erste Erfahrungen bei diffuser Carcinosis peritonei

Belau, L; Kahle, P, 1995:
Grundlagenuntersuchungen zur umweltrelevanz teerhaltiger technogener substrate in stadtböden

J.-C. Ozouf; J.-P. Coutard; J.-P. Lautridou, 1995:
Grzes, grzes lites: Historique des dfinitions

Berger, L S., 1995:
Grünbaum's questionable interpretation of inanimate systems: History and context in physics

Horrigan, J P.; Barnhill, L. Jarrett, 1995:
Guanfacine for Treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Boys

Guaranteed Renewability in Insurance

W.A.H. de Vries; F.L.M. Delbressine; A.C.H. van der Wolf, 1995:
Guaranteeing Manufacturability of CSG Operations

Rempe, D M., 1995:
Guerrillas, bandits, and independent republics: US counterinsurgency efforts in Colombia 19591965

Kevin, D. Browne; Margaret, A. Lynch, 1995:
Guessing at the extent of child sexual abuse

S. P. Gabuda; S. G. Kozlova, 1995:
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Help Seeking in High Risk Pregnancy

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Help Wanted: A Grand Theorist of Interpersonal Relationships, Sociologist or Anthropologist Preferred

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Help them make it through the night: The behavioural treatment of infant sleep disturbance

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Help to Make Nursing Visible

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Help with the design project?

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Helpful articles

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Helping Alternative Health Practitioner Grow

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Helping Bereaved Children: A Handbook for Practitioners

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Helping Children Overcome Fecal Incontinence

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Helping Children with Learning Difficulties to Employ Mnemonic Strategies: A Role for Educational Psychologists

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Helping Couples Bat 1000 in the Game of Communications

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Helping Families Cope With Mental Illness

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Helping Field Instructors Become More Effective Group Work Educators

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Helping People with Learning Disability to Cope with Bereavement

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Helping Smaller Babies Go Home Sooner

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Helping Students to Prevent or Adjust to Concussions

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Helping bereaved children: A handbook for practitioners

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Helping children after a traumatic bereavement

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Helping children to remember: The influence of object cues on children's accounts of a real event

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Helping health care staff deal with perinatal loss

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Helping parents of young children with disabilities become consumers of early intervention: A marketing approach

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Helping students acquire belief-inconsistent and belief-consistent science facts: Comparisons between individual and dyad study using elaborative interrogatin, self-selected study and repetitious-reading

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Helping with deliberate self-harm: Some practical guidelines

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Helplessness in children of depressed and nondepressed mothers

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Hematologic Complications of Pregnancy

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Hematology Testing at the Bedside

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Hematology: Basic Principles and Practice

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Hematopoietic Growth Factors

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Hematopoietic growth factors and the functions of blood cells

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Heme Proteins in Sulfide-oxidizing Bacteri/Mollusc Symbioses

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Hemicellulose as a potential substrate for production of poly(β-hydroxyalkanoates)

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Hemifacial Atrophy

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Heminephrectomy by pelvicalyceal mucosal stripping of the dysplastic renal pole

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Hemispheric asymmetries of near^far spatial attention

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Hemodialyzer Performance

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Hemoptysis Due to Bronchial Varices in a Patient with Suspected Mediastinal Fibrosis

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Hemostatic balance and cardiovascular disease

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Henri Poincar's criticism of Fin De Sicle electrodynamics

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Henri Schmitt

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Henrik Kacser (19181995): metabolism of control

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Henry kempe memorial lecture10th International congress on child abuse and neglect: Child abuse and neglect from an indigenous Australian's perspective

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Heparin and platelet function

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Heparin in unstable angina

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Heparin induction of the β-amyloid precursor protein (AβPP) in a neural cell line is regulated by cell confluency state

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Hepatic and renal transplantation

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Hepatic pseudotumour Caudate lobe sparing in fatty liver

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Hepatitis B Vaccination

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Hepatitis B and C viruses and their interaction in the pthogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma

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Hepatitis B serology and its impact on immunizations

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Hepatitis C: Pathogenesis

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Hepatitis C: Treatment regimens

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Hepatitis, AIDS, and tuberculosis: hazards for anaesthetists

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Hepatobiliary abnormalities in the critically ill

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Hepatoma and medicine diagnosis. Medical treatment for the hepatoma. The chemotherapy for the hepatoma

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Early diagnosis of the hepatoma. Computed tomography,Magnetic resonance imaging

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Early diagnosis of the hepatoma. The screening by ultrasonic wave

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Medical treatment for the hepatoma. A treatment of the hepatoma by TAE

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Medical treatment for the hepatoma. Hepatoma treatment by the microwave coagulation

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Medical treatment for the hepatoma. Percutaneous ethanol injection therapy

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. Medical treatment for the hepatoma. The radiotherapy

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The hepatoma. The setting of a high dangerous group. High danger group of the hepatoma from the viewpoint of numbers of platelet

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The hepatoma. The setting of a high risk group. A forecast of the canceration from liver cirrhosis. C type liver cirrhosis is done central

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The hepatoma. The setting of a high risk group. Hepatitis B virus infectious disease and hepatoma

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The hepatoma. The setting of a high risk group. Hepatitis C virus infectious disease and hepatoma

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The hepatoma. The setting of a high risk group. High risk group from the viewpoint of a histological findings

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Hepatoma and medicine medical care. The prevention of the hepatoma generation. A retinoid

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Herbaceous vegetation in different forest types in the Lop Reserve, Gabon: implications for keystone food availability

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Here comes the bride Wedding at the Palermo No. 1 Mine

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Here we are: Current contents

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Hereditary Hearing Loss and its Syndromes

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Hereditary eye disease and the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme

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Heritage, tourism and local communities

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Hermetic pumps designs

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Heroin Control Policy Under the Theory of Rational Addiction Frank