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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62484

Chapter 62484 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dobell, L, 1995:
Review article Namibia's transition under the microscope: six lenses

Bulmer, M, 1995:
Review article: The challenge of AfricanAmerican leadership in an ambiguous world: W.E.B. Du Bois, Carter Woodson, Ralph Bunche and Thurgood Marshall in historical perspective

Ramona, M. Carbotte; Susan, D. Denburg; Judah, A. Denburg, 1995:
Review cognitive deficit associated with rheumatic diseases: neuropsychological perspectives

Glenn Shafer, 1995:
Review essay

Goren, E R., 1995:
Review essay: Narcissism and the interpersonal self

Saunders, T. Richard, 1995:
Review of A clinical handbook/practical therapist manual for assessing and treating adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Williams, L J., 1995:
Review of A perilous calling: The hazards of psychotherapy practice

Gershon, R R.M.; Vlahov, D; Kelen, G; Conrad, B; Murphy, L, 1995:
Review of Accidents/Injuries Among Emergency Medical Services Workers in Baltimore, Maryland

Najjar, Y S.H., 1995 :
Review of Aerothermally Induced Vibrations in Gas Turbine Engines

Tabin, J Krout, 1995:
Review of Affect in psychoanalysis: A clinical synthesis

Long, J, 1995:
Review of All the Mothers Are One: Hindu India and the Cultural Reshaping of Psychoanalysis

Johnson, A, 1995:
Review of All the mothers are one

Thao, T, 1995:
Review of Asian-Americans: Personality Patterns, Identity, and Mental Health and Transference and Empathy in Asian-American Psychotherapy: Cultural Values and Treatment Needs

Levine, P, 1995:
Review of Back to the asylum, the future of mental health law and policy in the United States

Hasselmo, M E.; Bergman, R E., 1995:
Review of Bower and Beeman: The Book of GENESIS: Exploring Realistic Neural Models with the GEneral NEural SImulation System

Dixon, T M., 1995:
Review of Brain injury and neuropsychological rehabilitation: International perspectives

Aldarondo, E; Bell, P, 1995:
Review of Children and Marital Conflict

Campione, P, 1995:
Review of Cognitive therapy with schizophrenic patients

Mauksch, L B., 1995:
Review of Collaborative clinical education: The foundation of effective health care

K. A. Prior, 1995:
Review of Compensation Centres in ZnSe:N

Everly, G S., 1995:
Review of Comprehensive handbook of psychotherapy integration

Belicki, K; Bernstein, D M, 1995:
Review of Conquering bad dreams and nightmares

Ullman, M, 1995:
Review of Crisis dreaming

J. Geysen, 1995:
Review of Dictionary of Cytokines, by Horst Ibelgaufts and Cell Biology. Vol 1, 2 & 3, by Julio E Celis

Stalikas, A, 1995:
Review of Ego defenses: Theory and measurement

Ror Malone, K, 1995:
Review of Enjoy your symptom: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and out

Pope, C. Arden; Dockery, D W.; Schwartz, J, 1995:
Review of Epidemiological Evidence of Health Effects of Particulate Air Pollution

Hyer, L, 1995:
Review of Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing: Basic principles, protocols, and procedures

Elkin, I, 1995:
Review of Facilitating emotional change: The moment-by-moment process

Combrink-Graham, L, 1995 :
Review of Family focused pediatrics: Issues, challenges, and clinical methods and Children's stress and coping: A family perspective

Arends, J.; Dijkman, G.E.H.M.; Dijkman, A.G., 1995:
Review of Fluoride Release and Secondary Caries Reduction by Fluoridating Composites

Saunders, T. Richard, 1995:
Review of Handbook of clinical psychopharmacology for therapists

Friedberg, R D., 1995:
Review of Handbook of play therapy, volume 2: Advances and innovations

Saunders, T. Richard, 1995:
Review of Handbook of prescriptive treatments for adults

Donovan, H, 1995:
Review of I.A.M.: A common sense guide to coping with anger

Oquendo, M, 1995:
Review of In a House of Dreams and Glass

Stone, M, 1995:
Review of Intervention for men who batter

Erik Asphaug, 1995:
Review of Introduction to the Physics of Rocks, by Yves Guguen and Victor Palciauskas

F.M. Flasar, 1995:
Review of Jupiter the Giant Planet, by Reta Beebe

Mize, T, 1995:
Review of Leaders, fools, and impostors

Pereira, J, 1995:
Review of Managing multiculturalism in substance abuse services

L.I. Gilbert, 1995:
Review of Molecular Endocrinology, 2nd ed., by F. F. Bolander and Insect Hormones, by H. F. Nijhout

M Nashi; A.K Venkatachalam; B.N Muddu, 1995:
Review of Morton's neuroma

Parsegian, V.Adrian, 1995:
Review of Pais: Einstein Lived Here

Carol Stoker, 1995:
Review of Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan

DeFelice, L J., 1995:
Review of Peracchia (Ed), Handbook of Membrane Channels

David, C. Black, 1995:
Review of Planetary Systems: Formation, Evolution, and Detection, by Bernard F. Burke, Jürgen H. Rahe, and Elizabeth E. Roettger

Mize, T, 1995:
Review of Readings in psychiatric rehabilitation

Churchill, S D., 1995:
Review of Reconsidering psychology: Perspectives from Continental philosophy

James, R. Arnold, 1995:
Review of Resources of Near-Earth Space, by John Lewis, Mildred Matthews, and Mary Guerrieri

Nielsen, A, 1995:
Review of Retelling a life: Narration and dialogue in psychoanalysis

Auerbach, J S., 1995:
Review of Shame and the self

Kutchai, H, 1995:
Review of Sperelakis: Cell Physiology Source Book

Bushway, D, 1995:
Review of Subversive dialogues: Theory in feminist therapy

Worsley, K, 1995:
Review of Succeeding in private practice: A business guide for psychotherapists

Carolyn, S. Shoemaker, 1995:
Review of The Planet Observer's Handbook, By Fred W. Price

Morse, D S., 1995:
Review of The body speaks: Therapeutic dialogues for mind-body problems

Porte, H Sophrin, 1995:
Review of The functions of dreaming

Stein, T S., 1995:
Review of The homosexualities and the therapeutic process

Maccoby, M, 1995:
Review of The legacy of Sndor Ferenczi

Katz, R L., 1995:
Review of The wilderness of dreams: Exploring the religious meanings of dreams in modern Western culture

Levin, R, 1995 :
Review of To catch a dream: Explorations of dreaming

Gantt, E E., 1995:
Review of To the other: An introduction to the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas

Paretti, J P., 1995:
Review of Transforming health care organizations: How to achieve and sustain organizational excellence

Magnavita, J J., 1995:
Review of Treating time effectively: The first session in brief therapy

Susan Stafford Stoia; Samuel Brooks, 1995:
Review of Understanding and Managing Children's Classroom Behaviors

Rosbrow, T, 1995:
Review of Understanding transference: The CCRT method

R. Peleman, 1995:
Review of Viruses in Human Gene Therapy, by Jean-Michel H Vos and Micelles, Monolayers and Membranes, by Malcolm N Jones and Dennis Chapman

Flynn, J, 1995:
Review of White knuckles and wishful thinkingBreaking the chain of compulsive reaction and relapse in alcoholism and other addictions

Sparks, E, 1995:
Review of Women in Context: Toward a Feminist Reconstruction of Psychotherapy

Porché-Burke, L, 1995:
Review of Women of color: Integrating ethnic and gender identities in psychotherapy

Michiel, A. J. Kompier; Vittorio Di Martino, 1995:
Review of bus drivers' occupational stress and stress prevention

I Kimura, 1995:
Review of cooperative research on thorium fuel cycle as a promising energy source in the next century

Martin Hübner; Wolfgang, F. Geiger, 1995:
Review of hydrodynamic separator-regulator efficiencies for practical application

Catherine, A. Fox; James Keating, 1995:
Review of recent literature

M. Arentoft; S.B. Petersen; J.M.C. Rodrigues; P.A.F. Martins; R. Balendra; T. Wanheim, 1995:
Review of research into the injection forging of tubular materials

Kenneth, R. Stone; Johnny Springer Jr., 1995:
Review of solvent cleaning in aerospace operations and pollution prevention alternatives

Zoubeida, R. Dagher, 1995:
Review of studies on the effectiveness of instructional analogies in science education

David, J. Ayersman, 1995:
Review of the Handbook of individual differences, learning, and instruction

D. Davies, 1995:
Review of the International Harmonisation of Clinical Pathology testing (IHCPT) recommendations on study design and clinical pathology testing

Clark, D; Fish, F S.; Lang, P G.; Telfer, N, 1995:
Review of the Literature

Dr Steven, C. Schachter, 1995:
Review of the Mechanisms of Action of Antiepileptic Drugs

Mellou, E, 1995:
Review of the relationship between dramatic play and creativity in young children

Bernd‐Cohen, T; Pogue, P Mayer; Lee, V; Delaney, R F., 1995:
Review of the section 309 coastal states enhancement grants program

A. Rickert, 1995:
Review of the third international opacity workshop and code comparison study

Friberg, S E., 1995:
Review of: Bioengineering of the Skin: Water and the Stratum Corneum Peter Eisner, Enzo Berardesca, and Howard I. Maibach, eds., CRC Press Boca Raton, FL., 1994

Hawkes, P W., 1995:
Review paper Image Algebra for Electron Images

David, M. Rasmussen; Timothy Casey; David Allan Rehorick, 1995:
Review section

Warner, M, 1995:
Review symposium: recent developments in international human resource management

Haslam, N., 1995:
Review-Essay : A Grammar of Social Relations

Ehrensaft, E., 1995:
Review-Essay : Culture in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Nguyen, V.-K., 1995:
Review-Essay : On Medical Experience

Dinicola, V., 1995:
Review-Essay : On the Rights and Philosophy of Children

Zarowsky, C., 1995:
Review-Essays : Resources for a Critical Synthetic Approach to Refugee Mental Health

Lau, M.P., 1995:
Review-Essays : Sex and Civilization in Modern China

Allen, S. Lee, 1995:
Reviewing a manuscript for publication

Brotak, E; Hughes, P, 1995:
Reviews & Resources

Widerberg, K., 1995:
Reviews : Birte Bech-Jorgensen: Nar hver dog bliver hverdag (When every day turns into everyday) Kobenhavn: Akademisk forlag, 1994

Ellingsen, D., 1995:
Reviews : Britta Kyvsgaard: Ny ungdom? Om familie, skole, fritid, lovlydighed og kriminalitet. (New youth? About family, school, leisure, obedience to the law and criminality) Copenhagen: Jurist- og Okonomforbundets Forlag, 1992

Aapola, S., 1995:
Reviews : Bronwyn Davies: Shards of glass. Children reading and writing beyond gendered identities. Cresskill: Hampton Press, 1993

Bjurstrom, E., 1995:
Reviews : DeenaWeinstein: Heavy metal. A cultural sociology. New York: Lexington Books, 1991. Robert Walser: Running with the devil. Power, gender and madness in heavy metal music. Hanover & London:Weslyan University Press, 1993

Maki-Kulmala, A., 1995:
Reviews : Fornas, Johan & Goran Bolin (eds): Moves in modernity Stockholm:Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1993

Erasaari, R., 1995:
Reviews : Hans Sward: Mangenstades svart vanartad: Om problemen med det uppvaxande siaktet (In many places seroiusly delinquent: Problems concerning the rising generations) PhD dissertation Floda: Zenon 248 pp., 1993

Dahlgren, A., 1995:
Reviews : Helena Helve: The world view of young people. A longitudinal study of Finnish youth living in a suburb of metropolitan Helsinki Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, 1993

Frykman, B. S., 1995:
Reviews : Johan Wennhall: Fran djakne till swingpjatt. Om de moderna ungdomskulturernas historia. (The modern history of youth cultures. On the development of urban youth cultures in Sweden I820-I945) PhD dissertation Uppsala: University of Uppsala, Dept of Ethnology, Etnolore I6, III. Uppsala, 146 pp., I994

Peterson, A.; Thyberg, L., 1995:
Reviews : Katrine Fangen: Tysklands nye ungdom. DDR-ungdom i overgangen til det kapitalistiske samfunn. (Germany's new youth. GDR youth in the transition to a capitalist society) Oslo : NAVFs Program for ungdomsforskning, 1992

Bonde, H., 1995:
Reviews : Lissie Astrom: Fader och soner Bland svenska man i tre generationer Stockholm: Carlssons Bokforlag, 1990

Roberts, M., 1995:
Reviews : Love Life and Live It! Merseyside Youth Association. Liverpool, MYA, 1995. 12.50 plus 2.50 postage and packing. Available from Merseyside Youth Asso ciation, 88 Sheil Road, Liverpool L6 3AF

Lofgren, A., 1995:
Reviews : Mats Lieberg: Att ta staden i besittning. Om ungas rum och rorelse i offentlig miljo Lund: Institutionen for Byggnadsfunktionslara, Lunds universitet, 1992. PhD dissertation

Siikala, A.-L., 1995:
Reviews : Tommi Hoikkala: Katoaako kasvatus, himmeneeko aikuisuus? (Is upbringing vanishing?) PhD dissertation Jyvaskyla: Oy Gaudeamus Ab, 1993

Katz, P R., 1995:
Reviews of the Geriatric Literature

Peter, N. Lodal; Jonathan, L. Mahanes; John, M. Calvert; Joseph, M. Keel, 1995:
Revised emergency vacuum relief device sizing for atmospheric distillation systems

D. F. Davidson; R. K. Hanson; C. T. Bowman, 1995:
Revised values for the rate coefficients of ethane and methane decomposition

Robert Hafner; Jim Stewart, 1995:
Revising explanatory models to accommodate anomalous genetic phenomena: Problem solving in the context of discovery

Daniel M Laskin, 1995:
Revising the electoral process

Nelson Ramirez, 1995:
Revision Taxonomica del Genero Alexa Moq. (Fabaceae, Sophoreae)

Osvaldo Morrone, F O. Zuloaga and Eduino Carbono, 1995:
Revision del Grupo Racemosa del Genero Paspalum (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae)

Anonymous,, 1995:
Revision of AGU index set

James, S. Ashe and Steven, W. Lingafelter, 1995:
Revision of Gansia Sharp of Mxico and Central America (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae; Aleocharinae)

Witt, P D.; Marsh, J L.; Marty-Grames, L; Muntz, H R., 1995:
Revision of the Failed Sphincter Pharyngoplasty

Üstün, T. B.; Cooper, J. E.; van Duuren-Kristen, S.; Kennedy, C.; Hendershot, G.; Sartorius, N., 1995:
Revision of the ICIDH: mental health aspects

Dominguez Lopez, A., 1995:
Revision: Empleo de los frutos y de los cladodios de la chumbera (Opuntia spp.) en la alimentacion humana / Review: Use of the fruits and stems of the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia spp.) into human food

D. D. Do; R. G. Rice, 1995:
Revisiting approximate solutions for batch adsorbers: Explicit half time

Coles, S; Rowley, J, 1995:
Revisiting decision trees

Daniel, M. Fox, 1995:
Revisiting the politics of art museums

Schall, E; Krantz, J, 1995:
Revitalizing Human Service Organizations

Hite, S; Perry, M J, 1995:
Revolutionizing the Psyche of Patriarchy

P. Hoffmeyer; Genève Suisse, 1995:
Revue de livre

McAllister, H A.; Michalik, J E., 1995:
Reward Allocations to the Extremely Mobile Employee: A Qualification of Rational Selective Exploitation

Miller, C E.; Komorita, S. S., 1995:
Reward allocation in task-performing groups

A.W.M. Dress; W. Terhalle, 1995:
Rewarding Maps: On Greedy Optimization of Set Functions

Comanor, W S.; Scherer, F.M., 1995:
Rewriting History: the Early Sherman Act Monopolization Cases

Lewsbe G Abbott; Ian O Stahle, 1995:
Rex Frederick Allingham Becke 19131995

Meyers, J E.; Meyers, K R., 1995:
Rey complex figure test under four different administration procedures

Lars Davidson, 1995:
Reynolds stress transport modelling of shock-induced separated flow

Jubaraj, B. Baruah; Kohtaro Osakada; Takakazu Yamamoto, 1995:
RhCl(PPh3)3 catalyzed hydrosilylation of styrene and phenylacetylene with phenylsilanes

Amada, S.; Kuroiwa, S.; Kamura, T.; Okadome, M.; Nakano, H.; Tsuneyoshi, M., 1995:
Rhabdomyosarcoma Originating From an Ovarian Immature Teratoma: Two Histologic Components of Sarcoma and Mature Teratoma in the Metastatic Lymph Nodes

Tom Scherzer, 1995:
Rheo-optical FTIR spectroscopy of amine cured epoxy resins

Storm, D A; Baressi, R J.; Sheu, E Y., 1995:
Rheological Study of Ratawi Vacuum Residue in the 298-673 K Temperature Range

Nam-Sun Roh; Dae-Hyun Shin; Dong-Chan Kim; Jong-Duk Kim, 1995:
Rheological behaviour of coal-water mixtures. 1. Effects of coal type, loading and particle size

Nam-Sun Roh; Dae-Hyun Shin; Dong-Chan Kim; Jong-Duk Kim, 1995:
Rheological behaviour of coal-water mixtures. 2. Effect of surfactants and temperature

Maria Regina Alcantara; JoséAtilio Vanin, 1995:
Rheological properties of lyotropic liquid crystals

A.L.G. Saad; A.F. Younan, 1995:
Rheological, mechanical and electrical properties of natural rubber-white filler mixtures reinforced with nylon 6 short fibers

Silke Neuhäusler; Walter Richtering, 1995:
Rheology and diffusion in concentrated sterically stabilized polymer dispersions

Klaus Berend; Walter Richtering, 1995:
Rheology and diffusion of concentrated monodisperse and bidisperse polymer latices

P. Anjaneyulu; D.V. Khakhar, 1995:
Rheology of a gas-fluidized bed

V.N. Matveenko; E.A. Kirsanov; S.V. Remizov, 1995:
Rheology of highly paraffinaceous crude oil

P. Duffo; B. Monasse; J. M. Haudin; C. G'Sell; A. Dahoun, 1995:
Rheology of polypropylene in the solid state

R. P. Kusy; D. L. Schafer, 1995:
Rheology of stimulated whole saliva in a typical pre-orthodontic sample population

Hollister, J.M.; Laing, P.; Mednick, S.A., 1995:
Rhesus hemolytic disease in the fetus and newborn as a risk factor for schizophrenia in male adults

Muller, J, 1995 :
Rhetoric and reality: William Holford in South Africa

Kamoche, K., 1995:
Rhetoric, Ritualism, and Totemism in Human Resource Management

Professor Ismail, E. Haffejee, 1995:
Rheumatic Heart Disease

Ehrlich, G E., 1995:
Rheumatic diseases of the head and neck

Veasy, L. George, 1995:
Rheumatic feverT. Duckett Jones and the rest of the story

B. Rothschild, 1995:
Rheumatoid arthritis in a medieval skeleton

Halsted, R. Holman, 1995:
Rheumatoid arthritis: Pathogenesis, assessment, outcome, and treatment

Hazes, J M W, 1995:
Rheumatoid arthritis: pathogenesis, assessment, outcome and treatment

Lewis Mccurdy; Dr, W. Winn Chatham; Warren, D. Blackburn Jr, 1995:
Rheumatoid synovial fibroblast adhesion to human articular cartilage

Smiles, S A.; Solitar, B M., 1995:
Rheumatologic disorders affecting the lumbar spine

Ellen, M. Gravallese; Barbara, N. Weissman; Gilbert Brodsky; James Maguire; Don, L. Goldenberg, 1995:
Rheumatology grand rounds loosening of a revision total hip replacement in a 60-year-old woman with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis clinicopathologic conference

Lucente, F E., 1995:
Rhinologic Training in the Era of Managed Care

Mark, B. Constantian, 1995:
Rhinoplasty in the graft-depleted patient

G. Rami Reddy; S. Muneeruddin Ahmed; K. N. Subhash Chandra Bose; A. Sesha Prasad; M. Sikander Hayath; E. Sudhakar Reddy, 1995:
Rhinoscleroma of trachea

Pramod Kumar, 1995:
Rhinoscleroma-its unusual presentation

Armin Buhling; Paul, C.J. Kamer; Piet, W.N.M. van Leeuwen, 1995:
Rhodium catalysed hydroformylation of higher alkenes using amphiphilic ligands

Dr. Florencio Zaragoza; Gernot Zahn, 1995:
Rhodium(II) acetate-catalysed decomposition of 2-diazo-3-oxobutanamides derived from L-phenylalanine

P. Reißer; Y. Wakatsuki; H. Kisch, 1995:
Rhodium-katalysierte Addition von Diphenylacetylen an Azobenzol: ein neuer Weg zu Indolderivaten

Colby, T. V.; Kwon, K. Y., 1995:
Rhodococcus equiAn Old Bug with a New Name; Relevance for the Anatomic Pathologist?

Hara, T; Hara, R; Kishigami, A; Koshida, Y; Horiuchi, S; Raj, U, 1995:
Rhodopsin and Retinochrome in the Retina of a Tetrabranchiate Cephalopod, Nautilus pompilius

Bahman Teimourian, 1995:
Rhytidectomy: The multiplane approach

Jack, A. Friedland, 1995:
Rhytidectomy: The superficial plane

L. Djenidi; R. A. Antonia, 1995:
Riblet modelling using a second-moment closure

B.-M. Sjöberg, 1995:
Ribonucleotide reductase An ancient enzyme with a radical mechanism

Bachelet, D., 1995:
Rice paddy inventory in a few provinces of China using AVHRR data

Jacques Cayouette, 1995:
Richard Cayouette (1914-1993)

R.A. Lamb, 1995:
Richard Ellis Ford Matthews (1921-1995)

Voysey, J, 1995:
Richard G. Pawsey

Robert, J. Desnick; Batsheva Bonné-Tamir, 1995:
Richard M. Goodman fellowship: A research fellowship in Jewish Genetic Diseases

Norman Geras, 1995:
Richard Rorty and the Righteous Among the Nations

Höpker, K. A.; Erdinger, L., 1995:
Richtlinien zur Erstellung von Wirkungskataster, UWSF 7/1, S. 57 (1995)

Gana, R, 1995:
Ridge regression estimation of the linear probability model

Turner, T N., 1995:
Riding the Rapids of Current Events!

Wilson, R W.; Warrwn–Boulton, F R., 1995:
Riding the Wave: Exclusionary Practices in Markets for Microprocessors Used in IBMCompatible Personal Computers

Denkbas, E.B.; Kaitian, X.; Tuncel, A.; Piskin, E., 1995:
Rifampicin-carrying poly(D,L-Iactide) microspheres: Loading and release

Ma. De Jesus Gomez-Villalobos; Jesus Vargas-Barron; Angel Romero-Cardenas; Maria Rijlaarsdam; Candace Keirns; Eulo Lupi-Herrera; Jesus Gonzalez-Espino, 1995:
Right Atrial and Ventricular Infarction : Evaluation with Transesophageal Echocardiography

Bein, T; Pfeifer, M; Keyl, C; Metz, C; Taeger, K, 1995:
Right Ventricular Function and Plasma Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Levels During Fiberbronchoscopic Alveolar Lavage in Critically III, Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Kim, Y jin; Kim, H; Choi, J Yun, 1995:
Right atrial aneurysm

Nlchelli, P; Vennerl, A, 1995:
Right hemisphere developmental learning disability: A case study

Weekes, B, 1995:
Right hemisphere writing and spelling

Alday, L E.; Maisuls, H; De Rossi, R, 1995:
Right superior caval vein draining into the left atriumdiagnosis by color flow mapping

Metcalfe, J.; Funnell, M.; Gazzaniga, M. S., 1995:
Right-Hemisphere Memory Superiority: Studies of a Split-Brain Patient

Gold, M; Adair, J C.; Jacobs, D H.; Heilman, K M., 1995:
Right-Left Confusion in Gerstmann' S Syndrome: A Model of Body Centered Spatial Orientation

Schwaber, M J.; Lossos, I S.; Goldberg, Y; Jaffe, R; Kaminski, N, 1995:
Right-Sided Endocarditis Due to Staphylococcus aureus

Hamby, S.L.; Bardi, C.A.; Wilkins, J.W., 1995:
Right-sided versus left-sided difficulty on the Rey-Osterrieth and Taylor Complex Figure Tests: A story of balance and imbalance

Amsel, B J.; Rodrigus, I; De Paep, R; De Raedt, H; Moulijn, A C., 1995:
Right-to-Left Flow Through a Patent Foramen Ovale in Acute Right Ventricular Infarction

Shaul, M. Aharoni, 1995:
Rigid aromatic fractal polyamides

Eric, F. Pinczower; Robert, B. Stanley Jr, 1995:
Rigid fixation of malar fractures

A. Asundi; W. Deng, 1995:
Rigid inclusions on the interface between dissimilar anisotropic media

Lin Lih-Chang; Chen Chiang-Chuan, 1995:
Rigid model-based fuzzy control of flexible-joint manipulators

G. Saffarini; A. Schlieper, 1995:
Rigidity Percolation and Chemical Ordering in Ge-In-Se Glasses

I.S. Song; H.B. Shim; D.Y. Yang, 1995:
Rigidplastic finite-element analysis of sheet-metal forming processes using a selective membrane/shell formulation

Tennen, H; Hall, J A.; Affleck, G, 1995:
Rigor, rigor mortis, and conspiratorial views of depression research

Trimarco, B; Morisco, C; Sarno, D; Iovino, G; Argenziano, L; Russo, R; Luca, N De; Volpe, M, 1995:
Rilmenidine in Patients with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Yamashita, M; Okuyama, K; Ohhara, T; Kawasaki, I; Sakai, K; Nakata, S; Kawabe, T; Kusumoto, M; Ohta, S, 1995:
Ring Opening of Cyclopropanemonocarboxylates and 1,1-Cyclopropanedicarboxylates Using Samarium(II) Diiodide (SmI2)-HMP-THF System

Ring Transformation of Fused Pyridazines. III. 1-Substituted Phthalazines with Ynamines

Kirk Marat; J. F. Templeton; Yangzhi Ling; Weiyang Lin; R. K. Gupta, 1995:
Ring a conformation in steroids. 3Cyclosteroids and cyclopropanosteroids

Yamashita, M; Okuyama, K; Ohhara, T; Kawasaki, I; Ohta, S, 1995:
Ring opening of cyclopropanecarboxylates using samarium(II) diiodide(SmI2)-HMPA-THF system

D. E. Zacharias; J. P. Glusker; D. L. Whalen; S. Friedman; T. M. Pohl, 1995:
Ring pucker in dihydroaromatic epoxides: The molecular structure ofr-1-hydroxy-t-2-methyl-t,t-3,4-epoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene

G. Waldheim; Prof. Dr. H. Möhrle; S. Rüdiger, 1995:
Ringspaltung von 4-(4-Nitrophenylazo)-substituierten Pyrazolidin-3,5-dion Derivaten zu a-(4-Nitrophenylhydrazono)semicarbaziden und Folgeprodukten

Dr. habil. T. Zimmermann; Maren Pink, 1995:
Ringtransformationen heterocyclischer Verbindungen. XII. Neuartige Spiroindoline via Ringtransformation von 2,4,6-Triaryl-pyryliumsalzen mit 2-Methylen-indolinen

Jan Ahlers, 1995:
Risikobewertung von Altstoffen

W. C. Hecker; E. Ring-Mrozik; S. Limmer; K. Mantel, 1995:
Risikoscore und postoperative Komplikationen in der Kinderchirurgie

Black, C; Roos, N P.; Havens, B; MacWilliam, L, 1995:
Rising Use of Physician Services by the Elderly: The Contribution of Morbidity

Guest, H, 1995:
Rising from the ashes: Recovery from physical trauma

Ueda, E, 1995:
Rising giants: Development in China and India

Wiegman, O; Gutteling, J M., 1995:
Risk Appraisal and Risk Communication: Some Empirical Data From The Netherlands Reviewed

David, H. Ost, 1995:
Risk Assessment: Implications for Biologic Education

Smith, D J.; Purvis, J C.; Felts, A, 1995:
Risk Communication: The Role of the South Carolina State Climatology Office

Katsunori SAIGENJI; Shigeru HARASAWA; Ariyoshi IWASAKI; Masahiro ASAKA; Shigeru ASAKI; Hisayuki FUKUTOMI; Eizo KANEKO; Yoshihisa TSUKAMOTO; Masaki INOUE; Takeshi MIWA; Yutaka MATSUO; Haruya OKABE; Akima MIYOSHI, 1995:
Risk Factors For Duodenal Ulcer Recurrence: Three-year Follow-up during Famotidine Maintenance Therapy

Arruda, M.A.; Speciali, J.G.; Ciciarelli, M.C.; Bordini, C.A., 1995:
Risk Factors and Associated Disorders of Childhood Migraine

Segreti, J, 1995:
Risk Factors and Clinical Relevance of Nosocomial Maxillary Sinusitis in the Critically III

Allen, J E., 1995:
Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Adverse Drug Reactions

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Risk of Catheter Migration During Combined Spinal Epidural Block

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Risk of Cervical Cancer in Situ May Be Elevated Among Some Women Who Used Hormonal Injectable

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Risperidone Treatment of Children and Adolescents: Increased Risk of Extrapyramidal Side Effects?

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Risperidone in the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia

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Risposte Fotomorfogeniche Indotte Dalla Radiazione UV-B in Brassica Oleracea var. Capitata

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Rites of passage into the global village

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Ritigalin, a new thiocarbonic acid imide fromGlycosmisspecies

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Rituals of Exchange in the Social World of Israeli Beggars: An Exploratory Study

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Roa307, a protein encoded onCoxiella burnetiiplasmid QpH1, shows homology to proteins encoded in the replication origin region of bacterial chromosomes

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Road closure to mitigate avalanche danger: a case study for Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Road development in Northeast Scotland 17461815 the maritime connection

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Road minimum temperatures

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Role Identity, Role Satisfaction, and Perceived Physical Health

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Role Reversal: A Convergence of Clinical and Quantitative Evidence

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Role and Evaluation of Palliative Home Care Services

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Role and mechanism of the formation of hydrogen-induced interface states for platinum/silicon oxide/silicon MOS tunnelling diodes

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Role of 17β-estradiol and progesterone in the regulation of synthesis and secretion of chorionic gonadotropin by the first trimester human placenta

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Role of 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in endocrine and intracrine estradiol biosynthesis

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Role of ATP as a sympathetic nervous system transmitter in the smoothing of rapid arterial pressure changes

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Role of Bacterial Interference and -Lactamase--Producing Bacteria in the Failure of Penicillin to Eradicate Group A Streptococcal Pharyngotonsillitis

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Role of Bronchoscopy in the Evaluation of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

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Role of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing and the Criteria Used to Determine Disability in Patients With Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Role of Chest Physicians in Detection and Treatment of Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease

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Role of Flexible Bronchoscopy in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV-Infected Patients

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Role of Free and Conjugated IAA in Potato Tuber Dormancy

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Role of HU proteins in forming and constraining supercoils of chromosomal DNA inEscherichia coli

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Role of Interferon- in Mediating the Antitumor Efficacy of Interleukin-12

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Role of Iron Catalyst Impregnated by Solvent Swelling Method in Pyrolytic Removal of Coal Nitrogen

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Role of Iron in Dry Coal Hydroconversion

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Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Hypothalamic- Pituitary Disorders

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Role of Neurons in the Lateral Habenula for the Expression of Maternal Behavior

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Role of Pectoralis major flap in carotid artery protection

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Role of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Diagnosis of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Liver Transplant Patients

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Role of SO4Adsorption and Desorption in the Long-Term S Budget of a Coniferous Catchment on the Canadian Shield

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Role of Tyrosine Phosphorylation (TYR-P) in Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Growth and Apoptosis

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Role of Vascular Risk Factors in Lacunar and Unexplained Strokes in Young Adults:A Case-Control Study

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Role of Yad A in resistance of Yersinia enterocolitica to phagocytosis by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Role of ability and prior knowledge in complex training performance

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Role of adrenocorticotropic hormone in the activation of heparin secretion by mast cells in stressed rats

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Role of adrenoreceptors of Ehrlich's ascitic carcinoma in the regulation of proliferative processes by adrenergic ligands

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Role of adsorbed fluoride ions on the dissolution of synthetic hydroxyapatite

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Role of advanced reactors for sustainable development

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Role of apoptosis for pleiotropic drug resistance of human leukemic cells

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Role of bentonites in the prevention of Saccharomyces cerevisiae adhesion to solid surfaces

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Role of calcium and other ions in directing root hair tip growth inLimnobium stoloniferum

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Role of cholinergic regulation of the heart in the protective antiarrhythmic effect of adaptation to continuous moderate stress

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Role of chromatin in the transcriptional regulation of HIV-1

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Role of clinical evaluation in academic medical centers

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Role of cytokine antagonists in leukocyte-endothelial interactions under stressful contitions

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Role of desensitized acetylcholine receptors in the development of post-tetanic potentiation

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Role of engineering geology in NATM construction

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Role of epidermal growth factor, interleukin-1 and lipid peroxidation in healing of experimental gastric ulcer in rats

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Role of epistemological beliefs and learned helplessness in secondary school students' learning science concepts from text

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Role of extracellular matrix in animal development an introduction

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Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of primary malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung

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Role of geological and geomorphological factors in ground water exploration: a study using IRS LISS data

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Role of glutamate metabotropic receptors in long-term potentiation in the hippocampus

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Role of glycolysis in the maintenance of the energy-synthesizing function of hepatocytes from rats adapted and nonadapted to hypoxia at different oxygen concentrations

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Role of hepatitis C virus in dual and triple hepatitis virus infection*1

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Role of hypothalamic 5-HT2A receptors in animal models of eating desorders

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Role of intracortical inhibition in orientation tuning dynamics in the cat striate cortex neurons

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Role of intraosseous receptors in afferent and motor reaction modulation

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Role of ions in PECVD of amorphous silicon

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Role of kinetics in modelling and control of flotation plants

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Role of lipid peroxidation and neutrophil accumulation in the gastric mucosal injury induced by aspirin-HCl in rats Effect of roxatidine, a histamine H2 receptor antagonist with antioxidative properties

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Role of magnesium in cast aluminium alloy matrix composites

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Role of maltose permease and α-glucosidase in maltose fermentation and dough-leavening of Torulaspora pretoriensis YK-1

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Role of mast cells in reparative processes in inflammation

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Role of mutT gene in mutagenesis of active oxygen species

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Role of neutrophils in hyperbaric and normobaric oxygen toxicity

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Role of non-quantum acetylcholine secretion in neural control of the membrane potential in skeletal muscle fibers of rats

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Role of oxidants in TNF-α-mediated cytotoxicity

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Role of peritoneal lymphatics for peritoneal metastasis and chemotherapy with mitomycin C bound to activated carbon particles

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Role of reactive oxygen species for apoptosis of transformed cells induced by TGF-β-treated normal cells

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Role of reflective process in the implementation of developmentally supportive care in the newborn intensive care nursery

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Role of reversible phosphorylation in genetically determined polymorphism for cerebral tryptophan hydroxylase

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Role of road transport in UK's energy policy

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Role of schistosomiasis in human bladder cancer

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Role of seawater concentration and major ions in oxygen consumption rate of isolated gills of the shore carb Carcinus mediterraneus Csrn

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Role of sialic acid residues in iron binding by human Lactoferrin - α

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Role of siblings in adult daughters' anticipation of caregiving

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Role of size of rare earth ion in the homogeneity range of REF3RE2O3(RE = La, Nd, Y) systems

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Role of steric factors in formation of OH...M hydrogen bonds with metallocenes

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Role of sulfatereducing bacteria in corrosion of mild steel: A review

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Role of tachykinins in non-adrenergic non-cholinergic excitation in smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract

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Role of the Common Cytokine Receptor Chain in Cytokine Signaling and Lymphoid Development

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Role of the Ecu

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Role of the Market Maven in Retailing: A General Marketplace Influencer

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Role of the Nutrition Support Dietitian and Team Concept in a Community Based Hospital

Curtas, S., 1995:
Role of the Nutrition Support Nurse

Strausburg, K. M., 1995:
Role of the Pharmacist on the Nutrition Support Team

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Role of the caffeic acid oxidation products on the iron mobilization at the soil-root interface

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Role of the central N-cholinergic receptors in preventing the inhibition of respiration following activation of the GABA-ergic system in the brain

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Role of the contractor's engineering geologist in the construction of the New Studley Tunnel

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Role of the glutamine transaminase- -amidase pathway and glutaminase in glutamine degradation in Rhizobium etli

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Role of the hydrogen bond in structural phototransformations of admixture centers in molecular crystals

T. P. Semenova; M. K. Ticku, 1995:
Role of the interaction between different types of serotonin and α2-adrenergic receptors in the regulation of audiogenic seizures in DBA/2 micereceptors in the regulation of audiogenic seizures in DBA/2 mice

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Roles for psychologists in emerging models of school-related health and mental health services

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Roles for the UN in International Security after the Cold War

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Roles of Familiarity and Family Resemblance in Determining Representativeness in Social Categories

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Roles of Sea Surface Temparatures and Land Cover on the Sahelian Drought

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Routine obstetric ultrasound

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Rural Club visit from Newcastle University

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Rural Europe

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Rural Services, Rural Infrastructure and Regional Development in India

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Rural Tanzanian Youths' First Intercourse Is Early, Number of Partners High

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Rural restructuring and the regulation of farm pollution

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Rush Medical College Section of Infectious Diseases: Amplification of DNA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Peripheral Blood of Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Russia and the United States: Still cold in Northeast Asia?

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Russian Labor Market in Transition

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Rythme Circadien du Couple Developpe Par Les Muscles Flechisseurs du Coude Lors de Contractions Isometriques et Dynamiques

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Rflexion thique sur la tlmdecine

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Rüstungsaltlast „Grauerort” bei Stade

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S-3-5 Long-term SSRI treatment increases Ca2+/calmodulin phosphorylation of presynaptic proteins: A new site in the mechanism of action of antidepressants

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S-30-3 Interactions between dopaminergic, serotoninergic and nitric oxide-containing systems in the CNS. Their possible involvement in Parkinson's disease and depression

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S-8-5 Differential induction of early gene expression in the CNS by antipsychotics

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S-9-2 Panic disorder and the serotonin system

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S-9-4 The relationship between panic and agoraphobia

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S-chloromethylglutathioneProtagonist in the mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of dichloromethane

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SAR Models for Futile Metabolism: One-Electron Reduction of Quinones, Phenols and Nitrobenzenes

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SAR interferometric signatures of forest

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SAT-1-2 Clinical aspects of anxiety states in the elderly

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SAT-1-4 The treatment of anxiety disorders in the elderly

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SAT-2-5 Sexual dysfunction and other tolerability in the management of depression

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SAT-3-2 Pharmacotherapeutic profile of venlafaxine

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SAT-3-3 Rapid onset of action: Clinical relevance to antidepressant action

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SAT-3-4 Efficacy and safety of venlafaxine in major depression

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SAT-5-3 Xanomeline in mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease; the effects of a novel M1 agonist on behavior

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SAT-5-6 A randomized, naturalistic cost-effectiveness study in a managed health care setting

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SAT-6-3 The role of continuation treatment in chronic depression

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SAT-6-5 The role of SSRIs in anxiety disorders

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SAT-7-1 Epidemiology and public health significance of depressive disorders

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SAT-7-5 Safety of mirtazapine: A review

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SAW gas sensors: comparison between delay line and two port resonator

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SCANNET - multispectral knowledgebase

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SCR catalyst-coated fabric filters for simultaneous NOx and high-temperature particulate control

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SE Asian Basins: Oil and gas for the 21st century

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SEARCH (Scenario evaluation and analysis through repeated cross impact handling): a new method for scenario analysis with an application to the Videotel service in Italy

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SEG joins the World Wide Web

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SEH News 8th Ordinary General Meeting of the SEH: Candidates for the Council elections

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SEM observations of tensile fractographs of red mud filled linear low density polyethylene

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SEM of internal structures ofBrachionus plicatilis(Rotifera)

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SERF, a New Method for H,H Spin-Coupling Measurement in Organic Chemistry

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SEROTONIN - AN INTESTINAL SECRETAGOGUE - Receptor Subtypes and Intracellular Mediators

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SERS Studies of the Ring Opening Reaction of an Epoxy Compound on the Top of Chemisorbed Cystamine

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SERS and IR Studies of Polymerization of an Epoxy Compound on Top of Benzotriazole Adsorbed on Copper

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SERS and vibrational spectra of aspartic acid

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SERS of dithiocarbamates and xanthates

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SERS studies of methylviologen on silver sol and the effect of halide ions

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SERS, FT-Raman and FT-IR studies of dithiocarbamates

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SGIM use of news media

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SH propagation in rocks with planar fracturesI. Excess slowness

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SHG studies of magnetization effects on polycrystalline nickel surfaces

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SHOT, the History of Technology, and Engineering Education

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SIGMA observations of the low mass X-ray binaries of the Galactic Bulge

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SIGs meet at Congress

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SILENCING THE SELF : Depressive Symptomatology and Close Relationships

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SIMS methods in reactivity studies on metal oxides

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SLR3: A modified receptor kinase gene that has been adapted to encode a putative secreted glycoprotein similar to theSlocus glycoprotein

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SMART: Student modeling approach for responsive tutoring

Żochowski, Mł; Lewenstein, M; Nowak, A, 1995:
SMARTNET: a neural net with self-controlled learning

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SME financiers' qualitative evaluation criteria in development projects

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SMJ 1993 Best Paper Award to Prahalad and Bettis

Edward Zajac, 1995:
SMJ 1994 Best Paper Prize to Birger Wernerfelt

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SO2 Oxidation in humid air by electron beam and microwave energy simultaneous application

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SO2 absorption cross-section measurements from 320 to 405 NM

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SOS plantes transgniques Une nouvelle filire en pril

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SP anomalies due to semiconductors in the ground

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SPECIAL ISSUE: PROCESS-ORIENTED INSTRUCTION: IMPROVING STUDENT' LEARNING || Teaching strategies to create visual representations of key ideas in content area text materials: A long-term intervention inserted in school curriculum

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SPECIAL ISSUE: PROCESS-ORIENTED INSTRUCTION: IMPROVING STUDENT' LEARNING || The effects of strategy training on high school students' learning from science texts

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SPECIAL ISSUE: RESEARCH IN DISTANCE EDUCATION MATERIALS || Using Combinations of Video, Audio and Print to Teach French at a Distance: A Case Study of the Formative Evaluation Cycle

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SPECIAL ISSUE: RESEARCH IN DISTANCE EDUCATION MATERIALS || Validation of a theory about functions and effects of embedded support devices in distance education learning materials

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SPECT in Epilepsy

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SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging for the detection and evaluation of coronary artery disease stAdvantages and indications

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SPOT-2 and TOPEX/Poseidon precise orbit determination from DORIS doppler tracking

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STRATEGIES for Writing Effectively About Science and Technology

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SUMIC, a new strategic tool for exploration and reservoir mapping

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SVT and Bromocriptine

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SWAMI: An autonomous mobile robot for inspection of nuclear waste storage facilities

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SWAMP: A knowledge-based system for the dissemination of sustainable development expertise to the developing world

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SWBACROS: A model for the estimation of the water balance of a cropped soil

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Saa and Crp in the Elderly

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Saccadic gain adaptivity in the two eyes in Wallenberg's lateral medullary syndrome

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Sacrificial wafer bonding for planarization after very deep etching

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Saddlepoint Approximations for the Difference of Order Statistics

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Safe Communities in industrialised versus less industrialised countries: different models, similarities and differences

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Safe design of personal rapid transit systems

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Safer Childbirth? A Critical History of Maternity Care

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Safer sex: Lessons from the male sex industry

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Safeskin Introduces New Surgical Glove

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Safety Considerations with Cyclosporin and Other Systemic Therapy in the Treatment of Severe Psoriasis

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Safety Recommendations The engine that drives change

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Safety and Comfort, Content and Process: Facilitating Open Group Work with Men Who Batter

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Safety and Efficacy of I-Leucovorin Rescue Following High-Dose Methotrexate for Osteosarcoma

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Safety and Efficiency of Ergotamine Tartrate and Dihydroergotamine in the Treatment of Migraine and Status Migrainosus

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Safety aspects on nitric oxide administration

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Safety climate

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Safety devices for gas welding, cutting and allied processes

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Safety equipment for passengers on railway platforms

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Safety features of self-consistent nuclear energy system

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Safety in Bullet Recovery Procedures

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Safety in the design and use of gamma and electron irradiation facilities: A great britain view

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Safety in the operating theatre Part 1: Interpersonal relationships and team performance

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Safety in the operating theatre Part 2: Human error and organisational failure

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Safety issues in community-based settings for children who are medically fragile: Program planning for natural disasters

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Safety margin in anus-saving resection for low rectal cancer

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Safety of Cultured or Natural Abalones as Food in Japan

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Safety of Japanese Abalones as Food Related to Toxification of the Ormer haliotis (Eurotis) tuberculata

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Safety of Propellants

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Safety of re-cycled plastics for food contact materials: Testing to define a functional barrier

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Safety pharmacological studies of dotarizine in the rat: Interaction with propanolol, digoxine, diphenylhydantoine, diclophenac, nicardipine and metamizol

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Safety values and safe practices among college students

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Saharan dust outbreak

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Saignement gastro-intestinal d

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Saleem A. Shah

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Saleem Shah

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Saleem Shah's Contributions to Forensic Clinical Assessment

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Salience and awareness in the Jacoby-Whitehouse effect

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Salience of Anti-Abortion Beliefs and Commitment to an Attitudinal Position: On the Strength, Structure, and Predictive Validity of Anti-Abortion Attitudes

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Salient characteristics of child welfare articles in selected social work journals

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Salient object parts and infants' acquisition of novel object words

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Saline intrusion in deep riser outfall systems

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Salinity Variability and Its Role in the Barrier-Layer Formation during TOGA-COARE

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Salivary Gland Anlage Tumor

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Salivary level of volatile fatty acids as an index of the status of the human oropharynx-normal microflora system

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Salmonella septicaemia with pulmonary abscesses and osteomyelitis in a foal

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Salpetergewinnung und Salpeterwirtschaft vom Mittelalter bis in die Neuzeit

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Salt effect parameter from tie line correlation constants

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Salt effects and the mechanism of electrophilic mercuration of unsaturated compounds

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Salt extraction from hydrogen-sulfide scrubber solution using electrodialysis

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Salt induced peptide formation: on the selectivity of the copper induced peptide formation under possible prebiotic conditions

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Salt teactonics

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Salt: Good for What Ails the Airways?

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Salting out of aqueous proteins: Phase equilibria and intermolecular potentials

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Salvage of Traumatic Below-Knee Amputation Stumps Utilizing the Filet of Foot Free Flap

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Salvage operations after failed total ankle replacement

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Samba in the Night: Spiritism in Brazil

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Sameness and difference: Toward an overinclusive model of gender development

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Samenhang tussen de Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) en de DSMclassificatie

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Sample Size Calculation for Intraclass Correlation in the Presence of Random Loss of Sampled Patients

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Sample digestion procedures for trace element determination

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Sampling Distributions of Relative Poverty Statistics

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Sampling and Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds Evolved During Thermal Processing of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Composite Resins

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Sampling and improvement of mycotoxin analysis: Panel discussion

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Sampling and local models for multivariate image analysis

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Sampling and preparation method for Ames mutagenicity test of exhaust gas from municipal incinerator

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Sampling behaviour in estimating predictive validity in the context of selection and latent variable modelling: A Monte Carlo study

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Samu franais, pass, prsent et avenir. Vision de 1992

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Sand sampling below the water table using the 200mm diameter Laval sampler

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Sandgren, C. D., Smol, J. P. & Kristiansen, J. 1995

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Sandwich graft tympanoplasty: A technique for managing difficult tympanic membrane perforation

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Sap flow by the heat balance method applied to small size Salix trees in a short-rotation forest

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Sarah Davidson Wangensteen (19081994)

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Sarah's growth in contradiction: A case study of 7/8 yearolds starting logic

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Sarajevo May 1995 An Incredible Journey Through Heart to Peace

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Sarcomas followig radiation therapy for breast cancer: A report of three cases and a review of the literature

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Sarcoscypha (pezizales) in Britain

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Sartre and the Drug Connection