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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62489

Chapter 62489 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schimming, C-G.; Mette, R; Reiche, E-W.; Schrautzer, J; Wetzel, H, 1995:
Stickstoffflüsse in einem typischen Agrarökosystem Schleswig-Holsteins. Meßergebnisse, Bilanzen, Modellvalidierung

G. Langmann,K. Müllner,R. Kleinert, 1995:
Stickstoffkryotherapie eines knotig-diffusen Bindehautmelanoms

R. Gust; H. Böhrer, 1995:
Stiff-man syndrome associated with continous sufentanil administration

O. Karthaus; K. Ueda; A. Yamagishi; M. Shimomura, 1995:
Stilbene-containing amphiphiles in supramolecular assemblies

Duncan, L. E.; Stewart, A. J., 1995:
Still Bringing the Vietnam War Home: Sources of Contemporary Student Activism

Jenkins, S. R., 1995:
Still No Strategies For Dealing With Women And Hiv

Boyle, M, 1995:
Still top of our agenda?: Neil Smith and the reconciliation of capital and consumer approaches to the explanation of gentrification

Marsh, H W., 1995:
Still weighting for the right criteria to validate student evaluations of teaching in the IDEA system

Shinichi Sakamoto; Takeshi Okanoue; Yoshito Itoh; Shiro Takami; Koichiro Yasui; Kenichi Nishioji; Masafumi Sakamoto; Kei Kashima, 1995:
Stimulated Kupffer cells attract cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) and increase the adhesion of CTL to sinusoidal endothelial cells

Constantine Mavroyannis, 1995:
Stimulated emission in a three-level atom

S. Korsgen; M. R. B. Keighley, 1995:
Stimulated gracilis neosphincterNot as good as previously thought

A. Ya. Shurygin; E. I. Zlishcheva; O. Yu. Sosnovskaya; A. V. Sanin, 1995:
Stimulating effects of a polypeptide agent (Kuban stimulant) on hemopoiesis and the formation of humoral immunity to thymus-dependent murine antigen

Kamelia, A. Adbel-Salam; Souad, M. Mahmoud, 1995:
Stimulating effects of low levels of60Co gamma ray on the silkworm,bombyx mori(L.)

Derry, S; Levin, J R.; Schauble, L, 1995:
Stimulating statistical thinking through situated simulations

I. Schoeneberg; E. Amtmann; K. Wayss, 1995:
Stimulation and inhibition of latent papillomavirus genomes in the epidermis of the rodentmastomys natalensis

J. Ervens; R. Seifert; B. Hoffmeister, 1995:
Stimulation and reduction of tumor cell growthin vitroby activation and inhibition of non-selective cation channels

Antoine, N.; Bours, V.; Heinen, E.; Simar, L. J.; Castronovo, V., 1995:
Stimulation of Human B-Lymphocyte Proliferation by AGM-1470, a Potent Inhibitor of Angiogenesis

G. Krupitza; H. Harant; E. Dittrich; H. Huber; Ch. Dittrich; T. Grunt, 1995:
Stimulation of c-myc and subsequent apoptosis by retinoic acid

Minoura, I; Nakamura, H; Tashiro, K; Shiokawa, K, 1995:
Stimulation of circus movement by activin, bFGF and TGF-β2 in isolated animal cap cells of Xenopus laevis

G. Morini; D. Grandi; G. Bertaccini, 1995:
Stimulation of gastric acid secretion by (R)-α-methylhistamine in the rat: Influence of the increased gastric juice volume on ethanol-induced lesions

Andre Moulin; Roger Giordani, 1995:
Stimulation of lipase and N-acetyl-β-d-glucosaminidase activities in Euphorbia characias latex by contact of free fatty acids with roots

Bellando, M; Sacco, S; Rocco, P; Albergoni, F, 1995:
Stimulation of oxygen consumption in Elodea densa leaves by -SH group reagents

S. B. Cheknev, 1995:
Stimulation of proliferative activity of human natural killers (CD16+CD56+cells) by recombinant interleukin-3in vitro

Fukunaga, M; Yura, T; Badr, K F., 1995:
Stimulatory Effect of 8-Epi-PGF2α, An F2-Isoprostane, on Endothelin-1 Release

Nobuo Inokuchi; Kazuya Zeki; Isao Morimoto; Yoichiro Nakano; Takashi Fujihira; Uki Yamashita; Nobuyuki Yanagihara; Futoshi Izumi; Sumiya Eto, 1995:
Stimulatory Effect of Interleukin-1α on Proliferation through a Ca2+/Calmodulindependent Pathway of a Human Thyroid Carcinoma Cell Line, NIM 1

Kazuma Fujimoto; Hidesuke Morita; Chika Matsunaga; Shin-ichi Ogata; Noriaki Furukawa; Yasushi Sakata; Hiroyuki Sakata; Takanori Koyama; Ryuichi Iwakiri, 1995:
Stimulatory signals from the central nervous system for ornithine decarboxylase activity in the rat duodenal mucosa

Gosselin, C.; Dutil, E., 1995:
Stimuler l'autonomie et la polyvalence des etudiants en ergotherapie: Description d'une experience pedagogique et perception des professeurs

Fujita, K.; Handa, Y.; Hoshimiya, N.; Ichie, M., 1995:
Stimulus adjustment protocol for FES-induced standing in paraplegia using percutaneous intramuscular electrodes

Constantinidou, F; Neils, J, 1995:
Stimulus modality and verbal learning after moderate to severe closed head injury

Grill, W.M.; Mortimer, J.T., 1995:
Stimulus waveforms for selective neural stimulation

Rao, K., 1995:
Stochastic Housing Model with Random Constructions

Hagwood, C; Coakley, K; Negiz, A; Ehara, K, 1995:
Stochastic Modeling of a New Spectrometer

Sen, M.K.; Datta-Gupta, A; Stoffa, P.L.; Lake, L.W.; Pope, G.A., 1995:
Stochastic Reservoir Modeling Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm

C. Chang; M. W. Kemblowski; J. Kaluarachchi; A. Abdin, 1995:
Stochastic analysis of multiphase flow in porous media: 1. Spectral/perturbation approach

C. -M. Chang; M. W. Kemblowski, 1995:
Stochastic analysis of unsaturated transport in soils with fractal log-conductivity distribution

James, R. Schmidt, 1995:
Stochastic and Deterministic Trends in State Economies

Neil, J. Bershad; John, J. Shynk; Jeffrey, L. Vaughn; Colin, F.N. Cowan, 1995 :
Stochastic convergence analysis of a partially adaptive two-layer perceptron using a system identification model

Faud, M.F. Siala, 1995:
Stochastic design of solar energy systems

Bressloff, P C, 1995:
Stochastic dynamics of reinforcement learning

M.M.R. Williams, 1995:
Stochastic fluctuations in a fusion reactor

Takuji Hamamoto, 1995:
Stochastic fluidstructure interaction of large circular floating islands during wind waves and seaquakes

C. soize, 1995:
Stochastic linearization method with random parameters for SDOF nonlinear dynamical systems: prediction and identification procedures

F.P. de Kock; J.S.J. van Deventer, 1995:
Stochastic model for equilibrium adsorption onto activated carbon

L.T. Fan; B.C. Shen; S.T. Chou, 1995:
Stochastic modeling of transient residence-time distributions during start-up

A. Zeroual; M. Ankrim; A.J. Wilkinson, 1995:
Stochastic modelling of daily global solar radiation measured in Marrakesh, Morocco

A.N. Valentyuk, 1995:
Stochastic radiative transfer and causality condition

J. Iwaniszewski, 1995:
Stochastic resonance and transient bimodality

L. Guidoni; R. Mannella; V. Isaia; P. Verkerk; E. Arimondo, 1995:
Stochastic resonance in a laser with saturable absorber

R. N. Mantegna; B. Spagnolo, 1995:
Stochastic resonance in a tunnel diode in the presence of white or coloured noise

Roland Bartussek; Peter Jung; Peter Hänggi, 1995:
Stochastic resonance in optical bistable systems: Amplification and generation of higher harmonics

M. I. Dykman; D. G. Luchinsky; R. Mannella; P. V. E. McClintock; N. D. Stein; N. G. Stocks, 1995:
Stochastic resonance in perspective

P. Jung; G. Mayer-Kress, 1995:
Stochastic resonance in threshold devices

Avitzour, D., 1995:
Stochastic simulation Bayesian approach to multitarget tracking

M.F. Hutchinson, 1995:
Stochastic space-time weather models from ground-based data

Ming, L. Wang; Li-Zhe Tan, 1995:
Stochastic techniques for analyzing shallow-buried reinforced concrete box-type structure

S.Ya. Kilin; A.P. Nizovtsev, 1995:
Stochastic theory of narrow hole-burning in low-temperature dilute ruby

Tianzhen Hong; Yi Jiang, 1995:
Stochastic weather model for building HVAC systems

Praveen, R. Nayyar, 1995:
Stock Market Reactions to Customer Service Changes

C. Tsallis; A.M.C. de Souza; E.M.F. Curado, 1995:
Stock exchange: A statistical model

David, A. Rockcliffe; Arthur, E. Martell, 1995:
Stoichiometric and catalytic oxidation by a dinuclear copper(I) dioxygen complex and a dinuclear cpper(II) complex of a macrocyclic ligand derived from the 2:2 condensation of pyridine-2,6-dicarboxaldehyde and 1,4,7-triazaheptane

Takayuki Chujo; Isao Saraoka; Shinobu Kato; Hiroyasu Sato; Koichi Fukuhara; Hiroatsu Matsuura, 1995:
Stoichiometry and conformation of the azacrown moiety in sodium complexes of azacrown ethers. A Raman/IR spectroscopic study. Part I: Complexes of 4,13-Diaza-18-crown-6

Isao Saraoka; Shinobu Kato; Takayuki Chujo; Hiroyasu Sato; Koichi Fukuhara; Hiroatsu Matsuura, 1995:
Stoichiometry and conformation of the azacrown moiety in sodium complexes of azacrown ethers. A Raman/IR spectroscopic study. Part II: Complexes of 4,13-diaza-15-crown-5

C. G. Screttas; G. I. Ioannou; D. G. Georgiau, 1995:
Stoichiometry and mechanism of protonation of alkali metal salts of benzophenone radical anions by weak proton donors and its relevance to the base-catalyzed decomposition of benzopinacol

L. Elliott; D.B. Ingham; T.B.A. El Bashir, 1995:
Stokes flow past two circular cylinders using a Boundary Element Method

Mitchell, P. J.; Heyes, D. M., 1995:
Stokesian Dynamics Simulations of Colloids Under Shear

Kohli, U, 1995:
Stolper-Samuelson-like and Rybczynski-like results in 2 2 production models

Burns, P Brissette; Swanson, G. Marie, 1995:
Stomach Cancer Risk Among Black and White Men and Women

Schubert, M L., 1995:
Stomach and duodenum

Hardy, J Phillips; Anderson, V Jo; Gardner, J S., 1995:
Stomatal Characterization of Grass Leaves by Four Preparation Techniques

&na;,, 1995:
Stop the Violence Please

Gjorgov, A N, 1995:
Stop the natural experimental trial in breast cancer because of rising incidence

Michaelis, A R., 1995:
Stop chemophobia

S. G. Gilmour and R. Mead, 1995:
Stopping Rules for Sequences of Factorial Designs

S.K. Sharma; Shyam Kumar; J.S. Yadav; A.P. Sharma, 1995:
Stopping power of heavy ions in solids: A comparative study

Bedawi, A El; Carstensen, J. T., 1995:
Storage Conditions in the Sudan Using the Kinetic Mean Temperature Concept

Ji, D.Y.; Hu, B.L.; Chen, T.L., 1995:
Storage and Retrieval of General Pattern sequences

A. Liberti; G. Calabrò; M. Chiarotti, 1995:
Storage effects on ninhydrin-developed fingerprints enhanced by zinc complexation

J. Yagi; T. Akiyama, 1995:
Storage of thermal energy for effective use of waste heat from industries

J. Bryjak, 1995:
Storage stabilization of enzyme activity by poly(ethyleneimine)

J. Belana; M. Mudarra; P. Colomer; M. Latour, 1995:
Storage time effect on free charge relaxation of amorphous poly (ethylene terephthalate)

D. W. Rodgers; M. Dickman; X. Han, 1995:
Stores from old reservoirs: Sediment Hg and Hg methylation in Ontario hydroelectric developments

Andersen, A E., 1995:
Stories I Tell My Patients

LaRossa, R., 1995:
Stories and Relationships

Uri Rueveni, 1995:
Stories and metaphors as interventions with headache sufferers

Goodwin, B. J., 1995:
Stories by Black Women: Writing Uniquely as Women and Blacks

Tad Goguen Frantz, 1995:
Stories for therapy: The right story to the right person at the right time

Fisher, R, 1995:
Stories for thinkingthe Philosophy in Primary Schools (PIPS) project

Griffith, M Elliott, 1995:
Stories of the South, stories of suffering, stories of God

Messias, D K. H.; Gilliss, C L.; Sparacino, P S. A.; Tong, E M.; Foote, D, 1995:
Stories of transition: Parents recall the diagnosis of congenital heart defect

Miranda Wolpert; Paul March, 1995:
Stories we tell each other: A comparison of families' and their therapists' explanations of presenting problems

Stiles, W, 1995:
Stories, Tacit Knowledge, and Psychotherapy Research

Gilbert Mohr; Johannes Engelkamp, 1995:
Storing and accessing ordinal size relations in episodic memory: Effects of stimulus modality

Yani Herreman, 1995:
Storing museum collections: an unresolved problem

Khandekar, M L.; Swail, V R., 1995:
Storm waves in Canadian waters: A major marine hazard

Atlas, D; Iguchi, T; Pierce, H F., 1995:
Storm-Induced Wind Patterns on the Sea from spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar

Bo, B. Lind; Enn Karro, 1995:
Stormwater infiltration and accumulation of heavy metals in roadside green areas in Göteborg, Sweden

Edgar, J. Oubre; Robert, M. Howe; J. David Keating Jr., 1995:
Stormwater management in industrial facilities: An integrated approach

Daniel, D. Shade, 1995:
Storyboard software: Flannel boards in the computer age

Spagnoli, C, 1995:
Storytelling: A Bridge to Korea

Joyce Divinyi, 1995:
Storytelling: An enjoyable and effective therapeutic tool

Weingeist, T A., 1995:
Strabismus. A Decision Making Approach

Pfirter, F María Armas, 1995:
Straddling stocks and highly migratory stocks in Latin American practice and legislation: New perspectives in light of current international negotiations

Thompson, D., 1995:
Straight from the horse's mouth

Appell, R B., 1995:
Straightforward and Scalable Synthesis of Diethyl Fluoro-(phenylsulfonyl)methylphosphonate

Jianjun Xie; Jian Zi; Kaiming Zhang, 1995:
Strain Effects on the Band Structures of GaN

Weizsäcker, H.W.; Holzapfel, G.A.; Desch, G.W.; Pascale, K., 1995:
Strain Energy Density Function for Arteries from Different Topographical Sites

Zavracky, P.M.; Adams, G.G.; Aquilino, P.D., 1995:
Strain analysis of silicon-on-insulator films produced by zone melting recrystallization

Paul Müller; Jiri Mareda; Didier Milin, 1995:
Strain and structural effects on rates of formation and stability of tertiary carbenium ions in the light of molecular mechanics calculations

Bratkovsky, A. M.; Salje, E. K.H.; Marais, S. C.; Heine, V., 1995:
Strain coupling as the dominant interaction in structural phase transitions

Christopher, J. Talbot; Dimitrios Sokoutis, 1995:
Strain ellipsoids from incompetent dykes: Application to volume loss during mylonitization in the Singö gneiss zone, central Sweden

F.A. Lewis; Y. Sakamoto; X.Q. Tong, 1995:
Strain gradient effects on hydrogen permeation through hydrided metals

Z. C. Wang; N. Ridley; T. J. Davies, 1995:
Strain hardening and grain elongation during superplastic deformation of ceramics

M. Miwa; A. Takeimo; H. Yamazaki; A. Watanabe, 1995:
Strain rate and temperature dependence of shear properties of epoxy resin

V. A. Bubnov, 1995:
Strain treatment: An energy-saving method for relieving residual stresses

Ping Xu; J.E. Mark, 1995:
Strain-induced crystallization in elongated polyisobutylene elastomers

Ye, P D; Weiss, D; Gerhardts, R R; Klitzing, K von; Eberl, K; Nickel, H; Foxon, C T, 1995:
Strain-induced magnetoresistance oscillations in GaAs-AlGaAs heterojunctions with ferromagnetic and superconducting submicrometre gratings

H. Shankaranarayan; S. K. Varma, 1995:
Strain-rate and grain-size effect on substructures and mechanical properties in OFHC copper during tension

Ram, P. Kashyap; Mahendra, N. Deshpande; Dayanada Rajapaksa; Alan, P. Marchand; William, H. Watson, 1995:
Strained tridecane cage systems

P.J.A. Thijs; L.F. Tiemeijer; J.J.M. Binsma; T. Van Dongen, 1995:
Strained-layer InGaAs(P) quantum well semiconductor lasers and semiconductor laser amplifiers

TC Lee; LC Chan; BJ Wu, 1995:
Straining behaviour in blanking process - fine blanking vs conventional blanking

Infante, Mía Teresa, 1995:
Straits in Latin America: The case of the strait of magellan

V. Kolla; H.W. Posamentier; H. Eichenseer, 1995:
Stranded parasequences and the forced regressive wedge systems tract: deposition during base-level falldiscussion

Forgas, J. P., 1995:
Strange Couples: Mood Effects on Judgments and Memory about Prototypical and Atypical Relationships

Bouquet, M, 1995:
Strangers in paradise

Anonymous, 2018:
Error in Article Title

Suresh Kotha, R L. M. Dunbar and Allan Bird, 1995:
Strategic Action Generation: A Comparison of Emphasis Placed on Generic Competitive Methods by U.S. and Japanese Managers

Avi Fiegenbaum and Howard Thomas, 1995:
Strategic Groups as Reference Groups: Theory, Modeling and Empirical Examination of Industry and Competitive Strategy

Reich, A Z, 1995:
Strategic Implementation of Nutritional Programs for Foodservice Establishments:

Ridley, J.; Singleton, D., 1995:
Strategic L2 lexical innovation: case study of a university-level ab initio learner of German

Larry, D. Qiu, 1995:
Strategic Trade Policy Under Uncertainty

Bacharach, S. B., 1995:
Strategic and Tactical Logics of Decision Justification: Power and Decision Criteria in Organizations

Byungnam Lee, M; Scarpello, V; Rockmore, B. Wayne, 1995:
Strategic compensation in South Korea's publicly traded firms

Stone, M A., 1995:
Strategic development related to the Europeanization of UK logistics and distribution service suppliers

Band, D C.; Tustin, C M., 1995:
Strategic downsizing

Ron Sanchez, 1995:
Strategic flexibility in product competition

Robert, W. Helsley; William, C. Strange, 1995:
Strategic growth controls

Paik, Y; Teagarden, M B., 1995:
Strategic international human resource management approaches in the maquiladora industry: a comparison of Japanese, Korean and US firms

Miceli, F, 1995:
Strategic nuclear weapons: A force for the PostCold War World

Janelle Heineke, 1995:
Strategic operations management decisions and professional performance in U.S. HMOs

Tinniä, M, 1995:
Strategic perspective to business process redesign

Henning Oeltjenbruns; William, J. Kolarik; Ralf Schnadt-Kirschner, 1995:
Strategic planning in manufacturing systems AHP application to an equipment replacement decision

Harrison, E. Frank, 1995:
Strategic planning maturities

Michael Ollinger; Leslie Pope, 1995:
Strategic research interests, organizational behavior, and the emerging market for the products of plant biotechnology

Ritske de Jong, 1995:
Strategical determinants of compatibility effects with task uncertainty

Nabil Al-Najjar, 1995:
Strategically stable equilibria in games with infinitely many pure strategies

Barone, R; Flores, L Naselli, 1995:
Strategie del fitoplancton e modificazioni nella struttura delle comunit: un caso di studio

Grieve, W; Levin, S L., 1995:
Strategies and Policy for Local Telecommunications Competition

Prisbell, M, 1995:
Strategies for Maintaining Relationships and Self-Rated Competence in Ongoing Relationships

Johnson, K C., 1995:
Strategies for Selecting and Verifiling Hearing Aid Fittings

Fojt, M, 1995:
Strategies for Service Quality

Theis, S L.; Johnson, J H., 1995:
Strategies for Teaching Patients

Howard Rush; Mike Hobday; John Bessant; Erik Arnold, 1995:
Strategies for best practice in research and technology institutes: an overview of a benchmarking exercise

Dr. Robert, T. Osteen, 1995:
Strategies for breast-conserving surgery

J. G. Tundisi; M. Straškraba, 1995:
Strategies for building partnerships in the context of river basin management: The role of ecotechnology and ecological engineering

Karl, A. Kusters; Sotiris, E. Pratsinis, 1995:
Strategies for control of ceramic powder synthesis by gas-to-particle conversion

Michel Gilloux, M Leroux, J -Michel Bertille, 1995:
Strategies for cursive script recognition using hidden Markov models

C. O'Brien; S.J.E. Smith, 1995:
Strategies for encouraging and managing technological innovation

Sahlin, I, 1995:
Strategies for exclusion from social housing

Zhao-You Tang, 1995:
Strategies for management of unresectable cancerIntroduction

Hakala, C M.; O'Brien, E J., 1995:
Strategies for resolving coherence breaks in reading

Paulo Smith Schneider; Jean-Jacques Roux; Jean Brau, 1995:
Strategies for solving the air flowThermal problem in multiroom buildings

J. Berglund; P.J. Farmer; D.W. Low; T. Pascher; J.R. Winkler; H.B. Gray, 1995:
Strategies for the generation of ferryl heme intermediates by photo-induced electron transfer

Tore Helstrup, 1995:
Strategies or similaritieswhat determines mastery of figurative language?

Engel, B; Kon, P; Raftery, M J, 1995:
Strategies to identify and correct malnutrition in hemodialysis patients

Kaizer, C; Shore, B M., 1995:
Strategy Flexibility in More and Less Competent Students on Mathematical Word Problems

Suresh Kotha and Anil Nair, 1995:
Strategy and Environment as Determinants of Performance: Evidence from the Japanese Machine Tool Industry

Feurer, R; Chaharbaghi, K, 1995:
Strategy development: past, present and future

Styles, J., 1995:
Strategy for nuclear proliferation: A p53-dependent mouse spindle checkpoint Cross SM et al. Science 1995; 267: 1353-1356

Pye, A., 1995:
Strategy through Dialogue and Doing: A Game of 'Mornington Crescent'?

Bowman, C, 1995:
Strategy workshops and topteam commitment to strategic change

Mette Danielsen; Ole Rønø Clausen; Olaf Michelsen, 1995:
Stratigraphic correlation of late Palaeocene sand deposits in the Sgne Basin area of the Danish and Norwegian central North Sea

Ota, Y; Umitsu, M, 1995:
Stratigraphic, Radiocarbon and Diatom Indicators of Sudden Submergence along the Nesselle River Mouth, Washington, USA. Evidences of coastal subsidence during greaat earthquakes

Leo Kristjansson, A Gudmundsson, H Haraldsson, 1995:
Stratigraphy and paleomagnetism of a 3-km-thick Miocene lava pile in the Mjoifjördur area, eastern Iceland

M. Catherine Reader; G. W. Kent Moore, 1995:
Stratosphere-troposphere interactions associated with a case of explosive cyclogenesis in the Labrador Sea

Jean-Louis Durville; Michel Hameroux, 1995:
Stratgies et mthodes de prvention

J.J. Tessier; C.J. Wiggins; S.J. Gibbs; L.D. Hall, 1995:
Stray-Field Proton Cross-Relaxation Spectroscopy

Rosemond, A D.; Wallace, J. Bruce, 1995:
Stream ecology. Structure and function of running waters (J. D. Allan)

Surratt, H., 1995:
Street Kids, Street Drugs, Street Crime: An Examination of Drug Use and Serious Delinquency in Miami. By James A. Inciardi, Ruth Horowitz, and Anne E. Pottieger. Wadsworth, 1993. 234 pp

Southworth, M; Ben-Joseph, E, 1995:
Street Standards and the Shaping of Suburbia

Villoo Nowrojee, 1995:
Street children at risk in Kenya

Richard Curtis; Samuel, R. Friedman; Alan Neaigus; Benny Jose; Marjorie Goldstein; Gilbert Ildefonso, 1995:
Street-level drug markets: Network structure and HIV risk

Christopher, G. Boone, 1995:
Streetcars and Politics in Rio de Janeiro: Private Enterprise versus Municipal Government in the Provision of Mass Transit, 1903-1920

Wang Qiang; He Fang; Lu Wei; Li Dejun; Z.R. Wang, 1995:
Strength analysis and optimization for both the cylinder and the anvil of a BELT-type ultra-high-pressure apparatus by FEM

J. Tirosh; W. Nachlis; D. Hunston, 1995:
Strength behavior of toughened polymers by fibrous (or particulate) elastomers

A.G. Sirota; A.P. Verkhovets; V.L. Auslender, 1995:
Strength characteristic properties of polyethylene crosslinked by radiational-chemical method

R. K. Govila, 1995:
Strength characterization of yttria-partially stabilized zirconia

Dipankar Chandra; Theodor Krauthammer, 1995:
Strength enhancement in particulate solids under high loading rates

T. N. Durlu, 1995:
Strength of and a-martensites in Fe-14%Mn alloy

Z. Li; E. M. Schulson, 1995:
Strength, hardness and fracture toughness of a complex nickel silicide containing ductile phase particles

Libbee, M, 1995:
Strengthening Certification Guidelines

J. D. Yoon; S. G. Kang, 1995:
Strengthening and toughening behaviour of SiC with additions of TiB2

James, E. Fear, 1995:
Strengthening business with a new vision at avery dennison

Young-Wook Kim; June-Gunn Lee, 1995:
Strengthening of silicon carbide by surface compressive layer

Dimitri Ioannides, 1995:
Strengthening the Ties Between Tourism and Economic Geography: A Theoretical Agenda

Shapiro, N L.; Cunningham, M J., 1995:
Streptococcal pharyngitis in children

Hans Jonsson; Christina Burtsoff-Asp; Bengt Guss, 1995:
Streptococcal protein MAG a protein with broad albumin binding specificity

Overbay, B K.; Blaik, Z A.; Stevenson, K B., 1995:
Streptococcus agalactiae as a Rare Cause of Cervical Epidural Abscess

Fausel, D F., 1995:
Stress Inoculation Training for Stepcouples

McAdoo, H. P., 1995:
Stress Levels, Family Help Patterns, and Religiosity in Middle- and Working-Class African American Single Mothers

Thomas, W. Miller, 1995:
Stress adaptation in children: Theoretical models

Rodney Hill, 1995:
Stress analysis of elastic streams in continuous forming operations

Mingwang Fu; Baozhong Shang, 1995:
Stress analysis of the precision forging die for a bevel gear and its optimal design using the boundary-element method

Berga, S L., 1995:
Stress and Amenorrhea

Miller, D, 1995:
Stress and Burnout among health-care staff working with people affected by HIV

G. Hussein Rassool, 1995:
Stress and Coping in Mental Health Nursing

Krause, N, 1995:
Stress and Diabetes Mellitus in Later Life

F. C. Marques; R. G. Lacerda; Jr. M. M. Lima; J. Vilcarromero, 1995:
Stress and Elastic Constants of Amorphous Germanium Nitrogen Alloys

Chaplain, R P., 1995:
Stress and Job Satisfaction: a study of English primary school teachers

Loneck, B; Banks, S M.; Coulton, C J.; Kola, L A; Holland, T P.; Gerson, S N., 1995:
Stress and Outcome in the Alcoholism Intervention

Gobel, H., 1995:
Stress and Tension-Type Headache

Farmer, R, 1995:
Stress and Working with Drug Misusers

Fulcheri, M; Barzega, G; Maina, G; Novara, F; Ravizza, L, 1995:
Stress and managerial work: organizational culture and technological changes: a clinical study

Sutherland, V J., 1995:
Stress and the new contract for general practitioners

Jim White; Neil Brooks; Mary Keenan, 1995:
Stress control: A controlled comparative investigation of large group therapy for generalized anxiety disorder: Process of change

J. González; K. Kułakowski; P. Aragoneses; J. M. Blanco; E. Irurieta, 1995:
Stress dependence of bistability in a zero-magnetostrictive amorphous wire

Rune, M. Holt, 1995:
Stress dependent sound velocities

G. Vörös; B. Pukánszky, 1995:
Stress distribution in particulate filled composites and its effect on micromechanical deformation

W. H. Müller, 1995:
Stress distributions and stress intensity factors in ceramic roller bearing rings

P. Ostojic, 1995:
Stress enhanced environmental corrosion and lifetime prediction modelling in silica optical fibres

Anonymous, 2018:
Error in Axis Label in Figures

Stephenson, T P., 1995:
Stress incontinence

M. I. Abu-Sitta; G. Kapur; G. Enhorning, 1995:
Stress incontinence alleviated by an intravaginal device

Z.M. Mao; H. Fan; T.L. Zhang, 1995:
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Structural study of ZrF4-BaF2-LnF3glasses (Ln = Y or rare-earth elements)

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Structural study of human growth hormone-releasing factor fragment (129) by vibrational spectroscopy

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Structural study on quasi-phosphonium salts containing phosphorusoxygen, phosphorusoxygen, phosphorusnitrogen and phosphorus-sulphur bonds

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Structural surface investigation with low energy backscattered electrons

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Structural system identification using Least Mean Square (LMS) adaptive technique

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Structural variations in high-temperature superconductive YBa2Cu3O7ceramic samples under high pressure-high temperature conditions

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Structural vibration noise from open grid bridge decks

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Structural, electrical and optical properties of CdxZn1xSe thin films

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Structurally and Functionally Distinct Ca2+ Binding Sites in the -Carboxyglutamic Acid-Containing Domain of Factor VIIa

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Structure Elucidation of 1,4-Dihydroxy-2-iso-propyl-5-methylphenyl-1-O-β-glucopyranoside, a Constituent of Pteridium aquilinum var. caudatum

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Structure Elucidation of Two Acetylated Derivatives of Oligomycin A

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Structure analysis of high reactive metal catalysts intermediates by a combination of mass spectrometry and photodetachment-ZEKE-photoelectron spectroscopy

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Structure analysis of plasma-nitrided pure iron

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Structure and Fermi surface mapping of a modulation-free PbBiSrCaCuO high-temperature superconductor

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Structure and Function in Normal and Abnormal Hips: How to Rescue Mechanically Jeopardized Hips

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Structure and Function of 2-Glycoprotein I: With Special Reference to the Interaction with Phospholipid

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Structure and IR spectroscopic properties of the anhydrous 4-N,N-dimethylaminopyridinium pentachlorophenolate

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Structure and Properties of Quaternized 2- and 4-Aminonicotinamides

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Structure and Variability of the Deep-Sea Benthos Results from EU Funded Research

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Structure and catalytic activity of metallocomplexes immobilized on carriers

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Structure and catalytic mechanism of methane monooxygenase and approaches to its modelling

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Structure and conformation of 1,4-difluorobutane as determined by gas-phase electron diffraction, and by molecular mechanics and ab initio calculations

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Structure and conformation of 1-Bromopropane: A gas-phase electron-diffraction investigation using microwave-spectroscopy data and results from ab initio calculations as constraints

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Structure and conformation of bis(trifluoromethylthio)ketene, (CF3S)2CCO

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Structure and conformation of the monohydrate of N-t-boctyrosyl-proline (Boc-Tyr-ProH2O)

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Structure and conformational flexibility of hexamethyldiperoxacyclononane

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Structure and corrosion behaviour of Fe-based cermets formed by N+ion bombardment

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Structure and distribution of specificcis-elements for transcriptional regulation ofPH084inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

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Structure and diversity of the T-cell antigen receptor β chain in a teleost fish

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Structure and dynamics of a series of crystals of butterfly-like molecules as studied by 35Cl NQR, and 1H and 19F NMR

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Structure and electrical properties of vacuum-deposited antimony telluride thin films on an amorphous substrate

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Structure and electron emission characteristics of sputtered lanthanum hexaboride films

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Structure and formation of the uncini inPectinaria koreni, Pectinaria auricoma(Terebellida) andSpirorbis spirorbis(Sabellida): inplications for annelid phylogeny and the position of the Pogonophora

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Structure and function of dinuclear metal centres in proteins: optical and magnetic studies

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Structure and function of module-substituted hemoproteins

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Structure and function of nitric oxide reducing heme-enzyme cytochromep 450nor

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Structure and function of the oestrogen receptor in relation to its altered sensitivity to oestradiol and tamoxifen

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Structure and ionization potentials of clusters containing heavy elements

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Structure and lattice dynamics of titanium hydrides due to thermobaric treatment

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Structure and maintenance of the epidermis inFriedmaniellasp. (Prolecithophora)

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Structure and mechanical properties of the extruded blends of a liquid crystalline polymer with polypropylene

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Structure and molecular properties of (1)-Centbutindole. Comparison with Haloperidol

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Structure and multiplicity of detonation regimes in heterogeneous hybrid mixtures

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Structure and orientation of oleic acid adsorbed onto silica gel

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Structure and polarized infrared and Raman spectra of the solid complex of betaine and maleic acid (1:1)

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Structure and properties of Si-Ti-C-O fibre-bonded ceramic material

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Structure and properties of a moulded carbon derived from rice hull

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Structure and properties of aligned short fibre-reinforced intermetallic matrix composites

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Structure and properties of fractional charge molecular systems: Quark molecular hydrogen ions

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Structure and properties of heterometallic alkoxides containing copper(I)

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Structure and properties of plasma-nitrided stainless steel

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Structure and properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) produced byAlcaligenes latus

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Structure and properties of rapidly solidified Mg-based MgPr alloys

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Structure and reactivity of Cp2Zr(2-Me2SiNtBu)(CO): An unusual silanimine carbonyl complex with extensive - back-bonding

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Structure and reactivity of an intermediate in the two-electron reduction of dimolybdenum(III) by a hydride ligand in the MoHMo system

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Structure and reactivity of artificial dinuclear phosphoesterases

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Structure and redox properties of the diiron cluster in rubrerythrin

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Structure and sequence of the gene encoding the α-subunit of rat translation initiation factor-2B

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Structure and vibrational spectra of the solid complex of betaine-sulphuric acid monohydrate

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Structure and vibrational spectra of the tetra(betaine) selenate crystal

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Structure at 2.25 resolution of the aldehyde oxido-reductase from Desulfovibrio gigas, a member of the xanthine oxidase protein family containing molybdopterin and iron-sulfur centers

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Structure dependence of gamma-ray irradiation effects on polyethylenes studied by positron annihilation

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Structure elucidation of two diphenylhydantoin derivatives via 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy

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Structure evolution during hot deformation of a CMnVN steel grade

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Structure factor in photoemission from valence band

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Structure formation in cavitation bubble fields

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Structure identification of non-linear models for QMB polymer-coated sensors

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Structure imperfection of -Al2O3

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Structure independent reciprocal bounds on cell wall permeabilities

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Structure of 2-acetoxy-1,2-di(1-adamantyl)ethanone

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Structure of 3-(2-aminothiazol-4-yl)coumarin

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Structure of Flux Line Lattices in Tilt Magnetic Fields of Anisotropic Superconductos

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Structure of L-alaninatodiphenylboron

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Structure of Security Beliefs among Israeli Students

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Structure of a C2-symmetric bis(benzyloxy)trishomocubanone

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Structure of a new crystal form of a DNA dodecamer containing T.cntdot.(O6Me)G base pairs

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Structure of acridine orange hexafluorosilicate tetrahydrate

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Structure of aquabis-(picolinato)scandium hydroxide dihydrate

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Structure of complement receptor type 2 (CR2, CD21) on HTLV-I transformed cell lines

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Structure of kaolinite flocs formed in an aqueous medium

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Structure of malagashanine, a new alkaloid with chloroquine-potentiating action

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Structure of monomeric 1-aryl-2-nitroso-prop-1-enes

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Structure of polynuclear palladium(ii) hydroxocomplexes formed upon alkaline hydrolysis of palladium(ii) chloride complexes

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Structure of polyvinyl alcohol membranes containing pepsin immobilized at temperatures below 0C

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Structure of red and orange fluorescein

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Structure of round-shaped methylnaphthalene-derived mesophase pitch-based carbon fibres prepared by spinning through a Y-shaped die hole

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Structure of the 5,6-dihydro-α-pyrone, umuravumbolide

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Structure of the Mixed Layer and Estimates of Sea Surface Fluxes during TOGA-COARE IOP

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Structure of the apertural sporoderm of pollen grains inEuphorbiaandChamaesyce(Euphorbiaceae)

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Structure of the blue forms of bisphthalocyanines of rare-earth elements

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Structure of the cubosome a closed lipid bilayer aggregate

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Structure of the global attractor of cyclic feedback systems

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Structure of the intermediate formed in the synthesis of symmetrical pyrylium ions

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Structure of transitive valued binary relations

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Structure of ultrathin films of chloroalminium phthalocyanine on MoS2 studied by means of penning ionization electron spectroscopy, angle-resolved UPS and LEED

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Structure of variable-width square-well fluids from the reference hypernetted chain equation

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Structure of β-N-dimethylamino-4-dodecyloxypropiophenone complexes with di- and polycarboxylic acids

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Structure ofE-2-(benzenesulfonylmethylidene)-tetrahydrofuran

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Structure refinement of barium metavanadate BaV2O6

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Structure, electrochemical and dynamic behavior of bis (pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) titanium (IV) dithiolene complexes

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Structure, function, and regulation of neuronal CDC 2-like protein kinase

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Structure, mechanical and tribological properties of d.c. magnetron sputtered TiB2 and TiB2(N) thin films

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Structure, organization and expression of the metallothionein gene family inArabidopsis

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Structure, physical, chemical and photophysical properties of Pt(bph) (CO)2, where bph is the biphenyl dianion

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Structure, topography and vegetation: the significance of raised reef islands

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Structure-Activity Relationship of (1.RAR.3)-.BETA.-D-Glucans in the Induction of Cytokine Production from Macrophages, in Vitro

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Structure-Activity Relationships of Neuromedin U.I. Contractile Activity of Dog Neuromedin U-Related Peptides on Isolated Chicken Crop Smooth Muscle

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Structure-Activity Relationships of Neuromedin U.II. Highly Potent Analogs Substituted or Modified at the N-Terminus of Neuromedin U-8

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Structure-Actmty Relationships of Inhibitors Derived from 3-Amidinophenylalanine

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Structure-Lipophilicity and Structure-Polarity relationships of amino acids and peptides

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Structure-Property Relationships-Determination of the Vapor Pressure of Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Compounds using Multifunctional Autocorrelation Method (MAM)

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Structure-activity relationship in zeolites

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Structure-activity relationships in a series of 3-sulfonylamino-2-(1 H)-quinolones, as new AMPA/Kainate and glycine antagonists

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Structure-activity studies of phosphorylated peptide inhibitors of the association of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase with PDGF-β receptor

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Structure-affinity binding relationships of some 4-aminoazobenzene derivatives for cellulose fibre

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Structure-direction in zeolite synthesis

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Structure-function analysis of human cycline

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Structure-function correlation of SOD mimetic Cu-Di-Schiff-base complexes

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Structure-function relationships and molecular genetics of the 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase gene family

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Structure-function studies of mEGF: Probing the type Iβ-turn between residues 25 and 26

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Structure-mesophase relationships in dialdehyde and related complexes of copper(II) and oxovanadium(IV)

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Structure/function studies on the haem enzyme ascorbate peroxidase

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Structures and properties of 1,2-dithiolylium-4-methide, 1,2-dithiolylium-4-olate and 1,2-dithiolylium-4-thiolate: An MO study at the HF and post-HF levels

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Structures and reactivities of several iron(III) complexes in the presence of hydrogen peroxide: Relevance to induction of tissue damage caused by iron(III) chelates in rats

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Structures at liquid surfaces studied by core electron spectroscopy

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Structures cristallines du 4-bromo-2-mthoxy-1-mthyl-5-nitro et du 4-bromo-2-cyano-1-mthyl-5-nitroimidazoles obtenus par substitution nuclophile partir du 2,4-dibromo-1-mthyl-5-nitroimidazole

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Structures important in mammalian 11β- and 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases

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Structures of binuclear iron(III) compounds as MMO active site models and role of heterocyclic ring in alkane functionalization

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Structures of polytetrafluoroethylene oligomers as studied by high-resolution solid-state 19F NMR and their properties

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Structureproperty relationships of latex films: a special emphasis on viscoelastic behavior and water vapor permeability

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Structureproperties relationship of metastable Al-Cr and Al-Ti alloys deposited by r.f. magnetron sputtering: role of nitrogen

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Structuring change: training and recruitment in retail banking in Germany, Britain and France

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Structuring the past: exhibiting archaeology

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Struktur des basischen Zink-O,O′-2-ethylhexyldithiophosphats in unpolar, aprotischen Lösungsmitteln

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Struktur-Wirkungs-Beziehungen an Isochromanylpenicillinen

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Strukturwandel im Bankenwesen und regionalwirtschaftliche Implikationen: Konzeptionelle Ansätze und empirische Befunde (Structural Change in the Banking Sector and Implications for Regional Development: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Findings)

Holtzman, J. H., 1995:
Stuck in the Mainstream

Carlson, K A.; Hughes, J D.; LaChapelle, J K.; Holayter, M C.; Deebach, F M., 1995:
Student Assistance Programs:

David Glenn, 1995:
Student Field Studies in Forestry: A Suggested Paradigm for Ecosystem Research

Webber, A, 1995:
Student Gallery

D. Murray; J. Collison, 1995:
Student IT capability within a school-based primary ITT course

Hammer, D, 1995:
Student Inquiry in a Physics Class Discussion

Mickan, S. M., 1995:
Student Preparation for Paediatric Fieldwork

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Student Protest and State Reaction in Colonial Rhodesia: The 1973 Chimukwembe Student Demonstration at the University of Rhodesia

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Student Self-Concept Scale: Description And Relevance To Students With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders

Emma Davies; Stephen, E.G. Lea, 1995:
Student attitudes to student debt

Eva, L. Ragnemalm, 1995:
Student diagnosis in practice; bridging a gap

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Student editions of forecasting software: A survey

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Student evaluations of college professors: When gender matters

Harvey, L, 1995:
Student satisfaction

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Student statistics programs for the Macintosh

Swenson, E V., 1995:
Student v. instructor: Higher education law in the trenches

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Students Who Seem to be Unmotivated May have Attention Deficits

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Students with Higher Functioning Autistic Disorder: Do we Know Who they are?

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Anonymous, 2018:
Error in Byline

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Studio Approaches to Art Therapy

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Study of cosmic rays reveals secrets of solar-terrestrial science

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Study of the Combustion and Fire Retardancy of Polyacrylonitrile and Its Copolymers by Using Cone Calorimetry

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Study of the Conversion of CaSO4 to CaCO3 within the CaSO4 + Na2CO3 = CaCO3 + Na2SO4 Four-Component Water-Salt System

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Study of the Effects of AM-1155 in a Rat Chronic Respiratory Tract Infection Model withPseudomonas aeruginosa

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Study of the Electronic Polarizability of Metal Clusters

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Study of the Electronic Structure and the Role of Gallium 3d Electrons in Gallium Nitride

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Study of the Growth Morphology of Ammonium Oxalate Monohydrate Crystals Obtained from Aqueous Solutions

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Study of the Interactions between Neurophysin II and Dipeptide Ligand by Means of Molecular Dynamics

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Study of the Marcus inverted region for electron transfer in a quantum mechanical system with dissipation

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Study of the Messinian carbonate-evaporite lithofacies offshore Western Libya

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Study of the Nitrogen Arc under Reduced Pressure

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Study of the Stratum corneum Barrier Function by Transepidermal Water Loss Measurements: Comparison between Two Commercial Instruments: Evaporimeter® and Tewameter®

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Study of the Thermodynamic Behavior of Rare Earths in the System of R-SO3H-α-HIBA on HPLC and Its Application to Analytical Chemistry

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Study of the White Layer of a Surface Machined by Die-Sinking Electro-Discharge Machining

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Study of the absorption spectra of 4f electron transitions of the neodymium and erbium complexes with diphacinone and Triton X-100 and its analytical application

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Study of the annual changes of global lightning distribution and frequency variations of the first Schumann resonance mode

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Study of the axial-radial compressor stage of a turbo-expansion engine/compressor unit

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Study of the behaviour of diamond saw-blades in stone processing

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Study of the bimolecular pyrolysis of acetic acid by the Austin Model 1 semi-empirical method

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Study of the biological destructive separation of hazardous contaminants from town gas soils

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Study of the carrier density dependence of the frictional drag between closely spaced two-dimensional electron gases

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Study of the cell cycle molecular control in unicellular dinoflagellates

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Study of the combined antioxidant action of β-carotene and vitamin a with α-tocopherol

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Study of the conduction mechanism of La2CuO4ZnO heterocontacts at different relative humidities

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Study of the degree of III conditioning of the phase space of pencil-beam radiotherapy using singular value decomposition

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Study of the diamond deposition on cemented carbides containing 10 wt.% Co with a tungsten intermediate layer

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Study of the dissolution characteristics of oxazepam via complexation with β-cyclodextrin

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Study of the dynamics of estuarine and coastal waters using remote sensing: the Tinto-Odiel estuary, SW Spain

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Study of the edge and exciton emission in CdTe:Cu:Cl powder samples

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Study of the effect of Na/Cu substitution in Bi4Sr3Ca3Cu4O16glass-ceramic superconductor

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Study of the effect of excavation technique on rock slope stability and slope maintenance costs at two locations in Scotland

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Study of the effect of the sensor operating temperature on SnO2-based sensor-array performance

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Study of the hemostatic properties of gaseous ozone

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Study of the hydrogen evolution reaction in a basic medium on palladium highly dispersed in graphite electrodes electro-activated with SiW12O404 (STA)

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Study of the modulated structure of Bi2Sr2CaFe2Ox

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Study of the modulus of elasticity by linear compression of an adsorbed layer

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Study of the molecular conformation in some homologous liquid crystal series

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Study of the oxidation and sintering behaviours of Al-Al2O3powder mixture by using a home-style microwave oven

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Study of the preparation process for BaO-Al2O3-SiO2powders by a two-step method

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Study of the reaction of lanthanum nitrate with metal oxides present in the scale formed at high temperatures on stainless steel

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Study of the reactivity of Cd(II) with 4,6-dimethyl-2-thiopyrimidine. Crystal structure of 4,6-dimethyl-2-thiopyrimidinium trichlorocadmiatum(II)

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Study of the reflectivity in the XUV domain of normal-incidence multilayer mirrors

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Study of the residual macroscopic stress in TiN coatings deposited on various steel types (TuSA1)

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Study of the runaway characteristics of suspension polymerisation of styrene

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Study of the seawater transparency field in the Crimea-Caucasus shelf area

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Study of the zeta potential of Fe(O)OH colloids

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Study of the -electron distribution in push-pull alkenes by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. Part 4. The conformation and dynamic behaviour of substituted N-phenyl-2,3-dihydro-4(1H)-pyridones

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Study of top contact/p-layer junction for the optimization of large-area amorphous silicon multijunction cells

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Study of tropical cyclogenesis using satellite data

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Study of two-dimensional heat and mass transfer during absorption in a metal-hydrogen reactor

A. Jemni; S. Ben Nasrallah, 1995:
Study of two-dimensional heat and mass transfer during desorption in a metal-hydrogen reactor

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Study of tympanomastoidectomy under local anaesthesia using bupivacaine

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Study of valence states of copper in copper-phosphate glasses

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Study of water migration kinetics from a simulated high moisture food into packaging material by means of NIR reflection spectroscopy

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Study of -irradiation crosslinking ofcis-1,4-polybutadiene by NMR microscopy

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Study ofStomatococcus mucilaginosusisolated in a hospital ward using phenotypic characterization

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Study on Actual Using Conditions of Groundwater Resources in Minamiyamashiro District at Kyoto Prefecture

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Study on Behaviors of Coal Nitrogen Converted to Tar

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Study on Catalytic Effect of Copper(II) Complex on 1,10-Phenanthroline-H2O2-CTMAB Chemiluminescence Reaction and Its Analytical Applications

Qun-hao Zhang; Ke-ji Chen, 1995:
Study on Chinese medicines inhibiting atherosclerosis at the molecular level

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Study on Covalent Bonding of 4f Orbital and Ligand

Hu Haiqing, 1995:
Study on Korean pine fuel types

Yoshinobu TAKAHASHI; Yoshihiko NAKAZAWA; Kazuich OKAZAKI; Yasutake YAMAMOTO, 1995:
Study on Numerical Expression of Gastric Mucosal Color with a Videoendoscope and an Image Processor

Simunic, D.; Wach, P.; Renhart, W., 1995:
Study on Possible Human Health Effects Related to MRI