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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 62628

Chapter 62628 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

S Arscott; R Kurchania; R. E Miles; S. J Milne, 1997:
Lead zirconate titanate thin films on GaAs substrates

Mielke, H W.; Taylor, M D.; Gonzales, C R.; Kelley Smith, M.; Daniels, P V.; Buckner, A V., 1997:
Lead-Based Hair Coloring Products: Too Hazardous for Household Use

Ü. Linnamägi; K. Zilmer; M. Zilmer; A.-E. Kaasik, 1997:
Lead-induced excessive lipid peroxidation and changes in local cerebral blood flow in rabbit brain

Abraham Sagie, 1997:
Leader Direction and Employee Participation in Decision Making: Contradictory or Compatible Practices?

Kivlighan, D M., 1997:
Leader behavior and therapeutic gain: An application of situational leadership theory

Raja Basu; Stephen, G. Green, 1997:
Leader-Member Exchange and Transformational Leadership: An Empirical Examination of Innovative Behaviors in Leader-Member Dyads

Fortino, C, 1997:
Leaders in Environmental Education: the cascade of influence

John, J. Sosik and Shelley, D. Dionne, 1997:
Leadership Styles and Deming's Behavior Factors

Heller, F, 1997 :
Leadership and Power in a Stakeholder Setting

Morden, T, 1997:
Leadership as competence

Morden, T, 1997:
Leadership as vision

Sperry, L, 1997:
Leadership dynamics: Character and character structure in executives

Smith, P B., 1997:
Leadership in Europe: Euro-management or the Footprint of History?

Ann Marie, T. Brooks, 1997:
Leadership in nursing: Psychiatric nurses make a difference

Brooks, I, 1997:
Leadership of a cultural change process

John, W. Hunt; Bette Laing, 1997:
Leadership: the Role of the Exemplar

Hughes, P, 1997:
Leading Edge

Mick Moore, 1997:
Leading the left to the right: Populist coalitions and economic reform

Kitaev, A V; Vartanian, A H, 1997:
Leading-order temporal asymptotics of the modified nonlinear Schrödinger equation: solitonless sector

Deborah, D. Fisher, H. Jochen Schenk, J A. Thorsch and Wayne, R. Ferren, J., 1997 :
Leaf Anatomy and Subgeneric Affiliations of C3and C4Species of Suaeda (Chenopodiaceae) in North America

Alan, K. Knapp and Dixie, L. Smith, 1997:
Leaf Angle, Light Interception & Water Relations: Demonstrating How Plants Cope with Multiple Resource Limitations in the Field

Nels, R. Lersten; John, D. Curtis, 1997:
Leaf anatomy ofDombeyaandNesogordonia(Sterculiaceae), emphasizing epidermal and internal idioblasts

Duru, M, 1997:
Leaf and StemIn Vitro Digestibility for Grasses and Dicotyledons of Meadow Plant Communities in Spring

Zhou, J.; Li, L.; Wang, L.; Li, X.; Xing, H.; Cheng, L., 2018:
Establishment of a SVM classifier to predict recurrence of ovarian cancer

Lena Axelson Larsson; Eero Hurme; Sören Cavlin; Raija Ahvenainen, 1997:
Leakage analysis of packages by the electrolytic test

Ben Dankbaar, 1997:
Lean Production: Denial, Confirmation or Extension of Sociotechnical Systems Design?

Bhatta, S R.; Goel, A, 1997:
Learning Generic Mechanisms for Innovative Strategies in Adaptive Design

Denise Schwartz, 1997:
Learning Goes Both Ways on Take Our Daughters to Work Day

Czarniawska, B., 1997:
Learning Organizing in a Changing Institutional Order: Examples from City Management in Warsaw

Ramey-Gassert, L, 1997 :
Learning Science beyond the Classroom

Onwuegbuzie, A J.; Daley, C E., 1997:
Learning Style and Achievement in a Course on Research Methods

Hayes, J; Allinson, C W., 1997:
Learning Styles and Training and Development in Work Settings: lessons from educational research

Reynolds, M., 1997:
Learning Styles: A Critique

Bonny Le Grice; Neville, M. Blampied, 1997:
Learning To Use Video Recorders and Personal Computers with Increasing Assistance Prompting

Ray Barrell; Guglielmo Maria Caporale; Stephen Hall; Anthony Garratt, 1997:
Learning about monetary union: An analysis of bounded rational learning in European labor markets

Pamela, M. Warton, 1997:
Learning about responsibility: lessons from homework

Rest, K M; Pransky, G; Sweet, C, 1997:
Learning about the environment and health

Morrison, M; Mezentseff, L, 1997:
Learning alliances a new dimension of strategic alliances

Miyuri Shirai; Robert Meyer, 1997:
Learning and the Cognitive Algebra of Price Expectations

Robert, D. Fox; Richard Rankin; Karen, A. Costie; John Parboosingh; Everett Smith, 1997:
Learning and the adoption of innovations among Canadian radiologists

Zlatko Zografski; Tariq Durrani, 1997:
Learning associative memory predictors from time series

Z. Ahmed; G. O'Brien; T. Betts; M. P. Kerr; W. I. Fraser, 1997:
Learning disabilities: moving forward - a focus on epilepsy, Birrningham, England, 29 June 1996

Alberto Arenas De Mesa; Fabio Bertranou, 1997:
Learning from social security reforms: Two different cases, Chile and Argentina

Goldman, S R., 1997:
Learning from text: Reflections on the past and suggestions for the future

Göktuğ Morçöl, 1997:
Learning from the Natural Sciences: An Introduction

Romero, R. L.; Palmer, B. W.; Evans, J. D.; Paulsen, J. S.; Jeste, D. V.; Heaton, R. K., 1997:
Learning impairment in older schizophrenia patients with intact attention

Faison, P. Gibson; Mark Fichman; David, C. Plaut, 1997:
Learning in Dynamic Decision Tasks: Computational Model and Empirical Evidence

Lachman, S J., 1997:
Learning is a Process: Toward an Improved Definition of Learning

Robin, R. Murphy; Dave Hershberger; Glenn, R. Blauvelt, 1997:
Learning landmark triples by experimentation

Intrator, N; Edelman, S, 1997:
Learning low-dimensional representations via the usage of multiple-class labels

Koichi Niijima, 1997:
Learning of associative memory networks based upon cone-like domains of attraction

Maja, J. Matarić, 1997:
Learning social behavior

Holmes, E. Paul; Corrigan, P W.; Stephenson, J; Nugent-Hirschbeck, J, 1997:
Learning street smarts for an urban setting

Knight, D, 1997:
Learning styles and accelerative learning: An appraisal

Downing, S. J., 1997:
Learning the Plot: Emotional Momentum in Search of Dramatic Logic

Petch, E; Bradley, C, 1997:
Learning the lessons from homicide inquiries: Adding insult to injury?

Walker, J A., 1997:
Learning to Be Interpretive:

Maura, C. Flannery, 1997:
Learning to Read in Poughkeepsie

Schaverien, L; Cosgrove, M, 1997:
Learning to Teach Generatively: Mentor-Supported Professional Development and Research in Technology-and-Science

Franklin, C, 1997:
Learning to Teach Qualitative Research:

Newell, A A., 1997:
Learning to care even when there is no cure: Reflections from a student physician on healing those near death

Fien, J, 1997:
Learning to care: a focus for values in health and environmental education

MaryLouise Bat-Hayim, 1997:
Learning to learn: Learning therapy in a college classroom

Dominica So; Linda, S. Siegel, 1997:
Learning to read Chinese: Semantic, syntactic, phonological and working memory skills in normally achieving and poor Chinese readers

Gérard Bailly, 1997:
Learning to speak. Sensori-motor control of speech movements

Ann Cooke, 1997:
Learning to spell difficult words: why look, cover, write and check is not enough

Terezinha Nunes; Peter Bryant; Miriam Bindman, 1997:
Learning to spell regular and irregular verbs

Rhona Stainthorp, 1997:
Learning to spell: handwriting does not always beat the computer

Anderson, E G., 1997:
Learning to take itand to love nurses

November, P, 1997:
Learning to teach experientially: A pilgrim's progress

Charlton, C, 1997:
Learning with epilepsy: In the classroom

Norman, M. Weinberger, 1997:
Learning-Induced Receptive Field Plasticity in the Primary Auditory Cortex

Jianzhong, Z; Meifanci, Z, 1997:
Least change properties of ABS methods and their application in secant-type updates

Kutluyil Doǧançay; Rodney, A. Kennedy, 1997:
Least squares approach to fractionally spaced blind channel equalisation

Zolnai, Z; Juranić, N; Macura, S, 1997:
Least-Squares Method for Quantitative Determination of Chemical Exchange and Cross-Relaxation Rate Constants from a Series of Two-Dimensional Exchange NMR Spectra

Ewan Wilkinson, 1997:
Leaving bacterially contaminated water in plastic bottles in the sun may reduce diarrhea in children

E. E. Petersen, 1997:
Lebensbedrohliche Infektionen im Wochenbett

E. E. Petersen, 1997:
Lebensbedrohliche Infektionen in der Schwangerschaft

Lucio Decurtins; Matthias Niklowitz; Peter, C. Meyer, 1997:
Lebensformen nach dem Bruch

Rolf Verres, 1997:
Lebenskunst und psychotherapeutische Medizin

Dr. Birgit Kemp; Prof. Dr. Helmut, A. Oelschläger, 1997:
Lebenskünstler im Wasser

Nicole Bregenzer; Antje Lange; Volker Groß; Tilo Andus; Jürgen Schölmerich; Regine Lamparter-Lang, 1997:
Lebensqualität bei chronisch entzündlichen Darmerkrankungen

Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Friedrich Schaller, 1997:
Lebensrecht und Artenschutz

Klupp, J.; Bechstein, W.O.; Steinmüller, T.; Kling, N.; Neuhaus, P., 1997:
Leberchirurgie beim metastasierenden Karzinoid: Resektion, Debulking, Transplantation

P. Dutkowski; Th. Junginger; J. H. Southard, 1997:
Leberstoffwechsel während kalter ischämischer Inkubation in UW-Lösung am Rattenmodell

Ib Friis, 1997:
Lebrun, Jean-Pierre & Stork, Adelaide. numration des plantes fleurs d'Afrique tropicale. Vol. 1, Gnral-its et Annonaceae Pandaceae

Lumbsch, H. Thorsten; Guderley, R, 1997:
Lecanoras Vacillans H. Magn., a Remarkable Species and its Taxonomic Significance

T.M.R. Jørgensen; H. Frøkiær, 1997:
Lectins as tool for investigations of cellular mechanisms of oral tolerance

Ellen, A. Dean, 1997:
Lectotypification and Synonymy of the Names Solanum mozinianum Dunal and Solanum uniflorum Sess & Moio

Richie, J.P., 2002:
Establishment of a testicular carcinoma cell line producing alpha-fetoprotein

Duran, C.L.; Abbey, C.A.; Bayless, K.J., 2018:
Establishment of a three-dimensional model to study human uterine angiogenesis

Newnham, R M., 1997:
Lecture reviews by students in groups

No authorship indicated,, 1997:
Lee Jussim

Pittaluga, J; de Marchena, E; Posada, J Diego; Romanelli, R; Morales, A, 1997:
Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Bridge

Goldsmith, D.; Schmieder, R.; Rockstroh, J., 1997:
Left ventricular consequences of renal transplantation and calcium-channel blockers

Lipshultz, S E.; Grenier, M A., 1997:
Left ventricular dysfunction in infants and children infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

Dumoff, A, 1997:
Legal Matters Expanding the OAM Into a Center for Integral Medicine and Creating Access to Medical Treatment

Rothouse, H, 1997:
Legal Matters History of Homeopathy Reveals Discipline's Excellence

Dumoff, A, 1997:
Legal Matters Understanding the KassebaumKennedy Health Care Act

Johnson, P E., 1997:
Legal and Practice Concerns with Extemporaneously Compounded Medications

Bernard, P E., 1997:
Legal and healthcare ethics for the elderly

Burke, W T., 1997:
Legal aspects of the IWC decision on the southern ocean sanctuary

Robyn, S. Shapiro, 1997:
Legal implications of health care changes: Keep up to date

Said Mahmoudi, 1997:
Legal protection of the Persian Gulf's marine environment

Issel, C, 1997:
Legislation Versus Self-Regulation in the Somatic Practices Field

Zhuang, L; Synodinos, D, 1997:
Legislation for the environment: does it work? an empirical study into selected UKbased chemical manufacturing firms

McKee, W. T., 1997:
Legislation, Certification, and Licensing of School Psychologists

Heyman, J, 1997:
Legislative Liaisons Meet New Challenges

Haspel, K C.; Jorgenson, L Mabus; Wincze, J P.; Parsons, J P., 1997:
Legislative intervention regarding therapist sexual misconduct: An overview

Victoria, B. Navarro, 1997:
Legislative watch

Garber, D, 1997:
Leibniz On Form and Matter

Steinhart, E, 1997:
Leibniz's Palace of the Fates: A Seventeenth-Century Virtual Reality System

Ruiz-Nodar, J Miguel; Torres, Río Aguilar; Iturralde, E; Romero, C; Jiménez, J; Martínez Elbal, L; Nieto, S; Balaguer, J; María Nuche, Jé; Duarte, J, 1997:
Leiomiomatosis intravenosa con extensin a cavidades cardacas

P. Sendi; S. Krupp, 1997:
Leiomyosarcoma in a smallpox vaccination scar: case report and review of literature

Ilan Auerbach; Alexander Tenenbaum; Enrique, Z. Fisman; Joseph Shemesh; Meora Feinmeser; Yitzhak Herz; Ana Trujillo; Michael Motro, 1997:
Leiomyosarcoma of the Right Atrium Masked by a Covering Thrombus: Conflicting Results of Echocardiography and Transvenous BiopsyIn Favor of Echocardiography

S. Fuerte Ruiz; R. Fernandez Lobato; J. Aramburu; J. M. Fradejas Lopez; P. Arizaga Rovalino; M. Moreno Azcoita, 1997:
Leiomyosarkom des Nierenbeckens mit Metastasierung in Lunge und Rektum

J. Wurm; F. Shamiyeh, 1997:
Leistenhernienreparation nachShouldiceund nachBassini eine retrospektiv vergleichende Studie

W. Klockenbusch; T. W. Goecke, 1997:
Leistungsfähigkeit antenataler Vorsorgeuntersuchungen

Chandler, M, 1997:
Leisure Education: A Component of Outpatient Addiction Counseling

Coalter, F, 1997:
Leisure sciences and leisure studies: Different concept, same crisis?

R. Roos, 1997:
Leitlinie zur Diagnostik und Therapie bakterieller Infektionen des Neugeborenen

M. Marcinkowski; H. Versmold, 1997:
Leitlinie zur Hyperbilirubinämie — Phototherapie bei reifen gesunden Neugeborenen

F. Pohlandt, 1997:
Leitlinie zur nekrotisierenden Enterokolitis (NEC)

E. L. Grauel, 1997:
Leitlinien zum antepartalen Transport von Risikoschwangeren

G. Stux, 1997:
Leitlinien zur Akupunktur bei chronischen Schmerzen

E. L. Grauel, 1997:
Leitlinien zur Verlegung Neugeborener aus Geburtskliniken in Kinderkliniken (Neonataler Transport)

Gronbech-Jensen, N; Hummer, G; Beardmore, K M., 1997:
Lekner summation of Coulomb interactions in partially periodic systems

Gudinchet, Fçois; Maeder, P; Neveceral, P; Schnyder, P, 1997:
Lemierre's Syndrome in Children

M. Schlanges; Th. Bornath, 1997:
LenardBalescutype Kinetic Equation for Composite Particles in Dense Quantum Plasmas

Rolf Holtz, 1997:
Length of Group Membership, Assumed Similarity, and Opinion Certainty: The Dividend for Veteran Members

Ronald, H. Hanson; Gerald, B. Nord; Norman, A. Wieseler, 1997:
Length of Life: A Ten Year Retrospective Study of 209 Clients Who Died in Minnesota's State Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities in the 1980s

Ellis, S J.; Cornish, I M., 1997:
Length of Residence and Knowledge of Locations in the City

Masahiko Ozaki; Yuichi Fujioka; Kazuhisa Takeuchi; Keisuke Sonoda; Osamu Tsukamoto, 1997:
Length of vertical pipes for deep-ocean sequestration of CO2 in rough seas

P. Chen; S.S. Susnar; C. Mak; A. Amirfazli; A.W. Neumann, 1997:
Lens size dependence of contact angle and the line tension of the dodecane-water-air system

Jean-Fabien Zazzo, 1997:
Lensen GL, Miller RH, Talabiska DG, Gianferante L, ,A double-blind, prospective, randomized study of glutamine-enriched compared with standard peptide-based feeding in critically ill patients Am J Clin Nutr 64 (1996) 615 621

Sawin, C T., 1997:
Leo Loeb, Max Aron, and Thyrotropin

Dunn, P. M, 1997:
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) and reproductive anatomy

Gross, C G., 1997:
Leonardo da Vinci on the Brain and Eye

C. Marchetti; E. Panconesi, 1997:
Leonardo da Vinci: beauty or human suffering in the world. Notes on pathological cutaneous alterations in the Adoration of the Magi

H. Dietrich, 1997:
Leonardo da Vincis (14521519) urologisch-anatomische Zeichnungen

H. Dietrich, 1997:
Leopold Caspers Ureterenzystoskop und die Einführung des Ureterenkatheterismus in die urologische Praxis

Dryden, S; Williams, G, 1997:
Leptin as a neuromodulator of feeding and energy balance

M.A. Ribeiro; M.G. Cliquet; M.G.S. Santos, 1997:
Leptospirosis: a problem for transfusion medicine?

Rossoni, G; Bernareggi, M; De Gennaro Colonna, V; Polvani, G; Berti, F, 1997:
Lercanidipine Protects the Heart from Low-Flow Ischemia Damage and Antagonizes the Vasopressor Activity of Endothelin-1

Paterna, S.; Licata, A.; Arnone, S.; Cottone, C.; Corrao, S.; Licata, G., 1997:
Lercanidipine in Two Different Dosage Regimens as a Sole Treatment for Severe Essential Hypertension

Herbette, L G.; Vecchiarelli, M; Leonardi, A, 1997:
Lercanidipine: Short Plasma Half-Life, Long Duration of Action

G. Sundnes; J. Mork; P. Solemdal; K. Solemdal, 1997:
Lernaeocera branchialis(L., 1767) on cod in Baltic waters

Rodolphe Langrand; Marc Pommier, 1997:
Les ECME, quipements de contrle, de mesure et d'essai, ou la ncessit d'une parfaite matrise

Jennifer Michael Hecht, 1997:
Les Gants patagons: Voyage aux origines de l'homme

Dakouo, D.; Essuman, S.; Raina, S.K.; Bréhélin, M.; Drif, L, 1997:
Les Inhibiteurs des Facteurs Humoraux Chez les Criquets Migrateurs, Schistocerca gregaria et Locusta migratoria: Perspectives d'Utilisation dans la Lutte Biologique

M. Zuber, 1997:
Les accidents vasculaires crbraux : problmatique de sant publique

J. Boulliat; P. Bourrier; J.-M. Haegy; J.-F. Heautot; P. Hofliger; S. Lavere; P. Lebrin; R. Swinnen; S. Timsit, 1997:
Les accidents vasculaires crbraux dans les services d'accueil et d'urgence

Jenkins, Éric; Carrière, Y; Légaré, J, 1997:
Les changements qualitatifs dans le processus de renouvellement des gnrations: Impacts sur la mesure et la projection du besoin d'aide

Ernesto Capanna; Jean, T. Claude Codjia; Chrystophe Chrysostome; Maria Vittoria Civitelli; E. Capanna, 1997:
Les chromosomes des rongeurs du Bnin (Afrique de louest): 3 murinae

S Weber, 1997:
Les digitaliques font-ils encore partie intgrante du traitement de linsuffisance cardiaque?

J Feys; R Heitz; G Fraslin, 1997:
Les dispositifs mdicaux en ophtalmologie

C Dumartin; N Julien; E Jullian, 1997:
Les dsinfectants de dispositifs mdicaux: marquage CE et normalisation

Jacques Grisoni, 1997:
Les enjeux de la normalisation

Buckingham, M; Tajbakhsh, S, 1997:
Les facteurs myogniques: leur rle dans la rgulation gntique et tissulaire prcdant la formation du muscle chez l'embryon

M. Hommel, 1997:
Les filires des soins dans les accidents vasculaires crbraux : les units crbrovasculaires

Deubel, V; Flamand, M; Marianneau, P; Desprès, P, 1997 :
Les flavivirus responsables de fivres hmorragiques

P Huguenard, 1997:
Les gestes de base du chirurgien en mission sanitaire

Numa BROC, 1997:
Les gographes franais en Espagne (1920-1950)

A. Benjama, 1997:
Les maladies cryptogamiques et bactriennes de l'amandier au Maroc: importance et perspectives de lutte

Prusiner, S B., 1997:
Les maladies prions et l'encphalopathie spongiforme bovine

Virginie Colomb, 1997:
Les mlanges ternaires en pdiatrie

M Binard, 1997:
Les normes d'assurance de la qualit pour les dispositifs mdicaux

JC Pitres; JB Cazalaà, 1997:
Les normes, facteurs de scurit et d'aptitude la fonction pour l'anesthsie, la ranimation et l'urgence

Vézina, A; Pelletier, D, 1997:
Les personnes ges mobilit rduite vivant domicile: modalits de rponse aux besoins et niveau de satisfaction peru

Van Nhieu, G Tran; Parsot, C; Sansonetti, P J, 1997:
Les protines Ipa et la rorganisation du cytosquelette au moment de l'entre de Shigella flexneri dans les cellules pithliales

V Blime; L Durin; N Claudel; C Poutot; H Tonnelier, 1997:
Les rassemblements de foule de plus de 8 jours: Damblain 1994. xprience du Samu 88

Karin Macquin; Marc Pommier; Sylvie Fougère, 1997:
Les respirateurs de ranimation

L Poirrier; B Lepage; Y Dubourg, 1997:
Les rpercussions du GBEA sur les services biomdicaux des tablissements publics de sant

Samuel, D, 1997:
Les systmes de support hpatique artificiels

M.-H. Mahagne, 1997:
Les traitements neuroprotecteurs la phase aigu de l'infarctus crbral

F. Woimant; N. Kubis, 1997:
Les traitements thrombolytiques des accidents ischmiques crbraux

R. Orlando; C. Chiaron; G. F. Figlioli, 1997:
Les traumatismes per laparoscopiques dus au trocart sont-ils rellement vitables? A propos dun cas

Christine Laverne; Georges Bronner; Jean-Philippe Bellot, 1997:
Les ultrabasites du massif hercynien des Maures (Var), tmoins d'une zone avant-arc? vidences ptrographiques et minralogiques

Groves, P; Schondel, C, 1997:
Lesbian Couples Who Are Survivors of Incest:

Falk, P J., 1997:
Lesbian Mothers

Ian Rivers, 1997:
Lesbian, gay and bisexual development: theory, research and social issues

Gershon, T, 1997:
Lesbians and Gays in Couples and Families: A Handbook for Therapists

H. Hepp, 1997:
Lesebedürfnis im Wandel

C.E. Verhagen; T.C.T.M. van der Pouw Kraan; A. Buffing; M.A. Chand; W.R. Faber; L.A. Aarden; P.K. Das, 1997:
Lesional skin derived Type 1- and Type 2-like Mycobacterium leprae responsive T cells are characterized by co-production of IFN- and TNF-a, versus IL-4, IL-5 and IL-13

Gideon, F. Smith and Graham Williamson, 1997:
Leslie Charles Leach (1909-1996)

Cooney, C M., 1997:
Less than half of Superfund monies go toward cleanup

Edward, E. Moody Jr., 1997:
Lessons From Pair Counseling With Incarcerated Juvenile Delinquents

Arrigo, J Maria; Pezdek, K, 1997:
Lessons From the Study of Psychogenic Amnesia

Pachter, W S., 1997:
Lessons Learned

Petrea, R E., 1997:
Lessons Learned and Hypotheses Generated from the W. K. Kellogg Agricultural Safety and Health Initiative Cluster Evaluation

Pruitt,, 1997:
Lessons Learned from the Middle East Peace Process: Introduction

Smidt, G L., 1997 :
Lessons and Total Hip Replacement

Conner Bailey, 1997:
Lessons from Indonesia's 1980 trawler ban

Davis, M.-R., 1997:
Lessons from Ontario on the specialist role

Potter, W C.; Shields, J M., 1997:
Lessons from the NunnLugar cooperative threat reduction program

Koch, K A., 1997:
Lessons from the SUPPORT Study

Dunn, J., 1997:
Lessons from the Study of Bidirectional Effects

C. Batt, 1997:
Lessons from the past....mistakes for the future?

Marmor, M. F, 1997:
Lessons from the retinal diaspora

Filer, L. J.; Reynolds, W. Ann, 1997:
Lessons in Comparative Physiology

Graff, M. R., 1997:
Lessons in Life: From Those Who Can Teach Us Best

Tice, A D.; Nolet, B R., 1997:
Lessons in Managed Care

Fred, B. Wood, 1997:
Lessons in technology assessment: Methodology and management at OTA

Schneider, B; Holcombe, K M.; White, S S., 1997:
Lessons learned about service quality: What it is, how to manage it, and how to become a service quality organization

Magnus, A.K. Ngoile; O. Linden, 1997:
Lessons learned from Eastern Africa: the development of policy on ICZM at national and regional levels

Tracey Wright, 1997:
Lessons learned from initial DM programmes

R. Reynolds; P. Eichler, 1997:
Lessons learned from the comparison of EVOLVE and CHAIN

Gardner Murray, 1997:
Lessons to be gained from anthrax outbreak

Gabbard, G O., 1997:
Lessons to be learned from the study of sexual boundary violations

Luthra, Y. K.; Donaldson, D., 1997:
Lessons to be learned: a case study approach: Severe hypoglycaemia in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) - living to tell the tale

Donaldson, D., 1997:
Lessons to be learned: a case study approach: Vitamin B12 deficiency of nutritional origin

Langsdale, T, 1997:
Lessons to be learnt from variation in hypertension guidelines

Veerman,, 1997:
Lester R. Brown, Who Will Feed China? Wake-up Call for a Small Planet

G.H. Olivera; R.D. Rivarola; P.D. Fainstein, 1997:
Let and w-values of water vapor under antiproton irradiation

Welldon, E. V, 1997:
Let the Treatment Fit the Crime: Forensic Group Psychotherapy

David, N. Taylor, 1997:
Let the buyer beware

Yablonsky, T, 1997:
Let your Voice be Heard: Build Confidence and Unleash your Potential in a Changing Workplace

Peter, B. Smith, 1997:
Let's Put Leaders Back Into Their Cultural Context!

Nicolas, G. Bazan; Jacques Mallet, 1997:
Let's celebrate 10 years ofMolecular Neurobiology

Duncan, R C.; Konefal, J, 1997:
Let's take the time necessary to develop the curriculum appropriately

M. Gawenda; P. Scherwitz; M. Walter; H. Erasmi, 1997:
Letalitätsfaktoren des Darminfarkts primär vaskulärer Genese

K. Krüger; C.H. Scholtz, 1997:
Lethal and sublethal effects of ivermectin on the dung-breeding bettles Euoniticellus intermedius (Reiche) and Onitis alexis Klug (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae)

Mendez, M F; Foti, D J, 1997:
Lethal hyperoral behaviour from the Kluver-Bucy syndrome

Hrdlicka, M.; Sevcik, P., 1997:
Lethal lithium poisoning with sustained-release preparations

E. Lerebours, 1997:
Lettre du prsident

Fegan, C, 1997:
Leucocyte Antigen Facts Book

Adam Ewart Haworth; Alex Anstey; Stephen Edwards, 1997:
Leucocytoclastic vasculitis induced by UVB irradiation

Jens Madsen, 1997:
Leuenberger, B. E. 1997. Cactaceae. — In: Görtvan Rjn, A. R. A. & JanseJacobs, M. J. (eds)

Okamoto, S., 2018:
Establishment of a trans-vaginal ultrasound-guided pinpoint transfer method

Carl, G. Gahmberg; Martti Tolvanen; Pekka Kotovuori, 1997:
Leukocyte Adhesion : Structure and Function of Human Leukocyte β2-Integrins and their Cellular Ligands

Leparc, G F., 1997:
Leukocyte Reduction in Cellular Blood Components

Linde Meyaard; Gosse, J. Adema; Chiwen Chang; Lewis, L. Lanier; Joseph, H. Phillips, 1997:
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Leveraging on systemic learning to manage the early phases of product innovation projects

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Li-Nd (Lithium-Neodymium)

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Li-Pm (lithium-promethium)

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Li-Pr (lithium-praseodymium)

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Liability for Specimen Mishandling

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Liberalism Versus Democracy? Schooling Private Citizens in the Public Square

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Liberalizing foreign investments by pension funds: Positive and normative aspects

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Libros seleccionados: notas descriptivas

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Liebe Kolleginnen, liebe Kollegen,

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Lies, damn lies, and statistical issues?

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Life histories in housing research: the case of Pakistanis in Glasgow

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Life history traits of pest and non-pest populations in the phytophagous ladybird beetle,Epilachna niponica(coleoptera, coccinellidae)

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Life-Cycle Assessment: Constraints on Moving from Inventory to Impact Assessment

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Life-Cycle Global Warming Impact of CFCs and CFC-substitutes for Refrigeration

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Life-Cycle Modelling as an Instrument for Life-Cycle Engineering

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Life-Threatening Deep Infections of the Neck

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Life-Threatening Fungal Infections in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

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Life-threatening hyperkalemia from chewing tobacco in a hemodialysis patient

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LifeStoriesBiography and Autobiography as Healing Tools for Adults with Mental Illness

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Lifelines and Risks: Pathways of Youth in Our Time (Book)

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Lifestyle as a generic concept in ethnographic research

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Lifetime measurements of some excited states of Kr II

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Lifetime-based capillary waveguide sensor instrumentation

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Lift Off. Knallgas multimedial

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Ligament injuries of the foot and ankle

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Ligament injuries to the ankle joint

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Ligament length during circumduction of the trapeziometacarpal joint

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Ligand field factors in promoting S = 32 {FeNO}7 nitrosyls

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Ligand-field model for the electronic structure of the fluorescent levels of d5 ions in IIVI compounds

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Ligand-gated cation channels of sensory neurons

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Ligandrare-earth ion energy transfer in coordination compounds. A theoretical approach

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Light Acquisition and Growth by Competing Individuals in CO2- Enriched Atmospheres: Consequences for Size Structure in Regenerating Birch Stands

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Light Extinction by Fire Smokes

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Light Scattering Instrumentation for Aerosol Studies: An Historical Overview

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Light blue touch paper and retire

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Light effects on α-amylase activity and carbohydrate content in relation to lipid mobilization during the seedling growth of sunflower

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Light microscopic and immunohistochemical study of a glomus tumour of the lesser toe

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Light on high-throughput screening: fluorescence-based assay technologies

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Light on the Galileo Case?

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Light shelf performance in Madrid, Spain

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Light trapping effect in silicon wafers with anodically etched surfaces

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Light-dependent enhanced metabolism of chlorotoluron in a substituted urea herbicide-resistant biotype ofLolium rigidumGaud

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Light-induced ocular pain and visual obscurations in severe vasospastic disease

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Light-induced phase transitions in stratifying liquid mixtures

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Light-scattering Characterization of the Molecular Weight Distributions of Some Intractable Polymers

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Lightning Strikes

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Lightning in the Region of the TOGA COARE

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Lightweight cold-formed portal frames for developing countries

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Lightweight, thin-film Si heterojunction solar cells

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Lignification and cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase activity in developing stems of tomato and poplar: a spatial and kinetic study through tissue 2

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Lignoids, flavanoids and polyketides of Virola surinamensis

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Like Subjects, Love Objects: Essays on Recognition and Sexual Difference

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Likelihood Analysis of Non-Gaussian Measurement Time Series

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Likelihood of Malignancy in a Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

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Likelihood ratio tests for peakedness in multinomial populations

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Likelihood-Weighted Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Binomial Proportions

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Likelihood-ratio decision strategy for independent observations in thesame-differenttask: An approximation to the detection-theoretic model

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Limb salvage surgery in primary bone tumors

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Limbic encephalitis, specifically depicted by PET

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Liming of Acid Surface Waters in Northern Sweden: Questions of Geographical Variation and the Precautionary Principle

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Limit Cycles in a Passive Compass Gait Biped and Passivity-Mimicking Control Laws

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Limit Value Assessment for Respirable Coal Mine Dust in Germany

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Limit setting in regard to self-damaging acts: The patient's perspective

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Limit states of process equipment components loaded by a blast wave

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Limit theorems for a Brownian motion with drift in a white noise environment

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Limitation of stunning in dog myocardium by nucleoside and nucleotide mixture, OG-VI

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Limitations of Regional Network-Orientated Strategies for Manufacturing Industries: The Case of the Neckar-Alb Region in Baden-Württemberg/Germany (Grenzen regionaler netzwerkorientierter Strategien für die Industrie. Das Beispiel der Region Neckar-Alb in Baden-Württemberg/Deutschland)

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Limitations of exotic and indigenous isolates ofFusariumavenaceum for the biological control of spotted knapweed Centaurea maculosa

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Limitations of pore-stress concentrations on the mechanical properties of porous materials

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Limitations of the Algorithm to Reconfirm Ventricular Fibrillation in a Third-Generation Implantahle Cardioverter Defibrillator

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Limitations of the Current Child Sexual Abuse Medical Literature from a Bayesian Perspective

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Limitations on the use of the mixed-mode delaminating beam test specimen: Effects of the size of the region of K-dominance

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Limited diffraction array beams

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Limited duration restriction orders: What are they for?

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Limited effectiveness of a school-based HIV prevention campaign in Italy. A randomized controlled trial

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Limited joint mobility in Sri Lankan patients with non-insulin- dependent diabetes

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Limited-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Limiting factors in antigen presentation: Studies on the availability of antigen

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Limiting-state design of permafrost beds for global warming

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Limits of sludge dewaterability

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Limits of wiped film short-path distiller

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Limits to routine

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Limits to the value of external costs

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Limnologic Analysis of Gusev Crater Paleolake, Mars

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Limnological studies in the potter Peninsula, 25 de mayo Island (South Shetland Islands Antarctica): chemistry of lentic environments

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Line integral representation of the modal radiation for an open-ended waveguide

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Line intensities in V-type polarization labelling spectroscopy of diatomic molecules

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Line mixing effects in Q-branches of CO2 in helium near 4.7 m: a further test of the ECS formalism

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Line mixing sum rules for the analysis of multiplet spectra

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Line profile and spectral gain calculations for high-z ions in X-ray laser plasmas

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Line ratio values for spectral calibration in the vacuum ultraviolet by using laser produced plasmas

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Line shifts observed by BCS/Yohkoh

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Line-mixing effects in the 3 parallel absorption band of CH3F perturbed by rare gases

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Line-mixing, finite duration of collision, vibrational shift, and non-linear density effects in the 3 and 33 bands of CO2 perturbed by Ar up to 1000 bar

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Linear Accelerators, Radio Astronomy, and Australia's Search for International Prestige, 1944-1948

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Linear Analogue Self-Assessment and Procrustean Measurement: A Critical Review of Visual Analogue Scaling in Pain Assessment

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Linear Conditions on the Number of Faces of Manifolds with Boundary

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Linear Darier's disease in a patient with recurrent carcinoma of the bladder reflects cutaneous mosaicism

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Linear Discriminant Functions for Stationary Time Series

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Linear Feature Modeling with Curve Fitting: Parametric Polynomial Techniques

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Linear Fractional Representations of Uncertain Systems

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Linear Free Energy Relationship in Ion Thermochemistry

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Linear Models.by S. R. Searle

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Linear Motor-Leviated Stage for Photolithography

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Linear Optical Absorption in THz Irradiated Undoped Semiconductor Superlattices

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Linear Penetrative Spherical Rotating Convection

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Linear Synthetic Aperture Modes for Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Imaging - Modifikationen der Ultraschall-Abbildung mittels linearer synthetischer Apertur im Puls-Echo-Betrieb

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Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Chaos

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Linear and Nonlinear Optics of Wide-Gap IIVI Semiconductors

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Linear and circular unidimensional scaling for symmetric proximity matrices

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Linear and cyclicN-acyl-α-arylglycines III. Synthesis and chemiluminescence studies of naphthol and phenanthrol amidoalkylation products

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Linear and non-linear filters for clutter cancellation in radar systems

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Linear and nonlinear interactions of surface waves with bodies by a three-dimensional Rankine panel method

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Linear and nonlinear prediction techniques for short-term forecasting of HF fading signals

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Linear free energy relationships in the kinetic study of oxidation of phenols by quinolinium dichromate

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Linear projective reconstruction from matching tensors

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Linear pyrolysis of cellulosic and plastic waste

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Linear quadratic dynamic programming for water reservoir management

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Linear separability and redundant colour coding in visual search displays

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Linear stability of multilayer plane Poiseuille flows of Oldroyd B fluids

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Linear stability of rotating convection in an imposed shear flow

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Linear systems with polynomials of filtered Poisson processes

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Linear theory of steady X-point magnetic reconnection

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Linear time-varying system control based on the inversion transformation

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Linear-phase quadrature mirror filters with coefficients 1, 0 and + 1

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Linear-quadratic control: An introduction

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Linearity and sigma-linearity in discrete-time linear shift-invariant systems

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Linguistic Minorities and Education in Japan

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Linguistically challenged

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Link Migmatites to Granitic Body

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Link between aging and the nucleolus

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Link between conservation tillage and factor inputs

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Linked magnetron sputtering and pulsed laser deposition UHV chambers for the preparation of epitaxial metal/metal oxide thin film multilayers

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Linking Arctic seaice and atmospheric circulation anomalies on interannual and decadal timescales

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Linking Costs and Quality Improvement to Clinical Outcomes Through Added Value

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Linking Human Health to Biological Diversity

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Linking Teams to Outcomes in Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Linking modelling and visualisation for natural resources management

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Linking reasons for continuing professional education participation with postprogram application

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Linking the Past to the Future

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Linking the healthcare continuum with technology

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Linopirdine: Pharmacology of a Neurotransmitter Release Enhancer

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Lip and Tongue Function Following Acute Stroke

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Lipase Synthesis of Short-Chain Flavour Thioesters in Solvent-Free Medium

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Lipase-Mediated Resolutions of 1-Aryl-3-Buten-1-ols

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Lipase-catalysed production of N-oleoyl-taurine sodium salt innon-aqueous medium

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Lipid Disorders in Diabetes

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Lipid and -linolenic acid production by Mucor inaquisporus

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Lipid chain mobility in interdigitated DPPC systems

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Lipid classes and their content ofn-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) inArtemia franciscanaafter hatching, HUFA-enrichment and subsequent starvation

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Lipid derivatives of prostaglandins and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (a review)

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Lipid metabolism

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Lipid peroxidation both inhibits Ca2 -ATPase and increases Ca2 permeability of endoplasmic reticulum membrane

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Lipid peroxidation in plasma of patients with osteogenic sarcoma

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Lipid-based therapeutics: a different approach

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Lipids derived from the mevalonate pathway in HL-60 cells modulate the interactions of β2 integrins with their ligands

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Lipoglycoprotein of Gelatin

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Lipolysis of pork fat by the meat starter cultureStaphylococcus xylosusat various environmental conditions

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Lipophilicity Behavior of Model and Medicinal Compounds containing a suilfide, sulfoxide, or sulfone moiety

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Lipoprotein(a) levels in liver diseases and changes of lipoprotein(a) levels before and after interferon therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis-C

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Liporecycling: Immediate and Delayed

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Liposome turbidimetric assay (LTA)

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Liposomes as Carriers of Antimicrobial Drugs

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Liposuction and Serum Lipids

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Liposuction: Some memories and thoughts

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Liquefaction of micro-algae with iron catalyst

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Liquid Crystalline Properties of Side-chain Polymers Bearing the Same Mesogenic Group

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Liquid Immiscibility in the Join NaAlSiO4--NaAlSi3O8--CaCO3 at 1 GPa: Implications for Crustal Carbonatites

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Liquid Passions: Marguerite Duras

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Liquid flow in the anisotropic wick structure of a flat plate heat pipe under block-heating condition

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Liquid hydrogen: Potential, problems, and a proposed research program

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Liquid metal mirror for optical measurements of orbital debris

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Liquid phase sintering of metal matrix composites

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Liquid saturation in cocurrent upflow fixed-bed reactors: a state-of-the-art correlation

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Liquid velocity field in a bubble column: LDA experiments

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Liquid-liquid extraction of carrier-free radioisotopes produced in α-particle activated molybdenum target by HDEHP and TBP

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Liquid-phase oxidation of hydrocarbons in the presence of different types of phase-transfer reagents

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Liquid-phase oxygenation of hydrocarbons with molecular oxygen catalyzed by Fe2Ni-substituted Keggin-type heteropolyanion

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Lisch-Knötchen Marker der Neurofibromatose I und immunhistochemische Hinweise für eine neuroektodermale Differenzierung

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Lispro: A New and Promising Insulin Analog

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Listening three frost poems

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Listening to Adolescents and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities from South Asian Communities

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Listening to Mama

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Listening to Smoking Researchers: Negative Affect and Drug Abuse Treatment

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Listening to my child

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Listening to patients

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Listening to students: Experiences and expectations in the transition to a history degree

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Listeria monocytogenes Peritonitis in a Patient Undergoing Chronic Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

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Literacy Acceleration

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Literacy in the Secondary School: does the curriculum favour girls?

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Literate Activity and Disciplinarity: The Heterogeneous (Re)production of American Studies Around a Graduate Seminar

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Literature Review Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Versus Conventional Treatments for Asthma

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Risk of Subsequent Malignant Neoplasms among 1,641 Hodgkin's Disease Patients Diagnosed in Childhood and Adolescence: A Population-Based Cohort Study in the Five Nordic Countries

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Literature Review: `Formulating Questions'

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Establishment of a universal and rational gene detection strategy through three-way junction-based remote transduction

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Literature Watch

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Literature Watch: Women, Children, and Families

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Literature and HistoryA Focus on the Era of the Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945)

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Literature in the Teaching of Gerontology

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Literature on Interventions to Address Cancer Patients' Psychosocial Needs

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Literature review and opinion

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Literature, Religion, and Science: A Personal and Professional Trajectory

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Litertaure review and opinion

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Lithic tool making by Amazonian palaeoindians: a case-study on materials selection

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Lithium compounds as targets for (p,n) reactions

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Lithium for the Treatment of Acute Mania in Adolescents

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Lithjations of Phosphane Oxides

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Litigating Securities

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Little Girls in Pretty Boxes

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Little Neva at Age 5: Followup of a Child Whose Language was Enriched During Infancy

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Live Supervision in Family Therapy

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Live Supervision in Family Therapy and Social Facilitation Effects: A Case Study with Physiological Measures

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Live attenuated varicella vaccine

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Liver Cell Transplantation

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Liver Cirrhosis Manifested by Dysfibrinogenemia

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Liver and Biliary Diseases, 2nd edition

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Liver and gastrointestinal immunology

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Living fibroblast cells in the oviductal masses of mares

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Living in a partially structured environment: How to bypass the limitations of classical reinforcement techniques

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Living in the Fault Lines

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Living in the real world! The role of home in the life projects of youth

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Living on Shifting Sands: Grounding and Borderline Personality Organization

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Living on the 13th floor: The invisible sex addict

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Living on the edge: Spanish greens in the mid1990s

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Living partial liver transplantation

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Living with Dictator Rosas: Argentina Through Scottish Eyes

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Living with Loss: The Stroke Family Caregiver

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Living with Parkinson's Disease

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Living with a Sick Child in Hospital: the experiences of parents and nurses

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Living with cognitive-communicative difficulties following traumatic brain injury: Using a model of interpersonal communication to characterize the subjective experience

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Load diversion by embedding in crushed salt

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Load-frequency control of isolated wind-diesel-microhydro hybrid power systems (WDMHPS)

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Loading of forming presses by the upsetting of oblique specimens

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Lobban, C.S., Harrison, P.J.: Seaweed Ecology and Physiology

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Lobule repositioning in aesthetic otoplasty

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Local Changes in a Breeding Bird Community following Forest Disturbance (Cambios Locales en Una Comunidad de Aves en Reproduccion Tras un Disturbio Forestal)

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Local Density Functional Study of Oxoiron(IV) Porphyrin Complexes and Their One-Electron Oxidized Derivatives. Axial Ligand Effects

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Local Economic Development and Post-Apartheid Reconstruction in South Africa

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Local Electrostatic Field Produced by a Charged Microscopic Impurity in Ionic Crystals

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Local Excision of Rectal Cancer

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Local Grid Refinement in Large-Eddy Simulation

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Local Influence in Principal Components Analysis

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Local Intraosseous Injection of Staurosporine Increased Bone Formation in Rats

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Local Knowledge of Alternative Forest Resources

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Local Management of Hazardous Wastes From Small-Scale and Cottage Industries

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Local Optimality and Its Application on Independent Sets for k-claw Free Graphs

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Local Planning and National Environmental Assessment Procedures: The Developer's Mitigated Role in Disjointed Negotiation Processes

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Local Power of Three Classic Criteria in Generalised Linear Models with Unknown Dispersion

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Local Self-Government in Central and Eastern Europe: Decentralization or Deconcentration?

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Local Vasoconstrictive Effect of Ornipressin (POR8) in Laser Conization of the Cervix: A Randomized Study

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Local anaesthesia to the airway reduces sedation requirements in patients undergoing artificial ventilation

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Local and Global Lyapunov Exponents of Blood Flow

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Local and global energy release rates for an electrically yielded crack in a piezoelectric ceramic

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Local and global robustness of regression estimators

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Local anesthetic infusion through nerve sheath catheters for analgesia following upper extremity amputationClinical report

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Local control in breast conservation

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Local coordination in relation to electronic structure of condensed conducting phases

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Local criteria for the relative effectiveness of environmental protection measures

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Local crossover analysis of exactly repeating satellite altimeter data

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Local current-voltage curves measured thermally (LIVT): A new technique of characterizing PV cells

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Local damage of HT-materials by laser irradiation in the SEM

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Local differential pressure analysis in a slugging bed using deterministic chaos theory

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Local environments, the division of labour and alienation from nature

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Local flaps for forefoot and midfoot reconstruction

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Local flaps for hindfoot reconstruction

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Local increased interleukin-6 levels in patients with (pre)malignant lesions of the uterine cervix

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Local influence assessment in the growth curve model with unstructured covariance

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Local isotropy in complex turbulent boundary layers at high Reynolds number

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Local knowledge and agricultural decision making in the Philippines: Class, gender and resistance by Virginia D. Nazarea-Sandoval

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Local mode axis tilting in H2 S

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Local movable clamp for arc welding

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Local optimal load-shedding with allowance for voltage deviation

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Local polynomial Wigner distribution

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Local probing of the surface chemical bond using X-ray emission spectroscopy

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Local public goods, heterogeneous population, voluntary transfers, and constrained efficient allocations

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Local safety factor applicable to wide range of failure criteria

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Local stability of smooth selection dynamics for normal form games

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Local structure of porous silicon studied by means of X-ray emission spectroscopy

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Local temperature in molecules

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Local temperature measurements in a full-scale utility boiler with overfire air

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Localisation golectrique des biseaux sals dans la rgion ctire au Bnin: Exemple de terrain

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Localisation in Clinical Neurology

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Localisation of sucrose-phosphate synthase and starch in leaves of C4plants

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Localisation of the collectin binding site within C1q-receptor (collectin receptor)

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Locality and Adjacency Stability Constraints for Morphological Connected Operators

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Localization and Charge Conversion of Copper in Rb2ZnCl4:Cu Crystals: An ESR and Optical Absorption Study

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Localization and determination of infarct size by Gd-Mesoporphyrin enhanced MRI in dogs

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Localization in Clinical Neurology, 3rd Ed

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Localization of Cytoplasmic Water-Soluble Reserve (13)-b-Glucans in Achlya with Immunostaining

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Localization of Plasmons in Finite Three-Tile Quasiperiodic superlattices

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Localization of a Conduction Electron Near a SemiconductorInsulator Interface by a Charged Centre Situated in the Insulator

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Localization of extracellular matrix molecules, integrins and their regulators, TGF βs, is correlated with axon pathfinding in the spinal cord of normal and Danforth's short tail mice

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Localized Coupling between Surface and Bottom-Intensified Flow over Topography

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Localized industrial learning and innovation policies

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Locally averaged equations of motion for a mixture of identical spherical particles and a Newtonian fluid

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Locally contingent categorization in discourse

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Locating Risk: Energy Use, the 'Ideal' Home and the Non-Ideal World

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Locating some types of random errors in Digital Terrain Models

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Locating the political: Schmitt, Mouffe, Luhmann, and the possibility of pluralism

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Location and functional characterization of myosin contact sites in smooth- muscle caldesmon

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Location management for database migration in ATM networks

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Location, agglomeration and innovation: Towards regional innovation systems in Norway?

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Location, spatial scale and motion of radio wave absorption in the cusp-latitude ionosphere observed by imaging riometers

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Locations and landscapes of paleolithic sites in the Semliki Rift, Zaire

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Lock control system based on face identification

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Lock-in and the Costs of Switching Mainframe Computer Vendors: What Do Buyers See?

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Locke in America: The moral philosophy of the founding era

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Logistic and Nonlogistic Density Functions in Binary Regression with Nonstochastic Covariates

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Lokale antiseptische und antiendotoxische Maßnahmen bei intraabdominalen Infektionen

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London Convention

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London Dysmorphology Database and London Neurogenetics Database with Photo Library

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London's Mental Health

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Long lengths of mono- and multi-filamentary Ag-sheathed Bi(2223) tapes

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Long-Term (12-Month) Treatment with Lercanidipine in Patients with Mild to Moderate Hypertension

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Long-Term Disabilities and College Education

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Long-Term Disability

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Long-Term Effects of Combined Exposure to Fission Neutrons and Inhaled Lead Oxide Particles in Rats

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Long-Term Management of Patients with Ventricular Fibrillation

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Long-Term Management of Sustained Monomorphic Ventricular Tachycardia: Role of Catheter Ablation

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Long-Term Outcome of Gastrostomy Feeding in Dysphagic Stroke

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Long-Term Pharmacologic Management of Atrial Fibrillation for Control of Rate and Rhythm

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Long-Term Psychological and Somatic Consequences of Later Life Parental Bereavement

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Long-Term Results After Policization for Congenital Hand Deformities

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Long-Term Results of Retropubic Permanent125 Iodine Implantation of the Prostate for Clinically Localized Prostatic Cancer

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Long-Term Sickness Absence Due to ME/CFS in UK Schools

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Long-Term Trends in Clinical Social Work