Interim analysis of a randomized controlled trial of combination of ribavirin and high dose interferon-α in interferon nonresponders with chronic hepatitis C

Ferenci, P.; Stauber, R.; Steindl-Munda, P; Gschwantler, M.; Fickert, P.; Datz, C.; Muller, C.; Hackl, F.; Rainer, W.; Watkins-Riedel, T; Lin, W.

Journal of Viral Hepatitis 6(Suppl S1): 53-58


ISSN/ISBN: 1352-0504
DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2893.1999.00005.x
Accession: 062802790

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This trial investigated the efficacy of a combination of high-dose interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) with ribavirin in IFN nonresponders. 304 patients with chronic hepatitis C were treated with 5 MU IFN-alpha2b (IntronA(R), Schering-Plough) per TIW for 3 months. Nonresponders (defined by HCV-RNA positivity in serum after the 3 months of therapy) were randomized either to continue with IFN (5 MU IFN per TIW followed by 10 MU per TIW for each 3 months) alone (group A) or in combination with ribavirin (1-1.2 g per day) (group B). ALT was measured in monthly intervals, HCV-RNA in 3 monthly intervals. Pretreatment characteristics of the randomized patients were as follows: group A, n = 76; m/f, 54/22; 16% cirrhosis, age, 45. 7 +/- 12 years; ALT (U per litre), 66 +/- 35; group B, n = 81; m/f, 57/24; 17% cirrhosis, age, 48.2 +/- 12; ALT, 71 +/- 40. After 9 months of treatment, nine (11.6%) and 27 (32.5%, P = 0.0066) patients were HCV-RNA negative and 51 and 39 were HCV-RNA positive, in groups A and B, respectively. There were 17 drop-outs in group A and 15 in group B. Six months after treatment only two patients in group A (2.5%) and five (6%, P = 0.06) in group B had normal ALT and no detectable HCV-RNA in serum. In addition to the well-known side-effects of IFN the mean haemoglobin concentration dropped by 2 g per litre in group B. These data indicate that a combination of high-dose IFN with ribavirin is effective in inducing a short-lasting complete response in one-third of IFN nonresponders. Prolonged treatment with IFN/ribavirin may be necessary to obtain a sustained response.