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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 64

Section 64 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bhattacharya, K; Raha, S; Majumdar, M Ranjan, 2001:
Measuring Indoor Fungal Contaminants in Rural West Bengal, India, with Reference to Allergy Symptoms

Brian Sternthal, 2001:
Methodological and Statistical Concerns of the Experimental Behavioral Researcher || Why Not Ask Experimental Participants for More Processing Information?

Michal Přibyl; Růžena Chmelı́ková; Pavel Hasal; Miloš Marek, 2001:
Modeling of hydrogel immobilized enzyme reactors with mass-transport enhancement by electric field

Elliott, J G.; Hufton, N; Illushin, L; Lauchlan, F, 2001:
Motivation in the Junior Years: International perspectives on children's attitudes, expectations and behaviour and their relationship to educational achievement

Frank, S. Virant, 2001:
Nasal steroids as an adjunct to antibiotics in the treatment of sinusitis

Tobias, J D., 2001:
New insights into regional anesthesia in children: new techniques and new indications

Ursula Münch; Wolfgang Pfleiderer, 2001:
Nucleosides, Part LXIV , Base-Labile Protecting Groups for the Oligoribonucleotide Synthesis

Felici, T; Engl, H W, 2001:
On shape optimization of optical waveguides using inverse problem techniques

Peter, H. Westfall; Alok Krishen, 2001:
Optimally weighted, fixed sequence and gatekeeper multiple testing procedures

I Martı́n-Gullón; R Andrews; M Jagtoyen; F Derbyshire, 2001:
PAN-based activated carbon fiber composites for sulfur dioxide conversion: influence of fiber activation method

McCormick, J., 2001:
Patient and clinician discourses shaped the process of rehabilitation after a stroke

E. Hackett; S.-A. Francis, 2001:
Pharmacists' characteristics and their views of physician-assisted death

O. L. Ozeretskovskaya; N. I. Vasyukova; E. A. Perekhod; G. I. Chalenko; L. I. Il'inskaya; N. G. Gerasimova, 2001:
Plant Resistance Suppressors in the Pathosystem Formed by Potato and the Causal Agent of Late Blight

Nancy, C. Stellwagen, 2001:
Practical Capillary Electrophoresis, 2nd ed. Robert Weinberger

Robertson, B. A.; Ensink, K.; Parry, C. D.H.; Chatton, D., 2001:
Prevalence And Detection Of Psychiatric Disorders Among Children And Adolescents Attending A Primary Health Care Clinic

R.U. Ostrovskaya; T.Kh. Mirsoev; G.A. Romanova; T.A. Gudasheva; E.V. Kravchenko; C.C. Trofimov; T.A. Voronina; S.B. Seredenin, 2001:
Proline-Containing Dipeptide GVS-111 Retains Nootropic Activity after Oral Administration

Derek Wakelin, 2001:
Putting parasites in the picture

Luc Anselin, 2001:
Rao's score test in spatial econometrics

Guenther Woehlke, 2001:
Reducing the guesswork behind kinesin protocols

Michael, N. Waltzman; John, P. Bent III, 2001:
Repair of type 1-A and 1-B posterior laryngeal clefts

Haigh, C., 2001:
Review: limited evidence suggests that acupuncture is more effective than no treatment for chronic pain

Rowley, J; Gersch, I, 2001:
SEN Conciliation: Is there a pattern to referrals?

Sherryl Davis Kasper, 2001:
Selected essays by Frank H. Knight: What is truth in economics? Volume One; Selected essays by Frank H. Knight: Laissez faire: Pro and con. Volume Two

Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegi; Ana Elías; Elena Agirre; Javier Uria, 2001:
Short-term, real-time forecasting of hourly ozone, NO2and NO levels by means of multiple linear regression modelling

Danermark, B; Antonson, S; Lundström, I, 2001:
Social inclusion and career development - transition from upper secondary school to work or post-secondary education among hard of hearing students

Vander Woude, J; Barton, E, 2001:
Specialized Corrective Repair Sequences: Shared Book Reading With Children With Histories of Specific Language Impairment

T. Yu. Rebrova; L. N. Maslov; A. Yu. Lishmanov; S. V. Tam, 2001:
Stimulation of - and -Opiate Receptors and Tolerance of Isolated Heart to Oxidative Stress: the Role of NO-Synthase

Xu Ming-de; Lou An-gang; Wang Bao-dong, 2001:
Study on prediction for transfort and diffusion of dredged matter in Jiaozhou Bay, China

K. Kato; S. Iwai; K. Kumasaka; A. Horikoshi; S. Inada; T. Inamatsu; Y. Ono; H. Nishiya; Y. Hanatani; T. Narita; H. Sekino; I. Hayashi, 2001:
Survey of antibiotic resistance inPseudomonas aeruginosaby The Tokyo Johoku Association of Pseudomonas Studies

V. A. Demin; V. A. Milyagin; A. A. Alekseenko, 2001:
Systematic Approach to the Modernization of the Pool of Ultrasonic Scanners in a Region (Based on Experience in the Smolensk Region)

H. Koivusalo; M. Heikinheimo; T. Karvonen, 2001:
Test of a simple two-layer parameterisation to simulate the energy balance and temperature of a snow pack

Dincer, U. D.; Bidasee, K. R.; Guner, S.; Tay, A.; Ozcelikay, A. T.; Altan, V. M., 2001:
The Effect of Diabetes on Expression of 1-, 2-, and 3-Adrenoreceptors in Rat Hearts

Chandy Verghese, 2001:
The Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) and future applications

Smith, K. Shafer; Vallis, G K., 2001:
The Scales and Equilibration of Midocean Eddies: Freely Evolving Flow

Avril R Williams; Lincoln A Hall*; Andrew, J.P White; David J Williams*, 2001:
The complexing properties of the phenylsquarate ligand with Ru(II), Pt(II), Gd(III) and Tb(III) ions

O'Mahony, C., 2001:
The golden nugget

Claudio Ronco, 2001:
The problem of hypotension in haemodialysis

Wang Huijun, 2001:
The weakening of the Asian monsoon circulation after the end of 1970's

Lisette Leyton; Pascal Schneider; Cecilia, V. Labra; Curzio Rüegg; Claudio, A. Hetz; Andrew, F.G. Quest; Claude Bron, 2001:
Thy-1 binds to integrin β3 on astrocytes and triggers formation of focal contact sites

Iwamuro, Y; Jito, J; Shirahata, M; Tokime, T; Hosotani, K; Tokuriki, Y, 2001:
Transient Ischemic Attack Due to Dissection of the Middle Cerebral Artery. Case Report

Yoshihiro Motomiya; Yoshinori Uji; Tomonori Uchimura; Hisahiko Iwamoto; Masakazu Miura; Ikuro Maruyama, 2001:
Two advanced glycation molecules, carboxymethyllysine and pentosidine, and dialysis membrane in dialysis-related amyloidosis

Dillingham, T R.; Pezzin, L E.; MacKenzie, E J.; Burgess, A R., 2001:
Use and Satisfaction with Prosthetic Devices Among Persons with Trauma-Related Amputations

Lin, Y H.; Lee, K K., 2001:
Verification of Anaerobic Biofilm Model for Phenol Degradation with Sulfate Reduction

F.R.T Luna; F Bredice; G.H Cavalcanti; A.G Trigueiros, 2001:
Weighted oscillator strengths and lifetimes for the Ar III spectrum

Tomko, A. A.; Hepner, T., 2001:
Worldwide monitoring of VLF-LF propagation and atmospheric noise

R. Ait-Haddou; P. Binding; W. Herzog, 2001:
Theoretical Considerations on Cocontraction of sets of agonistic and antagonistic muscles

Susan, A. Rose; Judith, F. Feldman; Jeffery, J. Jankowski; Donna, M. Caro, 2002:
A Longitudinal Study of Visual Expectation and Reaction Time in the First Year of Life

Juan-Llacer, L.; Rodriguez, J.L., 2002 :
A UTD-PO solution for diffraction of plane waves by an array of perfectly conducting wedges

R.A Abrams; T.A Sohn; M.L Zahurak; L.T Korman; K.D Lillemoe; E.M Jaffee; R.C Donehower; D Laheru; R.H Hruban; J.L Cameron; C.J Yeo, 2002:
A multivariate model for identifying risk of early death after Pancreaticoduodenectomy(PDD) and adjuvant therapy for periampullary Adenocarcinoma(PA): importance for understanding post treatment outcomes

Ming-Guo Her; Feng-Tsai Weng, 2002:
A study of the electrical discharge machining of semi-conductor BaTiO3

Aguirrebengoa, K; Romaña, M; Montejo, M; González de Zárate, P; López, L; Martín, Jús, 2002:
Actinomicosis orocervicofacial. Presentacin de 5 casos

Marı́a del Carmen Luzardo; Marı́a Eliana Lanio; Carlos Alvarez; I.Fabiola Pazos; Santiago Figueroa; Vicente Vérez; E.Anı́bal Disalvo, 2002:
Aggregation induced by concanavalin A of lipid vesicles containing neoglycolipids

John Whalley; Ben Zissimos, 2002:
An Internalisation-based World Environmental Organisation

L.-J. Gelius; I. Lecomte; H. Tabti, 2002:
Analysis of the resolution function in seismic prestack depth imaging

T. Kohlmeier; V. Seidemann; S. Büttgenbach; H. H. Gatzen, 2002:
Application of UV depth lithography and 3D-microforming for high aspect ratio electromagnetic microactuator components

Patricia M Averill; Gretchen J Diefenbach; Melinda A Stanley; Joy K Breckenridge; Beth Lusby, 2002:
Assessment of shame and guilt in a psychiatric sample: a comparison of two measures

Paul De Bièvre, 2002:
Bad measurements drive out good measurements

V. V. Zobov; L. A. Berezinsky; V. S. Reznik; V. D. Akamsin, 2002:
Biological Activity of Phosphorylated 6-Methyluracil Derivatives

Cynthia, L. Balek, 2002:
Buried artifacts in stable upland sites and the role of bioturbation: A review

Daniel Bernstein, 2002:
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Alterations in Mice Lacking β1- and β2-Adrenergic Receptors

Claesson, L; Gosman-Hedström, G; Lundgren-Lindquist, B; Fagerberg, Börn; Blomstrand, C, 2002:
Characteristics of Elderly People Readmitted to the Hospital during the First Year after Stroke

Chaturvedi, N.; Schalkwijk, C. G.; Abrahamian, H.; Fuller, J. H.; Stehouwer, C. D.A., 2002:
Circulating and Urinary Transforming Growth Factor 1, Amadori Albumin, and Complications of Type 1 Diabetes: The EURODIAB Prospective Complications Study

Tushar Kanti Sen; Nitesh Nalwaya; Kartic, C. Khilar, 2002:
Colloid-associated contaminant transport in porous media: 2. Mathematical modeling

Rose-Ped, A M.; Bellm, L A.; Epstein, J B.; Trotti, A; Gwede, C; Fuchs, H J., 2002:
Complications of Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancers

Rosnow, R. L., 2002:
Contrasts and Correlations in Theory Assessment

Ramos, H C; Lopez, R, 2002:
Critical care management of the brain-dead organ donor

A. Stadler; S. Puig; E. Eisenhuber; T. Rand, 2002:
Das hinkende Kind Radiologische Differenzialdiagnostik der akuten Gangstörung des Kinder- und Jugendalters

Kim, H. T.; Han, Y. T.; Kim, Y. J.; Lee, K. W.; Chun, K. J., 2002:
Design and Test of 2.5 m Cutoff Size Inlet Based on a Particle Cup Impactor Configuration

Ganesan Sunilkumar; LeAnne Mohr; Emily Lopata-Finch; Chandrakanth Emani; Keerti, S. Rathore, 2002:
Developmental and tissue-specific expression of CaMV

E. Serre; P. Bontoux; B.E. Launder, 2002:
Direct Numerical Simulation of Transitional Turbulent Flow in a Closed Rotor-Stator Cavity

Susannah, H. Mayhew, 2002:
Donor Dealings: The Impact of International Donor Aid on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

John W Freebairn; John W Zillman, 2002:
Economic benefits of meteorological services

Yachen Li; Jinjun Wang; Panfeng Zhang, 2002:
Effects of Gurney Flaps on a NACA0012 Airfoil

A. Ajdari, 2002:
Electrokinetic ratchet pumps for microfluidics

Y.Q Zhao, 2002:
Enhancement of alum sludge dewatering capacity by using gypsum as skeleton builder

E Galán; I González; B Fabbri, 2002:
Estimation of fluorine and chlorine emissions from Spanish structural ceramic industries. The case study of the Bailn area, Southern Spain

Gurzadyan, G G., 2002:
Excited singlet state and photoionization of 8-methoxypsoralen. Picosecond transient absorption study

Peter Hayward, 2002:
FOXP2 sequence starts talking

Dove, A. W., 2002:
Finding degradation at the checkpoint

Li-Ming Zhang, 2002:
Fractal characteristics of granularity distributions of aqueous bentonite and bentonitepolymer muds

Vera Kampschöer; Els Eijssens, 2002:
Gebruikersraadpleging in de praktijk, de waarde van een patintenperspectiefgroepspraktijkenkwaliteit van zorgpatintenparticipatiepraktijkvoeringwachttijd (spreekuur)

Hancock, W S., 2002:
Glycosylation, Who Cares?

Dennise Richardson, 2002:
Hear my story

Rudi Westendorp, 2002:
Hoe en waarom wij oud worden

H.G. Hornung, 2002:
Hypersonic flow over bodies in tandem

Sturm, J F., 2002:
Implementation of interior point methods for mixed semidefinite and second order cone optimization problems

Samuel Roulin, A J. Buchala and Geoffrey, B. Fincher, 2002:
Induction of (13,14)-b-D-glucan hydrolases in leaves of dark-incubated barley seedlings

Buston, K; Wight, D; Hart, G, 2002:
Inside the sex education classroom: The importance of context in engaging pupils

Lauritzen, D B.; Avila, M P.; Buzney, S M.; Weiter, J J., 2002:
Interventions in pseudophakic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment

Eisenberg, L, 2002:
Is Biology Destiny? Is It All in Our Genes?

Ezell, M J.; Wang, W; Ezell, A A.; Soskin, G; Finlayson-Pitts, B J., 2002:
Kinetics of reactions of chlorine atoms with a series of alkenes at 1 atm and 298 K: structure and reactivity

V.N. Lazukov; E.V. Nefeodova; V.V. Sikolenko; U. Staub; P.A. Alekseev; M. Braden; K.S. Nemkovski; C. Pradervand; I.P. Sadikov; L. Soderholm; N.N. Tiden, 2002:
Lattice anomalies in CeNi unstable valence compound

T. Zamoshchina; M. Meleshko; A. Matveenko; E. Ivanova; N. Grubel, 2002:
Lithium and the circadian rhythms of the renal sodium, potassium, calcium and lithium excretions in rats with the right suprachiasmatic nucleus lesion

Roberts, D D., 2002:
Maggi's Croce, Sasso's Gentile and the riddles of twentieth-century Italian intellectual history

Scott Banta; Matt Boston; Alisha Jarnagin; Stephen Anderson, 2002:
Mathematical Modeling of in vitro Enzymatic Production of 2-Keto-L-gulonic Acid Using NAD(H) or NADP(H) as Cofactors

Cleveland, T; Nawaz, S; Gaines, P, 2002:
Mesenteric arterial ischaemia: diagnosis and therapeutic options

John Burnett; Patrick Du Yaping, 2002:
Mitigation of extremely low frequency magnetic fields from electrical installations in high-rise buildings

N. Pesheva; G. Oshanin, 2002:
Monolayer spreading on a chemically heterogeneous substrate

Andrews, P., 2002:
NICE guidelines: renal disease -- prevention and early management

Grunze, H.; Walden, J., 2002:
New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects of Bipolar Disorders

Ang Li; Yi-bo Luo; Song Ge, 2002:
Note:A Preliminary Study on Conservation Genetics of an Endangered Orchid (Paphiopedilum micranthum) from Southwestern China

Kyung-Lyum Min; Ekaterina Viazovkina; Annie Galarneau; Michael A Parniak; Masad J Damha, 2002:
Oligonucleotides comprised of alternating 2-Deoxy-2-fluoro-b-d-arabinonucleosides and d-2-deoxyribonucleosides (2F-ANA/DNA Altimers) induce efficient RNA cleavage mediated by RNase H

C.Dale Keefe; Shaun MacInnis; Tara Burchell, 2002:
Optical constants and integrated intensities of liquid hexafluorobenzene between 4000 and 250 cm1 at 25 C

je, 2002:
PET als ambulante Kassenleistung abgelehnt

Kevin Anderson; Claudia Neuhauser, 2002:
Patterns in spatial simulationsare they real?

Ohtaka, O.; Fukui, H.; Funakoshi, K.; Utsumi, W.; Irifune, T.; Kikegawa, T., 2002:
Phase Relations and EOS of ZrO 2 and HfO 2 Under High-temperature and High-pressure

Jenny Shattock, 2002:
Plant Pathologist's Pocketbook, Third edition

Dave Burrows, 2002:
Power of the picture: a personal account of the use of photographs by Ranard in harm reduction training

Kurt G Davis; John P Schriver, 2002:
Prevalence of teaching sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer in general surgery residency programs

Ellery Eells, 2002:
Propensity Trajectories, Preemption, and The Identity of Events

Nikitas, M. Sgouros, 2002:
Qualitative Navigation for Autonomous Wheelchair Robots in Indoor Environments

Susan Presby Kodish, 2002:
Rational Emotive Behavior Coaching

Rebulla, P, 2002:
Refractoriness to platelet transfusion

Wai, K. Leung; David, Y. Graham, 2002:
Rescue therapy forHelicobacter pylori

Xavier Nicolas, 2002:
Revue bibliographique sur les coulements de PoiseuilleRayleighBnard : coulements de convection mixte en conduites rectangulaires horizontales chauffes par le bas

Paul Bissell; Janine Morgall Traulsen; Lotte Stig Haugbølle, 2002:
SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY AND PHARMACY PRACTICE RESEARCH: (2) An introduction to functionalist sociology: Talcott Parsons' concept of the sick role

D. L. Lipilin; A. M. Churakov; Yu. A. Strelenko; V. A. Tartakovsky, 2002:
Selective reduction of the nitro group in the presence of the azoxy group. Synthesis of 2-(alkyl-NNO-azoxy)anilines

K.Saidas Nair; Nagaraj Balasubramanian; Vladlen, Z. Slepak, 2002:
Signal-Dependent Translocation of Transducin, RGS9-1-Gβ5L Complex, and Arrestin to Detergent-Resistant Membrane Rafts in Photoreceptors

Catherine Cubbin; Paula, A. Braveman; Kristen, S. Marchi; Gilberto, F. Chavez; John, S. Santelli; Brenda, J. Colley Gilbert, 2002:
Socioeconomic and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Unintended Pregnancy Among Postpartum Women in California

Joan Martinez-Alier; Heinz Schandl, 2002:
Special Section: European Environmental History and Ecological Economics

Dufaud, O.; Corbel, S., 2002:
Stereolithography of PZT ceramic suspensions

M. R. Aliev; R. Z. Aliev; A. R. Aliev, 2002:
Study of Turbulent Flow in a Long Permeable Channel

Michael Griffith, 2002:
Supraventricular Arrhythmias

Dondoni, A; Marra, A; Zampolli, M Grazia, 2002:
Synthesis of All Carbon Linked Glycoside Clusters Round Benzene Scaffold via Sonogashira-Heck-Cassar Cross-Coupling of Iodobenzenes with Ethynyl C-Glycosides

Sánchez Merino, J.M.; Fernández Flores, A.; Gómez Cisneros, S.C.; Parra Muntaner, L.; García Alonso, J., 2002:
Tejido prosttico ectpico en vejiga urinaria

Saugata Basu, 2002:
The Combinatorial and Topological Complexity of a Single Cell

Harley, S, 2002:
The Impact of Research Selectivity on Academic Work and Identity in UK Universities

Weille, K-Lee, H., 2002:
The Psychodynamics of Consensual Sadomasochistic and Dominant-Submissive Sexual Games

Christopher, A. Muhando, B L. Kuguru, G M. Wagner, N E. Mbije and Marcus, C. Öhman, 2002:
The Western Indian Ocean || Environmental Effects on the Distribution of Corallimorpharians in Tanzania

Adriana C Gittenberger-de Groot; Margot M Bartelings; Ad, J.J.C Bogers; Marit J Boot; Robert E Poelmann, 2002:
The embryology of the common arterial trunk

Hudson, J L.; Kendall, P C.; Coles, M E.; Robin, J A.; Webb, A, 2002:
The other side of the coin: Using intervention research in child anxiety disorders to inform developmental psychopathology

Gianna Casazza; Cecilia Silvestri; Emanuela Spada, 2002:
The use of bio-indicators for quality assessments of the marine environment: Examples from the Mediterranean sea

M. Brocca; L.C. Brinson; Z.P. Bažant, 2002:
Three-dimensional constitutive model for shape memory alloys based on microplane model

Charles G Curtin; Nathan F Sayre; Benjamin D Lane, 2002:
Transformations of the Chihuahuan Borderlands: grazing, fragmentation, and biodiversity conservation in desert grasslands

Milet-Marsal, S.; Breillat, C.; Peyruchaud, O.; Nurden, P.; Combrié, R.; Nurden, A.; Bourre, F., 2002:
Two Different β3 Cysteine Substitutions Alter αIIbβ3 Maturation and Result in Glanzmann Thrombasthenia

Dongeun Huh; Yi-Chung Tung; Hsien-Hung Wei; James, B. Grotberg; Steven, J. Skerlos; Katsuo Kurabayashi; Shuichi Takayama, 2002:
Use of Air-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in Hydrophobic Microfluidic Channels for Disposable Flow Cytometers

Harold L Kennedy, 2002:
Ventricular ectopy in athletes: Dont worry more good news!

Dorman, L M.; Gehringer, D D., 2002:
Web browser applet allows visualization of three-dimensional models

Clark, P; Stroud, J, 2002:
Working Together to Improve the Quality of Care and Education in Early Childhood Programs

Stefano Predelli, 2002:
Holmesand HolmesA Millian Analysis of Names from Fiction

Scheel-Toellner, D; Salmon, M; Lord, J M., 2003:
A Life-Raft for Death Signalling?

Weiss, H; Ortmaier, T; Maass, H; Hirzinger, G; Kuehnapfel, U, 2003:
A Virtual-Reality-Based Haptic Surgical Training System

Jack, G. Calvert; Steve, E. Lindberg, 2003:
A modeling study of the mechanism of the halogenozonemercury homogeneous reactions in the troposphere during the polar spring

William B Levy; Xiangbao Wu; Anthony, J. Greene; Barbara, A. Spellman, 2003:
A source of individual variation

Hogg, K, 2003:
Accumulator BET: a traumatic pleuritic chest pain

O'Sullivan, L. F.; Meyer-Bahlburg, H. F. L., 2003:
African-American and Latina Inner-City Girls' Reports of Romantic and Sexual Development

A. V. Afanas'ev; I. Ya. Orlov, 2003:
An Infrared Microprocessor Pyrometer with Diaphragmatic Optics

D. Herrmann; M. Oertel; R. Menner; M. Powalla, 2003:
Analysis of relevant plasma parameters for ZnO:Al film deposition based on data from reactive and non-reactive DC magnetron sputtering

Martin, J. C.; Fornies-Marquina, J. M.; Bottreau, A. M., 2003:
Application of permittivity mixture laws to carbon black dielectric characterization by time domain reflectometry

Petronella, S A; Conboy-Ellis, K, 2003:
Asthma epidemiology: risk factors, case finding, and the role of asthma coalitions

Richard Evans; J. Sedransk, 2003:
Bayesian methodology for combining the results from different experiments when the specifications for pooling are uncertain: II

Duncan, L E., 2003:
Black Male College Students Attitudes Toward Seeking Psychological Help

Oliveira, A M.; Fletcher, J A., 2003:
CHIPing Soft Tissue Tumors: Will the Paradigms Be Changed?

Sook Bergquist, K Ja; Campbell, M E.; Unrau, Y A., 2003:
Caucasian Parents and Korean Adoptees

Paltin, D M., 2003:
Chemical and Biological Violence

Yi Yu-xin; Yang Yu; Qu Xiao-bing; Liu Ya-li, 2003:
Clinical effect and mechanism of Shengmai Injection in treating senile cerebral infarction

Brewer, L; Williams, D, 2003:
Comorbidities account for high cost in elderly with heart failure

Sáez, M., 2003:
Condicionantes en la utilizacin de los servicios de atencin primaria. Evidencias empricas e inconsistencias metodolgicas

Dove, A. W., 2003:
Coping with the stress of morphogenesis

Terufumi Takayama; Masaki Kawano; Hidehiro Uekusa; Yuji Ohashi; Tadashi Sugawara, 2003:
Crystalline-State Photoreaction of 1-Azido-2-nitrobenzene Direct Observation of Heterocycle Formation by X-Ray Crystallography

Aina Puce and David Perrett, 2003:
Decoding, Imitating and Influencing the Actions of Others: The Mechanisms of Social Interaction || Electrophysiology and Brain Imaging of Biological Motion

Sanabria, M; Robles, M, 2003:
Determinant Factors of the Nutritional Status of Paraguayan Childhood. Integrated Home Survey - IHS 2000/ 01

R. Erlinger, 2003:
Die Aufklärung nicht Deutsch sprechender Patienten

Singh, S K.; Beck, M. B., 2003:
Dispersion Coefficient of Streams from Tracer Experiment Data

Thompson, S M., 2003:
Duration of Probable Maximum Precipitation on Lake Catchments: Alternative Analysis

&na;,, 2003:
Effect of Timing of Morphine Administration During Remifentanil-Based Anaesthesia on Early Recovery from Anaesthesia and Postoperative Pain

Emanuele Barbato; Jozef Bartunek; Eric Wyffels; William Wijns; Guy, R. Heyndrickx; Bernard De Bruyne, 2003:
Effects of intravenous dobutamineon coronary vasomotion in humans

C. Patriarca; D. Petrella; B. Campo; P. Colombo; P. Giunta; M. Parente; N. Zucchini; R. Mazzucchelli; R. Montironi, 2003:
Elevated E-Cadherin and α/β-Catenin Expression after Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Minoru Akiyama; Takeharu Tsuge; Yoshiharu Doi, 2003:
Environmental life cycle comparison of polyhydroxyalkanoates produced from renewable carbon resources by bacterial fermentation

Marcon, E.; Puech, F., 2003:
Evaluating the geographic concentration of industries using distance-based methods

Dominique Alonso; Thierry Cachot; Jean-Marie Hornut, 2003:
Experimental study of an innovative absorption heat transformer using partially miscible working mixtures

Regina Kenen; Audrey Ardern-Jones; Rosalind Eeles, 2003:
Family stories and the use of heuristics: women from suspected hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) families

A. A. Tatarnikov; L. V. Burtelov, 2003:
Flow of Media with Pseudo-Plastic Properties in a Circular Pipe

Ruellan, E.; Delteil, J.; Wright, I.; Matsumoto, T., 2003:
From rifting to active spreading in the Lau Basin - Havre Trough backarc system (SW Pacific): Locking/unlocking induced by seamount chain subduction

E. González-Partida; A. Carrillo-Chávez; G. Levresse; J. Tritlla; A. Camprubı́, 2003:
Genetic implications of fluid inclusions in skarn chimney ore, Las Animas ZnPbAg(F) deposit, Zimapn, Mexico

Anabire, N.Godwin.; Aryee, P.Armah.; Addo, F.; Anaba, F.; Kanwugu, O.Nabayire.; Ankrah, J.; Awandare, G.Akanzuwine.; Helegbe, G.Kofi., 2018:
Evaluation of hematological indices of childhood illnesses in Tamale Metropolis of Ghana

Edwin Hoffman, 2003:
Het TOPOI-model: een systeemtheoretische benadering van interculturele communicatie

Wells, W. A., 2003:
How old mothers can have young offspring

Asghar Aghamohammadi; Hirokazu Kanegane; Mostafa Moein; Abolhasan Farhoudi; Zahra Pourpak; Masoud Movahedi; Mohammad Gharagozlou; Ali Akabar Amir Zargar; Toshio Miyawaki, 2003:
Identification of anSH2D1Amutation in a hypogammaglobulinemic male patient with a diagnosis of common variable immunodeficiency

Segal, N L., 2003:
In Detail; Research Reviews; Of New Interest

M. Sathiyakumar; F.D. Gnanam, 2003:
Influence of additives on density, microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina

Mouritsen, J, 2003:
Intellectual capital and the capital market: the circulability of intellectual capital

Svensson-Björk, R.; Hasselmann, J.; Acosta, S., 2018:
Evaluation of inguinal vascular surgical scars treated with closed incisional negative pressure wound therapy using three-dimensional digital imaging-A randomized controlled trial on bilateral incisions

Wayne, A. Hochwarter; K. Michele Kacmar; Darren, C. Treadway; T. Steuart Watson, 2003:
It's All Relative: The Distinction and Prediction of Political Perceptions Across Levels

Claude Navelet, 2003:
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Poincar bifurcation of a three-dimensional system

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Prostate Cancer and Sex

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Serotoninergic Mechanism in the Central Link of the Shadow Reflex inLymnaea stagnalisL

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The Biconditional Doctrine: Contra Kölbel on a "Dogma" of Davidsonian Semantics

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The Geography of Union Organising in Low-Paid Service Industries in the UK: Lessons from the T&G's Campaign to Unionise the Dorchester Hotel, London

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The Polytope of Non-Crossing Graphs on a Planar Point Set

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The possibility of nonsectarian futures: emerging disruptive identities of place in the Belfast of Ciaran Carson's The Star Factory

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Theodore Francis Thurmon III, M.D. (October 20, 1937January 3, 2005)

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Transoral Approach to the Ventral Craniocervical Border

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UK Planning Reform: A Regulationist Interpretation

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Wendy Perez

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ABS20: Developing a community based spirometry service for east London

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Al-Hf-Ni (Aluminum-Hafnium-Nickel)

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Analysis of the Interaction of the Adenovirus L1 52/55-Kilodalton and IVa2 Proteins with the Packaging Sequence In Vivo and In Vitro

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Application of Cartilaginous Flap in the Bulbous and Saddle Nose

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Average Joes: Men's Relationships With Media, Real Bodies, and Sexuality

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Bringing the Leviathan Back In: Classical versus Contemporary Studies of the Liberal Peace

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Campusbased university students use of dialogue

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Childcare for Children With Disabilities

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Conceptual chemical process design in a sustainable technological world

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Controversy Corner: Quieta movere magna merces videbatur

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Critical care nurses perceptions of 12-h shifts

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De Maia Zorgverklaring

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Desflurane causes more atrial fibrillation and tachycardia after off-pump aorto-coronary bypass grafting (OPCAB) than sevoflurane

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Development of an Uniaxial Caking Tester

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Direct Questioning of Genital Symptoms: Increasing Opportunities for Identifying and Treating Sexually Transmitted Infections in Primary Health-care Settings

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Does the Use of 50% Oxygen at Birth in Preterm Infants Reduce Lung Injury?

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Effect of high magnetic field on a quasi-3D silver dendrite growing system

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Enrichment of arsenic, antimony, thallium and selenium in high-arsenic coal from Xingren County, Guizhou Province

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Ethical Integrity in Nursing Research Revisited

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Fluidization with viscoelastic polymer solutions in the transition flow region

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From the chapter development committee

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Genetic abnormalities in soft tissue sarcomas implications for treatment

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Greffe en palissade pour recentrage actabulaire dans les reprises par implant sans ciment

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Homolytic Substitution at the Sulfur Atom as a Tool for Organic Synthesis

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Hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion: evolving concepts in the treatment of extremity soft tissue sarcomas

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Immunization and facilitation produced by predictable and controllable aversive events alternating with different duration unpredictable and uncontrollable aversive events

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In situ synthesis of SiC reinforced MMC surface on AISI 304 stainless steel by TIG surface alloying

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Intrt de la chimio-radiothrapie no-adjuvante dans le cancer pancratique

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LES of open rotorstator flow

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Le mdecin du travail et les consquences possibles dun dfaut dinformation

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Lindenberg Observatory meteorological flights and early studies of upper-level winds

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Lupus rythmateux cutan induit par Etanercept dans le cadre d'une polyarthrite rhumatode

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Manifestation osseuse inhabituelle au cours de la maladie de Gaucher : propos d'un cas

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Mechanisms of congenital cytomegalovirus-induced deafness

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Modeling changes in the circadian patterns of cortisol secretion in human saliva and urine

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Monte Carlo Study of Planar Rotator Model with Weak DzyaloshinskyMoriya Interaction

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Mcanismes dinteraction des champs lectromagntiques avec les systmes biologiques

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Neurology in Asia is different

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Non-governmental organisations and governance states: The impact of transnational environmental management networks in Madagascar

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O-Nitration of Prostaglandins: Synthesis of 15-O-Nitrates of 11-Deoxyprostaglandin E1and Its Methyl Ester

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Off-site emergency scenario, a case study from a LPG Bottling Plant

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Online vs Live Methods for Teaching Difficult Airway Management to Anesthesiology Residents

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Our experience of mitral valve repair in young rheumatics

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Papel de la ecografa en la valoracin del resultado del tratamiento endoscpico del RVU

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Penetration through a slot in a conducting plane backed by a conducting-walled channel: Transverse magnetic case

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Phosphonium-modified layered silicate epoxy resins nanocomposites and their combinations with ATH and organo-phosphorus fire retardants

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Pli maculaire compliquant la chirurgie du dcollement de rtine

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Practical and Efficient Synthesis of Orthogonally Protected a2,3Diaminopropionic Acid (2,3Dap), 2,4Diaminobutanoic Acid (2,4Dab), and their NMethylated Derivatives

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Pressure Dependence of the Acid/Base Equilibria of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Solutions to 1000 bar at 20C

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Proktologische Diagnostik

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Pulmonary Involvement in Henoch-Schönlein Purpura

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Radio- und Chemotherapie als alternative Therapiestrategien beim zentralen Gallengangskarzinom

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Relationships between personality disorder attributes and friendship qualities among college students

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Retinal growth hormone: Autocrine/paracrine cell survival mechanisms during retinal ganglion cell neurogenesis

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Roles of peptides and steroids in sleep disorders

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Science with a Social Conscience: Digging for Dinosaurs and Helping Children in the Land That Time Forgot

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Separation of phenols, alcohols, and alkylbenzenes by gas chromatography on adsorption layers of copper and nickel alizarinates

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Simulations of Turbulent Non-Premixed Counterflow Flames with First-Order Conditional Moment Closure

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Somatic City: Laughter and Civic Imaginings

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Spheres of Justice within Schools: Reflections and Evidence on the Distribution of Educational Goods

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Strategy and HRM in nonprofit organizations: evidence from Canada

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Studying the Velopharyngeal Mechanism Through 3D Computer Reconstructions Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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Sustainable development: ten years of experience at ITESM's graduate level

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Synthesis of perovskite-type (La1xCax)CoO3at low temperature using ethylene glycol and citric acid

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Technological and chemical assessment of various thermochemical cycles: From the UT3 cycle up to the two steps iron oxide cycle

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The Cancer Differential: Minorities in Racially Segregated Urban Areas at Higher Risk Than Whites

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The Hidden Danger: Radiation Risk and CT Imaging

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The Prevalence and Progression of Arterial Calcification in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease

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The adjustment of random baseline measurements in treatment effect estimation

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The effects of water temperature on the migration of smolts of the Atlantic salmonSalmo salarL

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The need for collaboration in early communication intervention: whom do parents consult regarding the prevention of communication disorders?

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The subexponentiality of products revisited

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Thin films of GeC deposited using a unique hollow cathode sputtering technique

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Towards early detection of the hydrolytic degradation of poly(bisphenol A)carbonate by hyphenated liquid chromatography and comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography

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Treatment of odorous sulphur compounds by chemical scrubbing with hydrogen peroxideApplication to a laboratory plant

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Ultrasonic Polishing of the Posterior Capsule With the Dewey Radius Tip

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Use of quantum dot-bioconjugates for sensing and probing cellular processes

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We-W43:2 Adaptor proteins a novel mechanism for the regulation of lipoprotein receptors: The case of autosomal recessive hypercholesterolemia (ARH) protein and LDLR

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Women and the Politics of Gender in Southern Africa || Gender Politics and the Pendulum of Political and Social Transformation in Zimbabwe

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β2-adrenergic agonist protects human endothelial cells from hypoxia/reoxygenation injury in vitro

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A General Mediated Model of Aspects of Self Knowledge (M-ASK): Children's Participation in Learning Activities across Social Contexts

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A Short Introduction to Löwenheim's Life and Work and to a Hitherto Unknown Paper

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A generalization of the fractal/facies model

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A novel pyrene-based film: Preparation, optical properties and sensitive detection of organic copper(II) salts

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Activity of Intracellular Phospholipase A and A in Giardia lamblia

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Aggression, Antisocial Behaviour and Violence Among Girls: A Developmental Perspective

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An Immunoreceptor Tyrosine Activation Motif in the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Envelope Protein Plays a Role in Virus-Induced Mammary Tumors

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Analyse des proprits biomcaniques de l'os l'chelle macroscopique

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Art in Palliative Care

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Attractor neural networks with activity-dependent synapses: The role of synaptic facilitation

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Benedict Arnold's Navy

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Boiterie inexplique de l'enfant: intrt du bilan radiologique

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Evidence for a general performance-monitoring system in the human brain

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Catalytic Ring Hydrogenation of Benzoic Acid with Supported Transition Metal Catalysts in scCO2

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Characterization of aerosols in Saga city areas in Japan with direct and diffuse solar irradiance and aureole observations

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Cleaning diesel plant exhaust gases

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Combined Tetanus, Diphtheria, and 5-Component Pertussis Vaccine for Use in Adolescents and Adults

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Composition, mineral assemblages, and genesis of titanite and malayaite in skarns

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Activities

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Demography, Present and Future

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Educational value of different types of exhibits in an interactive science and technology center

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Emotion and rationality: A critical review and interpretation of empirical evidence

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Epidemiological Characteristics of a Chicago-area Acanthamoeb a Keratitis Outbreak

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Evaluation of ADEOS-II GLI ocean color atmospheric correction using SIMBADA handheld radiometer data

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Experimental and computational study of a lifted, non-premixed turbulent free jet flame

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Face recognition under variable pose and illumination conditions using 3D facial appearance models

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Finger length ratio (2D:4D) and sex differences in aggression during a simulated war game

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Foucault and the Government of Disability

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Garnet-bearing granite from the Teb pluton, Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)

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Giving back the helm

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Hacer Anatomas

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High strain rate behavior of 4-step 3D braided composites under compressive failure

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HuGE Reviews and Meta-analysis of Gene Association Studies

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IXA.3 Culturally competent communication enhances quality of care in geriatric oncology

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Important Bird Areas in Zambia by Peter Leonard

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Individual differences in the social facilitation effect: A review and meta-analysis

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Interpretation of discrete and continuum modes in a two-layer Eady model

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Invloed van nierfalen op de farmacokinetiek van bupropion en zijn metabolieten

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Laboratory modeling of nonlinear trapping of Langmuir waves inside a small-scale magnetoplasma irregularity

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Les diverticules de Meckel chez lenfant : propos de 11 cas

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Localized mRNA is the norm

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MRI of Little Leaguer's shoulder

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Mastocytoses cutanes

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Mens, microbe en Darwin

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Migration/inversion for incident waves synthesized from common-shot data gathers

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Modified BINOL Podands: Synthesis of Dinaphthosulfide Podands and Their Application in Spectrophotometric Determination of Toxic Metals

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Multimodal resources for turn-taking: pointing and the emergence of possible next speakers

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Natural weathering effects on some properties of CPVC pipe material

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New process for the preparation of 3,5-dihydroxy-1-pentylbenzene

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Evidence of the Possible Harm of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Humans: Ongoing Debates and Key Issues

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OP17.02: Use of ultrasound to reduce the need for hysteroscopy in the management of postmenopausal bleeding (PMB): introduction of a one-stop clinic

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Optimization algorithm for the pump structure of diode side-pumped solid-state lasers

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Ozone content over the Russian federation territory in the second quarter of 2007

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Patient Adherence to Osteoporosis Medications

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Perte transitoire de la vision cause par un ostome orbitaire

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Pilot Study of an Instrument to Measure Attitudes to Palliative Care Practice in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

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Poster 061: Recurrence of Minor Salivary Malignancies: An Analysis of the Mayo Clinic Experience

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Predictors of tracheostomy in cardiac surgical patients and its impact on ICU & hospital length of stay and survival

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Principles for selection of extraction systems and combined processes for separation and treatment of petroleum products

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Protagonists of Healthy Ecosystems

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Quantifying uncertainty in high-resolution coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem models

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Reflexivity in Teams: A Measure and Correlates

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Research on Self-Management Support

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Rising Incidence of Small Renal Masses: A Need to Reassess Treatment Effect

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Safety Profile of Meropenem

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Selection of structural parameters for a cylindrical hydrocyclone for degassing of heterogenous liquid media based on results of numerical modeling

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Should Major Vascular Surgery Be Delayed Because of Preoperative Cardiac Testing in Intermediate-Risk Patients Receiving Beta-Blocker Therapy With Tight Heart Rate Control?

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So you have Parkinson'snow what?

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State estimation for linear systems with state equality constraints

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Structure and luminescence of HfO2-codoped Gd2O3:Eu phosphors

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Sunlight-induced functionalisation reactions of heteroaromatic bases with aldehydes in the presence of TiO2: A hypothesis on the mechanism

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Syndrome de la pince aorto-msentrique aprs correction dune dformation rachidienne

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Synthesis of novel oxazolines and application in cyanosilylation of prochiral ketones

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Technique IRM de caractrisation des masses annexielles

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The Camp as a Space of Exception in Contemporary Geopolitics: Biopower of Hospitality in Camps for Illegal Immigrants in Italy

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The Hospital Discharge

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The Real Seattle Grace Hospital, The True Stories of Surgery Residency

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The boundaries between attachment and personality: Associations across three levels of the attachment network

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The factor structure of the Chinese version of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

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Third language acquisition: why it is interesting to generative linguists

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Trace Mineral Losses in Sweat

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Une prise en charge prcoce (<3 heures ) influence-t-elle la reperfusion coronaire des idm? Analyse de 983 dossiers d'infarctus du myocarde de 2001 2005 aux SamuSMUR et services d'urgence

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VIII. Reconsidering `Sex' and `Gender': Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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Visualizing is believing

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When Illness Goes Public: Celebrity Patients and How We Look at Medicine

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Zimbabwe in Ruins: Mediation Prospects in a Conflict Not Yet Ripe for Resolution

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A Multi-Modal Haptic Interface for Virtual Reality and Robotics

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A Study on the Relations between Channels and Zangfu Organs

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A historical perspective of cultural competence

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A paradox of support seeking and rejection among the stigmatized

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A time-accurate variable property algorithm for calculating flows with large temperature variations

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Acrodermatitis enteropathica Like Syndrome in a Dialysis Patient

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Affective Urbanism and the Event of Hope

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An Approximate Solution of Scattering From Reinforced Concrete Walls

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An investigation of the H2 uptake in MgNbO ternary phases

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Answered Prayer

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Architects of Empire: The Duke of Wellington and His Brothers By John Severn

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At-Surface Reflectance and Albedo from Satellite for Operational Calculation of Land Surface Energy Balance

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Bayesian assessment of times to diagnosis in breast cancer screening

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Biomimetic silication of surfaces and its application to preventing leaching of electrostatically immobilized enzymes

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Business and International Environmental Agreements: Domestic Sources of Participation and Compliance by Advanced Industrialized Democracies

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Carers perspectives on the activity patterns of people with dementia

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Characteristics of shell microstructure and growth analysis of the Antarctic bivalveLaternula ellipticafrom Lützow-Holm Bay, Antarctica

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Cigarette smoking among young adults: Integrating adolescent cognitive egocentrism with the trans-theoretical model

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Cognitive impairment and sex offending: management during therapy and factors in offending

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Comparison of health related quality of life after the treatment of prostate cancer with permanent seed implantation brachytherapy and radical prostatectomy

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Conservation and citizen participation in the Cheney Lake watershed

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Corneal Manifestations of Ocular Demodex Infestation

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Crystal structures, magnetic and photoluminescent properties of one-dimensional lanthanide complexes with picolinate ligand

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Decay dynamics of europium excited states in bioactive glasses

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Design, National Imaginaries, and the Home Furnishings Commodity Chain

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Development of ultra-precision machining system with unique wire EDM tool fabrication system for micro/nano-machining

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Domestic Violence: The Beginning, Continuation, or Final Act in a Criminal Career?

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Early Carboniferous age of the Versoyen ophiolites and consequences: non-existence of a "Valais ocean" (Lower Penninic, western Alps)

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Effect of electroplastic processing on the structure of aluminum-lithium alloy 1463

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Effects of bluff-body shape on LPGH2 jet diffusion flame

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Electrochemical properties of SWNT/ferritin composite for bioapplications

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Energy intensity and greenhouse gas emission of a purchase in the retail park service sector: An integrative approach

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Estimates of maternal mortality worldwide between 1990 and 2005: an assessment of available data

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Evidence of native radiation-induced paramagnetic defects in natural illites from unconformity-type uranium deposits

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Experimental study on the effects of mixture homogeneity on stratified-charge compression ignition combustion

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Factors affecting dustcake drag in a hot-gas filter system collecting coal gasification ash

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First Cyclocondensations of 1,3-Bis(trimethylsilyloxy)buta-1,3-dienes with 1,1-Dimethoxy-4,4,4-trifluorobut-1-en-3-one

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Fractal analysis of street vistas: a potential tool for assessing levels of visual variety in everyday street scenes

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Gastrointestinal telemetry: A tool for studying the migrating motor complexes in the dog

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Global asymptotic stability of 2-D state-space digital filters with saturation arithmetic: Modified approach

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Hand-made articulating spacers for infected total knee arthroplasty: A technical note

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High-precision estimation of the time of arrival of radio signals

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HumanUrban Wildlife Interface: Interactions Around Tilden Regional Park, San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Identifying Sets of Key Nodes for Placing Sensors in Dynamic Water Distribution Networks

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Improvement of embryo midbrain cell cultures for testing developmental neurotoxicity in vitro

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Infarctus testiculaire. A propos d'un cas et revue de la littrature

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Insertion of Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Pattern on p-GaN Layer of GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Using Bi-Layer Nanoimprint Lithography

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Interventional techniques for pain management in palliative care

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Ion-pair charge transfer complexes with intense near IR absorption: Syntheses, crystal structures, electronic spectra and DFT calculations

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Kelly Enright on the Jungle

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Laparoscopic Myomectomy: Enucleation of the Myoma by Direct Morcellation

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Leukoreduction Before Red Blood Cell Transfusion Has No Impact on Mortality in Trauma Patients

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Lorentz covariant description of gravitational field

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Mammographic screening in Europe Where are we with mammography?

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Measuring Soil Pressure on a Buried Model Structure for the Validation of Quantitative Frameworks

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Methods of statistical modeling in the process of sieve separation of heterogeneous particles

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Mode-I crack-tip stress fields for inhomogeneous orthotropic medium

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Monazite as an indicator of formation conditions of quartz veins at the Zhelannoe deposit, the Subpolar Urals

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Muon capture in Ar. The muon lifetime and yields of Cl isotopes

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Neural Networks and Principal Components Analysis for Strain-Based Vehicle Classification

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No need for a body model: Positive velocity feedback for the control of an 18-DOF robot walker

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Numerical simulation of phase separation and a priori two-phase LES filtering

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Occurrence and incidence of viruses infecting green beans in south-eastern Spain

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On variational features of vortex flows

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Original nootropic drug Noopept prevents memory deficit in rats with muscarinic and nicotinic receptor blockade

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Parent-Child Relationships, Parental Relationships and Children's Self-Esteem in Post-Divorce Families in Hong Kong

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Performance of refrigerating plant with efficient heat exchangers

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Photoluminescence due to excitonexciton scattering in a GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum well

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Polyhydroxylated steroid compounds from the Far Eastern starfishDistolasterias nipon

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Praying in a Secularized Society: An Empirical Study of Praying Practices and Varieties

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Preserving β Cells in Type 1 Diabetes mellitus: the role of immunological tolerance

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Prognostischer Stellenwert des Schmerzes bei Patienten mit hormonrefraktärem Prostatakarzinom

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Pulpits Versus Ivory Towers: Socializing Agents and Evolution Attitudes

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Radiologic findings in taxane-induced colitis

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Recovery From Schizophrenia: An International Perspective

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Remarkable Case of Anuran Sexual Size Dimorphism: Platymantis rhipiphalcus Is a Junior Synonym of Platymantis boulengeri

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Review of Assessing culturally and linguistically diverse students: A practical guide

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Room temperature ionic liquid with silver salt as efficient reaction media for propylene/propane separation: Absorption equilibrium

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Science teaching certificate

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Sensory and Motor Manifestations of Muscle Pain

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Simplified Plane-Strain Modeling of Stone-Column Reinforced Ground

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Solar cycle changes, geomagnetic variations, and energetic particle properties in the inner magnetosphere

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Spectrophotometric studies on the binding of Vitamin C to lysozyme and bovine liver catalase

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Steroidogenic capacity of ovarian tissue post cryopreservation

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Study of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) (PHBV)/Bamboo Pulp Fiber Composites: Effects of Nucleation Agent and Compatibilizer

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Supramolecular coordination networks constructed from infinite one-dimensional chains with 5-nitroisophthalate as bridge

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Synthesis and characterization of polyene chromophores with hydroxyl functionalization

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Systemic ethics: social, economic and environmental implications of eating our yellow cake in South Australia

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Terminologie et intelligence artificielle: (TIA 2007), Sophia Antipolis (France), 8 to 10 October 2007

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The Effect of Interruptions and Breaks on Insight and Impasses: Do You Need a Break Right Now?

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The Many Voices of Psychoanalysis

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The Source of Enhanced Cognitive Control in Bilinguals: Evidence from Bimodal Bilinguals

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The economic benefit of short-term forecasting for wind energy in the UK electricity market

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The incoming global technological and industrial revolution towards competitive sustainable manufacturing

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The role of Tbx2 in pancreatic cancers and its regulation by Wnt/β-catenin signaling

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Theory of melting of submicron crystalline globules

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Time-resolved luminescence and singlet oxygen formation under illumination of hypericin in acetone

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Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 Channel Modulation: A Novel Approach to Pain Therapy

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Two alternative methods for height transformation

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Unsupervised robust planar segmentation of terrestrial laser scanner point clouds based on fuzzy clustering methods

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Validation for capture anion exchange chromatography process in r-hGH manufacturing

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Voices of donor conception. Volume 1, Behind closed doors: moving beyond secrecy and shame

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Considering cellular thrombomodulin distribution and its modulating factors can facilitate the use of plasma thrombomodulin as a reliable endothelial marker?

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DC-T reg cell checks and balances

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Glen Elder, 19672009

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Inflammatory Cytokine Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Enhances Nerve Growth Factor Production in Human Keratinocytes, HaCaT Cells

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Interfragmentary Motion in Patients With Scaphoid Nonunion

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Local solvability of equations of magnetohydrodynamics on the whole space

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Nachruf auf Prof. Dr. med. Hans Schliack

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Polymorphism of fecundity genes (BMPR1B, BMP15 and GDF9) in the Indian prolific Black Bengal goat

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Preaching to the unconverted

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Proceedings Issue || Incentive Pay for CEOs in Cooperative Firms

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Proteine morfogenetiche, cellule staminali e loro interazioni nella rigenerazione ossea

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Rapid Weight Loss Decreases Serum Testosterone

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Relationship between Food Consumption Patterns and CO2 Emission in Japan

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Rhetorical Features of Green Evangelicalism

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Self-assembly Formation of Multiple Tethered Lipid Bilayers

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Site Fidelity of Shrubland and Forest Birds

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Solubility of Zinc Silicate and Zinc Ferrite in Aqueous Solution to High Temperatures

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State classification for humanoid robots

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Subjective age: Toward a guiding lifespan framework

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Terebellides irinaesp. n., a new species ofTerebellides(Polychaeta: Terebellidae) from the Arctic Basin

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The Piltdown Skull Site: the rise and fall of Britain's first geological National Nature Reserve and its place in the history of nature conservation

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The Urgent Need for Improved Climate Models and Predictions

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The downside of microtubule stability

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Thyroidectomy in Graves' Disease: Subtotal, Near Total or Total?

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Trimethylsilylacetonitrile (TMSAN)

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Un Nuevo Estatus para Sorocea sprucei subsp. subumbellata (Moraceae)

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Valuing changes in forest biodiversity

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Vivek Malhotra: Gaga for the Golgi

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What happens during the free-choice period? Evidence of a polarizing effect of extrinsic rewards on intrinsic motivation

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Work engagement and burnout: testing the robustness of the Job Demands-Resources model

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valuation long terme dune dmarche ducative intgre aux soins chez des patients atteints de polyarthrite rhumatode

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A Compact Printed Antenna With an Embedded Double-Tuned Metamaterial Matching Network

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A Thermodynamic Study on the Binding of Cobalt(II) and Iron(III) Ions with Bovine Carbonic Anhydrase II at

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A flume test on erosion mechanism for an abandoned section of the Huanghe (Yellow) River Delta

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A reliable treatment of a homotopy analysis method for two-dimensional viscous flow in a rectangular domain bounded by two moving porous walls

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A well-grounded approach to the mind-body problem

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Accurate FDTD Simulation of RF Coils for MRI Using the Thin-Rod Approximation

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Adult attachment patterns and stability in esteem for romantic partners

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Anaesthetic breathing systems

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Annealing-free fabrication of P3HT:PCBM solar cells via simple brush painting

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Application of contactless electroreflectance to III-nitrides

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Asphalt Mixtures Modified with Sulphur Pellets, Impact on Pavement Thickness

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Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Food Polysaccharides

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Barriers Affecting the Adoption of Point-of-Care Technologies Used in Chest Pain Diagnosis Within the UK National Health Service

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Bioactive natural products from marine sponges and fungal endophytes

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Blowing Open the Serious Leisure-Casual Leisure Dichotomy: What's In There?

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Carbon nanotube: Possible candidate for forward osmosis

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Change in Corneal Sensitivity and Corneal Nerve after Cataract Surgery

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Coarse Grained Modeling and Approaches to Protein Folding

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Comparative Toxicity and Repellency of Microencapsulated and Other Liquid Insecticide Formulations to the German Cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

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Conrad Keating: Smoking killsthe revolutionary life of Richard Doll

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Forward Address

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HPV-vaccinatie veroorzaakt geen miskramen

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Tarification lactivit et nouvelle gouvernance

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