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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63242

Chapter 63242 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bates, E. R, 2004:
Angioplasty at an invasive treatment centre reduced mortality compared with first contact thrombolysis

Nazim Uddin Azam Khan; Sagir Ahmed; Michael, J. Miller, 2004:
Angioplasty of Coronary Trifurcation LesionA Case Report

Javier García Carmona, F; Manuel Padín Galea, Jé; Fernández Moratob, D, 2004:
Angioqueratoma circunscrito. Informe de un caso en el pie

Belén Loboff de León; Jesús García-Donas Jiménez; Miguel Martín Jiménez; Rosario Carrillo Gijón; Eduardo Díaz Rubio, 2004:
Angiosarcoma de bajo grado tras radioterapia en cncer de mama

Romero-Farina, G; Candell-Riera, J; Beltrán-Ror, Álvaro; González-Moreno, J B.; Bigalli, D; Stratta, A, 2004:
Angiosarcomas cardacos primarios: utilidad de la tomografa computarizada y la resonancia mgntica cardaca en su diagnstico

Chapiron, C.; Adjenou, V.; Arbion, F.; Potin, J.; Asquier, E.; Brunereau, L., 2004:
Angiosarcome du sein : caractristiques chographiques, mammographiques et IRM

Galmiche, L; Morel, H-Philippe; Moreau, A; Labrosse, P-André; Coindre, J-Michel; Heymann, M-Françoise, 2004:
Angiosarcome primitif surrnalien

Langham, R. G.; Kelly, D. J.; Cox, A. J.; Gow, R. M.; Holthofer, H.; Gilbert, R. E., 2004:
Angiotensin II-induced proteinuria and expression of the podocyte slit pore membrane protein, nephrin

Professor Riccardo Sarzani…, 2004:
Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and Target-Organ Protection Beyond Blood Pressure Control

Pedersen, T. F.; Jensen, B.; Norrild, K.; Sloth, E., 2004:
Angle dependency in the ultrasound modality displacement evaluated in a dynamic test phantom

T. Koide; H. Miyauchi; J. Okamoto; T. Shidara; A. Fujimori; H. Fukutani; K. Amemiya; H. Takeshita; S. Yuasa; T. Katayama; Y. Suzuki, 2004:
Angle-, field-, temperature-, and size-dependent magnetic circular X-ray dichroism in Au/Co nanoclusters/Au(1 1 1)

Jacob, C. Jonsson; Linus Karlsson; Per Nostell; Gunnar, A. Niklasson; Geoffrey, B. Smith, 2004:
Angle-dependent light scattering in materials with controlled diffuse solar optical properties

H Fujisawa; S Shiraki; M Nantoh; Maki Kawai, 2004:
Angle-resolved photoemission study of Fe on a vicinal Au (7 8 8) surface

Andersen, M; Winn, J, 2004:
Anglo American College in Prague: positioning for growth

Daniel, M.T. Fessler; Elizabeth, G. Pillsworth; Thomas, J. Flamson, 2004:
Angry men and disgusted women: An evolutionary approach to the influence of emotions on risk taking

Gerhard Dammann; Cord Benecke, 2004:
Angstzustände bei Patienten mit schweren Persönlichkeitsstörungen

Nicolas, X.; Chevalier, B.; Klotz, F., 2004:
Anguillule et anguillulose

Romain Gloro; Isabelle Ollivier-Hourmand; Armelle Morin-Fatome; Pierre Rousselot; Gabriel Le Moel; Thong Dao, 2004:
Anguillulose maligne associe une fibrose pulmonaire et une hmorragie digestive

B. Koch; W. Bohmeyer; G. Fussmann, 2004:
Angular Resolved Energy and Particle Flux Measurements in a Magnetized Plasma

Nguyen, H.D.; Hah, D.; Patterson, P.R.; Chao, R.; Piyawattanametha, W.; Lau, E.K.; Wu, M.C., 2004:
Angular Vertical Comb-Driven Tunable Capacitor With High-Tuning Capabilities

Grant, I P., 2004:
Angular coefficients in large-scale atomic structure calculations

Francisco, F. Medina; Jorge Garcia-Sucerquia; Román Castañeda; Giorgio Matteucci, 2004:
Angular criterion to distinguish between Fraunhofer and Fresnel diffraction

Karen Nørgaard Madsen, 2004:
Angular dependence of the switching field and implications for gyromagnetic remanent magnetization in three-axis alternating-field demagnetization

C. Archubi; C. Denton; J. C. Eckardt; G. H. Lantschner; F. Lovey; J. Valdés; C. Parra; F. Zappa; N. R. Arista, 2004:
Angular dispersion of protons transmitted through thin gold films

E. Ryan; M.J. Farquharson, 2004:
Angular dispersive X-ray scattering from breast tissue using synchrotron radiation

J. Adachi; K. Hosaka; S. Furuya; K. Soejima; M. Takahashi; A. Yagishita; S.K. Semenov; N.A. Cherepkov, 2004:
Angular distributions of vibrationally-resolved C 1s photoelectrons from fixed-in-space CO molecules: vibrational effect in the shape-resonant C 1s photoionization of CO

Eiiti KASUYA, 2004:
Angular transformation another effect of different sample sizes

Klie, R F; Cooley, L D; Zhu, Y, 2004:
Angular-Resolved Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy of MgB2-related Compounds

Chaban, G M., 2004:
Anharmonic Vibrational Spectroscopy of Nitriles and Their Complexes with Water

Xinshi Luo; Congji Zha; Barry Luther-Davies, 2004:
Anhydrous Sol-Gel Synthesis of Titania-Doped Siloxane Polymer for Integrated Optics

Steven, A. Schuetz; Mitzy, A. Erdmann; Victor, W. Day; Joanna, L. Clark; John, A. Belot, 2004:
Anhydrous tetranuclear, dinuclear, and dimeric lanthanide complexes bearing tetradentate Schiff bases

Janse, M, 2004:
Animacy, definiteness, and case in Cappadocian and other Asia Minor Greek dialects

Dr Gardener Murray, 2004:
Animal Health Committee meeting

Irschick, D J, 2004:
Animal Locomotion.Oxford Animal Biology Series.By Andrew A Biewener

Harriet Ritvo, 2004:
Animal Planet

Norm Blackman, 2004:
Animal WelfarePublic Policy Perspectives

Naoyasu MOTOMURA; Takayoshi YAGI; Hitomi OHYAMA, 2004:
Animal assisted therapy for people with dementia

Knowlton, K. F.; Radcliffe, J. S.; Novak, C. L.; Emmerson, D. A., 2004:
Animal management to reduce phosphorus losses to the environment1

Camila, I. de Oliveira; Maria Jânia Teixeira; Régis Gomes; Aldina Barral; Cláudia Brodskyn, 2004:
Animal models for infectious diseases caused by parasites: Leishmaniasis

Benoit I Giasson; Virginia, M.-Y Lee; John Q Trojanowski, 2004:
Animal models of neurodegenerative dementing disorders other than Alzheimer's disease

Kathleen Gibson, 2004:
Animal social complexity: Intelligence, culture, and individualized societies

Willis, R, 2004:
Animals Old and New. Multiple Perspectives on the Meaning of Beasthood

Fitzgerald, A; Kalof, L; Baralt, L, 2004:
Animals, Women, and Weapons: Blurred Sexual Boundaries in the Discourse of Sport Hunting

Jiyong Ma; Ronald Cole, 2004:
Animating visible speech and facial expressions

P. Geistdoerfer; M. Goyffon, 2004:
Animaux aquatiques dangereux

D. E. Eakins; D. F. Bahr; M. G. Norton, 2004:
Anin situTEM study of phase formation in gold-aluminum couples

Hiromitsu Maeda; Atsuhiro Osuka; Hiroyuki Furuta, 2004:
Anion Binding Properties ofN-Confused Porphyrins at the Peripheral Nitrogen

J.L. Finney; D.T. Bowron, 2004:
Anion bridges and salting out

Millicent, A. Firestone; Paul, G. Rickert; Sönke Seifert; Mark, L. Dietz, 2004:
Anion effects on ionogel formation in N,N-dialkylimidazolium-based ionic liquids

Modelli, A; Hajgató, Bázs; Nixon, J F.; Nyulászi, László, 2004:
Anionic States of Six-Membered Aromatic Phosphorus Heterocycles As Studied by Electron Transmission Spectroscopy and ab Initio Methods

Nakagaki, S, 2004:
Anionic iron(III) porphyrin immobilized on silanized kaolinite as catalyst for oxidation reactions

Vincent Bergeot; Thierry Tassaing; Marcel Besnard; François Cansell; Anne-Françoise Mingotaud, 2004:
Anionic ring-opening polymerization of -caprolactone in supercritical carbon dioxide: parameters influencing the reactivity

Laghmari, M.; Boutimzine, N.; Abdelouahed, A.K.; Lezrek, M.; Bensouda, N.; Benharbit, M.; Ibrahimy, W.; Daoudi, R.; Benchrif, Z.; Mohcine, Z., 2004:
Aniridie congnitale bilatrale familiale : propos de 5 cas

Newton, M R.; Morey, K A.; Zhang, Y; Snow, R J.; Diwekar, M; Shi, J; White, H S., 2004:
Anisotropic Diffusion in Face-Centered Cubic Opals

Smith, R D.; Gent, P R., 2004:
Anisotropic GentMcWilliams Parameterization for Ocean Models

Yi-Song, Z; Tian-Quan, Lü; Cheng-Xiang, Z, 2004:
Anisotropic Interface Roughness Scattering in a Lateral Superlattice

Lutich, A A.; Gaponenko, S V.; Gaponenko, N V.; Molchan, I S.; Sokol, V A.; Parkhutik, V, 2004:
Anisotropic Light Scattering in Nanoporous Materials: A Photon Density of States Effect

H. Zou, 2004:
Anisotropic Si deep beam etching with profile control using SF6/O2Plasma

Antonio Páez, 2004:
Anisotropic Variance Functions in Geographically Weighted Regression Models

L.H. Liu, 2004:
Anisotropic emission characteristics of semitransparent spherical particle with spherically asymmetric temperature distribution

T. Otiti, 2004:
Anisotropic magnetic properties of obliquely deposited Ni films

D. Kiyashchenko; B. Kashtan; R.-E. Plessix, 2004:
Anisotropic migration weight for amplitude-preserving migration and sensitivity analysis

M. Ichida; S. Mizuno; H. Kataura; Y. Achiba; A. Nakamura, 2004:
Anisotropic optical properties of mechanically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes in polymer

Stephen, C. Cowin, 2004:
Anisotropic poroelasticity: fabric tensor formulation

J. V. Herwanger; C. C. Pain; A. Binley; C. R. E. De Oliveira; M. H. Worthington, 2004:
Anisotropic resistivity tomography

Bejenari, I M; Kantser, V G; Myronov, M; Mironov, O A; Leadley, D R, 2004:
Anisotropic size quantization and semimetalsemiconductor phase transition in bismuth-like cylindrical nanowires

Audoine, E; Savage, M K.; Gledhill, K, 2004:
Anisotropic structure under a back arc spreading region, the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand

P. Fröbrich; P. J. Kuntz, 2004:
Anisotropic susceptibilities of thin ferromagnetic films within many-body Green's function theory

K. Fischer; C. Stoiber; A. Kyarad; H. Lengfellner, 2004:
Anisotropic thermopower in tilted metallic multilayer structures

D. Banabic; K. Siegert, 2004:
Anisotropy and formability of AA5182-0 aluminium alloy sheets

B. Cambou; Ph. Dubujet; C. Nouguier-Lehon, 2004:
Anisotropy in granular materials at different scales

Ryotaro Yabuki; Keiichiro Nasu, 2004:
Anisotropy of inter-exciton interaction and pattern formation dynamics in photoinduced structural phase transitions

J. S. Hwang; G. A. Oweimreen, 2004:
Anisotropy of rotation of nitroxide probes in nematogenic liquid crystals

Wise, S, 2004:
Anita Guerrini:Experimenting with Humans and Animals: From Galen to Animal Rights

Haskell, A; Mann, R A, 2004:
Ankle Arthroplasty with Preoperative Coronal Plane Deformity

Thordarson, D B, 2004:
Ankle Fractures in Diabetics

Kadakia, A R; Haddad, S L, 2004:
Ankle and hindfoot reconstruction: what is new in ankle arthroplasty, allograft, and fusion

Karladani, A; Digas, G; Ekström, L; Swanpalmer, J; Styf, J; Hansson, T, 2004:
Ankle arthrodesis using dowel bone graft and cancellous-bone screwsA mechanical study in cadavers

Lisa J Tourret; Imtiyaz S Talkhani, 2004:
Ankle articular surface diagram for documentation of arthroscopic findingsa cadaveric study

Aleksandar Lesic; Marko Bumbasirevic, 2004:
Ankle fractures

B.C Knight; M.E Lovell, 2004:
Ankle sprain injuries and poor outcome after litigation

&na;,, 2004:
Ankle-Brachial Index Use in Patients with Diabetes

Sepkoski, D, 2004:
Ann E. Moyer:The Philosophers Game: Rithmomachia in Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Vallgårda, S, 2004:
Anna Lundberg, Care and coercion: medical knowledge, social policy and patients with venereal disease in Sweden 17851903, Report no. 14 from the Demographic Data Base, Ume University, 1999, pp. 309 (91-7191-675-X)

Clarke, L E., 2004:
Anna: A Story of Stories

Green, L. A., 2004:
Annals of Family Medicine Is 1 Year Old: So What and Who Cares?

Robert, M. Kaplan; Alan, J. Christensen, 2004:
Annals of behavioral medicine endorses transparent reporting of evaluations with nonrandomized designs (TREND)

Izumi, T; Tanaka, K; Narita, R; Horiuchi, S; Takahara, A; Kajiyama, T, 2004:
Annealing effect on adhesion properties of poly(butylene terephthalate)

Jow-Lay Huang; Yi Pan; Jia Yuan Chang; Bao-Shun Yau, 2004:
Annealing effects on properties of antimony tin oxide thin films deposited by RF reactive magnetron sputtering

Chen-Chia Chuang; Jin-Tsong Jeng; Pao-Tsun Lin, 2004:
Annealing robust radial basis function networks for function approximation with outliers

Shiyong Liu; Shicheng Liu; Deyi Liu, 2004:
Annealing twin boundary cracking in the low-temperature brittle fracture of a high-nitrogen bearing austenitic steel

N. N. Mochul"skaya; A. A. Andreiko; M. I. Kodess; E. B. Vasil"eva; V. I. Filyakova; A. T. Gubaidullin; I. A. Litvinov; O. G. Sinyashin; G. G. Aleksandrov; V. N. Charushin, 2004:
Annelation of the thiazole ring to 1,2,4-triazines by tandem ANANor SNHSNHreactions

Preston, D, 2004:
Annelies Zoomers (ed.), Estrategias campesinas en el Surandino de Bolivia: Intervenciones y desarrollo rural en el norte de Chuquisaca y Potos (Amsterdam: Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation, Royal Tropical Institute, 1998), pp. ix+619, hb

J. Valentin, 2004:
Annex A: Dose coefficients for offspring of female workers

J. Valentin, 2004:
Annex B. Breast doses from radionuclides in milk and Annex C. Infant dose from radionuclides in the mother

J. Valentin, 2004:
Annex D. Dose coefficients for the embryo/fetus: Radioisotopes of sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium

Douard, H., 2004:
Annexe. Liste des centres dvaluation et dinformation sur la pharmacodpendance

Bandorowicz-Pikula, J, 2004:
Annexins in the Central Nervous System: Are they Neuroprotective or Proapoptotic Agents?

Kelly, S; Morton, S, 2004:
Annie Moore and the archives of displacement: towards an immigrant history of the present

D Valleur, 2004:
Annonce d'un handicap neurologique chez un enfant dans le cadre du centre d'action mdicosocial prcoce

M.-J Soubieux, 2004:
Annonce d'une malformation in utero

L Morisseau, 2004:
Annonce de l'anomalie : du ftus l'enfant

Kopp, N.; Chapuis, F.; Krolak-Salmon, P.; de Laguerie, C.; Réthy, M.P.; Chazot, G.; Hervé, C., 2004:
Annoncer le diagnostic de maladie de Creutzfeldt-Jakob

Rouy, J, 2004:
Annoncer un diagnostic(mauvaise nouvelle, maladie chronique, suspicion)Telling patients about their diagnosis(bad news, chronic disease, suspected disease)

Frank, A.Harald.Ralf.; Groene, P.; von Ehrlich-Treuenstätt, V.; Heiliger, C.; Werner, J.; Karcz, K., 2018:
Evaluation of pain relief sufficiency using the Cumulative Analgesic Consumption Score (CACS) and its modification (MACS)

Öztürk, M.; Yildirim, R., 2018:
Evaluation of Pancreas with Strain Elastography in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Mccarthy, A, 2004:
Annotated abstracts*1

Gunnar, M; Mats, L, 2004:
Annotating Mobile Multimedia Messages with Spatio-temporal Information

McGowan, S; Terrett, J; Brown, C; Adam, P; Aldridge, L; Allen, J; Amess, B; Andrews, K; Barnes, M; Barnwell, D, 2004:
Annotation of the Human Genome by High-Throughput Sequence Analysis of Naturally Occurring Proteins

Kathleen, E. Macintosh; Cheryl Dissanayake, 2004:
Annotation: The similarities and differences between autistic disorder and Asperger's disorder: a review of the empirical evidence

Barlow, D.H., 2004:
Announcement: New Departures for Human Reproduction in 2004

K D Rainsford, 2004:
Announcing a new section: Points of View

N Lior; T Roche, 2004:
Announcing new online enhancements for EnergyThe International Journal

Brody, E B.; McKnight, K, 2004:
Annual Acknowledgment

Georgina Parker, 2004:
Annual General Meeting Notification

Patrick, L. Mason, 2004:
Annual Income, Hourly Wages, and Identity Among Mexican-Americans and Other Latinos

Szatmári, A; Oberhänsli-Weiss, I, 2004:
Annual Meeting of the Association

de Wit, C; Gloe, T, 2004:
Annual Meeting of the German Society for Microcirculation and Vascular Biology

Cheng, J K.; Martin, Aés, 2004:
Annual Progress in Child Psychiatry and Child Development 20002001

Ritchie, P L.-J., 2004:
Annual Report of the International Union of Psychological Science (lUPsyS)

&na;,, 2004:
Annual Spring Regional Anesthesia Meeting & Workshops

Chin-Chun Wu; C.D. Fry; J.-Y. Liu; K. Liou; C.-L. Tseng, 2004:
Annual TEC variation in the equatorial anomaly region during the solar minimum: September 1996August 1997

Mark Thornley, 2004:
Annual Vet Together

A. M. Suvorov; I. G. Shokurova, 2004:
Annual and Interdecadal Variability of the Available Potential Energy in the Black Sea

Robert, L. Molinari, 2004:
Annual and decadal variability in the western subtropical North Atlantic: signal characteristics and sampling methodologies

Russell, J L.; Wallace, J M., 2004:
Annual carbon dioxide drawdown and the Northern Annular Mode

D. Muller; F. Lampe; K. Wegscheider; H.P. Schultheiss; S. Behrens, 2004:
Annual distribution of ventricular tachycardias and ventricular fibrillation

Pingree, R; Garcia-Soto, C, 2004:
Annual westward propagating anomalies near 26N and eddy generation south of the Canary Islands: remote sensing (altimeter/SeaWiFS) and in situ measurement

H.H Rodrı́guez; J.B Ramı́rez; D.C Velázquez; A.N Conejo; J.A Martı́nez, 2004:
Annular flow analysis by tracers in drilling operations

I.I. Beilis; A. Shashurin; A. Nemirovsky; S. Goldsmith; R.L. Boxman, 2004:
Anode temperature distribution and coating characteristics in a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc with an asymmetric anode

Dirilgen, N; Dogan, F, 2004:
Anodic stripping voltammetry: sn and pb analysis in archaeometallurgical samples

Laissy, J.P.; Vignaux, O.; Dacher, J.N., 2004:
Anomalies de la fonction contractile du myocarde : aspects nosologiques en TDM et IRM

De Backer, D, 2004:
Anomalies de la microcirculation dans le choc septique

Dudley, N.; Kirwin, S.; Dack, F.; Bown, C.; Rose, D., 2004:
Anomalies in Fetal Dating

G. Roseau, 2004:
Anomalies paritales vsiculaires : fautil les reconnatre? quelle place lchoendoscopie peutelle prtendre dans leur valuation?

Gaab, K M.; Bardeen, C J., 2004:
Anomalous Exciton Diffusion in the Conjugated Polymer MEHPPV Measured Using a Three-Pulse PumpDumpProbe Anisotropy Experiment

Bo, G; Jun, Z, 2004:
Anomalous Magnetization Exponent and Singular Frustration Induced Gap in Incommensurate Massive One-Dimensional Lattice Models

Edvin Prifti; Massimo Bonacchi; Bruno Murzi; Adrian Crucean; Marzia Leacche; Massimo Bernabei; Fabio Bartolozzi; Nadia, S. Nathan; Vittorio Vanini, 2004:
Anomalous Origin of the Right Pulmonary Artery from the Ascending Aorta

Charles, G. Sammis; David, D. Bowman; Geoffrey King, 2004:
Anomalous Seismicity and Accelerating Moment Release Preceding the 2001 and 2002 Earthquakes in Northern Baja California, Mexico

Bryan M Gaensler, 2004:
Anomalous X-ray pulsars and soft gamma-ray repeaters the connection with supernova remnants

F.P Gavriil; V.M Kaspi; P.M Woods, 2004:
Anomalous X-ray pulsars: long-term monitoring and soft-gamma repeater like X-ray bursts

S Dey; S Sarkar; R.P Singh, 2004:
Anomalous changes in column water vapor after Gujarat earthquake

Zhanghua Wang; Zhongyuan Chen; Kazumaro Okamura; Jianhua Gao; Kaiqin Xu; Hiroshi Koshikawa; Masataka Watanabe, 2004:
Anomalous current recorded at lower low water off the Changjiang River mouth, China

Kumar, M Senthil; Chung, S J; Shim, H W; Hong, C-H; Suh, E-K; Lee, H J, 2004:
Anomalous currentvoltage characteristics of InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes depending on Mg flow rate during p-GaN growth

R. Pánek; L. Krlín; D. Tskhakaya; S. Kuhn; J. Stöckel; P. Pavlo; M. Tendler; V. Svoboda; V. Petržílka, 2004:
Anomalous diffusion and radial electric field generation due to edge plasma turbulence

Y. Bhide †, S; Yashonath ‡ *, S., 2004:
Anomalous diffusion of linear and branched pentanes within zeolite NaY

Roy Varghese; Robert Coelho; Shanthi Chidambarathanu, 2004:
Anomalous drainage of right superior caval vein to left atrium with intact atrial septumA Case report

Eremenko, V. G.; Yakimov, E. B., 2004:
Anomalous electrical properties of dislocation slip plane in Si

A Czechowski; K.C Hsieh; M Hilchenbach; J Kota; A.W Shaw, 2004:
Anomalous helium ions as the source of energetic helium atoms in the outer heliosphere

Y. Suzuki; H. Makanae; H. Kudo; T. Miyanaga; T. Nanke; T. Kobayashi, 2004:
Anomalous infrared and visible light absorption by spherical gold nanoparticles dispersed in a comb copolymer

Arani Raghavendrarao Raghuram; Ramiah Krishnan; Subbaiyan Kumar; Kathamuthu Balamurugan; Nithyanandam Dilip Anand, 2004:
Anomalous left coronary artery from pulmonary artery (ALCAPA) in an adult

H. Ishihara; J. Kishimoto; K. Sugihara, 2004:
Anomalous mode structure of a radiationexciton coupled system beyond the long-wavelength approximation regime

A.G. Lipson; G.H. Miley; V.A. Kuznetsov, 2004:
Anomalous neutron activation and plastic deformation of a copper cathode during electrolysis in an ultraweak thermalized neutron field

S. Asgari, 2004:
Anomalous plastic behavior of fine-grained MP35N alloy during room temperature tensile testing

M.S. El Naschie, 2004:
Anomalous positron peaks and experimental verification of () super symmetric grand unification

Liu-Zhan, P; Bai-Da, L, 2004:
Anomalous spectral behaviour of diffracted chirped Gaussian pulses in the near field

Irena Majerz; Ryszard Jakubas, 2004:
Anomalous temperature effect on the hydrogen bond strength and phase transition in 2,4,6-trimethylpyridinium pentachlorophenolate

A. G. Danese; H. Yao; D. A. Arena; M. Hochstrasser; J. G. Tobin; R. A. Bartynski, 2004:
Anomalous thickness dispersion of unoccupied states in the Cu/Ni/Cu(100) metallic quantum well system

Mei, E; Sharonov, A; Gao, F; Ferris, J H.; Hochstrasser, R M., 2004:
Anomalously Slow Diffusion of Single Molecules near a Patterned Surface

Arnon Goldman; Israel Cohen, 2004:
Anomaly detection based on an iterative local statistics approach

Antonucci, S; Beeson, Pélagie; Rapcsak, S, 2004:
Anomia in patients with left inferior temporal lobe lesions

Frances Brazier; Anja Oskamp; Corien Prins; Maurice Schellekens; Niek Wijngaards, 2004:
Anonymity and software agents: An interdisciplinary challenge

Blyth, E; Farrand, A, 2004:
Anonymity in donor-assisted conception and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Jordan, C; Belar, C; Williams, R Stan, 2004:
Anonymous oocyte donation: a follow-up analysis of donors' experiences

M C. Winslet, 2004:
Anorectal and Colon Diseases Textbook and Colour Atlas of Proctology

R. J. Baigrie, 2004:
Anorectal and Colon Diseases. E. Stein. 205 275 mm. Pp. 522. Illustrated. 2003. Springer: Heidelberg

Kann, B R.; Hicks, T C., 2004:
Anorectal foreign bodies: Evaluation and treatment

Stefan Farke, 2004:
Anorektaler Morbus Crohn Diagnostik: Standard- und Kürprogramm

Robert Twycross, 2004:
Anorexia, cachexia, nausea and vomiting

Amy Verdun, 2004:
Another Grand Book on European Integration?

Goldrick, B A., 2004:
Another Hazard of War: Infectious Diseases

Gebrenegus Ghilagaber, 2004:
Another Look at Chow's Test for the Equality of Two Heteroscedastic Regression Models

Jipguep, M-Claude; Sanders-Phillips, K; Cotton, L, 2004:
Another Look at HIV in African American Women: The Impact of Psychosocial and Contextual Factors

Morris, M, 2004:
Another Shoulder Reduction Option

Messing, J T.; Heeren, J W., 2004:
Another Side of Multiple Murder: Women Killers in the Domestic Context

Iacono, T, 2004:
Another Transition

Mahoney, K, 2004:
Another View of Denial

Stanic, A. K.; Shashidharamurthy, R.; Bezbradica, J. S.; Matsuki, N.; Yoshimura, Y.; Miyake, S.; Choi, E. Y.; Schell, T. D.; Van Kaer, L.; Tevethia, S. S.; Roopoenian, D. C.; Yamamura, T.; Joyce, S., 2004:
Another View of T Cell Antigen Recognition: Cooperative Engagement of Glycolipid Antigens by Va14Ja18 Natural TCR

Cr Wilks, 2004:
Another brick in the wall

Penny Armstrong, 2004:
Another case of chronic pelvic pain

John Cordery, 2004:
Another case of the Emperor's new clothes?

Tyrcha, J, 2004:
Another contribution by synaptic failures to energy efficient processing by neurons

Mellman, I., 2004:
Another evolutionary step for the JCB

Stephen Grossberg; Mitsuo Kawato; John G Taylor, 2004:
Another exciting year for the INNS/ENNS/JNNS journal!

S. B. Vohra, 2004:
Another foreign body in a laryngeal mask airway

William T Gibson, 2004:
Another four bite the dust: mutations in a ubiquitously expressed filamin protein cause several skeletal dysplasias

K. Uchida; M. Fujita; K. Ikeda, 2004:
Another look at finite horizon H control problems for systems with input delays

William, J. Whelan, 2004:
Another new protein

LeBrasseur, N., 2004:
Another passenger on chromosomes

Renner, R, 2004:
Another piece in the perfluorinated puzzle

Gregory A Miller, 2004:
Another quasi-30 years of slow progress

Jolley, D, 2004:
Another view of Rowan ward

G. A. C. Major; S. P. Oakley; F. F. Joshua, 2004:
Another viewpoint

Fail, J, 2004:
Another Prominent Female Biologist

M. A. Efendiyeva, 2004:
Anoxia in waters of the Maikop paleobasin (Tethys Ocean, Azeri sector), with implications for the modern Caspian Sea

Yoram Hazan, 2004:
Anpassung an Terrorein Widerspruch in sich

K. Weise, 2004:
Ansprache des verantwortlichen wissenschaftlichen Leiters

Laurent Audigé; B. Hanson; M.F. Swiontkowski, 2004:
Answer to Handoll and Parker

Anne M O'Leary-Kelly; Paul Tiedt; Lynn Bowes-Sperry, 2004:
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Anticipating action in complex scenes

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Antihistaminica bij verkoudheid

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Application of L-Cysteine-Capped ZnS Nanoparticles in the Determination of Nucleic Acids Using the Resonance Light Scattering Method

A.S. Kirillov, 2004:
Application of LandauZener and RosenZener approximations to calculate rates of electron energy transfer processes

Juan, A. Ocaña; Francisco, J. Barragán; Manuel Callejón; Fernando De la Rosa, 2004:
Application of Lanthanide-Sensitised Chemiluminescence to the Determination of Levofloxacin, Moxifloxacin and Trovafloxacin in Tablets

R. Nemec; C. Carmicheal, 2004:
Application of Leininger's Theory of Transcultural Nursing into Practice

J. Stankowski, 2004:
Application of MMMA method: Dispersed superconductors and magnetic nanolayers

Jestin, J; Barré, Lïc, 2004:
Application of NMR Solvent Relaxation and SAXS to Asphaltenes Solutions Characterization

Yagyu, H.; Hayashi, S.; Tabata, O., 2004:
Application of Nanoparticles Dispersed Polymer to Micropowder Blasting Mask

Gamal, A. El-Hiti, 2004:
Application of Organolithium in Organic Synthesis: A Simple and Convenient Procedure for the Synthesis of More Complex 6-Substituted 3H-Quinazolin-4-ones

Aleksander Astel; Jan Mazerski; Żaneta Polkowska; Jacek Namieśnik, 2004:
Application of PCA and time series analysis in studies of precipitation in Tricity (Poland)

H. Mori; T. Niimi; M. Yoshida; M. Kondo; Y. Oshima, 2004:
Application of PSP to low density gas flows

Kurose, R; Makino, H; Matsuda, H; Suzuki, A, 2004:
Application of Percolation Model to Ash Formation Process in Coal Combustion

Shi, G; Chaganty, N. Rao, 2004:
Application of Quasi-Least Squares to Analyse Replicated Autoregressive Time Series Regression Models

Xian, W. S.; Sun, M.; Malpas, J.; Zhao, G. C.; Zhou, M. F.; Ye, K.; Liu, J. B.; Phillips, D. L., 2004:
Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Distinguish Metamorphic and Igneous Zircons

Y. Ward; R. J. Young; R. A. Shatwell, 2004:
Application of Raman microscopy to the analysis of silicon carbide monofilaments

Jian-Hua Xie; Hai-Feng Duan; Bao-Min Fan; Xu Cheng; Li-Xin Wang; Qi-Lin Zhou, 2004 :
Application of SDP Ligands for Pd-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation

C.P. Jacovides; D.G. Kaskaoutis; F.S. Tymvios; D.N. Asimakopoulos, 2004:
Application of SPCTRAL2 parametric model in estimating spectral solar irradiances over polluted Athens atmosphere

Shu-hua Chen; Francois Vandenberghe; Grant, W. Petty; James, F. Bresch, 2004:
Application of SSM/I satellite data to a hurricane simulation

Kopelevich, O; Burenkov, V; Ershova, S; Sheberstov, S; Evdoshenko, M, 2004:
Application of SeaWiFS data for studying variability of bio-optical characteristics in the Barents, Black and Caspian Seas

Esaka, F; Watanabe, K; Magara, M; Usuda, S, 2004:
Application of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to the Measurement of Lead Isotope Ratio in Individual Particles

Yoichi Ishikawa; Toshiyuki Awaji; Nobumasa Komori; Takahiro Toyoda, 2004:
Application of Sensitivity Analysis Using an Adjoint Model for Short-Range Forecasts of the Kuroshio Path South of Japan

Marini Bettolo Marconi, U; Puglisi, A; Baldassarri, A, 2004:
Application of Simple Models to the Study of Nonequilibrium Behaviour of Inelastic Gases

Shulski, M D.; Seeley, M W., 2004:
Application of Snowfall and Wind Statistics to Snow Transport Modeling for Snowdrift Control in Minnesota

J.A Ghani; I.A Choudhury; H.H Hassan, 2004:
Application of Taguchi method in the optimization of end milling parameters

T. D. Blackall; M. R. Theobald; C. Milford; K. J. Hargreaves; E. Nemitz; L. J. Wilson; J. Bull; P. J. Bacon; K. C. Hamer; S. Wanless; M. A. Sutton, 2004:
Application of Tracer Ratio and Inverse Dispersion Methods with Boat-Based Plume Measurements to Estimate Ammonia Emissions from Seabird Colonies

D. F. Alferov; N. V. Matveev; V. A. Sidorov; D. A. Khabarov, 2004:
Application of Triggered Vacuum Switches in a High-Voltage High-Speed Protective Device

A. Muhittin Albora; Z. Mümtaz Hisarli; Osman, N. Ucan, 2004:
Application of Wavelet Transform to Magnetic Data Due to Ruins of the Hittite, Civilization in Turkey

John, C. Schmidt; Jayne Brim Box, 2004:
Application of a Dynamic Model to Assess Controls on Age-0 Colorado Pikeminnow Distribution in the Middle Green River, Colorado and Utah

Zheng, X; Vedova-Brook, N; Sohlberg, K, 2004:
Application of a Lumped-Inertia Technique to Vibrational Analysis of the Torsional-Twisting Modes of Low Molecular Weight Polyphenylenes and Polyethynylphenylenes

Price, D L.; Chow, S K.; Hakozaki, H; Phung, V; Smarr, B; Peltier, S; Martone, M E; Ellisman, M H, 2004:
Application of a Multi-Photon High-Resolution Large-Scale Montage Imaging Technique to Characterize Transgenic Mouse Models of Human Neurodisorders

Ferreira, M J. P.; Costantin, M B.; Rodrigues, G V.; Emerenciano, V P., 2004:
Application of a New Program, H1MACH, for Prediction of Iridoid Skeletons

O. Heinz; B. Ilyushin; D. Markovich, 2004:
Application of a PDF method for the statistical processing of experimental data

Kei Baba; Arata Katoh, 2004:
Application of a Simulation Model for the Formation of Methane Hydrate to the Nankai Trough and the Blake Ridge: Natural Examples of Two End-member Cases

Nomikos, T, 2004:
Application of a TCA-precipitation method for the determination of 1-alkyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphate:Acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase in human renal tissue

Gabriel Sznejer; Moshe Sheintuch, 2004:
Application of a carbon membrane reactor for dehydrogenation reactions

B. Winkler; G. Hofstetter; H. Lehar, 2004:
Application of a constitutive model for concrete to the analysis of a precast segmental tunnel lining

Katsuki Kabemura; Kazuhiko Yonekura; Takanori Tsukamoto; Keiichirou Hashimoto; Masanori Hara, 2004:
Application of a dispersed autonomous voltage control system to a real high-voltage distribution network

Scroccaro, I; Matarrese, R; Umgiesser, G, 2004:
Application of a finite element model to the taranto sea

Wenchao Wang, 2004:
Application of a high temperature self-lubricating composite coating on steam turbine components

M Coldewey-Egbers; M Weber; M Buchwitz; J.P Burrows, 2004:
Application of a modified DOAS method for total ozone retrieval from GOME data at high polar latitudes

Debray, A.; Ludwig, A.; Bourouina, T.; Asaoka, A.; Tiercelin, N.; Reyne, G.; Oki, T.; Quandt, E.; Muro, H.; Fujita, H., 2004:
Application of a multilayered magnetostrictive film to a micromachined 2-D optical scanner

Anton Micallef; Allan, T. Williams, 2004:
Application of a novel approach to beach classification in the Maltese Islands

Brock, K; Dawson, L; Sharpe, M; Jaffray, D, 2004:
Application of a novel deformable image registration technique to facilitate classification, tracking and targeting of tumor and normal tissue

Katsumi Yoshino; Tsuyoshi Demura; Masaki Kawahigashi; Yoshitsugu Miyashita; Kiyoshi Kurahashi; Yoshiji Matsuda, 2004:
Application of a novel polypropylene to the insulation of an electric power cable

Toshikazu Nagasaki; Mitsuyoshi Yoshida; Atsushi Yamashina; Yoshikazu Suei; Keiji Tanimoto, 2004:
Application of a palatal plate in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a case report

X Peng; R Balendra, 2004:
Application of a physically based constitutive model to metal forming analysis

Chen, G; Liang, G; Xu, D; Zeng, Q; Fu, S; Wei, X; He, Z; Fu, G, 2004:
Application of a shallow seismic reflection method to the exploration of a gold deposit

Nilsson, B. Richard; Chehab, G R.; Kim, Y. Richard, 2004:
Application of a viscoelastoplastic continuum damage tensile model to asphalt mixes in Sweden

Wei Hao; Takayoshi Fujii; Tiaoling Dong; Youko Wakai; Toshiaki Yoshimura, 2004:
Application of alkoxy-6-sulfanenitriles as strong alkylating reagents

David, T. Kearns; Paul, A. Webley, 2004:
Application of an adsorption non-flow exergy function to an exergy analysis of a pressure swing adsorption cycle

Kh. Nasrifar; M. Moshfeghian, 2004:
Application of an improved equation of state to reservoir fluids: computation of minimum miscibility pressure

Sung-Hyuk Lim; Byung-Woo Kim, 2004:
Application of an interferometric biosensor chip to biomonitoring an endocrine discruptor

Tadeusz Telejko; Zbigniew Malinowski, 2004:
Application of an inverse solution to the thermal conductivity identification using the finite element method

Hiroshi Matsui; Kenichi Okada; Takuya Kawashima; Tetsuya Ezure; Nobuo Tanabe; Ryuji Kawano; Masayoshi Watanabe, 2004:
Application of an ionic liquid-based electrolyte to a 100 mm100 mm sized dye-sensitized solar cell

S. Caré; E. Hervé, 2004:
Application of an-Phase Model to the Diffusion Coefficient of Chloride in Mortar

Hakim Mazrou; Mohamed Hamadouche, 2004:
Application of artificial neural network for safety core parameters prediction in LWRRS

Liu, S; Sato, M; Takahashi, K, 2004:
Application of borehole radar for subsurface physical measurement

Timothy, L. Triplett; Yifeng Zhou; M. Sam Mannan, 2004:
Application of chain of events analysis to process safety management

Gareth Chaplin; Todd Pugsley; Conrad Winters, 2004:
Application of chaos analysis to pressure fluctuation data from a fluidized bed dryer containing pharmaceutical granule

Ji Mingjun; Tang Huanwen, 2004:
Application of chaos in simulated annealing

Giorgio Chelucci; Simona Chessa; Gianmauro Orrù, 2004:
Application of chiral dipyridylmethane ligands in the enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation

Herman, G. Gade; Karin, E. Gustafsson, 2004:
Application of classical thermodynamic principles to the study of oceanic overturning circulation

Nicholas, P. Hankins; Jeffrey, H. Harwell, 2004:
Application of coherence theory to a reservoir enhanced oil recovery simulator

P.F. Luo; S.P. Pan; T.C. Chu, 2004:
Application of computer vision and laser interferometer to the inspection of line scale

N. Subramanyam; M.P. Maiya; S.Srinivasa Murthy, 2004:
Application of desiccant wheel to control humidity in air-conditioning systems

Brand, J, 2004:
Application of diamond-like carbon coatings on steel tools in the production of precision glass components

Chao Zhang; Qing Zhang; Xuefeng Wang, 2004:
Application of digital photogrammetry to measure distribution of tree postions

Rajesh Kumar; Chandra Shakher, 2004:
Application of digital speckle pattern interferometry and wavelet transform in measurement of transverse vibrations in square plate

Hua Zhang; Jishan Xue; Guofu Zhu; Shiyu Zhuang; Xuebao Wu; Fengying Zhang, 2004:
Application of direct assimilation of ATOVS microwave radiances to typhoon track prediction

J.D. Lavers; Laszlo Kadar, 2004:
Application of electromagnetic forces to reduce tundish nozzle clogging

Nouri, J.; Toutounchian, S., 2004:
Application of environmental management system ISO 14001: 1996, in urban environment and municipalities

Valentyna, N. Arkhypova; Sergei, V. Dzyadevych; Alexey, P. Soldatkin; Yaroslav, I. Korpan; Anna, V. El’skaya; Jean-Michel Gravoueille; Claude Martelet; Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, 2004:
Application of enzyme field effect transistors for fast detection of total glycoalkaloids content in potatoes

Mariusz, B. Bogacki; Iwona Michalska; Andrzej Krysztafkiewicz, 2004:
Application of experimental design for optimization of physicochemical properties of the inorganic pigment, iron(III) silicate

Hyun-Pa Song; Dong-Ho Kim; Hong-Sun Yook; Kyung-Soo Kim; Joong-Ho Kwon; Myung-Woo Byun, 2004:
Application of gamma irradiation for aging control and improvement of shelf-life of kimchi, korean salted and fermented vegetables

A.H Hegazi; J.T Andersson; M.Sh El-Gayar, 2004:
Application of gas chromatography with atomic emission detection to the geochemical investigation of polycyclic aromatic sulfur heterocycles in Egyptian crude oils

G.Th. Vlachos; J.K. Kaldellis, 2004:
Application of gas-turbine exhaust gases for brackish water desalination: a techno-economic evaluation

Mercierbonin, M, 2004:
Application of gas/liquid two-phase flows during crossflow microfiltration of skimmed milk under constant flux conditions

Nobue Adachi; Makihiko Sato; Shigenobu Kobayashi, 2004:
Application of genetic algorithm to flight schedule planning

Robin Wardlaw; Kampanad Bhaktikul, 2004:
Application of genetic algorithms for irrigation water scheduling

Pirlo, M. C.; Giblin, A. M., 2004:
Application of groundwater-mineral equilibrium calculationsto geochemical exploration for sediment-hosted uranium:observations from the Frome Embayment,South Australia

Asai, S, 2004:
Application of high magnetic fields in inorganic materials processing

L.A. Dobrzański; M. Bonek; E. Hajduczek; A. Klimpel; A. Lisiecki, 2004:
Application of high power diode laser (HPDL) for alloying of X40CrMoV5-1 steel surface layer by tungsten carbides

Patrizio Signanini; Patrizio Torrese, 2004:
Application of high resolution shear-wave seismic methods to a geotechnical problem

L. A. Chapman, 2004:
Application of high temperature DSC technique to nickel based superalloys

Chan, V S S; Koek, W D; Barnhart, D H; Bhattacharya, N; Braat, J J M; Westerweel, J, 2004:
Application of holography to fluid flow measurements using bacteriorhodopsin (bR)

Nuttanan Sinchaipanid; Varaporn Junyaprasert; Ampol Mitrevej, 2004:
Application of hot-melt coating for controlled release of propranolol hydrochloride pellets

S Deshpande; A Kulkarni; S Sampath; H Herman, 2004:
Application of image analysis for characterization of porosity in thermal spray coatings and correlation with small angle neutron scattering

Emin Bayraktar; Dominique Kaplan; Marc Grumbach, 2004:
Application of impact tensile testing to spot welded sheets

Emin Bayraktar; Dominique Kaplan; Christophe Buirette; Marc Grumbach, 2004:
Application of impact tensile testing to welded thin sheets

Jeong-Won Jeong; Tae-Seong Kim; Sung-Heon Kim; Manbir Singh, 2004 :
Application of independent component analysis with mixture density model to localize brain alpha activity in fMRI and EEG

Jinming Zhou, 2004:
Application of integrated seismic data processing and interpretation to subtle reservoir survey

L.M. Ivanov; T.M. Margolina; A.I. Danilov, 2004:
Application of inverse technique to study radioactive pollution and mixing processes in the Arctic Seas

Benson, R F.; Osherovich, V A., 2004:
Application of ionospheric topside-sounding results to magnetospheric physics and astrophysics

Kawaguchi, T, 2004:
Application of isoscattering points to the analysis of globular solute structures

Chwan-Huei Tsai; Chien-Jen Chen, 2004:
Application of iterative path revision technique for laser cutting with controlled fracture

Mahmut Özacar; İ.Ayhan Şengil, 2004:
Application of kinetic models to the sorption of disperse dyes onto alunite

Alika Khare; Kamlesh Alti; Susanta Das; Ardhendu Sekhar Patra; Monisha Sharma, 2004:
Application of laser matter interaction for generation of small-sized materials

Bujor, F.; Trouve, E.; Valet, L.; Nicolas, J.-M.; Rudant, J.-P., 2004:
Application of log-cumulants to the detection of spatiotemporal discontinuities in multitemporal SAR images

Jamel Kechiche; Hatem Mhiri; Georges Le Palec; Philippe Bournot, 2004:
Application of low Reynolds number k turbulence models to the study of turbulent wall jets

R.P. Singh; Rajesh Singh; Lalmani; D. Hamar; J. Lichtenberger, 2004:
Application of matched filtering to short whistlers recorded at low latitudes

Aijaz, A. Dar; Mohsin, A. Bhat; G. Mohammad Rather, 2004:
Application of mixed electrolyte mass-action model to the micellization of 1-dodecylpyridinium chloride in aqueous medium

Young-Rea Chae; Yeo-Joon Yoon; Keungarp Ryu, 2004:
Application of modified Stokes expression to model the behavior of expanded beds with feed streams containingE. colihomogenates

Nagai, R.; Horiuchi, S., 2004:
Application of monoclonal antibody libraries for the measurement of glycation adducts

S.D. Pohekar; M. Ramachandran, 2004:
Application of multi-criteria decision making to sustainable energy planningA review

A.H. Tan; K.R. Godfrey; H.A. Barker, 2004:
Application of multi-level signals to the identification of direction-dependent processes

Kamal, A.R Ismail; Carlos S Salinas, 2004:
Application of multidimensional scheme and the discrete ordinate method to radiative heat transfer in a two-dimensional enclosure with diffusely emitting and reflecting boundary walls

L.A. Dobrzański; J. Trzaska, 2004:
Application of neural networks for prediction of critical values of temperatures and time of the supercooled austenite transformations

L.A. Dobrzański; J. Trzaska, 2004:
Application of neural networks to forecasting the CCT diagrams

Juha Pulkkinen; Pavel Zachar; Vojtech Albert Borek; Reino Laatikainen; Vladimir Kral, 2004:
Application of novel metallocomplexes for mimicking of cytochrome P450: Analysis of product distribution for 1-hexene as a substrate

J. Csikai; E. Hussein; U. Rosengard, 2004:
Application of nuclear techniques to anti-personnel landmines identification

V. Eveloy; P. Rodgers; M.S.J. Hashmi, 2004:
Application of numerical analysis to the optimisation of electronic component reliability screening and assembly processes

A. V. Syroeshkin; P. I. Popov; A. V. Balyshev; O. V. Karpov; E. V. Lesnikov; A. N. Smirnov; I. M. Lebedev; T. V. Pleteneva, 2004:
Application of optical dispersion measurements using small-angle laser scattering for standardization and quality control of medicinal preparations

H Benalla; M.J Meziani; J Zajac, 2004:
Application of ordered mesoporous silica in adsolubilisation of alcohols by conventional and gemini cationic surfactants

Jae-Seung Cheon; Soo-Young Kim; Yong-Taek Im, 2004:
Application of parallel processing in three-dimensional bulk forming finite element analysis

J.H Jun; K Sawada; M Ueda, 2004:
Application of perfluoropolyether reverse micelles in supercritical CO2 to dyeing process

H. M. Jayatillake, 2004:
Application of performance assessment and benchmarking tool to help improve irrigation system performance in Sri Lanka

Wojciech Kujawski; Andrzej Warszawski; Włodzimierz Ratajczak; Tadeusz Porȩbski; Wiesław Capała; Izabela Ostrowska, 2004:
Application of pervaporation and adsorption to the phenol removal from wastewater

Changha Lee; Jeyong Yoon, 2004 :
Application of photoactivated periodate to the decolorization of reactive dye: reaction parameters and mechanism

Akira Kitamura; Shimpei Hamamoto; Akira Taniike; Yusuke Ohtani; Naoyoshi Kubota; Yuichi Furuyama, 2004:
Application of proton beams to radiation-induced graft polymerization for making amidoxime-type adsorbents

Myung Woo Byun; Cheorun Jo; Ju Woon Lee; Sung Kee Jo; Kwan Soo Kim, 2004:
Application of radiation technology to develop green tea leaf as a natural resource for the cosmetic industry

Masao Tamada; Noriaki Seko; Fumio Yoshii, 2004:
Application of radiation-graft material for metal adsorbent and crosslinked natural polymer for healthcare product

Guo-Lin, F; Wen-Jie, D; Xiao-Jing, J, 2004:
Application of retrospective time integration scheme to the prediction of torrential rain

Chunyang Wei; William J Rogers; M.Sam Mannan, 2004:
Application of screening tools in the prevention of reactive chemical incidents

Virginia Espina; Emanuel, F. Petricoin; Lance, A. Liotta; David Geho, 2004:
Application of sector protein microarrays to clinical samples

Khandoker Abul Hossain; Mohammad Nazri Mohd Jaafar; Azeman Mustafa; Kiran Babu Appalanidu; Farid Nasir Ani, 2004:
Application of selective non-catalytic reduction of NOx in small-scale combustion systems

Andrzej Krysztafkiewicz; Sławomir Binkowski; Aleksandra Dec, 2004:
Application of silica-based pigments in water-borne acrylic paints and in solvent-borne acrylic paints

John Slaby, 2004:
Application of smoothing methods to flash problems

M. A. Kallistratova; R. L. Coulter, 2004:
Application of sodars in the study and monitoring of the environment

John H Pavlish; Michael J Holmes; Steven A Benson; Charlene R Crocker; Kevin C Galbreath, 2004:
Application of sorbents for mercury control for utilities burning lignite coal

Qiaofeng Tan; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin, 2004:
Application of spatial-frequency spectrum method on diffractive optical element for beam smoothing

Bigat, Z; Hadimioglu, N; Boztug, N; Onder, G; Gurkan, A; Ertug, Z; Ertok, E, 2004:
Application of spinal anaesthesia for postoperative analgesia in renal donors

Silvina, I. Biagiola; José L. Figueroa, 2004:
Application of state estimation based NMPC to an unstable nonlinear process

Heydarian, M; Fung, B; Gitterman, L; Waldron, J, 2004:
Application of stereotactic radiotherapy in the management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Dosimetric comparison

Edit Székely; Béla Simándi; Rita Illés; Péter Molnár; István Gebefügi; Ildikó Kmecz; Elemér Fogassy, 2004:
Application of supercritical fluid extraction for fractionation of enantiomers

Russell P Patera, 2004:
Application of symmetrized covariances in space confliction prediction

Sunil, K. Sinha, 2004:
Application of synchrotron radiation techniques to nanoscience

Gnauck, P; Zeile, U, 2004 :
Application of the CrossBeam Technology to TEM Sample Preparation and Nanolithography

Dorota Rutkowska-Zbik; Maria Jaworska; Malgorzata Witko, 2004:
Application of the DFT Theory to Study Cobalamin Complexes

M. Jacon; L. Daumont; J.-L. Teffo, 2004:
Application of the DVR method to the vibration-rotation spectrum of N2O: derivation of the dipole moment derivatives in Radau coordinates

Guo, L.; Wu, Z., 2004:
Application of the Extended Boundary Condition Method to Electromagnetic Scattering from Rough Dielectric Fractal Sea Surface

Frédéric Cao, 2004:
Application of the Gestalt principles to the detection of good continuations and corners in image level lines

R.G Türeci; M.Ç Güleçyüz; A Kaşkaş; C Tezcan, 2004:
Application of the HN method to the critical slab problem for reflecting boundary conditions

Peterson, A.F., 2004:
Application of the Locally Corrected NystrÖm Method to the EFIE for the Linear Dipole Antenna

S. V. Alekseenko; A. V. Bilsky; D. M. Markovich, 2004:
Application of the Method of Particle Image Velocimetry for Analyzing Turbulent Flows with a Periodic Component

Boehm, H F; Link, T; Monetti, R; Mueller, D; Rummeny, E; Newitt, D; Majumdar, S; Raeth, C W, 2004:
Application of the Minkowski Functionals in 3D to High Resolution MR Images of Trabecular Bone for the Prediction of the Biomechanical Strength

Zheng, Q.; Yi, J.; Zeng, H., 2004:
Application of the Multipole Theory Method to the Optical-Fiber System

A Macı́as-Garcı́a; Eduardo M Cuerda-Correa; M.A Dı́az-Dı́ez, 2004:
Application of the RosinRammler and GatesGaudinSchuhmann models to the particle size distribution analysis of agglomerated cork

Jan Mrázek; Vlastimil Matejec; Ivan Kasik; Milos Hayer; Daniela Berková, 2004:
Application of the Sol-Gel Method at the Fabrication of Microstructure Fibers

Colinas, J.; Goussard, Y.; Laurin, J.-J., 2004:
Application of the Tikhonov Regularization Technique to the Equivalent Magnetic Currents Near-Field Technique

Siva Sailaja Jampana; Ashok Kumar; Charanya Varadarajan, 2004:
Application of the United States environmental protection agency's AERMOD model to an industrial area

Yuanjie Peng; Baida Lü, 2004:
Application of the Wigner distribution function to studying spectral changes of twisted anisotropic Gaussian Schell-Model beams

W. Balderer; H. A. Synal; J. Deak, 2004:
Application of the chlorine-36 method for the delineation of groundwater infiltration of large river systems: example of the Danube River in western Hungary (Szigetköz area)

Rong Fan; Daniele, L. Marchisio; Rodney, O. Fox, 2004:
Application of the direct quadrature method of moments to polydisperse gassolid fluidized beds

Márcia Almeida Ribeiro; Ivone Mulako Sato; Celina Lopes Duarte; Maria Helena Oliveira Sampa; Vera Lúcia Ribeiro Salvador; Marcos Antonio Scapin, 2004:
Application of the electron-beam treatment for Ca, Si, P, Al, Fe, Cr, Zn, Co, As, Se, Cd and Hg removal in the simulated and actual industrial effluents

Dejager, B, 2004:
Application of the first combustion model to spray combustion

A. Ramadan; A. Saasen; P. Skalle, 2004:
Application of the minimum transport velocity model for drag-reducing polymers

Duncan, I. Scott; C. Paul Nathanail, 2004:
Application of the operating window concept to remediation-option selection

Abdolreza Mirmohseni; Ali Oladegaragoze, 2004:
Application of the quartz crystal microbalance for determination of phenol in solution

Yasushi Inoue; Arata Katayama, 2004:
Application of the rescue number to the evaluation of remediation technologies for contaminated ground

Sukovoy, O; Kuo, C, 2004:
Application of the responsibility-sharing management approach for minimizing welding distortion in ship production

G. Samolyk; Z. Pater, 2004:
Application of the slip-line field method to the analysis of die cavity filling

A. Fournier; H.-P. Bunge; R. Hollerbach; J.-P. Vilotte, 2004:
Application of the spectral-element method to the axisymmetric NavierStokes equation

Shogo Moriai; Izumi Hanazaki, 2004:
Application of the wavelet transform to the low-bit-rate speech coding system

S. Kunder; J. Calzada-Wack; L. Quintanilla-Martinez, 2004:
Application of the Bethesda proposals for the classification of lymphoid and non-lymphoid hematopoietic neoplasms in mice in routine diagnosis. An evaluation of 500 mice

Rudi Rajar; Dušan Žagar; Matjaž Četina; Hirokatsu Akagi; Shinichiro Yano; Takashi Tomiyasu; Milena Horvat, 2004 :
Application of three-dimensional mercury cycling model to coastal seas

Li, G; Xie, H; Ning, H; Menard, C; Coleman, C; Miller, R, 2004:
Application of three-dimensional voxel fusion technique to multi-modality fusion of anatomical and functional images

Nikova, V; Pundeva, R; Vladova, R; Petkova, A, 2004:
Application of tissue cultures to overcome the complete sterility of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia Viviani N. tabacum L. F 1 hybrid

T. D. Blackall; M. R. Theobald; C. Milford; K. J. Hargreaves; E. Nemitz; L. J. Wilson; J. Bull; P. J. Bacon; K. C. Hamer; S. Wanless; M. A. Sutton, 2004:
Application of tracer ratio and inverse dispersion methods with boat-based plume measurements to estimate ammonia emissions from seabird colonies

G.S. Chen; R.D. Sheu, 2004:
Application of two preconditioned generalizedconjugate gradient methods to three-dimensional neutron and photon transport equations

S.Z Li; X.Y Li; Z.F Cui; D.Z Wang, 2004:
Application of ultrafiltration to improve the extraction of antibiotics

Naotaka Okada; Kazuyuki Tanaka, 2004:
Application of unified voltage analysis for high- and low-voltage distribution systems by power flow calculation using indication method between nodes

N. R. J. Poolton; E. Pantos; B. Hamilton; P. M. Denby; O. Johnsen, 2004:
Application of wavelength-resolved optically-detected XAS methods to phase-segregated silicates

Ivona Svobodová; Přemysl Lubal; Petr Hermann; Jan Kotek; Josef Havel, 2004:
Application ofDipon, (1,4,8,11-Tetraazacyclotetradecane-4,11-bis(methylphosphonic acid) as Selective Complexing Agent for Determination of Copper(II)

Annunziata D'Orazio; Massimo Corcione; Gian Piero Celata, 2004:
Application to natural convection enclosed flows of a lattice Boltzmann BGK model coupled with a general purpose thermal boundary condition

Féger, F., 2004:
Applications de la biologie molculaire dans la prise en charge des hmopathies malignes

McKinley, A. Brent; Kenny, C F.; Martin, M S.; Ramos, E A.; Gannon, A T.; Johnson, T V.; Dorman, S C., 2004:
Applications of Absorption Spectroelectrochemistry in Artificial Blood Research

Curry, J. A.; Maslanik, J.; Holland, G.; Pinto, J., 2004:
Applications of Aerosondes in the Arctic

Nguyen, V Thinh; Nestmann†, F, 2004:
Applications of CFD in Hydraulics and River Engineering

Fu-Ding, X; Xiao-Shan, G, 2004:
Applications of Computer Algebra in Solving Nonlinear Evolution Equations

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Applications of Environmental Cell - Transmission Electron Microscopy for the Microcharacterization of Bio-Alteration Products and the Study of Bio-Processes

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Applications of Small Molecule Crystallography and the Cambridge Structural Database in Drug Design

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Applications of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy in the Biosciences

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Applications of a Multiple Linear Regression Model to the Analysis of Relationships between Eastward- and Westward-Moving Intraseasonal Modes

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Applications of a new plane stress yield function to orthotropic steel and aluminium sheet metals

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Applications of adiabatic half passage to NQR

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Applications of an Infrared Imager for Determining Temperature Fields in Gas Flows

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Applications of an anti-symmetry loop algebra and its expanding forms

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Applications of automatic fittings to powder EPR spectra of free radicals,S>1/2, and coupled systems

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Applications of integral transforms to planning and finance

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Applications of numerical simulation to the analysis of bulk-forming processescase studies

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Applications of permutations to the simulations of critical values

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Applications of radar-based nowcasting techniques for mesoscale weather forecasting in Hong Kong

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Applications of the IRI in Southern Africa

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Applications of the industrial ecology concept in a research project: Technology and Climate Change (CLIMTECH) Research in Finland

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Applicative limitations of sediment transport on predictive modeling in geomorphology

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Applied Ergonomics is online and having impact

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Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis for Epidemiology: A Practical Guide

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Applied Social Psychology Minus the Application

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Applied Statistics: Crude Oil Emulsions and Demulsifiers

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Applied Stochastic Hydrogeology

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Applied anatomy for upper limb blocks

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Applied anatomy of the superior vena cava--the carina as a landmark to guide central venous catheter placement

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Applied cardiovascular physiology

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Applied homology modelling in the study of cell-to-cell movement of cucumoviruses

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Applied human geography and ethics from an east central European perspective

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Applied physiology of the heart

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Applied research of reaction coefficient method for unsteady heat transfer in the wall

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Applying Bankruptcy Prediction Models to Distressed High Yield Bond Issues

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Applying Cognition-Based Assessment to Elementary School Students' Development of Understanding of Area and Volume Measurement

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Applying Ecological Input-Output Flow Analysis to Material Flows in Industrial Systems: Part I: Tracing Flows

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Applying Ecological Input-Output Flow Analysis to Material Flows in Industrial Systems: Part II: Flow Metrics

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Applying Emotional Intelligence: Exploring the Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies curriculum

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Applying Stable Isotope Fractionation Theory to New Systems

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Applying State Space to SPC: Monitoring Multivariate Time Series

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Applying a Score Confidence Interval to Aiken's Item Content-Relevance Index

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Applying a creativity framework to animal cognition

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Applying an Ecological Framework to Understanding Drug Addiction and Recovery

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Applying district-cooling technology in Hong Kong

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Applying ecosystem concepts to the planning of industrial areas: a case study of Singapore?s Jurong Island

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Applying pharmacogenetics in drug development

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Applying the mathematical theory of stochastic processes to lunar and planetary science: the ancient oceans on Mars case

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Applying the new TrOCA approach to assess the distribution of anthropogenic CO2 in the Atlantic Ocean

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Applying the principles of evidence-based practice in the planning, development and implementation of a diet manual for long-term care centers

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Appointment attendance predicts level of glycaemic control in people with diabetes

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Apport de l'imagerie par rsonance magntique crbrale chez l'enfant pileptique

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Apport de la cholangio-IRM aprs perfusion de Teslascan dans le diagnostic de plaie biliaire post-traumatique

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Apport de la laparoscopie dans la chirurgie radicale du cancer de la prostate

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Apport de la laparoscopie dans la stadification des cancers de la prostate

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Apport de la laparoscopie dans le traitement des cancers de prostate

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Apport de lIRM dans lexploration des anomalies cardiaques congnitales et des gros vaisseaux

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Apport de lIRM dans lexploration des anomalies cardiaques congnitales et des gros vaisseaux

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Apport de lIRM dans lexploration des pilepsies partielles pharmaco-rsistantes (EPPR)

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Apport de lanalyse protomique associant lectrophorse bi-dimensionnelle et spectromtrie de masse en lacrymologie

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Apport de letude dynamique de la prise de contraste en IRM pour evaluer la reponse a lirradiation des cancers superieurs a 4 cm du col uterin

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Apport de lhygine dans la qualit des soins en bloc opratoire dophtalmologie

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Apport de limagerie dans le diagnostic du kyste hydatique du sein : tude rtrospective de 46 cas

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Apport de lchographie de contraste et chographie conventionnelle simultane en pathologie hpatique

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Apport des donnes exprimentales la comprhension de la dpression respiratoire induite par les psychotropes

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Apport des essais pr-AMM la connaissance du risque iatrogne chez la personne ge

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Apport des examens srologiques au diagnostic de la polyarthrite rhumatode : les leons du suivi de 270 malades pendant trois ans

E. Menat, Médecin homéopathe et phytothérapeute, G de Recherche et d’Etude sur les Thérapeutiques Allopathiques et Complémentairese-mail: emenat@wanadoo.fr, 2004:
Apport des mdecines naturelles pour limiter les effets secondaires des chimiothrapies et radiothrapies*

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Apport en pratique des grandes tudes cliniques

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Apportioning atmospheric pollution to Canadian and American sources in Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, using Pb isotopes in precipitation

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Apportioning the House of Representatives in 2000: The Effects of Alternative Policy Scenarios

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Apports de Binet aux tests d'intelligence et dveloppement ultrieur de cette technique

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Apports de la neuropsychologie aux recherches en psychopathologie

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Apports des hautes pressions aux sciences pharmaceutiques et mdicales

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Appraisal in postgraduate medical education

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Appraisal of Tree Planting Options to Control Desertification: Experiences from the Three-North Shelterbelt Programme

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Appraisal, Emotion Words, and the Social Nature of Self-Conscious Emotions

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Appraisals and strategies associated with rumination and worry

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Appraisals cause experienced emotions: Experimental evidence

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Appraising Perfection

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Appreciating, predicting, and preventing hypoglycaemia

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Appreciation and congratulations