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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63408

Chapter 63408 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

M. Akioka; H. Ishibashi; T. Kikuchi; E. Sagawa; T. Nagatsuma, 2005:
Space weather in Japan

Dikeç, M, 2005:
Space, politics, and the political

Geoffrey, M. Jacquez; Pierre Goovaerts; Peter Rogerson, 2005:
Space-Time Intelligence Systems: Technology, applications and methods

Franz Schauer, 2005:
Space-charge-limited currents for organic solar cells optimisation

W. Freeden; M. Schreiner, 2005:
Spaceborne gravitational field determination by means of locally supported wavelets

Asmar, S. W.; Armstrong, J. W.; Iess, L.; Tortora, P., 2005:
Spacecraft Doppler tracking: Noise budget and accuracy achievable in precision radio science observations

Øyvind Hegrenæs; Jan Tommy Gravdahl; Petter Tøndel, 2005:
Spacecraft attitude control using explicit model predictive control

V. G. Shevchenko, R. A. Mohamed, 2005:
Spacecraft exploration of asteroids

Keran O’Brien, 2005:
Spacecraft shielding for a Mars mission

M.C. Zanardi; R. Vilhena de Moraes; R.E.S. Cabette; R.V. Garcia, 2005:
Spacecrafts attitude prediction: solar radiation torque and the Earths shadow

Wendy Jepson, 2005:
Spaces of Labor Activism, Mexican-American Women and the Farm Worker Movement in South Texas Since 1966

Jan Blommaert; James Collins; Stef Slembrouck, 2005:
Spaces of multilingualism

Watson, S; Wells, K, 2005:
Spaces of nostalgia: the hollowing out of a London market

Gough, K; Franch, M, 2005:
Spaces of the street: Socio-spatial mobility and exclusion of youth in Recife

S. Carneiro; M.C. Nemes, 2005:
Spacetime quantization induced by axial currents

Slowik, E, 2005:
Spacetime, Ontology, and Structural Realism

Yosuke Tanaka, 2005:
Spacetime symmetry, chaos and E infinity theory

I. Puertas; C.J. Luis; G. Villa, 2005:
Spacing roughness parameters study on the EDM of silicon carbide

José Luis González Gutiérrez; Bernardo Moreno Jiménez; Eva Garrosa Hernández; Almudena López López, 2005:
Spanish version of the Swedish Occupational Fatigue Inventory (SOFI): Factorial replication, reliability and validity

Bybee, K, 2005:
Spar Vortex-Induced-Vibration Prediction

M. Laiacona; C. Rosci; N. Allamano; E. Capitani, 2005:
Spared semantic knowledge of manipulable objects but impaired representation of gestures required for their use: A case study

R. Harris; K.W. Ng; A.E. Wraith, 2005:
Spargers for controlled bubble size by means of the multiple slot disperser (MSD)

Kelly, S. Robinson; John, J. Coleman, 2005:
Spark protection circuit for measuring current in high-voltage circuits

Nivan, B. da Costa Jr.; Ricardo, O. Freire; Gerd, B. Rocha; Alfredo, M. Simas, 2005:
Sparkle model for the AM1 calculation of dysprosium (III) complexes

Nivan, B. da Costa Jr.; Ricardo, O. Freire; Gerd, B. Rocha; Alfredo, M. Simas, 2005:
Sparkle/AM1 modeling of holmium (III) complexes

Lang, G, 2005:
Sparks and Ashes

Laffan, S. W.; Nielsen, O. M.; Silcock, H.; Hegland, M., 2005:
Sparse Grids: a new predictive modelling method for the analysis of geographic data

Alexander, M. Bronstein; Michael, M. Bronstein; Michael Zibulevsky; Yehoshua, Y. Zeevi, 2005:
Sparse ICA for blind separation of transmitted and reflected images

Haselkorn, P; Balsdon, R C; Fry, W D; Herndon, R.M.; Johnson, B.; Little, B; Miller, B; Rosenberg, J.H.; Seidle, M.E., 2005:
Spasticity Management in Multiple Sclerosis Evidence-Based Management Strategies for Spasticity Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis

Johann Wäsle; Anton Winkler; Thomas Sattelmayer, 2005:
Spatial Coherence of the Heat Release Fluctuations in Turbulent Jet and Swirl Flames

Young-Soo Kim; D.L. Denlinger; B. Smith, 2005:
Spatial Conditioning in the Flesh Fly, Sarcophaga crassipal pis: Disruption of Learning by Cold Shock and Protection by Rapid Cold Hardening

Breandán Ó hUallacháin; Timothy, F. Leslie, 2005:
Spatial Convergence and Spillovers in American Invention

Emily, M; Morel, D; Marcelpoil, R; François, O, 2005:
Spatial Correlation of Gene Expression Measures in Tissue Microarray Core Analysis

Toshihiro Matsumura; Daisuke Shimizu, 2005:
Spatial Cournot competition and economic welfare: a note

Kris Siderov, 2005:
Spatial Data Analysis: Theory and Practice

Perepechko, A; Graybill, J; ZumBrunnen, C; Sharkov, D, 2005:
Spatial Database Development for Russian Urban Areas: A New Conceptual Framework

A. F. Nieto-Samaniego; S. A. Alaniz-Alvarez; G. Tolson; K. Oleschko; G. Korvin; S. S. Xu; J. A. Pérez-Venzor, 2005:
Spatial Distribution, Scaling and Self-similar Behavior of Fracture Arrays in the Los Planes Fault, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Warner, M E; Pratt, J E, 2005:
Spatial Diversity in Local Government Revenue Effort under Decentralization: A Neural-Network Approach

Fernandes, E Helena, L.; Dyer, K Richard; Moller, O Olinto, 2005:
Spatial Gradients in the Flow of Southern Patos Lagoon

Bograd, S; Mendelssohn, R; Schwing, F; Miller, A, 2005:
Spatial Heterogeneity of Sea Surface Temperature Trends in the Gulf of Alaska

Jan Oosterhaven, 2005:
Spatial Interpolation and Disaggregation of Multipliers

Chai, W. K., 2005:
Spatial Microscopic Actuations of Shallow Conical Shell Sections

Pringle, P., 2005:
Spatial Pleasures

Peter, M. Atkinson, 2005:
Spatial Prediction and Surface Modeling

Johnston, R; Propper, C; Burgess, S; Sarker, R; Bolster, A; Jones, K, 2005:
Spatial Scale and the Neighbourhood Effect: Multinomial Models of Voting at Two Recent British General Elections

Joassart-Marcelli, P; Wolch, J; Alonso, A; Sessoms, N, 2005:
Spatial Segregation of the Poor in Southern California: A Multidimensional Analysis

Ken, W.L. Chan; Alan, H.S. Chan, 2005:
Spatial SR compatibility of visual and auditory signals: implications for humanmachine interface design

San Santoso, D; Tsunokawa, K, 2005:
Spatial Transferability and Updating Analysis of Mode Choice Models in Developing Countries

Josep Vila; Ramon Macià; Antoni, M. Correig, 2005:
Spatial Variations of Local Magnitude in Earthquakes Recorded in Northeastern Spain

Madsen, B; Jensen-butler, C, 2005:
Spatial accounting methods and the construction of spatial social accounting matrices

Wang, H.; Ellis, E. C., 2005:
Spatial accuracy of orthorectified IKONOS imagery and historical aerial photographs across five sites in China

James, W. Fourqurean, S P. Escorcia, W T. Anderson and Joseph, C. Zieman, 2005:
Spatial and Seasonal Variability in Elemental Content, 13C, and 15N of Thalassia testudinum from South Florida and Its Implications for Ecosystem Studies

K. J. Trattner; S. A. Fuselier; T. K. Yeoman; C. Carlson; W. K. Peterson; A. Korth; H. Reme; J. A. Sauvaud; N. Dubouloz, 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Cusp Structures Observed by Multiple Spacecraft and Ground Based Observations

Kim, Y-Hee; Baik, J-Jin, 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Structure of the Urban Heat Island in Seoul

Leichter, J. J.; Deane, G. B.; Stokes, M. D., 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Internal Wave Forcing on a Coral Reef

Keiko Yamada; Joji Ishizaka; Hiroshi Nagata, 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Satellite Primary Production in the Japan Sea from 1998 to 2002

Koto Sugiura; Shizuo Tsunogai, 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Surface xCO2Providing Net Biological Productivities in the Western North Pacific in June

Wang, L; Geller, M A.; Alexander, M. Joan, 2005:
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Gravity Wave Parameters. Part I: Intrinsic Frequency, Wavelength, and Vertical Propagation Direction

James, W. Fourqurean; Susie, P. Escorcia; William, T. Anderson; Joseph, C. Zieman, 2005:
Spatial and seasonal variability in elemental content, 13C, and 15N ofThalassia testudinumfrom South Florida and its implications for ecosystem studies

Evangelia Krasakopoulou; Aristomenis, P. Karageorgis, 2005:
Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of suspended particulate matter and particulate organic carbon in the Saronikos Gulf (eastern Mediterranean, Greece)

P.M. Frederik; N. Sommerdijk, 2005:
Spatial and temporal resolution in cryo-electron microscopyA scope for nano-chemistry

Angel Pérez-Ruzafa; Ana Isabel Fernández; Concepción Marcos; Javier Gilabert; Jhoni Ismael Quispe; José Antonio García-Charton, 2005:
Spatial and temporal variations of hydrological conditions, nutrients and chlorophyll

Pei-Yu Chen; Mauro Di Luzio; Arnold, J.G., 2005:
Spatial assessment of two widely used land-cover datasets over the continental U.S

Justin, C. Williams; Charles, S. ReVelle; Simon, A. Levin, 2005:
Spatial attributes and reserve design models: A review

Alex Liberzon; Roi Gurka; Iztok Tiselj; Gad Hetsroni, 2005:
Spatial characterization of the numerically simulated vorticity fields of a flow in a flume

Langdon, R; Smith, P, 2005:
Spatial cueing by social versus nonsocial directional signals

Frans, J. M. van der Wel, 2005:
Spatial data infrastructure for meteorological and climatic data

Shorrocks, A.; Wan, G., 2005:
Spatial decomposition of inequality

Dickie, R.; Cahill, R.; Gamble, H.S.; Fusco, V.F.; Schuchinsky, A.G.; Grant, N., 2005:
Spatial demultiplexing in the submillimeter wave band using multilayer free-standing frequency selective surfaces

Z. Wang; K.S. Yeo; B.C. Khoo, 2005:
Spatial direct numerical simulation of transitional boundary layer over compliant surfaces

Venables, A. J., 2005:
Spatial disparities in developing countries: cities, regions, and international trade

Gilholm, K.; Salmond, D., 2005:
Spatial distribution model for tracking extended objects

A. Jaczewski; S. P. Malinowski, 2005:
Spatial distribution of cloud droplets in a turbulent cloud-chamber flow

U. Serincan; G. Aygun; R. Turan, 2005:
Spatial distribution of light-emitting centers in Si-implanted SiO2

F. Gutiérrez-Santolalla; M. Gutiérrez-Elorza; C. Marín; G. Desir; C. Maldonado, 2005:
Spatial distribution, morphometry and activity of La Puebla de Alfindn sinkhole field in the Ebro river valley (NE Spain): applied aspects for hazard zonation

Boonstra, A. J.; van der Tol, S., 2005:
Spatial filtering of interfering signals at the initial Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) phased array test station

Crawford, T W, 2005 :
Spatial fluctuations as signatures of self-organization: a complex systems approach to landscape dynamics in Rondnia, Brazil

Chou, T. Y.; Lei, T. C.; Wan, S.; Yang, L. S., 2005:
Spatial knowledge databases as applied to the detection of changes in urban land use

Durak, M., 2005:
Spatial non-uniformity analyses of radiometric detectors to identify suited transfer standards for optical radiometry

D. V. Alexeev; T. A. Ezhova; V. N. Kozlov; V. B. Kudryavtsev; M. V. Nosov; A. A. Penin; K. G. Skryabin; V. V. Choob; O. A. Shulga; S. V. Shestakov, 2005:
Spatial pattern formation in the flower ofArabidopsis thaliana: Mathematical modeling

Ernesto, R. Rodríguez Flores; Rafael Gámez Díaz; Ramón E. Rodríguez Taboada, 2005:
Spatial pattern of photospheric granules in a sunspot neighborhood

Daniel, G. Brown; Rick Riolo; Derek, T. Robinson; Michael North; William Rand, 2005:
Spatial process and data models: Toward integration of agent-based models and GIS

Martin, R; Berndt, C; Klagge, B; Sunley, P, 2005:
Spatial proximity effects and regional equity gaps in the venture capital market: evidence from Germany and the United Kingdom

Long, D.G.; Spencer, M.W.; Njoku, E.G., 2005:
Spatial resolution and processing tradeoffs for HYDROS: application of reconstruction and resolution enhancement techniques

Lee, J-Ryul, 2005:
Spatial resolution and resolution in phase-shifting laser interferometry

Zhengyuan Zhu; Michael, L. Stein, 2005:
Spatial sampling design for parameter estimation of the covariance function

Smith, D.F.; Gasiewski, A.J.; Jackson, D.L.; Wick, G.A., 2005:
Spatial scales of tropical precipitation inferred from TRMM microwave imager data

Moreno, R; Paci, R; Usai, S, 2005:
Spatial spillovers and innovation activity in European regions

Ioannis Galionis; Philip Hall, 2005:
Spatial stability of the incompressible corner flow

Aragao, L.E.O.C.; Shimabukuro, Y.E.; Espirito-Santo, F.D.B.; Williams, M., 2005:
Spatial validation of the collection 4 MODIS LAI product in eastern Amazonia

H. Toros; A. Deniz; L. Şaylan; O. Şen; M. Baloğlu, 2005:
Spatial variability of chilling temperature in Turkey and its effect on human comfort

Eija Kärkäs; Kimmo Teinilä; Aki Virkkula; Minna Aurela, 2005:
Spatial variations of surface snow chemistry during two austral summers in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Madelaine Norström, 2005:
Spatial veterinary epidemiology an expanding science

Yin-Xia, H; Jing-Hui, L; Ying-Kui, Z; Shi-Gang, C, 2005:
Spatially Periodic System with Infinite Globally Coupled Oscillators Driven by Temporal-Spatial Noise

Moody, E.G.; King, M.D.; Platnick, S.; Schaaf, C.B.; Feng Gao, 2005:
Spatially complete global spectral surface albedos: value-added datasets derived from Terra MODIS land products

A. Kudelski; K. Kowalik; A. Golnik; G. Karczewski; J. Kossut; J.A. Gaj, 2005 :
Spatially correlated 0D exciton states in CdTe/ZnTe semiconductor system

Meng Zhan; Xingang Wang; Xiaofeng Gong; C.-H. Lai, 2005:
Spatially periodic and temporally chaotic pattern in coupled nonidentical chaotic systems

Christopher, J. Blomfield, 2005:
Spatially resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

P. Geiger; G. Kragler; G. Hahn; P. Fath, 2005:
Spatially resolved investigations of lifetime enhancement in vertically grown, multicrystalline silicon ribbons

Th. Arnold; S. Grabovsky; A. Schindler; H.-E. Wagner, 2005:
Spatially resolved mass spectrometry of reactive Ar/SF6/N2 plasma jets

A. Oelsner; A. Krasyuk; S. Nepijko; C.M. Schneider; G. Schönhense, 2005:
Spatially resolved observation of dynamics in electrical and magnetic field distributions by means of a delayline detector and PEEM

S. Mansoob Murshed; Scott Gates, 2005:
SpatialHorizontal Inequality and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal

Véronique Jacquet; Nicole Lair; Lucien Hoffmann; Henry-Michel Cauchie, 2005:
Spatio-temporal Patterns of Protozoan Communities in a Meso-eutrophic Reservoir (Esch-sur-Sre, Luxembourg)

Anandamayee Majumdar; Alan, E. Gelfand; Sudipto Banerjee, 2005:
Spatio-temporal change-point modeling

Antoine Grémare; Dimitri Gutiérrez; Pierre Anschutz; Jean Michel Amouroux; Bruno Deflandre; Gilles Vétion, 2005:
Spatio-temporal changes in totally and enzymatically hydrolyzable amino acids of superficial sediments from three contrasted areas

Tomoki Nakaya; Katsumi Nakase; Ken Osaka, 2005:
Spatio-temporal modelling of the HIV epidemic in Japan based on the national HIV/AIDS surveillance

Sharon, K. Greene; Mark, A. Schmidt; Mary Grace Stobierski; Mark, L. Wilson, 2005:
Spatio-temporal pattern of viral meningitis in Michigan, 1993-2001

Yutaka, W. Watanabe; Hiroshi Ishida; Toshiya Nakano; Naoki Nagai, 2005:
Spatiotemporal Decreases of Nutrients and Chlorophyll-a in the Surface Mixed Layer of the Western North Pacific from 1971 to 2000

M. A. Gusakovskaya; A. N. Blintsov; A. F. Bobkova, 2005:
Spatiotemporal Distribution of Free and Bound Forms of Abscisic Acid in Ovaries ofTriticum aestivumL. andTaraxacum officinaleWeb. at the Beginning of Embryogenesis

Hajime Sonehara; Kazuhisa Iguchi, 2005:
Spatiotemporal interpolation filter using vector compensation

Dietzel, C; Herold, M; Hemphill, J J.; Clarke, K C., 2005:
Spatiotemporal dynamics in California's Central Valley: Empirical links to urban theory

M. J. James-Pirri; K. Tuxbury; S. Marino; S. Koch, 2005:
Spawning densities, egg densities, size structure, and movement patterns of spawning horseshoe crabs,Limulus polyphemus, within four coastal embayments on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Abdul Wahab; Goek See Ng; Romy Dickiyanto, 2005:
Speaker authentication system using soft computing approaches

Reg Adams, 2005:
Speakers at Intertech Cannes call for higher profits as TiO2 supply/demand balance tightens

Reg Adams, 2005:
Speakers at Intertech Cannes discuss China, India, calcined kaolin, calcium, filters, feedstock profits & a new milled synrutile pigment

Webster, M, 2005:
Speaking From the Pained Place: Engaging With Frank Dattilio

McLean, G A. C., 2005:
Speaking Out!*

Geoffrey, D. Dabelko, 2005:
Speaking Their Language: How to Communicate Better with Policymakers and Opinion Shapers and Why Academics Should Bother in the First Place

Lamond, D; Spender, J.‐C., 2005:
Speaking about management education

Hornsey, M. J.; Blackwood, L.; O'brien, A., 2005:
Speaking for Others: The Pros and Cons of Group Advocates using Collective Language

Steve Banks, 2005:
Speaking the City: Punishment, Performance and the Perception of Londons Public Space 1780--1840

Ghazi-Walid Falah, 2005:
Speaking the Truth to Power: Jim Blaut, Counter-Memory and Justice in Palestine

Owen Allen, 2005:
Speargrass cooling

Peter Hartmann; Thomas, W. Teasdale, 2005:
Spearmans Law of Diminishing Returns and the role of test reliability investigated in a large sample of Danish military draftees

Lisa Wade, 2005:
Special AVA Member Alert Error in label dosage instruction on Elanco's Rumensin 100 and Rumensin 200

Editorial Board, 2005:
Special Announcement

Lo, C, 2005:
Special Conference Issue Introduction

Conderman, G; Morin, J; Stephens, J. Todd, 2005:
Special Education Student Teaching Practices

Ilizaliturri, V M.; Chaidez, P A.; Aguilera, J M.; Camacho-Galindo, J, 2005:
Special Instruments and Techniques for Hip Arthroscopy

S. Lange; G. Freitag, 2005:
Special Invited Papers Section: Therapeutic Equivalence Clinical Issues and Statistical Methodology in Noninferiority Trials : Choice of Delta: Requirements and Reality Results of a Systematic Review

Peter, W. C. Paton, R J. Harris and Carol, L. Trocki, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Distribution and Abundance of Breeding Birds in Boston Harbor

Julie, A. Richburg and William, A. Patterson III, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Historical Description of the Vegetation of the Boston Harbor Islands: 1600-2000

Charles, T. Roman, B Jacobson and Jack Wiggin, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Introduction to a Special Issue: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview

Richard Bell, R Buchsbaum, C Roman and Mark Chandler, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Inventory of Intertidal Marine Habitats, Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area

Mark, J. Mello, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Inventory of Macrolepidoptera and Other Insects in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area

William, A. Patterson III, J A. Richburg, K H. Clark and Sally Shaw, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Paleoecology of Calf Island in Boston's Outer Harbor

Robert Manning, Y-Fai Leung and Megha Budruk, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Research to Support Management of Visitor Carrying Capacity of Boston Harbor Islands

Scott LaGreca, E Lay, D Greene, E Kneiper and Mary Lincoln, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || The Lichens and Bryophytes of the Boston Harbor Islands

Ted Elliman, 2005:
Special Issue 3: Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area: Natural Resources Overview || Vascular Flora and Plant Communities of the Boston Harbor Islands

H. David Shine, 2005:
Special Issue in Honor of Regino Perez-Polo

Hasan Uludag; J. Paul Santerre; Gaetan Laroche; Mark Filiaggi, 2005:
Special Issue of Biomaterials Dedicated to Canadian Biomaterials Research

Kathleen, M. Carley; David Skillicorn, 2005:
Special Issue on Analyzing Large Scale Networks: The Enron Corpus

Kildal, P.-S.; Kishk, A.A.; Maci, S., 2005:
Special Issue on Artificial Magnetic Conductors, Soft/Hard Surfaces, and Other Complex Surfaces

Joseph Penzien, 2005:
Special Issue on Earthquake Engineering for Transportation Structures

Andrew Pickering, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Asian Eels and Global Warming: A Posthumanist Perspective on Society and the Environment

Mark Rowlands, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Environmental Epistemology

Christopher, J. Preston, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy: The Epistemic Significance of Place

Holmes Rolston III, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || F/Actual Knowing: Putting Facts and Values in Place

Trish Glazebrook, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Gynocentric Eco-Logics

William, M. Mace, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || James J. Gibson's Ecological Approach: Perceiving What Exists

Tim Adamson, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Measure for Measure: The Reliance of Human Knowledge on the Things of the World

Jim Cheney, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || Truth, Knowledge and the Wild World

Bonnie Mann, 2005:
Special Issue on Epistemology and Environmental Philosophy || World Alienation in Feminist Thought: The Sublime Epistemology of Emphatic Anti-Essentialism

Zarit, S. H.; Pearlin, L. I., 2005:
Special Issue on Health Inequalities Across the Life Course

Kharasch, E D., 2005:
Special Issue on Pharmacogenomics and Anesthesia: Work Presented at the 2004 Journal Symposium

Vincent, B. Van Hasselt; Abigail, S. Malcolm, 2005:
Special Issue on the Role of Law Enforcement in Domestic Violence

Vincent Dru, 2005:
Special Issue Psychology and Sport: Conceptual and Applied Perspectives

K. A. Maasch, P. A. Mayewski, E. J. Rohling, J. C. Stager, W. Karlén, L. D. Meeker and E. A. Meyerson, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || A 2000-Year Context for Modern Climate Change

Per Holmlund, B P. Onac, M Hansson, K Holmgren, M Mörth, M Nyman and Aurel Perşoiu, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Assessing the Palaeoclimate Potential of Cave Glaciers: The Example of the Scrioara Ice Cave (Romania)

Elisabeth Isaksson, D Divine, J Kohler, T Martma, V Pohjola, H Motoyama and Okitsugu Watanabe, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Climate Oscillations as Recorded in Svalbard Ice Core 18O Records between AD 1200 and 1997

M. L. Prentice and A. G. Krusic, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Early Pliocene Alpine Glaciation in Antarctica: Terrestrial versus Tidewater Glaciers in Wright Valley

Peter Jansson, G Rosqvist and Thomas Schneider, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Glacier Fluctuations, Suspended Sediment Flux and Glacio-Lacustrine Sediments

Weston Blake Jr, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Holocene Carbonate Precipitates on Precambrian Bedrock in the High Arctic: Age and Potential for Palaeoclimatic Information

Camilla, S. Andresen and Svante Björck, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Holocene Climate Variability in the Denmark Strait Region: A Land-Sea Correlation of New and Existing Climate Proxy Records

Per Klingbjer, I A. Brown and Per Holmlund, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Identification of Climate Controls on the Dynamic Behaviour of the Subarctic Glacier Salajekna, Northern Scandinavia

George, H. Denton and David, E. Sugden, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Meltwater Features That Suggest Miocene Ice-Sheet Overriding of the Transantarctic Mountains in Victoria Land, Antarctica

I. Marianne Lagerklint, G Rosqvist, O Hermelin and Kirk Maasch, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || New High-Resolution Alkenone Record of Last Glacial to Holocene Sea-Surface Temperature Change in the East-Equatorial South Atlantic Ocean

Katarina Lundblad and Karin Holmgren, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Palaeoclimatological Survey of Stalagmites from Coastal Areas in Tanzania

V. A. Pohjola, J. Cole-Dai, G. Rosqvist, A. P. Stroeven and L. G. Thompson, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Potential to Recover Climatic Information from Scandinavian Ice Cores: An Example from the Small Ice Cap Riukojietna

Morita, K.; Maebatake, A.; Iwasaki, R.; Shiotsuki, Y.; Himuro, K.; Baba, S.; Sasaki, M., 2018:
Evaluation of the Reconstruction Parameters of Brain Dopamine Transporter SPECT images Obtained by a Fan Beam Collimator: A Comparison with Parallel-hole Collimators

T. Chinn, S. Winkler, M. J. Salinger and N. Haakensen, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Recent Glacier Advances in Norway and New Zealand: A Comparison of Their Glaciological and Meteorological Causes

Gunnar Østrem, N Haakensen and Hans Chr. Olsen, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Sediment Transport, Delta Growth and Sedimentation in Lake Nigardsvatn, Norway

Hans, W. Linderholm and Björn E. Gunnarson, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Summer Temperature Variability in Central Scandinavia during the Last 3600 Years

Wesley, E. Lemasurier and Sergio Rocchi, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || Terrestrial Record of Post-Eocene Climate History in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

John, A. Matthews and Keith, R. Briffa, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change and Variability || The 'Little Ice Age': Re-Evaluation of an Evolving Concept

C. J. Fogwill and P. W. Kubik, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || A Glacial Stage Spanning the Antarctic Cold Reversal in Torres del Paine (51S), Chile, Based on Preliminary Cosmogenic Exposure Ages

Alun Hubbard, A S. Hein, M R. Kaplan, N R. J. Hulton and Neil Glasser, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || A Modelling Reconstruction of the Last Glacial Maximum Ice Sheet and Its Deglaciation in the Vicinity of the Northern Patagonian Icefield, South America

R. D. McCulloch, C. J. Fogwill, D. E. Sugden, M. J. Bentley and P. W. Kubik, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || Chronology of the Last Glaciation in Central Strait of Magellan and Baha Intil, Southernmost South America

K. J. Turner, C. J. Fogwill, R. D. McCulloch and D. E. Sugden, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || Deglaciation of the Eastern Flank of the North Patagonian Icefield and Associated Continental-Scale Lake Diversions

R. D. McCulloch, M. J. Bentley, R. M. Tipping and C. M. Clapperton, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || Evidence for Late-Glacial Ice Dammed Lakes in the Central Strait of Magellan and Baha Intil, Southernmost South America

M. J. Bentley and R. D. McCulloch, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || Impact of Neotectonics on the Record of Glacier and Sea Level Fluctuations, Strait of Magellan, Southern Chile

D. E. Sugden, M. J. Bentley, C. J. Fogwill, N. R. J. Hulton, R. D. McCulloch and R. S. Purves, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || Late-Glacial Glacier Events in Southernmost South America: A Blend of 'Northern' and 'Southern' Hemispheric Climatic Signals?

M. J. Bentley, D. E. Sugden, N. R. J. Hulton and R. D. McCulloch, 2005:
Special Issue: Climate Change in South America || The Landforms and Pattern of Deglaciation in the Strait of Magellan and Baha Intil, Southernmost South America

Dickinson, G E, 2005:
Special Issue: Ethical concerns involving end-of-life issues in the United States Introduction: Ethics and end-of-life issues

Warren, P., 2005:
Special Issue: Intonation in Language Varieties

Anders Källgård, 2005:
Special Issue: Islands: Objects of Representation || Fact Sheet: The Islands of Sweden

Philip, E. Steinberg, 2005:
Special Issue: Islands: Objects of Representation || Insularity, Sovereignty and Statehood: The Representation of Islands on Portolan Charts and the Construction of the Territorial State

Alex Law, 2005:
Special Issue: Islands: Objects of Representation || Of Navies and Navels: Britain as a Mental Island

Carol Farbotko, 2005:
Special Issue: Islands: Objects of Representation || Tuvalu and Climate Change: Constructions of Environmental Displacement in the "Sydney Morning Herald"

Bob, D. Guenther, G Editors:; Jopson, B; John Koshel, R.; Paldus, B, 2005:
Special Issue: Optics in 2005 Introduction

Anna Badyina and Oleg Golubchikov, 2005:
Special Issue: Power Over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting || Gentrification in Central Moscow: A Market Process or a Deliberate Policy? Money, Power and People in Housing Regeneration in Ostozhenka

Gordon, L. Clark, 2005:
Special Issue: Power Over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting || Money Flows like Mercury: The Geography of Global Finance

Eric Clark, 2005:
Special Issue: Power Over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting || Power over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting

Velvet Nelson, 2005:
Special Issue: Power Over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting || Representation and Images of People, Place and Nature in Grenada's Tourism

Pauliina Raento and Stanley, D. Brunn, 2005:
Special Issue: Power Over Time-Space: The Inaugural Nordic Geographers Meeting || Visualizing Finland: Postage Stamps as Political Messengers

Douglas, T. Hall and Dawn, E. Chandler, 2005:
Special Issue: Reconceptualizing Career Success || Psychological Success: When the Career Is a Calling

Anne Buttimer, 2005:
Special Issue: The Heritage of Edgar Kant and J. G. Granö || Edgar Kant (1902-1978): A Baltic Pioneer

Jussi Jauhiainen, 2005:
Special Issue: The Heritage of Edgar Kant and J. G. Granö || Edgar Kant and the Rise of Modern Urban Geography

Olavi Granö, 2005:
Special Issue: The Heritage of Edgar Kant and J. G. Granö || J. G. Granö and Edgar Kant: Teacher and Pupil, Colleagues and Friends

Heckman, J.J.; Biroli, P.; Boca, D.Del.; Heckman, L.Pettier.; Koh, Y.Kyung.; Kuperman, S.; Moktan, S.; Pronzato, C.D.; Ziff, A.L., 2018:
Evaluation of the Reggio Approach to Early Education

Brita Hermelin, 2005:
Special Issue: The Heritage of Edgar Kant and J. G. Granö || Recruitment Procedures in the Construction of Labour Market Relations: The Ethnic Divide in Sweden

Garri Raagmaa and Kadri Kroon, 2005:
Special Issue: The Heritage of Edgar Kant and J. G. Granö || The Future of Collective Farms' Built Social Infrastructure: Choosing between Central Place and Network Theories

Richard Darton; Adisa Azapagic, 2005:
Special Issue7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering

David Edwards, 2005:
Special IssueHazards XVIII

Tarakçioğlu, M.Cem.; Kadak, M.Tayyib.; Gürbüz, Gözde.Akkin.; Poyraz, Bç.Çağrı.; Erdoğan, Fırat.; Aksoy, U.Mert., 2018:
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms and Chronotype

Ian, D. Lunt and Peter, G. Spooner, 2005:
Special Paper: Using Historical Ecology to Understand Patterns of Biodiversity in Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes

Dupree, W B.; Kemp, K A., 2005:
Special Report: The Disease-Oriented Laboratory Report "A One-Stop Shopping Center" Which Transforms Data Into Information and Knowledge

Voorhees, D W., 2005:
Special Report: Year-End Chargemaster Chores Immediate Attention Required

Raul, R. Silva, 2005:
Special Section Addressing Discrepancies Between the Child Psychopharmacology Literature and Prescribing Practices

Albertsson, A-Christine, 2005:
Special Section on Biological Polyesters

Albertsson, A-Christine, 2005:
Special Section on Chitin

Albertsson, A-Christine, 2005:
Special Section on Polymer Biomaterials

Drake, R E., 2005:
Special Section on Relapse Prevention: Introduction to the Special Section

Busch, A B., 2005:
Special Section on Seclusion and Restraint: Introduction to the Special Section

R. Miskimins, 2005 :
Special Session SS01: Cutting edge discoveries and scientific advances

Beglinger, C; Goeke, B, 2005:
Special Topic Issue Devoted to the Management of Crohn’s Disease

Kline, N. E., 2005:
Special Topics in Pediatric Hematology

Friis Jensen, M; Skovager Jensen, M; Martin Lind, K; Paving Mortensen, R; Zobbe, H, 2005:
Special and differential treatment in the WTO agricultural negotiations: Analysis and policy recommendation1 2

Qingquan Luo; Xuefu Xian; Gangcai Chen; Qingling Yang, 2005:
Special and seasonal variations of trace metals in PM10in Chongqing

Simon Berg, 2005:
Special considerations in the premature and ex-premature infant

Olaf, H. Drummer; Alain Verstraete, 2005:
Special edition of forensic science international detection of drugs in oral fluid

Gordon Hosker, 2005:
Special investigations for female incontinence

M. Pınar Mengüç; Nevin Selçuk; Brent, W. Webb; Denis Lemonnier, 2005:
Special issue based on selected papers from the fourth international symposium on radiative transfer

Benoit Deveaud, 2005:
Special issue in honour of Prof. Marc Ilegems

Sahar Al-Malaika, 2005:
Special issue of PDS Based on MoDeSt 3 Lyon

Richard D Komistek, 2005:
Special issue on Knee Mechanics

R. Abgrall; H. Deconinck, 2005:
Special issue on Residual Distribution Schemes, Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes Multidimensional Schemes and Mesh Adaptation

Bernhofer, C; Goldberg, V; Hantel, M, 2005:
Special issue on biometeorology

Linda Partridge; Martin, D. Brand, 2005:
Special issue on dietary restriction: Dietary restriction, longevity and ageingthe current state of our knowledge and ignorance

Justin, C. Williams; Charles, S. ReVelle; Simon, A. Levin, 2005:
Special issue on eco-informatics: Modeling biological conservation decisions

van der Linden, E.; Hulk, A., 2005:
Special issue on emergent grammars in bilingual children

Jonathan, S. Friedman; Diego Janches, 2005:
Special issue on meteors and the mesopause

Pedro, U. Lima; Frans, C.A. Groen, 2005:
Special issue on multi-robots in dynamic environments

P. Corvol; S. Nomura; A.J. Turner; S. Mizutani, 2005:
Special issue on proteolysis

T.C. Edwin Cheng; Kee-hung Lai; Andy, C.L. Yeung, 2005:
Special issue on quality in supply chain management and logistics

John Wilson; Beverley Norris, 2005:
Special issue on rail human factors

Ward, H, 2005:
Special issue on sex workers

Karl Wärneryd, 2005:
Special issue on the politics of corporate governance: Introduction

Norbert Esser, 2005:
Special issue: Advanced optical diagnostics of surfaces, nanostructures and ultrathin films

Lawrence, H. Lash, 2005:
Special issue: Membrane transporters in toxicology

(Ed.) Benoit Deveaud, 2005:
Special issue: Semiconductor Microcavities

Setsuya Nakada, 2005:
Special issue: The 2000 eruption of Miyakejima volcano, Japan

Greg Kuperberg, 2005:
Special moments

Chuanzhong Wang; Zhangyi Liang; Jianbin Huang, 2005:
Special properties of monolayer formed by a novel Gemini amphiphile at airwater interface

Herwig Proske; Ján Vlcko; Mike, S. Rosenbaum; Matthias Dorn; Martin Culshaw; Brian Marker, 2005:
Special purpose mapping for waste disposal sites

Elvira, M M.; Davila, A, 2005:
Special research issue on human resource management in Latin America

Thomas, E. Conturo; Fernando Calamante, 2005:
Special section: ISMRM perfusion workshop invited papers

Dominic Robinson, 2005:
Special section: Monitoring Photodynamic Therapy

Mark Thornley, 2005:
Specialist Treatment by Design

Jane Gilmour, 2005:
Specialist neuropsychological assessment procedures for children and adolescents

Bazian Ltd, 2005:
Specialist outreach into primary care: is it better than standard care?

Cantwell, R., 2005:
Specialist perinatal mental health services

Laino, C, 2005:
Specialty Meetings One Change Likely for Next ASCO Annual Meeting

Linda, D. Bosserman, 2005:
Specialty pharmacy and MVI: ill-advised systems, wasteful and harmful

Zhefeng Fan, 2005:
Speciation Analysis of Antimony (III) and Antimony (V) by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry After Separation/Preconcentration With Cloud Point Extraction

E. S. Naumova; E. V. Serpova; G. I. Naumov, 2005:
Speciation in the YeastLachancea thermotolerans: Molecular Genetic Evidence

Schaub, T M.; Rodgers, R P.; Marshall, A G.; Qian, K; Green, L A.; Olmstead, W N., 2005:
Speciation of Aromatic Compounds in Petroleum Refinery Streams by Continuous Flow Field Desorption Ionization FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry

Goodarzi, F; Huggins, F E., 2005:
Speciation of Arsenic in Feed Coals and Their Ash Byproducts from Canadian Power Plants Burning Sub-bituminous and Bituminous Coals

Goodarzi, F; Huggins, F E., 2005:
Speciation of Chromium in Feed Coals and Ash Byproducts from Canadian Power Plants burning Subbituminous and Bituminous Coals

Jansen, S; Steffen, F; Threels, W F.; van Leeuwen, H P., 2005:
Speciation of Co(II) and Ni(II) in Anaerobic Bioreactors Measured by Competitive Ligand ExchangeAdsorptive Stripping Voltammetry

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Speciation of copper in a contaminated soil during H3PO4-assisted EKR

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Speciation of major and selected trace elements in IGCC fly ash

Hsin-Liang Huang; H. Paul Wang, 2005:
Speciation of nano-copper collected in molecular sieves from chemicalmechanical planarization wastewater

Krystyna, A. Krot; Angela, F. Danil de Namor; Adolfo Aguilar-Cornejo; Kevin, B. Nolan, 2005:
Speciation, stability constants and structures of complexes of copper(II), nickel(II), silver(I) and mercury(II) with PAMAM dendrimer and related tetraamide ligands

Yu. Ya. Latypov; T. N. Dautova, 2005:
Species Composition of Corals in Silty Shallows of the Bai Thu Long Archipelago (Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea)

M. Yu. Trusova; M. I. Gladyshev, 2005:
Species Composition of Winter Bacterioplankton in Blooming and Nonblooming Reservoirs as Determined by 16S rRNA Sequences

Desharnais, R A.; Edmunds, J; Costantino, R. F.; Henson, S M., 2005:
Species competition: uncertainty on a double invariant loop

Labrador-Horrillo, M; Tarres, M, 2005:
Specific Biologic Therapy with Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors in Patients with Inflammatory Myopathy

P. I. Sidorov; E. A. Bocharova; L. E. Deryagina; A. G. Solov’ev, 2005:
Specific Features of Monitoring of Higher Mental Functions in Children with Abnormal Intellectual and Speech Development

E. V. Storchun; V. V. Boronoev, 2005:
Specific Features of the Procedure for Synchronous Pulse Wave Detection

S. F. Dotsenko, 2005:
Specific Features of the Propagation of Tsunamis in the Northwest Part of the Black Sea

N. N. Potrakhov; A. I. Mazurov, 2005:
Specific Features of the Use of Microfocal Roentgenography in Medical Diagnosis

C. Fink; T. Hembes; R. Brehm; R. Weigel; C. Heeb; M. Tatar; M. Kressin, 2005:
Specific Localization of the Gap Junctional Protein Connexin 32 in Equine Gastric Mucosa

Revellin, Nège; Dulot, H; López-García, C; Baco, F; Jose, J, 2005:
Specific Nitrogen Boiling Point Profiles of Vacuum Gasoils

Vandenplas, Y; Hauser, B; Schepper, J, 2005 :
Specific Nutritional Needs for Children. Are Children Small Adults?

A. M. Dolgonosov, 2005:
Specific Surface of a Stationary Phase in Gas-Liquid Chromatography

Ferrari, R., 2005:
Specific and selective If inhibition: expected clinical benefits from pure heart rate reduction in coronary patients

Vinod, P N, 2005:
Specific contact resistance of the porous silicon and silver metal Ohmic contact structure

E. V. Popova; A. P. Fedoryako; L. A. Kutulya; V. P. Seminozhenko, 2005:
Specific features of electromechanical conversion in various liquid crystalline phases

V. F. Shamrai; A. V. Arakcheeva; V. V. Grinevich; A. B. Mikhailova, 2005:
Specific features of the crystal structure and magnetic properties of KTaO3produced by electrolysis of melts

A. V. Zubets; L. L. Klimkovich; N. D. Zhigadlo, 2005:
Specific features of the growth of barium chromate crystals from different precursors

Ovidiu Maris; Georgeta Maris, 2005:
Specific features of the high-speed plasma stream cycles

G. R. Bulka; V. M. Vinokurov; A. A. Galeev; G. A. Denisenko; N. M. Khasanova; G. V. Kanunnikov; N. M. Nizamutdinov; S. V. Stefanovsky; A. Yu. Trul, 2005:
Specific features of the substitution of Fe3+impurity ions for Zr4+in NaZr2(PO4)3single crystals

S. Ya. Beloglovsky; S. F. Burachas; N. A. Vassilieva; M. K. Ziomko; S. V. Lysov; R. M. Nikitin; Yu. A. Saveliev; I. V. Makov; E. A. Kuznetsova; A. A. Chernousov; Yu. V. Yakovlev, 2005:
Specific features of the technology for large-scale processing of lead tungstate crystals for research in the field of high-energy physics

N. A. Yakovleva; S. N. Klyamkin; O. A. Veremeeva; A. A. Tsikhotskaya, 2005:
Specific features of the thermodynamics of activation in the LaNi5-H2and CeNi5-H2systems

E. F. Dudnik; A. G. Kolomoets, 2005:
Specific features of twinning in divalent nitrates

Jinyoung Park; Haiwon Lee, 2005:
Specific immobilization of nanospheres on template fabricated by using atomic force microscope lithography

YoonKook Park, 2005:
Specific interactions between phosphorus compounds and carbon dioxide: Ab initio approach

Margaret J Snowling, 2005:
Specific learning difficulties

T. Limanond; D.A. Niemeier; P.L. Mokhtarian, 2005:
Specification of a tour-based neighborhood shopping model

Ellman, M., 2005:
Specificity Revisited: The Role of Cross-Investments

W. Edward Craighead; Erin, S. Sheets; Andri, S. Bjornsson, 2005:
Specificity and Nonspecificity in Psychotherapy

Deborah, M. Conley, 2005:
Specificity and Sensitivity of the Morse Fall Scale on Three Medical Surgical Units

Bancila, D; Mittelmark, M B., 2005:
Specificity in the Relationships Between Stressors and Depressed Mood Among Adolescents: The Roles of Gender and Self - Efficacy

K. G. Karagezyan; L. A. Simonyan; L. M. Ovsepyan; S. S. Ovakimyan; A. A. Simonyan; M. K. Karagezyan; E. G. Dzhanpoladyan, 2005:
Specifics of Changes in the Rate of Lipid Peroxidation in Different Biological Systems of the Organism in Corazolum-Induced Epileptoid Seizures

M. Geiger; W. Hußnätter; M. Merklein, 2005:
Specimen for a novel concept of the biaxial tension test

Yu He; Gong-Wu Song; Qi-Chao Zou, 2005:
Spectra analysis of interaction between poly((2-methylacryloxyethyl) dimethyl buthylammonium bromide) and nucleic acids

F. Niro; F. Hase; C. Camy-Peyret; S. Payan; J.-M. Hartmann, 2005:
Spectra calculations in central and wing regions of CO2 IR bands between 10 and 20 m. II. Atmospheric solar occultation spectra

F. Niro; T. von Clarmann; K. Jucks; J.-M. Hartmann, 2005:
Spectra calculations in central and wing regions of CO2 IR bands between 10 and 20 m. III: atmospheric emission spectra

F. Niro; K. Jucks; J.-M. Hartmann, 2005:
Spectra calculations in central and wing regions of IR bands. IV: software and database for the computation of atmospheric spectra

H. D. Kambezidis; A. D. Adamopoulos; D. Zevgolis, 2005:
Spectral Aerosol Transmittance in the Ultraviolet and Visible Spectra in Athens, Greece

L. Wang; M. He, 2005:
Spectral Analysis of Uneven Data in a Bipolar Charging Agglomeration System

Gil Jae Park; Tomokatsu Hayakawa; Masayuki Nogami, 2005:
Spectral Hole-Burning in Femtosecond Laser-Irradiated Eu3+-Doped Aluminosilicate Glasses

Du, X; Lu, W; Bai, X; Wang, Y; Deng, H; Hou, J, 2005:
Spectral Properties of Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes with Nonionic Surfactants and 1Bromonaphthalene

O. E. Barndorff-Nielsen; N. N. Leonenko, 2005:
Spectral Properties of Uperpositions of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Type Processes

Dinç, E; Uslu, B; Özkan, S A., 2005:
Spectral Resolution of a Binary Mixture Containing Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide in Tablets by Ratio Spectra Derivative and Inverse Least Square Techniques

N. S. Kobotaeva; E. E. Sirotkina; E. V. Mikubaeva, 2005:
Spectral Sensitization of Photoconductivity of Poly(N-epoxypropylcarbazole) and Benzaldehyde Diphenylhydrazones by Ternary Complexes of Triphenylmethane Dyes

Eshrah, I.A.; Kishk, A.A.; Yakovlev, A.B.; Glisson, A.W., 2005:
Spectral analysis of left-handed rectangular waveguides with dielectric-filled corrugations

Masako TAMAKI; Hiroshi NITTONO; Mitsuo HAYASHI; Tadao HORI, 2005:
Spectral analysis of the first-night effect on the sleep-onset period

Pablo, R. Sainz-Rozas; José Ramón Isasi; Gustavo González-Gaitano, 2005:
Spectral and photophysical properties of 2-dibenzofuranol and its inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins

T. Redzimski; J.R. Heldt, 2005:
Spectral and photophysical properties of the bi-chromophoric fluorene derivatives

S. Fumeron; A. Charette; P. Ben-Abdallah, 2005:
Spectral and refractive effects in non-stationary radiative transfer: a theoretical study in dense media

P.K. Bhuyan; M.M. Gogoi; K. Krishna Moorthy, 2005:
Spectral and temporal characteristics of aerosol optical depth over a wet tropical location in North East India

S.K. Dogra, 2005:
Spectral characteristics of 2-(2-hydroxy-3-pyridyl)benzimidazole: effects of solvents and acid or base concentrations

S.K. Dogra, 2005:
Spectral characteristics of 2-(3,5-diaminophenyl)benzothiazole: effects of solvents and acidbase concentrations

S.K. Dogra, 2005:
Spectral characteristics of 2-hydroxynicotinic acid: effects of solvent and acid or base concentrations

J.B. Dalton; O. Prieto-Ballesteros; J.S. Kargel; C.S. Jamieson; J. Jolivet; R. Quinn, 2005:
Spectral comparison of heavily hydrated salts with disrupted terrains on Europa

Karolína Šišková; Blanka Vlčková; Peter Mojzeš, 2005:
Spectral detection of J-aggregates of cationic porphyrin and investigation of conditions of their formation

G. Del Zanna; H.E. Mason, 2005:
Spectral diagnostic capabilities of Solar-B EIS

Yu. G. Yanushevich; D. A. Shagin; A. F. Fradkov; K. S. Shakhbazov; E. V. Barsova; N. G. Gurskaya; Yu. A. Labas; M. V. Matz; K. A. Lukyanov; S. A. Lukyanov, 2005:
Spectral diversity among members of the green fluorescent protein family in hydroid jellyfish (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)

R. Hashimoto; A. Chikamatsu; H. Kumigashira; M. Oshima; N. Nakagawa; T. Ohnishi; M. Lippmaa; H. Wadati; A. Fujimori; K. Ono; M. Kawasaki; H. Koinuma, 2005:
Spectral evidence for inherent dead layer formation at La1ySryFeO3/La1xSrxMnO3 heterointerface

Yu.V. Romanovskii; H. Bässler, 2005:
Spectral hole burning in conjugated organic polymers

Matthias, F. Carlsohn, 2005:
Spectral imaging in real-timeImaging principles and applications

T.V. Basova; E.K. Kol’tsov; I.K. Igumenov, 2005:
Spectral investigation of interaction of copper phthalocyanine with nitrogen dioxide

Haertel, V.F.; Shimabukuro, Y.E., 2005:
Spectral linear mixing model in low spatial resolution image data

Müllejans, H; Ioannides, A; Kenny, R; Zaaiman, W; Ossenbrink, H A; Dunlop, E D, 2005:
Spectral mismatch in calibration of photovoltaic reference devices by global sunlight method

A.G. Mignani; L. Ciaccheri; A. Cimato; C. Attilio; P.R. Smith, 2005:
Spectral nephelometry for the geographic classification of Italian extra virgin olive oils

Artur Bednarkiewicz; Agnieszka Mech; Mirosław Karbowiak; Wiesław Stręk, 2005:
Spectral properties of Eu3+ doped NaGdF4 nanocrystals

K. Annapurna; Maumita Das; P. Kundu; R.N. Dwivedi; S. Buddhudu, 2005:
Spectral properties of Eu3+: ZnOB2O3SiO2 glasses

S. B. Brichkin; M. A. Kurandina; T. M. Nikolaeva; V. F. Razumov, 2005:
Spectral properties of carbocyanine dyes in solutions of reverse AOT micelles

Jozef Kollár; Pavol Hrdlovič; Štefan Chmela; Mohamed Sarakha; Ghislain Guyot, 2005:
Spectral properties of probes based on pyrene and piperazine: the singlet and triplet route of deactivation

Stakowiak, E; Dudkowiak, A; Wiktorowicz, K; Cofta, J; Frckowiak, D, 2005:
Spectral properties of stilbazolium merocyanines potential sensitizers in photodynamic therapy and diagnosisPart II. Merocyanines in resting and stimulated lymphocytes

Antoni Sidorowicz; Czesław Mora; Stanisław Jabłonka; Andrzej Poła; Teresa Modrzycka; Daniela Mosiądz; Krystyna Michalak, 2005:
Spectral properties of two betaine-type cyanine dyes in surfactant micelles and in the presence of phospholipids

Ch. Linga Raju; K.V. Narasimhulu; N.O. Gopal; J.L. Rao; B.C.V. Reddy, 2005:
Spectral studies on VO2+ ions in potassium thiourea bromide single crystals using EPR and optical absorption spectroscopy

Lacherade, S.; Miesch, C.; Briottet, X.; Le Men, H., 2005:
Spectral variability and bidirectional reflectance behaviour of urban materials at a 20 cm spatial resolution in the visible and nearinfrared wavelengths. A case study over Toulouse (France)

Petr Hlubina, 2005:
Spectral-domain intermodal interference and the effect of a low-resolution spectrometer

S. Kobayashi; F. Sasaki; H. Yanagi; S. Hotta; M. Ichikawa; Y. Taniguchi, 2005:
Spectrally narrowed emissions in 2,5-bis(4-biphenylyl)thiophene crystals pumped by fs laser pulse

Jean-Pierre Galaup, 2005:
Spectrally selective molecular doped solids: spectroscopy, photophysics and their application to ultrafast optical pulse processing

Smith, W, 2005:
Spectres of Democracy

Mayer, I; Nakamura, K; Srinivasan, A; Furuta, H; Toma, H E.; Araki, K, 2005:
Spectroelectrochemical behavior of N-confused dioxohexaphyrins

Zeena S Pillai; Prashant V Kamat, 2005:
Spectroelectrochemistry of aromatic amine oxidation: an insight into the indo dye formation

Jinshui Liu; Xin Wang; Lun Wang, 2005:
Spectrofluorimetric Assay of Cationic Surfactants by Fluorescence Quenching of 9-Anthracenecarboxylic Acid

Jing Li; Jinkai Liu; Xiaojing Zhu; Qian Peng; Chongqiu Jiang, 2005:
Spectrofluorimetric determination of heparin using doxycyclineeuropium probe

Chatchanok Loetchutinat; Suchart Kothan; Samarn Dechsupa; Jintana Meesungnoen; Jean-Paul Jay-Gerin; Samlee Mankhetkorn, 2005:
Spectrofluorometric determination of intracellular levels of reactive oxygen species in drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cancer cells using the 2,7-dichlorofluorescein diacetate assay

Carlos Romero; Xianchang Li; Shahla Keyvan; Rodney Rossow, 2005:
Spectrometer-based combustion monitoring for flame stoichiometry and temperature control

J. Shah; M. Rasul Jan; M. Azam Khan; S. Amin, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Determination of Metoclopramide in Pharmaceutical Preparations

Wei, Q; Li, Y; Du, B; Li, Y; Duan, C, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Determination of Nucleic Acids Using Dahlia Violet as Absorption Spectroscopic Probe

Yukio Yokoyama; Toshiaki Okabe; Hidetaka Kubo; Hisakuni Sato, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Determination of Polyoxyethylene Nonionic Surfactants in Ground Waters Using Triple-Stage Solid-Phase Extraction Followed by an Improved Ferric Thiocyanate Complexation Method

E. G. Davydova; D. L. Kotova; T. A. Krysanova; V. F. Selemenev, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Determination of Proline in Aqueous Solutions

Wu, Y; Zheng, H; Chen, J; Zhuo, S; Wang, L; Li, Y; Zhu, C, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Method for the Direct Determination of Anionic Surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Benzenesulfonate (SDBS) Using a Hydrophobic NearInfrared (NIR) Cationic Cyanine Dye Without Solvent Extraction

Yuan, H‐yan; Wang, S‐e; Xiao, D, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Method with SilicaGel Beads for Determination of Trace Formaldehyde in Air

Khedr, A M.; Gaber, M, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Studies of the Reaction of Zinc(II) with Some AzoTriazol Compounds and Its Application to the Spectrophotometric Determination of Microamounts of Zinc(II)

T. Madrakian; M. Torabbeigi; M. A. Zolfigol, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Study of Charge Transfer Complexes of Tetraethyleneglycol-bis-(8-quinolyl)ether with ICl3in some Nonaqueous Solvents

S. R. Gadzhieva; F. E. Guseinov; F. M. Chyragov, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Study of the Complexation of Samarium(III) with Disodium 2-(2-Hydroxy-3-Sulfo-5-Nitrophenylazo)naphthalene-1,8-Dihydroxy-3,6-Disulfonate in the Presence of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide

Ghosh, K K.; Sharma, P, 2005:
Spectrophotometric Study of the Interaction of bCyclodextrin with Hydroxamic acids

A. Mufeed Awawdeh; H. James Harmon, 2005:
Spectrophotometric detection of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in water using water soluble porphyrins

N. Rami Reddy; G. Sreedevi; K. Prabhavathi; I. E. Chakravarthy, 2005:
Spectrophotometric determination of dopamine in pharmaceutical formulations

Feng, S; Chen, X; Fan, J; Hu, Z, 2005:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace cationic surfactants using sequential injection

A.K. Ghosh, 2005:
Spectrophotometric study of molecular complex formation of asphaltene with two isomeric chloranils

A. G. Ryabenko; E. E. Faingol’d; E. N. Ushakov; N. M. Bravaya, 2005:
Spectrophotometric study of zirconocene/polymethylalumoxane catalytic systems: principal component analysis and parametric modeling

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Spectrophotometry of the small satellites of Saturn and their relationship to Iapetus, Phoebe, and Hyperion

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Squaring Off Over the Practice Doctorate

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St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital Why Not Move it to St. Louis?

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Stability of Solutal Convection in a Gravity Modulated Mushy Layer During the Solidification of Binary Alloys

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Stability of Suspensions of Bioactive Particles Using Hybrid OrganicInorganic Solutions as Dispersing Media

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Stability of poly(3-dodecylthiophene) upon doping and thermal de-doping

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Stability of pressure-driven creeping flows in channels lined with a nonlinear elastic solid

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Stability of switching infinite-dimensional systems

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Stability of the Minkowski Measure of Asymmetry for Convex Bodies

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Stability of the inviscid plane couette flow in bubbly fluids

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Stability of the replicator equation with continuous strategy space

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Stability of two-layer viscoelastic plane Couette flow past a deformable solid layer: implications of fluid viscosity stratification

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Stability study of lipoic acid in the presence of vitamins A and E in o/w emulsions for cosmetic application

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Stability, Not Crisis: Medical Malpractice Claim Outcomes in Texas, 19882002

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StabilityIndicating Methods for the Determination of Lansoprazole

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Stabilization and application of liposomal structures containing sphingoglycolipid and sterylglycoside originating in plants

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Stabilization and utilization of hospital waste as road and asphalt aggregate

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Stabilization of water-in-oil emulsions with continuous phase crystals

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Stabilizing effect of ion pressure gradient on magnetic curvature-driven drift modes located at rational surface of tokamak plasma

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Stabilizing the international monetary system

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Stable Boundary-Layer Scaling Regimes: The Sheba Data

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Stable Outcomes for Two-Sided Contract Choice Problems

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Stable SOI micromachined electrostatic AC voltage reference

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Stable Tariffs and Retaliations

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Stable coalitions in a continuous-time model of risk sharing

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Stable microcapsules assembled stepwise from weak polyelectrolytes followed by thermal crosslinking

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Stable oxygen-selective sorbents for air separation

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Stacking Interactions in Benzene and Cytosine Dimers: From Molecular Electron Density Perspective

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Staff development for clinical teachers

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Staff in special education settings and behaviour problems: towards a framework for research and practice

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Staff perspectives on methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) in a large southwestern jail

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Staffing organizations: A comprehensive applied exercise

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Stage Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

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Stage of Lung Cancer in Relation to Its Size

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Staged Open Treatment of High-Energy Tibial Plateau Fractures

&na;,, 2005:
Stages of Change

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Stages of Multiple Behavior Change as a Function of Readiness for Substance Abuse Treatment Among Women at Risk

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Staging Lung Cancer

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Staging des Bronchialkarzinoms

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Staging in colorectal cancer

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Staging procedures

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Staging the Border: National Identity and the Critical Geopolitics of West German Film

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Stagnation-point flows in a porous medium

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Stakeholder Influences on Sustainability Practices in the Canadian Forest Products Industry

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Stakeholder Management as a Predictor of CEO Compensation: Main Effects and Interactions with Financial Performance

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Stakeholder attitudes towards the risks and benefits of genetically modified crops in South Africa

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Stakeholder engagement: A three-phase methodology

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Stakeholders in bilateral conflict

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Stakeholders' conflicting aims undermine the washback function of a high-stakes test

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Stalin: In the Court of the Red Tsar

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Stalking in Adolescence: A Case Report

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Stammzellen aus Nabelschnurblut

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Stamp-and-stick room-temperature bonding technique for microdevices

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Stamping formability of pure titanium sheets

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Stance and engagement: a model of interaction in academic discourse

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Stand Tall and Speak Up (December 2005)

Sprunt, E S., 2005:
Stand Tall and Speak Up (November 2005)

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Stand Tall and Speak Up (October 2005)

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Stand up and be counted: measuring time spent upright after hip fracture and comparison with community dwelling older people

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Standard Dominance Versus Creation of Interludes of Equalization of Power in the Psychoanalytic Situation: Discussion of Case Presentation by Joseph Newirth

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Standard Errors and Covariance Matrices for Smoothed Rank Estimators

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Standard Laryngeal Mask Airway and LMA-ProSeal During Laparoscopic Surgery

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Standard and Methodological Provision of the Quality Control of Water

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Standard competition: Is collaborative strategy necessary in shaping the smart card market?

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Standard forms of elliptic integrals and their applications to nonlinear evolution equations

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Standardisation of electrostatic test methods and electrostatic discharge prevention measures for the world market

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Standardising Sexuality: Embodied Knowledge, Achievement and Standards

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Standardizing the Performance Evaluation of ShortTerm Wind Power Prediction Models

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Standards der Forschungsethik

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Standards for molecular dynamics modelling and simulation of relaxation

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Standards für die Beratung zu Patientenverfügungen

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Standing in the Gap

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Standortwettbewerb: Damals und heute

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Stanford's licensing and equity practices with biotechnology companies

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Stars without the money: Sakha ethnic music business, upward mobility and friendship

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Start growth factor treatment early to reduce incidence of neutropenia and mortality

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Start-up Capital, Microenterprises and Technical Efficiency in Mexico

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Start-up from the frozen state of two-phase thermosyphons

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Starting flow generated by the impulsive start of a floating wedge

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Starting from building blocks: tissue engineering using stem cells

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Starting long-term stratospheric observations with RAMAS at Summit, Greenland

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State anxiety and working memory in children: A test of processing efficiency theory

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State fixed investment and non-state sector growth in China

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State of Contamination of the Waters in the Guadiamar Valley Five Years after the Aznalcllar Spill

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State of Denial: The United States and the politics of global warming

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State of Exception

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State of Technology Report: Marine Technology in 2005

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State of mind organization in personality disorders. Typical states and the triggering of inter-state shifts

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State of the ASAIO Journal

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State of the Art in Orthognathic Surgery

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State of the Art of HVOF Coating InvestigationsA Review

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State of the Art of Ultradeepwater Production Technologies

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State of the Journal 2004

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State regulation versus co-management: evidence from the Cochin Estuarine Fisheries in India

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State restructuring and the scale politics of rural water governance in Bolivia

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State restructuring, urban competitiveness policies and technopole building in Finland: a critical view on the glocal state thesis

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State-By-State Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Use in the United States 19602000

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State-Independent Proofs of Bell's Theorem Without Inequalities and Bell Inequality for Four-Qubit System

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State-dependent alteration of dopamine and glutamate transmission in the prefrontal cortex by psychostimulants

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State-labour relations in East Central Europe: explaining variations in union effectiveness

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State-of-the-Art Respiratory Care Education

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State-of-the-Art in Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Substance Use Disorders: Introduction to the Special Issue

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State-of-the-art in 1.55 m ultrafast InGaAs photoconductors, and the use of signal-processing techniques to extract the photocarrier lifetime

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State-of-the-art treatment for pancreatic cancer

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State-selective dissociation processes in core-excited alcohol molecules

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Stateless National Groups, International Justice and Asymmetrical Warfare

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Statement and Solution of the Stability Problem for Slopes and Embankments as a Linear-Programming Problem

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Statement at the Open University on the occasion of the launch of the Sir Geoffrey Vickers archive

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States Playing Games

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States of change: explaining dynamics by anticipatory state properties

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States of the electron in hydrocarbon liquids

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Static Strength of Mechanically Nonuniform Welded Joints with a One-Sided Surface Defect Subject to Ductile Failure

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Static and dynamic magnetic properties of Co2Z barium ferrite nanoparticle composites

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Static birefringent microlenses

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Static decentralized control of a single-integrator network with Markovian sensing topology

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Static decouplers for control of multivariable processes

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Static friction in polysilicon surface micromachines

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Static loop shaping control of a fly-by-wire helicopter

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Static solar concentrator with vertical flat plate photovoltaic cells and switchable white/transparent bottom plate