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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63431

Chapter 63431 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A lattice search technique for a long-contextual-span hidden trajectory model of speech
, Speech Communication 48(9): 1214-1226 (2006)

A lattice-Boltzmann simulation study of the drag coefficient of clusters of spheres
, Computers and Fluids 35(8-9): 966-970 (2006)

A law enforcement perspective of electricity deregulation
, Energy 31(6-7): 905-907 (2006)

A law for need or a law for greed?: Restoring the lost law in the international law of foreign investment
, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 6(4): 329-357 (2006)

A law of large numbers for weighted majority
, Advances in Applied Mathematics 37(1): 112-123 (2006)

A leaders' guide to the swamp of continuing education planning
, Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions 26(4): 327-328 (2006)

A least-squares depth-horizontal position curves method to interpret residual SP anomaly profiles
, Journal of Geophysics = Zeitschrift für Geophysik and Engineering 3(3): 252-259 (2006)

A least-squares method to cancel rigid body displacements in a hole drilling and DSPI system for measuring residual stresses
, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 44(12): 1336-1347 (2006)

A least-squares variance analysis method for shape and depth estimation from gravity data
, Journal of Geophysics = Zeitschrift für Geophysik and Engineering 3(2): 143-153 (2006)

A lifetime of caring: Dimensions and dynamics in late-life close relationships
, Personal Relationships 13(1): 1-18 (2006)

A limited-memory quasi-Newton inversion for 1D magnetotellurics
, Leading Edge 71(5): G191-G196 (2006)

A linear graphical method to predict the effect of compaction on the hydraulic conductivity of clay liners and covers
, Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 65(1): 93-98 (2006)

A linear model for chirp-pulse microwave computerized tomography: applicability conditions
, Inverse Problems 22(6): 2209-2222 (2006)

A linear model of gravity wave drag for hydrostatic sheared flow over elliptical mountains
, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 132(620): 2439-2458 (2006)

A linear potassium metalated vanadium(IV) polymeric alkoxide: Structural and spectroscopic studies
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(5): 1435-1441 (2006)

A linear programming approach for identical parallel machine scheduling with job splitting and sequence-dependent setup times
, International Journal of Production Economics 99(1-2): 63-73 (2006)

A linear sampling method for the inverse transmission problem in near-field elastodynamics
, Inverse Problems 22(5): 1835-1853 (2006)

A list of the most popular smoking cessation Web sites and a comparison of their quality
, Nicotine and Tobacco Research 8(1): 27-34 (2006)

A liver-tumor adhesion peptide from random phage display library
, Chinese Journal of Cancer Research 18(4): 241-245 (2006)

A living systems analysis of student design projects at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
, Behavioral Science 23(3): 419-428 (2006)

A locally adaptive transformation method of boundary correction in kernel density estimation
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(9): 2936-2960 (2006)

A logarithmic-time solution to the point location problem for parametric linear programming
, Automatica 42(12): 2215-2218 (2006)

A logic programming based approach for on-line traffic control
, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 14(3): 175-189 (2006)

A logistic approach to knowledge structures
, Journal of Mathematical Psychology 50(6): 545-561 (2006)

A long term study of residential home heating consumption and the effect of occupant behavior on homes in the Pacific Northwest constructed according to improved thermal standards
, Energy 31(5): 677-693 (2006)

A long-term Arctic snow depth record from Abisko, northern Sweden, 19132004
, Polar Research 25(2): 91-113 (2006)

A long-term bird-banding study in upland tropical rainforest, Paluma Range, northeastern Queensland with notes on breeding
, Journal of Field Ornithology 77(1): 91-92 (2006)

A longitudinal examination of performance decline in champion golfers
, High Ability Studies 16(2): 179-185 (2006)

A longitudinal investigation of the still-face effect at 6 months and joint attention at 12 months
, British Journal of Developmental Psychology 24(3): 589-601 (2006)

A longitudinal study investigating the contribution of mental illness in chronic tinnitus patients
, Audiological Medicine 4(3): 124-133 (2006)

A longitudinal study of mental health consumer/survivor initiatives: Part 1Literature review and overview of the study
, Journal of Community Psychology 34(3): 247-260 (2006)

A longitudinal study of mental health consumer/survivor initiatives: Part 2A quantitative study of impacts of participation on new members
, Journal of Community Psychology 34(3): 261-272 (2006)

A longitudinal study of mental health consumer/survivor initiatives: Part 3A qualitative study of impacts of participation on new members
, Journal of Community Psychology 34(3): 273-283 (2006)

A longitudinal study of relational and physical aggression in preschool
, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 27(3): 254-268 (2006)

A longitudinal study on the transformation of 15 occupational therapist students paradigms into occupational therapists paradigms
, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal 53(2): 87-97 (2006)

A look at driving rain intensities at five cities
, Building and Environment 41(12): 1860-1866 (2006)

A look at the liver
, Postgraduate Medicine 119(3): 6-7 (2006)

A look at...An analysis of IEEE publications in biomedical engineering
, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 25(5): 6-12 (2006 )

A low band gap silicon-containing polymer
, Journal of Materials Science 41(8): 2533-2535 (2006)

A low complexity multicarrier PAR reduction approach based on subgradient optimization
, Signal Processing 86(12): 3890-3903 (2006)

A low humidity sensor made of quartz crystal microbalance coated with multi-walled carbon nanotubes/Nafion composite material films
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 115(1): 338-343 (2006)

A low temperature preparation and photocatalytical activities of PDVB@TiO2hybrid microspheres
, Journal of Materials Science 41(21): 7218-7224 (2006)

A low temperature synthesis of ZnS nanorods
, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 1(1): 97-102 (2006)

A low-carb diet for all?
, Refocus 7(2): 68-69 (2006)

A low-complexity global optimization algorithm for temperature and pollution control in flames with complex chemistry
, International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics 20(2): 93-98 (2006)

A low-cost microcontroller-based measurement system for a fractional glow technique
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(12): N75-N80 (2006)

A low-cost, ultra-fast and low-noise preamplifier for micro channel plates
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(8): N37-N40 (2006)

A low-order model for analysing effects of blade fatigue load control
, Wind Energy 9(5): 421-436 (2006)

A low-ozone episode during the European heatwave of August 2003
, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 132(615): 667-680 (2006)

A lower bound for a variational model for pattern formation in shape-memory alloys
, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 17(6): 469-476 (2006)

A machine vision system for quantifying velocity fields in complex rock models
, Machine Vision and Applications 16(6): 343-355 (2006)

A machine-vision system to measure the parameters describing the performance of a Foucault pendulum
, Machine Vision and Applications 17(2): 133-138 (2006)

A macrocyclic supramolecular complex obtained from a fullerene ligand bearing two pyridine substituents and a bis-Zn(II)-porphyrin receptor
, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 10(12): 1337-1345 (2006)

A macroscopic model for shear-thinning flow in packed beds based on network modeling
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(2): 698-719 (2006)

A magmatic-hydrothermal transition in Arkaroola (northern Flinders Ranges, South Australia): from diopsidetitanite pegmatites to hematitequartz growth
, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 152(5): 541-569 (2006)

A magnetic reconnection-heated corona in AGN and its spectra
, Advances in Space Research 38(7): 1409-1412 (2006)

A magnetic-thyristor pulse generator for electric-discharge technologies
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(4): 531-533 (2006)

A major lung CD103 ( E)- 7 integrin-positive epithelial dendritic cell population expressing Langerin and tight junction proteins
, Journal of Immunology 176(9): 5683-5683 (2006)

A major success storythe AAPG/SEG Student Expos
, Geophysics 25(8): 954-955 (2006)

A man behind scapes: An interview with Arjun Appadurai
, Global Media and Communication 2(1): 7-19 (2006)

A management approach that drives actions strategically
, International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 19(2): 119-135 (2006)

A manganese(II) dichloro-bridged one-dimensional polymer: Structural, fluorescence and low-temperature magnetic study
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(12): 3841-3846 (2006)

A mantle- and a lower crust-derived bimodal suite in the Yusufeli (Artvin) area, NE Turkey: trace element and REE evidence for subduction-related rift origin of Early Jurassic Demirkent intrusive complex
, International Journal of Earth Sciences 95(3): 370-394 (2006)

A manufacturable converter forE01H01modes in circular waveguides
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(6): 815-816 (2006)

A master scheduling model with skilled and unskilled temporary workers
, International Journal of Production Economics 103(2): 798-809 (2006)

A matched-filter FDTD-based time reversal approach for microwave breast cancer detection
, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 54(4): 1257-1264 (2006)

A mathematical and computational model of furnaces for continuous steel strip processing
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 178(1-3): 379-387 (2006)

A mathematical description of orthotropy in sheet metals
, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 54(2): 425-444 (2006)

A mathematical model for analysis of retarded diffusion and receptor binding of lipid anchored ligands in the cell-bilayer contact area
, Journal of Biomechanics 39: S397-S398 (2006)

A mathematical model for forecasting tropical cyclone tracks
, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 7(2): 211-224 (2006)

A mathematical model of electrosurgical polypectomy
, Biomedical Engineering 40(3): 107-112 (2006)

A mathematical model of turbulence modulation in particle-laden pipe flows
, International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics 20(1): 37-44 (2006)

A mathematical-based master-curve construction method applied to complex modulus of bituminous materials
, Road Materials and Pavement Design 7(Sup 1): 75-92 (2006)

A matrix approach to resolution enhancement of XPS spectra by a modified maximum entropy method
, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 152(1-2): 37-43 (2006)

A matrix factorization solution to the fault detection problem
, Automatica 42(11): 1907-1912 (2006)

A matrix isolation and ab initio study of the C2H2MeOH complex
, Journal of Molecular Structure 798(1-3): 109-116 (2006)

A matrix isolation study of the reactions of OVCl3 with a series of silanes
, Journal of Molecular Structure 787(1-3): 203-208 (2006)

A matrix-based risk assessment approach for addressing linear hazards such as pipelines
, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 19(5): 433-441 (2006)

A matter of opinion of evidence!
, Prenatal Diagnosis 26(12): 1184-1184 (2006)

A matter of security: The application of attachment theory to forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy
, Journal of Interprofessional Care 20(4): 444-445 (2006)

A maximin criterion for the logistic random intercept model with covariates
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(3): 962-981 (2006)

A maximum estimability criterion for design classification and selection
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(8): 2756-2769 (2006)

A maximum likelihood approach to temporal factor analysis in state-space model
, Signal Processing 86(10): 2966-2980 (2006)

A mean-count-rate meter with adaptive digital signal smoothing
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(4): 563-564 (2006)

A measure of output gap for Italy through structural time series models
, Journal of Applied Statistics 33(5): 481-496 (2006)

A measurement and Comparison of Cost Competitiveness of Container Ports in Southeast Asia
, Transportation 33(6): 641-654 (2006)

A measurement domain receiver autonomous integrity monitoring algorithm
, Gps Solutions 10(2): 85-96 (2006)

A measuring system for the time variation of size and charge of a single spherical particle and its applications
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(7): 2212-2229 (2006 )

A mechanism of temperature inhomogeneity formation in the ocean stratified by temperature and salinity
, Doklady Earth Sciences 407(2): 478-483 (2006)

A mechanistic study into the reactions of ammonium nitrate with pyrite
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(17): 5781-5790 (2006)

A mediated model of perfectionism, affect, and physical health
, Journal of Research in Personality 40(5): 482-500 (2006)

A medical education
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 174(5): 665-666 (2006)

A membrane form of TNF presented by exosomes delays T cell activation-induced cell death
, Journal of Immunology 177(3): 2025-2025 (2006)

A mesoscopic simulation study of distributions of droplets in a bifurcating channel
, Computers and Fluids 35(8-9): 971-977 (2006)

Evaluation of the surgical treatment of humeral shaft fractures and comparison between surgical fixation methods
, Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia 53(2): 136-141 (2018)

A meta-analytic review of social, self-concept, and behavioral outcomes of peer-assisted learning
, Journal of Educational Psychology 98(4): 732-749 (2006)

A meta-analytic review of the effectiveness of inpatient group psychotherapy
, Group Dynamics 10(2): 146-163 (2006)

A meta-learning approach to automatic kernel selection for support vector machines
, Neurocomputing 70(1-3): 173-186 (2006)

A meta-modeling simulation of structure abandonment timing decisions
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 30(9): 951-973 (2006)

A metallic Fabry-Perot directive antenna
, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 54(1): 220-224 (2006)

A metaphor comprehension intervention for patients with right hemisphere brain damage: A pilot study
, Brain and Language 99(1-2): 59-60 (2006)

A method and setup for studying the energy dependence of delayed neutron characteristics in nuclear fission induced by neutrons from the T(p,n), D(d,n), and T(d,n) reactions
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(6): 765-777 (2006)

A method for automated determination of the crystal structures from X-ray powder diffraction data
, Crystallography Reports 51(3): 419-427 (2006)

A method for calculating the enthalpy of hydrophobic effect
, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Focus on Chemistry 80(4): 659-662 (2006)

A method for calculation of absorbed radiation dose
, Biomedical Engineering 40(4): 183-186 (2006)

A method for calibrating a strip resonator used in measurements of the complex permittivity of moist soils and grounds
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(1): 120-125 (2006)

A method for combining intonation modelling and speech unit selection in corpus-based speech synthesis systems
, Speech Communication 48(8): 941-956 (2006)

A method for constructing commodity by industry flow matrices
, Annals of Regional Science 40(4): 909-920 (2006)

A method for data consistency checking in compressor and variable-geometry turbine maps
, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D Journal of Automobile Engineering 220(10): 1465-1473 (2006)

A method for describing technogenic succession of diatom paleocomplex
, Doklady Earth Sciences 411(2): 1489-1492 (2006)

A method for determination of the structure of the intramolecular hydrogen bond in the cations of unsymmetrically substituted 1,8-bis(dimethylamino)naphthalenes in solution
, Russian Chemical Bulletin 55(1): 164-167 (2006)

A method for determining the intensity of concomitant neutron source D(d, n)3He when studying the characteristics of delayed neutrons from nuclear fission induced by neutrons from reaction T(d, n)4He
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(6): 778-784 (2006)

A method for determining the thermal EMF and thermal conductivity
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(3): 435-437 (2006)

A method for enhanced analysis of specific as-grown carbon nanotubes
, Physica Status Solidi 243(13): 3138-3141 (2006)

A method for estimating casualties due to the tsunami inundation flow
, Natural Hazards 39(2): 265-274 (2006)

A method for estimating inherent optical properties of New Zealand continental shelf waters from satellite ocean colour measurements
, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 40(2): 227-247 (2006)

A method for estimating initial pole position of surface permanent magnet synchronous motors using pulse voltage
, Electrical Engineering in Japan 157(1): 47-53 (2006)

A method for estimating the effects of radiative transfer process on precipitation
, Tellus B 58(3): 187-195 (2006)

A method for eye detection based on SVD transforms
, International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology 16(5): 222-229 (2006)

A method for fault detection and isolation in the integrated navigation system for UAV
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(6): 1522-1528 (2006)

A method for finding the station where climatic trends are most representative for a region
, International Journal of Climatology 26(4): 523-530 (2006)

A method for measuring the surface impedance of superconductors in the temperature range 0.4120 K
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(5): 669-675 (2006)

A method for minimising of low frequency and unwrapping artefacts from interferometric calculations
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(14): 3079-3086 (2006)

A method for mixed integer programming problems by particle swarm optimization
, Electrical Engineering in Japan 157(2): 40-49 (2006)

A method for modernization of intraoral roentgenography
, Biomedical Engineering 40(2): 71-73 (2006)

A method for precise analysis of trace element/calcium ratios in carbonate samples using quadrupole inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 7(6): N/A-N/A (2006)

A method for retrieving high-resolution surface soil moisture from hydros L-band radiometer and Radar observations
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 44(6): 1534-1544 (2006)

A method for selecting macro-scale structures with axially loaded members
, International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design 3(2): 185-199 (2006)

A method for stress space forming limit diagram construction for aluminum alloys
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 174(1-3): 258-265 (2006)

A method for the assessment of sperm quality in fish
, Journal of Ichthyology 46(5): 391-398 (2006)

A method for the determination of dynamic resistance of photovoltaic modules under illumination
, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 90(18-19): 3078-3084 (2006)

A method for the transfer function matrix of combined primarysecondary systems using classical modal decomposition
, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 35(2): 251-266 (2006)

A method for tracking individual planetary waves in remotely sensed data
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 44(1): 159-166 (2006)

A method of constructing smooth tool surfaces for FE prediction of springback in sheet metal forming
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 177(1-3): 382-385 (2006)

A method of determining aerodynamic parameters of cyclone separators from the geometrical parameters of the inlet and outlet pipes
, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering 42(5-6): 327-331 (2006)

A method of digital watermarking by using the frequency masking effect
, Systems and Computers in Japan 37(11): 79-87 (2006)

A method of face recognition based on fuzzy clustering and parallel neural networks
, Signal Processing 86(8): 2026-2039 (2006)

A method of identifying and locating sea-breeze fronts in north-eastern Brazil by remote sensing
, Meteorological Applications 13(3): 225-0 (2006)

A method of moments based CFD model for polydisperse aerosol flows with strong interphase mass and heat transfer
, Computers and Fluids 35(7): 762-780 (2006)

A method of optimal wheel torque determination for independent wheel drive vehicles
, Journal of Terramechanics 43(3): 269-285 (2006)

A method of solving the stiffness problem in Biot's poroelastic equations using a staggered high-order finite-difference
, Chinese Physics 15(12): 2819-2827 (2006)

A method of transit time measurement using twin-plane electrical tomography
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(4): 753-760 (2006)

A method of wavelength selection and spectral discrimination of hyperspectral reflectance spectrometry
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 44(7): 1986-1994 (2006)

A method to compare and improve land cover datasets: application to the GLC-2000 and MODIS land cover products
, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 44(7): 1740-1746 (2006)

A method to enhance volume flexibility in JIT production control
, International Journal of Production Economics 104(2): 653-665 (2006)

A method to estimate net community metabolism from profiles of dissolved O2and N2
, Hydrobiologia 571(1): 181-190 (2006)

A method to measure the nonlinear force caused emittance growth in a RF photoinjector
, Chinese Physics 15(2): 315-318 (2006)

A method to obtain large quantities of reference data
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(3): 623-627 (2006)

A method to produce aluminum alloy tube busbars by continuous casting-expansion extrusion
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 177(1-3): 163-166 (2006)

A methodology for developing sustainable quantifiable productivity improvement in manufacturing companies
, International Journal of Production Economics 104(1): 143-153 (2006)

A methodology for fixed observational network design: theory and application to a simulated global prediction system
, Tellus A 58(5): 523-537 (2006)

A methodology for provably stable behaviour-based intelligent control
, Robotics and Autonomous Systems 54(1): 52-73 (2006)

A methodology for voltage drop determination in GMA welding: arcs with short-circuiting metal transfer
, European Physical Journal Applied Physics 34(3): 231-236 (2006)

A methodology to assess the risk of an existing pesticide and potential future pesticides for regulatory decision-making
, Environmental Science and Policy 9(3): 275-290 (2006)

A methodology to evaluate coal ash content using Siderite Mössbauer spectral area
, Fuel 85(5-6): 871-873 (2006)

A micro-electrode array biosensor for impedance spectroscopy of human umbilical vein endothelial cells
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 118(1-2): 115-120 (2006)

A microbial consortium involving the astaxanthin producer Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous on freshly cut birch stumps in Germany
, Mycologist 20(2): 57-61 (2006)

A microcalorimeter for studying the magnetocaloric effect and the heat capacity in magnetic fields
, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Focus on Chemistry 80(2): 310-312 (2006)

A microcalorimetric and electron spin resonance study of the influence of UV radiation on collagen
, Biophysics 51(1): 29-32 (2006)

A microcalorimetric study of collagen hydration in the temperature range 20100C by measuring the enthalpy of water evaporation from sample
, Biophysics 51(1): 120-121 (2006)

A microcantilever chemical sensors optimization by taking into account losses
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 118(1-2): 292-296 (2006)

A microelectrode array (MEA) integrated with clustering structures for investigating in vitro neurodynamics in confined interconnected sub-populations of neurons
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 114(1): 530-541 (2006)

A microfluidic chip for measurement of biomolecules using a microbead-based quantum dot fluorescence assay
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(12): 3178-3183 (2006)

A microfluidic gel valve device using reversible solgel transition of methyl cellulose for biomedical application
, Microsystem Technologies 12(3): 238-246 (2006)

A microgenetic investigation of stability and continuity in theory of mind development
, British Journal of Developmental Psychology 24(3): 631-654 (2006)

A micromachined resistive-type humidity sensor with a composite material as sensitive film
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 113(2): 837-842 (2006)

A micromachined silicon-based probe for a scanning near-field optical microscope on-chip
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(1): 32-37 (2006)

A micromachined tunable resonator fabricated by the CMOS post-process of etching silicon dioxide
, Microsystem Technologies 12(8): 766-772 (2006)

A micromechanical finite element model for linear and damage-coupled viscoelastic behaviour of asphalt mixture
, International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics 30(11): 1135-1158 (2006)

A micromechanical model for brittle failure of rock and its relation to crack growth observed in triaxial compression tests of granite
, Mechanics of Materials 38(4): 287-303 (2006)

A microporous coordination polymer with 1-D channels constructed from a basic reaction system
, Journal of Chemical Crystallography 36(3): 199-204 (2006)

A microscopic and chemical study of airborne coarse particles with particular reference to sea salt in chile at 30 s
, Atmospheric Environment 40(19): 3467-3478 (2006)

A microscopic model of urban traffic for implementation in driving simulators
, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D Journal of Automobile Engineering 220(10): 1345-1361 (2006)

A microsphere coupled micropatterning method for cytokine detection
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 120(1): 125-129 (2006)

A microstrip resonator filter using sandwich structure
, Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 85(2): 159-161 (2006)

A microstructural study of flash welded and aged 6061 and 6013 aluminum alloys
, Materials Characterization 57(3): 187-192 (2006)

A microstructured silicon membrane with entrapped hydrogels for environmentally sensitive fluid gating
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 114(1): 9-18 (2006)

A microsystem for growth inhibition test of Enterococcus faecalis based on impedance measurement
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 118(1-2): 182-191 (2006)

A microwave interferometer with increased stability for diagnostics of steady-state plasma
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(6): 831-833 (2006)

A microwave radiometer for measuring signals with a low effective noise temperature
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(6): 817-823 (2006)

A microwave-assisted solid-state synthesis and characterization of diheterocyclic thioureas
, Heteroatom Chemistry 17(2): 148-151 (2006)

A migration imaging method using CGP stacked cylindrical waves
, Applied Geophysics 3(2): 87-91 (2006)

A millennial-scale reconstruction of spruce budworm abundance in Saguenay, Qubec, Canada
, Holocene 16(1): 31-37 (2006)

A mind trip for hipsters
, Lancet Neurology 5(10): 821-822 (2006)

A mineralogical study of the inhalable particulate matter (PM10) in Beijing urban air
, Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 25(1 Suppl.): 2-2 (2006)

A miniature charged plate for testing charge accumulation in hard disk drives
, Journal of Electrostatics 64(11): 768-772 (2006)

A miniature electrical capacitance tomograph
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(8): 2119-2129 (2006)

A miniaturized electrochemical system with a novel polyelectrolyte reference electrode and its application to thin layer electroanalysis
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 115(1): 212-219 (2006)

A miniaturized methanol reformer with Si-based microreactor for a small PEMFC
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(4): 1092-1101 (2006)

A minimally invasive endoscopic approach to chronic isolated frontal sinusitis
, Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 17(3): 184-188 (2006)

A minute lossy method for 2D-gel images compression
, International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology 16(1): 1-8 (2006)

A mirror of the times
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 175(9): 1097-1097 (2006)

A mistletoe that attacks cacti
, Cactus and Succulent Journal 78(2): 88-91 (2006)

A mixed NCP pincer palladacycle as catalyst precursor for the coupling of aryl halides with aryl boronic acids
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(6): 1947-1954 (2006)

A mixed-integer linear programming model for the continuous casting planning
, International Journal of Production Economics 104(2): 260-270 (2006)

A mixed-layer nutrient climatology of Leeuwin Current and Western Australian shelf waters: Seasonal nutrient dynamics and biomass
, Journal of Marine Systems 59(1-2): 25-51 (2006)

A mixed-method analysis of African-American women's attendance at an HIV prevention intervention
, Journal of Community Psychology 34(5): 601-616 (2006)

A mixed-valence Cu(I)Cu(II) and metalmetal bond containing coordination polymer obtained from an in situ oxidation reaction route
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(8): 2565-2568 (2006)

A mobile axis knee joint model for gait analysis applications
, Journal of Biomechanics 39: S501-S502 (2006)

A model for a coalescing GnRH pulse generator capable of producing inhibition and rapid onset of pulsatile LH secretion in the pubertal rhesus monkey
, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 27(1): 140-0 (2006)

A model for bubblebubble and bubblewall interaction in bubble formation
, Aiche Journal 52(1): 86-98 (2006)

A model for computer frustration: the role of instrumental and dispositional factors on incident, session, and post-session frustration and mood
, Computers in Human Behavior 22(6): 941-961 (2006)

A model for determination of austenite decomposition kinetics during continuous cooling on the run-out table
, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 14(2): 217-228 (2006)

A model for development of second primary melanoma
, Melanoma Research 16(Suppl. 1): S59-S60 (2006)

A model for disclosure of the diagnosis of dementia
, Dementia 5(3): 462-468 (2006 )

A model for external drift kriging with uncertain covariates applied to air quality measurements and dispersion model output
, Environmetrics 17(4): 309-322 (2006)

A model for gassolid flow in a horizontal duct with a smooth merge of rapidintermediatedense flows
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(13): 4271-4281 (2006)

A model for hormone independent development of sex differences in brain and behavior
, Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 27(1): 96-97 (2006)

A model for knowledge transfer and adoption: a systemic approach to science communication
, Environmental Science and Policy 9(1): 1-9 (2006)

A model for music therapy with students with emotional and behavioral disorders
, Arts in PsychoTherapy 33(1): 1-10 (2006)

A model for nanopore gas permeation
, Separation and Purification Technology 47(3): 156-161 (2006)

A model for plastic deformation and phase transformations of zirconium under high-rate loading
, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 14(8): 1465-1484 (2006)

A model for predicting the evolution of multiple cracks on multiple length scales in viscoelastic composites
, Journal of Materials Science 41(20): 6510-6519 (2006)

A model for presentation of seismic pore water pressures
, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 26(2-4): 191-199 (2006)

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A model for the seriesparallel association of photovoltaic devices
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A model for the thermal conductivity of nanofluids the effect of interfacial layer
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A model of agent consciousness and its implementation
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A model of biological neuron with terminal chaos and quantum-like features
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A model of char capture by molten slag surface under high-temperature gasification conditions
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A model of competing van der Waals interactions for describing the physicochemical properties of binary solutions of nonelectrolytes
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A model of diatom shape and texture for analysis, synthesis and identification
, Machine Vision and Applications 17(5): 297-307 (2006)

A model of dual control mechanisms through anterior cingulate and prefrontal cortex interactions
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A model of dust transport applied to the Dead Sea Area
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A model of heart ventricles for electrocardiographic evaluation of the state of the myocardium
, Biophysics 51(2): 305-308 (2006)

A model of human muscle energy expenditure
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A model of hydrogen diffusion in spherical particles
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A model of multinational enterprise subsidiary staffing composition
, International Journal of Human Resource Management  17(2): 207-224 (2006)

A model of political leadership
, Human Relations 59(4): 483-504 (2006)

A model of present-day tectonic plate motions from 12
, Journal of Geodesy 80(8-11): 609-624 (2006)

A model of proximity measurement by the teleost nucleus isthmi
, Neurocomputing 69(10-12): 1281-1285 (2006)

A model of sand transport in Treporti channel: northern Venice lagoon
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A model of size effects in nano-indentation
, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 54(8): 1668-1686 (2006)

A model of task demands, social structure, and leadermember exchange and their relationship to job satisfaction
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A model of the chemical pathways leading to NOx formation during combustion of mixtures of cellulosic and plastic materials
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A model of the electrothermal ribbon printing process
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A model of the formation of liesegang rings under stimulated precipitation conditions
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A model of the ionosphere of Saturn's rings and its implications
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A model of the upper branch of the meridional overturning of the southern ocean
, Progress in Oceanography 70(2-4): 331-345 (2006)

A model of work-related well-being for educators in South Africa
, Stress and Health 22(4): 263-274 (2006)

A model reference approach to safe controller changes in iterative identification and control
, Automatica 42(2): 193-203 (2006)

A model selection approach to signal denoising using Kullback's symmetric divergence
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A model study of suspended sand due to surface waves during a storm in the Baltic Proper
, Journal of Marine Systems 63(3-4): 91-104 (2006)

A model to explain the emergence of reward expectancy neurons using reinforcement learning and neural network
, Neurocomputing 69(10-12): 1327-1331 (2006)

A model to predict cloud density from midlatitude atmospheric soundings for microwave radiative transfer applications
, Radio Science 41(6): N/A-N/A (2006)

A model to predict physical properties for light lubricating oils and its application to the extraction process by furfural
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(13): 4381-4392 (2006)

A model to train staff to be better performers of neonatal resuscitation
, Resuscitation 70(2): 335-336 (2006)

A modeling approach to wide-azimuth design for subsalt imaging
, Geophysics 25(12): 1467-1475 (2006)

A modelling study on the hydrodynamic causes of non-communicating syriongomyelia
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A modern approach to demineralization of spicules in glass sponges (Porifera: Hexactinellida) for the purpose of extraction and examination of the protein matrix
, Russian Journal of Marine Biology 32(3): 186-193 (2006)

A modern representation of the behaviour of electrospark alloying of steel by hard alloy
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A modest proposal: a testable differentiation between third- and fourth-order information complexity
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A modification of the convective constraint release mechanism in the molecular stress function model giving enhanced vortex growth
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A modified COMET-EXIP method for estimating a scattered source
, Signal Processing 86(4): 733-743 (2006)

A modified Flory-Huggins model for prediction of asphaltenes precipitation in crude oil
, Fuel 85(7-8): 1083-1086 (2006)

A modified HodgkinHuxley model
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 29(2): 303-306 (2006)

A modified Nanosurf scanning tunnelling microscope for ballistic electron emission microscopy and spectroscopy
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(4): N13-N16 (2006)

A modified infomax algorithm for blind signal separation
, Neurocomputing 70(1-3): 229-240 (2006)

A modified knot technic for retrograde intubation
, European Journal of Anaesthesiology 23(Suppl. 37): 254-255 (2006)

A modified mean normalization method to reduce the effect of peak overlap in two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy
, Journal of Molecular Structure 799(1-3): 128-133 (2006)

A modified segment-based nonrandom two-liquid model for the calculation of vaporliquid equilibrium of aqueous polymersalt solutions
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(23): 7786-7794 (2006)

A modified therapeutic option for a long lasting success in the treatment of genital lymphedema
, European Journal of Plastic Surgery 29(1): 13-18 (2006)

A modular robot that exhibits amoebic locomotion
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A molecular approach to bioseparations: Proteinprotein and proteinsalt interactions
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A molecular beacon approach for detecting DNA double strand breaks
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A molecular design approach to peptide drug stabilization
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A molecular dynamics study of the failure modes of a glassy polymer confined between rigid walls
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A molecular dynamics study on intermediate structures during transition from amorphous to crystalline state
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A molecular marker-based assessment of sedimentary organic matter sources and distributions in Florida Bay
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A molecular mechanics investigation of the structures and energetics of two classes of Ru(II) complexes with applications in homogeneous catalysis
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A molecular phylogeny of the Australian monitor lizards (Squamata:Varanidae) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences
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A monitor of chord-averaged plasma density
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(2): 238-243 (2006)

A monitoring and measuring module for tagged neutron experiments
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A monotonicity property for gamma distributions
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(7): 2279-2283 (2006)

A moral extension of the theory of planned behavior: Norms and anticipated feelings of regret in conservationism
, Personality and Individual Differences 41(1): 71-81 (2006)

A most public of musical performances: the English art of change-ringing
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A motion-based image processing system for detecting potentially dangerous situations in underground railway stations
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A motion-based scene tree for compressed video content management
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A motivational interviewing and common factors approach to change in working with alcohol use and abuse in college students
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A mouse model of autism?
, Lancet Neurology 5(7): 559-0 (2006)

A moving boundary formulation for recursive plastic heat release during friction stir welding
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 180(1-3): 49-52 (2006)

A multi-agent control architecture for a robotic wheelchair
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A multi-agent system model of pastoralist behaviour in Kazakhstan
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A multi-cell FE-model for compressive behaviour analysis of heterogeneous Al-alloy foam
, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 14(6): 933-945 (2006)

A multi-electrode capacitance probe for phase detection in oilwater separation processes: design, modelling and validation
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(4): 881-894 (2006)

A multi-factor efficiency perspective to the relationships among world GDP, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 73(5): 483-494 (2006)

A multi-frequency impedance analysing instrument for eddy current testing
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(2): 393-402 (2006)

A multi-gene molecular investigation of the kelp (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) supports substantial taxonomic re-organization. (Vol. 42:493512)
, Journal of Phycology 42(4): 962-962 (2006)

A multi-institutional Phase II trial for Cesium-131 permanent prostate brachytherapy
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A multi-isotope approach (Pb, S, N, O and Sr to estimate the impact of long distance air pollution
, Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 25(1 Suppl.): 154-155 (2006)

A multi-methodological approach to determine CO2and CH4fluxes and concentrations in solid waste disposal
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A multi-module artificial neural network approach to pattern recognition with optimized nanostructured sensor array
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A multi-resolution approach for filtering LiDAR altimetry data
, Isprs Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 61(1): 11-22 (2006)

A multi-spectral spatial convolution approach of rainfall forecasting using weather satellite imagery
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A multi-stage approach for Thai spoken language understanding
, Speech Communication 48(3-4): 305-320 (2006)

A multidimensional horizontal-loop controlled-source electromagnetic inversion method and its use to characterize heterogeneity in aquiferous fractured crystalline rocks
, Geophysical Journal International 166(1): 59-66 (2006)

A multidisciplinary team approach to family history risk assessment reduced clinic attendance by half
, European Journal of Cancer Suppl.s 4(2): 55-56 (2006)

A multielectrode X-ray detector
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(2): 270-273 (2006)

A multiestimation-based scheme for modelling single-inputsingle-output discrete adaptive control systems
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 30(9): 765-798 (2006)

A multifaceted approach to the treatment of phantom limb pain using hypnosis
, Contemporary Hypnosis 23(3): 115-126 (2006)

A multifibre optic sensor to measure the liquid film thickness between a moving bubble and an inclined solid surface
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(6): 1594-1600 (2006)

A multifractal formalism in a probability space
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 27(1): 57-73 (2006)

A multifrequency high-field EPR (9285 GHz) investigation of a series of dichloride mononuclear penta-coordinated Mn(II) complexes
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(5): 1541-1548 (2006)

A multigenerational dynamic game of resource extraction
, Mathematical Social Sciences 51(3): 327-336 (2006)

A multigranular objectoriented framework supporting spatiotemporal granularity conversions
, International Journal of Geographical Information Science 20(5): 511-534 (2006)

A multigrid solver for 3D electromagnetic diffusion
, Geophysical Prospecting 54(5): 633-649 (2006)

A multilevel augmentation method for solving ill-posed operator equations
, Inverse Problems 22(1): 155-174 (2006)

A multiphasic FE analysis of an L4-L5 motion segment with focus on the inhomogeneous intervertebral disc
, Journal of Biomechanics 39: S418-S419 (2006)

A multiple Riccati equations rational expansion method and novel solutions of the BroerKaupKupershmidt system
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 30(1): 197-203 (2006)

A multiple attribute utility theory approach to lean and green supply chain management
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A multiple criteria evaluation of multi-family apartment block's maintenance contractors: IModel for maintenance contractor evaluation and the determination of its selection criteria
, Building and Environment 41(5): 621-632 (2006)

A multiple discrete-continuous model for independent- and joint-discretionary-activity participation decisions
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A multiple quantum well integrated with a selectively grown quaternary layer
, Semiconductor Science and Technology 21(7): 866-869 (2006)

A multiple-layer -coordinate model for simulation of wavestructure interaction
, Computers and Fluids 35(2): 147-167 (2006)

A multipurpose frame retractor for treatment of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers
, Biomedical Engineering 40(6): 315-316 (2006)

A multiscale approach for quantitative simulations of diffusion induced segregation
, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 14(3): 389-408 (2006)

A multiscale method for distributed parameter estimation with application to reservoir history matching
, Computational Geosciences 10(1): 97-117 (2006)

A multiscale scheme for modeling catalytic flow reactors
, Aiche Journal 52(12): 4214-4228 (2006)

A multiscale streamline method for inversion of production data
, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 54(1-2): 79-92 (2006)

A multitude of gravity waves
, Weather 61(6): 180-180 (2006)

A multitude of syntheses: a comparison of five approaches from diverse policy fields
, Evidence and Policy A Journal of Research Debate and Practice 2(4): 479-502 (2006)

A multivariate investigation of the differences in mathematics anxiety
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A multivariate regression model for continuous genetic traits
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A murine model of NKT cell-mediated liver injury induced by alpha-galactosylceramide/d-galactosamine
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A nano-scale double-wheel-like framework: A novel assembly of six ferrocenedicarboxylate units with unusual coordination modes
, Inorganic Chemistry Communications 9(6): 662-665 (2006)

A nano-scale-sized 3D element for phase change memories
, Semiconductor Science and Technology 21(8): 1013-1017 (2006)

A nanoscale core-shell of b-SiCPNi prepared by electroless plating at lower temperature
, Surface and Coatings Technology 201(1-2): 108-112 (2006)

A nanosecond SOS generator with a peak power of 4 GW
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(4): 516-522 (2006)

A nanosecond laser fluorimeter
, Instruments and Experimental Techniques 49(3): 430-434 (2006)

A nanotool box spanning from in-vitro to bedside to in-vivo diagnosis
, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 2(4): 282-283 (2006)

A national Finnish e-health development project 'ProViisikko'
, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 12(7): 67-69 (2006)

A national collaborative simulation project: paediatric anaesthetic emergencies
, Pediatric Anesthesia 16(12): 1302-1302 (2006)

A national survey of American Psychological Association student affiliates' involvement and ethical training in psychology educator-student sexual relationships
, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 37(6): 724-730 (2006)

A national survey of management of patients aged over 75 years undergoing elective and emergency laparotomy
, Clinical Intensive Care 17(3): 85-93 (2006)

A national survey of nurses working in the management of illicit drug misuse in Scotland
, International Journal of Drug Policy 17(5): 442-446 (2006)

A near-real-time model-assisted ionosphere electron density retrieval method
, Radio Science 41(6): N/A-N/A (2006)

A necessary and sufficient condition for parameter insensitive disturbance-rejection problem with state feedback
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A network experiment in continuous time: The influence of link costs
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A neural network for robust LCMP beamforming
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A neural network model for the separation of atmospheric effects on attenuation: Application to frequency scaling
, Radio Science 41(4): N/A-N/A (2006)

A neural network model of inhibitory processes in subliminal priming
, Visual Cognition 13(4): 401-480 (2006)

A neural network wave formalism
, Advances in Applied Mathematics 37(1): 19-30 (2006)

A neural-tree-based system for automatic location of earthquakes in Northeastern Italy
, Journal of Seismology 10(1): 73-89 (2006)

A neuro-fuzzy approach for diagnosis of antibody deficiency syndrome
, Neurocomputing 69(7-9): 969-974 (2006)

A neurocomputational model of stochastic resonance and aging
, Neurocomputing 69(13-15): 1553-1560 (2006)

A new ARTMAP-based neural network for incremental learning
, Neurocomputing 69(16-18): 2284-2300 (2006)

A new American management systems standard in occupational safety and health ANSI Z10
, Journal of Chemical Health and Safety 13(1): 20-23 (2006)

A new Antarctic association: the case of the hydroidSarsia medelae(new sp.) associated with gorgonians
, Polar Biology 29(7): 632-632 (2006)

A new Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction with fructose 1,6-bisphosphate as the organic substrate
, Russian Chemical Bulletin 55(5): 940-942 (2006)

A new C-Glycosylflavone from Encyclia michuacana
, Journal of Molecular Structure 783(1-3): 96-100 (2006)

A new CFA interpolation framework
, Signal Processing 86(7): 1559-1579 (2006)

A new COP bonding using non-conductive adhesives for LCDs driver IC packaging
, Displays 27(3): 130-135 (2006)

A new California lichen checklist
, Bryologist 109(4): 587-588 (2006)

A new Design Method based on Functions and Tolerance Specifications for Product Modelling
, Cirp Annals - Manufacturing Technology 55(1): 139-142 (2006)

A new IIR adaptive notch filter
, Signal Processing 86(7): 1648-1655 (2006)

A new Lie algebra, a corresponding multi-component integrable hierarchy and an integrable coupling
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 29(1): 114-124 (2006)

A new MPPT control for photovoltaic panels by instantaneous maximum power point tracking
, Electrical Engineering in Japan 157(3): 73-80 (2006)

A new MSc in Western medical acupuncture
, Acupuncture in Medicine 24(4): 183-183 (2006)

A new NiIICuIICuII NiII complex containing doubly end-on azido bridged dicopper(II) and macrocyclic nickel(II) complex ancillary ligands: Synthesis, structure and magnetism
, Inorganic Chemistry Communications 9(12): 1297-1300 (2006)

A new Rac-ket in red cells
, Blood 108(12): 3633-3634 (2006)

A new SU-8 process to integrate buried waveguides and sealed microchannels for a Lab-on-a-Chip
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 114(1): 542-551 (2006)

A new Solid-State pH Sensor Based on a Platinum Nanoparticle Surface Coated with Poly(quinoxaline), and its Application
, Microchimica Acta 154(3-4): 297-301 (2006)

A new algorithm for a three-axis auto-alignment system using vision inspection
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 171(2): 319-329 (2006)

A new algorithm for evaluation of the simplified gamma-ray shielding formulas
, Progress in Nuclear Energy 48(7): 680-685 (2006)

A new algorithm for one-warehouse multi-retailer systems under stationary nested policy
, Optimization Methods and Software 21(1): 41-56 (2006)

A new analysis of physics in Oxford
, Endeavour 30(1): 4-5 (2006)

A new analytical formulation for the generalized corresponding states model for thermodynamic and surface properties in pure fluids
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(15): 5107-5113 (2006)

A new analytical method to simulate heat transfer process in buildings
, Applied Thermal Engineering 26(16): 1901-1909 (2006)

A new anti-inflammatory spirolactone derivative from Dendrobium chrysanthum
, Drug Discovery Today 11(17-18): 860-0 (2006)

A new apparatus for electronion multiple coincidence momentum imaging spectroscopy
, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 75(11): 1977-1980 (2006)

A new approach for buffer allocation in unreliable production lines
, International Journal of Production Economics 103(2): 873-881 (2006)

A new approach for ground moving target indication in foliage environment
, Signal Processing 86(1): 84-97 (2006)

A new approach for modeling the dust dynamics in the near-nucleus coma
, Advances in Space Research 38(9): 1976-1982 (2006)

A new approach for sequential experimental design for model discrimination
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(17): 5791-5806 (2006)

A new approach for speech enhancement based on the adaptive thresholding of the wavelet packets
, Speech Communication 48(8): 927-940 (2006)

A new approach for the development and management of brackish karst springs
, Hydrogeology Journal 14(7): 1360-1366 (2006)

A new approach for the prediction of ash fusion temperatures: A case study using Turkish lignites
, Fuel 85(4): 545-552 (2006)

A new approach of creating Au-Sn solder bumps from electroplating
, Crystal Research and Technology 41(2): 150-153 (2006)

A new approach of vibration isolation analysis of periodic composite structure based on phononic crystal
, International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design 3(2): 103-109 (2006)

A new approach on vibration analysis of locally nonlinear stiffness and damping system
, International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design 3(1): 1-6 (2006)

A new approach to LES based on explicit filtering
, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 27(4): 594-602 (2006)

A new approach to dendritic supported NIXANTPHOS-based hydroformylation catalysts
, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 257(1-2): 78-88 (2006)

A new approach to determine the mean thickness and refractive index of polyelectrolyte multilayer using optical reflectometry
, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 289(1-3): 163-171 (2006)

A new approach to estimating fundamental matrix
, Image and Vision Computing 24(1): 56-60 (2006)

A new approach to exergoeconomic analysis and design of variable demand energy systems
, Energy 31(4): 490-515 (2006)

A new approach to fuzzy classifier systems and its application in self-generating neuro-fuzzy systems
, Neurocomputing 69(4-6): 586-614 (2006)

A new approach to hyperbolic inverse problems
, Inverse Problems 22(3): 815-831 (2006)

A new approach to micellization parameters using iterative mathematical method
, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 286(1-3): 51-56 (2006)

A new approach to prison public health? Challenging and advancing the agenda for prison health
, Critical Public Health 16(4): 307-316 (2006)

A new approach to simulate scattering of SH waves by an irregular topography
, Geophysical Journal International 164(2): 449-459 (2006)

A new approach to the reconstruction of images from Radon projections
, Advances in Applied Mathematics 36(4): 388-420 (2006)

A new approach to universal approximation of fuzzy functions on a discrete set of points
, Applied Mathematical Modelling 30(12): 1525-1534 (2006)

A new astrobleme in the Pacific Ocean
, Doklady Earth Sciences 411(1): 1336-1338 (2006)

A new autocovariance least-squares method for estimating noise covariances
, Automatica 42(2): 303-308 (2006)

A new azelato barium(II) coordination polymer containing chains of water molecules
, Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations of Crystallography 62(A1): S273-S273 (2006)

A new bettle species of the genusTaldycupes(Taldycupedidae, Coleoptera) from the Permian of the Tunguska River basin
, Paleontological Journal 40(3): 295-296 (2006)

A new biclustering technique based on crossing minimization
, Neurocomputing 69(16-18): 1882-1896 (2006)

A new bifunctional amino acid chelator targeting the glucose transporter
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(5): 1603-1612 (2006)

A new binder for powder injection molding titanium and other reactive metals
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 176(1-3): 205-209 (2006)

A new business model for baby prams based on leasing and product remanufacturing
, Journal of Cleaner Production 14(17): 1509-1518 (2006)

A new butterfly-shaped attractor of Lorenz-like system
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 28(5): 1196-1203 (2006)

A new case of catching the European pilchardSardina pilchardus(Clupeidae, Clupeiformes) in the northeastern part of the Black Sea
, Journal of Ichthyology 46(9): 803-805 (2006)

A new challenge: grain boundary engineering for advanced materials by magnetic field application
, Journal of Materials Science 41(23): 7747-7759 (2006)

A new chaotic algorithm for image encryption
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 29(2): 393-399 (2006)

A new chaotic cryptosystem
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 30(5): 1143-1152 (2006)

A new chaotic system and its circuit realization
, Chinese Physics 15(12): 2872-2877 (2006)

A new characterization of the path independent choice functions
, Mathematical Social Sciences 51(2): 238-245 (2006)

A new class of electrorheological material: synthesis and electrorheological performance of rare earth complexes of phosphate cellulose
, Journal of Materials Science 41(2): 355-362 (2006)

A new class of estimators of a scale second order parameter
, Extremes 9(3-4): 193-211 (2006)

A new class of minimax generalized Bayes estimators of a normal variance
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(11): 3822-3836 (2006)

A new class of symmetric bivariate copulas
, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 18(7-8): 499-510 (2006)

A new class of unbiased estimators of the variance of the systematic sample mean
, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 136(4): 1512-1525 (2006)

A new climatology of favourable conditions for reverse-shear polar lows
, Tellus A 58(3): 344-354 (2006)

A new combined European permanent network station coordinates solution
, Journal of Geodesy 80(7): 373-380 (2006)

A new computational technique for processing transmission-line measurements to determine dispersive dielectric properties
, Leading Edge 71(2): K31-K35 (2006)

A new concept in mitral repair: The valve raquet
, Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 22(1): 55-55 (2006)

A new concept of invariance for saturated systems
, Automatica 42(9): 1515-1521 (2006)

A new concept of the nature of the Atlantic-Arctic glacial and periglacial zones
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A new copper(II) coordination compound with 2,2-bipyridine-N-oxide as a ligand: Crystal structure, synthesis and spectroscopy
, Journal of Chemical Crystallography 36(4): 259-262 (2006)

A new criterion for domain-switching in ferroelectric materials
, Mechanics of Materials 38(1-2): 25-32 (2006)

A new density model ofCryptomeria fortuneiplantation
, Frontiers of Forestry in China 1(2): 154-156 (2006)

A new department
, Families, Systems and Health 24(2): 218-219 (2006)

A new design for equal channel angular extrusion
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 173(1): 29-33 (2006)

A new detection technique of crystalline defects by sheet resistance measurement on multicrystalline silicon wafers
, Semiconductor Science and Technology 21(4): 437-442 (2006)

A new diamond based heterostructure diode
, Semiconductor Science and Technology 21(4): L32-L35 (2006)

A new diffraction enhanced imaging set-up for larger samples at BSRF
, Radiation Physics and Chemistry 75(11): 1990-1994 (2006)

A new discipline in the era of knowledge economy: material flow science and technology
, Behavioral Science 23(2): 251-257 (2006)

A new discrete integrable system and its discrete integrable coupling system
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 29(5): 1173-1177 (2006)

A new double movement? Anthropological perspectives on property in the age of neoliberalism
, Socio-Economic Review 5(2): 287-318 (2006)

A new dynamic gain control algorithm for speed enhancement of digital-phase locked loops (DPLLs)
, Signal Processing 86(7): 1426-1434 (2006)

A new edge detection approach based on image context analysis
, Image and Vision Computing 24(10): 1090-1102 (2006)

A new edition of a German bryoflora
, Bryologist 109(3): 423-424 (2006)

A new edition of a classic British lichen guide
, Bryologist 109(4): 586-587 (2006)

A new efficient approach to the design of parametric windows with arbitrary sidelobe profiles
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A new electro-osmotic pump based on silica monoliths
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A new electroless nickel deposition technique to metallise SiCp/Al composites
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A new electromagnetic surgical navigation system in endoscopic sinus and anterior skull base surgery does not influence EEG-BIS readings
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A new energy planning methodology for the penetration of renewable energy technologies in electricity sectorapplication for the island of Crete
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A new equation for calculating the enthalpies of dilution of solutions of nonassociated electrolytes
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A new experimental procedure of evaluating the friction coefficient in elastic and plastic regions
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 177(1-3): 247-250 (2006)

A new facile high yield preparative route for mixed-trinuclear acetate clusters
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A new family of solvers for some classes of multidimensional partial differential equations encountered in kinetic theory modeling of complex fluids
, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 139(3): 153-176 (2006)

A new finals clinical examination
, Clinical Teacher 3(1): 29-33 (2006)

A new flame retardant in the air | News Briefs: Assessing the technologies of the future ` A new use for wikis ` U.S. plan requires CO2 emissions cuts ` Stronger federal role for e-waste recycling ` Sub-Saharan Africa goes lead-free ` Getting out in frontof nanotechnology | Sustainable agriculture delivers the crops | Canada contemplates curbs on stain repellents | Rain gardens stem urban storm-water flows | Organic vegetables are not pesticide-free
, Environmental Science and Technology 40(4): 1090-1095 (2006)

A new formulation of the CahnHilliard equation
, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 7(2): 285-307 (2006)

A new function for mitochondria
, Journal of Cell Biology 173(1): 4a-4a (2006)

A new gaseous and combustible form of water
, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 31(9): 1113-1128 (2006)

A new generation of CN sensing silver chalcogenide-selective membranes for FIA application: I. Flow-injection detector for CN based on thin Ag2+Se1xTex electroplated membrane
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 119(2): 625-631 (2006 )

A new generation of disposable syringes
, Biomedical Engineering 40(3): 140-143 (2006)

A new generation of high-affinity humanized PEGylated Fab fragment anti-tumor necrosis factor-a monoclonal antibodies
, Therapy 3(4): 535-545 (2006)

A new generation -ray camera for planetary science applications: High pressure xenon time projection chamber
, Advances in Space Research 37(1): 28-33 (2006)

A new genus and a new species of Orthocladiinae (Diptera, Chironomidae) from the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago
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A new genus of cardinalfishes (perciformes: Apogonidae) from the south China sea, with a discussion of the relationships between the families Apogonidae and Kurtidae
, Journal of Ichthyology 46(4): 279-291 (2006)

A new hyphomycete genus and species with pectinate conidia from a rainforest in Panamaa living fungal fossil?
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A new hypothesis for the bone marrow edema pathogenesis during transient osteoporosis
, Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 7(4): 176-181 (2006)

A new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis
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A new indirect method of measuring the contents of solid inclusions in liquid aluminium alloys
, Journal of Materials Science 41(13): 4285-4292 (2006)

A new indole alkaloid, 7-hydroxyspeciociliatine, from the fruits of MalaysianMitragyna speciosaand its opioid agonistic activity
, Journal of Natural Medicines 60(1): 28-35 (2006)

A new information technology for system diagnosis of functional activity of organs of the human body
, Biomedical Engineering 40(3): 120-124 (2006)

A new intensity-hue-saturation fusion approach to image fusion with a tradeoff parameter
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A new interpretation of Stephanian deformation in the Decazeville basin (Massif Central, France): consequences on late Variscan tectonism
, International Journal of Earth Sciences 95(5): 791-801 (2006)

A new ion-selective electrode for potentiometric determination of Ce(III) ions
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 119(1): 275-281 (2006)

A new journal begins its 40th year
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 40(1): 1-2 (2006)

A new lanthanide complex for protein structure determination using anomalous diffraction
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A new large animal model for studying and testing treatments of angioproliferative eye diseases
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A new layered spacetime detection algorithm for frequency selective fading multiple-input multiple-output channels based on particle filter
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A new least-squares approach to differintegration modeling
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A new life cycle impact assessment approach for buildings
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A new life online
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A new ligand containing a pyridine, a 2,2-bipyridine and a carboxylate moiety and its lanthanide polymeric complexes: Synthesis, characterization and photophysical studies
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A new ligand for the formation of a 3D structure by significant CHS hydrogen bonds and interactions
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A new light trapping TCO for nc-Si:H solar cells
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A new linearization method for quadratic assignment problems
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A new look at oxygen pumping characteristics of BICUVOX.1 solid electrolyte
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A new look at the midlatitudeMJO teleconnection in the northern hemisphere winter
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A new look at the rain forests
, Journal of Biogeography 33(1): 188-188 (2006)

A new look at the Asian disease problem: A choice between the best possible outcomes or between the worst possible outcomes?
, Thinking and Reasoning 12(2): 129-143 (2006)

A new magnetic compass calibration algorithm using neural networks
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A new mathematical model for soil-column experiment and parameter identification
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A new method based on charge parameters to analyse the performance of stand-alone photovoltaic systems
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A new method for collecting vehicle behaviour in daily use for energy and environmental analysis
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A new method for connate water saturation calculation using time-lapse logging data
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A new method for critical points calculation from cubic EOS
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A new method for estimation of near surface specific humidity over global oceans
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A new method for generation of synchronised capacitive sparks of low energy
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A new method for immunosensor preparation: Atmospheric plasma torch
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A new method for implementing moment functions in a CMOS retina
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A new method for microcapsule characterization
, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 134(3): 207-221 (2006)

A new method for reservoir fluid identification
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A new method for sampling fumarolic gases: Analysis of major, minor and metallic trace elements with ammonia solutions
, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 158(3-4): 244-256 (2006)

A new method for solving nonlinear differential-difference equation
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 27(4): 1067-1071 (2006)

A new method for the computation of global viscoelastic post-seismic deformation in a realistic earth model (I)vertical displacement and gravity variation
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A new method for the determination of cooperative hydrogen bonding enthalpy of proton acceptors with associated species of alcohols
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A new method for the preparation of 1-amino-2,4-dibromoanthra-9,10-quinone
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A new method for the preparation of solution of sodium pentaphosphacyclopentadienide
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A new method for the synthesis ofn-(2-aminoethyl)azoles by alkylation of azoles with 2-alkyl-4,5-dihydrooxazoles
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A new method of detection of coded signals in additive chaos on the example of Barker code
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A new method of new exact solutions and solitary wave-like solutions for the generalized variable coefficients KadomtsevPetviashvili equation
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A new method of producing conductive aramid fibers using supercritical carbon dioxide
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A new method to accurately obtain wrinkling limit diagram in NC bending process of thin-walled tube with large diameter under different loading paths
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A new method to determine near surface air temperaturefrom satellite observations
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(14): 2831-2846 (2006)

A new method to explain the model dependence of apparent activation energy derived from a single nonisothermal dynamic curve
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A new methodology for in situ calibration of a neural network-based software sensor for S-parameter prediction in six-port reflectometers
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A new methodology for the definition of odor zones in perfumery ternary diagrams
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A new methodology of elastic properties evaluation of cortical bone by ultrasonic wave inversion
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A new methodology towards determining building performance under modified outdoor conditions
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A new microcavity design for single molecule detection
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A new microstructure-based constitutive model for human blood
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A new mode beyond the inverted-U region of the dopaminergic modulation of the prefrontal cortex
, Neurocomputing 69(10-12): 1146-1149 (2006)

A new model for assessing trap integrity and oil preservation risks associated with postrift fault reactivation in the Timor Sea
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A new model for ejected particle velocity from erupting bubbles in 2-D fluidized beds
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A new model for the prediction of the behaviour of fluidized beds
, Powder Technology 163(1-2): 80-87 (2006)

A new model of Mercurys magnetospheric magnetic field
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A new model on the buckling of a rod in tubing
, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 50(1): 78-82 (2006)

A new movement in an old bureaucracy: the development of self-advocacy in the Czech Republic
, British Journal of Learning Disabilities 34(3): 146-150 (2006)

A new multi-class support vector algorithm
, Optimization Methods and Software 21(3): 359-372 (2006)

A new multi-objective heuristic algorithm for solving the stochastic assembly line re-balancing problem
, International Journal of Production Economics 102(2): 226-243 (2006)

A new multi-scroll chaotic system
, Chinese Physics 15(12): 2878-2882 (2006)

A new noncentrosymmetric tellurite: BaMo2Te2O11(H2O) with {Mo(1)Mo(2)O10}n spiral chains
, Journal of Molecular Structure 785(1-3): 37-42 (2006)

A new nonlinear feature extraction method for face recognition
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A new nonstationary LMS algorithm for tracking Markovian time varying systems
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A new numerical approach to weathering and alteration in rock using a pilot area in the Tuzla geothermal area, Turkey
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A new optical scheme for teleportation of entangled coherent state
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A new perceptual organization approach to 3D measuring system based on the fuzzy integral
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A new performance criterion for heat engines: efficient power
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A new perspective on a fundamental debate: a multilevel approach to industry, corporate, and business unit effects
, Strategic Management Journal 27(6): 571-590 (2006)

A new perspective on an old topic: pediatric patient safety
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A new phenomenological heat release model for thermodynamical simulation of modern turbocharged heavy duty Diesel engines
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A new polymeric silicone hydrogel for medical applications: synthesis and properties
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A new positioning approach of fiber probe for near-field scanning optical microscope
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A new precursor for organo-osmium complexes
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(9): 2644-2649 (2006)

A new procedure for determining specific filter cake resistance from filtration data
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(15): 4957-4965 (2006)

A new procedure using the microhardness technique for sheet material damage characterisation
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 178(1-3): 111-118 (2006)

A new process for the segmentation of high resolution remote sensing imagery
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(22): 4991-5001 (2006)

A new progressive coding scheme for halftone dithered images using bit-interleaving
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A new rare-earth metal acylpyrazolonate containing the Zundel ion stabilized by strong hydrogen bonding
, Inorganic Chemistry Communications 9(6): 634-637 (2006)

A new reconstruction algorithm based on ordered projection subset and divided pixel subset
, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 1(1): 78-85 (2006)

A new reduced-order observer design for the synchronization of Lorenz systems
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A new reforming process based on CH4decomposition using a hydrogen-permeating membrane reactor
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A new regioselective method of macrobicyclic Schiff bases synthesis
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(2): 649-658 (2006)

A new rhodium complex with a nitrogen-containing bis(phosphine oxide) ligand as an efficient catalyst for the hydroformylation of styrene
, Applied Organometallic Chemistry 20(5): 335-337 (2006)

A new rock mass failure criterion for biaxial loading conditions
, Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 24(4): 871-888 (2006)

A new role for immunomodulatory neuropeptides during virus infections of the nervous system
, Neuropeptides 40(6): 437-0 (2006)

A new route for isoquinolines catalyzed by palladium
, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 260(1-2): 105-108 (2006)

A new route for preparation of TiO2/C hybrids and their photocatalytic properties
, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 248(1-2): 189-197 (2006)

A new route for the metallation of trihydroheptaphosphine P7H3with butyllithium
, Russian Chemical Bulletin 55(7): 1295-1296 (2006)

A new route to the syntheses of alkali metal bis(fluorosulfuryl)imides: Crystal structure of LiN(SO2F)2
, Polyhedron 25(6): 1292-1298 (2006)

A new salt of halofantrine
, Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations of Crystallography 62(A1): S222-S222 (2006)

A new schedule for copper chemical speciation analysis in soil and water sediment
, Chinese Journal of Geochemistry 25(1 Suppl.): 197-197 (2006)

A new screw shaped coordination compound for crystal engineering: Synthesis, crystal structure and nonlinear optical effect of o-chlorophenylthiourea zinc (II) diacetylacetonate
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A new secretary problem with rank-based selection and cardinal payoffs
, Journal of Mathematical Psychology 50(1): 58-59 (2006)

A new sensor method for studying the effect of surfactants on the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 113(1): 428-434 (2006)

A new series of iodocarbonyl ruthenium (II) complexes with unsymmetrical phosphinephosphine sulfide ligands of the type Ph2P(CH2)nP(S)Ph2, n = 14: Isolation and structural investigation
, Inorganica Chimica Acta 359(3): 877-882 (2006)

A new series of radicaltriplet pairs: modulation of radicaltriplet interaction by a counter ion
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A new shear technique: Semi Continuous Shear Flow (SCSF) in medium and ultra high molecular weight Polyhydroxybutyrate blends
, Journal of Materials Science 41(17): 5687-5695 (2006)

A new silverside,Atherinomorus aetholepissp. nov., from the West Pacific (Atheriniformes: Atherinidae)
, Ichthyological Research 53(1): 97-97 (2006)

A new simple preparation of platinum-nickel alloy nanoparticles and their characterization as an electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation
, Research on Chemical Intermediates 32(5): 561-573 (2006)

A new sodium ion selective electrode based on a novel silacrown ether
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A new songbird (Aves: Passeriformes) from the mid-Cenozoic of Riversleigh, northwestern Queensland
, Alcheringa An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 30(Sup 1): 31-37 (2006)

A new species and a new subspecies of the planthopper of the family Issidae (Hemiptera, Fulgoroidea) from Greece
, Entomological Review 86(8): 922-927 (2006)

A new species of Capis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Qubec, Canada
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A new species of Palorchestidae (Marsupialia) from the Pliocene and early Pleistocene of Victoria
, Alcheringa An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 30(Sup 1): 281-294 (2006)

A new species of eel codsMuraenolepis trunovisp. nova (Muraenolepididae) from the Lazarev Sea with redescription of lectotypesMuraenolepis marmorataGünther, 1880 andM. microps(Lönnberg, 1905)
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A new species of the flea-beetle genusAlticageoffr. (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae) from the Southern Urals
, Entomological Review 86(8): 928-930 (2006)

A new species of the mite genusDolichocybe(Acari, Heterostigmata, Dolichocybidae) from the Crimea
, Entomological Review 86(4): 491-493 (2006)

A new spectroelectrochemical cell with a long optical path length for redox studies of phthalocyanines
, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 10(9): 1125-0 (2006)

A new subclass of complex-valued S-transform windows
, Signal Processing 86(8): 2051-2055 (2006)

A new subspecies of the amur graylingThymallus grubii flavomaculatusssp. nova (Thymallidae)
, Journal of Ichthyology 46(8): 555-562 (2006)

A new sulfate-selective electrode and its use in analysis
, Journal of Analytical Chemistry 61(4): 382-388 (2006)

A new super-resolution element for array confocal microscopy
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(3): 601-604 (2006)

A new surface-flattening method using single-point diamond turning (SPDT) and its effects on LPE HgCdTe photodiodes
, Semiconductor Science and Technology 21(1): 40-43 (2006)

A new synthesis of tetra(quinoxalino)tetraazaporphyrin by the retro Diels-Alder reaction of a soluble precursor
, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 10(10): 1197-1201 (2006)

A new synthetic route to cyclophosphadithiatriazenes: synthesis and X-ray structural characterization of the first spirocycle containing thiadiazaphosphetidine and phosphadithiatriazene heterocycles
, Applied Organometallic Chemistry 20(12): 880-885 (2006)

A new system for locating leaks in urban water distribution pipes
, Management of Environmental Quality An International Journal 17(4): 450-466 (2006)

A new teaching tool in education for sustainable development: ontology-based knowledge networks for environmental training
, Journal of Cleaner Production 14(9-11): 855-867 (2006)

A new technique for dissecting the bladder laparoscopically
, Gynecological Surgery 3(4): 259-263 (2006)

A new technique for fluid velocimetry based on near field scattering
, Optics and Lasers in Engineering 44(7): 722-731 (2006)

A new technique for generalized learning vector quantization algorithm
, Image and Vision Computing 24(7): 649-655 (2006)

A new technique for measuring Young's modulus of electroplated nickel using AFM
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A new technique for the determination of superficial residual stresses associated with machining and other manufacturing processes
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 171(1): 132-140 (2006)

A new technique to determine geoid and orthometric heights from satellite positioning and geopotential numbers
, Journal of Geodesy 80(6): 304-312 (2006)

A new technique to determine rate constants for growth and agglomeration with size- and time-dependent nuclei formation
, Chemical Engineering Science 61(1): 282-292 (2006)

A new technology in surface finishing: Fluidized bed machining (FBM) of aluminium alloys
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 173(2): 157-165 (2006)

A new terminology for the approaches to the quantification of the measurement uncertainty
, Accreditation and Quality Assurance 10(12): 664-671 (2006)

A new theca-bearing Early Cambrian worm from the Chengjiang Fossil Lagerstätte, China
, Alcheringa An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology 30(1): 1-10 (2006)

A new theoretical approach to model crystal growth from solution
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A new training and pruning algorithm based on node dependence and Jacobian rank deficiency
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A new tris(2-furyl) substituted pyrazolylborate ligand and its zinc complex chemistry
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A new type of adiabatic invariants for nonconservative systems of generalized classical mechanics
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A new type of aggregates of cyanine dyes
, High Energy Chemistry 40(5): 348-350 (2006)

A new type of bounded waves for DegasperisProcesi equation
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 27(3): 698-704 (2006)

A new type of double-diffusive instability
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A new type of ligand derived from N-terminal protected dipeptides in enantioselective addition of phenylacetylene to aromatic ketones at room temperature
, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 253(1-2): 86-91 (2006)

A new type of orthopyroxenite xenolith from Takashima, Southwest Japan: silica enrichment of the mantle by evolved alkali basalt
, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 152(3): 387-398 (2006)

A new type of three-finger micro-tweezers
, Measurement Science and Technology 17(3): 510-512 (2006)

A new type section for the Upper Triassic Siphon Member, Charlie Lake Formation, in northeast British Columbia
, Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology 54(1): 85-90 (2006)

A new view of ridge segmentation and near-axis volcanism at the East Pacific Rise, 8-12N, from EM300 multibeam bathymetry
, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 7(12): N/A-N/A (2006)

A new waveletbased image fusion method for remotely sensed data
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 27(7): 1465-1476 (2006)

A new way of characterizing hypnotic interactions: Dyadic Interactional Harmony (DIH) questionnaire
, Contemporary Hypnosis 23(4): 151-166 (2006)

A new way to cast high-alloyed AlZnMgCuZr for super-high strength and toughness
, Journal of Materials Processing Technology 171(3): 399-404 (2006)

A new weight scheme for the Shapley value
, Mathematical Social Sciences 52(1): 88-98 (2006)

A new wiggle on worms
, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 12(11): 1084-1085 (2006)

A new year and new opportunities
, Canadian Medical Association Journal 176(1): 9-9 (2006)

A new yield function for porous materials
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A new β-CD inclusion complex with a seven-membered ring bridged organocobaloxime
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A new, dinuclear high spin manganese(III) complex with bridging phenoxy and methoxy groups. Structure and magnetic properties
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A new, highly stable cationic-thermosensitive microgel: Uniform isopropylacrylamide-dimethylaminopropylmethacrylamide copolymer particles
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A new-look Journal
, Island Arc 15(1): 1-1 (2006)

A newborn asteroid 832 Karin with old and new surfaces SUBARU spectroscopy
, Advances in Space Research 38(9): 1995-1999 (2006)

A newly designed laboratory hot forging test for evaluation of coated tool wear resistance
, Surface and Coatings Technology 200(11): 3594-3604 (2006)

A noise reduction system based on hybrid noise estimation technique and post-filtering in arbitrary noise environments
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A noise-driven strategy for background estimation and event detection in data streams
, Signal Processing 86(12): 3739-3751 (2006)

A noise-estimation algorithm for highly non-stationary environments
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A noise-resistant algorithm for grid finding in microarray image analysis
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A non-antibiotic selection system uses the phosphomannose-isomerase (PMI) gene forAgrobacterium-mediated transformation of Chinese cabbage
, Journal of Plant Biology 49(2): 115-122 (2006)

A non-correlator-based digital communication system using interleaved chaotic differential peaks keying (I-CDPK) modulation and chaotic synchronization
, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 29(4): 965-977 (2006)

A non-dimensional criterion and its proof for transient flow caused by fire in ventilation network
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A non-finite element approach for tubular hydroforming simulation featuring a new sticking friction model
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A non-invasive ultrasonic gas sensor for binary gas mixtures
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A non-iterative approach to estimating parameters in a linear structural equation model
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A non-iterative regularization approach to blind deconvolution
, Inverse Problems 22(3): 771-800 (2006)

A non-parametric probabilistic model for ground-borne vibrations in buildings
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A non-singular continuum theory of dislocations
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A non-steady state FE analysis of Al tubes hot extrusion by a porthole die
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A noncontinuum model of van der Waals interactions for describing the physicochemical properties of pure molecular liquids
, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Focus on Chemistry 80(1 Suppl.): S21-S25 (2006)

A nonequilibrium model for distillation processes
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A nonintrusive auto-transformer technique for measuring phase volume ratio in oilwater two-phase stratified flow
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A nonlinear conjugate gradient method based on the MBFGS secant condition
, Optimization Methods and Software 21(5): 707-714 (2006)

A nonlinear fractional derivative model for large uni-axial deformation behavior of polyurethane foam
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A nonlinear fracture differential kinetic model to depict chaotic atom motions at a fatigue crack tip based on the differentiable manifold methodology
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A nonlinear nonstandard finite difference scheme for the linear time-dependent Schrödinger equation
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A nonlinear optimization algorithm for WindSat wind vector retrievals
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A nonlinear variational method for signal segmentation and reconstruction using level set algorithm
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A nonparametric procedure based on early failures for selecting the best population using a test for equality
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A novel form of receptor interaction may contribute to -agonist resistance in asthma
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A novel gene for an old disease
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A novel low cost texturization method for large area commercial mono-crystalline silicon solar cells
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A novel method for improving the performance of ZnO gas sensors
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A novel method for monitoring chemical degradation of crosslinked rubber by stress relaxation under tension
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A novel method for quantification of canalicular transporter inhibition in primary rat hepatocyte sandwich cultures
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A novel method for the preparation of Bi4Ti3O12 nanoparticles in w/o microemulsion
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A novel method for thickness profile control in RF PECVD deposition on large area substrates
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A novel method for visualizing hair lipids at the cell membrane complex: Argon sputter etching/scanning electron microscopy
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A novel method of estimating dynamic measurement errors
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A novel method of powdered activated carbon (PAC) pre-coated microfiltration (MF) hollow fiber hybrid membrane for domestic wastewater treatment
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A novel method of suppressing the inrush current of transformers by using a series-connected voltage-source PWM converter
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A novel method to fabricate complex three-dimensional microstructures
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A novel method to measure coma aberration of projection system
, Optik - International Journal for Light and Electron Optics 117(11): 532-536 (2006)

A novel minimally invasive presacral approach and instrumentation technique for anterior L5S1 intervertebral discectomy and fusion
, Neurosurgical Focus 20(1): 1-8 (2006)

A novel mixed valence tetranuclear nitrosyl complex bridged by tetraoxomolybdate
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A novel mixture of experts model based on cooperative coevolution
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A novel model for allometric scaling laws for different organs
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A novel model for magnetic hysteresis of silicon-iron sheets
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A novel molecular tagging technique for simultaneous measurements of flow velocity and temperature fields
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A novel multi-resolution video representation scheme based on kernel PCA
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A novel multiobjective programming approach dealing with qualitative and quantitative objectives for environmental management
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A novel multiple-controller incorporating a radial basis function neural network based generalized learning model
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A novel multisensing optical approach based on a single phthalocyanine thin films to monitoring volatile organic compounds
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A novel naphazoline-selective membrane sensor and its pharmaceutical applications
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A novel near-zero CO2 emission thermal cycle with LNG cryogenic exergy utilization
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A novel nickel/carbon catalyst for CH4 and H2 production from organic compounds dissolved in wastewater by catalytic hydrothermal gasification
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A novel numerical method for exact model matching problem with stability
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A novel photocatalyst PbSb2O6 for degradation of methylene blue
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A novel plane mirror interferometer without using corner cube reflectors
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A novel polymeric Cu(II) assemblage and a monomeric Ni(II) complex from a new easy-to-prepare flexible polytopic ligand: Synthesis, structural and magnetic studies
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A novel polymeric chiral salen Mn(III) complex as solvent-regulated phase transfer catalyst in the asymmetric epoxidation of styrene
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A novel prosthetic design incorporating a modified hydraulic system
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A novel prototype of auxiliary edge resonant bridge leg link snubber-assisted soft-switching sine-wave PWM inverter
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A novel reaction system involving BaS and for converting to elemental sulfur without generating pollutants: Part I. Feasibility and kinetics of reduction with BaS
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A novel reaction system involving BaS and for converting to elemental sulfur without generating pollutants: Part II. Kinetics of the hydrogen reduction of to BaS
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A novel real-time immunoassay utilizing an electro-immunosensing microchip and gold nanoparticles for signal enhancement
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A novel relative humidity sensor based on microwave resonators and a customized polymeric film
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A novel role for adrenomedullin as a pain-related peptide
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A novel route to perovskite lead titanate from lead and titanium glycolates via the solgel process
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A novel selective inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase type 2 isozyme
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A novel simplified two-dimensional magneto-optical trap as an intense source of slow cesium atoms
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A novel stability criterion for interval time-delay chaotic systems via the evolutionary programming approach
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A novel stable CuIcomplex based on an unconjugated bisanthryl-tethered diimine ligand with tri-coordinate mode
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A novel structural-based approach to model the age hardening behaviour of aluminium alloys
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A novel surface modification technique for the introduction of compressive residual stress and preliminary studies on Al alloy AA6063
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A novel system for measuring optical properties in arterial blood of man
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A novel technique for particle tracking in cold 2-dimensional fluidized bedssimulating fuel dispersion
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A novel technique for the fabrication of herringbone grooves in a dynamic thrust bearing combining UV-LIGA with electro-discharge machining
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A novel technique to determine difference contours between digital and physical objects for projection moir interferometry
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A novel tetranuclear CuI complex with a flexible monothioether ligand
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A novel transport model for sorption and desorption of penetrants in dense polymeric membranes
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A novel ultra-sensing composed LangmuirBlodgett membrane for selective calcium determination in aqueous solutions
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A novel uncooled substrate-free optical-readable infrared detector: design, fabrication and performance
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A novel virus culture system for hepatitis C virus
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A novel weighted Hausdorff distance for face localization
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A novel, practical and green synthesis of Ag nanoparticles catalyst and its application in three-component coupling of aldehyde, alkyne, and amine
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A numerical algorithm for stability testing of fractional delay systems
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A numerical analysis of chaos in the double pendulum
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A numerical investigation on the use of drawbeads to minimize ear formation in deep drawing
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A numerical method for curvature driven boundary migration
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A numerical methodology for investigating the formation of adiabatic shear bands
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A numerical model to determine temperature distribution in orthogonal metal cutting
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A numerical model to investigate the effects of propagating liquefied soils on structures
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