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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63442

Chapter 63442 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

King, G A.; Tucker, M Ann; Baldwin, P J.; Laporta, J A., 2006:
Bringing the Life Needs Model to Life

Patmore, C, 2006:
Bringing wellbeing and choice into everyday home care

Stephen Burt, 2006:
Britain's highest barometric pressure on record is incorrect

T. S. Livshits, 2006:
Britholites as natural analogues of actinide matrices: Resistance to radiation damage

Graeme Wynn, 2006:
British Atlantic, American Frontier: Spaces of Power in Early Modern British America, by Stephen J. Hornsby

O'Shea, B J.; Tan, B C., 2006:
British Bryological Society Expedition to Mulanje Mountain, Malawi. 17 Sematophyllaceae (Bryopsida): Part 1

Mitchell, D, 2006:
British Journal of Sports Medicine in the digital age

Kowalczuk, J, 2006:
British National Formulary for Children 2005

Heather Chaffey, 2006:
British Neuroscience Association (BNA) and British Pain Society joint 1-day symposium

British Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee, 2006:
British Ornithologists Union Records Committee: 33rd Report (April 2006)

Mallick, A; Basu, H; Jardine, P, 2006:
British Paediatric Neurology Association 32nd Annual Conference

Vincenzo Ruggiero; Kazim Khan, 2006:
British South Asian communities and drug supply networks in the UK: A qualitative study

Horrox, N., 2006:
British Veterinary Poultry Association 50th anniversary meeting

David, L. Hawksworth, 2006:
British and Irish Basidiomycetes

C W Elston; A J Howat; N A Shepherd; B F Warren; C Harris, 2006:
British division of the international academy of pathology

Daniel, B. Stephens; Deborah, A. Stephens, 2006:
British land drainers: their place among pre-Darcy forefathers of applied hydrogeology

S. Naik; P.J. Callanan; B. Paul, 2006:
Broad band X-ray properties of GRO J1948+32/KS 1947+300

Michal Kovo; Iris Eshed; Gustavo Malinger, 2006:
Broad ligament hematoma following a normal vaginal delivery

A. L. Barra; A. K. Hassan; A. Janoschka; C. L. Schmidt; V. Schünemann, 2006:
Broad-band quasi-optical HF-EPR spectroscopy: Application to the study of the ferrous iron center from a rubredoxin mutant

Mauro Orlandini, 2006:
Broad-band spectral properties of accreting X-ray binary pulsars

Yali Gao; Cunshan Wang; Qi Lin; Hongbin Liu; Man Yao, 2006:
Broad-beam laser cladding of AlSi alloy coating on AZ91HP magnesium alloy

Wirth, M O., 2006:
Broadband Convergence: Future Directions and Societal Impacts

Lee, S, 2006:
Broadband Deployment in the United States: Examining the Impacts of Platform Competition

Letestu, Y.; Sharaiha, A., 2006:
Broadband Folded Printed Quadrifilar Helical Antenna

Zwick, T.; Liu, D.; Gaucher, B.P., 2006:
Broadband Planar Superstrate Antenna for Integrated Millimeterwave Transceivers

Anguera, J.; Martinez-Ortigosa, E.; Puente, C.; Borja, C.; Soler, J., 2006:
Broadband Triple-Frequency Microstrip Patch Radiator Combining a Dual-Band Modified Sierpinski Fractal and a Monoband Antenna

Griffiths, L.A.; Furse, C.; You Chung Chung, 2006:
Broadband and Multiband Antenna Design Using the Genetic Algorithm to Create Amorphous Shapes Using Ellipses

Kishk, A.A.; Chair, R.; Kai Fong Lee, 2006:
Broadband dielectric resonator antennas excited by L-shaped probe

Kaatze, U; Feldman, Y, 2006:
Broadband dielectric spectrometry of liquids and biosystems

Sullivan, E J.; Candy, J; Holmes, J D.; Carey, W M.; Candy, J; Lynch, J F.; Candy, J, 2006:
Broadband passive synthetic aperture: Experimental results

E.V. Vanin; A.M. Grishin; S.I. Khartsev; O. Tarasenko; P. Johansson, 2006:
Broadband photoluminescence from pulsed laser deposited Er2O3 films

Row, J.-S.; Yen-Yu Liou, 2006:
Broadband short-circuited triangular patch antenna

Wang, J.J.H.; Triplett, D.J.; Stevens, C.J., 2006:
Broadband/Multiband Conformal Circular Beam-Steering Array

James, S. Fishkin and Robert, C. Luskin, 2006:
Broadcasts of Deliberative Polls: Aspirations and Effects

F.B. Rosmej; A. Calisti, 2006:
Broadening and intensity properties of complex autoionizing states

V. I. Tomin; K. Hubisz; A. V. Novozhilov, 2006:
Broadening of electronic absorption bands and the kinetics of luminescence of dapoxyl

Jenni Ward; Nasima Patel, 2006:
Broadening the discussion on sexual exploitation: ethnicity, sexual exploitation and young people

Tuma, R S., 2006:
Broccoli Sprout Consumption Reduces H. Pylori Colonization

Gravier, R.; Flecher, X.; Parratte, S.; Rapaie, P.; Argenson, J.-N., 2006:
Brochage mixte trans-stylodien et intrafocal dans les fractures extra-articulaires en extension du radius distal

W. Kühnel, 2006:
Brockhaus Enzyklopädie—Jahrbuch 2005. 400 Seiten, rund 800 Stichwörter, 400 Abbildungen, 300 Grafiken und Karten. Gebunden. 95.00 sFr Bibliographisches Institut & F.A. Brockhaus AG Mannheim, Leipzig, Wien, Zürich, 2006 (17×24 cm. . Ladenpreis 56,00 Euro (D); 57,60 Euro (A))

Purgason, K, 2006:
Broken Hearts

Adam Rafalovich ,, 2006:
Broken and Becoming God-Sized: Contemporary Metal Music and Masculine Individualism

Patricia Meis Friedrichsen; Danusa Munford; MaryKay Orgill, 2006:
Brokering at the boundary: A prospective science teacher engages students in inquiry

Quinn, K, 2006:
Bromeliads In The Desert

Liang Lu; Jing He; Xiangjun Pan, 2006:
Bromide removal and recovery with layered double hydroxides as an adsorbent

Green, I R.; Hugo, V I.; Mei, M N., 2006:
Bromination Products of 2Substituted 5,7Dimethoxy4Naphthols

G.K.S. Jensen; B.J. Rostron; M.J.M. Duke; C. Holmden, 2006:
Bromine and stable isotopic profiles of formation waters from potash mine-shafts, Saskatchewan, Canada

Gupta, A; Nanda, S; Gupta, A; Singhal, S Rani, 2006:
Bromocriptine-Induced Heterotopic Triplet Pregnancy: Bilateral Tubal and Intrauterine Pregnancy in a Patient with Pituitary Adenoma

Valeria, B. Arce; Joanna Czarnowski; Rosana, M. Romano, 2006:
Bromodifluoroacetyl fluoride, CF2BrC(O)F: Experimental and theoretical studies

Paul Ram, 2006:
Bron van inspiratie voor levenslang leren

Kuwahara, M; Inutsuka, K; Arima, S; Rikimaru, T; Shirakusa, T, 2006:
Bronchial Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma Associated With a Right Parotid Gland Tumor

Allan, P F.; Kelley, T C.; Taylor, T L.; Abouchahine, S; Leininger, B E.; Mueller, D L.; Khandhar, S J.; Sako, E Y.; Carpenter, A J., 2006:
Bronchial Transection

Fournier, M.; Couvelard, A.; Mal, H.; Groussard, O., 2006:
Bronchiolites constrictives de ladulte, hors contexte de transplantation

Hamed, R; Gianella, G; Sondhi, D; Wani, A A.; Lippmann, M L., 2006:
Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma

Travis, W D.; Garg, K; Franklin, W A.; Wistuba, I I.; Sabloff, B; Noguchi, M; Kakinuma, R; Zakowski, M; Ginsberg, M; Padera, R; Jacobson, F; Johnson, B E.; Hirsch, F; Brambilla, E; Flieder, D B.; Geisinger, K R.; Thunnissen, F; Kerr, K; Yankelevitz, D; Franks, T J.; Galvin, J R.; Henderson, D W.; Nicholson, A G.; Hasleton, P S.; Roggli, V; Tsao, M-Sound; Cappuzzo, F; Vazquez, M, 2006:
Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma and Lung Adenocarcinoma: The Clinical Importance and Research Relevance of the 2004 World Health Organization Pathologic Criteria

F.J. Gonzalez Barcala; E. Temes; M. Moldes; A. Pena; L. Valdes, 2006:
Bronchogenic carcinoma presenting as pleural empyema

Danai, P A; Flenaugh, E L, 2006:
Bronchomediastinal Fistula

Surani, S; Ahmed, M; Mullin, J; Varon, J, 2006:
Bronchoscopic Appearance of Tracheal Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Kobayashi, H; Sugimoto, C; Kanoh, S; Motoyoshi, K; Matsutani, N; Ozeki, Y; Ohara, I; Aida, S, 2006:
Bronchoscopic Approach for Inflammatory Pseudotumor

Zia allah Haghi, S; Mirsadraee, M; Bagheri, R, 2006:
Bronchoscopic Findings in Patients With Hydatid Cyst of the Lung

Surka, A E.; Chin, R; Conforti, J, 2006:
Bronchoscopic Myths & Legends

McCallister, J; Chin, R; Conforti, J, 2006:
Bronchoscopic Myths and Legends

Cetti, E J.; Polkey, M I.; Kon, O Min; Shah, P L.; Geddes, D M., 2006:
Bronchoscopic Techniques for Treating Emphysema

Polkey, M. I.; Hopkinson, N. S., 2006:
Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction

Jain, P, 2006:
Bronchoscopy for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

Alves dos Santos, J?? Wellington; Marchiori, R Cardoso; Bertolazi, A; Ximenes Cibin, L Fernando; Mann, K Cristina; Simon, T Teixeira; Streher, L Almeida; Santos, F??bio Pires; Dalcin, T Chagas; Franciozi, R??gis; Gazzoni, M Ferreira; Santos, R Cristiano Geiss; Neves, K Ribeiro; Capelozzi, V Luiza; Melo, C Renato, 2006:
Bronchovascular Hamartoma: A Rare Cause of Hemoptysis

Oscar Dorado and Dulce, M. Arias, 2006:
Brongniartia Papyracea (Fabaceae: Faboideae): A New Species from the Tropical Deciduous Forest of Southern Jalisco and Southwestern Michoacn, Mexico

Pablo Tutor-Ureta; Susana Mellor-Pita; Miguel Yebra-Bango; Juan Antonio Vargas, 2006:
Bronquiectasias en el lbulo medio e infeccin por Mycobacterium avium complex: sndrome de Lady Windermere

Matthew, C. Henry; Clement, R. Yonker, 2006:
Bronsted acid catalyzed dehydration of neat supercritical tert-butanol in a capillary micro-reactor

G.M. Ingo; P. Plescia; E. Angelini; C. Riccucci; T. de Caro, 2006:
Bronze roman mirrors: the secret of brightness

Gregory, J W, 2006:
Brook's clinical paediatric endocrinology, 5th edition

P. Hernando-Briongos; M.F. Domínguez-Berjón; T. Regidor-Ropero; C. De Santos-Prieto, 2006:
Brote de hepatitis A en una escuela infantil con elevada proporcin de familias inmigrantes

Diego Almagro-Nieves; Pilar Guisosa-Campos; Sonia Garrido-Almagro; María América García-Aragón, 2006:
Brote epidmico de gastroenteritis aguda por norovirus con posible origen hdrico

Carmen Díaz-Pedroche; Manuel Lizasoain; Francisco López-Medrano; Fernando Escalante; Carlos Lumbreras; Dolores Folgueira; Inmaculada Sanz-Gallardo; Carlos Grande; José María Aguado, 2006:
Brote nosocomial de gripe en pacientes hematolgicos de alto riesgo. Eficacia de las medidas de control y del uso de zanamivir

Martí Vall-Mayans; Isabel Noguer, 2006:
Brotes de linfogranuloma venreo entre hombres homosexuales en Europa, 2003-2004

McDermott, P. F.; Bodeis-Jones, S. M.; Fritsche, T. R.; Jones, R. N.; Walker, R. D., 2006:
Broth Microdilution Susceptibility Testing of Campylobacter jejuni and the Determination of Quality Control Ranges for Fourteen Antimicrobial Agents

Talha Burki, 2006:
Brothers in arms

A. Al-Kahlout; A. Pawlicka; M. Aegerter, 2006:
Brown coloring electrochromic devices based on NiOTiO2 layers

DePass, M, 2006:
Brownfields as a tool for the rejuvenation of land and community

Kris Wernstedt; Robert Hersh, 2006:
Brownfields regulatory reform and policy innovation in practice

Ellerbusch, F, 2006:
Brownfields: Risk, property, and community value

Yong Min Lee; Yong Lak Joo, 2006:
Brownian dynamics simulations of star-branched polymers in dilute solutions in extensional flow

Mosley, J, 2006:
Browsing the Literature

Johnson, L C., 2006:
Browsing the Modern Kitchena feast of gender, place and culture (Part 1)

Kenworthy, L.; Munch, R.; Sutton, J. R., 2006:
Bruce Western, Punishment and Inequality in America. New York, Russell Sage Foundation, 2006

Is, M; Gezen, F, 2006:
Brucellar Lumbar Epidural Abscess

Federico Incitti, 2006:
Bruhat order on the involutions of classical Weyl groups

Kim Kaczor; Mary Clyde Pierce; Kathi Makoroff; Tracey, S. Corey, 2006 :
Bruising and Physical Child Abuse

Racineux, J.-L., 2006:
Bruit trachal et rsistance des voies ariennes suprieures

Allan Young, 2006:
Bruno et le fou sacr : Mythe, Mimesis et la transmission des mmoires traumatiques

Lange, J. H., 2006:
Bruno the Bear

R. Felberbaum, 2006:
Brustkrebs bei jungen Frauen

H. Moll; G. Harke; M. Graf, 2006:
Brustwirbelsäule (BWS)

Phillips, S.; Hagan, J. M.; Rodriguez, N., 2006:
Brutal Borders? Examining the Treatment of Deportees During Arrest and Detention

Silke Wendler, 2006:
Brutpflege bei Kalmaren

Bruggeman-Nannenga, M. A., 2006:
Bryophyte flora of Uganda. 6. Fissidentaceae (Part 1)

Bruggeman-Nannenga, M. A., 2006:
Bryophyte flora of Uganda. 6. Fissidentaceae (Part 2)

Seaward, M. R. D.; Ellis, L. T.; Pócs, T.; Wigginton, M. J., 2006:
Bryophyte flora of the Chagos Archipelago

Rawhi Al-Far; Basem, F. Ali; Khaldoun Al-Sou’oud, 2006:
BrHN, NHC, BrHC, and BrBr intermolecular interactions as supramolecular synthons: Synthesis and crystal structure of bis(2-amino-5-methylpyridinium) tetrabromomercurate(II)

Scherpereel, A., 2006:
Brves actualits sur la plvre

Roberto Sanz; Alberto Martínez; Delia Miguel; Julia M. Álvarez-Gutiérrez; Félix Rodríguez, 2006:
Brnsted Acid-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Substitution of Alcohols

T. Fydrich, 2006:
Brückenphobie und ausgeprägte paranoide Persönlichkeitszüge

Adrian Schumpe, 2006:
Bubble Columns

Kuo, C-Jung; Koar, A; Peles, Y; Virost, S; Mishra, C; Jensen, M K., 2006:
Bubble Dynamics During Boiling in Enhanced Surface Microchannels

H. Chanson, S. Aoki and A. Hoque, 2006:
Bubble Entrainment and Dispersion in Plunging Jet Flows: Freshwater vs. Seawater

Reinhold Maurus; Thomas Sattelmayer, 2006:
Bubble and boundary layer behaviour in subcooled flow boiling

Kun Gao; Jinhu Wu; Yang Wang; Dong-ke Zhang, 2006:
Bubble dynamics and its effect on the performance of a jet fluidised bed gasifier simulated using CFD

Nikolaos Divinis; Thodoris, D. Karapantsios; Robert de Bruijn; Margaritis Kostoglou; Vasilis Bontozoglou; Jean-Claude Legros, 2006:
Bubble dynamics during degassing of liquids at microgravity conditions

J. Carrera; R.N. Parthasarathy; S.R. Gollahalli, 2006:
Bubble formation from a free-standing tube in microgravity

Hideki Tsuge; Yusuke Tezuka; Masae Mitsudani, 2006:
Bubble formation mechanism from downward nozzleEffect of nozzle shape and operating parameters

S.L. Everitt; O.G. Harlen; H.J. Wilson, 2006:
Bubble growth in a two-dimensional viscoelastic foam

J.F. Lu; X.F. Peng, 2006:
Bubble leaping and slipping during subcooled boiling on thin wires

Binjie Hu; Alvin, W. Nienow; E. Hugh Stitt; Andrzej, W. Pacek, 2006:
Bubble sizes in agitated solvent/reactant mixtures used in heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of 2-butyne-1,4-diol

V. Nikolayev; D. Beysens; Y. Garrabos; C. Lecoutre; D. Chatain, 2006:
Bubble spreading during the boiling crisis: modelling and experimenting in microgravity

Massover, W, 2006:
Bubbling in Light Atom Salts: A New Method for Direct Visualization of Electron Beam-Induced Radiation Damage

M. L. Bordas; A. Cartellier; P. Sechet; Ch. Boyer, 2006:
Bubbly flow through fixed beds: Microscale experiments in the dilute regime and modeling

E. van der Does, 2006:
Buccaal midazolam of rectaal diazepam als eerste hulp bij kinderen met convulsies

W. Kulnig, 2006:

Volker Storch, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Allgemeine Geobotanik. Von Richard Pott

Bruno, P. Kremer, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Angewandte Mikrobiologie. Eine neue ra mikrobiologischer Produkte und Verfahren. Von Garabed Antranikian (Hrsg.)

Michael Wink, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Biosystematik. Von Guillaume Lecointre und Herv Le Guyader

Peter Hagemann, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Botanik. Von Ulrich Lüttge, Manfred Kluge und Gabriela Bauer

Erhard Mathias, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Coastal Plankton. Photo Guide for European Seas. Von Otto Larink und Wilfried Westheide

Bruno, P. Kremer, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Der Fänger von Helgoland. Von Wilhelm Bindig, Christiane Heiber und J. Neumann-Neudamm

Jörg Klug, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Genetik. Von Jochen Graw

Heinz Penzlin, 2006:
Buchbesprechung: Geschichte der biologischen Anthropologie in Deutschland. Von Uwe Hoßfeld

Wlodek Rabinowicz and Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, 2006:
Buck-Passing and the Right Kind of Reasons

Li, H.; Balachandran, B., 2006:
Buckling and Free Oscillations of Composite Microresonators

Khodair, Y.; Hassiotis, S., 2006:
Buckling behaviour of single pile and pile bent in the Scotch Road Bridge

S. Faulhaber; C. Mercer; M.-W. Moon; J.W. Hutchinson; A.G. Evans, 2006:
Buckling delamination in compressed multilayers on curved substrates with accompanying ridge cracks

Ümit Sönmez, 2006:
Buckling dynamics of imperfect Elastica subject to various loading conditions

Kolsters, H; Zenkert, D, 2006:
Buckling of laser-welded sandwich panels. Part 1: elastic buckling parallel to the webs

Kolsters, H; Zenkert, D, 2006:
Buckling of laser-welded sandwich panels. Part 2: elastic buckling normal to the webs

Mamoru Iwata; Masatoshi Murai, 2006:
Buckling-restrained brace using steel mortar planks; performance evaluation as a hysteretic damper

Massey, J, 2006:
Buckminster Fuller's cybernetic pastoral: the United States Pavilion at Expo 67

Stember, R H., 2006:
Buckwheat allergy

Delgado Oliva, F.J.; Bonillo García, M.A.; Palmero Martí, J.L.; Gómez Pérez, L.; Broseta Rico, E.; Jiménez Cruz, J.F., 2006:
Bucle intrapilico con catter doble J en procedimiento endourolgico: a propsito de un caso

Quint, J K, 2006:
Budesonide-formoterol reliever therapy in asthma

Chinn, I. N., 2006:
Budesonide/Formoterol Combination Therapy as Both Maintenance and Reliever Medication in Asthma

Lakshmi, N. Roy; Rabindra, N. Roy; Cole, E. Denton; Sean, R. LeNoue; Curtis, A. Himes; Sarah, J. Richards; Ashley, N. Simon; Chandra, N. Roy; Vikram, S. Somal, 2006:
Buffer Standards for the Physiological pH of the Zwitterionic Compound, TAPS, From 5 to 55C

Lu, R; Cao, Z, 2006:
Buffer management optimization strategy for satellite ATM1

Ashir Kumar, 2006:
Bugs, drugs, and us: The dance goes on

Torben Esbensen, 2006:
Building Alliances

Troy, R; Kazen, J, 2006:
Building Blocks for Change Management

Weist, M D.; Lindsey, M; Moore, E; Slade, E, 2006:
Building Capacity in School Mental Health

James, C. Sarros and Brian, K. Cooper, 2006:
Building Character: A Leadership Essential

Carolyn, A. Dehring, 2006:
Building Codes and Land Values in High Hazard Areas

Igor Vojnovic, 2006:
Building Communities to Promote Physical Activity: A Multi-Scale Geographical Analysis

Swaroop, S.; Morenoff, J. D., 2006 :
Building Community: The Neighborhood Context of Social Organization

Shen, T.-S., 2006:
Building Egress Analysis

Eberly, D A., 2006:
Building Energy Cost Savings From Six-Sigma Process Improvement Methods

Pauline Davey Zeece; Beatrice Harris; Nóirín Hayes, 2006:
Building Literacy Links for Young Children

Shu-Chuan Chen and Bruce, G. Lindsay, 2006:
Building Mixture Trees from Binary Sequence Data

George Marsh, 2006:
Building Momentum: Renewables are making headway on land, at sea and in the air

Jutai, J W., 2006:
Building Research Capacity: An Invitation to Participate

Murphy, J T., 2006:
Building Trust in Economic Space

Kloet, I Van der, 2006:
Building Trust in the Mission Area: a Weapon Against Terrorism?

Garland, P Welesko, 2006:
Building a Bridge to the Future

Schlotzhauer, N, 2006:
Building a Collection in International Disaster Psychology

Hall, B W.; Bacon, T P., 2006:
Building a Foundation Against Violence

William, P. Bottom, J Holloway, G J. Miller, A Mislin and Andrew Whitford, 2006:
Building a Pathway to Cooperation: Negotiation and Social Exchange between Principal and Agent

Brinegar, M Glick; Salvi, L M.; Stiles, W B.; Greenberg, L S., 2006:
Building a meaning bridge: Therapeutic progress from problem formulation to understanding

Martin Abraham, 2006:
Building a reef of sustainability

Jocelyn Papprill, 2006:
Building a sustainable urban future: An Auckland experience

Liz Brown-Milan; Denise Ray; Pat Lott; Linda Addy, 2006:
Building a vascular nursing team

Peter Kraftl, 2006:
Building an Idea: The Material Construction of an Ideal Childhood

Maddi, S R., 2006:
Building an integrated positive psychology

Andrew Thatcher, 2006:
Building and maintaining an online academic conference series

Wendy, M. Reinke; Keith, C. Herman; Carolyn, M. Tucker, 2006:
Building and sustaining communities that prevent mental disorders: Lessons from the field of special education

K.W. Mui; W.T. Chan, 2006:
Building calibration for IAQ management

Igor Vojnovic, 2006:
Building communities to promote physical activity: A multi-scale geographical analysis

Burr, T., 2006:
Building community, legitimating consumption: creating the U.S. bicycle market, 1876-1884

Pao-Long Chang; Ming-Hua Chieng, 2006:
Building consumerbrand relationship: A cross-cultural experiential view

Richard, K. Ladyshewsky, 2006:
Building cooperation in peer coaching relationships: understanding the relationships between reward structure, learner preparedness, coaching skill and learner engagement

Diego Rodriguez-Losada; Fernando Matia; Ramon Galan, 2006:
Building geometric feature based maps for indoor service robots

Maskell, P; Bathelt, H; Malmberg, A, 2006:
Building global knowledge pipelines: The role of temporary clusters

R. Dubois; B. Quenet; Y. Faisandier; G. Dreyfus, 2006:
Building meaningful representations for nonlinear modeling of 1d- and 2d-signals: applications to biomedical signals

Finlayson, M., 2006:
Building on CJOT's past - Creating a Stronger Future

Vesa Harmaakorpi; Tuomo Uotila, 2006:
Building regional visionary capability. Futures research in resource-based regional development

Norris, P; Tobata, W, 2006:
Building relationships between pharmacy students and the Pacific community: A pilot project

Lia Krucken; Anna Meroni, 2006:
Building stakeholder networks to develop and deliver product-service-systems: practical experiences on elaborating pro-active materials for communication

Barry, J. Hunt, 2006:
Building stones explained 4 : Slate

Norus, J, 2006:
Building sustainable competitive advantage from knowledge in the region: The industrial enzymes industry

Erin Ryan, 2006:
Building the Emotionally Learned Negotiator

Close, D, 2006:
Building the High-Performance E&P Company

Huasheng Hong; Xiongzhi Xue, 2006:
Building up a training base for integrated coastal management through partnerships in Xiamen

Alice Hohler, 2006:
Building wind: An interview with Dr Ian Mays, CEO, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

Ian Clarke, 2006:
Building with feeling

Pieterse, E, 2006:
Building with ruins and dreams: Some thoughts on realising integrated urban development in South Africa through crisis

Michael, Y L; Carlson, N E; Sumic, A; Green, M; Bosworth, M, 2006:
Built Environment, Socioeconomic Status (SES), and Physical Activity (PA) in Older Adults

Deb, N.; Blanton, R.D., 2006:
Built-In Self-Test of MEMS Accelerometers

Hammer, S, 2006:
Bulbine lolita

Milenkov, S; Fangerau, H, 2006:
Bulgarian Psychiatry in the Period Around World War II (1930-1950)

G. Wang; J.K. Jian; B. Song; X.L. Chen; W.J. Wang; Y.T. Song, 2006:
Bulk GaN single crystals: a reinvestigation of growth mechanism using Li3N flux

Samuel Rey-Mermet; Roman Lanz; Paul Muralt, 2006:
Bulk acoustic wave resonator operating at 8 GHz for gravimetric sensing of organic films

Bjorn Stevens, 2006:
Bulk boundary-layer concepts for simplified models of tropical dynamics

Septimus van der Linden, 2006:
Bulk energy storage potential in the USA, current developments and future prospects

Deumal, Mè; Mota, F; Bearpark, M J.; Robb, M A.; Novoa, J J., 2006:
Bulk ferromagnetism in nitronyl nitroxide crystals: a first principles bottom-up comparative study of four bulk nitronyl nitroxide ferromagnets (KAXHAS, YOMYII, LICMIT and YUJNEW)

Faisal, S. Boudala; George, A. Isaac, 2006:
Bulk microphysics parametrization of ice fraction for application in climate models

Zhuo Yi Zhu; Jing Zhang; Ying Wu; Jing Lin, 2006:
Bulk particulate organic carbon in the East China Sea: Tidal influence and bottom transport

M. Ionita; G. Cappelletti; A. Minguzzi; S. Ardizzone; C. Bianchi; S. Rondinini; A. Vertova, 2006:
Bulk, Surface and Morphological Features of Nanostructured Tin Oxide by a Controlled Alkoxide-Gel Path

Cameron Jones; Peter, C. Junk; Marc Kloth; Kathryn, M. Proctor; Andreas Stasch, 2006:
Bulky amidinato complexes and amidine adducts of Al, Ga and In halides

Stephen, J. Geier; Erin, E. Chapman; Daniel, I. McIsaac; Christopher, M. Vogels; Andreas Decken; Stephen, A. Westcott, 2006:
Bulky rhodium diimine complexes for the catalyzed borylation of vinylarenes

Robert, A. Dickson, 2006:
Bullet and blast injuries

Leah Keshet; Alan Perelson, 2006:
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology Special Issue

Patchin, J. W., 2006:
Bullies Move Beyond the Schoolyard: A Preliminary Look at Cyberbullying

Omizo, M M.; Omizo, S A.; Baxa, G-Vic, C. O.; Miyose, R J., 2006:
Bullies and Victims

Isaac Grate, 2006:
Bullous Disease of Dialysis

Goebeler, M; Zillikens, D, 2006:
Bullous pemphigoid: diagnosis and management

Andrew Potter; Stephen, M. Disney, 2006:
Bullwhip and batching: An exploration

Gerard Gaalman, 2006:
Bullwhip reduction for ARMA demand: The proportional order-up-to policy versus the full-state-feedback policy

Stockman, J.A., 2006:
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Böden – gefährdete Haut der Erde? Bodendegradation und -verluste

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C'est la rentre des projets !

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CE Credit: Sensory Impairment in Older Adults. Part 2: Vision Loss

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CE Credit: The Bathing of Older Adults with Dementia

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CE Credit: Weight Loss and Diet Plans

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CE INSTRUCTIONS: From pet rock to rock-solid: Implementing unit-based research

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CE TEST: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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CE TEST: Endocarditis After Valve Replacement Surgery

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CE TEST: Essential Nursing Competencies and Curricula Guidelines for Genetics and Genomics

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CE TEST: Functional Decline in Hospitalized Older Adults

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CE TEST: Genetic Influences on Preterm Birth

&na;,, 2006:
CE TEST: How Long and How Much Are Nurses Now Working?

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CE TEST: Obesity: Americas Epidemic

&na;,, 2006:
CE TEST: Placebo Use

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CE TEST: Preserving Breastfeeding for the Rehospitalized Infant: A Clinical Pathway

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CE TEST: Syringe-Exchange Programs (SEPs) and HIV Prevention

&na;,, 2006:
CE TEST: The Bathing of Older Adults with Dementia

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CE TEST: Understanding Sexual Abstinence in African American Teens

&na;,, 2006:
CE TEST: Weight Loss & Diet Plans

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CE Test: Amniotic Fluid Embolism: Historical Perspectives and New Possibilities

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CE Test: Depression in Pregnancy: Drug Safety and Nursing Management

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CE Test: Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in the United States

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CE Test: Open new care pathways with drug-eluting stents

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CE Test: Oral Hydration in Older Adults

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CE Test: POLICY Perspectives: Can the Use of LPNs Alleviate the Nursing Shortage?

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CE Test: Postpartum Depression

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CE Test: Staff Retention: From ???satisfied??? to???engaged???

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CE-Kennzeichnung von Point-of-Care-Testsystemen / CE marking of point-of-care test devices

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CEO Incentives, Innovation, and Performance in Technology-Intensive Firms: A Reconciliation of Outcome and Behavior-Based Incentive Schemes

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CEP-1347 Treatment Fails to Favorably Modify the Progression of Parkinson's Disease (PRECEPT) Study: S61.003

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CEPHEUS results: measurements and occupants satisfaction provide evidence for Passive Houses being an option for sustainable building

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CFD Simulation of Fish-like Body Moving in Viscous Liquid

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CFD Validation of the Optimal Arrangement of the Propulsive Dorsal Fin of Gymnarchus niloticus

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CFD analysis of a rotor-stator mixer with viscous fluids

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CFD and PIV Investigation of Flow past a Single Hot Gas Filter

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CFD application for coal/air balancing in power plants

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CFD for Simulation of Steam-Assisted and Air-Assisted Flare Combustion Systems

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CFD modelling of slug flow in vertical tubes

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CFD modelling of slug flow inside square capillaries

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CFD modelling of the flow and reactions in the Olympic Dam flash furnace smelter reaction shaft

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CFD prediction of the trajectory of a liquid jet in a non-uniform air crossflow

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CFD predictions for chemical processing in a confined impinging-jets reactor

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CFD simulation of gasliquid stirred vessel: VC, S33, and L33 flow regimes

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CFD simulation of wet cooling towers

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CFD simulations for analysis and scale-up of anti-solvent crystallization

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CFD simulations of two stirred tank reactors with stationary catalytic basket

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CFD-based compartmental modeling of single phase stirred-tank reactors

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CFD-based predictive control of melt temperature in plastic injection molding

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CGG method for robust inversion and its application to velocity-stack inversion

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CGPS time-series and trajectories of crustal motion along the West Hellenic Arc

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CH/ interactions of -system of acetylacetonato chelate ring: Comparison of CH/ interactions of Ni(II)-acetylacetonato chelate and benzene rings

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CHAOSa model of the Earth's magnetic field derived from CHAMP, rsted, and SAC-C magnetic satellite data

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CHARGE Syndrome Includes Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism and Abnormal Olfactory Bulb Development

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CHAS Chair's notes

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CLIM-X-DETECT: A Fortran 90 program for robust detection of extremes against a time-dependent background in climate records

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CLUSTER spacecraft observation of a thin current sheet at the Earths magnetopause

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CM-SAF surface radiation budget: First results with AVHRR data

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CMAQ/CAMx annual 2002 performance evaluation over the eastern US

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: April 2006

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: August 2006

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: December 2006

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: February 2006 (with video)

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: January 2006

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CME Activity: Continuing Medical Education Exam: September 2006

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CME Credit for Pathology Journal Review

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CME Overview

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CME Overview: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal?? Supplement: Advances in Prevention of Cervical Cancer and Other Human Papillomavirus-Related Diseases

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CME Self-Assessment Exam

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CME Test answer Management of acute stroke/CVA: focus on blood flow regulation and blood pressure

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CME and the JBJS

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CME in cyberspace

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CME test answer sheet and evaluation form for bacterial conjunctivitis

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CME-associated dimmings on the Sun observed with the EUV SPIRIT telescope on the CORONAS-F spacecraft

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CMOS 32-APS linear array for high-sensitivity, low-resolution spectrophotometry

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CMOS compatible integration of three-dimensional microfluidic systems based on low-temperature transfer of SU-8 films

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CMOS microhotplate sensor system for operating temperatures up to 500 C

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CMR 2005: 13.07: Novel applications in the field of MRI CEST agents

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CMR 2005: 5.03: Effect of bicarbonate infusion on contrast-induced nephropathy

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CMR 2005: 5.05: The risk of contrast medium-induced nephropathy should be correlated with the ratio between dose in grams of iodine and estimated glomerular filtration rate

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CMR 2005: 6.01: Gadobutrol (1 m) as a contrast agent for CT angiography of the aorta and pulmonary arteries: results with a 16-detector row scanner

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CMR 2005: 6.02: CT urography: utility of 0.5 and 1 m gadolinium chelates compared with an iodinated contrast medium

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CMR 2005: 6.03: The efficacy of MultiHance (gadobenate dimeglumine or GdBOPTA) at 1.5 and 3 T in a rat brain glioma model

M. Saeed; O. Weber; R. Lee; L. Do; P. Robert; C. Corot; D. Saloner; C.B. Higgins, 2006:
CMR 2005: 6.04: Blood-pool contrast medium (Vistarem) discriminates acutely infarcted from scarred myocardium on late enhancement

A. von Wallbrunn; C. Höltke; M. Zühlsdorf; W. Heindel; M. Schäfers; C. Bremer, 2006:
CMR 2005: 7.01: Planar and tomographic imaging of expression in human tumor xenografts

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CMR 2005: 7.03: Optical imaging of experimental arthritis with DiD-labeled leukocytes before and after cortisone treatment

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CMR 2005: 7.04: Hemoglobin, a physiological contrast medium for optical molecular imaging of the female breast: computed tomographylaser mammography in the differentiation of benign and malignant breast lesions

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CMR 2005: 7.07: Simultaneous placental perfusion and permeability assessment by dual echo contrast-enhanced MRI in mice

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CMR 2005: 8.01: Dextran-coated PFOB emulsion: a potential targeted US contrast agent

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CMR 2005: 8.03: Targeted ultrasound contrast agents for molecular imaging in high-shear flow

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CMR 2005: 8.05: Effects of high MI exposure during contrast echocardiography with SonoVue in the dog

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CMR 2005: 8.06: Contrast-assisted ultrasound for sentinel lymph node detection; the effect of particle characteristics and node status on imaging efficacy

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CMR 2005: 8.07: Real-time assessment and off-line quantification of flow dynamics in intracranial aneurysms using intra-operative contrast-specified ultrasound

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CMR 2005: 9.01: Instant magnetic labeling of stem cells using magnetoelectroporation

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CMR 2005: 9.03: Novel magnetic resonance contrast mechanism for combined tracking of the delivery of mesenchymal stem cells and interventional devices

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CMR 2005: 9.06: Iron oxide nanoparticles as a cell labeling contrast agent for non-invasive long-term cell therapy monitoring by MRI: an abdominal aortic aneurysm model

Cori Vanchieri, 2006:
CMS off-label drug coverage initiative may die a slow death

Denney, D, 2006:
CNG Solution for Offshore Gas Transportation

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CNS Malignancies: At Last, Real Progress

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CO 25-Une rduction prcoce et profonde de la charge virale est associe une efficacit virologique et clinique optimale 1 an, chez les malades ayant une hpatite B chronique traits par analogues nuclosidiques

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CO 27-Rsultats du premier observatoire national franais de lhpatite chronique B oblix conduit auprs des hpatogastroentrologues libraux (HGEL)

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CO 3-Linactivation DHNF1a favorise la lipogense dans les adnomes hpatocellulaires par un mcanisme indpendant de SREBP-1 et de CHREBP

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CO 31-Amlioration virologique et biochimique sous entcavir 96 semaines chez des malades porteurs dune hpatite B chronique, AgHBe (+) en chec de lamivudine (tude 026)

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CO 5-volution depuis 1994 du dpistage et de la prise en charge de linfection par le vhc: tude chez des sujets bnficiant dun examen priodique de sant

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CO 7-Rponse anti-virale de lalbumine interfron alfa-2B en association A la ribavirine chez les malades infects par le VHC de gnotype 1 nafs de traitement anti-VHC

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CO oxidation activity of CuCeO2nano-composite catalysts prepared by laser vaporization and controlled condensation

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CO replacement in the tetrahedrane cluster MeC(O)CCo3(CO)9by the diphosphine ligand 4,5-bis(diphenylphosphino)-4-cyclopenten-l,3-dione (bpcd): Diphosphine ligand isomerization and X-ray structure of the bridged cluster MeC(O)CCo3(CO)7(bpcd)

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CO sensing performance in micro-arc oxidized TiO2 films for air quality control

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CO-26 - Tractographie de diffusion dans la maladie de huntington

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CO-32 - tude en IRMf du circuit crbello-cortical impliqu dans les mouvements bimanuels en phase et en opposition de phase

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CO-37 - Traitement des fistules durales drainage veineux cortical par onyx

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CO-43 - Fistules arterio veineuses para-spinales drainage veineux pidural: propos de trois cas

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CO-sensing properties of perovskite La0.68Pb0.32FeO3 nano-materials

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CO2 Laser Vaporization of Condylomata Acuminata: It Continues Being the Treatment with Greater Rate of Success and with Excellent Cosmetic Results

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CO2 Storage in Natural-Gas-Hydrate Reservoirs Benefits From Associated Methane Production

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CO2 benefit from the increasing percentage of diesel passenger cars. Case of Ireland

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CO2 emission trading within the European Union and Annex B countries: the cement industry case

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CO2 emissions change from the introduction of diesel passenger cars: Case of Greece

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CO2 laser cutting of a carbon/carbon multi-lamelled plain-weave structure

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CO2 reforming of methane combined with steam reforming or partial oxidation of methane to syngas over NdCoO3 perovskite-type mixed metal-oxide catalyst

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CO2-emissions reduction potential and costs of a decentralized energy system for providing electricity, cooling and heating in an office-building in Tokyo

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CO2-free power generation in combined cyclesIntegration of post-combustion separation of carbon dioxide in the steam cycle

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CO2-freie Energieerzeugung mit Wasserrädern an Mühlen — Die Fortsetzung eines historischen Erbes

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CO2airsea exchange due to calcium carbonate and organic matter storage, and its implications for the global carbon cycle

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CO2exchange in the ocean-atmosphere system on the Chukchi Sea shelf

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CO2reduction using hydrothermal method for the selective formation of organic compounds

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CODEPINK Alert: Mediated Citizenship in the Public Sphere

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COPD in never smokers: a significant problem?

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COPD und Osteoporose

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CORE Tools and Patient Information

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CORE Tools and Patient Information: Holiday Helper

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COSEARCH: A Parallel Cooperative Metaheuristic

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COST D22. Protein:lipid interactions: the membrane dimension

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COUPLE THERAPY || An Affirmational Approach to Treating Gay Male Couples

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COUPLE THERAPY || Couple Group Psychotherapy for Sexuality and Intimacy: Intensive Treatment for Lifelong Change

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COUPLE THERAPY || Disorganized Attachment Dynamics in Couples

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COUPLE THERAPY || Introduction to the Special Edition: Couple Therapy

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COUPLE THERAPY || Psychodrama and Couple Therapy

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COUPLE THERAPY || Relationship Enhancement Couple Therapy and Couple Group Therapy

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COX-2 Enzyme and its Inhibitors

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CPAP for OSA is cost effective

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CPD miles - how large is the College's carbon footprint?

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CPOE and Order Tracker: Improving Workflow and Communication for Laboratory Orders in the Emergency Department

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CPT Coding for Mastectomy (A Case Study)

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CRC desk reference for nutrition

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CRS-stack-based residual static correction

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CRS-stack-based seismic imaging considering top-surface topography

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CS10.2 Multifocal ERG in assessment of retinal disorders

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CS11.2 ERPs and sensory evoked potentials in the prognosis for awakening from anoxic coma

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CS12.1 EEG monitoring of ICU patients

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CS12.3 Critical illness myopathy

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CS2.1 Functional imaging techniques for the assessment of pain: Implications for clinical practice

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CS2.2 New aspects on the function of the spinal cord (spinothalamic tract) related to pain

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CS3.1 Genetic aspects of generalised epilepsies

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CS3.2 Genetically determined partial or focal epilepsies

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CS3.3 Genetics of malformations of cortical development leading to epilepsy

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CS4.3 Clinical, genetic and neurophysiological aspects of muscle channelopathies

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CS9.3 Startle disorders

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CSB investigation of the explosions and fire at the BP texas city refinery on March 23, 2005

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CSCC, a national society with an international presence

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CSE or CES? Comparative evaluation of technical simplicity and safety profile of a new versus conventional combined spinal epidural technique

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CSR Asia news review: December 2005February 2006

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CSR Asia news review: FebruaryApril 2006

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CT Screening for Lung Cancer: Suspiciousness of Nodules According to Size on Baseline Scans

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CT halo sign in cases of pulmonary metastasis from bone or soft tissue sarcoma

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CVD deposition and characterization of coloured Al2O3/ZrO2 multilayers

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CVVH of hemodialyse bij patinten met Multi-organ-failure

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CW EPR, echo-detected EPR, and field-step ELDOR study of molecular motions of nitroxides ino-terphenyl glass: Dynamical transition, dynamical heterogeneity and β-relaxation

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CXCR4 Expression in Osteosarcoma Cell Lines and Tumor Samples: Evidence for Expression by Tumor Cells

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CYANEX 272 for the extraction and recovery of zinc from aqueous waste solution using a mixer-settler unit

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CYP2D6 Genotype, Antidepressant Use, and Tamoxifen Metabolism During Adjuvant Breast Cancer Treatment

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CYP3A4 and MDR Mediated Interactions in Drug Therapy

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CYT-6091 (Aurimune): a colloidal gold-based tumor-targeted nanomedicine

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CaF2, MgF2, SiO2, Al2O3, SiC, LiF, BaF2, and ZrO2optical single crystals used in studies in the VUV spectral region

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CaO Hydration Rate at High Temperature (1023 K)

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Cable Vibration Reduction with a Hung-on TMD System, Part II: Parametric Study

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Cable Vibration Reduction with a Hung-on TMD System. Part I: Theoretical Study

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Cable-Direct-Driven Robot (CDDR) with Passive SCARA Support: Theory and Simulation

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Caddisflies: the underwater architects

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Cadherina E, Catenina Beta, Antgeno Ki-67 y protena p53 en el pronstico de la recidiva tumoral en los tumores superficiales de vejiga T1

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Cadmium as an Endocrine Disruptor in the Reproductive System

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Cadmium measurements in coral skeleton using isotope dilution-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry

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Caeruloplasmin:plasma copper ratios in cows

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Caesarean Section in a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis

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Caesarean Section. A Manual for Doctors

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Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Prevents Neonatal HypoxicIschaemic Brain Injury

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Caffeine Increases Exogenous Carbohydrate Oxidation During Exercise

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Caking of Particulate Products

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Caking of Urea Prills

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Calcaneonavicular coalition

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Calcareous algae from the Triassic (Anisian reef boulders and Norian reef limestones) of Karaburun, western Turkey

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Calcified Chronic Subdural Empyema

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Calcined MgAl hydrotalcites as solid base catalysts for methanolysis of soybean oil

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Calcineurin inhibitor sparing in renal transplantation

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Calciphila, a New Genus in African Asclepiadeae (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae), and Taxonomic Rectifications in Cynanchum

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Calcipotriene/betamethasone dipropionate: a new topical ointment for psoriasis

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Calcite Vein-Dikes of the Grenville Geological Province Ontario, Canada

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Calcitonin treatment for calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder

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Calcitriol induces transcription of the placental transforming growth factor β gene in prostate cancer cells via an androgen-independent mechanism

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Calcium adsorption and changes of the surface microtopography of cyanobacteria studied by AFM, CFM, and TEM with respect to biogenic calcite nucleation

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Calcium and vitamin D supplementation do not reduce fracture rates

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Calcium et cancer colorectal chez la femme mnopause: chec et mat!

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Calcium phosphate nucleation on cellulose fabrics

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Calcium phosphate silicate ceramics for heavy metal immobilization and antibacterial activity in waste water

&na;,, 2006:
Calcium plus Linoleic Acid Therapy for Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

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Calcium plus vitamine-D-suppletie en de kans op fracturen

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Calcium plus vitamine-D-suppletie en het risico op colonkanker

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Calcium release-activated calcium channels as signal transducers in T-cells

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Calcium, vitamin D, and bone health: how much do adults need?

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Calcium-Vitamin D Trial Results Null, But Still Intriguing

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Calcium-ion induced color changes of a porphyrin solution

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Calciumsuppletie tijdens zwangerschap en lactatie: effecten op moeder en foetus

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Calciummagnesiumaluminasilicate (CMAS) delamination mechanisms in EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings

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Calcul de la force dilectrophortique dans les microsystmes biologiques: comparaison du modle dipolaire avec le modle du tenseur de Maxwell

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Calculated and measured values of liquid water content in clean and polluted environments

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Calculated octic centrifugal distortion coefficients of non-linear molecules

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Calculateur de risque de dvelopper un glaucome partir dune hypertonie oculaire : attention au risque de confusion

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Calculating A Daily Normal Temperature Range That Reflects Daily Temperature Variability

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Calculating derivatives for automatic history matching

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Calculating savings to the nation from counselling services: Methodological challenges

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Calculating similitude and difference: John Seller and the placing of English subjects in a global community of nations

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Calculating the Comparative Mortality Risk from Smokeless Tobacco vs. Smoking

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Calculating the Poles of Complex Radar Targets

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Calculation latency: The of memory and the of transformation

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Calculation of CO2 acoustic properties using Batzle-Wang equations

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Calculation of Entrainment in Density Jumps

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Calculation of Jacobians for inverse radiative transfer: An efficient hybrid method

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Calculation of Quantum Probability in O(2,2) String Cosmology with a Dilaton Potential

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Calculation of Viscosities of Liquid Mixtures Using Eyring's Theory in Combination with Cubic Equations of State

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Calculation of Wind Speed Variation With Height Over the Sea

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Calculation of X-ray spectra for a Side Window Tube

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Calculation of absolute scattering phase shifts

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Calculation of absolute values of the spectral energy density of polychromatic radiation

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Calculation of adapted black sea fields on the basis of assimilation of climatic temperature and salinity data into the model

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Calculation of altitude-dependent tikhonov constraints for TES nadir retrievals

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Calculation of average bed porosity

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Calculation of characteristics of axial-vortex-flow pump

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Calculation of conductance spectra of silver clusters on graphite

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Calculation of electric field in two-dimensional arrangements by the method of multipole images

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Calculation of interaction parameters and solvophobic effects in methanol-1-alkanol-alkane and methanol-ether-alkane ternary systems

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Calculation of kinetic energy functions for the ring-twisting and ring-bending vibrations of tetralin and related molecules

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Calculation of mechanical properties of human red cells based on electrically induced deformation experiments

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Calculation of native defect energies in α-A12O3 and α-Cr2O3 using a modified Matsui potential

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Calculation of nitrogen depth profiles in nitrided multi-component ferritic steel

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Calculation of optical constants from carbon nanotube transmission spectra

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Calculation of phonon spectrum for noble metals by modified analytic embedded atom method (MAEAM)

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Calculation of plasma characteristics of the sun

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Calculation of solar and thermal radiation absorption in the atmosphere, based on the HITRAN data

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Calculation of sound generation and radiation from instationary flows

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Calculation of temperature in fire-exposed bare steel structures: Comparison between ENV 1993-1-2 and EN 1993-1-2

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Calculation of the Interaction Potential Curve between AsphalteneAsphaltene, AsphalteneResin, and ResinResin Systems Using Density Functional Theory

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Calculation of the adsorption of rod-like molecules in narrow slit-shaped pores

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Calculation of the conditions to get less than 2 g tar/mn3 in a fluidized bed biomass gasifier

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Calculation of the heat value of biofuels with calorimetric and chromatographic data

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Calculation of the helix angle of the spiral line of screw inserts in wringers

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Calculation of the high heat value of biofuels

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Calculation of the interplanetary magnetic field based on its value in the solar photosphere

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Calculation of the molar volume of liquid hydrocarbons

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Calculation of the performance of resonant wave energy converters in real seas

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Calculation of the polycrystalline PV module temperature using a simple method of energy balance

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Calculation of the rolling pressure distribution and force in wire flat rolling process

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Calculation of the solidliquid interfacial energy for ZrNiAl and ZrNiAlCu alloys based on the non-structural approach

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Calculation of the stochastic pulsed Rossi-alpha formula and its experimental verification

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Calculation of the surface tension and the surface energy of LennardJones fluids from the radial distribution function in the interface zone

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Calculation of the vectorial field distribution of an axicon illuminated by a linearly polarized Guassian beam

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Calculation of thermodynamics of gas-liquid solutions for 15 homologous series of solutes inn-hexadecane via a cavity-interaction-based method

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Calculation of vaporliquid equilibria in aqueous sulfuric acid solutions using the UNIQUAC equation in the whole concentration range

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Calculation on enantiomeric excess of catalytic asymmetric reactions of diethylzinc addition to aldehydes with topological indices and artificial neural network

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Calculations of the electronic states of the HgI and HgTe molecules by the SCF-Xα-SW method

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Calculations of the electronic structure of silicon quantum dots: oxidation-induced redshifts in the energy gap

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Calculations of the enthalpies of combustion of organic compounds by the additive scheme

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Calculations of the frequency dependences of viscosity coefficients and elastic moduli for solutions of electrolytes over broad ranges of thermodynamic parameter variations

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Calculations of the potential of mean force from molecular dynamics simulations using different methodologies: an application to the determination of the binding thermodynamic properties of an ion pair

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Calculations of the thermochemistry of six reactions leading to ammonia formation in Titan's atmosphere

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Calculations of the thermodynamic properties of diatomic fluids with the use of multiparticle intermolecular interaction potentials

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Evaluation of three different patterns of feed intake during early lactation in lactating sows

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Calibrate failure-based risk assessments to take into account the type of chemical processed in equipment

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Calibrated models of on-site power and steam production in US manufacturing industries

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Calibration Issues and Operating System Requirements for Electron-Probe Microanalysis

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Calibration and Test Structures for Nanometrology

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Calibration for measured crystal size distribution

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Calibration of End-to-End Phase Imbalance of Polarimetric Radiometers

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Calibration of Littoral Diatoms to Water Chemistry in Standing Fresh Waters (Flanders, Lower Belgium): Inference Models for Historical Sediment Assemblages

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Calibration of Photoscreeners for Single-Subject, Contact-Induced Hyperopic Anisometropia

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Calibration of Special Sensor Microwave Imager/Sounder (SSMIS) upper air brightness temperature measurements using a comprehensive radiative transfer model

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Calibration of a multivariate gas sensing device for atmospheric pollution measurement

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Calibration of angle encoders using transfer functions

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Calibration of hydrometers

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Calibration of spaceborne laser Altimeters-an algorithm and the site selection problem

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Calibration of the Integral Equation Model for SAR data in Cband and HH and VV polarizations

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Calibration of the Tibetan Plateau Using Regional Seismic Waveforms

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Calibration of the pressure sensitivity of microphones by a free-field method at frequencies up to 80kHz

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Calibration of the pulsed electroacoustic technique in the presence of trapped charge

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California Solar Initiative: Increasing the uptake of solar technologies in the US

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California's Paid Leave Law

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California's evolution toward integrated regional water management: a long-term view

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Californias Frontier Naturalists.By Richard G Beidleman

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Call classification using recurrent neural networks, support vector machines and finite state automata

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Evaluation of three-dimensional arterial spin labeling perfusion imaging for the pathological investigation of musculoskeletal tumors

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Evaluation of Three Dimensional Dose Distributions by Using Polymer Gel Dosimeters Based on HPC Gel Sheets

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Evaluation of three-dimensional in vivo scapular kinematics and scapulohumeral rhythm between shoulders with a clavicle hook plate and contralateral healthy shoulders

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Evaluation of three herbal compounds used for the management of lower urinary tract disease in healthy cats: a pilot study

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Call for Policy Shift to Happiness

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Calling Time: Managing Activities in Space and Time in the Evening/Night-time Economy

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Caloplaca badioreagens , a new calcicolous, endolithic lichen from Italy

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Caloplaca peregrina (Teloschistaceae), a Synonym of C. pellodella

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Calorimetric and Microstructural Investigation of Frozen Hydrated Gluten

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Calorimetric determination of the enthalpy of specific interaction of chloroform with a number of proton-acceptor compounds

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Calprotectin Is a Stronger Predictive Marker of Relapse in Ulcerative Colitis Than in Crohn's Disease

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Cambridge scientific minds. From Newton to hawking: A history of Cambridge University's Lucasian professors of mathematics

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Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies

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Camera cooperation for achieving visual attention

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Campus Grids Meet Applications: Modeling, Metascheduling and Integration