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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63461

Chapter 63461 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Milton, C. L., 2006:
Ethical Integrity in Nursing Research Revisited

Gumpert, J; Black, P N., 2006:
Ethical Issues in Group Work: What Are They? How Are They Managed?

Moriya, D, 2006:
Ethical Issues in School Art Therapy

Shapira, S C.; Oren, M, 2006:
Ethical Issues of Bioterror

Douglas, P. Olsen, 2006:
Ethical Issues: Should RNs Be Forced to Get the Flu Vaccine?

Lockwood, T, 2006:
Ethical Justice and Political Justice

Melinda Marsh, 2006:
Ethical and medical dilemmas of space tourism

Lykoudi Irini; Dimopoulou Hara; Christodoulou Maria; Nikoletta Mathou; Triantopoulou Charikleia; Giannakou Niki; Maguina Assimina, 2006:
Ethical attitudes of medical trainees towards resuscitation in a Greek hospital

Ramcharan, P, 2006:
Ethical challenges and complexities of including vulnerable people in research: Some pretheoretical considerations

Ushedo, B O.; Ehiri, J E., 2006:
Ethical challenges in ecological policy

Hindle, D; Klauber, T, 2006:
Ethical issues in infant observation: Preliminary thoughts on establishing an observation

Phil Dyer; Keith Rigg, 2006:
Ethical issues in transplant surgery

Danielle, C. Turner; Barbara, J. Sahakian, 2006:
Ethical questions in functional neuroimaging and cognitive enhancement

Sandra Solai; Françoise Dubois-Arber; Fabienne Benninghoff; Lazare Benaroyo, 2006:
Ethical reflections emerging during the activity of a low threshold facility with supervised drug consumption room in Geneva, Switzerland

Veronica English, R Mussell, J Sheather and Ann Sommerville, 2006:
Ethics Briefings

Julian Stella, 2006:
Ethics and Law for the Health Professions, 2nd edition

Towns, L, 2006:
Ethics and Oppression of GLBT Citizens

Peterson, D B.; Peterson, D B.; Murray, G C., 2006:
Ethics and assistive technology service provision

Eric Ratcliff, 2006:
Ethics and law for the health professionals

C.M. Danbury; C.S. Waldmann, 2006 :
Ethics and law in the intensive care unit

Boser, S., 2006:
Ethics and power in community-campus partnerships for research

Schneiderman, L J, 2006:
Ethics consultation in the intensive care unit

Jane Campbell, 2006:
Ethics in Medicine

S. Johnson, 2006:
Ethics in nanomedicine: a needs-assessment and proposals for the future

José Manuel Barreto, 2006:
Ethics of Emotions as Ethics of Human Rights: A Jurisprudence of Sympathy in Adorno, Horkheimer and Rorty

Richard Ashcroft, 2006:
Ethics of neuroscience or neuroscience of ethics?

P. J. F. Baskett; P. A. Steen; L. Bossaert; J. Bahr, 2006:
Ethik der Reanimation und Entscheidungen am Lebensende

Gerald Neitzke, 2006:
Ethik im Medizinstudium

Jan, P. Beckmann, 2006:
Ethik in der Medizin in Aus- und Weiterbildung aus der Sicht der Philosoph

Sigrid Graumann, 2006:
Ethik in der Medizin und ihre Aufgaben in der Politik

Hartmut Kreß, 2006:
Ethik in der MedizinSchlaglichter aus der Sichtprotestantischer Ethik

Marianne Rabe, 2006:
Ethik in der Pflegeausbildung

Jochen Vollmann, 2006:
Ethik in der klinischen Medizin

Kurz, B; Hesselbrock, M, 2006:
Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Symptomatology and Mental Health Care Utilization Among WIC Mothers

Zhu, Y; Blachford, D, 2006:
Ethnic Disputes in International Politics: Manifestations and Conceptualizations

Bauman, C. W., 2006:
Ethnic Group Differences in Lay Philosophies of Behavior in the United States

Leif Jensen; Jeffrey, H. Cohen; Almeida Jacqueline Toribio; Gordon, F. De Jong; Leila Rodríguez, 2006:
Ethnic Identities, Language, and Economic Outcomes Among Dominicans in a New Destination

Jutla, R; Crouch, D; Scherle, N, 2006:
Ethnic Identity, Heritage and Tourism

Matthijs Kalmijn and Frank van Tubergen, 2006:
Ethnic Intermarriage in the Netherlands: Confirmations and Refutations of Accepted Insights / Les mariages mixtes inter-ethniques aux Pays-Bas: Confirmations et infirmations des ides reues

Shana Levin; Colette Van Laar; Winona Foote, 2006:
Ethnic Segregation and Perceived Discrimination in College: Mutual Influences and Effects on Social and Academic Life

Thiers, B.H., 2006:
Ethnic Variations in Sexual Behaviour in Great Britain and Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Probability Survey

Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh, 2006:
Ethnic coexistence in a pluralistic campus environment

Afuwape, S A.; Johnson, S; Craig, T J. K.; Miles, H; Leese, M; Mohan, R; Thornicroft, G, 2006:
Ethnic differences among a community cohort of individuals with dual diagnosis in South London

Xiaowei, Z, 2006:
Ethnic differences in neighbourly relations in urban China

Verkuyten, M., 2006:
Ethnic discrimination and global self-worth in early adolescents: The mediating role of ethnic self-esteem

Hårsman, Börn, 2006:
Ethnic diversity and spatial segregation in the Stockholm region

Ajit Shah; Geetha Oommen; Nitin Toteja, 2006:
Ethnic elders and their needs

Videras, J; Bordoni, C J., 2006:
Ethnic heterogeneity and the enforcement of environmental regulation

Hisham Motkal Abu-Rayya, 2006:
Ethnic identity, ego identity, and psychological well-being among mixed-ethnic Arab-European adolescents in Israel

Sekulić, Dško; Massey, G; Hodson, R, 2006:
Ethnic intolerance and ethnic conflict in the dissolution of Yugoslavia

Kallur Suresh; Kamaldeep Bhui, 2006:
Ethnic minority patients access to mental health services

Poulson, M; Johnston, R, 2006:
Ethnic residential segregation in England: getting the right message across

Lindsey, H, 2006:
Ethnicity May Influence End-of-Life Care Preferences

Chaiklin, H, 2006:
Ethnicity and Family Therapy

Barbara Dyer; Katherine Annette Burnsed; Carl, L. Dyer, 2006:
Ethnicity and Household Expenditures: Furnishings, Fashion, and Flux?

W.L. Alan Fung; Dinesh Bhugra; Peter, B. Jones, 2006:
Ethnicity and mental health: the example of schizophrenia in migrant populations across Europe

Criqui, M.H.; Vargas, V.; Denenberg, J.O., 2006:
Ethnicity and peripheral arterial disease: The San Diego Population Study

Jacquelynne, S. Eccles; Carol, A. Wong; Stephen, C. Peck, 2006:
Ethnicity as a social context for the development of African-American adolescents

Holley, L C.; Kulis, S; Marsiglia, F Francisco; Keith, V M., 2006:
Ethnicity versus Ethnic Identity: What Predicts Substance Use Norms and Behaviors?

Katherine Elliott; Anthony Urquiza, 2006:
Ethnicity, Culture, and Child Maltreatment

Enocent Msindo, 2006:
Ethnicity, Not Class? The 1929 Bulawayo Faction Fights Reconsidered

Fuliang Shan, P, 2006:
Ethnicity, nationalism and race relations: The chinese treatment of the solon tribes in Heilongjiang frontier society, 1900 1931

Frits van Wel; Nellie Couwenbergh-Soeterboek; Christianne Couwenbergh; Tom ter Bogt; Quinten Raaijmakers, 2006:
Ethnicity, youth cultural participation, and cultural reproduction in the Netherlands

Savage, J., 2006:
Ethnographic evidence: The value of applied ethnography in healthcare

Kalra, V S, 2006:
Ethnography as politics: A critical review of British studies of racialized minorities

Larsson, S, 2006:
Ethnography in action. How ethnography was established in Swedish educational research

Hammersley, M, 2006:
Ethnography: problems and prospects

Á.M. Nieves-Rivera; D.A. White, 2006:
Ethnomycological notes. II. Meteorites and fungus lore

Oren, N; Bar-Tal, D, 2006:
Ethos and identity: Expressions and changes in the Israeli Jewish society

Dušica R. Vučinić; Predrag, M. Lazić; Aleksandra, A. Rosić, 2006:
Ethyl xanthate adsorption and adsorption kinetics on lead-modified galena and sphalerite under flotation conditions

Xiaoxia Yang; Yong Zhang; Jiling Huang, 2006:
Ethylene and propylene polymerization by the new substituted bridged (cyclopentadienyl)(fluorenyl) zirconocenes

Feng Gao; Yilin Wang; W.T. Tysoe, 2006:
Ethylene hydrogenation on Mo(CO)6 derived model catalysts in ultrahigh vacuum: From oxycarbide to carbide to MoAl alloy

A. A. Khanmetov; A. G. Azizov; A. G. Piraliev, 2006:
Ethylene oligomerization in the presence of catalyst systems based on mixed-ligand β-diketonatozirconium chlorides

Junkai Zhang; Zhuofeng Ke; Feng Bao; Jieming Long; Haiyang Gao; Fangming Zhu; Qing Wu, 2006:
Ethylene polymerization and oligomerization catalyzed by bulky β-diketiminato Ni(II) and β-diimine Ni(II) complexes/methylaluminoxane systems

Adriana, C.A. Casagrande; Patrícia S. dos Anjos; Douglas Gamba; Osvaldo, L. Casagrande Jr.; João H.Z. dos Santos, 2006:
Ethylene polymerization using tris(pyrazolyl)borate vanadium (V) catalysts in situ supported on MAO-modified silica

Mauro, C.B. Dolinsky; Whei, O. Lin; Marcos, L. Dias, 2006:
Ethylene polymerization with nickel complexes containing aminophosphine ligands

Lyndsey, K. Ritchie; Abbie, C. McLaughlin; William, T.A. Harrison, 2006:
Ethylenediamine manganese(II) selenite, a new hybrid inorganic/organic network containing MnO5N octahedra and SeO3 pyramids

Henri Leridon, 2006:
Etienne van de Walle 1932-2006

Paparella, M.M., 2006:
Etiologic Diagnosis of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Adults

Didier Raoult, 2006:
Etiological diagnostic of blood culture negative endocarditis

Christophe Bureau, 2006:
Etiologies des TVP

Badawy, S Z.A., 2006:
Etiology and Management of Acute Pelvic Pain During Reproductive Years

Millichap, J. G., 2006:
Etiology and Outcome of Status Epilepticus

P. René van Weeren, 2006:
Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of OC(D)

H.F. Escobar-Morreale, 2006:
Etiologa del sndrome del ovario poliqustico

José Manuel Echevarría-Mayo, 2006:
Etiologa y patogenia de las hepatitis vricas

Rego, Vória; Follador, I, 2006:
Etiopathogenesis of acne

Gemma Carreras González; Marc Udina Bonet, 2006:
Etiopatogenia del sndrome de Kallmann. Relacin genotpica-fenotpica

T. van Gelder, 2006:
Etnische verschillen in het risico op bijwerkingen

M. A. Sevaux, 2006:
Etre proche, une place difficile

P. Bourgeois; C.-L. Benhamou; P. Fardellone; G. Weryha; L. Euller-Ziegler; C. Bonnet; C. Ribot; J.-L. Kuntz; O. Meyer; M Rousière; R.-L. Dreiser; M. Audran, 2006:
Etude BALTO II : tude de la prfrence des patientes pour l'ibandronate oral mensuel ou pour l'alendronate oral hebdomadaire

P Fardellone; S Liu-Léage; C Leteneux; C Germa, 2006:
Etude OSSO: Facteurs associs la survenue de fractures chez des femmes ostoporotiques incluses en France et suivies pendant 12 mois

Daigurande, C.; Creau, Y.; Paris, C.; Karmaly, M.; Berna, V.; Loiselet, C.; Renoult, D.; Jacques, C.; Devaux, B., 2006:
Etude URCAM sur le cancer de la vessie et les risques professionnels en Haute-Normandie en 2003. Rsultats et propositions dactions

Z. Ben Salah Frih; S. Boudokhane; O. Bouzaida; A. Jellad; W. Ouannes; N. Rejab, 2006:
Etude clinique de risque de chute chez les personnes ges

D. Maquet; C. Demoulin; M.-P. Lecart; J.-L. Croisier; M. Faymonville; J.-M. Crielaard, 2006:
Etude comparative des qualits musculaires entre populations fibromyalgique et lombalgique

Brassard, B.; Durand, M.-J.; Loisel, P.; Lemaire, J., 2006:
Etude de fidelite test-retest de L'Evaluation des Capacites Physiques reliees au Travail

R. Qotba; F. Aitken; A. Denat, 2006:
Etude de la gnration de cavits par un dpt fortement localise denergie dans le n-pentane liquide en fonction de la temprature

D. Maquet; C. Demoulin; M.-P. Lecart; J.-L. Croisier; M. Faymonville; J.-M. Crielaard, 2006:
Etude de la sensibilit la douleur : comparaison entre populations contrle et fibromyalgique

N. Mehsen; C. Cazanave; V. Lavignolle-Aurillac; S. Lawson-Ayayi; H. Dutronc; D. Neau; P. Mercié; J.-L. Pellegrin; JM Ragnaud; J. Dehais; T. Schaeverbeke; M. Dupon, 2006 :
Etude des causes d'ostoporose chez les patients infects par le VIH vus en consultation de rhumatologie (tude Tissos : cohorte ANRS C03 Aquitaine)

A Laatar; S Kerkeni; S Chekili; S Zaltni; S Kassab; R Hajri; B Zouari; L Zakraoui, 2006:
Etude de la densit minrale osseuse chez les femmes diabtiques

A Bezza; Z Ouzzif; A Mounach; A Nouijai; M Ghazi; A Bourazza; L Achemlal; M Derouich; R Mossadeq; A El Maghraoui, 2006:
Etude de la prvalence de l'ostoporose au cours de la maladie de Parkinson propos de 52 patients

L. Michou; S. Garnier; S. Barbet; E. Glikmans; B. Uzan; C. Asensio; M.-D. Ah kioon; F. Cornélis; F. Lioté, 2006:
Etude de liaison et d'association des gnes de l'adrnomdulline et de son rcepteur dans la polyarthrite rhumatode

P. Nicaise; P. Dieudé; S. Boukobza; L. Michou; S. Lableiz; S. Mignot; T. Bardin; S. Cholet-Martin; F. Cornélis; E. Petit-Teixeira; O. Meyer, 2006:
Etude familiale des anti-CCP et des facteurs rhumatodes (FR) IgM et IgA chez les parents de patients ayant une polyarthrite rhumatode (PR)

M. Deberg; A. Labasse; C. Sanchez; E. Quettier; J.-E. Dubuc; A. Bosseloir; Y. Henrotin, 2006:
Etude longitudinale de Coll 2-1, Coll 2-1 NO2 et de la myloperoxydase chez des sujets arthrosiques avant et aprs la pose d'une prothse de la hanche ou du genou

G Rajzbaum; C Germa; S Liu-Léage; S Tcherny-Lessenot, 2006:
Etude observationnelle europenne chez les femmes mnopauses ostoporotiques recevant du teriparatide (EFOS): caractristiques des patientes recrutes ou incluses en France

E. Noël; P. Hardy; E. Laprelle; F.-W. Hagena; F. Goebel; P. Goupille, 2006:
Etude prospective de la tolrance et de l'efficacit d'Hylane G-F 20 dans l'omarthrose symptomatique sans rupture de coiffe

D. Mulleman; M.-C. Maurel; H. Watier; M. Ohresser; G. Paintaud; P. Goupille, 2006:
Etudes des proprits de liaison des biomdicaments anti- TNF-alpha par rsonance plasmonique de surface

H. Liu; S. Lysenko; A. Rua; V. Vikhnin; O. Vasquez; F.E. Fernandez, 2006:
Eu-emission quenching by electron screening in VO2 thin films

O. A. Semkina; T. A. Sokol’skaya; I. I. Krasnyuk; V. F. Okhotnikova; N. M. Krutikova; S. A. Vichkanova, 2006:
Eucalimin: Antimicrobial and antiinflammatory medicinal plant preparation

Crous, P W.; Verkley, G J.M.; Groenewald, J Z., 2006:
Eucalyptus microfungi known from culture. 1. Cladoriella and Fulvoflamma genera nova, with notes on some other poorly known taxa

Yihong Wu; Guanghui Wang; Fuchao Wu; Zhanyi Hu, 2006:
Euclidean reconstruction of a circular truncated cone only from its uncalibrated contours

Pantazidou, A.; Louvrou, I.; Economou-Amilli, A., 2006:
Euendolithic shell-boring cyanobacteria and chlorophytes from the saline lagoon Ahivadolimni on Milos Island, Greece

Belker, A., 2006:
Eugenia Rosemberg Endowment Fund

Joan, C. Stevenson, 2006:
Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America

F. Hourdin; O. Talagrand, 2006:
Eulerian backtracking of atmospheric tracers. I: Adjoint derivation and parametrization of subgrid-scale transport

F. Hourdin; O. Talagrand; A. Idelkadi, 2006:
Eulerian backtracking of atmospheric tracers. II: Numerical aspects

Weber, J Erik, H.; Broström, Göran; Saetra, Øyvind, 2006:
Eulerian versus Lagrangian Approaches to the Wave-Induced Transport in the Upper Ocean

Roberts, P H.; Soward, A M., 2006:
EulerianLagrangian means in rotating, magnetohydrodynamic flows I. General results

Liqiang Kang; Liejin Guo, 2006:
EulerianLagrangian simulation of aeolian sand transport

Dan Bernstein, 2006:
EulerMahonian polynomials for

Amelie Gamble, 2006:
Euro illusion or the reverse? Effects of currency and income on evaluations of prices of consumer products

Jens Lorenz Franzen, 2006:
Eurohippus parvulus parvulus(Mammalia, Equidae) aus der Grube Prinz von Hessen bei Darmstadt (Süd-Hessen, Deutschland)

M. Diona, 2006:
Europa Donna Cyprus Experience 20022005

William, H. Smyth; Max, L. Marconi, 2006:
Europa's atmosphere, gas tori, and magnetospheric implications

Christen, K, 2006:
Europe's CUTE project for hydrogen-fuel-cell buses deemed a success | Oilman tapped to head USGS

Tirmenstein, M.; Janovitz, E.; Dorr, T.; Song, Y.; Chen, S-Jue.; Granaldi, K.; Chadwick, K.D.; Mangipudy, R.; Graziano, M.; Attalla, B.; Haile, S.; Czajkowski, M.; Foster, J.R.; Bergholm, A-Marie.; Billger, M.; Söderberg, M., 2018:
Evaluation of Uracil, Sodium Ascorbate, and Rosiglitazone as Promoters of Urinary Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinomas in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats

Burkard, A W.; Knox, S; Groen, M; Perez, M; Hess, S A., 2006:
European American therapist self-disclosure in cross-cultural counseling

Bo Karlberg; Ernst-Heiner Korte, 2006:
European Analytical Column No. 34

Bo Karlberg; Ernst-Heiner Korte, 2006:
European Analytical Column No. 34 (January 2006)

André Van Assche, 2006:
European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Edwards, V., 2006:
European Court of Justice -- Significant Environmental Cases 2006

Rolf de Vos, 2006:
European Green Paper: New Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe

A. Robin; Wilson, 2006:
European Group for Breast Cancer Screening: Breast Cancer Screening in Europe current status

Arceci, R.J., 2006:
European Intergroup Studies (MMT4-89 and MMT4-91) on Childhood Metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma: Final Results and Analysis of Prognostic Factors

Marten Hofker; Laura Calabresi; Arnold von Eckardstein; Joerg Heeren; Fredrik Karpe; Florian Kronenberg; Folkert Kuipers; Ken Lindstedt; Vincent Mooser; Mats Rudling; Gertrud Schuster; Ko Willems van Dijk, 2006:
European Lipoprotein Club: Report of the 28th ELC Annual Conference, Tutzing, 1215 September 2005

Mr. Wolfgang Heimes, 2006:
European Qualified Person Association

Arias, R.D., 2006:
European Randomized, Multicenter Study of Goserelin (Zoladex) in the Management of Mastalgia

Steve Rees, 2006:
European Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (ESCTAIC)

Dagan, R; Finn, A, 2006:
European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases Awards, 2005

Philip, M. Perrin, J R. Martin, S J. Barron and Jenni, R. Roche, 2006:

Aileen O'Sullivan and Daniel, L. Kelly, 2006:

Alper, H. Çolak and Ian, D. Rotherham, 2006:

Ejvind Rosén, 2006:

Laszlo Nagy, 2006:

Panayotis Dimopoulos, E Bergmeier and Petra Fischer, 2006:

D.T. Holyoak, 2006:

P.H. Crushell, M.G.C. Schouten, A.J.P. Smolders, J.G.M. Roelofs and P.S. Giller, 2006:

Gerald Jurasinski and Carl Beierkuhnlein, 2006:

P.M. McEvoy, M. Flexen and J.H. McAdam, 2006:

Doug Evans, 2006:

Udo Bohn and Gisela Gollub, 2006:

J. Owen Mountford, 2006:

Karen Gaynor, 2006:
European Vegetation in the 21st Century || THE VEGETATION OF IRISH MACHAIR

Mihai Coroi, M Sheehy Skeffington, P Giller, M Gormally and Grace O'Donovan, 2006:

James White, 2006:
European Vegetation in the 21st Century || VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS OF IRISH VEGETATION

Fraser, J.G. Mitchell, 2006:
European Vegetation in the 21st Century || WHERE DID IRELAND'S TREES COME FROM?

Paul Spencer, 2006:
European appetite for RE

Judit Bartholy; Rita Pongrácz; Margit Pattantyús-ábrahám, 2006:
European cyclone track analysis based on ECMWF ERA-40 data sets

Dobson, R, 2006:
European directive has doubled cost of running trials in UK

F. Slemr; R. Ebinghaus; P.G. Simmonds; S.G. Jennings, 2006:
European emissions of mercury derived from long-term observations at Mace Head, on the western Irish coast

Aurèlia Mañé-Estrada, 2006:
European energy security: Towards the creation of the geo-energy space

Georgopoulos, A; Gert Preusse, H, 2006:
European integration and the dynamic process of investments and divestments of foreign TNCs in Greece

Al-Jamal, K T; Kostarelos, K, 2006:
European nanomedicine research, training and regulation consolidates

Beunen, R, 2006:
European nature conservation legislation and spatial planning: For better or for worse?

P. Meijnen; Distante; C.J.H. Van de Velde; G. Van Tienhoven; N. Duez; J. Bogaerts; E.J.T. Rutgers, 2006:
European organisation for research and treatment of cancer (EORTC) 1098122023 after mapping of the axilla radiotherapy or surgery (AMAROS) trial update

Hugo Priemus, 2006:
European policy and national housing systems

Pallagst, K M., 2006:
European spatial planning reloaded: Considering EU enlargement in theory and practice

Boeddicker, A, 2006:
European telehealth networks for oncology case discussions and stroke units

S. Kyriakides, 2006:
European women's expectations

Sandra Martínez; Laura Martín; Elies Molins; Marcial Moreno-Mañas; Anna Roig; Adelina Vallribera, 2006:
Europium-Containing Organic Gels and Organic and Carbon Aerogels. Preparation and Initial Applications in Catalysis

W.A. Pisarski; J. Pisarska; M. Mączka; W. Ryba-Romanowski, 2006:
Europium-doped lead fluoroborate glasses: Structural, thermal and optical investigations

Jens, J. Kirsch, 2006:
Europäische Koloproktologie—Vergangenheit und Zukunft

Le Fevre, M; Kolt, G S.; Matheny, J, 2006:
Eustress, distress and their interpretation in primary and secondary occupational stress management interventions: which way first?

Rita, L. Marker, 2006:
Euthanasia and assisted suicide today

Ziegler, S. J., 2006:
Euthanasia and the Administration of Neuromuscular Blockers without Ventilation: Should Physicians Fear Prosecution?

Bréhaux, K., 2006:
Euthanasie et eugnisme

Marije van der Lee, 2006:
Euthanasieverzoek bij terminaal zieke kankerpatinten: soms een signaal van een depressie

Dimas, P, 2006:
Euthyphro's Thesis Revisited

Joseph Domagalski; Chao Lin; Yang Luo; Jie Kang; Larry Brown; Mark Munn, 2006:
Eutrophication study at the Panjiakou-Daheiting Reservoir system, northern Hebei Province, Peoples Republic of China: Chlorophyll-a model and external and internal sources of phosphorus and nitrogen

Åstrand, J.; Nilsson, J.; Ederoth, P.; Linde, J.; Dagöö, T.; Burgerhout, H., 2006:
Evacuation of tsunami victims to Sweden: experiences of the use of a corporate jet aircraft

Xian, X.; Schreurs, A. M. M.; Kroon-Batenburg, L. M. J., 2006:
Eval15: accurate data integration by profile prediction

Juan Carlos Sanz; Ana Revilla; Marisa Fernández; Nieves Herranz; Silvia Moreno; Alicia Sánchez-Fauquier, 2006:
Evaluacin de dos mtodos de deteccin antignica por ELISA para el diagnstico de brotes causados por norovirus

Laia Alsina-Manrique; Martí Iriondo; Carmen Muñoz-Almagro; Miquel Borrás; Jordi Pou; Teresa Juncosa; Rafael Jiménez, 2006:
Evaluacin de la aplicacin del cribado de estreptococo del grupo B para la prevencin de la infeccin perinatal en un hospital de tercer nivel

Jaime Esteban; Ignacio Gadea; Nieves Zamora; Alberto Ortiz; Ricardo Fernández-Roblas, 2006:
Evaluacin de la capacidad invasiva de las micobacterias no pigmentadas de crecimiento rpido mediante el estudio de la morfologa de las microcolonias en fibroblastos

I. Borrego Dorado; R. Vázquez Albertino; J. López Martín; R.M. Álvarez Pérez, 2006:
Evaluacin de la eficacia y el impacto clnico de la PET-FDG en los pacientes con sospecha de recurrencia de melanoma maligno

Cancho Gil, MªJ.; Díz Rodríguez, R.; Virseda Chamorro, M.; Alpuente Román, C.; Cabrera Cabrera, J.A.; Paños Lozano, P., 2006:
Evaluacin de la eficacia y seguridad del cerclaje cervical temporal tras una adenomectoma prosttica

Thiel, R.; Thiel, M.; Dambros, M.; Riccetto, C.; López, V.; Rincón, M.E.; Palma, P., 2006:
Evaluacin de la funcin sexual femenina antes y despus de un procedimiento para la correccin de la incontinencia urinaria de esfuerzo

Aida Ribera; Ignacio Ferreira-González; Purificación Cascant; Joan, M.V. Pons; Gaietà Permanyer-Miralda, 2006:
Evaluacin de la mortalidad hospitalaria ajustada al riesgo de la ciruga coronaria en la sanidad pblica catalana. Influencia del tipo de gestin del centro (estudio ARCA)

Stephen, J. Nicholls; Ilke Sipahi; E. Murat Tuzcu, 2006:
Evaluacin de la progresin y la regresin de la aterosclerosis coronaria mediante ecografa intravascular. Un nuevo cambio de paradigma?

F.J. Ampudia-Blasco; M. Parramón; J. Gabaldón; J. Sanz; M. Catalá; Y.R. Carmena, 2006:
Evaluacin de la seguridad de los catteres de tefln en pacientes diabticos tipo 1 tratados con infusin subcutnea continua de insulina (ISCI) mediante la determinacin de la cetonemia capilar

Jaime, L. Waisman; Domingo, J. Palmero; José L. Güemes-Gurtubay; Juan, J. Videla; Blanca Moretti; Margarita Cantero; Marta, G. Ambroggi; Susana, E. Poggi; Antonio, E. Sancineto; Federico, A. Alberti, 2006:
Evaluacin de las medidas de control adoptadas frente a la epidemia de tuberculosis multirresistente asociada al sida en un hospital hispanoamericano

E. Mena; C. Díaz; L.L. Bernà; J.C. Martín-Miramón; C. Durán; J. Cristóbal Rojo, 2006:
Evaluacin de lesiones renales mediante 99mTc-DMSA en nios con antecedentes de infeccin del tracto urinario y su relacin con el reflujo vesicoureteral

C. Castell; J.M. Pou, 2006:
Evaluacin de los objetivos de Saint Vincent en Catalua

Joan, R. Villalbí; Catherine Pérez, 2006:
Evaluacin de polticas regulatorias: prevencin de las lesiones por accidentes de trfico

Martínez Jabaloyas, J.M.; Gil Salom, M.; Chuan Nuez, P.; Queipo Zaragozá, A., 2006:
Evaluacin de una tcnica de inmunoanlisis para la determinacin de testosterona libre

Gómez Pérez, L.; Budía Alba, A.; Pontones Moreno, J.L.; Delgado Oliva, F.J.; Ruíz Cerdá, J.L.; Jiménez Cruz, F., 2006:
Evaluacin del estudio pT3a de la actual clasificacin TNM del cncer renal

P. Montenegro-Álvarez; M. González-Alfonso; M.H. Cantarino-Aragón; C. Gutiérrez-Ortega; F.J. Guijarro-Escribano, 2006:
Evaluacin del metabolismo oxidativo microsmico heptico en ratas tratadas con vinorelbina mediante la eliminacin de antipirina

Mark Lamotte; Carme Piñol; Carlos Brotons; Lieven Annemans; Elena Guardiola; Thomas Evers; Maria Kubin, 2006:
Evaluacin econmica del tratamiento con cido acetilsaliclico en dosis bajas en la prevencin primaria de enfermedades cardiovasculares

Norwich, B; Kelly, N; Not Available, E Psychologists in Traini, 2006:
Evaluating Childrens Participation in SEN Procedures: Lessons for educational psychologists

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Evaluating DETECT Classification Accuracy and Consistency When Data Display Complex Structure

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Evaluating Drug Safety in Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder

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Evaluating Explanations in Law, Science, and Everyday Life

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Evaluating Group Exercise Leader Performance

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Evaluating Guidelines For Test Adaptations: A Methodological Analysis of Translation Quality

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Evaluating Human and Ecological Impacts of a Product Life Cycle: The Complementary Roles of Life-Cycle Assessment and Risk Assessment

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Evaluating MODIS, MERIS, and VEGETATION vegetation indices using in situ measurements in a semiarid environment

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Evaluating Model Programs to Support Dissemination

Cheung, M. W.-L., 2006:
Evaluating Multilevel Models in Cross-Cultural Research: An Illustration With Social Axioms

Per, A. Brodtkorb, 2006:
Evaluating Nearly Singular Multinormal Expectations with Application to Wave Distributions

Spencer, M., 2006:
Evaluating Provider Agreements: Factors to Consider When Entering a Contract With an Insurer or Health Plan

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Evaluating Radiological Technologist's Ability to Detect Abnormalities in Film-Screen Mammographic Images: A Decision Analysis Pilot Project

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Evaluating Springboard: impact of a family support programme in Ireland

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Evaluating The Therapeutic Package for Diabetic Patients: The Whole Exceeds the Sum of Its Parts

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Evaluating a Child with Partial Developmental Delay (ParDD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD)/Mental Retardation (MR): Clinical Expertise Based or Evidence-Based?

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Evaluating asymbiotic seed culture methods and establishingDisa(Orchidaceae) germinability in vitro: relationships, requirements and first-time reports

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Evaluating beginning reading software for at-risk learners

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Evaluating causes and consequences of turnover intention among IT workers: the development of a questionnaire survey

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Evaluating clinical skills of undergraduate pharmacy students using objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs)

R. Vreeker, 2006:
Evaluating effects of multiple land-use projects: A comparison of methods

Daniele Fabbri; Ivano Vassura, 2006:
Evaluating emission levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from organic materials by analytical pyrolysis

Xiaoping Wang; Denise, L. Mauzerall, 2006:
Evaluating impacts of air pollution in China on public health: Implications for future air pollution and energy policies

Zhang Hailin; He Baoyin, 2006:
Evaluating lake eutrophication with enhanced thematic mapper data in Wuhan

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Evaluating land-use restrictions concerning the floor area ratio of lots

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Evaluating management accounting change according to the institutional theory approach

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Evaluating near-field radiation patterns of commercial antennas

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Evaluating non-speech sound visualizations for the deaf

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Evaluating outpatient pharmacy services: a literature review of specialist heart failure services

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Evaluating parents in child protection decisions: An innovative court-based clinic model

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Evaluating performance of post-tensioned steel connections with strands and reduced flange plates

L.T. Wong; T.F. Cheung, 2006:
Evaluating probable risk of evacuees in institutional buildings

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Evaluating qualitative papers in a multidisciplinary evidence-based journal club: a pilot study

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Evaluating regional sustainable development: Approaches, methods and the politics of analysis

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Evaluating satellite and climate data-derived indices as fire risk indicators in savanna ecosystems

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Evaluating sedimentary geochemical lake-level tracers in Walker Lake, Nevada, over the last 200

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Evaluating skills and competencies of pre-registration pharmacists using objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs)

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Evaluating teamwork in a simulated obstetrical environment

M. S. Pepe, 2006:
Evaluating technologies for classification and prediction in medicine

Puhan, G., 2006:
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Two-Stage Testing on English and French Versions of a Science Achievement Test

Golden, L Suzanne; Gatchel, R J.; Cahill, M Anne, 2006:
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the National Institute of Corrections' Thinking for a Change Program Among Probationers

Bagaeen, S Ghaleb, 2006:
Evaluating the Effects of Ownership and Use on the Condition of Property in the Old City of Jerusalem

Russell, K. C., 2006:
Evaluating the Effects of the Wendigo Lake Expedition Program on Young Offenders

Rebecca Holloway; Lucy Johnston, 2006:
Evaluating the Evaluators: Perceptions of Interviewers by Rejected Job Applicants as a Function of Interviewer and Applicant Sex

Jeh-Nan Pan, 2006:
Evaluating the Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility for Different Industries

Gelman, C Rosenthal; López, Mía; Foster, R Pérez, 2006:
Evaluating the Impact of a Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention with Depressed Latinas

Johnson, K J.; Morris, R E.; Rose-Pehrsson, S L., 2006:
Evaluating the Predictive Powers of Spectroscopy and Chromatography for Fuel Quality Assessment

Sireci, S. G., 2006:
Evaluating the Predictive Validity of Graduate Management Admission Test Scores

Don Foster, 2006:
Evaluating the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa

Boccaccini, M T.; Boothby, J L.; Overduin, L Y., 2006:
Evaluating the Validity of Pain Complaints in Personal Injury Cases: Assessment Approaches of Forensic and Pain Specialists

James Keirstead, 2006 :
Evaluating the applicability of integrated domestic energy consumption frameworks in the UK

Charlotte Vásárhelyi; Vernon, G. Thomas, 2006:
Evaluating the capacity of Canadian and American legislation to implement terrestrial protected areas networks

Chung-Jen Chen; Hsueh-Liang Wu; Bou-Wen Lin, 2006:
Evaluating the development of high-tech industries: Taiwan's science park

Fang-Hong, X; Shao-Hua, G; Yuan-Tai, H, 2006:
Evaluating the dynamical coupling between spatiotemporally chaotic signals via an information theory approach

Jayajit Chakraborty, 2006:
Evaluating the environmental justice impacts of transportation improvement projects in the US

Singh, D.; Tiong, R. L. K., 2006:
Evaluating the financial health of construction contractors

Armstrong, H. W.; Wells, P., 2006:
Evaluating the governance of structural funds programmes: The case of community economic development in South Yorkshire

Chan, A W.; Tong-qing, F; Redman, T; Snape, E, 2006:
Evaluating the multi-dimensional view of employee commitment: a comparative UKChinese study

E. Georgopoulou; Y. Sarafidis; S. Mirasgedis; C.A. Balaras; A. Gaglia; D.P. Lalas, 2006:
Evaluating the need for economic support policies in promoting greenhouse gas emission reduction measures in the building sector: The case of Greece

M.I. Nelson; H.S. Sidhu, 2006:
Evaluating the performance of a cascade of two bioreactors

Enedir Ghisi; John, A. Tinker, 2006:
Evaluating the potential for energy savings on lighting by integrating fibre optics in buildings

Arnold, N. S.; Rees, W. G.; Devereux, B. J.; Amable, G. S., 2006:
Evaluating the potential of high-resolution airborne LiDAR data in glaciology

Ussher, J M.; Perz, J, 2006:
Evaluating the relative efficacy of a selfhelp and minimal psychoeducational intervention for moderate premenstrual distress conducted from a critical realist standpoint

Takahashi, H; Kitazume, M; Ishibashi, S; Yamawaki, S, 2006:
Evaluating the saturation of model ground by P-wave velocity and modelling of models for a liquefaction study

Sebastian Möller; Jan Krebber; Paula Smeele, 2006:
Evaluating the speech output component of a smart-home system

Koua, E. L.; Maceachren, A.; Kraak, M. ‐J., 2006:
Evaluating the usability of visualization methods in an exploratory geovisualization environment

Mark, H. Pickett; Franklin, B. Schwing, 2006:
Evaluating upwelling estimates off the west coasts of North and South America

Carlos Ernesto Ochoa; Isaac Guedi Capeluto, 2006:
Evaluating visual comfort and performance of three natural lighting systems for deep office buildings in highly luminous climates

Katharina Michaelowa; Axel Borrmann, 2006:
Evaluation Bias and Incentive Structures in Bi- and Multilateral Aid Agencies

Shirai, A; Miyauchi, M; Nakanishi, Y, 2006 :
Evaluation Method for Paper Materials Used in Wrapping Cigarettes

&na;,, 2006:
Evaluation Study of Congestive Heart Failure and Pulmonary Artery Catheterization Effectiveness

Amoretti, N.; Rouquette, M.; Baudin, G.; Novellas, S.; Caramella, T.; Chevallier, P.; Brunner, P.; Bruneton, J.N., 2006:
Evaluation a long terme de la vertebroplastie percutanee dans le traitement des fractures vertebrales osteoporotiques

Yaszemski, M.J., 2006:
Evaluation and Management of High-Grade Spondylolisthesis in Adults

Rodriguez, L A.; Flores, A; Doody, D P., 2006:
Evaluation and Management of Intractable Constipation in Children

Kruse, I., 2006:
Evaluation and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Strom, J A.; Carabello, B A., 2006:
Evaluation and Treatment of Valvular Heart Disease in the Elderly

Fei-Hui Huang; Sheue-Ling Hwang; Tzu-Chung Yenn; Yuan-Chang Yu; Chong-Cheng Hsu; Hao-Wu Huang, 2006:
Evaluation and comparison of alarm reset modes in advanced control room of nuclear power plants

Palmer, S C; McGregor, D O, 2006:
Evaluation and management of bone disease following renal transplantation

Aliza, L. Leiser; Carol Aghajanian, 2006:
Evaluation and management of gestational trophoblastic disease

Dome, D C; Kibler, W Ben, 2006 :
Evaluation and management of scapulothoracic disorders

Polsky, M. Brian; Stein, J, 2006:
Evaluation and management of superior labral anterior posterior tears in the overhead athlete

Khalid Qahman; Abdelkader Larabi, 2006:
Evaluation and numerical modeling of seawater intrusion in the Gaza aquifer (Palestine)

Schaefer, H M; Helderman, J Harold, 2006:
Evaluation and treatment of ischemic cardiac risk

N. Vaserman; P. Harichaux, 2006:
Evaluation biomcanique des protecteurs de hanche : mise au point d'un modle de test et propositions de critres d'valuation pour la prvention des fractures ostoporotiques

G. Cohen; P. Wagner; JL. Leroux, 2006:
Evaluation d'un nouveau critre chographique (ratio de surfaces) pour le diagnostic de syndrome du canal carpien en comparaison l'lectroneuromyogramme

A. Perdriger; D. Amoyel-Huchet; J.-D. Albert; F. Abourazak; R. Lozac'Hmeur; G. Chalès, 2006:
Evaluation d'une dmarche ducative dans la polyarthrite rhumatode : rsultats six mois

C. Roux; A. Saraux; B. Mazières; L. Euller-Ziegler; J. Morvan; B. Fautrel; J. Coste; F. Guillemin, 2006:
Evaluation de la prvalence de l'arthrose symptomatique (SOA) des membres infrieurs (genoux (G), hanches(H)) en France. Etude pilote de faisabilit dans deux centres (Alpes Maritimes et Bretagne)

H. Lemarechal; Y. Allanore; C. Chenevier-Gobeaux; A. Kahan; OG. Ekindjian; D. Borderie, 2006:
Evaluation de la thiordoxine srique au cours de la polyarthrite rhumatode

Devaux-Hoquet, M.; Hoa, D.; Laffargue, G.; Prat, X.; Boulet, P.; Taourel, P., 2006 :
Evaluation de lIRM dans le bilan dextension des carcinomes canalaires in situ (CCIS)

Gao, Y; Devor, D C., 2006:
Evaluation des JFR 2005

Persoons, R.; Stoklov, M.; Parat, S.; Perdrix, A.; Maître, A., 2006:
Evaluation des niveaux dexposition aux Composs Organiques Volatils dun centre de compostage

Ph. Cabarrot; B. Napoléon; J. M. Chabot, 2006:
Evaluation des pratiques professionnelles en gastro-entrologie

J.-G. Bloch; H. Lellouch; B. Maillet, 2006:
Evaluation des pratiques de la viscosupplmentation dans la coxarthrose en France

J. Avouac; L. Gossec; M. Dougados, 2006:
Evaluation de l'efficacit et de la tolrance des opiodes dans la gonarthrose et la coxarthrose : revue systmatique de la littrature

M. El Rakawi; N. Hammoumraoui; C. Haouichet; H. Djoudi, 2006:
Evaluation de l'impact sur la qualit de vie de l'ostoporose post-mnopausique

M Ghazi; A Nouijai; A Mounach; I Ghozlani; L Achemlal; A Bezza; A El Maghraoui, 2006:
Evaluation de la performance de l'indice de risque de l'ostoporose OST (Osteoporosis Self-assessment Tool) chez les hommes marocains

Rezk-kallah, B.; Bordji, Y.; Larmed, K.; Fyad, ; Tebboune, C., 2006:
Evaluation du risque de surdit dans une entreprise textile

T. Barnetche; L. Lefouler; L. Levy; A. Monnier; T. Schaeverbeke, 2006:
Evaluation du risque cardiovasculaire dans une population de patients atteints de polyarthrite rhumatode suivis en milieu hospitalier

Chaari, N.; Henchi, M.; Khalfallah, T.; Abdallah, B.; Bayar, S.; Amri, C.; Bchir, N.; Hadj Salah, H.; Akrout, M., 2006:
Evaluation et prvention du risque chimique dans une entreprise de textile

Hanna Ulatowska; Gloria Olness; Molly Keebler; Jessica Tillery, 2006:
Evaluation in stroke narratives: A study in aphasia

S. Kolta; A. Ruyssen-Witrand; A. Amido; E. Sapin; C. Roux; W. Skalli; D. Mitton, 2006:
Evaluation in vivo en 3 dimensions des vertbres dorsales et lombaires par DXA

Yamaki, K; Mori, Y, 2006:
Evaluation of .ALPHA.-glucosidase Inhibitory Activity in Colored Foods: a Trial Using Slope Factors of Regression Curves

Stéphanie Pradier; Jean-Luc Attié; Michel Chong; Juan Escobar; Vincent-Henri Peuch; Jean-François Lamarque; Boris Khattatov; David Edwards, 2006:
Evaluation of 2001 springtime CO transport over West Africa using MOPITT CO measurements assimilated in a global chemistry transport model

del Marmol, V.; de Vries, E.; van der Endt, J.; Roseeuw, D.; Vandaele, M.; Pirard, C.; Maselis, T., 2006:
Evaluation of 7 years of Euromelanoma day, a voluntary melanoma screening campaign in Belgium

Chris Tsopelas; Stan Penglis; Darren Miller; Maureen Rischmueller; F. Dylan, L. Bartholomeusz, 2006:
Evaluation of 99mTc-immunoglobulins for imaging infection in the rat

Fensholt, R; Nielsen, T Theis; Stisen, S, 2006:
Evaluation of AVHRR PAL and GIMMS 10day composite NDVI time series products using SPOT4 vegetation data for the African continent

Roberts, D. A.; Dennison, P. E.; Peterson, S.; Sweeney, S.; Rechel, J., 2006:
Evaluation of Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) measures of live fuel moisture and fuel condition in a shrubland ecosystem in southern California

Orensanz, J. M (Lobo); Armstrong, D; Gavio, Mía A., 2006:
Evaluation of Alternative Life History Hypotheses for the Sand Shrimp Crangon Franciscorum (Decapoda: Caridea)

Jukic, D.M., 2006:
Evaluation of Anti-thrombomodulin Antibody as a Tumor Marker for Vascular Neoplasms

Filho, R. Maciel; Batistella, C. B.; Sbaite, P.; Winter, A.; Vasconcelos, C. J. G.; Maciel, M. R. Wolf; Gomes, A.; Medina, L.; Kunert, R., 2006:
Evaluation of Atmospheric and Vacuum Residues Using Molecular Distillation and Optimization

Zhang, Y; Fernando, T; Xiao, H; Travis, A R. L, 2006:
Evaluation of Auditory and Visual Feedback on Task Performance in a Virtual Assembly Environment

David Haralson, 2006:
Evaluation of Bone Healing Using Platelet-Rich Plasma in a Rabbit Mandibular Osteotomy

Dornan, B A.; Oermann, M H., 2006:
Evaluation of Breastfeeding Web Sites for Patient Education

Yeganeh, B.; Haghighat, F.; Gunnarsen, L.; Afshari, A.; Knudsen, H., 2006:
Evaluation of Building Materials Individually and in Combination Using Odour Threshold

Wang, J., 2006:
Evaluation of CFD Modeling Methods for Fire-induced Airflow in a Room

Xin Wang; Kevin, F. McNamara, 2006:
Evaluation of CFD Simulation using RANS Turbulence Models for Building Effects on Pollutant Dispersion

Steve, C. Smyth; Weimin Jiang; Dazhong Yin; Helmut Roth; Éric Giroux, 2006:
Evaluation of CMAQ O3 and PM2.5 performance using Pacific 2001 measurement data

Liu, H; He, G; Li, L; Gu, S; Liu, C; Xiao, G, 2006:
Evaluation of Calculating the Isotonic Swelling Ratio of Emulsion Liquid Membrane by Theoretical Viscosity Models

Penny Grant, 2006:
Evaluation of Children Removed From a Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory

Tyagi, S, 2006:
Evaluation of Coulomb potential in a triclinic cell with periodic boundary conditions

Perez, H. R.; Zimmerman, N. J.; Berhane, Z., 2006:
Evaluation of Culturable Particle Load on HVAC Filters Before and After Remediation: A Pilot Study

Moneta, G.L., 2006:
Evaluation of D-Dimer in the Diagnosis of Suspected Deep-Vein Thrombosis

Y. Kasaba; H. Hayakawa; K. Ishisaka; T. Okada; A. Matsuoka; T. Mukai; Y. Takei, 2006:
Evaluation of DC electric field measurement by the double probe system aboard the Geotail spacecraft

Nobuhiro Shimoyama; Masaaki Tanno; Satoshi Shigematsu; Hiroki Morimura; Yukio Okazaki; Katsuyuki Machida, 2006:
Evaluation of ESD hardness of fingerprint sensor LSIs

Park, S-Kyoung; Marmur, A; Kim, S Bum; Tian, D; Hu, Y; McMurry, P H.; Russell, A G., 2006:
Evaluation of Fine Particle Number Concentrations in CMAQ

Zhi WANG; Yuanyuan ZHAO; Nan YE; Jixiao WANG; Zhiping ZHAO; Shichang WANG, 2006 :
Evaluation of Four Measurement Operation Modes of Streaming Potential for Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Membranes

Xiaojiang LU; Shijie LIU, 2006:
Evaluation of Fractionation of Softwood Pulp in a Cylindrical Hydrocyclone

W. Li; Z.-H. Yan; Y.-M. Wei; X.-J. Lan; Y.-L. Zheng, 2006:
Evaluation of Genotype Environment Interactions in Chinese Spring Wheat by the AMMI Model, Correlation and Path Analysis

Gilroy, R K.; Wisecarver, J L.; Swindells, S, 2006:
Evaluation of Hepatitis in an HIV-Infected Woman on Nevirapine Therapy

Kensuke Nishioka; Tatsuya Takamoto; Takaaki Agui; Minoru Kaneiwa; Yukiharu Uraoka; Takashi Fuyuki, 2006:
Evaluation of InGaP/InGaAs/Ge triple-junction solar cell and optimization of solar cell's structure focusing on series resistance for high-efficiency concentrator photovoltaic systems

Yogesan, K; Kumar, S; Tay-Kearney, M-Ling; Constable, I, 2006:
Evaluation of Internet-based eye care delivery

Pedro Jiménez; Oriol Jorba; René Parra; José M. Baldasano, 2006:
Evaluation of MM5-EMICAT2000-CMAQ performance and sensitivity in complex terrain: High-resolution application to the northeastern Iberian Peninsula

Garner, W.L., 2006:
Evaluation of Microcirculation and Wound-Closing Tension After Undermining the Skin: A Study in a Porcine Model Using Laser Doppler Perfusion Imaging

Trushenski, J T.; Kohler, C C., 2006:
Evaluation of Natural-Source Vitamin E, RRR-α-Tocopheryl Acetate, as a Micronutrient in Sunshine Bass Feed

C. S. White, 2006:
Evaluation of Patients with Chest Pain who Present to the Emergency Department: Utility of Multidetector CT

Luís A. Pinheiro; Marcelo, A. Chinelatto; Sebastião V. Canevarolo, 2006:
Evaluation of Philips and ZieglerNatta high-density polyethylene degradation during processing in an internal mixer using the chain scission and branching distribution function analysis

Akan, Özay Arikan; Elmali, E; Karaeren, Z, 2006:
Evaluation of Preanalytic Errors in Clinical Laboratory Practice

Paparella, M.M., 2006:
Evaluation of Predive Parameters Related to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction for Symptomatic Middle Ear Barotrauma in Divers

A. Guenther; R. Hocken, 2006:
Evaluation of Runout Deviation at Bevel Gears based on Pitch Measurements

Yang, J; Shi, X; Wan, J; Qian, G; Pan, W; Yang, Y, 2006:
Evaluation of Rutting Resistance of Double-layered Asphalt Mixes

Hang Thi Nguyen; Ki-Hyun Kim, 2006:
Evaluation of SO2 pollution levels between four different types of air quality monitoring stations

Zakariasen, K.L., 2006:
Evaluation of Screening Strategies for Improving Oral Cancer Mortality: A Cochrane Systematic Review

Mathru, M., 2006:
Evaluation of Seldinger Technique Emergency Cricothyroidotomy Versus Standard Surgical Cricothyroidotomy in 200 Cadavers

Li, D. H. W., 2006:
Evaluation of Simplified Procedure for Indoor Daylight Illuminance Determination against Data in Scale Model Measurements

Coralia Bleotu; Carmen, C. Diaconu; Mihaela Chivu; Irina Alexiu; Simona, M. Ruta; Costin Cernescu, 2006:
Evaluation of TV cell line viral susceptibility using conventional cell culture techniques

Zhu, F.-L.; Zhang, W.-Y., 2006:
Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Flame-resistant Fabrics Considering Thermal Wave Influence in Human Skin Model

Reardon Jr., J E.; Marques, M B., 2006:
Evaluation of Thrombocytopenia

Marinenko, R, 2006:
Evaluation of Titanium Carbide Specimens for Microanalysis Reference Standards

S. Vita; A. Dalessandri; T. Alfonzetti; D. Britti; A. Boari, 2006:
Evaluation of Total Proteins and Serum Protein Fractions in Cats Naturally Infected byLeishmania infantumA Preliminary Study

Gopalakrishnan, K; Thompson, M, 2006:
Evaluation of Traffic Induced Subgrade Stresses in Flexible Airfield Pavements

Cimbiz, A; Beydemir, F; Manisaligil, U, 2006:
Evaluation of Trigger Points in Young Subjects

Glatstein, E., 2006:
Evaluation of Tumor Angiogenesis Using Dynamic Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Comparison of Plasma Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Hemodynamic, and Pharmacokinetic Parameters

Kim, S.; Kim, H.-J.; Moon, S.-J., 2006:
Evaluation of VOC Emissions from Building Finishing Materials Using a Small Chamber and VOC Analyser

Dempsey, D.T., 2006:
Evaluation of Vagus Nerve Function Before and After Antireflux Surgery

Sarian, L; Derchain, S; Naud, P; Roteli-Martins, C; Longatto-Filho, A; Tatti, S; Branca, M; Erzen, M; Serpa-Hammes, L; Matos, J; Gontijo, R; Braganca, J; Lima, T; Maeda, M; Lorincz, A; Dores, G; Costa, S; Syrjanen, S; Syrjanen, K, 2006:
Evaluation of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA), Lugol's iodine (VILI), Cervical Cytology and HPV Testing as Cervical Screening Tools in Latin America. This Report Refers to Partial Results from the LAMS (Latin AMerican Screening) Study

Monaldo, F.M., 2006:
Evaluation of WindSat wind vector performance with respect to QuikSCAT estimates

Andrew Wiener; Helen Rodwell, 2006:
Evaluation of a CAMHS in Primary Care Service for General Practice

Theriot, M T., 2006:
Evaluation of a CourtOrdered MADD Presentation for Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Offenders

Leslie MacKay; Penny Corkum, 2006:
Evaluation of a Demystification Workshop for Children with ADHD

Huang, V; Haque, N Z.; Jinson, J; Shah, P; Winegardner, J; Zervos, M J., 2006:
Evaluation of a Formulary Change on Outcome of Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance in a Medical Intensive Care Unit

Thiers, B.H., 2006:
Evaluation of a General Practitioner With Special Interest Service for Dermatology: Randomised Controlled Trial

Wignall, A, 2006:
Evaluation of a Group CBT Early Intervention Program for Adolescents With Comorbid Depression and Behaviour Problems

Beasley, J M; Riley, W T; Singh, J; Davis, A; Behar, A, 2006:
Evaluation of a Pda-Based Dietary Assessment and Intervention Program: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Willsie, S K., 2006:
Evaluation of a Program Aimed at Increasing Referrals for Asthma Education of Patients Consulting at the Emergency Department for Acute Asthma

Stockman, J.A., 2006:
Evaluation of a Staff-Only Hospitalist System in a Tertiary Care, Academic Children's Hospital

Kisiel, C; Blaustein, M; Spinazzola, J; Schmidt, C Swift; Zucker, M; van der Kolk, B, 2006:
Evaluation of a Theater-Based Youth Violence Prevention Program for Elementary School Children

Ersek, M; Kraybill, B Miller; Hansen, N R., 2006:
Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer Program to Enhance Hospice and Palliative Care in Nursing Homes

Elisa Romano; Rayleen, V. De Luca, 2006:
Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Sexually Abused Adult Males

N. Emre Altun; Cahit Hicyilmaz; Jiann-Yang Hwang; A. Suat Bagci, 2006:
Evaluation of a Turkish low quality oil shale by flotation as a clean energy source: Material characterization and determination of flotation behavior

Carmen Clemente; Rita McGrath; Clare Stevenson; Jacqueline Barnes, 2006:
Evaluation of a Waiting List Initiative in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Sailer, A B.; Miltenberger, R G.; Johnson, B; Zetocha, K; Egemo-Helm, K; Hegstad, H, 2006:
Evaluation of a Weight Loss Treatment Program for Individuals with Mild Mental Retardation

MaryLouise, E. Kerwin, 2006:
Evaluation of a computer-based instructional package about eating disorders

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Evaluation of a decision aid and a personal risk profile in community pharmacy for patients considering options to improve cardiovascular health: the OPTIONS pilot study

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Evaluation of a dye isotherm method for characterisation of the wet-state structure and properties of lyocell fibre

Kevin, D. Park; Ian, R. Fleming, 2006:
Evaluation of a geosynthetic capillary barrier

J. H. Marsham; S. Dobbie; R. J. Hogan, 2006:
Evaluation of a large-eddy model simulation of a mixed-phase altocumulus cloud using microwave radiometer, lidar and Doppler radar data

Bieberle, M; Hampel, U, 2006:
Evaluation of a limited angle scanned electron beam x-ray CT approach for two-phase pipe flows

Chronis, T.G.; Anagnostou, E.N., 2006:
Evaluation of a long-range lightning detection network with receivers in Europe and Africa

West, B. J.M.; Macduff, C.; McBain, M.; Gass, J., 2006:
Evaluation of a national educational programme for healthcare workers on prevention and control of healthcare associated infections

Ribeiro, L.; Correia, C.; Monteiro, M.; Marinho, A.; Borges, S., 2006:
Evaluation of a new IOL scleral fixation technique without capsular support

Salvatorelli, G; De Lorenzi, S; Finzi, G; Romanini, L, 2006:
Evaluation of a new device against bacterial penetration

Czekajlo Michael, 2006:
Evaluation of a resident led emergency team using the utstein reporting of in-hospital cardiac resuscitation

François Blanchette; Vincent Piche; Eckart Meiburg; Moshe Strauss, 2006:
Evaluation of a simplified approach for simulating gravity currents over slopes of varying angles

Nilsagård, Y; Denison, E; Gunnarsson, L-Gunnar, 2006:
Evaluation of a single session with cooling garment for persons with multiple sclerosis a randomized trial

N.S. Dixon; J.W.D. Boddy; R.J. Smalley; A.S. Tomlin, 2006:
Evaluation of a turbulent flow and dispersion model in a typical street canyon in York, UK

Devrim, B. Kaymak; William, L. Luyben, 2006:
Evaluation of a two-temperature control structure for a two-reactant/two-product type of reactive distillation column

S. K. John; O. M. Jones; R. Howell; J. B. Fozard, 2006:
Evaluation of a lower GI electronic referral protocol: analysis of 300 referral episodes

Bernheim, M., 2006:
Evaluation of aberrations of immersion objective lenses in relation to electron emission microscopy

Paweena Panichayapichet; Suwanchai Nitisoravut; Arpa Wangkiat, 2006:
Evaluation of ability of Rock Check Dam to prevent the transportation of Pb-contaminated sediment in Khli Ti Creek, Thailand

Farnad Imani; Valiollah Hassan; Behzad Sadri; Mahmoud-Reza Alebouyeh, 2006:
Evaluation of adding tramadol to lidocaine in continuous supraclavicular brachial block

O. Banakh; C. Csefalvay; P.-A. Steinmann; M. Fenker; H. Kappl, 2006:
Evaluation of adhesion and tribological behaviour of tantalum oxynitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering onto steel substrates

Kitahara, K.; Takano, K.; Hara, T., 2006:
Evaluation of adjacent segment morbidity after spinal fusion and flexible stabilization

Bert Weijters; Maggie Geuens, 2006:
Evaluation of age-related labels by senior citizens

Şenol Erdoğmuş; Haydar Aras; Eylem Koç, 2006:
Evaluation of alternative fuels for residential heating in Turkey using analytic network process (ANP) with group decision-making

Heguang Zhu; Michel Béland, 2006:
Evaluation of alternative methods of preparing hydrogen producing seeds from digested wastewater sludge

James, F. Kelly; Maria Stanciulescu; Jean-Pierre Charland, 2006:
Evaluation of amines for the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx from diesel engine exhaust

Min Min Yee; Tohru Miyajima; Noboru Takisawa, 2006:
Evaluation of amphiphilic properties of fulvic acid and humic acid by alkylpyridinium binding study

Alice Lind, L Kaplan, G D. Berg, 2006:
Evaluation of an Asthma Disease Management Program in a Medicaid Population

Robley, L; Denton, S, 2006:
Evaluation of an EOL Critical Care Nurse Liaison Program

Wentzensen, N.; Hampl, M.; Herkert, M.; Reichert, A.; Trunk, M.; Ridder, R.; von Knebel Doeberitz, M., 2006 :
Evaluation of an Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay-based p16INK4a Detection Assay for the Identification of High-grade Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Women Attending a Cervical Dysplasia Outpatient Clinic

Rueda, J.; Jung, C., 2006:
Evaluation of an algebraic model for the vibrations of water, effects of a discrete symmetry

Analytical Methods Committee, 2006:
Evaluation of analytical instrumentation. Part XIX CHNS elemental analysers

Analytical Methods Committee, 2006:
Evaluation of analytical instrumentation. Part XX Instrumentation for energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Y.N. Wu; Q.M. Wang; P.L. Ke; C. Sun; J. Gong; F.H. Wang; L.S. Wen, 2006:
Evaluation of arc ion plated NiCoCrAlYSiB coatings after oxidation at 9001100 C

HungMin Chein; Yu-Du Hsu; Shankar, G. Aggarwal; Tzu-Ming Chen; Chun-Chao Huang, 2006:
Evaluation of arsenical emission from semiconductor and opto-electronics facilities in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Van Toor, T; Neijenhuis, K; Snik, A; Blokhorst, Mëtte, 2006:
Evaluation of auditory processing disorders after whiplash injury

Jianping Wu; Meng-Jiy Wang; John, P.W. Stark, 2006:
Evaluation of band structure and concentration of ionic liquid in molecular mixtures by using second derivatives of FTIR spectra

Bahramiand, A. R.; Edwards, J. W., 2006:
Evaluation of benzene exposure in adults and urinary s-phenylmercapturic acid in children living in Adelaide, South Australia

Daisuke Yasutake; Masaharu Kitano; Tetsuo Kobayashi; Kota Hidaka; Takahiro Wajima; Wenjun He, 2006:
Evaluation of canopy transpiration rate by applying a plant hormone abscisic acid

Petia, P. Simeonova, 2006:
Evaluation of carbon nanotube toxicity

Bong-Kuk Lee; Toshinori Shimanouchi; Hiroshi Umakoshi; Ryoichi Kuboi, 2006:
Evaluation of carboxylic acid-induced conformational transitions of β-lactoglobulin: Comparison of the alcohol effects on β-lactoglobulin

T. Loukas; P. Rammou; K. Panagiotopoulou; K. Kritikos; S. Nanas, 2006:
Evaluation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation knowledge and efficacy of education in military school students

Kajal Chakraborty; C. Devakumar, 2006:
Evaluation of chemical compounds for induction of male sterility in wheat (Triticum aestivumL.)

Ross, A; Winslow, I; Marchant, P; Brumfitt, S, 2006:
Evaluation of communication, life participation and psychological wellbeing in chronic aphasia: The influence of group intervention

Sola, S.; Sayeed, M. R.; Gillinov, A. M., 2006:
Evaluation of constrictive pericarditis by 64-slice multi-detector computed tomography

Hiroyuki Saiki; Zhi Hong Zhan; Yasuo Marumo; Liqun Ruan; Toshiharu Morooka; Shin-Ichi Tatsuda, 2006:
Evaluation of contact conditions in hot forging of pure aluminum using ultrasonic examination

Jong Hyun Yoon; Ji Hae Shin; Mi-Sun Kim; Sang Jun Sim; Tai Hyun Park, 2006:
Evaluation of conversion efficiency of light to hydrogen energy by Anabaena variabilis

Rafael Mayoral; Gabriel Lera; María José Pérez-Ilzarbe, 2006:
Evaluation of correspondence errors for stereo

Jungchul Park; Sung, H. Han; Huichul Yang, 2006:
Evaluation of cursor capturing functions in a target positioning task

Roberto, C. Santana; Phuong, T. Do; Malee Santikunaporn; Walter, E. Alvarez; Joshua, D. Taylor; Edward, L. Sughrue; Daniel, E. Resasco, 2006:
Evaluation of different reaction strategies for the improvement of cetane number in diesel fuels

Luis, S. Esteban; Juan, E. Carrasco, 2006:
Evaluation of different strategies for pulverization of forest biomasses

Moalla, S. M. N.; Soltan, M. E.; Rashed, M. N.; Fawzy, E. M., 2006:
Evaluation of dilute hydrochloric acid and acid ammonium oxalate as extractants for some heavy metals from Nile River sediments

A. L. Chernorudskiy; A. S. Shorina; A. Garcia; M. R. Gainullin, 2006:
Evaluation of direct effects of protein ubiquitylation using computational analysis

Seiji Toda; Manabu Ishida; Haruo Yokota, 2006:
Evaluation of disk-retry methods for continuous media data

Bin Hu; Panagiota Angeli; Omar, K. Matar; Christopher, J. Lawrence; Geoffrey, F. Hewitt, 2006:
Evaluation of drop size distribution from chord length measurements

Tanaka, Y; Yamato, M; Okano, T; Kitamori, T; Sato, K, 2006:
Evaluation of effects of shear stress on hepatocytes by a microchip-based system

L.E. Beramendi-Orosco; C.H. Vane; M. Cooper; C.G. Sun; D.J. Large; C.E. Snape, 2006:
Evaluation of errors associated with 13C analysis of lignin-derived TMAH thermochemolysis products by gas chromatographycombustionisotope ratio mass spectrometry

Li, X; Zofka, A; Marasteanu, M; Clyne, T R., 2006:
Evaluation of field aging effects on asphalt binder properties

Laura Conner; Shirley Chin; Kenneth, G. Furton, 2006:
Evaluation of field sampling techniques including electronic noses and a dynamic headspace sampler for use in fire investigations

M. Ripani; A. Ciccarelli; S. Morini; G. Ricciardi; G. Michielon, 2006:
Evaluation of foot support in rugby players: a baropodometric analysis

Braun-Moscovici, Y; Braun, M; Balbir-Gurman, A; Furst, D E, 2006:
Evaluation of gastrointestinal involvement in scleroderma

Yoshihisa HIRAKAWA; Masafumi KUZUYA; Yuichiro MASUDA; Hiromi ENOKI; Mitsunaga IWATA; Jun HASEGAWA; Akihisa IGUCHI, 2006:
Evaluation of gender differences in caregiver burden in home care: Nagoya Longitudinal Study of the Frail Elderly (NLS-FE)

Roberta, G. de Souza; Luis Robledo; Fernando, O.R. Pereira; Alfonso Soler, 2006:
Evaluation of global luminous efficacy models for Florianpolis, Brazil

S. Nazifi; I. Karimi; M. Hosseini nezhad; F. Hosseini; Z. Esmailnezhad, 2006:
Evaluation of haematological, serum biochemical and cerebrospinal fluid parameters in experimental bacterial meningoencephalitis in the dog

C.K.N. Oliveira; C.L. Benassi; L.C. Casteletti, 2006:
Evaluation of hard coatings obtained on AISI D2 steel by thermo-reactive deposition treatment

Walter Lindolfo Weingaertner; Rolf Bertrand Schroeter; Milton Luiz Polli; Jefferson de Oliveira Gomes, 2006:
Evaluation of high-speed end-milling dynamic stability through audio signal measurements

Adams, I.S.; Hennon, C.C.; Jones, W.L.; Ahmad, K.A., 2006:
Evaluation of hurricane ocean vector winds from WindSat

Qiang Wang; Hao Ling; Ben-xian Shen; Kun Li; Siauw Ng, 2006:
Evaluation of hydroisomerization products as lube base oils based on carbon number distribution and hydrocarbon type analysis

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Evaluation of inguinal hernia in ambulatory surgery: A prospective monocentric study on 1009 inguinal hernia

C. Welz; B. Srinivasan; A. Marchetti; D. Bonvin; N. L. Ricker, 2006:
Evaluation of input parameterization for batch process optimization

D.T. Bergado; G.V. Ramana; H.I. Sia; Varun, 2006:
Evaluation of interface shear strength of composite liner system and stability analysis for a landfill lining system in Thailand

Cooper, L.; Rankin, C.; Barron, M., 2006:
Evaluation of intraoperative medication error reporting and tracking in major US teaching hospitals

R. Chmielewski; Kulik; J. Lyczek; Z. Mentrak; K. Bujko; E. Towpik, 2006:
Evaluation of irradiated breast tissue volume and cosmetic outcome in conserving treatment using intraoperative Ir 192 HDR brachytherapy boost

G. Yılmaz; G. Baltacı, 2006:
Evaluation of knee strength, functional performance and sports activity level 18-24 months after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

T. Loukas; K. Kritikos; P. Rammou; K. Panagiotopoulou; I. Tatouli; S. Nanas, 2006:
Evaluation of knowledge retention on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in medical students

C. Batista; A. Portinha; R.M. Ribeiro; V. Teixeira; C.R. Oliveira, 2006:
Evaluation of laser-glazed plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings under high temperature exposure to molten salts

Rachana Malviya; Rubina Chaudhary, 2006:
Evaluation of leaching characteristics and environmental compatibility of solidified/stabilized industrial waste

Koji Tokimatsu; Takanobu Kosugi; Takayoshi Asami; Eric Williams; Yoichi Kaya, 2006:
Evaluation of lifecycle CO2 emissions from the Japanese electric power sector in the 21st century under various nuclear scenarios

Langers, P; Cremers, S; Rijnbeek, E; Ringers, J; Lamers, C; den Hartigh, J; van Hoek, B, 2006:
Evaluation of limited sampling strategy of ciclosporin-monitoring after liver transplantation using an individualized population pharmacokinetic model

Akbar, A. Javadi; Mohammad Rezania; Mohaddeseh Mousavi Nezhad, 2006:
Evaluation of liquefaction induced lateral displacements using genetic programming

Ulvi Şeker; Hasan Hasirci, 2006:
Evaluation of machinability of austempered ductile irons in terms of cutting forces and surface quality

Bergström, A L.; Samuelsson, K, 2006:
Evaluation of manual wheelchairs by individuals with spinal cord injuries

Peng, B; Hong, H; Xue, X; Chen, W; Shen, S Shuhong, 2006:
Evaluation of marine spatial resources and its application to the establishment marine usage charge: case study of Xiamen, China

Naoto Ebuchi, 2006:
Evaluation of marine surface winds observed by SeaWinds and AMSR on ADEOS-II

Chang-Sung Seok; Jae-Mean Koo, 2006:
Evaluation of material degradation of 1Cr-1Mo-0.25V steel by ball indentation and resistivity

Farnad Imani; Valiollah Hassani; Zahra Taghipour; Faranak Rokhtabnak, 2006:
Evaluation of maternal and neonatal effects of adding tramadol to lidocaine in epidural anesthesia for cesarean section

Chiachung Chen, 2006:
Evaluation of measurement uncertainty for thermometers with calibration equations

Moutzouri, A.; Athanassiou, G., 2006:
Evaluation of mechanical properties of osteoblasts during spreading

C.K. Chan; X.Y. Jiang; K.L. Liew; L.K. Chan; W.K. Wong; M.P. Lau, 2006:
Evaluation of mechanical properties of uniform fabrics in garment manufacturing

M. Antonia López-Antón; Mercedes Díaz-Somoano; Ana, B. García; M. Rosa Martínez-Tarazona, 2006:
Evaluation of mercury associations in two coals of different rank using physical separation procedures

G. Bertrand; N. Berger-Keller; C. Meunier; C. Coddet, 2006:
Evaluation of metastable phase and microhardness on plasma sprayed titania coatings

Piet, G.M. Boonekamp, 2006:
Evaluation of methods used to determine realized energy savings

Mustafa, M. Aslan; Czarena Crofcheck; Daniel Tao; M. Pinar Mengüç, 2006:
Evaluation of micro-bubble size and gas hold-up in two-phase gasliquid columns via scattered light measurements

Hideki Matsubara; Hajime Ohtani, 2006 :
Evaluation of molecular weight of original epoxy acrylates in UV-cured resins by pyrolysis-gas chromatography in the presence of organic alkali

Gaffard, C; Bianco, L; Klaus, V; Matabuena, M, 2006:
Evaluation of moments calculated from wind profiler spectra: A comparison between five different processing techniques

Jansen, K.; Ludwig, Y.; van Luyn, M. J. A.; Gramsbergen, A. A.; Meek, M. F., 2006:
Evaluation of morphological and functional nerve recovery of rat sciatic nerve with a Hyaff11-based nerve guide

Abuelgasim, A.A.; Fernandes, R.A.; Leblanc, S.G., 2006:
Evaluation of national and global LAI products derived from optical remote sensing instruments over Canada

Luke Georghiou; Michael Keenan, 2006:
Evaluation of national foresight activities: Assessing rationale, process and impact

Zhi-Gang, J; Ming-Zhen, X; Chang-Hua, T, 2006:
Evaluation of negative bias temperature instability in ultra-thin gate oxide pMOSFETs using a new on-line PDO method

Yueh-Min Huang; Chun-Min Hung; Hewijin Christine Jiau, 2006:
Evaluation of neural networks and data mining methods on a credit assessment task for class imbalance problem

Matthew Whitbeck; James, B. Grace, 2006:
Evaluation of non-destructive methods for estimating biomass in marshes of the upper Texas, USA coast

P. Navabpour; D.G. Teer; D.J. Hitt; M. Gilbert, 2006:
Evaluation of non-stick properties of magnetron-sputtered coatings for moulds used for the processing of polymers

C.M. Silva; T.L. Farias; H. Christopher Frey; Nagui, M. Rouphail, 2006:
Evaluation of numerical models for simulation of real-world hot-stabilized fuel consumption and emissions of gasoline light-duty vehicles

Jian-zhong Hu; Xiao-feng Guo, 2006:
Evaluation of nutrient value of seabuckthorn in north China

Parwani, A.V., 2006:
Evaluation of p16INK4a and pRb Expression in Cervical Squamous and Glandular Neoplasia

Keiko Gotoh; Yumiko Nakata; Mieko Tagawa, 2006:
Evaluation of particle deposition in aqueous solutions by the quartz crystal microbalance method

M. Favaro; R. Mendichi; F. Ossola; U. Russo; S. Simon; P. Tomasin; P.A. Vigato, 2006:
Evaluation of polymers for conservation treatments of outdoor exposed stone monuments. Part I: Photo-oxidative weathering

Soncini, M.; Vesentini, S.; Zaupa, A.; Fiore, G.B.; Redaelli, A., 2006:
Evaluation of polymyxin B interaction with endotoxins by molecular modelling

Anand, B. Rao; Edward, S. Rubin; David, W. Keith; M. Granger Morgan, 2006:
Evaluation of potential cost reductions from improved amine-based CO2 capture systems

Slone, M; Shoshani, A, 2006:
Evaluation of preparatory measures for coping with anxiety raised by media coverage of terrorism

Hofmann, A.; Baltacis, A.; Schobesberger, H.; Peham, C., 2006:
Evaluation of pressure distribution under a too wide saddle with different saddle pads

Marcos Flávio Pinto Moreira; Maria do Carmo Ferreira; José Teixeira Freire, 2006:
Evaluation of pseudohomogeneous models for heat transfer in packed beds with gas flow and gasliquid cocurrent downflow and upflow

T.W. McDowell; S.F. Wiker; R.G. Dong; D.E. Welcome; A.W. Schopper, 2006:
Evaluation of psychometric estimates of vibratory hand-tool grip and push forces

Alini, T. Fricks; Dayse, P.B. Souza; Enrique Guillermo Oestreicher; Octavio, A.C. Antunes; Jonathan, S. Girardi; Débora Oliveira; Cláudio Dariva, 2006:
Evaluation of radish (Raphanus sativus L.) peroxidase activity after high-pressure treatment with carbon dioxide

Walker, M A, 2006:
Evaluation of recent patent applications for the diagnosis and treatment of autism and pervasive developmental disorders

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Evaluation of recombinant tissue-type plasminogen activator in adhesion prevention and neoangiogenesis in a rat experimental adhesion model

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Evaluation of remote sensing based terrestrial productivity from MODIS using regional tower eddy flux network observations

M. R. Ahmadi; S. Nazifi, 2006:
Evaluation of reproductive status with cervical and uterine cytology in fat-tailed sheep

Jorge Ruiz-García; Eduardo Miranda, 2006:
Evaluation of residual drift demands in regular multi-storey frames for performance-based seismic assessment

C.R.C. Lima; J. Nin; J.M. Guilemany, 2006:
Evaluation of residual stresses of thermal barrier coatings with HVOF thermally sprayed bond coats using the Modified Layer Removal Method (MLRM)

Anju Pathania; P. N. Sharma; O. P. Sharma; R. K. Chahota; Bilal Ahmad; P. Sharma, 2006:
Evaluation of resistance sources and inheritance of resistance in kidney bean to Indian virulences ofColletotrichum lindemuthianum

Flo, A.; Escudero, A.; Massó, E.; Moret, E.; Ruyra, X.; Canet, J., 2006:
Evaluation of risk factors on red blood transfusion in coronary surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass

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Evaluation of seroconversion following human leptospirosis vaccination

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Evaluation of serum haptoglobin in clinically healthy Iranian camels (Camelus dromedarius)

Thomas, M. Lawrence; James, E. Braun, 2006:
Evaluation of simplified models for predicting CO2 concentrations in small commercial buildings

Nilsun Hasancebi; Resat Ulusay, 2006:
Evaluation of site amplification and site period using different methods for an earthquake-prone settlement in Western Turkey

F. Pergalani; R. de Franco; M. Compagnoni; G. Caielli, 2006:
Evaluation of site effects using numerical and experimental analyses in Citt di Castello (Italy)

Myung-Hee, Y. Kim; Kerry, A. George; Francis, A. Cucinotta, 2006:
Evaluation of skin cancer risk for lunar and Mars missions

Sathiamma SULEKHA; Kandavel THENNARASU; Appajachar VEDAMURTHACHAR; Trichur R RAJU; Bindu M KUTTY, 2006:
Evaluation of sleep architecture in practitioners of Sudarshan Kriya yoga and Vipassana meditation

Alexander Lavrov; Andrei, B. Utkin; Rui Vilar; Armando Fernandes, 2006 :
Evaluation of smoke dispersion from forest fire plumes using lidar experiments and modelling

Amarbayar Adiyabat; Kosuke Kurokawa; Kenji Otani; Namjil Enebish; Garmaa Batsukh; Mishiglunden Battushig; Dorjsuren Ochirvaani; Bathuu Ganbat, 2006:
Evaluation of solar energy potential and PV module performance in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia

Masihi, S; Razi, T; Moramezi, F, 2006:
Evaluation of sonography after suction curettage in mole hydratiformis

S. Reut; A. Prakash, 2006:
Evaluation of sorbents for thiophene removal from liquid hydrocarbons

Anysja Zuchora; Renata Kabacińska; Joanna Terlikiewicz, 2006:
Evaluation of spinal cord risk during HDR brachytherapy in patients with nasopharyngeal cancer

Maselli, F.; Chiesi, M., 2006:
Evaluation of statistical methods to estimate forest volume in a mediterranean region

Hulya Kalaycioglu; Salim Hiziroglu, 2006:
Evaluation of surface characteristics of laminated flooring

Salim Hiziroglu; Pantadee Kosonkorn, 2006:
Evaluation of surface roughness of Thai medium density fiberboard (MDF)

A. Muhittin Albora; Nurdan Sayın; Osman, N. Uçan, 2006:
Evaluation of tectonic structure of skenderun Basin (Turkey) using steerable filters

Ashok Kumar; Shobhit Dixit; Charanya Varadarajan; Abhilash Vijayan; Anand Masuraha, 2006:
Evaluation of the AERMOD dispersion model as a function of atmospheric stability for an urban area

Mitchell, O.; Harrell, A., 2006:
Evaluation of the Breaking the Cycle Demonstration Project: Jacksonville, FL and Tacoma, WA

&na;,, 2006:
Evaluation of the CTrach-An Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway With Integrated Fiber-optic System

Babic, N; Chen, L-Sheng; Karon, B S.; Santrach, P J., 2006:
Evaluation of the Clinitek Status and Clinitek 500 Urine Dipstick Analyzers

Radford, K. A.; Walker, L.; Gladman, J.; Rothera, I.; Hewitt, D., 2006:
Evaluation of the Daisy Chain Service: The Role of the Specialist General Practitioner of Occupational Therapy -- Executive Summary

Vasconcelos, C. J. G.; Wolf-Maciel, M. R.; Filho, R. Maciel, 2006:
Evaluation of the Dynamic and Control Strategies of the Vapor Recovery Section of a FCC for a Plantwide Control Design

Ioannis Androulidakis; Ioannis Karakassis, 2006:
Evaluation of the EIA system performance in Greece, using quality indicators

Mangas, A.; Covenas, R.; Bodet, D.; Dabadie, M.; Glaize, G.; Geffard, M., 2006:
Evaluation of the Effects of a New Drug on Brain Leukocyte Infiltration in an Experimental Model of Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis

Donohue, J F.; Parsey, M V.; Andrews, C; D'Urzo, T; Sharma, S; Schaefer, K; Claus, R; Baumgartner, R A.; Levalbuterol COPD Study Group,, 2006:
Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of Levalbuterol in Subjects with COPD

N.T. O’Neill; M. Campanelli; A. Lupu; S. Thulasiraman; J.S. Reid; M. Aubé; L. Neary; J.W. Kaminski; J.C. McConnell, 2006:
Evaluation of the GEM-AQ air quality model during the Qubec smoke event of 2002: Analysis of extensive and intensive optical disparities

Keefe, M.A., 2006:
Evaluation of the Goldman Tip Procedure in Modern-Day Rhinoplasty

Ridout, A.; Mayers, C., 2006:
Evaluation of the Implementation of the Single Assessment Process and its Impact on Occupational Therapy Practice

Garcìa-Pèrez, M.; Chaala, A.; Pakdel, H.; Kretschmer, D.; Rodrigue, D.; Roy, C., 2006:
Evaluation of the Influence of Stainless Steel and Copper on the Aging Process of Bio-Oil

Bettina Wenger-Riggenbach; Mike Hässig; Regina Hofmann-Lehmann; Hans Lutz, 2006:
Evaluation of the LaserCyte: an in-house hematology analyzer for dogs and cats

Meigen Zhang; Itsushi Uno; Renjian Zhang; Zhiwei Han; Zifa Wang; Yifen Pu, 2006:
Evaluation of the Models-3 Community Multi-scale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system with observations obtained during the TRACE-P experiment: Comparison of ozone and its related species

Düzgüneş, E.; Saraç, E., 2018:
Evaluation of urban transformation areas in terms of user satisfaction: the case study of Zağnos Valley (Trabzon/Turkey)

Idigbe, E Oni; Odutolu, O; Okonkwo, P; Folayan, M; Audu, R; Makanjuola, O; Uwakwe, C BR; Jolayemi, O, 2006:
Evaluation of the Nigerian national antiretroviral (ARV) treatment training programme

Belén Rodríguez-Fonseca; Irene Polo; Encarna Serrano; Manuel Castro, 2006:
Evaluation of the North Atlantic SST forcing on the European and Northern African winter climate

Pacenti, M., 2006:
Evaluation of the Occupational Exposure to Glutaraldehyde in some Endoscopic Services in an Italian Hospital

Ugurlu, S; Yurdakul, N Sefi; Demir, C; Maden, A, 2006:
Evaluation of the Optic Nerve Head Using Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Waldo, A.L., 2006:
Evaluation of the Pattern of Treatment, Level of Anticoagulation Control, and Outcome of Treatment With Warfarin in Patients With Non-valvar Atrial Fibrillation: A Record Linkage Study in a Large British Population

English, C. L.; Anderson, C. M., 2006:
Evaluation of the Treatment Utility of the Analog Functional Analysis and the Structured Descriptive Assessment

M. J. Best; C. S. B. Grimmond; Maria Gabriella Villani, 2006:
Evaluation of the Urban Tile in MOSES using Surface Energy Balance Observations

Jinyou Liang; Bruce Jackson; Ajith Kaduwela, 2006:
Evaluation of the ability of indicator species ratios to determine the sensitivity of ozone to reductions in emissions of volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen in northern California

Anton Georgiev; Ilyana Karamancheva; Liliana Topalova, 2006:
Evaluation of the antioxidation activity of ionol and piperidone towards transformer oil using FT-IR spectroscopy

Jean-Paul Malrieu; Vincent Robert, 2006:
Evaluation of the aromatic contribution to the energy of periodic lattices

C.B. Teal; J.P. Slocum; E.A. Akin, 2006:
Evaluation of the benefit of using blue dye in addition to radioisotope for sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with breast cancer

Brown, M.E.; Pinzon, J.E.; Didan, K.; Morisette, J.T.; Tucker, C.J., 2006:
Evaluation of the consistency of long-term NDVI time series derived from AVHRR,SPOT-vegetation, SeaWiFS, MODIS, and Landsat ETM+ sensors

Sule Itir Satoglu; M. Bulent Durmusoglu; Ibrahim Dogan, 2006:
Evaluation of the conversion from central storage to decentralized storages in cellular manufacturing environments using activity-based costing

I. Campos; M. Palomar; A. Amador; R. Ganem; J. Martinez, 2006:
Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of iron boride coatings obtained by paste boriding process

Tayfun Babadagli, 2006:
Evaluation of the critical parameters in oil recovery from fractured chalks by surfactant injection

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Evaluation of the efficacy of collaborative learning in face-to-face and computer-supported university contexts

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Evaluation of the frequency of micronucleus in epithelial cells of children exposed to arsenic and heavy metals pollution in a mining area of Mexico

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Evaluation of the impact of solar spectrum and temperature variations on output power of silicon-based photovoltaic modules

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Evaluation of the influence of vertical irregularities on the seismic performance of a nine-storey steel frame

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Evaluation of the invariant reactions in the Ta-rich region of the Ta-B system

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Evaluation of the longer-term use of the David Hart Walker Orthosis by children with cerebral palsy: a 3-year prospective evaluation

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Evaluation of the management practice for controlling herbicide runoff from paddy fields using intermittent and spillover-irrigation schemes

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Evaluation of the maximum horsepower of vehicles converted for use with natural gas fuel

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Evaluation of the meridional heat transport in the Subtropical Atlantic

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Evaluation of the ocean governance system in Korea

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Evaluation of the performance of adsorption and coagulation processes for the maximum removal of reactive dyes

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Evaluation of the performance of solid sorption refrigeration systems using carbon dioxide as refrigerant

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Evaluation of the possibility of contamination of sea water by metal ions present in fuel oil

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Evaluation of the potential air pollution from fuel combustion in industrial boilers in Kocaeli, Turkey

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Evaluation of the quality of life after surgical treatment for thoracic esophageal cancer

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Evaluation of the rate of abiotic degradation of biodegradable polyethylene in various environments

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Evaluation of the representativeness of networks of sites for the global validation and intercomparison of land biophysical products: proposition of the CEOS-BELMANIP

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Evaluation of the status of capsicum viruses in the main growing regions of Turkey

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Evaluation of the underground soil thermal storage properties in Libya

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Evaluation of the zinox and zeolite materials as adsorbents to remove H2S from natural gas

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Evaluation of thermal barrier coating exposed to different oxygen partial pressure environments by impedance spectroscopy

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Evaluation of three waterborne polymers as stabilizers for sandy soil

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Evaluation of treatment in benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

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Evaluation of variable speed limits to improve traffic safety

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Evaluation of various types of Al-MCM-41 materials as catalysts in biomass pyrolysis for the production of bio-fuels and chemicals

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Evaluation of vinylidene fluoride polymers for use in space environments: Comparison of radiation sensitivities

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Evaluation of wall slip effects in the lubricating grease/air two-phase flow along pipelines

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Evaluation of website medicines information content, in comparison with official patient information

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Evaluation of wind energy potential and electricity generation on the coast of Mediterranean Sea in Egypt

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Evaluation of work-rest schedules during operation of a rotary power tiller

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Evaluation on sampling point densities for assessing indoor air quality

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Evaluation osseuse d'un modle murin d'hmochromatose gntique

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Evaluation par IRM de l'administration du methotrexate (MTX) en monothrapie ou combin des bolus de methylprednisolone (MP) ou d'Infliximab (IFX) dans la polyarthrite rhumatode dbutante

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Evaluation par les tudiants d'un enseignement en ligne sur la pathologie osseuse

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Evaluation prliminaire de l'exactitude de la mesure TBS ralise partir d'un systme DPX-IQ sur des fmurs de cadavres humains

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Evaluation the effect of fertility-preserving surgery on young patients with malignant ovarian tumors

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Evaluations of Elderspeak in a Caregiving Context

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Evaluative review in materials development

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Evaluative schemas and the attention of critics in the US film industry

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Evaluer et amliorer la comprhension de linformation en recherche biomdicale

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Evaluierung eines neuen Mobilitätstests und Sehschärfentests zur Erfassung des funktionellen Sehens

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Evaporation from a Fragrance Emulsion

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Evelyn Lord Pruitt, 19182000

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Event self-importance, event rehearsal, and the fading affect bias in autobiographical memory

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Event-based simulation strategy for conductance-based synaptic interactions and plasticity

&na;,, 2006:
Events Calendar

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Events of decadal thermocline variations in the South Pacific Ocean

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Events of interest

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Events, Sortals, and the Mind-Body Problem

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Everhart: Oceans of Kansas: A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea

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Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter

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Everything bad is good for you

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Everything you ever wanted to know about capuchins

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Everything you wanted to know about pain, but always were afraid to ask

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Evidence Based Research in CBT with Adolescent Eating Disorders

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Evidence against the Dorag (mixing-zone) model for dolomitization along the Wisconsin archA case for hydrothermal diagenesis

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Evidence based practice omzetten in je lessen

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Evidence for Increasing Patency of the Foramen Ovale in Divers

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Evidence for Sympodial Vascular Architecture in a Filicalean Fern Rhizome:Dickwhitea allenbyensisgen. et sp. nov. (Athyriaceae)

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Evidence for fetal glucocorticoid excess as a cause of adult cardiovascular disease

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Evidence for health policy

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Evidence for the Gaussian Scttering of Electrons in a Gas

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Evidence for the involvement of CrII and free radicals as intermediates in the reduction of by saccharides, alcohols and hydroxyacids

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Evidence illustrating the need for dysplasia screening in patients with longstanding achalasia

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Evidence of Different Ploidy Eggs Produced by Diploid F2 Hybrids of Carassius auratus () Cyprinus carpio ()

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Evidence of Environmental Migration

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Evidence of a Mid-Holocene Sea Level Highstand from the Sedimentary Record of a Macrotidal Barrier and Paleoestuary System in Northwestern Australia

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Evidence of the Endowment Effect in Stock Market Order Placement

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Evidence to Continue Oral Anticoagulant Therapy for Ambulatory Oral Surgery

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Evidence to Guide Clinical Practice and Future Research with Adolescents

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Evidence to Support an Individualized Approach to Modification of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy for Ambulatory Oral Surgery

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Evidence to support aggressive management of HDL-cholesterol: implications of recent trials

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Evidence-Based Approach to the Physical Therapy Diagnosis and Management of Neck and Upper Extremity Pain using Cervical and Thoracic Spine Thrust Manipulation: A Case Report

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Evidence-Based Medicine--would you rather read 50 000 articles or 120?

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Evidence-Based Medicine: http://ebm.bmjjournals.com

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Evidence-Based Mental Health Practices || Evidence-Based Practice in Mental Health: Accessing, Appraising, and Adopting Research Data

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Evidence-Based Mental Health Practices || The National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices: A Decision-Support Tool to Advance the Use of Evidence-Based Services

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Evidence-Based Obstetric Ethics and Informed Decision-Making by Pregnant Women About Invasive Diagnosis After First-Trimester Assessment of Risk for Trisomy 21

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Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology

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Evidence-Based Treatment

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Evidence-Based Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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Evidence-based Empfehlungen in der Behandlung der akuten Pankreatitis

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Evidence-based mental health care

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Evidencia de transmisin autosmica dominante a travs de la lnea materna en un caso de discinesia ciliar primaria

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Evidencia por resonancia magntica de la eficacia del tratamiento quelante combinado en la miocardiopata por depsito frrico

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Evidenz von Manipulationsbehandlungen der Lendenwirbelsäulenregion

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Evolution of manuscript submission and review process

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Evolutionary epidemiology of endophenotypes in the bipolar spectrum: Evolved neuropsychologic mechanisms of social rank

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Evolutionary psychology: a natural selection for music education?

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Evolved sex differences and occupational segregation

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Evolving Canadian Guidelines for Therapy and Counselling with Women

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Evolving Role of Arsenic Trioxide in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

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Evolving Treatment Strategies for Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A Population-Based Survival Analysis

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Evolving Treatment in a Decade of Pediatric Burn Care

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Evolving an Immersive Medical Communication Skills Trainer

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Evolving management of atopic dermatitis

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Evolving networks of integrate-and-fire neurons

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Evolving paradigms of liver allograft allocation in children in the US

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Evolving recursive programs by using adaptive grammar based genetic programming

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Evolving retail landscapes: power retail in Canada

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Ew gross! Recognition of Expressions of Disgust by Children With ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder

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Ewing's Sarcoma-Like Tumors Originate from EWS-FLI-1-Expressing Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells

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Ex Post Evaluation of an Earmarked Tax on Air Pollution

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Ex vivo expansion of CD34+cells and immunocytes from umbilical cord blood

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Ex-Situ TEM Sulfidation Study of Supported Copper Particles

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Ex-cellulose carbon fibres with improved mechanical properties

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Ex-post evaluation of thirty years of compact urban development in the Netherlands

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Ex-vivo investigation of endoluminal vein treatment by means of radiofrequency and laser irradiation

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Exacerbations de BPCO: Audit de pratique dans les services durgences en France

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Exacerbations de la BPCO : facteurs prdictifs, biologie et devenir

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Exact Analytical and Numerical Calculation of the Radiative Recombination Cross Sections of Fully Stripped Ions

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Exact Bayesian filter and joint IMM coupled PDA tracking of maneuvering targets from possibly missing and false measurements

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Exact Closed-Form Expression of a Sommerfeld Integral for the Impedance Plane Problem

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Exact Evaluation of Retarded-Time Potential Integrals for the RWG Bases

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Exact Geometrical Optics Scattering by a Right-Angle Wedge Made of Double-Negative Material

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Exact Solution to (1+1)-Dimensional Higher-Order Schrödinger Equation via an Extended Mapping Approach

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Exact Solutions for a Higher-Order Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in Atmospheric Dynamics

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Exact Solutions of a Coupled Burgers System

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Exact and heuristic algorithms for solving the generalized minimum filter placement problem

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Exact bounds for degree centralization

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Exact solutions to generalized Wick-type stochastic KadomtsevPetviashvili equation

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Exact solutions to the double Sine-Gordon equation

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Exact special solitary solutions with compact support for the nonlinear dispersive K(m, n) equations

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Exact traveling wave solutions of the Boussinesq equation

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Exactly Solvable Models for Biological Invasion by S. Petrovskii and B.-L. Li

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Exam Results!

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Examen clinique et paraclinique du patient atteint de vertiges et/ou de troubles de l'quilibre

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Examen extemporan des bandelettes neuro-vasculaires sur les pices de prostatectomie radicale. Rsultats prliminaires

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Examen physique du genou non traumatique

Federico Balagué; Christine Cedraschi, 2006:
Examens radiologiques chez les patients lombalgiques : anxit du patient ? Anxit du thrapeute ?

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Evaluation of ureteral lesions in ureterorenoscopy: impact of access sheath use

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Examination of Human Chemosensory Function

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Examination of Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Jet Fuel at Operational Temperatures

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Examination of Minor Phases in Martensitic 12% Cr-Mo-W-V Steel

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Examination of a Measure of Racial Discrimination Among African American Adolescents

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Examination of characteristics method with cubic interpolation for advectiondiffusion equation

Susan, H. Spence; Ottmar, V. Lipp; Lisa Liberman; Sonja March, 2006:
Examination of emotional priming among children and young adolescents: Developmental issues and its association with anxiety

Y.-Y. Wang; C.-J. Li; A. Ohmori, 2006:
Examination of factors influencing the bond strength of high velocity oxy-fuel sprayed coatings

Janina Zięba-Palus; Rafał Borusiewicz, 2006:
Examination of multilayer paint coats by the use of infrared, Raman and XRF spectroscopy for forensic purposes

Ryan Stevenson; Susan, T.L. Harrison; Nick Miles; Jan, J. Cilliers, 2006:
Examination of swirling flow using electrical resistance tomography

Fitch, D, 2006:
Examination of the Child Protective Services Decision-Making Context with Implications for Decision Support System Design

Lowe, P. A., 2006:
Examination of the Psychometric Properties of the Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale-Elderly Version Scores

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Examination of the Shoulder: The Complete Guide

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Examination of the changes that take place during an art therapy intervention

Michelle, A. Dean; Jeffrey, M. Conte; Tom, R. Blankenhorn, 2006:
Examination of the predictive validity of Big Five personality dimensions across training performance criteria

Hengfu Shui; Zhicai Wang; Jinsheng Gao, 2006:
Examination of the role of CS2 in the CS2/NMP mixed solvents to coal extraction

Jun Matsumoto; Naohiro Kosugi; Ayaka Nishiyama; Ryoko Isozaki; Yasuhiro Sadanaga; Shungo Kato; Hiroshi Bandow; Yoshizumi Kajii, 2006:
Examination on photostationary state of NOx in the urban atmosphere in Japan

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Examinations of the structure of highly polymerized alkali containing C-S-H phases

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Examining Conformity to Masculinity Norms as a Function of RIASEC Vocational Interests

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Examining Ethnic Differences in Predictors of Female Adolescent Smoking in Rural Virginia

Lora Battle Bailey, 2006:
Examining Gifted Students Who Are Economically At-Risk to Determine Factors that Influence Their Early Reading Success

Kevin, C. Dunn, 2006 :
Examining Historical Representations

Peter Edward, 2006:
Examining Inequality: Who Really Benefits from Global Growth?

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Examining Psychotherapy Processes in a Services Research Context

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Examining Racial Identity and Masculinity as Correlates of Self-Esteem and Psychological Distress in Black Men

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Examining Self-Presentational Exercise Motives and Social Physique Anxiety in Men and Women

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Examining Work Delay in Young Adults with Schizophrenia

Khang, Y.-H.; Lynch, J. W; Kaplan, G. A, 2006:
Examining cause-specific mortality effects of economic crisis in a country with rapidly declining total mortality

Christiane Spitzmüller; Jeffrey, M. Stanton, 2006:
Examining employee compliance with organizational surveillance and monitoring

Rudolf, G. Egging; Steven, A. Gabriel, 2006:
Examining market power in the European natural gas market

Radwańska-Williams, J, 2006:
Examining our patrimony: The case of the Kazan School

Mark, E. Eiswerth; J. Scott Shonkwiler, 2006 :
Examining post-wildfire reseeding on arid rangeland: A multivariate tobit modelling approach

Yat-Hung Chiang; Eddie, W.-L. Cheng; Bo-Sin Tang, 2006:
Examining repercussions of consumptions and inputs placed on the construction sector by use of IO tables and DEA

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Examining reversal theory measures in relation to NEO personality dimensions and consideration of future consequences

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Examining the Added Value of Audio, Graphics, and Interactivity in an Internet Intervention for Pediatric Encopresis

Vicki Lens, 2006:
Examining the Administration of Work Sanctions on the Frontlines of the Welfare System

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Examining the Complexities of Suicidal Behavior in the African American Community

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Examining the Contributions of Perceived Psychological Need Satisfaction to Well-Being in Exercise

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Examining the Lives and Needs of Child-Only Recipient Kinship Caregivers: Heroes Stepping Up to Help Children

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Examining the Moderating Effect of Disability Status on the Relationship Between Trauma Symptomatology and Select Career Variables

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Examining the Sensitivity of Electron Holography for Two-Dimensional p-n Junction Mapping

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Examining the Significance of Housing Enclaves in the Metropolitan United States of America

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Examining the Westward Movement through a New Lens: The Donner Party

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Examining the effects of grade retention on student reading performance: A longitudinal study

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Examining the effects of tobacco control policy on low socioeconomic status women and girls: an initiative of the Tobacco Research Network on Disparities (TReND)

Rayton, B A., 2006:
Examining the interconnection of job satisfaction and organizational commitment: an application of the bivariate probit model

McGuinness, S; Bennett, J, 2006:
Examining the link between skill shortages, training composition and productivity levels in the construction industry: evidence from Northern Ireland1