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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63568

Chapter 63568 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rui Ishiyama; Masahiko Hamanaka; Shizuo Sakamoto, 2007:
Face recognition under variable pose and illumination conditions using 3D facial appearance models

Bhavin, J. Shastri; Martin, D. Levine, 2007:
Face recognition using localized features based on non-negative sparse coding

Dalton, I, 2007:
Face-to-Face to the Study of the Language-as-Product and Language-as-Action Traditions

Asheim, Børn; Coenen, L; Vang, J, 2007:
Face-to-face, buzz, and knowledge bases: sociospatial implications for learning, innovation, and innovation policy

Cohen, D, 2007:
Facebook for scientists?

McKinney, P.W., 2007:
Facelift: Measurement of Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System Advancement With and Without Zygomaticus Major Muscle Release

Mole, C; Kubatzky, C; Plate, J; Waller, R; Dobbs, M; Nardone, M, 2007:
Faces and Brains: The Limitations of Brain Scanning in Cognitive Science

Szeto, A., 2007:
Faces and Places

James, J. Yue, 2007:
Facet Fractures: Which Have to Be Fixed?

Ryan, C. Snyder; Michael, F. Doherty, 2007:
Faceted crystal shape evolution during dissolution or growth

Price, L; Richardson, J T. E.; Jelfs, A, 2007:
Facetoface versus online tutoring support in distance education

Wells, G L.; Hasel, L E., 2007:
Facial Composite Production by Eyewitnesses

McKinney, P.W., 2007:
Facial Sculpting and Tissue Augmentation

Ian Hamman, 2007:
Facial Skin Disorders

Yan Zhao, 2007:
Facial amphiphiles in molecular recognition: From unusual aggregates to solvophobically driven foldamers

Cyril Poriel; Audrey Martail; Gérard Simonneaux, 2007:
Facial discrimination in monoarylporphyrins: Synthesis and stereochemical behaviour of bis(ligated) monospirobifluorenylporphyrin ruthenium complexes

Anna Tcherkassof; Thierry Bollon; Michel Dubois; Pascal Pansu; Jean-Michel Adam, 2007:
Facial expressions of emotions: a methodological contribution to the study of spontaneous and dynamic emotional faces

Raghu, S. Athre, 2007:
Facial filler agents

Naga, B. Meduri, 2007:
Facial resurfacing: An overview

Nicholas Pound; Ian, S. Penton-Voak; William, M. Brown, 2007:
Facial symmetry is positively associated with self-reported extraversion

F.V.P. Paciullo; A. Ribeiro; R.A.J. Trouw; C.W. Passchier, 2007:
Facies and facies association of the siliciclastic Brak River and carbonate Gemsbok formations in the Lower Ugab River valley, Namibia, W. Africa

Eric, M. Roberts, 2007:
Facies architecture and depositional environments of the Upper Cretaceous Kaiparowits Formation, southern Utah

Montelius, C; Allen, R L.; Svenson, S-Åke; Weihed, Pär, 2007:
Facies architecture of the Palaeoproterozoic VMS-bearing Maurliden volcanic centre, Skellefte district, Sweden

Jadhav, V H.; Kumar, K. S. Ajish; Chaudhari, V D.; Dhavale, D D., 2007:
Facile Method for Trimethylsilylation of Alcohols using Hexamethyldisilazane and Ammonium Thiocyanate under Neutral Conditions

Siddiqui, W A.; Ahmad, S; Ullah Khan, I; Latif Siddiqui, H; Weaver, G W., 2007:
Facile OnePot Synthesis of 4Hydroxy2methyl(2H)1,2benzothiazine3sulfonic Acid 1,1Dioxide

Sheng, S‐Ri; Luo, H‐Rong; Huang, Z‐Zhong; Sun, W‐Kang; Liu, X‐Ling, 2007:
Facile OnePot Synthesis of Oxazolidin2ones from Phenyl 2Hydroxyalkyl Selenides

Liu, X‐Ling; Sheng, S‐Ri; Zhou, W; Wang, Q‐Ying; Zhang, X‐Lan; Gong, B, 2007:
Facile SolidPhase Synthesis of Cycloalkylphosphonates and 1Cycloalkenylphosphonates Using PolymerSupported Phenylsulfonylmethylphosphonates

Kiasat, A Reza; Mokhtari, B; Savari, A; Kazemi, F, 2007:
Facile Solvent-Free Generation of Disulfide Dianion and its Use for Preparation of Symmetrical Disulfides

Li, L; Chen, H; Lin, Y, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of 1Aryl2propanones from Aromatic Amine

Sun, L‐Ping; Wang, J‐Xin, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of 2Substituted 4Azaindoles

Jiang, W; Fiordeliso, J J.; Sui, Z, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of 3,3Dialkyl6phenylimidazopyridinones

Xing, L; Petitjean, A; Schmidt, R; Cuccia, L, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of 3,6Diaminopyridazine

Ghorai, S Kumar; Hazra, N Kumar; Mal, D, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of 4-Functionalized Cyclopentenones

Liu, J; Li, B, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of Bibenzyl by Reductive Homocoupling of Benzyl Halides in Aqueous Media

Rangnekar, D W.; Kulkarni, V S.; Ranade, P V.; Sabnis, R W., 2007:
Facile Synthesis of Isodamascone and Its Analogs

Huang, W; Li, J; Ou, L, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of Isoquinolines, bCarbolines, and 3Deazapurines

Wu, P; Cai, X‐Mei; Wang, Q‐Fang; Yan, C‐Guo, 2007:
Facile Synthesis of Triarylpyrimidines with MicrowaveIrradiated Reactions of NPhenacylpyridinium Chloride

He, W; Zhang, B‐Le; Zhou, S‐Yuan; Sun, X‐Li; Zhang, S‐Yong, 2007:
Facile Total Synthesis of Xanthotoxol

Kammoun, M.; Chihi, A.; Hajjem, B.; Bellassoued, M., 2007:
Facile and Convenient Synthesis of 1Perfluoroalkyl1,2,4triazoles

Zhang, J; Zhao, Y; Li, D; Liang, F; Liu, Q, 2007:
Facile and Efficient Synthesis of Substituted 1,4Dithiafulvalenes from bDicarbonyl Compounds

Jong-Min Lee; Yong-Geun Lee; Dae-Wook Kim; Chul Oh; Sang-Man Koo; Seong-Geun Oh, 2007:
Facile and novel route for preparation of silica/silver heterogeneous composite particles with hollow structure

Zhi Yang; Xiaohua Chen; Yuxing Pu; Lingping Zhou; Chuansheng Chen; Wenhua Li; Longshan Xu; Bin Yi; Yanguo Wang, 2007:
Facile approach to obtain individual-nanotube dispersion at high loading in carbon nanotubes/polyimide composites

Yun Chen; Qing-sheng Wu; Rong-hui Yin; Ya-ping Ding, 2007:
Facile fabrication and optical properties of novel Pb(OH)Cl nanotubes

Zhiqing Yuan; Hong Chen; Jianxin Tang; Xin Chen; Dejian Zhao; Zhengxiang Wang, 2007:
Facile method to fabricate stable superhydrophobic polystyrene surface by adding ethanol

D. Haase; S. Hampel; A. Leonhardt; J. Thomas; N. Mattern; B. Büchner;, 2007:
Facile one-step-synthesis of carbon wrapped copper nanowires by thermal decomposition of Copper(II)acetylacetonate

Chengyu Wang; Ying Liu; Hari Bala; Yan Pan; Jingzhe Zhao; Xu Zhao; Zichen Wang, 2007:
Facile preparation of CaCO3 nanoparticles with self-dispersing properties in the presence of dodecyl dimethyl betaine

Zorica, M. Bugarčić; Biljana, M. Mojsilović; Vera, M. Divac, 2007:
Facile pyridine-catalyzed phenylselenoetherification of alkenols

Xiaoping Xu; Mingyu Hu; Yingming Yao; Ruipeng Qi; Yong Zhang; Qi Shen, 2007:
Facile synthesis and characterization of neutral carbon-bridged bis(phenolate) lanthanide derivatives

Qingcheng Zhou; Anjun Qin; Qingguo He; Gangtie Lei; Liduo Wang; Yong Qiu; Cheng Ye; Feng Teng; Fenglian Bai, 2007:
Facile synthesis and properties of binaphthyl-containing blue light emitting materials

Sougata Sarkar; Atish Dipankar Jana; Samir Kumar Samanta; Golam Mostafa, 2007:
Facile synthesis of silver nano particles with highly efficient anti-microbial property

Demetri, P, 2007:
Facilitating Analysis with Implicit and Explicit Self-Disclosures

Gentry, R A.; Fisher, J E., 2007:
Facilitating Conversation in Elderly Persons with Alzheimer's Disease

Clarke, C M., 2007:
Facilitating Gay Men's Coming Out: An Existential-Phenomenological Exploration

Darcy, A. Santor; Christiane Poulin; John, C. LeBlanc; Vivek Kusumakar, 2007:
Facilitating Help Seeking Behavior and Referrals for Mental Health Difficulties in School Aged Boys and Girls: A School-Based Intervention

Simon, J B.; Savina, E A., 2007:
Facilitating Hospital to School Transitions: Practices of Hospital-Based Therapists

Gray, D. E., 2007:
Facilitating Management Learning: Developing Critical Reflection Through Reflective Tools

Hylton, M E., 2007:
Facilitating Online Learning Communities: A Comparison of Two Discussion Facilitation Techniques

Riolama Lorenzo-Lasa; Roger I Ideishi; Siobhan K Ideishi, 2007:
Facilitating Preschool Learning and Movement through Dance

Brown, C D., 2007:
Facilitating Therapeutic Expression and Communication through Play

Kienle, A; Ritterskamp, C, 2007:
Facilitating asynchronous discussions in learning communities: the impact of moderation strategies

Alkhawaldeh, S A., 2007:
Facilitating conceptual change in ninth grade students understanding of human circulatory system concepts

Hiroto SETOKAWA; Mitsuo HAYASHI; Tadao HORI, 2007:
Facilitating effect of cooling the occipital region on nocturnal sleep

Stacy Olitsky, 2007:
Facilitating identity formation, group membership, and learning in science classrooms: What can be learned from out-of-field teaching in an urban school?

V.M. Pomeroy, 2007:
Facilitating independence, motivation and motor learning

Wendy, S. Grolnick; Melanie, S. Farkas; Richard Sohmer; Sarah Michaels; Jaan Valsiner, 2007:
Facilitating motivation in young adolescents: Effects of an after-school program

Jacobs, H.C., 2007:
Facilitation of neonatal endotracheal intubation with mivacurium and fentanyl in the neonatal intensive care unit

Andreas Krein; Jean-Nicolas Audinot; Henry-Noël Migeon; Lucien Hoffmann, 2007:
Facing Hazardous Matter in Atmospheric Particles with NanoSIMS (2 pp)

Peter Benson; Kevin Lewis O'neill, 2007:
Facing Risk: Levinas, Ethnography, and Ethics

Reinhart Kössler, 2007:
Facing a Fragmented Past: Memory, Culture and Politics in Namibia

Ey, K; Lasser, R, 2007:
Facing linear difference equations through hypergroup methods

Beltrutti, D, 2007:
Facing new dilemmas: the stakeholders, the patients and the experts

Lindsey, H, 2007:
Facing the Difficult Issue of Potentially Litigious Patients

Colice, G L., 2007:
Facing the challenge of unmet needs in asthma

Hans Beekmans; Martin Smulders, 2007:
Facings op vuurvaste stompen

Sarah Eckermann; Ellen McIntyre, 2007:
Fact sheets and Infobytes: Snapshots of information

Holtz, A, 2007:
Fact-checking Fiction

Deschamps, Vérie; Bellin-Lestienne, C; Noukpoapé, A; Darmon, N; Hercberg, S; Castetbon, K, 2007:
Facteurs associs aux consommations alimentaires des bnficiaires de laide alimentaire : tude abena

C. Brière; H.T. Doan; P. Cunin; V. Farrenq; M. Pricope; X. Chevalier; P. Claudepierre, 2007:
Facteurs associs au maintien thrapeutique de l'infliximab au sein d'une cohorte de spondylarthropathies dans la  vraie vie 

Labetoulle, M., 2007:
Facteurs de risque des kratites microbiennes

Avondo-Loutfi, A.; Cabrita, B.; Lejeune, F.; Chantegret, A.; Kuhn, C.; Queudet, L.; Yeguiayan, J.-M.; Freysz, M., 2007:
Facteurs de bon pronostic des arrts cardiorespiratoires rcuprs supposs d'origine cardiaque ayant bnfici d'une coronarographie prcoce

S. Perrot; C. Payen-Champenois; N. Schmidely; C. Poncet; F. Laroche, 2007:
Facteurs de risque des douleurs induites par les ponctions et infiltrations articulaires : tude prospective multicentrique chez 1350 patients consultant en rhumatologie

K. Kakpovi; O. Oniankitan; E. Fianyo; K. Tagbor; P. Houzou; M. Mijiyawa, 2007:
Facteurs de risque de la coxarthrose chez des patients togolais

Khalid, M.; Sende, J.; Jbeili, C.; Soupizet, F.; Jaulin, C.; Schvahn, S.; Margenet, A.; Marty, J., 2007:
Facteurs de stress en Mdecine d'urgence Enqute nationale

M. Ben Chihaoui; H. Sehli; E. Cheour; N. Meddeb; S. Sellami, 2007:
Facteurs de svrit de la spondylarthrite ankylosante et perte osseuse

Leroyer, A.; Plouvier, S.; Edmé, J.-L.; Buisset, C.; Vaxevanoglou, X.; Desobry, P.; Frimat, P., 2007:
Facteurs favorisant lexclusion de lactivit salarie pour raisons de sant

I. Legroux-Gerot; F. Collier; J. Vignau; B. Duquesnoy; B. Cortet, 2007:
Facteurs influenant l'volution de la densit minrale osseuse au cours de l'anorexie mentale : effet du traitement hormonal substitutif

Mégarbane, B.; Deye, N.; Bloch, V.; Résière, D.; Théodore, J.; Mohebbi, A.; Baud, F., 2007:
Facteurs pronostiques des intoxications par insuline

J. Glemarec; P. Guillot; B. Le Goff; L. Tortelier; J.-M. Berthelot; Y. Maugars, 2007:
Facteurs prdictifs de gain de DMO sous teriparatide : tude prospective chez 26 patientes

F Merle Vincent; C Couris; AM Schott; T Conrozier; M Piperno; P Mathieu; E Vignon, 2007:
Facteurs prdictifs de satisfaction deux ans aprs la mise en place d'une prothse totale de genou dans la gonarthrose

Zhang, Y; Van Hoven, A Marie; Wang, X, 2007:
Factitious Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 2

Williams, T. O.; Fall, A.-M.; Eaves, R. C.; Darch, C.; Woods-Groves, S., 2007:
Factor Analysis of the KeyMath--Revised Normative Update Form A

Daniel Becker; Erich Gundlach, 2007:
Factor Price Equality and Biased Technical Change in a Two-Cone Trade Model

Lowe, P. A.; Lee, S. W., 2007:
Factor Structure of the Test Anxiety Inventory for Children and Adolescents (TAICA) Scores Across Gender Among Students in Elementary and Secondary School Settings

Wael, M. El-Saify; Mariam, M. R. El-Saify; T. Tsang; A. B. Mathur; M. Kulkarni, 2007:
Factor V Leiden mutation, in-utero inferior vena cava and renal vein thrombosis: report of successful retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy. Case report No. 1

Jin-Shei Lai; Paul, K. Crane; David Cella, 2007:
Factor analysis techniques for assessing sufficient unidimensionality of cancer related fatigue

Hedibert Freitas Lopes; Carlos Marinho Carvalho, 2007:
Factor stochastic volatility with time varying loadings and Markov switching regimes

Ernesto García Ayala; Julio Alexander Díaz Pérez; Mario Alexander Melo; Fabián Adolfo Parra Fuentes; Lina María Vera; José Fidel Latorre, 2007:
Factores asociados a la identificacin del cncer de cuello uterino en la citologa, colposcopia y biopsia en la liga santandereana de lucha contra el cncer de 2002 a 2003

Xavier Pintó; Emili Corbella; Rosaura Figueras; Josefina Biarnés; Wifredo Ricart; Clotilde Morales; Liliana Falkon; Luis Masana, 2007:
Factores predictivos del riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular en los pacientes con diabetes tipo 2 e hipercolesterolemia. Estudio ESODIAH

Antonio Díaz Sánchez; Óscar Núñez Martínez; Marisa Prieto Martín; Inmaculada Beceiro Pedreño; Javier Calleja Kempin; Leandro Santos Castro; Avertano Muro de la Fuente; Gerardo Clemente Ricote; Ana Matilla Peña, 2007:
Factores pronsticos en pacientes con carcinoma hepatocelular desestimado para tratamiento

De Torres Ramírez, I., 2007:
Factores pronsticos y predictivos del carcinoma de prstata en la biopsia prosttica

Adams, P; Abela, J R. Z.; Hankin, B L., 2007:
Factorial Categorization of Depression-Related Constructs in Early Adolescents

Claudia Carvalho; Antonio Capafons; Irving Kirsch; Begona Espejo; Giuliana Mazzoni; Isabel Leal, 2007:
Factorial analysis and psychometric properties of the revised Valencia scale of attitudes and beliefs towards hypnosis-client version

Gebauer, B; Hyvönen, N, 2007:
Factorization method and irregular inclusions in electrical impedance tomography

J. Sadeghi; A. Asadi, 2007:
Factorization method and stability of 4 and SineGordon theory

Adrian Furnham; Alicia Ariffin; Alastair McClelland, 2007:
Factors Affecting Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources Across Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

M. Alesiani; I. Pirazzoli; B. Maraviglia, 2007:
Factors Affecting Early-Age Hydration of Ordinary Portland Cement Studied by NMR: Fineness, Water-to-Cement Ratio and Curing Temperature

R.P. Upadhyaya; J.H. Fiecoat, 2007:
Factors Affecting Grinding Performance with Electroplated CBN Wheels

Morris, A K., 2007:
Factors Affecting Pre-Service Teachers' Evaluations of the Validity of Students' Mathematical Arguments in Classroom Contexts

Millichap, J. G., 2007:
Factors Affecting Recovery of Consciousness After Seizures

Nelson, L.B., 2007:
Factors Affecting Sensory Functions After Successful Postoperative Ocular Alignment of Acquired Esotropia

Attia, M. S.; Khalil, M. M. H.; Abdel-Shafi, A A.; Attia, G. M.; Failla, S; Consiglio, G; Finocchiaro, P; Abdel-Mottaleb, M. S. A., 2007:
Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Excited-States Interactions of Complexes between Some Visible Light-Emitting Lanthanide Ions and Cyclophanes Containing Spirobiindanol Phosphonates

Schultz, D M.; Seitter, K; Gorski, C; Bosart, L; Iovinella, C, 2007:
Factors Affecting the Increasing Costs of AMS Conferences

Ussher, M; Ah-Yoon, M; West, R; Straus, L, 2007:
Factors Associated With Exercise Participation and Attitudes to Exercise Among Pregnant Smokers

Graves, K. N.; Frabutt, J. M.; Shelton, T. L., 2007:
Factors Associated With Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Involvement Among Children With Severe Emotional Disturbance

Sutcliffe, T.L., 2007:
Factors Associated With Neurodevelopmental Outcome at 2 Years After Very Preterm Birth: The Population-Based Nord-Pas-de-Calais EPIPAGE Cohort

Morrey, B.F., 2007:
Factors Associated With Outcomes After Subtalar Arthrodesis

Nelson, L.B., 2007:
Factors Associated with Childhood Strabismus: Findings from a Population-Based Study

Sylvie Lévesque; Marie-Éve Clément; Claire Chamberland, 2007:
Factors Associated with Co-occurrence of Spousal and Parental Violence: Quebec Population Study

Xiaoyu Li, D Xiao, X He, W Chen and Dongmei Song, 2007:
Factors Associated with Farmland Area Changes in Arid Regions: A Case Study of the Shiyang River Basin, Northwestern China

Lester, S; Harris, S M., 2007:
Factors Associated with First Session Nonattendance at a University-Based Family Therapy Clinic

McCrory, P., 2007:
Factors Associated with Physical Activity in Canadian Adults with Diabetes

Hirshorn, B A.; Young, C A.; Bernhard, B J., 2007:
Factors Associated with Recreational Gambling Frequency among Older Adults

Patricia, L. Schaber; Marlene, S. Stum, 2007:
Factors Impacting Group Long-Term Care Insurance Enrollment Decisions

Thiers, B.H., 2007:
Factors Influencing Coexistence of Toenail Onychomycosis With Tinea Pedis and Other Dermatomycoses: A Survey of 2761 Patients

Harrison, C; Romer, T; Simon, M Channa; Schulze, C, 2007:
Factors Influencing Mothers' Learning from Paediatric Therapists

Gore, M L.; Knuth, B A.; Curtis, P D.; Shanahan, J E., 2007:
Factors Influencing Risk Perception Associated with HumanBlack Bear Conflict

Amick, N J.; Sorenson, R C., 2007:
Factors Influencing Women's Perceptions of a Sexually Hostile Workplace

Hoyen, C., 2007:
Factors Influencing the Composition of the Intestinal Microbiota in Early Infancy

Dambrauskas, Z; Gulbinas, A; Vanagas, T; Pundzius, J; Barauskas, G, 2007:
Factors Influencing the Development of Nosocomial Pancreatic Infection in Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Morrey, B.F., 2007:
Factors Predicting Complication Rates Following Total Knee Replacement

Alice, M. Hines; Peter, A. Lee; Kathy, L. Osterling; Laurie Drabble, 2007:
Factors Predicting Family Reunification for African American, Latino, Asian and White Families in the Child Welfare System

Lang, P.G., 2007:
Factors Predicting the Risk of In-Transit Recurrence After Sentinel Lymphonodectomy in Patients With Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma

Burton, E G.; Chaneb, B J.; Meeks, S, 2007 :
Factors Related to Coping with Severe Mental Illness in the Latter Half of Life

Morrow, M., 2007:
Factors Related to Underuse of Surveillance Mammography Among Breast Cancer Survivors

Phillips, D.; Thomas, K.; Cox, H.; Ricciardelli, L. A.; Ogle, J.; Love, V.; Steele, A., 2007:
Factors That Influence Women's Disclosures of Substance Use during Pregnancy: A Qualitative Study of Ten Midwives and Ten Pregnant Women

Devendra Mishra; Manpreet Sethi; Mukta Mantan, 2007:
Factors affecting antibiotic prescribing pattern in pediatric practice

Jing-Mei Sun; Su-Yun Chang; Rong Li; Ju-Chang Huang, 2007:
Factors affecting co-removal of chromium through copper precipitation

Lee, G K.; Chan, F; Berven, N L., 2007:
Factors affecting depression among people with chronic musculoskeletal pain: A structural equation model

Paul, A. Steenhof; Whitman Fulton, 2007:
Factors affecting electricity generation in China: Current situation and prospects

Emmanuel, L. Genio Jr.; Roderick, M. Rejesus; Robert, S. Pomeroy; Alan White; Becky Smith, 2007:
Factors affecting fisherfolk's support for coastal resource management: The case of local government-initiated mangrove protection activities

Chalor Jarusutthirak; Supatpong Mattaraj; Ratana Jiraratananon, 2007:
Factors affecting nanofiltration performances in natural organic matter rejection and flux decline

S. Maropoulos; S. Karagiannis; N. Ridley, 2007:
Factors affecting prior austenite grain size in low alloy steel

Janice, K. Tomberlin; Mary, B. Brian; Ajay, K. Dubey, 2007:
Factors affecting seroma formation in patients treated with MammoSite

T.R. Hull; A.A. Stec; K. Lebek; D. Price, 2007:
Factors affecting the combustion toxicity of polymeric materials

Hossain, A.; Osuamkpe, C.; Nagamani, M., 2007:
Factors affecting the efficiency of the discontinuous gradient column in sperm preparation for intra-uterine insemination

Jaydeep Balakrishnan; Janice, B. Eliasson; Timothy, R.C. Sweet, 2007:
Factors affecting the evolution of manufacturing in Canada: An historical perspective

Sangjae Lee; Kyoung-jae Kim, 2007:
Factors affecting the implementation success of Internet-based information systems

Caffrey, A J.; Hoyer, M V.; Canfield, D E., 2007:
Factors affecting the maximum depth of colonization by submersed macrophytes in Florida lakes

Laine, J; Pratt, K C.; Trimm, D L., 2007:
Factors affecting the preparation of supported nickel-Molybdenum hydrodesulphurisation catalysts

Alexandra Economou; Spyridoula Varlokosta; Athanassios Protopapas; Maria Kakavoulia, 2007:
Factors affecting the production of verb inflections in Greek aphasia

Trish Hafford-Letchfield, 2007:
Factors affecting the retention of learners following the degree in social work at a university in the south-east of England

Ghorab, H Y.; Wassef, M; Abou Fetouh, S H. El, 2007 :
Factors affecting the solubility of gypsum. The effect of lime and temperature in different media

Ghorab, H Y.; Fetouh, S H. Abou El, 2007:
Factors affecting the solubility of gypsum: II. Effect of sodium hydroxide under various conditions

Bart Buhre; Jim Hinkley; Rajender Gupta; Peter Nelson; Terry Wall, 2007:
Factors affecting the vaporisation of silica during coal combustion

Berritta, C.; Camorcia, M.; Capogna, G.; Cifarelli, C., 2007:
Factors affecting womens ambulation during labor

Holgate, C, 2007:
Factors and Actors in Climate Change Mitigation: A Tale of Two South African Cities

N. V. Goroshko; D. A. Burakov, 2007:
Factors and characteristics of the spatial correlation of the annual runoff of the Upper Ob basin rivers

Moneta, G.L., 2007:
Factors associated with abdominal compartment syndrome complicating endovascular repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms

Yoshihisa Hirakawa; Yuichiro Masuda; Masafumi Kuzuya; Akihisa Iguchi; Takaya Kimata; Kazumasa Uemura, 2007:
Factors associated with change in walking ability in very elderly patients hospitalized for acute myocardial infarction

Emmeline Meredith; Martyn Baker, 2007:
Factors associated with choosing a career in clinical psychologyundergraduate minority ethnic perspectives

Jenny Hearn; Glenn Arendts; Margaret Fry, 2007:
Factors associated with delay to narcotic analgesia in emergency departments

Rombeau, J.L., 2007:
Factors associated with failure in managing pelvic sepsis after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA)A multivariate analysis

Webb, S; Yágüez, L; Langdon, P E., 2007:
Factors associated with multiple re-admission to a psychiatric hospital

Barnes, J; Ram, B; Leach, P; Altmann, L; Sylva, K; Malmberg, L‐Erik; Stein, A; Team, t FCCC, 2007:
Factors associated with negative emotional expression: a study of mothers of young infants

Jill Dawson; Jane Coffey; Helen Doll; Grahame Lavis; Robert, J. Sharp; Paul Cooke; Crispin Jenkinson, 2007:
Factors associated with satisfaction with bunion surgery in women: A prospective study

Rodrigo Mariño; Colette Browning; Hal Kendig, 2007:
Factors associated with self-reported use of oral health services among older Melbournians

Whyte, Séan; Petch, E; Penny, C; Reiss, D, 2007:
Factors associated with stalking behaviour in patients admitted to a high security hospital

Yoshihisa Hirakawa; Yuichiro Masuda; Masafumi Kuzuya; Takaya Kimata; Akihisa Iguchi; Kazumasa Uemura, 2007:
Factors associated with use of percutaneous coronary intervention among very elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction: Lessons from the Tokai Acute Myocardial Infarction Study (TAMIS)

Terry, P.; Wright, K. A.; Terry, P.; Wright, K. A.; Cochrane, R., 2007:
Factors contributing to changes in frequency of cannabis consumption by cannabis users in England: A structured interview study

Sciubba, D M.; Lin, L-Mei; Woodworth, G F.; McGirt, M J.; Carson, B; Jallo, G I., 2007:
Factors contributing to the medical costs of cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection treatment in pediatric patients with standard shunt components compared with those in patients with antibiotic-impregnated components

N.T. Fisher; M. Scholes; S.M. Jacobs; R.J. Naiman, 2007:
Factors controlling denitrification in a southern African semiarid savanna: Kruger National Park

A. V. Savenko, 2007:
Factors controlling uranium geochemistry in the mixing zone of river- and seawaters

Pradhan, A; Spencer, A; Slade, G, 2007:
Factors influencing oral health of adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in various living arrangements

Robert Hannay; Martin Wachs, 2007:
Factors influencing support for local transportation sales tax measures

Gururajan, R, 2007:
Factors influencing the intention to use wireless technology in health care: a study in India

Dell, J., 2007:
Factors influencing the long-term success of periurethral collagen therapy in the office

D. A. Hegg; K. Nielsen; D. S. Covert; H. H. Jonsson; P. A. Durkee, 2007:
Factors influencing the mesoscale variations in marine stratocumulus albedo

Jenny Morris, 2007:
Factors influencing the quality of student learning on practice placements

John Dawson, 2007:
Factors influencing the rate of use of community treatment orders

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Factors of craniometric variability in argali, using an example ofOvis ammon polii(Bovidae, Artiodactyla)

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Factors that Influence Mental Health Stigma Among 8th Grade Adolescents

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Facts of Life And More

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Fade to Grey: Some Reflections on Policy and Mundanity

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Faedo-Galerkin method for nonlinear second-order evolution equations with Volterra operators

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Fahrbach received the 2007 Georg Wüst Prize

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Faible incidence des fractures de lextrmit suprieure du fmur chez les patients de plus de 60 ans dans les les de Guadeloupe

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Failed pneumoperitoneum post abdominoplasty

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Failing pregnancies of unknown location: a prospective evaluation of the human chorionic gonadotrophin ratio

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Failing to Grow "Their" Own Justice? The Co-Production of Racial/Gendered Labor and Milwaukee's Urban Forest

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Failing to take the moral high ground: Psychopathy and the vertical representation of morality

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Failure analysis of stellite dies for brass extrusion: The effect of aging

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Failure of a heat exchanger generated by an excess of SO2 and H2S in the Sulfur Recovery Unit of a petroleum refinery

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Failure of greenstone, jasper and cataclasite aggregate in bituminous concrete due to studded tyres: Similarities and differences

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Failure of masonry arches under impulse base motion

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Failure to Obtain Desired Postpartum Sterilization: Risk and Predictors

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Failure to monitor independent centres prevents comparison, says watchdog

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Fair value accounting and fair trade: an analysis of the role of International Accounting Standard No. 41 in social conflict

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Faire la lumire sur le trouble affectif saisonnier

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Fairness, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Court-based Dispute Resolution Schemes in England

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Faites Vos Jeux--Regulatory Autonomy and the World Trade Organisation after Brazil Tyres

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Faithfully probabilistic teleportation of an unknown atomic state and cavity field state with a single measurement

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Falling Walls and Mending Fences: Archaeological Ethnography in the Limpopo

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Falling from grace: paradigm shifting in inflammatory bowel disease

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Falling off the Apple cart

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Falls in Older People. 2nd Edition * By Steven Lord, Catherine Sherrington, Hylton Menz, Jacqueline Close

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False Belief and Emotion Understanding in Post-institutionalized Children

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False Qubits?: Polarization of Light and Josephson Junction

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False Self: The Life of Masud Khan

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False belief understanding: The influence of person, grammatical mood, counterfactual reasoning and working memory

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False confessions and the relationship with offending behaviour and personality among Danish adolescents

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False-positive rate in prenatal diagnosis of surgical anomalies

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Famciclovir for recurrent genital herpes

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Fame at Last!

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Familiaire mediterrane koorts in de huisartsenpraktijk

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Familial Alzheimer disease in Latinos: Interaction between APOE, stroke, and estrogen replacement

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Familial Diseases Revealed by a Fetal Anomaly

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Familial Mnire's Disease in Five Generations

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Familial Pituitary Adenomas and Loss of Function of AIP

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Familial and Environmental Influences on Longevity in Historical Quebec

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Familial cervical artery dissections: Clinical, morphologic and genetic studies

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Familial idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis occurring in four members of a family

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Familial pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas associated with mutations of the succinate dehydrogenase genes

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Familiar eyes are smiling: on the role of familiarity in the perception of facial affect

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Familiarity impacts person perception

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Families and chronic illness: Introduction to the special section for Families, Systems, and Health

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Families and their Social Relations in German Cities

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Families in Flats, Revisited

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Families of children with Rett syndrome: Stories of coherence and resilience

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Families of proper generalized neighbor designs

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Families' Perception of the Value of Timed Daily Family Rounds in a Trauma ICU

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Familism and mental health: variation between Asian American children of refugees and immigrants

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Family Adversity in DSM-IV ADHD Combined and Inattentive Subtypes and Associated Disruptive Behavior Problems

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Family Caregiving: Synchrony With Infant Caregiving?

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Family Change and New Balance of Family Roles: The Case of Siberia

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Family Conflict Interacts With Genetic Liability in Predicting Childhood and Adolescent Depression

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Family Disruption and Support in Later Life: A Comparative Study Between the United Kingdom and Italy

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Family Emotional Climate and Sibling Relationship Quality: Influences on Behavioral Problems and Adaptation in Preschool-Aged Children

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Family Emotional Processes and Adolescents' Adjustment

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Family Empowerment as a Mediator between Family-Centered Systems of Care and Changes in Child Functioning: Identifying an Important Mechanism of Change

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Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Reducing Risks of Ethical Infractions and Malpractice

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Family Experiences and Self-Criticism in College Students: Testing a Model of Family Stress, Past Unfairness, and Self-Esteem

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Family First Health Awarded Grant for "Caring Together" Program

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Family Implementation of Positive Behavior Support for a Child With Autism: Longitudinal, Single-Case, Experimental, and Descriptive Replication and Extension

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Family Influences on Racial Identity Among African American Youth

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Family Interactions in Children With and Without ADHD

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Family Migration and Labor Force Outcomes: Sex Differences in Occupational Context

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Family Motivation to Change

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Family Planning: Building Blocks to a Better Environment and Better World

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Family Routines and Rituals

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Family Strain and Adolescent Delinquency in Two Chinese Cities, Guangzhou and Hong Kong

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Family Strengths

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Family Strengths Perspectives from Botswana

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Family Strengths and Challenges in Kenya

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Family Strengths and Challenges in the USA

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Family Strengths in Romania

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Family Systems, Biopsychosocial Processes, and Lifespan Development

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Family Therapy Pioneer, Researcher, and Mentor: Lyman C. Wynne, MD, PhD 19232007

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Family Therapy, Family Practice, and Child and Family Poverty: Historical Perspectives and Recent Developments

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Family Therapy, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

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Family Transitions Triple P

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Family Treatment Approaches for Depression in Adolescent Males

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Family and Social Capital: European Contributions

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Family and Work Role-Identities of Divorced Parents

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Family comes first: Men's and women's personal networks in Tehran

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Family income and attitudes toward older people in China: comparison of two age cohorts

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Family intervention

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Family involvement in health care research: The "Building on Family Strengths" case study

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Family leisure, family photography and zoos: exploring the emotional geographies of families

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Family planning and reproductive health: the link to environmental preservation

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Family relationships for self-care-dependent older people at home

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Family structure and substance use among American Indian youth: A preliminary study

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Family synchronizers: Predictors of sleep-wake rhythm for Japanese first-time mothers

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Family therapy

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Family therapy training on a clinical psychology programme

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Family, Religion and Economic Performance: A Critique of Cultural Determinism

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Family, Social Inequalities, and the Persuasive Force of Interpersonal Obligation

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Family, Work and Welfare Policies: Challenges and Perspectives in East Europe

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Family- versus couple-initiated marriages in Turkey: Similarities and differences over the family life cycle

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Family-Centered Preparation for Surgery Improves Perioperative Outcomes in Children

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FamilyProfessional Partnerships and Parenting Competence, Confidence, and Enjoyment

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Fan-Beam Millimeter-Wave Antenna Design Based on the Cylindrical Luneberg Lens

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Fan-shaped, toric and spherulitic textures of mesomorphic oxadiazoles

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Fanon and space: colonization, urbanization, and liberation from the colonial to the global city

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Far-field intensity distribution, M2 factor of beams generated by Gaussian mirror resonator

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Faraday effect and aggregation of paramagnetic ions in borate glasses

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Farbige Hagelnetze: Ihre Netzstruktur sowie Licht- und UV-Durchlässigkeit bestimmen die Ausfärbung der Apfelfrüchte

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Farewell to a Pioneer: Lubomyr Kuzmak

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Farmacokinetische formules voor het doseren van vancomycine leiden tot suboptimale therapie

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Farmacotherapeutische richtlijn Acute epididymitis

H. Folmer, 2007:
Farmacotherapeutische richtlijn Polymyalgia rheumatica

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Farmacotherapie bij ouderen

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Farmers Bounty. Locating Crop Diversity in the Contemporary World

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Farmers vulnerability to flood risk

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Farming, childhood allergy, and unpasteurised milk A review of; Which aspects of the farming lifestyle explain the inwerse association with childhood allergy. Perkin MR, Strachan DP. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2006;117:137481

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Farmworker Housing and Spaces of Belonging in Woodburn, Oregon

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Faroe Bank Channel overflow 19952005

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FasT-Fix Meniscus Repair

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Fasciite palmaire associe des polyarthralgies : un syndrome paranoplasique rare

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Fasciite osinophiles survenue secondairement une infection par Borrelia burgdorferi

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Fascinating organosulfur functionalities: Polychalcogens as diatomic sulfur sources

Walter Laqueur, 2007:
Fascism in the twenty-first century?

Marijke Wulp, 2007:
Fasen in het palliatieve proces uitgewerkt

Sara Vanoorbeek, 2007:
Fasering in de behandelingsplanning aan de hand van een diagnostische opwas

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Fashion and cult in neuroscience the case of hysteria

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Fashion as viscous knowledge: fashion's role in shaping trans-national garment production

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Fast Adaptive Microwave Beamforming Using Array Signal Estimation

Chun-Su Park; Jun-Hyung Kim; Sung-Jea Ko, 2007:
Fast Blind Measurement of Blocking Artifacts in both Pixel and DCT Domains

Heldring, A; Rius, J. M.; Tamayo, JÉ Maria; Parron, J; Ubeda, E, 2007:
Fast Direct Solution of Method of Moments Linear System

Du Ting; Liu Yuqi; Zhang Zhibing; Li Zhigang, 2007:
Fast FE analysis system for sheet metal stampingFASTAMP

Toby N Fay, 2007:
Fast Facts: Menopause, 2nd edition

Cai, Y; Mias, C, 2007:
Fast Finite Element Time Domain Floquet Modal Absorbing Boundary Condition Modelling of Periodic Structures Using Recursive Convolution

William Michael Bailey, 2007:
Fast Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery (FLAIR) imaging and associated artefacts in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Xavier Bresson; Selim Esedoḡlu; Pierre Vandergheynst; Jean-Philippe Thiran; Stanley Osher, 2007:
Fast Global Minimization of the Active Contour/Snake Model

Jensen, A C.; Solberg, A Schistad, 2007:
Fast Hyperspectral Feature Reduction Using Piecewise Constant Function Approximations

Folkmar Bornemann; Tom März, 2007:
Fast Image Inpainting Based on Coherence Transport

Horn, I Seidel, 2007:
Fast Kids, Slow Kids, Lazy Kids: Framing the Mismatch Problem in Mathematics Teachers' Conversations

Carpentieri, B., 2007:
Fast Large RCS Calculation Using the Boundary Element Method

Keizer, W P. M. N., 2007:
Fast Low-Sidelobe Synthesis for Large Planar Array Antennas Utilizing Successive Fast Fourier Transforms of the Array Factor

van Sebille, E; van Leeuwen, P Jan, 2007:
Fast Northward Energy Transfer in the Atlantic due to Agulhas Rings

Meiners, C; Jacob, A F., 2007:
Fast Numerical Analysis of Infinite Helix Layers

Yegui Xiao; Liying Ma; Rabab Kreidieh Ward, 2007:
Fast RLS Fourier analyzers capable of accommodating frequency mismatch

Sandra, K. Shepherd, 2007:
Fast Track to GEMs Online

Ali Broumandnia; Jamshid Shanbehzadeh, 2007:
Fast Zernike wavelet moments for Farsi character recognition

Hisashi Koga; Tetsuo Ishibashi; Toshinori Watanabe, 2007:
Fast agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm using Locality-Sensitive Hashing

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Fast algorithms for computing the tripartition-based distance between phylogenetic networks

Yongmei Wei; Guoan Bi, 2007:
Fast algorithms for polynomial time frequency transform

Yumi Iwashita; Ryo Kurazume; Kozo Konishi; Masahiko Nakamoto; Makoto Hashizume; Tsutomu Hasegawa, 2007:
Fast alignment of 3D geometrical models and 2D grayscale images using 2D distance maps

E. V. Shatokhina, 2007:
Fast analysis fo the quality and environmental safety of motor fuels

Gao, Y; Tu, S; Shi, F; Wang, Q; Zhu, X; Shi, D, 2007:
Fast and Efficient Synthesis of 10Aryl2,7dimethyl4,5dioxo3,6,9trioxa3,4,5,6,9,10hexahydroanthracene under Microwave Irradiation without Catalyst

Giorgio Grisetti; Gian Diego Tipaldi; Cyrill Stachniss; Wolfram Burgard; Daniele Nardi, 2007:
Fast and accurate SLAM with RaoBlackwellized particle filters

Ozlem Onay, 2007:
Fast and catalytic pyrolysis of pistacia khinjuk seed in a well-swept fixed bed reactor

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Fast and reliable diagnostic methods for the detection of human poxvirus infections

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Fast and simple hardware accelerated voxelizations using simplicial coverings

T. Tabuchi; M. Takashiri; K. Ishida, 2007:
Fast chemical vapor deposition of microcrystalline silicon by applying magnetic field to hollow electrode enhanced radio frequency glow plasma

Marcus, H. Mendenhall, 2007:
Fast computation of Voigt functions via Fourier transforms

M.Ya. Amusia, 2007:
Fast electron and X-ray scattering as a tool to study target's structure

Sai Ravela; Dennis McLaughlin, 2007:
Fast ensemble smoothing

Jerónimo Arenas-García; Vanessa Gómez-Verdejo; Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal, 2007:
Fast evaluation of neural networks via confidence rating

Roberto Diversi; Roberto Guidorzi, 2007:
Fast filtering of noisy autoregressive signals

Intae Lee; Taesu Kim; Te-Won Lee, 2007:
Fast fixed-point independent vector analysis algorithms for convolutive blind source separation

H. Cho; L. Chavez; E.E. Sigmund; D.P. Madio; Y.-Q. Song, 2007:
Fast imaging with the MMME sequence

Kenji Murakami; Yuji Maekawa; Masanori Izumida; Koji Kinoshita, 2007:
Fast line detection by the local polar coordinates using a window

Bube, K P.; Nemeth, T, 2007:
Fast line searches for the robust solution of linear systems in the hybrid and Huber norms

Pei-cheng Luo; Yi Cheng; Yong Jin; Wan-hong Yang; Jian-sheng Ding, 2007:
Fast liquid mixing by cross-flow impingement in millimeter channels

Rentsch, S.; Buske, S.; Lüth, S.; Shapiro, S. A., 2007:
Fast location of seismicity: A migration-type approach with application to hydraulic-fracturing data

Windsor, J, 2007:
Fast mapping comprehension and production of adolescents with Down syndrome may be aided by memory support1

Frédéric Paletou; Ludovick Léger, 2007:
Fast multilevel radiative transfer

Zhao-hui Jin; Zhongyu Li; Kazuo Kasatani; Hiroaki Okamoto, 2007:
Fast optical switching using cyanine dye-doped nematic liquid crystal

Wen-Jie, X; Xin-Feng, T; Qing-Jie, Z, 2007:
Fast preparation and thermal transport property of TiCoSb-based half-Heusler compounds

Jale Yanik; Christoph Kornmayer; Mehmet Saglam; Mithat Yüksel, 2007:
Fast pyrolysis of agricultural wastes: Characterization of pyrolysis products

E. Pemp; G. Reznicek; L. Krenn, 2007:
Fast quantification of flavonoids inFilipendulae ulmariae flosby HPLC/ESI-MS using a nonporous stationary phase

Mestre, M.; Viaris de Lesegno, B.; Farcy, R.; Pruvost, L.; Bourderionnet, J.; Delboulbé, A.; Loiseaux, B.; Dolfi, D., 2007:
Fast reconfigurable and transient-less holographic beam-shaping realized by a AOM-SLM device

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Fast relaxation transients in a kicked damped oscillator

A. A. Korolev; V. E. Shiryaeva; T. P. Popova; A. A. Kurganov, 2007:
Fast separation of light hydrocarbons by gas chromatography on monolithic capillary columns based on silica gel

M. Bray; E. Koller-Meier; N.N. Schraudolph; L. Van Gool, 2007:
Fast stochastic optimization for articulated structure tracking

Marinello, F; Bariani, P; Chiffre, L De; Savio, E, 2007:
Fast technique for AFM vertical drift compensation

C. Miehe; D. Rosato, 2007:
Fast texture updates in fcc polycrystal plasticity based on a linear active-set-estimate of the lattice spin

Oremus, K.; Majeric-Kogler, V.; Tonkovic, D.; Korolija, D.; Skegro, M., 2007:
Fast track rehabilitation of patients undergoing major abdominal surgery

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Fast track surgery ou lintrt de la prise en charge multimodale priopratoire dans les rsections colorectales lectives pour cancer : rsultats dun essai randomis

T.K. Sheel; K. Yasuoka; S. Obi, 2007:
Fast vortex method calculation using a special-purpose computer

Jacques-Olivier Lachaud; Anne Vialard; François de Vieilleville, 2007:
Fast, accurate and convergent tangent estimation on digital contours

Gabriele Pannocchia; James, B. Rawlings; Stephen, J. Wright, 2007:
Fast, large-scale model predictive control by partial enumeration

Bora Aydin; Mohsen Hamidipour; Faïçal Larachi, 2007:
Fast-mode alternating cyclic operation in trickle beds at elevated temperature for foaming systems

Stange, R; Pflugbeil, C, 2007:
Fasten im Rahmen einer naturheilkundlichen Komplextherapie der Polymyalgia rheumatica

Joyce, P R., 2007:
Faster publication, improved impact factor and top papers

Elliott, W.J., 2007:
Fasting Glucose Levels and Incident Diabetes Mellitus in Older Nondiabetic Adults Randomized to Receive 3 Different Classes of Antihypertensive Treatment: A Report From the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT)

Roupen Hatzakorzian; Helen Bui; George Carvalho; W. Li Pi Shan; S. Sidhu; T. Schricker, 2007:
Fasting plasma glucose levels in patients presenting for elective surgery

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Faszination Meeresforschung. Von Gotthilf Hempel, Irmtraut Hempel, Sigrid Schiel (Hrsg.) und H. M. Hauschild

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Fat Mass But Not Fat-Free Mass Is Related to Physical Capacity in Well-Functioning Older Individuals: Nutrition as a Determinant of Successful Aging (NuAge)--The Quebec Longitudinal Study

Gupta, A.; Reilly, C. S., 2007:
Fat embolism

Mourtzinos, N; Schwartz, A M.; Orenstein, J M., 2007:
Fatal Acinetobacter baumanii Pneumonia Diagnosed at Autopsy in a Patient with End-Stage Renal Disease

Gillian, M. Woldorf, 2007:
Fatal Advice: How Safe-Sex Education Went Wrong

Christophe Boesch; Josephine Head; Nikki Tagg; Mimi Arandjelovic; Linda Vigilant; Martha, M. Robbins, 2007:
Fatal Chimpanzee Attack in Loango National Park, Gabon

Wreford, F; Lambourne, G, 2007:
Fatal Dysrhythmia Secondary to Thyrotoxicosis Periodic Paralysis in a 24-Year-Old White Male

Skorupa, A; Beldner, M; Kraft, A S.; Montero, A J., 2007:
Fatal rhabdomyolysis as a complication of ET-743 (Yondelis) chemotherapy for sarcoma: Case report and literature review

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Fate of mercury and chlorine during SRF co-combustion

William, C. Penker, 2007:
Fate or prophecy?

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Father transitions in the household and young children's injury risk

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Father's Journey

Lax, R F., 2007:
Father's seduction of daughter entices her into the Oedipal phase: Mother's role in the formation of the girl's superego

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Fatherlessness by Divorce Contrasted to Fatherlessness by Non-Marital Births

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Fathers and Public Policy

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Fathers and young childrens literacy experiences in a family environment

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Fathers' Influence on Their Children's Cognitive and Emotional Development: From Toddlers to Pre-K

Naomi YOKOTE, 2007:
Fathers' feelings and thoughts when their partners require an emergency cesarean section: Impact of the need for surgery

Phillip, A. Foster; Marla Reese-Weber; Jeffrey, H. Kahn, 2007:
Fathers' parenting hassles and coping: associations with emotional expressiveness and their sons' socioemotional competence

&na;,, 2007:
Fatigue Continues to be Most Common Side Effect of Chemotherapy

Arnaud, L; Houel, A, 2007:
Fatigue Damage of Asphalt Pavement on an Orthotropic Bridge Deck

Lundstrom, R; Ekblad, J; Isacsson, U; Karlsson, R, 2007:
Fatigue Modeling as Related to Flexible Pavement Design

A. Ibrahim; R.S. Lima; C.C. Berndt; B.R. Marple, 2007:
Fatigue and mechanical properties of nanostructured and conventional titania (TiO2) thermal spray coatings

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Fatigue behavior of surface modified Ti-6Al-4V alloy by double glow discharge plasma alloying

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Fatigue behaviour of friction stir processed AZ91 magnesium alloy produced by high pressure die casting

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Fatigue crack detection in metallic structures with Lamb waves and 3D laser vibrometry

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Fatigue crack propagation behavior of friction stir welded 5083-H32 Al alloy

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Fatigue damage coupled constitutive model for 63Sn37Pb solder under proportional and non-proportional loading

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Fatigue damage induced by nonGaussian bimodal wave loading in mooring lines

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Fatigue data acquisition, evaluation and optimization of district heating pipes

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Fatigue et stress : aspects thoriques

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Fatigue et fibromyalgie : intrt du test de marche de 6 minutes

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Fatigue in Aviation: A Survey of the Awareness and Attitudes of Indian Air Force Pilots

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Fatigue in long-duration travel diaries

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Fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis: from apathy to action

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Fatigue life and mechanical behaviors of bearing steel by nitrogen plasma immersion ion implantation

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Fatigue life prediction for a vessel sailing the North Atlantic route

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Fatigue limit and crack growth in ultra-fine grain metals produced by severe plastic deformation

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Fatigue load computation of wind turbine gearboxes by coupled finite element, multi-body system and aerodynamic analysis

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Fatigue physique dans la sclrose en plaques

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Fatigue strength and residual stress of groove-rolled products

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Fatigue, retention and switching properties of PLZT(x/30/70) thin films with various La concentrations

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Fattori di verit By Stefano Caputo

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Fatty Acid Methyl Esters as Biosolvents of Epoxy Resins: A

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Fatty Acids: Friends or Foe? Relation Between Dietary Fat and Insulin Sensitivity

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Fatty acid hydrazides in heterocyclic synthesis: Synthesis of 1,2-diazepine and pyridazine derivatives

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Fatty acid vesicles

Yong MAO; Zheng XIA; Zheng YIN; Youxian SUN; Zheng WAN, 2007:
Fault Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy Support Vector Machine with Parameter Tuning and Feature Selection

Li, Z.; Han, J.; Sun, J.; He, Y.; Chu, F., 2007 :
Fault Recognition Method Based on Independent Component Analysis and Hidden Markov Model

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Fault configuration produced by initial arc rifting in the Parece Vela Basin as deduced from seismic reflection data

Zhimin Du; Xinqiao Jin; Lizhou Wu, 2007:
Fault detection and diagnosis based on improved PCA with JAA method in VAV systems

Choi, Y-Chul; Kim, Y-Hann, 2007:
Fault detection in a ball bearing system using minimum variance cepstrum

Çelik, M B; Bayir, R, 2007:
Fault detection in internal combustion engines using fuzzy logic

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Fault induced permanent ground deformations: Experimental verification of wet and dry soil, numerical findings relation to field observations of tunnel damage and implications for design

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Fault ride-through capability of DFIG wind turbines

Yumin Zhang; Lei Guo; Haisheng Yu; Keyou Zhao, 2007:
Fault tolerant control based on stochastic distributions via MLP neural networks

Sun-Yuan Hsieh; Pei-Yu Yu, 2007:
Fault-free mutually independent Hamiltonian cycles in hypercubes with faulty edges

Peter Merz; Katja Gorunova, 2007:
Fault-tolerant Resource Discovery in Peer-to-peer Grids

Hyung Keun Lee; Jang Gyu Lee, 2007:
Fault-tolerant compression filters by time-propagated measurement fusion

Prashant Mhaskar; Adiwinata Gani; Charles McFall; Panagiotis, D. Christofides; James, F. Davis, 2007:
Fault-tolerant control of nonlinear process systems subject to sensor faults

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Fault-tolerant robot manipulators based on output-feedback controllers

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Faulting, seismic-stratigraphic architecture and Late Quaternary evolution of the Gulf of Alkyonides BasinEast Gulf of Corinth, Central Greece

Trivalle, C., 2007:
Fausses-routes : que faire avant, pendant, aprs ?

Pascal Artru; Gérard Lledo, 2007:
Faut-IL Abandonner les Critres Recist Pour Lvaluation des Tumeurs Stromales Digestives (GIST)?

Nouvellon, E; Ripart, J, 2007:
Faut-il encore croire au score ASA ?

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Faut-il faire une anastomose ilo-anale manuelle ou mcanique ? Rsultats dune mta-analyse

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Faut-il faire une rsection rectale ou une exrse locale pour les petits cancers du rectum classs T1 ?

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Faut-il laisser une sonde nasogastrique aprs rsection hpatique lective ? Rsultats dun essai randomis: P. Pessaux, J.M. Regimbeau, F. Dondero, M. Plasse, J. Mantz, J. Belghiti Randomized clinical trial evaluating the need for routine nasogastric decompression after elective hepatic resection. Br J Surg 2007;94:297-303

Burgel, P.-R.; Roche, N., 2007:
Faut-il obtenir un contrle strict des hyperglycmies dans les exacerbations de BPCO ?

Laissy, J.P., 2007:
Faut-il proposer un examen TDM avec synchronisation ECG dans les urgences thoraciques ?

Lilia Laadhar; Sonia Masmoudi; Afef Bahlous; Mondher Zitouni; Hela Sahli; Maryam Kallel-Sellami; Abdelaziz Makdouli; Jouda Abdelmoula; Sleheddine Sellami; Sondès Makni, 2007:
Faut-il rechercher systmatiquement la maladie cliaque chez les femmes souffrant d'une ostoporose postmnopausique ?

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Faut-il retirer le drain aprs drainage endoscopique transmural des pseudokystes pancratiques ? Rsultats dun essai randomis: M. Arvanitakis, M. Delhaye, M.A. Bali, C. Matos, V. De Maertelaer, O. Le Moine, J. Deviere Pancreatic-fluid collections: a randomized controlled trial regarding stent removal after endoscopic transmural drainage. Gastrointest Endosc. 2007;65:609-619

X. Guennoc; V. Narbonne; S. Jousse Joulin; V. Devauchelle Pensec; B. Fautrel; R.M. Flipo; A. Saraux, 2007:
Faut-il raliser les srologies des hpatites B et C face une polyarthrite dbutante?

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Faut-il rsquer les mtastases hpatiques des cancers du sein ?

Meder, J.F.; Dacher, J.N.; Krausé, D., 2007:
Faut-il une valuation lors du troisime cycle ?

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Favourable and unfavourable conditions for children's confidence judgments

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Fc receptor and integrin signaling in phagocytes

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Fe(III) IonSelective Membrane Electrode Based on 4Amino6methyl3methylmercapto1,2,4triazin5one

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Fe(III) oxide pillared titanium phosphate (TiP): An effective catalyst for deep oxidation of VOCs

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Fe-Gd-Sn (Iron-Gadolinium-Tin)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Nb-Ni (Iron-Niobium-Nickel)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Nb-Ti (Iron-Niobium-Titanium)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Ni-Pd (Iron-Nickel-Palladium)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Ni-Zn (Iron-Nickel-Zinc)

H. Okamoto, 2007:
Fe-P (Iron-Phosphorus)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Si-Zn (Iron-Silicon-Zinc)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Sn-Y (Iron-Tin-Yttrium)

V. Raghavan, 2007:
Fe-Sn-Zn (Iron-Tin-Zinc)

H. Okamoto, 2007:
Fe-Zn (Iron-Zinc)

H. Okamoto, 2007:
Fe-Zr (Iron-Zirconium)

H. P. Liermann; J. Ganguly, 2007:
Fe2+Mg fractionation between orthopyroxene and spinel: experimental calibration in the system FeOMgOAl2O3Cr2O3SiO2, and applications

Nicolas Bréfuel; Isabelle Vang; Sergiu Shova; Françoise Dahan; Jean-Pierre Costes; Jean-Pierre Tuchagues, 2007:
FeII Spin crossover materials based on dissymmetrical N4 Schiff bases including 2-pyridyl and 2R-imidazol-4-yl rings: Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic and Mössbauer properties

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FeO and MnO high-pressure phase diagrams: relations between structural and magnetic properties

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Fear and Fantasy in the Public Domain: The Development of Secured and Themed Urban Space

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Fear and fitness revisited

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Fear in the Voting Booth: The 2004 Presidential Election

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Fear of China: Is There a Future for Manufacturing in Latin America?

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Fear of Hypoglycemia and Self Reported Posttraumatic Stress in Adults with Type I Diabetes Treated by Intensive Regimens

Repic, T, 2007:
Fear of Intimacy Among Married and Divorced Persons in Association with Physical Abuse in Childhood

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Fear of School Violence and the Ameliorative Effects of Student Social Capital

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Fear of reinjury, negative affect, and catastrophizing predicting return to sport in recreational athletes with anterior cruciate ligament injuries at 1 year postsurgery

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Fear, Guilt, and Grief: Harm to Pets and the Emotional Abuse of Women

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Feasibility Study of Electrical Generation by Wind Energy on the Red-Sea Coast in Egypt

Shimin, Z, 2007:
Feasibility Study of an Aqueous ZincPersulfate Battery

Berardo Naticchia; Alessandro Carbonari, 2007:
Feasibility analysis of an active technology to improve acoustic comfort in buildings

Ignacio Zabalza; Alfonso Aranda; María Dolores de Gracia, 2007:
Feasibility analysis of fuel cells for combined heat and power systems in the tertiary sector

Volcke, D.; Snoeck, P.; Festjens, T.; Kowalski, J.; Jones, R.; Van Hoorde, S., 2007 :
Feasibility and acceptability of short message service (SMS) text messaging to support adherence in patients receiving quetiapine: A pilot study

Sayana, R. Thomas; Heath Odau; Rupak, K. Das; Soren, M. Bentzen; Rakesh, R. Patel; Deepak Khuntia, 2007:
Feasibility of Cs-131 for intraoperative brachytherapy for patients undergoing sublobar resections for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): A dosimetric comparison with I-125 and Cs-131

Elliott, W.J., 2007:
Feasibility of Treating Prehypertension with an Angiotensin-Receptor Blocker

Engels, T C. E.; Andries, C, 2007:
Feasibility of a Family-Focused Intervention for the Prevention of Problem Behavior in Early Adolescents

Shoji Nagao; Keiichi Fujiwara, 2007:
Feasibility of extraperitoneal laparoscopic para-aortic and common iliac lymphadenectomy

Lining Cui; Jirui Hou; Xiangwen Yin, 2007:
Feasibility of gas drive in Fang-48 fault block oil reservoir

Chanoknun Sookkumnerd; Nobutaka Ito; Koji Kito, 2007:
Feasibility of husk-fuelled steam engines as prime mover of grid-connected generators under the Thai very small renewable energy power producer (VSPP) program

Martin Wietschel; Ulrike Hasenauer, 2007:
Feasibility of hydrogen corridors between the EU and its neighbouring countries

David, C. Young; Greig, A. Mill; Rob Wall, 2007:
Feasibility of renewable energy storage using hydrogen in remote communities in Bhutan

Coakley, K J; Hussey, D S, 2007:
Feasibility of single-view coded source neutron transmission tomography

Kasirajan, K., 2007:
Feasibility of the Inoue single-branched stent-graft implantation for thoracic aortic aneurysm or dissection involving the left subclavian artery: Short- to medium-term results in 17 patients

Suzana, J. Camargo; Huilan Li; Liqiang Sun, 2007:
Feasibility study for downscaling seasonal tropical cyclone activity using the NCEP regional spectral model

J. Hirunlabh; R. Charoenwat; J. Khedari; Sombat Teekasap, 2007:
Feasibility study of desiccant air-conditioning system in Thailand

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Feasibility study of hybrid retrofits to an isolated off-grid diesel power plant

Ma, J; Lowe, M J S; Simonetti, F, 2007:
Feasibility study of sludge and blockage detection inside pipes using guided torsional waves

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Feasibility study of twin roll casting process for magnesium alloys

Taghizadeh, M. M.; Torabian, A.; Borghei, M.; Hassani, A. H., 2007:
Feasibility study of water purification using vertical porous concrete filter

Ching-Hsiung Wang; Wei-Bin Lu; Jo-Shu Chang, 2007:
Feasibility study on fermentative conversion of raw and hydrolyzed starch to hydrogen using anaerobic mixed microflora

Qian Li; Xiong-Gang Lu; Kuo-Chih Chou; Kuang-Di Xu; Jie-Yu Zhang; Shuang-Lin Chen, 2007:
Feasibility study on the controlled hydriding combustion synthesis of MgLaNi ternary hydrogen storage composite

Wies Cynkar; Daniel Cozzolino; Bob Dambergs; Les Janik; Mark Gishen, 2007:
Feasibility study on the use of a head space mass spectrometry electronic nose (MS e_nose) to monitor red wine spoilage induced by Brettanomyces yeast

Jin, Z; Xiao-Qi, Z; Tao, Y, 2007:
Feasible schemes for preparing all five-photon graph states

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Feature Article: Influence of the lattice discreteness on magnetic ordering in nanostructures and nanoarrays

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Feature Classification for Robust Shape-Based Collaborative Tracking and Model Updating

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Feature Evolution for Classification of Remotely Sensed Data

Zortea, M; Haertel, V; Clarke, R, 2007:
Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing High-Dimensional Image Data

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Feature Extractions for Small Sample Size Classification Problem

Archibald, R; Fann, G, 2007:
Feature Selection and Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Support Vector Machines

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Feature evaluation and extraction based on neural network in analog circuit fault diagnosis

Marotesa Voultsidou; Silke Dodel; J. Michael Herrmann, 2007:
Feature evaluation in fMRI data using random matrix theory

Hiroki Takabatake; Manabu Kotani; Seiichi Ozawa, 2007:
Feature extraction by supervised independent component analysis based on category information

Pai-Hui Hsu, 2007:
Feature extraction of hyperspectral images using wavelet and matching pursuit

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Feature extraction of metal oxide gas sensors using dynamic moments

Wen-Fang, X, 2007:
Feature of a Confined Positronium Negative Ion by a Spherical Parabolic Potential

Salappa, A.; Doumpos, M.; Zopounidis, C., 2007:
Feature selection algorithms in classification problems: an experimental evaluation

Lukáš Zoubek; Sylvie Charbonnier; Suzanne Lesecq; Alain Buguet; Florian Chapotot, 2007:
Feature selection for sleep/wake stages classification using data driven methods

E. Savio; F. Marinello; P. Bariani; S. Carmignato, 2007:
Feature-Oriented Measurement Strategy in Atomic Force Microscopy

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Feature-based attentional set as a cause of traffic accidents

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Feature: Environmental Trade-offs of Biobased Production

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Features of acoustic wave propagation near the structural phase transition in the La0.875Sr0.125MnO3manganite

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Features of aging of engine oil in a gas engine

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Features of analysis of associative hydrocarbon media. Applicability of refractometric methods

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Features of generation-recombination processes in CdTe-based Schottky diodes

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Features of great minima in solar activity during the last 1000 years

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Features of interventions that appear to result in positive impact in treatment of children with autism1

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Features of magnetic reversal of highly anisotropic uniaxial ferromagnets

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Features of migration of triple junctions of different configuration

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Features of operation of a reaction-fractionation column. Different versions of the fractionation stage

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Features of performing stall tests and adjusting antistall systems for protecting centrifugal compressors with electromagnetic bearings

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Features of plasma plume evolution and material removal efficiency during femtosecond laser ablation of nickel in high vacuum

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Features of properties of microinhomogeneous PdMnxFe1xalloys

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Features of proton transport in porous alumina with adsorber water

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Features of reproductive biology in two tropical fish species from the family Scorpaenidae

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Features of the electronic spectrum of alloys with electronic topological transition and their influence on physical properties

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Features of the magnetic state of the layered Fe-V nanostructure of the superconductor-ferromagnet type

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Features of the planetary distribution of auroral precipitation characteristics during substorms

Potter, S, 2007:
February 3, 1959

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Febuxostat Compared with Allopurinol in Patients With Hyperuricemia and Gout

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Federal Welfare and Housing Policy at the Crossroads

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Federalism and Secessionism: Institutional Influences on Nationalist Politics in Qubec

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Fedorov Session 2006

E. V. Chuprunov, 2007:
Fedorov pseudosymmetry of crystals: Review

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Feed in or certificates, competition or complementarity? Combining a static efficiency and a dynamic innovation perspective on the greening of the energy industry

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Feedback and adaptive control and synchronization of a set of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems

Mei Sun; Lixin Tian; Shumin Jiang; Jun Xu, 2007:
Feedback control and adaptive control of the energy resource chaotic system

Naoki Yamamoto; Koji Tsumura; Shinji Hara, 2007:
Feedback control of quantum entanglement in a two-spin system

Detlef Russ; S. Coerper; Rudolf Steiner, 2007:
Feedback controlled ablation of nectrotic and infectious debris on chronic wounds Application and outcome

Mary Parfitt, 2007:
Feedback from the Paediatric Intensive Care Society Standards Group

Enric Saiz; Albert Calbet; Dacha Atienza; Miquel Alcaraz, 2007:
Feeding and production of zooplankton in the Catalan Sea (NW Mediterranean)

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Feeding ecology and postural behaviour of the three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus flaccidus) in northern Venezuela

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Feeding the Body and Nourishing the Soul: Natural Foods in Postsocialist Russia

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Feeding the World: an Economic History of Agriculture, 18002000 by Giovanni Federic

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Feedstock recycling from plastics and thermosets fractions of used computers. II. Pyrolysis oil upgrading

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Feedstock recycling of polyethylene in a two-step thermo-catalytic reaction system

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Feedstock recycling of polyethylene over AlTUD-1 mesoporous catalyst

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Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization Disorder and the Loss of the Self

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Feeling duped: Emotional, motivational, and cognitive aspects of being exploited by others

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Feeling of ear fullness in acute sensorineural hearing loss

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Feeling supported and feeling satisfied: How one partner's attachment style predicts the other partner's relationship experiences

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Feeling the Heat: Nurse Practitioners and Malpractice Liability

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Feeling the Pulse of Drill Cuttings Injection Wells - A Case Study of Simulation, Monitoring and Verification in Alaska

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Feeling secrety: childrens views on involvement in landscape decisions

Jennifer, S. Lerner; Seunghee Han; Dacher Keltner, 2007:
Feelings and Consumer Decision Making: Extending the Appraisal-Tendency Framework

Seunghee Han; Jennifer, S. Lerner; Dacher Keltner, 2007:
Feelings and Consumer Decision Making: The Appraisal-Tendency Framework

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Feet for Fighting: Locating Disability and Social Medicine in First World War America

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Fehldiagnose Asthma

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Feigenbaum scenario for turbulence and Cantorian E-infinity theory of high energy particle physics

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Feinstaub bewirkt entzündliche Reaktion in der Lunge

Peter Bruckmann; Thomas Eikmann, 2007:
Feinstäube und menschliche Gesundheit

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Feldspathic metasomatic rocks from the Lermontovo deposit, Primorye, Russia

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Feline Congress 2007, Prague

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Feline myelonecrosis and myelofibrosis: 22 cases 19962006

John Abeyounis, C., 2007:
Felix Milgrom, M.D

Anonymous,, 2007:
Fellows celebrated at Joint Assembly

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Felt Security as a Normative Resource: Evidence for an Elemental Risk Regulation System?

Talbott, J.A., 2007:
Female Caregivers' Experiences With Intimate Partner Violence and Behavior Problems in Children Investigated as Victims of Maltreatment

Sachiko Hayakawa, 2007:
Female Defensibility in a Small Troops of Japanese Macaques vis-

Kaganas, F, 2007:
Female Genital Mutilation

André T. Guay, 2007:
Female Sexual Dysfunction: Hormonal Treatment of FSD

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Female Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight Among Their Children

Harriette Scarpero, 2007:
Female Urinary Incontinence in Practice

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Female Workers Exposed to Traffic Pollutants and Plasma Follicle-stimulating Hormone

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Female gender is associated with dental care and dental hygiene, but not with complete dentition in the Swiss adult population

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Female infertility due to abnormal autoimmunity: frequently overlooked and greatly underappreciated. Part I

Gleicher, N; Weghofer, A; Barad, D, 2007:
Female infertility due to abnormal autoimmunity: frequently overlooked and greatly underappreciated. Part II

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Female sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women

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Female sexual enhancers and Neutraceuticals

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Female-Biased Sex Ratio Arises after Parental Care in the Sexually Dimorphic Waved Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata) (El Albatros Phoebastria irrorata, una Especie con Dimorfismo Sexual, Presenta una Mayor Proporcin de Hembras Luego del Cuidado Parental)

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Female-Perpetrated Child Sex Abuse: Definitional and Categorisational Analysis

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Females Pay Attention to Female Secondary Sexual Color: An Experimental Study inMacaca mulatta

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Feminism and Video: A View from the Village

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Feminism and the siren call of law

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Feminist Conversation Analysis: Research by Students at the University of York, UK

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Feminist Ecological Economics and Sustainability

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Feminist Geopolitics Revisited: Body Counts in Iraq

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Feminist Issues in Couple Therapy

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Feminist Therapy

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Feminist economics as a Postmodern Moment

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Feminist epistemology after postmodernism: critiquing science, technology and globalisation

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Feminist media coverage of women in war: You are our eyes and ears to the world

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Femoral Ceramic-Tibial Ceramic Total Knee Arthroplasty (Yokohama Medical Ceramic Knee)-Surgical Techniques and Long-Term Clinical Results for Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Femoral head resurfacing in the treatment of osteonecrosis: 3 to 5-year follow-up

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Femoral medial deviation angle during a one-leg squat test in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome

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Femoral perforation complicated by pedestal formation in revision hip arthroplasty

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Femoral stem displacement as a complication of reduction of a dislocated total hip arthroplasty

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Femoral vein transposition for arteriovenous hemodialysis access: Improved patient selection and intraoperative measures reduce postoperative ischemia

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Femoroacetabular Impingement: Diagnosis and Management, Including Open Surgical Technique

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Femtosecond events in the free electron transfer

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Femtosecond laser induced PL change in Sm-doped sodium borate glass and 3D optical memory

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Femtosecond laser writing of optical waveguides with controllable core size in high refractive index glass

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Femtosecond laser-based fabrication of a new model material to study fracture

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Femtosecond laser-induced reduction in Eu-doped sodium borate glasses

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Femtosecond nonlinear optical properities of PbS nanoparticles

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Femtosecond pulse laser-induced self-organized nanogratings on the surface of a ZnSe crystal

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Femtosecond pulse shaping with space-to-time conversion based on planar optics

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Femtosecond spectroscopic studies of photoinduced electron transfer in MDMOPPV:ZnO hybrid bulk heterojunctions

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Femtosecond-laser-induced-crystallization and simultaneous formation of light trapping microstructures in thin a-Si:H films

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Fenestration of auricular cartilage to expedite secondary intention healing

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Fenestrierte Prothesen am thorakoabdominalen Aortenabschnitt

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Fentanyl HCl Iontophoretic Transdermal System (ITS)

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Fentanyl is not a beneficial addition to volatile induction and maintenance of anaesthesia with sevoflurane

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Fenton type processes for minimization of organic content in coloured wastewaters. Part II: Combination with zeolites

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Fenton type processes for minimization of organic content in coloured wastewaters: Part I: Processes optimization

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Fergus Rogers--a rheumatologist's appreciation

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Fermentation patterns of gramicidin S formation by Bacillus brevis ATCC 9999 in high-yielding synthetic medium

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Fermentative hydrogen production by the newly isolated Enterobacter asburiae SNU-1

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Fermented Milks (2006)

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Fermion Coherent State Studies of One-Dimensional Hubbard Model

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Fermion-Boson Vertex at Finite Chemical Potential

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Fermionic Zero Modes in Self-dual Vortex Background on a Torus

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Ferric PerchlorateCatalyzed OnePot Synthesis of aAminonitriles using Trimethylsilylcyanide

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Ferrocene-based derivative bearing phenol group recognitive sites: efficient H2PO4 receptor

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Ferroelastic to paraelastic phase transition of K3H(SeO4)2 and Rb3H(SeO4)2 single crystals studied by nuclear magnetic resonance and external stress

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Ferroelectric, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Pb1xCex(Zr0.60Ti0.40)O3, 0

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Ferromagnetic 0Josephson junctions

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Ferromagnetic interactions in zinc(II) coordination complex containing nitronyl nitroxide radicals

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Ferromagnetic nitride-based semiconductors doped with transition metals and rare earths

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Ferromagnetic resonance spectra in patterned and unpatterned NiFe/Pt films

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Ferromagnetism in 57Fe-doped cupric oxide

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Ferromagnetism in laser-deposited GaMnAs layers

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Ferromanganese deposits in the Ashadze-1 hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 1258 N)

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Ferroskutterudite (Fe, Co) As3: A new mineral species from the dolomite-calcite veins of the Norilsk ore field

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Fertility Preserving Surgical Treatment of Borderline Ovarian Tumor: Long-term Consequence for Fertility and Recurrence

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Fertility after laparoscopic management of gynecologic emergencies: the experience of a developing country

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Fertility after treatment of Asherman's syndrome stage 3 and 4

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Fertility and breast cancer: the issues

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Fertility outcomes in women with hypopituitarism

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Fertility parameters in lactating Mediterranean buffaloes fed two different diets

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Fertility preservation for the female oncology patient

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Fertility preservation: outcomes for Onco-TESE in male cancer patients prior to oncological therapy

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Fertility-sparing surgery for ovarian low malignant potential tumors

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Fertilitätserhalt bei onkologischen Patientinnen und Patienten

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Fertilit avant et aprs traitement des patients prsentant une tumeur cellule de Leydig

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Fertilit tubaire et chirurgie : le point de vue du gyncologue

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Fetal Abdominal Mass

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Fetal Breech Presentation Predisposes to Subsequent Development of Septic Arthritis of the Hip

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Fetal Caudal Dysgenesis after Maternal Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Pregnancy

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Fetal Grafts, Evident Postmortem in Huntington Disease Patients, Failed to Form New Connections to Brain Tissue

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Fetal Lung Maturity Testing in Diabetic Mothers, Utility of TDx-FLM II Surfactant-to-Albumin Assay, Disaturated Phosphatidylcholine, and Logistic Regression Models

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Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Anomalies of the Neck, Chest, and Abdomen

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Fetal Oxygen Saturation Via Pulse Oximetry is Not Associated With Improved Outcomes or Decreased Rates of Cesarean Delivery

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Fetal Risks of Maternal Diabetes

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Fetal StimulationA Preventative Therapy

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Evidence for species-dependent biosynthetic pathways for converting carlactone to strigolactones in plants

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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)biomarkers of exposure and effect

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Fetal and Neonatal Outcomes of Diabetic Pregnancies

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Fetal and maternal microchimerism: implications for prenatal diagnosis, fetal tolerance and autoimmune disease

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Fetal cardiac signal extraction from magnetocardiographic data using a probabilistic algorithm

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Fetal gender assignment by first-trimester ultrasound

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Fetal growth and onset of delivery: A nationwide population-based study of preterm infants

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Fetal habituation performance: Gestational age and sex effects

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Fetale Hirnentwicklung und Programmierung von zerebralen Funktionsstörungen

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Fetale Programmierung

Ekkehard Schleußner, 2007:
Fetale Programmierung der gonadalen Reifung

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Fetale Wachstumsrestriktion und Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen im Erwachsenenalter

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Fetching Again

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Fetish: A Graphic Essay

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Fette Brummer verhungern trotz Reserven

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Fettleber und Diabetes

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Fettleber und Lipidstoffwechsel

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Fetuses with congenital heart disease demonstrate signs of decreased cerebral impedance

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Fever and Confusion in a 47-Year-Old Man

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Fever and Petechiae in a Middle Aged Male

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Fever, Chest Pain, and Recent Sore Throat

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Fever, Night Sweats, Headache, Cough, and Myalgias in a 60-Year-Old Man

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Fevers in Returning International Travelers

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Fewell et al. Respond to "Fuel for Debate"

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FeMg diffusion in olivine I: experimental determination between 700 and 1,200C as a function of composition, crystal orientation and oxygen fugacity

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Fiabilit et validit du questionnaire d'valuation subjective du genou de l'IKDC (Comit international de documentation du genou)

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Fiabilit limite du plan pelvien antrieur pour limplantation assiste par informatique de la cupule dune prothse totale de hanche

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Fiber Fans and Toric Quotients

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Fiber optic sensing of liquid refractive index

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Fiber ring laser sensor for strain-temperature discrimination based on four-wave mixing effect

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Fiber-optic SERS sensor with optimized geometry

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Fiber-optic sensors for the estimation of pH within natural biofilms on metals

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Fiberoptic intubation training: Effect of model fidelity

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Fibre Bragg grating sensors for distributive tactile sensing

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Fibre imaging bundles for full-field optical coherence tomography

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Fibre pathways of the brain

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Fibre structure of a model manifold of classical configuration space in Bethe ansatz

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Fibre-optic gamma-flux monitoring in a fission reactor by means of Cerenkov radiation

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Fibre-top cantilevers: design, fabrication and applications

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Fibrillating Areas Isolated within the Left Atrium after Radiofrequency Linear Catheter Ablation

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FibrinogenCoated Bismuth Film Electrodes for Voltammetric Analysis of Lead and Cadmium using the Batch Injection Analysis

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Fibrodysplasie ossifiante progressive rvle par des nodules du cuir chevelu

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Fibroepithelial Lesions With Cellular Stroma on Breast Core Needle Biopsy: Are There Predictors of Outcome on Surgical Excision?

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Fibrogense pulmonaire, cellules msenchymateuses et fibrocytes

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Fibrognesis y enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal

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Fibroid Arising in a Müllerian Duct Remnant Presenting as a Pelvic Mass

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Fibrolipome du nerf mdian : un cas

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Fibrome chondromyxode costal

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Fibromyalgia Review

Spaeth, M, 2007:
Fibromyalgia Syndrome Review

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome's New Paradigm: Neural Sensitization and Its Implications for Treatment

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Fibromyalgia and Related Syndromes Characterised by Stress Intolerance and Pain Hypersensitivity: Do We Need a New Nosology?

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Fibromyalgie und Leistungseinschränkung

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Fibromyalgie : Cot du patient non diagnostiqu

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Fibrose rtropritonale : une maladie vasculaire ou immunitaire responsable de lombalgie

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Fibrosis endomiocrdica. Diagnstico por imagen: realce tardo con gadolinio

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Fibrosis qustica, bocio e hipertiroidismo

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Fibrous active carbons from coir

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Fickle Rooster Productions: making a business from a hobby

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Fiction of Fidelity: The Moral Economy of HIV Risk

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Fido on the Front

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Fiebre Q en Extremadura: una infeccin emergente

Arístides de Alarcón, 2007:
Fiebre Q: todava muchas preguntas por resolver

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Fiebre y vacunas

Isabel Ceballos-Barón; Carlos Dueñas-Gutiérrez; Jorge Ortiz-Urbina; Miguel Montejo, 2007:
Fiebre, dolor en hipocondrio derecho y masa heptica con microcalcificaciones en consumidor de lcteos no pasteurizados

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Field Instructor Perceptions in Group Supervision

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Field Measurements in the Development of Methods for the Assessment of Low Frequency Noise

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Field Study of Ricinus Viking Formation

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Field Surveillance and Well-Services Management in a Large Mature Onshore Field

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Field Surveillance: Enhanced Monitoring and Smart Alarms Produce More Oil

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Field Survey of Tsunami Effects in Sri Lanka due to the Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake of December 26, 2004

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Field Trip Reports

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Field Weakening Alternative

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Field and thermionic-field transport in GaAs/AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction barriers

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Field corrosion tests for a low chromium steel carried out at superheater area of a utility boiler with three coals containing different chlorine contents

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Field effect of carbon nanotubes with an ionomeric polymer

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Field emission of electrons by carbon nanotube twist-yarns

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Field experiments on energy consumption and thermal comfort in the office environment controlled by occupants requirements from PC terminal

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Field experiments on natural energy utilization in a residential house with a double skin faade system

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Field identification of a unique globally dominant mechanism of thunderstorm electrification

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Field investigations of the drift of artificial thin films on the sea surface

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Field investigations of the flow, partly covered by ice, in the lower pool of a hydrosystem during the passage of release waves

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Field measurements and analyses for a hybrid system for snow storage/melting and air conditioning by using renewable energy

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Field measurements of faade sound insulation in residential buildings with balcony windows

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Field measurements of the vertical shears for a drift current

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Field scale impacts of spatially correlated relative permeability in heterogeneous multiphase systems

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Field studies of anoxic conditions in the Baltic Sea during the cruise of R/VProfessor Albrecht Penckin July 2006

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Fighting HIVLessons from Brazil

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Fighting the Scope of Practice Partnership

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Fighting The Glaze

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Filaggrin Loss-of-Function Mutations Predispose to Phenotypes Involved in the Atopic March

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Filicide: A Comparison by Sex and Presence or Absence of Self-destructive Behavior

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Filler selection for nonlinear anti-corona bands used in high voltage electric machines

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Filling holes on locally smooth surfaces reconstructed from point clouds

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Filling in the Boxes

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Filling of carbon nanotubes for bio-applications

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Filling the gap between planning and doing: Psychological factors involved in the successful implementation of saving intention

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Filling the voids in the SRTM elevation model A TIN-based delta surface approach

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Filling voids of SRTM with Landsat sensor imagery in rugged terrain

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Film Processability, Morphology, and Properties of Polyamide-6/Low Density Polyethylene Blends

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Film Review

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Film Review: The Painted Veil

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Film condensation under normal and microgravity: Effect of channel shape

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Film cooling analysis using LES turbulence model

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Film evaporation of drops of different shape above a horizontal plate

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Film formation from TiO2-polystyrene latex composite: a fluorescence study

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Film formation from polymer solution using inkjet printing method

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Filmic Discourses on the Role of the Clergy in Iran

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Filming Paradise

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Filming at the front lines of health

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Filosofia pratica e sfera pubblica: Percorsi a confronto: Höffe, Geertz, O'Neill, Gadamer, Taylor – Alberto Pirni

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Filtered gassolid momentum transfer models and their application to 3D steady-state riser simulations

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Filtering Soil Surface and Antenna Effects From GPR Data to Enhance Landmine Detection

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Filtering and prediction from uncertain observations with correlated signal and noise via mixture approximations

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Filtering by optimal projection and application to automatic artifact removal from EEG

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Filtering for uncertain 2-D discrete systems with state delays

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Filtering properties of wavelets for local background-error correlations

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Filthy Flies? Experiments To Test Flies as Vectors of Bacterial Disease

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Filtration model for suspensions that form filter cakes with creep behavior

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Filtration of fly ash using fluidized bed at 300500 C

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Filtration technique removes freshwater algae toxins

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Filtres temporaires, optionnels, permanents dans la prevention de lembolie pulmonaire

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Evidence for sperm storage in common smoothhound shark Mustelus mustelus and paternity assessment in a single litter from South Africa

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Final Exam: A Surgeon??s Reflections on Mortality

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Final Questions

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Final demand impact on output: A macro multiplier approach

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Final results from a national multicenter phase II trial of combination bacillus Calmette-Gurin plus interferon a-2B for reducing recurrence of superficial bladder cancer

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Finalising the nation: The Indonesian military as the guarantor of national unity

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Finance, Corporate Governance, and the Employment Relationship

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Financial Attitudes and Inter vivos Resource Transfers from Older Parents to Adult Children

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Financial Debt and Suicide in Hong Kong SAR

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Financial Disclosures for the Temporary Dermal and Soft-Tissue Fillers Supplement

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Financial Disclosures of the Silicone Breast Implants: Outcomes and Safety Supplement

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Financial Globalisation and Emerging Markets Volatility

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Financial Issues Associated with Having a Child with Autism

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Financial Perspective of the Balanced Scorecard: Strategies for Profitability

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Financial Relationships between Institutional Review Board Members and Industry

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Financial aspirations, financial success, and overall life satisfaction: who? and how?

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Financial evaluation of renewable energy technologies for irrigation water pumping in India

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Financial market reactions following technological discontinuities: a non-event study in two industries

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Financial risktaking on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: A comparison between Austria, Germany, and Slovenia

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Financial ties common between US medical schools and drug companies

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Financing Home Purchase in China, with Special Reference to Guangzhou

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Financing Innovation: The Role of Norwegian Venture Capitalists in Financing Knowledge-intensive Enterprises

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Financing Medicine: The British Experience since 1750

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Financing a competitive recycling initiative in Switzerland

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Financing mental health care in Europe

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Finding Direction When You are Lost in Translation

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Finding Edge-disjoint Paths in Networks: An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm

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Finding Or Imagining Flawed Research?

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Finding Shortest Non-Separating and Non-Contractible Cycles for Topologically Embedded Graphs

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Finding Simmel on the Hong Kong Subway

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Finding Space and Managing Distance: Public School Choice in an Urban California District

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Finding Value in Client Resistance

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Finding What Your Learners Need, the First Step in Teaching

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Finding Your Ecosystem Episteme

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Finding a Civilisational Idea: "West," Eurasia," and "Euro-East" in Russia's Foreign Policy

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Finding a Guard that Sees Most and a Shop that Sells Most

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Finding a New Voice

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Finding a home: group psychotherapy for traumatized refugees and asylum seekers

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Finding a safe place to cross the road: the effect of distractors and the role of attention in children's identification of safe and dangerous road-crossing sites

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Finding a sister lost to mental illness

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Finding and Foregrounding Massage in Khoisan Ethnography

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Finding benefit from cancer

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Finding optimal SVR placement in distribution systems using power density model

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Finding the most unusual time series subsequence: algorithms and applications

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Finding the repeat times of the GPS constellation

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Finding treasure: Data sharing and secondary analysis in developmental science

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Finding words for emotions: The reactions of patients with major depressive disorder towards various musical excerpts

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Findings from a national evaluation of services to improve outcomes for women with co-occurring disorders and a history of trauma

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Fine Motor Skills for Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals, ed 2

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Fine Structure of the Primate Striatum

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Fine analysis of by-products of the selective oxidation of isobutane into methacrolein and methacrylic acid over MoVP catalyst

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Fine coal circuitry considerations in treatment of soft coal with difficult washabilities

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Fine grid numerical solutions of triangular cavity flow

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Fine motor difficulties: The need for advocating for the role of occupational therapy in schools

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Fine motor skills and mathematics achievement in East Asian American and European American kindergartners and first graders

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Fine particle and trace element emissions from waste combustion Comparison of fluidized bed and grate firing

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Fine particle capture in biomass boilers with recirculating gas cyclones: Theory and practice

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Fine particle counting with aerodynamic particle focusing and corona charging

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Fine roots refilling process in an artificial gap in aPicea mongolicaforest

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Fine structure in photoluminescence spectrum of S2center in sodalite

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Fine structure of the spectra of magnetic particles in the vortex state and their ordered arrays

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Fine structure on the excitonic emission in AgI nanoparticles embedded in silica glass

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Fine tuning of work practices of common radiological investigations performed using computed radiography system

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Fine wiring of mineral metabolism in chronic kidney disease

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Fine, ultrafine and nanoparticle trace element compositions near a major freeway with a high heavy-duty diesel fraction

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Fine-Needle Aspiration

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Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Lymph Nodes in the Modern Era

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Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology Versus Core Needle Biopsy in the Evaluation of Thyroid and Salivary Gland Lesions

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Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Core Biopsy Era

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Fine-Tuning Fujita: After 35 years, a new scale for rating tornadoes takes effect

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Fine-Wire Fixators for Foot Deformities

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Fine-scale variation in the spatial association of plant species: A test of the stress-gradient hypothesis in the sub-Antarctic

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Fine-scale vertical distribution of coastal and offshore copepods in the Golfo de Arauco, central Chile, during the upwelling season

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Finger identification and hand posture recognition for humanrobot interaction