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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63580

Chapter 63580 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hylke De Vries; Theo Opsteegh, 2007:
Interpretation of discrete and continuum modes in a two-layer Eady model

M. Yu. Andreev; D. V. Blagoveshchensky; V. M. Vystavnoi; V. S. Mingalev; G. I. Mingaleva, 2007:
Interpretation of experimental data on HF propagation on the St. Petersburg-Spitsbergen path

E. V. Butyrskaya; V. A. Shaposhnik; A. M. Butyrskii; Yu. D. Merkulova; A. G. Rozhkova; S. I. Karpov, 2007:
Interpretation of hypsochromic and bathochromic shifts of vibrational frequencies of a cation exchanger

L. Gail Darlington; Caroline, M. Forrest; Gillian, M. Mackay; Lynn Oxford; Nicholas Stoy; Trevor, W. Stone, 2007:
Interpretation of kynurenine pathway metabolism in osteoporosis

Katherine, J. Rowe; Joseph, E. Arrowsmith, 2007:
Interpretation of measurements of arterial blood gases

Liu Huiqing; Zhang Hongling; Wang Peixi, 2007:
Interpretation of temperature profiles during soak periods in steam-stimulated wells

Puddy, E.; Hill, C., 2007:
Interpretation of the chest radiograph

M. F. Bakhareva; L. V. Tverskaya; T. A. Ivanova; N. N. Veden’kin, 2007:
Interpretation of the energy spectrum and time dynamics of electron fluxes with energies of 0.86.0 MeV in geostationary orbit during the recovery phase of the magnetic storm of April 6, 2000

C.Y. Xiao; X. Hu; X.X. Zhang; D.Y. Zhang; X.C. Wu; X.Y. Gong; K. Igarashi, 2007:
Interpretation of the mesospheric and lower thermospheric mean winds observed by MF radar at about 30N with the 2D-SOCRATES model

Y.S. Na; J.H. Lee, 2007:
Interpretation of viscous deformation of bulk metallic glasses based on the NabarroHerring creep model

Fisher, W P., 2007:
Interpretation, Validity, Measurement, and Mathematics

Ronald, M. Errico, 2007:
Interpretations of an adjoint-derived observational impact measure

Russo, F; Williamson, J, 2007:
Interpreting Causality in the Health Sciences

Eden, C; Greatbatch, R J.; Olbers, D, 2007:
Interpreting Eddy Fluxes

George, G R., 2007:
Interpreting Gender Mainstreaming by NGOs in India: A comparative ethnographic approach

Leiser Silva; Eugenio Figueroa, B.; Jennifer González-Reinhart, 2007:
Interpreting IS alignment: A multiple case study in professional organizations

Melin, J O., 2007:
Interpreting ISAR Images by Means of Parseval's Theorem

R. Webster, 2007:
Interpreting Soil Test Results: What do all the Numbers mean? - by P. Hazelton & B.Murphy

Ancell, B C.; Hakim, G J., 2007:
Interpreting adjoint and ensemble sensitivity toward the development of optimal observation targeting strategies

Martin, J, 2007:
Interpreting and Extending G. H. Mead's Metaphysics of Selfhood and Agency

Braun, S, 2007:
Interpreting in small-group bilingual videoconferences: Challenges and adaptation processes

Linda, R. Tropp; Rebecca, A. Bianchi, 2007:
Interpreting references to group membership in context: feelings about intergroup contact depending on who says what to whom

Jean, K. Gordon, 2007:
Interpreting speech errors in aphasia

Relke, J, 2007:
Interpreting the Bucrania of Çatalhöyük: James Mellaart, Dorothy Cameron, and Beyond

Dong, L; Colucci, S J., 2007:
Interpreting the Opposition between Two Block-Onset Forcing Mechanisms

Kieran, P. McNulty, 2007:
Interpreting the past: Essays on human, primate, and mammal evolution in Honor of David Pilbeam

Ridgwell, A, 2007:
Interpreting transient carbonate compensation depth changes by marine sediment core modeling

Mackenzie, A.; Craik, C.; Tempest, S.; Cordingley, K.; Buckingham, I.; Hale, S., 2007:
Interprofessional Learning in Practice: The Student Experience

Dobson, R; Taylor, J; Cassidy, J; Walker, D; Proctor, P; Perepelkin, J, 2007:
Interprofessional and intraprofessional teams in a standardized patient assessment lab

Richard Hays, 2007:
Interprofessional education in the community: where to begin

Jill Thistlethwaite; Gillian Nisbet, 2007:
Interprofessional education: what's the point and where we're at

Mary, V. Donohue, 2007:
Interrater reliability of the Social Profile: Assessment of community and psychiatric group participation

Jani Tyynelä; Evgenij Zubko; Gorden Videen; Karri Muinonen, 2007:
Interrelating angular scattering characteristics to internal electric fields for wavelength-scale spherical particles

G.V. Shevchenko; Ya. M. Kalinina; E.L. Kordyum, 2007:
Interrelation between microtubules and microfilaments in the elongation zone of Arabidopsis root under clinorotation

V. G. Uryadov; N. V. Aristova; E. N. Ofitserov, 2007:
Interrelation between thermodynamic similarity numbers and topological characteristics of the structure of organic molecules

M. G. Perevozkina; N. M. Storozhok; G. A. Nikiforov; E. A. Ukanakova, 2007:
Interrelation of the antioxidant activity and synergistic action of sterically hindered derivatives of β-(4-hydroxy-3,5-di-tert-butylphenyl)propionic acid in compositions with α-tocopherol

Patir, H.; Upadhyay, R.C., 2007:
Interrelationship between Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) and LymphocyteProliferation in Thermal Exposed Buffalo Heifers

Rebecca Lawthom; Judith Sixsmith; Carolyn Kagan, 2007:
Interrogating power: the case of arts and mental health in community projects

Gisli, H. Gudjonsson; Susan Young; Jessica Bramham, 2007:
Interrogative suggestibility in adults diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperativity disorder (ADHD). A potential vulnerability during police questioning

Michael, A. Leeds; Cristen Miller; Judith Stull, 2007:
Interscholastic Athletics and Investment in Human Capital

Mark Gumbleton, 2007:
Intersection of nanoscience and modern surface analytical methodology

Meifeng Dai; Lixin Tian, 2007:
Intersection of the Sierpinski carpet with its rational translate

Vincent, J. van Hinsberg; John, C. Schumacher, 2007:
Intersector element partitioning in tourmaline: a potentially powerful single crystal thermometer

Austin, Z; Croteau, D, 2007:
Intersectoral collaboration to enable bridging education for pharmacists: The International Pharmacy Graduate Program in Ontario, Canada

H. Tilscher; M. Schmidt, 2007:
Interskapulovertebrale Schmerzen

David Hopwood, 2007:
Intersolar survey: Refocus gets the inside track on the solar market in Germany and beyond

Lu Zhang; Zhiyao Su; Beiguang Chen, 2007:
Interspecific relationships in the forest community dominated byPinus kwangtungensis, an endangered species endemic to China

David, H. Kim; Paul, A. Anderson, 2007:
Interspinous Process Distraction Devices for Spinal Stenosis

N.J. Murawski; K.L. Brown; K.K. Chadman; M.E. Stanton, 2007:
Interstimulus interval discrimination conditioning of the eyeblink reflex in a rodent model of autism

Sharma, D.N.; Subramani, V.; Rath, G.K.; Ganesh, T.; Julka, P.K.; Jyothi basu, K.S.; Bahl, A.; Gopishankar, N., 2007:
Interstitial Brachytherapy Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Cervical Carcinoma: A Dosimetric Study

Brittany, N. Heck, 2007:
Interstitial Cystitis: Enhancing Early Identification in Primary Care Settings

Toshinori Takada, B Science Publisher; Jun-ichi Narita, B Science Publisher; Eiichi Suzuki, B Science Publisher; Fumitake Gejyo, B Science Publisher, 2007:
Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Polymyositis-Dermatomyositis

Rosado de Christenson, M.L., 2007:
Interstitial Lung Disease: Effects of Thin-Section CT on Clinical Decision Making

Rufus, J. Mark; Paul, J. Anderson; Thomas, R. Neumann; Murali Nair; Scott Akins; Steven Gurley, 2007:
Interstitial high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy for early stage prostate cancer: A report of 193 cases

Rufus, J. Mark; Paul, J. Anderson; Murali Nair, 2007:
Interstitial high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy + IMRT vs. HDR monotherapy for early stage prostate cancer

Venita, L. Williams; Ajmel Puthawala; Thinh, P. Phan; Anil Sharma; A.M. Nisar Syed, 2007:
Interstitial hyperthermia during HDR brachytherapy monotherapy for treatment of early stage prostate cancer with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)

X. Y. Liu; P. Holmström; P. Jänes; L. Thylén; T. G. Andersson, 2007:
Intersubband absorption at 1.53.5 m in GaN/AlN multiple quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxy on sapphire

N. V. Dyakonova; O. A. Klimenko; W. Knap; Ya. A. Mityagin; V. N. Murzin; S. A. Savinov, 2007:
Intersubband radiation in weakly bound superlattice structures with wide quantum wells in a transverse electric field

Ginot, E, 2007:
Intersubjectivity and neuroscience: Understanding enactments and their therapeutic significance within emerging paradigms

Semyon Cogan; Yehuda Haas; Shmuel Zilberg, 2007:
Intersystem crossing at singlet conical intersections

Sylvia Pantaleo, 2007:
Interthinking: Young Children Using Language to Think Collectively During Interactive Read-alouds

Pan, S-Yan, 2007:
Intertwining of Academia and Officialdom and University Autonomy: Experience from Tsinghua University in China

Ramon Oller, G Gómez and M. Luz Calle, 2007:
Interval Censoring: Identifiability and the Constant-Sum Property

Hess, M. R.; Hogarty, K. Y.; Ferron, J. M.; Kromrey, J. D., 2007:
Interval Estimates of Multivariate Effect Sizes: Coverage and Interval Width Estimates Under Variance Heterogeneity and Nonnormality

Shu-Fei Wu, 2007:
Interval Estimation for the Two-Parameter Exponential Distribution Based on the Doubly Type II Censored Sample

Marcotte, A.K., 2018 :
Evidence, Goals, and Outcomes in Stuttering Treatment: Applications With an Adolescent Who Stutters

J. Sjakste; V. Tyuterev; N. Vast, 2007:
Intervalley scattering in GaAs: ab initio calculation of the effective parameters for Monte Carlo simulations

Herrera, Lía; Defior, S; Lorenzo, O, 2007:
Intervencin educativa en conciencia fonolgica en nios prelectores de lengua materna espaola y tamazight. Comparacin de dos programas de entrenamiento

M. C. Rots-de Vries; H. T. Kroesbergen; L. A. M. de van Goor, 2007:
Interventie-ontwikkeling en evaluatie: een iteratief proces

Henny Lodewijks, 2007:
Interventies bij jongeren in justitile behandelinrichtingen

Rutger Willem Trijsburg, 2007:
Interventies en interacties in de psychotherapie

G. J. Friedrich, 2007:
Interventional treatment of vein graft disease

Heather, E. Sterling-Turner; Sara, S. Jordan, 2007:
Interventions addressing transition difficulties for individuals with autism

Patrick, G. Dempsey, 2007:
Interventions and case studies in ergonomics and occupational safety

Gibson, L E.; Ruzek, J I.; Naturale, A J.; Watson, P J.; Bryant, R A.; Rynearson, T; Young, B H.; Hamblen, J L., 2007:
Interventions for Individuals After Mass Violence and Disaster

Allen, E. A, 2007 :
Interventions for postconcussion syndrome

M. Esposito; MG Grusovin; P. Coulthard; HV Worthington; PROFESSOR LISA HEITZ-MAYFIELD, 2007:
Interventions for replacing missing teeth: treatment of perimplantitis

Larry, J. Burd, 2007:
Interventions in FASD: we must do better

Dr Emma, J. Palmer; Laura, S. Caulfield; Clive, R. Hollin, 2007:
Interventions with arsonists and young fire setters: A survey of the national picture in England and Wales

Benzaken, A Schwartz; Galbán Garcia, E; Sardinha, Jé Carlos Gomes; Pedrosa, V Lourenço; Paiva, V, 2007:
Interveno de base comunitria para a preveno das DST/Aids na regio amaznica, Brasil

de Medici, A, 2007:
Interview lacked depth

Cobb, W M.; Donnelly, J, 2007:
Interview with 2008 SPE President William M. Cobb

Gormally, B, 2007:
Interview with Conal Devitt

Adamo, S, 2007:
Interview with Gianna Polacco Williams: 30 years of Tavistock-model Infant Observation courses in Italy

Little, M, 2007:
Interview with Katherine Zappone: Freedom and prevention: developing effective children's services in Tallaght, Ireland

Chopra, S, 2007:
Interview with Len Srnka

Connor, E, 2007:
Interview with Oren Beit-Arie of Ex Libris

McGeorge, C, 2007:
Interview with Pauline Boss, PhD

Kaoukji, D; Little, M, 2007:
Interview with Sylda Langford: People, relationships and power struggles the view from the DirectorGeneral of the Irish Office of the Minister for Children

Pamela, K. Scarrow; Susan, V. White, 2007:
Interview with a Quality Leader: Barry Straube on the CMS Office of Clinical Standards and Quality

Margaret, P. Chu; Susan, V. White, 2007:
Interview with a Quality Leader: Bernard Rosof on the State of Medical Quality

Danny van Leeuwen, 2007:
Interview with a Quality Leader: Thomas L. Garthwaite on Healthcare Quality in Large Enterprises

Larsen, G, 2007:
Interview with the Expert

Jessica, M. Hanba; Maria, S. Zaragoza, 2007:
Interviewer feedback in repeated interviews involving forced confabulation

Peter Chaniotis; Selina Stead, 2007:
Interviewing people about the coast on the coast: Appraising the wider adoption of ICZM in North East England

Luck, A M.; Rose, M L., 2007:
Interviewing people with aphasia: Insights into method adjustments from a pilot study

Bushin, N, 2007:
Interviewing with Children in their Homes: Putting Ethical Principles into Practice and Developing Flexible Techniques

Annie Stopford, 2007:
Interviews with Neil Altman and Nancy Hollander

Omdal, H; Galloway, D, 2007:
Interviews with selectively mute children

Hernández, P; Bunyi, B; Townson, R, 2007:
Interweaving Ethnicity and Gender in Consultation

Parsak, C Kaan; Sakman, G; Ozer, H T; Alabaz, O, 2007:
Intestinal Behcets Disease with Perianal Abscess and Necrosis: A Case Report

Marie France de La Cochetiere, B Science Publisher; Rouge, C; Darmaun, D; Jean Christophe Roze, B Science Publisher; Potel, G; Christele Gras Leguen, B Science Publisher, 2007:
Intestinal Microbiota in Neonates and Preterm Infants: A Review

Madan, A., 2007:
Intestinal O2 Consumption in Necrotizing Enterocolitis: Role of Nitric Oxide

Irene, F. Mul; Wardy Paembonan; Ian Singleton; Serge, A. Wich; Hester, G. van Bolhuis, 2007:
Intestinal Parasites of Free-ranging, Semicaptive,and CaptivePongo abeliiin Sumatra, Indonesia

Dorman, T., 2007:
Intestinal Permeability and Systemic Endotoxemia After Laparotomic or Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Alastair Forbes, 2007:
Intestinal failure and short bowel syndrome

Andrew England; John, S. Butterfield; Sathi Sukumar; David Thompson; Jo-An Roulson; Susan Pritchard; Raymond, J. Ashleigh, 2007:
Intestinal infarction: A complication of endovascular therapy

M.S. Vlug; T.K. Lim; M.W.C. de Jonge, 2007:
Intimal Sarcoma of the Arteria Femoralis Superficialis: A Case-report

Sadeq Rahimi, 2007:
Intimate Exteriority: Sufi Space as Sanctuary for Injured Subjectivities in Turkey

Susan Mumm, 2007:
Intimate Friends: Women Who Loved Women, 17781928

Hajratwala, M., 2007:
Intimate History: Reweaving Diaspora Narratives

Pajarita Charles; Krista, M. Perreira, 2007:
Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy and 1-Year Post-Partum

Lauren Bennett Cattaneo; Margret, E. Bell; Lisa, A. Goodman; Mary Ann Dutton, 2007:
Intimate Partner Violence Victims Accuracy in Assessing their Risk of Re-abuse

Joohee Lee; Elizabeth, C. Pomeroy; Tom, M. Bohman, 2007:
Intimate Partner Violence and Psychological Health in a Sample of Asian and Caucasian Women: The Roles of Social Support and Coping

Swanberg, J.; Logan, T., 2007:
Intimate Partner Violence, Employment and the Workplaces: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Sarah De Leeuw, 2007:
Intimate colonialisms: the material and experienced places of British Columbia's residential schools

Gillinder Bedi; Chris Goddard, 2007:
Intimate partner violence: What are the impacts on children?

Heru, A. M., 2007:
Intimate partner violence: treating abuser and abused

Johnson, B L., 2007:
Intimidation of Scientists: A HERA Experience

Kuhar, C W.; Bettinger, T L.; Lehnhardt, K; Townsend, S; Cox, D, 2007:
Into the Forest: The Evolution of a Conservation Education Program at Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda

Shi, L; Nicol, J, 2007:
Into the Mind of a Juvenile Sex Offender: A Clinical Analysis and Recommendation from an Attachment Perspective

Hadas, R, 2007:
Into the murky world

Hinshelwood, R D, 2007:
Intolerance and The Intolerable: The Case of Racism

Nafá Waasaf, Mía Lourdes, 2007:
Intonation and the structural organisation of texts in simultaneous interpreting

Chambost, M.; Bessas, A.; Jault, V.; Rosamel, P.; Combe, C., 2007:
Intoxication aigu mortelle par buflomdil: donnes mdicales et mdicolgales

Stibbe, O; Doré, Béatrice; Mégarbane, B; Buisine, A; Leroy, P, 2007:
Intoxication fatale la suite dune ingestion volontaire de formol

Ong, A-Sophie; Hachelaf, M; Capellier, G; Kantelip, J-Pierre; Davani, S, 2007:
Intoxication mdicamenteuse volontaire au mycophnolate moftil

de la Gastine, B; de la Gastine, G; Mosquet, B; Letouzé, N; Jokic, Mël; Coquerel, A, 2007:
Intoxication par leau sous desmopressine chez lenfant : propos de trois observations**Ce travail a t prsent au 10e Congrs de la Socit de Pharmacologie, 73e Congrs de la Socit de Physiologie, 27es journes de Pharmacovigilance, 4es journes Nationales des CIC, 7e colloque de lAPNET, Montpellier 10-12 avril 2006

Zagagnoni, Céline; Colomb, S; Claud, B; Brenas, Fçois; Patat, A-Marie; Payen, C; Frantz, P; Descotes, J, 2007:
Intoxications aigus par dextropropoxyphne. Revue de la littrature propos dun cas

Mounier, R.; Pavaday, K.; Debrabant, F., 2007:
Intoxications aigus volontaires par ingestion d'endosulfan

Compte, A.; Pierre, N.; Wittig, C.; David, N.; Lamontellerie, M.; Hachelaf, M.; Capellier, G., 2007:
Intoxications aigus: une ralit quotidienne aux urgences

Attard, N.; Blanc, I.; Tichadou, L.; Bourdon, J.-H.; de Haro, L.; Hayek, M.; Arditti, J.; Alazia, M., 2007:
Intoxications mdicamenteuses volontaires (IMV) au mprobamate: dtermination d'une nouvelle dose toxique?

Alexander Rauscher; Christoph Stuppäck, 2007:
Intoxikation mit Quetiapin Zwei Fallberichte

Paul Hayden, 2007:
Intra abdominal hypertension and the abdominal compartment syndrome

Reed, M.D., 2007:
Intra- and interindividual variability of glucuronidation of paracetamol during repeated administration of propacetamol in neonates

&na;,, 2007:
Intra-Articular Bupivacaine-Clonidine-Morphine Versus Femoral-Sciatic Nerve Block in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Nel, W, 2007:
Intra-Storm Attributes of Extreme Storm Events in the Drakensberg, South Africa

Bratton, S. L., 2007:
Intra-abdominal Hypertension and Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

A. B. Imbs; H. V. Luu; L. Q. Pham, 2007:
Intra-and interspecific variability of fatty acid composition of soft corals

Shea, K P., 2007:
Intra-articular Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronic Acid for Symptomatic Osteoarthritis of the Glenohumeral Joint

James Heal; Andrew Kelly, 2007:
Intra-articular osteochondral fibular fracture: Arthroscopic fixation and evidence of mechanism

Toshihiro Okubo, 2007:
Intra-industry Trade, Reconsidered: The Role of Technology Transfer and Foreign Direct Investment

Igal Charney, 2007:
Intra-metropolitan preferences of property developers in greater Torontos office market

Ali, Y.; Negmi, H.; Elmasry, N.; Rabie, M.; Bamehrez, F., 2007:
Intra-peritoneal bupivacaine alone or in combination with morphine in patients undergoing vertical bypass gastroplasty

E. Erell; T. Williamson, 2007:
Intra-urban differences in canopy layer air temperature at a mid-latitude city

Hiroshi Kuroda; Manabu Shimizu; Yuuichi Hirota; Hideki Akiyama, 2007:
Intraannual variability of sea level around Tosa Bay

Ming, L; Ma-Li, G; Qiang, L; Hai-Tao, Z; Yun-Xiang, W, 2007:
Intracavity power addition with a close-ended composite four-mirror cavity

Greenberg, S. M., 2007:
Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Introduction

Yamane, H; Suenaga, R; Han, L; Hayamizu, K; Denbow, D. Michael; Furuse, M, 2007:
Intracerebroventricular Injection of Glutathione-Related Dipeptides Induces Sedative and Hypnotic Effects During Acute Stress in Neonatal Chicks

P. J. M. M. Toll’s-Hertogenbosch, 2007:
Intracoronair streptokinase na percutane coronaire interventie

Gersh, B.J., 2007:
Intracoronary Bone MarrowDerived Progenitor Cells in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Niemann, D; Turk, A S.; Ahmed, A S.; Pulfer, K A.; Aagaard-Kienitz, B; Levine, R, 2007:
Intracranial Atherosclerosis

Gapany, M., 2007:
Intracranial Complications of Sinusitis in Children and Adolescents and Their Outcomes

Fanaroff, A.A., 2007:
Intracranial Epidural Hematoma in Newborn Infants: Clinical Study of 15 Cases

Eric, A. Schmidt, 2007:
Intracranial pressure and brain monitoring XII

C.E. Gilkes; P.C. Whitfield, 2007:
Intracranial pressure and cerebral blood flow

Stephen, A. Bowden; John Parnell, 2007:
Intracrystalline lipids within sulfates from the Haughton Impact StructureImplications for survival of lipids on Mars

Zecca, E; De Luca, D; Marras, M; Barbato, G; Romagnoli, C, 2007:
Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Bile Acids Induced Lung Injury in Newborn Infants

Fanaroff, A.A., 2007:
Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Barker, J.A., 2007:
Intrahospital transport of critically ill ventilated patients: A risk factor for ventilator-associated pneumoniaA matched cohort study

Janusz Skowronek; Aleksander Sowier; Paweł Skrzywanek, 2007:
Intraluminal pulsed dose rate (PDR) brachytherapy and trans-hepatic technique in treatment of locally advanced bile duct cancer preliminary assessment

Dines, D M.; Warren, R F.; Craig, E V.; Lee, D; Dines, J S., 2007:
Intramedullary Fracture Positioning Sleeve for Proper Placement of Hemiarthroplasty in Fractures of the Proximal Humerus

Shearmur, R; Coffey, W; Dubé, C; Barbonne, Rémy, 2007:
Intrametropolitan Employment Structure: Polycentricity, Scatteration, Dispersal and Chaos in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, 1996-2001

Berko¨z, L; Eyuboglu, E, 2007:
Intrametropolitan Location of Producer-service FDI in Istanbul

Koti, R S.; Kolavi, G D.; Hegde, V S.; Khazi, I. M., 2007:
Intramolecular Amidation: Synthesis of Novel ThiazoleFused Diazepinones

Xihe Bi; Jingping Zhang; Qun Liu; Jing Tan; Bing Li, 2007:
Intramolecular Aza-Anti-Michael Addition of an Amide Anion to Enones: A Regiospecific Approach to Tetramic Acid Derivatives

Kei Shin-ya; Osamu Takahashi; Yukiteru Katsumoto; Keiichi Ohno, 2007:
Intramolecular CH and CHO interactions in the conformational stability of benzyl methyl ether studied by matrix-isolation infrared spectroscopy and theoretical calculations

Nicholas, T. Salzameda; David, A. Lightner, 2007:
Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bonding in a C(10)-Exploded Bilirubinoid

Magdalena Małecka, 2007:
Intramolecular NHO resonance-assisted hydrogen bonds in crystal structures of oxaphosphinanes and chromonesDFT calculations and AIM analysis

Shohei Imachi; Kisho Owada; Makoto Onaka, 2007:
Intramolecular carbonyl-ene reaction of citronellal to isopulegol over ZnBr2-loading mesoporous silica catalysts

Olga Kuznetz; Daly Davis; Husein Salman; Yoav Eichen; Shammai Speiser, 2007:
Intramolecular electronic energy transfer in rhodamineazulene bichromophoric molecule

Limin Ruan; Hua Wang; Yuying Hao; Hefeng Zhou; Xuguang Liu; Bingshe Xu, 2007:
Intramolecular energy transfer models and energy band characteristic of rare-earth complexes with o-phthalic acid

M. Calzadilla; A. Malpica; I. Mejias, 2007:
Intramolecular general base catalysis exerted by the carboxilate group in the spontaneous dehydration of the carbinolamine formed from benzoylformic anion and hydroxylamine at early values of pH

Poul Erik Hansen; Fadhil, S. Kamounah; Saif Ullah, 2007 :
Intramolecular hydrogen bonding of o-hydroxyesters and related compounds evaluated by deuterium isotope effects on 13C chemical shifts and principal component analysis

Jörg Wagler; Gerhard Roewer, 2007:
Intramolecular interligand charge transfer and a red hexacoordinate Si-complex with salen-type ligand vs. colorless tetracoordinate salen-Si-complexes with similar substituents

Yamanaka, K-ichi; Fujitsuka, M; Araki, Y; Tashiro, K; Sato, A; Yuzawa, T; Aida, T, 2007:
Intramolecular photoinduced electron-transfer processes in buta-1,3-diynyl-benzene-linked porphyrin-fullerene dyad

Hiroyuki Oka; Yasushi Kiyohara; Hiroshi Kouno; Hitoshi Tanaka, 2007:
Intramolecular spin interaction of 1,3-phenylene linked polyradicals bearing nitroxides in the -conjugated polymeric main and side chains

Shu-Ching, O; Guo-Zhen, W, 2007:
Intramolecular vibrational dynamical barrier due to extremely irrational couplings

Bombaci, H; Kilicoglu, G; Gorgec, M, 2007:
Intramuscular Neurilemoma of the Lower Limb

Salisbury, R.E., 2007:
Intranasal Fentanyl Is an Equivalent Analgesic to Oral Morphine in Paediatric Burns Patients for Dressing Changes: A Randomised Double Blind Crossover Study

S.B. Pierre; M.E. Figueiredo-Pereira, 2007:
Intranigral/intrastriatal prostaglandin J2 injections in mice elicit dopaminergic neuronal loss, UB-aggregates and turning behavior

E. A. Ivanova; G. Kh. Vafina; R. S. Ivanov, 2007:
Intranuclear supramolecular mechanisms for induction of growth morphogenesis in mature embryos of winter and spring wheat

Shephard, R.J., 2007:
Intraocular Pressure Variation During Weight Lifting

Yang Wang; Zhaoqi Wang; Yan Wang; Tong Zuo, 2007:
Intraocular lens design for treating high myopia based on individual eye model

Uhl, E.; Scheder, B.; Morhard, D.; Jörg-Christiantonn, T. Heigl; Zausinger, S., 2007:
Intraoperative CT (iCT) with an integrated navigation system in a multidisciplinary operating suite for cerebral and spinal surgery

Goda Hiroyuki, 2007:
Intraoperative Genetic Diagnosis of Lymph Node Metastasis Based on OSNA Method in Oral Carcinoma

&na;,, 2007:
Intraoperative Hypokalemia in Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Jaehon, M. Kim; Andrea, L. Bowers; Kingsley, R. Chin, 2007:
Intraoperative Imaging Techniques in Spine Surgery

Pignone, M., 2007:
Intraoperative Intensive Insulin Therapy Did Not Improve Outcomes Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Robert, A. Mischkowski, 2007:
Intraoperative Navigation in the Maxillofacial Area Based on 3-D Cone-Beam Imaging

F. Wenz; V. Steil; C. Herskind; H. Sommer; K. Friese; M. Sütterlin; U. Kraus-Tiefenbacher, 2007:
Intraoperative Radiotherapie (IORT) beim Mammakarzinom mit dem INTRABEAM-System

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Intraoperative TRUS-fluoroscopy fusion improves prostate brachytherapy quality

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Intraoperative Tidal Volume as a Risk Factor for Respiratory Failure After Pneumonectomy

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Intraoperative Tidal Volume as a Risk Factor for Respiratory Failure after Pneumonectomy

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Intraoperative asystole in a patient with nail-patella-syndrome

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Intraoperative awake anesthesia applied for tumor excision in cerebral functional areas

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Intraoperative blood glucose concentration: relevance for postoperative outcome

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Intraoperative cardiac arrest during shoulder total arthroplasty

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Intraoperative dreidimensionale Bildgebung mit ISO-C-3D™ zur Evaluation bei perkutanen/minimalinvasiven Operationen im Fußbereich

Vincent Collard; Giovanni Mistraletti; Ali Taqi; J. F. Asenjo; L. S. Feldman; G. M. Fried; F. Carli, 2007:
Intraoperative esmolol infusion spares postoperative fentanyl following laparoscopic cholecystectomy

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Intraoperative fractures during uncemented Furlong bipolar hemiarthroplasty

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Intraoperative haemodynamic stability in patients with phaeochromocytomaminimally invasive vs conventional open surgery

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Intraoperative infusion of dexmedetomidine reduces perioperative analgesic requirements

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Intraoperative permanent implantation of radioactive I-125 seed for local advanced non small lung cancer

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Intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography in refractary hypotension

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Intraosseous Vascular Access in the Out-of-Hospital Setting Position Statement of the National Association of EMS Physicians

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Intraossäre Infusionstechnik

Xiaolei Liu; Min Wei; Feng Li; Xue Duan, 2007:
Intraparticle diffusion of 1-phenyl-1, 2-ethanediol in layered double hydroxides

&na;,, 2007:
Intrapartum Analgesia and Its Association with Post-Partum Back Pain and Headache in Nulliparous Women

&na;,, 2007:
Intrapartum Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring and the Prevention of Perinatal Brain Injury

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Intrapartum Maternal Glycemic Control in Women With Insulin Requiring Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Rotating Fluids Versus Insulin Drip

&na;,, 2007:
Intrapartum Maternal Glycemic Control in Women with Insulin Requiring Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Rotating Fluids versus Insulin Drip

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Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy of Ovarian Cancer: A Review, With a Focus on Practical Aspects of Treatment

Thigpen, J.T., 2007:
Intraperitoneal Cisplatin and Paclitaxel in Ovarian Cancer

Thigpen, J.T., 2007:
Intraperitoneal catheter outcomes in a phase III trial of intravenous versus intraperitoneal chemotherapy in optimal stage III ovarian and primary peritoneal cancer: A Gynecologic Oncology Group study

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Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Factors Influencing Adolescents' Decisions About Having Sex: A Test of Sufficiency of the Theory of Planned Behavior

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Intraseasonal Interactions between Temperature and Vegetation over the Boreal Forests

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Intraseasonal Variability in a Dry Atmospheric Model

Fu, L-Lueng, 2007:
Intraseasonal Variability of the Equatorial Indian Ocean Observed from Sea Surface Height, Wind, and Temperature Data

Son, S-Woo; Lee, S; Feldstein, S B., 2007:
Intraseasonal Variability of the Zonal-Mean Extratropical Tropopause Height

Son, S-Woo; Lee, S, 2007:
Intraseasonal Variability of the Zonal-Mean Tropical Tropopause Height

V. Sathiyamoorthy; P. K. Pal; P. C. Joshi, 2007:
Intraseasonal variability of the Tropical Easterly Jet

E. V. Malinovskaya; V. I. Khoreva, 2007:
Intraspecific variability ofSorghum guineensiaSnowd. in biochemical grain quality indices

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Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy and the Treatment of Spasticity

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Intrathecal Chemokine Synthesis in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer Disease

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Intrathecal triple therapy decreases central nervous system relapse but fails to improve event-free survival when compared with intrathecal methotrexate: results of the Children's Cancer Group (CCG) 1952 study for standard-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia, reported by the Children's Oncology Group

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Intratracheal Recombinant Surfactant Protein D Prevents Endotoxin Shock in the Newborn Preterm Lamb

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Intratympanic gentamicin treatment in Meniere's disease: Patients' experiences and outcomes

G. Crombach, 2007:
Intrauterine Wachstumsrestriktion

J. Dötsch; W. Rascher; C. Plank, 2007:
Intrauterine Wachstumsrestriktion und perinatale Programmierung an der Niere

David, J. Perry; Nadeem Abu-Rustum; Dennis, S. Chi; Richard, R. Barakat; Kaled, M. Alektiar, 2007:
Intravaginal brachytherapy (IVRT) alone for patients with endometrial cancer meeting the PORTEC inclusion criteria

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Intravascular Large B-cell Lymphoma Presenting as Interstitial Lung Disease

Gardiner, G.A., 2007:
Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography: Comparison with Histopathology in Atherosclerotic Peripheral Artery Specimens

H. R. de Vries, 2007:
Intraveneus ancrod voor de behandeling van acute hersentrombose

&na;,, 2007:
Intravenous Acetaminophen vs Oral Ibuprofen in Combination with Morphine PCIA after Cesarean Delivery

Omote, K, 2007:
Intravenous Lidocaine to Treat Postoperative Pain Management

Bhandal, N; Russell, R, 2007:
Intravenous Versus Oral Iron Therapy for Postpartum Anemia

Theusinger, O. M.; Leyvraz, P-F.; Spahn, D. R., 2007:
Intravenous iron to treat anaemia in orthopaedic surgery

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Intravenous paracetamol: a review of efficacy and safety in therapeutic use

Corinna, M. Matt, 2007:
Intravenous regional anaesthesia

Vander, J.F., 2007:
Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Stewart, M W., 2007:
Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) for the Treatment of Chorioretinal Vascular Diseases

Vander, J.F., 2007:
Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) in the Treatment of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Katz, L.J., 2007:
Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) in the Treatment of Neovascular Glaucoma

S. F. Egger; C. Ortner; C. Nischler; C. Hufnagel; J. Spaun; G. Grabner, 2007:
Intravitreale Pharmakotherapie retinaler Erkrankungen und Komplikationen intravitrealer Injektionen

T. Kroll; K. Höffken; J. H. Clement, 2007:
Intrazelluläre Signaltransduktionshemmung

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Intrinsic Abnormalities of Lymphocyte Counts in Children With Down Syndrome

Johansson, P, 2007:
Intrinsic Anion Oxidation Potentials

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Intrinsic Coherence: A New Concept in Polarization and Coherence Theory

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Intrinsic Decoherence on Two-Qubit Heisenberg XX Chain

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Intrinsic Motivation and Subjective Well-Being: The Unique Contribution of Intrinsic Religious Motivation

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Intrinsic Perspectives, Object Feature Binding, and Visual Consciousness

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Intrinsic and Scattering Seismic Attenuation in Southwestern Anatolia

J.L. Gervasoni; L. Kövér, 2007:
Intrinsic and extrinsic loss contributions in X-ray induced photo- and Auger electron emission from surface layers of solids

Vincent Combes; Emanuele Di Lorenzo, 2007:
Intrinsic and forced interannual variability of the Gulf of Alaska mesoscale circulation

V. K. Lemzikov, 2007:
Intrinsic attenuation and scattering of shear waves in the lithosphere of Kamchatka

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Intrinsic hydrogen-terminated diamond as ion-sensitive field effect transistor

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Intrinsic kinetics of the oxidative reaction of dichloroacetic acid employing hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet radiation

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Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Religious Motivation and the Marital Relationship

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Intrinsically flame retardant epoxy resin Fire performance and background Part I

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Introduccin. Teora de la mente, desarrollo y autismo: recordando a ngel Rivire

Gomila, A, 2007:
Introduccin: el boom de la consciencia

Shannon Hastings; Scott Oster; Stephen Langella; David Ervin; Tahsin Kurc; Joel Saltz, 2007:
Introduce: An Open Source Toolkit for Rapid Development of Strongly Typed Grid Services

Burchett, K D.; English, J L., 2007:
Introducing COSMET: An Active Learning Study Tool for Cosmetic Surgery

Rink, T; Antonelli, P; Whittaker, T; Baggett, K; Gumley, L; Huang, A; Menzel, W. Paul, 2007:
Introducing HYDRA: A Multispectral Data Analysis Toolkit

Alexander Archakov, 2007:
Introducing Nanoproteomics, a new section in PROTEOMICS

Bennett, W. M.; Feldman, H. I.; Sayegh, M. H., 2007:
Introducing Presse Renale

Svare, G Messick; Jay, S; Bruce, E J.; Freisthler, B; Miller, L S., 2007:
Introducing Simultaneous Equation Modeling for Social Work Research

Hugo Vargas, 2007:
Introducing T.H.E. corner

Stylianides, A J., 2007:
Introducing Young Children to the Role of Assumptions in Proving

Lewis, R. Rambo, 2007:
Introducing a Book Forum onIndigenous and Cultural Psychology

Sharon L Haughey; Carmel M Hughes; Colin G Adair; Heather M Bell, 2007:
Introducing a mandatory continuing professional development system: an evaluation of pharmacists' attitudes and experiences in Northern Ireland

Margaret Fry; Tessa Rogers; Keryn Jones; Jacqueline Fong; Patsy Jang, 2007:
Introducing a new collaborative model of practice: Embracing the transitional nurse practitioner role

Jesson, S; Farr, D; Sheedy, M; Wilson, F; Logan, K; Mackay, J; Bright, C, 2007:
Introducing a nurse-led service in cardiology encompassing admission, post-operative care and discharge

Graham, J.; Manor, O.; Wiseman, S., 2007:
Introducing humanistic group counselling for somatisation in a primary care practice: Preliminary findings

Saito, I; Kogo, M; Sasaki, K; Sato, H; Kiuchi, Y; Yamamoto, T, 2007:
Introducing novel learning methods to a pharmacy school in Japan: A preliminary analysis

Garnett Wilson; Malcolm Heywood, 2007:
Introducing probabilistic adaptive mapping developmental genetic programming with redundant mappings

Chris, R. Schlauch, 2007:
Introducing the Concepts of Positions, Space, and Worlds: Seeing Human Being and Becomingand Religionin New Ways

Reinhard Mass; Katarina Girndt; Anne-Kathrin Matouschek; Pia Maria Peter; Nina Plitzko; Burghard Andresen; Christian Haasen; Bernhard Dahme, 2007:
Introducing the Eppendorf Schizophrenia Inventory (ESI) as a psychometric method for schizotypy research

Francis, L J., 2007:
Introducing the New Indices of Religious Orientation (NIRO): Conceptualization and measurement

Keskintepe, L.; Sher, G.; Fisch, J.; Kotze, D., 2007:
Introducing the blastocyst competency index (BCI), a scoring system to predict FET outcome: a comparison of conventional freezing vs. ultra-rapid vitrification methods

Ramirez, J; Fornerino, M, 2007:
Introducing the impact of technology: a neo-contingency HRM Anglo-French comparison

Konradsson, Kád S.; Kjaerboel, E; Boerch, K, 2007:
Introducing universal newborn hearing screening in Denmark: Preliminary results from the city of Copenhagen

Ronald Matteotti; Michel Gagner; James Becker, 2007:
IntroducingAnnals of Surgical Innovation and Research

Anonymous, 2018:
Evidence in Coroners' Courts

Pickles, J; Shane, E, 2007:
Introduction and Prologue to Volume 1

Y.S. Choi; H.R. Piehler; A.D. Rollett, 2007:
Introduction and application of modified surface roughness parameters based on the topographical distributions of peaks and valleys

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Introduction for the Special Issue on Remote Sensing for Major Disaster Prevention, Monitoring, and Assessment

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Introduction for Idiopathic and Primary Cardiomyopathy in Children

Henk-Jan Aanstoot, 2007:
Introduction from the Chair

Robinson, D. T., 2007:
Introduction of Lynn Smith-Lovin: Recipient of the 2006 Cooley-Mead Award

Renato, M. Lazzarin, 2007:
Introduction of a simple diagram-based method for analyzing evaporative cooling

Xian-Quan, H; Jie, X; Guang, L; Yan, M, 2007:
Introduction of the Coulomb dressed potential into atomic scattering

Bekes, C.E., 2007:
Introduction of the medical emergency team (MET) system: a cluster-randomised controlled trial

El-Mekki El-Malki; Pascale Massiani; Michel Che, 2007:
Introduction of vanadium species inβzeolite by solid-state reaction: spectroscopic study of V speciation and molecular mechanism

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Evidence-informed massage therapy - an Australian practitioner perspective

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Evidence-informed policy making at country level: lessons learned from the South African Tuberculosis Think Tank

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Evidence in medicine: math versus biology!

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Evidence in Practice: A New Series for Clinicians

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Evidence in support of hyperkalaemia management strategies: A systematic literature review

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Evidence in Support of the Independent Channel Model Describing the Sensorimotor Control of Human Stance Using a Humanoid Robot

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Evidence Integration in Natural Acoustic Textures during Active and Passive Listening

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Evidence level and grade of recommendation of the Ponseti method for arthrogryposis-related syndromic talipes equinovarus and Moebius syndrome: a systematic review

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Evidence Mounts That Severity of Disease Impacts the Prognosis for Patients With Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy

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Evidence, Not Evangelism, for Dietary Recommendations

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EvidenceNOW: Balancing Primary Care Implementation and Implementation Research

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Evidence of a 2D Fermi surface due to surface states in a p-type metallic Bi 2 Te 3

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Evidence of acclimatization or adaptation in Hawaiian corals to higher ocean temperatures

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Evidence of acculturation's impact on dietary quality among non-Hispanic blacks

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Evidence of a Critical Phase Transition in Purely Temporal Dynamics with Long-Delayed Feedback

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Evidence of a cumulative effect for risk factors predicting low bone mass among male adolescent athletes

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Evidence of Adaptation to Recent Changes in Atmospheric CO₂ in Four Weedy Species

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Evidence of a diurnal rhythm in implicit reward learning

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Evidence of a Flynn Effect in Children's Human Figure Drawings (1902-1968)

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Evidence of a gap in understanding obesity among physicians

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Evidence of a General Acid-Base Catalysis Mechanism in the 8-17 DNAzyme

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Evidence of a liver-alpha cell axis in humans: hepatic insulin resistance attenuates relationship between fasting plasma glucagon and glucagonotropic amino acids

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Evidence of altered depression and dementia-related proteins in the brains of young rats after ovariectomy

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Evidence of Altered Glycosylation of Serum Proteins Prior to Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

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Evidence of a microtrabecular cytoskeletal lattice in glandular cells of hydrozoan planulae

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Evidence of Amniotic Epithelial Cell Differentiation toward Hepatic Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells

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Evidence of a Monoclonal Origin for Bilateral Serous Tubal Intraepithelial Neoplasia

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Evidence of amphotericin B resistance in Macrorhabdus ornithogaster in Australian cage-birds

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Evidence of amyloid-β cerebral amyloid angiopathy transmission through neurosurgery

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Evidence of anaerobic coupling reactions between reduced intermediates of 4-nitroanisole

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Evidence of an ancient (2000 years ago) goiter attributed to iodine deficiency in North America

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Evidence of an early projectile point technology in North America at the Gault Site, Texas, USA

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Evidence of an Important Role of Photochemistry in the Attenuation of the Secondary Contaminant 3,4-Dichloroaniline in Paddy Water

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Evidence of an Inherited Predisposition for Spinal Cord Tumors

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Evidence of a Nonphotochemical Mechanism for the Solid-State Formation of Uranyl Peroxide

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Evidence of antidiabetic activity of Spirulina fusiformis against streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar albino rats

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Evidence of antimicrobial and disinfectant resistance in a remote, isolated wild pig population

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Evidence of Anti-tumoral Efficacy in an Immune Competent Setting with an iRGD-Modified Hyaluronidase-Armed Oncolytic Adenovirus

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Evidence of a positive association between malpractice climate and thyroid cancer incidence in the United States

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Evidence of a retinotopic organization of early visual cortex but impaired extrastriate processing in sight recovery individuals

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Evidence of a role for spinal HMGB1 in ischemic stress-induced mechanical allodynia in mice

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Evidence of a sequestered imine intermediate during reduction of nitrile to amine by the nitrile reductase QueF from Escherichia coli

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Evidence of a significant vitamin D deficiency among 9-13-year-old Polish children: results of a multicentre study

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Evidence of a Transition Layer between the Free Surface and the Bulk

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Evidence of attentional impairments using virtual driving simulation in multiple sclerosis

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Evidence of Australian bat lyssavirus infection in diverse Australian bat taxa

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Evidence of axon connectivity across a spinal cord transection in rats treated with epidural stimulation and motor training combined with olfactory ensheathing cell transplantation

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Evidence of balance training-induced improvement in soccer-specific skills in U11 soccer players

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Evidence of B-cell dysregulation in severe CNS inflammation after alemtuzumab therapy

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Evidence of behavior-based utilization by the Asian citrus psyllid of a combination of UV and green or yellow wavelengths

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Evidence of Biomass Smoke Exposure as a Causative Factor for the Development of COPD

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Evidence of cardiac electrical remodeling in patients with Huntington disease

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Leveque, S.; Gérardin, E.; Derrey, S.; Tollard, E.; Langlois, O.; Proust, F.; Fréger, P., 2007:
Intrt diagnostique de l'angioscanner pour valuer le rsidu anvrismal en postopratoire

C. Mariette; S. Benoist; Ph. De Mestier, 2007:
Intrt du Rofecoxib dans la prevention des adnomes colorectaux

Kerbaul, Fçois; Blayac, Dée; Decamps, I; Gouin, Fçois, 2007:
Intrt du dosage du BNP en anesthsie-ranimation

Masmoudi, A; Dammak, A; Bouassida, S; Elleuch, N; Akrout, F; Turki, H; Zahaf, A, 2007:
Intrt du mtronidazole dans le traitement de la leishmaniose cutane

Chardon, G.; Bonneterre, V.; Bernardet, C.; De Gaudemaris, R., 2007:
Intrt du sac dos airbag lors des accidents davalanche comme moyen de secours supplmentaire en complment de lappareil de recherche des victimes en avalanche (ARVA)

K. Moukhabir; S. Janani; F.Z. Chibl; K. Tamraoui; O. Mkinsi, 2007:
Intrt du Rituximab dans les polymyosites svres ( propos d'un cas)

Zehi, K.; Ben Hamida, F.; Belkadhi, A.; Naanaa, T.; Ben Zid, M.; Douik, M.; Zouari, M., 2007:
Intrt du Tlos dans l'valuation de la laxit chronique antrieure du genou en pr- et en postopratoire

Yollin, E., 2007:
Intrt du diagnostic gntique des dficits hypophysaires combins (DHC) sur une srie de 197 patients (rseau GENHYPOPIT)

Duchateau, F.-X.; Pariente, D.; Devaud, M.-L.; Mantz, J.; Ricard-Hibon, A., 2007:
Intrt du monitorage du rythme cardiaque ftal en prhospitalier

A. Binard; B. Lefebvre; M. De Bandt; J.M. Berthelot; A. Saraux, 2007:
Intrt du score d'activit PMR-AS pour l'valuation de l'activit de la pseudo-polyarthrite rhizomlique (PPR) en mdecine gnrale

C Cuerq; PO Rouzaire; A Rozières; D Gaujac; G Cozon; G Llorca; J Tebib; J Bienvenu; JP Larbre; M Piperno, 2007:
Intrt du test QuantiFERON avant instauration d'un traitement par biothrapie

Hofman, P.; Venissac, N.; Hofman, V.; Mouroux, J., 2007:
Intrt dune collection tissulaire cible dans le programme de recherche des tumorothques : lexemple des carcinomes pulmonaires

Debaene, B; Meistelman, C, 2007:
Intrt dune nouvelle classe dantagoniste des curares dans la gestion de la curarisation

Pedeutour, F., 2007:
Intrt et applications de lhybridation in situ en fluorescence (FISH) dans le diagnostic des tumeurs msenchymateuses

Trabold, F, 2007:
Intrt et apport des systmes de simulation pour lapprentissage des situations critiques en anesthsie ranimation

Dureuil, B; Faict, S, 2007:
Intrt et limites de la rotation des personnels dans les blocs opratoires

C. Boulocher; F. Arnault; M.-E. Duclos; O. Roualdes; D. Fau; D.-J. Hartmann; T. Roger; E. Vignon; E. Viguier, 2007:
Intrt et efficacit de l chographie du genou chez le lapin pour dtecter in vivo les lsions mniscales lors d'arthrose exprimentale aprs section du Ligament Crois Crnial

Coffre, T.; Uzzan, B.; Berkovits, A.; Wargon, M.; Garcia, S.; Hoang, P., 2007:
Intrt pronostique de la procalcitonine srique dans les pneumopathies infectieuses reues aux urgences

Allo, J.-C.; Chenevier-Gobeaux, C.; Arthaud, M.; Achkar, R.; Claessens, Y.-E.; Ekindjian, O.-G.; Riou, B.; Ray, P., 2007:
Intrt pronostique court terme du dosage du BNP et du NT-proBNP chez les patients gs admis aux urgences pour une dyspne aigu

M. Eraud; B. Dadi Saãd; M. Lahcen; S. Guy; G. Farges, 2007:
Intrts d'une certification ISO 9001 version 2000 des services biomdicaux

Labrousse, F.; Pommepuy, I.; Moreau, J.J., 2007:
Intrts de ltude immunohistochimique dans le diagnostic neuropathologique des mtastases crbrales

De la taille, A; Fourmarier, M; Desgrandchamps, F; Ballereau, C; Saussine, C; Haillot, O; Azzouzi, A-Rahmène; Lukacs, B; Devonec, M, 2007:
Intrts des antidiurtiques, des anticholinergiques, des anti-inflammatoires et de la toxine botulinique pour le traitement des troubles mictionnels lis IHBP (Forum CTMH-AFU 2005)

D. Hakem; S. Bouzifi; S. Bemmeziane; D. Ait Ghezala; D. Zemmour; A. Berrah; M. Boukrétaoui; W. Mammeri-Oussedik; A. Zenati, 2007:
Intrts de la Capillaroscopie Unguale dans l'Approche Etiologique des Rhumatismes Inflammatoires Dbutants

Moucharrafie, S.; Wiart, M.; Cho, T.-H.; Leston, J.; Honnorat, J.; Nighoghossian, N.; Sindou, M., 2007:
Intrts et limites des modles d'ischmie crbrale chez la souris (occlusion permanente par lectrocoagulation vs occlusion transitoire par microfilament). Corrlation IRM haute rsolution et histologie

Aaron Wernham, 2007:
Inupiat Health and Proposed Alaskan Oil Development: Results of the First Integrated Health Impact Assessment/Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Oil Development on Alaskas North Slope

Nagi, C; Bleiweiss, I J., 2007:
Invadopodia and Cancer Cell Migration

Kamaoui, I.; Bouhouch, F.; Boubou, M.; Znati, K.; Harmouch, T.; Sqalli Houssaini, N.; Louchi, A.; Amarti, A.; Tizniti, S., 2007:
Invagination grlo-grlique chez ladulte secondaire un lipome

Ibrahima Sall; Sidi Mohammed Bouchentouf; Hakim El Kaoui; Abdelmounaim Aitali; Abdessamad Achour; Aziz Zentar; Khalid Sair; Idrissi Mohammed Janati, 2007:
Invagination intestinale sur polype fibro-inflammatoire de Vanek

Roger, E. Millsap, 2007:
Invariance in Measurement and Prediction Revisited

A. M. Aliluiko; O. H. Mazko, 2007:
Invariant sets and comparison of dynamical systems

Dina Razafindralandy; Aziz Hamdouni, 2007:
Invariant subgrid modelling in large-eddy simulation of heat convection turbulence

M. Derakhtian; A.A. Tadaion; S. Gazor; M.M. Nayebi, 2007:
Invariant tests for rapid-fluctuating radar signal detection with unknown arrival time

A. A. Popov, 2007:
Invariants of one-to-one functional transformation of random processes

M. M. Gonik; A. E. Bobyrev; V. A. Burmensky; E. A. Kriksunov; B. -L. Li; H. Malchow; A. B. Medvinsky; O. P. Sterligova, 2007:
Invasion of an intermediate predator: Fish population dynamics in a mathematical model of a trophic chain (As applied to Syamozero lake)

Aníbal Pauchard, 2007:
Invasions as Spatially Explicit Processes: Contributions to Ecology

Ingrid, M. Parker; Eduardo, C. García; Katrina, M. Dlugosch; Pete Holloran; Sarah, M. Swope; Kris, B. Hulvey; Robert Clark, 2007:
Invasions as a Tool for Basic Research

Gueret, R; Patel, G P.; Simon, D; Balk, R A., 2007:
Invasive Aspergillosis

Triden, L; Glennen, A; Juni, B; Lynfield, R, 2007:
Invasive Haemophilus influenzae Disease and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Invasive Isolates in Minnesota, 2002-2005

Tomback, D F.; Resler, L M., 2007:
Invasive Pathogens At Alpine Treeline: Consequences for Treeline Dynamics

Stockman, J.A., 2007:
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Among Infants Before and After Introduction of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

Rost, I; Schiessl, B; Heinrich, U; Rupprecht, W; Wagner, A; Klein, H-Georg, 2007:
Invasive Pränataldiagnostik / Invasive methods in prenatal diagnostics

DeSilvey, D L., 2007:
Invasive VS. Conservative Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes in the Elderly

J.N. Eloff; L.K. Mdee; P. Masoko, 2007:
Invasive and weedy species can be used as a source of antifungal compounds to control plant fungal pathogens

Fimbres, A M; Shulman, S T, 2007:
Invasive group A streptococcal infections

S. L. Coles; H. Bolick, 2007:
Invasive introduced spongeMycale grandisovergrows reef corals in Kneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Louise Rose; Marie, F. Gerdtz, 2007:
Invasive ventilation in the emergency department: Part 1: What nurses need to know

Louise Rose; Marie, F. Gerdtz, 2007:
Invasive ventilation in the emergency department: Part 2: Implications for patient safety

Miller, S.H., 2007:
Invasive, Aggressive Basal Cell Carcinoma: Carcinoma Basocellulare TerebransUlcus Terebrans

Frédéric Graber, 2007:
Inventing Needs: Expertise and Water Supply in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Paris

Keith Tinkler, 2007:
Inventing the Earth: Ideas on Landscape Development since 1740

Throgmorton, J. A., 2007:
Inventing the Greatest: Crafting Louisville's Future Out of story and Clay

Yukihiko Nosé, 2007:
Inventor for Life: Pim Kolff

Thomas Åstebro; Scott, A. Jeffrey; Gordon, K. Adomdza, 2007:
Inventor perseverance after being told to quit: the role of cognitive biases

Katsuhiko Takahashi; Katsumi Morikawa; Myreshka; Daisuke Takeda; Akihiko Mizuno, 2007:
Inventory control for a MARKOVIAN remanufacturing system with stochastic decomposition process

Sophia, P. Dimelis; Maria-Niki Lyriotaki, 2007:
Inventory investment and foreign ownership in Greek manufacturing firms

Hesham, K. Alfares, 2007:
Inventory model with stock-level dependent demand rate and variable holding cost

Chiementin, X.; Bolaers, F.; Dron, J.-P.; Rasolofondraibe, L., 2007:
Inverse Approach to the Reconstruction and Quantification of Vibratory Sources

Serov, V, 2007:
Inverse Born approximation for the nonlinear two-dimensional Schrödinger operator

Song, K. S.; Zhang, Y. Z.; Zhang, B.; Liu, D. W.; Wang, Z. M.; Duan, H. T.; Li, F., 2007:
Inverse Data Modelling for the Optical Properties of the Eutrophic Lake from Reflectance Spectra in Nanhu Lake of Changchun, China

Renno, J. M., 2007:
Inverse Dynamics Based Tuning of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator

Gavril, D; Rashid, K Atta, 2007:
Inverse Gas Chromatographic Study of the Factors Affecting Surface Diffusivity of Gases over Heterogeneous Solids

Johan Lie; Jan, M. Nordbotten, 2007 :
Inverse Scale Spaces for Nonlinear Regularization

D. Assimaki; J. Steidl, 2007:
Inverse analysis of weak and strong motion downhole array data from the Mw7.0 Sanriku-Minami earthquake

Reyes, J Manuel, 2007:
Inverse backscattering for the Schrödinger equation in 2D

Currie, S; Watson, B A, 2007:
Inverse nodal problems for SturmLiouville equations on graphs

Binding, P A; Volkmer, H, 2007:
Inverse oscillation theory for SturmLiouville problems with non-separated boundary conditions

D.M. Kalyon; H.S. Tang, 2007:
Inverse problem solution of squeeze flow for parameters of generalized Newtonian fluid and wall slip

Hebi Yin; Man Yao, 2007:
Inverse problem-based analysis on non-uniform profiles of thermal resistance between strand and mould for continuous round billets casting

Yuanyuan Cai; Xianyu Su, 2007:
Inverse projected-fringe technique based on multi projectors

H. Qi; L.M. Ruan; H.C. Zhang; Y.M. Wang; H.P. Tan, 2007:
Inverse radiation analysis of a one-dimensional participating slab by stochastic particle swarm optimizer algorithm

W. An; L.M. Ruan; H. Qi, 2007:
Inverse radiation problem in one-dimensional slab by time-resolved reflected and transmitted signals

Ablowitz, M J; Biondini, G; Prinari, B, 2007 :
Inverse scattering transform for the integrable discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation with nonvanishing boundary conditions

Badia, A El; Hamdi, A, 2007:
Inverse source problem in an advectiondispersionreaction system: application to water pollution

Albeverio, S; Binding, P; Hryniv, R; Mykytyuk, Y, 2007:
Inverse spectral problems for coupled oscillating systems

Albeverio, S; Hryniv, R O; Nizhnik, L P, 2007:
Inverse spectral problems for non-local SturmLiouville operators

Jie Gao; Aibin Zhao; Fei Peng; Hongqi Li, 2007:
Inversion of array induction logs and its application

L. F. Moskovskaya, 2007:
Inversion of deep-sea vertical electric soundings using the correlational similarity method

C.F. Pain; J.D.A. Clarke; M. Thomas, 2007:
Inversion of relief on Mars

Hui, M; Shu-Fen, T; Xia, T; Dian-Min, T; Xi-Jun, F, 2007:
Inversionless gain enhancing due to Doppler broadening in a closed lambda-type system

JPT staff, _, 2007:
Invert-Fluid Flocculation: A Method for Recycling Drilling Fluid

Hysell, D. L., 2007:
Inverting ionospheric radio occultation measurements using maximum entropy

John Hogden; Philip Rubin; Erik McDermott; Shigeru Katagiri; Louis Goldstein, 2007 :
Inverting mappings from smooth paths through Rn to paths through Rm: A technique applied to recovering articulation from acoustics

AL‐Sabagh, A. M.; Maysour, N E.; Noor El‐Din, M. R., 2007:
Investigate the Demulsification Efficiency of Some Novel Demulsifiers in Relation to Their Surface Active Properties

Thirion-Lefevre, L..; Colin-Koeniguer, E.., 2007:
Investigating Attenuation, Scattering Phase Center, and Total Height Using Simulated Interferometric SAR Images of Forested Areas

Robertson, J C., 2007:
Investigating Human Evolution Using Digital Imaging & Craniometry

Gao, N. P.; Zhang, H.; Niu, J. L., 2007:
Investigating Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort Using a Numerical Thermal Manikin

Arce-Ferrer, A. J.; Castillo, I. B., 2007:
Investigating Postgraduate College Admission Interviews: Generalizability Theory Reliability and Incremental Predictive Validity

Reid, H., 2007:
Investigating Research Capacity: A Survey of Occupational Therapists undertaking Research Degrees

Cochrane, W S.; Laux, J M., 2007:
Investigating School Psychologists' Perceptions of Treatment Integrity in School-Based Interventions for Children With Academic and Behavior Concerns

Horner, M W; Mefford, J N, 2007:
Investigating Urban Spatial Mismatch Using JobHousing Indicators to Model HomeWork Separation

Peltier, R E.; Weber, R J.; Sullivan, A P., 2007:
Investigating a Liquid-Based Method for Online Organic Carbon Detection in Atmospheric Particles

Ian Gilmore; Conall, J. Garvey, 2007:
Investigating and imaging the liver and biliary tract

Telesca, L; Lanorte, A; Lasaponara, R, 2007:
Investigating dynamical trends in burned and unburned vegetation covers using SPOT-VGT NDVI data

Escarameia, M., 2007:
Investigating hydraulic removal of air from water pipelines

Lewis, T; Barlex, D; Chapman, C, 2007:
Investigating interaction between science and design & technology (D&T) in the secondary school a case study approach

Lars Eklundh; Per Jönsson; Andres Kuusk, 2007:
Investigating modelled and observed Terra/MODIS 500-m reflectance data for viewing and illumination effects

Daphne, R. Raban; Sheizaf Rafaeli, 2007:
Investigating ownership and the willingness to share information online

Robertsson, B.; Nordstrom, M.; Wijk, H., 2007:
Investigating poor insight in Alzheimer's disease: A survey of research approaches

Falk, J. H.; Storksdieck, M.; Dierking, L. D., 2007:
Investigating public science interest and understanding: evidence for the importance of free-choice learning

Berthoud, D., 2007:
Investigating scent marking in dogs

Orhan Gezici; Hüseyin Kara; Sema Yanık; H. Filiz Ayyildiz; Semahat Kucukkolbasi, 2007:
Investigating sorption characteristics of copper ions onto insolubilized humic acid by using a continuously monitored solid phase extraction technique

Rose, N; O'Brien, A; Rose, J, 2007:
Investigating staff knowledge and attitudes towards working with adults with learning disabilities and mental health difficulties

Dong, S.; Wu, L.; Paterson, N.; Herod, A. A.; Dugwell, D. R.; Kandiyoti, R., 2007:
Investigating the Fate of Injectant Coal in Blast Furnaces by Size-Exclusion Chromatography

Beaumont, J; Nicholls, W, 2007:
Investigating the Geographies of Justice Movements

P. Nokelainen; T. Silander; P. Ruohotie; H. Tirri, 2007:
Investigating the Number of Non-linear and Multi-modal Relationships Between Observed Variables Measuring Growth-oriented Atmosphere

Villani, P; Dunlop, R; Damitz, B, 2007:
Investigating the Process of Diffusion Using an Analytical Puzzle

Lam, J; Lee, M K. O., 2007:
Investigating the Role of Internet Self-Efficacy in the Elderly's Learning of ICT in Hong Kong, China: A Two-Part Study

Bodzin, A M.; Waller, P L.; Santoro, L Edwards; Kale, D, 2007:
Investigating the Use of Inquiry & Web-Based Activities with Inclusive Biology Learners

Iskander, M. M.; El-Anssary, A. E.; El-Mooty, M. M. Abd; Nagy, H. M., 2007:
Investigating the Value of Monitoring the Implemented Coastal Structures along El Agami Beach, Alexandria, Egypt: Case Study

Schellenberg, D; Nichol, A M.; Weir, L M.; Marlowe, C; Olivotto, I A., 2007:
Investigating the Visibility of Three Types of Surgical Clips as Fiducial Markers in a Breast Phantom

B.D. Beake; J.F. Smith; A. Gray; G.S. Fox-Rabinovich; S.C. Veldhuis; J.L. Endrino, 2007:
Investigating the correlation between nano-impact fracture resistance and hardness/modulus ratio from nanoindentation at 25500 C and the fracture resistance and lifetime of cutting tools with Ti1xAlxN (x = 0.5 and 0.67) PVD coatings in milling operations

Adam, M. Leventhal; Rodney, L. Martin; Robert, W. Seals; Evelina Tapia; Lynn, P. Rehm, 2007:
Investigating the dynamics of affect: Psychological mechanisms of affective habituation to pleasurable stimuli

Donna, G. Blackmond; Martin Klussmann, 2007:
Investigating the evolution of biomolecular homochirality

Vivian, W.Y. Tam; L.Y. Shen; C.M. Tam; Willy, W.S. Pang, 2007:
Investigating the intentional quality risks in public foundation projects: A Hong Kong study

David, G., 2007:
Investigating the performance of alternative types of grammar items

Anthony Ryle, 2007:
Investigating the phenomenology of Borderline Personality Disorder with the States Description Procedure: clinical implications

M. Wolmetz; B. Rapp; D. Poeppel, 2007:
Investigating the phonemic categorization capacity of the right hemisphere: A case study

Duke-Williams, O; Stillwell, J, 2007:
Investigating the potential effects of small cell adjustment on interaction data from the 2001 Census

Curran, K.; Walters, N.; Robinson, D., 2007:
Investigating the problems faced by older adults and people with disabilities in online environments

Fabio, M. Simoes de Souza; Gabriela Antunes, 2007:
Investigating the properties of adaptation in a computational model of the olfactory sensory neuron

Bente Træen; Ingela Lundin Kvalem, 2007:
Investigating the relationship between past contraceptive behaviour, self-efficacy, and anticipated shame and guilt in sexual contexts among Norwegian adolescents

Kaufman, S Barry, 2007:
Investigating the role of domain general mechanisms in the acquisition of domain specific expertise

Luciano Telesca; Marianna Balasco; Vincenzo Lapenna, 2007:
Investigating the time-correlation properties in self-potential signals recorded in a seismic area of Irpinia, southern Italy

Yaqing Liu; Nelson Theethayi; Rajeev Thottappillil, 2007:
Investigating the validity of existing definitions and empirical equations of effective length/area of grounding wire/grid for transient studies

Mu-Chen Chen; Taho Yang; Chi-Tsung Yen, 2007:
Investigating the value of information sharing in multi-echelon supply chains

Paul, L. Wachtel, 2007:
Investigation and its discontents: Some constraints on progress in psychological research

S.P. Balasubramanian; Barney Harrison, 2007:
Investigation and management of adrenal disease

C.D. Briggs; M. Peterson, 2007:
Investigation and management of obstructive jaundice

Bécharia Nadji, 2007:
Investigation and study of the electrical characteristics of anodic oxide films SiO2 annealed at various temperatures

Q. Liu; E. Button; K. Klima, 2007:
Investigation for probabilistic prediction of shear strength properties of clay-rich fault gouge in the Austrian Alps

R. Singh; J.S. Khamba, 2007:
Investigation for ultrasonic machining of titanium and its alloys

Marco, J. Castaldi; John, P. Dooher, 2007:
Investigation into a catalytically controlled reaction gasifier (CCRG) for coal to hydrogen

Dyi-Cheng Chen; Sheng-Kai Syu; Cing-Hong Wu; Sin-Kai Lin, 2007:
Investigation into cold extrusion of aluminum billets using three-dimensional finite element method

Lingling Zhang; Yunhong Jiang; Yulong Ding; Malcolm Povey; David York, 2007:
Investigation into the antibacterial behaviour of suspensions of ZnO nanoparticles (ZnO nanofluids)

S. A. Borisov; S. B. Vakhrushev; E. Yu. Koroleva; A. A. Naberezhnov; P. P. Syrnikov; V. G. Simkin; Z. Kutnjak; T. Egami; W. Dmowski; P. Piekarz, 2007:
Investigation into the evolution of the structure of K1xLixTa1yNbyO3single crystals under variations in temperature

S. V. Starenchencko; N. R. Sizonenko; E. V. Kozlov, 2007:
Investigation into the kinetics of ordering of the Au4Zn alloy

Alexander Ebner; Walter Meier; Yves Mugnier; Joachim Wachter, 2007:
Investigation into the reaction of (t-BuC5H4)2Nb(2-Te2)H with CH3Li: Hydride abstraction versus telluride methylation

M.F. Bain; Y.H. Low; D.C.S. Bien; J.H. Montgomery; B.M. Armstrong; H.S. Gamble, 2007:
Investigation into the selectivity of CVD iron from Fe(CO)5 precursor on various metal and dielectric patterned substrates

Li ZHONG; Jingli LUO; Chuang Karl, 2007:
Investigation of Cathode Catalysts for Intermediate-temperature H2S-Air Fuel Cells

T. W. Krauss; A. A. Sinkevich, 2007:
Investigation of Cb motion in the province of Alberta (Canada)

Oya Ankaya Pamukçu; Zafer Akçığ; Şevket Demirbaş; Ekrem Zor, 2007:
Investigation of Crustal Thickness in Eastern Anatolia Using Gravity, Magnetic and Topographic Data

Peter Pivonka; David Smith; Bruce Gardiner, 2007:
Investigation of Donnan equilibrium in charged porous materialsa scale transition analysis

Bybee, K, 2007:
Investigation of Drainage-Height Effect on Production Rate in the Vapor-Extraction Process

Cheng, A. S. (Ed); Upatnieks, A; Mueller, C J., 2007:
Investigation of Fuel Effects on Dilute, Mixing-Controlled Combustion in an Optical Direct-Injection Diesel Engine

Lindsay, J. Holden; Michael, D. Coleman, 2007:
Investigation of GFAP levels as a marker of toxicity in human glioma cell lines

Gwo-Mei Wu; Chen-Wen Tsai; Nie-Chuan Chen; Pen-Hsiu Chang, 2007:
Investigation of GaN crystal quality on silicon substrates using GaN/AlN superlattice structures

G. Revalde; A. Skudra; N. Zorina; S. Sholupov, 2007:
Investigation of Hg resonance 184.9 nm line profile in a low-pressure mercuryargon discharge

Sotudeh-Gharebaagh, R.; Chaouki, J., 2007:
Investigation of Highly Exothermic Reactions in a Turbulent Fluidized Bed Reactor

Vander Valk, P.A.; Yang, P., 2007:
Investigation of Key Parameters in SAGD Wellbore Design and Operation

Kechagias, J, 2007:
Investigation of LOM process quality using design of experiments approach

J.P. Wulfsberg; M. Terzi, 2007:
Investigation of Laser Heating in Microforming Applying Sapphire Tools

Scarantino, C.W.; Beyer, G.P.; Coates, G.G.; Rini, C., 2007:
Investigation of MRI Artifact Caused by an In Vivo Dosimeter (DVS)

Cao, Y; Wang, Q; Chen, C-wei; Chen, B; Cohron, M; Tseng, Y-chuan; Chiu, C-chung; Chu, P; Pan, W-Ping, 2007:
Investigation of Mercury Transformation by HBr Addition in a Slipstream Facility with Real Flue Gas Atmospheres of Bituminous Coal and Powder River Basin Coal

Miao Wang; Xurui Xiao; Xiaowen Zhou; Xueping Li; Yuan Lin, 2007:
Investigation of PEO-imidazole ionic liquid oligomer electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells

B. T. Liu; F. Li; C. S. Cheng; D. Q. Wu; X. B. Yan; F. Bian; Z. Yan; Q. X. Zhao; X. Y. Zhang, 2007:
Investigation of PbZr0.4Ti0.6O3capacitors with room temperature as-grown LaNiO3electrodes

Wei, S; Zhou, J; Feng, Y; Wang, X; Zhang, B; Huang, D; Shen, J, 2007:
Investigation of Photoinduced Electron Transfer Between ZnPcLTs and Guanine: The Role of Type I Mechanism in Photodamage of Calf Thymus DNA

M.K. Khraisheh; F.K. Abu-Farha; K.J. Weinmann, 2007:
Investigation of Post-Superplastic Forming Properties of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Einvall, J; Albertazzi, S; Hulteberg, C; Malik, A; Basile, F; Larsson, A-Charlotte; Brandin, J; Sanati, M, 2007:
Investigation of Reforming Catalyst Deactivation by Exposure to Fly Ash from Biomass Gasification in Laboratory Scale

Smith, D.J., 2007:
Investigation of Risk Acceptance in Hand Transplantation

Cabir Terzioglu; Dincer Yegen; Mustafa Yılmazlar; Osman Gorur; Mustafa Akdogan; Ahmet Varilci, 2007:
Investigation of Sm Ca substitution in Bi(Pb)SrCaCuO high temperature superconductor by low field AC magnetic susceptibility

K. Roth; S. Wirtz; V. Scherer; W. Nastoll, 2007:
Investigation of Soot Formation During Partial Oxidation of Diesel Fuel

Savelyev, T. G.; van Kempen, L.; Sahli, H.; Sachs, J.; Sato, M., 2007:
Investigation of TimeFrequency Features for GPR Landmine Discrimination

S. Graubner; C. Neumann; A. Krost; J. Bläsing; B. K. Meyer, 2007:
Investigation of ZnO substrates: effects of high temperature annealing

B. Kotlyarchuk; V. Savchuk, 2007:
Investigation of ZnTe thin films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition method

Kaya, A.; Yuksel, E.Y., 2007:
Investigation of a Compensated Rectangular Microstrip Antenna With Negative Capacitor and Negative Inductor for Bandwidth Enhancement

A. Stefanescu; A.C. van Veen; E. Duval-Brunel; C. Mirodatos, 2007:
Investigation of a Ni-based steam reforming catalyst developed for the coating of microstructures

E. Eren; B. Afsin, 2007:
Investigation of a basic dye adsorption from aqueous solution onto raw and pre-treated sepiolite surfaces

A. V. Vardanyan; L. A. Gagiyan, 2007:
Investigation of a compound concentrator with a quasi-parabolic guide

C.J. Tay; C. Quan; M. Li, 2007:
Investigation of a dual-layer structure using vertical scanning interferometry

Riefler, N; Schuh, R; Wriedt, T, 2007:
Investigation of a measurement technique to estimate concentration and size of inclusions in droplets

B.J. Tsai; C.L. Wu, 2007:
Investigation of a miniature centrifugal fan

Eugeni, N. Andreev; Lidia, I. Chubraeva, 2007:
Investigation of a model HTSC transformer with amorphous alloy cores

Jin-wen ZHU; Dong-wei YANG; Ma Fai, 2007:
Investigation of a new design for zirconia dental implants

Nahaly, M.; Parsafar, G. A.; Goharshadi, E. K., 2007:
Investigation of a new mean temperature-dependent potential energy function for methane and its use for the prediction of transport properties

M. Zanfir; X. Sun; A. Gavriilidis, 2007:
Investigation of a rotating disc reactor for acetone stripping and asymmetric transfer hydrogenation: Modelling and experiments

Xiao Ma; Allan Matthews, 2007:
Investigation of abradable seal coating performance using scratch testing

V. K. Klochko, 2007:
Investigation of accuracy of reconstruction of radio images with the use of multichannel radar system

V. Skoulou; A. Zabaniotou, 2007:
Investigation of agricultural and animal wastes in Greece and their allocation to potential application for energy production

T. Karimipanah; H.B. Awbi; M. Sandberg; C. Blomqvist, 2007:
Investigation of air quality, comfort parameters and effectiveness for two floor-level air supply systems in classrooms

Wu, X; Li, K; Jiang, D, 2007:
Investigation of air-fuel ratio control using ionic current signal

Kavita, M. Jeerage; Richard, D. Noble; Carl, A. Koval, 2007:
Investigation of an aqueous lithium iodide/triiodide electrolyte for dual-chamber electrochemical actuators

Kuo, J J-Y; Chen, W P-N; Su, P, 2007:
Investigation of analogue performance for process-induced-strained PMOSFETs

Mehdi Ghaffari; Venus Ahmadian, 2007:
Investigation of antioxidant and electron beam radiation effects on the thermal oxidation stability of low-density polyethylene

C. S. Karthikeyan; S. Sankaran; Kishore, 2007:
Investigation of bending modulus of fiber-reinforced syntactic foams for sandwich and structural applications

N. I. Pavlov; Ye. E. El’ts, 2007:
Investigation of brightness correlation regularities in infrared and visible spectral ranges

G. V. Maksimov; V. V. Volkov; E. Yu. Parshina; M. Ia. Akhalaia; O. V. Kozlova; E. V. Derinskaya; V. V. Revin; A. B. Rubin, 2007:
Investigation of carotenoid conformations in myelin nerve upon changes in oxygen content

O. A. Fedorova; F. Maurel; A. V. Chebun'kova; Yu. P. Strokach; T. M. Valova; L. G. Kuzmina; J. A. K. Howard; M. Wenzel; K. Gloe; V. Lokshin; A. Samat, 2007:
Investigation of cation complexation behavior of azacrown ether substituted benzochromene

Fengzhen Chen; T.R.C. Fernandes; María Yetano Roche; Maria da Graça Carvalho, 2007:
Investigation of challenges to the utilization of fuel cell buses in the EU vs transition economies

M. D. Starostenkov; E. A. Dudnik, 2007:
Investigation of changes in the order parameters near antiphase boundaries in the Cu3Au alloy

N. Ya. Orlov; Y. Ishijima; D. N. Orlov; T. G. Orlova; E. A. Burstein; N. Kimura, 2007:
Investigation of chimerical and tagged forms of recombinant rat nucleoside diphosphate kinases a and b. Interaction with rhodopsintransducin complex and thermal stability

Adam Huczyński; Piotr Przybylski; Grzegorz Schroeder; Bogumił Brzezinski, 2007:
Investigation of complex structures of a new 2-hydroxyethyl ester of Monensin A with Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+ cations using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and semiempirical PM5 methods

D. Mayorga-Cruz; P.A. Márquez-Aguilar; O. Sarmiento-Martínez; J. Uruchurtu-Chavarín, 2007:
Investigation of corrosion processes in metallic samples by optical and electrochemical methods

I. I. Yashin; N. S. Barbashina; A. G. Bogdanov; D. M. Gromushkin; A. N. Dmitrieva; V. V. Kindin; R. P. Kokoulin; K. G. Kompaniets; G. Mannocchi; A. A. Petrukhin; O. Saavedra; D. A. Timashkov; G. Trinchero; D. V. Chernov; V. V. Shutenko, 2007:
Investigation of cosmic rays above the knee by means of muon bundles detected in a wide range of zenith angles

K.F. Chan; J.P.Y. Ho; W.Y. Li; B.M.F. Lau; A.K.W. Tse; W.F. Fong; M.M.M. Bilek; D.R. McKenzie; P.K. Chu; K.N. Yu, 2007 :
Investigation of cytocompatibility of surface-treated cellulose nitrate films by using plasma immersion ion implantation

B.-A. Behrens; A. Kueper, 2007:
Investigation of deviations of the lock-position of dies due to unsteady thermal conditions

Yu. G. Nikitenko; V. P. Pushnya; A. Yu. Sorokin, 2007:
Investigation of distortion of signal shape and spectrum at the combined method of frequency keying

D.S. Qian; L. Hua; Z.J. Zuo, 2007:
Investigation of distribution of plastic zone in the process of plastic penetration

Nikos, G. Tsierkezos, 2007:
Investigation of electron-transfer kinetics for bis(benzene) chromium(1+/0) redox couple in acetonitrile/dichloromethane binary mixtures at 298.15 K

Jenő Hancsók; Szabolcs Magyar; Zsolt Szoboszlai; Dénes Kalló, 2007:
Investigation of energy and feedstock saving production of gasoline blending components free of benzene

I. N. Vishnevsky; S. S. Drapey; V. A. Zheltonozhsky; E. O. Kochergina; N. V. Strilchuk, 2007:
Investigation of excitation of Ag atoms in internal conversion of rays

T. A. Lychagina; D. I. Nikolaev, 2007:
Investigation of experimental pole-figure errors by simulation of individual spectra

Calam, C T.; Ismail, B A.-K., 2007:
Investigation of factors in the optimisation of penicillin production

Korynevskii, N. A.; Solovyan, V. B., 2007:
Investigation of ferroelectric-antiferroelectric mixed compounds of RADA type

V.V. Malyshev; A.V. Pislyakov, 2007:
Investigation of gas-sensitivity of sensor structures to carbon monoxide in a wide range of temperature, concentration and humidity of gas medium

Zhi-Liang, X; Gang, D; Xiao-Yan, L; Jin-Feng, K; Ru-Qi, H, 2007:
Investigation of gate current in nano-scale MOSFETs by Monte Carlo solution of quantum Boltzmann equation

Muzaffer Yasar; Solmaz Akmaz; M. Ali Gurkaynak, 2007:
Investigation of glass transition temperatures of Turkish asphaltenes

M. J. Krasiński; K. R. Krasińska; Z. Ulanowski, 2007:
Investigation of growth kinetics and morphology of sodium fluorosilicate ice-analogue crystals in solutions and gels

An LIU; Sheng-xiang XIAO; Sheng-shun TAN; Yan-chun XU; Ting JIAO; Yan LIU; Min PAN, 2007:
Investigation of hHB genes in a predigree of congenital monilethrix

Ali Uzun; M. Yousuff Hussaini, 2007:
Investigation of high frequency noise generation in the near-nozzle region of a jet using large eddy simulation

Tina Helstrup; Niels Oluf Jørgensen; Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo, 2007:
Investigation of hydrochemical characteristics of groundwater from the Cretaceous-Eocene limestone aquifer in southern Ghana and southern Togo using hierarchical cluster analysis

W.-C. Xu; K. Takahashi; Y. Matsuo; Y. Hattori; M. Kumagai; S. Ishiyama; K. Kaneko; S. Iijima, 2007:
Investigation of hydrogen storage capacity of various carbon materials

Ershad, U. Chowdhury; Luke, A. Bisby; Mark, F. Green; Venkatesh, K.R. Kodur, 2007:
Investigation of insulated FRP-wrapped reinforced concrete columns in fire

Shyng, Y. T.; Eichhorn, S. J.; Young, R. J.; Davies, R. J., 2007:
Investigation of interfacial stress transfer in a PBO/polypropylene microdroplet composite using synchrotron microfocus X-ray diffraction

S. V. Antonenko; M. A. Goryachev; S. M. Tolkacheva, 2007:
Investigation of irradiated and annealed high-temperature superconducting films with the Umka nanotechnological complex

Ian Gilmore; Conall, J. Garvey, 2007:
Investigation of jaundice

Bunyamin Unal; Mucahit Eren; M.Gurhan Yalcin, 2007:
Investigation of leakage at Ataturk dam and hydroelectric power plant by means of hydrometric measurements

Arnab Atta; Shantanu Roy; Krishna, D.P. Nigam, 2007:
Investigation of liquid maldistribution in trickle-bed reactors using porous media concept in CFD

Yulong Zhao; Zhe Huang; Kai Zhang; Shunfen Li, 2007:
Investigation of low-temperature methanol synthesis in a bubble column slurry reactor with a flash column

A. Yu. Annenkov; A. P. Vinogradov; S. V. Gerus; I. A. Ryzhikov; S. A. Shishkov; M. Inoue, 2007:
Investigation of magnetostatic waves in photonic crystals

Apichai Therdthianwong; Phochan Manomayidthikarn; Supaporn Therdthianwong, 2007:
Investigation of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) hot-pressing parameters for proton exchange membrane fuel cell

B. Sha; S. Dimov; C. Griffiths; M.S. Packianather, 2007:
Investigation of micro-injection moulding: Factors affecting the replication quality

Lu Huilin; Zhao Yunhua; Jianmin Ding; Dimitri Gidaspow; Li Wei, 2007:
Investigation of mixing/segregation of mixture particles in gassolid fluidized beds

Gu Wei-Chao; Lv Guo-Hua; Chen Huan; Chen Guang-Liang; Feng Wen-Ran; Zhang Gu-Ling; Yang Si-Ze, 2007:
Investigation of morphology and composition of plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings in systems of Na2SiO3NaOH and (NaPO3)6NaOH

L. Díez; B.E. Zima; W. Kowalczyk; A. Delgado, 2007:
Investigation of multiphase flow in sequencing batch reactor (SBR) by means of hybrid methods

I. Radev; E. Slavcheva; E. Budevski, 2007:
Investigation of nanostructured platinum based membrane electrode assemblies in EasyTest cell

Inwon Kang; Kun Chang Lee; Sangjae Lee; Jiho Choi, 2007:
Investigation of online community voluntary behavior using cognitive map

A. I. Korobov; M. Yu. Izosimova; E. V. Prokhorova, 2007:
Investigation of oscillations of biological tissues and their phantoms with model defects

Maria Parco; Lidong Zhao; Jochen Zwick; Kirsten Bobzin; Erich Lugscheider, 2007:
Investigation of particle flattening behaviour and bonding mechanisms of APS sprayed coatings on magnesium alloys

Zhenyu Zhang; Paul, A. Maggard, 2007:
Investigation of photocatalytically-active hydrated forms of amorphous titania, TiO2nH2O

Yılmaz, K; Parlak, M; Erçelebi, Ç, 2007:
Investigation of photovoltaic properties of amorphous InSe thin film based Schottky devices

G. Franssen; T. Suski; P. Perlin; R. Bohdan; W. Trzeciakowski; H. Teisseyre; A. Khachapuridze; G. Targowski; K. Krowicki; R. Czernecki; M. Leszczyński; M. Kurouchi; Y. Nanishi; H. Lu; W. Schaff, 2007:
Investigation of polarization-induced electric field screening in InGaN light emitting diodes by means of hydrostatic pressure

Osman Ünal; Tayfun Uygunoğlu; Ahmet Yildiz, 2007:
Investigation of properties of low-strength lightweight concrete for thermal insulation

Aziz Yağan; Nuran Özçiçek Pekmez; Attila Yildiz, 2007:
Investigation of protective effect of poly(N-ethylaniline) coatings on iron in various corrosive solutions

M. V. Kuznetsov; E. V. Shalaeva; A. F. Prekul; N. I. Shchegolikhina, 2007:
Investigation of quasicrystalline Al62.5Cu25Fe12.5and crystalline β-Al50Cu33Fe17alloys by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

A.B. Akopova; S.Sh. Tatikyan; M.M. Manaseryan; A.A. Melkonyan; V.A. Ivanov, 2007:
Investigation of radiation fields at different altitudes in near-Earth orbit

Ottar Michelsen, 2007:
Investigation of relationships in a supply chain in order to improve environmental performance

Junbo Hou; Baolian Yi; Hongmei Yu; Lixing Hao; Wei Song; Yu Fu; Zhigang Shao, 2007:
Investigation of resided water effects on PEM fuel cell after cold start

J. Kolz; K Hunger; S. Rath; T. Mang; B. Blümich, 2007:
Investigation of self-diffusion processes in ionic hydrogels with a single-sided sensor

M. Han; S.H. Chan; S.P. Jiang, 2007:
Investigation of self-humidifying anode in polymer electrolyte fuel cells

Shirin Bahrami; Amarjeet Bassi; Ernest Yanful, 2007:
Investigation of sol-gel matrices containing crude metallothionein fromScchizosaccharomyces pombefor water treatment applications

Semih Seyyidoğlu; Macit Özenbaş; Necmeddin Yazıcı; Ayşen Yılmaz, 2007:
Investigation of solid solution of ZrP2O7Sr2P2O7

Takayuki Toba; Toshifumi Itagaki; Makoto Katsurai, 2007:
Investigation of spatial profile control of electron density in the rectangular-type surface wave plasma apparatus with multiple dielectric windows

Mehmet, M. Berilgen, 2007:
Investigation of stability of slopes under drawdown conditions

Xun Hu; Gongxuan Lu, 2007:
Investigation of steam reforming of acetic acid to hydrogen over NiCo metal catalyst

L. R. Marim; L. T. Ueno; F. B. C. Machado; A. Dal Pino Jr., 2007:
Investigation of strain relaxation mechanism in small SiGe clusters

Bin Lin; Cherng-Yuan Lin; Tain-Chyuan Jong, 2007:
Investigation of strategies to improve the recycling effectiveness of waste oil from fishing vessels

Xiangyin Mo; Benoit Fournier, 2007:
Investigation of structural properties associated with alkalisilica reaction by means of macro- and micro-structural analysis

M. Lattemann; S. Ulrich, 2007:
Investigation of structure and mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered monolayer and multilayer coatings in the ternary system SiBC

Emmanuel, C; Zoellner, H, 2007 :
Investigation of synergy between tumour necrosis factor alpha and transforming growth factor beta using microarray technology

T. Gejo; M. Iseda; T. Tamura; K. Honma; J.R. Harries; Y. Tamenori, 2007:
Investigation of the 2p ionization threshold region of Ar clusters by observation of the fluorescence lifetime

Csaba Csutoras, B Science Publisher; Sandor Berenyi, B Science Publisher; John, L. Neumeyer, B Science Publisher, 2007:
Investigation of the Acid-Catalyzed Rearrangement of Morphinans

J.L. Blin; J. Grignard; K. Zimny; M.J. Stébé, 2007:
Investigation of the C16(EO)10/decane/water system for the design of porous silica materials

Ioannidou, S.; Karathanassi, V., 2007:
Investigation of the Dual-Tree Complex and Shift-Invariant Discrete Wavelet Transforms on Quickbird Image Fusion

Y.-H. Chen; X.-D. Zhu; Y.-Q. Wu; Z.-B. Zhu, 2007:
Investigation of the Effect of a Dividing Wall in a Moving Bed

Nikos, G. Tsierkezos, 2007:
Investigation of the Electrochemical Reduction of Benzophenone in Aprotic Solvents Using the Method of Cyclic Voltammetry

M.S. Gigolashvili; D.R. Japaridze; T.G. Mdzinarishvili; B.B. Chargeishvili; V.J. Kukhianidze, 2007:
Investigation of the NS asymmetry of the differential rotation of Ha filaments and large-scale magnetic elements

Ouyang, F. SH.; Weng, H. X., 2007:
Investigation of the Operating Conditions on Decreasing FCC Gasoline Olefin Content by GOR-Q Catalyst

Ekmekci, T R.; Ucak, S; Sakiz, D; Bankao??lu, M??jdat; Koslu, A; Altuntas, Y, 2007:
Investigation of the Presence of Acropachy in Patients With Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases

Sherry Mee Bell, ; McCallum, R. S.; Kirk, E. R.; Fuller, E. J.; McCane-Bowling, S., 2007:
Investigation of the Psychometric Attributes of the Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency

Li, S; Cheng, C-Min; Chen, B; Cao, Y; Vervynckt, J; Adebambo, A; Pan, W-Ping, 2007:
Investigation of the Relationship between Particulate-Bound Mercury and Properties of Fly Ash in a Full-Scale 100 MWe Pulverized Coal Combustion Boiler

Scott, W. C.; Austin, D. W.; Reid, D. S., 2007:
Investigation of the WISC-III and WASI in Clinical Child Populations: A Framework for Further Exploration

V. M. Lebedev; A. G. Krivchitch; V. A. Smolin, 2007:
Investigation of the aging of gas-discharge detectors of particles with the use of nuclear reaction analysis

Sami Habib; Petra Salamé; Franck Launay; Virginie Semmer-Herledan; Olivier Marie; Wei Zhao; Nataša Novak Tušar; Antoine Gédéon, 2007:
Investigation of the catalytic activity of extracted and smoothly calcined arenesulfonic modified SBA-15 materials

Jaleh Mansouri; Chris, A. Wood; Katherine Roberts; Yi-Bing Cheng; Robert, P. Burford, 2007:
Investigation of the ceramifying process of modified siliconesilicate compositions

V.V. Kostjukov; V.I. Pahomov; D.D. Andrejuk; D.B. Davies; M.P. Evstigneev, 2007:
Investigation of the complexation of the anti-cancer drug novantrone with the hairpin structure of the deoxyheptanucleotide 5-d(GpCpGpApApGpC)

A. K. Murtazaev; A. B. Babaev; G. Ya. Aznaurova, 2007:
Investigation of the critical behavior of the three-dimensional weakly diluted Potts model

A. K. Murtazaev; I. K. Kamilov; A. B. Babaev, 2007 :
Investigation of the critical properties of the three-dimensional weakly diluted potts model

Rossella Dorati; Ida Genta; Claudia Colonna; Tiziana Modena; Franca Pavanetto; Paola Perugini; Bice Conti, 2007:
Investigation of the degradation behaviour of poly(ethylene glycol-co-d,l-lactide) copolymer

E.E. van Dyk; A. Audouard; E.L. Meyer; C.D. Woolard, 2007:
Investigation of the degradation of a thin-film hydrogenated amorphous silicon photovoltaic module

S. N. Kallaev; G. G. Gadzhiev; I. K. Kamilov; A. R. Bilalov; Z. M. Omarov; S. A. Sadykov, 2007:
Investigation of the dielectric properties and thermal expansion of the ferroelectric ceramic PKR-1 in the phase-transition region

D.R. Japaridze; M.Sh. Gigolashvili; V.J. Kukhianidze, 2007:
Investigation of the differential rotation of the large-scale magnetic elements for the solar activity cycles 20 and 21

V. A. Tsurin; L. N. Romashev; M. A. Milyaev; V. V. Ustinov, 2007:
Investigation of the effect of annealing on the interface structure in Fe/Cr superlattices by conversion electron Mössbauer spectroscopy

N. Modirshahla; M.A. Behnajady; S. Kooshaiian, 2007:
Investigation of the effect of different electrode connections on the removal efficiency of Tartrazine from aqueous solutions by electrocoagulation

R.J. Berry; M.S.A. Bradley, 2007:
Investigation of the effect of test procedure factors on the failure loci and derived failure functions obtained from annular shear cells

Abdelmalek Bouazza; Stephan Jefferis; Thaveesak Vangpaisal, 2007:
Investigation of the effects and degree of calcium exchange on the Atterberg limits and swelling of geosynthetic clay liners when subjected to wetdry cycles

Sareh, M. Nasseri; Nasser, L. Hadipour; Ali Reza Mohebbi, 2007:
Investigation of the effects of ionic hydrogen bonds (COHC and +NHOC) in crystalline dl-proline by ab initio and DFT calculated NQR parameters

Koviljka, A. Asanovic; Tatjana, A. Mihajlidi; Svetlana, V. Milosavljevic; Dragana, D. Cerovic; Jablan, R. Dojcilovic, 2007:
Investigation of the electrical behavior of some textile materials

G. H. Jang; S. J. Park; C. S. Kim; J. H. Han, 2007:
Investigation of the electromechanical variables of the spindle motor and the actuator of a HDD due to positioning and free fall

D. A. Antonov; D. O. Filatov; A. V. Zenkevich; Yu. Yu. Lebedinskii, 2007:
Investigation of the electronic properties of Au nanoclusters in SiO2by combined scanning tunneling/atomic force microscopy

I.B. Dmitrieva; K.P. Tikhomolova; A.S. Chukhno; P.P. Prokopovich; V.M. Starov, 2007:
Investigation of the electrosurface properties of NiO and Fe2O3 in azole solutions

Mohsen Tafazzoli; Ali Khanlarkhani, 2007:
Investigation of the enhanced solubility of fluorinated methanes in CO2 by Monte Carlo simulation: Absolute free energy of solvation and structural properties of solution

D. V. Alekseev; V. A. Ivanov; E. V. Ivancha; V. V. Fomin; L. V. Cherkesov, 2007:
Investigation of the fields of concentration of the suspension on the northwest shelf of the Black Sea in the case of roiling of the bottom sediments by a moving cyclone

T.J. Daou; S. Buathong; D. Ung; B. Donnio; G. Pourroy; D. Guillon; S. Bégin, 2007:
Investigation of the grafting rate of organic molecules on the surface of magnetite nanoparticles as a function of the coupling agent

V. A. Trounov; V. T. Lebedev; A. E. Sokolov; Yu. S. Grushko; Gy. Török; J. C. van den Heuvel; É. Batyrev; T. M. Yurieva; L. M. Plyasova, 2007 :
Investigation of the hydrogen capacity of composites based on ZnOCu

A. T. Al-Halhouli; M. I. Kilani; A. Al-Salaymeh; S. Büttgenbach, 2007:
Investigation of the influence of design parameters on the flow performance of single and double disk viscous micropumps

S.H. Hsiang; Y.W. Lin, 2007:
Investigation of the influence of process parameters on hot extrusion of magnesium alloy tubes

J. E. Gorshkova; V. I. Gordeliy, 2007:
Investigation of the interaction of dimethyl sulfoxide with lipid membranes by small-angle neutron scattering

O. F. Vikhlyantsev; S. A. Golubkov; Yu. B. Gurov; K. N. Gusev; N. N. Egorov; N. I. Zamyatin; Yu. F. Kozlov; K. A. Kon’kov; V. S. Pantuev; V. G. Sandukovskii; A. I. Sidorov; A. S. Starostin; J. Yurkowski, 2007:
Investigation of the internal amplification effect in planarp-silicon structures

Zhiqiang Wei; Tiandong Xia; Jun Ma; Wangjun Feng; Jianfeng Dai; Qing Wang; Pengxun Yan, 2007:
Investigation of the lattice expansion for Ni nanoparticles

Peter, B. Laxton; John, C. Berg, 2007:
Investigation of the link between micromechanical interparticle bond rigidity measurements and macroscopic shear moduli of colloidal gels

G. V. Fedotov; V. Burkert; L. Elouadrhiri; E. L. Isupov; B. S. Ishkhanov; V. I. Mokeev; N. V. Shvedunov; the CLAS Collaboration, 2007:
Investigation of the low-lying nucleon resonances in reactions of +pair electroproduction on protons

E. I. Il’yashenko; O. S. Kolotov; A. V. Matyunin; V. A. Pogozhev, 2007:
Investigation of the magnetization vector hodographs corresponding to the 90 pulse magnetization of ferrite-garnet films with easy-plane anisotropy

Boujrhal, F. Z.; Sghir, B.; Ossama, S.; Cherkaoui El Moursli, R., 2007:
Investigation of the micro/nanostructure and the defect structure of sedimentary phosphates by electron microscopy

M. Ozel; K. Pihtili, 2007:
Investigation of the most suitable location of insulation applying on building roof from maximum load levelling point of view

C. Hugenschmidt; J. Mayer; M. Stadlbauer, 2007:
Investigation of the near surface region of chemically treated and Al-coated PMMA by Doppler-broadening spectroscopy

A. F. Konstantinova; V. V. Filippov; S. P. Palto; E. A. Evdishchenko; K. B. Imangazieva; V. P. Orekhova, 2007:
Investigation of the optical properties of KGd(WO4)2:Nd3+crystals with allowance for absorption

D. Tsiulyanu; I. Stratan; A. Tsiulyanu; H.-D. Liess; I. Eisele, 2007:
Investigation of the oxygen, nitrogen and water vapour cross-sensitivity to NO2 of tellurium-based thin films

Xiaojing Wang; Yajun Wang; Chen Lv; Momoji Kubo; Akira Miyamoto, 2007:
Investigation of the photo-dissociation reactions for alkyl nitrite by quantum chemical molecular dynamics program Colors-Excite

Chaokang Gu; Curtis Shannon, 2007:
Investigation of the photocatalytic activity of TiO2polyoxometalate systems for the oxidation of methanol

A. M. Shvetsov; Yu. I. Vinogradov; O. P. Vikhlyantsev; A. V. Kuryakin, 2007:
Investigation of the possibility of -background discrimination in a neutron spectrometer with a proportional counter of recoil protons

A. V. Vardanyan; L. A. Gagiyan, 2007:
Investigation of the quasiparaboloid solar concentrator

V.M. Bondareva; T.V. Andrushkevich; E.A. Paukshtis; N.A. Paukshtis; A.A. Budneva; V.N. Parmon, 2007:
Investigation of the reaction mechanism of methylpyrazine ammoxidation on vanadiatitania catalyst by FTIR in situ

Dewen Du; Yongqi Chen, 2007:
Investigation of the relationship between seafloor echo strength and sediment typea case study in Jiaozgou Bay, China

D. Zhang; P. Wang; X. Jiao; G. Yuan; J. Zhang; C. Chen; H. Ming; R. Rao, 2007:
Investigation of the sensitivity of H-shaped nano-grating surface plasmon resonance biosensors using rigorous coupled wave analysis

Keevin Didriche; Peter Macko; Michel Herman; Jonathan Thiévin; Abdessamad Benidar; Robert Georges, 2007:
Investigation of the shape of the R(0) absorption line in 3, N2O recorded from an axisymmetric supersonic free jet expansion

M. Haluška; D. Obergfell; J. C. Meyer; G. Scalia; G. Ulbricht; B. Krauss; D. H. Chae; T. Lohmann; M. Lebert; M. Kaempgen; M. Hulman; J. Smet; S. Roth; K. von Klitzing, 2007:
Investigation of the shift of Raman modes of graphene flakes

S.M. Byon; H.S. Kim; Y. Lee, 2007:
Investigation of the size effect on crack propagation using finite element method and strain gradient plasticity

B. Monchev; D. Filenko; N. Nikolov; C. Popov; T. Ivanov; P. Petkov; I.W. Rangelow, 2007:
Investigation of the sorption properties of thin GeSAgI films deposited on cantilever-based gas sensor

Jeong, H; Lee, K; Ikeda, Y, 2007:
Investigation of the spray characteristics for a secondary fuel injection nozzle using a digital image processing method

Xin -Tong Zhang; Taketo Taguchi; Hai -Bin Wang; Qing -Bo Meng; Osamu Sato; Akira Fujishima, 2007:
Investigation of the stability of solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells

T. Wolf; M. Estorf; R. Radespiel, 2007:
Investigation of the starting process in a Ludwieg tube

W.C. Sue; J.Y. Liou; J.C. Sung, 2007:
Investigation of the stress singularity of a magnetoelectroelastic bonded antiplane wedge

A. N. Nikitin; G. V. Markova; A. M. Balagurov; R. N. Vasin; O. V. Alekseeva, 2007:
Investigation of the structure and properties of quartz in the α-β transition range by neutron diffraction and mechanical spectroscopy

S. N. Emirov; G. G. Gadzhiev; E. N. Ramazanova; Z. Z. Abdulagatova; E. M. Magomedmirzoev, 2007:
Investigation of the thermal conductivity of SiC-BeO ceramics at high pressures and temperatures

Viacheslav, V. Lel; Georg, F. Dietze; Hannes Stadler; Faruk Al-Sibai; Reinhold Kneer, 2007:
Investigation of the thermal entry length in laminar wavy falling films

Ghader Rezazadeh; Faraz Khatami; Ahmadali Tahmasebi, 2007:
Investigation of the torsion and bending effects on static stability of electrostatic torsional micromirrors

D.N. Bikiaris; K. Chrissafis; K.M. Paraskevopoulos; K.S. Triantafyllidis; E.V. Antonakou, 2007:
Investigation of thermal degradation mechanism of an aliphatic polyester using pyrolysisgas chromatographymass spectrometry and a kinetic study of the effect of the amount of polymerisation catalyst

Zeynep Özdemir; Gülhan Özbayoğlu; Aysen Yilmaz, 2007:
Investigation of thermoluminescence properties of metal oxide doped lithium triborate

Murat Demir; Ender Makineci; Ersel Yilmaz, 2007:
Investigation of timber harvesting impacts on herbaceous cover, forest floor and surface soil properties on skid road in an oak (Quercus petrea L.) stand

Fischer, A; Büttner, L; Czarske, J; Eggert, M; Grosche, G; Müller, H, 2007:
Investigation of time-resolved single detector Doppler global velocimetry using sinusoidal laser frequency modulation

K. Arshak; E. Gill; A. Arshak; O. Korostynska, 2007:
Investigation of tin oxides as sensing layers in conductimetric interdigitated pH sensors

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