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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63603

Chapter 63603 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cislaghi, F.; Villa, C.; Corona, A.; Condemi, A. M., 2007:
Predictors of tracheostomy in cardiac surgical patients and its impact on ICU & hospital length of stay and survival

Jacobs, P A.; Tytherleigh, M Y.; Webb, C; Cooper, C L., 2007:
Predictors of work performance among higher education employees: An examination using the ASSET Model of Stress

Keren, R.; Bhutani, V. K., 2007:
Predischarge Risk Assessment for Severe Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

&na;,, 2007:
Preeclampsia and Subsequent Risk of Cancer in Utah

Todros, T; Vasario, E; Cardaropoli, S, 2007:
Preeclampsia as an infectious disease

Thung, S., 2007:
Preeclampsia in Lean Normotensive Normotolerant Pregnant Women Can Be Predicted by Simple Insulin Sensitivity Indexes

Funai, E.F., 2007:
Preeclampsia, gestational hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction, related or independent conditions?

Pruett, T.L., 2007:
Preemptive versus Nonpreemptive Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation: A Single-Center, Long-Term, Follow-up Study

Pretorius, D H.; Gattu, S; Ji, E-Kyung; Hollenbach, K; Newton, R; Hull, A; Carmona, S; D???Agostini, D; Nelson, T R., 2007:
Preexamination and Postexamination Assessment of Parental-Fetal Bonding in Patients Undergoing 3-/4-Dimensional Obstetric Ultrasonography

Zhao, X.; Riffat, S., 2007:
Prefabrication in house constructions

Lee, M.C.; Penland, C.M.; Widdicombe, J.H.; Wine, J.J., 2018:
Evidence that Calu-3 human airway cells secrete bicarbonate

He, Y.; Reid, J.C.; He, H.; Harrington, B.S.; Finlayson, B.; Khan, T.; Hooper, J.D., 2018:
Evidence that cell surface localization of serine protease activity facilitates cleavage of the protease activated receptor CDCP1

Boldrup, L.; Troiano, G.; Gu, X.; Coates, P.; Fåhraeus, R.; Wilms, T.; Norberg-Spaak, L.; Wang, L.; Nylander, K., 2017:
Evidence that circulating proteins are more promising than miRNAs for identification of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue

Grant, E.H.Campbell.; Brand, A.B.; De Wekker, S.F.J.; Lee, T.R.; Wofford, J.E.B., 2018:
Evidence that climate sets the lower elevation range limit in a high-elevation endemic salamander

Johansson, C.; Vennström, Börn.; Thorén, P., 2018:
Evidence that decreased heart rate in thyroid hormone receptor-α1-deficient mice is an intrinsic defect

Meyer, M.L.; Davachi, L.; Ochsner, K.N.; Lieberman, M.D., 2018:
Evidence That Default Network Connectivity During Rest Consolidates Social Information

Costa E Silva, Jão.; Harrison, P.A.; Wiltshire, R.; Potts, B.M., 2018:
Evidence that divergent selection shapes a developmental cline in a forest tree species complex

Lee, C.J.; Levitt, R.C.; Felix, E.R.; Sarantopoulos, C.D.; Galor, A., 2018:
Evidence that dry eye is a comorbid pain condition in a U.S. veteran population

Weems, P.W.; Coolen, L.M.; Hileman, S.M.; Hardy, S.; McCosh, R.B.; Goodman, R.L.; Lehman, M.N., 2018:
Evidence That Dynorphin Acts Upon KNDy and GnRH Neurons During GnRH Pulse Termination in the Ewe

Polese, L.; Besutti, V.; Muraro, A.; Palù, G., 2018:
Evidence that Enterobius vermicularis plays a causative role for PFAPA and recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Pries, L-Katrin.; Guloksuz, S.; Ten Have, M.; de Graaf, R.; van Dorsselaer, S.; Gunther, N.; Rauschenberg, C.; Reininghaus, U.; Radhakrishnan, R.; Bak, M.; Rutten, B.P.F.; van Os, J., 2018:
Evidence That Environmental and Familial Risks for Psychosis Additively Impact a Multidimensional Subthreshold Psychosis Syndrome

Johnson, S.L.; Zellhuber-McMillan, S.; Gillum, J.; Dunleavy, J.; Evans, J.P.; Nakagawa, S.; Gemmell, N.J., 2018:
Evidence that fertility trades off with early offspring fitness as males age

Marcus-Samuels, B.; Krieger, C.C.; Boutin, A.; Kahaly, G.J.; Neumann, S.; Gershengorn, M.C., 2018:
Evidence That Graves' Ophthalmopathy Immunoglobulins Do Not Directly Activate IGF-1 Receptors

Freedman, J.C.; Navarro, M.A.; Morrell, E.; Beingesser, J.; Shrestha, A.; McClane, B.A.; Uzal, F.A., 2018:
Evidence that Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxin-Induced Intestinal Damage and Enterotoxemic Death in Mice Can Occur Independently of Intestinal Caspase-3 Activation

Tangudu, C.S.; Charles, J.; Blitvich, B.J., 2018:
Evidence that Lokern virus (family Peribunyaviridae) is a reassortant that acquired its small and large genome segments from Main Drain virus and its medium genome segment from an undiscovered virus

Brothers, J.Roger.; Lohmann, K.J., 2018:
Evidence that Magnetic Navigation and Geomagnetic Imprinting Shape Spatial Genetic Variation in Sea Turtles

van Casteren, A.; Lucas, P.W.; Strait, D.S.; Michael, S.; Bierwisch, N.; Schwarzer, N.; Al-Fadhalah, K.J.; Almusallam, A.S.; Thai, L.A.; Saji, S.; Shekeban, A.; Swain, M.V., 2018:
Evidence that metallic proxies are unsuitable for assessing the mechanics of microwear formation and a new theory of the meaning of microwear

Deng, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Qiao, R.; Bonilla, M.M.; Yang, X.; Ren, H.; Lemos, B., 2018:
Evidence that microplastics aggravate the toxicity of organophosphorus flame retardants in mice (Mus musculus)

Guan, Y-Jie.; Li, J.; Yang, X.; Du, S.; Ding, J.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, K.; Chen, Q., 2018:
Evidence that miR-146a attenuates aging- and trauma-induced osteoarthritis by inhibiting Notch1, IL-6, and IL-1 mediated catabolism

Decouture, B.; Becker, P-Hadrien.; Therond, P.; Gaussem, P.; Bachelot-Loza, C., 2018:
Evidence that MRP4 is Only Partly Involved in S1P Secretion during Platelet Activation

Morales, A.E.; Carstens, B.C., 2018:
Evidence that Myotis lucifugus "Subspecies" are Five Nonsister Species, Despite Gene Flow

Lu, J.; Koo, S.C.; Weissman, B.P.; Harris, M.E.; Li, N-Sheng.; Piccirilli, J.A., 2018:
Evidence That Nucleophile Deprotonation Exceeds Bond Formation in the HDV Ribozyme Transition State

Hearld, K.R.; Hearld, L.R.; Landry, A.Y.; Budhwani, H., 2018:
Evidence that patient-centered medical homes are effective in reducing emergency department admissions for patients with depression

Frissen, A.; van Os, J.; Peeters, S.; Gronenschild, E.; Marcelis, M., 2017:
Evidence that reduced gray matter volume in psychotic disorder is associated with exposure to environmental risk factors

Troian-Gautier, L.; DiMarco, B.N.; Sampaio, R.N.; Marquard, S.L.; Meyer, G.J., 2018:
Evidence that ΔS ‡ Controls Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics from Anatase TiO 2 to Molecular Acceptors

Duke, A.N.; Meng, Z.; Platt, D.M.; Atack, J.R.; Dawson, G.R.; Reynolds, D.S.; Tiruveedhula, V.V.N.Phani.Babu.; Li, G.; Stephen, M.Rajesh.; Sieghart, W.; Cook, J.M.; Rowlett, J.K., 2018:
Evidence That Sedative Effects of Benzodiazepines Involve Unexpected GABA A Receptor Subtypes: Quantitative Observation Studies in Rhesus Monkeys

Rimvall, M.K.; Gundersen, S.; Clemmensen, L.; Munkholm, A.; Larsen, J.Tidselbak.; Skovgaard, A.Mette.; Rask, C.Ulrikka.; Verhulst, F.; van Os, J.; Jeppesen, P., 2018:
Evidence that self-reported psychotic experiences in children are clinically relevant

Wright, B.R., 2018:
Evidence that shrublands and hummock grasslands are fire-mediated alternative stable states in the Australian Gibson Desert

Dorsey, B.M.; McLauchlan, C.C.; Jones, M.A., 2018:
Evidence That Speciation of Oxovanadium Complexes Does Not Solely Account for Inhibition of Leishmania Acid Phosphatases

Lecei, A.; Decoster, J.; De Hert, M.; Derom, C.; Jacobs, N.; Menne-Lothmann, C.; van Os, J.; Thiery, E.; Rutten, B.P.F.; Wichers, M.; van Winkel, R., 2018:
Evidence that the association of childhood trauma with psychosis and related psychopathology is not explained by gene-environment correlation: A monozygotic twin differences approach

Hallée, Séphanie.; Boddey, J.A.; Cowman, A.F.; Richard, D., 2018:
Evidence that the Plasmodium falciparum Protein Sortilin Potentially Acts as an Escorter for the Trafficking of the Rhoptry-Associated Membrane Antigen to the Rhoptries

Mika, A.; Kaska, L.; Proczko-Stepaniak, M.; Chomiczewska, A.; Swierczynski, J.; Smolenski, R.T.; Sledzinski, T., 2018:
Evidence That the Length of Bile Loop Determines Serum Bile Acid Concentration and Glycemic Control After Bariatric Surgery

Niehaus, T.D.; Elbadawi-Sidhu, M.; Huang, L.; Prunetti, L.; Gregory, J.F.; de Crécy-Lagard, Vérie.; Fiehn, O.; Hanson, A.D., 2018:
Evidence that the metabolite repair enzyme NAD(P)HX epimerase has a moonlighting function

González, E.; Cruces, M.P.; Pimentel, E.; Sánchez, P., 2018:
Evidence that the radioprotector effect of ascorbic acid depends on the radiation dose rate

Ohtani, M.; Kawabe, H.; Demura, T., 2018:
Evidence that thiol-based redox state is critical for xylem vessel cell differentiation

Grings, M.; Parmeggiani, B.; Moura, A.Pimentel.; de Moura Alvorcem, L.; Wyse, A.T.S.; Wajner, M.; Leipnitz, G., 2018:
Evidence that Thiosulfate Inhibits Creatine Kinase Activity in Rat Striatum via Thiol Group Oxidation

Lancaster, G.I.; Langley, K.G.; Berglund, N.Anton.; Kammoun, H.L.; Reibe, S.; Estevez, E.; Weir, J.; Mellett, N.A.; Pernes, G.; Conway, J.R.W.; Lee, M.K.S.; Timpson, P.; Murphy, A.J.; Masters, S.L.; Gerondakis, S.; Bartonicek, N.; Kaczorowski, D.C.; Dinger, M.E.; Meikle, P.J.; Bond, P.J.; Febbraio, M.A., 2018:
Evidence that TLR4 Is Not a Receptor for Saturated Fatty Acids but Mediates Lipid-Induced Inflammation by Reprogramming Macrophage Metabolism

Good, P., 2018:
Evidence the U.S. autism epidemic initiated by acetaminophen (Tylenol) is aggravated by oral antibiotic amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin) and now exponentially by herbicide glyphosate (Roundup)

Hu, Y-Ling.; Junge, K.; Nguyen, A.; Hiegel, K.; Somerville, E.; Keglovits, M.; Stark, S., 2018:
Evidence to Improve Physical Activity among Medically Underserved Older adults: A Scoping Review

Perez, F.; Bonomo, R.A., 2018:
Evidence to improve the treatment of infections caused by carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

Hamilton, S.; Mills, B.; McRae, S.; Thompson, S., 2018:
Evidence to service gap: cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention in rural and remote Western Australia

Dreesen, E.; Verstockt, B.; Bian, S.; de Bruyn, M.; Compernolle, G.; Tops, S.; Noman, M.; Van Assche, G.; Ferrante, M.; Gils, A.; Vermeire, Séverine., 2018:
Evidence to Support Monitoring of Vedolizumab Trough Concentrations in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Agnes, E. Van Den Berg; Terry Hartig; Henk Staats, 2007:
Preference for Nature in Urbanized Societies: Stress, Restoration, and the Pursuit of Sustainability

P. G. Ngan; S. Jayagopal; E. N. George; D. McGeorge; A. Juma, 2007:
Preference for donor site scar orientation in pedicled latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction

W. Polak, 2007:
Preference for fcc atom stacking observed during growth of defect-free LJ3281 clusters

G. Schuyten; H.M. Dekeyser, 2007:
Preference for textual information and acting on support devices in multiple representations in a computer based learning environment for statistics

McCree, D; Sharpe, P; Brandt, H; Robertson, R, 2007:
Preferences for Sources of Information About Abnormal Pap Tests and HPV in Women Tested for HPV

Greenberg, M; Lowrie, K; Burger, J; Powers, C; Gochfeld, M; Mayer, H, 2007:
Preferences for alternative risk management policies at the United States major nuclear weapons legacy sites

Coleman, L.; Testa, A., 2007:
Preferences towards sex education and information from an ethnically diverse sample of young people

Weber, S K.; Galbrecht, F; Scherf, U, 2007:
Preferential Oxidative Addition in Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reactions Across One Fluorene Unit

M. F. Hegazi; H. F. Al-Mudhaf; A. I. Abu-Shady, 2007:
Preferential Solvation of Acetic Acid in Binary Mixtures of

Yizhak Marcus, 2007:
Preferential Solvation of Ions in Mixed Solvents. 5. The Alkali Metal, Silver, and Thallium(I) Cations in Aqueous Organic Solvents According to the Inverse Kirkwood-Buff Integral (IKBI) Approach

Prasenjit Kar; Moorthy Suresh; D. Krishna Kumar; D. Amilan Jose; Bishwajit Ganguly; Amitava Das, 2007:
Preferential binding of the magnesium ion by anthraquinone based chromogenic receptors

Yu, J; Elderfield, H; Greaves, M; Day, J, 2007:
Preferential dissolution of benthic foraminiferal calcite during laboratory reductive cleaning

Amanda, M. Fond; Nira, S. Birenbaum; Edward, J. Felton; Daniel, H. Reich; Gerald, J. Meyer, 2007:
Preferential noncovalent immunoglobulin G adsorption onto hydrophobic segments of multi-functional metallic nanowires

Eduardo Lopez; Grigorios Kolios; Gerhart Eigenberger, 2007:
Preferential oxidation of CO in a folded-plate reactor

Yanqiang Huang; Aiqin Wang; Xiaodong Wang; Tao Zhang, 2007:
Preferential oxidation of CO under excess conditions over iridium catalysts

Tiezhi, W, 2007:
Preferential policies for ethnic minority students in China's college/university admission

Bernard van den Berg; Piet Stam; Trea Laske-Aldershof, 2007:
Preferenties voor kwaliteit van zorg gemeten met de vignettenmethode

Georg Jahn; Markus Knauff; P. N. Johnson-Laird, 2007:
Preferred mental models in reasoning about spatial relations

J.J. Park; H.S. Hwang, 2007:
Preform design for precision forging of an asymmetric rib-web type component

Ballenger, J.C., 2007:
Pregabalin for Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A 4-Week, Multicenter, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Pregabalin and Alprazolam

Agüera-Ortiz, L.; Baldinetti, F.; Leon, T.; Mandel, F.; Pauer, L.; Chatamra, K., 2007:
Pregabalin for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in elderly patients: efficacy as a function of baseline symptom severity

Shulman, L.P., 2007:
Pregnancy Characteristics and Maternal Risk of Breast Cancer

Sheiner, E; Peleg, R; Levy, A, 2007:
Pregnancy Outcome of Patients with Known Celiac Disease

Nabiel Alkhouri; Pasquale Patrizio; Jame Abraham, 2007:
Pregnancy after breast cancer

Alfonse, T. Masi, B Science Publisher; Thomas, J. Santoro, B Science Publisher; Jean, C. Aldag, B Science Publisher, 2007:
Pregnancy and Postpartum Influences on Rheumatoid Arthritis Activity:Natures Model to Investigate Systemic Biological Mechanisms in the Disease

van den Akker, O; Redshaw, M, 2007:
Pregnancy and postnatal states and support. The effects of the partner

Shalini Patni; Anjum Gandhi, 2007:
Pregnancy and the eye

Qureshi, M.S.; Khan, S.; Ahmad, N., 2007:
Pregnancy depresses milk yield in Dairy Buffaloes

Muñoz, E; Portela, S; Remohi, J; Pellicer, A, 2007:
Pregnancy in patients with premature ovarian failure

Shulman, L.P., 2007:
Pregnancy outcome after early detection of bacterial vaginosis

Shulman, L.P., 2007:
Pregnancy outcome after first-trimester exposure to metformin: a meta-analysis

Fanaroff, A.A., 2007:
Pregnancy outcome in women who use opiates

Maithe Enriquez; Rose Farnan; Kathryn Simpson; Sandra Grantello; Margaret Shandor Miles, 2007:
Pregnancy, Poverty, and HIV

Ehrenkranz, R.A., 2007:
Pregnancy, delivery, and neonatal complications after treatment with antiepileptic drugs

Gleicher, N, 2007:
Pregnancy-related cell traffic, microchimerism and autoimmunity: the possibility of reducing autoimmune disease prevalence

Karin Sieger; Kimberly Renk, 2007:
Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents: A Study of Ethnic Identity, Emotional and Behavioral Functioning, Child Characteristics, and Social Support

F.A. Moraga Llop, 2007:
Preguntas y respuestas

Michael Kim; Halim Hennes, 2007:
Prehospital Evaluation and Management of Violent or Agitated Children

Petru Lucian Curşeu; Ron Stoop; René Schalk, 2007:
Prejudice toward immigrant workers among Dutch employees: integrated threat theory revisited

Ruberg, R.L., 2007:
Preliminary (3 Years) Experience With Smooth Wall Silicone Gel Implants for Primary Breast Augmentation

Zhu, Z-Tai; Li, Y-Mei; Guo, Y-Ting; Sun, M; Zhao, Y-Fen, 2007:
Preliminary ESI-MS and MALDI-TOF Analysis on Phosphorylated Tetrapeptides with Xaa-Pro Motif

Gross, A; Miltenberger, R; Knudson, P; Bosch, A; Brower Breitwieser, C; O'Reilly, M, 2007:
Preliminary Evaluation of a Parent Training Program to Prevent Gun Play

Julianne Wright Howell, 2007:
Preliminary Findings on Patient Reported Outcomes Before and After Non-Surgical Management of Thumb CMC Arthritis

Raymond, N C.; Lloyd, M D.; Miner, M H.; Kim, S Won, 2007:
Preliminary Report on the Development and Validation of the Sexual Symptom Assessment Scale

Wazer, D.E., 2007:
Preliminary Results and Evaluation of MammoSite Balloon Brachytherapy for Partial Breast Irradiation for Pure Ductal Carcinoma In Situ: A phase II Clinical Study

Hentz, V.R., 2007:
Preliminary Results of Double Nerve Transfer to Restore Elbow Flexion in Upper Type Brachial Plexus Palsies

Coplen, D.E., 2007:
Preliminary Results of Sacral Neuromodulation in 23 Children

Henderson, J.M., 2007:
Preliminary Study of Tissue-Engineered Odontogenesis in the Canine Jaw

Gavridou, S.; Pinho, R.; Crowley, H.; Calvi, G. M.; Montaldo, V.; Meletti, C.; Stucchi, M., 2007:
Preliminary Study on the Impact of the Introduction of an Updated Seismic Hazard Model for Italy

Pingxiang YAN; Xingying LAN; Chunming XU; Jinsen GAO, 2007:
Preliminary Study on the Vaporization Ratio of the Slurry in the Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking Disengager

Waters, Sân S.; Ulloa, O, 2007:
Preliminary Survey on the Current Distribution of Primates in Belize

Wrobel, N Howells; Farrag, M F., 2007:
Preliminary Validation of an Arabic Version of the MMSE in the Elderly

Juliana, I. dos Santos, B Science Publisher; Daniela, P. Marchi-Salvador, B Science Publisher; Carlos, A.H. Fernandes, B Science Publisher; Lucas, B. Silveira, B Science Publisher; Andreimar, M. Soares, B Science Publisher; Marcos, R.M. Fontes, B Science Publisher, 2007:
Preliminary X-Ray Crystallographic Studies of a Lys49-Phospholipase A2 Homologue from Bothrops pirajai Venom Complexed with p-Bromophenacyl Bromide and α-Tocopherol Inhibitors

Niranjan Prasad; A. D. Sarma, 2007:
Preliminary analysis of grid ionospheric vertical error for GAGAN

Wei, C; Zheng-Ying, C; Ping, S; Yuan, H; Peng, Z; Wei, D; Yu-Dong, P; Zhong-Bing, S; Yan, Z; Yong-Zhen, Z; Qing-Wei, Y, 2007:
Preliminary analysis of impurity transport in HL-2A ohmic discharges

Wirth, J.J.; Rossano, M.G.; Friderici, K.A.; Puscheck, E.; Daly, D.C.; Diamond, M.P., 2007:
Preliminary analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ether exposure, semen quality and genetic polymorphisms

Cezary Łoziński; Witold Kycler, 2007:
Preliminary assessment of results obtained by the Endoscope Department of Great Poland Cancer Centre, Pozna, in the framework of the Screening Programme for Early Diagnostics of Colon Cancer in years 2004-2005

Chun-shan YANG; Shi-yuan LIU; Xiang-sheng XIAO; Yun FENG; Hui-min LI; Shan XIAO; Wan-qing GONG, 2007:
Preliminary clinical application of contrast-enhanced MR angiography using 3D time-resolved imaging of contrast kinetics (3D-TRICKS)

Armfield, N R; Bensink, M; Donovan, T; Wootton, R, 2007:
Preliminary evaluation of a system for neonatal teleconsultation

Pereira, B; Guillen, P; Gomez, M; Villaverde, H; Argibay, V; Antoniobaz, J; Sanmartin, M; Iniguez, A, 2007:
Preliminary experience of a dedicated nursing protocol for the management of a percutaneous left ventricular assist device in the catheterization laboratory

Anne Bruton; Mary Armstrong; Claire Chadwick; Denise Gibson; Kate Gahr, 2007:
Preliminary investigations into the effects of breathing retraining techniques on end-tidal carbon dioxide measures in patients with asthma and healthy volunteers during a single treatment session

Lynda Yorke; Ian, C. Fuller; Andy, J. Howard; David, G. Passmore, 2007:
Preliminary investigations of outwash environments in the Tyne Valley: implications for Late Devensian (Dimlington Stadial) deglaciation

Cheng-Wei Liao; Jung-Chuan Chou; Tai-Ping Sun; Shen-Kan Hsiung; Jui-Hsiang Hsieh, 2007:
Preliminary investigations on a glucose biosensor based on the potentiometric principle

McMartin, D, 2007:
Preliminary research from the use of compostable dinnerware at the 2005 Jeux du Canada Summer Games in Regina, Saskatchewan

M. Mariani; E. Vanossi; G. Gambarini; M. Carrara; M. Valente, 2007:
Preliminary results from a polymer gel dosimeter for absorbed dose imaging in radiotherapy

Collins, Y.; Shulman, L.P., 2007:
Preliminary results of 5% imiquimod cream in the primary treatment of vulva intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2/3

P. Kornprat; S. Uranues; B. Salehi; G. Hoebarth; W. Buchinger; M. Kuttnig; M. Roblegg; M. Tillich, 2007:
Preliminary results of a prospective study of nonoperative treatment of splenic injuries caused by blunt abdominal trauma

S. M. Vakulovskii; M. A. Novitskii; N. F. Mazurin; E. G. Tertyshnik; L. M. Khachaturova, 2007:
Preliminary results of modeling studies on washout of stable and radioactive analogs of90Sr and137Cs from snow-covered areas

V. A. Varlachev; A. A. Garapatskii; G. N. Dudkin; V. N. Padalko; V. S. Skuridin; E. S. Solodovnikov; E. V. Chibisov, 2007:
Preliminary results of the experiment on search for neutron nuclei on a nuclear reactor

L. D. Butakov; G. N. Dudkin; B. A. Nechaev; V. N. Padalko; A. V. Petrov; N. M. Polkovnikova; Vyach. M. Bystritsky; V. V. Gerasimov; A. R. Krylov; S. S. Parzhitskii; Vit. M. Bystritskii; J. Wozniak, 2007:
Preliminary results of the study of the d(d,n)3He reaction in the astrophysical energy range with the use of a Hall plasma accelerator

M. L. Calzada; M. Algueró; J. Ricote; A. Santos; L. Pardo, 2007:
Preliminary results on sol-gel processing of 100 oriented Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3thin films using diol-based solutions

Helen Lewis, 2007:
Preliminary soil micromorphology studies of landscape and occupation history at Tabon Cave, Palawan, Philippines

Szynkowska, M I; Czerski, K; Grams, J; Paryjczak, T; Parczewski, A, 2007:
Preliminary studies using imaging mass spectrometry TOF-SIMS in detection and analysis of fingerprints

S.B. Riffat; X. Zhao, 2007:
Preliminary study of the performance and operating characteristics of a mop-fan air cleaning system for buildings

Gutiérrez, A; Francés, R; Such, J; NʼDongo, M; Garem, M, 2007:
Preliminary study on bacterial translocation in serum of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Mihalis Cutrubinis; Daniel Chirita; Diana Savu; Corina Elisabeta Secu; Radu Mihai; Mihai Secu; Corneliu Ponta, 2007:
Preliminary study on detection of irradiated foodstuffs from the Romanian market

An-Seop Choi; Cheol-Han Kim; Byoung-Chul Park; Kyoo-Dong Song; Yong-Shik Kim, 2007:
Preliminary study on luminous intensity distribution modeling of the dome pendent prismatic luminaire and application of optimization techniques

Wang, C Y; Fu, W E; Lin, H L; Peng, G S, 2007:
Preliminary study on nanoparticle sizes under the APEC technology cooperative framework

Qvortrup, M, 2007:
Preliminary thoughts on Schumpeter and political entrepreneurship

Williams, L, 2007:
Premarital Counseling

Stephanie, I. Falke; Jeffry, H. Larson, 2007:
Premarital Predictors of Remarital Quality: Implications for Clinicians

Rogol, A.D., 2007:
Premature Birth and Later Insulin Resistance

Waldinger, M D., 2007 :
Premature Ejaculation: Different Pathophysiologies and Etiologies Determine Its Treatment

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Services; LLC, 2007:
Premature Ejaculation: New Information on the Condition, Its Impact, and Treatment ChoicesBreakfast Symposium

Bartle-Haring, S; Glebova, T; Meyer, K, 2007:
Premature Termination in Marriage and Family Therapy within a Bowenian Perspective

A.F. Ayyobi; A. Zambon; J.D. Brunzell, 2007:
Premature coronary artery disease and apolipoprotein B and apolipoprotein A-I

Reinier Hoogeveen, 2007:
Prematuur verlies van melkmolaren

Benitz, W.E., 2007:
Premedication for Nonemergent Neonatal Intubations: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Comparing Atropine and Fentanyl to Atropine, Fentanyl, and Mivacurium

Leiber-Wackenheim, F.; David, E.; Tran Van, F.; Havet, E.; Vernois, J.; Mertl, P., 2007:
Premier mtacarpien flottant avec luxation trapzo-mtacarpienne rcidivante chez un sujet hyperlaxe

Caremel, R; Albouy, B; Fourmestraux, A De; Tanneau, Y; Grise, P, 2007:
Premiers rsultats de la toxine botulique dans le traitement de lhyperplasie bnigne de la prostate

Livermore, G A.; Goodman, N; Hooven, F; Hashemi, L, 2007:
Premium Increases in State Health Insurance Programs: Lessons from a Case Study of the Massachusetts Medicaid Buy-in Program

O. Benveniste; S. Pavy; O. Dubourg; V. Leblond; B. Eymard; S. Herson, 2007:
Premire autogreffe de moelle pour une myopathie btonnets de survenue tardive associe une gammapathie monoclonale, efficacit vingt-quatre mois

Luciani, A.; Leclerc, X; Dacher, J.N., 2007:
Premire campagne dvaluation des internes de radiodiagnostic en 2005 : rsultats nationaux

N. Guessous-Idrissi; A. Essari; M. Soussi Abdallaoui; M. Youssouf, 2007:
Premire identification de Candida dubliniensis au centre hospitalier universitaire Ibn Rochd de Casablanca (Maroc)

Penner, J D.; Brown, A S., 2007:
Premorbid anomalies and risk of schizophrenia and depressive disorders in a birth cohort exposed to prenatal rubella

Field, T; Yando, R; Bendell, D; Hernandez-Reif, M; Diego, M; Vera, Y; Gil, K, 2007:
Prenatal Depression Effects on Pregnancy Feelings and Substance Use

Cheri, M. Franklin; Meredith Kinsel; Erik, C. Michelfelder, 2007:
Prenatal Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease

Beth Kline–Fath; Constance Bitters, 2007:
Prenatal Imaging

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Preparation and electrochemical characteristics of microemulsion-derived Li(Ni, Co)O2nanopowders

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Preparation and identification of monoclonal antibodies against the adenovirus vector

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Preparation and in vitro Studies of Stealth PEGylated PLGA Nanoparticles as Carriers for Arsenic Trioxide

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Preparation and microstructure of K-PSDS geopolymeric binder

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Preparation and microstructure of sol-gel derived silver-doped silica

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Preparation and performance of a new type of blue light-emitting material -Alq3

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Preparation and phase formation of perovskite Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3by a reaction-sintering process

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Preparation and photochromism of diarylethene covalently bonded onto layered sodium-magadiite surfaces

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Preparation and photoluminescence characteristics of Eu3+-doped MgAl1.8Y0.2O4 nanocrystals

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Preparation and photoluminescence of SiC/Si/SiO2 multi-layer structure

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Preparation and photoluminescent properties of zinc oxide phosphor

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Preparation and physical properties of flame retardant acrylic resin containing nano-sized aluminum hydroxide

Ana Figueiras; Laura Ribeiro; M. Teresa Vieira; Francisco Veiga, 2007:
Preparation and physicochemical characterization of omeprazole:methyl-beta-cyclodextrin inclusion complex in solid state

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Preparation and properties of Ni/nano-Al2O3 composite coatings by automatic brush plating

Yijing Yin; Shuxue Zhou; Guangxin Gu; Limin Wu, 2007:
Preparation and properties of UV-curable polymer/nanosized indium-doped tin oxide (ITO) nanocomposite coatings

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Preparation and properties of W-containing diamond-like carbon films by magnetron plasma source ion implantation

N. Izyumskaya; V. Avrutin; Ü. Özgür; Y. I. Alivov; H. Morkoç, 2007:
Preparation and properties of ZnO and devices

Yue-Feng Zhu; Lei Shi; Chan Zhang; Xi-Zhi Yang; Ji Liang, 2007:
Preparation and properties of alumina composites modified by electric field-induced alignment of carbon nanotubes

Xiaohua Qi; Mingzhu Liu; Zhenbin Chen; Rui Liang, 2007:
Preparation and properties of diatomite composite superabsorbent

Wenguang Cui; Fen Guo; Jianfeng Chen, 2007:
Preparation and properties of flame retardant high impact polystyrene

Wei Hua; Tianqing Liu, 2007:
Preparation and properties of highly stable innocuous niosome in Span 80/PEG 400/H2O system

Hamid Yeganeh; Pejman Hojati-Talemi, 2007:
Preparation and properties of novel biodegradable polyurethane networks based on castor oil and poly(ethylene glycol)

Yiping Zhao; Li Chen; Huan Zhang; Xianglin Qiu; Guobu Zhao; Bo Zhang, 2007:
Preparation and properties of novel fishnet fibers with inhibitory effects on the adhesion of seaweeds

Hideo Sawada; Shun Kodama; Katsuhiko Tsunashima; Masashi Sugiya, 2007:
Preparation and properties of novel phosphonium-type ionic liquids/silica gel nanocomposites

Muhammad Ilyas Sarwar; Sonia Zulfiqar; Zahoor Ahmad, 2007:
Preparation and properties of polyamidetitania nanocomposites

A. F. Dmitruk; Yu. O. Lesishina; T. G. Shendrik; L. Ya. Galushko, 2007:
Preparation and properties of porous carbon materials based on fallen leaves

L. F. Chen; Z. H. Cai; L. Zhang; L. Lan; X. J. Chen; Jun Zeng, 2007:
Preparation and properties of silicon oxycarbide fibers

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Preparation and property of soluble azobenzene-containing substituted poly(1-alkyne)s optical limiting materials

E. Cauda; D. Fino; G. Saracco; V. Specchia, 2007:
Preparation and regeneration of a catalytic diesel particulate filter

Hong Zhu; Xuehai Yan; Jianhua Xia; Yubing Li, 2007:
Preparation and rheological properties of oilwatercoal triplex synfuel using petroleum sulfonate as the dispersants

Xiudi Xiao; Qiming Liu; Guoping Dong; Xiujian Zhao; Hao Liu, 2007:
Preparation and second harmonic generation of nanosized Sb2S3doped silica glasses by the sol-gel process

Josefina Pons; Jordi García-Antón; Rubén Jiménez; Xavier Solans; Mercè Font-Bardia; Josep Ros, 2007:
Preparation and structural characterisation of a Cd(II) complex with unusual geometry

Yu-Ning Chang; Lan-Chang Liang, 2007:
Preparation and structural characterization of group 1 metal complexes containing a chelating biphenolato phosphine ligand

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Preparation and structural organisation of heteroleptic tetraphenylantimony(V) complexes comprising unidentately and bidentately coordinated O,O-dialkyldithiophosphate groups: Multinuclear (13C, 31P) CP/MAS NMR and single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies

Lanqin Tang; Bing Zhou; Yumei Tian; Hari Bala; Yan Pan; Suxia Ren; Yi Wang; Xiaotang Lv; Minggang Li; Zichen Wang, 2007:
Preparation and surface modification of uniform ZnO nanorods via a one-step process

Liuchun Zheng; Shimei Xu; Yang Peng; Jide Wang; Gui Peng, 2007:
Preparation and swelling behavior of amphoteric superabsorbent composite with semi-IPN composed of poly(acrylic acid)/Ca-bentonite/poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride)

Xilei Chen; Yuan Hu; Chuanmei Jiao; Lei Song, 2007:
Preparation and thermal properties of a novel flame-retardant coating

Jianqiu Shi; Shuxue Zhou; Bo You; Limin Wu, 2007:
Preparation and thermochromic property of tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide particles

F. Chiarella; P. Ferro; F. Licci; M. Barra; M. Biasiucci; A. Cassinese; R. Vaglio, 2007:
Preparation and transport properties of hybrid organicinorganic CH3NH3SnBr3films

K. Kang; S.H. Huang; X.W. Huang; W.D. Zhuang; F.T. You; S.S. Zhang; H.Q. He, 2007:
Preparation for a new green-emitting phosphor for cold cathode fluorescent lamp

Hiromitsu Tabata; Kenichiro Miura; Kenji Kawano, 2007:
Preparation for smooth pursuit eye movement based on expectation in humans

Hui Gao; Yuhua Wang, 2007:
Preparation of (Gd,Y)AlO3:Eu3+ by citric-gel method and their photoluminescence under VUV excitation

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Preparation of 1,4-Benzothiazines Using Stable Phosphorus Ylides

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Preparation of 2,3,4-Trihydroxybutylarsonic Acid: A Starting Compound for Novel Arsonolipids

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Preparation of 3H-labelled testosterone metabolites

Jian Ding; Naiqin Zhao; Chunsheng Shi; Xiwen Du; Chunnian He; Jiajun Li, 2007:
Preparation of 3YSZ/Cu composite by in-situ chemical route

Maen, M. Husein; Eva Rodil; Juan, H. Vera, 2007:
Preparation of AgBr Nanoparticles in Microemulsions Via Reaction of AgNO3with CTAB Counterion

S. D. Kaloshkin; V. V. Tcherdyntsev; V. D. Danilov, 2007:
Preparation of Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline powdered alloys and related materials by mechanical activation

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Preparation of Androstanes Related to Aphidicolin

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Preparation of Ba(Ti,Sn)O3thin films by PVP-assisted solgel method and their dielectric properties

Bo Li; Shuren Zhang; Xiaohua Zhou; Sheng Wang; Zhu Chen, 2007:
Preparation of BaTiO3-based ceramics by nanocomposite doping process

Tetsuo Yazawa; Masaaki Kishimoto; Tomomi Inoue; Atsushi Mineshige; Masafumi Kobune; Koji Kuraoka, 2007:
Preparation of CO2-selective separation membranes with highly chemical and thermal stability prepared from inorganic-organic nanohybrids containing branched polyethers

Ying Song; Ce-Wen Nan, 2007:
Preparation of Ca3Co4O9by polyacrylamide gel processing and its thermoelectric properties

Justus, E; Izteleuova, D T.; Kasantsev, A V.; Axartov, M M.; Lork, E; Gabel, D, 2007:
Preparation of Carboranyl and Dodecaborate Derivatives of Coumarin

Xiangdong Lou; Dongyang Shi; Shuping Liu; Chuanyun Peng, 2007:
Preparation of CdIn2O4 powder by solgel method and its Cl2 sensitivity properties

Wen-hua Lü; Guang-jie Zhao, 2007:
Preparation of Chinese fir wood/MMT nanocomposites and the factors affecting it

Zhi-Ming, Z, 2007:
Preparation of Cluster States for Many Atoms in Cavity QED

Yuefei Zhang; Qiang Chen; Zhengduo Wang; Guangqiu Zhang; Yuanjing Ge, 2007:
Preparation of Cr hard coatings by ion beam assisted electron beam vapor deposition on Ni and Cu substrates

Ai Xia Lu; Xue Pin Liao; Rong Qing Zhou; Bi Shi, 2007:
Preparation of Fe(III)-immobilized collagen fiber for lysozyme adsorption

Takahiro Yamada; Hisanori Yamane; Takaaki Ohta; Takenari Goto; Takafumi Yao, 2007:
Preparation of GaN crystals by heating a Li3N-added Ga melt in Na vapor and their photoluminescence

Cuili Guo; Xiaoling Zhang; Jinli Zhang; Yiping Wang, 2007:
Preparation of La2NiO4 catalyst and catalytic performance for partial oxidation of methane

Park, M-Na; Kang, H-Sim; Kim, S-Woo; Yoon, S-Young; Kim, Y-Joo; Kang, Y-Soo, 2007:
Preparation of MPS (mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane)-coated SiO2 nanoparticle and its effect on mechanical properties of surface treated SiO2/EVA nanocomposite

Wenheng JING; Shouhong WU; Yejian XUE; Wanqin JIN; Weihong XING; Nanping XU, 2007:
Preparation of Macroporous TiO2 Ceramic Based on Membrane Jet-flow Emulsification

Li, S; Sun, Y; Hu, D; Chen, C; Cui, Y, 2007:
Preparation of Metal Chelate Affinity Chromatographic Medium and Its Application in the Purification of 6 Histidine-tagged Protein

R.G. Abhilash Kumar; K. Vinod; U. Syamaprasad, 2007:
Preparation of MgB2/Fe superconductor wire by electrical self-heating

D. Mohapatra; D. Sarkar, 2007:
Preparation of MgOMgAl2O4 composite for refractory application

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Preparation of Monoalkyl Terephthalates: An Overview

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Preparation of N-doped TiO2photocatalyst by atmospheric pressure plasma process for VOCs decomposition under UV and visible light sources

Hongtao Jiang; Huiquan Li; Hongbin Xu; Yi Zhang, 2007:
Preparation of Ni/MgxTi1  xO catalysts and investigation on their stability in tri-reforming of methane

Huang YU; Xuxu ZHENG; Zhongyi YIN; Feng TAG; Beibei FANG; Keshan HOU, 2007:
Preparation of Nitrogen-doped TiO2 Nanoparticle Catalyst and Its Catalytic Activity under Visible Light

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Preparation of NiCuMoCr film deposited on AZ31magnesium alloy by double glow sputtering with Cu interlayer

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Preparation of Orthogonally-Protected 3-Methoxy-4-Phosphonomethyl-LPhenylalanine,a New Reagent for the Synthesis of Phosphotyrosyl Mimetic-Containing Peptides

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Preparation of PCM microcapsules by using oil absorbable polymer particles

Dean Shi; Huabing Chen; R. K. Y. Li, 2007:
Preparation of PP-g-PA6 copolymers through reactive blending

Yugong Wu; Bin Wang; Zhibo Cong; Bu Wang, 2007:
Preparation of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3piezoelectric ceramics by drydry method

Ji-Jun Zou; Zhongqiang Xiong; Li Wang; Xiangwen Zhang; Zhentao Mi, 2007:
Preparation of Pd-B/-Al2O3 amorphous catalyst for the hydrogenation of tricyclopentadiene

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Preparation of Pt/MgO/CNT Hybrid Catalysts and Their Electrocatalytic Properties for Ethanol Electrooxidation

Liang Xing; Feng Du; Jia-Jie Liang; Yong-Sheng Chen; Qi-Lin Zhou, 2007:
Preparation of Pt/SWNTs for heterogeneous asymmetric hydrogenation of ethyl pyruvate

Suzuki, H; Aly, N S. M.; Wataya, Y; Kim, H-Sook; Tamai, I; Kita, M; Uemura, D, 2007:
Preparation of Quinoline Hexose Analogs as Novel Chloroquine-Resistant Malaria Treatments (1). Synthesis of 4-Hydroxyquinoline-β-glucosides

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Preparation of Sb3Nb3O13powders using molten salt method

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Preparation of SiCSiO2CuO composites

Jiang Weiwei; Xu Zheng; Zhang Fujun; Zhang Xiyan; Wang Liwei, 2007:
Preparation of SrS:Eu, Sm and its photostimulated luminescence

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Preparation of Thin Palladium Composite Membranes and Application to Hydrogen/Nitrogen Separation

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Preparation of TiO2 nanocrystalline with 35 nm and application for dye-sensitized solar cell

Yu-Young Wang; Tsung-Eong Hsieh, 2007:
Preparation of UV-curable intercalated/exfoliated epoxide/acrylateclays nanocomposite resins

Lian-Jun, J; Zhen-Biao, Y, 2007:
Preparation of W state in resonant bimodal cavity quantum electrodynamics

Jianjun Li; Xiuling Jiao; Dairong Chen, 2007:
Preparation of Y-TZP ceramic fibers by electrolysis-sol-gel method

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Preparation of Y3Al5O12 nanocrystals by low temperature glycol route

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Preparation of Zirconia Fibers via a Simple Aqueous SolGel Method

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Preparation of ZnO nanoparticles and nanosheets and their application to dye-sensitized solar cells

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Preparation of a Bridged Verbenindenyl Ligand for Metallocenes

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Preparation of a PEGSupported Ligand as Highly Stable Palladium Catalyst and Its Efficient Recyclability in the Heck Reaction

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Preparation of a Quality Sample: Effect of Centrifugation Time on Stat Clinical Chemistry Testing

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Preparation of a Zinc Monocysteine Compound

Hatsuo Yamamura; Kousuke Satake; Rieko Hirasawa; Shinichi Yamada; Masao Kawai, 2007:
Preparation of a cyclodextrin dimer linked with a bis(picolinyl)cystine moiety and its intra- and intermolecular inclusion behavior

Koji Kuraoka; Masa-aki Sato; Yuri Hamano; Tsutomu Ioroi; Kazuaki Yasuda; Tetsuo Yazawa, 2007:
Preparation of a flexible organicinorganic hybrid proton-conducting membrane for non-humidified conditions

Fahimeh Jalali; Elham Arkan; Gholamreza Bahrami, 2007:
Preparation of a gabapentin potentiometric sensor and its application to pharmaceutical analysis

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Preparation of a hydrotalcite-like compound using calcined dolomite and polyaluminum chloride

S. Periyasamy; M.L. Gulrajani; Deepti Gupta, 2007:
Preparation of a multifunctional mulberry silk fabric having hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces using VUV excimer lamp

Xu Hun; Zhujun Zhang, 2007:
Preparation of a novel fluorescence nanosensor based on calcein-doped silica nanoparticles, and its application to the determination of calcium in blood serum

Miaoliang Huang; Hongxun Yang; Jihuai Wu; Jianming Lin; Zhang Lan; Pingjiang Li; Sancun Hao; Peng Han; Qiwei Jiang, 2007:
Preparation of a novel polymer gel electrolyte based onN-methyl-quinoline iodide and its application in quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell

Jian Zhong Ma; Jing Hu; Zong Sui Yang; Lingyun Liu, 2007:
Preparation of acrylic resin/modified nano-SiO2via sol-gel method for leather finishing agent

Md. Azhar Uddin; Yosuke Shinozaki; Naoya Furusawa; Toru Yamada; Yuki Yamaji; Eiji Sasaoka, 2007:
Preparation of activated carbon from asphalt and heavy oil fly ash and coal fly ash by pyrolysis

Turkan Kopac; Atakan Toprak, 2007:
Preparation of activated carbons from Zonguldak region coals by physical and chemical activations for hydrogen sorption

Ali Nokhodchi; Maryam Maghsoodi; Davood Hassan-Zadeh; Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali, 2007:
Preparation of agglomerated crystals for improving flowability and compactibility of poorly flowable and compactible drugs and excipients

Sato, T, 2007:
Preparation of aluminium hydroxide by reacting sodium aluminate solutions with mineral acid

Xueao Zhang; Jianfang Wang; Wenjian Wu; Changli Liu; Siwen Qian, 2007:
Preparation of amino-functionalized mesoporous silica thin films with highly ordered large pore structures

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Preparation of amorphous-nanocrystalline composite structured NiP electrodeposits

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Preparation of ampholytes from shale phenols

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Preparation of an Amino Acid Intermediate for the Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV Inhibitor, Saxagliptin, using a Modified Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase

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Preparation of anatase F doped TiO2sol and its performance for photodegradation of formaldehyde

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Preparation of anti-fogging low density polyethylene film by using -irradiation

Hyun Gil Cha; Young Hwan Kim; Chang Woo Kim; Young Soo Kang, 2007:
Preparation of aqueous dispersion of colloidal α-Fe nanoparticle by phase transfer

K. Venkata Saravanan; K. C. James Raju; M. Ghanashyam Krishna; Anil, K. Bhatnagar, 2007:
Preparation of barium strontium titanate using a modified polymeric precursor method

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Preparation of bimodal mesoporous silica molecular sieves from organotrialkoxysilane and tetraethoxysilane

Cai Zhijiang; Wen Zhihong, 2007:
Preparation of biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB) and poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) graft copolymer

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Preparation of carbon dioxide adsorbents from the chemical activation of ureaformaldehyde and melamineformaldehyde resins

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Preparation of carbon microparticle assemblies from phenolic resin using an inverse opal templating method

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Preparation of carbon nanofibers over carbon nanotube-nickel catalyst in propylene decomposition

Chengbin Jing; Xinguang Xu; Jinxia Hou, 2007:
Preparation of compact Al2O3film on metal for oxidation resistance by polyvinylpyrrolidone

Guojia Ma; Huafang Zhang; Hongchen Wu; Liping Peng; Yanli Jiang, 2007:
Preparation of diamond-like carbon by PBII-enhanced microwave ECR chemical vapor deposition

Yoshimasa Kondo; Takao Saito; Tatsuya Terazawa; Naoto Ohtake, 2007:
Preparation of diamondlike carbon films using nanopulse generator employing SI thyristor

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Preparation of dimethoxyborane and analysis by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Ji-Rui Song; Li-Xiong Wen; Zeng-Min Xia; Jian-Feng Chen, 2007:
Preparation of egg-shell nanonickel catalyst for CO hydrogenation

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Preparation of erythromycin microparticles by supercritical fluid expansion depressurization

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Preparation of extended microtunnels in GaN by wet chemical etching

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Preparation of fine-grain lead indium niobate ceramics with wolframite precursor method and resulting electrical properties

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Preparation of free-standing Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3nanoparticles by solgel method

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Preparation of gelatinous aluminium hydroxide by urea from aqueous solutions containing chloride, nitrate and sulphate of aluminium

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Preparation of gelatinous aluminium hydroxide from aqueous solutions of organic aluminium salts by reaction with alkali

Gong-Jun Yang; Xi-Long Qu; Ming Shen; Cheng-Yin Wang; Qi-Shu Qu; Xiao-Ya Hu, 2007:
Preparation of glassy carbon electrode modified by hydrophobic gold nanoparticles and its application for the determination of ethamsylate in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide

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Preparation of glyceryl monostearate-based particles by PGSSApplication to caffeine

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Preparation of gold nanoparticles (GNP) aqueous suspensions by a new method involving Tiron

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Preparation of hemispherical hollow silica microcapsules with different affinity surface by using spherical vaterite calcium carbonate as template

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Preparation of high concentration of silver colloidal nanoparticles in layered laponite sol

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Preparation of high specific surface area hydroxyapatite for environmental applications

Xihong Hao; Jiwei Zhai; Xi Yao, 2007:
Preparation of highly (111)-oriented (Pb,La)(Zr,Sn,Ti)O3(PLZST) antiferroelectric thin films by modified sol-gel process using a novel tin source, dibutyloxide of tin

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Preparation of highly concentrated aqueous solution of sodium borate

Pil Kim; Ji Bong Joo; Wooyoung Kim; Jongsik Kim; In Kyu Song; Jongheop Yi, 2007:
Preparation of highly dispersed Pt catalyst using sodium alkoxide as a reducing agent and its application to the methanol electro-oxidation

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Preparation of highly ordered Fe-SBA-15 by physical-vapor-infiltration and their application to liquid phase selective oxidation of styrene

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Preparation of highly ordered titanium dioxide porous films: Characterization and photocatalytic activity

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Preparation of hydrophilic silicalite-1 nanocrystal-layered membrane for separation of water from wateracetone solution by pervaporation

Junguo Li; Toshiyuki Hashida, 2007:
Preparation of hydroxyapatite ceramics by hydrothermal hot-pressing method at 300

Huiming Guo; Xiaoyan Jing; Lulu Zhang; Jun Wang, 2007:
Preparation of inorganicorganic pillared montmorillonite using ultrasonic treatment

Ijaz Zafarullah; Minghzen Tian; Tiejun Chang; W. Randall Babbitt, 2007:
Preparation of inverted medium and processing in the inverted medium

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Preparation of ion-exchange beads based on poly(methacrylic acid) brush grafted chitosan beads: Isolation of lysozyme from egg white in batch system

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Preparation of ironplatinum nanoparticles in water/triton/cyclohexane microemulsions

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Preparation of lanthanum-doped TiO2photocatalysts by coprecipitation

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Preparation of lead sulfide nanoparticles in the photolysis of aqueous solutions of lead thiosulfate complex

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Preparation of liquefied wood-based resins and their application in molding material

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Preparation of luminescent nanosized NaEu(MoO4)2incorporated in amorphous matrix originated from zeolite

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Preparation of lysine-intercalated manganese oxide nanocomposite by a delamination/reassembling process

Shuping Pang; Li Wang; Guicun Li; Zhikun Zhang, 2007:
Preparation of manganese and their derivate compounds by arc plasma method

William Tongamp; Qiwu Zhang; Fumio Saito, 2007:
Preparation of meixnerite (MgAlOH) type layered double hydroxide by a mechanochemical route

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Preparation of mesophase pitch doped with TiO2 or TiC particles

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Preparation of mesoporous silica/polymer sulfonate composite materials

Tao Li; Xin Lin; Weidong Huang, 2007:
Preparation of metal alloy powder by semi-solid processing

R. Pietrzak; H. Wachowska; P. Nowicki; K. Babeł, 2007:
Preparation of modified active carbon from brown coal by ammoxidation

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Preparation of mono- and diacetyl 4,4-dimethylbiphenyl and their corresponding carboxylic acids: Reactivity, selectivity and isomer distribution studies via Lewis acid catalyzed Friedel-Crafts acetylation/oxidation

Jinlong Jiang; Haiqiang Lu; Lixiong Zhang; Nanping Xu, 2007:
Preparation of monodisperse Ni/PS spheres and hollow nickel spheres by ultrasonic electroless plating

Yu-Ping Zhang; Li-Qun Fan; Kwang-Pill Lee; Yi-Jun Zhang; Seong-Ho Choi; Wen-Jun Gong, 2007:
Preparation of monolithic capillary columns for capillary electrochromatography by -ray irradiation

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Preparation of multilayered silicaGdsilica core-shell particles and their magnetic resonance images

Neil Osterwalder; Stefan Loher; Robert, N. Grass; Tobias, J. Brunner; Ludwig, K. Limbach; Samuel, C. Halim; Wendelin, J. Stark, 2007:
Preparation of nano-gypsum from anhydrite nanoparticles: Strongly increased Vickers hardness and formation of calcium sulfate nano-needles

Xueyu Qiu; Yadong Han; Xiuli Zhuang; Xuesi Chen; Yuesheng Li; Xiabin Jing, 2007:
Preparation of nano-hydroxyapatite/poly(l-lactide) biocomposite microspheres

Xuehui Li; Zhongfan Liu; Hong An; Xiuling Zhang; Rui Qi, 2007:
Preparation of nano-magnetic fluid using plasma technique and its application in safety valves

Chie Inui; Hiroaki Kura; Tetsuya Sato; Yosuke Tsuge; Seimei Shiratori; Hisanori Ohkita; Akihiro Tagaya; Yasuhiro Koike, 2007:
Preparation of nanocomposite for optical application using ZnTe nanoparticles and a zero-birefringence polymer

Yebin Xu; Yanyan He; Xiao Yuan, 2007:
Preparation of nanocrystalline Sr3Al2O6 powders via citric acid precursor

Akimori Tabata; Yusuke Komura, 2007:
Preparation of nanocrystalline cubic silicon carbide thin films by hot-wire CVD at various filament-to-substrate distances

Shaojing Bu; Chunxiang Cui; Xiaoxin Liu; Ling Bai, 2007:
Preparation of nanocrystalline porous titania films on titanium substrates by a solgel method with polyethylene glycol as a template

Ine Truijen; Marlies, K. Van Bael; Heidi Van den Rul; Jan D’Haen; Jules Mullens, 2007:
Preparation of nanocrystalline titania films with different porosity by water-based chemical solution deposition

D.S. Sutar; N. Padma; D.K. Aswal; S.K. Deshpande; S.K. Gupta; J.V. Yakhmi, 2007:
Preparation of nanofibrous polyaniline films and their application as ammonia gas sensor

Qiuyuan Feng; Tingju Li; Zhongtao Zhang; Jian Zhang; Mei Liu; Junze Jin, 2007:
Preparation of nanostructured Ni/Al2O3 composite coatings in high magnetic field

Wei Zhang; Mei Tao; Zhongqing Hu; Zhicheng Zhang, 2007:
Preparation of nearly monodisperse pH-responsive microgels by radiation-induced dispersion polymerization

G. K. Prasad; M. Horiuchi; N. Kumada; Y. Yonesaki; T. Takei; N. Kinomura, 2007:
Preparation of new inorganicorganic complexes by using FexTi12xNb1+xO5(x

Shin-Geol Kang; Jae Keun Kweon; Jong Hwa Jeong, 2007:
Preparation of new tetraaza macrocyclic nickel(II) and copper(II) complexes bearing N-propionic methyl ester groups

Qing-Ze Jiao; Zhou-Ling Tian; Yun Zhao, 2007:
Preparation of nickel hydroxide nanorods/nanotubes and microscopic nanorings under hydrothermal conditions

I. Valov; R. A. De Souza; C. Z. Wang; A. Börger; C. Korte; M. Martin; K. -D. Becker; J. Janek, 2007:
Preparation of nitrogen-doped YSZ thin films by pulsed laser deposition and their characterization

Lei Ge, 2007:
Preparation of novel visible-light-driven In2O3CaIn2O4composite photocatalyst by solgel method

L.G. Torres; R. Iturbe; M.J. Snowden; B.Z. Chowdhry; S.A. Leharne, 2007:
Preparation of o/w emulsions stabilized by solid particles and their characterization by oscillatory rheology

Dewu Long; Guozhong Wu; Shimou Chen, 2007:
Preparation of oligochitosan stabilized silver nanoparticles by gamma irradiation

Shirong Huang; Guozhong Wu; Shimou Chen, 2007:
Preparation of open cellular PMMA microspheres by supercritical carbon dioxide foaming

Masahiro Shishido; Daisuke Kitagawa, 2007:
Preparation of ordered mono-particulate film from colloidal solutions on the surface of water and continuous transcription of film to substrate

Jing Wang; Dong-Jie Guo; Bing Xia; Jie Chao; Shou-Jun Xiao, 2007:
Preparation of organic monolayers with azide on porous silicon via SiN bonds

Xuebing Zhao; Ting Zhang; Yujie Zhou; Dehua Liu, 2007:
Preparation of peracetic acid from hydrogen peroxide: Part I: Kinetics for peracetic acid synthesis and hydrolysis

Xiaoguang Liu; Sheng Xiang; Yumei Yue; Xuefeng Su; Wende Zhang; Chunlei Song; Pixin Wang, 2007:
Preparation of poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) aqueous latex dispersions using anionic polyelectrolyte as stabilizer

H. Tamai; M. Hakoda; T. Shiono; H. Yasuda, 2007:
Preparation of polyaniline coated activated carbon and their electrode performance for supercapacitor

Dongmei Xu; Jun Hong; Kanglong Sheng; Li Dong; Side Yao, 2007:
Preparation of polyethyleneimine nanogels via photo-Fenton reaction

Akihiro Ito; Tooru Ooya; Nobuhiko Yui, 2007:
Preparation of polypseudorotaxane consisting of fluorescent molecule-modified β-cyclodextrins and biotin-terminated poly(propylene glycol) with high yield

D. Oukil; L. Makhloufi; B. Saidani, 2007:
Preparation of polypyrrole films containing ferrocyanide ions deposited onto thermally pre-treated and untreated iron substrate: Application in the electroanalytical determination of ascorbic acid

Jun-ichi Kadokawa; Shingo Saitou; Shin-ichiro Shoda, 2007:
Preparation of polysaccharidepolymethacrylate hybrid materials by radical polymerization of cationic methacrylate monomer in the presence of anionic polysaccharide

Zhen Qian; Jun Chen; Yun Chen; Zhicheng Zhang; Huarong Liu, 2007:
Preparation of polystyrene latex particles from radiation induced miniemulsion polymerization using Y-like branched emulsifiers as the sole stabilizer

Yoshinari Taguchi; Hiroshi Yokoyama; Makiko Hara; Masato Tanaka, 2007:
Preparation of porous biodegradable microspheres with direct melting dispersion method

Shuji Fukahori; Hideaki Ichiura; Takuya Kitaoka; Hiroo Tanaka; Hiroyuki Wariishi, 2007:
Preparation of porous sheet composite impregnated with TiO2photocatalyst by a papermaking technique

Zhou Hong; Huang Guangsu; Gao Pin; Long Chengqun, 2007:
Preparation of porous/hollow particles of phenolic resin

Zhiqian Jia; Genban Sun, 2007:
Preparation of prussian blue nanoparticles with single precursor

Fude Cui; Yongsheng Wang; Jiamiao Wang; Lili Feng; Keji Ning, 2007:
Preparation of redispersible dry emulsion using Eudragit E100 as both solid carrier and unique emulsifier

Ru-Fen Chen; Lei Zhang; Yu Wei; Deng-Lu Hou, 2007:
Preparation of rutile (TiO2) nanostructured materials at low temperature from TiCl4aqueous solution

Chaoxing Zhang; Jianling Zhang; Xiaogang Zhang; Xiaoying Feng; Jing Chen; Buxing Han; Guanying Yang, 2007:
Preparation of silica and titanium-containing silica hollow spheres at supercritical CO2/H2O interface

Byoung-Jung Choi; Jung-Hui Lee; Kiyoshi Yatsui; Sung-Chae Yang, 2007:
Preparation of silicon nanoparticles for device of photoluminescence

Jung-Hui Lee; Byung-Yoon Chu; Byoung-Jung Choi; Sung-Chae Yang, 2007:
Preparation of silicon thin films by intense pulsed ion-beam evaporation method with low temperature process

E.A. Abdel-Aal; F.E. Farghaly, 2007:
Preparation of silver powders in micron size from used photographic films via leachingcementation technique

Angshuman Pal; Sunil Shah; Surekha Devi, 2007:
Preparation of silver, gold and silvergold bimetallic nanoparticles in w/o microemulsion containing TritonX-100

Peng Zhu; Weiya Wu; Jianping Zhou; Wu Zhang, 2007:
Preparation of size-controlled In2O3 nanoparticles

Q. H. Qian; X. F. Zhou; Y. Y. Hu; Ch. Liu; X. Feng; X. H. Lu, 2007:
Preparation of smooth potassium hexatitanate nanofilms by solgel method

Renwei Xu; Dongbing Liu; Shibo Wang; Na Wang; Bingquan Mao, 2007:
Preparation of spherical MgCl2-supported bis(phenoxy-imine) zirconium complex for ethylene polymerization

Chun-Ye Zhang; Xiang-Qian Shen; Jian-Xin Zhou; Mao-Xiang Jing; Kai Cao, 2007:
Preparation of spinel ferrite NiFe2O4fibres by organic gel-thermal decomposition process

M.J. Lázaro; M.E. Gálvez; S. Artal; J.M. Palacios; R. Moliner, 2007:
Preparation of steam-activated carbons as catalyst supports

Hefeng Hou; Yuqing Chen, 2007:
Preparation of super-hydrophobic silica films with visible light transmission using phase separation

Naoki Shimura; Makoto Ogawa, 2007:
Preparation of surfactant templated nanoporous silica spherical particles by the Stöber method. Effect of solvent composition on the particle size

Kyun Young Park; Ho Jung Kim; Yong Jae Suh, 2007:
Preparation of tantalum nanopowders through hydrogen reduction of TaCl5 vapor

Daisuke Sasaki; Yasushi Okada; Yoshihiro Suzuki; Toshiki Hagiwara; Shoichiro Yano; Takashi Sawaguchi, 2007:
Preparation of telechelic oligomers by controlled thermal degradation of isotactic poly(1-butene) and poly(propylene-ran-1-butene)

Daisuke Sasaki; Yoshihiro Suzuki; Hagiwara Toshiki; Shoichiro Yano; Takashi Sawaguchi, 2007:
Preparation of telechelic oligomers by thermal degradation of propylene copolymers

Xue-Yan Zhao; Jing Xu; Li-Qiang Zheng; Xin-Wei Li, 2007:
Preparation of temperature-sensitive microemulsion-based gels formed from a triblock copolymer

Kunihiko Tanaka; Noriko Moritake; Hisao Uchiki, 2007:
Preparation of thin films by sulfurizing solgel deposited precursors

Chunan Ma; Jiangfeng Sheng; Nigel Brandon; Cheng Zhang; Guohua Li, 2007:
Preparation of tungsten carbide-supported nano Platinum catalyst and its electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution

Guohua Wu; Yujun Wang; Shenlin Zhu; Jiading Wang, 2007:
Preparation of ultrafine calcium carbonate particles with micropore dispersion method

Yuqiang Lv; Ming Hu; Miao Wu; Zhigang Liu, 2007:
Preparation of vanadium oxide thin films with high temperature coefficient of resistance by facing targets d.c. reactive sputtering and annealing process

Hui Peng; Lijuan Zhang; Christian Soeller; Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, 2007:
Preparation of water-soluble CdTe/CdS core/shell quantum dots with enhanced photostability

L. P. Noskova; A. V. Rokhin; A. P. Sorokin, 2007:
Preparation of waxes and humic acids from brown coal from the Sergeevskoe deposit

Yuanhua Ding; Liping Chen; Rong Guo, 2007:
Preparation of zinc gluconate nanostructures with different shapes by lamellar liquid crystal template

He, J; Hou, S; Lu, W; Zhu, L; Feng, J, 2007:
Preparation, Pharmacokinetics and Body Distribution of Silymarin-Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles After Oral Administration

Shi Jiang; Jianhui Liu; Yu Shi; Zhen Wang; Björn Åkermark; Licheng Sun, 2007:
Preparation, characteristics and crystal structures of novel N-heterocyclic carbene substituted furan- and pyridine-containing azadithiolate FeS complexes

Xianying Shi; Junfa Wei, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and catalytic oxidation properties of bis-quaternary ammonium peroxotungstates and peroxomolybdates complexes

Sepideh Khoee; Fatemeh Sadeghi; Somayeh Zamani, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and fluorimetric studies of novel photoactive poly(amide-imide) from 1-naphthaldehyde and 2,6-diaminopyridine by microwave-irradiation

E.P. Favvas; G.C. Kapantaidakis; J.W. Nolan; A.Ch. Mitropoulos; N.K. Kanellopoulos, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and gas permeation properties of carbon hollow fiber membranes based on Matrimid 5218 precursor

B. Wang; X. Zuo; Y.Q. Wu; Z.M. Chen, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and gas sensing properties of lead tetra-(tert-butyl)-5,10,15,20-tetraazaporphyrin spin-coating films

Hongyan Tian; Hideyuki Tagaya, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and mechanical properties of the polylactide/perlite and the polylactide/montmorillonite composites

Hong-Yuan Wang; Ming-Fu Huang, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and performances of biodegradable thermoplastic starch

Mohammad Hossein Habibi; Mojtaba Nasr-Esfahani; Terry, A. Egerton, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of TiO2/ Methylcellulose nanocomposite films derived from nanopowder TiO2and modified solgel titania

Mohammad Hossein Habibi; Mojtaba Nasr-Esfahani, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of a novel nanostructure composite film derived from nanopowder TiO2 and solgel process using organic dispersant

Yuling Xiao; Shucai Liang; Guofu Qiu; Jianyuan Wu; Junbo Zhang; Xianming Hu, 2007:
Preparation, characterization and tableting properties of two new pachyman-based pharmaceutical aids: I. disintegrants in dispersible tablets

Victor, N. Nemykin; Ann, E. Polshyna; Svetlana, A. Borisenkova; Vladimir, V. Strelko, 2007:
Preparation, characterization, and catalytic activity of synthetic carbon-supported (phthalocyaninato)cobalt-containing complexes in dodecane-1-thiol oxidation reaction

Esther Eljarrat-Binstock; Alfonso Bentolila; Neeraj Kumar; Hannah Harel; Abraham, J. Domb, 2007:
Preparation, characterization, and sterilization of hydrogel sponges for iontophoretic drug-delivery use

G. Rambabu; K. Koteswara Rao; N. Anantharamulu; M. Raghavender; G. Prasad; V. Prashanth Kumar; C. Vishnuvardhan Reddy; Muga Vithal, 2007:
Preparation, characterization, conductivity and thermal expansion studies of Ca0.5SbMP3O12(M

Wei Yu; Li Yang; Tong Lai Zhang; Jian Guo Zhang; Yan Hong Liu; Rui Feng Wu; Kai Bei Yu, 2007:
Preparation, crystal structure and characterization of 2,4,6-trinitro-3,5-dimethylbenzoic acid monohydrate

Bin Zhang; Yan Zhang; Mohamedally Kurmoo, 2007:
Preparation, crystal structure and magnetic property of a binuclear oxalate-bridged iron(III) compound: Fe2(C2O4)Cl4(DMF)4 (DMF = dimethylformamide)

M. Dolores Santana; Gabriel García; Gregorio López; Abel Lozano; Consuelo Vicente; Luís García; José Pérez, 2007:
Preparation, crystal structures and NMR characterization of substituted-benzoate complexes Nickel(II)-N3-macrocycles

Daniella, M. de Faria; Maria Irene Yoshida; Carlos, B. Pinheiro; Kassílio José Guedes; Klaus Krambrock; Renata Diniz; Luiz Fernando, C. de Oliveira; Flávia C. Machado, 2007:
Preparation, crystal structures and spectroscopic characterization of oxalate copper(II) complexes containing the nitrogen ligands 4,4-dimethyl-2,2-bipyridine and di(2-pyridyl)sulfide

Sonmez Arslan; Ismail Yilmaz, 2007:
Preparation, electrochemical, and spectroelectrochemical characterization of a new water-soluble copper phthalocyanine

Yan-Li Shang; Yun-Ling Jia; Fu-Hui Liao; Jun-Ran Li; Ming-Xiu Li; Juan Wang; Shao-Hua Zhang, 2007:
Preparation, microstructure and electrorheological property of nano-sized TiO2particle materials doped with metal oxides

X. Q. Wang; D. Xu; Q. Ren; G. H. Zhang; X. B. Sun; X. Q. Hou; W. F. Guo; H. Lü, 2007:
Preparation, single crystal growth and characterization of bis(tetrabutylammonium)bis(4,5-dithiolato-1,3-dithiole-2-thione)copper

Yi-kun Liao; Dan-yu Jiang; Tao Feng; Na Zhang, 2007:
Preparation, spectroscopic properties and enhanced luminescence of Tb3+-doped LuAG phosphors and transparent ceramics by introduction of Sc3+

Zhi-Tao, Y; Xin-Rui, S; Hai-Jun, X; Xin-Jian, L, 2007:
Preparation, structural and electrical properties of zinc oxide grown on silicon nanoporous pillar array

Runping Jia; Qingsheng Wu; Guoxin Zhang; Yaping Ding, 2007:
Preparation, structural and optical properties of ZnWO4and CdWO4nanofilms

M.E. Kozlov; N.S. Murthy; I. Udod; I.I. Khayrullin; R.H. Baughman; A.A. Zakhidov, 2007:
Preparation, structural, and calorimetric characterization of bicomponent metallic photonic crystals

David Koloušek; Jiri Brus; Martina Urbanova; Jana Andertova; Vaclav Hulinsky; Jindřich Vorel, 2007:
Preparation, structure and hydrothermal stability of alternative (sodium silicate-free) geopolymers

M. P. F. Graça; M. G. Ferreira da Silva; M. A. Valente, 2007:
Preparation, structure, morphology, and dc and ac conductivity of the 88SiO2-6Li2O-6Nb2O5(% mole) sol-gel derived glass-ceramics

Atsushi Okazawa; Takashi Nogami; Takayuki Ishida, 2007:
Preparation, structures, and magnetic properties of precursors for chelating compounds of 2-pyridyl nitroxide derivatives

Weng Feng Zeng; Yen Hsien Chen; Michael, Y. Chiang; Cheu Pyeng Cheng, 2007:
Preparations and structures of titanium(IV) complexes containing 8-hydroxyquinolinate and a Schiff-base N-(2-oxyphenyl)salicylideneiminate

Albena Kostova; Hans-Jörg Bart, 2007:
Preparative chromatographic separation of amino acid racemic mixtures: I. Adsorption isotherms

Albena Kostova; Hans-Jörg Bart, 2007:
Preparative chromatographic separation of amino acid racemic mixtures: II. Modelling of the separation process

Xiao-Kun OuYang; Mi-Cong Jin; Chao-Hong He, 2007:
Preparative separation of four major alkaloids from medicinal plant of Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook F using high-speed counter-current chromatography

J.J. Lu; Y. Wei; Q.P. Yuan, 2007:
Preparative separation of gallic acid from Chinese traditional medicine by high-speed counter-current chromatography and followed by preparative liquid chromatography

M. Durante; G. Kraft; P. O’Neill; G. Reitz; L. Sabatier; U. Schneider, 2007:
Preparatory study of a ground-based space radiobiology program in Europe

Koplan, J. P., 2007:
Prepared For What?

Richard, H. Carmona, 2007:
Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Vogel, W M.; Noether, C D.; Steadman, H J., 2007:
Preparing Communities for Re-Entry of Offenders with Mental Illness

Sullivan, L González, 2007:
Preparing Latinos/as for a Flat World

Spiliotopoulou, G., 2007:
Preparing Occupational Therapy Students for Practice Placements: Initial Evidence

Dalton, L C., 2007:
Preparing Planners for the Breadth of Practice

Hanna, M D., 2007:
Preparing School Age Children for Adoption

V. L. Bagirova; E. L. Kovaleva; K. S. Shanazarov, 2007:
Preparing a pharmacopoeial article on pharmaceutical substances

Mary Pat Rapp, 2007:
Preparing for the National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Stephanie Al Otaiba; Vickie, E. Lake, 2007:
Preparing special educators to teach reading and use curriculum-based assessments

Green, L. A.; Pugno, P.; Fetter, G. J.; Jones, S. M., 2007:
Preparing the Personal Physician for Practice (P4): A National Program Testing Innovations in Family Medicine Residencies

Louise Hayes; Sarah M Creighton, 2007:
Prepubertal vaginal discharge

G. S. Kazanin; G. A. Tarasov; T. A. Kirillova-Pokrovskaya, 2007:
Prerequisities for development of the oil and gas potential of pre-Jurassic rocks in the Kara Sea

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Presacral dermoid: now you see it now you dont

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Preschool Predictors of the Need for Early Remedial and Special Education Services

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Preschool Teacher Support Through Class-Wide Intervention

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Preschool education in China and the United States: a personal perspective

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Preschool twin study of the relation between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and prereading skills

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Preschoolers with Developmental Disabilities: A Comparison of an ADHD and a NonADHD Group

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Preschoolers' Understanding of the AdditionSubtraction Inverse Principle: A Taiwanese Sample

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Preschoolers' aggression, affiliation, and social dominance relationships: An observational, longitudinal study

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Preschoolers' social competence: Relations to family characteristics, teacher behaviors and classroom climate

Nancy, K. Freeman, 2007:
Preschoolers Perceptions of Gender Appropriate Toys and their Parents Beliefs About Genderized Behaviors: Miscommunication, Mixed Messages, or Hidden Truths?

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Prescribing Physical Activity for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

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Prescribing Practices: Shaping Healthy Children in Schools

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Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease

Munir Pirmohamed, 2007:
Prescribing in liver disease

Boyd, C J., 2007:
Prescription Drug Abuse among U.S. Adolescents: What Nurses Should Know

Koleba, T; Pohar, S L.; Johnson, J A., 2007:
Prescription Drug Data and the National Diabetes Surveillance System Case Definition

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Prescription Medication Use and Health-Related Quality of Life in Rural Elderly

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Prescription Opioid Abuse and Dependence: Assessment Strategies for Counselors

Stockman, J.A., 2007:
Prescription Writing Errors in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Witte, D; Dundes, L, 2007:
Prescription for Error

Guillaume, G.; Legoux, P., 2007:
Prescriptions licites par le rhumatologue chez le sportif

Robert, P.-Y., 2007 :
Prescrire les antibiotiques par voie locale en ophtalmologie

Bourcier, T.; Chaumeil, C., 2007:
Prescrire les collyres antifongiques et antiamibiens

Chiquet, C.; Romanet, J.-P., 2007:
Prescrire les collyres fortifis

Arjan Egges; George Papagiannakis; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, 2007:
Presence and interaction in mixed reality environments

Haruhiko Kashiwazaki, 2007:
Presence of Dominant-Negative p53 Mutation Is a Risk of Early Recurrence in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Paula Marín-Vial; Daniel González-Acuña; Juan, L. Celis-Diez; Pedro, E. Cattan; Alberto, A. Guglielmone, 2007:
Presence ofIxodes neuquenensisRinguelet, 1947 (Acari: Ixodidae) on the endangered Neotropical marsupial Monito del monte (Dromiciops gliroidesThomas, 1894, Microbiotheria: Microbiotheriidae) at Chilo Island, Chile

A. M. Hassan, H, 2007:
Present Status in the Chemistry of Hexuronic Acids Found in Glycosaminoglycans and their Mimetic Aza-Sugars Analogues

J.K. Kaldellis; D. Zafirakis, 2007:
Present situation and future prospects of electricity generation in Aegean Archipelago islands

D.N. Baker; M.J. Wiltberger; R.S. Weigel; S.R. Elkington, 2007:
Present status and future challenges of modeling the SunEarth end-to-end system

A. P. Demin, 2007:
Present-day changes in water consumption in the Caspian Sea basin

Abascal Junquera, J.M.; Cecchini Rosell, L.; Martos Calvo, R.; Salvador Lacambra, C.; Celma Doménech, A.; De Torres, I.; Morote Robles, J., 2007:
Presentacin de un nuevo caso de adenocarcinoma de clulas claras uretral y su manejo quirrgico

Chung, K K. H., 2007:
Presentation Factors in the Learning of Chinese Characters: The order and position of Hanyu pinyin and English translations

Hardin, E E., 2007:
Presentation Software in the College Classroom: Don't Forget the Instructor

Lang, P.G., 2007:
Presentation and detection of invasive melanoma in a high-risk population

Rakovan, J., 2007:
Presentation of the Distinguished Public Service Medal of the Mineralogical Society of America for 2007 to Marie Huizing

Rubie, D., 2007:
Presentation of the Mineralogical Society of America Award for 2006 to Daniel J. Frost

Wyllie, P. J., 2007:
Presentation of the Roebling Medal for 2006 of the Mineralogical Society of America to W. Gary Ernst

Munn, Z.; Stern, C.; Porritt, K.; Lockwood, C.; Aromataris, E.; Jordan, Z., 2018:
Evidence transfer: ensuring end users are aware of, have access to, and understand the evidence

Sroyhin, W.; Thiamwisai, L.; Surit, P.; Chowchuen, B., 2018:
Evidence-Triggered for Care of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate in Srinagarind Hospital: Operating Room

C. Lenaers; D. Brunet; K. Ladegaillerie; M. Pinel; B. Closs, 2007 :
Presented at the 16th DGK Symposium, March 24, 2005, Leipzig, Germany Received the Award for the Best Poster Presentation 1 Influencing the equilibrium of the cutaneous ecosystem to improve the properties of skin prone to acne

&na;,, 2007:
Presented at the Opening Ceremonies of the 10th International Congress Nice France, September 9, 2007

Kamaruzzaman, S., 2007:
Presenting Medical Statistics from Proposal to Publication: A Step-by-Step Guide. Janet Peacock, Sally Kerry, (eds)

Silberman, S Clark, 2007:
Presenting Michael Jackson

Granlund, M, 2007:
Presents characteristics of AAC interventions for students with severe disabilities, but judgements about effectiveness do not follow from methodology1

Roeger, L-Ing, W.; Barnard, R W., 2007:
Preservation of local dynamics when applying central difference methods: application to SIR model

L. S. Zhebrovskii; G. M. Matveeva, 2007:
Preservation of the gene pool of crossbred replacement heifers during directed growing

Kim, M-Ja; Jung, K Hee; Uhm, Y Kyung; Leem, K-Hyun; Kim, H Kyung, 2007:
Preservative Effect of Electrolyzed Reduced Water on Pancreatic β-Cell Mass in Diabetic db/db Mice

Florgård, C, 2007:
Preserved and remnant natural vegetation in cities: A geographically divided field of research

Adam Handelzalts; Ellen van den Berg; Geesje van Slochteren; Suzanne Verdonschot, 2007:
Preservice teachers perceptions of an ICT-rich learning environment: Development of an instrument

MacKenzie, A Haley, 2007:
Preserving Bio-Diversity in the Wild: Celebrating Diversity in Our Classrooms

Kuzbari, R, 2007:
Preserving the Innervation of the Nipple-Areola Complex in Breast Reduction Surgery

Randy Freeman, 2007:
Preserving the LPS and CCPS legacy

Chris Haines, 2007:
Preserving the best, reviewing the rest

Vader, J.-P.; Paget, D. Z.; Albreht, T.; van den Hazel, P.; Wiegersma, A.; Perfilieva, G.; Schmets, G., 2007:
President's Column: The diversity within EUPHA * News from EUPHA office * News from the EUPHA Section on Health Services Research * News from the EUPHA Section on Environment-related Diseases * News from the EUPHA Section on Child and Adolescent Public Health (CAPH) * At the heart of each and every health system, the workforce is central to advancing health

Kentula, M E., 2007:
President's Message: A Tribute to Doug Wilcox

Leuning, C., 2007:
President's Message: Building on a Strong Foundation

Kentula, M E., 2007:
President's Message: Moving Forward Strategically

Megonigal, J. Patrick, 2007:
President's Message: Reaching In and Reaching Out

Megonigal, J. Patrick, 2007:
President's Message: SWS Speaks to Wetland Concerns

Leuning, C., 2007:
President's Message: Seeing Clearly, Responding Competently

Leuning, C., 2007:
President's Message: Splinters From the Fire: Advancing the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) Mission Worldwide

Neubauer, S, 2007:
President's Page

Vader, J.-P.; Keskimaki, I.; Ricciardi, W.; Paget, D. Z.; Zaleskis, R.; Ditiu, L.; de Colombani, P.; Dadu, A., 2007:
President's column: The reorganization of EUPHA * EUPHA office column * EUPHA conference 2008: I-health: health and innovation in Europe * EUPHA members 2007 (dated 16 October 2007) * Individual members * Institutional members * Associate members * WHO Regional Office for Europe: Can tuberculosis be contained in the European Region?

Gordon Conway, 2007:
Presidential Address Building resilience : Annual General Meeting of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) 4 June 2007

Young, T, 2007:
Presidential Address: Our expanding spheregrand challenges for planet Earth and for SEG

Eric Pawson, 2007:
Presidential Changeover

Lambert, M, 2007:
Presidential address: What we have learned from a decade of research aimed at improving psychotherapy outcome in routine care

Jeeyang Rhee Baum, 2007:
Presidents Have Problems Too: The Logic of Intra-Branch Delegation in East Asian Democracies

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Presidents, Justices, and Deference to Administrative Action

Gregory, S. Thomas, 2007:
Presidents Message: A Year in Review

Gregory, S. Thomas, 2007:
Presidents Message: Inclusiveness and Integrated Imaging

Gregory, S. Thomas, 2007:
Presidents Message: The Imaging Cardiologist

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Presidents Page: ACC.08, Meeting at the Crossroads of Cardiology

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Evidence-Triggers for Care of Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate in Srinagarind Hospital: The Tawanchai Center and Out-Patients Surgical Room

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Presidents message: A New Era in Nuclear Cardiology

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Press One for English: Language Policy, Public Opinion, and American Identity Deborah J. Schildkraut

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: Additional Mammogram Readers Improve Breast Cancer Detection

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: Chemotherapy with Bevacizumab Increases Risk of Blood Clots in Arteries

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: Drop in Breast Cancer Incidence Linked to Hormone Use, Not Mammograms

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: FDA Finds No Strong Link between Tomatoes and Reduced Cancer Risk

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: Finasteride Unlikely to Induce High Grade Prostate Cancers

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: Fruits and Veggies Not Likely Linked to Colon Cancer Risk

Savage, L.; Widener, A., 2007:
Press Release: New Model Predicts Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women

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Press Statement on New CMS SCHIP Guidelines

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Press forming using ultrasonic vibration

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Press-fit hemiarthroplasty for elderly with femoral neck fracture: high complication rates in operations performed by younger surgeons

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Pressure Buildup Analysis Using Type Curves for a Well in a Pressure-Maintained System

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Pressure Relief of High Pressure Devices

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Pressure and life: some biological strategies

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Pressure and temperature tuning of laser diodes

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Pressure dependence of superconducting transition temperature of MgB2 up to 8 GPa

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Pressure dependence of the compressibility of a micelle and a protein: insights from cavity formation analysis

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Pressure distribution phenomena over a wedge and sphere surface in uniform flow

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Pressure drop and bubbleliquid interfacial shear stress in a modified gas non-Newtonian liquid downflow bubble column

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Pressure drop measurements and modeling on SiC foams

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Pressure effect on the electron mobility in AlAs/GaAs quantum wells

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Pressure overload-induced right ventricular dysfunction and remodelling in experimental pulmonary hypertension: the right heart revisited

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Pressure related defect engineering in silicon-on-insulator-like structures produced by either oxygen or nitrogen ion implantation

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Pressure scales and hydrostaticity

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Pressure sensing using periodically tapered long-period gratings written in photonic crystal fibres

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Pressure synthesis of dibenzylamine from benzylamine and benzyl alcohol

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Pressure to Lead: What Can We Learn from the Theory?

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Pressure transient analysis for long homogeneous reservoirs using TDS technique

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Pressure transient analysis of arbitrarily shaped fractured reservoirs

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Pressure- and temperature-induced structural changes in simulated amorphous Al2O32SiO2

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Pressure-Sensitive Paint measurement of the flow around a simplified car model

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Pressure-dependent rate coefficients of chemical reactions involving Si2H4 isomerization from QRRK calculations

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Pressure-flow rate characteristics of steady-state isothermal flows of molten viscoelastic polymers in cylindrical channels of any cross-section geometry

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Pressure-induced changes in the energetic structure of the 3d3 ions in solid matrices

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Pressure-induced insulatormetal transition in a novel layer metalloorganic structure

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Pressure-induced phenomena in single-walled carbon nanotubes

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Pressure-induced transition of 2DEG in -doped GaAs to insulating state

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Pressure-sensing pad test and computer simulation for the pressure distribution on the contact patch of a tyre

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Pressures exerted on managers by their superior and peer managers

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Pressures on Urban Water Resources in Russia: The Case of St. Petersburg

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Pressuretemperatureviscosity relationship for heavy petroleum fractions

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Pressurized solidification of magnesium alloy AM50A

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Pressurizing conditions in helium-pressure-transmitting medium

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Prestatie-indicatoren langs de meetlat het AIRE instrument

Whitmeyer, J. M., 2007:
Prestige from the Provision of Collective Goods

Olin, P.S., 2007:
Presurgical Planning With CT-Derived Fabrication of Surgical Guides

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Presynaptic inhibition of spinal α motoneurons in humans adapted to different types of motor activity

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Pretend Play of Brazilian Children: A Window Into Different Cultural Worlds

&na;,, 2007:
Preterm Birth

Lois, C. Howland, 2007:
Preterm Birth: Implications for Family Stress and Coping

&na;,, 2007:
Preterm Histologic Chorioamnionitis: Impact on Cord Gas and pH Values and Neonatal Outcome

Sheldon Pollock, 2007:
Pretextures of Time

Joonghwan Mo; Jeong-Eun Hwang; Jonggeon Jegal; Jaephil Kim, 2007:
Pretreatment of a dyeing wastewater using chemical coagulants

Bo Hu; Shulin Chen, 2007:
Pretreatment of methanogenic granules for immobilized hydrogen fermentation

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Pretreatment with Thyroxin 108 and the Effect of Homeopathically Prepared Thyroxin 1030 on Highland Frogs a Multi-Researcher Study

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Prevalence and Characteristics of Adverse Drug Reactions in Neurosurgical Intensive Care Patients

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Prevalence and Clinical Impact of Stent Fractures After Femoropopliteal Stenting

Rosado de Christenson, M.L., 2007:
Prevalence and Clinical Importance of Aortic Valve Calcification Detected Incidentally on CT Scans: Comparison with Echocardiography

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Prevalence and Distribution of Carcinoma in Patients with Solitary and Multiple Thyroid Nodules on Sonography

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Prevalence and Distribution of Musculoskeletal Pain Among Australian Medical Students

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Prevalence and Incidence of Precocious Pubertal Development in Denmark: An Epidemiologic Study Based on National Registries

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Prevalence and Outcomes of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Advanced Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

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Prevalence and Patterns of Prescription Drug Misuse among Young Ketamine Injectors

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Prevalence and behavioral correlates of enuresis in preschool children

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Prevalence and determinants of sleep apnea syndrome occurring in men with metabolic syndrome and controlled arterial hypertension

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Prevalence and impact of arthritis: Opportunities for prevention

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Prevalence and risk factors of bovine tuberculosis in Nili Ravi buffaloes in the Punjab, Pakistan

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Prevalence and type of foot surgery performed in Australia: A clinical review

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Prevalence of Depression in Various Ethnic Groups of Immigrants and Refugees: Suggestions for Prevention and Intervention

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Prevalence of Diabetes and Impaired Fasting Glucose in Adults in the U.S. Population: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 19992002

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Prevalence of Diabetes in Persons with Disabilities in Primary Care

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Prevalence of Flat Foot in Preschool-Aged Children

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Prevalence of Helminth Infections in Dairy Animals of Nestle Milk Collection Areas of Punjab (Pakistan)

Parwani, A.V., 2007:
Prevalence of High-Risk Human Papillomavirus DNA in Nonkeratinizing (Cyclindrical Cell) Carcinoma of the Sinonasal Tract: A Distinct Clinicopathologic and Molecular Disease Entity

Loehrer, P.J., 2007:
Prevalence of KIT Expression in Human Tumors

Frishman, W.H., 2007:
Prevalence of Noncalcified Coronary Plaques by 64-Slice Computed Tomography in Patients With an Intermediate Risk for Significant Coronary Artery Disease

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Prevalence of Obesity and High Blood Pressure in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders

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Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in the United States, 1999-2004

M. Stone; G. Ciaravino, 2007:
Prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Patients with Gynecologic Cancers

Martin, R.J., 2007:
Prevalence of Spontaneous Closure of the Ductus Arteriosus in Neonates at a Birth Weight of 1000 Grams or Less

Gioda, A.; de Aquino Neto, F. R., 2007:
Prevalence of Symptoms Associated with Elevated Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) Levels in Workers at a Printing Facility

L.C. Costas; A.V. Vilella; B.S. Serrano, 2007:
Prevalence of antibodies against Hepatitis A in travellers over 40 years. A costs analysis

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Prevalence of body dysmorphic disorder symptoms and associated clinical features among Australian university students

Thiers, B.H., 2007:
Prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with psoriasis

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Prevalence of difficult airway in obstructive sleep apnea patients

Nor ZAINAL; Koh HUI; Ting HANG; Anita BUSTAM, 2007:
Prevalence of distress in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

Xing, W, 2007:
Prevalence of ethnic intermarriage in Kunming: Social exchange or insignificance of ethnicity?

Gyldenkerne, B; Iversen, K; Roegind, H; Fastrup, D; Hall, K; Remvig, L, 2007:
Prevalence of general hypermobility in 1213-year-old school children and impact of an intervention against injury and pain incidence

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Prevalence of perceived stress, symptoms of depression and sleep disturbances in relation to information and communication technology (ICT) use among young adults an explorative prospective study

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Prevalence of poor psychological morbidity following a minor road traffic accident (RTA): The clinical implications of a prospective longitudinal study

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Prevalence of postnatal psychiatric morbidity: a preliminary analysis

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Prevalence of psychiatric disorders in adults with moderate to profound learning disabilities

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Prevalence of serious mental disorder in 7000 refugees resettled in western countries: a systematic review

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Prevalence of substance use disorders among veterans and comparable nonveterans from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health

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Prevalencia de fibrilacin auricular en la poblacin espaola de 60 o ms aos de edad. Estudio PREV-ICTUS

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Prevalencia y significado clnico de los cnceres de prstata focales e incidentales

Galbraith, G.M.P., 2007:
Prevalent and Rare Mutations in the Gene Encoding Filaggrin Cause Ichthyosis Vulgaris and Predispose Individuals to Atopic Dermatitis

Monique Baggen; Manuela Timmermans; Kees Moes; Al de Weerd, 2007:
Prevalentie en impact van het restlesslegssyndroom in de huisartsenpraktijk

Carmen de Pablo y Zarzosa; Alberto Grima-Serrano; Emilio Luengo-Pérez; Pilar Mazón-Ramos, 2007:
Prevencin cardiovascular y rehabilitacin cardiaca

P. Garrido; G. Carmona; M. Barrera; A. Prat; M. Garrido; P. Herrero, 2007:
Prevencin de enfermedades en viajeros desde la atencin primaria. A propsito de un caso de clera importado

Harry, J. Elston, 2007:
Preventative maintenance systems and the laboratory safety professional: You get what you inspect, not what you expect

R. T. C. M. van Nordennen; V. G. G. Vanneste, 2007:
Preventie en behandeling van osteoporose bij kortdurende revalidatie in het verpleeghuis: een taak voor de verpleeghuisarts

Aart Schene, 2007:
Preventie en de multidisciplinaire GGZ-richtlijnen

B. E. Smink, 2007:
Preventie van anafylactische reacties ten gevolge van contrastmiddelen

Edith Geurts,Deniz Ince, 2007:
Preventie van fysieke straf vraagt om maatwerk

Han Willems, 2007:
Preventie van hoogteziekte met acetazolamide bij gezonde toeristen

Harm van Marwijk, 2007:
Preventie van psychische problemen vanuit het perspectief van de huisartspraktijk

Toon Voorham, 2007:
Preventie van psychische stoornissen: een taak voor gemeenten en het basispakket

T. B. Y. Liem, 2007:
Preventie van recidief ulcusbloedingen bij hoogrisicopatinten met combinatie van een COX-2-remmer en een protonpompremmer

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Preventing Crime with Prenatal and Infancy Support of Parents: The Nurse-Family Partnership

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Preventing Dating Violence in Public Schools

Yury, C. A.; Fisher, J. E., 2007:
Preventing Excess Disability in an Elderly Person With Alzheimer's Disease

Baptiste, D R.; Voisin, D R.; Smithgall, C; Martinez, D Da Costa; Henderson, G, 2007:
Preventing HIV/AIDS Among Trinidad and Tobago Teens Using a Family-Based Program

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Preventing Heart Disease in Women

Zuiderent-Jerak, T, 2007:
Preventing Implementation: Exploring Interventions with Standardization in Healthcare

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Preventing Metatarsal Fracture in Scarf Osteotomies

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Preventing Obesity and Chronic Disease: Education vs. Regulation vs. Litigation

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Preventing Osteoporosis the Bone Estrogen Strength Training Way

Aboulghar, M. A., 2007:
Preventing Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Balfanz, R; Herzog, L; Mac Iver, D J., 2007:
Preventing Student Disengagement and Keeping Students on the Graduation Path in Urban Middle-Grades Schools: Early Identification and Effective Interventions

Kingston, M, 2007:
Preventing VAP

Steve Benington; Andrew Severn, 2007:
Preventing aspiration and regurgitation

Christine CARRINGTON; Jim CARLTON; Stephen ACKLAND, 2007:
Preventing chemotherapy errors: Implementing system changes

G.D. Ascough; J. Van Staden, 2007:
Preventing flower abscission in potted Plectranthus plants and discovery of differential regulation of dark-induced abscission

Etienne Ciantar; Kevin Jones, 2007:
Preventing hysterectomies for dysfunctional uterine bleeding with the HTA: a survival analysis

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Prevention and Management of Hypertension Without Drugs

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Prevention and Reduction of Behavioural Problems in School: An evaluation of the Respect program

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Prevention and control of postoperative nausea and vomiting in post-craniotomy patients

Jeffrey, R. Curtis; Kenneth, G. Saag, 2007:
Prevention and treatment of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis

Kishore, A. Tolani; Audrée A. Bendo, 2007:
Prevention and treatment of homeostatic disorders after central neurosurgical procedures

Jan-Peter, A.H. Jantzen, 2007:
Prevention and treatment of intracranial hypertension

Benfield, R.; DuBose, J.; Demetriades, D., 2007:
Prevention and treatment of post-traumatic acute respiratory distress syndrome

John Carpenter; Sharon Brown; Michaela Griffin, 2007:
Prevention in integrated children's services: the impact of sure start on referrals to social services and child protection registrations

Hewitt, A M., 2007:
Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Well-being

Takashi ASADA, 2007:
Prevention of Alzheimers disease: Putative nutritive factors

Lories, R; Vlam, K, 2007:
Prevention of Ankylosis: A Specific Therapeutic Target in Spondyloarthritis

Graham Jackson, 2007:
Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease by Early Identification of ED

Lara, J. Farrell; Paula, M. Barrett, 2007:
Prevention of Childhood Emotional Disorders: Reducing the Burden of Suffering Associated with Anxiety and Depression

Fung, J; Szeto, C; Kum, L; Yu, C, 2007:
Prevention of Contrast Induced Nephropathy

&na;,, 2007:
Prevention of Emergence Agitation After Sevoflurane Anesthesia for Pediatric Cerebral Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Small Doses of Ketamine or Nalbuphine Administered Just Before Discontinuing Anesthesia

Fujii, Y, 2007:
Prevention of Emetic Episodes During Cesarean Delivery Performed Under Regional Anesthesia in Parturients

Maurer, J.R., 2007:
Prevention of Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Tiotropium, a Once-Daily Inhaled Anticholinergic Bronchodilator: A Randomized Trial

Barbara, K. Bailes; Kathleen Reeve, 2007:
Prevention of Heat-Related Illness

&na;,, 2007:
Prevention of Nosocomial Infection in Cardiac Surgery by Decontamination of the Nasopharynx and Oropharynx With Chlorhexidine Gluconate

&na;,, 2007:
Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage by Uterotonic Agents: Comparison of Oxytocin and Methylergometrine in the Management of the Third Stage of Labor

F. Lorente; M. Isidoro; I. Dávila; E. Laffond; E. Moreno, 2007:
Prevention of allergic diseases

Waldo, A.L., 2007:
Prevention of atrial fibrillation in patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure by candesartan in the Candesartan in Heart failure: Assessment of Reduction in Mortality and morbidity (CHARM) program

Reilly, J J, 2007:
Prevention of childhood obesity: the new search for the holy grail?

Katsuya URAKAMI, 2007 :
Prevention of dementia

David Loch; Andrew Hoey; Christophe Morisseau; Bruce, O. Hammock; Lindsay Brown, 2007:
Prevention of hypertension in DOCA-salt rats by an inhibitor of soluble expoxide hydrolase

Polin, R A, 2007:
Prevention of morbidity and mortality: new insights into old practices

Kuchyn, I.; Glumcher, F.; Dmitriiev, D., 2007:
Prevention of nosocomial pneumonia in patients with Pulmonary Contusion: role of early fiberoptic bronchoscopy

Kevin Cronin; Edmond Byrne; Paul O’ Leary, 2007:
Prevention of thermo-hydraulic rupture of solvent transfer pipes in the pharmaceutical industry

S Härmä-Rodriquez, 2007:
Prevention of type 2 diabetes: the Finnish experience

P. Hupkens; G. J. Lauret; I. J. M. Dubelaar; E. H. M. Hartman; P. H. M. Spauwen, 2007:
Prevention of wound dehiscence in palatal surgery by preoperative identification of group AStreptococcusandStaphylococcus aureus

Elasy, T. A., 2007:
Prevention: A Century of Change

Dupre, J; Jeffrey, L.; Mahon,, 2007:
Preventive Interventions for Type 1 Diabetes: History, Appraisal and Prospects

Alik Ismail-Zadeh; Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, 2007:
Preventive disaster management of extreme natural events

Ann Pakalnis, 2007 :
Preventive therapies of pediatric migraine

Howard Gontovnick, 2007:
Previews of a Paradigm Shift in Psychotherapy: An Interview with Alvin Mahrer

Chestnut, D.H., 2007:
Previous Cesarean Delivery and Risks of Placenta Previa and Placental Abruption

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Previous Involuntary Commitment is Associated With Current Perceptions of Coercion in Voluntarily Hospitalized Patients

Rufus, J. Mark; Robin Akins; Paul, J. Anderson; Thomas, R. Neumann; Murali Nair, 2007:
Previous transurethral resection of the prostate is not a contraindication for interstitial high-dose-rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer

Haimi, M; Gershoni-Baruch, R, 2007:
Previously Apparently Undescribed Autosomal-Recessive Multiple Congenital Anomalies/ Mental Retardation (MCA/MR) Syndrome Comprising: Fronto-Nasal Dysplasia, Hypertelorism, Short Stature and Brachydactily

Padilla, D P.; Nogales, M; Marrero, P, 2007:
Prey Size Selection of Insular Lizards by Two Sympatric Predatory Bird Species

Bae, K‐H.; Belton, D.; Lichti, D. D., 2007:
Preprocessing procedures for raw point clouds from terrestrial laser scanners

Foros, Øystein, 2007:
Price Strategies and Compatibility in Digital Networks

Chien-Huang Lin; Pei-Hsun Wu; Shih-Chieh Chuang; Danny, T. Kao, 2007:
Price as a quality or sacrifice cue: Role of goal orientation

Marshall, H. Medoff, 2007:
Price, Restrictions and Abortion Demand

Jonas Persson; Lina von Persson, 2007:
Pricing European multi-asset options using a space-time adaptive FD-method

Jonas Persson; Lina von Sydow, 2007:
Pricing European multi-asset options using a spacetime adaptive FD-method

Sue, H. Mialon, 2007:
Pricing access in network competition

F.J. Arcelus; Satyendra Kumar; G. Srinivasan, 2007:
Pricing and rebate policies for the newsvendor problem in the presence of a stochastic redemption rate

Ross Green; I. David Abrahams; Gianluca Fusai, 2007:
Pricing financial claims contingent upon an underlying asset monitored at discrete times

Tarjei Kristiansen, 2007:
Pricing of monthly forward contracts in the Nord Pool market

Ming-Cheng Wu; Simon, H. Yen, 2007:
Pricing real growth options when the underlying assets have jump diffusion processes: the case of R&D investments

László Halpern; Miklós Koren, 2007:
Pricing to Firm: an Analysis of Firm- and Product-level Import Prices

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