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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63644

Chapter 63644 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anderson, B.; Holden, A., 2008:
Affective Urbanism and the Event of Hope

Hart, C, 2008:
Affective association: an effective intervention in countering fragmentation and dissociation

Hao Wang; Kongqiao Wang, 2008:
Affective interaction based on person-independent facial expression space

Gabriel, R H.; Klein, S B.; McCall, C, 2008:
Affective reactions to facial identity in a prosopagnosic patient

Lucente, R, 2008:
Affectivity: Regulation, Identity Formation, and Metaphorical Thought

Sjödin, C, 2008:
Affects and globalization

Aguillaume, Rómulo, 2008:
Affects in psychoanalytic theory and practice

Ulrich Sollmann, 2008:
Affektive Gratifikation und Organisationsentwicklung

Winnie, W. S. Mak; Rebecca, Y. M. Cheung, 2008:
Affiliate Stigma Among Caregivers of People with Intellectual Disability or Mental Illness

Steensig, J.; Larsen, T., 2008:
Affiliative and disaffiliative uses of you say x questions

Tsemo, A, 2008:
Affine Anosov Diffeomorphims of Affine Manifolds

Terry, Y.F. Yuen; Peter, W.M. Tsang, 2008:
Affine invariant matching of broken boundaries based on particle swarm optimization

Paolo Gronchi; Marco Longinetti, 2008:
Affinely Regular Polygons as Extremals of Area Functionals

G. Ya. Wiederschain, 2008:
Affinity Chromatography. Methods and Protocols

Silvia Del Piero; Rosalisa Fedele; Andrea Melchior; Pierluigi Polese; Roberto Portanova; Marilena Tolazzi, 2008:
Affinity of Tripodal and Linear Tetraamines for Silver(I) in Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Paul Nesbitt-Larking, 2008:
Affirmation and engagement: Continuing the dialogue

Hamadeh, B.; Chalak, L.; Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge, G.; Benoit, L.; Joly, Hélène.I., 2018:
Evolution of almond genetic diversity and farmer practices in Lebanon: impacts of the diffusion of a graft-propagated cultivar in a traditional system based on seed-propagation

Morgan, G., 2008:
Affordability calculations on a health education campaign to promote the use of aspirin in Wales

Golant, S M., 2008:
Affordable Clustered Housing-Care: A Category of Long-Term Care Options for the Elderly Poor

Johnson, J Steffel; Talen, E, 2008:
Affordable housing in New Urbanist Communities: A survey of developers

Rodney Wilson, 2008:
Afghanistan: A Modern Historyby Angelo Rasanayagam;Conflict in Afghanistan: Studies in Asymmetric Warfareby Martin Ewans

Jennifer, L. Kerpelman; Suna Eryigit; Carolyn, J. Stephens, 2008:
African American Adolescents Future Education Orientation: Associations with Self-efficacy, Ethnic Identity, and Perceived Parental Support

Brown, D. L., 2008:
African American Resiliency: Examining Racial Socialization and Social Support as Protective Factors

Kelly, A. Rodgers; Jessica, J. Summers, 2008:
African American Students at Predominantly White Institutions: A Motivational and Self-Systems Approach to Understanding Retention

Melanie, J. Bliss; Emma Ogley-Oliver; Emily Jackson; Sharon Harp; Nadine, J. Kaslow, 2008:
African American Womens Readiness to Change Abusive Relationships

Mychailyszyn, M P.; dosReis, S; Myers, M, 2008:
African American caretakers' views of ADHD and use of outpatient mental health care services for children

Goode-Cross, D T.; Good, G E., 2008:
African American men who have sex with men: Creating safe spaces through relationships

Hatara, M; Michener, K; Khanijow, V; Borum, M, 2008:
African American patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease may have more osteoporosis when screened with Dexa compared to white patients

Ryan, P; Visagie, J, 2008:
African Black Oystercatchers feeding in a terrestrial habitat

Barbara Bompani, 2008:
African Independent Churches in Post-Apartheid South Africa: New Political Interpretations

Christien Thiart; Maarten de Wit, 2008:
African Neoproterozoic Mineral Deposits and Pan African Metallogenesis

Alf Stadler, 2008:
African Security after Apartheid and the Cold War

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg; Regina Bussing; Pamela Williamson; JeffriAnne Wilder; Terry Mills, 2008:
African-American Teenagers Stories of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Suzanne Rutz; Daan Wienke, 2008:
Afstemming nodig in Zorg- en adviesteams

Tyler, J M.; Burns, K C., 2008:
After Depletion: The Replenishment of the Self's Regulatory Resources

Rosenthal, E T., 2008:
After Hollywood Stand Up To Cancer TV Event, Its Now Up to AACR to Field Science Dream Teams to Move Beyond Hope & Awareness

Mamadouh, V, 2008:
After Van Gogh: The Geopolitics of the Tsunami Relief Effort in the Netherlands

Ensign, P C.; Lanney, A, 2008:
After innovation: protecting intellectual property during production Canica Design Inc

Bumbarger, B; Perkins, D, 2008:
After randomised trials: issues related to dissemination of evidencebased interventions

Morgan, G J.; Creager, A N. H., 2008:
After the Double Helix

Dass-Brailsford, P, 2008:
After the storm: Recognition, recovery, and reconstruction

Schwartz, A; Meléndez, E, 2008:
After year 15: Challenges to the preservation of housing financed with lowincome housing tax credits

Dellinger, R.P., 2008:
After-hours discharge from intensive care increases the risk of readmission and death

Kukimoto, M, 2008:
After-school Care in Kawasaki City after the Period of High Economic Growth

Ghorbani, N; Watson, P. J.; Shahmohamadi, K, 2008:
Afterlife Motivation Scale: Correlations With Maladjustment and Incremental Validity in Iranian Muslims

S. A. Fedotov; A. V. Solomatin; S. D. Chernyshev, 2008:
Aftershocks and the rupture zone of theMS= 8.2, November 15, 2006 Middle Kuril Is. Earthquake and a long-term earthquake forecast for the Kuril-Kamchatka arc for the period from April 2008 to March 2013

Longhurst, R, 2008:
AfterwordGeographies of Sexuality and Gender Down Under

Myriam Vandenbroucke, 2008:
Afwijkende visuele waarneming bij mensen met Autisme Spectrum Stoornis

Haiying Li; Xiangang Luo; Chunlei Du; Xunan Chen; Yongqi Fu, 2008:
Ag dots array fabricated using laser interference technique for biosensing

Ji-Zhao Guo; Hua Cui; Wei Zhou; Wei Wang, 2008:
Ag nanoparticle-catalyzed chemiluminescent reaction between luminol and hydrogen peroxide

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Ce (Silver-Aluminum-Cerium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Co (Silver-Aluminum-Cobalt)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Cu (Silver-Aluminum-Copper)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Dy (Silver-Aluminum-Dysprosium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Gd (Silver-Aluminum-Gadolinium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-La (Silver-Aluminum-Lanthanum)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Nd (Silver-Aluminum-Neodymium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Pr (Silver-Aluminum-Praseodymium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Sm (Silver-Aluminum-Samarium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Tb (Silver-Aluminum-Terbium)

V. Raghavan, 2008:
Ag-Al-Y (Silver-Aluminum-Yttrium)

H. Okamoto, 2008:
Ag-Ga (Silver-Gallium)

Anming WANG; Hua WANG; Cheng ZHOU; Zhiqiang DU; Shemin ZHU; Shubao SHEN, 2008:
Ag-induced Efficient Immobilization of Papain on Silica Spheres

Elba Rosa Leyva-Huerta; Constantino Ledesma-Montes; Eunice Ortiz-Razo; Rubén Alejandro Domínguez-Jameson; Yolanda Torres-López, 2008:
AgNORs en clulas de descamacin en fumadores periodontalmente sanos y en no fumadores

Crawford Elder, 2008:
Against Universal Mereological Composition

Sheehan, P.; Danta, C.; Vardoulakis, D., 2008:
Against the Image: Herzog and the Troubling Politics of the Screen Animal

Sorimachi, K; Koge, T, 2008:
Agaricus blazei Water Extracts as Alternative Medicines

Yu. S. Polekhovsky; Yu. O. Punin, 2008:
Agate mineralization in basaltoids of the northeastern Ladoga region, South Karelia

Gazey, W J.; Gallaway, B J.; Cole, J G.; Fournier, D A., 2008:
Age Composition, Growth, and Density-Dependent Mortality in Juvenile Red Snapper Estimated from Observer Data from the Gulf of Mexico Penaeid Shrimp Fishery

Mares, M-Louise; Oliver, M Beth; Cantor, J, 2008:
Age Differences in Adults' Emotional Motivations for Exposure to Films

Christine Dimroth, 2008:
Age Effects on the Process of L2 Acquisition? Evidence From the Acquisition of Negation and Finiteness in L2 German

Addae-Dapaah, K, 2008:
Age Segregation and the Quality of Life of the Elderly People in Studio Apartments

Corneille, M. A.; Zyzniewski, L. E.; Belgrave, F. Z., 2008:
Age and HIV Risk and Protective Behaviors Among African American Women

Peeters, M; Binnewies, C; Ohly, S; Niessen, C, 2008:
Age and creativity at work

J. A. Baldwin; M. Brown, 2008:
Age and duration of ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in the AnpolisItauu Complex, Southern Braslia Belt, central Brazil constraints from UPb geochronology, mineral rare earth element chemistry and trace-element thermometry

Usha Barahmand, 2008:
Age and gender differences in adolescent worry

S. A. Sergeev; S. B. Lobach-Zhuchenko; N. A. Arestova; E. V. Tolmacheva; N. G. Berezhnaya; D. I. Matukov; K. I. Lokhov; A. V. Antonov, 2008:
Age and geochemistry of zircons from the ancient granitoids of the Vyg River, Southeastern Karelia

Unsworth, S., 2008:
Age and input in the acquisition of grammatical gender in Dutch

Adams, C. J.; Campbell, H. J.; Griffin, W. J., 2008:
Age and provenance of basement rocks of the Chatham Islands: An outpost of Zealandia

A. Abidi; G. Xing; K. Nasseri; R. Cress; S. Mourton; G. Leiserowitz, 2008:
Age and race disparity in incidence, treatment and survival of cervical cancer in California

Malmberg, L.-E.; Wanner, B.; Little, T. D., 2008:
Age and school-type differences in children's beliefs about school performance

Lang, P.G., 2008:
Age as predictor inpatients with cutaneous melanoma submitted to sentinel lymph node biopsy

Frances, R J., 2008:
Age at Drinking Onset and Alcohol Dependence: Age at Onset, Duration, and Severity

Stockman, J.A., 2008:
Age at Onset of Childhood-Onset Type 1 Diabetes and the Development of End-Stage Renal Disease: A nationwide population-based study

Olasin, R., 2008:
Age at Regression in Children With Autism With and Without Down Syndrome

Sharp, P. S; Brown, B.; Qureshi, A., 2008:
Age at diagnosis of diabetes in a secondary care population: 1992--2005

Rowland, T., 2008:
Age determination by magnetic resonance imaging of the wrist in adolescent male football players

Galli, A; Focardi, S; Iseppi, M; Piasentier, E, 2008:
Age determination in fallow deer Dama dama neonates

Eric Kearney, 2008:
Age differences between leader and followers as a moderator of the relationship between transformational leadership and team performance

Mathias Allemand, 2008:
Age differences in forgivingness: The role of future time perspective

Thomas Hünefeldt; Annalisa Lucidi; Augusta Furia; Clelia Rossi-Arnaud, 2008:
Age differences in the interrogative suggestibility of childrens memory: Do shift scores peak around 56 years of age?

Westlund, K; Horowitz, L; Ljungberg, T; Jansson, L, 2008:
Age effects and gender differences on post-conflict reconciliation in preschool children

Hazelton, L., 2008:
Age is only another number

V. G. Korinevsky, 2008:
Age of supraore sequence at the syrostan talcomagnesite deposit in the southern Urals

Heilmann-Clausen, C; Abrahamsen, N; Larsen, M; Piasecki, S; Stemmerik, L, 2008:
Age of the youngest Paleogene flood basalts in East Greenland

Jones, H.A., 2008:
Age remains the first prognostic factor for loco-regional breast cancer recurrence in young (<40 years) women treated with breast conserving surgery first

Moneta, G.L., 2008:
Age stratified, perioperative, and one-year mortality after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: A statewide experience

Munoz, E A.; Freng, A B., 2008:
Age, Racial/Ethnic Minority Status, Gender and Misdemeanor Sentencing

Renu Tyagi, M Grace Tungdim, S Bhardwaj and Satwanti Kapoor, 2008:
Age, altitude and gender differences in body dimensions

Murnane, J, 2008 :
Age, mobility and email

Appelquist, K; Cornell, D; Brander, L, 2008:
Age, tectonic setting and petrogenesis of the Habo Volcanic Suite: Evidence for an active continental margin setting for the Transscandinavian Igneous Belt

Kelly, V. E.; Schrager, M. A.; Price, R.; Ferrucci, L.; Shumway-Cook, A., 2008:
Age-Associated Effects of a Concurrent Cognitive Task on Gait Speed and Stability During Narrow-Base Walking

Simmons, J W.; Layzer, J B.; Smith, D D., 2008:
Age-Class Structure and Variability of Two Populations of The Bluemask Darter Etheostoma (Doration) sp

Pierre-Paul Bitton and Russell, D. Dawson, 2008:
Age-Related Differences in Plumage Characteristics of Male Tree Swallows Tachycineta bicolor: Hue and Brightness Signal Different Aspects of Individual Quality

Judit Kormos; Kata Csizér, 2008:
Age-Related Differences in the Motivation of Learning English as a Foreign Language: Attitudes, Selves, and Motivated Learning Behavior

Middleton, L.P., 2008:
Age-Related Lobular Involution and Risk of Breast Cancer

Sosnoff, J. J.; Newell, K. M., 2008:
Age-Related Loss of Adaptability to Fast Time Scales in Motor Variability

Hsu, C.-Y.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Hsu, W.-L.; Chan, Y.-P., 2008:
Age-Related Markers Assayed at Different Developmental Stages of the Annual Fish Nothobranchius rachovii

Sudip Datta Banik, A Jana, P Purkait and Subal Das, 2008:
Age-Sex Variation and Association of 0AB Blood Groups with Haemoglobin Level among the Adult Dhimals at Naxalbari in West Bengal, India

Elliott, W.J., 2008:
Age-Varying Association Between Blood Pressure and Risk of Dementia in Those Aged 65 and Older: A Community-Based Prospective Cohort Study

Stranges, S; Trevisan, M, 2008:
Age-associated metabolic effects of binge drinking

Brigitte Loenders; Jan Verrelst; Yves Somers; Sigrid Janssens; Jan D'Aubioul; Ard Teisman; David, J. Gallacher, 2008:
Age-dependent gender difference in sotalol induced QT-prolongation in the anaesthetised guinea-pig

Mi-Gyoung Park; Chin-Ho Yu; Hyo-Joung Seol; Yong Hoon Kwon; Hyung-Il Kim, 2008:
Age-hardening behaviour of a spinodally decomposed low-carat gold alloy

Hyo-Joung Seol; Dong-Jin Noh; Sang-Hwa Lee; Yong Hoon Kwon; Hyung-Il Kim, 2008:
Age-hardening by the formation of metastable phases in an In-added AuAgCuPd alloy

Jankowski, C.M., 2008:
Age-related Changes in Marathon and Half-Marathon Performances

Rusicke, E; Martinezsaguer, I; Aygoeren, E; Klingebiel, T; Stierbruck, I; Stoll, H; Kreuz, W, 2008:
Age-related Reference Ranges Of C1-inh Activity And Antigen Are Important For Early Diagnosis In Paediatric Patients With Hereditary Angioedema (hae)

Is, M; Cukur, S; Can, A; Akyuz, F, 2008:
Age-related and Sex-related Changes in the Intervertebral Discs and Endplates of Rats at all Spinal Levels

Pierrynowski, M.R., 2008:
Age-related changes in multifinger synergies in accurate moment of force production tasks

D. M. Tsaparina; M. N. Tsitseroshin; A. N. Shepoval’nikov, 2008:
Age-related characteristics of the formation of neurophysiological mechanisms of the phonemic, grammatical, and semantic linguistic levels

Klass, M.; Baudry, S.; Duchateau, J., 2008:
Age-related decline in rate of torque development during fast contractions is caused by lower neural activation and slower muscle contractile kinetics

Friedman, B.E.; Davis, L.B.; Lathi, R.B.; Westphal, L.M.; Milki, A.A., 2008:
Age-related success with elective single versus double blastocyst transfer

O. Yu. Pravdukhina; O. P. Kodolova, 2008:
Age-related variation of adductor weight in the Japanese scallopMizuhopecten yessoensis(Jay) depending on cultivation technology

Gleicher, N; Weghofer, A; Barad, D H, 2008:
Age-specific ovarian function

Lorraine Xavier-Ambrosius; Jenny Orr, 2008:
Aged care liaison role in EDImproving care for nursing home patients

Moglen, H, 2008:
Ageing and Transageing: Transgenerational Hauntings of the Self

Virginie Mouillet; Fabienne Farcas; Stanislas Besson, 2008:
Ageing by UV radiation of an elastomer modified bitumen

Sandra McCune; Joy Stevenson; Laura Fretwell; Amy Thompson; Daniel Simon Mills, 2008:
Ageing does not significantly affect performance in a spatial learning task in the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus)

Maiju Pykönen; Henna Sundqvist; Otto-Ville Kaukoniemi; Mikko Tuominen; Johanna Lahti; Pedro Fardim; Martti Toivakka, 2008:
Ageing effect in atmospheric plasma activation of paper substrates

Tatiana Makarova; Mauro Riccò; Daniele Pontiroli; Marcello Mazzani; Matteo Belli; Angelo Goffredi, 2008:
Ageing effects in nanographite monitored by Raman spectroscopy

Edmond Chiu, 2008:
Ageing in Asia

B. Krishnaswamy; U. Than Sein; Davison Munodawafa; Cherian Varghese; Kavita Venkataraman; Leslie Anand, 2008:
Ageing in India

Ernest Chui, 2008:
Ageing in Place in Hong KongChallenges and Opportunities in a Capitalist Chinese City

Andrew Sixsmith; Judith Sixsmith, 2008:
Ageing in Place in the United Kingdom

Tröger, C; Bens, A T.; Bermes, Günter; Klemmer, R; Lenz, J; Irsen, S, 2008:
Ageing of acrylatebased resins for stereolithography: thermal and humidity ageing behaviour studies

Samuel Solarski; Manuela Ferreira; Eric Devaux, 2008:
Ageing of polylactide and polylactide nanocomposite filaments

Maria Petersson; Ingrid Gustafson; Mats Stading, 2008:
Ageing of two petroleum waxes

K.J. Kallio; M.S. Hedenqvist, 2008:
Ageing properties of polyamide-12 pipes exposed to fuels with and without ethanol

Millard, P., 2008 :
Ageing, Disability and Spirituality: Addressing the Challenge of Disability in Later Life

Davys, D., 2008:
Ageism within Occupational Therapy?

Vik, K.; Nygard, L.; Borell, L.; Josephsson, S., 2008:
Agency and Engagement: Older Adults' Experiences of Participation in Occupation during Home-Based Rehabilitation

Aleksandra Cislak; Bogdan Wojciszke, 2008:
Agency and communion are inferred from actions serving interests of self or others

Mirjam Uchronski, 2008:
Agency and communion in spontaneous self-descriptions: Occurrence and situational malleability

de Ruyter, A; Kirkpatrick, I; Hoque, K; Lonsdale, C; Malan, J, 2008:
Agency working and the degradation of public service employment: The case of nurses and social workers

Estibaliz Gómez; Laura Oleaga, 2008:
Agenesia de pericardio: a propsito de un caso

Barbagelata López, A.; Fernández Rosado, E.; Ponce Díaz-Reixa, J.L.; Romero Selas, E.; Rodríguez Gómez, I.; González Martín, M., 2008:
Agenesia de vena cava inferior y traumatismo abdominal cerrado

Graesser, A C.; Jeon, M; Dufty, D, 2008:
Agent Technologies Designed to Facilitate Interactive Knowledge Construction

Noone, P., 2008:
Agent, host and environmental interactions

Ferdi, L. Hellweger, E S. Kravchuk, V Novotny and Michail, I. Gladyshev, 2008:
Agent-Based Modeling of the Complex Life Cycle of a Cyanobacterium (Anabaena) in a Shallow Reservoir

O.M. Akanle; D.Z. Zhang, 2008:
Agent-based model for optimising supply-chain configurations

Bryan Brown; Ian Price; Yungchien Chu; Nagarjun Konduru; Gilles Clermont; Yoram Vodovotz, 2008:
Agent-based model of lung inflammation

Schlosser, M Ernst, 2008:
Agent-causation and agential control

L. Legros; P. Fenaux, 2008:
Agents dmthylants dans les syndromes mylodysplasiques

Geoghegan, B Dionysius, 2008:
Agents of History: Autonomous agents and crypto-intelligence

Coe, N. M.; Johns, J.; Ward, K., 2008:
Agents of casualization? The temporary staffing industry and labour market restructuring in Australia

Jose Quevedo; Gaurav Patel; Robert Pfeffer; Rajesh Dave, 2008:
Agglomerates and granules of nanoparticles as filter media for submicron particles

Nakamura, R., 2008:
Agglomeration Effects on Regional Economic Disparities: A Comparison between the UK and Japan

Eriksson, R; Lindgren, U; Malmberg, G, 2008:
Agglomeration Mobility: Effects of Localisation, Urbanisation, and Scale on Job Changes

Richard, G. Funderburg; Marlon, G. Boarnet, 2008 :
Agglomeration Potential: The Spatial Scale of Industry Linkages in the Southern California Economy

Jeffrey, P. Cohen; Catherine Morrison Paul, 2008:
Agglomeration and Cost Economies for Washington State Hospital Services

L.E. Fryda; K.D. Panopoulos; E. Kakaras, 2008:
Agglomeration in fluidised bed gasification of biomass

Malte Bartels; Weigang Lin; John Nijenhuis; Freek Kapteijn; J. Ruud van Ommen, 2008:
Agglomeration in fluidized beds at high temperatures: Mechanisms, detection and prevention

Kwang-Joo Kim; Hyoun-Soo Kim, 2008:
Agglomeration of NTO on the surface of HMX particles in water-NMP solvent

R. Boichot; A. Bernis; E. Gonze, 2008:
Agglomeration of diesel particles by an electrostatic agglomerator under positive DC voltage: Experimental study

R.Y. Yang; A.B. Yu; S.K. Choi; M.S. Coates; H.K. Chan, 2008:
Agglomeration of fine particles subjected to centripetal compaction

Antti Honkela; Jeremias Seppä; Esa Alhoniemi, 2008:
Agglomerative independent variable group analysis

Anne Tournadre; Julie Ledoux-Eberst; David Poujol; Jean-Jacques Dubost; Jean-Michel Ristori; Martin Soubrier, 2008:
Aggravation dune pneumonie interstitielle sous tanercept : deux observations

Jing Wang; Changsheng Liu; Ping Chi, 2008:
Aggregate formation and surface activity of partially deacetylated water-soluble chitin

P. G. Kuzmin; G. A. Shafeev; A. V. Simakin; V. V. Voronov, 2008:
Aggregate state of tin nanoparticles at room temperature

Luis, M. Fernández; Francisco Jurado; José Ramón Saenz, 2008:
Aggregated dynamic model for wind farms with doubly fed induction generator wind turbines

Cao, X; Tan, Y; Xu, G; Wu, D, 2008:
Aggregation Behavior of Cationic Copolymer Methacryloxyethyl Trimethyl Ammonium ChlorideButyl AcrylateAcrylamide in Aqueous Solution

Mata, J. P.; Majhi, P. R.; Yamashita, M.; Khanal, A.; Nakashima, K.; Bahadur, P., 2008:
Aggregation Behavior of Pluronic-L64 in Presence of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate in Water

Terrazas-Bandala, L; González-Sánchez, G; Zaragoza, E; Ibarra, R; Torres, A; Nevárez, V; Ballinas, M, 2008:
Aggregation Phenomena Studied by AFM and MDSC in Nanocarbon Composite Membranes

Juha Alho, 2008:
Aggregation across countries in stochastic population forecasts

William, E. Vargas, 2008:
Aggregation and composition effects on absorption and scattering properties of dye-sensitized anatase TiO2 particle clusters

Chang-Sheng Song; Ru-Qiang Ye; Bo-Zhong Mu, 2008:
Aggregation behavior and surface morphology studies of surfactin in LangmuirBlodgett films

Bin Dong; Xueyan Zhao; Liqiang Zheng; Jin Zhang; Na Li; Tohru Inoue, 2008:
Aggregation behavior of long-chain imidazolium ionic liquids in aqueous solution: Micellization and characterization of micelle microenvironment

Yazhou Zhang; Junfeng Xiang; Yalin Tang; Guangzhi Xu; Wenpeng Yan, 2008:
Aggregation behaviour of two thiacarbocyanine dyes in aqueous solution

S. I. Pisareva; I. V. Russkikh; L. P. Gossen, 2008:
Aggregation in solutions of 2,2-methylenebis (4-methyl-6-tert-butylphenol)

L. Ya. Klepper, 2008:
Aggregation method for determination of parameters of mathematical models

Hall, D W.; Branham, M A., 2008:
Aggregation of Calopteron discrepans (Coleoptera: Lycidae) Larvae Prior to Pupation

Hongxing Zhang; Guiying Xu; Dan Wu; Shuwen Wang, 2008:
Aggregation of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide with hydrolyzed polyacrylamide at the paraffin oil/water interface: Interfacial rheological behavior study

Gabriel Jarillo; Witold Pedrycz; Marek Reformat, 2008:
Aggregation of classifiers based on image transformations in biometric face recognition

L. V. Soustov; E. V. Chelnokov; N. V. Sapogova; N. M. Bityurin; V. V. Nemov; Yu. V. Sergeev; M. A. Ostrovsky, 2008:
Aggregation of crystallins induced by pulsed laser UV light (308 nm)

F.H. Tukhvatullin; V.E. Pogorelov; A. Jumabaev; H.A. Hushvaktov; A.A. Absanov; A. Shaymanov, 2008:
Aggregation of molecules in liquid methyl alcohol and its solutions: Raman spectra and ab initio calculations

Xu Huang; Yuchun Han; Yingxiong Wang; Meiwen Cao; Yilin Wang, 2008:
Aggregation properties of cationic gemini surfactants with dihydroxyethylamino headgroups in aqueous solution

Lech Gmachowski, 2008:
Aggregation with fractal trajectories of changing dimensionality

Acevedo, S; Zuloaga, C; Rodríguez, P, 2008:
AggregationDissociation Studies of Asphaltene Solutions in Resins Performed Using the Combined Freeze FractureTransmission Electron Microscopy Technique

Hornsveld, R H. J.; Nijman, H L. I.; Kraaimaat, F W., 2008:
Aggression Control Therapy for violent forensic psychiatric patients: First results

Ferguson, C J.; Smith, S; Miller-Stratton, H; Fritz, S; Heinrich, E, 2008:
Aggression in the Laboratory: Problems with the Validity of the Modified Taylor Competitive Reaction Time Test as a Measure of Aggression in Media Violence Studies

Fraser, L, 2008:
Aggression in the Sports World: A Social Psychological Perspective Gordon W. Russell (2008). Oxford University Press, New York

Hatcher, R M.; Palmer, E J.; McGuire, J; Hounsome, J C.; Bilby, C A.L.; Hollin, C R., 2008:
Aggression replacement training with adult male offenders within community settings: a reconviction analysis

Stubbs, B.; Sengupta, S., 2008:
Aggression: Is It a Problem for Occupational Therapists?

Moneta, G.L., 2008:
Aggressive Management of Nonocclusive Ischemic Colitis Following Aortic Reconstruction

Cohen, D. P.; Akhtar, M. S.; Siddiqui, A.; Shelley, C.; Larkin, C.; Kinsella, A.; O'Callaghan, E.; Lane, A., 2008:
Aggressive incidents on a psychiatric intensive care unit

Kenji Mimatsu; Takatsugu Oida; Hisao Kano; Atsushi Kawasaki; Sadao Amano, 2008:
Aggressive progression of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor producing squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus: case report and literature review

Myers, D; Ryu, S, 2008:
Aging Baby Boomers and the Generational Housing Bubble: Foresight and Mitigation of an Epic Transition

Adam Antebi; Ana Maria Cuervo; Richard Miller; John Sedivy, 2008:
Aging Cell manuscripts on the road to PubMed Central: shifting from manual to automatic transmission

Antonucci, T C., 2008:
Aging Families in Global Context

Kirkhorn, S R., 2008:
Aging Issues and Agricultural Health and Safety

Vaughn, M G.; Shook, J J.; McMillen, J. Curtis, 2008:
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Al-Mg-Pr (Aluminum-Magnesium-Praseodymium)

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Al-Mg-Sc (Aluminum-Magnesium-Scandium)

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Albrecht von Haller

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Albumin Infusion Therapy in Stroke, Sepsis and the Critically Ill

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Alcohol policies cannot be reformed by partnerships of the great, the good and the well meaning

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Algal communities at Gouqi Island in the Zhoushan archipelago, China

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Algebraic Method for Constructing Exact Discrete Soliton Solutions of Toda and mKdV Lattices

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Algebraic geometry of Gaussian Bayesian networks

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Algebraic-Geometric Solution to (2+1)-Dimensional SawadaKotera Equation

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Algebro-geometric solutions for some -dimensional discrete systems

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Algorithm for Quantum-like Representation: Transformation of Probabilistic Data into Vectors on Bloch's Sphere

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Algorithm for sleep scoring in experimental animals based on fast Fourier transform power spectrum analysis of the electroencephalogram

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Algorithm of conditional minimization of the goal function for optimal routing in information networks

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Algorithm of sky-ground-wave signal separation in CDMA system

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Algorithm-level evaluation of DPA resistance to cryptosystems

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Algorithms for Offshore Wind Farm Layout Optimization

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Algorithms for the LaplaceStieltjes Transforms of First Return Times for Stochastic Fluid Flows

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Algorithms for unimodal segmentation with applications to unimodality detection

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Alibi Generation: Data from U.S. Hispanics and U.S. Non-Hispanic Whites

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Alice Ricciardi

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Alice Ricciardi-von Platten (1910--2008)

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Alief in Action (and Reaction)

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Alienation techniques in screen translation: The role of culture specifics in the reconstruction of target-culture discourse

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Aligned array of N2-encapsulated multilevel branched carbon nanotubes

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Aligning benefits with payments: A test of the pattern alignment hypothesis

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Aligning labour disputes with institutional, cultural and rational approach: evidence from East Asian-invested enterprises in China

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Alignment and variation in managerial and professional perceptions of purpose, leadership roles and outcomes in a healthcare organisations change programme

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Alignments with non-overlapping moves, inversions and tandem duplications inO(n4) time

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Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

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Aliphatic alcohols as components of fuels for internal combustion engines

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Aliskiren, an Orally Effective Renin Inhibitor, Provides Antihypertensive Efficacy Alone and in Combination With Valsartan

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Alistair John Robertson

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Alkali Oxide Addition Effects on Borohydride Formation during the Reaction of Al, Si, and Ti with Borate and Hydrogen

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Alkali metal cation exchanged Nafion as an efficient micro-environment for oxidation of olefins by singlet oxygen

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Alkane films on water: stability and wetting transitions

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Alkoxymethylenephosphonate Analogues of (Lyso)phosphatidic Acid Stimulate Signaling Networks Coupled to the LPA2 Receptor

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Alkylation of benzene with propene over HBeta zeolites near supercritical conditions

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Alkylthiol-functionalized gold nanoparticles for sensing organic vapours: The connection between the adsorption isotherm and the sensor resistance

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Alkyne hexacarbonyl dicobalt complexes in medicinal chemistry and drug development

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All Aboard for Copenhagen!

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All Bachelors are Unmarried Men (p

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All the Power in the World Peter Unger

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All-Arthroscopic In Situ Biceps Tenodesis

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Alle Jahre wieder .

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Alleen maar passieve slachtoffers?

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Allergic Diseases, Quality of Life, and the Role of the Dietitian

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Allergic contact dermatitis from topical medicaments

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Alleviating inflation of conditional predictions

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Allocution du prsident de la SFN, 17 janvier 2008

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Allograft and Synthetic Graft Substitutes

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Allowed planetary orbits in the solar system

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Alloying effects on the microstructure and phase stability of FeCrMn steels

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Alltägliche Bewegung bei Dick und Dünn

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Also in the news

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Altemeier Using the Circular Stapler

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Alternative therapy improving quality of life in epilepsy

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Aluminium(III)-selective electrode based on a newly synthesized glyoxal-bis-thiosemicarbazone Schiff base

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Amino Alcohols in Organocatalysed Acylation and Deacylation: The Effect of Dialkylamino Substituents on the Rate

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Amino acids and cyclic dipeptides in stinging nettle (Urtica dioicaandU. urens) homeopathic matrix tinctures

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Amino acids and the erythrocyte under stress?

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Amino-acid-functionalized solvatochromic probes

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Amino-containing saturated red light-emitting copolymers based on fluorene and carbazole units

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Aminolysis of Epoxides in Ionic Liquid 1-Ethylpyridinium Trifluoroacetate as Green and Efficient Reaction Medium

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Aminotransferase Elevations in Healthy Adults Receiving 4 Grams of Acetaminophen Daily: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Amiodarone for Atrial Fibrillation

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Amisulpride-induced neuroleptic malignant syndrome

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Amitriptyline preserves morphine's antinociceptive effect by regulating the glutamate transporter GLAST and GLT-1 trafficking and excitatory amino acids concentration in morphine-tolerant rats

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Ammonia leakage from refrigeration plant and the management practice

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Ammonia monitoring at ppb level using photoacoustic spectroscopy for environmental application

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Ammonia sensor based on propylene carbonate

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Ammoniadimethylchloramine system: Kinetic approach in an aqueous medium and comparison with the mechanism involving liquid ammonia

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Ammonium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate-modified activated carbon micro-column extraction for the determination of As(III) in water by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

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Ammonium removal from aqueous solutions using microwave-treated natural Chinese zeolite

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Ammonothermal synthesis of thick gallium nitride film employing acidic mineralizers

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Ammunition for Fighting a Demand-Side War on Drugs: A Review of Contingency Management in Substance Abuse Treatment

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Amniotic fluid intercellular adhesion molecule-1 is a marker for Ureaplasma infection in women with preterm labor

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Amorphous Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Preclinical Studies: Preparation, Characterization, and Formulation

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Amorphous NiSMn alloy as hydrogen evolution reaction cathode in alkaline medium

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Amorphous carbon coated stainless separator for PEFCs

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Amorphous cardiac tumor of right atrium late after atrial septal defect closure

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Amorphous hafnium oxide thin films for antireflection optical coatings

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Amorphous materials: Properties, structure, and durability: Atomic structure and transport properties of MgO-Al2O3 melts: A molecular dynamics simulation study

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Amorphous materials: Properties, structure, and durability: Constrained interactions, rigidity, adaptative networks, and their role for the description of silicates

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Evolution of a rapid onsite evaluation (ROSE) service for endobronchial ultrasound guided (EBUS) fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology in a UK Hospital: A 7 year audit

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Amorphouscrystalline phase transitions in chalcogenide materials for memory applications

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Amperometric DNA quantification based on the use of peroxidase-mercaptopropionic acid-modified gold electrodes

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Amperometric H2O2 biosensor based on poly-thionine nanowire/HRP/nano-Au-modified glassy carbon electrode

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Amperometric cholesterol biosensors based on carbon nanotubechitosanplatinumcholesterol oxidase nanobiocomposite

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Amperometric detection of nitrite using a nanometer-sized gold colloid modified pretreated glassy carbon electrode

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Amperometric determination of glucose, based on the direct electron transfer between glucose oxidase and tin oxide

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Amperometric electronic tongue for food analysis

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Amperometric lactate biosensors and their application in (sports) medicine, for life quality and wellbeing

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Amperometric trienzyme ATP biosensors based on the coimmobilization of salicylate hydroxylase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, and hexokinase

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Amphibian mortality levels on Spanish country roads: descriptive and spatial analysis

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Amphibian use of man-made pools on clear-cuts in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, USA

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Amphibole-Group Minerals from New York State

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Amphiboles of the Khibiny alkaline pluton, Kola Peninsula, Russia

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Amphiphilic coreshell particles as carrier systems for metallic nanoparticles

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Amphiphilic dodecyl ester derivatives from aromatic amino acids: Significance of chemical architecture in interfacial adsorption characteristics

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Amphiphilic galactosylated phthalocyanines

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Amphiphilic multiblock copolymer stabilized Au nanoparticles

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Amphiphilic nanostructures in foam films

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Amplification of CCND1, EMS1, PIK3CA, and ERBB oncogenes in ethmoid sinus adenocarcinomas

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Amplification of bioelectrocatalytic signalling based on silver nanoparticles and DNA-derived horseradish peroxidase biosensors

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Amplification of chirality in two-dimensional molecular lattices

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Amplifying Deviations in Family Interactions: Guidelines For Trainees in Post-Milan Family Therapy

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Amplitude and Q of 0S0 from the Sumatra Earthquake as Recorded on Superconducting Gravimeters and Seismometers

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Amplitude effect of the free surface in elastic reverse-time extrapolation

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Amplitude scaling behavior of band center states of Frenkel exciton chains with correlated off-diagonal disorder

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Ampullectomie endoscopique

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Amylase action pattern on starch polymers

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Amylin-Based Pharmacotherapy Past, Present & Future

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Amyloid-Targeted Metal Chelation, Anti-Oxidative Stress, and Anti- Inflammation as Potential Alzheimers Therapies

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Amyloidoma: A Rare Cause Of Soft Tissue Swelling In The Thigh

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Amylose mammaire

&na;,, 2008:
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association to Support Trial of Lithium

Serratrice, G., 2008:
Amyotrophies focales

Bénigne, M.; Muselier, A.; Maisoneuve, H.; Bron, A.; Creuzot-Garcher, C., 2008:
Amlioration de linformation mdicale des patients : intrt pour un service dophtalmologie de disposer dun site Internet

Ducloy-Bouthors, A-Sophie; Depret, T, 2008:
Amliorer linformation des parturientes sur lanalgsie pour accouchement par voie basse et lanesthsie pour csarienne

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Amtropies en milieu scolaire primaire Cotonou (Bnin)

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An "Incomplete" Picture? Race, Latino Migration, and Urban Politics in Nashville, Tennessee

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An 8-year experience with type II endoleaks: Natural history suggests selective intervention is a safe approach

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An A Priori Study Of Nitric Oxide Synthase Type 2 (nos2) Promoter Polymorphisms And Exhaled Nitric Oxide Levels In African Americans

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An ABO-incompatible renal transplant patient who developed severe antibody-mediated vascular rejection 36 days after transplantation

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An ANOVA-type nonparametric diagnostic test for heteroscedastic regression models

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An AUC Based Method for Aminoglycoside Dosing Adjusting for Drug Excretion During Infusion and Allowing Early Recognition of Drug Accumulation

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An Academic Vacation

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An Accurate Design of E-Septum Waveguide Filters with Improved Stopband, Based on Mode Matching Method

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An Accurate Equivalent Behavioral Model of Antenna Radiation Using a Mode-Matching Technique Based on Spherical Near Field Measurements

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An Active Learning Approach to Hyperspectral Data Classification

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An Active Operator Guidance System for Ship ManeuversPrototype System

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An Acute Bout of Static Stretching Does Not Affect Maximal Eccentric Isokinetic Peak Torque, the Joint Angle at Peak Torque, Mean Power, Electromyography, or Mechanomyography

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An Adamantyl-Substituted Retinoid-Derived Molecule That Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth and Angiogenesis by Inducing Apoptosis and Binds to Small Heterodimer Partner Nuclear Receptor: Effects of Modifying Its Carboxylate Group on Apoptosis, Proliferation, and Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity

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An Adaptation for Altruism? The Social Causes, Social Effects, and Social Evolution of Gratitude

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An Adaptive Control Concept for Simulated Moving Bed Plants in Case of Complete Separation

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An Adaptive Control Concept for Simulated Moving Bed Plants under Reduced Purity Requirements

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An Adaptive Mean-Shift Analysis Approach for Object Extraction and Classification From Urban Hyperspectral Imagery

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An Adaptive Routing Mechanism for P2P Resource Discovery

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An Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Case Treated With Resector Balloon

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An Adrenal Macroincidentaloma in a Young Man

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An Adult Case of Anomalous Origin of the Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery (Bland-White-Garland Syndrome)

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An Advocacy Exercise for a Psychology and Law Course

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An African and American Survival Ethics: The Case of Cuba

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An Age and Spatially Structured Model of Tumor Invasion with Haptotaxis II

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An Age-structured Mathematical Model for the Within Host Dynamics of Malaria and the Immune System

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An Agenda for Studying Human and Ecosystem Health in the Boreal Forest

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An Aggressive Approach to the Treatment of Symptomatic Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Experience and Algorithm

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An Algorithm to Produce Temporally and Spatially Continuous MODIS-LAI Time Series

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An Algorithmic Approach to Recurrent Lumbar Disk Herniation: Evaluation and Management

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An Alternate Method of Radiofrequency Neurotomy of the Sacroiliac Joint: A Pilot Study of the Effect on Pain, Function, and Satisfaction

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An Alternate Solution of Fluorescence Recovery Kinetics after Spot-Bleaching for Measuring Diffusion Coefficients. 2

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An Alternate Solution of the Fluorescence Recovery Kinetics after Spot-Bleaching for Measuring Diffusion Coefficients. 1

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An Alternative Scheme to Generate Arbitrary Anticorrelated States of a Two-Mode Field via -type Atom Resonant Interaction with a Two-Mode Cavity Field

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An Alternative Therapy for Graves' Disease

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Evolution of a rare ECG pattern in an aggressive case of neonatal tuberous sclerosis complex

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An Analysis of Chamber Filling Effects on the Remediation of Flooded Gypsum and Anhydrite Mines

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An Analysis of Content and Instructional Strategies in Multicultural Counseling Courses

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An Analysis of Environmental Issues in 19th Century England Using the Writings of Charles Dickens

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An Analysis of Factors Associated With Failure of Tendon Repair in the Canine Model

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An Analysis of Financial Analysts' Optimism in Long-term Growth Forecasts

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An Analysis of Income Distribution between the North and the South: the GrossmanHelpman and Lai Results Re-examined

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An Analysis of Transfusion Practice and the Role of Intraoperative Red Blood Cell Salvage During Cesarean Delivery

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An Analysis of Wedding Books for Grooms: A Feminist Perspective

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An Analysis of West African Dynamics Using a Linearized GCM*

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An Analysis of a USSouthern African Customs Union (SACU) Free Trade Agreement

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An Analysis of the Coal Mining Industry in the United States

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An Analysis of the Use of a Point-of-Care System for International Normalized Ratio Testing in Remote Areas of Canada

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An Analytical Model for Micro-Endmill Dynamics

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An Anatomical Study of the Radial Nerve in Patients Undergoing Ultrasound-Guided Axillary Brachial Plexus Blockade

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An Anatomy of Peace-Making

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An Angry Volcano? Reminders of Death and Anthropomorphizing Nature

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An Anisotropic Model for Spatial Processes

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An Annotated Checklist and Preliminary Designation of Drainage Distributions of the Crayfishes of Alabama

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An Annotated and Updated Species List of the Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) of South Dakota

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An Ansatz for the asymptotics of hypergeometric multisums

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An Antarctica-to-Spain HF ionospheric radio link: Sounding results

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An Antibody-Based Multiplex Bead Assay to Determine the Potency and Composition of Allergen Extracts

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An Apologia for the Human Mind

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An Application of 3-D MEMS Packaging: Out-of-Plane Quadrupole Mass Filters

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An Application of Multinomial Logistic Regression to Estimating Performance of a Multiple-Screening Test with Incomplete Verification

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An Application of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) with Children with Autism and a Visually Impaired Therapist

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An Appraisal of the Radical Animal Liberation Movement in Switzerland: 2003 to March 2007

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An Approach for Solving Rank-Deficient Systems That Enable Atmospheric Path Delay and Water Vapor Content Estimation

Pei, Y; Yong, C; Zhi-Bin, L, 2008:
An Approach for Solving Short-Wave Models for CamassaHolm Equation and DegasperisProcesi Equation

Paul, W. Holland, S Sinharay, A A. von Davier and Ning Han, 2008:
An Approach to Evaluating the Missing Data Assumptions of the Chain and Post-Stratification Equating Methods for the NEAT Design

Francesco Amigoni, 2008:
An Approach to the Development of Flexible Multirobot Systems: the Potential of Using Mobile Code Technology

Saralees Nadarajah, 2008:
An Approximate Distribution for the Normalized Cut