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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63651

Chapter 63651 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nikolay, A. Pchelintsev; Frances Neville; Paul, A. Millner, 2008:
Biomimetic silication of surfaces and its application to preventing leaching of electrostatically immobilized enzymes

De Zhi Qin; Xiao Ming Ma; Lin Yang; Li Zhang; Zhong Jun Ma; Jie Zhang, 2008:
Biomimetic synthesis of HgS nanoparticles in the bovine serum albumin solution

Ivan, T. Devedjiev; Stanislav, G. Bairyamov; Vladimira, S. Videva, 2008:
Biomimetic synthesis of esters of natural amino acids

A. V. Medved’ko; S. A. Kurzeev; S. Z. Vatsadze; G. M. Kazankov, 2008:
Biomimetical catalysis of α-Amino acid hydrolysis over chiral palladacycles

G. N. Lysyuk, 2008:
Biomineral nanostructures of manganese oxides in oceanic ferromanganese nodules

Gu, M Bock, 2008:
Biomolecular technology for detection, control, and toxicity assessment of EDCs, residual pharmaceutics, and nano-size materials

K. Slenzka; M. Dünne; B. Jastorff, 2008:
Biomonitoring and risk assessment on earth and during exploratory missions using AquaHab

Dana, B. Barr, 2008:
Biomonitoring of exposure to pesticides

G. K. Chudinova; I. A. Nagovitsyn; O. V. Degtyareva; M. A. Kononov; V. V. Savransky; E. G. Rakov; G. G. Komissarov, 2008:
Bionanocomposites including bacteriorhodopsin and carbon nanofibers. Atomic-force microscopy

C. Karthikeyan; R. Krishnan; S. Adline Princy, 2008:
Bionics and Structural Biology: A Novel Approach for Bio-energy Production

Patrick, M. Morgan, 2008:
Bionuclear Nightmares

Prasanna Mohanty, 2008:
Biophysical Techniques in Photosynthesis

Gao, S; Zhang, S; Jiang, K; Yang, S; Lu, W, 2008:
Biopolymer-Assisted Synthesis of Single Crystalline Gold Disks by a Hydrothermal Route

Surabhi Naik; S. K. Venu Gopal; Priti Somal, 2008:
Bioproduction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from bacteria: a metabolic approach

Osseo-Asare, A. D., 2008:
Bioprospecting and Resistance: Transforming Poisoned Arrows into Strophantin Pills in Colonial Gold Coast, 1885-1922

Philip, K.; Sinniah, S.K.; Muniandy, S., 2008:
Bioprospecting for Antimicrobial Peptides

Giménez Bachs, J.M.; Martínez Ruiz, J.; Carrión López, P.; Martínez Sanchiz, C.; Pastor Navarro, H.; Virseda Rodríguez, J.A., 2008:
Biopsia por saturacin en el diagnstico de cncer de prstata

David, J; Lalonde, L; Trop, I, 2008:
Biopsie sous guidage IRM

Cheung, C, 2008:
Biopsy interpretation of the prostate, 4th edition

Tansey, T N, 2008:
Biopsychosocial Assessment of Impulsivity in Persons With Severe Mental Illness

Amidon, T E.; Wood, C D.; Shupe, A M.; Wang, Y; Graves, M; Liu, S, 2008:
Biorefinery: Conversion of Woody Biomass to Chemicals, Energy and Materials

Sung-Hyun Kwon; Myung-Hyun Hong; Jung-Hye Choi; Kyung-Sook Whang; Han-Seok Lee; Jae-Seong So; Sung-Cheol Koh, 2008:
Bioremediation of Aroclor 1242 by a consortium culture in marine sediment microcosm

Amy, Y. Fu; Richard, S. Keenan, 2008:
Bioremediation of a former dry cleaner using potassium lactate

Graf von der Schulenburg, D.A.; Paterson-Beedle, M.; Macaskie, L.E.; Gladden, L.F.; Johns, M.L., 2008:
Bioremediation process optimization via magnetic resonance imaging

Qingjiang Chen; Zhi Shi, 2008:
Biorthogonal multiple vector-valued multivariate wavelet packets associated with a dilation matrix

Donaldson, A, 2008:
Biosecurity after the Event: Risk Politics and Animal Disease

Meyerson, L A, 2008:
Biosecurity, biofuels, and biodiversity

Bingham, N; Enticott, G; Hinchliffe, S, 2008:
Biosecurity: Spaces, Practices, and Boundaries

Shasheng Huang; Yongxia Qu; Ruina Li; Jian Shen; Liwei Zhu, 2008:
Biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase modified carbon nanotubes for determination of 2,4-dichlorophenol

Suellen Cadorin Fernandes; Inês Rosane, W.Z. de Oliveira; Orlando Fatibello-Filho; Almir Spinelli; Iolanda Cruz Vieira, 2008:
Biosensor based on laccase immobilized on microspheres of chitosan crosslinked with tripolyphosphate

Fumio Mizutani, 2008:
Biosensors utilizing monolayers on electrode surfaces

Angela Scarpa; Akiho Tanaka; Sara Chiara Haden, 2008:
Biosocial bases of reactive and proactive aggression: the roles of community violence exposure and heart rate

Zhou, J; Fitzmorris, K B.; Qi, Y, 2008:
Biosolids and Sludge Management

Yu Liu; Ya-Juan Liu, 2008:
Biosorption isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics

K. Vijayaraghavan; Yeoung-Sang Yun, 2008:
Biosorption of C.I. Reactive Black 5 from aqueous solution using acid-treated biomass of brown seaweed Laminaria sp

Hamissa, A. M.; Ncibi, M. C.; Mahjoub, B.; Seffen, M., 2008:
Biosorption of metal dye from aqueous solution onto Agave americana (L.) fibres

Sung Wook Won; Yeoung-Sang Yun, 2008:
Biosorptive removal of Reactive Yellow 2 using waste biomass from lysine fermentation process

El-Sabbagh, A M., 2008:
Biostratigraphy, taphonomy and palaeoecology of two tropical Coniacian-Santonian oyster species from Wadi Sudr, western Sinai, Egypt

Conner, R. L., 2008:
Biostress and Processing Quality: Introduction

Linger, S P.; Brown, M J.; Streit, G E.; Nelson, M A.; Williams, M D., 2008:
Biosurveillance and GIS: Application of Geospatial Information Science to Biological Defense

Li Tian; Yongzhen Pang; Richard, A. Dixon, 2008:
Biosynthesis and genetic engineering of proanthocyanidins and (iso)flavonoids

Marcin Bizukojc; Stanislaw Ledakowicz, 2008:
Biosynthesis of lovastatin and (+)-geodin by Aspergillus terreus in batch and fed-batch culture in the stirred tank bioreactor

Prashant Mohanpuria; Nisha, K. Rana; Sudesh Kumar Yadav, 2008:
Biosynthesis of nanoparticles: technological concepts and future applications

Jing Chen; Yu-Guo Zheng; Yin-Chu Shen, 2008:
Biosynthesis of p-methoxyphenylacetic acid from p-methoxyphenylacetonitrile by immobilized Bacillus subtilis ZJB-063

G.D. Ascough; J.E. Erwin; J. Van Staden, 2008:
Biotechnology and ornamental horticulture

Edward L Korwek, 2008:
Biotechnology and the Law

Glick, J Leslie, 2008:
Biotechnology business models work: Evidence from the pharmaceutical marketplace

Jun, Y; Yu-ping, G, 2008 :
Biotechnology education for future: Learning motivation and innovation

Tenhoopen, H. J. G.; Van Gemert, J. M.; Roels, J. A.; Vinke, J. L., 2008:
Biotechnology group symposium continuous culture

Konde, V, 2008:
Biotechnology in India: Publicprivate partnerships

Ramkrishna Sen, 2008:
Biotechnology in petroleum recovery: The microbial EOR

Aiba, S., 2008:
Biotechnology, New or Old?

Jenny Dyck Brian; Jason Scott Robert, 2008:
Biotechnology, bioethics, and the future: a review of Ronald BaileysLiberation biology

Essex, J, 2008:
Biotechnology, sound science, and the Foreign Agricultural Service: a case study in neoliberal rollout

F. Xu; T.J. Lu; K.A. Seffen, 2008:
Biothermomechanics of skin tissues

Rodrigues, S C.; Simões, M G.; Kowalewski, Mł; Petti, Mônica A.V.; Nonato, E F.; Martinez, S; Rio, C Julia Del, 2008:
Biotic Interaction between Spionid Polychaetes and Bouchardiid Brachiopods: Paleoecological, Taphonomic and Evolutionary Implications

David Jablonski, 2008:
Biotic Interactions and Macrorvolution: Extensions and Mismatches across Scales and Levels

Georg Wohlfahrt, M Anderson-Dunn, M Bahn, M Balzarolo, F Berninger, C Campbell, A Carrara, A Cescatti, T Christensen, S Dore, W Eugster, T Friborg, M Furger, D Gianelle, C Gimeno, K Hargreaves, P Hari, A Haslwanter, Törn Johansson, B Marcolla, C Milford, Z Nagy, E Nemitz, N Rogiers, M J. Sanz, R T. W. Siegwolf, S Susiluoto, M Sutton, Z Tuba, F Ugolini, R Valentini, R Zorer and Alexander Cernusca, 2008:
Biotic, Abiotic, and Management Controls on the Net Ecosystem CO Exchange of European Mountain Grassland Ecosystems

S. S. Gadzhieva, 2008:
Biotopic distribution and conditions for development of bloodsucking mosquitoes from the subfamily culicinae in Daghestan

G. S. Prasad; S. Girisham; S. M. Reddy; K. Srisailam, 2008:
Biotransformation of albendazole byCunninghamella blakesleeana: effect of carbon and nitrogen source

Harrington, C F.; Brima, E I.; Jenkins, R O., 2008:
Biotransformation of arsenobetaine by microorganisms from the human gastrointestinal tract

Thomas Willke; Klaus Vorlop, 2008:
Biotransformation of glycerol into 1,3-propanediol

Silva, C; Cavaco-Paulo, A, 2008:
Biotransformations in synthetic fibres

Meysman, F; Middleburg, J, 2008:
Bioturbation From Square Millimeter to Global Scales: Bioturbation: An Update on Darwin's Last Idea; Renesse, Netherlands, 23-27 August 2008

Jeffrey, R. Wigelsworth, 2008:
Bipartisan Politics and Practical Knowledge: Advertising of Public Science in Two London Newspapers, 1695-1720

Al-Addasi, S; Al-Ezeh, H, 2008:
Bipartite Diametrical Graphs of Diameter 4 and Extreme Orders

Koh Hosoda; Takashi Takuma; Atsushi Nakamoto; Shinji Hayashi, 2008 :
Biped robot design powered by antagonistic pneumatic actuators for multi-modal locomotion

Mansour, A, 2008:
Biphasic (Premix) Insulin Analogs in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Michel Ferreira; Hervé Bricout; Adlane Sayede; Anne Ponchel; Sophie Fourmentin; Sébastien Tilloy; Eric Monflier, 2008:
Biphasic Aqueous Organometallic Catalysis Promoted by Cyclodextrins: How to Design the Water-Soluble Phenylphosphane to Avoid Interaction with Cyclodextrin

Yu Hu; Yinyin Yu; Zhenshan Hou; Huan Li; Xiuge Zhao; Bo Feng, 2008:
Biphasic Hydrogenation of Olefins by Functionalized Ionic Liquid-Stabilized Palladium Nanoparticles

Li Tian; Lizhi Liu, 2008:
Biphasic pulmonary blastoma with metastasis to adjacent rib: one case report

Chen, R; Ryder, J; Robinson, W; Myint, H, 2008:
Biphenotypic Acute Leukemia

Maricq, M. Matti, 2008:
Bipolar Diffusion Charging of Soot Aggregates

Youssef, N, 2008:
Bipolar Disorder in Late Life

Cerejeira, J.; Mukaetova-Ladinska, E. B., 2008:
Bipolar Disorder in Later Life

Lee, R, 2008:
Bipolar Disorders: Mixed states, rapid cycling and atypical forms

Beauchamp, C.P., 2008:
Bipolar Proximal Femoral Replacement Prostheses for Musculoskeletal Neoplasms

P. Baroch; V. Anita; N. Saito; O. Takai, 2008:
Bipolar pulsed electrical discharge for decomposition of organic compounds in water

S. E. Tolstikov; E. V. Tretyakov; G. V. Romanenko; D. V. Stass; A. S. Bogomyakov; R. Z. Sagdeev; V. I. Ovcharenkoa, 2008:
Biradical with the non-linear diacetylene fragment

Langrand, O, 2008:
Bird Sounds of Madagascar: an Audio Guide to the Island's Unique Birds

J. M. Bridget, 2008:
Birder's conservation handbook: 100 North American birds at risk

Husak, M S., 2008:
Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast.By Ted L. Eubanks, Jr., Robert A. Behrstock, and Ron J. Weeks

Lehman, P, 2008:
Birds Of The Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Carlos, D. Santos, P M. Lourenço, A C. Miranda, Jé P. Granadeiro and Jorge, M. Palmeirim, 2008:
Birds after Dark: An Efficient and Inexpensive System for Making Long-Range Observations at Night

Stenkewitz, U; Kamler, J, 2008:
Birds feeding in association with bat-eared foxes on Benfontein Game Farm, South Africa

Williams, T AJ, 2008:
Birds of Northern South America: an Identification Guide

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic; Adrian Furnham; Andrew, N. Christopher; Jeanette Garwood; G. Neil Martin, 2008:
Birds of a feather: Students preferences for lecturers personalities as predicted by their own personality and learning approaches

Faaborg, J, 2008:
Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Emily, D. Cranston; Derek, G. Gray, 2008:
Birefringence in spin-coated films containing cellulose nanocrystals

V. Y. Stadnyk; M. O. Romanyuk; M. R. Tuzyak; V. Y. Kurlyak; V. M. Gaba, 2008:
Birefringence of (NH4)2SO4crystals under the action of uniaxial pressures

V. Kudriašov; E. Gaižauskas; V. Sirutkaitis, 2008:
Birefringent modifications induced by femtosecond filaments in

Patrick, M. Emerson; André Portela Souza, 2008:
Birth Order, Child Labor, and School Attendance in Brazil

Dungan, J.S., 2008:
Birth order of twins and risk of perinatal death related to delivery in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, 1994-2003: retrospective cohort study

Wall, L. L., 2008:
Birthing a Slave: Motherhood and Medicine in the Antebellum South

Meyer, P Werner, 2008:
Birthpangs of a Christianity for the Future?

Dąbrowska, E; Pįętka-Ottlik, M; Palus, J, 2008:
Bis(2-aminophenyl) Diselenide Derivatives with Amino Acids Moieties as Potential Antivirals and Antimicrobials

Edwin, C. Constable; Catherine, E. Housecroft; Elaine, A. Medlycott; Markus Neuburger; Federica Reinders; Sébastien Reymann; Silvia Schaffner, 2008:
Bis(4-phenyl-2,2:6,2-terpyridine)ruthenium(II): Holding the {Ru(tpy)2}2+ embraces at bay

Markku Talja; Mika Polamo; Markku Leskelä, 2008:
Bis(alkylphenylaminopyridinato) titanium dichlorides as ethylene polymerization catalysts

Leonie Braun; Gerald Kehr; Roland Fröhlich; Gerhard Erker, 2008:
Bis(diphenylphosphino)acetonitrile oxides, -sulfides and -imines: Their formation and structural features, and the remarkable structures of two lithiated derivatives

Carl Redshaw; Shuzhong Zhan; Sophie, H. Dale; Mark, R.J. Elsegood, 2008:
Bis(imido) rhenium complexes bearing C- or N-capped tripodal ligands: Bi- versus tri-dentate ligation

Yong-Joo Kim; Kyung-Eun Lee; Hyeong-Tak Jeon; Hyun Sue Huh; Soon, W. Lee, 2008:
Bis(phosphine) Pd(II)azido complexes containing heterocyclic ligands: Reactivity toward organic isocyanides

Kelin Li; M. Sarah Mohlala; Tebogo, V. Segapelo; Poslet, M. Shumbula; Ilia, A. Guzei; James Darkwa, 2008:
Bis(pyrazole)- and bis(pyrazolyl)-palladium complexes as phenylacetylene polymerization catalysts

Dmitri, V. Sevenard; Ralf-Matthias Schoth; Olesya Kazakova; Enno Lork; Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler, 2008:
Bis(trifluoroacetyl)phenols and their derivatives in reactions with selected phosphorus(III) compounds

Bojidarka, B. Koleva; Tsonko Kolev; Rüdiger W. Seidel; Michael Spiteller; Heike Mayer-Figge; William, S. Sheldrick, 2008:
Bis(tyrammonium) sulfate dihydrate: Crystal structure, solid-state IR-spectroscopic and theoretical characterization

Chen-Shiang Lee; Sachindranath Pal; Wei-Shiuan Yang; Wen-Shu Hwang; Ivan, J.B. Lin, 2008:
Bis-chelate tetracarbene palladium(II) complex as an efficient and recyclable catalyst precursor for Heck reaction

Solladié, N; Aziat, F; Bouatra, S; Rein, Régis, 2008:
Bis-porphyrin tweezers: rigid or flexible linkers for better adjustment of the cavity to bidentate bases of various size

Nizamov, I'Yas, S.; Martiyanov, Y M.; Gataulina, A R.; Cherkasov, R A.; Nizamov, I'nar D., 2008:
Bisdithiophosphonic Acids In Metal Complex Formation Reactions

Anne Marie ten Heggeler; Fridus van der Weijden, 2008:
Bisfosfonaten en osteonecrose

A. Khazaly; Z. He; B. Stewart; G. Edwards; L. Wakelin, 2008:
Bisintercalating threading agents as cytotoxic inhibitors of transcription

Giridhar, T.; Reddy, R. Buchi; Kumar, A. Sunil; Chandra Mouli, G. V. P., 2008:
Bismuth Chloride Mediated Synthesis, Antimicrobial, and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of New 4-Aryl-2-Amino Thiazoles

Vlastimil Rehacek; Ivan Hotovy; Marian Vojs; Fedor Mika, 2008:
Bismuth film electrodes for heavy metals determination

Balieu, Sébastien; Halime, Z; Lachkar, M; Boitrel, B, 2008:
Bismuth insertion in functionalized porphyrins: influence of the structure delivering substituted malonic acid groups

Damian, G; Ciobanu, C L.; Cook, N J.; Damian, F, 2008:
Bismuth sulphosalts from the galena-matildite series in the Cremenea vein, uior, Baia Mare district, Romania

M. S. R. Murty; K. Rajasekhar; V. Harikrishna; J. S. Yadav, 2008:
Bismuth triflate catalyzed prins-type cyclization in ionic liquid: Synthesis of 4-tetrahydropyranol derivatives

Yamanoi, T; Inoue, R; Matsuda, S; Hamasaki, K, 2008:
Bismuth(III) Triflate-Catalyzed Dehydrative Glycosidation Using 1- Hydroxy Sugars

Kimihiro Komeyama; Motoyoshi Miyagi; Ken Takaki, 2008:
Bismuth-catalyzed cyclization of amino-1,6-enynes

Novák, M; Sejkora, Jří; Škoda, R; Budina, Václav, 2008:
Bismutotantalite-stibiotantalite-stibiocolumbite assemblage from elbaite pegmatites at Molo near Momeik, northern Shan State, Myanmar

J. N. Yesuf; B. A. DeVantier; L. R. Chevalier, 2008:
Bisolute Equilibrium Studies for the Sorption of Basic Dyes on a GAC from Almond Shells: A Nonlinear Approach

&na;,, 2008:
Bispectral Index and Middle Latency Auditory Evoked Potentials in Children Younger Than 2 Years

D. Hermes; P. Beier; K. Peters, 2008:
Bisphosphonatassoziierte Nekrosen der Kiefer

Lindsay, R; Silverman, S L.; Watts, N B.; Delmas, P D; Lange, J L., 2008:
Bisphosphonate Therapy and Hip Fractures Within the Risedronate and Alendronate (REAL) Cohort Study: Subgroup With Prior Fracture

Carlson, R H., 2008:
Bisphosphonate-Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw in Myeloma

Laino, C, 2008:
Bisphosphonates Offset Bone Loss Associated with Estrogen-Reducing Therapies

Françoise Debiais, 2008:
Bisphosphonates et traitements innovants de lostolyse tumorale

Christos, A. Damalas, K V. Dhima and Ilias, G. Eleftherohorinos, 2008:
Bispyribac-Sodium Efficacy on Early Watergrass (Echinochloa oryzoides) and Late Watergrass (Echinochloa phyllopogon) as Affected by Coapplication of Selected Rice Herbicides and Insecticides

Christophe Nacci; Jérôme Lagoute; Xi Liu; Stefan Fölsch, 2008:
Bistability of single 1,5 cyclooctadiene molecules on Si(001)

V. I. Minkin, 2008:
Bistable organic, organometallic, and coordination compounds for molecular electronics and spintronics

Sheng Wang; Myung-Shik Choi; Sung-Hoon Kim, 2008:
Bistable photoswitching in poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with spironaphthoxazine hydrogel for optical data storage

Yanping Li; Zhenhua Zhang; Mengdao Xing; Zheng Bao, 2008:
Bistatic Spotlight SAR Processing Using the Frequency-Scaling Algorithm

Spence, D, 2008:
Bitter sweets

Suri, R., 2008:
Bivalirudin During Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Patients With Previous or Acute Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia and Heparin Antibodies: Results of the CHOOSE-ON Trial

Costa, A. F.B.; Machado, M. A.G., 2008:
Bivariate control charts with double sampling

S.J. Hatjispyros; Theodoros Nicoleris; Stephen, G. Walker, 2008:
Bivariate prior distributions via branching exchangeable sequences

Sally Jackson, 2008:
Black Box Arguments

Melendez, M. C., 2008:
Black Football Players on a Predominantly White College Campus: Psychosocial and Emotional Realities of the Black College Athlete Experience

Jorge Vala; Diniz Lopes; Marcus Lima, 2008:
Black Immigrants in Portugal: LusoTropicalism and Prejudice

Lena Dominelli, 2008:
Black Issues in Social Work and Social Care By Mekada Graham

Guglielmo Maria Caporale; Mario Cerrato, 2008:
Black Market and Official Exchange Rates: Long-run Equilibrium and Short-run Dynamics

Bard, J. S., 2008:
Black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts

Hyslop, A., 2008:
Black November: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in New Zealand

Tuma, R S., 2008:
Black Raspberries Show Promise in Prevention of GI & Oral Cancers

Beyerlein, K.; Andrews, K. T., 2008:
Black Voting During the Civil Rights Movement: A Micro-level Analysis

Len Lecci; James, D. Johnson, 2008:
Black anti-White attitudes: The influence of racial identity and the Big Five

Roberto Soria; Zdenka Kuncic, 2008:
Black hole mass estimates from soft X-ray spectra

Sandberg, M; Holby, O, 2008:
Black liquor and alkaline shocks in a multiple stage biological treatment plant

D. C. Dutra; M. Silva; O. L. Pereira, 2008:
Black mildew disease on the neotropical forest speciesAspidosperma polyneuronin Brazil, caused byMeliola aspidospermatis

Geoff Booth; Elias Mazzawi, 2008:
Black swan or fat turkey?

Dobson, R, 2008:
Black women have a higher risk of breast cancer than white women

Dickinson, T A.; Lo, E Y.Y.; Talent, N; Love, R M., 2008:
Black-fruited hawthorns of western North America one or more agamic complexes?This paper is one of a selection of papers published in the Special Issue on Systematics Research.This paper is dedicated to the memory of the University of Idaho botanist who got us thinking about the complexities of Northwest hawthorns: the late Steven J. Brunsfeld

Guang-ping Qi; Ping Song; Ke-jie Li, 2008:
Blackboard Mechanism Based Ant Colony Theory for Dynamic Deployment of Mobile Sensor Networks

Havemann, L, 2008:
Blackstone's Statutes on Environmental Law (5th Edn) (R. Duxbury and S. Morton (eds))

David Clarke, 2008:
Blackwells Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Clinical Companion Small Animal Dentistry - By HB Lobprise

Tuma, R S., 2008:
Bladder Cancer Experts Calling for Reevaluation of Research Efforts

Marco Grasso, 2008:
Bladder Cancer: A Major Public Health Issue

Coplen, D.E., 2008:
Bladder Neck Sling and Appendicovesicostomy Without Augmentation for Neurogenic Incontinence in Children

Stelios Voulgaris; Sara, J. Khaksar; Jenny, P. Nobes; Anita McGrogan; Robert, W. Laing; Stephen, E.M. Langley, 2008:
Bladder neck resection prior to I125 LDR brachytherapy improves post-implant urinary toxicity. A matched-pair analysis

Richard Pring, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || 14-19

Geoffrey Walford, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Faith-Based Schools in England after Ten Years of Tony Blair

John Furlong, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Making Teaching a 21st Century Profession: Tony Blair's Big Prize

David Reynolds, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || New Labour, Education and Wales: The Devolution Decade

Neil Selwyn, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Realising the Potential of New Technology? Assessing the Legacy of New Labour's ICT Agenda 1997-2007

David Gillborn, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Tony Blair and the Politics of Race in Education: Whiteness, Doublethink and New Labour

Diane Reay, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Tony Blair, the Promotion of the 'Active' Educational Citizen, and Middle-Class Hegemony

Pam Sammons, 2008:
Blair's Educational Legacy? || Zero Tolerance of Failure and New Labour Approaches to School Improvement in England

Yanxiong FANG; Yunquan DENG; Qinggang REN; Jingping HUANG; Saidan ZHANG; Baohua HUANG; Kun ZHANG, 2008:
Blanc Reaction of Aromatic Compounds Catalyzed by Ionic Liquids

Zhang Zhibing; Liu Yuqi; Du Ting; Li Zhigang, 2008:
Blank design and formability prediction of complicated progressive die stamping part using a multi-step unfolding method

A.C. van den Berg, 2008:
Blast charts for explosive evaporation of superheated liquids

Moore, D F; Radovitzky, R A; Shupenko, L; Klinoff, A; Jaffee, M S; Rosen, J M, 2008:
Blast physics and central nervous system injury

Muthukumar, K.; Mangalaraj, A.M.; Kamath, M.S.; George, K., 2008:
Blastocyst cryopreservation: vitrification or slow freeze

Patrice Bourée; Aurélia Lançon, 2008:
Blastocystis, pathogne ou simple indicateur dune inflammation digestive ?

Desai, A D.; Bandi, V; Holzhauser, L; Loebe, M; Noon, G; Lunn, W, 2008:
Bleeding After Biopsy of a Bronchial Artery Arteriovenous Malformation Presenting as an Endobronchial Mass

Manco-Johnson, M. J., 2008:
Bleeding Disorders in the Neonate

Hanna Bramfeldt; Pierre Sarazin; Patrick Vermette, 2008:
Blends as a strategy towards tailored hydrolytic degradation of poly(-caprolactone-co-d,l-lactide)poly(ethylene glycol)poly(-caprolactone-co-d,l-lactide) co-polymers

Wendy Cadge; M. Daglian, 2008:
Blessings, strength, and guidance: Prayer frames in a hospital prayer book

S. Diederich, 2008:
Blick in die Zukunft: Interventionell-radiologische Methoden in der Tumortherapie

Pantaleón D. Romero; Vicente, F. Candela, 2008:
Blind Deconvolution Models Regularized by Fractional Powers of

Song Wang; Jonathan, H. Manton, 2008:
Blind SIMO channel identification using FFT/IFFT

Graupe, D; Graupe, M H; Zhong, Y; Jackson, R K, 2008:
Blind adaptive filtering for non-invasive extraction of the fetal electrocardiogram and its non-stationarities

Carlos Estêvão R. Fernandes; Gérard Favier; João Cesar, M. Mota, 2008:
Blind channel identification algorithms based on the Parafac decomposition of cumulant tensors: The single and multiuser cases

Laurent Vanbeylen; Rik Pintelon; Johan Schoukens, 2008:
Blind maximum likelihood identification of Hammerstein systems

Yan Meng; Jinkuan Wang; Jun Zhu; Han Wang, 2008:
Blind multiuser detection using the subspace-based linearly constrained LSCMA

Frédéric Abrard; Yannick Deville; Johan Thomas, 2008:
Blind partial separation of underdetermined convolutive mixtures of complex sources based on differential normalized kurtosis

Sarit Shwartz; Yoav, Y. Schechner; Michael Zibulevsky, 2008:
Blind separation of convolutive image mixtures

Jiann-Ming Wu, 2008:
Blind separation of fetal electrocardiograms by annealed expectation maximization

Tsung-Ying Sun; Chan-Cheng Liu; Sheng-Ta Hsieh; Shang-Jeng Tsai, 2008:
Blind separation with unknown number of sources based on auto-trimmed neural network

Wai Yie Leong; Wei Liu; Danilo, P. Mandic, 2008:
Blind source extraction: Standard approaches and extensions to noisy and post-nonlinear mixing

John, A. Lee; Frédéric Vrins; Michel Verleysen, 2008:
Blind source separation based on endpoint estimation with application to the MLSP 2006 data competition

Qingming, Y, 2008:
Blind source separation by weighted K-means clustering

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Bonus als patint de beste tandarts kiest

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Boundedness and global stability of a higher-order difference equation

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Bounds of Resemblance Measures for Binary (Presence/Absence) Variables

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Bouvardia borhidiana (Rubiaceae, Cinchonoideae), una Nueva Especie de la Sierra Madre del Sur, Mxico

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Bovine viral diarrhoea control in Scotland

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Bowel Urgency in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Branch and bound algorithm for a facility location problem with concave site dependent costs

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Branch-Type Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms

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Branching Processes with Incubation

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Branding from the inside out

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Brauchen Patienten mit Diabetes mellitus Typ

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Breeding biology of two sympatric coots with contrasting conservation status

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Breeding cereals for rust resistance in Australia

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Breeding systems in African Lycium (Solanaceae)

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Bremsstrahlung cross-section with screening and Coulomb corrections at high energies

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Brenner and Rector's The Kidney (in 2 volumes)

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Breve historia del cribado del tracto genital inferior

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Brewing: New Techniques

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Brian Edward Crawley

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Brian Laurence Burtt (1913-2008)

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Brian Walter Pullen

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Bridge over the Sabarmati: An Urban Journey into Violence and Back

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Bridge-building in Malawi: a student expedition

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Bridged bis(amidinate) lanthanide complexes: Synthesis, molecular structure and reactivity

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Bridges, Barriers, and Gaps: Research and Policy

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Bridges, Place Representation and Place Creation

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Bridging Disciplines to Address Complex Questions: The Need for Data Publication

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Bridging Gaps Between Experimental and Naturalistic Approaches in the Study of Primate Behavior

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Bridging in social networks: Who are the people in structural holes and why are they there?

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Bridging psychology's scientist vs. practitioner divide: Fruits of a twenty-five year dialogue

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Bridging social and technical interfaces in organizations: An interpretive analysis of time-space distanciation

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Bridging the Communication Gap Between Afro-Latino and African American Individuals: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum Initiative

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Bridging the Cultural Gap in Management Consulting Research

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Bridging the Divide

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Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice: The Effective Nationwide Transport of MST Programs in Norway

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Bridging the Gap between Theory and Policy

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Bridging the Marketing Gap: A Review of How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst: Understanding the Science That Can Change Your Life by Jon Bailey and Mary Burch

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Bridging the gap between students and computers: supporting activity awareness for network collaborative learning with GSM network

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Bridging the gap between the genotype and the phenotype: linking genetic variation, selection and adaptation in fishes

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Bridging the gap: transnational and ethnic organizations in the political incorporation of immigrants in the United States

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Bridging the gap: using student-generated clinical case presentations in paediatrics

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Bridging the gaps: an empirical study of Catholic funeral rites

Peterson, C A.; Rouse, S V., 2008:
Brief Book, Software And Test Announcements

Rouse, S V.; Peterson, C A., 2008:
Brief Book, Software and Test Announcements

Rouse, S V.; Peterson, C A., 2008:
Brief Book, Software, and Test Announcements

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Brief Communication: Statistical Methodology Is Crucial in Prognostic Factor Analysis of Health-Related Quality of Life

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Brief Encounters: Enhancing the Impact of Accident and Incident Occurrence Reports

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Brief Report: Coronary Heart Disease Events Associated with Hormone Therapy in Younger and Older Women

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Brief Review of the Chemistry of Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) and Bitumen

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Brief Strategic Family Therapy: Engagement and Treatment

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Brief Ultrasonication Improves Detection of Biofilm-formative Bacteria Around a Metal Implant

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Brief alcohol interventions - everybody's business

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Brief and Intermittent Approaches to Practice: The State of Practice

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Brief approaches to assessing task absorption and enhanced subjective experience: Examining short and core flow in diverse performance domains

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Brief behavioral couples therapy for drug abuse: A randomized clinical trial examining clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness

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Brief reportPhonological awareness and visual-spatial sketchpad functioning predict early arithmetic attainment: Evidence from a longitudinal study

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Briefing: Beware of sub-prime housing policies in developing countries

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Briefing: Community resilience to extreme weather

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Briefing: Corruption in construction in developing countries

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Briefing: Earthquake-resistant school buildings in India

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Briefing: Flood risk sites should be no barrier to development

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Briefing: Guide Dogs announces results of shared surfaces research

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Briefing: Large-scale urban design projects in Dubai

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Briefing: Manual for Streets

Comer, A, 2008:
Briefing: Masterplanning

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Briefing: Minimising street works disruptiona multi-project research programme

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Briefing: Municipal engineers and millennium development goals

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Briefing: Promenade of light

Rose-Ackerman, S, 2008:
Briefing: Risks of corruption in government infrastructure projects

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Briefing: Working platforms for tracked plant

&na;,, 2008:
Briefly Noted Handbook of PTSD. Science and Practice

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Bright electrophosphorescent devices based on sterically hindered spacer-containing Cu(I) complex

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Brightness Measurements and Calibration With Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanners

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Brightness Temperature Map Reconstruction from Dual-Polarimetric Visibilities in Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radiometry

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Brightness Temperature Reconstruction Using BGI

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Brightness regulators for airfield lighting equipment with improved energetic characteristics

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Brilliantblau assistierte Makulachirurgie

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Brine-Driven Eddies under Sea Ice Leads and Their Impact on the Arctic Ocean Mixed Layer

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Brine-Mediated Efficient Benzoylation of Primary Amines and Amino Acids

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Bring Race to the Center: The Importance of Race in Racially Diverse Religious Organizations

Rosella Simonari, 2008:
Bringing "Carmen" Back to Spain: Antonio Gades's Flamenco Dance in Carlos Saura's Choreofilm

Jason Bond; Adam Chrzanowski; Don Kim, 2008:
Bringing GPS into harsh environments for fully automated deformation monitoring

Jay, W. Friedman, 2008:
Bringing Oral Health Care to School-aged Children

Kathleen, M. O’Neil, 2008:
Bringing art to market: The diversity of pricing styles in a local art market

Cori Vanchieri, 2008:
Bringing cancer care to people, where they live

Kim, B, 2008:
Bringing class back in: the changing basis of inequality and the Korean minority in Japan

Amy Mindell, 2008:
Bringing deep democracy to life: an awareness paradigm for deepening political dialogue, personal relationships, and community interactions

Johnson, R, 2008:
Bringing it all back home: mental health and housing

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Evolution of brachytherapy treatment planning to deterministic radiation transport for calculation of cardiac dose

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Bringing the Contex Back in: Settings and the Search for Syndicate Partners in Venture Capital Investment Networks

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Bringing the issue of animal welfare to the public: A biography of Ruth Harrison (19202000)

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Bringing up TV: Popular culture and the developmental modern in India

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Britain's battle against food waste

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British Food: An Extraordinary Thousand Years of History

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British National Identity and the Dilemmas of Multiculturalism

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British Ornithologists Union Records Committee: 36th Report (November 2007)

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British Society for Matrix Biology and European Tissue Society Meeting, Oxford, 31 March-2 April 1999

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British Veterinary Association Annual General Meeting

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Broad Analysis of Carbohydrate-Specific Antibodies Contained in Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIg) Preparations

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Broad Stopband Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Metamaterial Substrates of Fractal Cantor Distribution

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Broad beam transmission data for the shielding of brachytherapy facilities

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Broad range pH sensor based on solgel entrapped indicators on fibre optic

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Broad-Range Optical pH Sensor Based on Binary Mixed-Indicator Doped Sol-Gel Film and Application of Artificial Neural Network

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Broad-scale patterns in geographical and habitat distribution of migrant and resident passerines in Britain and Ireland

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Broadband Circularly Polarized Square-Slot Antenna

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Broadband Dual Linear Polarized Antenna for Statistical Detection of Breast Cancer

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Broadband Leaky-Wave Antenna Fed With Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line

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Broadband Polarization Diversity Base Station Antenna for 3G Communication System

Roland Ewert, 2008:
Broadband slat noise prediction based on CAA and stochastic sound sources from a fast random particle-mesh (RPM) method

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Broadband viscoelastic spectroscopy measurement of mechanical loss and modulus of polycrystalline BaTiO3 vs. temperature and frequency

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Broadening the Definition of Unlawful Retaliation Under Title VII

José L. Tella and Martina Carrete, 2008:
Broadening the Role of Parasites in Biological Invasions

Daniel Jerrett; John, T. Cuddington, 2008:
Broadening the statistical search for metal price super cycles to steel and related metals

Rachel Tallon, 2008:
Broadening the teaching of development in the classroom

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Broer en zus: een wereld van verschil

Lars Binderup, 2008:
Brogaard's Moral Contextualism

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Brominated flame retardants and heavy metals in automobile shredder residue (ASR) and their behavior in the melting process

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Bromodimethylsulfonium Bromide-Silver Triflate: A New Powerful Promoter System for the Activation of Thioglycosides

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Bromophenol derivatives from algae, novel inhibitors of PTP1B as potential agents for treatment of T2DM

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Bronchial Atresia With Mucoceles and Concurrent Sinus Mucoceles

Andrew, W., 2008:
Bronchial Boogie

McCrory, P., 2008:
Bronchial Hyperresponsiveness in Skiers: Field Test versus Methacholine Provocation?

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Bronchial Stenosis Due to Potassium Pill Aspiration

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Bronchiale Obstruktion bei behinderter Nasenatmung und Hyposmie

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Bronchiolite : se mfier dune coqueluche associe ?

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Bronchiolitis and Serious Bacterial Infections

P. Goetz, 2008:
Bronchite aigu

Moodley, A; Danziger-Isakov, L A., 2008:
Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fungal Antigen Detection in Critically Ill Children

J. Schreiber, 2008:
Bronchopulmonale Manifestationen von malignen hämatologischen Erkrankungen

Yao Guozhong, 2008:
Bronchopulmonary infection with lophomonas blattarum: two cases report and literature review

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Bronchoscopic Myths and Legends

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Bronchoscopy and Cardiac Risk Stratification: The Increase in Cardiac Double Product

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Brooding Perfectionism: Refining the Roles of Rumination and Perfectionism in the Etiology of Depression

Cutler, C., 2008 :
Brooklyn style: Hip-hop markers and racial affiliation among European immigrants in New York City

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Brote comunitario de neumona por Legionella pneumophila: importancia del control de las torres de refrigeracin en los centros sanitarios

Germán Ramírez-Olivencia; Maria Dolores Herrero; Mercedes Subirats; Pablo Rivas González; Sabino Puente, 2008:
Brote de Cyclospora cayetanensis en viajeros a Cuba

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Brote por Parvovirus B19 en Barcelona

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Brotherhood of the Rope

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Brown ceramic pigments based on chromium(III)-doped titanite obtained by spray pyrolysis

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Brown treesnake (Boiga irregularis) trappability: Attributes of the snake, environment and trap

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Brownian Motion and OrnsteinUhlenbeck Processes in Planar Shape Space

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Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration

A. van den Noort; W.J. Briels, 2008:
Brownian dynamics simulations of concentration coupled shear banding

Mosley, J, 2008:
Browsing the Literature

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Brucella spondylitis complicated by an infected abdominal aortic aneurysm and deep venous thrombosis: case report and review of the literature

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Brucellar and Tuberculous Spondylitis in 87 Adult Patients

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Brunner’s Gland Hyperplasia: A Rare Cause for Gastric Outlet Obstruction

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Evolution of Business Models in Regenerative Medicine: Effects of a Disruptive Innovation on the Innovation Ecosystem

Barbara, L. Brush, 2008:
Brush Replies

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Brustaugmentation und Schamlippenreduktion – für die moderne Frau ein Muss?

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Brustkrebs-Früherkennung in Deutschland

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Brustkrebsfrüherkennung: Ist ein organisiertes bevölkerungsbezogenes Screeningprogramm dem opportunistischen Screening überlegen?

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Bryan Jennett, MD (1926-2008)

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Bryophyte Flora of Uganda. 8. Orthotrichaceae Part 1 Macromitrioideae

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Bryophyte distribution and environment across an oceanic temperate landscape

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Bryophytes from the Environs of Yanachaga-Chemilln National Park, Department of Pasco, Peru

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Brlures oculaires

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Brve : Pourra-t-on un jour traiter lemphysme par des cellules souches ?

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Brve : Traitement prventif de la maladie thrombo-embolique veineuse (MTEV) chez les patients hospitaliss en mdecine : pratiques en Angleterre

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Brve : Bnfice des traitements anti-asthmatiques chez les asthmatiques fumeurs

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Brve : Legionella pneumophila : facteurs associs la mortalit

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Brve : Mutation du rcepteur BMPR2 dans lHTAP

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Brve : Sevrage tabagique chez le patient porteur dune BPCO

Mieszczak, M; Zagórski, Włodzimierz, 2008:
Brve : Traitement au long cours de la BPCO : tiotropium ou salmtrol-fluticasone ?

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Brve : Utilisation du bosentan dans le traitement de lHTAP au stade II de la classification de la NYHA

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Brnsted Acid-Catalyzed Three-Component HosomiSakurai Reactions

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Brnsted acidic ionic liquids as dual catalyst and solvent for environmentally friendly synthesis of chalcone

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Brnsted acidic ionic liquids derived from alkylamines as catalysts and mediums for Fischer esterification: Study of structureactivity relationship

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Bubble Coalescence in GasLiquid Flow at Microgravity Conditions

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Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Enhances Lung Volume and Gas Exchange in Preterm Lambs

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Bubble Dynamics in Nucleate Pool Boiling on Thin Wires in Microgravity

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Bubble Size Distribution in Oil-Based Bubble Columns

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Bubble dynamics investigation in a slurry bubble column

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Bubble velocity, size, and interfacial area measurements in a bubble column by four-point optical probe

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Bubble-Enriched Least-Squares Finite Element Method for Transient Advective Transport

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Bubble-Point Vapor Pressure Measurement for System JP-10 and Tributylamine by an Inclined Ebulliometer

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Bubbling process in stirred tank reactors I: Agitator effect on bubble size, formation and rising

Mariano Martín; Francisco, J. Montes; Miguel, A. Galán, 2008:
Bubbling process in stirred tank reactors II: Agitator effect on the mass transfer rates

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Buber and Dialogical Therapy: Healing Through Meeting

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Buccoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems - Extensive Review on Recent Patents

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Buchbesprechung: Erich J. Plate, Erwin Zehe: Hydrologie und Stoffdynamik kleiner Einzugsgebiete. Prozesse und Modelle

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Buchbesprechung: Karl Stahr, Ellen Kandeler, Ludger Herrmann, Thilo Streck: Bodenkunde und Standortlehre. Grundwissen Bachelor

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Buckling analysis and test of composite shells under hydrostatic pressure

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Buckling of a stiff film bound to a compliant substratePart I:: Formulation, linear stability of cylindrical patterns, secondary bifurcations

Basile Audoly; Arezki Boudaoud, 2008:
Buckling of a stiff film bound to a compliant substratePart II:: A global scenario for the formation of herringbone pattern

Basile Audoly; Arezki Boudaoud, 2008:
Buckling of a stiff film bound to a compliant substratePart III:: Herringbone solutions at large buckling parameter

Kim, D. Sørensen; Henrik, M. Jensen, 2008:
Buckling-driven delamination in layered spherical shells

Roskos, M, 2008:
Budd-Chiari Syndrom und Portalvenenthrombose Bedeutung der JAK2-Mutation als neuer Risikomarker / Budd-Chiari syndrome and portal venous thrombosis relevance of the JAK2 mutation as a new risk marker

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Buddhism and the Medical Treatment of Women in the Ming Dynasty: A Research Note

José Ignacio Cabezón, 2008:
Buddhist Narratives of the Great Debates

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Budesonide/Formoterol Combination Reduces Production of IL-5 and RANTES from Mononuclear Cells but Not Adhesion of Activated Eosinophils

Kuna, P; Kuprys-Lipinska, I, 2008:
Budesonide/formoterol for maintenance and reliever therapy: new quality in asthma management

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Budget und Organisationsaspekte einer geburtshilflichen Abteilung

Qu, T; Du, Y; McCreary, J P.; Meyers, G; Yamagata, T, 2008:
Buffering Effect and Its Related Ocean Dynamics in the Indonesian Throughflow Region*

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Begins(January 2008)

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Continues... A Foundation for Our Success

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Continues... What SPE Is Doing To Improve Peer Review

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Continues "I Can"

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Continues Carrying the Banner for Energy Education

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: My Journey Continues SPE Board Meeting Update

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: Reflections

Cobb, B, 2008:
Building Bridges: Work to Advance Use of Reserves Guidelines Continues

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Building Castles in the Sky

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Building a Deep Bench

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Building code issues code issues related to laboratory design and security

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Building energy efficiency labeling programme in Singapore

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Building highly realistic facial modeling and animation: a survey

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Building on strength

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Building the AENJ: Ways forward for the future

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Building the Cartesian Enlightenment

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Building the Case for Brief Psychointerventions in the Treatment of Specific Phobias in Children and Adolescents

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Building the Reflective Healthcare Organisation

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Building the Supervisory Alliance with Beginning Therapists

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Building to last: the importance of designing lifelong communities

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Building-Block Approach for the Straightforward Incorporation of a New FRET (Fluorescence-Resonance-Energy Transfer) System into Synthetic DNA

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Buildingbased damage detection due to earthquake using the watershed segmentation of the postevent aerial images

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Bumble Bee Preference or Flowers Arranged on a Horizontal Plane versus Inclined Planes

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Buoyancy Regulation in Two Species of Freshwater Turtle

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Buoyancy as an architectural image of the transition between the age of printing and the culture of cyberspace

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Buoyancy-Forced Downwelling in Boundary Currents

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Buoyancy-driven motion of bubbles in square channels

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Buoyant CouetteBingham flow between vertical parallel plates

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Buprenorphine and Methadone Treatment during the Perinatal Period

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Bupropion in the treatment of adjustment disorder

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Burch Colposuspension versus Fascial Sling to Reduce Urinary Stress Incontinence

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Burden of Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

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Burden of bioinformatics in medical research: Statistical perspectives and controversies

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Bureaucratic Diplomacy: Technocratic Cooperation in Transatlantic Trade Relations

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Bureaucratic corruption and profit tax evasion

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Bureaucratic process as morris dance

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Buried object location based on frequency-domain UWB measurements

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Burner Development and Operability Issues Associated with Steady Flowing Syngas Fired Combustors

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Burning Issues in the Stomach

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Burnout, Job Satisfaction and Instructional Assignmentrelated Sources of Stress in Greek Special Education Teachers

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Bus rapid transit systems: a comparative assessment

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Bush v. Gore and the Effect of New Source Review on Power Plant Emissions

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