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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 63677

Chapter 63677 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Stéphane Milano; E. Chalencon; P. Lege, 2008:
Gastrointestinal telemetry: A tool for studying the migrating motor complexes in the dog

L. L. Southwood, 2008:
Gastrointestinal tract diverticula: What, when and why?

D. Rost; J.F. Riemann, 2008:
Gastrointestinale Nebenwirkungen einer onkologischen Therapie

F. Mayer; L. Kanz; G. Zürcher, 2008:
Gastrointestinale Nebenwirkungen und Ernährung bei Tumortherapie

M. Neid; A. Tannapfel; C. Wittekind, 2008:
Gastrointestinale Tumoren

Cavett, C. M., 2008:
Gastroschisis: Multicenter Trial of a SILASTIC Silo

Akiharu Ishiyama; Masahiko Koike; Yuichi Ito; Yasuhiro Kodera; Michitaka Fujiwara; Goro Nakayama; Akimasa Nakao, 2008:
Gastroventricular fistula: severe complication of posterior mediastinal gastric tube reconstruction after esophagectomy

Liu Yi-ping; Zhang Hua; Wang Shu-hua; Wang Jing, 2008:
GasLiquid Interfacial Friction Factor for the Transition from Stratified to Slug Flow

G. Montante; D. Horn; A. Paglianti, 2008 :
Gasliquid flow and bubble size distribution in stirred tanks

F. Cabaret; L. Fradette; P.A. Tanguy, 2008:
Gasliquid mass transfer in unbaffled dual-impeller mixers

J. Kocijan; B. Likar, 2008:
Gasliquid separator modelling and simulation with Gaussian-process models

Ning Peng; Qing Zhang; Yi Chau Lee; Ooi Kiang Tan; Nicola Marzari, 2008:
Gate modulation in carbon nanotube field effect transistors-based NH3 gas sensors

V. N. Ivakin; A. A. Magnitskii, 2008:
Gate-controlled series compensator on gate-controlled power semiconductor devices

Woods, J J.; Lindeman, D P., 2008:
Gathering and Giving Information With Families

Rogers, C, 2008:
Gathering community intelligence: initial findings from south Wales

Mcphail, C., 2008:
Gatherings as Patchworks

Qin, L; Ying, Z; Qing, W, 2008:
Gauge Covariance and Momentum Space Asymptotically Non-logarithmic Total Derivatives

Yong, Z, 2008:
Gauge Dependence of On-Shell and Pole Mass Renormalization Prescriptions

Agop, M; Popa, C; Harabagiu, A, 2008:
Gauge Gravitational Field in a Fractal Space-Time

Shang-Wu, Q; Jing-Shan, W, 2008:
Gauge Invariance of a Time-Dependent Harmonic Oscillator in Magnetic Dipole Approximation

Hong-Yi, F; Zhi-Hua, X, 2008:
Gaussian Integral Formula for Quaternions Based on Class Operator's Formula of Rotation Group

N. N. Leonenko; M. D. Ruiz-Medina, 2008:
Gaussian Scenario for the Heat Equation with Quadratic Potential and Weakly Dependent Data with Applications

A. Zvavitch, 2008:
Gaussian measure of sections of dilates and translations of convex bodies

Yumin Yang; Chonghui Guo, 2008:
Gaussian moments for noisy unifying model

Colin Fyfe; Gayle Leen; Pei Ling Lai, 2008:
Gaussian processes for canonical correlation analysis

T. Tarvainen; M. Vauhkonen; S.R. Arridge, 2008:
GaussNewton reconstruction method for optical tomography using the finite element solution of the radiative transfer equation

WP Howey, 2008:
Gavin Gidley-Baird 1945 2008

Mepham, N, 2008:
Gay affirmative therapy for the straight clinician the essential guide

Cant, B, 2008:
Gay men's narratives and the pursuit of well-being in healthcare settings: A London study

McCarthy, A.; Lee, K.; Itakura, S.; Muir, D. W., 2008:
Gaze Display When Thinking Depends on Culture and Context

Birmingham, E; Bischof, W F.; Kingstone, A, 2008:
Gaze selection in complex social scenes

Antonino Alessi; Simonpietro Agnello; Franco Mario Gelardi; Roberto Boscaino, 2008:
Ge-doping dependence of gamma-ray induced germanium lone pair centers in Ge-doped silica

B. Karpuschewski; H.-J. Knoche; M. Hipke, 2008:
Gear finishing by abrasive processes

Dahl, D.; Sosnowski, D.; Schlegel, D.; Kerkman, R.J.; Pennings, M., 2008:
Gear up your bearings

Yung Kyun Choi; Jang-Sun Hwang; Sally, J. McMillan, 2008:
Gearing up for mobile advertising: A cross-cultural examination of key factors that drive mobile messages home to consumers

P. L. B. Bruijnzeel, 2008:
Gebruik van een combinatie-inhaler (budesonide en formoterol) als noodmedicatie verbetert de controle van astma

P. J. M. M. Toll, 2008:
Gebruik van frisdrank verhoogt het cardiometabole risico

E. van der Does sr., 2008:
Gebruik van topische anesthetica en orale analgetica bij immunisaties: de praktijk van alle dag

C. G. M. M. Slangen; H. M. J. Janzing, 2008:
Gebruik van ultrasone botstimulatie voor behandeling van fracturen in Nederland

Huibert Tange; Albine Moser; Irene Korstjens; Trudy van der Weijden, 2008:
Gebruikersparticipatie bij het ontwerp van een CQI-keuzewebsite

Martin Riemer, 2008:
Geburtsschadensrecht ist „good money“ für Rechtsanwälte

T. Schneck; F. Köck; A. B. Heinrich, 2008:
Geckos vernetzt ein Besuch bei Freunden

P. L. B. Bruijnzeel, 2008:
Gecombineerde immuunsuppressieve of conventionele behandeling van patinten waarbij de ziekte van Crohn (CD) is gediagnostiseerd; een open gerandomiseerd onderzoek

H. R. de Vries, 2008:
Gecombineerde renine-angiotensinesysteem-remmers geven veel bijwerkingen

R. M. Tuinema; V. P. W. Scholtes, 2008:
Gecompliceerde luxatiefractuur van de enkel

Gottfried Fischer, 2008:
Gedanken und Bericht zur Tagung

Aart Pool, 2008:
Gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid en professionele aansprakelijkheid

Ton Ceelen, 2008:
Gedetineerde meisjes hebben intensieve behandeling nodig

Fons Mathot, 2008:
Geduld oefenen aan Het Sterfbed

W. J. Admiraal, 2008 :
Gedwongen winkelnering?

Han Diesfeldt, 2008:
Geen dorst? Wel drinken

Nienke van der Bij; Arie Knuistingh Neven, 2008:
Geen screening naar asymptomatische bacteriurie bij vrouwen met diabetes

E.S. Debus; H.-H. Eckstein, 2008:
Gefässchirurgie gelistet!

G. Rademacher; S. Mutze, 2008:
Gefäßdissektion der hirnversorgenden Arterien

A. Peters; C. Hubold; H. Lehnert, 2008:
Gehirn und metabolisches Syndrom

Rando Tuvikene; Kalle Truus; Andres Kollist; Olga Volobujeva; Enn Mellikov; Tõnis Pehk, 2008:
Gel-forming structures and stages of red algal galactans of different sulfation levels

Al-Muntasheri, G A.; Nasr-El-Din, H A.; Zitha, P L.J., 2008:
Gelation Kinetics and Performance Evaluation of an Organically Crosslinked Gel at High Temperature and Pressure

Yan Li; Zhimeng Guo; Junjie Hao; Shubin Ren, 2008:
Gelcasting of metal powders in nontoxic cellulose ethers system

A. S. Spirin, 2008:
Gelfands Seminar: Beginning and end

Thigpen, J.T., 2008:
Gemcitabine Plus Carboplatin Compared With Carboplatin in Patients With Platinum-Sensitive Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: An Intergroup Trial of the AGO-OVAR, the NCIC CTG, and the EORTC GCG

Li Che; Li-jun Di; Guo-hong Song; Jun Jia; Jing Yu; Xiao-li Wang; Yu-lin Zhu; Han-fang Jiang; Xu Liang, 2008:
Gemcitabine based combination regimens for treatment of refractory advanced breast cancer

Hlava, P, 2008:
Gemstone Synthesis

Silvina Montrul; Rebecca Foote; Silvia Perpiñán, 2008:
Gender Agreement in Adult Second Language Learners and Spanish Heritage Speakers: The Effects of Age and Context of Acquisition

Sitawa, R. Kimuna; Yanyi, K. Djamba, 2008:
Gender Based Violence: Correlates of Physical and Sexual Wife Abuse in Kenya

Williams, M J.; Mendelsohn, G A., 2008:
Gender Clues and Cues: Online Interactions as Windows into Lay Theories about Men and Women

Zoeller, R. F., 2008:
Gender Differences in Cardiorespiratory Fitness With Advancing Age: Is the Age-Associated Decline in VO2max More Rapid in Men and Do Older Men and Women Respond Differently to Exercise?

Muriel Niederle; Lise Vesterlund, 2008:
Gender Differences in Competition

Bei Wu; Iris Chi; Lee Ann Mjelde-Mossey; Nina, M. Silverstein, 2008:
Gender Differences in Contributory Behaviors Among the Oldest-Old Chinese in Shanghai

Green, D L.; Diaz, N, 2008:
Gender Differences in Coping with Victimization

McRae, K.; Ochsner, K. N.; Mauss, I. B.; Gabrieli, J. J. D.; Gross, J. J., 2008 :
Gender Differences in Emotion Regulation: An fMRI Study of Cognitive Reappraisal

Staton-Tindall, M; Duvall, J L.; Oser, C B.; Leukefeld, C G.; Matthew Webster, J., 2008:
Gender Differences in Employment Among Drug Court Participants: The Influence of Peer Relations and Friendship Network

Gover, A. R.; Perez, D. M.; Jennings, W. G., 2008:
Gender Differences in Factors Contributing to Institutional Misconduct

Jariah Masud; Sharifah Azizah Haron; Lucy Wamuyu Gikonyo, 2008:
Gender Differences in Income Sources of the Elderly in Peninsular Malaysia

Newman, M L.; Groom, C J.; Handelman, L D.; Pennebaker, J W., 2008:
Gender Differences in Language Use: An Analysis of 14,000 Text Samples

Cohen, E.J., 2008:
Gender Differences in Ophthalmologists' Annual Incomes

Gadalla, T M., 2008:
Gender Differences in Poverty Rates After Marital Dissolution: A Longitudinal Study

David, J. Maume, 2008:
Gender Differences in Providing Urgent Childcare among Dual-Earner Parents

Gita Taasoobshirazi; Martha Carr, 2008:
Gender Differences in Science: An Expertise Perspective

Lodewijks, H P. B.; de Ruiter, C; Doreleijers, T A. H., 2008:
Gender Differences in Violent Outcome and Risk Assessment in Adolescent Offenders After Residential Treatment

Hussey, D L., 2008:
Gender Differences in Young Residential Treatment Children

Elliott, M, 2008:
Gender Differences in the Causes of Work and Family Strain Among Academic Faculty

Xiangming Fang; Phaedra, S. Corso, 2008:
Gender Differences in the Connections Between Violence Experienced as a Child and Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adulthood

Aparna Sundaram; Reeve Vanneman, 2008:
Gender Differentials in Literacy in India: The Intriguing Relationship with Womens Labor Force Participation

Meiyan Wang; Fang Cai, 2008:
Gender Earnings Differential in Urban China

Grami, A, 2008:
Gender Equality in Tunisia

Shulman, L.P., 2008:
Gender Gaps in Income and Productivity of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Fan Liu, X-Li Yue, J-Ming Chen and Qing-Feng Wang, 2008:
Gender Modification in a Monoecious Species Sagittaria potamogetifolia (Alismataceae)

Umrani, F.; Ghadially, R., 2008:
Gender and Decision-Making in Technology Adoption among Youth: A Study of Computer Learners in India

Michael, E. Addis, 2008:
Gender and Depression in Men

Scott, M. Safford, 2008:
Gender and Depression in Men: Extending Beyond Depression and Extending Beyond Gender

Kobayashi, E; Sharp, S F.; Grasmick, H G., 2008:
Gender and Deviance: A Comparison of College Students in Japan and the United States

Karen Eriksen; Victoria, E. Kress, 2008:
Gender and Diagnosis: Struggles and Suggestions for Counselors

Smail Salhi, Z, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa

Emad Bazzi, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || 'Believing Women' in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Quranby Asma Barlas

Rodney Wilson, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Afghan Womenby Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Richard Long, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Beginnings and End of Empire

Amr, G. E. Sabet, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Contentious Historiography: Fallacies of a Colonial Legacy

Lina Khatib, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Gender, Citizenship and Political Agency in Lebanon

Nadje Al-Ali, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Iraqi Women and Gender Relations: Redefining Difference

Amr, G. E. Sabet, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Iraqi Womenby Nadje Sadig al-Ali

Amalia Sa'ar and Taghreed Yahia-Younis, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Masculinity in Crisis: The Case of Palestinians in Israel

Ivan Ureta, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Migration and Gender in Morocco. The Impact of Migration on the Women Left Behindby Moha Ennaji; Fatima Sadiqi

Ayşe Gunes Ayata and Fatma Tütüncü, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Party Politics of the AKP (2002-2007) and the Predicaments of Women at the Intersection of the Westernist, Islamist and Feminist Discourses in Turkey

Moha Ennaji, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Steps to the Integration of Moroccan Women in Development

Fatima Sadiqi, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || The Central Role of the Family Law in the Moroccan Feminist Movement

Anila Daulatzai, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || The Discursive Occupation of Afghanistan

Pedram Khosronejad, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || The Women of Karbala: Ritual Performance and Symbolic Discourses in Modern Shi'I Islamby Kamran Scot Aghaie

Natalie Britton, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Understanding Iran

Naomi Sakr, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Women and Media in Saudi Arabia: Rhetoric, Reductionism and Realities

Natalie Britton, 2008:
Gender and Diversity in the Middle East and North Africa || Women with Moustaches and Men without Beards: Gender and Sexual Anxieties of Iranian Modernityby Afsaneh Najmabadi

Miller, A J.; Worthington, E L.; McDaniel, M A., 2008:
Gender and Forgiveness: A MetaAnalytic Review and Research Agenda

Catherine Eckel; Angela, C. M. De Oliveira; Philip, J. Grossman, 2008:
Gender and Negotiation in the Small: Are Women (Perceived to Be) More Cooperative than Men?

Mechthild Bereswill, 2008:
Gender and Subjectivity in the Interview Situation: A Critical Discussion

Vandenbroeck, M; Peeters, J, 2008:
Gender and professionalism: a critical analysis of overt and covert curricula

Del-Teso-Craviotto, M., 2008:
Gender and sexual identity authentication in language use: the case of chat rooms

Dillon, F R.; Worthington, R L.; Soth-McNett, A M.; Schwartz, S J., 2008:
Gender and sexual identity-based predictors of lesbian, gay, and bisexual affirmative counseling self-efficacy

Hamilton, C, 2008:
Gender and sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

Robson, P J A; Jack, S L; Freel, M S, 2008:
Gender and the use of business advice: evidence from firms in the Scottish service sector

Murphy, A; Monsen, J J., 2008:
Gender balance amongst educational psychologists: an attempt to explain the male minority

Brown, B; Mackett, R; Gong, Y; Kitazawa, K; Paskins, J, 2008:
Gender differences in children's pathways to independent mobility

Martina, R.M. Meelissen; Marjolein Drent, 2008:
Gender differences in computer attitudes: Does the school matter?

Karim, F.; Islam, M. A.; Chowdhury, A M R; Johansson, E.; Diwan, V. K, 2008:
Gender differences in delays in diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis

Deaton, C, 2008:
Gender differences in diabetic patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery

Tranmer, J; Arthur, H; Parry, M; Hamilton, A; Adams, G; Groll, D; Ocallaghan, C; Day, A, 2008:
Gender differences in physical function in older persons following treatment for coronary artery disease (CAD)

Geir Arild Espnes; Don Byrne, 2008:
Gender differences in psychological risk factors for development of heart disease

Frances, R J., 2008:
Gender differences in reoffending after discharge from medium-secure units: National cohort study in England and Wales

Christiane Stock; Rafael, T. Mikolajczyk; Nazmi Bilir; Janina Petkeviciene; Vihra Naydenova; Urszula Dudziak; Blanca Marin-Fernandez; Walid El Ansari, 2008:
Gender differences in students health complaints: a survey in seven countries

Swift, A U. A. A.; Bailis, D S.; Chipperfield, J G.; Ruthig, J C.; Newall, N E., 2008:
Gender differences in the adaptive influence of folk beliefs: A longitudinal study of life satisfaction in aging

Belle Liang; Allison Tracy; Maureen Kenny; Deirdre Brogan, 2008:
Gender differences in the relational health of youth participating in a social competency program

Rueger, S Yu; Malecki, C Kerres; Demaray, M Kilpatrick, 2008:
Gender differences in the relationship between perceived social support and student adjustment during early adolescence

Kedia, S; Relyea, G, 2008:
Gender effects on clientspousal collateral agreement levels in substance abuse posttreatment reports

A. L. M. Lagro-Janssen, 2008:
Gender en de invloed op het dagelijks handelen van de huisarts

P. W. Dielissen, 2008:
Gender en seksueel overdraagbare aandoeningen

Grebenjuk, E.A., 2008:
Gender identity disorders at women with organic mental disorders

Hannah Riley Bowles; Kathleen, L. McGinn, 2008:
Gender in Job Negotiations: A Two-Level Game

Kristin Powers; Jennifer Hogansen; Sarah Geenen; Laurie, E. Powers; Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, 2008:
Gender matters in transition to adulthood: A survey study of adolescents with disabilities and their families

Limbrick, L; Wheldall, K; Madelaine, A, 2008:
Gender ratios for reading disability: Are there really more boys than girls who are low-progress readers?

Schirillo, J A., 2008:
Gender's effect on the hemispheric laterality of Rembrandt's portraits

Zee, P, 2008:
Gender, Age, and the Risk of Insomnia

Crosnoe, R.; Frank, K.; Mueller, A. S., 2008:
Gender, Body Size and Social Relations in American High Schools

Cullen, F T.; Unnever, J D.; Hartman, J L.; Turner, M G.; Agnew, R, 2008:
Gender, Bullying Victimization, and Juvenile Delinquency: A Test of General Strain Theory

Niiya, Y; Ballantyne, R; North, M S.; Crocker, J, 2008:
Gender, Contingencies of Self-Worth, and Achievement Goals as Predictors of Academic Cheating in a Controlled Laboratory Setting

Thavy Chhoeun, P Sok and Clodagh Byrne, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || 'Citadel of Women': Strengthening Female Leadership in Rural Cambodia

Marie-Olivia Badarne, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || 'Flower by Flower, We Make a Garden': Palestinian Women Organising for Economic Justice

Cecilia de Mello e Souza, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Grassroots Leadership in the Network of Healthy Communities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: A Gender Perspective

Dahlia Goldenberg, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Grassroots Women's Leadership and 'Deepening Democracy': The Huairou Commission's Local to Local Dialogue Replication

Kaveri Haritas, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Poverty and Marginalisation: Challenges to Poor Women's Leadership in Urban India

Rachael Hinton, M Kopi, A Apa, A Sil, M Kini, J Kai, Y Guman and Daniell Cowley, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || The Kup Women for Peace Approach to Peacebuilding: Taking the Lead in the Papua New Guinea National Elections

Liz Cooke, I Solomon, E Feeny and Marsha, J. Darling, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Views, Events, and Debates

Brenda Bushell, 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal: What Prevents Them from Leading the Sector?

Christopher, G. Ellison; Jennifer, B. Barrett; Benjamin, E. Moulton, 2008:
Gender, Marital Status, and Alcohol Behavior: The Neglected Role of Religion

Vermeersch, H; T'Sjoen, G; Kaufman, J. M.; Vincke, J., 2008:
Gender, Parental Control, and Adolescent Risk-Taking

Shefer, T.; Crawford, M.; Strebel, A.; Simbayi, L. C.; Dwadwa-Henda, N.; Cloete, A.; Kaufman, M. R.; Kalichman, S. C., 2008:
Gender, Power and Resistance to Change among Two Communities in the Western Cape, South Africa

John, P. Hoffmann and John, P. Bartkowski, 2008:
Gender, Religious Tradition and Biblical Literalism

Felicia Hughes-Freeland, 2008:
Gender, Representation, Experience: The Case of Village Performers in Java

Shirom, A.; Shechter Gilboa, S.; Fried, Y.; Cooper, C. L., 2008:
Gender, age and tenure as moderators of work-related stressors' relationships with job performance: A meta-analysis

Dupuis, M-Josée; Haines III, V Y.; Saba, T, 2008:
Gender, family ties, and international mobility: Cultural distance matters

Kelan, E., 2008:
Gender, risk and employment insecurity: The masculine breadwinner subtext

Boyer, K; England, K, 2008:
Gender, work and technology in the information workplace: from typewriters to ATMs

Zhang, Y.; Hannum, E.; Wang, M., 2008:
Gender-Based Employment and Income Differences in Urban China: Considering the Contributions of Marriage and Parenthood

Greta, M. Wengert and David, W. Kitchen, 2008:
Gender-Related Differences in Nursing Behavior by Roosevelt Elk

Waldo, A.L., 2008:
Gender-Related Differences in Presentation, Treatment, and Outcome of Patients With Atrial Fibrillation in Europe: A Report From the Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation

Michailidis, M P., 2008:
Gender-Related Work Stressors in Tertiary Education

Carrie Brown, 2008:
Gender-Role Implications on Same-Sex Intimate Partner Abuse

Bev John; Tina Alwyn; Ray, J. Hodgson; Ceri, J. Phillips, 2008:
Gender-Role Orientation and Alcohol Treatment Outcome

Jaideep Sengupta; Darren, W. Dahl, 2008:
Gender-related reactions to gratuitous sex appeals in advertising

Leahey, E.; Crockett, J. L.; Hunter, L. A., 2008:
Gendered Academic Careers: Specializing for Success?

Ivanović, A.; Arntzen, J.W., 2017:
Evolution of skull shape in the family Salamandridae (Amphibia: Caudata)

Tang, C So-kum, 2008:
Gendered Economic, Social, and Cultural Challenges to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Intervention for Chinese Women

Ruth Melkonian-Hoover, 2008:
Gendered Pathways to the Political: The Political Participation of Women Factory Workers in Mexico

Qi QIAO; Hai-Chao LI; Guo-hui YUAN; Xian-ru GUO; Mei-hao LUO, 2008:
Gene Cloning and Expression Analysis of G Protein aq Subunit from Helicoverpa assulta (Guene)

Mozingo, D.W., 2008:
Gene Expression Profiles Differentiate Between Sterile SIRS and Early Sepsis

Tam, N N.C.; Szeto, C Ying-Ying; Sartor, M A.; Medvedovic, M; Ho, S-Mei, 2008:
Gene Expression Profiling Identifies Lobe-Specific and Common Disruptions of Multiple Gene Networks in Testosterone-Supported, 17β-Estradiol- or Diethylstilbestrol-Induced Prostate Dysplasia in Noble Rats

Cai, G., 2008:
Gene Expression Profiling Shows Medullary Breast Cancer Is a Subgroup of Basal Breast Cancers

Thiers, B.H., 2008:
Gene Expression Signatures for Tumor Progression, Tumor Subtype, and Tumor Thickness in Laser-Microdissected Melanoma Tissues

Larsson, O; Nadon, R, 2008:
Gene Expression Time to Change Point of View?

Feher, G; Illes, Z, 2008:
Gene Patents in the Primary Prevention of Vascular Diseases

Samson, K, 2008:
Gene Study of Familial Frontotemporal Dementia Reveals Variants

Samson, K, 2008:
Gene Therapy for Batten Disease Found Safe and Effective

Tada, Y; Takiguchi, Y; Hiroshima, K; Shimada, H; Ueyama, T; Nakamura, M; Tatsumi, K; Kuriyama, T; Tagawa, M, 2008:
Gene Therapy for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Present and Future

Susan White, 2008:
Gene cloning principles and applications by Julia Lodge, Pete Lund, and Steve Minchin

Liu, P.; Gene Hwang, J.T., 2008:
Gene expression * Quick calculation for sample size while controlling false discovery rate with application to microarray analysis

E. López-Jiménez; C. Montero-Conde; F. Schiavi; V. Pignataro; S. Leskelä; I. Landa; L. Leandro-García; G. Opocher; M. Robledo; A. Cascón, 2008:
Gene expression analysis in pheochromocytoma searching for new pathways involved in the hereditary susceptibility and the malignant outcome

Dorien, A.M. Verhallen; Peter, J. Hendriksen; Jeroen, L. Pennings; Frederik-Jan van Schooten; Aldert, H. Piersma, 2008:
Gene expression changes in differentiating embryonic stem cells induced by monobutyl phthalate

Loyd, J. E., 2008:
Gene expression profiling: can we identify the right target genes?

Shineng Zhang; Jianping Liu; Fengqin Xu; Yiwen Wang; Wa Zhong; Shizhen Yuan, 2008:
Gene silencing of MAT1 mediated by siRNA inhibits cell proliferation and invasion in pancreatic cancer in vitro

Dardik, A., 2008:
Gene transfer of extracellular superoxide dismutase protects against vascular dysfunction with aging

Martina Paulsen; Wolfgang Nellen, 2008:
Gene und Allele. Zwei Begriffe viele Definitionen

Jame Abraham, 2008:
Gene-expression profiling and cancer of an unknown primary origin

Reuben, S. Rose-Redwood, 2008:
Genealogies of the Grid: Revisiting Stanislawski's Search for the Origin of the Grid-Pattern Town

Kita, Y; Yamaguchi, S, 2008:
Genealogy Boom in Contemporary Scotland: Progress in institutions of ancestral research and the genealogical imagination

L. Abraham-Inpijn, 2008:

E. van der Does, 2008:
Geneesmiddelen voor de preventie van cardiovasculaire ziekten bij vrouwen

A. C. Van Grootheest; E. P. Van Puijenbroek, 2008:
Geneesmiddelenbewaking in Nederland

P. A. G. de Klaver, 2008:
Geneesmiddelinteracties met roken

Thomas, H. Cohen, 2008:
General Civil Jury Trial Litigation in State and Federal Courts: A Statistical Portrait

Yan-Hui, W; Xiao-Shu, L; Dong, R; Gui-Lu, L, 2008:
General Decoherence Suppression in Three-Level Atom in V- and -Configurations

Da-Jun, Z; Hua, W; Shu-Fang, D; Jin-Bo, B, 2008:
General Formulae for Two Pseudo-differential Operators

Bloomfield, T. H., 2008:
General Gynecology: The Requisites in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Kumari, G.; Singh, R.A.M.; Saxena, V.K., 2008:
General Morbidity Profile of Rural and Periurban Population in Selected Localities of Patna District: Household Survey

Dr James, E. Rohrer, S P. Merry…, 2008:
General Pain and Frequency of Medical Visits in Family Medicine

Yoshio Teki, 2008:
General Simulation of Transient ESR and cw-ESR Spectra for high-Spin States Using a Density Matrix Formalism

Chun, W; San-Min, K; Rui-Hong, Y, 2008:
General Solutions of Reflection Equations for Bariev Model

Carson, D C.; Sullivan, C J.; Cochran, J K.; Lersch, K M., 2008:
General Strain Theory and the Relationship Between Early Victimization and Drug Use

Jane Stanford, 2008:
General anaesthesia for dentistry

Xiaomin, P; Xinqing, S, 2008:
General and efficient parallel approach of finite element-boundary integral-multilevel fast multipole algorithm

Anthony Ho; Anna Lee; Gavin Joynt; Manoj Karmakar; Paul Myles, 2008:
General anesthesia with or without thoracic epidural block for cardiac surgery A decision analysis

Min Wang; Alida Anderson; Chenxi Cheng; Yoonjung Park; Jennifer Thomson, 2008:
General auditory processing, Chinese tone processing, English phonemic processing and English reading skill: a comparison between Chinese-English and Korean-English bilingual children

Suzanne Bamonto Graney, 2008:
General education teacher judgments of their low-performing students' short-term reading progress

Kikuo Cho, 2008:
General form of Maxwell equations for metamaterials study

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General introduction

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General model of the opiate pharmacophore

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General mood of professional caregivers in child care centers and the quality of caregiverchild interactions

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General practice and public health: Assessing the impact of the new GMS contract

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General practitioner engagement: the key to repeat dispensing?

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General preconditions of formation of psychosomatic symptom complexes in cardiovascular diseases

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General procedure for analysis of the stress-strain state of a soil mass with strengthening or weakening elements

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General safety guidelines for constructing laboratory equipment

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General-Dimensional Constrained Delaunay and Constrained Regular Triangulations,

I.J. Keshtiban; B. Puangkird; H. Tamaddon-Jahromi; M.F. Webster, 2008 :
Generalised approach for transient computation of start-up pressure-driven viscoelastic flow

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Generalist and Community Healthcare

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Generality and specificity in stereotypes of out-group power and benevolence: Views of Chechens and Jews in the Russian federation

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Generalizability of GMAT Validity to Programs outside the U.S

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Generalizability of Scaling Gradients on Direct Behavior Ratings

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Generalization of finite size Boolean perceptrons with genetic algorithms

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Generalization of the linearized discrete model of coupled oscillator arrays to account for coupling delay

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Generalization of weakly clopen and strongly -b-continuous functions

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Generalizations of Khovanski's theorems on the growth of sumsets in Abelian semigroups

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Generalized Chorea Associated With Nonketotic Hyperglycemia

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Generalized Convulsive Status Epilepticus after Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: The Nationwide Inpatient Sample

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Generalized Design of an Anti-swing Fuzzy Logic Controller for an Overhead Crane with Hoist

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Generalized Detective Quantum Efficiency of Digital X-Ray Apparatuses

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Generalized Einstein Relation in an aging colloidal glass

Fethi Smach; Cedric Lemaître; Jean-Paul Gauthier; Johel Miteran; Mohamed Atri, 2008:
Generalized Fourier Descriptors with Applications to Objects Recognition in

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Generalized Gorkov relation for two-band superconductor MgB2

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Generalized Mantel-Haenszel Methods for Differential Item Functioning Detection

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Generalized Moisil-Thodoresco Systems and Cauchy Integral Decompositions

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Generalized Monotonic Functional Mixed Models with Application to Modelling Normal Tissue Complications

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Generalized Newman Phenomena and Digit Conjectures on Primes

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Generalized Pexider equation on a restricted domain

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Generalized Poissonian photon distributions in single-nanoparticle fluorescence

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Generalized Quantum Two-Qutrit-State Splitting

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Generalized Self-Efficacy, Coping, and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Psychological Adjustment Among Children With Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses

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Generalized Smagorinsky model in physical space

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Generalized Spin Bases for Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Information

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Generalized Synchronization Between Different Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems

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Generalized Transition Matrix for Arbitrarily Shaped Scatterers or Scatterer Groups

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Generalized Varying Coefficient Models for Longitudinal Data

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Generalized Virial Theorem for Mixed State When Hamiltonians Include Coordinate-Momentum Couplings

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Generalized Wronskian Solutions to Modified Korteweg-de Vries Equation via Its Bäcklund Transformation

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Generalized analysis of multiple ring resonator filters: Modeling by using graphical approach

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Generalized discrete ordinates methods for neutral particle transport problems in slab geometry

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Generalized electric machine and generalized electro-mechanical converter

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Generalized expected utility, heteroscedastic error, and path dependence in risky choice

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Generalized irreversible heat-engine experiencing a complex heat-transfer law

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Generalized library of experimental multipolar atoms

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Generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) using adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling

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Generalized limits for energy extraction in a linear constant velocity flow field

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Generalized linear model selection using

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Generalized master curve for threshold superficial velocities in particlefluid systems

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Generalized minimal cost flow problem in fuzzy nature: An application in bus network planning problem

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Generalized monotonic functional mixed models with application to modelling normal tissue complications

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Generalized partially linear varying-coefficient models

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Generalized projective synchronization in time-delayed chaotic systems

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Generalized projective synchronization of chaotic nonlinear gyros coupled with dead-zone input

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Generalized scaling on forecasting heating patterns for microwave processing

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Generalized sidelobe canceller based combined acoustic feedback- and noise cancellation

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Generalized splitting functions for blind separation of complex signals

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Generalized synchronization of nuclear spin generator system

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Generalized synchronization via impulsive control

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Generalized timefrequency distributions for multicomponent polynomial phase signals

Thomas, C.T. Chan; H.C. So; K.C. Ho, 2008:
Generalized two-sided linear prediction approach for land mine detection

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Generalizing the Random Walk and the EddingtonWeinberg laws for a hierarchical Universe

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Generating All Vertices of a Polyhedron Is Hard

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Generating Bodies and Gendered Selves: The Rhetoric of Reproduction in Early Modern England

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Generating Even-Photon State via Resonant Interaction Between Ladder-Type Three-Level Atoms with a Single-Mode Field

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Generating Squeezed States in Solid State Circuits

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Generating Trails Automatically, to Aid Navigation When You Revisit an Environment

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Generating Ultra-Broadband Biphotonsvia Chirped QPM Down-conversion

Chafouleas, S. M.; Riley-Tillman, T. C.; Briesch, A. M.; Chanese, J. A.M., 2008:
Generating Usable Knowledge: Initial Development and Validation of the Usage Rating Profile for Interventions (URP-I)

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Generating and Synthesizing Paleoclimate Data to Assess Arctic Climate Change: PAGES Working Group Meeting: Arctic Climate During the Last 2 Millennia; Boulder, Colorado, 8 March 2008

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Generating road vibration test schedules from pavement profiles for packaging optimization

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Generating the power for development through sustained dialogue: An experience from rural South Africa

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Generating vast varieties of realistic leaves with parametric 2Gmap L-systems

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Generation and Properties of Two-Mode Circular States

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Generation and characterization of an immune combinatorial cDNA library of variable genes of mouse immunoglobulins

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Generation and expulsion of petroleum from coal macerals visualized in-situ during DAC pyrolysis

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Generation and measurement of subnanosecond electron beams in gas-filled diodes

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Generation of Atomic Cluster State via Adiabatic Evolution of Dark Eigenstates

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Generation of Attenuation Time Series for Simulation Purposes Starting From ITALSAT Measurements

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Generation of Entangled Displacement Fock State of Trapped Ion Manipulated by a Laser Beam

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Generation of Entanglement for Coherent Excitonic States in Coupled Quantum Dots in a Microcavity

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Generation of Four-Photon Cluster State with Coherent Light via Cross-Kerr Nonlinearity

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Generation of Low-Frequency Alternative Flame Behaviors in a Lean Premixed Combustor

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Generation of Multi-ion Graph States with Trapped Ions in Thermal Motion

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Generation of Nano C6H12O6 from Graphite through Arc Discharge: A Clue for the Origin of Life

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Generation of Nitrogen Oxide and Oxygen Radicals by Quantum Dots

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Generation of Pc5 pulsations during the sign reversal of the IMFBzcomponent

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Generation of a Buoyancy-Driven Coastal Current by an Antarctic Polynya

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Generation of acoustic waves during nonlinear interaction of hydroacoustic and electromagnetic fields in the marine environment

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Generation of coherent low-noise microwave oscillations

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Generation of cutter paths for hard material in wire EDM

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Generation of double pulses in-line by using reflective Dammann gratings

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Generation of excess charge carriers in molecularly doped polymers by electron-beam irradiation

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Generation of fragility curves for Turkish masonry buildings considering in-plane failure modes

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Generation of fuzzy network models taught on basis of data structure for medical expert systems

Galbraith, G.M.P., 2008:
Generation of germline-competent induced pluripotent stem cells

Ulises Crossa Archiopoli; Nélida Mingolo; Norma Mingolo, 2008:
Generation of hardened steel surfaces with adjustable roughness by means of a pulsed electron beam

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Generation of highly uniform droplets using asymmetric microchannels fabricated on a single crystal silicon plate: Effect of emulsifier and oil types

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Generation of hyperchaos from the ChenLee system via sinusoidal perturbation

G.S. Lakhina, 2008:
Generation of kinetic Alfvn waves by velocity shear instability on auroral field lines

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Generation of low-molecular-weight organic compounds in water by titania photocatalyst under UV-Vis light radiation

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Generation of microplasma jet at atmospheric pressure using a modified waveguide-based plasma torch

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Generation of mutant mice with targeted disruption of two members of thed4 gene family:neuro-d4 andcer-d4

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Generation of pseudo-random numbers by chaos-type function and its application to cryptosystems

B. A. Benetskii; M. V. Plotnikova; M. M. Salokhina, 2008:
Generation of secondary bremsstrahlung by electron radiation in a layered heterogeneous protection

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Generation of secondary waves due to intensive large-scale AGW traveling

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Generation of surface features in films deposited by

V. A. Aleksandrov; A. S. Sabirov; G. M. Filippov, 2008:
Generation of surface plasmons in a conductor by moving charges

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Generation of synthetic sequences of half-hourly temperature

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Generation of titanium-oxide nanoparticles in liquid using a high-power, high-brightness continuous-wave fiber laser

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Generation to Generation

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Generation-IV nuclear power: A review of the state of the science

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Generational change

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Generational differences in personality and motivation

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Generational differences in psychological traits and their impact on the workplace

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Generational differences in work values, outcomes and personorganisation values fit

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Generative social science: a challenge

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Generic Circumscription in Menyanthaceae: A Phylogenetic Evaluation

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Generic Discoveries in Neonatal Care

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Generic Substitution and Bioequivalence of Sodium Valproate at Steady-State in Healthy Volunteers

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Generic uniform observability analysis for bilinear systems

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Generics and the Ways of Normality

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Generieke geneesmiddelen in de Verenigde Staten

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Generous medicine: Complexity, responsibility, and the simplest questions

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Genes Encoding Fasciclin-Like Arabinogalactan Proteins are Specifically Expressed During Cotton Fiber Development

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Genes and environment in psychiatry

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Genes and screens: the search for novel chemotherapeutic targets

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Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution: A Synthesis.By Linda Stone and Paul F. Lurquin

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Genes, brains, and language: An epistemological examination of how genes can underlie human cognitive behavior

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Genesis of Tropical Storm Eugene (2005) from Merging Vortices Associated with ITCZ Breakdowns. Part I: Observational and Modeling Analyses

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Genesis of the low-permeability reservoir bed of upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation in Xinchang gas field, western Sichuan Depression

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Genetic Algorithm in the EPR Study of Powder Spectra of Charge-Transfer tm-p-PD:Chloranil Complex

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Genetic Analysis of Periplaneta americana (Blattodea: Blattidae) in Central Texas Using the ITS1 Region

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Genetic Basis of Renal Mass in Rat Models

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Genetic Determinants of Tetracycline Resistance and their Effect on Tetracycline and Glycylcycline Antibiotics

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Genetic Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma

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Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of Ammophila arenaria (L.) Link as Revealed by ISSR Markers

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Genetic Fingerprinting Is Changing Clinical Practice

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Genetic Medicine

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Genetic Morality David Shaw

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Genetic Parentage Analysis of Red Drum in South Carolina and the Use of Genotypic Data from Archived Otoliths

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Genetic Polymorphisms and Spontaneous Preterm Birth

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Genetic Polymorphisms in Relation to Immunosuppressive Drug Pharmacokinetics in Organ Transplantation: Current Knowledge and Perspectives

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Genetic Polymorphisms of Inflammatory Mediators in Atherosclerosis

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Genetic Polymorphisms of Type-1 and Type-2 Inflammatory Cytokines in Ischaemic Stroke

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Genetic Regulations of the Biosynthesis of Microbial Surfactants: An Overview

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Genetic Research. Selfish DNA versus Vector-Borne Disease

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Genetic SVM Approach to Semisupervised Multitemporal Classification

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Genetic Variation in Serotonin Metabolism and SIDS

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Genetic Variation of the Lesser Peach Tree Borer, Synanthedon pictipes (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) in Arkansas

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Genetic algorithm for seismic topology optimization of lifeline network systems

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Genetic algorithm-based burr size minimization in drilling of AISI 316L stainless steel

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Genetic algorithms and cellular automata in aquifer management

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Genetic algorithms and the corridor location problem: multiple objectives and alternative solutions

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Genetic analysis of patients with severe hypertriglyceridaemia

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Genetic and Genomic Public Health Strategies: Imperatives for Neonatal Nursing Genetic Competency

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Genetic and metabolic aspects of androstenone and skatole deposition in pig adipose tissue: A review(Open Access publication)

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Genetic and other Determinants of Sweat Sodium

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Genetic aspects of parasomnias

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Genetic basis of the lipid storage disorders

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Genetic bottleneck among daghestan highlanders migrating to lowlands

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Genetic causes of chronic pancreatitis: the elucidation of genetic contributions to a disorder once thought to have none

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Genetic characteristics of the Black-footed Albatross Diomedea nigripes on the Bonin Islands and their implications for the species' demographic history and population structure

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Genetic control of ginseng plants during long-term in vivo and in vitro cultivation

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Genetic differentiation across the Andes in two pan-Neotropical tyrant-flycatcher species

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Genetic differentiation between the Old and New types ofSerbian Tsigaisheep

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Genetic diversity analysis with ISSR PCR on green algaeChlorella vulgarisandChlorella pyrenoidosa

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Genetic diversity and phylogeography of the greater mouse-tailed bat Rhinopoma microphyllum (Brünnich, 1782) in the Levant

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Genetic diversity in the gecko Tarentola mauritanica within the Iberian Peninsula

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Genetic diversity of field populations of the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis, and the human flea, Pulex irritans, in the South Central United States

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Genetic diversity ofLithocarpus harlandiipopulations in three forest communities with different succession stages

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Genetic diversity withinScorpio maurus(Scorpiones: Scorpionidae) from morocco: Preliminary evidence based on CO1 mitochondrial DNA sequences

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Genetic effects, gene-lifestyle interactions, and type 2 diabetes

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Genetic engineering in agriculture: New approaches for risk management through sustainability reporting

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Genetic factors predisposing to a chronic course of virus hepatitis and liver fibrosis

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Genetic features of root fungus-resistant scotch pine trees in artificial stands in the steppe zone of Ukraine

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Genetic feng shui for cancer cells?

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Genetic mediation of the link between schizophrenia and cannabis use

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Genetic models of structural traps related to normal faults in the Putaohua Oilfield, Songliao Basin

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Genetic modification and biochemical analysis of in vitro cultures of Pelargonium sidoides

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Genetic modifiers of ataxin-3-mediated neurodegeneration: approaching protein misfolding from different angles

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Genetic optimization of a fuzzy active suspension system based on human sensitivity to the transmitted vibrations

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Genetic optimization of fabric utilization in apparel manufacturing

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Genetic polymorphisms in OGG1 and their association with angiomyolipoma, a benign kidney tumor in patients with tuberous sclerosis

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Genetic programming for medical classification: a program simplification approach

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Genetic relationship between cultured populations of the Japanese scallop Patinopecten yessoensis revealed by AFLP analysis

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Genetic relationships based on discrete dental traits: Basketmaker II and Mimbres

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Geometric characterization on the solvability of regulator equations

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Geometric conditions for fractal super carbon nanotubes with strict self-similarities

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Geometric planning and analysis for hybrid reconfigurable molding and machining process

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Geometric properties of the patterns observed in low conducting liquids under corona discharge

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Geometric sensitivity of three-dimensional separated flows

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Geometric, kinematic, and erosional history of the central Andean Plateau, Bolivia (15-17S)

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Geometrical Interpretation and Simulation of HOLZ Patterns

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Geometrical and physical models of martensitic transformations in ferrous alloys

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Geometrical checking by virtual gauge, including measurement uncertainties

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Geometrical reliability of overconstrained mechanisms with gaps

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Geometrical size of the neuronal network plays a key role in synchronization of its activity

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Geometrical synthesis of MLP neural networks

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Geometry Relaxations After Inner-Shell Excitations and Ionizations

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Geometry and electronic structure of a heterometallic cluster Mo2Mg2in different oxidation states of Mo: a DFT study

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Geometry and resolution of area detectors for X-ray powder diffraction

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Geometry of the Kimura 3-parameter model

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Geomorphological indication of the regime of neotectonic movements

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Geophysical characterization of the Len-Chinandega aquifer, Nicaragua

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Geophysical variables and human health and behavior

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Geophysics is happening!

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Geopolitics, ethics, and the evangelicals commitment to Sudan

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Gesundheitsberichterstattung der Krankenkassen

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Gesundheitsreform 2007

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Get Acquainted with Research at FNCE 2008

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Get Involved in IAS Projects

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Get Well--Then (Maybe) Get Rich

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Get the Ball Rolling

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Get the taste of practical programming

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Getting Huge, Getting Ripped: A Qualitative Exploration of Recreational Steroid Use

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Getting Our Ideas Across: Three Very Different Views

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Getting Our Priorities Straight

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Getting Started on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010

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Getting a GRiP: examining the outcomes of a pilot program to support graduate research students in writing for publication

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Getting a grip: Critical systems for corporate responsibility

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Getting it from the Web: why and how online resources are used by independent undergraduate learners

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Getting it right for young people: developing adolescent rheumatology services

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Getting known by the company you keep: publicizing the qualifications and former associations of skilled employees

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Getting on with fibromyalgia

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Getting out and staying out: does substance use treatment have an effect on outcome of mentally disordered offenders after discharge from medium secure service?

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Getting out the Vote: Party Mobilization in a Comparative Perspective

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Getting scarred and winning lotteries: effects of exemplar cuing and statistical format on imagining low-probability events

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Getting stimulated?

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Getting the Best from an International Year

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Getting the Last Gasp: Deliquification of Challenging Gas Wells

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Getting to Know Your Journal

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Getting to the Core of Core Self-Evaluation: A Review and Recommendations

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Getting unstuck: the One World Youth Arts Project, the music education paradigm, and youth without advantage

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Getuigenisbehandeling bijchild survivorsen nakomelingen van oorlogsslachtoffers: een pilot-studie

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Gewaltfantasien im Jugendalter

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Gewichtsverlust nach Diät oder Magen-Bypass-Operation

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Gewinnt Grundwasser in der internationalen Wasseragenda an Gewicht?

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Gezielte Schonung der A. rectalis superior bei der Sigmaresektion

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Gezonde Scholen in Europa

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Gezondheid allochtone jeugd vraagt soms om extra aandacht

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Gezondheidsaspecten van alcoholgebruik voor vrouwen

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Gezondheidsbevordering: een nieuw elan

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Gezondheidsgerelateerde problemen bij Hiv-genfecteerde zwangere asielzoekers

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Gesoleerde visuele hallucinaties en visuoconstructieve stoornissen: een diagnostisch dilemma

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Ghost Martyrs in Iraq: An Assessment of the Applicability of Rationalist Models to Explain Suicide Attacks in Iraq

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Ghosts in the Head and Ghost Towns in the Field: Ethnography and the Experience of Presence and Absence

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Ghosts in the nursery and wolves at the door

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Ghrelin and its unacylated isoform stimulate the growth of adrenocortical tumor cells via an anti-apoptotic pathway

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Giant Anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) Killed By Hunters With Dogs In the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, Nicaragua

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Giant Sea-Salt Aerosols and Warm Rain Formation in Marine Stratocumulus

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Giant Transnational Contractors in East Asia: Emergent Trends in Global Supply Chains

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Giant magnetoimpedance effect in a coil with magnetic core and its application in current monitoring

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Giant schwannoma of upper esophagus requiring esophagectomy

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Giant solitary thoracic osteochondroma arising from the facet joint: A case report and review of the literature

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Giant submarine collapse of a carbonate platform at the TuronianConiacian transition: The Ayabacas Formation, southern Peru

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Gibbs Energy of Formation of MnO: Measurement and Assessment

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Gießen und Marburg

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Gifted American and German adolescent women: a longitudinal examination of attachment, separation, gender roles, and career aspirations

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Gifted, Talented and High Ability: Selection for Education in a One-Dimensional World

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Gimme shelter! Investigating the social service interface from the standpoint of youth

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Girls first! Promoting early education in Tibetan areas of China, a case study

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Girls talk about dolls and boys about cars? Analyses of group and individual variation in Danish children's first words

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Girls' cognitions of hypothetical friends: Are they related to depression, loneliness, social anxiety and perceived similarity?

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Girls biology, boys physics: evidence from freechoice science learning settings

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Gisela Bockenheimer und die Schriftleitung

Arno, R.; Gross, P.; Schuerger, R., 2008:
Give me five

Hoskins, J.A., 2008:
Give us this day our daily water

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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: The Psychology of Credit Ratings

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Giving Grief Words: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Bereavement

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Giving Infants and Toddlers a Head Start

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Giving Mentoring Research Away: Toward a Better Alignment of Research and Practice

Liat Hadar; Ilan Fischer, 2008:
Giving advice under uncertainty: What you do, what you should do, and what others think you do

Eliana Balla; Gina Yannitell Reinhardt, 2008:
Giving and Receiving Foreign Aid: Does Conflict Count?

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Giving at a loss: couple exchange after the death of a parent

Klein, A, 2008:
Giving substance to devolution: a local drug policy for Ceredigion County Council

Dolfsma, W, 2008:
GivingHow Each Of Us Can Change The World

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Glacial inceptions: Past and future

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Glacier Volume Changes Using ASTER Satellite Stereo and ICESat GLAS Laser Altimetry. A Test Study on Edgeya, Eastern Svalbard

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Glass ceilings, glass cliffs or new worlds?

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Glass ceramic materials of pyroxene composition prepared in the Big Solar Furnace

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Glass material model for the forming stage of the glass molding process

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Glass micro-container based hydrogen storage scheme

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